Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1867 Page 1
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(firming Star. V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY, MARCH 18. 1867. N?. 4,:37i;. THE EVENING STAR frcLLIt-UhL) LAlLY, i SLN DAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BLlLUlNtf, 5 'j *v-t: znrner rtun tt ac?>\ue and llJi i.'reeL bt W. U. w A I.LAC n. Tte STAR Is served try la# earners to their subevr.bers in the City atd District ai Tin i DTf fir wuc. Copi?? at the onuter.wtth tr tn:hout wrappers. Two C?st? ea.-h. I'khi roa Mailiko?Three months, Or? and Fifty Ctnti; itx mouths. TKrte Doltan; one year. /"?> Dollars. No papwe are M-bi from be longer than paid for. I be W kKKLY STAR?published on Friday mcri. .ng?On# Dollar and a Half a Y'ar. PAWNBROKERS BUI BUM INK 8 LOAM OFFICE. 4 7 .? ]Sth atiret, <1 aoor south of Penn ave., L' an* MonkY ob time t.- satt easterners. on G. Id jnd !*H? vr Werehe?, Diem "U<is. J> * - rQ\ elry, Ledits' au?i Gentlemen s WeariagX^A AOT5^and Bllvrbonght B B0>NST1W, y? Atirs CEXTR\L LOAS OFFICE, No 4P? lt<h *r?t, one .lour below Penn *t?. Tt:i well >M*n Office make* sOv LlBKBAL ADVAHCIS JC^A Ob D ili1 nds. (void ami Silver W ttrho Q y ('Idling. Furniture, and Merchandise of every description. Open every da;(except Sunday from 8 a. m. to t f m. V B.? Business strictly confidential. fs28-tf |;t)TABLlbHCU 10*4. SPECIAL NOTIOI. ' HARLI^ HIR/8IKQ, Successor to Isav; Her/berg A Bon, who lav* conducted the Pawnbrokm* Business tor fifteen years in this city, fsr twelve ztiTX > ear* the an!* Pawnbroker in the Witrlc',/ 1 take this method of thanking their patrons? V a no the public for the coiitidenc* beretotere shown them, and beg Nave to call their attention to the tact that we (till < ontinue to make the hignest advance* in all sums open all articles of Jewelry, Diamonds, HarptiM, Bonds. Seven, ment Scrip, Mlver Date, Ac . for which we have superior pieces of deposit and seciHty, which will always ie ehown for tha <at1sfacti --a of tnose patronizing ss We have special facilities for the care ana preservation of Wearing Apparel of every description. W H.lena, Ac., on which the highest n1 vance* are Made, guaranteeing when required agsisst moth, and always against In. nry Having a .arte warehouse in connection with our e!Tice, we hate special facilities for sterageof all kinds f Merchandise, Karniture. Ac., on which we Bake tbe highest advances for days, weeks or months. W? call especial attention to the fact that tiwiag to tbe large capital employed In onr trainees, we can make advances at such rates of interest as to defy competition We sell no goeds antil tbe expiration of six months after their forfeiture. and then only at pablic auction, first giv tag ample notise tbrongb the varloes city >our a els to all depoe<t?rs. By thia means deposits with as are never lost ir their redemption is desire*. M e call eepe< lal attention to our arrangements for forwaidiag goods to Any part of tha country, arrangements which wwxperleace of fifteen years has brwught t? rejection Depositors are enabled by this m?eas to tedeeni tneir n c-ds from oirolflre ns natter where they may t-e located Pull information always given. Prlvate apartments for confidential business N B ? Webave no sonne* tlon with any similar establishment in this city. Befer to at, v .Id resident of Washington Bemember HEB/.BBKG'S Loan Oft.ce. .'1A1 north O street, between tS and tith, Waehlngten. D Q. fe 25-lra* ^JONBT! MONET !! MONET Ml H PKIMES NIWLY ESTABLISHED LOAN office, 17 7 Pa. aye., neit to Poten'Ini sConfectionery Meney loaned on every description of salable Merchandise, especially Watches, Dia- XK ends and fit?e Jewelry I can assureJLwJL these who may favor aie with tber patron-? 6 nge tbat they will not regret having done so. S B ?Private door and office. Persona not wishing to ent.r tha public office will ring the office bell. fe2f lna* TUB OLD BbTABLlHHBD >'I|M OF 8, GOLDSTEIN A CO., LK EN>ED l AWNIiBOKEBS, 34 FOL'B AND A BALK STMBET WIST, near Pennsy Ivania avenue, <>rer tbe blgaest cask advances oa all ktndaof Meychandlse. to any amount and for any time desired, at reasonable ratea J~A ii.terest on large sums greatly reduced ? 0 Business strierly c >afldent1al. Goods bought for rash and sold at private sale. fe?-ly DENTI.-TRY. ||Ks4KWIK'll DENTAL ASSOCIATION, MJ No. UOO I'k.NN'A AVE , Between Uth aad 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnsterlng T "r Laughing <iae. Dr.^ea^ LEWIB has recently purchased the t e?tAiJS5S t'JUc Apparatus in the country for**'1 making cure gas every day; aleo, an Improved Valvu sr Inhaler The Association Is now prepared U make Teeth on Gold, BilTe* ?ni Bubber at New fork Pbrtadelpnia and .? <?t?n prtces. All per denta' vofSdone can have It aa< heap as in the above-l^mao cities. All work dene In tbe neateet aad oeet mnaner. aad warranted to give satisfaction. Persons will do well to cnll SKoi eiamine our work. de>4 tf T< I T B . " JL ^ . M LOOMls, M D., rrh* laventfr and Patentee ef the MINBBAL f LATE TEETH, attends personally nls office in (bie city. Mnny persona canMlBM wear these teeth who cannot wear others, 11' ^ person can wear others who oannet wear Persons calling at my office nan he aecommodated with any style aad price or Teeth they may deal re, but to these who are particular, and wish the nreet, cleaneet, strongest and meat perfect denfare that art can procure, the MlBBBAIs TBBTH will be more fully warranted Booms in this aty?Ro 3S? Penn'a avenue, be ?nd 19th stl Alto, B07 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc Mir PERSONAL. MB8 CUBTlt* IBVINO, Clairvoyant, and Tut M>dmm. will give life readings. Including Past, Present and Future at her office, 4-20, nertb side of Pa. av., between 4H and 4th streets. Office hetuv from 9 to 1 a m and to 9 a.m. jaS4tm* Ab. mai'mice, keal bcibntipio asTBOLOGBB OP AMKBIGA, From tbe position ano aspect of tbe Burs at tbe time of one's birth, will reveal astonishing secrets tbat no living mortal ever knew before, bow to be success!ul Iu all reasonable undertakings. Be taMs aams aad very day you marry; the intended cun.pamon, and tells all events of life, good In. k ana long life to visitors. Ladies W casta lo ?1. gentlemen in fall ?1. Call at 4 7 O ?