Newspaper of Evening Star, March 16, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 16, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. , LOCAL NEWS. ! AMU? EM INT 3. Ac., TO NIGHT. 4 national Thkatbk.?1a*i uikb of Mr \ John Brougham in bis drama, of 'O'Uouncil's ! " Mission " * I ' Wail's NiwOrm Hoiu.-tbe Worrell j '< Sisters and Mi J I. I'onneiiy have made a . great bit. They appear to-night in three cap- I . ital j teces?tbe musical h?rle-<4ue. "Aladdi , , the Wonderful Scamp." and the larces 01 j ? Crossing the Line" and "The lrishTutor." | < r?D Fellow*'Hall?Positively last nigh? ] of ti?e great Mil toman Tableaux. TrtiRD Ward kkpt*r.i.j( a* CLt'B -Lvt < evening a meeting of the voter* of the Third | Ward *?> held lor the purpose of tormiHi: a f ward organization. at Temperance Hall, which } was well attended, there being nearly lt/> pr^- t *nt. about one-fourth being wbit>?? The mee:. ? ?ng was called toorder bv .Mr J StyletBrowa, | chairman of the executive committee of the I central organ zat<on. who explained the man- , i ner of organizing, and stated that club* bad < been formed ui all the wards except the Sixth j and Third Mr Jobi. R. 101 vans was called to t^e chair. ? and Mr J C. Cleary appointed secretary Au invration wmiitcuIo those present who wished to form theclnb to band in their name*. < -ind nearly 73 did so. amorg'hem the follow- i mg whites _J R El vans, (J H. Bliss, A.'?. Mall. J C Cleary, <i W. Wooley. N H MilIt r. K. (i. Harford, Robert Selkirk. W W. Rev- | old- It L Scott W, L Seward, R.J Beall. < MM Burton, H. T Smith, aud A Heald. Mr. Thomas P. Bell (colored) offered a reso- | iution that those whose names bad been re- ' 'ded form the Third Ward Republican Club. < which was agreed to. Mr C. H Bliss (white) moved the appointnentof a committee to nominate permaneut < nicer*,, and also to draft a constitution and t by-laws, which was agreed to, and the follow. i mg were appointed :?C. H-Bliss,( while,) John t Thomas Jobnton. (colored,) Wm. Budd, J. C Cleary. (white,) Thos F Bell, (colored.) ? Mr. .1 Sayles Brown surgesied that meet- i ings be held to take action in refereuee to the t registration. Tte Chair urged that each member should < consider himseit a committee to fee that all j who are entitled to vote are registered Mr U. S. Bates suggested tbat it was as important to prevent rebels who are disfran. ] hised by the act from being registered a* it t was to tee that their lrieuds are properly regis- t tered Mr J. S. Btown thought as tbe li?ts would I be posted that there were but lew rebels who ] would dare to have their names thus posted, c The Cbair remarked that it was probable J tbat a law would be reported providing the t necessary qualification- for voting to be one j year's residence in the iMstrict, two months in { the ward ana ten days in the precinct. He | also remarked that no colored man should omit c to see tbat his name is spelt correctly. < A gei tleman suggested tha tbe law should > be so amended that no per-on should lose pay for the time lost while being registeied k Mr. .T T. Johnson (colored) said that the ] -Uggesti.n w a> a kind'one, but be wa?opposed 1 to it. Any colored man who bad so little ap- i preciation of this great boon tbat he would not r lose a clay's work to see to bis registration. t would not be likely to vote i? he was paid two r day's wages. Ml* (' II Bum, L F.d win Iiudlev, J H J Crossman Joseph I? Farrin. of FlUt. aiu , F. A. Bcsweil addressed the meeting, the 1 uier. t m tbe course of his remarks, stating that tne Kepubluans, in the Seventh Ward, were the dominant patty, and Mr Iiudley recited ex- t tracts from The Ho-ea Higeiow p ipers: after t w tin b tbe meeting adjourned. The maii'kn ali. koki okn.- on the .veiling c of 'be-: Jot 1%-' month quite a we!!-dr--?-d t and gen'eei.looking girl, giving the name of r Nellie Mathews, applied at the Fourth Ward r -t.atior, fi.r lodging-. which were given her. i She* ated that she enme from Helawarecnui* vi New \ ork, with ber cousin, to -re the city, be coming ?o get m> bounty. an4 she had become I < st from him The following morning, one ot I ttk? uewiy-appo nted clhcers t-?oA pitv on her ? xi.d carried wr to hi- house, wh-re she -tayeu ?' a day or tw;i. and ttien told mm that sh** would ? like to have her vaii*e Th? officer went with I tier to a honrear the President's and obtained ? it. The lad)" liv.i.g there iaf rmed rn otfic-r I se\eral - |ie\iously 3he touud the g,rl sitting i ear the ruiir.g of the Fresiden 's. crying. ai.d she told her ' be -arae story about her umii hat she took her into the hon-e and 1 offered ber a home: tba* -he pretended to b- 1 ?ick. and she sent b<r for medicine, wbu h she t got and returned: that she left the lju -e short ;y ' :?t:er i be t-lfi er reported these facts to I-ieo ' 1 .ckloff.who told him todrop her. and b-- lefr h--r ' with the lady I'be next laotuirig >he again ap- I peared it the Four'b Ward station, when Lieut i 1.cklcfl told ber that there wa? uo sympathy there for ber. atd that she baviug retn-ed to accept a good home no'hing more could be '' done fcr her. and sne lett The next beard of T ber - be was a* the Central Ouardhou"-, on th Large of the larceny of *en dollars which wt 1 found in her waterfall, but she wa- released, f Two days later sbe turue.l up in tbe Mayor s < office, a-kin^ the sympa hv of Mayor Waiiach. and officer r:int iteiug sent for. luiorm1") the 1 Mayor ?f the facts above stated Tbe Mayor t ffered to send her as far as Baltimore ou "her way home. buf she declined the offer, and Mr Orant tcok her to the s*arion. Here one of tbe 1 officer- wrote her a n *e. and sent her to a lady 1 on New York a\enne. wbo was in need of help 1 in ber tamilv: and -he went to tbe bouse, r>iit ' the lady refusing to give her high wage*. sh? ' df v lined en*?-riiig service, and came najk to the s'ituou. where rhe remained all night. In the inor nuig ;?i;o; ner of the new othcer^bad his -ym- ' ; a'biesaroiised.aud '. ok ber honi>-?he reiu-iii^' to take the advice of t.i- fellow otHcers?where ! 1 lie IfMtMl nlll 8IU*i 1 iv Moruiug. Th- J s bodie?= of some ot the y ictims of th-caia-trophe ! 1 :?? the C?*i.'ra} Ho'el having been br.ii.gtit 'o j ' ibe Pia*icu. a crowd v,a- attracted, and the j |M) .-it'.u.g tbodestl^ in a turner ot the room, I engaged The at'eiition of a young fSerart-1, j ?ii al'-r heftring her -tory. otlere.i ii^: a ' home He took fcer to bis house, bn* turn- I j i tie: .... e ye.-teroay, stating that tsh" coui.i u t j be it gre:i? di-'re-^. ;t" nbe bad money I 'han he had She went to the staiiun again | i-t i.igbt. wt.ere t-be remained all night, o J h:<- accep'ed a commitment to th- ' workhouse. ? ^ ? ii? 'i k latius "k tmk Conu Std ?k.-t - 1 I'. 