Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. " LOCAL NEWS. amh'kmknt?, *c.. to niobt wt '? Nrw Over a HotrSK.? Last nigh' bat two of the Worrell ud benefit of f?opbie ? -d Irene, when they will appear wil(.i mr Iwnnelly in twogtand' hiry nrl^n*"1. the klf?r>, or tbe statu** Brute," aud "Cinti?re:;a 5*T!0!i?: Thbatik ? Mr John Brougham in bis extravaganza of "Colorohus Kecon*.;-nrted." and a? "?>erald Kitzmaurice,' in A Gentleman from Ireland." mkt'hutt Hall tl>fl ci>l*bmtfd All Harnett, assisted by Mi? Helen N?>h, the accomplished locutiouisf. Tr?e?r tir-t entert tiur.ent last eight **? a great success, and tne timorous delineation* of AT Burnett elicited roird af*er round of ?ppli#? trout the large audience prrxrnl TXMrBita?ts MThere will be a graud temperance met*tine, under the auspice* of Howe Division. Son*- of Temperance, at he McKecdree Chapel. this evening, when ad. mae be expected from Senators Pattersort, of > h and 1'ipton, of neb., Han. messrs hi'l, ot n. j Perham. of m?; Ross, of 111; woedbridg1*. of Vt ; u ashbnrnc, of lnd . and St. Patrick* Dav?Si ppke of the Hit.?k?r*> Bknk^ulkkt AshocIation. ? Tae ancuai icpyrr of <ue Hibernian Benevolent association at Ibe Wallach House, last evenin g a celehratien of St Patrick's day, was a r.sst plea.-aur affair. The walls of the large mring-hall were handsomely draped wit a Ame ican and Irish dags, and tbe tables would t ni> 'etnpted an au home, evin iu the season of Leat, to partake ot the fea.n. They were not only loaded wi'h substantial articles of food, excellently cooked and garnished, but wuh rare delicacies. and were decorated wuh ponderous antique vases filled with flowers, atd with candelebras holding colored eaudle^. The wiaes and liquors, of which there was no lark w?reof excellent quaii'y. and the whole uSair reflected great credit oo'the cateier, Mr. Patrick Murphy, formerly of Willvd'i, w&o personally aueuded to 'he comfort of those present. Mr. s t d. ury. secretary of the association, presided in the absence of the president, a j. Joyce, who was detained at home by sickness iu his faintly. After grace by Rev. h. p. haiph. the large number oi members of the association and invited guest*#who were present fell to and did full justice to the viands set before them Among those present were ma; or Richards, Superintendent Metropolitan Police; Col. James li o'Beirne, Register of Wills. City Surveyor William Forsyth. AUleiman Magruder. aud o her prominent citizens. jtir'ice Having been done to the bill of fare, mr i?rury acnouueed the first regular toast ? "The dav we celebrate;" and the second:? 'i ne President of the United States " Col James r o Beirne responded to these toasts in order, first reviewing the occasion which had brought the company together, so dear to the friends of Ireland, and then -penkiLg in commendation of the pn blic and private character of President Johuson. His remarks were frequently applauded. The third regular toa>t? "Ireland: After six centu rie-of oppres-iou her regeneration is at baud." wai received with great applause, aud responded to by Colouel Stager, of Philadelphia Kturth regular toast?The Constitution of the 1 tilted States, the bulwark of our liberties Palsied be t>,(? band that would mar its lair escutcheon." Alderman Magruder was railed upon to respond to thi.- toast, v. hu h be did in hia usual happy manner, plfa-intiy referring to the I nsb-American cbarac'ernf the entertainment, saying even the harp on the Irish flag present had thirteen strings, typical of the original States, and the caudles were red. white and blue, or ^reen. he cotildu t tell which. He vlosed w itb the following sentiment: Ireland May her soil be clad with green until her people are covered with a glorious J crow n of freedom." Kiftb regular toast? Ueligion Man's consolation in adversity; his solace in prospt?rry " Sixth?"The kiudred societies of Washing ton." Seventh?-The Pres?- The handmaid of liberty it* thunders rock the tbroue of tyranvy" Kesponded to handsomely by Mr. Preston. Of 'he In'rlhgrnceT. Eighth ?"The Law Tte b-i.vst of civi'U'*d i.,an. May it? miii is-ration* be :ts pure a* its principles are great." kesponded to by John F. Ennis. who. in con.lusion. offered a sentiment, and was followed by an Irish song by Lotus Breanan. The ninth regular toast 1 he Army and Navy of the I'mted Sta'es* ? was responded to by Col Maguire The -euth and last regular roast was??The Hail ot Tara: May its long -<lumb**riug echoes toon awake to the voice of a free people." \ olunteer sentimeuts were theu ofi'ered.songs sung, and the conviviality of the occasion kept up until a late hour. Lv vt Coi rt -A meeting of the I^evv Court ot W^shiiigton Ceunty was held yesterday iu the Alderman s CBainber City. Mr. Blagdeu in the Chair, and Messrs. Burr. Plant, Nichols nud Magruder present. Mi N. Call.ia Clerk. The Chair laid before the Court a commumt aeon from Mr. C m Alexander complaining of the condition of the turnpike road leading by Mt Olivet Cemetery, and a-kmg the Court io condemu the asm'- and make it a free county highway. It was referred to the committee on improvements with instructions to make similar inquiries in regard to the Tth street pike at.d to report at tbe next meeting. A communication was received from the Board ot Police Commissioners asking tbe Court to erect a station bouse on 7tb street, t.ear tbe Bouudary; passed. Also, one fr> m the School Commissioners asking the imposition ol a tax of ".'5 cents iu the;,: tor tbe support of the schools in the county for the pr?*.?ent year referred Mr Plant offered a resolution to lucre tse 'he license of ordinaries from ? ?" to rejerred. It was stated that the police were uuable ta collect taxes on dozs, isany of the owners having retn*ed to pay. and a discussion jn the propriety of instructing the police to kill all ( nogs on which ??tax is paid took place. The subject was referred. Korso Mas'* Christian Association.? \ regular monthly meeting of tbe Young m#n s Christian Association wa- held a' their rooms, over m-'Uerott Hall, lasteveniug. Theannnal reports of tbe officers were presented and adopted. These reports show thai during the past year tut- new members have been added, ai.d ITi renewed their tnenaber-hip. The receipt wereSI.Mt) 5*i,andexpenditures <*l,:j?t? i '4 volnmes have been added to the library, !m ?>v donatiou, and periodicals and new-paj err we e subscribed for: i.