Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAB, j OFFICIAL. LAWS OF THK IMTKD STITKS, tj-aiath U??irii. [Pruio-Mo. ?l.| An A< t 'o amend rxiftmc law* relating to internal revenue, and for other purposes. He it tnmct'd by the Senate ami Hout' of Rtprt- : of the l'n\t*d States of America?? Conff st cttmbled. That all acta in relation to the assessment, return, collection, and payment of :te mcoat ux, iptcial tax, aad otter annual :axes new by law required to be performed in :fee month of May, shall hereafter be performed on the corresponding days in the month of march in each year; all acts required to be performed in the month of June, in relation to tbe collection, return, and payment of said taxes, shall hereafter be performed on the corresponding days ot tbe mortb of April of each year provided. That on and after the flrst day t September, eighteen hundred and sixty even. a tax of two and one-half cams per ponnd anly sball be levied, collected, aud paid cia any cotton produced within tbe United States. m Sue. 2. And be it fur'her matted. That apothecaries, botchers, confectioners, and plumbers ard fas-fitters, whose annual sales exceed twenty-five thousand dollars, sbail pay, iu add.tion to tte special tax cow required by law. one dollar for every thousand dollars in excess of said twenty-five thousand dollars; and the taxes on such excess sball be a?*essed and paid in the manner provided in tbe case ct wholesale dealers. Sat -i. And be it further enacted, That in ail suits or proceeding arising under the internal revenue laws, to which the United States is party, and in all suits or proceedings against a collector or other officer of the internal revenue, wberein a district attorney shall appear for tbe parpose of prosecuting or defending, it shall be tbe duty of said attorney, instead of reporting to tbe solicitor of the treasury, immediately at the end ol every term of the court in which said suit or proceeding is or shall be instituted. to forward to theCommissionerof Internal Revenue a full and particular statement of the condition of all such suits or proceedings appearing upon tbe docket of said court: frorid'd. That upon tbe institution of any such ?ait or proceeding it shall be tbe duty of said at'orney to report to said commissioner the full particulars relating to such suit or pro. ceding, and it shall oe the duty of the Commissioner ol Internal Revenue, (with the approval of tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury.) to establish suqb rules and regulations, not inconsistent with law, tor the observance of revenue oncers, district attorneys and marshals, respecting sni's arising under tbe internal revenue laws, in which tbe United States is a l>arty. as may be deemed necessary for the ust responsibility of those officers aud the prompt collection of all revenues and debts cue aud accruing to the United States under *B<h laws S*t". 4. And be it fur'her enacted. That the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall have . targe of all real estate which has been or ?ha'l he assigned, set oil. or conveyed, by purchase ?r otherwise, to tbe United States, in payment ef debts arising under tbe laws relating to internal revenue, and of all trusts c reated for tbe use ef the \ niteu State*, in paymen'of such debts flue them: aad. with the approval of tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury, may sell and dispose ol, at public vendue, upon not less than twenty days' notice. lands assigned or set oflT to tbe'United States in payment of such debts, r vested in them by mortgage or other secnrily. for the payment ol such debts, aud in cases where real estate tas already become tbe property of tbe United States by conveyance or otherwise, in payment of or as security for a debt arising under tbe laws relating .o internal revenue, and such debt sball have been paid, togetter with tbe interest thereon, at the rate ol one per centum per month, to tbe Cnited States, withiu two years from tbe date of the acquisition of such real estate, it sball be lawful lortbeCommisssionerollnternal Reveuue, with the approval ol the Secretary of tbe Treasury to release by deed, or otherwise convey. such real estate to tbe debtor from whom it was taken, or to his heirs or otb< r legal representatives. S* . 5. And be it further enacted. That if the manufacturer ol any article upon which a tax is required to be paid by means of a stamp sball ha\e sold or remo\ed for ta e any such articles without the use of the proper stamp, in addition to the penalties now imposed by law for such sale or removal, it shall be the duty of the proper assessor or assistant assessor, within a period ol not more han two years after such removal or sale, upon sncb information as be : can obtain, to estimate the amonnt of the tax j wbicb has been omitted to be paid, ind to make j an assessment therefor, and certify tbe same to the collector: and tbe subsequent proceedings for collection sball be in all respects like those tor tbe collection of taxes upon manufactures j and production. . 6. A tid be it further enacted. That it shall te lawful tor tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue, w henever be stall deem it expedient, . to designate one or more of the assistant asses- i sors ,n any collection district to make assess- ! nietits in any part of sucb collection district for all suet taxes as may be due upon any speci fled objects of taxation, and in sucb case it stall be tbe duty ol the other assistant assessors of sncb collection district to report to the assistant assessor thus specially d'wignated all ! matters which may come to their knowledge relative to any assessments te be made by him: frictii'd. That whenever two or more districts i r par's ol districts are embraced within one louc'.y it may be lawlul for such assistaut assessor or assessors to make assfssment anywhere witbiu sncb county upon such specified objects of taxation as he may be by said < ommissioner required: iTonded, further, j That sucb assessments snail be returned to tbe assessor of the district in which such taxes are payable. Sat1. 7. And be it further ema- 'ed. That the i Commissioner ot Internal Revenue, with tbe ; approval Of tbe Secretary of the Treasury. 