Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. j hf larsfsl Circulatioa ia thf DisUicl V . V. WALL.UH. Editsr tad FrcprttUr. WASU1MUTUN C1T* MO>DAY MARCH 1-, l"?. M ATTKft 01 R\#RT PAGR. BKK Ol'TMDR FOR INTKRK5TING TSLB to K A I'll It AND OTIilR MATTER TO ADVERTIftERl. The tnllowin* >a uie official stowing of th? cHi ii In linn r?f lhA AriI* r?n?r? ftf ih?? ****? competing for id* OoTerument advertising cder tt>* recentact of Congress directing sac ft dtrniMCK to be mad* in to* two daily newspaper* ot Washington saving til* large* ctivDlauoo . ivmws W*? 7,71$ cojmm par day. CkromcU ...5.MG8 ,4 ** Intelligencer 3.552 " ' Tbe returns of advertising by the city papers or tfce quarter ending December 31. as fe*kec from tne books of tbe Internal Kevenae OtBv?*. are as follows: 1.VKHIB9 STAB 913,107 In'tUtgrncer 9,118 Chronicle ?,l>fcl M'[utlic an 5.WS (.ovektimekt su taiTiEs. V\ A!?Hl?OTi'S. M?.vh 1. i .I*y Cook? ft Co lurni-b the following qaoUtMU of Government wturmn Hnt/ng Selling. V. t?. ?' CoapjB. 1801 IU-> \ l%r?* V. 5 *'?* TWIBUN, liJfci HW WW , V. S. Vif Twenty. I*i4 107 ^ lW1, t s PlTI TvtttMl, 1*64 tic , 1(K:, V f* Klv* Twenties. JanftJ j.'*5.1<?>\ 1U7 ? V. 8?. Ten forties 9~>t 5?- , V. 8. Se\en Th;rne?, Anguet.... lo.*> \ IW , V. S. Seven Thirties, J an? ,U?5 s \00 , V. S- Seven Thirties, jBty......,IU5 *, 1?6 , VBW YORK P1R9T BOARD PALRfl. Coupon-* IW, in.M)'* 97\ 6. .-Us. !* ??* ius?* T.rws, August.... 105", S .HI'S, 1-64 H'7i, ;. *>'?, .1 one 1U5\ 14$ ivt\ ;?ri. jaiy ne\ 5 *>'s. Jn JtJj.'M.lo: Gold 131, ?- FINANCIAL. L?*n Johnson A Co., qnot? Stocks and Bonds is borne and foreign markets as follows: PiBW York. March !-.?!?? Board?T\ S la-l Coupon ??'9, 1U9: do., S-'JO's, 109'^; |f. S. 5's s. Coupons. '.??V ~-:w* a- 1(>1- Canton Co, 4" *. Cumberland Coal Co. prefd. T:P.; Unick si'ver miningUo..3t> \. New YorfcCeuiral R.R ; li ;J*.. Kr?e Railw ay. 5?V Hud*on River K. K., 137 , Reading K K , lul v Michigan Central 11 K . 1? *-. Michigan SoutDffh and N.lnditnt R H . "(??,. do. |H?ranu>MU : lllmoia On trai K.K- lltV Cleveland ana Pittsburg K K , ffi\: Chicago and frprtnweetern R. R.3-T*; do preterred. ?kt\: Cleveland and Toledo K. K . Canape nod Rock Island R R.. 9(i\; Pn:?hmg, Port Wayne, and Chicago R R. t*> v Obtoand Miseusippi Certificate*,Gold, 1 3 p m. I'M5,. M ARIN I NEW.-. Tbe ftavT l?epartmeni has received dispatches from Capt. X. Collins, of tbe steamer Sacramento, dated Monrovia, Liberia, Jan. 1 Jtb. announcing bis arrival at tbat port. Officers and crew all well. AU?. one dated St. ?leorge, Llmira, Jan &!d* announcing bisarutalatiba port, bavin*, at tbe request ot ?ur Consul at Monrovia, given pas*a*e to fid). John Marshall, ol tbe Siberian Senate. j%. iairr mspaicn annoancn bis arrival at .Telia Coffey on ?la*? 29th of January, and bi?intention Jo sail immediately lor St. Paul de LoardO Tit Princes Island. The Department has also received a dispatch from Commodore John H Winslow. dated L'. > Kli)( Ship KuteJla. Oulf Squadron. Fensa<ulaliav. XrTck tt. announcing t4? arrival c! be Tacon> , after a passage ot twelve day-j Jrcm Norfolk. RLCEPTION AT THE WHITE lIOU?E Tbe vrevkly reception of tbe ladies of the i.n*couve Maniiuo, Mrs. Patterson and Mr*, trover, look place this afternoon, and was attended by a large number of distinguished persons, among whom were Messrs. Artbur and I^eocard F. Beckvritb, of Pans: Mr J. Si. Forbes, of Boston Mrs. Secretary McCullorb Mrs Admiral Lee and daughter: Mr-. \ I? Abbott. of New York Mrs Paymaster i .hi-? riuiorooK. and the ladie< of many Senators and RfprrmutiTH: the parlors being c:o? ifrd during the afternoon. M>FO?ALOF ITBLIC LAUDS The Commis.'locer of the (General Land Office ha-just ret el ved returns showing an aggifgaie ditposal ol 16,759 acrM of the public undr during the month of February last at be local cfh.e at Ea*t Ss^msw, Mirhigm Thf lirter portion of the land was loea'ed m!a A*ririiliaral College Scrip and the remainder taken for ac'ual settlement and cultivation under the homestead 1 iw, sold for cash, tnd located with mi lit try warrants. Ti.e ca?h -ales amounted to S?,071. l?I?TKICT IN CONGRESS Mr. Welcker, of Ob.o. introduced in tu?* House to-day a bill to estaolish a criminal code for tbi* District, and also a bill for a fcc^ool system for tb?* Instrict. They are sube'an'.ialiy the ,-ame as the bills introduced by him last session nnrt-r t be came titles. They were --ferred to the District Commit. THE WHITE HOUSE The usnal crowd of visitors were in attend, ance at the Executive Mansion to-day, and a number had an audience wirh th- Pr-sid^m Atrornev General Stanbery and Secretary Welles had an interview wi.h the Execativ*t hi* morning. navalorders I'otr.modore I'amel B Kidg<*ly. I. en'.i'ommai.o?r; W m. B. Cashing. Frederick Pearson. W K Bri dgman, snd A S. Barker, de a bed Irom the Lancaster and ulaced on waiting order? Commander A s. Baldwin. dt?tac*.e?t iron du'y as light-bouse inspector, and placed 0:1 waiting orders. Thi Senate Bill, supplementary to the Military Government bill, was taken up in the House this sft?rDnAn ? > ? - ?1,1 *? , _?v. <.u cjiui n iii or made !? g*t a vote upon it under the previous ?jri??tion It is doabtiul if it *er? through tbe H cu?e in :b?- ehape it comes from the s?nve and it will probably go to a committee ot conference. Pissojal ?Hon. Wm E. Chandler. A^sistaitt Secretary of tbe Treasury, returned to tbe city this morning, from bia recent visit to New }iamp*Bire. and is again at bin oOce Hon. II A Ko.lins, (Jomnmeioncr of Inter ual Kev?uf. returned on Kriday laat. MiltCis Bosu??Tbe Mexican (Liberal Oovernmeat in * dispa'ch to Miniater Romero i.i tbis city declares null and void tbe contract r*?ween Ifooiel Woodboose and General Car-vaiai, and tbe mim?t?r cautions tbe public agaisv toe bouda wDicb aaid Dnmel Woodbon<f bas petitioned tbe I'. S. Ilou>e ot K**prrsentatiTee ?o .rnaiantee. I'opvirmkk.?Among the nominations recent1* loutlrmr-d by tbe N*aai? In Lxeculi ve Ses *ion w?