Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1867 Page 1
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/ V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. I>. C.. TUESDAY. MARCH 19. 1867. N?. 4.377. the T:vemng star luhuicmik sxcmt1d' AT THE MAH BliLDlJIO, jfti^, Cirrur ftn? a.G.tem*e -*4 uja tirtti. t w. ix wallacii. It* ?TAK i* HiTtd by tao earners :? ttf .r f is '-he City atd Di?triot a: T?? v *yi? i?b * bbk. Copiee at u? oektar,w?'-h if wlthoat wrappers. Two Cest* each. Fairs rca M a:lisg ?Tkr*o aietttht, Otf ?vw?r a/f* cc?.*?; it* met. the. rvr<? bdt>te year, Fire Dt.*iars. >'o p*p*f* j"# Mil fr< B :be cfflco lender tfcan p*>d tor. TUWLLkLY bTAR? pabluhe* cn Friday acrsir.f?Dil'ar ?v? a // ?/ ? '<l*r ?i?i?w?i PAWNBROKERS Bit bhstine s loan office_ . 4i3 ?:betr<et. .jdeoor eoutb oi Psbb u?ii hokct ei *jbo t. salt fm'ca-iriil fr<4.kd we'c <ov ?*rf, l*4i(i ?inr ijx a l?c"b. brksbtlsb. ?' a l s h ' s t'E v TK 4 L lo<.v cff'fF, jts 4m wtk itr-*., i'bf <'.wr t tlan p?n eve *l t w*j kn< wo Office nitM xov lib imal advance* r~\ ( b i>:ea.> ode, ?>old ltd HMver ? st -he'q %t ck tl di. Furniture, acd Me'eLatcite <1 tf?:y ?-pei ??erj day fisnt Scncay frrm i n. m ic t B. Ji. e.-ItiitMi etrict.y confidential. 'e j.< | Tt 1 L 1 t fi I U 1 > i i . s p b c i a l. sotic1, (babli*tik;'8kko. ^fcmi?r to lute hfnbori a Sib. 'it a> e cordc-t-d the p?wtbr? It.a - BcelBeso ?r r.'iwt ;?iri In tl.ia city, (?r tw*i?i /0\ years the amy PawLbrcker :a the Metric*, jl^ jl bod of thankiag their rmrcc'u v aed u.e pntllc for the confidence heretoforeshown mem. end beg Wive to cell tr.elr attenton to the ml the: we till < onttnue to Bike the highest advemcee In ell ?nm? npen ell erticlee of Jewelry, d amend*. Watrbee, Bond*, Boeertitusnt .Bcr! p, Hlver Plate, Ac.. for which ff hove superior t.acee cf deposit eed ee'-urlty, which will always s ibowt for the ?atUfe<-tir>b < f teoae patron! xlng mt we here special f?-t'.itifor the care end ?reservatii>a of Waarlcg Apparel of every deaf r.ptloa. Woolen*, a-?., cn which the hlghee* el ?ance- ere made, fuereewinc whfb recnlred meiaet moth, eid elwey* against In. rry Having b iarge warehonae in -ci Dection with onr effce, we he?e *p*rial feciiitlea for aterage of el! klcde ef MarchBBdiae. FBraltnre, Ac., on wht'-h we bbake the higheet edrea e? for deya. week* or moatha. wh call e?p?clel attention to the fact that ewlng to tne lerge capital employed In oar tneiBeea. we can niefce a^tancea at auch ratea of later eat aa to defy competition we aetl bo go*da uatil the expiretiou of aiz months e'ter their forfeitara, end thee only at pabllc anction drat el * ibb amyle notiee throngh the varioae city >oaraate to all depo^rtera. By thie meene d<-poe't< with ba are cevar loat if their redemption la da ired. we call retrial ettention to onr arraaee bxbu for forwarding good* to ai;y pert of the reentry, arrangement* which afl exp?-rien e of f ftees year* bee braaght to perlectioa. DetoeIt-or* are eaaMed b' Ihi* neaan to r*de<m their C?.fd* from oar office ne Batter where they wer e located Full inT rrxatlon el? e> a giteu PrlTBte apartmetile for rcnt.det.tial bu-ine?# n b ? Weheve no eonne< Mon with BByaitailar e?tat ttahoient in thie?ity. b>-fer to an* ?Id re-Jdent cf WuhiDftoi Benember hcbxbbkg's lets Irttre. 331 north o street, between aci 6tb, Weehlcgten. p ??. 1^1 ob by : mobbi^ monbyiji h pb1mcbb nbwly k8tabli8hed loan orricK, 377 Pa. an., next to Potenini'aConfectionery. Meney 1< aned oa every dea^rlptien of aelable ercbei.dise. eepecielly Watchea, Dia /<>v et.ds and fir>e Jewelry. i csn a*anre i theee who maj faTor me with ther petron-%9 v age tbet the; wiil boc regret havltig done -o i? b - Private d >or erd office. Person* not wishing to enr.r the public office will ring the BceMj. fe2C-la* Tbb old bbtablismad f1bh of 8, goldbtbin a co.. Ll(tM>ID I'AMN 1>E0KEBj. 34 focb and a half >tibbe t wbst, near p?bbs)lvania avenue, ofsr the bigaeet caeh ed>aticee on all kiadeof Merchandise, to atiy amonnt and for any tlaee desired, at re*sonabl- ratee aw1 lite-est on large eow>? greatly reduced ^ d Bneineaa strictly confidential. Good'bcngbt for cash axdaold at private ante. fe 21-ly DENTISTRY. Db. lbw1k u dental a>^wl1ai10n, Bo. 360 fi.nn'a ave , Between mh ead Uth streets. Teeth extrected without fain by admlnaterlng Bltri :.a Oxyde er Laughing (iaa. dr.^y^ lewie haa recently purchased tLe 1 ihen.ic?l Apparatus m the conntry for^*'' '-** naBlcg doce gaa every day; alee, an improved val aier Inhaler The Association ie now prepared tc make Teeth on Gold, Sllve- bt.bber at Hew ifrh. Philadelphia end ,< -"ion puree. All peret^ke wishing dent*1 \???rs done can have it aach-ap aa in the above-^naiec. cltie*. All work done ia the Beateet and oeet manner, and warranted to give eatiefactioB Peraone will do well to rail ad exemine onr work. deS4-tf rr I 1 T B . 1 b|. look is, m p.. The InvenUr m.d Pau-n?ee of tne hibbbali plate teeth, atlande personally at^a^ hie officeln thie city. Many persons cacm^np wear these teeth who eawnot wear others, **w and no verson can wear other* who canaetwear Perec neeelllng at ay office oan be accoBnaodated with any atyTe and price of Teeth they may de elre, tot to thaee who areaartlco1ar,aad wiah the Crest, cleaceet, Btrongeet and most perfect denre tbet art can ?rocnre.tbe mihb&al tbbth win be Bore fnlly warranted. boosa la thla elty?no 33** Fean'a eveaae betweeB Vth and 1Mb rte. Alec. *07 Arch etreet, Fblladelahla. oc ? Iv PERSONAL. B? CCBTI? IBVLNQ, riarrrevant, mmd Tint Mtdimm.will give life readmga, tnclndiug Peat, Preeent and latere at her office, 4 jo, nertb aide of pa at., between ?