Newspaper of Evening Star, March 19, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 19, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. OFFICIAL. L4H8 OF THE FNITED STATES, Ja*?ed at the ^f?ml the Thirtj-ninth i gnjifM. [Pl'lUO-.IO. bi l An Ait to &mmd existing laws re| "o -utemal r?Tfnu?. tod for other purpose*. [CmUnued from jts'.erCa/s K-tmr.g far ) Sac. 13. And t? it fur ik'r tiac'.mi. That he '(ntiiM "An act to provide rcai rev?*n?;o support tbe noxrin'nt, to pay interest ?n the public debt, and for e Ar pur. poses, ' approved Jnne thirty, eighteen huiidred and sixty-four, and m ai-bse^u-iiuy jkBcBd*d, be Xurtber latecdfd at follows, n amely m< os v That tection one hundred &ad sixteeu t-<* *.m?nded by striking out ail after :b?? eca.tju;; clause and inserting in lieu :h?r?o.'. a# fcllowTha* there sbail be levied, collec'ed, acdps i annually upon the ga.ns. profit?, and in otr.-? ol ?Tvy person residing in tbe T'n.ted ^.a>?, or of any citizex of the Unied States resnl.nj: abroad. whether derived from any ttd if property, rent*. interest, dividends, or sai*r.e?, ?r from any profession, trade, employment, c: vocation, carried on m the United Sa>, or eK?wfc?*re. or from any other scource wha ever, a -ai of five per centum on ;he airous: ?c aerivea over one thousand dollars. j.nd a l ke ax shall be levied, collected, and pa.u an sea! 1 j upon the gams, profits, and in rom* vt every business, trade, or profession carried tn iu the United States by persons r?i:diL? withou: the United States, and no: citizens thereof. And the tax herein prov.ded lo.shail be assessed, collected, aud paid upon tt>? cams, proti's, and income for the year ondin^ the thirty-first day of December n?x* preceding tbe time for levying. collecting, and pay, ng sa.d tax. Tha' section one hnndred and seven*een b? amended by striking out all alter :be ecac'mg clause and inserting, in hen there?:, tte following That, in estimating the gams, profits, and income of any person, there shall be included all income derived from interest upon notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States. profits realized within the year from tales of real estate purchased within the yea?r within two years previons to tb?? year for which income <-a? [is] estimated: interest received or accrued upon old rail] notes, bond-, and mortgages, or other forms of indebtedness bearing interest, whether paid or not, if good and collectable, less the interest which has become due from said person during the year ; the amount of ail premium on gold and coupons; she amount of ealeso: livestock, sugar, wool, butter, che(e se, per*, beef, muttou, or other meats, hay aud grain, or other vegetable ? r other productions, being the growth or produce of tb?* estate of such person, not includ Kg any part thereof consumed directly by the family all other gains, profit*, and incomderived from any source whatever, except the rental valne of any homeswad us*d or occupied by any person or by his family in biaown right or in the rightof hia wife: and the share of any person of the gains and profits of all companiee, whether incorporated or par?nership, who wonld be entitled to the same, if divided, whether divided or otherwiae. except the amaunt of income received from inatitutions or corporations whose officers, as required by law, withhold a pe?- centum of the aividends made by such institutions, and pay the ?in? to the officer authorized to receive the same: and except that portion of tbe -alary ?r pay received for services in the civil military. naval, or other service of the United States, including senators, representatives, and delegates in Congress, from which the *ax ba* been deducted. And in addition to on * thousand dollars exempt from income tax. as hereinbefore provided, all national. State, county, and municipal taxes paid w.thin he year shall be deducted from the gain.*, i>rofi-=. ?r income of the person woo his actually paid the same, whether au h person be owner, tenant, or mortgager; losses actually sustained during the year arising from fire?; shipwreck, oi incurred in trade, aud debts ascertained to be worthless, but excluding ait e-tur.atsd depreciation of values aud lo=-es within the year on sales of real estate pur. cba*ed two years previous to the year for which income is estimated; the amoun: aritally paid for labor or in*erest by any person who rents lands or hires labor '3 cultivate land, or who conducts any other basinets from which income is ac'naliv derived- *oe ammnt actually paid by any person for to* rent of the bouse or preuuaes occupied a= a residence lor himself the amount paid out lor nsual or ordinary lepairs F'ror?dtd. That no deduction shall be madefor auy aicoDut paid out lor new bnildings. perraaBt-ntimprovemcn's, or betterments, made to increase the value of any property or e^'a'e And fmridtd,fur'h'r. That only one dednctiou of one thousand dollars shall be male from th?* aggregate income of all the members of any family, composed of one or both parents, and one ?r more minor cmidren, or husband and w te that guardians shall be allowed to such deduction ir favor of each and every ward, except that in case wnere two or more wards are comprised in one family, and have joint .property interest, ouly one deduction shall be made in their favor: Ami pro*id'1, fur'Jitr, That in cases wiwethe salary or other compensation paid to any person in the employment or service of the I nited Sta?"B -hall aot exceed the rate of one thousand dollar* p^r annum, or shall be by fees, or uncertain or irregular in the amount or in th?- time during which the same shall have accrued or ne^n earned, such salary or other compensation shall be incladed in estimating tbe animal gains, protlte, or ircoroe of the person to wnom the -same shall havr been paid. Tha' *ection one hundred and eigoteen he amended by striking ont all after the enacting clause and in lieu thereof, the following: That it shall be the duty of all persou* of lawful age to make and render a list or re'urn, on or before the day prescribed by law, in sncb form and manner as may be prescribed by the Uommisetoner of Internal Revenue, to the assistant assessor of tbe district in which which they reside, of the amount of their income, gains, and profits, as aforesaid; and all guardians and trustees,executorsandadnunisr a tors, or any peraon acting in any other fidulary capacity shall make and render a list or return, as aforesaid, to the assistant assessor of the diatrict In which such person acting in a fiduciary capacity resides, of the amount of income, gams, atd profits of any minor or person for whom ihey act; and the assistant assessor shall require every list or return to be verified by the oath or affirmation