-iiu were drawn by 0 persons during tbe yea:. Tbe election of sthoers for the yar was held, with the following result ?President, Major Hen. O <1. Howard: First Vice President, A K Browne. Second Vice President, B M \A inslow Third Vice President, S. S. Bryan: Kovrtb V ice President, C B Ramsdell Filth \ ;ce President, (? I- Vance; Corresponding Necretary. L. E. Sleigb. Recording Secretary, C H M?-irim: Register K. B. Tavlor: Treasurer. W J. Kbees I-ibrarian. W. U. Hinrod. a Kaid.?Last nign:. Lieut. Tait, with a i<iu?il of the Secoud Ward police, mad-* a fle?cerit on a on C s'reet. near 13tb. No. * *. It was occupied by various parties, the room- being rented to each by an unkuowu agent. Tb-y arre-ted <?eo. Henderson. Henry Madden. (ieo. h Warren, white men, Elizabeth Hamilton, Mar'ba Rieves, Mary Johnson. Frances Johnson. Kmma Anderson, Lu> mda Jobnson, colored women, who were !a*en *o the Central (Juardbou^e and fined f i each. ? tn? Wahhimutov A^I KDI cT.?In the Senate yesterday Mr Hsrlau called up a bill approp: taring si >u,tmo toward the compieuou ot the worn on the distributing reservoir of the Washington aqneduct. Mr. Coukliug asked who was to have expeuditure of the money mr Harlan said it would be expended under tbe direction of the chief engineer of tbe arm v. The bill was passed. Hammai k?h Rk-tacraxt?Fish, Jlesb.and fowl, carefully ?eie ted and cook?d u> perfection. rare mea's aud game, and choice wines and liquors, are among tbe attractions which make Hammack's tbe resort of epicure*. His celebrated restaurant was never more popular than now. ai r. Bi *?*tt.?The large and fashionable a-Jdience present at Meuerott Hall last evening. were enthusiastic in their commendation of tbe excellence of tbe bnmsrousdelineations by Alf. Burnett. All who wish to enjoy a hearty l&ugb sbonld see him. The Choir of the Lutheran Church?Dr. Butler's?intend giving a Orand Concert ou v. edr.etday. tbe 27th Instant Our Lntberau friends do not favor us with a con ert very otr?d< but when do thsy know how to please every body. ? - m i.akt k>t?Joseph Smith was arrested yes eriis.v hy (??cer w. h e\ans, of tbe se\ nth Ward, for ib* i ireeny of a coat valued at *1'. (be proj erty of Hamilton Parktll. He sent to jail for court by Justice Handy. Kbkimug orxw Svjidat?Fred'k Kasher arn Kred'k Wetzel were airested by otlicers iulls and Steele for keeping their ban open on ^inday, asd hoed each ? Pol.ios k erorts.?The lieutenants of police reported pi arrest* jesterdar. The amount ot hu* v as *iv> -f 1 H it ltlGiiTKiTios of Vor ait# -Krum ttiri** o'clock >?*8l rday affra *>a the Ho* d O' IfegiMers ?i?pui?'pd by the Dm rietSnpr m* Court- Messrs. Bowcn, Baron. P ant, K >bn n> hi 3 Clepbane *?"? "tig***! la registering the si VftM. bfitxftSsutid by the I.irk, Mr. S. V Noyps. At 1 o'clock there Wfr* perhaps I /O persons present in tbe ba?emtnt of the Church, which h-ul been arranged f" "i*i pnrtiet. i ouiu |>s-4 down one ai?le to <be C??k and leave by ano'.'ier I,ieut Hbrlev vru T'eeftiT with t*t, of his officers, who directed the movement of those applying for the pow, r lp exercise the right of eulfrag-*. Before the r*gi* ration commenced inquiries were made 1 as Ur whether challengers would ^e allowed to be ptesent and the Hoard answered in the affirmative, stating that this wa* the proper t'icc to chailnige. and Invited the followicg to take rent* behind the railing whereth?v won id have a fair vi?w of everv person wha came ti'-r?r(J:-J R Jones.Wm Herbert and P?trt? k Hfiggeity, for the white voters. aud Win. H A Wormley and Cornelius Clark. lor the colored men. ail ot wh. ra are old residents of the Ward But tew persons were challenged, aud in ?I1 cases the parties were ewjra and *.hs following finest on? asked 1. What i? your age f 2. Have you ever been convicted of crime ? 'I How long have yon resided in this bis* I trict ' 4 How long have you res.ded in this ward ? 5 Have you voted at any election in the District or in any State within the period of oi.e year prior to itoe 1st of June neat ; 8. Where were tou during the existence of ?be rebellion ? ? Were yon in the rebel array at any time ? A. I>td yon furnish supplies ol any kind to that array ' 9. Had jon any communication with any pei^an or person? in the rebel States between April 1*51, ar.d April. H?5 I > Were yon engaged m anv kind of trade wifh the enemy during the rebellion ? During the afternoon three colored applicants were denied the right to register, on the ground of bring non-residents of the ward, and one not being able to ce_rtify to his age One white applicant was refused, not naving been naturalised. One white man was challenged on account ot having been over the rebel lines during the war, and he plead that be had a pass from tbe Government to take provisions to his family, and was registered Dnrir.gthe evening >25 voters were registered? m white and 3-54 colored. l?*i n*K of Divorc k.?This morning, Judge Olin. sitting in the Equity Court, made a decree divorcing Alice Higgs from the bonds of matrimony with William Biggs, giving her the right to resume her maiden name of Kershaw and tbe custody of the two children, and to bold property independent of the respondent. The petition sets for-h that the parties were married on the alst of October, Is??; that the respondent has treated her with cruelty, and has led a dissipated and dissolute life, and for two years has contributed nothing to wards tbe support of his family; that in the hopes that tie vonld reform, she continued to live with him until Sept. 7. 1*6.>, when he threw her upon the floor and beat her, and she left him, but about the ist of April, IStKi. she returned to him on his promising fo reform. About the 8th of August last, she discovering that there was no change in him. aud becoming aware ot his having committed adultery with a colored woman, abandoned him Messrs Jones and Asbford appeared for the petitioner, and tbe testimony was taken before Commissioner John J. Johnson. ? A Stabbi?<? Afkaih?This afternoon, Elijah, alias Bony and Chaney. two well known Baltimore lads, who had come togi -tier, bad an altercation in Ward's restaurant, near (jrover's Theater, about politics, which resulted in Chaney striking I,ee. when I-ee retalia'cd by stanb'iig Chaney with a lar*e pocket knife, in the leftside 1 ?r Buckly dr??s>.ed the wounds and ascertained that tne blade enteTec horizontally, and glanced from a bone, w hich mav save Chaney s life Had the blade Uiken a vertical direction, it would have entered the heart, and rfeath wuuld have occuired instantly. I?r. Buckly would not veutur an opinion upon the p'ob^biliry of a fital result. I.e?