1 is hereby authorized to pay snch sums, not ! exceeding in tbe aggregate tbe amount appro- , priated tbereror. as may in his jndgment be deemed necessary for detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of violating the internal revenae laws, er conniving at the same iu cases wbere sucD expenses are not otherwise provided for by aw. And for tbis purpose there is hereby ap| ropriaied one tenured thousand dollars, or so much thereof , as may be necessary, out of any money in tbe treasury not otherwise apprepr a ted. >>B? f. And be it further enacted. That hereafter for any lailure to pay anv internal revenue tax at the time aud in the manner required by law, wbere sucb failure creates a liability to pay a penalty of Mn per csntum i additional upon the arooun of tax so due aud I unpaid, tbe person or persons so tailing or j to pay said tax, instead of ten per centum as aforesaid, shall pay a penalty of five per centum, together with interest at the i rate of one per centum per month upon said tax from tbe time tbe same became due. but no j interest for any fiactiou of a month shall be , demanded Mi *j. And be it further enacted. That the a< t entitled "An act to provide Interna) revenue to support the government, to pay interest on the public debt, and for other purpose^" approved June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, as subsequently amended, be. and tbe same is hereby amended as follows, yi/ Iba: section twenty-two be amended by striking out, after tbe words, assistant assessor,'1 and before tbe word "actually," tbe words "four dollars for every day," and inserting in lieu tbereof the words a ye dollars fir everyday;" aud, further, by striking out | tbe following words: '-And assistant assessors may be allowed in tbe settlement of then ac- : counts, such sum as the Commissioner of internal Revenue shall approve, not exceeding 1 tLree hundred dollars per annum, lor office rent: but no account for such office rent sball tw allowed or paid until it sbail have been verified in snch manner as the Commissioner I of Internal Revenue may require, and shall have been audited and approved by the proper officers of the Treasury Department; and as- ' istant assessors, when employed outside of j the town in which they reside, m addition to ' tbe compensation which tbey are now allowed by law, sball. during snch time ko employed, j receive one dellar per day." This amendmeut ; sball take effect upon compensation for tbe ; month of March, eighteen huudred and sixtyseven. aad thereafter. Taat section twenty-four be atnended by In setting in the proviso to said section, after tbe word "epiriU." wherever it occurs, tbe words | or other articles." That section forty be amended by striking oat the following words : "That in case a collector shall die. resign, or be removed," and inserting in lieu the following: '-That in case at a vacancy occurring in the office ol coilec- ' tor by reason ol death, or any otner cause." That section seventy-three be amended by sinking out all after tbe enacting clause, and inserting in lien tbereof tbe following That j any person who shall exercise or cany on any trace, business, or profession, or do any act hereinafter mentioned, lor the exercising, carry mg on. or doing of which a special taxis imposed by ia?, without payment thereof, as in tbat behalf required, sball, lor every soch cflen. e, besides being liable to tbe payment of subject to a fine or penalty of not less tha* ten or more tban five hundred dollars. And il sncn person sball be a manufacturer ol tobacco, sua IT, or cigars, or a wholesale ct retail dealer in liquor, he shall be further liable to imprisonment lor a term not less ttan sixty days aud not exceeding two years. 1 ha; section seventy.nine be amended as follow* In paragraph four, by striking out te following words: "In quantities of more man tbree gallons at one aad the same time to tbe same purchaser, or." In paragraph live, t> '" '"'m out the Jollowinj words. In quantities of three gallons or loss.'* In paragraph thirty oas. tyadd;ig thereto the following "Prettied, That no ?peci41 tax sball be required of any per*on for the m&aulaciurc ot butter or cheese.'* In paragraph thtrtT'two. by inserting after tbe word* "tardea" and before tbe word "WDo,'' the words -or Travelling on foot and peddling fruita, vegetable?, pies, cakee. and confectionery.'* 1 bat "eetion ninety be amended by inserting after the w#d "cigars," and before the first proTise in raid section, tbe words ' and all proceedings relating to forfeiture and sa!e of distilled spirits shall apply to tobacco, louff, and cigars." Thatsoctioa ninety-four be amended as follow s : Bv striking out in the paragraph relating to gas tne words "and until thirtieth day of April, eighteen huudred and sixty-seven " [By sinking out] tbe paragraphs relating to "sugar and sugar refiners," and inserting in lieu thereof the words -On all sugars produced from the sugar > cane, and not from sorghum or impbee, ?*tber , ;Kan those produced by the refiner, a tax of one cent j er pound. On refined sugars, and on the products of sugar refineries, not including sirup or rnolasses. a tax of two per centum ad valorem : Provided, That every person shall be regarded as a sugar refiner, and pay tbe taxes required by law, whose business it is toadvanse ibe quality and value of sugar by melting and recrystalization, or by Ilqaoring, claying, or otber washing process or by any other chemical or mechanical means, or who shall by boiling or other process extract sugar from or advance thejquality or value of molasses, concentrated molasses, or melado. Also, in the paragraph relating to wood screws. by striking out the word ten" and inserting five:" Also by striking out the paragraph relating to "gunpowder," and inserting in lieu thereof the lollowing: On gunpowder, canister powder, five cents per ponnd; sporting powder in kega, one cent per pound; blasting powder, in kegs or casks, one- half cent per pound." Also, by striking out all from the words cigarettes or small cigars," tn the first paragraph relating to cigars, down to and including the words "twenty per centum ad valorem on the market value thereof," in the last paragraph relating to cigars, and inserting in lieu thereof tbe following "Ob cigarettes, cigars, and cberoots of all descriptions, made of tobacco or any substitu'e therefor, five dqjlsrs per thousand." That section ninety-tour be further amended so that in lieu of the taxes now provided bv law upon the goods, wares, and merchandise hereinafter mentioned, which