of the party rendering it, aad may increase the amount of any list or return, if be has reason to believe that the same ia understated; and in case any such peraon shall oeglect or refuse to make and render such list or return, or shall render a false or fraudulent list or return, it shall be tbe duty of the assessor 01 the assistant assessor to make such list, according to the best information he can obtain, by the examination of such person, er his books or accounts, or any ?.her evidence, and to add fifty per ceutnoi as a penalty to tbe amount of the tax dne on such 11st in a'l cases of wilful neglect or refusal to make tutd render a list or return, and. in all cases of a fal?e or fraudulent list or return being rendered, to add one hundred per centum, as a penalty, to the amount of tax ascertained to be due, the tax and the additions thereto aa a penalty to be assessed and collected in tha manner provided for iu other cases of willnl neglect 01 refusal to render a list or return, or of rendering a false and fraudulent return I'roridrd, That any party, in bis or her own behalf, or as such fiduciary, sbail be permitted to declare. under oath or affirmation, the lorm and manner of which %all be prescribed by tbe Commissioner of Internal Key. enue, that he or she, or bis or her ward or beneficiary, was not possessed of an income of one boi sa .d dollars, liable to be assessed according to the provitions of this act: or may de. clare that be or sLe has been assessed aud paid an income tax elsewhere in tbe same year, uuaer antbority of tae United States, upon his or her income, gnits. and profita, as prescribed law and if the assL-iant aa*e?*or shall be aatisfied?f the truth of the declaration, shall thereupon be exempt from income tax iu the aid district; or if the list or retnrn of any party shall have been increased by the aaeistan: assessor, arch party may exhibit hia books and accouuta, aud be permitted to prove and declare, under oath or affirmation, the amount of inewme liable to he assessed: bn? anch oath" and evidence shall not be considered as conclusive of the fa;ts, and no deductions <1 aimed iu such caaes shall bf made or allowed until approved by the assMtaot a*seee<>r. Any person feeling aggrieved by tbe decisieu of tbe assistant aesesaer in such ca<e? may appeal to tbe assessor of Ute district, a&d hia decision thereon, unlesa reversed by tbe Commissioner of I nternai Rev. enue. shall be fioal. and tbe form, time, and manner of proceedings aball be subject to rules ana regulauona jo be preaenbej by tbe (Jomm.ssioner of InUrnaJ Revenue Prorated, fur Krr. That no peiaalty shall be asse*?ed upon any person for neb neglect or refusal, or for matting or rendermg a false or fraudulent retnrn, except after reasonable notice o r the time and place of bearing, to be regulated by the Commissioner of Internal Reveuua, so as to give the person charged an opportunity to be beard. 1 bat section one hundred and n neteen be mended by striking out ?|| after the enabling clause and inserting, in lieu thereof, the following: That the taxes on incomes bereiu imposed shall be levied on the hrst day of March, and be due and payable on or before the thirtieth day of April, in racb year, until and tnrlniing tbeyeai ?igb'~>n hundred and seveoly. ar>d no longtr: and t?auv sum ur sum* aaurailv due aud unpaid afer th?* rib irti?-n ?f April, as aforesurd, and for -t-n d tys altar notice acd demand thereof by the collector, here -hall be l*vi*d id addition thereto toe >t>m of five per centum on tbe amount 01 taxes cuja*d, and n-eres: a; tbe rate 01 vat per ! (futim y>*' nrs'h r.pen st:d ui from lbs time it? tesam* one, as * peualty, ex! ept from 'Is? estates of deceased. insane, o" iriJOlTtiil prrwni frovtdtii* I b ul tk* t*i to ?n *?*>*" for ft? T#*r eighteen hundred and xty-six shall ??e levied vu the day m.s takes ' ere?: 1 That section one hundred and ! wenty-'bree b? amended by ou: all af*?r t?*Lf ci*o?*- and ius#r ing in lieu 'hereof, the follow ng Tfcii '.here shall be teyied, collected, and j-a.d ou a!i salane* of officers, or pnytcn's for servi *s to persons in the civil, military, naval, or other employment or service at the 1 nr.ed state?, including senators and representative* and delegates in ton gress.| when ex "ding the rate of one thousand dollars p?" annnno. a tax of five p?r 'entnm on the ex^e-s aocve the raid one tborsand dollars; and it stall be t" doty of all paymasters and all disbursing officer?, cuder the government of the ; 1 "niv?d States, cr persona iu the employ thereI of. *S'ii ctakmg any payment to any office-s I .^r persor.s as aforesaid, whose compensation j< d">rra ned by a fixed salary, or upon se"tling cr ad usting th? accounts of sn :h officers cr ) "rson? to deduct and withhold the afore-aid tax of five per leotao; and the pay roll, receipts, or accoi.nt of officers or person- pay; lar su t a> a- aforesaid stall be made to exhibit :h? fact o! gu ~b pitymeu*. And it ?hr?ll I t the duty of the accounting; outers ! cl the T^rasury Department, when aad! iting the amounts of any paymaster, or disbursing officer, or any officer withhold; ing bis salary irem mon?y? re ?e:ved by him. ' or when -ettiiup or adjusting the accounts of any su^h wilder. te r-quire evidence that the taxes mentioned n. 'his section have been de iu ied and paid o\*-rto tee Treasurer of the 1'nred States, tr otfcaroAcer authorised tore[ ceive the same. i'r- ,..'d, That payments of prize money shall be regarded a* income from I salaries. and the tax th-reon shall t>? adjusted i and MUKttd in lift* manner Pn .I'df irtker. That this ?e?: :lon shall not apply to payments made tt mechanics or laborers employed upon 1 public work-* Am' }-r> *<ted furth<r. That in | case it should become necessary for showing I the true receipts of the goyernnient nnder 'he operations of this ?e tion upon tje book of "he i Trea-ury Uepartmeut, tlie requisite amount may be earned from unappropriated moneys .n'be treasury to the credit of said account; I and rbis -ection shall take effect upon salary and compensation tor the moutli of March, I eighteen hnndred and sixty-?even. 1 Sac. 14. And fce i' f ur'Ker ena t'd. That there i shall be levied, collected, and paid on all dis1111<^. spirtts. upon wmch no tax has beea paid accorulng to law. a'ax of two dollars upon each aid every proof gallon, to be paid by the J distiller, ewner. or any person havmg possession thereof. and e%e-y proprietor and possessor of a still, distillery, or distilling apparatus shall be jointly and liable for he .axes imposed by law upon the sp.rits distilled therein: and the tax shall be a lieu upon the spirits distilled, on the dut.llery used for distilling tbe same, with the stills, vessels. fixtures, and