Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1867 Page 1
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J I n pi M 31 F1 s%l 7/ M RL n V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 16. 1867. N0-. 4,375. TI1E EVENING STAR 1'lLLllfUMD DA FLY, i ?LM>A Y AT THE STAR BUILDINQ, . it *: corner rt*? a.aceaas and 11U tCrttL ?T W. D. WALLACH. ; tf bTAK i? e*rved by toe carriers to their abur>r? .n the City and litetrtct at Tts t mti r%R wkkl Cop.*a at thr .oanter, with or wl:hou: wrappers. Two Cbhtb each. Pan a re* Maiuiq?Xlrw months, Out DUiar and fifty Ctntt; six months, TXre* Dollars; or* year, Am Dollart. Wo papers are ent from the oCc? longer tban paid for. The W tEKLY bTAK?puhiubeJ on Friday moTDMf?Or* Dollar a%i ? Ualf a Ftar. PAWNBROKERS BtJtBOTlJIB 6 LOAN UiriOl. *l3lh street, 3d -loor soath of Peaa. ave., Lioan* MONET ob tlae t? salt customers, on ? Id ?cd Mltfr Wi?ch#>, 1'iamonde. Jew- /Ay eiry. LiMlie*' Bud Oeati'men s Wearlag.JL'*\ A pf BT?1 O y Old Gold and Silver bought. _ * ? Jm* B BFBNBTIIB. Yy A L f U '3 rE\TR<L LOiS OFFICE, Be 4PO Htl ?tr*ft, o?f door below Pena nt. TkiB trli-kiowB OBc? ukM libkkal ADViacis /WN On Diamonds Gold Bad 811 var Watcboa O Q iniXUrt'^'1 ?f eye? t d*r(#XM,pt Bbd<1 V fr?? 8 a. . to _lfe. ll. Rcsinsss strictly confidential. f*M-tf ? B T A B L 1 0 HIV | e\r57 8PK0IAL N0T10B, BABLE^ BEBXBEBG. Who loHar/berg A Boa, fact that ?e still. ogtlaue to make the hi*neet Id" jnncee In b1) innu upon all ar"l? of fuwai ^uirv'^T ;?-/ B>i\ ? ??Dt "*? i L Ac., for which we i ave simHaf flV?* an'l eecirlty, which will always ,fcowa for tb* fMUfaciioa of taose pstrool lag " racial lacllitlee for^hVcare bS5 J V% earing Apparel ever* ilt* ?< rirrlcn Wo"ler>s, Ac.,on which tie highest ad kCBlBs* not***whea required b lane'? h a'.d VT*'* lnJur' Ha v. n* . P5? !p CO section with onr erti e m V ?r*cA .''*tl'? for ate rage of all kind# a?i* n / h LW./ *'n 1 *c.. on which " in > W?B,?n MTa,ur,*- f,r days, week* or 'fctet eiirftn ?'*??Wob to the f%ct ? 0 b? ,ftt?e cailiBi employed in our TrVr?*t ?iTtnT* * ' -n ?t s:.cb rates of V..i V %* 1 ^ com pet i Uoii We eel! no go#1s leitnr* enriVh*.i'on,of ,fl 0"th9 a'ter th-ir forthen ni?If at pRbtic auction, first sir l^fi. ! otieethr -ngh the various city >oar caj? to b.I depositor*. By this means d no*.ti . ,n9,V' never lost if their redemptloa is de rnlrL t r tn ,'sP*,''al B'lention to our arrao^emei.t x forwarding gm-da to anf part of the S^IL^lTV,,mcnts wbieh an experience of r.te-nyi-ari tias i:.~oosht, te ter:ectio> D*nr? tor. are cabledJ, tt.V?BM tolrS^mttfir tTuZllZ!? '?r,MC; D* Blatter where thef may roU,mf4>rnation ?lw*itfff?#u Prl' t*,*?*r,?'",aforcoBfidentlal bn-ine?s H B ? Itok^V-'t tVt^".r,lo2, Vth *By si liar ostab ^JONBl: mm: MOMtTMl H. PKIMCB'S NBWLY^BSTABLISUKD LOAN a?7 Pa. BTB.. Bex??o Potendni sOoBfactioBBrr i Heney W aned on B*err description of salable Merebaidise. especially Watches. Dia- XK Mends and fire Jewelry. I can snnrn/^'i * who,?*J favor me with ther ratron-O Q age that tK?>y will not regret having dona s6 i,i?-". Pr,?a?e door and ullee. Persons not office bill? *ni r ?"iblic offica will riag the ^6 21 In' ! TH* OLU *8TABL1BHE1> * IBM or , ?*>*'1'8T*1II M OO . LKIH.-'ED PA Vt NlikOKER4 34 POOR AND A HALF w?ST iH??r ?h. tllD*,'r '""pl'akls areaua, ' i. jblgneet cask advances oa all klads of Merchandise, to any aiaunat and for any A a* reMoathl' rates. /wl liitaraat oa larce saa* greatly reduced. H A Business strictly confidential. w m frn % foT c*-h *B<I *?Id * Private gale. ^? DENTISTRY. D" nXho*pi??A110N* Brtwesu 13th aag Uth street*. NUrfu* w'thoot vain by admlnsterlng i iL?t U*Jde or Laughing (imi l i m U *im1 *?r,c*?"r Pwchaaed the bestAJSa) S*M rr * B TH~ ?1 . M /LOf>Mla, M .p., pElYtVft'rS * :*? *<"<>< ? MI??BAL wi ? 7 . Tt, att?:ids pertonaliy weaJ^h* . eiir- *?"' Persons rau4B| r teeth who c*?DOt uear others^^ ^^ tAfs*10 *?r*?D C4n wear others who cannot wear trIw*!hn".r?I!',Cf l ?r ?ac* ?*n be accoramodaifr? f^?k T Price of Teeth they 21 ay a*. ?!? wy? 're particular.and wish the ter? ?h'?t i5fH5: ro&*t ,t a1*1! "Boat perfert denS'? ? ftn 'rort>re.the MIBBBAL TBBTB wiii t>e more fully warranted tw^n'wil at!!1,i5?iy~No 3S* ' n'a aveaae, bePht^lSMa "** ,ta AUo'90T ArcSc'^t? PERSONAL. i\l 1 1 *TIS IBVIHO, Clatmyamt, and Tut i *, w^ life readiags, Including Prseent and ?ature. at her office, 4U0, north a. ^MkWMasir5" ri?? t '^''"pB ano aspect of the Btars at the crt*s ih*t ? " hlrth. will reveal astonishing seta h? ???.? # ?v. * /portal ever knew before, how H. '''' rsasonat.lw undertakings, the *nil TeT'd*? yf,n m?rrF, des< ri es lie 2iS5".tlwCOul?n.on, and t-lls ail events of iVJistoail0l?1lire.tu visitors. Ladiee M isib st tl*'ewUTZ* ,n fn" *' O*11 at 470 4e S im- r* uul11? ?n*hesveaiag. 