shall be produced and sold, or be manufactured or made and sold, or be consumed or used by the manufacturer or producer thereof, or removed for consumption or use, or lor delivery for others than agents of the manufacturer or producer within the United Staes or Territories thereof, there shall be assessed, collected, and paiu tbe following taxes, to be paid by tbe producer or manufacturer thereof, that is to say: On boot* and shoes, made wholly or in part of Indla-rnbber, two per centum ad valorem On bate, caps, bonnets, and boods of all decriptions, two per centum ad valorem. On hoop-skirt*, two per centum ad valorem: On leather of all descriptions, aud goat, deer, calf, kid, ebaep. horse, bog. and dog skins, tanned or partially tanned, curried, finished. or in the reugb, two and one-half per centum ad valorem On manufactures exclusively of gla-s, other than window gla&e, three per centum ad valorem. On manufactures o*. wool, or of which wool is the chief component material, or the component material of chief value, two and a half per centnm ad valorem. That section ninety-four be amended by adding to tbe end of said section tbe following word!-: But no tax shall be imposed upon the redy[e]ing or reprinting of cloths or otber articles Tbat section ninety-six be amended by inserting after tbe worda "and all goods, wares, merchandise, and articles,'' and before the words "made er manufactured from materials," tbe words "not specially named and taxed, and which are." That section one hundred and three be amended by striking out the word "three'' where it occurs in the second proviso and inserting tbe words "two aud a half," and by striking out tbe words nutil the tnirtietb day of April, eighteen hundred ana sixty-t>e ven." > That schedule B, in relation to stamp duties, named in section one hundred aud fifty-one. be amended by striking MUt ot said schedule tbe words legal documents." and all thereafter, and inserting in lieu thereof the following ??/'reride?f. That the stamp duties imposed by the foregoing schedule (B) on manifests, bills of lading, aud passage tickets, sball not apply !o steamboats or vessels plying between porta ot tbe United Suites and ports of British N?rth America: And provided further. That all affidavits sball be exempt from stamp duty." AI*o by inserting at the end of the last paragraph relating to "probate ot will," tbe lollowing words: Provided, That no stamp either tor probate of wills, or letters testamentary. or ot administration, or on administrator or guardinu bond, shall ">e required when the vaiue of tbe estat* and effects, real and personal, does net exceed one thousand dollars /'?< tilled, further. That no stamp tax shall be required upon any papers necessary to be used for ibe coll< cnon from tbe government of claims t>v soldiers or their legal representatives of the United States, lor pensions, back pav, bounty or ior property lost in tbe service. The reduction of taxe* provided in this section sball take eilect on and after March one, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. 10. And It it further enacted. That the act amendatory to tbe act entitled "An actio provide internal revenue to support the government, to pav interest on the public debt, and lor other purposes," approved June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-tour, approved July thirteen, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, be amended as fellows, viz: Tbat section ten be amended by adding after tbe word "pupils." in the sixth paragraph of said section, tbe words "bnt not including distilled spirits, mineral oil, tobacco, snuff, and cigars." Also, by striking out in tbe paragraph relating t? monuments, after tbe word "monuments," where it first occurs, the words "of stone." Tbat section eighteen be amended by adding thereto tbe following : "Provided, That the exemption herein shall not apply to tobacco, Bnuft, and cigars manufactured, or spirits dis tilled, or petroleum refined, either in or for sncb schools and colleges." That section nineteen is hereby amended by adding tbe following thereto . "And no suit for tbe purpose ot restraining the assessment or collection of tax sball be maintained In any court." Tbat section forty-three be amended by striking out tbe last two sentences. Amend section forty-eight of tbe act relating to internal revenue, approved J uly thirteen, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, so as to insert in tbe proviso the word thirds" after [thej word bal ve?," and before the word "quartei jsj," and also amend it by striking out the woids "more tban one-quarter and not more than one-balf sball be accounted one-half," and insert "more tbau one-quarter and not more tban one-third shal be accounted one third, and more than one-third and less than one-balf sball be accounted one-hs.lf." Provided, Tbat fractional parts of barrels containing more than one quarter] and not more than one-baHaball be accounted one half, and pay tax at> such until Junefirst,eighteen huudred and sixty-seven. Sac. II. And be it further enacted. That on and after March first, eighteen hundred and sixtyseven, in addition to tbe articles now exempt by law, the articles and prodncts hereinafter enumerated shall be exempt from internal tax, namely: Alcoholic aud etbertal vegetable extract*, when solid and used solely for medicinal purposes; Bale rope, seines and netting for seines, twine, and lines ot all kinds: Bar. rod, hoop, band, sheet, and plate iron of all descriptions, and iron prepared for tbe manufacture of steel. Provided, That the exemption aforesaid sball be confined exclusively to said articles tn tbe state and condition specified in tbe foregoing enumeration, and sball not be construed as exempting spikes, nails, or any otber manufacture of iron from the taxes now imposed by law: Brush blocks; Canned and preserved meats, and shell fish; Carbolic acid and carbolate of lime, used solely f?r disinfectants; Carpet bag and cabar frames; Canned aud preserved vegetables and fruits; Ca*ks. churns, barrels, wooden brushes and broom bandies, tanks, and kills made of wood, including cooperage of all Kinds, bungs and plugs, packing boxes, nest boxes, and match boxes, whether made of wood or other materials; wooden hames. plough beans, split-bottom chairs, and turned materials for the same unmanufactured, and saddle trees made of wood and match boxes, heretofore mad* on