tools therein, and on the lot or tract of land wnereou the said distillery is situated, together wi'hany building th-reon, fron the time said spirits are distilled until the said tax shall be paid. Froruied, Thar the tax upon any spirits distilled aud removed from the place where the same were distilled, and not deposited in bouded warehouse as required by law, shall, at any time, upon knowledge Jf such fact obtained by the assessor or assistant assessor of the district where snob spirits were distilled, be assessed by him upon the distiller of the same, and certified cr returned to :b" collector, who shall immediately de. n.and payment of such tax. and upon the ne. glee or refusal of payment by the d.e'iller, shall proceed to collect the same by distra nr. Bnttbis provision shall not exclude auy other remedy or proceeding proMded by law I'mnd'd further. That th? rax cn all spirits shall be collected a* no lower ra'- than the basis of first proof, and >-hall be m-jren-ed in propor? t:on tor any greater strength than the s reng h of first proof. Sx? . I V And le i'J rO?r r wcted, Tha* prool spirit shall be held and taaen to oe tha' alcoholic liquors wbich contains on^-nal: its vol. of slcohol of a specific gravity of sev^u hou^and nine hundred and thirty-nine ten thousandths at six y degrees Fahrenheit; and tbe Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to aflopt. pro. ure. a..u prescribe f^r use such bydrom^ ets. weighing aud gang i.j instrumen's. meters, or otfc'-r means tor ascertaining the str?*rg'h and quality of spirits ?ub. i#?ct to tax. or for the prevention or detection of lrauds by di-tiller- of ?pirits, and to pr<*scrir>e ?ui h rules and regulations a? ae may d'em necessary to insure a uniform and correct system cl luspection, weighing, aud gauging of spirits subject to tax throughout the I'nited States. And whenever the Secretary of tlie j Treasury shall adop' aud prescribe for use auy i meter cr meters, it shall b>- the duty of every ; owner, agent,or superintendento: a distillery, I to mak- application to th^ collector of his di- | trie', for such meter ?r meters, to be usea In h s ' distillery, and the same shall be furnished and attached to the distillery a* the expense ot the ' distiller, whose dusy it ^hall be to fni ni-h all I the pipes, materials, laoor,andfajilities necessary to complete such attachment In accord1 ance with the regnla'ions of the Commissioner ; of Internal Revenue, who is hereby lurth-r authorized to order and require such cnauges I ot er additions to disnlling appara'us, cou; netting pipes, pumps or cisterns, or any mi- j i cbinery connected with or used iu or ou the ! distillery premises, or may require to be pir , on any of tbe stills, tuo?, cisterns, pipes, or I j other ve-sels such fastenings, locks, or seals a? be may deem uecemsary. And in all ?ales of spirits hereafter made, where not otherwise ! specially agreed, a gallon shall be taken to fce a gallon of first proof, according to the foregoing standard set forth and declared for the inspection and gauging ot spirits throughout the United States. sxc. 10. And it it further enacted. That every person, firir, or corporation who distils or manufactures spin's or alcohol, or who brews j or makes mash, wort, or wash, for distillation or tbe production of spiriu. shall be deemed a distiller. And tbe making or keep, j ing by any person of grain, mash, wash, wort, j or beer, prepared or fit for disu llatlon, together witn tbe possession by sucb person of a still ! or other apparatus capable of use tor distilling upon tbe same premises, shall be deemed and 1 I taken as presumptive evidence that such p--r- i I sou is a distiller. Ski . 17. And be it further enacted* That hereafter all distilled eoirits, before being removed from tbe distillery, shall be inspected and ganged by a general inspector ot spirits, who shall mark the barrels or packages in the manner required by law and so much of tbe act approved July thirteen, eighteen hundred aud sixty-six. as requires the appointment of au inspector for each distillery established according to law is hereby repealed /'n ided. That such other duties as have heretofore been imposed upon inspectors ot dis'illeries may be performed by such other daly appointed officers as may be designated by tbe Commissioner of Internal Kevenne. Sac. 1?. And le 11 further enacted. That wbepever. in tbe judgment ot tbe collector, there shall be a general bonded warehouse so located as to be conveniently accessible to a distillery, and in tbe same collection district, the -aid collector shall direct all spirits which may be stored in tbe bouded warehouse attached to such distillery to be transferred directly to a general bonded warehouse: aud all 1 spirits thereafter produced in such distillery shall lie removed to a general bonded warehouse withiu tbe time and in the manner heretofore required for the removal to the bouded warehouse attached lo the distillery. Se< . 19. And be it further enacted, That no spirit* shall be removed in any cadk or packare containing more than ten rations from any premises or building in which tbe same may have b<*eu distilled, redistilled, rectified, or manufactured, nor from any place or |ot] storage, at any other times than after sunrising and before sun-settlug, on pain of forfeiture of sucb spirits, and every person who shall violate this provision shall be liable to a penalty ot one hundred dollars for each cask, barrel," or package of spirits removed. Any officer of internal revenue may be specially authorized by the Commissioner or interaal Revenue to s?*i%e any property which may by law be subiect to seizure, and for that purpose , such officer shall have all the power coo' ferr?d by law unon collectors of internal revenue, and such Tpecial authority shall be liraIited in respect of time, place, and kind or class ot property as the said Commissioner may specify. I Src. -Ju. And be itfurther enacted, That it shall 1 be lawful for any internal revenue officer to ' seize and detain any barrels, casks, or pack' ages containing, or supposed to contain, distilled spirita, when sucb officer has reasou to believe tbe tax imposed by law upon the same has not been paid, or that they are being removed in violation ot law, and such packages may be detained by sncb officer in a safe place until it can be satisfactorily ascertained by tbe proper officers whether the articles so aewed are liable to be proceeded against for violations of the internal revenue laws Sao. 21. Amt b* tfurther enacted. That whenever auy distilled spirits so found elsewhere than in a bonded warehouse sball be sold or offered for sale at a less price tban the tax imposed by law thereon, such selling or offering lor sale as aforesaid sball be taken and deemed : as prima facie evidence that said spirit* have , not been removed from a bonded warehouse i according to law, and that the tax imposed by law on the same ha? not h-eu pa d, and tbe i same shall witnout tnrther evidence be liable to seizure and forferure: Proeided, That tb:s secuon sball not apply to spiriu told at pubi lie sale by an auciioueer who has pai<t :& ? ; special tax as suc h under sucb rules aud regi tua'tout, and upon sncb public notice as id ly b*- presc ribed by the Commissioner *f lu'wmal Revenue, nor to ?a>? made ov judicial or e\. f i.:i>e officers unoer the order ur decree o: ?r v court. Sr. iW .lud 1* tfur'ker ena * .?