* tuatof Samuel Dana a* Paymastery i b the lank of Major t?. S A. Theappointto nt wa* well merited. a? the services of tbis farblul and efficient officer ba>e be^n of *r*a?. vstue t# tbe War Department for twu or ibre? y?ar? past. fATiMn to bk lnn an ?For tbe week tr.ditl on Tueeday, tbe ."?tb instant, two bun<lr?d and thirty-seven patent* will be is*ned I w 'be Patent Office During tbe past week c\ er 7t*? application* and *> caveat* have been Hied _____ 1KTKB5AL Kumi.-The receipt# from this *onne to-day were KQ 7SG.43. . ,.,u. .^uiiiioiuid, uoron nuiiUiug, Wf kii\r b?adl?'i 'I'ftH/ for April. MJTAbraham Lincoln** *on Robert bai v)i'?*nr>l a iaw office is Chicago. ft/'Oov Hallock. of .M***acbh?e*-ts. bas aj>Vuintrd iTPotK? L Koftn. colored, a jnstic* Of jx-acr l b** <*oy#rnor ?f Ma?sachn?*tu Has <! ? ? ,?u*'rd Thursday, th? 4'.b of April. a< it fast i da* l/'Tk* oid Kiitw frigate Brandy wine sold at a?r?ion ai Norfolk, on Sator- ? day, lo' IU.6Wf. Maltby A Cb. purchaser* r-bV wili be cut to piece* tor tbe copper and iron. VRoht Hill was stabbed and killed in St. I-ouw, Wednesday. by Henry Williams, botb n"*roe? ?jealousy. >*t row do just like white people 9 The &up?lemeal?r j Re ti*n Bill The Senate Satarday cv^ninj, by a vat" of -to J. prt**.ed tb>*bin supplementary loan act entitled aa ' t to provide tor the more el. ticierit |to*err.ment >f tbe rebel SuitesThe bill. a?, u pa.-y?-il the Senate. i? in tne nature of .iihetl'iit* for that wtiu li |>a?ud the Hon*e o Representative* on tbe 1111? instaat. It wn rfporirfl torn th* Judiciary Coir,mi'tee by Senator Trumbull or Wednesday la-t, and tia* ?. net- ur.aTron* coD^niornriip amendment The measure will now jro to th>* Hop?e. und it is prohibit* ttir whole matlwr will IAivh to be ??*t- I ! tlrd bt * com in of confer*nc?. 1 he hill it finally p^at-ed the Senate pro- I i vide* -? 'I before the 1st day ot September, tha comma tiding crurral iu rath district ahail cantr it rriciFtratiou to be snadu of the male citizens ct the lut'ed St?tr, t jrrrity-oup ) t<nr.s of ape ?i d upwards, resident 111 each county or p;tn?-B in 'Be ^tat^ er State? Included 111 hu 1 district. wHkd r?gi?trat.oii shall only tDore p??r?on? who are qualified to vote tor delegate# by the act ator*tMd. and who shall have taken and -ubs-crib?d tbe following ?' i I : do swear oraffirm, in the presence ot Aimigbtv (rod. tUat 1 ar? a ciuz-n ot (be Slate 1 ot . that 1 bate resided hi eaid Stale for , ?? muutbs next preceding this day. and now rende in the county of or tbe parish of ot in said State. ,*s the case may he ) tbat 1 am twenty-one years old; that 1 have uo' b*?en difrfranchis-d lor participation in any rebellion or civil war against tbe I'mted St*U>?; tbat 1 ba\r never tak*>n^tn oath a* a member of , -o VI <ur Uliru OHlWi III Ill OIBlfr OI { tbe 1'nited Stares. orv?n m?m,x?r of any S ate legislature or as an executive or judicial officer ! of any state to support tne (Joustituilon o' tbe i I lited States, and afterward engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the failed States, or gum aid or comfort to the enemies thereof, ibat 1 v. ill faithfully * up port tb?* Constitution and ober tbe law? of tbe United Srates, and will, to ;he best ot my ability,encourage others so i* do. a?o help me God." which oatb or affirmation may be administered by any regisi tering officer. Alter ihe completion of tae registration hereby provided for in any S:&ie. at such tiiaeaud places tb?r?in a- the commanding t:eusral "ball appoint and direct, of wnicb at leas t thirty days' public notice shall be given, an election shall he b*ld of delegates to a convention for the purpose of establishing a constitution and i-1\ 11 guverntnem lor such State loyal to the I nion, said convention in each Stale, except Virginia, to consist ot tbe same number of members as the most numerous branch of the State legislator* of such State in tbs year eighteen hnndred and six'y, to be apportioned among tbs several districts, routine-, or parishes of such State ?>y tbe commanding general. giving to each representation in tbe ratio cit vnfura rixricf-ruH ? ? - - . .1 ?>uiroalu n? lirariv s? may be. The convention in Virginia sball cousist of tbe Dumber of member* as reprcsfBtfil ihe territory now constituting Virginia u ibe most nnmt*rous b-ftn ti of tbe Legislature of >aid State in ioh year eighteen buudrcd and sixty, to be apportioned as atoresaid / At baid election the registered voter* of each Sta'e sball vote tor or against a convention to form a constitution tberefor under ibis act. If a majority ot tbe votes given on that question sball be ior a convention, then such convention shall be beld. as heremafier provided: but if a majority ol said votes shall be against a convention, ihen no such convention sball be held ntid-r (Die act: Pr#t\4*i, That such convention sball not ne held unles* a majority ot a'.l such registei ed voters shall have voted ou the question of holding such convention. The commanding gen.-ral of each district sball appuint such loyal officers or persons as may be necessary, not exceeding three in each election district in any Stale, to make and complete the registration, superintend the election, and mak>* return to him of tbe votes, list of voters, and of tbe persons elected as aeiegates ui iuf roifs cast at said flection: anil upon receiving said returns be slitl) opeu : tb* same, ascertain the person* elected as delegate? according to the returns of the oJticers who comliTcted paid election, and make procl?ina^ien thereof, and within sixty days from 'he rla'e of election be shall notify the delegives to assemble m convention, at a time and ! plare to be mentioned in the notification, and said convention, when organized, shall flr<? | determine by a vote whether it is the wish of j the people of such Mate to frame a constitu- I ti >11 nod civil government according to the , provisions of this act. and the act to which it I is supplementary, aud if so, shall proceed to J frame such constitution: and when the same thai! baye been so framed, said constitution | shall be submitted by the convention for rati- ' tication to the persons registered under the provisions of this aci at an election to be con- j iiucted by the officers or persons appointed by : the commanding general, as hereinbefore | ; provided, and to be held atter the expiration ! of thirty days from the date of notice thereof, to be given bv said convention: and the returns thereof shall be made to the commanding general el tbe district. If, according to said returns, the constitution shall be ratified by a majority ol the votes ot the electors qualified a< herein specified cast at said election, and Congress approve the sime. the S'ate shall be declared entitled to representation, and Senators and K?