*h st ^near P, all boars until 9 in the evening, de 31 Tns CONFIDENTIAL). ? Xoung men who have injnred themselves ny certain secret habits, which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the dntieeof married life, also, middle aged and old men. who. from the follies of youth, or other ?ise* feel a debility in advance of tnetr years, are placing themselves under tbe treatment of aay one. should first read "The Secret Friend." Married ladiee win learn something wf Importance by perusing "Tbe Secret Friend." Sent to any ad*reas, in a sealed envelop", on receipt of 28 cents. Addreae Dr. CHAS. A 8TUAKT A CO . Boston. M? no 9 ly HOTELS; RESTADRA NTS^ Ao. J/ [UKWOOD HOU8B, <'evnft Ptnni arm*' an i Tvtlfrk ttreu,%<hA,% Wmskmtton, y. C. JjgJH Mtuated La tbe most central location the city, midway between tbe CAPITOL AND PBBBlDBHTfrAL MANSION, ?t?iy a chart distance from all tbe Depnrtmeats, Potent and Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H H DUDLEY A CO., neSl-tf Proprietors. ^^OTECTED BI?1 Bo** LK,LBTTbBS PAT ^ red by tbe seals of the Ecole de PLaxuiacie de Parts, aad the imoenal CeUege of Medic>oo. Visana ^ m*,1' *o. 1, Is the effectual remedy for Be?on. tfpermatborrhoea. and Bxhaustlon of Trleeemar No. 1 has entirely saperseded the nnaseoas use of Copavla, Cubeba, Ae. 'he Infallible remedy for ali Secondary. Symptoms, thnsabvil^s'Vie jw merenry aad all other deleterious "lach preparation la In the form of n moat agree able Losenge aeenred frem the effects of ell mate and chaagee of nTnos^re la t^ $i each or 'our #3 eases in one for ff, and In 'Mjt Divided in Separate doaes - ^lal,Ur*1 Bai lam and a, Bon? tttZXZf'SZ'i'ZJ* S4SSOW. ^ar.^ru'ii.0 'oID" n PEB CENT. SAVED by using O B Jlw >ll ELL S pure unadulterated " J"W Premlnm New fork City tlOAP, Premium FAMILY SOAP, Prsmltxn FLANNEL 80AP, Aad No I BftoWN SOAP. For sale cheap for easn Orders through the f?i Office will be promptly attended to O. B. JEWELL. S< ap aad Wan.lie Manufacturer, No. ">?0 and G st north, hot. 4th and ftth. ja II 4m ACEEBBL AMD CODF1BH. Wino pounds large SHOKM CODFISH. 49 barrels Mo. 1 MACKBBBL. . Jest received and for s-le ?t onr wharf. at the Wt of he v oath st. fTP BBOWN A SOB. Oommisslon Merchants, deU tf Mo. ?6S Ninth St., Uet. laud | 'HOICB MOTS! BASINS, FIGS. CDBBANT9, ^ SPM'BSTac., Ac., to suit this particular seas-a For sate hg a M. P. UNO A SON, ? King Pisco. 11/ EST IMPl A^OETmMMB Alt ' ~ WOOD ASP COAL. ^JOALI COAL I COAL :l Vj?,t TL'V^ ? carte ef the teat duality Lykene ley RED ASH COAL, e*g and stove'i7es. lo*Mt CMh Price, at the Wtod ana leal Yard of _ ? ... 0*0. T LANQLEY A SOU'S, m 13-31 corner iothst and Mwt av?. O A L I 0 O A L ! I Beet \* H IT? ASM atTs. by the ton. AU size* to suit customers <*?? sizes, Sawed and Split OAK WOOD. *'0 per cerd " riHK " |i Lob* Oak. 49 p? r cord. A ton of Ccal sold by me always weigh* I.?#) lbs ? JOHN B.T.OBD, wn 'F Owraer ?th and 6 street*. (J O A L I COALII AT GREATLY BEDTCED PRICES. ^Groe.toa.of^ib. , delivered in any part of Cbestnnt White Ash. f7. Stove. Iga and Furnace Whit* Aah, $8.0^. Bed Ash *8 It Lehigh, #9. Oak ?nd Pine Wood soastantly on band. Orders received at our Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street ?. P BROWN * BOH, 463 >th street, bet wean E and F. boots7shoes7 Ac. tt] BOOTS AND SHOES. fH * w Tt o b . The undersigned begs leave to inform his frie^l S,-4rt,'IC generally that he has opened the EJ'A CHEAP STOBE. Mo. 3ft?7th street,au.ier Odd Fellows'Hail, where he has on hand agenJJ*I assortment of Ladles' and Gentlemen's, Boy's Misses and Children s BOOTS AND SHOES. #1?*???b?r the nvnber, AO'i 7th street, unJer Odd Fellows' iiail Tha New Cheap Store, forF. Page ( store. de 18 ' MEOBQ1 B. WILSON. prufoSals. pBOPOSALS FOB KLOLB. Of// D'rct Cotnmixnr* 0/ Subset/met, I _ , . _ Wa.?At?fro?t. D C.. Mar b II, 18*7 ( Bealed Proposals are invited until THCRBDAT. otiocg m.. for fnrnlsning the Snl sistence Department witn TWELVE HUNDaKU < 1.900) BARRELS OF FIjOU M. The *r?*o*als will be Tor what is known at this Dep. t as Nos. 1 and 2. and bids wilt be enter lor *n> <l??nMtv lees than the whoiv tfids most be in duplicate, and fer each grade on eparate sheets of paper. The eelivery of the Flour to commence within Ave days1 from the opening of the bids, and must be delivered in such quantities, daily, astheGuvernme.nt "ff* direct, at the wharves, er Bail road Depot in M a-hinxt ?n, D. C. The delivery of all Flonr awarded to be com lleN vltluii twenty days from the acceptance of the bid. Bids will be received for Flour to be delivered in new oak barrels, head lined. Payment will be made in such fnnds as the Government may have fo rdisbursement. . ? 