*, Tba* it sh\ll be 'De fluty ct es?ry per?on wb'i ?rnp ?? or draws oil", cr cin.?e# to t>? np oc cimi cn. di?*ille* sp.rr.s or o'L^r ar le *ut - . u, j law :? r?i. fr*?c *'as*. narr??, or p* '*?re. [ MWiof utj 4-1 Uie U.h.'gi n urande by law. ?r marks ia'^Bd?i for or parporuag te be. orj designed to bare tne effect of such maikt, immediately upon each cask. barrel, or p&skage being empurfl. to efface acd ool.'-era:e -aid marks or brands; and any person wtj shell violate ib.s provision shall be to a penalty ol ten dollars lor each offence: aidany su;b cask. barrel, or pakage, from which aai<l marts are not so effaced aud obliterated as herein required, shall be liable to torfeitnre, and may be ceized by any officer of internal revenue wherever found. Sec. 23. -t'?d be ti furfk'r riart'd, That .n care any bond under which any d sulled spirits shall have been wi'hdrawu irom a bonded warehouse is forfeiiod by fail are to furnish or produce at the proper time tha evidence required by law or regulation that t :he articles uajn?d .n the bouct were duly received and actually ;n the warehouse , or dutrict to wh::h they w?rs shipped, or by i other breach of the otoligatrcn, the obligors in the bond 6hall pay tue tutal a.njuuc of duties upon the ar'iciee r?movea nnder the bond, together w.tb tif'y p"r entum upon that amount, and tbe collector of the district in I which tuch bend is or may be given may forth1 with distrain from any property, real or peri sonal, subject to di6.ra.nt or seizure, beiong| iui to said obligofc-: and in case no such propj erty can be found, the collector shall immed.ate'ly forward the bond to the United States ' district attorney for the proper district for suit, and notice 01 the breach oi tbe obligation of any such bond shall t>e forthwith forward-.i by the collector of the district :o the Comrnu. sioner of Internal Revenue. I >eo 24. And be i" furher enacted, Tax', the l forty-iourtb section of the act of July thirteen, I eighteen hundred and sixty-si\. aforesaid, be ; amended by auding thereto as folio ws. 1'r videU That when any still used or tit for us* ! in the production of distilled spirits, the same , not exceeding one thousand dollars in value, I has been or skall be seized for any \ lolation of the laws relating to internal revenue, the same shall not be released by tbe court to the claiman', or any other intervening par*y, before I ' judgment: and if declared ferfened, such still | bhal I be so destroyed as to pre vent its use for the purpose aforesaid, and tbe materials thereof shail be sold as other forfeited property. In cased seizure as above, of a still exceeding in vaine tbe sum of one thousand dollars, its release to tbe claimant or any other intervening party, before lodgement, ?hall beat the discretion ol the court. Sec. 35. And b' it further enocftt'. That the owner, agent, or superintendent ol any still, boiler, or other vessel used in the distillation ?f spirits, who shall neglect or refuse to make true and exact eutry and report of the same, or to do or can?e to be done any of the things by law required to be done concerning distilled spirits, shall, in addition to other Hues and penalties now by law provided, forfeit for every ?ucn neglect or retusal all the spirits made by or tor him. and all tbe vessels used in making the sime and the stills, boilers, and other vessels used In distillation, and all materials tit to: nse in distillation found on tbe premises, together witn tbe sum of live hundred dollars for each onence, to be recovered with costs of suits. and shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor. and be subject to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year; which said spirits, with tbe vessels containing the same, with all the vessels used in making the sain*, and all said materials, may be seized by the collector and held by him until a decision shall be had thereou according to law : J'rcridr<', That pro-ceediugs to enforce said forfeiture shall be commenced by such collector witbiu twenty days after tbe"seizure thereof. And the proceedings toenlorce said forfeiture of said properry shall be in the nature of a proceeding in rem, in tbe circuit or district [court] ol the I'nited States lor the district where such seizure is made, or in any other coart ol competent jurisdiction. 5?y< v6. Am'6 it further enacted, Tbat if any coll*-, tor, depnty collector, assessor, assistant assessor, inspector, district attorney, marshal, or other officer. agent or person charged with tbe executionor t-upervision of the execution < r MHjjeri-ition of the execution of any of the provisions of this act, or of the act to which this l* amendatory, shall demand, or accept, or attempt to collect, directly or indirectly, as payment or gift or otherwise, any sum oi money or other P?oj erty of value for the compromise, adiustuient, or settlement of any charge or complaint for any violation or alleged violation of any of the raid provisions, excep* as expressly au .horized by law so to do, be shall be held 'o be guilry of a misdemeanor, and shall for every such offence be liable to indictmeut aud tr al in anj- court ol the United States having conpetent jurisdiction, and on couviction thereof -hall Oe fined in double the sum or valneof the money or property received or il"minded, and t>e imprisoned for a period of not less than one year nor more tbau ten years, Si?.ti". And t>e it further 'nactnt, That no distilled spirits which have beeu forfeited to the government in accordance with law shall be sold tor a price less th in the amount ol he tux required 'nereon by law at tne time of sach sale. And if the officer having sucu spirits in charge shall have been unable, lor a period of ninety days, to [sell] the same for a price equal to the tax", such spirits shall be destroyed, under such rules and regulations as j the Commissioner of Internal l(evenue may prescribe. Sec. 2*. And be xtfurther enacted. That ifany pereon shall falsely represent himself to be a j reveuue officer of the L'n''ed