*pre-entaI1\?>S fthAll ? H ra i ttj-l * w . . .u.u..v u luricnuiu as luereiu provided All elections in the States mentioned 111 the aid "Act to provide lor the more erti -tent government ol the rel?el Suites," shnll.during toi* opei.-ii on of said act, be by ballot. Provsion is m*de for paying the necessary expenses under the act. Y^?TH? KOLI.OWIN<i LADIES Have been j V ?|i?< intt-J to fltetrit>nte the fimd? ntie< <4 by t'"e Call lor the poor ltdit Odd Fellow*' Hall, )>l, H'h. |i? 7 ? *r?. HEF KLE. 5*4 I 4th street, lirtwoea I *(i K. Ml** L Pit KETT, 39** >;th et-eet. bet. ? mid H. MIm BATE SHORTM.LE. J?i l> lit' e? between <th au<l 7th M re ROBERT KEARON, IoVIO M et , bat. <th and 7th. It* fY^=?ELl'JTA LODGE, Mo. 1, ADOPTIVE U_3 MaMON RT -There will he a 8fecial Cots i'iimcallon of thit Lodge at their Hall, c >ia r ef Perm aLd 1'lb etre?t, on TUiBD^Y EVRMMU, Marc* IJth. 18-7. when the <Lad? Ofrcer- ol the L>?l*e will be matalle-l Tbe regular meetings of the Lo-lge art held on tfca -d an.I 4tb Wedneadaja of each monthly order of the Lodg*-. It* rg=?T PUBLIC TkHPKBANOK MEETING L R will t? held under the .ia?|ice? <>t HOME DIVUIOM, No ia. suns oi temperance, TO HOKRoW tTae-dayi EVENIfcO. mh Inst, at MrKeudrve Chap*-) Mies ave., bet. 9tb anl j 1''tli ate , a: 7* o cl?> it. Addressee may be ex- j (xteo from Senators PaTtf.*sos, of N H , and I ! TON. of N.h M -- \? ?? ' " ... , HVH, .'Jinn, n i l., or B. .1,; ! ?, o! J1*'**; n..?. oi II!.; *i'orthi n e, or Vt . WttHii ?SK- of ltd . J. C. and Other MMadvocatBi. It* Y^thi Yorw<; mens chris riAiT""A9 |J_3 SOOIATION will hoM their re.ul.,r "Bthlv meetiok MONDAY EV EN IN'?. Htli In slant. at 7;, o clock, in tbe uew room* v?r Met/erettHall Tbe officers fur the next eo?nin^year will he elected, and several propose i amend nests tA theeonstit ti n will he ?"te4 on. b. 0. H. MEEW1W, Hhc. g?,-^ Y^?B0AKD0! TRADE.-An Bd.onrned meet U^3 Ir e of the Hoarl of Tr? ?' the District 1 <> Columbia wtll le heH at 'heir Room* 8o 4. Market fptce n MONDAY KVENINO. HtH instant at 7? o clock As matters. ?f gr*?t la . terest tn the Boa-d wil) b-- submitted, it is en- 1 jeine'i that every nmiWr att?n<1. nib IS [IntelAChroo 1 N SABDO.Sec. i rps^ io invent01m and otukkit Notice is hereby given that the members of a Commission. at ting un ler tbe authority of the ; >ecre'*ry of tbe Tre<t?ory, will meet iu the city of ' New York, at the Office of tbe Superviain.' In- | sp'Ctoroi Hf?robi)? ts. No -Jt Pine street, on the SECOND MONDAY IN APRIL proximo, for the purpose of rx-tmiiiiBf and testing the merits of sacb Inventions of a lite saving character as mar ur??ijirDL peicre inem. 8?M Inventiona will airbraca Rollers of Steam engiara Antilnrrnatatara Safety T4l*ea. Steam i k*sim, caal'mi Stearin* Apparatua Life J oata with liatarhiDk.' apparatn*. Ac , Ac , 1 ?'?*???' in yeraon b.for?"the 1?-. ?f ' talalnint their I iivaatiaii*. bat a<> expcaeee will be allow*! under any circam^taQcaa. i H. McC.DLLOOH, d c,*SSSZVFi oTMrBIC and MUSICAL (WbUmShTSat att-ution call (Ml i ".S'oYi, a"ii;U:"i."irk'M P1A"?' " " " 308 r}$5',U* iiifi,. j nff=*IL?i51:'.T*^? MOTICB-Hwtica la hereby . j,*1?*1? 10 'maimer! Totera la the Tiret ward that tba Judtm of li..:/!: ? _ nyyuiUMU W resister uuder tk? act of OoDKr?M tp* i proTiKl February Mb, 13 7. entitled An act to 1 puuiab ills*al voting la The Diatrict of Columbia, | ?od for other pnrpoees," will 1>?* in aeavton at tha Fir*Baptist Ohnrch. corner of 1 streot north and llth (tiaet <e?t, ao MONDAY, the 1Mb, TOBSI PAT.tbe 19tb WKDNE8DA Y. the t <h and ! T1IUB8DAT, the 21st inatant, Irom 3 to 7 o'clock a. as , for tha purpoae of receiving and racorduuj tbelr name*. Ttio act af OonfffM entitled "An *tt to reinlate the elective franchise in tha District of Oo lumbla," provides that ' each and iter/ male person, excepting pan per* aad perxone under gnardianabip of the age of twenty-one year* and upward, who baa not boon convicted of any infna?ou? crime or offanoo, and exoaptlng p?rsou? who buvo voluntarily given aid and comfort to tha rebels In the late rebellion. and who ah all have bwn born or naturalized In the United states, and who tball bare melded iu the said District for the period ef ont> year, and tbiee months ta the ward <>r election preelnct la which be shall offer to vot?, next prac> dlnjz any election therein, shall ha entitled to the electtvo franchise, and shall be 1 deenia?i an elector atid entitled to yuts at any I election In said District, without any distinction I ail account of color or race " mt> " ? v. IOT?n Sec'r (O~"0T'c* ri'oisirsw?"" ar?ti*I m? MrnVnf "Vi W7.'will VtT.T'bof HH?I. ? *! fcr tbo pnr?o?? of mtklnacorr^Twffrom tb? Ifttb IniUnt to April lit lanul?? i8?. ' <Uf?WfM.) i| HohoolHom mlwtoToY fTS1 SSfdVr''WMI w,n? ''o" ? A % By ordor of the Proiident (lal| f? 1 ?0t A?1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The Fenian Scarf in ( au ulw. nostkeal, C. V\ . M . , ... , po'bing biuioccurred on ih-? fr r sunro active prep irauoi ? ?r?- i>. ?z tmir tbe trrops in -? m.iv t > \ . p ..Dt TJ e ti\>op * ft p iM4 nrnif i w k.. Su d?T nl!??s Mid tim five ruuc 11 ?h i .? v u s-econufr I Toronto,March la ?St, Patrice'* d?r jiav*a off" v iv out an) public demi>nstra*>oii slrijliinji in Philadelphia. l'n'LAiULfH iA, M^rcli i- ?fii^r* is n HI lent tieinhmg bf-rp the pa<-*nrer r*>: .v >vrtm tbtir cars with much diMi-tiiiy -nut -onol tb? companies u-itu: osnni his aleigns. 