* was arre-ted by officer C. 11 Harrison nnd taken before Justice Bates, who holds him in custody for a further hearing m deiault of S>oo bail. Crikinal r<?t'kt, J'lttgt Fith'r.?Tnis morning. in the case of Henry I?ean, indicted for au assault with inretr to kill, a m.lle yrot. was entered. The case (^rhe Washington, Alexandria and (rHorjotown l.'ailroad Company, indicted for a nuisar.?e in running three tr tins throngb thf oity, wa- taken up: Messrs. Merrick and Kiddle for thedefense. The prosecution deraurr.-d to the plea that the road was in the bands of a receiver, and after argument by the counsel for the defense and Messrs. Carrineton and Wilson for the prosecution, the Court sustained the demnrrer. and gave judgment that the defendant plead over, aud thereupon a plea of not guilty was entered. Twmrrt Per Cbxt ?In the Hon*-* of Rep. resentatives, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Kamiworth introduced joint resolution extending to the employee* ot firstdivision National Bureau in the Treasury Department and to th? employees on the public buildingsand grounds the provisions of the !wenty-per cent, additional compensation bill. Passed E<mf<?s.?There will be an Eclipse |of the nrnen to morrow morning ar 3 o'clock and 17 minute*, visible in the United States and l>r- I tones. died. MATTINGLY. Id this city. oa the 18th inst . ' alWM a short illness, LK WIS MaTTlNQ L?, ag^d 7*jre?r* Hi* friends and a'-qiiaiutanrea are re*p<>ctfnll> ! invited lo attend bis funeral to morrow 1 W^dne* da> i at 3 o clock p m .from tbe r*-sidence of his son, on 24th street, near M [ Haltimere Bun please copy | * PKRK1NS On the isth at lOo'olock, a: the re-ldetice of her father. Mo. b Missouri avenae.DIBBl* J PKBKIHS. -"?oori i nends of tlie family are invited to attead her funeral oa the 21st Instant, at 10 o'clock a. ni. ,'t* DONALDSON On M' n 'ay. March H,at 9p n> . of lia^ering contntnptlon. SLIOKtt l)t?H ALDBON a<ed 29 year* He has left a widow and feur children to mourn his loss ThereUtive* aod friend* of the fanily re re?pectfulljr ifnvit?d to atten>t tbe faneral, from tl e West Georgetown M K ck rcb, on to morrow < Wednesday) at 3 e'clock p m * 186 ' GBAND EXCURSION 1 S(w TO THR PARIS EXPOSITION. Tbe ne? and first class oi.ean going iron Steam,h'P HAVANA, 2,00" tonaburthen. STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander, will make s.n EXCURSION from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 4b, North River, on WEDK ESDAT, April 17th, at 12 o'clock m , Taking passengers f.r Paris, London and Bremen. Returning, will sail from Hav# on .Inne fttb. gl v tng p.tosenger* b lomg Excar-iou Tickets about six weeks in Europe. Tills magnificent Btennship is divided into water tubt campartineats, and has )>een newly furbinhed and elegantly titled up exprosaly for this vojage. The HAVANA will onlv carry first class pas seagsrs. An experienced Bargeen on board. V .1 full Can't oi Mum-; will be attacked to tk skip. Priee of paisage. In carrancy. to Havre flSi) an I ?I7.'?, according to si/.e of state room To Havre *n<l retura, &and $:i?\ according to klzeol state room. For further particular* and paasage apply to tbe Agenta. MUBRAY. PKBBI8 A 00., 6'i Sonth street, New York. Or to McO. Y. BARRY, the Merchants' Union Express Company, -40?> Pennsylvania avenue. Washington. mh 9 30t W1VKRAL 8I-LENDID PABLOB OBGAXS, W rth Patent Organ iswell, and one witb?^B. movabl* Pedal Bass,(very cea\enlent for|B|B organ pra<-*ire at borne ; will 'II 111 POSITIVELY BB SOLD AT COST, preparatory to rebuilding More. Alao. is new and second hand PI AN08 at reduced Priee*. QBORGB L WILD A BRO , ne U Cm No. lltb street, abova Pa. ave. Thisi m to GIVE NOTICE, That tbe aub soriber has ottained from the Orahans' Court ?l Waahlugton County. In the District of Celambis.Utters of adminlstraiioi. oa the personal estate ef W till am Chert, late ot Georgetown, }* A ' aeceaaed. All persons Having claims I?ki!!iJ.?!* deceased, are hereby warned to exMblt toe same, with the vouchers thereof, te the or. tne Mh day of March 'V' ?*/ otherwise by law be axolnded from all benefit ef the said e?tat? Qlvwo under mj ham1 this Mh day of March, 1S5wa BLIEABBTH EBERT. nin law iw Administratrix. pSILIP THE BEOOHD; by Charles Gararre. F -,nJ '?' Ceart; by Muhlhach Braithwaite s Betrospect for January Gardenleg for Profit; a Oalde to the Market aa I Family Garden Bwiaba rn'* Lau* Veneris Two Marriage-, e rovel br Miea Moloch Ths Adveatureaer a Orlffln; IllnttraUd. The Statesman's Y ear Book lor ltf7, London. fel EBANOK TAYLOB. CITY ITEMS. J?w*lby?Tiped Hoc Wood Setts, new *H(?a J-t Chama, AmetSist Bstton* *nt King*, Silver Plated Spoons. Fork*, received thi>-m < rnirr. at Prigr's Cue Dollar Jeerelry Store, No. 433 PeuLsylrania avenue, sear 4j% street. Witeri none nomire, 'ti? umI^u to Sxcel: But 'tt- re&rOB why Henntac's (J lot hue More ie. mat many admire the One Pri.e *TM?m which obtains at bit wahlnhrnent. oh the corner of Seventn street and Maryland avenue. ? _ 1 nfokmATtow.?Tboee about to mar?y and new it married, can find ready-made Linen and Cstion JSheets, Pillow Caers. B?d spread# of all descriptions. Feather and Hair Pillowy Mnttre??ee, Table Lines. Toweling. Crista, Window Shade*. Carpet*, Oil Cloth, Matting. Ac., at Adameon'e, &W> vtta street., near Pennsylvania avenue. ltn Tm* rihitT assortment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brushes in the City are aold at low prices at Y. X. Dooley'a Apothecary, coruer east :ld street and Pennsylvania avenue. Capitol Hill. v.'w ? Qvick sales and small Prottts!!!?(load White Shim 91.60, If and ** 5". at franc's Gent's Furnishing Store. 4<?? 7th atreet, between D and E: alao shirts made to order, lm ? CI rat's Dollars, 25 cents per box: CJoldsmi'h Collars, 25 cents per box; Imitation Linen Collars. 25 cents per box: and all other (rood* cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents' Furnishing Store, 4?4?thstreet, between L> and E street*. lm For Chilblain? and Frosted Feet, whw'a Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. For sale at Pennsylvania avenue, between 4#aad 6th etreete. Dr. whitb, Chiropodist. 494 Penn. a*., between 4j| and (Itb atreeta, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged |oint?, warts, moles, vascular ex> cresences, Ac. Office hours from 6 a. m. to $ p. m., and ft to * p m Established letfl. A Stkk Pilx Ccr* ?Dr. Gilbert's Pile in strument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by nail on receipt of 91. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Komaine. manager. No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: ? Piirim oan be had in any quantities at the Star office count** AMUSEMENTS. Tatiosal theatre. Pennsylvania avenue, near Wlllarda' Hotel. Third and last week of tbe highly anccessfal eneasement of mb. john bbougham Who will appear THIS ( ri IsDAT> BVENING, March 19, In hisown Great Extravaganre. entitled CVLUMBI 8 RECONSTRUCTED. Pr dncrd with topert Scenery. Magnificent Costumes. ana Striking Tableaux. The performance will commence with A GENTLEMAN FBOM IRELAND. After which MB BBOPGIHM'B NETTIB WALT/. VI ALL'S HEW OI'ERA HOLSE. a. B PHILLIPS L1SSEE AND MANAGER TCBSDAY EVENING. M ABC B lft,l?.67. UkNEKIT OF sopiiik AND 1BENB, A?ul po?ltivel> la?t night but two of the To' thful Talented, and Beautifal WOBKELL 8ISTBR8, who will appear THIS CVENING. with Mr. T L. DON*) ELL V , i n t we Grand fairy Hnrlen<i n?? THE ELVES OB THE STATOE BHIDE. CIXPKRELLA. lt*_ MET/.EROTT HALL. ONI \\ EEK ONLY ! COM H*5Ci!5 ; MONDAY. MARCH ! ?. 1?67, TUT. Jl'STLY C K T F. F> I T K D WIT. ORATOR, ASD MIMIC, ALK. BUBNETT. AMERKAJ- BE1'RK*KHT .TIN K H . 'R-T. Assisted by >1183 HELEN NASH. The Charming E!o- nttinltt, In their Original. Irreaistibly Laughable, yet Refined Entertainment*. Among tne numerous <iuHdities of FUN AND FLAKE* OF HUMOB -*3-SB which comprise his rei-ortoire will be found the following: BEV. I'EIBOLEI M V NA8BY. MARY IIAU A LITTLE UMB. RICHMOND ON THE J E K MS. SLABBIBES AND (i.VBBOTE. THE ENGLISH >tlOWMAN, Together with mtny hit* at PEOPliE AND FAh HONS entirely new and hamorous. Ad!i4"iHion 30 Cents Be?.'rv,?> Beats AO Cents. 1'oorti open at 7-commence at 8 o'clock. B< ?er?ed seats to be bad at Met/eroti s Mn?lc Store durinsMt^he day . mhj# &t^_ L'ANCY DBE8SBS AND OOSTUMES. I For Tableaux and Private Parties. Apply to MUS. FBANK BEA fe 21 lm 4 47 10th street. WOOD AND COAL. 0 a iTi coalm Beit WHITE Asli at 58. by the ton. Allal/.es, to snit customers. Sawed aa<1 Split OAK WOOD, *'0 per cord. .. plN E " $9 " Long Oak. ^8 per cord. A ton of Ccal aold by me alway weighs *.?io lbs. JOHN B. LOBD, fe28 1y Corner <'.h and G streets /JOA 1j COAL!! AT GBEATLY SEDUCED PRICES Gross tons of ^.MUlbs , delivered In any part of the city. Chestnut White Ash. $7. Stoie. Kgg and Furnace White Ash, ?S.0'?. Bed Ash. Sa 2ft. Lehigh. # . Oak and Pine Wood eosetantly on hand. Orders received at our Office; or at the Whari, foot of Seventh atreet 8. P brown a SON. jaSS-tf 4???th street, between E and F.^ Books on fabuinu, gabdening, ?c ? Gardeuiiig for Profit, by 1'eter Henaerscn, $i .Ui, Aiii?iican Bo-e Cniturlst, 7fcc.: Clark < lower G lides Directery, 6eo.; The Miniature Fri it Garden, by Thomas Bivers, The Gardes by U 11. Sac'iues, fi: Coles American Fruit Book, 7ftc.: fields Pear Caltare. iJilJt; Ten Aciee noufh, -^1 so Our farm oi Four Acres. ->4c.: Imse on tbe Putat<> I'lant 7tc Hew to Build and Ventilate Hot houses. M. Wats..n't American Afftmr Garden, l|t. Bunts Family Kitchen G?r lener. I; Bow tog a Farm and Whereto Kin<! e?ne i* r7?:Biiie*'" rlowar Gardeu Directory ,.*1 Mi; Klo?> rs tor the Garden and Parlor, jJxm) Garden Floweis. How toCultivaie K a. Band, Si; I'arkman's Book of Mooes, Gardening t >r by Mr* London, %2. Knflel i on lBditu Corn ?1 79 .lohuston's Agricultural Cbemistr-. , J|l 76:' Boussinganlt'e Bural Economy, l.'k): Dins'* Mnck Biannal. $i i6; Allen'a Aoteilcan Faim Book. 91 W:French a Farm Drainage $lMi McMabon's Amer cm Gardener. $2M. Bridgmau's tmerlcan Gardener s Asslktant, %i.t0; Bow to ay Ont a Garden, by Ed B?m?. 9- Todd's Yonag Faruer'n Manual.91 5"; Breck s New Book of Flo?er? ,Ae; Charlton a Graae Grower*' liulde, AI 76; HuHiuauon Grape and Wine, 9i FulL-r'aGrape Culturist, -jl i?;My Vineyard at Lakaview, *1 JSr Browse's Tree? of Aaoerlca, .?5.t0; I ijuinby vn Be-<s, 91 80; Lanestroth on the Honey Bet-. 92; Marhew s Illustrated Horee Doctor, ?S; | MavbewN lilnatrated Horse Management, -3; Farmer's Barn Book. 9l-'A>; innings' Horse and hl? Di*'ase-, 92; D??dd < Modern Mor Doctor. 91 &M; Stewart's Stable Book 91 6"; Dodd's American Cattle Dotor. 91 50; Alton s Domestic Ani- 1 mals. 91; Herbert s Hlntsto Horse keepers, 9l 76; Horse traising Made Kaay. by .lenuing-, 91 2ft; Mason s Furrier, 91; Every Man his Own Cattle Doctor, 20c Youatt add Bpooner on the Hor?e. -l.w. (iueson on Milcti Oows. 76c : Bement'e American Poulttrer'a Companion. 92; Cole's American Veterinarian.?6c.: Allen Bora! Archlte. ture j**dw*rd'aCountry Houses, 91 ao: Jaciuee' Bural Architecture. i?i so: Village and Farm C'ttagea. *?:Vanx' Villas and Cottages, *?2. Sloan s Homestead Arr.bitactnre, Field's Biral Archlte??nre Downing^ basdscape Gardening and Bural Architer\ura. 9?-8o; Holly 's Country Seats, 9?. Bent by mall presald BLANCHARD A MOHTN. mh 14 eoflt Corner Panua. av and 11th st^ B o o M B 1 S . HALL A PLANT, plant's bdildihg, Corser New York svesne and lfiCn street, (Entrance an Hew York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOOEBIE8, TEAS, WINES, 1MPOBTBD LUXURIES, Ac., Ac., would respectfslly notify their friends and the tubllc that tbey have jset opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article uia ally keyt In a first claae Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate onr laifte, fresh and wellselected stock, we eordially Invite tbe public to examine our atere snd stock, believing we ehall not fail to pive entire aatlafhctlon to all who may faver us with tbslr patronage. Wa call eapeelal attention to onr aseortm<Mit of TEAS and OOFFEBS, which have bees eelected with great care for purity. Dealers will flad a fine aeaortment to aelact from, sad oar prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city. ;au t 3m _ L,OB SALB-Two HOB8ES, one Bay c\ 1 and on* Brown. Also, two 1 hor?e xXTI 8PR1VG WAGOHi. Apply to RICHAKO BEBBY, *4 Water St., ueor*?tewu . fe 23 tf 1 1 WANTS.; W - ' a k??tui -haastare.e YOUTH 7th "'?? Ua ???lnasa A#H/ *( !** 7tn_*tre?t. >.??.r I street _m - f VV V!!*1 SliM8TIIS? -h i",t.:vh k "4 ,T^' A 'i\hl.8 .WAN T??-T# tr?T?l tkr?wl ?>?'k i,.fc*rf t?tes i? a, A V aTEH r ju*'- i ?? ?"aa ..iri.^V,l?u ? ' P?r <**' *?r n cell at jy i Pxt ?t mh ? tf* |)W|LLiM> WthTBD-*?ut d to f**nt a omterta :.le two story DWBI "?0, ei II *ii ?ul? g ) *?r f?o? <hs 1 t < f April Beit. iV . ^ * ** ?f*r o?0?, sUtiae ? .? y -?ud ??? akitMr WVrT,r- Ve,r f?nr Furaish t K ' M9 v '"r 'B*m e?ping nort . o' H aad H tw eu Jh *nrt 1Kb ?t <ets. Ad4r*s* PHILLIP-'. Citv ' "j m h t* L>b?Y, irota ,%5 to * year of . **. m li riest ?f references re entree A?p y to Mr 8 CAoUlNS. Columbia Ma(k.t,<oi litbauciPi |T?* \V AJlT.FJirB? ,h* * of V?ri'? autuiaUh* I ** S"1'H? ofbveor?tx ^<yom*, b-?t 4th aa 1 L iti For t ??iU Wl* boa te %t mi>4? 'rate rent will be a permanent fenaai. A4<1 raes BMtt, Blirofiri n, IS ?t W n? JKftr87 reapsatabla y oa?ggirl, a SIT w AtIQH i? do cbmoi erwork an i laundress or a child s nurse I* willing to travel or would In #coo.klo?t. ?Mklt| and ironing >?f a plain >#?ll(?mlij Apply to comer of xfnk anl L iu , Btitto th" groc-ry ml8-*t* VV ART*r-To Purchase aid r^nr.lares a>id . all H 'D8K8, Persons d?cllul| .' h 'OMKe*pine