States, aud shall j in such assumed character demand or receive tiny money or other article of value from auy person for any duty or tax tine to the United States, for any violation or pretended violation ol any revenue law ol the I'nited Stages, such person >hail be deemed guilty ofa felony, aud on conviction thereof shall b-liable to a fine of five hundred dollars, and to imprisonment not less than six mon'bs aud not exceedis* two y ears, at the discretion of the court. Sec. 21'. And be it further enacted., That uo person shall mix tor aale naphtha and illuminating oils, or shall knowingly sell or keep for sale or otter lor sale snub mix'ure or shalisell er offer tor sal* oil made from petroleum lor illuminating purposes. intlam{in]able at less temperature or tire test than one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit: and auy person so doing shall be held to be guilty of [a] misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof oy ii diei mem or presentment in any court of the United ! [Statesj having competent jurisdiction shall i be pninshed by atlneof not leas than one hundred dolors nor more than five hundred dollars, and ny imprisonment for a term of not less than aix months nor more than tbree years. Se? . 30. And be it furth'r enacted, That if two or more persons conspire either to commit any offence against tbe laws of the United States, or to defraud tbe United States in auy manner whatever, and one or more of aaid parties to said conspiracy shall do any act to effect the ohi?u t thereof, tbe parties to said conspiracy shall be deemed gnilty of a misdemeanor, and on convicilon thereof shall be liable to a penalty of not less than one thousand dollar* and not more than ten tbousaud dollars, t.nd to imprisonment not exceeding two years. Aud when any offeneesball be beguu in oa# judicial district of the United States, and coini pletrd in another, every such offenee be deemed to have been committed in either of tbe said districts, and may be dealt wi b, inquired of. tried, determined, and punished in eitbtrof tbe raid districts, in the same manner as if it bad been actually and wholly commut?d therein. Ski . 31. Aud he it further enacted, That al' inspectors appointed under tbe provisions of tne act or acts of wbicb this is nmendatorj' shall be required to give bonds, with security, approved by the Secretary of the Treasury or assessor of tbe district, in a sum not "than five thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge ol the duties of such inspector. Sec 32 ln?' I' it further enacted, Th:lt any person who shall sell, give away, or otherwise dispose of, any emp'y cigar b?>x or boxes which have been st*tnp?d, without first deiaciug or destroy tug such stamps, or shall refill any cigar box without first defacing or destroy, ing such stamp, skall on conviction of either offence be liable to a penalty of one hundred dollars or le imprisonment not exceeding sixty days, or both, in the discretion ef tbe court, with tbe costs of tbe trial, and it shall be lawful for any cigar inspector or revenue officer to destroy any empty cigar box upon which a cigar stamp shall be found. Sec. 33. And be it further enacted. That the tonnage duty now imposed on all ships, vessels or steamers engaged in foreign or domestic commerce, shall be levied but once within one year, and when paid by such ship, vessel, or stenmer, no further tonusge tax shall be collected within one year from the dare of such payment. S?c. 34. And be it further enacted, Tba'.allacts or parts of acts inconsistent with this act, aud all acts or parts of acts imposing any tax upon advertisements, or tbe gross receipts of I toll roads, are hereby repealed Provided, That I this act shall not be construed to affec- anv act done, rlgnt accrued, or penalty incurred, ander former acts, but every such right is herebv saved: ard all sails and prosecutions for acts already done in violation of auy former act or acts ot Congress relating to the subjecs pxbraced iu this act may be commenced or proceeded wi'b in like manner a* if this act lia.i not been passed, and all penal clauses an t provisions in existing laws relauuir to 'he st;t>j* T* eir.brncrd m this act -thall be deeuied apI ptUMble thereto. Approved, March 2,1*67. A K B*0WN?. B J. SMlTll It US B BOW SB M dMITUBRS, W4bUlN?TOM. D 0 , A TTO K\EYS.:yDCr>CM ShJ. LOKf? AT LA t>|l hoLiClTOUB rod Tit K BTB1AU BSrtdBBS. A!?D' ABAftDONSP LANDS. Olnve No. Seventh etrest,oyr>vaiie the Post OITce. te 2-iy wMlKCHEP ARD ADPBBSSr.* OK H.WIN- '

TBK I/aVIC Colorsrto, a Summer Trie: by Bsysid Tsylor. TheOI*veriot. ? Novel; b? TrolI ?c ?. Tfce Village on the Cttff; by Miss Th?<-kerajr. t ?o Mwrnsges. by the author of John B?ll'?* PlckWiOk 1'speti. D' "feed E.ilt!- * i 1* U YJUJig* TAXitUA. % AUCTION SALES. BY GBEENA WILLIAMB, An^aeBoenT. bo. 5 '-' , (ootLsa t t?ro?r 7lb iid j ?:* 1 BXCELUKBT ROSi. * Oc>D C\nR rU NO ' GILT I BAME WTHBOE"! LACK <T BTAiHS. BLAVK WALNUT AND ltlU(>tIif Vu l.UH ABU i'UaHMKB rilKSITCBC b?IS MELB.THBBB PLY. AND IMUBAIM CAB PBTB, *e AT PUBLIC AUCTION Oa TH UBSPAT. the2l*t 10 o'clock I. n.,we thilliel!, at hou?e Hj lf>4 frootiuir mi K street t*t w*t u 20tfc afid .idt iireti, Fir>t w *ro < *?z~" One ?M t?n?d Bowwood Ctu Piano, Seven Octave, with Stool tod Cover I Large Purler Gilt Frain? French P.ate Mirror aad with Maro e blab aao Bra?k*t ",rror' One Set of Handsome Lace Cnrtaiuaand Cornier Handsome Green B?-? Parlor Salte constating of Lwo *** Sofa*. two Ca*:or. and tear Brace A; mrbair* Four ban-isoine' Marble top and Walnut-Frame Canter Table* Black Walnut Whatnot, with Ma< Me Shelvei One haod*ome Black Walnut Chamber 8uite.con -i L',p *ir*aatBg Bureau, * Mb<itaii4. Wardrobea. Cbair.. and Bwist*ads?all to match HaEd?oni? ^chamber Set of Mar>ogany FnraiPalhtod Cottage Bet* and V, ird.t* Shades 7 wo Haircloth Tete a t< ta Sou* nod < Uira ticelleat Brusael*. Thrte-ply, and Ingrain Car|fti Plated Ire Pitchers. Ca-tora. and Cutlarv Curled Hair and othrr Mtttretica Mahcfmy Marble top Mdekuard Black Walnut Jenu* Lind Bedsteads. \Na*hstandi Dressing Bureau*, aad < hairs Parlor Chamber, And Oonklai Stove* Hall Oilcloth -?nd Hras-els Step Oirpet cVmiorts ami Blanket* and Feathar f'llk w* and Bol'ters A good lot of Piamg Boom Crockery. Ac. Aud msv y other article*, too numerous to en>imerato. Term* caah Tbe house < for rest; in.nlre of the Auctioneer*. Person" wishing to Vnv good Furniture wit] find it to their advantage to attend tbe aala. mh 18 d GREEN A WILLI AMB, Aucta. Ill BBEEB A WILLIAMS. Anotloaeara. | MJ N?..Vib. corner 7tb and Datreatf. A TWO STORY FRAMEHOUSB OF FOCB OB > IV E BO"'M-. WITH BAB. BAB FIXTUBEB, ?AB F1XTCBI8, AMB BOMB VUBBITUKE. on Mb street weatt near N -treat aoatll. known * Pa'ace. at PaMIc Auction. OnTHUBSPAY. the Slat luat , at 4 o'clock p. ni., in froat of tbe premises, we will aell tbo Frame Honae abd Fencing, with all tha Fnrniture anl r lxturea tferein. The honae 1* on rente* ground, to remain nntil December SI. l?i'.', the purchaser then having privilege ? f removing It. Term* caah. OBEBN A WILLIAMS, lt>-4t _ AnctUaoer*. IIT GREEN A WILLIAMB, Auctloneora, Ko. 0U6, corner of 7th and D street*. NEARLY NEW BLACK WALNUT PABL9K ANt. PAINTED CHAMBEB FURNITURE, CABPETB. Ac.. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY , the kith Instant, at 10 o'clock a. m . we ahall aall. at Iluise No 411 H atreet nertb. between 12th an i 1.1th sts. weat the following articles, *t/. : Haircloth Castor and Mx Bush-bottoNi t'baira Marl It- top Centre Table and Bairoloth Loun e Black Walnut (ten feet > Extension Table 'ane seat Chairs. Bockers and Wlndaw Bkadas Painted Cottage Beta, all ceniplete Painted Jetny Llnd Bedateads. Dressing Bureaus Ws<httands, Wardroboe and Mattr ae< a Parlor, Chamber, and Bpear 'a auti dust Oooklo 2 Btove. with nteasiU N< arlf new Three-ply and Ingrain C.irpata I- renin China Dinner Bet. all completa A u'ood lot of Kitchen Be.|oieit?a And all other goods belonging to honaakaapine Tertra caali. Tbe housa iafor rant. Inquire on tha premisea mh 18-d CiBIkN A W I LLIAMsTAucta. IJT QEEEM A WILLIAMB. Aactlanaara. TK,CATh"A'T ?itf VsrBlltT BBTSIcMaif """ " 8I-AT F0BOn MONDAY, tha 2.'>th instant, at 4 o'clock p. ni., I shall aell. on the premises by virtueofa deed of trust, dated the 9uth day of O, A. D. ?8?>n, and duly recorded in libor B. M. H., No. .?, folioa No. MO and Ml. of chattel racord for the connty of Washington, D. O , the following articles, rlz : Two good <'art?, and Harness, Office, Stable. Sheds, Stove, Ba-ldle, two Sh >vela. Bpad>'4, Axe, Cutting Box, Carry Comb and Brash, two Coal Br?lea, 1 one nearly new 1, all the Wool and Coal an<^ Fencing n pon and around tbe said premise*, to highest bidder, for < %?li,ou the day at sale WILLIAM <; FLOOD, Trustee. n>h 16 d OBLBN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. |?Y OBEEN A WILLIAMB. AncUonaara. LOT OF Bl'lLDINO MATERIAL AND FB\ME BKILDIBO IN TBE BBAB FBOMTINQ S BTHEKT NOHTH. liBWCCM 9TH AND 10TH STBlfBlB. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On FB1DAY, the 16th instant, at :> n'clo-k p m we sliall tell, on the premises, a good lot of Buildiing Bilck and a Frame Building in tha r> ar of the Lot. Terms carh. to ba removed within 10 day* after the iiay of sale nib 12-d GBEKN A WILLIAMS. Aneta. ST" THE ABOVE HALE IB POSTPONED until 1B1DAY, the *? 1 instant, same hoar an I P)a?e GBEEN A WILLIAMS, m ift " _ Auctioneers. |^Y GBBEN A WILLIAMB. Anctlonasr*. TRUSTEE'S BALE JT BOU4KHOLD AND BITCIiaM rURNlTUBE. OFFICE AND alct'ion00" * l km1il *Ac t It On FB1DAY, tha 1Mb Inatnnt. I shall sell, at 10 o clock a m . at 11 u?e No and ;<*?b,ou?th street weal, between G and H atre.-ta north, by virtue of aderdot trust t<? the *nl>Bcriber, date* 1st day of November, 1W6 and duly recorded in Libtr K M. H., Ne 3. fell-* ^36. M7 and 2S-t, of Chattel Becord for the c^onty of Washington District of Colu'iibia. all tbe Goods and ('battel* mentioned In said deed in said establishment. Wa mention in part, viz : Bureana, Tablea. Chaira. Bedstead*, Waahatand* Feather Bea* and Bedding, Carpets. Oilcloths Bookcasa and Booka, China, Glaaa and Crockeryware Bake housa Ulanall*. lea Cream Mould*. Pan* Freezer*, and Kitchen I'tamil*. two Bow Windows Tw0 Counter*, Shelving, two 8haw Case* Q*? and Water Fixture*, Ac With many other artlclaa wkich wa deem unnecessary to annmerata. Terms cash. CHARLES B. CHUBOH. Trnatea. mh 9 d GBEEN A WILLIAMB Aucts. BSTTBE ABOVE BALB IB POSTPONED natll MONDAY. tha 28th instant, aame hoar and place. By order of the Trustee. 111 IS d OBEEN A WILLIAMS. Anctn. Ill NAGLEB CO., Acctlooeer*. U Bala*room No. S9A Penn. avenue, Between Mb and 10th ata. NAGLE A 00- will give their personal attention to the aala of Boal Batata and Hodaehold Furniture. Also, to tba aalea of stocks of Orooeries, Wvnes, Lienor*, and Merchaadiaa of avary daacriptioB, Horaea, Carriagaa. Baraeas, Ac. Liberal caah advaaoaa made on conalgnmeata. Regnlar Salea at oar salesroom every TOESDA*, TBUB8DAY; and BATOBDAY, at 10 O'clock NAGLE A CO, j*|J ^ Anetloaeera. 1"* R USTEB'B BALB. In purenanc* af a power of sale veated In me b* a deed of tru?t. executed to me by George W ^litchel and Cornelia D. Mitcbel, hi* wife, of Washington city. District of Colombia, dated n tbe 3Btli dar of Angnst. 1BCS and recorded in Li bar E. B. P , No 3, folio tfl, Ac., one or Uie laud re-ords of Montgomery county, I will effar at enhlic saie and sail to the highest bid ler, at B?ar'a Hotel. In the Tillage ** CiarksSnrg, in Montgomery county, Md , an WEDNESDAY, the 3otb aay of March, in the year eigh.een hundred and sixty seven, at 11 o clock a. m all the follow Ing described teal estate, ltumed in Montgomery county State of Maryland. These land a lie near Clatkaburg. Montgomery county, and adjoin toe pioperty of Bofua King, Perry Biowmng, Baatl Ueall and othara Oii? of tha tracta ia part of a tract ef land called 'Trouble Buough lni<-ed." containing *ix bnadred and aixty acre* uf land, It being the aame land heretofore conveyed by Charles Hendry and tleanor Hendry. his wife, to aid George W. Mitobel, by deed dated ?a the Bith day of Angnat. l?oi. The other beiugpart of a tract of Ul d cal led " Be*ur vey ou Maple B ranch," heretofore conveyed >0 aaid George W. Mitchel by Aun Bopar. and contMtnibg thuty fiv* acres of land. Tbi? laud Is under a good state of cultivation, situated in a healthy .eighhoriiooil. well watered, and ui>aer very good fen log The lm firoveiiientaconsiatoita-o ooalorta >le log dweling*. g ?? ?! stnbl*. corn hoaaea, aud other aeceasaiv out-buildings; also, fear g->od tobaccohou??e. The above desoribad tract i* snscept^bla of being divided into two or threa convenient farms Persons wishing to look at tba property can do sojl.v calling on Mr. King, redding on the land, wbo will take pleaaure in showing it. Term* of tale: One-third ot the purchase money to be paid on the day of saie the residue of the pare base money to be paid iu ona and two year* irom tbe lav of sale, tbe purchaser or pnrcha sets giving bis. bar or their notaa, with approved se- tirity, baariug lata rest from the day of aala On pa> ment of tli* wkol* purchase m iney a deed will bo execnti-d by the trustee, the purcbaaer paying expenses of prepartn* thodeed andatamp*. JOHN T WILLIAMS. Trnatea fe 23 dtp LEVI V AN F08BEB. A net. TRUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE BEAL 1 ESTATE. B) ^irtae of a decree of tba Circuit Court for Prince George'* coantv, sitting aa a00 irt of equity , pasted in a cause therein depending, wherein James C. McGuire A Co are coruplaiuaqra. aud ttarcu* Dn Val I* defendant, the *nbs?riber, a* trustee, will expose to public aab-. ou lb * premises, on MONDAY, th" nth of Msrci, U' 1] o ?'iock m., 11f fair, if not, on the next fair day then-niter,* the Boal Estate of Marcua D11 Val, knoati as ' H >g Harbor.'