'I bis is ibe Mrs' snow e.nce th??<>iTi? -?t rh* ordinance forbidding th*--alting of the t?o*any mHny persons nc.u'tom?d to ndt'tg to th^ir place ot bu^ine^s had to walk lh?? ?n >rn I irg thelew ear* on the road being uuai>l* to carry them Crotrtl Pacific Railroad?Snow Slide. Saw KitATi 'iHOO. Match 17.?Tbe Central P>?citlc Railroad Company, on >larc& ltth, at the < fllce of it e Secretary ot St tt.*, trticles extending the road from Sacrameuto to Goal Island. Surveying will be commenced immediately. A mow slide occurred on March 1st at the town ol Keari-age, Nevada, killing one person and destroying nine bouses Th> ?- M Li i Memphis, March lij -A fln occurred here I on Saturday Mrh?. and destroyed Howard's i How. Lops insured in Northern cities. The sufferers were .lames Lambert, Qeo. Hume, t'o* A Humphreys, Norraent, Kufllu A. Co., and Win. H Wjalt The wind lulled about ele\en o'clock or a lance portuu of tha city would have been ceusumed. Menmboat Sunk. CiNf tMnaTi, March Is?The steamer Mercury, at Arkansas Cut Off, on the nth nnunt, struck a sang and sunk Ninety. Are p is senders were lost. Tb# boat was valued at insured for fl5,i<*t. She bad a cargo of 14 bales of cotteu. besides a large assorted freight lor Mississippi and Cairo. 81. Patrick's Day. Ctwci*NATl. March l*.?Si. Patrick's dav Wis celebrated here yesterday witb unusual eti'busia-m. The \ ariuus societies turned out. and a Fenian regiment tully armed and equipped paraded tlie principal streets. Bank Matemeat. Mw Voek. March l?<.?Incn*a?e in loins, *I .'.II circulanon. ,w~j: l^gal tenders. ?|.T1?i?4'?1: l>f?cn?ase in specie. 5-'H,Hi deposits. <rw=?FAWHBBOK*BS NOTICE. MBKSBBS GOLDSTEIN * CO., No H4 IS street went, uear Peno'a ave., Beg leave to call the attention of ear old patron* and the public in general thai we have nower. largtd our business. and are prepared to offer in ducements to borrowers that have never been of feted oefere?expressly to parties wishing large amounts. Large store rooms, with good safes for valuable* A private office connected fur all confidential bcfiness. Money advanced on Gold aiid Silver Watches, Diamond* Silverware. Jewelry, and on all kinds ot merchandise Also, <>n Bonds, Stocks, Scrip*. Government Securities. Loans n adeby day or week on merchandise ?nb ii?rt In * ?' f? B -ArrMcemeiiti have be*n male by which persons depo?itlng property with us raa receive th? same at any principal city of the ITmon A* FOI K AMI) A HALF BTBEET f- 21 tf nr*-** 8TABII6HID 1 ? 9 . McPBEBtJON~T FEBOUBON. 471 psn.n. avkntr, istsxeskt, 0*pitol Hill, Dealer* In FCBB DBCGS, MEDlOlHESand CHEMICALS FBBFGMIBT, FAHUY QOOD8. 1N8TBUMENT8, Ac , Ac. Phyilctan* Prescription* accurately compounded. Tbe Might Bell prompter answered. o* H-tf ri^oSFrT 7 nn cm'na'clas?wabe, CTTLKBT. and PLAT ED WARS. A full stock ii 'w on hand of the best < 1ms, in aria nod detached sin-ta Pnr>h?a?ra are iuTited to examine eur goods WEBB ft BIVIR1DOI, mh 11 3t* Odd TeMowa Hail. Tth itmt DOToMAC TRANSPORTATION LIN* TUB r Baltimore Making fral*hl ctDDtetinn tt A QUI A OBEEK Wth HM llMiidl) FKF.DKKK'KflbURO AMD POTOMAC RAILROAD. The steamer EX I'RRfS, Cap* A. Nirkl*. and -teat'.er K KNNEBEO, Capt John H. \\tl?on, Wave Washington trout Hiitli ?tr?et r> WEDNESDAY and 8ATB HP A Y. at ? a m for Raltim >r?.*nd usual war landings on I'-tomac rl" r Rctnrninsr le^W Baltimore every T?'*8DAY and FRIDAY . 1 p m For further Information applr to J. B BRYAN ft BRO . nih IS tf Ho. 345 PeniuylTaula a*e /"< CT T HT? O U T GB AND INAUGURATION or THE CHEAP CASH STORE. Ladie* desirous of purchasing FANCY GOODS would do well to pat this advertisement in tUelr poch?t aD<t come e rly and get tUe ,-reat bargains IN MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, At MRS. i, I MrCLIfSE Y 'S. N<> 34 6 7th street. nniMK Wlini) Mil* av?. Cheat goods. X< KLI.CIT CALICOES AT lS^OBNTB Wi open t< -dafW I cm*. '2,-iOO yards, \\ AM8CTTA PRINTS; good 'iualit? tiid fMt color*?12^ cent* per yard # I rue. 3 000 rardsrAMOSKEAG PRINTS, fine goods. hnnd-om? patterns, an 1 warranted fast colora- price 16 re*ts NBW SPRING POPLINS, ALPACAS, MOHAIRS. MOZ1H8IQUE9, T&rriTAt, KKOM i > CT8 TO 73 CTS PIB TAKD. silks silks * BILKS i Fpltndid atock of? liLACK AND PLAIN OOLOBBD SILKS Id ?11 Ike ?fc .v alitd?n, ju?t r ?edited INDIA OUBCK SILKS M> aha!) op. d to-day? 1 me aplandid .nality INDIA CHBOK SILKS *?ry dralrable gooda, " ? of a yard wtda? prlca 11 50 par yard. jos J mat a oo , IB is it :iOtt Pannay I rant a ?wdb> pBOPOSALS FUBTbBS* BBBF. ScBWuTiifCB OFFICE, B. 8. A., ) In Bear of 103 Weit Lombard atraat, ; Ii*lltBBor?-. MH M.rrb i? i?rfT K Seeled proposals. in duplicate, will be received at this office until 12 b. on FBIDaY. March Si, 1867, for tl>? FBB8H BBBB re?uir?4 for the supply of tbe troop*. ho?pltal .md officer* at Winchester, West Virginia, for elxm< utbs, from April 1. 1*7. or mob le?? tim* aa tte GoBalnarr General of Subtliteuce may direct The Beef to be delivered at Winchester. Went Virginia oa tbe order of th?' <'omtuissary or Actinf Goiniiiis?ery of Subsistence at that place Tbe B*ef to be of good and marketable quality. Id e ,ual proportion of fore and hind quarter mett, (necks. shnuK* and kidney tallow to no excluded I The necks of the cattle slaughtered under this agreement shall be cut e(T at tke fourth rortebral jrInt. and the breast trimmed down. The shanks of fore 'jnertrrs shall be cut off from throe to tonr lac lie- above the knee joint, and of hind quarters frem Ms to eight inches above the g&mbrel or h*'k joint. . . . Bidders are requested to be present to respond totbeir l ids, ana t>o prepared to five bonds for tb?- fulfillment of their contract^ Proposals must be endorsed dtatinrtiw " *> sals for Fresh Bfef,'' and addressed to the .inn., .??? "WShV'J!-Va. rF PIANOS. 1 WOOF CHIOKMJUB* * SOU'S splsa4id ... f.ll previous to moving |TTTn '.TO18' 3e# p#Bn ??.. Int' 16 " >l?ll noar loth stroot 486 ,.?SWW>m... 486 ,M|&ViMfMVfflKWUSSffik CABINETS. Ac.; OVAL WA LSOT PICTI< *? .. FRAMES, ftro? 10x13 to IrtxiO tmchee, .Also, thei lanest ismrtatat to the District of Oval Elite Gilt Imitation Bos??ood, Jbcar and Bustle FrwtM, Picture Cord *n? Tae?ei?Tfcii?r Hails, Ac , ?t _ MARK BITER'S Ua ikil Vftk .