'J9"*1 Government inspection will be made jnst l? the Flonr is received, and none will be accept**! which is not fresh ground, and of a saeerior quality. ^ No bid will be entertained from parties who have previously failed to comply with their bids or from bidders not present to respend. Government reserves the right to reject any bid for any cause. Bids to be addressed te the undersigned, at No 9*23 G street, endorsed "Proposals f<W Flonr." mh 12 41 Major and O. S',^J*8LA 18()/ GBAND EXCURSION 1 8()7 TO TUB PAEIS EXPOSITION. The aew aad f.rst class o ean going Iron Bteam ship H A V A N A . 2,00n tons burthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander, will make an EXOCRSION fram New Fork to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 4b, North Biver, on v EDHISDAT, April 17th, at 12 o'clock m , rarl!' ^ndon and Bremen. Beturma^', will sail from Havre on -June Mb. rlv >ng passengers b<ddmg Excursion Tickets about ix weeks in Europe. ThU magnlfiaent Steamship is divided into 7 J tiKbt cempartinents, and has been newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for this voyage. The HAVANA will only carry first class pas sengers. An experienced Bnrgeen on board. A full Band of Mustc will be >iUa ?e l to ik ship. - ?ri2?.-?f ' currency, to Havre $lSo an<t Jj-1.5, accordl?g to si/.e ot state room To HaVre and return, $;?j and according to size of state room. the?Ageatoh"r '*rt,cnl*r, ,nd ?Msage apply to M6BBAT, FERB1S A CO., 68 South street, New York. Or toMcG. Y. BABBY, the Merchants Union <ob p-"?'.vjjE: in n j 3ot W.fl CLAO*T'' H B. SWEENY. BKAL ESTATE BBO' EBS A.1B AUCTIONEERS. _contemplating building In the spring or wHlC fi?dDft^V?pf0T*f ?ro^rt" r iaveetnaent n"1,'" it to their advantage to look over our list before purchasing, as webave added recentlv r 11,1 * amount of that dee' rip M re??5^:?7.';HW# ^ oBr Wilndnceie.?s ff ?aati?n, low prtcea and ea?y terms X ?h!V. al*?,for ?' weral small tracts et land ?ttdi*<iatn^ rAU TLcinit7 of t^,i clt'< *?ry eli fi?Li. ?^ ?1 burban residences, as wsII as Kfi'/te- '" ' tiie'o ieft w,th u,f#r ' df* net subject the own.r tc expense unless sold while onour fell lm OLAGETT A SWEENY. f^|ABYLAND AOBICULTCBAL COLLEGE *vssi'ir&'i\,j?sfu'??wiu ? s~~ij fjisaaai'.'aiaSj ^ Latin. Greek, French. German, Italian anl gaaa isb languages or any of them, a course of 3!ff ematics. Mental aad Moral ' ?ci ?ncT H1. eratu^e.,,ni' ?f th* Language ifiid LUNatural Hietery and Natural Phll?soohv in their several braoches, will havesneclal att??#J Military Tactics will he taught en,,OB' i.T?-*iriri!J.w ??? school, but a se L? k ?n*",h and Bcieutifi ' Courae tnav be taken at the student ? option. No one received n*1 u. fenrteen jearsof age receiTM under A rcTiul* Aan cuhu'ssiu^ mesi haht Southeast cernfi of K aad Elgkth s?r?... (Opposite Northern Ltbefty Market^ WABH1.>OTO!?, D. 0. * BEGULAlTsiLES, MONDAY. WEDNEBDAY, FRIDAY AfcD SATl KDA*. * Consignments soUclted. Liberal advance made on c- asignments. maae Particular attention natd to the sa*e of Real Estate, and Hoasehold Furniture at private reel fe 36-oolm V1CTOB BECK Em. f PIANO TCNEB AND BBOCLATOB_^^ Established iji IBM. B|a ,?a 8U 498 UU street, near Pa. aTenva. DIANO STOOLS * .... PIANO COVE1S. ?W AEDPBETTY sfYLES. ? AT COST 5 EL LIE. 30ft Penna. a*. P"eriac!A,,,B HABB BW0* OF PEAOTICE 411 riuoijinoB. j y ''V ' CARRIAGES. ^hdeiw j . joitl * co., CARRIAGE M ASl FACTU BER8, hob 477 akd47'? poubtebnth stbbet. I Wrtrr doc arerartd to receive or aJPSsMs ier? for OA RKM G K8 ;a all tha new ar d fashionable sty te completed at an early day. We bare < n baad a large ?Mf r tmrat at LIGHT FAMILY CARRIAGES, FINN TOP AND NO T0P BUGGIES, DEARBOBNB WAGONS. B0CEAWAY8, AC. ? { PMtrcu i>t aalsUiBlni the high itiodiri whlcb ot.r work he* he.rt for many ye*re. wa oonhne ?of bneinees exclusively to CARRIAGES of oar na>u(actnrr, and of itiii tir?t class enly.audad iee onr patrons and the public that we offer ao Inferior eale work, BBPA1B1MG made a paclallty. felieolm ANDEBW J JOTCB A ?Q. BANKERS. ] JAY COOkE fc CO., B A B E B B 8 , A'iitniM tit$ei, orro'xt* TV?ar*r*? Beyend eel letsrrent market rates, and kaap cnata&ily on band, a foil eupply of all GOVEBNMENT BONDS, BEYBNTHIBTIB8, AND COMPOUND 1NTEBB8T NOTB8. Orders fat 8TOCEB. BONDS, Ae.. exscnted!and Collection made on all accessible points, ae 1-tf DARROff ft CO., babbbbb. Corner Loaletana aTeBtie and Bataatft real. paaLiRe in GOVERNMENT SECVRlTiES, sold and SlLVEB jy ,.tf and land WABBANTB First Naiienal Bask of Waihingt&a. B D COOBB. (of Jap Cooke ftOo.,) Preeldent WI. B, HUNTINGTON, Caekler. OOYEBNMXNT DBPOSITOBI Aim FINANCIAL AGBNT OB THE UBITBD BTATE8, lUk ttr*4t, cppwii IAi Trtmswv Dtpa Government Securities with Treasurer United Btatee mroNE million dollars Heboy andeell all claeaea of tiOVERNMENI SECURITIES at current market ratee. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Oolleaxon* o*i ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchaee Government Vouchers oa tbe MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, aad fire careful ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS <J BUSINESS MEN *< FIRMS, and to any otber business entrusted to na. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVBBN MBMT LOANS at all tlmea cheerfully furnished WM 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, March ao, im. mll tl GOVERNMENT SALES. 