whicb a tax has not been paid ; 1'astmgs of iron, copper or brass made for machinery, cars or scales, and castings made to form a part of any article npon which, in a Ann-bed siate. a tax is assessed and paid : Ost-iron hollow ware, and cast-iron hollow ware tinned, enamelled, japanned or gal vanlie 1: Clock trimmings, namely Clock work, clock Slllars, sash fastenings tor clocks, winding eys. verges and pendulum rods ; Clothing or articles of dreta not specially enumerated, m?de by sewing, for tha wear of men, women, or children from cloths or fabrics on which a tax or dutr baa been paid; Ccffee mills, coffee grinders and roasters, and apple-paring macnines: Copper bottoms lor articles ased for domestic and culinary purposes. i Boors, window sash, blinds, frames, and sills ot whatever material; 1 4 Drain, gas, and water-pi^e. made et wool or cement; Frusts and handn* for saws and bucksaw?; a ue and gelatine, ot all description?. Id the sond state; (ilue and cement made wholly or ia par: cf glne in the liquid state; Horse rakes. horse powers, tedders. hatn??. scythe snatbs. nay-forks, hoes, and portable grinding mills: Horse-blankets, made from cloth, ca which a tax or duty bns been paid: Licorice and licorice paste; Magnesium lamps. Mannfnctnres ot jute; Molasses, concentra ed molasses or irelado, simp of molasses or sugar cane juice, and cistern bottoms; OH naphtha, benzine, benzole, or ga?olina. marking more than seventy degrees B umt's hydrometer, tb? product of the distillation, or re-distillation. or refining of crnde petroleum, or of crnde oil produced by a single distillation of coal, shale, peat, aspbaltum, or other bituminous substances; Palm-leaf and straw, bleached, split, prepared, or advanced by being braided or wovm, but not made up into hats, bonnets,or hoods: Potato books, pitchlorks, manure aud spading torks; Pottery-ware ot all descriptions, including stone, earthen, brown and yellow earthen, and common or gray-stone ware; Bock and root-diggers or excavators; Root-beer and other small beer * Salt; Soap, common brown, in bars, sold lor less than seven cents per ponnd; Saws tor cotton gius. when used by the maker in the manufacture ot gins; Pumps, garden engines, and hydraulic rams: School-room seats and desks, blackboards, and globes of all Kinds; Sleds, wheelbarrows, and hand-carts, and fence made ot wood; Soles and heel-taps made of India-rubber or of India-rubber and other materials; Shirt fronts or bosoms, wristbands or coifs for shirts, except those made ot paper; Spiral springs nsed in the manufacture of fnrniturc: Stove polish or other manufacture exclusively ol plumbago, buck-saws, stump machine-, potauxdigger*: Steel of all descriptions, whether made from muck-bar. blooms, slabs, loops, oro'.herwise. Scythes; Straw or binder's board and binder's cloth, and straw wrapping paper: Tags for merchandise and direction of cloth. paper or metal, whether black or printed: thimble skeins and pipe boxes, made of iron. Tinware for domestic aad culinary purposes: 1'ltra-marine blue; Varnish; Wagons, carts, and drays made to be used for farming, freighting, or lumber purposes; Washing, mangling, and clothes-wriuging machines, zinc washboards, spinning and ilaxwbeels. band-reels, hand-looms, wooden knobs and beehives: Provided. That the exemptions aforesaid shall, in all cases, be confined exclusively to aid articles in the state and condition specified in the foregoing enumeration, and shall not extend to articles in any other form, nor to manufactures from said articles. Sic. W. And be ?? further enacted. That there shall be levied, collected, and paid on brandy made from grapes, one dollar per gallon; and it any person shall knowingly manufacture, compound, put up, sell or dispose of, or cause to be manuiactured, compounded, put up, sold or disposed ot, or aid or assist therein, any fluid as er for or under or with the name of brandy made from gra-es which shall not be really such, he shall, on convictiou thereof, be pnnt'sbed for each oftence by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, and by imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both said punishments. in the discretion or the court, and any snch simulated or compounded flaid as aforesaid shall be forfeited to the United States. [TO KB COMT1XCED.] Thi Prxservatton ok Far it Tkkks.?The Fanners'Club of the American Institute, of New York, recently held a meeting, a' which a discussien took place on the best method of destroying curcnlio on truit trees, fine of the members (stated that if a bole was bor*d iu the body of 'be tree and filled with sulphur, it would so infect the tree that no insect or worm would live upon it. Upon some doubt being expressed as to us efficacy, hesaid tlitt be had tried the remedy and spoke from experience. The chairman remarked that, if thie be a sure preventive, it was worth millions to the country, and we need never lack a supply of fruit in the fnture. Railroad ArrAiis.-The general tickagents ef the various railroads of the L'ni'ed States held their annual conventional Memphis, last week Various matters connected with railroads were discussed, and, among other things, it wa? decided that = ree baggage should be limited to 100 pounds, all in exce?? of this to be charged fifteen per cent, over first-class through rates, the costs to be collected, as tar as such baggage is checked. It wns also decided that claims on lost baggage (admitted and nnlocated) be charged pro ra'a to roads constituting the line on which the baggage was checked through. AMIHDID LlgroR Liw.-ln the Khode Island House of Representatives, the vo'e by which the new liquor law was passed was reconsidered on Tuesday, lor the purpose of allowing aa amendment to be propo?ed authorizing the state and municipal police, whenever the evidence is such as in their judgment to justify an indictment of any person for keeping a liquor nuisance, to seize all liquors found on bis premise* and bold them until a trial can be had before a grand Jury- ______________ Eobsss from Pculk* Hall*.?An act has been reported to the Massachusetts Legislature which provides that proprietors ot pa bllc balls shall secure suitable and safe egress to protect lite and limb in case of alarm or danger. If any proprietor of a hall shall fail, afteT being notified to provide such sufficient passage-ways, the authorities may suspend the use of each hall, and If used contrary to the order, a fine not less than one hundred and not exceeding five hundred dollars shall be imposed. 