'T-.v. _; ? : :..j i,, SC. Fatrn k - day. tn- ! ' I M Ol 'he ii?'w f.iThcl: Church O h - tee:, near J. will be wrh imp : eirmcuift nv ti,e Mo?i He>- Archbi-h'ip n >] ii ip.i.1 Baltimore, .iM(i ?bouid tbe ii.i\ . - j t . r ie . erer.onie- willbevej> ,:[1p -mg. loe pian mini of *be n>mh aad societies > n i i be foinej :n fr"Bt ot the City Hall at -j J .'ocit.acd *il| move at j. iu the loll .v.: < r..ei i li.ei Mai-li tl. Aids *o (.' Mar-hai Marine B nd-Ori>t.aii Girls o! Sr Vincent I Asylum. Orphan Boysof St. Joseph \-\li,p. >ui.d? v s. hoc is of >*. 1'atrick and lmm.ti u- j a i-i e ( on cent ion Churches. Hand?Suudu i . s.iioolsot Trinity t.'hurcb, <ieorgetown, I 1 feter'e. i 'api?o| Hill, St Matthews F.and? >ii.dav School of SC. I'omiiucks. Band Sun- I 3 ?y School of St. Aloysnis. Band?So iety of j St. Josepb, irritaii): Young Catholic.-' 1 . rieud S?x"ety of Wa-bmgion. Young Ca hu- * lie- friend Society )(j lieortre own Bind ' 1 i'al A be: in* n v e Society i f ' .e .< vci. Catholic Total An-'in- 1 S'J, iety of Washington. Band? S.>dalitv of B. \ m ot St Aloysiu- Church. Sodalry ol 1?. t ^ M ol linma. ulate Conception t^hurcL : other sone'ies The procession will move j ? down -treet to Th* avenue, thence to i ' i . I- where he < ieurge'o w n ? . b ;ol- \ ,i J 1 Metritis. d 'h- *cbo?>l- of St. Matthews will I ! join in. and :bmce proceed to the ,-ise of the ' , hu'<h, wiiere the . omer stone Will belai.l j i r.\ *be Ar? hr?:-hcp. wt?o will al- preach ou I : tne occasion. I ! i HochbStea IX. Ca-E LAst Bight, Justice ! alter took up for a hearing tfcocasoot W in ' H. Aioierson aud Wm. M King, who were arrested in I'bilailelphia for the larceny ot a span of horses the property ot S A H Mark-, i in this city, and was brought, with tne horse-. ' ] to tb;s py by detective loonies, a lew days I 1 ^go Mr. JobL. i. Morris appeared for the ' appeare.1 ia evidence 'hat >ix~ 1 property w a- s olen in this ,-ity ab jut the it'b I ! t ebruar> tbatdev,;n? Miller and Coome- ' were l oufled, and Ira -d the horses about 14-) mile- through M i yi iud, and Corresponde 1 ' W'th b e au t hor it ie.- m i'hliadelphia. where th** ' prisoner- were arre-te.i aud held till detective 1 Cix>mes arrived, and they voluntarily came to 1 : Washington ?rltb the detective for trial King ' admitted that be took the horse* \9 the stable i i m Fhilauelphta. where they were recovered but Anderson denied at.y connection with -A- t affair. The difficulty of (-'Uiik witnen^es tro-a Fbiladelpbia prevented the proeecution from ; ' baying the ad vantage of the evidence ,,r ; I ers there, aud the case close.i w tb this i e-Timony The identity of the bor?rs beii.g i , tnllr proved at a former bearing, Mr. .\orns I i si bmi'Ted tbe case on this evidence, and a-k -d 1 tor a dismissal Justice Walter, afier reviewing the circumstances, dismissed Anderson, 1 and held king, iu defaaltol Plmj bail, forcourt. , ? Tbe Rgiiistratio#. ? The registration o I voters undet u.e laie law of C 'ngresgi w;n ' ccmmence in t e lst wardon Monday,coutinuing t?ur day* 'ur cituens sboul l rememrn-r Jbat unless (b-y nte registered by the judge* Pf lection 'hey cannot vote at the approa.hlnu municipal eie^tw c. Their being on the old poll lists will not entitle them te vote, a so to* j suppose. We publish in our adver'ismg ?oi- i nmns to-day a card to (be voters in tbe u ward on this sui.iect. Porriak 1 m ki i ai>mknt."? ?Alt" Buri:ett. j 'be irresistably droll vtii. orator and mimic. 1 will give a series id entertainments atM-t/e. ! rortfs Hall nejr will be as-i- ed by cb?; m..,g e;? . u' vi.. Mi:.- iieitrji Nl.-i I ''Sap r W^Jv. wK'W<; l5<cf0c ; I>rt?d &++1, -J&f'C. \ 641, Mutton, chrma *T>r ^bd fi"d,h13o : Por*< H?? ? kLi'! ' ^ J1' bam3' ttncut?i?(ia.'*>c.;kliced, .*.., brpstte. shoulder*, fie. Hotter, Vra -pr 1 ?1 *?1 -rs' Tnrkies,* *?< lb. , - I,or>?<PA>r.-5o *?:. fc*Cs.Uoi. '?* wt Corn, ciu, 4'fc. Add1^> ok 51 , '> ,: p"k,rul: btTKSf;?*.'cS: .A,,- '~'f Turnips, i:,c. pk Peaches, r.Vqrl,J5 ct- B4,,u5?' *> ? ?. '^c; hi. ? If " drtwl cherries, qt., 50c. Radper bur.cb.. **|c Bee:*, per pk , ?1C niionv .?* ; Okra. ***.; Parsnips. 2>a*5o ' ' v*' 5"tTt' ,Uc Carrot*. bunch. 5 cecs ^B?Kock. large each, #la _ ; am.\il.buncb. soe ."T'uh- *'>- Mackerel. -5c eacb: Halibut.' k *, r_"V- P*r bunch, ?)c: Shad, per " Mb, 91 toll pair: S^a Ka-s. per pound, lijntv Spanish Mackerel, 5j #arh nl?r tr*reKb"shpi' r,c a*'-Ul- Corr' M?*al. 'ari ' ^b-ps uft ; -vs?c. Krowmtaff. <Soc "r,07-: tH ? t^rn. shelled. ?l.loa*i ! . in ear, >b^, #4tM. Oats, bh., t<oa65c. Hay, cwt , tl.Su l > .vrsw, 8lai.5(.. teiery, pr bunch. I.e. P*"r<luartt Cabbage, per head, .lal tc. riomm>, <;nart, jo cents. Lettuce, lalO c??b s M'atuee. fie. per perk; L-k Plants. 5al:ic" "lc' S?*et Potatoes, rt. < = -Z JJ Z?' per ,?oz- S~HU Duke, ,5c**\ rtiu\n** Hacks, ^a5i, Red rvecks 'laN pair: tJrar.berne?. 20c Pumpkin*, in to >oc.each Prairie tier*. ?i ?a>r Some fitly or Mxty country slaughtered hoes ,1V,,T ^qna,.,ty w**re eold at ,be ^a'.e bouse or ii 25 per loo ll>e , this morning. ,?NT Fori Thii monitr.e. i >. ui o Mock, a man named Charle- hoillcr. 1 i^cnft tiruin :lif? ivliirm^ ( iofls was tak>*n lo the house No. >74 (J street, n?*r I I'D. by another dres?ed in military clothtu* The bouse i? kept by Iflarr Browu. ,col7i who has several white temue boarders. LofJrunk apparently when taken to 'nelu n^e that he was tirable to speak His .umpamon left him there and went awav. a> ing he would be back directly, but never Hfnrneri. The women marie a comfortable b?d >n ih?* fUntr for the supposed drunken mail, inn let him remain. He never spoke, but fell sleep and so died. The body waa taken to he fientral, and the ?iispicien? >f the officers being aroused, the inmates of be house were placed under arrest. An mjue-t will be held by Justice Morsell. actinc tor the coroner Ror.BlKo TilK FrKEU.MEv'h Bt RFAtT Sat *." fiiio*?'V esterday, Benjamin Sitnp?on. col>red was arrested by officer W. H. Kvans. of He Seventh Ward, upon the oath of Charles Ooodenow. clerk ol the sales room of the >arrack ot tae Freedmen's Bureau. Capitol Hill, cbarein* him with the larceny of calico 'otton. clorhinc. A. . The total amount is uninown. A part of the property was found in he po-sees ion of Mary A. Hawkins, Amanda viath^wHasil Pric#1, and O. Smith, oinr^d They had a hearing before Justice io-well. who committed Simpson to tail tor ourt on a . harge of larceny; the two wom<*n or rpc^.v ng tw stolen good', and Pnce and *mith are held tor a further bearing. BfR'.laby ?Yesterday, officers Fra/ier and -eai b, o! the Second Ward, arre-ted Kob?Tf ishei. (irorgf Washington, .lame- Henrv. and lames 1 .