1FUBFAU OF OBDNANi E. 1j Navs Dki'aitmest, w\ani!? tos Oitv, March is, ?rtd7. HALF. 01 OLD AN D~UN8E RVIOBAHLE AB TULB8 wr ORDNANCE T hf-re will be aold at pnl.lic auction, to the highest blddara. at no?n. THURSDAY, tb?< 11th day ol April. 1867. at the -ffire of the Inspector of Ordnan e. Nnvy>ard. Philadelphia, Penusylva ma. a lot ?f old aad unserviceable articles of Ordnance, embracing Shot and 8bell, about seven hundred i700> Carbines. (biee. h-loadera.) about twenty-fire hundred (J .'4J0> I Muskete, rifled and amooth bor-. G ib Carriagea, an 1 otbT atore*. The artlclea will be e<>la in lota. Term* : On half taeh. in Go>ernmeut fundi, to be deposited on the conelnsion of the eale and the remainder within ten daya afterward, during which time the article* mint i.e removed front the yard, otherwia" they will rerert to the Government. H. A. WISE, inh 1<5 73t Chief of Bureaa yy HARK PBOPERTY FOB BALE CKuJQuartirmafter't Ofirf. Depot of Wmshintttn,! Wanhiution. D C., March IS, 1867. I By order of the Quartermaster General, the following Bui Idlest aid Wharves at tbe foot of Sixth atrcet will ba aold at public auction on FBIDAY. Mar'h 22, under the supervision of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Jautea M. Moore, A. 0- M.?sale to comnienre at 11 o cl >ck -to-wit: 1 Grain Bhi d, 2<\I2< teet. 1 Grain Sbed, 40x119feet. 1 Storeh< u*e 7??x7J feet. 1 Wharf, 70x71 feet, contalniac 2.400 cable feet In pll< and ??p?, and 21.Sr.'1 teet ia atrlnn aad flo<>rinx 1 Wharf, lMxIM feet. coutAinlu* 7/.24 cubic feet In pllea and ?upn, and 70.740 feet in atringa aad flooring. I Addition SiiilO feet containing 1.46" cubic feet in pile* and cace, and 7.U&0 feet in string* and flooring 1 AdaitioB. 21 xl.'S feet, ciita'i .u* 2.'i!?0 oubic feet in nod care, and IS Ieel In atrlng and rloorlng _ ... 1 Addition, 31x4- feet, containing cublcf-et la file* and cap*, and r teet in etnnga and l?Adn<fitlon containing 1 46<i cabic feet iu pilee and cap*. ai d ' OJO feet in fringe and noorlag. Term* ca-h. ia Government fund>?. c.h tompkins. Dej>ut? O M Gen . Brev Brig. Gen. U. 8 Arm*, ml6-;.t Act g Chief <) M Depot anliington. >~N?IRVICiARLE QU\RTERMASTEB IJ 8TORE8 AT AUCTION. Cki'J QvaTitTTria*teT .*0+re- U>vtof Waskm?fon,t Wa>Ain?ioa, I). C.. Marcn 9. 1*7. ( Will be aold at public au< tloa, bv order of the Quariermaater General, at Llncoki Dapot, an TCE81/AY. March 1^ under the aupermloa of Lleuteiiaiit Edward Hunter, lith U. 8. lufantry, atting AMilatant gaartermaater U. 8 Army, aale to commence at lu a m . a <juantity of un?ervic? able (iuarterma^ier atorea. consisting in part of? 78 Four Horae Army Coal Ortlce Stovea, 21 Cylinder do, 10 Two-Borae do, II C-ok do, iu Two-Hora. Arnbu 43 W uoddo. lances, 7 Co. k Eangea, 1 Four Hone do, 1 Hose Carriage, 1 Oue-Horae do. 1 lloaeEeal, 12 ('arte. 2,Ma feet large Hoae, luOseta Lead mule Har 147 feet Hmall do, nese. 2VI Hadille Itlanketa, ftfi *etn Wheel-male do. Ml Wagon OoTera. i0?? t? Laad Ambulance yard* Ooaoa Matting. Hariieta. iS#.'* lbs. Asaorted Eope. U aeta \V htel A nib n laneIba. Old Tira Iron. H trnesa, 2 o0o ll,a Iron Sboee, IS Cauldrons, 1"> Ambalance Wheel*. To&ether with Bridlea Gum Buckets. Halter Cbainr, Canva? Horse Ouv?r?, Anvils, McClelUu Sa<idlea. Carpenters1 T. uls, su< h ae Hatumera, Saws, Braces and Bit?. Blacksmith Tools. Ac. Sale will te continued each day until tbe whole amount ia aold Terma cash, in Government funds. Purchasers are required to remova their purcbaae within ten days from da/ of tale. CHABLBS H TOMPKINS. Deputy y M Gen . Bvt Brig. ?ea.. Acting Chief Quartermaster, tm 9-9t Depot of Waabingron PROPOSALS FOB IBuN WOBK. Tr'nury D*r?iT'm'nt. t Othcf 0J Surernts>ng Archttrrt. March B. 1987 | i'roposala will be received at this office until 11 o'clock M., March it. 1067, for caat iron Columns, Pilasters. Cais, and Bases, Window aad Door Framea, for the North Wing of tae Treasury Extension A achedulb of tbe work reqtrirad and thadraw1 ingaof the same may be seen at the office of the Supervising Architect.Treasury Department. All bids ninet U- accompanied by the gaaraatee of soma responsible person that the bladder will accept and perform tbe contract If awarded to bim. Tba Department reserves the right to acceat eeparatr portions of the varlou* proposals, and to reject any or all of the bide, if conaldared for tbe tktereet of the Governmeat to do ao. Bide to ) ? lucloai-d la a sealed envelopo and ladoraed "Fropoaala for Iron Work." A. B. MCLLBTT, mb fi-W.F.Mtit Supervising Architect. ^ya. EH ABB ft OO. *8 PIANOS, ruses a >s ||fm far aala and rent oa easy terma. a; Na. 499 11* atreet, above Pennsylvania avenue ae l-a?*B' ' f. O. BBICHBBBAOH. C"*OLD PEBS?A Snaassortment of Gold Peas, Y Pencil Caaea, fta.. for sala at manafactarar'a prices. (dell) FBABCE TAYLOB. I SPECIAL NOTICES. ? .a ci bk at last.?am :fce?e who re?q"?ring 'rom rbeum*ti*n> c-u be re-tored t?? aerfx-t . wr?-? wttt/j?* <,0,m *' mrtcalfeo < ?* at bhecmatio remedy 8 c. ford, i'itvviv ? 8 metaphysical pis ,tc,,r** dealneee. ?tarrh, all l'>?e*??-e ,j. *"'*?'1 every dleeaee fleahts belrte. bab?l ,11"'?'po' * 10 a jch . i'&lla i*lphia. for sale by til dragglste. :nh 9 2w* begwn1 celebrated poor ?k!?edb *jb "atrr. lifts np every mba klfjtl an^ ,,r'n<tb#b? eytry weak eye, i opeaa blind syea. ia the beet in the w>rld la>-av lmt?41" arch street, phiude | *or sale by all dragging. mh?2w?