0V)n^a?m^tT1^L ~Toob# wfco hAT* injbiSuiSa SiS^MS,': tfa ^nU^( Ul,rrUd *J-o, old jzv anl la1?"1**1*** und'r tf"4 treatnMnt of axried'IMh- wTV remd "T^*. Bw5r*t '"end." married ladies win laarn something of Importance i'Je? 'r'e11^ Bent toany ad* Add?J. Dr rH A^V'^rrfni 6'?t of ? cents. Ma*s CHAB A STUABT A 00 . Bostoa. ^Bo9-ly HOTHLS, BEaTAPRANTa Ao. I^IKJLWOOD HOUBB, <^*tr FtnM a-jnw* an t w?.'4inc/(m, k) C. Mtcer.-d In the most central locatioa tha city. B.ldwaf b?tweea the O.PITOL AND PBESIDINTI-AL* MANSION, |^ly a short dlstaace from all the Departmeat* atent and Post Offices, 8mlthaos.Ua Institute] *te' H H DUDLBTAOO. BO,,,f Proprietors. | ^^^tbctbd b^RYal^IETTBBB PAT Eole denf *arma^^pVrt*b,a2d,thWafl ?f th? Cvlleg. of Med.c^VlBBBS ' ^ tne i?^rlal Trl**el*'?- N>* 2 has ?n??r*aWaaae?' ?ed?o the Btniooii qm of ComiIb ^ lnarvdleate. other deleterloos v" mate and chaagee af ati:io#m?re inT?? c"' STt jXVwi to, 7, JESTiff .iSf%?!g!?V!ip "? ??. To be had also of 8. Q ft)HI) m? a*n ? arenoe, corner UthsC. wv*?' a "?li <7*HT BAT ID by tuia* a m ILLS pure Bn?'lnlterate-1 * JMWPremium New Dork Ulty BOAP Pre ml am FAMILY BOAP. Premiaia FLANNEL bOAP, And No I BBOWN SOAP. " r eaj. ebeap for rasa Orders tbronrh th? Post office will he pioaptl> attaaded to " th* Nan and Oan'tle M saafartarerf nT*AOO and Borth. bet. ?th and ?th. yall-H^ 3|a< kebbl abd codfibh: ) nm poande large SHOBB OODBIBB. 0 bariels Bo. i MACEBBBL. '?'? ??_??? ssnste.vai^ I "VlvVE9 ***?**! r,0,? C0t*ANT8, W r?T JIDIA n til SIS ABB ** ftfMU 8W1IT MALAGA 0IAPBB, KlBO PLACB. f I . WOOD AND COAL. ?OAL| OOALII OOAL !!! V.lUrVbn*lflViftl?f **<iualitF Lyk?a Wmr ii- IS ,UOAV' "? ?" u'Oiifi^l or lowa?t cub price. at th. Wood _ ? ??0. T LA HO LIT * SOB'S, 13.St corner itth at and Mm*. it?. ? A L ! OOALII " toWt Et *' br a' ^ All sizes, **V* *?* ??"? 0*K WOOD. f;0 ?er cerd. Loag Oak. ?? per cord. ** """ Ti?? vfew",y ?w?r 4'.b h40 atraefe. Q Oiil OOALII ttSrttJ 4#UT#w4ta*n? 9*rt ' CWmI Whita Aah. f7. iVa m Fur"?* Wb,t* A*b? mnHTM ' Oek and rise Wood loHtutlj head. at"#l,r Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street BOOTS, SHOES, <tc. ftt BOOTS AND BU018. ' H W TT OBI. MR be&8 >'*TB to Inform his frieze knew *hat he has opened tbe JLS, if n tn OKI, Ho. AOS 7th street,under Odd Fellows Hall, where he has on hand a general assortment of Ladiea' and Oentlemou'a, Boy 'a Miaaes and Children's BOOTS AND PHOB8. atunber, ioa 7td atrret, under Th* *ew 0he?? Btore, forBieriyK. F. Pafc?>atore. WKOBGE B. W1L90N. PKUFOSALS. pBOPOSALS FOB FLOIB. Depot Cemmi^nryof Subti'fnr.t sa<\i a ? Mr"'*?**'?>?? I* C.. Mar. h 11 18i7 ( Mi^Mi i?^'we invited until THURSDAY, WiKb n, 1^^, 12 o clori m., fur furiilaaiu* th* >n\ nwtenc* Department witn ""uisum* tHe TWBLYB UDNDBKO (1.?oi barrels of pJnb*tP,7,Sal#,w,,,>for What ?? known at thla Dep.-t aa Nos. 1 and X. and bids win be enter rtwi ISLSS! 'l0\utU,Y ,M" 'ban the whol* ^:""'^ul?fV.p"rc*w' *D<1 f#r eBch ,r*de 0D *erT of the Flonr to commence within rtWUK;naD,bCWh^TM- "r IUi,ro^ De d*-'Avery of a" Flour awarded to be com fhe bfd^ twenty days from the acceptance of .".'tk'birT.trh'JitrJ'0" w "* "Um'i" suxus? - "> P? wmiai Governme nt inspection will marie i" received. and none wU. te rior'nalUy no fre,h ?ro,uld' ?nd of *ape Mo bid will b? entertained from parties who wfrdSThM0^ J f^W to co^P'y^ith their bids, or from bidders not present to respond. for an7cwtS! r^r tbe Mght 10 re^ct V* h*.*ddreaaed to the nndersianed, at No O straat, endorsed "Proposala for Flonr." ah l2'4t ?,^or "d 8-,^sLA. J 867 GBAND KXCL'BSION 1867 TO T1IB PARIS KX POSITION. The aew and iiret-clasa o. ean goin* Iron Steam,hiP H A V A n a . 2.00n tona burthen. 8TKI'll EN WHITMAN Com mander, will make ..n K\UL'U?lON Irom York to Havre and back, sailing troui Pier 4b North Bi ver, on tt EDKESDAT, Apfil 12 o'clock m , Taking pass. n?er* f,.r I'arls, London and Frem?n Bn..rn.u?, will sail fr0n, H^vr. on In K?.' iSfA'ar.T; Euro^r,g Ks- :r-io"T,ck#t8 ???? tt!.?'w?" ,,"*d Tbe HAVANA will only carrr first class eagars. An experienced Sorgeen on bwM 9 A Jntl BanU *f teill be attarUed to th -?P,ri5f17?f,M*"??'' currency, to Havre Si.VI H. f , M.,# *i/# or state room To H*Tr* *D'[ retnru, ibd C(. ^ i-izc of state room. . susnnac w ti?Aga?rtS*r MrWrBUri and -PPly to Mfc'BBAT, FERBIS A CO., t?2 South stroet. New York. k"' Wi ' " ?? ?? 0?1?? Oo?,?,. yyfucmir o7,. mm, BXAL ESTATE BCOKBBS A!VP AUOTIOMBBBS. ",#r ' loaa n-t .abjact thrown., to axpeaae naleaa aold whlla on 0? fell lm OLAOETT A SWEENY 3JABTLAHD AOBICDLTUiAL OOLLBOJT *IU"? '"??? O. feature or tfla College, prSiltfuD il^culi?r course of colle-iate instruction .^* ^ LatiD.Grtak. French. fllSSi 1ltai ' /? 'Ue '.VASff-i r~*i ?"f: XJSS:"" " iSSS; sui',\: Natural Hiatorjr and Natnrai ps?i w their ?et ral l-raocha^, will fcsr.iw^ i ?^' ,n Military Tactics wllfba ,.u^t pecU,*ttentio"r^vfc?s?^.sraaa'asB mh l eoiw Office of American Farmer. ? m?n Baltisafa. A?OTI<,M AID OOMMIBMok MERCHANT Wasiiinotoh, D. o. BEGOLAR BILES. M0BMTiff?WWu?AV"'D"52! ft Xaolm V lS7om BBCKBB, Y PIAMOTPNEB1NDBEQULAT9B_?