7*It is suggested that Baruum's fiist effort | in Congress will be bis mer?maiden speech. B7~Pnrsuant to vote, the members of the Minnesota Legislature visited a circus in a body, on Wednesday last. K^There were one hundred aud eleven divorces granted in one county in Indiana last year. tUTThe "strike" of the ship carpenters in New York, has ended in the reduction of the wages of the wo^D'n. i^Tbe Louisville Journal says Senator Outbrie is gradually recovering. B9"A lady in Madison, 1 nd., has just married her fifth husband. B^Tbe Missouri Legislature has adjourned until the 1st of January next. W In plain Knglish lice eggs have been found in "water falls." Dreadful isu t it? B^~T wo cases of cholera were reported in St. I^ouis, Missouri, last week. One of them was tatal. A K BBOWBB. S J. SMITHBB8 BBOWHB * 8MITHBB8, WAPH1NGTOB. D.O , ATTORNEYS Ay D COUNSELLORS AT LAW, AMD H0L1CIT0K8 FOB TUB BUBBAU BBFtOBBS. VBBBDMEB. AND ABANDONED LANDS. ^ ? Office No. 476 B?ventb street,opposite the Pest Office. fe J-ijr jp LOU BI t IIII| A fnll assortment of all grades choice Flout for Bakers; <jnalit> Bo 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for Oolden Hill, J B. Oambrtll (not Patapeco) and Linganor Family Flours In the District. As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and seld la tbi* city, we would Inform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we furnish It lower than It can be obtained from any other sou roe Quality secead to none. Price fraction lees than other Brtt-ctass Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. All grades of Western Floor n store and for sale w M ?AL* * 00., Indiana avenae and 1st street, no It near Depot. gTBlNWAY'B PIABOB. We bave just received a new assortment of 11 PlAWOPOhTBB from the factorv. coa-_^^ sisting of Oread, Square, and Oprlght|B|BB Cabinet Pisses. Mllll For the last ten years Btelnway's Pianos have, on all occasions, received the first premium over all new York, Boston, Philadelphia,and Baltimore ^eker*. whenever aud wherever_they have cone competition. AttheWorlde Pair In London. Bteinway A Sons received the Indorsement Pof .Wrtor", * ? fe? tf Bo. ?19 Fenn avenae, Bole agents. MAlLLABD'B OHOOOLATBDB FANTAlHIB, BT BONBONS. . _ALSO, * A 1 L crfoOOLAT FAB BX9BLLBB0B, (Triple Vanilla.) This Triple Vanilla CHOOOLATB is superier In quality and flavor to aa? other made la this oerner nth and F streets, under Bhbltt Hones. CB00.L?A?00.Wi??W?. King Place. Corner Vermont avenue and it* street. PBOICB BUTB, BA1B1BB, riOB.OVBBANTB. j V> BF1CBB. Ac., salt this particular seaMa. Forsaleby B. M. F. BIBQ A BOB, | Be a-tf King Fla?e. AD0T10X SALES. BI GBAEN * W1LLIAMB, Auctloaeers" N?. Z'2*. corner ;tb and DstrteW. 1 AJ.^UiT0*T KRAMEHOC8E OF* FOUB "R F1M WITH BAR. B VR FIXTURES, i GAS FiXTORM, ANB 80MB FURNITURE!

ca^ wmi, near N st tnh. knoaa * tilL***! Palare, at Public A notion On THURSDAY, tbe list iust , at 4 o clock p. m.. in froal ofth? premises, we will aalt the Frame H natud IhicIiik. with all the Fornltureaal t ixtures tcerein. The house Is on rented gronad. to remain until December 31. 18o9. the esrckMtr tb? u having privilege ?f rtaovio. It. Terms ash. GREEN * WILLIAMS, m MMt AO' liuifwri JJT GSIIN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TBCBTEB 8 BALK OF A WOOD AND COAL ! YARD AT THB COBNEB OF BSTBBET S.viscMOVd stk,,et wb8t- at fcb ; On VON DAY , the 25th ln?taat. at 4 o'clock p. m.. I shall ull. on the premises. by virtue ol a deed it trust, dated the 2uth day of October, A D. It", and duly recorded la liber K. M .Mo. i, folio* No. 230 aud 231, of chattal racord tor tbe county of Washington, D O , tbe following article#, viz : Two good Cart*, and Harnett, Office. Stable. I Shed* Stove, Sfeidle, two Shivele. Spades, axe. ' Catting Box, Cnrry Comb and Bruah, two Coal 8*alee, (one nearly new), all tbe Wood and Coal and F? nring u pon and around the aaid premise*, to highest bidder, for caah.on the day areata ^ G. FLOOD, Trustee, rob 15 d QBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. ?JY GREEN A WILLIAM8, Auctioneers! LOT OF BUILDING MATEB1AL AND FB4ME BUILDING IN THB BBAB FRONTING F STREET NOUTH. I'.EWBEN STH AMD 10TH STRKBTS. AT PUBLIO AUCTION On FRIDAY, the 15th instant, at S clo'k p m we shall rell, on the premises, a gool lot of Building Stick Bad a Frame Building in tbe rear of the Lot. Terms cash, to ba removed within 10 day* after the day of sale. mh 12-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. B9~THE ABOTB 8ALB 18 POSTPONED until FB1DAT, tbe i2d instant, same hoar an>l ?!? . GBEBN A WILLIAMS. mlfld Auctioneers. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE 8 8ALB OK HOUSEHOLD AND RITCHBM PUBNITUBBj OFFICE AND BABB.IOUBB FUBNITURB. Ac . Ac ,1t On FBI DAY, the 15th instant. I ahall aell, at 10 o clock a. in., at House No 3*51 aad 3*t,on?th atreet west, between G and H etreete north, by vlrtie of a deed ol trust t<> the anbacrlber, dated 1st day of November, 1966. and duly recorded In Liber K M H., Ne 3. fell-e M. 257 and -as, of Chattel Becord for the county ef Washington District of Columbia, all tbe Goods and Chattels mentioned In said deed in said establishment. We mention in part, viz : Btmaua, Tables. Chairs. Bedsteads, Washstanda Feather Beda and Bedding, Carpets, O Iclotha Bool case and Bookai China, Giasa and Crockeryware Bake house Utensils, Ice Cream Monlda. Paaa Free/era, and Kitchen Utensils, two Bow Windows Tw0 Counters, Shelving, two Shaw Caiss 0*? and Watar Fixtures, Ac With many other articles which we deem unneretsary to enumerate. Terms caab. CHARLES B.CHURCH. Traatea. mh9 d GBEKN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. Kf TBE ABOVE "BALE IS POSTPONED until MONDAY . the 28th instant, aame boar and place. By order of the Trustee. m 15 d QRBBN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. GBEBB A WILLIAMS. Anctionaara. *F??iX!?8.'-8AL* OF FUBNITUBB AND L.10C0BS IB, AND LEASEHOLD OF THB "KIRK WOOD HOLSB. 811 CATBD AT THK CORNER OK liiTH ST WEST AND PA A\B ,1H SQUARE Ho 3*S. IN THE CITY OK WASHINGTON. IN THB DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, AT PUBLIC AUCT10JB. IN THB 8UPRBMB ^JOURT OP THB DI8? M TBIOT OF COLUMBIA. Tho National Bank of the Metropolis vs. O. C. Bprague et hI. In Equity?No. 4 . . r .i.P"^!l*nJc? of orderif the Supreme Court of the District er Columbia. bittia? iueiulty, !?