* k.4 n .V T? ?-*w .>1. ?. u ana *! ., nk 1< M* 8 4?or? >tx)T? Odd T?Uow' Hall. CTIILII0 9ILL8 for stlt in uai to aait par k HiihMt'asarket prlc# p*id for AMIBICAN G0L ' LB WIS JOHNSON * GO , Raskin. f?7 tf S93 Ptau. iTtat*. I CONOHik-lONAL. MOMi?v, March IK MtNATl .*< r I hii-oii pr<*--nt?<1 tla cre1*'ii'I >" ? TlirtuiAji, j? n*t??r l-< l fr ra i,of IW 11ylain:. ar.d moved tbtt &*"?>>* } ?*! tnilt'd to f?W?* lb- o* b of oDv 1 ln?cc d<?i 'iaifc w?r? i a t, wb-.i .Mr H jvr trd uio?ed that ?bcy Ik* relrtred to th Corumi'Uf . ii ibe J ndinaiy. Mr. Jcbuc n w ould hkf to kno * th r***,?n t.r thi- motion It b&ti aivti< t*-?u "i* cut"in to rmrivi" tin* senator ?*l?? t on i>r *? ? mc credentials. and if th- r* * is t v r ti in * ity ne snould not be p^rmi'f I to hoi i Dis r< a?. be vOUlDllt'ff could 1UMII Inquire IOM ?1 hrforr branny tbe >wua'or n'rit-* Iiik rputonn Iih v 'sliHd to any, thai in pour oi ) <vui y n >w, ttif honorable Sena or troin .Mtrv'tnd (Mr Tb*l? a*. 1 VI' jnn n? t-om.i1 ?- li- ( Mr .1 \ #! , I irHs 'be Senator fr< m Micb^a Wu.iUrr b 18 opinions might b.i*?- beeu iu retard to tlie c?u?^ ol itoe wtr th t*ct that b>- <aas ?riiliUK to lake the oa'b cobcIiihiv- proof ot bi?

pood laiib. Heboid this riiw would not b>* made an excfptiou from the * nrnl rule. Tne j >*-naie, be bopea. wn- no* a m i ui close it* session. and it was nnporaut ma; Mar-lind : rbould bate two rvpresenta-1 v??. on this Ho >r. I and not be conflntd iu the future a? "he is now j to one representative Mr Howard said it was a matter ot common i ruroortbat ibis gentleman *y mp itbiztd warmly | wHb tbe rebellion during the I.-He civil war. v.. > ??> ouivii unu reacuea tiis e*r- is tat be pertornird an ni t dunu* toe rebellion which whs oaictiltited to fit* aid to the rebels, Hud be int?-n>d. lrom 'b?* report in tbe newspapers *it hip ((iw-ch. that hi- did no! fe#i h T^ry vtnim ft'in. hm?-iit tor tUis body to whicfc be now presented bimeell. nuu Ue ( Mi. H.) thought tbe cenilrman himself woulu he anxious to l.a\e ibe .1 udiclary Committee inquire into tbe trw'b?o.t these ruuiora before he took bis seat Mr. .loliii?on did not know to wnat particular rumor < be tsenntor referred, but be imi;' >iMii tbHt he mt^bt r-ler to ws< ?t.tied ] here in debate on Satui day tbat bis colleague. ; wliile Secretary of the Treasury, b*d traas- ; feried a lar*e ainonnt of muiey from New ' \ 01 k to New Orleans tn order tb it it might be | ei/ed by tbe rebels. he (Mr. J ) bad men- | tiui.ed tbic to h18 colleague, and be bad authorized bim torn ih*r rhi." ? _ J ? - ? - *- woo UUl UIW ] word trti'b in it. Wnile Secretary hi* had j trau-terred ftuj.owo Iron Ntw York to Witih- | Hilton to meet in* DW)>;iitlN ot the (loveru . iiifm, and S-imi.mmi I mm Arknnms to New Orleans. where every cent ot if w?< disbursed by tlie Government before the rebellion brokeout A? to bis opinions that tbe war raigbt have averted those opinion* were shared by bun. dred and thousands ol my leilo w-cni/eu?. and bv thousands in tbe Sena'or's own State. Michigan) Hit col league may hi\T>* entertained tbe opibion that the Government of Maryland in bis recent (ortn was not republi- ! caw, controlled as it was by less than cue. , fourth ot it* population, and in this opinion : he^Mr. J t fully concnrred. Mr Howard ww not talking about Maryj laiul politics, but hid spoken of the report in j t tbe aewapapers ot tbe speech of the applicant, , in which he said th;it the present Senate was . endeavoring to keep the T'nion dissolved, and j h?* 'bought this was very unkind ot the ap. i plicant. He thought thai uo man who entertamed the view tbat the war was prosecuted by the Government for the disruption of the 1 nion conld be styled a loyai mtii. Mr Johnson knew nothing about the speech, but be did know I hut ?r\ fha "' - * -.. ,u. .run ui accept- j ancfot hit collrafar nothing bat devotion to ! the Vnion had been expressed. and he would i now a?k the clerk to read the letter. 1 be letter ol acceptance wai then read from j the clerk sdesk. Mr Nye ^aid it was claimed by loyal Maryini der.a. men who had fougkt the battle;. of the t nion. and who dad always bfca true, that the l,egisla'ure which Imd seut this Senator here was elected by a palpable violation ot the law* ol Maryland existing at ihetimeof theelection: that the law* excluding rebels from the tran< biM. were disregarded, and men who had wonrVlie rebel unitorm; in fact, ail wbochose, permitted to vote. Tbia thing should be 111qnired into by the .1 udiciary Committee. Jle i."Mr IS.) had been informed of ano'her thing. It was stated that this gentleman, in his letter ot resignation lrom the t'abme; of Mr Hnchanan, assigned as a reason that be was on. posed to reinforcing Fort Sumu-r, and denied tbe right of coercion. Hocsk ? I'nder tbe call o! the States for biiU and joint resolutions, tbe following were introduced : By Mr. Chanler. (N. Y Bill to prevent ?be Intrlngement ot and fraud on patent*, Relerred to tbe Committeeon Patent*. Also, bill to establish a national academy of science. Referred to tbe Committee on Mines and Mining. By Mr. Randall. (Pa.)?Bill to authorize the issue ol Treasury notes not bearing interest, and to provide tor a sinking fund tor the national debt Referred to the Committee op Banking and Currency. [Tbe bill Is the same as that introduced last session ] By Mr. Cake, (Pa.)?Bill in relation to duties on scrap iron. Ac Referred to tbe Committee ot Ways and Means. By Mr. Myers, (Pa.)?Bill to adjust and satisly' the claims of American citizens tor French spoliations prior to Referred to theComnn'tee on Foreign Affairs. By Mr. Welker, (Ohio)?Bill to provide a criminal code for tbe District of Columbia Relerred to tbe Committee on the District of Columbia Also, bill to provide a system of education in Iha ... V.I i.> 1 - * ? .u. r>.u>iv .