% aad (tb "treela. Offioe beers from V to : a m. and Itoli b._ jb 3i 2m* Cobpidbnt1al ?Tonne men who have Inrnrad tbemaeive* t>y certain eecret hablta, which enflt them for bnainesa. aleaacre, or tbe dodaeof married life; aleo, middle aged and old Ben. who. from the fulliee of yonth. or oti^er cscm feel a debility ie advanoe of their yeare. befera placli.g themeekvee cader tb** treatBeat of aaj oae. should firet read "Tbe Becret Friend " Maxned ladiee will learn something of Importance by ternemg "Tbe Secret Friend. ' bent to any ad drees, in e eealed envelop* ?n receipt of it rente. Aildreee Dr. 0ha8 a fltvabt a co.. Boeton. Maae bo t ly hotels, restaurants, ao. j. iskwood ho08k. ( fee Pt*na. fresk mn<i Tictlftk wa-*in* < a, if. C. aSfl^lX (ttcated In the moft central locat!oa the city, Bldway between the capitol and pbxt*idertkal mansion, ?nly b abort distance from ail the Degnrtaente, Patent and Poet Offices, SuilthscBian LnetUate, ate. h h dudley a co., ell-tf Fravrfatoi*. ^botbotbd l.hlbtteeh pateat cf england, and aeenred by the eeeie of tbe Bcole de Phnrmacie de Parle, aad the Imperial tsh?|e of ma^'it ?oe, Tioaaa. Trieeemar Bo. 1, ie the effectnal remedy for Be laxatioa, Spermstborrhoea, and Bxhanetlon of 4aeSy*tea. Trieeemar Ho. 2 haa eatiroiy aaper?e<led tbe aaaaeoea nee of Coeavla, Cnbebe, Ae trteaemeqpp ? Ie the Infallible remedy for ali lasporltteBBad Secondary Symptome. thci obvf. at'cg^a?bwof mereary aad all other ^oleterlooa prefaratloB Is 1b the foraa of a moet agreeable Loaoage l>acnred frem tbe effecte of cllacate and chaagee of atmoephere. la tic > aeee. u ?9 each, er fonr #3 cases In oae for fl, and la ij cases. tone saving f| Divided la eeperate doeee ** admlniaterod by te|pe?a, Sal ibb a ad a, Bona, w"ht4eeale aad retail by Dr. babbow, Bo. lv? Blaecker lUtst. Hew t?gk .To be had aiaoof b. <t fobd. 10.390 Fean', miabi.eoraer Uth at, eefi-lr "jo kw* ba?*d b j?well > pure unadulterated rrsitJum New fork City (soap, frnuium family soap, Premiom flannel 80ap, And No 1 bbuwn soap. _'?t ckeap for caan Ordere throegb tbe Foe: ofc- e will be proaptly attended to m anfacuirer'l xi'lim and 4t-. Ost Berth, bet. ith and tth. jall tn i^|acaebbl abd oodfi8h. umc poondj large sb6bb codfish, et berrele No 1 mackbbel 4nst re. elvedaad for Bale at oar wharf, at tbo loot of beveatA at. b. p. BBoffH a sou. OOBmieeloa Merchant*, delt tf Mo. 46b Kiatb *t , hot. e sod r w*7 ebabb a co b pianos, rsiaca s eov^oi fer aala aad reat oa oaey tarau. a; Ho. ?9? nth "" "^ o'.tsfcsssstoa. Fbbmcaby 1?, 1 *67. ?All eerscas Baring imi erticlee ib my shoo for repairs, pre none to lb# 1st of January, ere re-jneateo t< call and get th<k e*r?rw !se they will be bold at pcbltc anot?ta ob tac tat of March to pay tbe cbargee thoreet.. john J. p b a b 0 m . Gun aad LockiBltb. as 14 Sin Ho 4 t 4 f? street. i hcicb nfth. hapi^b fw*.oceeahts, * kPTCBB. Ac, , tc eoif tble aartieola* eea t Ftr ib> tp * m. f. * ?pl. Be : p.'ate.' e C.RLAT SALE tr ENGRAVINGS, :* A'o if tkk I't^TITrT* AND OBFHAN SONS pf or* ECLniB? AND SAILOR?, A.KD A rilSISTATIOS WILL f* ft IVES AT WA8B1NGT0N, D C., ON THIBSDAI, APRIL 4, 1*67, The luatltntlon for whose benefit tbie enterprise is conducted waafounded forth* purpose of grataltcnsly educating the aone of deceased 8t Idler* and 8- iniii of the Cntte<l States Row pupil a will be received after April 4, upon complying with requirements. Tbe pcrchaaer of each Er.grariiig for one dollar wil; be given ? certificate entitling tb>- bolder to a abare in th? sward of pre*eata. LIST OF PBP.SBHTS. 1 Troye'e great e<ineetnan portrait ef General Scott a the led atairway of the Capital - *20.000 1 ?1?,0H? ia gold 13,CO 1 Greenback, U. 8 6,0Un 1 Greenback. U. 8 2.000 8. Bond* 6 ?? 10 foe ...? i.ouu to) *100 " Greenback* B i?0 100 *80 " " ?.(K)0 )?* *25 *' *' J.300 1.0?>'fin ' " lU.Of*) ijU<0 95 " " - 10 "00 16.14*.'91 " '* H.OllO 2 Buildmtj Lota?n Eleventh Afcme. New Y<rk - Itj, fre** of encumbrance . 3,13.' 1 8et Diamond Barrin-a :oo 1 Diamond Pin 50) 1 St?in?ay Piano l,00o 4 < ! lettering Piao< a, .luOOeacb . 1,400 2 M?*on A Baml n'e Parlor Organs, *l,0u0 each 2,000 10 Sewing Machines, >100 each 1.0?n 10? Kamih Sewlnv Machii ea, 97:> each .... 7m ) It G?-nt?? Gold Watbea. fir*) each 4,002ii ladies ' ? 130 each 2.6GJ 20 Gents'* Oold Gueril Cbaina, 9lii0oa< h . 2.000 It) Lad lea " 9lOO each.. 2,000 it Silver plated Tea 8ete. 976 each lrS7it 1 GeaU'Saddle and Bjuipmeuta, -91'*0 ...... liv 1 Ladiea " I5n 1 K re water *a Bug--y ?oo 8 Seta of Harneao, $Mia< b gw MX) Subacripti.-na Weekly Tribnne, 92eacn 1,'?0 'AO " " Herald, #2 * 1,000 too " Harper's Monthly, $3 " ),S00 80* " Atlantic Monthly, fl " 1>> f00 " National Frseooaaon, $4 " 2,00o 1 Painting, David Plating tbe Harp before Haul 1,,-A) 1 relating. Undine an<i Ariadne . i,<? 1H* Handsome Engravings, 95 each S.ow 91S0 000 Engraving* to tfce amount of 600.000 will b ac'd, and all funda received are to be depsiite I with J AT COOK B A CO., ? Firat National Bank of Washington, O. O., to be held by tbf fer tke t eneflt of the Institution. BOW TO OBTAIB EN U SAVINGS Ordera nay be a?nt tone eneloaing the-ion^y, from one dollar to twenty-five dollara, in a ragiatered latter or by poat office order, at our rlak. Thoae wiabing lurauiji aent muat eacleae ten centa in atampe to cover expenaea. Laraa amount* afcocld be tent is draita or by ezpreaa. PB1CB LIST : Fer 91 f? a handtrn.e Engraving. Ftr 2.O0 " " of larger ola?a. Fer 3.00 For 4.00 " For 5M " For C.0C " ? For 1?.?> a apiendid American Chromo. For 2' .00 " German or French Cbromo. By bnyinir warka of art in large Qtiantitlee wo are enabled to give partiea yurchaaiag from ua tke uine kind of engravinga that are aold in any tore, tor tba aaa e priea; and. in addltloa, we will give a caitiflcate which entitlea the hold^ to a? interest in the awarg of premiums for each dollar invested in the purchase. Address all ordera and communications to KIHKBDY A OO , I'snca ??eu? Wasbfngtoa, D. O., Lack Bex 41. I 8PB< 1AL NOT1CB. To tke military crgatiiat on inlluaaclng tbe 'e of sncravinge will be preaented a haadi< n.e Begimentai Standard. .' artier pnrchaalng Engravings will vlewe ad ^ tk* agents to ?klcb reglmeat, Ac.,they?iealre to credit tbe; r ??r. haae. Tboetfdeairig lo act as sgei U will apply for irirmauec. mk7 eel* J % t 1 ? ! et lv;j/ ,.