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A i ot?>rS are nn-tnt<rm>, b p. b all k co . nasbna n h .proprietors. for sale by all draggiats. fe 1u daweotm.r rbmedial ibfltitu-te fob special oa8b8. be 14 bond street. hew fork. s^fall information, with the h>*kt? la.fimo ?,n#h bimmt tn a ttaltd ??*'/ ^??* '*r< an'i *e*d 1or tktm, ndjviKtUnttrwrttU; for, ae advertlalng phy airland are generally tmpo.-tors, wltboat rtferewt* ne atrangar ahanld be trnated. en loae a tamp for noatage aad direct to dr. lawrbncb. no 14 bond atreet. new york oolj dawly st mabr1agb andvblibaott and thb bapplneaa ef trne maabwod. ? an eaaav lor young men on the crlm<? ofsoiltnde, and the pbyetiological brrora. abates and dia^a^ea which cj*d ?impedlmeata to mariiage. with an re meana ?[ belief sent m aealed letter envelopea, free of charge. addreaa dr. j. srlllin hocohton howard aaacciatioa, philadelphia. pa. ja 11-te secret di8babbb. lihilitiii'ioirtii tbe aait certain, aafe and " only vegetable remedy eyer dlacorered. cores la two to tear daya, and recent oaaea la twenty fonr boars. no mineral, no n>fr?,lrjr- pills to be taaea. it net wmmtelf fr,1,nd thoae who do maletf j w#4- m*1# h> .^a2la*1ta,,'? bo?* awi> bias jtricaa?aaodtire r^fet'a?nt?n^7/e 8orofafa, ulcers, teh h. i n' *e pric" 9126 per bettle. " dancing. profb. j w. ahtp. rrb1s' dancing academy. pancsylyanla avenne, bet. 6th and 7th sts . oppuaite metropolitan het?i. athn? f?rm,bss?sry evening those dam^^th^pssan^' ^ ouva'nwfivy balv^ "*4# th" q"rur for cirenlara can be had at j. f. bills' aad w o " ^ 'ott r co.1 music stores. w* ? the ball can be rented for soirees. re. _ _ . **<t Hovm Of T\?'tion : ."SraJ.""4" "< ef tnfj01"1""?b.?pplr a 1 rt # the hoars at tnitlon, or address a note to tbe academy, quarter commencing with tbe first lesson, ja 8 Ma r 1 n 1 ' b fabhionablb dancing aoadrmy. at marini 8 assembly rooms, a t? . i?.? k*tw??n tlh and ivth streets, wl .?gu?r lhih???*on, prepara da/ mar ? w'" commence on satnropm 2 claaseafer tbegermai are n" teala"nce onb^m,?il,rbcll0n f,w* t# "u ^a^|a8uleradbmadndrarcby drr88 balls w?h'4 ?o*t reapectfnlly inf''m l^e ladles aad geatlemea of washington ?(?' * p,sh,ct f*???"ally, that he is at all tlmee pryared to fnrnuh sartiea with maauaerordet n difr c?,!ne,#- ob loan or ma4le to order. qe haa taken reouia at the well tnnn tt^y ^lahmeat of chrlatlkn rappert, bai 2u 7th atreet, between d and b, where be will {m happy f await orders. CUAJilrs berg, f-.i ,ooatumerat fordv and groyer's ^2lis??^heaters^_waalblagton, p. o. OLQTfllNG, 4o. jameb t. walrbb. mebc11 ant ta1lob, 4,1,4 seventh street, 494 informs bin friend* ami the public generally that he liaa a fine, large and well- ?? aelected aa*>ortmedt of ^am flottl8 casbimerbs, ifk gents fdbni8ltl"t^?od^ni)-ml^*abce on costrmlljed t0 oft t#r> "nail fff^^^??ns patronly^ng his aatabllohment will be f f ,b<?, a oood fit and good workmanahip. work me t0 m'lojr "on? but ,h? b?*1 ^'."r va?.,tftk?i thia method to inform hiafrienda that he will b? found at hia post at the al ove place, where be mill be pleased t* rnittr ta t heir taat.a, glyia.: th-m garment* to anit the moat faatidions, and seeing that their gar n>?nts are made np in twe moat workmanlike man ^ mh 11-lm ebch ant tailoring. the nadersignerl having entered into copartner abip. and lata in an ?xte( alve ans carefuliw aaelected ?tock ef cloths, cassimeres vkstlwcis. and uantlemena' furnish |l% ikg goods, are prepared to make np for i? their cbatomers neat .nit,Ht ?wrf ;?>,tl?n?bu '?* mt their new establishment. no SilO e atreet. tare door* weat of tbe natioaal vher.r,on" d?l,,rl?gbeat fitting and fashion able clothing.oa moderate terma. aftonld not fail to *nv/?v c?,il'tior# purchasing alsewhere. geo t. keen. b.w. gilbert rir?^-.?f ?<,i?ft9,h;t merchaat tallow. 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Toti.^, Marrktj, Willi,1 * Sacrifice*, ?nd fmiitnt btijfert, _ .*??-? of tAf , ,?^SSixfiiA^oW. ?#??rw stuart's buff' anthor of son, ac rsat,'? -life of stones all jackillcbtbatbd. ?' .".n#r*etie mea and women a rare chance ,8 ^ly^to ks moaey. addreasouthern publishing company, po?t nm.- j3 "treat, baltimore, md. fost office box 1.4514. mh 1 eolm ubyeral bplbnd1d pa blob organs, patent organ swell, aad one m movable pedal baaa,(yery ceavealent forbb| organ practice at home 1 will a_ pos1tivbly bb sold at oobt, preparatory to rebnlldlng btore. alao, u new and aecond hand pi abos at reduced a - obobgb l. wild r !}ro , ae 13 4m ho. 497 mh atreet. above pa. are. r^oal. iron. abd oil, or tbe practlea! amerv ic*n miner; beiag a guide te oar ml nee aad mineral rseources. with nameroae mabaaad lllastiatlons. price #7 jo. .! }? ' france taylor. lpittbr oraboes' *! bittbr orangbs11 for preasr ring. n. w bcr8hbll, . corner uth and f streets, mb * uader bbbitt hoase. TfiMllH. *e. Tbe ml tary m Cannula are ir. ik11 f active preparations to receive the Fe. mans ?boo Id they a"cmp; another raid. Half a baf'erv of artillery and fifty m?H of the l?tn r?giment w? re ?ent ?o Btan'ford Safar.lay. If is expected tbat two troops of buraar? will io'D tb^m in a few cays A bnrade to consist Of .'avalry, artillery. and infantry of tbe regular atmy. and l.rwi volunteers, will rende.