auu wi.hlii*- to dispoee of thrjr f :failure privately or at auction, will cat! at our *-?ce. . J T. OuliDWILL t "O,. _ Aactloaeers ?nd B<al h??a e Are it* 6 31 Mo. 4?*H7th a treat. \V \8.T*? TO BEBT OB PCBCB AM-A F ABM of from 1? to 100 acre*. irth of aad near the city, with good building and other im prove me at* Am pereon having aucb propertv ??d^ L.?r r'**" 'aoant, by applying at 8TABB A CO.'8. 495,S 7th atreet, between Daid K ah > >? VVaNTBD TO BBHTOB PHBOH A8B?A aae alum aired 1>W ILL1MO HOUsK, eligiulr looatvd ccntalalng all the inodera lniprov?iii?nta at>d < obtpi ience*. and handsomely fu ntahod or untarnished. Any pereon hariag a hoaeeof thla dearriptir-n for rent or aat*, will p!e*ae addreaa the MBbacrib< r by letter, etatiag terra*, and time when posHeaaiau can be delivered . _ EUGENE OABUSI, h 1 eo?t | late!.] 3?* Lonieiana Bvenna. VV AHTHD-A reapictaule wbita WOMAN, to ? take care of a youau' child. Apply at 37 1 r*. BTenue mh ] A OBHTB WANTED POHTHE MOST ?XjIT. jtX^lNO AHD INTBKESTlHtt HOOK. OP THE HEN! L. C. BAKIB8 HIBTOBY OP THE BBCUBT 8EBV1UE * In every city, town connty. end State of the I'nloB. to canvae* for tbia work. Thla history wiia announced one year ago. but owing to the attempte of the G*veraneut to anppreaa It, its publication waadelayed. It will now be i?Mned, unaltered and unabridged, under the ?apervf?ii>a of (len BAKKB It contains a full aad official expose of the Intricate machination* of tne eecret eiiemi' s of the Union Prr atartllnc developments and tbrllllns ndventuree. tbla book ecllpa>*? ?Hf famooe ex -ei ence* of Foacbeand Mdoc . The marvelous narratives of 0<neral Baker are all attested by the highest official ant hot Ity. It will coutaln the only oAcial history of the A '.sax*! nation conspira< y. A fall history af tlila ereat. startling and terrible crime. BOM 1TW CONCEPTION, IN THE H&l'NTii OP VILLAINf TO TH B BU HI A L PLACE OP HOOTIi. ha* never yet I?een pla<e-l before the pnbltc. The work al^o fallv exp. aea the netarloat n)stetK by which Preaidential pardons were and are so readily obtained at Washln?t?o Thi? morals of the National 0*pit*l are thorousbly ventilated, and th?r? are som? str?nwe revelatione concerning h-ads of departments members of Congress,female pardon broker*, and diptiapnished nillitarv characters. Por foil deprrirtive clirnlnrs tern% and all rarti'M.Urs. aldrevs P GMtRBTT A CO , Bkt lm TO'i Chestnat st Pfalladelylita VV* ANTED?A 8ITL ATION ? seamstress by a vv I?dy wbo understands sewiug tbaroughlr hy Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Mur blne 0*n cat and tit ladies' nad rhlldren's dresses Address, f?r tbiee aa* s, Box No. 7 , Btar office. fe 27 WANTED?All in want of MONEY call af^. OOLDSTEiN 4 CO 8. Licensed Pawnbroker, 34 4>? street, near Penua l.aa'a avenn*. fe 21 lm W ANTED-New and Cast-ofT CLOTHING, old ' * COLD and SILVEH.or aay other article of value, at the aid established Merchant Pawn bicker 's Store of B PULToN A CO., A02 8th st., 3 doors nr>rth of Penns avenne Bole Agent for BlNGEB's 8EWING MACHINE de Z2-l> WANTED?10 000 LADIEsTo krT.w that it the New Btatnplng Bo..tna, 4 39 9th street,opposite Pateut Otliee. they caa Had the beat select-d ass. rtu.etit of Patterns ever olfered here for Cloaks, Capet, Aprons. Joseya. Waists, Yokes. Banda. W rappera. Slippers Pincushions, and lni tials A lso, desnrns for Pillow Caaes. Ottomans. Chair Covere, Pianoa. and. In abort, every variety of Patterns as they are daily lssned We have a Preset. Machine and a Piactual Stamper, and biTe ledored the pricf- lo P1VB CENTS PEB WIDTH make and stamp any pattern brought ue. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de l*-tf A N TED?SECOND HAND PIKHITUBE Aleo MIBBOHS.CABPETB, BBDS, HEI> D^G and HOLSEKUKNlSll INC GOODS of ever* description. B. BI'I'HLT 40.^ 7tb street. jeeo-tf between G and H. oaat side BOOTS, SHOEST Ac. |H] BO"T8 AND BHOBS. fB HEW Tt 0 B B . The nnderalgned bege leave to inform hi* frien Vs M th? public generally that he ha* epened the NEW CHEAP BTOBB, No. 30* 7th *tr?et,u?.ier Odd Pi llows'Hall, where he ha* on hand a general assortment of Ladiee' and Gentlemeu'i, Boy ' Mlaaes and Children'a BOOTS AND SHOES. Bemember the number, ZOU 7th atreet, nnJer Odd Pellows' Han The New Cheap Store, formerly K. P. Page'a a tore. de 18 ' BEOBQB B. W1L90N. i ^tkTvmijoat links. ~ WTLAMIB W1LBON SMALL hQH THE EASTERN SHORE. r.HSII0J _Th* Steamer WIL8HN SMALL, CAPT B T. LEOXAHD, now in jps?fc all respects one of the fcf T f1 most comfortable and ?iei;tnt"aBBB steamers plying on Cheaapeake Bay, will rename her route on bAlUkDAV, M >rch2d Shebav.s her tier oppoelte No .70 Light street wharf. Baltimore, eyery TUESDAY, TUUU3DAY, and B,AT,l,?,D,Ai st 9 " m.. for EASTOX Pol ST, IK) UBL F. M>11.S.OX FORD >"L(JH A'SPOT. wall aim s mUnr. cambhilktEhuoh LETT'S WHAKP. CAB IS CREEK, FOBD'8 WHAlif. aad LLOYD'S LAkuiiVU Beturning from THE EaSTkBN SHOUE.ehe leaves Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 Pi tn.,and E an ton Point at 8 p m .every Monday, Wedneadav and Kriday,touching at all Interme dlate landing*, and reaching Baltimore at 6am on the following morniaue. She ha* a large number of fine state-room*. "u " TO TBAVELLBBS GOING BOOTH TWIOB DAILY,(Sanday p. m excepted.) The Qulckeet aad moat direct route to Blohmood Va , and the South, Tie the Potomaw jesn . steamers from 7th Street Whaif, Waahingtoa. to A<iala Creek and^VM^^V Richmond, Prederlckeburg and Potomac Bailroad to Blckmond, Va,connecting there withtrainaou the Blthmond and Petersburg and Blchmond and Daaville Ballroada. for Petersburg. Weld on. Wil miDg en Balelgh, Greensboro' Salisbary. Char)o*t? sat* Cheater,8 O. Bteamere Key port and C Yanderbtlt leave 7<t Street Wharf dally (Sunday evealag excepted) at 3* a. m and 6 v> p. m. and arrtva In Blohmoa4 et l. D p. m. and 2 is a m. TH BOUGH TO BICUMOBD IB 8BTBH HOOBS* fifty Miles Shorter and XX Hoar* Quicker thai any Other Houte. Be nre and get Through Tfckete via Avals Creek aad Fredericksburg, to Hiohmond, at the Company 'a Office, corner er Penaa. aveane and Stb atreet, or on board of the boat*. Baggage eheehed through. OmnlbtiK* and Baggage Wagon* will be 1l readlneeeto convey paeeeage n and .baggage be tweea depots la Blchmond. Paaaenger* by thla line peea by daylight Monai Vernon, and may nave aa opportunity of vleitlag several battle-flelda near Fredericksburg by gtop pingatthat point. Breakfast and aaa on board of Stoasnen. ? S*& MATTIKGLY.iapt^.. Washington, D O 6. B MATTINGLY, ?cketoiyntAWWjjngtoa. npHy Beasral Passenger Agant. pianos! NB Bacon A Baven Piano, for 919. (-VK One Andrew Stela, for $*0. Hani One almoet new 7-octave large roaod,i**IV corner Boardman A Gray Plaao. $275. For sale apen easy terms, at the warerooms of W. G METZBHoTT A CO. Bole Agents if fltelaway A Boa's Planes, and Masoa A Hamlla's Cabinet Organs. fe 14-tf A~ MEB1CAH GOLB, STOCKS and BOBDB. bought on oemmlsaloa at the Haw York and ether Btock Boards. Qaotatlons regularly re?