(J , . I . TELEARAMS, kt. Llecicn returns frcm all but 14 tewnsof vew Hampshire foo* op ? Harrimau, M.*j , Sinclair. 31.664. Th* remaining 14 towns lcsf year gave Smytbe <> and *m' lair S 4 rh" Ltfi6i&tnre thus tar Kinds?Republicans, 179; Democrats. 1 <_ I. Towns not reported la*t year elected 27 Republicans ami vH Demo-rats. if hey elect as Jast year, the Republican majcrity will be about ?4. The eew brig Cbarle* E. Savage. foar fifeen tons burden costing V^c-JO, mid wh, -b sailed from Baltimore on tier drs' trip tor tharleston, S. C., with a lull cargo oI corn, ha* b?en totally lost at ?n The captain aiid crew were saved and carried .nto Savaunab. Tbe stock of g-am in the New York market amounts to one million lour hundred and nine thousand bushel* of wheat, uue million seven hundred thousand bushels of corn, and on? million eight hundred and eighty thousand br.sbels ot oat*. it is asserted that I ranee, Austria. and Russia have made a joint proposition to the Turk-fc isb Oovenmen' for the cession of the Island of Candia to Greece. > Samuel Washington, late of Cnlpeper, Virginia, and grandsori of <ieorge Wellington, died at l)el]>h:, Ohio, yesterday morning, aged ti j ears. I A London dispatch of yesterday says ?One ol the iron-clad ships of tbe fleet a: Woolwich has been sent to Liverpool. Dispatches from Constantinaple report ?ha? b" Sublime Porte shows a disposition to grant the demands of the Viceroy ot Egypt. St. Patrick's day was celebrated in N^w York, Cincinnati. Baltimore and other cities yesterday, with great entbusia-m. ( .Maryland Annual Conference oi the M?thodist Protestaut 1 hurt h. VlFTtl DAY ? HON DA V Her. F. M. tlawkins requested to be left without an appointmei.t?granted. The ca?e of John Watts. an applicant for ibe 1'ineracy, was otdered tobelelt with the j resident. Rev Dr. D. E. F. Ewell, chairman ol committee on tempeiance, reported resolutions: That we view with alarm the fearful increase of intemperance, and the sad In-roads it is making in the morals of the country, and the peace and happiness of communities; that we en er onr solemn protest against the use of ardent spirits as a beverage, and all 'raffle in it except for medicinal purposes; that we express our deep abhorrence ot intemperance a? a vice, and that it is our duty to make unceasing and vigorous efforts in the use of all proper means to suppress it; adopted. Rev. James M. Elderdice, chairman of the committee on statistics, reported as follows: Tetal number of members in the diairict, f-,p51; 1.JJU5 probationers, 3*2 ministers, 20 preachers. 167 chnrches, '2!? parsonages, value of church property, M7l,OoO;4 colored members, 153 Sabbath schools, 1,837 teachers, 9,43:1 scholars, number of volumes in library, 30, o&t. Thereport was adopted. The relation of Rev. J. M. Dennis, who is ?oo nnweii to be present, was continued as supernumerary. The Conference organized itself into the electoral college, for the purpose of selecting delegates to the General Convention to be held on the first Tuesday in Miy next a' Montgomery. Ala Dr. .Augustus Wehster was called to the chair, and li'-v. David Wilson was selected as secretary. The Chair announced that this Conference was entitled to nine ministerial and nine lay delegates in the General Convention. The report of the vote for delegates to the General Con vertion was read, and it was ascertained that Rev. Dr. John J. Murray and' B H Richardson were all that had received a majority of votes ?Bait. Sun. From Mexieo. r*F.w York, March I-. ? The steamship Columbia, from Havana, with Vera Cruidates to the >th instant, and City of Mexico dates to the ?'<.th ultimo, has arrived Maximillian is reporied to b? at t^ueretaro on the _>i;th tilt., at the head ol O.ihni men, with Miramon, Marquez and M?*jia. The Liberal advance guard uader General Escobedo was thirteen miles distant with the main army, consisting of 13,000 men, in close proximity, and a battle is considered imminent. The garrison of the City of Mexico hiu- been much weakened by reinforcements being sent to U?eretaro, and there were constant alarms iu the city. General Diaz with a strong force is in the neighborhood. Puebla and Vera Cruz are surrounded by th Liberals and will be captured by them as so >u as the French embark. The Uustom-Hou?>ha been delivered by the French to the Imperialists, subiect to a monthly impost of vy),(*xi. several influential citizens have been sent to Yucatan. Bazauie is expected to embark on March 5. Juarez was at Zacatecas, which fac t disproves the statement ot Miramon s victory. Bazalne's safe has been robbed of ft3?4,(Mio. Over one thousand French troops bad embarked prior to the first instant. There was no communication between the City of Mexico, Vera Cruz, and Puebla. Maximilian was frequently attacked en route to (-Ineretaro, ana one er bis personal staff was killed. Fenian Affairs. Tbkotit?. March IS.?A Fenian spy was arretted at the Suspension bridge on Saturday. He bad been followed from this city by detectives. wh? on searching bis satchel fonud a plan of the city of Toronto and plane of its bangs and principal public buildings, maps of 'he Niagara frontier, and a list of the names of the judges who have sentenced the Fenians at the recent trial. He is said to be a relation of one of the con victed Fenians now In the penitentiary. He was brought to this city" this morning, and it is expected that ihere will be important developments at his trial. It having b?