- ibert. colored, ft>r burglariously enennz ?h- {.revision store of J. s Higdon." corter of | {. and B streets, and stealing a lot of r.eats and other provision*. They wer-sen' tail tor court by JiWne Morsell ' t rndenc k eml.iig was arrested bvoffi. er L- tcli... har.'-d k h rec#,|\ ing the >-toipn goods, and was held o bad tor court. Oram.^si -Michael Carr ind Ed. K-ard McCarthy, soldiers of the Pith Ir.tantrr .vent to th*- La Ji n i^siaurant. on l>. near |->'h ;r.nt, and ord?^ed <lrp k- It wa., s:a>d that n*r sl.pj.ed McCarthy'^ pocket-book, ai.d arried it into the hacit yard, took five or siX lo liars, and threw the balance, about thirty lollar-. into -he prt\ v. ?'arr wa? aire^eo ?,v fficer \ r,ss, < f the Second W ird. and wa- sent o ia>l for court by Justice Mdrsell. %. Patrick .- J?av ?The supper by tte l''eii :i Benevoleiit Association, a* th" Wat ach Hon e on Monday evening r<*\? in onor ot St Pvrick'- Ihv. preTiiio- b>*oi e >f 'he most eut.e-.fnl ntfairs ot the kind ever riven n thi.- city, find arnpl- arrai g.>men?.a\e been made by 31: Patrick Murphv. the xperienceii caterer, fo merlv of Wiliard's Hotel, -o supply a sntficiem v of the f<t e-t riande ai.d liquors on 'be occca-ion. The MttTi'SiAS Tabikai x ?Tbi.? fine e>. lib:'.Oil In- beeii very successful nere this s^eek, ai.d thi> ts the c'osmg night. Lxhibiion wnl be ^iven in Oeorgetov-n on the first br-e oveoicgs of week, and in Ale*an<!r a be remainder of the week, and onr reader- m hese citie? should not fail fo see these ?\ el. ent illustration-?,f some oi 'he ;.i.e3t s n '-Partidi-e Lost." - ? ^ j' a ri?"f. Ti! t: C<>w La ?The polir* 'ire lUfz ttrtfefion to th#? ^nf--repmpnt i?f he law of the Corporation relative to keem^ OWS II, 'he city The police of the Third AaJ s 'irrested seyen dairymen, who w?;e Iced by Ju-ticeTuonip8on: and officer Crown >f the S'-ior ! Pre. m. t. arrested oi,e who waimilarlv di-posed of by .lusti. e Walter r the law ??- ? K< ri-Eii ?Last nigh , the restaurant of Mr losbua Lloyd, n ti.e ?0U'h -ide Pennsvlk.inia fcieiiu,, I;ear :;dstreet. was entered and Obbed of liquors, cigars. ic.. to the amo?nt k w . r|4l-%,*s made an entrance through be bark w indow, ai.d carried otf eVeU <om>f the fixture-. I.kal LsiATt Sai it;4. ? By Green A Wil- i iam-. ai.ctici.eers a tw.i.story trame house I lid lot, OC - h Sljee: Y.e-t, b-t W'een S and T I - I'li ' .Miry L Walker, S >rs>i a'wo- I 'oty t-air.e bouse and lot, on H street nor-ti .e'ween .itb and Tth east, to James Edwards', . or >. . J o k Kki'o.-t- ?l ne police reported > iire-vs jes'e:day, mai.y tor larcenies and a-- ! anl? and batteiv and other otteu>e- which (otne the n >md t i nite I StatM .'ase, I be^imount Of tones in '.poranon cai-s v.aHa.vmai k" s Kkvta i rant gan.s -'eadily in opulnri v. 1 bis i? own g not altogether to its i iiVe:.iei,r location, bu' * the excellence of 1 .e \ . ir.d-sf-rve.1 to patrons of the establish. x?ent and 'lie reasonable cbarges MARRIED. \ ATKS - DKSHIKL.DS In Wishicgton o-i n V ,4,.h '??"?' by tii- Kev*<;i,.r|, 3 II". I> H , Mr HKltT (I TATls, ?t Wtr i limuiwi ^ tLlZABfciu r. to?1 ' ELD> ot th- % trr>e pl^ce. M?> c^irdi * 1 LH*0fc"H0WK .' March 15. AMIRIlia frLtral will take 5: .co tn inorror a:ternooa et'w. h 'Vl.T '"'ii?1 r'*iJet-e. on y street, , -d Ild 1 Hi* frier 1 ?-^<i ttl?-? of the ainl.y art rtsp?ct!tilij' invited to attend. * .1^UM'.oJJU*' t!il" th^ lsth JOHN A ,,. 1 'M . o. UK agi?J 22 r> ?r? ii? . ticm. w ,1 tkk< pi,, e fr ui the re^l.Jrii'e f net .th*r ! law. Andre * 1> ?j N 117 #outh 0 Ir^e ,on 6 .u i*; . thr li;:t ln?teut. at ^ o'c'ock. B Vif" I, %i 1 . M vf the feuil are . 1 "x'^natl, L?n a-iter, i d C'hilliconilapets yltase Cupy | , ? ? .LA** HKK AND I.OSS OK L! 1 E lucfatbvrofuneof theau eiera Ut, t Lailev irrind with Quvarnor Korautk in th? ye ir 1341' received by the l'r ?ideti?. v|" f ill,,.ore' lib niark?d attenili n. H? m t?n >h'tti | ei 1 kln i ?n pairiairhal I, km.- ?M 0?t.emVu.and h^ n my ay> .paihi7iaS friend., ana through tb?T oht au Stop aud kiudtieas ot Mr. aedMrs s hl, raft l,e ftteruiiiiad to m?ke Washington bis tu lire t>t me lheftralli being larg" >1 r aud Mr. "v t*i' ir"ft *',nft 11 tliM ?r t'barlte.theonekihed ;>y the bnrciBg of t?e Merchant's tietel So ?Ui ad beel1 si >t d by U fri to ret1i,? (Ilri ,,|V! ^ His lit.-and habits with kind I 3e4.?t heart was the evidence f the fost-ring car. e.t. w,.! l is kind benefactor* in the'afiEfJ I ? d df"i .tlced irati n h-received at hia home In ?< ili'J'?*" 1 ** was active and eaerireti, I _nd had uan> "arm fr, nd-.some of our o!ds-t >ler haDts rre.jnstitly dnJir,^ birr, flit, r snbstan U> 'd.and ?o the h?>ir of ht.doath with? h" ul. b* ?rt of ?r?titi;iie b?? w^ulJ refer to tbe ru-inv iiLdiits-sa of Mr a, d Mrs SchoelcAtt^ AMhJ 1 He of .1 , e I. !t tl -ir maternal roo! t. ,It, ,|^ fo youiiiier brothtr, t.eorgt Luhv wlo? ? tei'-g.duca'e] t?^ ibt san.a pLIU,,.I.r'oplc l.d, 1 Ctiarl. 1, aud Auihony Lnlly cuu.Lris^ 1 the bo,! 1 d?. nrm of Lnlly a Bra . and to ttiem U,|e yoonff i ii.di'.-ercatUig ran.ll/ looked for eopport CLarle' -e.tbe bope of th. old and the Toong. and thi oorn in dte sorrow hie death, ao I like the , til !ren of Urael passing thioogh d?ep waters or if ictu n, whilst all setu.>. dark *Ld deuhtful, now U elr brother Cherle, is *one Ou the niaht of th- fire the br tbers Charles .nd SLB'hoey. with Mr. Jacoh L truer and Mr fiMOr?e M.Danlel aere at the National Theater and wi lls' g the scene in theeecondact of fb? p a a Mr Lakenan nofifl d them of their lore being a tio, and reaching th- s, ene Ubarlte Lolly w?s arre te<!, bnt soen reUasei at. I vert etraU'ht to render a^sistao'.e te iiia t-ei-btvis and as Mr Ttirpin came at of tn? ?- >ining bnlleinir, Anthony Lully asked if hit brother Tharley wa* Inside fcelping. and he an >wetru the wall had fallen In upoq him. and he w? '.J11 ,h" ?nd at this mom e.t he ai-thou) Lull)) aas arrested and tiken tn the -t?fon-no?;se. after, the .?nnger br -thtr anie. under arr> st ats. The e\t merali:.-. at i oA-lcck. tluy were distni-s' l he?- ,.iarter? t* rHC" Dtranre to apreir called I! > j'i *'"<u 10 the station taoose where v. *el'lbr."t<'*r 'ay and the m meet t ela,- hel.? ; 1.1 . .th* c?'rp-e ?.?s torii?sl over to the .. iiil"?" -I 'obi. and ^on In laa U itti l.ome on s'j ?1 r r1 ? ' tbe tame do I [ lt> *P^*rtd u.h ir%n I jury to tviufv iu trr Iive-t-atiot. belne ma^ and nVhiml ap p^arfLa t thim thi y with others were*iam.- d On the feiiowi,.g da. (> nj/r, le tret. .r? s ley ws. bun.d in tb. He.V-w no erj iti^ar I 1 or Town, n r The rit als ' ?? ' t," ?wr?n**foi, -oi.tin-ili,* tilt ,h? -th r!ay it 'eath, nttrr which If. Hr r . :,.?u t-h? rvar.c- and then they-ill M I ar t.'e e ? . . aa>< tor Iran a ad for eetoce. A L i?i..uoi tj.1 Taa:li-U CITY ITEMS. n-llljf. ^*n!'T CiP* a. corner Virginia .h rtb *tr~'- will to- sorrow iu. ! !" n,,w aB'1 or?m. ?.J ?h^ E,liR If iB ,rom '??