*r'n,S d,4t* 2<th day of February. A. D. iV be nB'le"'g'ied, as receivers appointed by saidi cunr In thi' above anit. will sell at public ttS 'KlilWood Uon-e.' iH the city of r D? V," on- ^ r>NESDAY. the 2fth am cooioienciyf atlC o clock First?The leacehold of th?- establiihm>-nt wo|| knowu aa the -'Jilrkw^.d Home," a Its aivaatagee of location and a?-rau :ernent. r.'.'i .r w 'unrior. to any ether Hon I Id the yaara to rnn lease hai about aix . , . . ALSO. Immediately after thesale of the above, we ahall piocr.d to sell tbe Furniture and Li;juo<-i in the til i^ V contlno?' 'rom day to day until nil I:? uiflpot^d of ccmprifin? in pu t viz One^cellentRoaewood C*?e Piano! Cover, and One handsome large French plate Gilt frame slab'Table Ko*#Wo<x> Frames and Marble Thr^e Qreen Rep Parlor Snitea, coaslitinr ..f Tete a t? tee, Bofaa, t aetor and Side C hairs cic*V> ?reen ?ep n<1 k?ce Curtains und CorBix Marble-ton Center Tables and Oil P^intines 7lS? B?ee.M t,#"d Wood Up w,ln? Dri? Beveiity-tive tine aolid Walnut Bedstetds all c..mple:e, wltl. Sprlog Mattres?es stands T# M*rble *nd Wood w*'ni t WashThirty Painted *?r<-ssin? and other Bare^ns Kilty Paint.-d Wa-h.t?nds oureiua One hundred Cettage and other Bedsteads One hundred and irun Brussels. Three.niw 1. gram and other Carpets * *nTwo hnndred eood Hair and Hn^k Mattrtaaes one hnndred Feather Pillows aad Boiatera TWfo)TUDdr*d *Dd *'TeI,ly Bed*Pf?e*a aad CornOne hundred aad seventy pairaof good Blanket. Lav?e quantity of Booble ai d Siagla Sh< eta Seventy live Oak liinlag Cbalrs Twelve large Dining Tables Twenty Darnaak Table cloths aad 8e?anty S*e Napkins * HIxteen Worsted Table covera Ten Heavy.elated Oa-ters Five doxen Plated Forke Fiveds7.?n Plated 8p*ons Fonr doxea Iron handled Knives Twelve Plated Sugar Bowls ?wu doxea Plated Cream and Sirup Pitchers went) twe plecee of Oopper Caoking L'Uaails Gla?s and Orockeryware throughout tha entire house One excellent Iran Sa'a. la perfect order Office Furniture, conalatiag of De^ks. Setteea. Steves and Hnittoone One Sne Office Regulator. _ Also, Fonr Phelau'a Billiard tablea, with Balls and Ones, all in perfect order. With many oiber articlea, which wa deem nnneceassry to enatuerate Tbe above Furniture is of good quality tbrousliout the eatire bouse We call tbe attention of dealera, hotel keepers and tha public In general to thia sale, aa it la tbe largeKt collection of boueahold goads that has beau ! la the mat ket for e<-me time. Termacash. BATHANIFL WILSON,J ? JOHN F. BNNI8, < R-?ceivere. mb freoAda OBBEN A WILLIAMS. AucU. HI COOPER A LATIMBR, Auctioneers, Aa date clerks with Jaa C. Mcduire A Co.,) Southweet corker of renn'a avenue aad 11th at . Star Office Bonding. * CHANCERY SALE OF~IMPBOVBD PBOPBB TV ON iJOTH STREET WEtiT, BECWBBN E AND F STREETS, 1ST WABb. ?> *lrtae of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of the Dietrict ol Coltitubla, raased iu cause No. uM.equity '"Which Thomas Oo?an is complainant, and lane McMWtas ?t. ?!.. are defendante, tae underalgiieu. trustee, will sell, in front of the premise*, at V o'clock p ai . en THU RsDAf. the list d ?y of March, instant, part of Lot numbered ttva, 16.) in Square numbered one hundred aad twenty two, (122.) commencing on eonth side of said Lot iive. and running nerth in a line with and fronting ou Twentieth street wast 39 feetinch; thenoe eastwardly 155 feet and 10 lachea more or leaa; thencsoutbwardly 39 feet and S inch, and tbanca west wardly 15# feat and IU in<. hoe, more or leaa, to the place ef beginning. Terms of sale prescribed by the decree : Onehalf < ash, and tbe balance to be paid in 12 months for w hich tba purchaser will be required togiva i.Ib proml'sory note.bearlug interest from date endorsed to the satla'artion of tbetiustee; or the purchaser may, if be se dasiree, pay tha whole of ti-e purchase motey c??h, ot on. lialf caeh. and the balance|on the ratification of the aale by tha court. Title to be retaiaad until the wuole of the ptirchaaa money is paid and the ratified by tae court. Conveyancing and stamps at tba coat of the purchaser. EUGENE OABUSI, Trustee _ COOl'EB A LAT1MBB. mh 2 eoAda Auctioneers. IJT GBBEN A WILLIAMS, Auctio^ir^ ADMINISTRATORS S ALB?HORSES WA Llc"tj"'ros''','1NQ Dr,!i5ILS On WEDNESDAY, the 6th day of March, at 10 o'clock a. m^. we shall aell. on tha premise*, at tha placa called C. B. Galbert'e Picery, opposite Clarke Mills place,on ttia Bladanshurg raad ay order of tbe Hon. Orphans1 Court of the Dietrict of Columbia, the personal effects of the late Isaac Snowden, deceased, viz? Two fine Wark Horaes and Harneas Two Sprlag Market Wagons and Buggy One Hyree C*rt, Ploughs, Harrowa, Cradles, SadOna Lea Aonse and Frame Shanty About fifty five Bushels of Wheat, nart In Straw And many otber articlea which wa daem unnecee ary to enumerate. Tarma caah. By order of tbe Administrator. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. FTHI ABOVE 8ALB IS POSTPOBBD ON account of tt<* weather, until WEDNESDAY the 20th instant,at tba same place a^d hour. By order of tha Admlelatrator. mh 7-eaAoe GREBN A WILLIAMS. A acta. ?<ALB OF ?1SH 8TABB8. Tbe Fish Standa la the different markets will he sold to tha higheet biddar, for oash, on the following oaya: M"ch ? oiSiyA'T' *"*" r*IDlT' ? ?> 1 ? SSI ",DiT. ???ii?. ?10 ; ?VXSZfZL"- - M.r.k : Perecns now holding stsnda In the dlffarent ke.e can reteinthens~ y pay fag ' prica for such atand. pt^vlons > the day of7aU RICHARD WALLAOU m/A, Washington, March 12,18cT. ? i5 m7w 1 AUCTION SALES. BY ? i'UPfcK A LaTIMBR. Auctioneer,Lit>{ltik> vltk Jw C McGaire k Co.,) g< tth ?est corner of P?n'i iw mO lltfe fctar Office Hnildlii. YALIALB IMPKOVED~ASD CHIMPBOVBtt BEA1. F-TATB M&H PISS'A AVIhH AT Alt TIuIS Ob FklliA V AFIKBNUUN next. March tld. at Scdtxkl B..OI !b? premise* w?*1ll i*ll tU sesth 14 Vet 9 ncb?s o! Lot J?, is xjuere bo -is. inyrof*< M i lukwUDtitl aud well t>ui11 throe et-ry Hrich D??!!Idk. with a two iwri neck tnilding ooBtstisli g in all roarteen room*, wlta itr ttraugh< ct. ramp of water in y*fd. Also. Melninr tbe sbovs, snJ Immediately after. we will Mil trie north M feet Inch** of Lot Mo 27. Square 1*4. unimproved, except br b brick building on tue rear of tb? tot Both lot* hi<? drptb of 109 feet 10u inchM to b thirty foot pav~J Bll-y In th?