*en understood that the Hibernians intended to parade the streets yesterday the police authorities were in?trncted not to permit any band of music to play on the street, and not to allow any assemblage of persons carrying banners. Ac , as it wa< calculated to create a breach of the peaee. The procession consequently did not take place. The parade of a Fenian military company tbrongb the streets to-day and their departure for M?para Fall- to attend a ball created great excitement on the Canadian side. Buffalo is lull ot Canadian spies, who are watching the Feniau movements. Maryland Lkoimi.ati-kk ? In the Senate yesterday, a message from the House asking for the return of the Susquehanna boom bill gave rise to some debate, but the Senate refused to return the bill, on the ground that it was a law. The act amending the charter of the Maryland Institute was passed. The act makinr valid the apprenticing of negro cbildrin since ls-ijl was passed. The militia bill was taken up. An amendment was adopted making the salary nf it??? Inspector General instead ot Whilst an amendment was pending giving th* appointment of this officer to the Governor, instead of making him elective by the Legislature, the death of Mr Hutton,a member of the House, was announced, and the Senate ad journed. In the House, the bill to allow colored persons to testify m courts of law was rejected for want of a constitutional majority?yeas 30, nays If). A reconsideration will probably be moved and the bill passed All the Repablicans voted in the affirmative with a minority of the Democrat*. The Balnmore and Petomac Railroac bill was postponed. Whilst the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal bill was under discussion the death of Mr. Hutton, member of the House, was announced, and further proceedings suspended. Mr. Jones, from the joint committee on Federal relations, subemitted a long repoit, concluding with resolutions refusing 'be ratification of Maryland to tb? constitutional amendments. A vote of thanks to Mr. Peabody was passed. 99- By a vote of 4* yeas to 45 nays, the Virginia House ot Delegates passed a bill to prevent drunkenness and disorder at elections. The provisions of this bill are striugent?forbidding all persons, licensed or nnltcensed from -elling or giving away liqaor. either by wholesale or retail, at any locality near a place of voting, aud punishing every offender by a fine of not less than twenty nor more 'ban one hundred dollars, and by Imprisonment no exceeding two months W Savs a Paris correspondent. The coming spring costumes are to be made of satiu undershirts. velvet over-tunics, either dented, vandykedor scolloped, with tight fitting c.isaquies, having long saiin >a*b ends behind. Those in black or the new stiade ainarantbe (bright claret) are the most elegant, and can be wjrn for visiting. S7*lt is reported tbat the "water" of an Artesian well at Corpus Chrisri, Texas, which the people of that place nave been u-ing for varions disordei*, turn* vut u> be pure kerosene oil. 'Vli* Ji..' I reXGRESMOXAL. S*??atk.? Yeserday afternoon, after oar report closed? The motion of Mr. liow ird to refer tbe credenfaia ol Hon r F. Thomas. Senator elec; from Maryland. to ti.e Conirnit ee ouiheJutnciary, a as fm ther debuted by Messrs. Trumk-" ^shiftman. Morion, Sanlsoury. 8tewar\ ,lchi,<on ai d Oonnees until .J P lD ^*ben, on motion of Mr Qrirnes,further consideration of tbe subject was postponed until 10 day. Mr PomToy introduced a bill for the consolidation of tne Indian trih< ?, and tbeerecit'ii of a qualified territorial governmen" for the Indian-; also, a joint resolution to authorize tne cinunandinp general to permit 'rariers to r< main at certain post* Referred to tb#> Ccmmit'ee on Indian Affairs. Mr. Fowler called up tne joint resolution dlje< tinpthe Secretary o! War to furnish the ^ate government of Tennessee witbarms and quipments for -..\5U> militia Mr. Fowler, in explaining the necessity lor to is resolution, said I nicn men were assassinated in Tennisgee. Mr. Pa'tersoa Inquired if rebel* were not being shot down also Mr Fowier uiti not know, but be hoped so. Mr Butkalew said it was not necessary to pa?? this bill to relieve Tennessee from the prohibition put upon otner States lately in rebellion against arming their militia. He cor.Id see no reason for the passage of the measure. 1 be resolution w&spaseed. Mr. Trumbull called up the supplementary r# construction bill, the question npon whicb was concurrence in the Honse amendment to the Senate amendment. The tlrs:amendment, which was uuimpcrtaat in its character, was agned to. j The second amendment was to require a majority otali the registered voters Mislead of ashy the Senate bill a majority of the votes I cast to adopt a State constitution. A debate occurred on this proposition, which I tvas disagreed to. Tbe next amendment of the Hot;?e relates to I the punishment for swearing falsely ander I this act. It was agreed to. The bill now goes back to the Honse, and the I question th?re will be on receding frern tbe amendment disagreed to by the Senate. I At 4.4"t, on motion of Mr. Sherman, the SenI ate went into executive session, and soon after I adjourned I Horn*.?Yesterday afernoen ? I Senate ameudment (in tbe nature of a snbI stitutei to the House bill supplementary to the

I act ol March 3, to provide for a more efficient governmentf or the rebel States, and to facillI tate restoration. I Mr. Wil*on. (Iowa) from Judiciary ComI mittee, moved 10 amend the first section by adding to tbe prescribed oath a clause tbat the | person proposing to vote ha* never b*>en a member of any State Legislature, nor held any I executive or judicial office in any State aud I afterward engaged in insurrection or rebellion I against the L'nited States, or given aid or comI fort to tbe enemies thereof. I Wilson, (Iowa) moved to amend tbe I fifth section by striking out the words reI quiring the vo'es cast to be at least one-half of I all tbe registered voter* voting upon tne *iuesI tion of ratification. Agreed to. On motion of Mr. Sneliabarger, the word I "rendered" was prefixed to the word -electI or*. Mr. Wilson, (Iowa) moved an amendment I to the sixth section by adding a proviso that any person knowingly taking and subscribing I to the oath falsely should