^ SwAlLieHiB rit ism ?gEk DBHPSBT *ffl^iSle5mAT 1?DSrt, Ae , IM Fa ar IwmSVII ?*** tt,?rooasa, and we take aleassur?? ??feitov* him to baa oo^M^Vttaal^ ' DIAMO STOOLBT ? ?1 y _ AT UMT nHTBWfii-i - , >*"??. at. P'TSS!^ 8 HA*?-??0* or FBAOtlOB 4 40 9 f*A*C* TATLOB. I great sale i OF ? ENGRAV (NGS, * I* AID or TBI LEST1TCTB AMD OBPHAN BOMB or or* 80LD1BB8 AND 8AILOBS, AND A FBI81MTATIOM WILL B* GIVl.f I .v AT WASH1MUT0H, D. 0., on thubsdat, april 4, 1?67, The Institution for wbnso benefit this enterprise l? roudncud was fnunded for the purpose of grata'toariy eduratinp the ?on? of deceast-1 Soldier* aud 8' allien of tb? United States. New piipii* will V,e rwivd after April 4, neon complying with requirement*. The puicbaner of each Engraving for one dollar will be *i ven a certificate entitling the holder to t* share in the award of presents. LIST OP PBEBBMTB. 1 Troye's great equestrian portrait of General Scott in the ladies' stairway of the OapiUl. $25.000 1 910,000 le gold 13,000 1 Greenback, u. 8. 6 ijod 1 Greenback. U 8 i.iflo 5 .?! ?*o U. 8. Bonds 8 000 10 $'90 " ft ooo to $100 " Greenbacks 6 "00 ion sen 4,(100 100 * 25 " ' 1.600 1,(40 fin ? * 10.000 2jOC4)$6 " " .. 10.i)?0 16.<40$1 " * - 16,000 2 Building Lots on eleventh Arenas, Mew York city. free of eacumbrance 3,ISA 1 Set Diamond Barrings 500 1 Diamond l'in ~ 594 1 Bteinway Piano 1,000 A Cliickering Plnm s, ? JOOeach 1,400 2 Mason A Hamlin's Parlor Organ*, Si,000 esab... 2,000 10 Sewing Machines. $100 each l.uOo 100 Family Sewing Machines, s7.'i each 7.5*1 50 Gents' Gold Watchd*. Sauo each 4,00.1 ?l adies* ?? S ISO each 2,fi00 20 Gents's Gold Guard Chains, SluO ear h.. 2.000 20 Ladies7 ? ? Siooeach.. 1,000 Silver plated Tea Bets. S7Seach ijg70 1 Gents' Saddleaud Equipments, ?ln0 _ lot 1 Ladiss " Ijn 1 Pre water's Bugsy ... 600 8 Sets of Harness. $>0 each gj,, :ou inscriptions Weekly Trlhuno*.?;* each 1,000 i,J? " * Herald, $2 1,000 130 Harper's Monthly, S3 " 1,500 60' " Atlantic Monthly, ?>'< ? 1 js<.? '00 " ational Freemason, .$ < " 2,00 1 1 Painting, David Plaj iug the Harp before t,*nl ? - l..V\> 1 Painting, Todine and Ariadne _ ... I,*? 1,000 Handsome Engravings, *5 encb s.o "1 #160 000 Engraving* to the amount of 600,000 will,b old, and all foods received are to be depodte I with JAT cookb A co., First National Bank of Washington. O.C , to be held by thin fer the benefit of the Institotioa. HOW TO OBTAIH EMGBAVIMGS Orders may be sent tons enclosing tbenoney, from one dollar to dollars, In a registered latter or by post offloe order, at onr risk. Those wishing Bngraviago sent mast enclose ten cents in stamps to oover expenses Large amounts should be sent la drafts or by express. PB1CB LIST : For $1 04 a handsome Engraving. For 2.O0 " " of larger class, For 3.00 " ? For ' For 5 CO " " ? For t.oo " ? For 19.00 a splendid American Chromo. lor jr.oo " German or Preach Chromo By buying works of art in large Quantities we are enabled' to give parties purchasing from as the same kind of engravings that are sold in any store, for tba same price; and, in addition, we will give a certificate which entitles the holder to an interest In tke award of premiums foreash dollar in vested in the ynrchaaa. Address all orders and communications to KEHMBDT * CO., 383 l'enna avenss? Washington, D. 0., I*ck Bex 41.. fr t. '. KM-"'9 < . '* * * Z i 1 '. spbcial boticb. To the'military organlsatlan influssclng the largest sale of engravings wUl be preeented a handsome Etgi mental Standard. Parties parchaslag Engravings will please ad vise tba a??Qts to which regiment, Ac., the/desire t* credit their pnrchaae. Thosa desiring to act aa agents will ??? for information. mk7 eola | *r I 4 : i -i - * f; * . .fv special notices. # CAUTION. In our changeable climate. Coughs, Cold*. an! dlaeaaea of the Throat Lunra ani Ubest will ?l *?>l irtTill. Crnel O-'iisorapti >n will claim it* victim* TbMt diintH, If attended to lu tim>', r?*a'*d and rured The rfm'dj is Dli. WUTA1 8 BALbAM or WILD CllEBBY. ? BBO*N'B,,BTApHYBlOALDI9. ??v*BY cures Deafueae, Catar'b, all Diseases end every disease flesh la belr to. For a ale by all Drnggiata nb 9 2w* RlC&8A*n2 P00R BICHABD 8 BYK W&TIH. Lift* op ?Ti>rjr snnkea e)?, and strengthens every w?ak eye, ?