-v.uuui3 ui lu>- imsixici oi Columbia Keferred to the Com.nit tee on the District of Columbia. The call of States was here suspended by Mr. Blame's ^Me.) rising to a (Question of privilege, and pre*enting tbe credentials of Messrs Ela and Stevens, Kepresentati ves elect from tbe State of New Hampshire, and tbe gentle, men named advanced to tbe Speaker's desk and were qualified Tbe regular call was tben resumed, and bills, 4c., were introduced mt- follows By Mr. Eckley, (U.)?Mill for tbe relief of Eli M "liennison, late crier of th* Supreme Court ol the District of Columbia. Keferred to Committee on Claims. My Mr. Scbewck, (O )?Bill to regulate tbe fe*s of claim agent.-and attorneys, and for other purpose*. Keferred to Committee on Military Aflairs. Also, bill to repeal section l'iof theactof July IT. Mi, to define tbe pay and emoluments of odicers of the L. S. Army. Keferred to Committee on Military Affairs. Also, joint resolution directing the Secretary of War to turniah certain muster-i oils unon application of the different Siates. Referred to Committee uu Military Affairs. By Mr. 1-Jiwrence, (O )?Kill to define and punish certaiu aimw. Referred :o Commute* on J udiviarr. Also, bill in relation to the qualification of jurors in certaiu eases: bill authorizing , the deposit of trust funds ib the Treasury ot the United Stale*: bill to prolect tne rights ot certain loyal citizens; and ! bill to repeal a portion of the act of April 13th. IT!*), to punish certain crimes a*!iiu?t ihe United States: all of which were referred to the Committee on Judiciary. By Mr. WiUi&irs. (lnd.)?Bill to suspend so much of the act amendatory of the act to provide ways and means for the support of the Government as authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to redeem four millions ?f legal tender notes per month. Referred to Committee of Ways and Means. By Mr. Upson, (Mich.)?Bill authorizing the payment of the rewards offered lor the capture of Jefferson Davis. Referred to Commit tee on Claims. By Mr. Wilson, (Iowa.) ?Bill authorizing tbe office ot Solicitor ot the Court of Claims a bureau ot the office of tbe Attorney General, and for otber purpose*. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. By Mr. Dodge, (Iowa;?Bill amendatory of tbe act of April 10, Istitf, prociding rules for tbe government of tbe army of tbe United States. Keferred to the Committee on Military Affairs. By Mr. Donnelly, (Minn )?Bill amendatory ot ibe act granting lands to aid in tbe construction of a railroad and telegraph line from tbe Missouri river to tbe Pacific ocean. Referred to tbe Caciflc Railroad. By Mr. Windom, (Minn.)?Bill in relation to tbe law equalizing tbe bounties of volunteers. Referred to tbe Committee on Military Affairs. Bv Mr. Clarge, (Kansas)?Bill to secure tbe more speedy construction of tbe southern branch of the Southern Pacific railroad. Re. ferred to the Committee on tbe Pacific Kail, road. By Mr. Hooper, (Mass.)?Bill to amend the act to provide a nationaljcurrency, secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to pro. vide for tbe redemption thereof. Referred to Ihnllnnnnillunn *>--l?i - - - - * ? *- ? wu ? ?" v/urrrncj. The reference of the above bill* were all to committees when appointed. Tne call of States and Territories having been completed, Mr. Schenck (Ohio) introduced anoint resolution authorizing the appointment of a joint ' committee on ordnance. Passed. Mr. Bingham (O.) introduced a resolution authorizing the members of the Military Committee of tne last House who have been elected to this Confess to pursue and coaUnue the examintlonof the Weft Point Academy. Debate arising, the resolution went over. Mr. Eckley (O.) Introduced a resolution authorizing the delivery to members of the present House of all document* ordered by last Conrreee, and not claimed by members ef the last House. Passed. On motion of Mr. Banks. /Maas ) th? p?.. dent wbb requested to fnrnish the Hoom with Information la his possession ielatlve to the trials of Fenians ia Canada: and also relative to the withdrawal o! French troops from Mexico. On notion of Mr. Wilson. (Iowa) the Hobs* proceeded to consideration of business on the Speaker's table, aid the Senate concurrent remlntios prohibit!** the sale of liquor in the Capitol, and, the resolutive relative to the oi 'tie Com in i t*r ?i K?trmrhment, W re | n?wt. 1 hf Hoiiff 'torn pTV'd'rt to Ih' pminrtfrt*U tot I'n'* ?.?r ?h? ? !! ? !? (ii'mn tin ?t> ?n# h.m ?o provid f?r ttie more eftViefct rtiv*"rntnert oTtbe Southern S Affair* iu b?*r|rt*w*. TBI STKAM Hkk Knuim?Tbr R'tr !W -rt ti!?c uriniCompibT.of M nu b?'te?, ft' H.. ?or our tlrw departmeu', bi? it"rt\>-<l ti V .irtiinittoii It losrii ibf romimuv ? numuT 01 V-ti. iii<? i* designated a.* tbe ? Henry \<ld koi', (So I " It of <u? second clt>^ mid l?*< h rumri-T of improvements, tbe work* ?>?i><c com ?act tban tho-e of the Wa^b ntlnn d? partinei ' built by the same company. The whrrls while ihey are larger tbsu tbo!?e ot i!>? W nsbiiifon engines, are ligbt.aud being bun{ opon elliptical springs, bo'b forw ard aud rmir, .It will nde with fas* and sten<llttes<. I' bss two double-acting pinner pump*. |in**d wi<U brass. four inches id d.ampler and eight-inch crukr. with rubber ?alT?* and bra?? tsIv? tea's; two ( 'earn cylinders. six nnd *? \ -neighth* inches in diameter. with n*bi inrh stroke. working upon the Mm? piston tods with the pump*: and it is fitted with brik-?, driver's t-eau and ail tbe usual appliance*. It is calculated that under favorable or. am. i iUDcr? tt will throw no mob and *n eirn'b j stream .'Hi feet horizontally. During tbe com' tog week tt will be delivered to <b? GeorgeI Iowa commissioners. ! Si'KlAL Ei.ECTio*.?Mayor Wslch has given i no'icrot a special election. to tak?* place n**t i Mondsy. for one member of tbe Hoard of Com : mon Council, to till tbe vacancy caused by tbe resignation of I?r. Kobert K**vbnrn As yet we ha\e b< a'd nothing definite as to wbo tbe eandide*? will be Ti.