*. rousat Bradford, from whi^h pla;e tbfv cat be transported east and west on short notice An accident occnrrgd on tbe Erie railroad, near Liberty station, Saturday. A band-car on wbirb a man with bis wite and a voan: lady were riding was struck by the locomotive of a freight train Tbe car was tbrowu into a ditch, and tbe young lady killed Tbe man was slightly Hurt, and bis wile bad an arm cut of! and was badly cat in tbe bead. Tbe Nevada Legislature met Friday. Tbe Governor's message refers only to tbe revenue bill. The act introduced provides for talcing ores the same as other property, deducting tbe transportation to^tnemill and cost of redaction. The Missor. ri Democratic State Central Committee publish a request that tbe Democracy or ibe several concessional Districts of that State will appoint delegates to the National Democratic Convention to be held at Louisville. Ky , on tbe7'h of May. Tbe First Orthodox Congregational Church, cn Semerville street, Bostou, was entirely destroyed by fire early Saturday morning Tbe loss is estimated a* ?25.(Mm. wub an insnran e of?i7,uw. The fire was the work of incendiaries. Amoucst tbe passengers by tbe steamship Fultoulor Europe Saturday wers Governor t'urtin, of Pennsylvania; John W. Forney. Jr., of Philadelphia: <ieorge Alfred Townsend. and Henry K. Edmunds. Parliament met m Nova Scotiaon Saturday The Governor's speech congratulates tbe House upon tbe prosperous and peaoeable cond.uon of tbe province and the success of tbe ccnfederation amendment. Wm. Kennedy, who murdered G. N*. Williams, at Brcokville, Iowa, in October, issus. was arrested near tbe Canada line in Clinton connty, Friday, and will be taken to Iowa today. I Ji:e advices from Ariaona state that a treaty nas been made with tbe Apaches at Fort Grant Tbe Indians really mean peace and good iaitb, and will abide bv tbe proposed terms, should the treaty be ratified. The Senate at Virginia Saturday adopted a resolution appointing h joint committee to wait upon General Scbofield. and to tender bim their co-operation in passing and executing law-to promote harmony and pea^e. A contract has been awarded for paving tbe principal streets of Memphis. Tennessee. Tbs work will be commenced on the luth of May. to cost $2U(I,(IMI. S H. Rowland, nigbt-clerk in a warehouse in Memphis, N. Y , has received news trom England of bis having fallen heir to au estate of f?,UtK),WlO General Scbofield ha* suspended tbe municipal flection at Fredericksbaig. \'a. It is probable tbat he will do tbe same all over tbe State, and tbe old officers will bold aver. Enoch B. Hutton, a member of tbe Maryland House of Delegates, died suddenly at tbe City Hoti-1, Annapolis, yesterday afternoon. There was a large fire at Coming, N. V., on Friday night, and one in Memphis. Tenn., on Saturday. Matne has elected Republican Mayors in every cify and town except Biddetord. OSGRESMOSAL. Senate?Sa.urday alternoon, tb? supple, mentary Reconstruction bill being under consideration? Several amendments offered by Mr Howe and others, wers rejected. Mr. Morton moved to amend tbe lonrth section so that the Constitution shall be adopted when voted lor by a majority of the votes cas: at the election Agreed te?yeas 22, nays 21. Mr. Edmunds moved an amendment tbat a' least three-filths of tbe registered voters shall vote on the qoestioN of ratification, and it was disagreed to?yeas 19, nays Jl. Mr. Edmund* again moved his amendment, modified so tbat one-ball insteau of tbrei'. fliths shall be required t? vote on the question of ratification ef the new State Constitutions. Agreed to?yeas 21, nays 14. Other amendments were offered and disagreed te, and tbe bill was then, at 7.15 p. m., taken out ol Committee of the Whole and reported to the Senate. Mr. Drake renewed bis amendment, voted do*n on Thursday, providing that a vote shall be taken in each State for and against a State convention to form a constitution, and according to the result of this vote a convention shall or shall not beheld. Tbe amendment was agreed to. Mr. Edmonds moved to amead by requiring that a majority ol registered voter* shall vota on the question of calling a convention Agreed to. Mr. Howard renewed bis amendment amending the oath contained in the first section, tbe same that was voted down in Committee of the Whole. It was agreed to Mr.Sumner mo\ ed an amendment, a- a proviso, that the constitation ol each State shall reqaire tbe establishment and maintenance of a system of common schools, which shall be open to all, witbetit regard to color. Disagreed to?Yeas 20. nays 20. The question was then taken on tbe passage of tbe bill, and it was passed?yeas >, nays 2 Messrs. Buckalew and Hendricks. Mr. Johnson voted aye. The other Democrats were absent. Tbe Senate then (at 11 50) adjourned. From Mexire. V era CRrz. March 3 ?Tbe military situation remains the same as yesterday, with the following exceptions The French rear is at Soleaad: Passo del Macho aud Madellin are occupied by the Liberals: Porfirio Diaz was marching upon Mexico, and ceucentratmg troops around tbat capital to tbe number of twelve to fifteen thousand I learn by a special courier, who tame lrom tbe City of Mexico on the 27th of February, tbat Diaz was 'o have a review of his troops yesterday at Huamanta, preparatory to the expected attack on the City ol Mexico. In the meantime, Escobedo awaits tbe result, aud holds himself aud bis command in readiness to eugage Max. and his generals, now at C^neretario, in case tne latter attempt to go to tbe aid of the garnson. A large lorce ol imperialists have arrived here at Vera Crux, and General Gomez has arrived to command Artillery is being raraded id our streets, and there are plenty of mperia! Mexican troop? about us. In "addition to the persons exiled yesterday there were a number who were