be subject to all th? I pains *ud penalties of perjury. Agreed to. I Wilson insisted on the previous question: and under its operation, the Senate I amendment as amended was concurred in. I . StDute amenilmfnt to House joint resolution I in relation to the coin and bullion of the RichI mend banks on special deposit In the TreasI ury, was concurred in; and the lointresoluI tion goes to the President for his siguatnre. Thom,11? offered a resolution providing that the testimony taken by the Judiciary I L'Onaraitteeof the iast House concerning pnbI lie affairs in Maryland, now in the custody of I 'be House, be committed to the I Committee on the Judiciary, with instractious | to complete tbe inquiry; also, to inquire I whether the people of Maryland have a State government lepubllcan iu form, and such as I Congress cm consistently with the ConsUtnI tHi!? r*,c?knize and quaraatee. Adopted. Mr. Scbenck asked leave to introduce a iomt resolution suspending all proceedings m refI erence to payment for slaves drafted or received as volunteers in the military service of the L otted States. I The joint resolntion was introduced and I passed. I Mr. Washburn (Wis) introduced a joint resolution reciting that the Treasurer of the I I nited States has now in his hands several I millions of dollars, the proceeds of propertv captured during the rebelliou, which might I be disposed of in selling claims of alleged former owners thereof, without sanction of I Congress, and that it is coasidered proper that | such claims should not be ptid and settled I ^ 0,Dt approval of Congress, and therefore I directing that the same shall be immediately covered by warrant into the United Scales I Treasnry, only to be drawn out by autbori ty | of law. Passed. * I _.Tbe Speaker announced tbe fallowing I m('Ommitte# on Public Kxp*?nditnre& Messrs. HitIburd, 0f New York: Broomall of I r?KD,,8? an,a:, Hnbbard, of Iowa; Plants, or I Ohio; Bromwell, ot Illinois; Coburn. of lndiTaber, of New York, I and Noell, of Missouri. And then, at a quarter before four o'clock, the House adjourned. : Th? Light-Hot*r <4 cannon.?The recent I law passed by tbe Illinois Legislature, esI tablishlng tbe eight-boar system in that State provides that on and after the first day of May nex' "eight hours of labor, between tbe rising and setting of the sun, in all meeUaulctl trades, arts and employments, and other cases of labor and service by tbe day, except in farm employments, shall constitute and be a legal day's work, where there is no special contract or agreement to tbe contrary ' Cer tain exceptions are, however, made by the second section of the act, which declares that It "shall not apply to or in any way affect labor or service by tbe year, month or week nor shall any person be prevented, by anything herein contained, from working as mauv I hours over time, or extra hours, as he or she I may agree, aud shall not In any sense b* held to apply to farm labor." Illinois is tbe first State that has adopied the eight-honr system but a bill similar to the above has passed one branch of the Missouri Legislature, and the discussion of the eight-hour svstem has a lar*. place in the landing political campaign fn Connecticut. The worliingmen of that State have questioned the candidates of both parti? as to their opinions on the subject. It is ?n nounced from Rhode Island that the woolen manufacturers ofthat State, who have recently received a considerable amount of additional protection by the passage of tbe wool tariff and the relief from various internal duties, have reduced the wages of their employes ten n-r I cent. It is difficult to reconcile this with the expressed desire to have tbe tariff raised as a protection to the laborers of the country Libkl Suit in Iowa?Ten Tkougand Damages Ai' ardea.? rhe Oskaioosa HeraldWys a libel ^a8tr??'din tbe District Court at thatpMce Lm J-C^ the award of #Mi,U# damages. Suit was brought by Chas. J Love c ons ide rah!?** * A' BV and her husband for a considerable sum of money, wbieb Love claims to have furnished Martha A. darner .marriage with Ball, while be was ao ing in the capacity of agent for her In tbe w* bequeathed by her father ifn ..5n,!id h" acconnt and filed a cross bill lor fJh'. k'k dj^ages, because of certain letters wmcb had been circulated, purporting to have been written by a soldier of tbe iioth Ohio v olnnteers, which charged her with being a debauched woman, etc , etc., aud which libelous letters Love was charged with writing J c'rcnlating. The testimony was long and Lxperta in chiroftraphy compared the handwriting in the libelous letters with .T? jFen,,,ne ? <? gave tbeir opinions. The friendly relations of the parties were all carefully recounted Alter two davs of labor the case went to the jury. Verdict returned for Mrs. Ball for ?10,!k)0j Nearly a Fatal Mistake -On Saturday morning Mr. C. C. Mayball, one of the editors of the Halls county Record, bearing a noise in a room adjoining that in which be slept, rose nastily from bed. and seizing a revolver, stepped quietly to the ooor of the room, where he *?*w what be conceived to be a burglar, effecting bis entrance through the window. Without stopping to consider?as any one would not be likely to do under similar cirenmstaace?_he fired. A scream of pain and terror quickly told him of the mistake be had igno rantly made; he bad shot his own wife. Mrs. Mayhall had arisen from the bed without disturbing her hnsband?rone into the vacant room and raised the window. The wonnd wae slight fortciuuelj, ? LOCAL NEWS. iMHralUa Affairs. Koabd ov Alpkkmkn, March IV. IW..IU Board met psriatni to law. Pres-m. Messrs Barr, Gives, O. S. Noyes, Tail, Oalick, Tar(on. Ma*ruder, Croae, Ovon, McCathras. Lewi*, President T. E. Llcyd, aad Secret? S.V. Noyes. Tbe Chair laid before tte Beard a coicmr.. ntcation from the Mayor, statir.g :ba: be hau approved A a act to increase the salary of th?