<I*J Wind syea; la the beet is the world. Tor Ml* by all Druggists. mb 2w * o?JBB0WN'8UNBQUAbLED8CALP BBNOVaTOB AND HAIB BE8T0BEB Mo sulphur in thin preparation, which ia killing the calp^ *nd rending tba people blind. For aale by all Druggists. mh9-lw* ?K"THB OBKAT CHARM or METOALFK 8 QBBAT RHKUMATIO RINIDf Ilea in the small quantity necessary to effect a cure. One aoae ("forty drops") gtvos inatant relief. an4 Ihrleo rereated. aeldora falls to raatore the sufferer to perfect health. k 6 eoiw B. 0. FOBD, Agent. ITS EFFECT 18 MIRACULOUS. HALL 8 YEGETAHLB SICILIAN HAIB bin iv IB, It is a perfect aud wonderful article CureaWaliMakes hair grow A better greasibg t'ian any oil ' or * pomatum " Softensbrash, dry, and wiry hair Into Heautifal Silken Tresses. Ku', * w?v? *>? ? g'*at winder lathe rapidity with vbtcb It reatona gray bue to it* original color. The whi teat and worat looking hair reanm-s In rontUal beauty by ita uae It d<"?s not dye tb<> hair, but strikes at the root and fills it with ne % life a lid coloring matter. The first ai pli< ?H >u will do good ; yo-j will a* -? tho SiiCKAL coi.Oh retaining ere-y day. nnl BKFORK You KNOW IT. the Old gr?y, diacolcred appearance of the h ?ir will ie giving pl?ce to luatroua, ahiula>;, ?lJ teautltal luck-. Ask lor tiali's Sicilian Hair Benewer ; no artl< ie ia at all like it iu etfect bet that f ich tw?ttle haa our Dri -Ate Government Stamp ever the top of the bottle. All ot/ur.\ itt nutation!, B P II Al<L I CO . Nashua, N . II . Proprietors ror aale by al! drag^ists. fc T8-dtweo:m,r REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES. Ho 14 Bond atreet, Hew York. KTFnll information, with the kirkest iSjUmO nta,*: aiso, a Book on Spt-tai Dftasti, trc a teat id enrtlopt, sent free. lit sure and stnif*r thmi, *nd you icill not regrtt it; for, as advertising phyaiclans are generally impostors, without reftrenrts ne atrangar ah?nld be frosted. Enrloee a stamp for postage and direct to DB. LA WHENCE. No 14 Bond atreet. New York no 12 DAWly tur mabbiagb andcelibacy, and the Happiueaa ef True Manhood.- An Essay for Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Pbyaiologiial Errora, Abnseaaud Oia. aaea which cieate impediments to Marriage, with aure means of Belief. Sent in aealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Addreaa Dr. J. hKlLLIN HOUGHTON. Boward Association. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sm SEC BET DISEASES. Sam a* it as's Oin ia the moat oertaln, aafa and aSactual remedy?Indeed, thaoaly Tagetable remedy over discovered. Cares la two to tour daya, and recent caeee In twenty four horfre. Ho mineral, no J*)**18 no mercury. Only tea pill* to be taken. It la the aoldter a hope, and a friend to tkoae who do B6t.v^n,ttob* ex??,?d- Mala packagee, fl.fa male, 93. SAaAatTAW'aBooT andHibb Jvicaa-Aaoaltiya and permanent aure far Bpykllta, Bcrofnla, Ulcere, ftSTL' 8??tf,i *0. Price f l is per battle. ^|j_hy_ft_o;_rord_:_8ea_adTartiaemant my > "dancing. pBOFS. J. W. A H. P. K.BB1B' DANOIHQ ACADBMY, JA Fennaylranla avenue, bet. Itk and 7tk ati?fl Opposite Metropolitan Hetel. (A for?*nf every evening. Those desirfng to enter onr claaaes abould avail theoi?el*ee of thia opportunity. Preparations will be made in thla quarter for ouranuual May Ball. Ctreulara can be had at J. F. Ellis' and W a M*^e^tt A Co.'s Music Stores. The Hall can be rented tor Bolreee, Ac. Day* and Hours of Tuition : ? For Ladlea, Mibse-) aud Masters, Tneaday aud Saturday afternoena, from 3 to 8 o'clock Oentlemen?s Classes. Tuesday and Friday evenings, from 8 to lt'o clock. y?f farther Information,apply dnrlng the honra e tnition, or addreaa a note to tne AcaJemy. Quarter comaiencing w ith the first lesson .a 3

MAUINI'S FASHIONABLE DANCING ACAlihlM V, AT wa MABIM 8 AS>EtlBLY BOOMS, #4 L. L'etvi'eeij fth aad lotU streets, Jj? The lAgt <|Uarior ef aiiinaBaeon^ prepara MmwL tory io the May Ball, will comtrence on Saturday, march 2. Classes fer the Qermaa are no* open. N. B -M?t?lustriilloD given to snit the convenience of the papil. sett jyj ASQLEEALE^ND rAHO^DBBSS BALLS Tke uaderslgned would moat respectfully inform the ladles and gentlemen of Waahingtoa city, and the District generally, that he la at all timea prepared tofurniah partiaa with Maauuer* de and Fancy Coatuma. either oa loau or made to order. He haa taken rooma at the well known fancy establishment of Ohrfetlaa Bappert. Esj ssi7th street, between D and B, where he wllJba happy to await orders. GHABLbs BBBO, lata Oostumer at Ford'a and Grover* _fclljm^ Thaatars. Washliigton, D.0. clothing, Ao. jambs t. wal&bb, MEBCH ANT TAILOB. 4?4 Seventh Street, 484 Bespectfnlly informs his friends and the public generally that he baa a fine, large and well- ** selected assortment of ^HM cloths, cassimebes, in OENTB F0?S..H,Sf?,OHe00V,,-lt i1 '* determined to rnn off at a vary email advance on coat. Persons patronl7iag his establishment will be guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanehip. a? be is determined to employ none but the beet workmen . P S ? JOHN A. McLEAH takea thiamethod to Inform hie frienda that he will be found at kla post at the ai-ove place, where be will be pleaasd t* tattr to tbeir tastes, givinir them garmenta to auit the nn at faatidlona. and aeeing that their gar menta are made up In tke most workmanlike manne?" mh ll-lm j\JEBCHANT TAILOBINU. The nnderai^ned having entered Into copartnerahip. and laic iu an exte. aive ana oarefullt a? aeiacttd -took et v LOTUS, CASSIMBBES.