*' P?P n*r makers. S D iH W Smith, of Boston Shitii f?. 40')7th strict, ig Headuuarters for Alei; and I?ojr"s Clothing D ? 1 One DOLLAK J?w b;.BV Stork. NO * v renn?jiTsnia Hrennt-, near 44 street?40> 1 ^W f,tiT, ?' Jewelry to choose from lor oulv one dollar. Off in fhe stilly n%ht K t*r slum tM>rS chain ha* hound me, [ >ou<l rafmory brine* the light o. liennmg 3 One Price (-lothir.g Store, on the aienTe ?' SeTenth *uee! Hud Maryland | j PRICK of clothing gr*a.Uy reduced at Smith's. ?>? an ?treet, oppoeue i'ost Oftiee. ? *[ "d "5 Boots for 5- and 81<j-custom S.A V aild *" ^*i,rrt' for r. bud gT, at *-.'4 7 Ivaniaavenue. -ecoud Hour. Sale from i? 10 y p. id. j me dewed work. | Information ?Those about to marrv and i"T ,niarI,"d' can Wod "*dy-mad?? LUneu and Cotton Sheets, Pillow Caet*. Bed .spread* of all descriptions. Feather and Pillows, I 'Iable Linen. Toweling. Crash, w mdoH' Shades, Carpets, Oil Cloth, Mattine. Ac.. at Adameon'e, CA16 !>th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. jm * T? *.'** ? ??portment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brushes in the City are sold at low P ?" * Foley's Apothecarj-, corner itol Hill & *>nn*Jr,vania avenue. C.ipQoick sales and small Profits!!!? (4oed White Shirts tt.w. and *2 50, at Franc's Oent s iurnishing Store. 404 7th street, between I) and E; also shirts made to order, im ? We ark RBrjr**TEi> by the Congressional prater to say that it is absolutely impossible to give employment toanv more persons at the tiovernment Printing (iffice, and that it is neelees to apply. -j ("iRAVs (!oilaus, 25 cents per box; Goldsmith Collars. 2,? cents per box; Imitation Collars, '25 cents per box; aud all other goods cheap 111 proportion at Franc's <4?r.ts" { urnishing Store. 4!*47th street, between 1> and L streets. im 1*or Chilblaika and Frosted Feet, White's Fmbrocatien is a specific Price ?1 per bottle, r or sale at 4^4 Pennsylvania avenue, between an d 6th streets. 1>r. Whits. Chiropodist, ?4 Fenn ar.. between 4fc and Bth streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, &c. OIRce hours from W a m to 5 p. m., and 6 to 1 p. m. Established iHil. AShrbFilb CCBB.-|?r. Gilbert's Pile in s'rument positively cures the worst ca*e? wf piles. Sent by mail onreceiptot ?4 Circn I lars free Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B K..maiue. Mana- ' ger. r?o. 5.5 Broad way, New York. ;JPlWBTBff can be had in any quantities at the Star office counter AMUSEMENTS. jiatFosal theatre. Pennsylvania avenue, nesr Willards' Hotel. ST. Patrick 8 EVE this 1 SATl RDa* EVENING. March lfi MB. JOHN BROUGHAM for the l*Pt time positively m ( APT RUD K RI < K O BUNNELL u hi-latf-st Dr iiiiftMc No??ltT uf O I ONNKLL 8 Mission. Ih* pop ,i(?r t?ew ?ork Act.?r, . . Sir T K MOB1.1S. has Leen enB??ed exDr?8lj to appe ,r in this play ?? JtLIO ALBKUOM. 1 hi* ' i feinnl character No extra cli?rge fer secure if" f? Hwd?y.C?LPOTC? BKCOSSTBFCTl >. WALL'S .M:W OHKKA House U B. PHILLIPS Ltn AND MAKAOtll SATTBDA 1 K \ KN 1 hG. March 16 Hd7 F urth night of tlie I'lillla it eugs^meM ..t* ? ? Taienteri ab<l Beautiful ' "^ccmeLt o! t ,e WOKRELL HI8T*8S. t M pie es-AALODIM, t'BO^SINO 7H IEL K?^:,<J T!' U 1 L'TOB. wl,h >0 I HIK IBKNK ati^l .IRAN E and th" ta .rlt.. < . madlan. Mr T L Bn?les ,ae A r J : H Boiigit Qlog l*im wf \ . r >1KTZEROTT II \I.L. ONI V UK ONLY comment s . MONDAY. MARCH 1-. lHb7 THE .1 V S TL Y C K 1. K /; R 4 T j , WIT. fftiATOK. AM) MIMic, ALK. BL'BNETT, A . KR: A < BKI-KK?E*tat I K HI M .R;-t, Assisted by MISS HKLKN NASH. The Charming Elo< utl->ni-t, In 'heir Original. Irresistibly L?!lsfbable, >e: Be nij*'?i Knt rtniiinipht'. A m on v tne tiunie? ou? qui Mi ties of FUN AND FLA KE < OK HUMOB ^ich comprise hi a ret.ortohe ? HI be found the BEV PETBOLBCM V NASIiT mabv had a little lamb RICHMOND ON THE JRKMS. SLABSI RES AND fJABKOTE ~ . , Ti!E ENGLISH SHOWMAN Together with mmy hiti at PEOPLE AND FA >11 IONS entirely n> w and lininoroua, Adiiilssion 'iO Cent* Bes-rved Sea?s ;.o CVnts r n rs optii at . , co: .nieni.? at 1?, lork c. jF*ed se.its t<> te had at Mit/erotts Music tore JuriD. tke day. H <>I>L> FtLi.ows- hall. SECOND WKfcK. CONTINUED SCOO'CSS M1LTONU N' "#UB HAUX From London, llepre?entinir in s *'> f?ur Maeniflceut T^v> "KANEN. HKLL. CHAOS H,,d PABA r : ? U Illustrating Mjlton'n sul iioj 1 ,eui of I'araOMe Lost or the Fall or M*n " . . ^ _.0,KN AGAl N TONIGHT .,A N p E \ K h Y NI-.UT THIS V\ EI K ONLY MATIMES WEDNESDAY AND SATCBDAY A F I EBNOONS. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY FIVE CINTX Btfervtd Seats lidrent. NO BALI PRICE AT NIGHT. A^uilssion to, a!l partr of the hall ,25 cents Children t M itl e- l re..t4 ? ? 'if. *.< o"<l luring the .lar at E.liv Mnnt< otore, 300 I>ud?>Iv^nia a\eiiu^. nihil tf I^ANCY DRESSES AND OOSTUHU. 1 , For Tableaux :>iid Private Parties Apply to MRS FKANK BE A 447 10th street. BALLS. 1'A RTJI'>*. fo. 1-?HE YOl NO HI BERN IA IN THE FULL) AGAIft, ^ EIGHTH liBAND BALL <.f tlie tY.^ YOl NO H1BEBNIA OLCU Will le fit ven at ODD FELLOWS n ALL 7th I <i "IS^ between Paul Istre?tH. u,,u' 0:i MUlKAf. MAB H I??, 1-bT. Ijoniniittee of Arran_'?iuents?.? H Bnsh M t 1SJ: 51 nih ?eutUman and ladies. ^booibii a HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenne aud 1M;i street, < IntfMM en New ^ ork avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOCIBIES TEAS VMNES, IMPOBTID LDXCBllS, Ac., Ac*. would respectfully notify their friends and the' public that they have just opened their New Qro eery Store, where can he obtained any article nsu ally ke?t in a first class Orocery. Without attempting to enntBerate onr large, fresh and well elected stock, we cordiallv invite the public to xaiulne our stere and stock, believing we shall not failto give eutlre satisfaction to all who may favor r.s with their patronage. ^ " ca'' MPe?iaI attention to our assortment of TKABandOOFFIIS. which have bsea selected "'th great care for >(irlty. Dealers will find a fine assortment to select from, and our prices to Ooods delivered promptly in any part or the city. jan 9 3m ^4 ^ 10 ?BO? "bictly pbTMH 4? \~~ 1. . . YORK BOTTIB, Just received and for sale by J- " HBYAM A BB'?., ru 0 s?uth?nf r, rsnnsylvania avr.u?, m s.ntnStlf Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. J A in S4roud hand *rV vol< Inrnitare Bepaired. Beapths ranal T H!l!'I2.,,htSl I2tk< nd BsU..(near rumltup. Prtoe paid lor Seooa^hand # %? f # WANTS. L;:*W*n"T*'VA cosspeteat BUB8E. far child n. wiling to travel. Apply Mo * . a,#Bn* mil 16 nW^?TKP~A ' peetafcU"woman to t?ke . ^*tt* O chllil. ,m plain ie*'ii( <-h*ni WiMJD-UiPwvMINT a* Sties nan or I li'in ?Jrw e,fr* bm W#?t. in th* iS.f.fl*1 f??ron^ -?k !oH(?r Ad drets BUJKAN PBOCTOB. Wa?biu? ? >. O. u' ___ m I'i Vm \\ AN'i -To purchase m.d rem, iar.;e and ?nahli H'T'SES Perscis deHlnln ana wi,hiu? to dispose of t!.-ir f mitore p?jvatel) or at auction. wMl pW?? call at o r J T.OULDWIIiLtdO,. ,r Auctioneers jt< %i &*??'.- A*e its M 10 31 So 4-?^7th street \V *"WD--A GIBL to <lo |*aer?l bnu'work ?? Apply at Oietttar ofli< ?. tn l?.2t* pOOK, WASBiBand IBMNJClTwai'ed at !< * X ?th street, Of p. lite ( n> Hall. Th" b*?t refarai.Oes iajulr A m IS tt* W ^?JJ5P To KBNT-Aa unfhrntehe* K BON T II KOOM. ?,rhor ?l?h-at Boar*. t-twfo B H,. ,*'.d 8th lkad ,4th '? A#dr ? "Q ," Star ouice,atauag t?inu, location, Ac. tnii is tt* \V^?I*-l) ~ A ti iy c "?lor?"1 OIK I. ia wintM at ?? . L. Jersey aveaao, between UandE, ' ,'t car" 01 a ?nj?" child aa 1 to do other light *UIIv m is it* \V^'E*D7AJr<i,?e?t?w' ? rman or Irish .1 I. V .V- !<i. d" tbe Ben' ' Housework of a i i?i I?" r*feranres requited Apply at bl 13f. ?t,, b#t. B and C, island m li lt VV ANTBD? A, QlBlit white )eomoe?eat to cook. for MrT*rR*v4?"i?lwr 5*"?11 f*rai" ?o?uire l ?* ?wA w*8, 4th to the (trier