* Tkmi kkaki i Mitimmt ? Yesterday atiernoon, tbe new Market Hall was occupied by tbe orders ol Sons of Temperance and (food Templars, with a public meetinc of friends of tbe tempe-ance cause Tbe meeting was called to order by M Hudson Esq., wbo introduced Gei.eial Reilly. wbo delivered a very interesting address. Kev Mr. I*a^selle, of tbe Methodist Protestant Church. Messrs. I>rew. Golden, and Holiiugfhead. of Wa?hingt<>n, alto briefly addressed tbe meeting A nnmtvr of names were added to the pled** FLOra avt< (taAiir Mabkkt ?The market for brealcatufla opened tbie morning with a lively demand Tbe supply ot high grade* llour l? very light, and tbe demand pr?Ming. tin limited to tbe immediate want* of tbe eity trade. WhHt?Very little ,n m irlt?t, and in demand for milling purpose*. (Viru alao la carre nnd in demand. Tbe doting price* i? quoted in tbe star Saturday, remain unchanged Tbe arrival of produce boat* trom western depot* in looked for to replenish the market. Itoats from Bearer depots are expected tonight. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. C'HBAP SPftlHO UOOD8 / at Mil.? 101 Bridge street. Oeorgetewn, D 0 Oalcoet, US tj 18; Merritnac enJ tipraguee. ? eta . tspriDL Uslainre. choice ?yln Terycheap. Pleached Muslin*. II, 12.'t, K. 1<; yar t wided*.., j JO James' Sixain Mill*, 4 *, cAa ; Bnte' B. 8 4 4. 23; Audro?cogi<< n, Wam?utta, New York Mills, cheap. B r j * u Muslin, 19. i2?. 16. yard vliedo Is aoJ 2U ceota. a *eui-r?l ?nort lent of Pry Goods. Call and examine oar Block Yon will buy cheap. __ fe 321m* _ BENJAMIN MILLKK. WM H ttllK&TLEY > PKIMICM BTBAM DYKlftQ AND CLBANSINQ K8T A BUI SB HINT. Office, No. 44 Jetlerson et Georgetown.1). C. B?tabli?hed in 1M1. premium awarded by the llt-tiopt-liian iDxtitnte 1867; rebuilt IM. ac t W bow t> far the largest ind iiont complete tali llohn.eBt of the kind in this tin* of country Dyeing and Sceoriue of all klnda d?m- in the beet maimer linly thankful for pa?t favors the snr>sorll>?r , aoln i if the cn'tuned exstom of the < oamaMty Goo'tx received and returned by express with the I utmost pri.rnptneae and despatch P< at Offii* >t<"4r>-?a. Lock Bo* No 1,<l Office tl<?es daily at sunset except Saturday, ?I.i d It la<lueed*tO% p m fe i*-f>m W ^ iviir' nai.i, n A 1 , Oj 3000 Bl'SHBLS RB0?N BTCKF. Far Bal> By _ P1TIB BIBBT, Bin It. 6t ^ *t'r alrfet. Qgurget''Wri. |L>T ABBIVKIt, AND rOB 84LK-Tw,,t" J hM l W ork IlobSfca and M A KBs from rerijujIvmBr Inquire Collars ?tr. ?t TiSft nii 1 Bridge afreet. Q?. .rg- town.^QS 1 v Mib 16 3,f f'A?'* M B. ^*1L5UN bejre l*me to hiiiS.iM? h?L"t,d ?od the public *?n L ? * " r" ?MMd Lit D:ei> Muhji Bstatli* hni' bt at 490 12th .treet, betwet-a ft an* j r .treaty mhlfi ifa- | UABUA1M? HakGaISS ^ ,U aU t2"w dIJVtram'nU? f r HAhUAI> 8) ' n,h Ifi w > JOHN F mo l'<-2t 30b Penna n*ou?. |)(.?r i th ?t. A? A B P.-""1 ,l||l,ir|t'?r r??pe;tfutlr informs hi* culti . irl>-ad?, and th? public 1?V Tr??f** fln "t OIOAKS I lOBA' CO of th* uiont approved brandU K i If! fnr.kl.. <it KU ' v _ ?... ...J atreet one <ttK?r from P?nna> lv?Hia mun? DnrInn his lllnene hie baMne<? will b- codi) ttiU heretofore I t Jolm T Moling. The p? of the eiibccn1 rr told friends aul t),e public will be thankfully received m 1? St* W. THOMPSOH. PAbIS MILL1NBRY-MISS SAHroRD will op n. on and ;ifter TC*SDAY. *?rcli la, t?" latent importntiooa in 8PBIMC MIL-^^3 LIN E BY I'NTKl M M ED BONN ITS, H ATS Wt klHBCHS. FLOW1CRS. Ac 34', MARKET SPACE. ? ? b^tw^en 7?h and 3th ?t?. n n ?Utty Milliners not admitted. iuh 13 ot* J AMIS ,I?I1NS0N7 " noush A A D CO W FA li R IRK, Maj ?? consulted f?rn d? from ye m to t p ra at Bo. -Jih, corner of lat atreet and Virginia avebuh. Inland. * all St* 'I UK MOST EXCITING A ti B INTERESTING I BOOK Or TB E DAY. I.ES. L. V. HAKE US HrST'iKY OF THE SEtKET SEK VICE. AGENTS WANTED inevery, county and State uf the Unloa ticMTUi for thta work This li-tory vm abDo?DC' d on* year ag >, t it omne t<> the atteaipb- of the GoTerutnentt suppress it. Its publicati >n was delayed It will now be Issued, naalter-d aul unabridged. und- r the nt?r\t?toD of Of\ IUkii It eoata!ns * fall hekI official expose of the Intricate machinations of the aecret eneai of tha Union for startling development* end thrilling %<1ventuiea tnU be< k eclipses tht fanion experience* of FOl'UHE ABD VIDOOO. The marvelom narratives ?f General Baker are ell atteatej by th?highest official uathorl'f. It will contalu the only official history of the Assassination c u ?pnacy. A full hl-tory of this <rei?t, star'ii g end terrible crime KBOM ITS INCEPTION, IN Till H A IN IS OF ViLftAlNT TO THE BLBlAL FLACK Or BOOTH. Baa n*Ter yet |.*en placed I efure the public. The w jrk alao iully expo**" the aetarioua syst m by Whicb Presidential paHons were and are ao readUp ol:*iaed in Washington. lire morale of the National Capital are thor ontbly ventilate.! and there are eom*< atretic* leveUtien* conreiniDC head* of depertmeut-, niembera of C njre<i, female pardou broker-, a:,d distinguished military charactera. For circulars, canvassing nambern.and *11 other p'orniMioa. ad. I rem. ?L. C BAKER. Post Office *??* Mo. 9?0, Philadelphia, Pa ?. Th,f 2fork w,u be ready for 4ellTery on tha lat day of Mar. 8 B.?Bona bat tboaa thoroughly conversant ?itb tUa buaineee, and wttb good reference aa to character and reaponalblllty. nerd apply, mbis lm rpwiBI-A fall assortment ot Wbite. Manilla, Straw Wrafp'nK PAP KB PAPBB BAGS and FLOUB 8AOBR t*r tale Terr low by B. MO RBI HON, inn 7 lm* 4 3<^ Puunaylraoia avenue. J-JOB* D18T1LLBBY. Tha no hi lr l< herehw nnMa>il lK?t T ...j. new to npplr tbe trade anl lown nf a eood ar tide with par* Conner stilled BTI WUI?KIT Tbe home n.ede Wfaukey is warranted all rye, and will le sold wholesale onlr. mb 6 ]iu* ( HAS. A. KB&C8B, Proprietor. POB BALK-Two UOR8E8, on* bkr rv r and one Brown. Aleo, two 1 horse 1 SPH1NG WAGONS. Apply to BICHABD^CZX UUBT, M Water et.. Georgetown fe J8 tf PABI8 AND BBW^jTOBK M1UL1Mn A. O. GA8T0B IwiaitretanielK^ from Bew York with a large end ?l?tut qTl assortment of fine French, Baalish. and ? American Straw Bonnet* and Hat* for ladies and children; Crystal, Amber. Pearl, and Straw Ornamente Alto, a general assortment of fine *..h?K TIa.... ? a ?