* rear. The et>t <r described rsal estate b?l<sr*d to tbe late Col M. Noorse. and isai'uated on tfeo ?nt aide of Uth street, between B sud F streets north, atd near PeoBavlvanla Bveaue.end la welt worthy the attenton of pereoas deeiriog flret-ria?e property . there being littl* or bob* for aalo lo thia i nne4late neighborhood Possession lIub M,n, 18t>7. Term* Ous half caeh; balance In six monthe, with loternt secured by a deed of truat on the property. All convoyearing Bnd revsna) st*mps at cost of y.rcta-er. A deposit of flOuwill be required of be p\.rshs?er at time of aBia. WM * JOS B NO0BSB, Executors of M:-hael Monro*, mh7-eoAde COOPIB A LATIMBB. Aacta BY COOPEB A LATIMEB, Antloaeers. (Late clerks with J C. McGulre A Co..) Southwest orssr of Peansylvania avsnueacl 11th trest.Btsr OtBce Building By virtue of Bdaed of trust from Bsrdlnand B. Batslsr and wife, and Grafton I>. Hanaon trustee. dated tba 30tb Juns, A D., 1*66, aiid recorded In lit er -I. A. 8.. Mo I'M. folio* i>y. ft se.j . of th* land record* of Wssbingtou ocnty. Diatriot of Columbia. as surviving trustee, 1 will sell, at public aactlen. on MOND&Y. the rirat day of April. A. D. 1HJ7, at a-2 o'clock p. m la front of the premi*'S, the went thirty-one (Ji)feet by the deptn of the lot. Mo 4, Ib reeervation No ll The above property front* SI feet on the north Id* of B atreet north, between Id itiJ 3d itrtcta v?eet. exterds b*ck 170 feet. BBd i* improved with a two-story Brick Dwelling Hone*, with garret BBd baeemeut Terms of aale One third ca?h ; Bnd the halaace St six and twelve mouths. for whl b the notea of the purcbassr will fce taken, bearing tntereet from the day of 'ale, and alien r?-talnel on the premises aold. A deed will be given on full payment of the tarchase money. One hundred dollara repaired at the time of aale. All conveyancing aad stumps at costef the pnrcha?er If Wmsofeala are aot omplieg with Ib five dav* from tbe time of tale, the property witl be reeoid at the riek and roet of the defaulting purchaser, on live days advertiaemsnt in tbe Batioaal late! ligtncsr. HEM BY O. IMM3 Surviving frus^ae. ml It eoJtda COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aacta B~ Y COOPBB 6 LATIMBB. Anctlor eers, ~ (Lateclerk* with Jamee 0. McUnlre A Co .1 Bcntbwert corner PennayUania aocae and litb atreet, "Star Office Hnilditig." TBCSTEB 8 BALE OrTMPBOVBD PBOPEB T> AT AUCTION. By virtne of a deed ?f trnat dated the Zl*t day of February, A D., 18(4. and recorded in Liber B M. H. No. 16. telio .tt>4,one of tbe laud records for Washington County, D. 0.1 will aell, at Public Auction, in front of tba premise . at 5 o clock p. m.,on IVEoDAY, tbe 26th day of March, A U , lt*7, all that certain piece or parcel <>f ground ?ltnate. lying aad being in Wa-b net on cttv, D C, and known and diatingniahed apen the Moind. plan or plat of aald city as tbe aoath yawvr -OTt numbered eight. S,ila Biuar* Bgmh?rfmb.iMedred and fifty eicht^2id,fronting 28fe?<?5^!i Wueasv aide ol US atreet veat. between O audi#stream northi with a depth of one hnndre>miu: rvV #et ten aid ?ne half iiickaa (105 feet lis finrlS;g. i than alley, with the improvanienta tberedn. Tarina of aale : Vne balf caab,balanca In riand 12 monthe. with interest from day ef eale, *?- ure l tiv deed of trust upon tbe premise*. Terms to b* complied with In flretaye otherwise the tru?tee re serve* the right to retell at the riek and coot of the deiaultine pnrchaaer by giving 10 days notice in tbe BveDing Star. Allcoet of conveyancing and revenue atampa at theexpeaxe ot tbe pur< haaer. 9U0 required at time of aale. JOB W. AMQCB, Trustee. COOPBB A LATIMBB, mbl-34awAda Anctineera. OBEEN B WILLIAMS, Auctloaeera" TWO TWO BTOBT TBAME HODBB9 AMD LOTS OB ttUTH BTKEET WI8T. near M atreet north, at Public Auction ObTUEBDaY. tbe 19th instant, at 6o'clock p. IB., we shall sell, on tbe pr raise*, part of Lot Mo. 2>> In *<iuar* No 10U. with tbe improvements, consisting of two two etory Frame Hoti?e?, containIre five roetuaeach, which will make a comtwrt> able reaideace lor a-mall family. Terms One halt > ?eh; balance aix and twelve moiitha, for notes bearing Interest, and aecurod hy a deed of truat on tbe preunaea All conveyancing aad revenue stamps at the cost of the purcliasera. #C0 do? i> on each bouae when aold. in IJ d ?KBBM A WILLIAMS. AucU. IPY MAOLEB CO., Auctioneers. L> fialesrooni Mo Penn. avenue, Betweea 9tb and 10th st*. MAOLB A CO- will give their personal attention to the sale of Beal Beiate and Household Furniture. Also, to tbe salea of stocks of Oroceriew, Wtnee. Li inora, aud Merchaadise of every de scrirtion. Horses. Carrlagea. Harnees. Ac. Liberal cash advance# made on consignments. Regular Sale* at our alearoom overr TOESDA lr, TBCB8DAY; and BATCBDAY, at 10 o clock HAOLBAOO, jail tf Auctioneera. 'j1 K U 6 T E B 'S BALM. In pursuance af a power of aale vested In me hy a deed of trust, executed to me by Oeorgo W. Mttchel and Cornelia B. Mitchel, hia wtte, of Washmjrton city, District of Columbia, dated <-u the 2?ih da* of August, 1865 pnd recorded in Li tor E B. P , Ho 3, folio t.tS. Ac., one of tbe laud re-ords of Montgomery c. unty. 1 will offer at public sate and aell to the higheat bidder, at Baker'a Botel. In tbe villagw ef Ciarkaburg. in Montgomery county, Md , en WBDMBBDA Y. the litb cay ot March, in the year eigh.eon hundred aad sixty seven, at 11 o'clock a n .all tbe follow Ing oeecribed leal estate.situated in Montgomery ! county State of Maryland. Theae lande lie near Claikaburg. Monigomar) oouuty, and adjoin tbe property of Bufua King, Perry Browning. Baail Heal I and ot bare One of the tracts is nartof a tract ef land called "Trouble Bnongb In l ed." I containing six hundred and sixty acres uflaad, it being the same land heretofore conveyed by C harles Hendry and Claanor Hendry his w tie. to ; aid George W. Mitchel, by deed dated en the jstb day of Aagaat. Ist5. Tbe other belb? part of a tract of land called " Bosurvey on Maple BraBch,?, i heretofore conveytd to said Oeorgo W . Mttchel by Ann Boper. ana containing thirty bvea. resof land. This land Is under a good state ef cultivation, situated In a healthy *efghborhoo4, well watered, and under very good fon< ing The improvements coaslstot two oomfortaole log dwel . lings. g>od stable, corn bouses, aud other noees- { sary out-buildiBes; also, f?ar good tobacco- ! housea. The above described tract t? snaceptihle of bolns divided Into two or throe convenient farma Persona wishing to look at tbe property can do eoiby calling on Mr King, residing oa tbe land. I who will take pleasure in ahowiog it. Terms of sale: aa- third ot tbe purchase money to be paid on the day of sale , tbe residue of the purchase money to he paid In one and two yeara from the dav of sale, the purchaser or pnrcha- > aers giving hie. bar or their notea, wttb approved aeeiirity. bearing latereet from thedayofsala Ob pav metit of the whole nir<'b-?se money a deed will be executed by tl.etru-tee. tbe purchaser paying ax penaea of preparing tbe deed and atampa. pay OB w* JOHM TT WILLIAMS. Traatea fe C3 dta _ LEVI VAN BoSBBB. Auct. rpBCBTEBB SALE^OF_ALL'ABLE BEAL By vlrtae of a decree of the Circuit Court fer Prince George'a aoanAf, eittiug aaaco irt of cjulty. passed in a cause therein depending, wfceroin James O. McGuIre A Oo are complainants, and Mbtcuk Du Val is defendant, the auba?riber, aa trustee, will expo?e to public aal<, on th pramlses. on MONDAY, the 2Mb of Marca. 