* Water Reristrar an act for the relief of Josiab Simpson: an act to build water closets at the 4'h precinct station boot*- an act to pr.rcha*e certain plat book*, an act to regelate tbe pav of the Register: ana an act for tfcerel.efct Wtn Boots. Aleo, a communication from tbe Mayor, enclosing bill of judgment and < osts in the ;a?e ot Samuel Waters against the Corporation ot Wasbmgion, for wbich an appropriation w.ll have to be made of SUfc.35: referred to committee on finance. Also, a communication from the Mayor, in answer to the resolution of the Board ot Aldermen, of tbe 11th mat., inquiring "if there is any appropriation out of which to pay th? city's quota of tbe new Metropolitan Police officers, and if 'here ia no such appropriation, to inform tbe Board wbat amount will be necessary to pay them for tbe present fiscal var.'' The Mayor says ?-5io provision ha? as yet been made i#r tbe pavment ofaaid officers. Under act ot Congress. July>, IN*., increasing tbe salaries of 'be Metropolitan Police iorce, will be required to paj from Jnly 1st, 1NW, to Juno ?#ttfi. 1W7, Superintendent Metropolitan Police. *96 *-4: lieutenants S9UI: 1*1 patrolman, fl4..VJt?. From Nov. 1st, IsM. to .Tone "Jtitb, l^?: 1 inspecor, f C24; 1 clerk to superintendent, *270: 17 sergeants, f4,4-.,o From Feo. 1st, to June Of'th. im>7 41 patrolmen, $6,150. Total, The amount that will be reaiired from the tax imposed by tbe act of tbe Councils, approved July^tb. ltd?, for the pay and support of the Metropolitan Police, taking the leceipts of the last fiscal year as a basis, will be insufficient to meet tb*? increased burden." Referred to commit:#*on tins nee, and ordered to be printed Also, a commnmcation from Jam*s Bowen. Clerk of the Northern Market, requesting 'compensation of one per cent, for auctioneering stands and buthers' stalls to the valne of $t>.~>,50(': also, for collecting the same; said stands and butchers' stalls were sold 10t? and 1?63;"' referred to the committee on finance. Also, a tommunicatisn from James C. Kelly, asking tbe use of the chamber of this Board foi the meetings of the Webster Lyceum, ones each week: referred to committee on finance. Mr. Barr presented the petition ot C Atz and others, to grade and pave alley in square tl**i referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Cross presented the petition of Henry lseman, to trade G street south, between ith and 6th streets easts: referred to committee on lmproTemeau. Mr. Turton presented the petition of H. A Wise and ethers, asking for the conatructios of a sewer in square !??: referred to comminee on drainage Mr. Barr. from the committee on police, reported back the bill amending the act in relation to tlaL wharves, with an amendment providing that oftal accumulating on Saturday shall be removed previous to 12 o'clock on Saturday night, and alter midnight on Sunday night; the amendment was adopted and tbe bill passed. Also, reported unfavorably on Council bill authorizing tbe erection of atrame bouse on lot 37, in square 400, and asked to be discharged from further consideration ot the same: agreed to. Mr. Owen, from the committee on the fire department, reported bill appropriating to defray tbe contingent expenses of the fire alarm telegraph lor the current fiscal year; parsed Mr. Turton presented the petition or Patrick 1 Murray for remission of a fine; referred to committeee on claims. Also, petition of F H. Keenan and ethers asking to have the curbstones set and the teotways paved in front of square Tti, on 21st street, between Land M streets north: referred to committee on improvements. Also, petition of John Lynan and others to Lave sidewalks paved on the south side of L street north, from 16th to 201 b streets west; referred to committee on improvements. Also, from committee on improvements, reported back bill to grade and pave H street north, from 14th street west to Pennsylvania avenue: parsed. Mr. McCathran. from theoommittee on markets, reported favorably on the nomination of Alexander WT. Katon as clerk of the Eastern market, and tbe nomination was confirmed Mr. Given introduced a joint resolution changing the alley in sqaare 375 into Grant street; referred to committee on improvements. Also, introduced a resolution for printing the laws of Congress in selatiou to this District, and opinions of the Corporation Attorney: referred ts tbe committee on finance. Mr. Gullck introduced a bill for relief of tbs Southern Accident Insurance Company, of Lynchbnrg, Va., refunding a portion jf the amount paid hy them lor license: referred to 1 committee on claims. Mr. Given introduced a resolution instructing tbe police committee to report a bill abolishing the police department of the corporation, and said be wished to test the seuae of the Board on this question. He contended that the Metropolitan Police were sufficient for the necessities of this community, and that the city police was a useless expense. Mr. Magruder alluded to an opinion of tbe Corporation Attorney that tbe city police was necessary to enforce the corporation law* Mr. Given said that necessity bad been removed by tbe act of Cocgiess passed at tbe last session defining the duties of the Metropolitan Police. Mr. Magruder said tbe tinea collected bv tb* city police, it they enforced tbe lawa of this corporation, would amount to a great deal more than the S14,t0 per annnm paid to them Mr. T. E. Llovd was willing to vote for a resolution abolishing the police magistracy, bnt thought the police force was useful to the corporation. Mr. McOatbran said this was only a transter of the fight between tbe city authorities and the Metropolitan Police Board from the Mayor's office to the council chambers, it was \n encroachment on the rights of this corporation and the people. He was opposed to abolishing the po ice magistrates and tbe police force. Mr T. F. Lloyd said there was no advantage to tbe citizens in bis ward in having two