* * LBW1B J0HB80N A OO.. Banker*. fe T-tf '19il Penaa avenge. ^om\<^k}IOUBAS7HOMB MABUPAOTDBBt PKACTldAl?CARTET~ Iffcl VSR, Onmer 4H and 0 *trests. (Island.) Mskee Carpets to order with dispatch, on modsrate terms,and aatiefsctlon guarantied.. Carpets comtantly aa hand, and far *alo. ja tl tm P boon glBDI A fall assortment of all grades choice Flour far Bakers; quality No 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. H. Gambrlll (aot Patapeoo) and Llaganor Family Flours la the Dletrlot. As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and s*ld la this city, vs would Inform those wishing thla floor by arrangement with the millers we famish It lower than Tt caa be obteiaed fro* any other aouroe. Qnallty eecead to none. Prloe a fraction Ism than other tret class Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. All g* ades of Westers /lour n store nod for sate low by W M OALT A CO., Indiana avenne and 1st street, I no II hear Depot. FOB SALE AND RENT. Kit vr hoi si ami> H4ll miHTUS! f"e?aie npply Me B atr?ei. ex?teeea Kkud lOtbets. all 31* HWOil rot BENT? Faraisb'-d K ai?aed.?4A H .M.cbu?*IU av aae bO'weea ? h and;I* streets. ml I' n* 'I1*' ! NT~r?ft of i large HOOII. "oraprnle* A b??t i??om Rtd parior iImiiKM'l.i k. cS?o * 1 e?? end water ro"ir?i*Bt t I D '?ware tutu*. bsiwaan aorth lua street* " U 3t"_ _ _ HOk F<?K BENT^Oa Capitol HIi 1 b?t?een KltuiiUha(rwt) frontiht; oil Prku. at uu?. a x l?n' r? ota. gaa and water. ail celiar In uuira at MiOHL MrCuEMK'K BUrocery 8t< r?, *tc"is?r. m 19-11* Horn* fobbesT en alQio ali r>ou>eu4 rail r h;iualtd on !>tb airt^t ?eat. betweea 0 and T *ts Borth laqaire next door. m IS at* L'OE BALI ? At private aala, three ?etta of Oetr tege rUBMTCBB. ??1L CLOTH. Ac Aesly this aeek 4 49 D at . near 3d m!< j;' 'I'Hl LOW Bet PABT OF TUI HOI'SA over 1 Priace's l.oau Oiice io let t.. a amUl favailr 871 Peso ttrDue.k t l >th aad 1 th eta mH Jt* frOK BENT-A FBAME HOUSE, eoBta'alsg 4 rooms, Including a store ro< ^ bath bonae. Stable. Ao on llth ?tr*a? etet. near Maty vard bridge Inquire at 469 I at . b?t. llth end ink eaat m ig 2t* L'OR BANT Two BOOMS. ceBiiiiciOiiir, iaraished aa a parlor and bet rooa editable for gentleman ana hie ladr.or three or foar gtntleaien. 541 F street. bet ween "th aad lOcti streets. m I" St* FWB BINT?Several ver> desirably aad baad*otnvl> furni*b>d froat BOOM s at M > 41 la dlana at t>?t ?e*n 4'i*nd VI ate near Oltr Hall Kiratclaaa Boarding H?aeee within a frw do<>r*. al> si* F'OR BALI ? well buitt twe-?tory FRAMK HOUSE. coatatnlag eta rooms. vltb let 1' feet t iarhra tmnt by IW fear a lactien deep improved wltk ahrabbery . In the First Ward. Will be eold cheap ODapplication to JOHN T. 0 OL ARK . Mo. io* D street; or C. PBEBsoM, bo 1?? Peen sylvania aveoue. nab Id Jt* HALL TO LET?a HALL. ?> by 24. anltat le for clut-s, Irdges, or aociety ro>m* ?first fligb* of stalr>?at 391 IVna avenue Beat cheap Possession at ouce. In iaire <>n premises MOSB8 8WBETAEB, SaMURL tils tor, m h K-M* 391 Pennsylvania arena* rOB BINT-4 BRIOK OOTTAOB7w1th fo.7r A rooms. basement. kitchen and cellar eTnero la attached a rirh tardea a pot of I'? acree. site atedoa Qwr*?te?n HrickU, batwact Greea and Washington atreeu. Far further particalara anPi > to J J . BRIGHT .Mo. Slit* O at , near Treasary Department. mio Jt* L OB BENT-HOUSES in the Philadelphia a Bow. llth street -aet Hot and col 1 water, aad bath.gas; 8 rooms. Will b? reated to g >od tenants for S*0'PT annum Inquire at 3tt.i F atreet, bet llth aaA lzth *eet mb l.vjt* 1^0 LET?A good OFFICE, furnished or anfar* iitahed. aaitable for slmo?t any kind of baei aem. Very central. Apply t* D L WELLS A CO.. n> 1# 4t Carner ?( i.>th aad t Mtrneta Epl'BNISHED BOOM'S -Citif.enn or Tranalent 1 people may tio j eemfort ,Me HOOMS at 3i1 Penur) iTaiiia avenne. oapo?ite Metrop>lit?a Hotel Will Ihj r?ateU by the day, week or Laonlh. mb l.r. fit* FOB BBMT-A well loratod STOBM. To a eood teaant the yrit ?III b? m-vierat* in^nireon the prtaiiaaH, 1 lb High atreet, Oeorgetow n. B) 14 fit* L^OB HKNT?A four room HOl HK one ajnar* 1 from the Capitol. Inquire at No 32**. on th? center of B atrett north aad lat atieet ea*t Bent ?Hpermoath nib 1 : t" |7oB~SA L E Oii BANT? M* tw..-rt?ry' KK^ME I HOCSM at praaent occupied by Edward Lynch E--j , at taaled on the corner of bee n 1 and Krederlch etreete, Georgetown, D. < .containing 8 rootna, basemert md kitchen, w i rh w itter In tha ynrd, and tbroiRhont tl>? hoaee L cation very deairable. The anderal?ae<l will receive ??sled pre 3o**li for the a.ile or rent <-f the r?tn? up to lutii M?r?b in* ant Ponaeaaiou to bu given, it re quired, the 1st of Uav a*-xt HICH A Rl> I'ETT.T, No. 43, corner 24 ami Market atr> > ta, nih 13 lw Georget >wu. I? O. L'OB fALK -Onlv .$|M caah retaired tb-b*iI ance can be pa'd in monthl payment* < f jJii) earh, three pew two atorv HOI 8E4. aitna'el on the e?atb eid'a of auntli L atreet. near 6th. This ia an opportunity gel .om ottered to proenre a bom?. STAKE A CO . in il lw* 7th aire, t Bear E I/l BNltitlKD FABLORb :.nd BED ROOStr-. i. ,'dhu l ?l iloora. to be let xtneie or in enitea The room* have been Be^ly pn|?ere<l and painted ; they are mttaMe for h a?'keeping or aiiigie sentlemen 1 here is water, g ta.and bath in the hon^e. Apply at *234 H street, between 19th ttBd 2tth, one rquare from street cara. tub 11 tapl* FMNE COUNTBT BKSIDENCE FOBStLE. ut a bargain Well built Briek and Framed.iable b u-e. ]'Jx:W feet, two atorieg, nine r.toois and garden sj>ot of ? a- tea with fruit Ou tarnSike. 