of I st north between I and K . m 15-St* \VA?nn?D IMMBDIATBCT-A Brat cuss i,.v . >???'t#at ??? Pa. ava.. bet. with ana lltn sts ; south sld?. must* W ? 1st ' April aa un'nrnishd 7 ,UUUBB, containing 7 or a room*, for a prtvnti family, between 3d and 9th ste. Bent mast be reaaouable. Address J. P. M .. Star effice. nil* St* \L'AHTED TO BINT-A Kood ?l*ed 8TUBB, *f, with cellar and atabie attached, Id a ?ood bnsineaa location. Ad'trea- K. M , Star oftica, m 14 3t* W'AHTBD-An experienced SALESMAN m * * to# ahoe and boot busln?-aa In iuire at H OETTIlKiKB'8, 1 > 1 Br1>lge htreat, Georgetown, m li .it* W ANTBD?Oo or about tlie~firat of Apr!l7two eo nninrifcatidk anfnroiahxd BO jMS, on atcotid floor, by a geatleman and wife, for heme keapinx purposes, north of B atreet aal west - f ''thstreer Befareacea given. Address T. N BQ\ KB, ( lty 1'oat OSice. m 14 St* W A XTB D?A eoad B AB K IB I K B. One whe " I- wlllltiL-to work regnlarfhonra will receive good Had steady employment. None I'Ut a Bin?le man need apply. Alio, a L-entr-el colored BOY ; one who baa been acruatomed to tend bar and waiting. Apply immediately at the Star Ott ce. rn tt-3t kV ANTBD-A DBAUOHT8MAN Steady emv* ploynient will be Rlv'n Apply to ALIXANDIK .V MASON, m 12 5t* Patent Solicitora. cor 7tliand K ?ta. WAKTBD? BOARDING for a gentleman an wife, commem lug April lit A prcterred. Address BOA ItD. Bos 41 ? l'o*t office. m 12 eoSt* 11ANTKD-A practical OABDENBB. sinsle in?n preferred. Apply at Sratlon House, Georgetown. D C. mh n 6t? \V ANTED?A GaBDENEB, married, without ?? < hildren. employed in the liotanic Garden, * pr<* be < an be reen every day, tins on^' e\ peri nee in the Management nf greeu h'.ase-;, unrieries orcbarna viu'jarls, large and email farms, lands, api ug, etc . Oesue- a a sanation In any of tbea>> branches. No ot>j c | tlon in 1> a vine the Dl^trl^t. I!est n*terrnce?>a given and exchanged. Address D F DBSFOS8I, etjitii K ??.'? and my duty there. Bt taut' O^r| den V ashlngton. D. C mh II tit UfAITBD TO KBIT OB PUBOHASB-A MUM of from 1'" to l<sl acres n >rth of ar 1 j near the city, u ith good bullciiiig and ?ihar irn rro\- ments Aii> pereoti ha\inir such prupert > I ran Tin ! a fir?t" !a-s tenant, t.y appiviu* a i ST A KB fc CO. I** > 7 th street, between o and j K m!i 9 ju * WAITID TO BENT ? A rUKNlSllED _*" ilOL ?E. wit), tw vlve ro"m* or more, b t-ve n 7:h and l^tti streets, not fnrth-r over tn*ri I j stree* Bent tnodelate Best of refer- nc- g:ven. 1 | Address K. 8. P., at tin Scar mb t-.w* ; \k A NT E I?- A i esp. ctable white WOMAN, to | tahe care f a y.<un,- child. Apply at 17 I I P* avenue mh 2 At.KNTS WANTED l>*<?K I HE MOST KX IT1 1NGAHD INlEKE.STlNti ButtK OK ItlK OEN! L C H A K IB f HISTORY OF THK SE? BET 8EBVICE In every c.ty. town, p.uuty, and Sta*? ">f the Lnlon. to -anvass for this work. This hi-tury I was announced on? year ago. but o?ing t the attempts of the G<?vernmei.t t surpre-is it. itpiilli. ail n w is d- la.. d. It will now l>? ls-ut?d. uualt.-rtd and i! nal i Idge I, under tin- iSHt*l*i o 1 of <ieu. HAKKK It c uttlns a fnll itud 'hriil expose of the intricate machinations of the aecret eiiemi< s of the rnton F r start ing d< veIornien?s an 1 thrilline Ivenj turi s, this t...ok eclipses iam isexn-i ences of , Foac.he and \ldoci. The mat veloua narratives ot General H iker are ail attest-d t y th hi' ie-t official authoilty . It will . ontaln tU< -only otB lal history .if th- A?s:i-?inati n con>pija y A lull hi-t ry ?f t! Is gr?at. startling, and terrll.K-crirn. FBOM ITS CONCEPTION, 'N THE HACNT< "FX ILLAINY TO THE BLBIAL PL\CK OK HOOTU. t as never let been pla<t ! before the ! ro> lie. The w.-rk al-o fnllv e\p.,s. s the uetailuss ?>sters l y which Presidential pardons were a>id tre so readilj obtained at Washlugt u The Dior lit of the National Capital ar? thor?.ugbly ventilated, and there are some s*r*nse ; revelations concerning b ads of department* membeis of C.<ugres?.female pardon broke;-, an 1 1 dstinguie .ed military cliara.'ters. Foi fnll !e rl; ti\e rii nlara term-, an 1 all par I are, aldreas P. OARRBTT A CO., nilrj 1m 7?^Che-'nut et . Phi ad-lphl t. ANTBD?A SIT CATION as nsnistioas by a 1 ?? l?dj who understands sewing thoioughlv t.y I VM.eeler t Wilson's Sewing Machine Cau :it and | -t ladies ahd children's dre-ses Ad Ires", f .r i three da. B. Box No. 7 , Btar or: t-.. f?-7 1 \4: ANTED All IB WSUlt of MONEY call at S. | > GOLDSTEIN A CO. >S. hicen-ej p*wn- i I.r. kers, 34 4 , street, near Pennsj 1. aa'a ave"? fe 21-liu | U7 ANTBD?Hew apd Oaat-oll OLOTBINO, old ! ?v t.Ol'D and SIL\EB,or any other article .f i value, at the old e-tablished Merchant Pawn ; ? 1 oker s Store < f It Fl LT< 'N A CO., .'> ?\> 9th ?t ., I .1 doors n?.r'b of Paaaa. avenae. BoleAk; lit for SINGE It's SEWING M ACH1N K I U/ABTBD ! LA DIBS to know the ? " the New Sta:nplng Bo. nis, 4 '{' jnh -.trt. <,p | po-ite Patent ?>ttice. they ca:s nnd the best nel^ t 'd 4-- rtuent 't Patterns ever OOered her<< f.,r t Cloaks, < ap'-a. Aprons. Jim vs. Waists, Yoke? Hands. W rappers. Slippers. Pincushions, and Ini fials A Is . designs for 1'illow CiS > Ottomans, Chair Covers, PI ?ti<.?. and. In short, ever>*V>?rl?ty I of Patt<-rna as they are daily i?sr.ed Wehavea Frmch Ma bine and a Piacti?al hta'oper, at.J have reduced tne price to FIVE CENTS l'EB WIDTH. We nisV.e sud stamp any pattern brought os Brai I-, Silk and Working Cutton very 1 w. deHtf U/'ANTBD-SECOND HAND Fl'BNI fDBR Also MIHHOBS. CARPETS. BEDS, BBl* M? G and HOLSEFCKNISII IN i G001>Sote\ery . description. R BL'CHITY. 4ft/i 7th street. jeeg-tf betweenGand H,-ast side | /J0LLM13IA HOSPITAL FOR WOMBS LYING IN AS7LCM, Eonrteeuth street,?sirclejcorner of M street, Washington, D. C. Tbls Instltntlon ha.