^H VK8T1NOS. and Oentleinena' FUBN18U (lA IKO GOOI>8, are prepared to maKe op for win their cTiStomera n<-at Art>nr and fashiona'tle^^' euita of clothing, at their new eatabliahment. No :?aO K street, two doors weat of the National Theater. Persona firing neat fitting and laihionable ( lotiiiiig oa moderate terma, should not fail *? f'T* c*'' before purchaaing elsewhere. OEO T. K KKN. S.W . &ILBEBT Formerly 01 40? 9th at , Merchant Tailora. h 6-lm* Ho. 330 F. at. bet, lath and lUh. Fi. HBIBEBGBA. Hucceeaor to H. F. Lead on B Co.. a? wjtizens and military MR BOH ANT TAILOR, (Q Metropolitan Hotel, lata Brown'a, ww , h S6B Faaaaylvsmla apaaoal"B v" c. , ^gistd w atnt bp. j ',00<.*hb 91 AS pek month !keBnew w??kmof canvaa-lng for ] interest^ entitled hi,torte^ T*,n* ??4 romantic ( "WEARING OF THB GBAT," Comprising 1 Pir'&nal Portrait!, Sketches, Adrentur^.and Inci 1 drnuoftkelate War, uitk TkrilUn* War! a* 1 ?j.?- tl,e Deeds, Da\kmt W*,i March**, Wilting Sacrifices, anc[ , J'attent .Sfjfer i**s?fthf ,, J" OKAY, 1 *?*AN COOKB, 1 i.fc-l3e L or. staart's Staff author of 1 soi7 Ac At** evl11" '***' 1 ^rT??.AJ'P85!"1LT ILLUlTBAflD. ! . ?n"r8?,tic men aud women a rara chance Address I SOUTHBBH PUBLISHING COMPANY,- I n~.? nrn 0 n3 Hollldaj street. Baltimore, Md. 1 roet Office Box 1.444. mb 1 eoltn , S'LkW SPi'lMpiD. PAJUaOB OBSANS, ? Patent Organ Swell, and oaa ?ith_-=SK^ niovabl* Pedal Baaa, (very 00avaniont forJnHn organ rrar'icaat home./will ?lf %I1 POSITIVELY BE SOLD AT COST, preparatory to rebuilding Store. 1 a Iso. u aew and second hand PI AHOS at radaoed P1V.\ - OBOBGH L. WILD A BBO , , nal3?a Ho. 4ST ||th street abo>a Pa. atra. j c?4- < SKS."l!IS1iSP??, FBAJIOK T4IL0B, TELKGRAMI. *c. Tbe^l'nited Mates Consul General a: Havana informs the State Department that the Spanish authorities are vigilant and active all over tbs island to discover and thwart any slave expeditKa. and that there Has been and still is a chain of night sentinels throughoot i be coast of Cuba.guardlagall pouts wbere a landing coold take place, and that the impression is general that on acoeuat o' sucn vigilance and activity no alave expedition could have been fitted oat. The consul says be has become entirely satisfied that tbe R >?* del Tuna. whose arrival in Havana wa? announced to tbe department, came in ballast from Fernando Po without African* or any cargo. 1 be conference committee of the New York Assembly and Senate, on the bill providing lor a convention to revise the State constitution. bave agreed. Tbey will report In favor of holding an election on the fourth Tue?dav in April, fonr delegaiee te be chosen from each Senate diatrlct and thirty-two at large, colored men to vote, deserters and rebels excluded. Tbe convention to meet n Albany on the fir*t Tuesday in June. Mr. Weed Is the only Democrat on tbe committee who dessenta from the report. Colonel E R Weir, nominated by the Union party as candidate for Congress from the Jd district of Kentucky, has declined tbe nomination on the ground that his beakh is ?och that he can no'-make the can vase in so effective a manner as he would desire. The following rominrftion& have beeu mude 1st disttic', 5 G. Syme.-; ?tb dietri t, William Brown: Mh district, Miltvii L. Rio*; Jtih district, StmuH Lieutenant Governor R. T. .la oh ^Conservative Uuion is announced as acacdidate for Congress in 'he l.oui ville dlstrtc'. The Iiemocratic Kbtxle l-ltn.1 S t e(")t. vention has nominated I-jronr. Pi?roe, of Pr vidence, for Governor: Gideon H. Durfee, of | Tiver'Oh. Lieutenant Governor; William .I ! Milia r, ot Bristol Secretary of St iw George ' N. Bliss. of E'ist Provldeucr: A'uiruev G-neral: James A ktn-on. General Treasurer. In be eastern coP|rre?*ionai ?listric* the ques'ion ol miking a nomination was referred 'o a cornnititee. In the western congressional district Henry Butler. of Norwich was nominated. Tin- pa??engfre and crew of the hark Golden Sunset, numbering thirty-seven, arrived a* San Francisco, from Honolulu, yesterday The vessel went ashore on Derby Island, one of the Ph i nix group. December il. One seam.m was drowned while launching the gig the remainder of crew and passengers wre lauded safely. A tire broke on? in tbe paper warehouse of J. M W. Jones, in Chicago, Tbursdav nizh-, ' nd the entire stock was completely destroyed by flie and water The lose la estimated at SI (*>,(00. The trains collided near New Brighton, on the Pittsburgh and steubenville railroad, ye#. terday morning. One passenger waa killed and eight others bad their legs broken. Governor Dillingham has issued a proclamation convening tbe Vermont legislature in extra session on the*27th inst. to consider railroad matters. A large and enthusiastic meeting of Fenians and iriends of Ireland was held in Faneuil Hall, Boston, Thursday evening. Tbe