9 minutea walk from Biadeasbur Bailroad taticn 2U ii.lnaten from Waabington. Imm-diate Boafe^aKn Terma eaay. Title perfect Neighborhood exC'-llent a cheap, coi.venlent and bealtby home for [>epartm?at Clerk or Bnalne<a Mao. I'rice Si.OOo If eold at oace. Applyt .1 It. BBYAN iili Fenst>hania avenue oeaoaite Metropolitan Hotel, or CLaGETT A >WK<SV. Be?l Estate Brokers or by letter to .1 W B V AN W V CK. Editor lat. B< y. Kacord Lu erty atreet. New York rity. mb 14 -oit OlW| AUBES OF BEST LANlFn^ar WaahOSi'/ ington TO LET for two yeara without at y rent, for the consideration of putting the land ander cultivation, in lota of one to fifty acre*, with many other Inducement*, Includi ng the privilege of baying the land at any tima. For all particulars inquire of D L. WELLS A CO . _mh 4 lm Coiner loth ami F etreeta. ONK OF THE MUBT VALUABLE AN1> 1>E SIBABLK BUILDING LOTS ia the city Ijt aale. It is situated ou tbe north aide ot R aire t, near 13th between Senator Sherman'* an 1 the Mexican Minister onting on Franklia Sjuara. t?aid lot Ik a feet by 1S7, running back to a *? toot alley, and Improved by a two atory brick atahle. !e?i'tf S P. BBOa N 4fi4 ytb atre* I weai F1OE BALE -All kind of UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, to pay advances, at 14 4 * atreet near Pa. ave. S.GOLDSTEIN A fe21-lm Li-enaed Pawnbroker* FOB SALE OB BENT?Fnrni'b-d or nnfur niahed?the BESIDENCE of the Anstriau Minister, corner 12th and R Apply between u aod 2 p. m fe 20 lm' FOB BENT-The ST OEM BOOM s?it|i tha Star office undsr Metr >pallt*a Hall. Apoiy to C. B. BAKEK. Star office^ fe |$ tf FOB BENT?The FABM, for tbs last three years the reafadsn^aof Major Theophilua Oaiaes, c nslatiae of l.'? acrea, lytag near Fort Mahaa.l cite from Beiming s Bri :ge. Improvtuenta, dweli tig house of ll rooms, stona stable, servant a bouses. bara.Ac Address E. 8.," 431 E street, Warn Ington. D. C.,or sail la person, between 3 and T a m. oc 16 tf L^OB BKNT?Two large aad one small commnnl1 eating BOOMS, anfnrniahed, second floor No lji4 Peun.av .bet l^ih acid Wth sta. no 28 tf U ABE CHANCE?For Immediate ?aie. one of Jlk tbe beat located small corner store GBOCE BIES in the city. Stock and Fixtures new Apply Immediately, by letter, to A. B. O..City Post Office. no 36 tf L'UU BKMT-Two Vnrntsbed BOOMS, at No. r 4 b 1 13th street between E aad F ats de M tf CLOTHING, Ao. JAMES T NVALEIB. MEBCH ANT TA1L0E, 4*4 Seventh Street, 4*4 Bespectfally informs hl? friead^ and the pabllc generally that he has a line, large and well-. sel< cted asrortment of ^MM CLOTHS, CASSIMEBES. WK VEST1NOS. AND GENTS' FDBM1SH1MG GOODS. Tbat he is oeteraiined to ran oil at a very eaiill advsace on cost. Persona paTon!iing hie eetablUhment will be guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanship. a? be Is determined to employ none but the beet workniPB P 8?JOHN A MrLEAM takes this method to Inform his friends that he will be foaad at hi* poet at the al-ove place, where he will be plc?eed t? rarer te their tastes, giving tb'-m garment* to suit the most faatldioua, and aeeiag that their garmeats are made ap la the most workmanlike manner mb lt-lm |Y| EBCHANT TA1L0B1NG. The aaAersigned having entered Into ahip. and lata la aa exte sivp an* carefully sa selected stock ef CLOTHS, OABSIMBBBS.^H VE8T1NGB, and Gentlemens' F0BM1BH Wh IBS GOODS, are prepared to Ba^e ap for if their customers n'at and fasktomabie suits of clothing, at tbeir new eetablishmeat. No. 3W0 E street, two doors west of tbe Matioaal Theater. Persons deeiiiagneat fitting and fashionable Clothing ea moderate terms, should not fall to give as a call before purcbaelajr elsewhere. GEO T. KREM. B.W . GILBERT. Formerly of *OU 9th st . Herehaat Tailors, h 6-lm* Mo. 3*0 E st. bet. 13th aad 14th. Metropolitan Boul. lata Brova'a, WW 1?S Paaaaylvaaia amaa/* Fl-Mf _ Waahingtoa. D. O. |V>WM1N<.'8 LANDSCAPE GABDMNIMO^ U Elliott's We.tern Fruit Orawer's Guide, $1 M. Flax Caltare: M ceaw. Freach'e Farm Dralaage; SI ao Field's i Thonas w ) p?,r Oaltare; ?1 f?. Faller's Orape OalSrtst; El * Filler's Strawberry Oaltanst; m? oeato Oaeaoa' on Mllcb Caw.: jScent- Heal.^o.VoarSZnT.; tor Profit; Si JO Merbarfs Hinu to MoraeKcopers, #17* JobDstoa s Agrleultar.l Uhe i. Istry; Johaston s klemenU of Agri - ultaral Cbemlatrv; S i M. Miles aa the Horses Foot; 75 cenu. 11; Vineyard at Lakeview; Sl.?. Morton's Scientific Agriculture; 7?eeats. Our Farm of Foar Acree (Pap>r,??eents;> boaod. Mcoote. Pardee oa Stvawtxrrv Culture; 7? cents Peet aad its Deee: SI SB. Uosmaa on tbe Grape; ?l 30; and many others oa the same suDjeoto. Dihil fbahck TAYLOM^ lVIW AMD OLD P1AMO C0VEE8. Mew aud Old I'lAMO RTOOLS. Mew aaA Old MI B1CAL 1NSTB0 11EMT8 at bargains. >OHH F. MLLIS, to 15 2t 308 Peaua ave. fjMITBJ) aTATEB BO TBE A SUBT MOTMS. Boaiht.oold and exchaased oa favoraHU terms. LEWIS JOHNSON A 00 Banksrs, fe7 tf Fenao. av?aae. AUCTION SAI.FX , /or .** ? * ?' fm - >.J TBIB ArTBMfiOUH Alio Tt*mua.m? m? |Jf BBEBnVwILLIAMB. 4aoiloaoei. 1*0 T?OBTOBT EAAMB H x'.-BS *M? LOTf OB *?T? ST *EET ?lir. near At *t M iwrlk.M F'lWH Ikcmm OiU^IMI Uitllt' II^UM, M | a.. w? eba'l oell on the ar*?t**?. p?rt of Lot b* t It^iat Mi' W ?(li (k* lur etatlagot iti. ( ? ll*rr rr?w dt m rottl It v t?* rot m*?ach, wn'ob oilj oi?4? a ????* loi 'Hull fearf'j Trm: Ou? bolt (Ml, k*iti? al* aad i*i atontb* for t>ot * fcoaiiag ti feroat ae?t Mr?r*4 b> a deed of tra?t oo l?? r""1^ 411 coaeeyo* ctn|Mt r?r-?i' %l II?chI er !* M> claeeis #.4i lu? li <> ? each hou*? *?? ?'< n. :i 1 BkBSN 4 WILLI A?*. 4*cts |^T QBE BM * WILLIAMS, A*cUon**r* *1 MlMfTBATOB B MLI B?B-E0 ?? Gt,NB thf ? AkMIIiU t *T Pl'? LIU 41UTION On WIl'M Bbl* A V, tb* 4thd*yof Maroh. *1 ! , o'clo k Bi . *~aba,l aril OB 'h* prM*l**< tb* plat* railed C OtiMni Pi er>,opp>*f e 1 lark<- Hill*' place. on Itto H ia<t**?hurg reed *7 order of the Ho* VrfkiH'l'?*rt?f(K? IhilHW ot Coin ml ia. ?h? ?*r* aal offo. U of tbe la** Isaac bnooger deceo* d . vtrTwoBr-eWerk Ili<rw> >?4 Borneo* TwoBpria* Market Wtf>u aad mmtff Oir H no Cart. Pi*u|bi. Harrow*. o ?4.** 8aA 41M. 00. Ob* U| He*** oo4 f ras?- aiaat* 41m at fcflv Ave Ba->liola of Vk*M oort la Htrow And O.ati) (>u>*I arUcloa which w* d*-w ?aa*co* aery to ou a morale. Tera * oash By order of tb* * in 'atatr*?or OBEKb A WILLIAMS. Aarta RTTHI ABOVE HALC ID POSTFOB SB OB account of tt *Ntk*r. until * SDN Ball A Y , lb* ;?th tb* *> ? p>aceaidkaar B) order of tbo Ada?li><*tiot?r k? olc* aKIBN ? WlbLlllS. Ai(M |?Y W L. ?4LL * CO . 4?-Uoao*r* BALB OF GBOCBBIETTWBIBABY. BB90 MS LEMONI* 4 .4 Oa TUlbDAl M"lR|kU, March >i coos lectin. at i o lock ?r <11 at "ar*t *i room* aa aeeortmeat of Grocery a ad <?tb*' erti CiH.Hch*Bbl*. Whit* and Yellow Sugar* AO bo IP* !