- been established for the reception of patients who may be suft'?iiing from diseases peculiar to their sex and for the admission of sncb females as may require the concerts of the lying in chamber The building is situated In the most healthy p^r 1 tlon of the District, surrouuded by its <>wc giounds. Cara paas the door every Ave mluutos Torino of adrrisi-lon r From -*0 to ?10 per week fn acoorda?re with the room reijuf red, payable in advance This inclnd-a Board, Medicines, Med leal and Snrgicsl attendance. medic a~l s t a r r. Bf'RCEON IN CHIEF. , J II THOMPSON. M D.. a,th ?n<* 21"{ streets CONSULTING PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS JOB K bAbNEs, M. D, bargeou General, United States Army. JOS.RILEl.M D., Georgetown. THOi.MILLBB. M I) , F street. Washington , A. Y. P. GARNBTT, M D , New York avenue P JOHNSTON. M D .Waabington GRAPTOS TYLER, M. D., Georgetown. F. HOWARD, MD..F street. Orders for a<lmts?toB to th? tree beds In this bos fltal, (of which there are 30,) can be obtained ot he Burgeon in chief at this office, I"4 I street, or of any of the Medical staff, and of the Revs. Dra HsII. Gnrley, Gillette, and Coombs. Wives and widows ef soldiers desiring admission will apply to the Surgeon General, United State* army. Patients living at a distance whe desire to come to this institution for treatment can secure private rooms by applying by letter to tbe matron or the hospital. ' B. B. GIIjLBTTE, D D , an 13-eoly.i President. ^ jj ARDEN SEEDS, FBUIT TREES, Ac, J O H N SAUL I Has now In Store bis extensive stock of GARDEN SEEDS, which are this season of finest quality. From hit practical knowledge of the ! trade, and the Seeds having been grown specially I for his sales, they are warranted fresh, pare, 1 (endue. PLOWBB SEEDS, embracing all tbe noveltiee from England and tbe continent, with many articles saved from bis rich cotlestioa of Florist Flowers. FRCIT TBEEB of finest qaality. consisting of Pears. Apples, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, ; Cherrfea. Ac ? cRAPB VINB8?Delaware, Concord, Diana, i Rogers Hybrids, Iona, Adiroadac, Ac Strawberries. Blackberries, Gooseberries. Currants. Evergreens, Shade Trees, Roses, Green House Plants Ac. ? Bdfcqaets. Wreaths. Cat Plowere.Ao. ^ ' JOHN SAUL. Seed Store, Removed te 446 7th street, fe 18 eolm opposite U_.SU J'atent Office. I'BITBD STATES BONDS AND TREASURY NOTES, , Bought, sold and exchuoeed oa favorable tortus. LBWIS JOHNSON A GO. Bankers. fe 7 tt vitfU Peana. avsaue. FOR SALE AND RENT. pOS RENT?Two nir* anfarnishad * (Ww<a'c?ll?(t,' w * ?t?h.<?it fM, h ?'i Indian*, third door from Matrs t, (north rid* i ?.> to tt Fnrmsh*<t l<OD4I on 0 itrwi. A BDPOW, 4T3 Imrwt ra IS it* L'"1" t>ui ? rK\H< 1 HOUSE C?nU<titi( ill rn>nl *i>li btl'f *t ta.-ke* :ront by ij* fee- * irctu-a ,.ee- i u? oral Willi ahrnt.berjr in the First W*r\ Will be sold rh? ap on application t<. Jf?HN T 0 CLARK.*-. 2 t? D orC PBESjuN. Ao 177 Pram ylvania avenue. ah it r* H? LL TO LIT- A H A LL. 60 by 24. anl aMa for clnhg Irlges. or scoiety rooms ? flr?t Ml*n of fair* ? at 391 Penn ?venne K?ut cheep Pinarsalon at oticr 1 D jnn e on premtaea MiinEM 0WgET<*C?, _ ? . I^MDKlt TILSTON, nr:h 16 W 3^7 P^iiDirlttnlt L'UR KENT?A BRIOK~COTTAO? wlthtJur E r>oms, basement khrlun a d cellar T +' la attached a rich gardm spot of I", tcrM pitti ?tirt,.n 0for?*t?*n Il?ifht?. between i.rfts ? d Wa-htnfion streets Far further partlcnlaa at>ply to J J. BKIQIiT. Hu Jj* (i at , near T re?enry Department m io Jt* HOUSE FOB BKNT ctntumrg 5 runni iitiited os N ?tt( *t, between nth and 7th ? , .s 37? Apply at Ma. 420 nth stieet, b-twe-n 1 and K taJ m l* St* House for-RENT\~A?;n h\k.?rsix hnpdre 1 d il'ara worth of FU It N ITU !< ? for eaie in Washington. A Ures* Bo\ ' i 1 . Oeo-getown ' ra is it* FOE SALjf-The STOCK and FIXTURE* of retail Grocery Store, cheap Re*a n rsell i?r poor health Possession el*? n in.m ??! * ?'? I?imr? kt No. 104 7th atreet. between G and H sail 16 St * l^OB RENT?HOUSES in the" Philadelphia a Bow. lith street >-aat Hot and co'd water, andbath.raa; A rooms. Wtll be rented to evil tenant* for 04*< per aninn ly.inr* at 3?.? F treat, bat. llth a*i 12th waat oik l.' vt* IIHOTOGBAPHEKS. ATTENTION Fors.l , a old-estebll>he<t rUOTOiiKiCU OALuEKY, with all D'o asarr apparatus ete. ( k aa for caah.if applied for itr and lately, to L. F.0L4BK, Ho 24? Pa >Tf.t bat litb and nth ala.* LAOB BENT?HOl'SE with nix rooms and large K cardan. at the Corner of gth and M streets. on* a^aare freni 71b streetfarry wiarf Acp.r t > WM B. BILET A R ROT HER, rah IB 3t Dry Good* Store ,'lb Market Sptc?. TO LET?A good OFFICE, farniib*d or untarnished, sal table for almost any kind of basi <*s?. Very central. Apply to D L WILLS ft < 0 . ill 15 4t ( Ornerof li>tb aad F "-treeta Furnished Booms citizen* or Tr*ntient pen pie may find comfortable ROOMS at M7 Penn?} It?i,(? averne. oppo*it* Metrop lit%n Hi., tel Will be rented by the day, week or uonth mh 15 6t* t?OR RENT-A well located STORE. T . ? irood t U?ant tb^ r. nt will b* m-> lerntfc fntntreon the premlaaa, 1 lb Ulgb atreet, fieorvetown m 14 fit* L'OR KENT? Uulnrniahad, three or fonr de?in?I Me ROOMS for bouaekfepiiiK. I'tuated at Nj. 49H North K atieet, between 4'h and 5th. STARS * CO , ra 14 St* 7tb at . w-t DnndE. I^INE COUNTRY RESIDENCE hTr gaLE. 1 at a bareaili Wall bnilt Brlt k and Kt aui? d u tie h?n>a. S".'x.i6 feet, two atoti--*, nine rooox, and garden apot of a arres with frnit i>n tnrupikf 8 minntea walk from Bladen-t ur_ K*l!r?.?d Station nilnnte* front Wit?hir<Kt'in liuni-diate poite<ai n Terina eaay. Title perfect N-i*hborhood exc< llent A cheap, caiivenleut atid be^ltliy honie for Dopitrtin-nl <.'leri? "r Umi e-a Man. Tri'-e 9? (K> > If n .|d at one*'. Apply t ' R. B K > A N ;{t.*? I'ei n*yl vwnia ateiiiiH ?p>? te Metropolitan Hotel, or CLaOETT A >VVF.cN Y, R?-ii Eatate Brokera or by l-tter to I W K V AN W Y CK Editor Int. R. v. he or J "43 Li er' y atteet, Hew Y ork ? ity. rub 14 (It I^OR UKNT A tmir room HOI SK one a^nare I Mom tli?- Capital. In.vir^ at No H'.'"". en th? corner of B atreet north and l4t a reet ta-t R^ut ?14 per month mbl '. t* l^ tiR SALE OK RHNT--M i t ry K\)1E a HOUSE, at p-esei.t occup ?d by Kl?arl L>n? h K' j , aitoate 1 on the corner ot Se n 1 an l Kre,1erirk rtreeta. Gee reetown, U u*a:uiue * roonia, r.a-*-m?-T t ind ki!rh?-n. ? i'h w tter in th? ) ar . ant it** t hr'?ii|hont th? t.ou^e L ration \ery deairabl*-. The nnder?>lcne<i will r-r?-ive ??aled pitipoaal- f^>r the *ii? >r rent < f the >? ilip toil.til M?U ll Iu? .'lilt P..Pl>.-iaitiU to bl KITen. it re iuir? d . the 1 ?t <>i M a n- xt RICH A Kl> VETTiT, N" 4 .1. c^rr er . 1 and Market a'r j<. nih 13.1 w Oei rget wo. 1? <5. 1,'OB -ALE HOUSE Alt DLOT. aa .m . atrwet ??st, h'iw?eii Pet!ii?