grand Union mass meeting at Harttord. Connecticut, Thursday evening, was a great success. The Wisconsin Assembly has reconsidered its former action and parsed tbe eight-hour bill. The Democrats carried the municipal election at Harrtsourg. pa., yesterday by about their usual majority. FROM ElROPE. LoM>oM. March 15?Noon.?More vessels ot wnr have sailed for the Irish coast. Fears are entertained of a rising of the Irish at Liverpool Liverpool, March H?Evening?The American Chamber of Commerce In thia city gave a grand banquet to-night in honor of the heroes ot tbe Atlantic cable, at which fine gold medals were presented to Cyrus W. Field Captain Anderson, Mr. Canning, and Mr. Willougbby Smi'b The entertainment w a cpitnrlead affair. The American Minister, Mr. Adams, and ail the leading American merchants ol the city were present. 1'1'itLiF. Mf.rcb 15?Evening.?Twu Fenian beat, cenires. named Riirncs and Kea, ha\e b?eh arretted at Delias'. Uakib, March li?Noon.?The I'niversal Exposition will i?e informally opened on the Hist ot April. The inaugural ceremonies will take place at a la'er day. There has been a n?e in the Imperial Mexican bonds in couse. rneoce of a rumor thai they are to be converted luto French three per cent, rentes. St. P*TMR-r.rRu, March 15?Evening ?The ports in the Haltic are closed by ice. London, March 15?Evening.?It Is stated that the European Powers have failed to agree en the Eastern question Russia demands additional concessions tor tbe Christlau subjects of the Sultan, liespatches trom Constantinople state that the Turkish (Government is determined to continue the war in Candia, and is preparing to send ten fresh battailions of troops to the island under command ot Hassan Pasha. [By Steamer.) Nfw York, March 15 ?The new Hamburg steamship Hammonds, from Hamburg on the 2d via (Soutnampton on tbe 6th, ha* arrived. She made a remarkably quick trip. Tbe resignations iu the British Ministry were Lords Carnarvon and Cranbourne anil General Peel. In the Honse of L^rds Earl Derby expressed regret at the three resignations. and said the Government would speedily again be complete and wonld endeavor to bring to a successful conclusion the question of reform. In ithe Honse of Commons Disraeli announced that the Cabinet had resolved to re. treat to their original policy in regard to tbe trancbiae. He bo)?ed on the 15th inst., to comElete the new Ministry, and oa the ^tb inst., e proposed introducing a new reform bill. The Timet in a leader saya this change was essential to the continued egistence of the Ministry, aud believes all parties are bent on w orking together to procure a thorough settlement of tbe reform question. Thb L*<i*lati r.B or Mar v las d.?The two houses met in joint convention rest *rday. ana elected Letevre Jarrett. James E Carr an<l Wm H. B Fnssolbaugh police commi*eloners for tbe city of Baltimore for lour years from the 15th of March instant. These gentlemen were tbe nominees of tbe Conservative caucus. The vote stood: Jarrett 67, Carr 65, Fusselbat/gb (55, Hmdes IS,Wood If.Proud lSand 1 scattering. The Senate passed by a vote ot l:i to 9, the bill providing for the election ot a Mayor and City Council in Baltimore on tbe third Wednesday in April. It now goes to the House The Senate concurred in tbe Hense amendment to tbe boom hill, and it is now a law. The bill to dispose of the State tob\cco warehouses in the city ot Baltimore, and to erect others on deep water, was defeated, after tonrideiable debate, the enacting clause ha\ iug been stricken out. At the session last night however, the vote on Mr. Bowie a motion wi< leconsidered. Tbe Speaker laid before the House a message Trom Governor Swann. enclosing a communication from Governor Worth, of North Uarolma, who transmits certain resolutions passed by the legislature of that State, proposing a national convention of all the Slates. North and Seutb, to consider certain amendments to ihe constitution of ths United .stateTbe bill from the Senate to amend the charier ot tbe Baltimore aud Potomac railroad was laken up, and a motion made to strike out the >nacting clause. This was discussed until the hour lor takibg a recess. Thk Pri/.r Riho? Match 6rltren CoHyer an I (area ?A match waa made yesterday between Sam Collyer, tbe celebrated clog dancer and champion of light welgbta, and Barney Aaron. * well-known celebrity in the flstic science, to tight m June next, for the championship and a mm In greenbacks equal to 3,000. Tbe sum ty>wever, may be increased, if each party consents thereto before the day appointed for the ixhibllton. u> fr4,( Mi. It is an tally agreed, and >o?tated in tbe binding articles which are to covern the combat, that each shall enter the roped arena with flesh, bones and muscle ar cregaling one hundred and twenty-eigh avnr- lapois pounds.?Xew Fork Herald. ? i y King and Owens, tbe leaders In the raid in the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, are lo be executed on the Md last. tar I n England four-fifths of the work of the past offices and telegraphs le doae bv women, ind tbey sell two-thirds ?r more of the beer uid llqnora. , ^"Governor Smyth has appointed Tharslay, April 4tfc, aa a day of faatiaf and prayer i a New Hampshire, < CO*6RE**IO?IAL. Ski ate ? ?M.?rd?? atteruoon? The mrtion of Mr Fe?