warned agaiuet the expression of opinions. Sak Francisco, March 16?A let?er from D. Alvarez to Consul Goodoy, ol this city, dated Cuernavaca. February IS says Maximilian has left the City ef Mexico with Mat queze and two thousand men. and must novr I be near to where from six to eight thousand i fianors are assembled. Escobeco is marching ' with twelve thousand men iu order to attack j tbem on the way. He will incorporate this army with the forces ol Generals Regules. I Ausea, Antillon, and other officers, amounting to about eight thousand men It is my opinion tbat in one mouth or more tbe socalled empire will have terminated forevtr. TiibGkkat Fu>oi? ik thi West ?Intelligence from Friar's Point, Mississippi, says tbe river is six inches higher than ever before known. Tbe flood extends back to tbe bills a distance of thirty miles. Great destitution prevails, and tbe people are very much disheartened. Southland, Ky., is completely in. undated. Some bonses have been washed away, and several families have taken refoge in tbeconrr-bouse. Great suffering exists at Monnd City inconsequence of the inundation of that town. Tbe citizens of Cairo sent up a boat with provisions, and tt.WAi in money, for tbe sufferers, which was 'loyoualy received Tbe trains on tbe Illinois Central railroad ran through water about a foot deep for a distance of three hundred yards at Monnd City Junction bat tbe levees art still firm. Tbe water was ten feet deep in the principal streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Houses were floated off, and citizen* In some cases had to cut their way through the roof of their bouses. At New Albany, Indiana, four hundred families were driven from their homes by tbe flood. At Evaasvllle, Indiana, and Nashville, Tennessee, tbe damage was very creat. %TA week ago last Sanday, the Kev.Thomas R. Catlett preached an eloquent sermon near Chilhonse Springs, Ya, and immediately died. ^"In 17VJ there were twenty-seven distil, lertee in Baston in wbicb New England ram was made; fourteen rope-walks were also in operation. I I MN 4* M w Lom<?s. .Mar to Evening.?A g-aeral rising of in" Ken-ins i? 'ip*?'*'! ' I' 4 ' throughout Irtlaiid to-morrow?St. Pa?nv ? dsr. Tb? (to*?riim?H' i* tully nifjrinil ?>: be movetneu's of the F?*u.*n*. and ?- t* *?* ;o h? tM? tosuppres* an v tn?nrrect on h?! " ? \ery formidable |irapor'WD? It e*nigis'lcu to Ainnu't from i\u*. tor "Ii* a<r? diT-i ban k??ii #Tt>n?iT?ly large Uuijr t>f tb^ en stunts w?r? recogm* <1 a- being ?>?ii ected with 'be ??i-rw Frutto tipri?nig ne:. K llarnry il i? ?u|>|>owd, bai tin u?i;U t>iodk? wa? caused. m? |?art a' lea**. from anticipated bloodshed ;n Ireland. I.cMH'v. March 1.?Tor reform bill wbicb to be brought >o?o Psrliamen- oy tne <?o\( tDOi-ni to murrow wilt c 'be right of ?u:frmfe to rate-paying householder* ater wo year* readme*, to n??*n payiug on* piu.u.t i arly taxes or ba\ nig thirty pound* in * *a\ inr* bai k ot flftv peond* in the fund*. an.l to all member*?! tbe learned profession* ir.d gtadusfes of tbe um versi'ies. I be hill also iri\idei ior a fifteen poubd franchise in tb*< "unties . _ LiMiroot, Mar.k n.-F?ni? that the l-e. n in would Htirmpt ano'her general -ising to-day Lave not he*'u ii?li*d- He*pat >** from all parta of Ireland report tbe country duiet. Freqnert arrests were mfwte by th?? police in disaffected nistrtcte. Vtaxwa, March iri ? J>e?pat hes.bave been received wbicb announce that the Turk'??b (lovemmeni ha* coisented to ibe retnru Of * >? Cretan rxiku The i andmn deputies to tb Sublime I'ctte have tea -bed t^oKstantirople Mipkim, March 1* lu the general ele, tion recen'lv held throughout tbe kingdom. *b candidate* favorable to the Government wer? mainly i-uocessful Pari*. March i#.?The VoatVur to day. in an official article, ?avs thai Marshal Ha/aiue aud 'he last of the Freucb troop* le:t Mmi.o on the loth of March. Maryland Aaaial enferenee of the Meth diat Pretestant I hsreh. fofrth day-?ATrkDAt. The .-t mmitt.eappointed on miuiaterial support w?? announced, as follow* ? .la.-o? walker, Win Turpin. Henry Becker I> h\an? Kee*e, and K Sontberland Kev L? W. Hate*. < bairman of tbe conni'.M* on mis-ions, reported "that baring fiaaiimi the report of tbe treasurer ot the Missionary Society, the committee find 'bar by tbe saul renort there Is u a deficiency of ?;*, and to meet that deficiency we suggest to tbe Con lerence that tbe necisssary amount to pay oft tbe missionaries and take up tbe not* in bank. be borrowed, aud then carried over to the appropriations for the coming year." The report war adopted The chairman of tb* committee on itinerant reported a* follow* We recommend that. Soloman B Foster and John Watts be employed by tbe president." The item m respe t to Solomon B. Foster wa* recommitted The item in respect to John Watts was delerred until Monday. The committee on order* reported a* follows?Recommending J. 1>. Kinner, Wm I>. Litzinger, R. Semple Rowe. Mm H Todd, to elder*' orders, and John M Holmes, Alfred T Melvin. Thomas H. Burgess. John E. R*?., and Wm. A. Cronee. to deacons' orders Re*. D. W. Hate*, from tbe commute to whom had been referred thj* resolntion offered on Iriday by Rev. J. T. Murray concurring in tbe call tor a Genera! Convention ot the Methodist Protestant Church at Montgomery. Ala . on tbe flYat Monday in May next, mbniit'ed a resolution. That tbe Maryland Annual Conferen * unite wltb ber sister annual conferences .b tb* call o! a General Convention ot the