\ Uauia a anu an I K at A | 11> < 11 t? pret |j ,,t |^OB SALK The STOCK and kTTFi KK- of a I R> t >il Gio^ery Ntxre atid I: irdinn house, do ing a rood bii?ir,.-ea *nh?t* > e?ra h -vae. ""<> ?aie chi'bp. aa tb<- pr..pu tor Inten-U ?oi:ii W?-t. Iutinire at No W9A}, I?at;eet. between i.'th an 1 , 13th. mi. ;tv IVOR KKNT- A liltli K H**l hq ttie '?rn* r 1 of High and ;.th Btt'.-tN. Ga .rifeti, n. ? .u ! taming I > rtc uis. am 'a* le for a tavern. ?.o%r 1 irg hoiiae. Jtc. In ( lire at li? I th -treet, h and F. I>et un n 7 ?tU 5 iVlock in tLa eveuliitf mh II >.t* ?/OK f'ALE-i-'nly ilwM caah te .nired. th- bal anre < an ! e paid in iiionthl. p 1) euta ?>f ?, 1 ach, three new two itoiv HOI SK^. aituatel'^a ihe a^oth aid of a nthL?treet, near 6th. Thia ia an . piortunity s-l.i> m o -e-- 1 to proocre ? home. ST A KB A Co . tu II 5w* ?**"? rt!l atra. t. ?ar K 1/1 BNISIIED 1' A RL.OKS ,nd SKI* KO ni-, t1 e lar jd and 31 fl ora. t'? be let Binste r in auitea The rooBis ba*' been new ly p ipe'ed ?n 1 pnitited. they are ?nltahle f.>r bjiia k.- or ai mfle KeutletM-n 1 here ia water s and a'h in tli. hoa?e. Applv at ill II -tre..f. b?t <-cu 19th nn'1 ?Ttb, one - 4nai a fr m street car* mh 11 tapl* L'OR KENT-A three ~ii; r> BKI K HOUSE u I 13th atreet, ne*r Franklin Row. t etwe -1 L and Mar* ave , 11 i .om-?, with ru irt 'e .air-la water, gas. and cellars. Apply to >1 ORKI N, cor. l.'Sth and L mh <-it* OAA At RE"' OF BEST LAND n ar Wdh OWO innton TO LET for ' * > Teaith "it ai y rent, for the consideration ot putti e O p laud under culti?atl''B. in lot-* '( a>- toB'-f acres, with many other in Inc. m-ut> in u 1 * the prlTilt ?e ot buying tiie land a; any Iiojo. fror all particulara in (uire of D L. WEM.S t CO . nih I lm Corner 1-th and V ftr^.>t?. t^'OB BENT?In F'ant's Building.c <rner o. N w I Yoik avenue and I'th otr t, reterai very d< strable OFFICE K<?OMS. F r ter h app y t <? E<?KGE H 1'LANT, oUica Jd "tory, "I'la'it a Building." mh t tf i |N, OF TIIE "dO>T V A LI A !LE AN1? I E ' ' SiKABLK BUILDING L 'T^ : . t ity I sale. It Is aitnat*d ?'i the uoith aide ot Ki'ie t, near isih Igtwni Ssaat r Shaaraaa - m > 1 thMexican Mini*ter a, tr- ntms on Ft ai.kl h a ,ua: e Said lot la fc-t by I s7, raaaiag ba. k to a I 1 > . a!le < and improved by tw ?t .1 y hi ick -taide te SS tt S 1*. BROWN ICMlkaUwt ??M. I/OR t*Al.E - All kind ot I NKKl?EE>lKO I'LEDOES. to p ?y ad tii' ?s at . I 4- <11 tt, near Fa. a\e. 6. GOLDS I KIN V O fe J! ltn lit euaed P?v. n r kers I/OR S A Ij K (111 RE\T- Furui-h t or oafur I ni'bed?the Kh,>IL?EN- K -f the A-i-tr-a Miniatet . corner lJth and K Aiply betaeeu U : and J p. IB fe II I ni * C*OB 8 A LB Thraa wall OAKDIH FkkMg, I neat tnect: ono ol A' a, i ea improTedb . Lt ? t? ator I tl< k h lne aii'i nece-xai y 01; hu!.. ?.>, k;r ape-. >tt a? herrits pe t hea apples. Ac 2. \t ' teen ac'ea I eat i I arJei: - il. , 1. thirt t > a:x"y acias, deairablv |o, a'edfor B' tc? -r't Milk Farm V. D. STf'CK HRl DOE t CO . R-al E-tate Urokera, fe 19 lm* N K. coinar 7th aitd K ata. OR KENT?1 he fcT 'KE ROOM n xt t> the ; I Star olHco tiB'lar Me r peiltan Hall ^rt ly to It Ba K EK. r>lar ottn e. falS-tf j (7* OR RENT?The FARM, for the laat three >-ara 1 tiie r<-Ulen e of Ma;o| Tbeeptiilus Galaei c n slelinc of 1: 0 ai res, lying near F^rt M than. 1 i.e rrotn Defining a BrW^c Impr t no-nta, dwell t.^ bouse ot 11 rooms, etoua atahle. a.-rvant a h -laea. haru.Ac Addrma " E ^ 4H? Estreat, Waau itiRton, D C.,or ?all lu person, betw-an 3 and 7 d m oc li tf I L'OK KFNT?I iarge and one aniall oo-nmnulr eating KOOMS. aufnrnished. ae. oud lloor No. ' I.'{4 Penn. a?., bet l'iih and 2t'th ?ta ao 28 tf KAKE t'HASDK- For Immediate ?ale. one of Iha her.t l< < ate<l a:nal! corner atore GKOCE K1ES in the city. Stock and Fixtuieanew Aptly Immediately, Ly letter, to A. B C.,Uity T -t Dftice uo ij tf L'OR RENT?Two Pnrntahed ROOMS, at N?> ' r 467 13th atraet belwean E and F ata de 14 tf l/BBKUAK^ I A, IH7.?All poraoaa hariue ' I le't articlea In my shop for repaiia, pravioua to ' the let of January, are re.juexted |s call and get ! them, otherw iae they will heaoid at public auc ! tion on the lat of March to pay the charges there ?n. JOHN J I'EABOUY. Gun and Lock^raith, jan IS 3m Ho. 4 14 D atreet. WM. T. COLLINS. CABINET MAhER AND cbdertakeb, #7> ?how Caae Manmacturer, Scbool Fnrnltore \H and Honaefurniabing Wararooma. New aud M| Did Furniture, of all desertptiona, bonahtf^l and aold. Repairing, Upbolateriug, and Varnish Ing done at the ahorteat notice. Soatheaat corner uf 8th and K atreeta north. No 13 dald lm* fGARDEN SEEDS GARDEN SEEDS. PEAS, BEANS CABBAGE. TURNIP, BEET. LETTUCE, Ac . Ac I am just Id receipt of my imported GARDEN BEEDS from Yern >riu Audrieux A Co , Paris Franca, and llnrat A Son, London. England, and haTe made arrangements witn the largaat and most reliable ee. n growers Id the Unit, d State* lor my American Seada, and have now in at .re a large cupply, wblch are warranted fresh an l sennine. J. P BARTHOLOW. 19-6oSw * th street, below Pem, tvenu OP 1 A N O S. NE Bacon A Raven Piano, for #13). One Andrew Stela, for $40. kflD One almost new 7 octave large ronod' * * 111 comer Uoardnian A Gray Piano. ?27:,. For sale open aaav terina. at the warerooma of W G M ET/.SH' ?TT A CO Sole Agenta of Stelnwav A Soa'a Ptan-?*. and Mason A Uamlia'a Cabinet Oigana fe 14 tf SOMETHING HEWl ENCOUBAOE HOME M^HUVACTUBEI E. GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CARPET WEAVER, Onrner 4H and C atreata. t Island > Makes Carpet* to order with di*patch, aa moda r*t? terms, aad aatiafactlon gnaraatiad. Car ti instantly an hand. and far sale ja 11 (*<OLD PBKS?A Una assortment of Gold T as, 1 Pencil Casea, Ae.. for ss.le at manafa--'torafi fllcw. UslSl rBAHOE TATLOia, AUCTION SAi.KS. fMr ^Aar a*turn Ml*. trt ftm- .? *.f TH1BA FTBHyoort a HO Tit- niu -~~ |^T NiGLK A OO., AKUuMtn AC0TION PAIR LAkOI LOT BUTTffB P-atrn* tc cftan e lu,lna*s,we >ir eaiira at?* >:. < aaie'iaa of >1 ? irkiia Cbaic tan<l!f Bnt'er, 'ti'Auia go ii V-niilr Hut ?r, ivHitis* Com* en i> 0<x?i , At Aucti <i< "u ( oil of our Stare, on MIS I AT Mar. b 1Mb. H67. at 1" a i* Gn^cer*. PrqpriUM- of Hotetf, X><ttgrt|M aa ' Burd as H wlii ?rr alir i<eae4it?4 by tula ml*. I> li 8TBARB* AC-*. 39A Pi ??e. b? ?- an 1 eft * ? n)i IS V AG LI A Do Aa~*a |^Y Ml I. WALL A ? O . AlclMmn " SALE OF WHISAEYT BBOOVS. LKB9N4. A. , A On TUESDAY MARKING. M.rc1! 1? cor niei.cln .il I* Hi lor* we Miliar?!, at itnrtiiw tooma ? t?#ortineiit wt Grower) auJ >lhar art Clek- *?< b -? ftt 1?, * 111? and Yellow S car* Bit*. Wh.ak. V<?dO/?-i, Bruo < f I ra in ?fa-c"J? k.?