*nden toam?n,i dfirst w.uon of the ?uppleu>entai r. uon bill to make it read a* loir w? 'That before a conv?utwu ?h.ul b? ufor the purpose of traiaiug * S'-at* cor- tut .. under and t>y virtue ot th?- act w ptv n the more efhcien' *o**riim?nt of **" S ai*f. approved .lire! "J. Wu, 'he con 'i inr g? lieral in rtcfc dwtttcl ! ?*iJ ? iliill i ause a m^tr*ilOE, Ac."? a Ay i? >ec:ed?yeas. 14. "f ? ! .Mr. > tier man interrupted th- di?cuea?on ^ 'be bill to offer a join* re?>olutiou u rfrooM h? dtsat?lit% to boldoffice from Robert M Pa ju ot Alabama, and Joseph I Browa, of <4oo.-? * R-iened tc the Judiciary C-ommi u?e 1 be motion to go into execntivo session p ev aile.' at 4.15, and at 5 o lock th? doors w-rreo| ened, ibe motion for a recess wm rfi * ed. and 'be Senate adjourned. Hot ?? ?Yesterday afternoon ? Mr Mallory. member from Oregon. prefixed himself and bavin* bad the oath admin.? tered to bmi by the Speaker, tool bi? s?at. Mr. Eidridge. on leave. introduced a bill fo tbe creation ot a National Hureau of ln??r. aiit Kefered to tbe I'oBBlttw on th* Judicial . Mr Logan offered a resolution for tbe immediate appointment of tbe OottBlUM on Military Affair*. Alter tome discu?sion, Mr. Eogan m? ved itie previous question; but tbe liou?e rotused to second it?yeas 4'. nays 57. Mr. Blame then moved to postpone the resolution till tbe tint Monday in Hocember ne\:; and on tbat be moved Um moved tbe pr*Tio> * question. 1 be previous question wa? seconded ? yeas &i, nays 1Mr. Blame then sought to modify bismo'ioa by substituting for Tbe first Monday in tie. cember next tbe first day of tbe next session; but tbe rules prevented bis doing so. Mr Banks called for tbe yea* and nays on lbs motion, and Mr. Butler added?-Ye*. |eus bave tbe yeas and nays and so aa to aerie tbis question of adjournment." The rote was taken by yeas and nays and resulted?yeas ? , nays 56. Bo tbe resolution was postponed till tbe first Monday iu liecember next. Tbe question w?- taken oa Mr. Huiburd resolution reviving the Com mi'tee on Public Expenditures on tiie New York custom-hot.-investigation: and it was adopted. Mr. Huiburd suggested ibat be did no* w ?n to bo a member of tbe committee, ba viug nad a surfeit of such scavenger work but tbe Hot.-e refused to excuse bim Mr. Scheuck offered a resolution instructing tbe Committee on Public Expenditures to u qure into tbe ccuduct of Hemy A. Nmythe. collector of tfie port ot New Yor*. in conne tion with tbe Hdmlni?trs'ion of tn? oil e, a 1 In connection with bi? estimonv and pro ee>,uigs as a witness betorv tbe Commife* public Expenditure i? u.exam.iie mo tbe ra . ters telatiug to tbe New \ wr* <. unom-bon~e In the cour?e o? the d.*c?-?ion. Mr llt.lbt. d stated that a gen'i?"man told tiim yesterday :hat Smt'ln- bid -tat?*d to bun t he day OeJor-* ihat be had received a let'er irom the Pr--ideut's private ?. retary. assuring bim that h? ?a? all rif hi?tbe expression being tbv be wa bunkey-aoiey." Eaugbter. > Mr Wood aVked Mr. Huiburd whe'ber c? believed tbat Mr.Smy'h<> bad said so Mr. Huiburd thought It very likely Mr. Wood further asked him whether he believed that Mr smytbe,m -?> mp so. told 'he truth. Ah' said Mr Huiburd, in reply, tba* is qui e another thing, sir. But. said Mr. Wood, that is the main thing . After tome discussion Mr Scbenck's resolution, as modified, was adopted, and Tbe House, thereupon, at ten minutes past Jjnr o'clock, adjourned till M.on day Maryland Innnal t'enfereBee ?f the >leth disl Prntestant I hiirrh. THIRD DAY ? FRIDAY. J . T. Murray offered a resolution providing for an election, on Monday morning next, of delegates to the General Convention, prupoaed to be h?-ld at Montgomery. Ala., in May r.e*', so that this Conference may be represented in case such (Jeber&l Convention it held. H. E Reese renewed tbe motion to lay tbe resolution upon tbe taole, which was determined in tbe affirmative. Mr. Murray then presented a resolution concurring in tbe call for a General Convention of tbe Methodist Protestant Church, at Montgomery, Alabama, on tbe first Monday in May. 1H>~. l/ W. Bates moved the reference of this reaolution to a committee ot five. The motion to refei was adopted by a conn: of 35 to 17, and the pVeeidentgappotnied as the < ommittei-, 1>. W Bnt??, S. B. Southerland, B H. Richardson and Henry Swope. Mr. Southerland offered a resolution providing lor tbe appointment ot a committee ot five to take into serious consideration the subjecof