dlf-t Protectant Church, to be held at Montgomery, Alabama, on tb? first Tuesday in May, l-?7 " Rev. J. T Murray, editor of the Methodise Protestant, then addressed the Couferenc* nn the subject of tbe call of a convention af the Methooist ProteeiantOonferences, and in view ot tbe fact tbat tbe call tor the same was to he made when two-third* of tbe Annual Conferences should have endorsed It, Mr. Murray desired tbe Conference to decide whether or not the West Virginia Conference shall be counted in tbe number tbat have endorsed tbe cull Tb* reason tor the inquiry thus made, Mr Murray stated, was that the West Virginia Con lerence had not been represented in tbe last, two sessions ot the General conference: mat in 1 fvVJ they had elected delegates, hut they did not attend, and tbat in ISS6 they had refused to elect delegates. The request from Alexandria station tba* it be left unapplied for tbe coming year was referred to tbe committee on missions. I pot. motion ot the Rev. W. S. Hammond, the Conference proceeded to select a place and time tor holding tbe next Annual Conference. resulting in tbe selection of Ka?t Baltimore Station, on tbe second Wednesday iu March. iHie. Tbe matter in respect to calling the general convention wa* again iak?n up. and mu n discussion en*u?*d Before any ultimate decision ot the resolution the motion was made te adjourn ? Balto. Hun. East Baltimsre Conference >|*ihadist fcpi uspil Church. vokrth d4v-r4ti a?a\ , Frkpbkk k Citv, Mn, March !? , Im.T. .1. S. McMurray was elected President, Ino Anderson Vice President, L W Rtrby Secretary. and .las. H. Brown Treasurer of Conference F reedmen's Aid Society. M 1- Sfmyser, ! s. C'rone, S. A Creralmg. T. M West, J. M I.auU. W R. Whitney. S. C. Swallow. J Iluey Moore. K E Church, and A W I>eck?r. were elected to Elder s orders. xT_ Charles (t. Cook. M. C. Brittain. 1 rwftr Cbat dler, Charles D. ^mltb, Jam*? Mi.ll.T? William H. Norcros*, J Patson Moore. Ri:dard Mallalieu, John Houohue. were admi ed to lull membership and elected to deacon s orders. Bishop kingslsy addressed tbe class of young men of 'wo dear's standing Tbe young men were then passed aud elected to deacon's orders. Conference adjourned with doxology and benediction.?Bait. American. TH1 IJi.ISLAUIK OK MARVLlHtylbe Senate o! Maryland on Saturday receded from its amendments to tbe bill to pay the old policn ot Baltimore appointed in IHA and it is therefore a law Tbe bill relating to tbe State tobacco warehouses was referred to a special committee. Notice was given in the House that a motion will be made to rescind tbe order to close on they'd instant. A letter *t< read from Hon. Pbilip Frank Thomas accepting tbe position of United States Senator. A substitute was reported tor tbe bill providing for tbe ere. uon of a new penitentiary. It apnropnatee ?2S,"fO fer tbe enlargement or tbe present bnildinga and tbe erection of new workshops, and authorizes tbe Governor to purchase ground adjacent to tbe penitentiary and to Improve tb* same, provided tbe whole cost of the rreond and improvements shall not exceed f l*t,<??<Tbis bill, together with the new Sunday bill and the Baltimorecitg election bill, were mad* special orders of the day for to-day. A bill was pns-ed providing for tbe payment ot tb* bounties due deceased soldiers to their widow* and heirs. Strike ar Lowell?Tbe l-#owell Courier of Tuesday says tbat on Monday forenoon a number of temale operatives employed on th* Merrimack Corporation stopped work, because of ?ome reduction of their wag**, notice ot which bad been given them two weeks before. but that a large number bad gone back to work, and it is believed tbat most of tbe others would do so in a day or two. A DiXARRon Playth !*??.?A sad allair is reported irom Houston. Texas. Two young men. imsmiths. were waiting for their dinner, and to while away tbe time began to play witb an old bombshell which they had got out 1 tbe bayon, into which a large number were ibrown at tbe surrender, itexpioded, wounding both ot tbe jouug men fatally. VTbe Cretes have killed *JU,u(k> Tnrks. S-Tbe styles of spring bonnets are quite jaunty. HT'l-'rance has one hundred thousand disabled young men. ^Better carry water on both shoulders than none in your stomach. vonng lady in Lewiston suddenly reft off combing ber hair, and goiug to a river drowned herself. Dentistry is a negative science, because it is i i-don't-ology. WTA Canadian dead bouse was broken open and fourteen bodies stolen. . B*~A Memphis policeman has become ber to S08.0tHi He now put on airs. 7~Tbe last two churches burned in Boston belonged to tbe Methodists. Tbe lady wearing tbe largest waterfall is considered the Niagara of fashion. g^rfne cable is expected to announce shortly that tbe Princess Helena is "rheumatic." ' 9TK lady in Vermont has jnst bad triplets. Her poor h usband bsars up nobly. yJackson Co*, of Sullivan County. Tenntssee, on the leth ult, blew in his gnn to ee* if it was loaded aud got a hols through bis bead. Vln a street car in Nsw Orleans a lady smartly parasoled a gentleman for impertinently pressing her foot. VChlcaen cholera Is killing the cbicken*. tnrkeys, geese and ducks on the farm* around New Albany and Jefferson si He, Indiana. 7-If a colored man wishes to have his nam* telegispbed ail over tbe country only le*. him get elected to some petty oflloe 67*<9eneral Howard reports tba' the Freedmen's Bnresu is aiding *icht thousand morn . whites than blacks at the South.