(i|ui B.ttera 1? dna. n Black in# l^knta H< rrlnc l oxu Ptarch s lk| Lot 1 ik \\ at e C?fw Ac.. Ac Tft ? rath No poafpoweir'at ' b 16 ? I WA L L A CO . A a Ma HY W L WALL A <'U., Amtiuuwri Orlftkal llorae and < arn>(i> Bazaar, ? * La a*.. betweea Mh and l"th ate BALE OF DOB8E.". CABEIAGES. HAMIM. On Tt E8T>AY MOfcNITC. March |?ib. ?t m o'clock we will aril, at th? Ka'ur.toniiUr uf 8a*1<lla, < ariUf* ao4 W .rl HuraM, a tut. da aetlplioii at aala Ir mprtatap ABOUT POBTY UoESBS A Lao, A Iar<r* collectloa of Mr* and 8ecoa?t band Bac oxZr m * *?. Two be w Januy Lind Whom, built In thi? city . A I* " , Kew ind iKopd hand Hum u, 8*141*? U*rrlepoR Ac , at private *aia Berular talei da>*. Turaday*. Thursday* aad 8atnrda>a ( arriaijn and B?riru always o? ?rt*at* *!* _?M W L WALL A c<l . An ta BT K. WALSH A CO , AWimim *** Penna avenue, corner l?rh at. PEREMPTORY HA LB OK w ELL K Et*T HOnar HOLD FCRHl TI B* OABPET" ItTTlNr TU.N CEUCK"* WABE. Ac, AT ADO* On SATURDAY HORNING. March 1C kI aa o'clock, w- will *? II in front of oq r \'u tiiL Rooaia rural tare An . of a > *?tleman leavtnc city We naa?e. la ?art? * lBB 8et Klack Wain'i! Marl>le toy rornltare One black WalMit Exteiiai?n Tai |? Onf a?t < ott?fc* furiiitur*. fr,-ni aod talii ?1%I aud W ^ 8. at Thur. S<Hha7a Bedat?a<l? Wa-h^taida Tabiea C???k StwTea, P?rl >r !*UiT*a j>7 >ard< very tir.a Itrna-e;* Cartel* Tliret- ply *itd 1 ntrai n (Vrprta Hlanketa, ?.inilra. C 'tntorta. and Bheet* b ettber Hwii, Pliluaa Ac Matting kD.i r.o kerv Ware WiMi maiij other art tea for beuaakatper* oH enumerated T?rint ca?l:. M R ^ A L8M A 00 . A -ta Atx. Three 3 rol'a Ingram Ctrprt, w!i h mil; b? u !i>tt in unit f-r^|t S U.~ H.tvtbK a *> v.- \\ ar- b-"ie- far theatoraee f FnrMture ami ttar a.-rch bdiae. we ? >nl4 ?e?p?-f-tfully rentier that paritea senium ?u. a would ?< nd tbei!. at l-a-t 'he d*f erevlaaa to ta.e No bars* tot atortceot an li e - > t? n>li It <*t- M K w AL811 A OO , Ancta BiTTHE A R0"V K WALK I8 Pf?-TPONEO OM arroiiht . f tli* aealh- r uttil TIE l> A \ , |?:,B -!Hii?.?anie b ur ai.d p!? e I m i? <l II K BiMl i 00 a <. ta H? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aaetluaeera K?-j'rt. com-r7tn and I'atr?aC*. A T,\\'J ^TOBY KHAMF. H<?rBE Of roi B < > B n\ E Ro. M- WITH UAH R\R KI \ TI'KK** OAS riXTUUEB, AM) SOME ri'UMTl KB. <B 'u -tc n arti, n?ar N treet >natb kt>a?u a-< 'va|*l Pi ? ^.*l 1' ibit Auj<i n OnTHI KM'AY, tbeSIstinat . at 4 or'.?k nt.. lit tr? i,t oftbe pr?m ?. ?, w- *ri!I -.11 the V % . inaeai,4 Aeirtba *?i?h aiit .c h.rmt rt aa: r iit?ir**a tt'erem T! e >i?n*e t- on r?ai?*d roi'il t.. r. laali. MUtll h.-Cfii ber .11. |i the arci.Mt ' tli> 1 avii g ;rivilr.r t r-aiotit tt. Tern., a.h. GkKt.\ A AILLIAVS, 'alt Aacttwaaara U IIAUK PRoPER IV KOB SALE Cht.J 'iu*ritrrr*>ret ' l)'p?- of W ,.k-nf?n.t W .* m.-oi.. It r.. Mar lj 45. ;?T. < liy ord? r tbf yi.a: tet matter Geii> i a t efi! omtnf I'Tj oJiak'- .ii?1 ^ *1'' 'r?' w II id at rukllc anrtioa ?s rlkiI>AY Mir b St. un<t*T th*? i?n e'vi- n , I'rej^t Ll< utenant Oalunei Jaiaet V m -h a i >1-?le to . n n.eni e at 11 o c! . k a 1 ' ''aili tb- J, 2<vlM 'eat. 1 Grain !?t.frd, H'?li?ifeat. 1 >'or?-b nt'e 7?iir;jeer. I ^ liurt, i c< ritatnin.* ? i??J il irlMl In i M a si.d cap*, and .1 ' 1 :ect la a:rta<a aa I Sov' Itl . 1 Wt.arf.'J'tmlM feet, oontau in^ T .ic .bicfeet In pi *a und c*r-. and 7' ..' .0fed in atrmca ?n i t1?< rir.v; A Id'ti >r< 3 i 15 'e?*t oD'.lni.a . ?<'.i cu! ic feet in pile? and < mi s, >b I 7 feet In ali utrt and r'oortn^ 1 Aiiait; a. 21 t 1 i t?-et, c ntai c? 5. tibic feet in ill.-- aedcaia. aod IS -.1 la> t la :nn,' aad ''Torn ^ 1 AiI4IiI?b, )lll>feet. ' nilaiilif '4 cablcf at In i Ilea and c?r-. and 7 js; fe?t in -ttin^x an J floOitnc 1 Addition caittai ir.g ) 4 ciMc f'?t in pii>-a and rap*, ad 0.'0 i-?>t in ?trinv? a i *!o?ria? T? rn.- ca-h. m Government fund < H TOMPK1N8. Dei'* y M Gen . Hrev ilrifi G?-n. I' 8 Arai nil<-.' l Ad'( Chief H . Pei vt Waahtr at |>Y ill OS? DOW LIS U. Auct ; i.eor.-at -wn. t-ALE OF 0K?->CKR1ES WINES, Liu' ORS. t .. AT Al'CTKH T e pnr'a.r-iip baretcfore exist n* l.e'a-f*: D' fci e Ij i Ortutt ba in, cea-e 1 b>rnnt':?l ? ? It-! ?t 1'iiMic An tion.on MOW DAY. March Id. l-?7.a:l<) o cl -A. at So l?? I'.ricK' "treft. G.-orc<t.ati. I) <t al! t' r.arva Hi.d v?.-:i wi**i (? ! ataeck ! Groceri- a. v\ it; ? a.. ! Li ,ra. T? ?a. oui'.au\V .r* . A ., A> VV La:u^ in part It W! iky l!r*n le> <b 1 Win<-? Gin. Kum. I'ordial a 1 otfier brand* Hlla 'I aa Cu'ea?. wlute at.d braw n >';gar It r I? Mol ?#r a, G Id ii r>> rup Ui t : e Cid?*r Mn- ?ar Itbln Larl f^p^'ini and e al Oil L?r_ I 'tpti Ilau- bh 'UliaraaBl Xli ilia* Uai < ii Itl 1- r.?li. Inrludiac Ii -Ni.l?nHJM ai -1 No 1 P. taiuac l.? ad. r ?Bd Ka?tp <it 11 r rli ta CoJ II *ke a d tha# ti-l. I arte t | rtn.e Cl?aia, C aula- arid Sm k:u, *1. I laiTii L't Adaniantl ? an Talloa- Cathl'ea A >?on nir nr k anc? and ? uii si' n so* pa l,?>? \<<H>i?B an 1 Willnw \\*r?-, i c!?; ri^ Luck la. i nUr an i ot'.< r T b-. Ha k t? B':<?. laiii .autioii. rarti ?at<o n-.iu t,c.'oui u tin. mb 12 I TH?IS. HOW LING. A t |?Y GRKEN A WILLIA MS, AacUoueera. 1 til STEE 5 SALK Ok A UOOl) AN l? < UAL YaBI' AT T 11 E < RN K R OF HMKtil NORTH AK1? ?U Sl REKT W EST. A'l PL It 1.10 Al'CTloti t<n>lt>Nl?A^ ,ttie2'tli lu-tant, at 4'?'elcKkp l.. 1 etiall aell. ? !! tbe pr tuirt-9 I ' virtue 1 a deed ol truft. oated tbe -.itib ilay >t O to er A l?. Ir" atd duly t?-c 'ra<-d In lib?-r K M H S?> , totio* No. 2.t?' and ill, of c attal re >rd *i>r t^e county of W tabluijti n, D C . ttie t il wiuk aitlcUa \ i Two #>cxl i artv an I Harn"?<. Offic . Stab e Sbada. 8")Ta, 8a-ldle, two Sb iV'-la t'pad - Ate t'litting I'.o*. furry Contb an I Bru?b. tw i C'>a! 8'alea . one nearly new , all tha AA > and < -a. mi . 1' n ii ? u (Kin andar 'iind the aaid pr- iu;-ee, to biklieet bidder, for vli.on I' e day af ?ate WILLIAM i. KLOOD. Tru.tali L 15 t ORK IN t WILLI A M ^ A-i ta |^V URKEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. LnTOr Bl ILI'ING MATKKIAL AN U K K ^ M E I I I LI>' N G IN T11A KKAK I tii'MlSu f MKEI.TSOMII.I KWBEN HTII ANU lOTH MKkBlB AT PUBLIC Al'CTlOB On I R11' A V. the 1Mb matant. at :> e clo-k p m , wr ei ai. rell, oc the i r :i:ice? a iroo t lot o? B .tdmil' Bilck and a Krauie Bailing in tba r ir d 11? ? Lt. Tertns ^a-b. to t a removed w.thii. 10 day* after the cay < t tale Bib 12-1 GREKN A WILLIAMS. Aacta. KTTUK ABOVE SA1K IS POSTPONED until PR1DAY, the J5d inetant, aatn* '.our aa Vlaae GRKEN A WILLIAMS rn IS d Auctlouear*. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aactluaaera 1HISTEKS SALE OK HOUSEHOLD AND R 111 1 i * N e L KNIT I b E. OYKI't A>D HAKE HOUSE El RNlll LE. AC . A .AT ALCTION On k RID A Y, tha 1Mb iuat iut. 1 abal! a?al. at It) o cb-ck a in , at II use N<> 3*2 aad .'<* ?. on ath atreat weat, Letwneb ?4 aud H atre^t* north, ki virtue ot adeedol truatt) the aatacrlber. date4 lat day ot NBit'er, IM ami dnly recorded In Liber R M U. 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