tbe support of tbe miuisters of this district, whithwas adopted. Conference resolved itself intotbe Superannuated t und Society, Kev. li. W Ba ? - iu the chair Tbe repor. of ihe Treasurer was rea?: and adopt, d. showing tbe amount now ta tfcbunds for distribution to he # ,.ou m . The following named jtersone wereelecied officers fcr the ensuing >^ar EirM Yice President, .1 Koberts: Second Vice President, I? WiUon Secretary, H Nice. Corresponding Secretary , U A Sherman manager;., J. H Ni hota-, 1 1> ^ ali?nt, and E J Iirmkhouse ot'he clergy; and U E Zolickoffer, P h K.ect. .t t; t 'lark, J W. !;ich ird?on and ,hm?? Bjad. c ' the laymen Con'fetence theu adjourned?B?.' A ,?r a. Ax lNTLBI'iTlM EXTRAntTIOk Ca-e.? 4 interesting case of eMraditlou wss last *? < hroufbt to a ?uc?efsful close. Tfc" A'lc.i. cable plaved an important part in it. only a fortnight H?o the Consul General ot Austria luNewYcik received from Bar on Beaust a communication through tbe cable apprismt: him that a fugitive from justice, accused ol lorgery. wa> ew rov't tr?m Bremen to New \crk On tbe arival ol tbo Bremen stean?r Mr. Eoosey bad tbe lugiuve at once aiTested. The identity ot tbe man and the proofs of his guilt having been establiabed to tbe saustac* tion ot tbe commissioner of the 1 nit?d State-, the Austnau Minister at Washington made application to tbe State Im>par;men f?r a warrant of extradition, wbich wa? granted ou the same day. The day after Schwarz was conveyed on board tbe German steamer under tbe care ol a police officer The whole transaction was tbe wcrk ot a few days. Its speedine^s will prove to tbe world tbat o#icg to the tel? graph and the readiness of the American authorities, tbe Cnited Sta'es will no longer be considered by European criminal! at a land of certain safety. A Ems Esc ape.?In England, a portable fire-escape has bei*n introduced for the use of travellers, which is said to be as sate and easy to use as a stairway Within a thin me'alic case, inches in diameter, are coiled on a pnlUv thirtv test ot light, strong and fie\i?!e steel-wire rope, pass ng out between roller-, which may be adjusted by a handecrew to any desirsd pressure, and terminating in hook tbat tan be fastened to a window-seat. A chair formed of leather straps is attached to tbe tase. ai d a person seated in tbe chair may regulate or arrest at pleasure the Speed ?? hK descent by mervns ot tbe screw. This sort of a fire-escape can be carntd by any m a portmanteau A CLir.ical Pxhtiok ? A Mr. Pierce presented a petition aramet a license law a: a recent session of tbe Massachusetts legislature, which purported to lie signed by one hundred and fifty-six clergymen "of Boston and vicinity The Boston TrmHn-npt i-ay* that tn thatcafe "qnite distant paits of tbe commonwealth are considered as in the vicinity of Boston'" Tne statement was made id the House tbat ail the Congregational Trinitarian clergymen of Boston had signed this peuuan. The truth is tbat exactly < ue-half of them had dene so Ot one hundred and twenty-seven clergymen settled in Boston tweaty-seveu signed the paper in qu#Rion. A Kaid os Kah al-.?Over eighty thieve*, buiglars, pickpockets and rascal* generally were counted at Mansfield. Ohio, in one day latt week. Every day and almost every hour witnessed t-ome new outrage and crime against tit./ens or strangers. Tbe people. ho|?el??s ol any oiher redirss, otganued ji \ igilauce Committee en Wednesday evening, ot over a bnuoied citizens, captured a number o! the scouhdiels, took their pbotograpbs and orde:ed them to leave Similar no'ice has be?-c. river to all. and hanging is not only promised. but will, it is *aid, be performed Tb* work was followed up on Thursday aui Kriday. and will be finished before the committee retire from office. AG.u Dkikiyeb ok tbe Pemikime GkvI'HR. Miss Mary Walker, a fast young lady of Richmond. Ya.', took it into her bead a few tuonths ago to don male attire and engaged as a barman. Somehow the breeches seemed u> bave put bad notions into ber bead, lor she went to making love to tbe pretty girls who came alter the ftmlly beer. One of th?;a corresponded with her. and was engaged to be married to ber. As making presents <*ostt money, the f?miuine barman borrowed from the till, was detected, plead guilty, and is now waiting for her sentence Her enamoured tionf visited her in jail. They are no* to be married at present, as wom'i i rights have aot attained to the degree of development. Sho^PE'I' imi.-At the recent exbihtuoa of tbe Polytechnic branch of the American latUtute, in New York, a hand sboe-p-ggmg machine was eshibited. which is said to hiv? operated to the satisfaction of the member* 1 he exhibitor claimed that by his maeh^ne he ronld peg one pair of hoots per nmu'e, the vntk rocsisung ?1 cnttiar the pegs f-.??n lo?c ^ rips of birch wood, punching the Holes and itriyinc a doable row ol pegs.