police magistrates there. The city was now compelled to pay iwo magistrates in each ward when one is ample to attend to all the business. Mr. Noyes said tbe city foroe was. be un-" derstood, self-sustaining. Mr. Gulick moved to lay the resolution on the table; agreed to. as follows Yeas?Messrs. Barr, Cross, Gulick. Magruder, McCathran, Noyes, Owen, Turton and Tait?9. Nays?Messrs. Given, Lewis aad President T. E. Lloyd?3 Mr. Magruder Introduced s resolution diresting tbe secretary ot the bosrd to furnisb tbe administrator of Elijah Edmoneton. deceased, with a certificate entitling him to pav for attendance dnring the session; passed. Mr. Barr introduced a bill to lay a flag footway across 14tb street west, on soutb side of k street north; passed. Also, a bill to lay seven fl 'g footways in the Second Ward; passed. Mr. Turton introduced a resolution requesting tbe Mayor to Inform this board as to the cost of erecting new lamp posts, cost of lighting lamps, Ac., throughout the citv; passed. Also, from committee on improvements, reported s bill to grade and gravel 26th street west, between K street north and Pennsylvania avenue; passed. Also, a bill to grade ??th street west, from F to I streets north: passed The bill licensing and regulating theatrical exhibitions, Ac., was taken np and passed. Several bills from tbe lower board were referred. Adjourned. Common Council?President Moore In the chair, and ail the members present except Messrs. brury, Joyce. Marche, and Morsell A message was received from the Mayor, announcing his approval of an act making an appropriation for tbs removal ot s wreck frsm the channel, and act increasing the bond ot tbe treasurer or the public schosls Also, one enclosing a petition frsm Beaj. F. Butler, per B U Whiting, asking permission to erect a wooden office at the corner of 15th and 1 streets ; referred. The following were introduced by Mr. Stewart?Resolution asking by wbat authority a 4-inch water pipe is baiagrnainto Wiliard's Hotel; adepte*. TJy Mr. Peugh-Pamioa of D? M. Clark, asking to be refunded an amount overpaid for license : referred. By Mr. Anderson?Bill to compensate the Mayor's clerk for extra labor in disbursing the police fand ; referred. By Mr. Walker?Bill authorising S. H. Morrison to establish s brick-yard on square 3MI, on ths Potomac, between uth and iSth streets west; referred. Also, bill to improve the harbor t referred The hill to reorganise the Washington Almshe use wan taken ap as the special order, aad its coat .deration fnrther po?'poc?d uet.I rest meeting The ftliowmt wfr? r?pwt?d trom :e?s Bj .Mr peogb, (vajiand m*tci) -H tl tor the rtliffot J T Cold well * 0 >. Ft mr t'ewar*, (tnpntrm^nu)-Blf to Fa r the carrier*'way of ~ih streo* V?*t. Sr -it a. ar? wnH o K otreot north, recommitted. H\ Mr Pudiev. (public hools)?Petition or .IctiD W. Nairn. asking an appropr.atioo 1 rm; of bcildinf, and a<ked to bo discharged, sc ordered A mmv rof bills trom the Aldermen were re.-eiv?d and reierred Tt* Mil ?f the Conn<*il te repair the alley u s.joar?' 3T4. having been amended in *he Ali>rroen. wu r?ce.ved from the upper Board wiD a r?qt"t lor committee of oufereuce. ana Messrs Simms, Stewart, and Nalley wereBoyO'B'ed Mr Mtilloy stated tbat last vea. the con veyanre of prisoners bad cos: 2-fltO Mr HrifD remarked tba: om of the jastuee ,Mr Morsell)bad informed bim tbat a' pre?eat the conveyance of tbe prisoners cost from 41 t?< fit per day. Mr. Mesd art'd tbat action should bo ukni a: on00. and elated tba- there w*r? from iVi -? .ao peifeus committed to tbe ?orlbu?*? p?r mcn'b and tbat a considerable portion ot tti? money (of* to the police, mm* of whom kit* vehicl*?. and bo bad but little doubt bn' tba msr.y persons woro Mat down, so thai 'he.* offi. era -boul<l bo able to go? par Tbo ?ub(oo* was referred to the eoani:uf en vtjiaud Dram. Adjourned. FtTKTB Wari> Kin BI.ICAM Uli ? Lv night the regular meeting of tbo Republican Ciubcf tbe 4th ward was bold in Galbrarh ('bapol, on I. street, near jtb north. Tbo club was called to order by Mr Crosoman, (?rb to.) president, and opened with prayer by Mr NeedbniB, i white ) Mr. Needham, from the committee to confer witbotber ward committees relative to tbe approaching election, reported tbat he bad conversed with Senator Harlan on the subject ot tbe election, who suggested tbe impropriety of tbe Senate committee receiving a deiega tion. br>: they might prepare a petition. ?h.> h would be considered by the committee when presented Tbe committee had adopted the Emigration 0f senator Harlan, and prepared and presented a petition for a provision by act. of Confess for an election for Mayoi and a Comptroller in Jnne next, and thereafter an nnally on tbe first Monday of April. Mr. Needham. on behalf of tbe beamee* committee. reported tbe following preamble and r*selmioa Whereas the .Thirty.ninth Congress as a matter of simple justice, conferred tbeele.~rlv?? franchise npon ail loyal citizens of tbe District Therefore Nettlced, That we earnestly deprecate any action of tbe Fortieth Congress which would proTont tbe ordinary municipal elections, and tbat we respectfully ask the immediate pa* sage of the bill authori/iug an election for Mayor and Comptroller m tbe month of Jane next. Also, a resolution tbat tbe ward be divided into thirteen district*, and that a committee of tbree from each district be nominated by the residents ot tbe thirteen districts, to canvas* 'be ward, register tbe names and politics of each voter, and invito oar friends to join the ciab Tbe committee to constitute a committee of vigilance to see tbat every Republican is registered. Adopted. Mr. Needham also gave notice of a proposition to amead tbe conatitution. tor tbe election ot an assistant secretary. Tbo president introduced Mr. Dell, (white\ o: Arnan.