* sitnat>4 la Prince George'e coanty. about o..e ml!e from Good Li* k, , untalni <g l.r>2 Acrr*. more or lass, and adtolnina tbe lanils o?' Walter H. Hllleary. tba heir* of YbnmiM Hnll.aadCol. Odeu Bowie. 't he above laut i* coverr>d with a h" svv growth of <>?k and OhiffnnT Timber, and b-lng located in C' nrtnient to tbe Baltimore and Ohio and BnltJmoie and Potomac railroad, will cnppiy a? rnlimlKd iqpntity of railroad tie*. Trims if ?ale . Cash oa she day of sala, or on the ruilScation thereof by tbecourti with inter< st troni tbe day of sale; and en payment of the whole pur<-ba?e mensy ?t*o property will t>e conveyed, in fee to the purchaser ftamp* and convevsnco to ?.e at the eo?t Af the r*nta?er BICUABD B. B. CHEW, I?ih6-?c-td Tru?tea (M9BM ABB rownOO* ? KBOOK M. BD J MObST"N ?tll r*o happy to carve bts friend* and the ml M" v?1?h and Tobacco, at Bo* *?S LoBiaiaaaaveane n*w Banker Washlag" Wa. (?B-laa T GOVERNMENT SALES. uubbau or ORDHaNCB. D I4?i Dir??T?I5T. w*?n,.r? n Citt, March is, it1 v. ale or old A*d~fn?b?vio?abl* ?b ti- lis ?*r ukun&nob. There a ill he sold *t pnMic aaciloa. to th< hlgtest bm<?n. at . o n THI'KhPaV the 1h? d?> el April !tt< at the k e cf the Inspector ? Ordcaace, hity ??rd r hila-'elpbia Penu?ylva i* a tot of old Bad unserviceable articles * Ordnance, embracing ?hot aa<l Shall, ab^ut *** i hundred 706 Carbia<s. ib-m 'k i >t<irr< i aboul tweatv 6*f handred r .'oil hofk^u. ri'ed act mccth bor<>. qua Carriages an 1 other stor*s. Tbe article# will be sold is lota. Term*: dn' half cash in Government funds, t< be deposited on th* conalnsien of the sale andtbi r?ntl?<ier witbin ten data afterward. <1 r1a| which time tbe artlcl?s mmt be removed 'ri?l. Lh? yard, etberwis- they will revert to the Ojvern meat. h a- wisb. mh ii tst Chief of Bureaa ; WHABrpBepBBTI_roB"ALB i Ckitf Qu*rt<rmtvttt's CJIr?. D*rot of Waikta#:**. I D C.. March IS. Hn/. ( By order of the Quartermestsr Genera!. tbe following BaUdiag* and ?birtt* at tb* foot ol ! Piitb will t>a so'd at public anctioa on fbidat. Mar. b s3, nader tne sarvervision i Brevet Llenienant colonel James m Meore, a, q m.?sale to commence at 11 o cl< ck?to wit. 1 Gram nb-d, loxlji feet. i Grain Sbed. ?0sli9fe?t. 1 Storehouse 7ux71 feet. 1 Wharf, 70x7J feet. containing :. ? cable feet . in pile* and cape, and 21.8^1 teet .n strings ah 1 i flooring 1 Wbarf, 110x139 feet, containing 7 61* e b.c feet In pile* and e*ps. and 7u.7sO iset in firings an 1 i flooring 1 Addition 3"?.1s feet, containing 1,460 cu'i? j feet in piles and cape, aad 7.060 feet in strings and flooring 1 Adsitioa. 11x1,1 feet, tbic fret In pile* aad caps. and is -il faet la string and flooring. 1 Addition, 31xt- feet, containing k) cubic' *1 la [ilea and caps, aad 7 feet in striaga and (looting. 1 Addition containing 1.4*; eahlc feet in pilei aad caps, and 7 050 feat in stringa a 1 tlooriag Terms cash, ia government fundc h tomi'riss. peril' q. m Gen . Krev tf rig ti- n i' 8 Ar?>, mlf-St Act g Chief vj m , Pep.>t Washington. PROPOSALS. pBOPOBALd kob fkl^r bcbf. sitbsUtescb Orrtcm. b. b. a., ) In Bear of 10-"? Weat Lombard street, Baltimore. 14.. March 14. 18*7.\ sealed prep. sals. in dapllcate. will be recai ?ed at this office until 12 m. on kb1day, March u, j867, for the frbsh bbbf re juir- d for tbe supply of tha troops, hospital and officers at Winchester, West Virginia, for ix months, froui April 1. 1*67. or snob less time as the Commissary General of Suhsiitenco mar direct. Tha Beef to ba delivered at Wiacheater. West Virginia, oa ibe order oi th < om.nissnry or Acting Commissary of Subsistences that place The Beef to be of good and marketable quality, in auual proportion of fore and hind quarter meat, t Decks. shanks and kidney tallow to ?e excluded i The Becks of the cattle slaughtered an-ler this agreement shall be cut ed at the fourth vertebral joint, aad the breast trimmed down. The shaaks of fore >marters shall i* cut off from three to tow inches above th< knee joint, and of hind quarters from six to eight inches above the gambrelcr hock joint. Bidders are requested to be present to re?aonl to their l ids, and be prepared to give bonds for the fiilflllmentof their contract Proposals must be endarsed distinctly " Proposals for Freeh Beef,' and addressed to tl.e under signed, who reserves tke right to reject any or all bids Bot to the interest of the United dtatas. Conditions, re<riirsnients. payments, Ac . be., as heretofore. thomas wi'.soh. Bvt. Lieut. ool. and o 8 w 8. a., niUl-4t bvt Brig Gen Vols. Proposals kob cibwulab abd octagon marking stamps and cib culab rating 8tamp8. 'fO*T Ot PICK DfAlTHIM, I w*shir?'itos, d c , February is. 10s7.< 8balkd phofosals will ba received at tbts department natil the 28th day of March aext. uo?n tor faraielung for the nse of Poet Offices in tbe United (states. t?r four pears from the drat day of April next. marking and rating stamps ol the following description, namely ; < las8 i. Circular and Cancel Marking Stamps combined, of >teel, abont one In, h in diameter, with the name of the office and State, with (ypefor months and dates In blocks of like material, with sufficient thumb screw for t he s*me. and wi th baudlea of mahogany, walnut or other heaty wood, and of a model most convenient lor use. In proposals for this class at Circular Mtamps tbe bidder will state the additional charge per lettar or rtgnre for inserting in the circle, when re alr- d an h words and figures as "lr*?,"' paid 1?," "ship," "advertised,'' Ac. Also, Octagon Harking Stamps, without tbe cancel, but similar in all other respects to the Circular Stamp, with tyi? for th^> ears, moaths, and days of tbe same material. < la*s ?. Circular Marking Stsasps ..f iron, or anv other dnrable material, tor the us.- of Post Offices aad Rouie a^'-nts on railroad and steamboat linae. with tbe name of tbe oflce and 8tat>-, or tha name of tbe railroad or ri\er line, with type for mouths and dates, in blocks of durable material, with snltable thumb s'rew, and handlaa of wal nnt, cfcerpy. or other gtiital le so d. of a model be?t adapted for nse. the stamp to be af tbe same diameter as is described for No. 1. CLASS 3. Circnlar and Octagon Marking Stamps, of a suitable and durable asaterial. of tha same at/e as class No. 1, with the name of the oilic* aad Biate. and type for m nths and dates In the Circnlar Mamp. and for years, months aad dales ia the Octagon Stamp ef printers' type metal, ia blocks of single letters aad figures, with thumb screw and handles as described ia class Ho. 2. CLASS 4. Marking Stamps for foreign malls, similar to those now In n-e in tba Post Offices at llostou. New York, Philadelphia. Ac., or of any other suitable style for foreign mails. RATING stamps. Circular and Rating Stamps to 'errespond with the Circular Stamps of clasaes 1. s aad 4 ia material, handles, and workoaaship, as fellsws ? Free."" Misseat Forwarded,"* p. u Business. free." "Advertised ""Steamboat'' "8hlp.'