*pem Coed! a* J" ato?* Parlor Matike* Bbls. Wbtaky IHOdorea Broom* V b"ia* I eo??ks W ca*e> Jockev dab Bitters )a,l?t>D Hlack in/r 1ft bbl* Potonac B*rrlag V Boir* Btarrh, 8oa? Lot 11a Waie Cofloe 4c.. 4c With nitny otl rr a-tlclo* la tb* 9rec*rr Ha* all of wbt?b will bo aold wtthoat ro*orra. Trr'i.?ca*b. ilo _po*taoa#ai??at i b 19 W. L W4LL 4 OO . AaoU BI~W. L WALL A OO . Aactmaoor*, Original Horo* aad Oarrtag* Baaaar, tB LoniUana ar*au*. BALB OB B6BBBB. C4KB1A0BB. HABBBBB Ac ,4c. a TBCH8OAT HOBNIKO. M%r< S *!.?? aVl'k *? a ill aall. at tb* Baraar. a aaaMr or Saddle tlarrlairr aad U ork ll*rao*,? afoli doocrip tion at aalo,>oo?iort?tnB a<>?ut THIBTT HOB^BB. Aidodi ttfo arr food Farm aad Work Horro* Al*O. 4 largo collection of New and Bocoad baad Hu eta*. (Uck*war*,Carriac*a. Wagoa*. aad otb?r Vrblcla* Two new Jenn? Llnl Wagoa*. built la tht* oltf One aocond-liaad Ti k aud Ora near y aew A Lao. New and Becond hand liarnea*. Baddloa.Carrlag** 4c , at pnrate**!*. KcKnlar aale* daj*. Tae*daya. Thorada) * aad Saturday* 4 arriaoe* and Harao** alway* an prirat* ?ala Tirn? caab tnb 19 W. L. WALL A GO . Aaota |,? V W . L. WALL A OO , AactMMMl> We Will **11 oa MON7AY M0BMN0. Bare* '.fh,?t i'o'lo.k all tht- bto?k aed Kiitura* ?! tkf Dn h*ore. >o. '.i I 7lb -ireet, t>- twoea f aad T itr'tti ri ?ii* In* at .'ar*, I'ottle*, -Lelr'aj Draw?r*. A' . aUo a lot of Driac- with aa aa *oi tm^nt of |o> 4 - n*u -lly foand la a Drag "tor* Terni? cmk. i. b 19 W L. WALL 4 OO . 4oct* BY t OOPIB * I.ATIMIB A* ? Lat?'clerk* with J a*. 0 cGuli* 4 Oo , H. W i rm Pet a a? and litb *tr*ot, Biar Otti. a liull lag BOrsBHOLD FIBsTTcBE AT AUOTIOB On MONDAY nest. Hatch 1'. at 10 o ciocA, at the nortcea-t corner < f I It h an t O *ir*?t*. wa i^gll cell at assortment of V m tnra, co-apr tea? B<?(te* I? and Rnreaa* Ct.amber Beta, Oaae aeat Chair* Walaut Axtonaion Oialng Tab.* B air-clotl< Parlor Chair* Hal' and Bu*k Mattre??>* Ingrain and Thre* pi* Car??-t* V it row hbadea Crockery aa I Glaa* Ware Cooking aad Heating Btoraa. 4c Term* caah. _ tub 19-.M COOPBB A LATIMBB. A .ct# B~T UBEEN 4 WILLIAMS. Aactloaeer* Bo. d2b, corner 7tb aad D ?tre*ta rOI'R VALCABLK BrTLDIBS LOTf! AT THE COBBER OF KTIi ST BE KT WBBT AB1> 8 feTBRkT NOBTB AT PCBL10 ACCTIOM. On TH DBfPA) . tb* Kth Inataat, at S o'clock p ra . we .ball *<11, on the prauileet. Lot* B* I and A, ta V ilil errer * rabdUialoa ?f Square Ko. 441. baring j$ J.-et iront on B atr*ot by SO foot da**, to an alley A!*o. oi e Lot fronting oa 6tb *traol IS foot by a . coo dfptb to a fifteen foot alley.with a goo't b>ur room llouao, making them (rood bnllilu Iota. T rin* On? hall aah; balance la aix aad twalrmaatha.for a- tea bearing l aornrag by d*a<l of trust ou tbo pieaalao*. gM dowa oa each lot wb*n *old. OBEEN 4 WILLIAMS. Aucta mh 19 11 .A.M.IP BY COOPBB 4 LATIMKB Auctioneer., (Lata clerk* with Jaa. 0. McOair* 4 Co , Boaibweat corner of P*ni.*y leauia ara. aad Utb treet, Btar Office Bolldlog. HOUBEBOLD ri'BMTERE. IBON 94FE fct*lN<. MACHIBEB, 4. . AT A0CT1OB On THCa&DaY MOBKIBU MU. March 7l*t. at lu o clock la front of oar -tor*, we v i aali aa a**ortinent of rurairare nan. ln?BraM* I* and Ttireo ply Carptta Tbree Bewlatr Ma htae* Walnat at.d Mahoaaay Bodatead* Oil f aiming* and Bngrariaga Hair, loth ttofa* Bocker*. andCbai'* Hair aad lluak Matties* a, Fillowa Marble top Bureau* and Waah*tAad> Cane and Wo?<l-*eat Cbatra Marble top Table* Walnut 8mi king Chair, cororad in gre-a r*p* Co Aing aad Chan b> r Btovea. Ax*o. 1 Wilder Eire proof Bafe 20,00i' a**ortoJ Hand- of Begar > Lot 0 pper Cookln* I'tenai'* Lot of Orocart** and Notion* Term ca*h C'OPEB A LATIMEB. m 19-d A'irtloo?f* BY CO< P BB~4 LATIMBB, Aurtlune rT ( Late < lerka with Jaa O* 4 Go i Booth*e*t corner Toaa'a ar*naeaod 11 tb *t .Star Ortio* L'ntMlag. CATALOGS X BALB OT POO KB On TBI BfeDAY and r BID AY BYENINOB next, March 21 and 22. at 7La o'clock ? m . at oar Auction Boom, we will ? ell a collection of Btar.* arc! Historical aad Mi*c ellaaeou* Boc>k?. par; t.ri*c from a private library. Catalogu e out. and can tx bad at our room Teima. aab OOOPBB 4 LATIMEB . mh 18 5t AactloBeer* TBOB. DOWLIHO. Anct ; Uoorgotawa. COl'PEB 8T1 LL.~4c . AT AUCTION. On MONDAY. 2Mb day of Marcb, at 1* o'clock, at the Auction Booma . f Thoa Dowltng. Georcatowu. D.B.I aball azpoM for aalc to tne hi beat bidder for cw*b One Copper Still aad Worm KnAWermcat Tab* TwoBectiffing Tub*. Ac Tbe above article* being aei*ed by tne oa tbo premise* of .I am<-a Lydoa aad oouliacateg for a violation of tb* Intarnal Be venn* law L cLEPBANB. Collector Internal Bovonae tar D C mh 19 Iw TBOS DOWLINO, A net |JY OB EMM A WILLIAMS, AaoUoaoara. VALCABLB BUILDING LOT BBOBTIBG OB BIOBTB 8TBEBT WBBT. BBTWEBM G ANB B BTBABTB MOSTII, AT Pl'BLK' ACU'TioB oa TL KaDAY. tb* Btk inataat. at A o'clock p. m.. ou the premtio*. part of Lot Bo. 11 ia o^uar* No Btt, having *lxteau teet front, ruaninr back a good depth, containing l ,iN4 aqaare foot of groaad This property ia oa the next aguaro above the Pat ent Oflic*, wkloA maA*s It a daaitabl* baiiSlag lot Terms >1 A? caah. Balanoo ia *ix akontha, for noU bearing latereet, and secured by adMdof tinat on tbo piOBlaes All convoyaadag and revenue staaips at the coat of tbo purcbaaar. >aa dawn on day of *alo mb IS d GBBBB 4 WILLIAMS, Aacm. |^f~0EllK A WILLIAMS. Aactlo?sra. K1BST CLABS BD1LD1BO LOT. PBOMTIBG OB VBBKOBT AVBB0E. betweea A wd L treet* north, at Public Aoctloa On WBDNBBDAl, the I7th laat., at > dock, a m. we (ball *oU, on tbe Pjeinleee. Lot No IA. in i?Qtr<' Bo :iA, baring V foot front by lit foot deep to a tiaa alloy; tmpro>od by a twa Mary *VlTcafl ?t"#att? atloa of baron to tbio ealo, aa tb* locailoa la good, aad being a SratcUaa lot. which makaa It eorrdo^ranl* Teraa : Oae third o**h. balance la ?, u. aad 19 moatb* for not** bearing intereet, aad aocare i by a4oe?l of truat oa tb* piamiaaa. All eoav*y aaciae and revenue etaaipa at tba ?oat of tb* p?r cbaaor S H* S"w? oa tbe darof aalo. rnisd G BBBM A WILLIAMS. A acta. APT TBOB. POWLIBQ. 4act.;Moorgotowa ia bbw natiobalTXPBASB WAMOBS AT On HOBDAY MOBBlBo!_AprH let. IMP. at io o'clock. I will aoll at tba Wa^-oa BotabH?hweat of B P Burford, Bo. T Bridge Otreet, Goorgo towi.? > now one boreo Ex pre** Wagoa*. 2 " too boreo ' 71 2 " foar-boree ' Tbe abovo wagoaa ware built la tbo v*ry b?*t mann? r for tbo Matloual Exproa* Company, aag will l>o aoia to the blgb**t bidder for ra*b at tbo r ri?W aad eapeaaa. BP BGMKOBD m MA _ TBOS I'OWLUfc A act. AB'EBT INDIA OB ABB BB ABB rr bwbxt Malaga oaapbs Fresh BJBti PLA3B.