-as. who delivered an interesting address npon tbe prospects of success in Arkansas and tbe South. Tbe club complimented bim with a vote of thanks lor bis address Mr. Stokely, (colored) from the appropriate committee, reported tbat be had cailed to see Hons. B. F Butler.G W Julian, and Colonel Farney, and invited them to addresa tbeclub He bad tailed to see Hon. Mr. Butler and Col. Forney was in Philadelphia but Hon.G. W. Julian has consented to address tbe club neat. Wednesday nirht. On motion, the arrangements for the Wednesday nijrht meeting were referred to the same committee The President road an article in the Circa ele relative to the scheme tor tbe extradition ot colored voters in <reorgetown. warning Republicans ot this city against trickery The President also stated'that after tbe last meeting he bad carried to a Republican paper a* a matter of news, tbe fact that a petition for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson was signed by fifty Republicans. The editor torgot to publish it. Probably the Republicans may forget to subscribe for his paper when the collector calls again. Tbe President would not name the paper, so the publishers may have time to repent. Mr. Dudley, (white,) was next introduced. He denied the correctness of a statement tba? tbe Freedmen s Bureau was co-operating with Johnson to defeat tbe Republicans, ai.d considered it as an unjust reflection upon (jen Howard. Rev. Mr. Boulden, (colored, 1 aatd that the allusion was to a remark he bad made. He did not intend to reflect against (Fen Howard, who he regarded as a gentleman and a friend nut alluded to the tact of wire-working going on there, wliich was :rne as suie as God is .n Heaven Mr. King. < white.; urged tbe members of tie club to go to work to secure success in the coming election. He had hsen oxammiag the returns of postelections, and finds the to* at. the last election to have been in the ward. It is fair to presume that the full strength w II be brought out in June. We will have *0 overcome 1,000 01 l.ioo votes. We can oaly calculate npon 230 or 3j0 white votes in tbia ward. Can we depend on >300 colored voters' Voices? Yes! les! 900!" Mr. King was glad :o hear it. and hoped they would sbow it by their works. Mr. k proceeded te object to the manner of the report m the Sta', and tbongbt it wrong to designate the speakers as white or colored He also expressed dissatisfaction at the use of the expression -amen corner."' Mr. Needbam. 1 white.' said be saw notbm g improper in tbe report, certainly nothing tbat was intended to give offence. He was glad to see so full a report. Mr. King replied tbat tbe report in tbe Star was true, mxbing garbled, but be objected 10 the distinction. Mr. Tucker. < white,) at tbe invitation of tbe president, stated tbat in designating the speakers as white or colored in the reports there was no intention whatever to make an invidious distinction It was done simply to make the report clear and intelligent, and to sbow what were the views expressed by white speakers and what by colored speakers. Tbe tine frier.ds of the colored man will not blnsb when told that his name appears among them. There are some who want to be recognized as friends of tbe colored men who are ashamed to be known among tbero. Such may object to see their names in the same lis*; buta straightout Republican will never bo ashamed of th* association. Mr. T. did not consider Mr King as one ot the half-way sort. He knew bis zeal in the cause As to the "amen corner," tbat was a term applied to a part of tbe church Wbere tbe steady, fervent members asualiy sit, and from which tbe responses to the set timentsot prayer are frequent. It is ne discredit to a church to have such a corner, limplies vitality of piety in tbat church. Mr Sbankland (celoredt, from tbe commit, tee on tbe charges against Mr. Mcintosh, made a report exoreratiag him: which was adopted. Mr. Hickman (colored; exhorted tbe club to zeal and sobriety in the approaching election, and predicted success. Mr. Needham moved tbat the committee to invite speakers be also required to couduct Hon. Mr. Julian to Dr Bouldin's church, corner 4tb and L streets, on Wednesday evening next; agreed to. Mr. Sbankland (colored) announced a ward meeting in tbe same church lecture room on Wednesday evening, to arrange for a celebration of tbe 16th April. The Secretary announced the addition of js now members to the club, and tbe meeting adjourned. ? ?> A\oth*r hokrob its Falsi Ham.?Mr Tilbury Fox writes to tbe London Lancet -L beg to send yen some speciBMus of a fungus 1 have found m large quantities on and in connection with change of structure in talse ba r, with which I have been acquainted for some tune. 1 should tnink it is the same as me Zoralf cap.ilorum described a few years ago by Dr. Aloys Martm. it beiongs to the tinea class of fungi. Thi mTflrniotr* Hcidib ailk Richmos a. The murder In Henrico county. Va, is still involved in great mystery A few days ago the body ota murdered woman was identified by several parties as that of Virgiaia Ldwards, alias Orimes. Subsequently t%ls woman was found all ve and well in Norfolk The name ot tbe nnlortnnato victim is therefore still unknown. ^The Ice crop of New York ely, for ?be past winter, amounts to HSf.tao tons, being aa excess of *6,000 over tbat ot tbe previous j e?r. Ttverj bird pleases us with :u lay. especially tbe ben. KTAbout *500 will be the cost ot a license to keep a bouse of prostitution m New York tinder the new bill i^Obio proposes to fine or imprison aur teacher in that State wbo flogs a pupil i^Tbe license law now before tbe Rhode ' Bland Legislature prohibits tbe sale ot iuloxcating liquors to any female. WA Richmond paper says Venitiaa horors bave aettlod upon America " That editor a evidently suffering from Veniuaa bltna-aess , T*e Charlottesville Chronicle ealcolatos tbat not more five or six thousand suOagaus ! ?! ar* ^"irancbised under tbe Military bill. VOea George H. Thomas declines 'he nomination for President proposed tv tt? Li.:cn men ol Tennessee.