18-7. at 12 o'clock m , (if fair, if aot, on tbe nextfalrday thereafter,) the Beal Batate of Marctie lm Val, known as Hj? Harbor,'* situated la Priuca George's county, about out mile from Good Ln< k, containing l.i2 Acre*, more or less, and adtotning tbe land* of toalter H. Hllleary. the beira of Tbomaa Hall, and Col. Oden B wie. The above land ia covered with a heavy growth of oak and Cheeaur Timtier. aad being located in coavenlent distai c* to the Baltimore and Ohio and Baltimore and Potomac railroad, will sapply an unllinlt'd jnantlty of railroad ties. Terms of tale . Cash on the da> ef sale, or on the ratification thereof by thecouif. with later st from the da\ of sale; and en payment of the whole purchase nsnty the property will ba conveyed, in lee, to the pnrchaaer r .. Ptamos and conveyance to be at the cost i' tba purcbUer BICHABD B. B CHEW, mhe.otd Truttra DBPABTMBMTOF THB IBTBBIOB, UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, Washington. February u. 186/. On tba petition ofLUOYA POPB, adminatratiix af the eetate of Augustus B Pope, deceased, of gomervllie Massnchusetu. praying for tne extension sf a patent granted to the said Aagostus B Pope tne 2let day of June, li4J, for an improvement In Blectro Magnetic Alarms, for aeven years from the expiration of aald patens, which takes place oa the 21st dav of J une, 1867 : It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Odkce on Monday, the 3d day of June next, at IS o'clock M : aud all poraoas are notified to appear and show cause. If any tney nave, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extensinu are required to file In the Fataat Office their objectloas, peclally set forth In writing, at le^sttweuty days before the Bay of haarlng; all testimony filed by either party to be ueed at tbe said hearing mart be takea aad transmitted in accordance with the rulee of tbe office, which will he furnished on appllcatiea. Deposlttona and otnor papers renea upoa aa testimony must be filed in the office twenty days before the dav of hearing: the arguments. U nay, within ten days after filing the teett meuy. Ordered also, that this notice be published latho BeaobUcan and tbe national Intelligencer. WaahiD?toa. D C , and ia tbe Journal. Boston. Mas* , ance a week for three saocsssiva weeks; tba Brat of aald publications to be at least sixty days Commisaloaer of Patents. P. B.?Editors of tba aboti papers wHl aieaee oopy. and eaod their blllato the Patent Oflico, with b paper contaialag this notloo. fetl-lawSw >H1B IB TO OIYB BOTICB, That tboaabacftber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, In the Dlatrict of Columbia, lettere testamentary M the personal estate ef Bnr. jIs Botel, late of Waablagton county. D. C.. deceased. All pera?na baving claims against tbe said deceaaed, are hereby waraed to exhibit the aaaae, with the voacbera thereof, to the subscriber, oa or befors the Itb asy of Marah a ext.- they amy otberwiea hy law be exeladed from all bsasit of tne mb 6 lawSw* lis?ttli. | _ bailkoads. ! ?out? 1867 sffiviime^v to th**01thwif^0cth. andbottbo .b- *fwvt,b ?oh?ddlu insvaltotv*0'*"*' ? tr*? ??h waablngton 7 *a id i bamlaaore j u a ?...9 w i * ...u }0 % m* the doibli tbaoeboctib ob" with elegant hcbkkby pa|?r. sli/rm m day and night ( ra. with n odern imarflvei?en<e w */' ? fro* j?" to lwi? houraln ttaaottr ary other ronu., two hnadred bill iwi 2, wntm uo ootral maw york *? two 1 >ally tralna to tbe waat. paaeeagera bj tbla roete rr<>a baltimore hava the advantage t f mak ag all chauaea ia l'hiom depots klldno febsles ^ " uniom tlok-te by tbta roata ran ba pr oca red at tba ofbca. ooraar 6th atreet anj pennaylvania avenue, under the national hot?l. where reliable laforaiaiioa will ba fflvan at all ttmea pnaaengera procuring ticket* at tbla office ran aeytire aacomm?dauoaa la sleeping cara for elmire or pltubarc. j wile1nb. ticket ager.t. _ waabi a?ton. o o. *da> b,-..tocas,' ?*b fm.aaht, j aaltiaora, md._ dally thboioh iinrbbtwibn w ami i m.o tom * l^hh-adblpuia and new vobe. - withi!?#toi? jaa. 0. 186t. .o3^^^,t^r^m,n?t0,, ^#w tort f v** * * * loee.wltkaat change of ear*. sot ? <e*ca?t sunday i at 7 46 a a. aad phtm* hbw toek'ebm?1??oar? at pmlada*(except pcn.layt at u:ua ant t < w p. m. i _ - rol philadelphia. ? < *< ?? inadar ) at 7 a and ii li a. m , and 4 90 and 4 v m , . . blmdat. a on" rk "4 pblia#l?hla at ? p. buying cara for hew t*rk on < b> p a trala i dally. j through tlckata to philadelphia, maw tort, or boa ton, caa ba bad at the htatioa office atall boar* la tha day. aa wall aa at tba aaw office in tbe baakera and broke ra telegraph line, 84? pa ba. avenue, stwaii 6th and rtfc atreeta. baa baltlnora aad ohio battread advertlaemei.% tor ac bed a la between waaklnitai, baluaaara, abbepolia, and tba waat j, l. wilson. m eater ol trenapartetlca. t m cole general ticket agent 8. eooetz, agent. wealing ten. ualtimobb and ohu) baTlboad. Wa?hi?*to!i, jaa. 6,1967. traina betwean wash ingto!) amd baltimobe.and washington and tbs wbst ra now rna aa follawa, rir : _ ? .. mm baltimobjk '" fi ????t bmaday. at r^n, tm, a? 11 ma. m , and 20a, am 4 ?. a. . ^ fob all way btatiobb. ,tUu lm fo* way itatiohb^uth of abbapoli* ^laataat l:uaadmn a.a.aod a? i #n and 4 ? ' , . fob annapollb. laara at 7.45 a. a., and 4 w p.m. bo trala? to or from asoayolla ob soaday un alaufct. fob balt1mobb. laata at 1:U a. m.. aad stm aad ? 9. aa. fob way btationb. 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