--i " ? f IVIIVU * DO nil VI ?UU XI11 FriBM ID rnt ml?ty. Blbbou, Bilks, On??i. Tullee e?d HmI Lhh, Ac. Particular attention si ?en to all orderi. Boema, 446 8th ?tre?t. naar renn->yivaaia a?enne. mh I? 3in All'I 34 OIHTI FOB i OOU?. BEAVT VF _aair of BRITISH SOCKS. Otntienitm' CJBBBB SBIBT8 and DBA WBftS, at all ?riM|, iD&MSuN'l mh 14 la tM tth it., Kit Ptii an, Oil BATIOBAL LAOHDBT, Oi| ?tM 1 Pcina aT., between la hand UtbeU.^4 I All work doae by hand. 0oo<1* called for an<l delivered at tba ahortaat netlce. French in the neataat style. mh it-la* pONOBBTINAS AMD AOOOBPBulF A ury large aaeortaent ja*t rea?*ived direct frem Germany. |t? style*. and offered at c<ut, in aonee^uence of betas com palled t? move. JOBM F BLLI8. hll M *?? -? 1 ottr ivio it. MQtoMni "* 4U All of Inl tvilltr ud at low iricw. ? 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Will bf told at tbrloweat rate. n OUARLBd BAVM'b H.or t?k?rt and Oeraet Man fartorjr. 49 L<??Uim* av-uaa, Mimh 6th ?uJ 7tkitmM. mk I ! ' IT KEOBOE DEVRRd. SON or ALEVA* DKR BBYBR8 a?ed ab--ut thirw-ea iHri. ?tio I'ti Wubli|U>o frith hit father In IMI. and ? t> U sn?ro??*<1 to ha*e con* to ?lr(inU ill roaniii nlcate with Prof ICAL& leader of the C I Mk Hit* Baa4. Wa*hinfton, D. C . lit will hear of oBfthlii to hla advantage. L I Fauuuiar p?|?i? ?l??e row I fe H >??*' obi Dal aid rviiKAii werath*. ?o w WCBT?,CRO&*E8. ANCBHES. STARS. Ac reaerved in natural form. l*iaor**d FLo* KK" HAIR FLOW IU and HK4IMNO Al-o, In, orted BOSS. HaIR DRESSES for Ball*, br Mra. FRIES Haa removed to Bo 4 J** 11th at , Wetweea O and H oc_JIb' J7)HN D OLABR. ATTORNEY AND OOOB BKLLOR AT LAW AMD NUTABT PI BLIC. No 54* lJth street weet. 4* l? If B0ARD1NG._ < f'BR RENT -Three Fl' UN ISO ED ROOMS.with or without ti, a-d ArplT 344 E at . b?t?-?* 12th and 13th. Term* moderate. Mil aaSt' (i ?J2!L FRENCH TABLR BO A RD~with ~*r -- r.imuillKIII! ID llir*?Ittl? CO?l*Ct ?i rr Ht<>r?. PetntyIvauia avenue. b-nn??-a 10'h and Utlt ?treet> aiv tAFKW BOARDERS i an he at? tim?<l?t*4 with BOISP ?t' l.Ol'OiNQ ai * * .*) p?-r ???ek Table Boat <1 p r ?r?k Apply 303 l> etreet. tot Itth and I t.. eie. mb |? ft* |>LEA8ANT * WILL ri KNI"HEl? rR9Nl I R? OH* wltbl. ard r?g br 1i?l ?t )1 it . corner Indiana av?. Terma nxxterat*. atb lVt At' F'OR RENT? I wo ?"ll tirukbhl PA RL>< > K8. on tb*-f rat floor with or wit hoot BOARD ftp ply 393 E at., tx-t. -th aal t tk. H W TABU BOAKD at Ho ??? IPtb KrrM.a few I floora aortti of tbe aveana Tama ftf aar month 4a 11 U yy OOD. WOOD. BT TUB CARGO 1 ha *> a prime lot of OAK WOOD arri vine aal far aale. J. 11 JOHNSOH. mil n-fit R> lej a W bar:. & JAMES <J. M till HI A CO., * rtlKIT KI WABI BOO MS.1 Having rellD<iniati*d the Auction arid OomaU ion l oni' if, and co?c*rt?-4 our extmoit w?r?looma, at tli* cornet of Utt ?u< I) ?ir?~ta into first cImi HOUBB ri BNLSHING B8TABLI<HM BST, wc ar>- B'>w crtpartd to turnisn ? er> Ttri?t> uf HOUSE AH* OrriOB Fl UN IT I KB, at the noit moderate ratae Oar clock cctni>r.?r? PABLOB SETS. 1l B p? and Hair Cloth, I'ABYEDand PLAIN OILED WALKl TCHAM BBB 8BT8, COTTAOI RITv SINGLE BURIALS AND-WABBBTANDS, ELABORATELY < ARVED BEBSTBADi. I'll A IBS or ALL VARIETIES. EXTENSION TABLES, HAIB MATTRESSES *ad FEATHER PIL LOWS, orrid DESKS anJ WRITING TABLES. CANTON MATTING, Ac . Ac. We hare also for ??' the r?|*brat*d TUCKER SPUING BED. wkirh for coin fort, durability aod ckM|aMl i? onrivalUd.* TUCKER MANUFACTrBlHG COMPANY BRONZE CLOCKS. { Baantifnl ! d??i;n ?nd finish and at T*rr mm wi??uir pn???. J AS. C. < QC1BB 1 00 . mb II in tera?r of 10th mo P atree u. | ATBST PA BIB FASHIONS Of UA1B L DBBSSlNtt. B. AIUI?T. HtRirCH HAIR DRESSER, 3-J4 B street. betweea 13tb and lath at*, r. Alllot, from Parte, Htir-Dr- wr. of tha celebrated Barbel, with whom haarritd la thia oonatry. bag now b??a eetablUbed f?r taa I art eight y*ara la Waabingtua and Newport, aao? tag the patronage of tha corps d.p<om*and aftha blgheet aociaty. Ha ba? tba h< aor to aaaonnce that ha baa thia eeaaon imported tha lataat faabionp of hair dreaalng, aad al*? pomai< a, and everything that b?kmge to thedreeelag o! hair at rary reaeoaaL la pricta. la 7 Sm' SBVBN-THIBTY TBBASUBY NOTES, of any a?r1<*a.?scbenged for NBW FITB TWKSTy BONDS. AT THB NATIONAL) BABK OF COJtMEBON . ^ or OBOHCBTOWH. D G. Internal Beaenne Htaupe fur Notea. Obacka. Drafts. Bonda, Deede. Mortgagee. aad other le^al decnixent* for sale at Government < ?t?-? ??>b I lni J Q HAMMBB, Oaebler If I B O FOOD. 1' pbbpabbd roo?_ _ Por Hocking BtrJa Thimhn, Righting *,>!... BlMk tidar Bbbttt B??n. t* It corner lab ayl P tre?U Gbahb bally or mbn abb boys, AT I QBBAT CBNTBALCLOTHIMO HOUSB. . No.460 7tb ilrHt.oiyMit* PMtOSc* ' BCBIBB88 SUITS of ?I1 d*?<-rtption?. DBIIS SO its at Hac?4 pricaa. | BOTB* suits of all daccriptloM. i bots' SUITS at all ?rle?a. H*watyle?of BO Y B' CLOT HI BO. OBNTS* CLOTH 1HC. at radacod nicm. Haw il yoar tlaa to lay in BPBlBG OLOTH 1ho. at we oBar ipaclal laliceiMDti for tk*Mit thirty diyi, kt fcMlTU B. 460 Tth Btkkkt. op posit* Poat Oflct. >> 1b nNLT FOR LADIB8 TO BSiD.-lleeaatlP \J Embroidered EIGHT OWH *u4 OH E M IAB YOKES, inori- elaborate than or *v?r oPered here, uf the arwrft an 4 Boat beautiful leal* m, received daily, tr?m oir corps of 1M eaatrlor hiada. aAd (or aal* at KEDOOED PBIOKB Earn* tha lariat aittilMtarer her* ol title kia< ?M 1*4lea' veer, we cm pie*** mil. both (u quality end price, *n4 ere deterained, ?t wk*t"T*r coet, to predtee th* beet work, tea** tbe moat tteeael patterns. end STAMP CHIiPBI. then ear (meem in thla ov eey other city. Oar r*p?teti?* ea the uely Practical Itamptr here imred lediae that no injnrioua com peeltl.toa ere need, and ehtelde tbem from truntiug tbHr ?ork In the hseda of thou who buy e few block* v end proclaim thwe*lf?e atemper*. Btemp4n?, ft cente per width. end f?t* yeu e Ooltar end Oe1T? la. _ 7 WM- PBIKOB. 4S#9tb atreet, faJ tf* Pat*t>t OBc* C1 MEE01DBBT OT 4LL KIBDi WOBRID Ci on r**eoneblet?t-a? lnry kled of Tency Work taught et *e lew pri<*e. b? Mad a at k >i T T< HBAiJh. at r Bup? a O, hetwoon 8tb e*i J Hh stmt*. ( ?i? A