? 'Caaeal,"* 0.8 Held for Postage." ' Misdiiactea " "Net found." "Unclaimed." befnsed." "Beglstered."' "Miseent aad forwarded," kt iurned to writer,"' "Returned for better di> rectioB."*'Due t. ^'dna "Dae la.'" be., Ac . and of figuresoaly such asS 6,1*, 20 14,aad any othif Batinc Stamps aoi herein named, to t>e furnished at a pri?e not axcaedlng that for ' returned fer better direction," when tbe same is of latter* BProposals will he received for all of t^?e above dehcribed Stamps or for each separate class Stamps will ba ordered for the different classes of efficea according to tha preeeat or future ralea of tbe Department Models of Stamps must accompany the proposals. Bach biddsr must furnish with liis prapeaals evidence of his ability to comply with his bid. Two sufficient sareties will be required to a contract. The stamps most be delivered to the Post Office Deaartmentat ihe expense ef the Contractor. Proposals should ae endorsed tbe outside of the envelope thus Fropo-al* for Post Uffioe Marking stumps.'' and a' dressed to the First Assistant Postmaster General. Washington, d c. alkx w Randall. fels wOt Postmaet?r General In tmm obpbatn^ooubt. t1ii8 ?th dat of mab<'h, a d l-?7. Upon report ot aales made by j b. Adams, guardian. a .. it is br the Court, this Dth day of Marcn a. l? 1? 7 (tniert'i. That the said sale so reported be ratified and confirmed, units*. cau?e to the contrary i>e shown on or before tbe 0th day of Bprll next. ai d it la lurthar ordered that the said sale to Hszekiah Outcheil be ratified, aad the teims of the tale in the f<*rmsr decree be so far modified as that tbe said Guicbt-u pay oa*' thoussnd dollars Id cash and give a deed of trust bearing Interest, on tbe proaerty purchased f,.r the balance of the purchase money, to wit five handled dollars, said dae? of trast. to remtia for oae v ear; Prcridtd that a copy of this ordar he pnti tisbed in the Kvet tug Star onca a week for thrse weeks i afore said Kb a^r jj. y p0|wbll Judge of the Orphans'Court. a true copv. p TestJ as. r o'bbirnb. mh 11-wSw Begister of ww]?. BPHANti' COLBT. March ?th, 1M7.? DlsTKiCT OP CoLBJtBIa, WasH...?TOH Oocjitt, T? w?' : In tbe case of Mrs. Margaret A. Dukes, adtniaistratrlx of bevin Luke*, deceased, the admiaistratr<x aforesaid has with tha approbation of tbe Orphans'Court of Washington County aforesaid, appointed Tuesday. April *d. 1?7, for the final settlement and distribution of the parsonal estate of said deceased, and of tbe assets In hand, as fhr as tbe same have been collected aad taraed into meney; when and where all the creditors aad heirs of said deceased are noti?.?d te attend, with their claims properly vouched. or they may otherwise by law be excluded from all kteaefit In Bald deceased s estate Provided a copy of this order be published oace a week for three weeks fa th* *'.?'? 6*"- owss mh ll-lawtw* Register of WIlia. ri'hls is TO givb not1cb. That the suhecrl1 ber has obtained from the (irphaus' Court of Washington Couuty. in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary ou the personal estate of ii cut v b Rainsls late of the United States army, deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tba same, with the vouchers thereef. to the subscriber, on or before the 9th day of March next; they may otherwise by law ba ezcladed from all beaefit of the said estate. Given aadar at hand this ?th day of March, 1*67 johah 0- kombcsa, mh 11-lawSw* Administrator. rimus is to givb not1ck, That th* Babaorl1 bars hava obtained from tha Orphaas' Court ?| Washington county, 1a tha District of Ooiombia, letters tas ast>ents*y on th* aaraoaal eetate of j..ha McBim. lata of Washlngtoa, d. 0., deceased. All f*"ons having slauoa affalnsi tha said deceased, are heraby warned to exhibit the same, with tha vouchers theraof. to tha subscriber*, ar to Pr. s. ajb McKim, Washington d. c . on or before tha l?th day or rebraary aaxt; thai may atharwi**, by law/ha exalndad from an hands this Hth day of rebr oary, mi-OBki ? * "ri. insnufssssr^ Blag Plaa*. Corner Vermont aveaaa and llK stra*t. r^boiob huts, bais1h8. figs.oobbahts, Si'vsiwfc-*" kVifliurf?*a* tt tf *1* i __ RAILROADS. 1866 PBBNBTLVAiUA BUL'TB 1867 . Smmmmmmm TO THB fcOMTHWIjH^HOCTH. AND 80TTHo? ?f.T,IET,B WHIDULI I f W astlng-oo....7 *a m I Bi:tiaort .?...? 11 a> [ TBI SBiAT^rpL TB4C1 10^TV 1 with ILlfiAKt BC KKT.Paia^a atal/r^n, day and aight Cars. with modern imJZSZmS? , *?<* OTvIng from foar to tweive hours Tatln>a*y,Y , air other roote. T?o hundred mi:.. il . Wntffi HtCMtrtl Mew York Two Dallr Tr?iu u tbe West TM??Utb rrcm Baltla?ere to KOCUMTI1..J PITTlftlBGH withoutihange vvn*?T?*"? Pas.fngeri by this rout# ft. m Baltimore tar* cSrore tS-WiYiti " c"'?? TlclfU bi this route can he procared it the of cs. ccraer Ctb street ud PMDiflnil?i?ftg? under the Ne'lenal Bowl, where reliable iaforr BietU a will be dm at all time* Pa?M-i.Kf r? procuring tickets at this office raa r ee* aeromm<vt*tl( ns la Sleeping Care lor Elmire or Pltteburg I. J. W1LEIN8, Ticket Agent. ID .<*. rJ^S"~ 0 b' Baltimore. M l _*#1 rrB*"i.V? UM BITWEIN WASfllKttTGN PHILAPKLI>U1a ANBBBWIOSIT Train. t,f ... ?r w*?H-*?TOM^Ja?.J, 1K7. 1 : BOW rnn ^ folT" 1 , Laa*el,AlT.*OBK, w,fh?1*t cheage o* cere. 1 :?;>? <?<*pt Suudey. at 7 *4 a a. and [ ! pt'a"4 *0BE, chaise* cart at Phlledel. k**T* Selly (except Sender) at U:Ua ai4 l , p. m r^?<l.ltrOB PBILADBLPBIA. ? tSIf?1 ,JJ?5<2Pt *?7>et J Head lilt a. m . and 4 30 and ? W p m ' a . - i,W BCBDAT. Leave far Hew Tork and Philadelphia at ?? p. m only. Sleeping cart for Bew lark on ?J0 p a train dullf. Through tickets to Pklladelphle, Maw Tork. or Boa ton, cad be had at the Station Offlee at all hoare In the dwy. ae well as at the new oBce la the Bankera and Broker* Telegracb Line, 349 Peaa. I ttb 7?h streete. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tttertleeM i for echedule between Wash lag tea, Baltimore. Anna poll*, and tbe West J, L, WILSON, Master of TranapertetieaL GQLB General Ticket A>ent ? a.?.*0 * *OOBTZ.Ageat, Waakingtcn. oc 3?U UALTIMOBB ABD OHIO EAILBOAD. Wamiiwio*, Jan. f, im. ??*;* WASHINGTON AMD BALTlMOBB.and WASHINGTON AMD TBI WIST are now ran aa follawa. rlt _ ^ . FOB BALTIMOBS. ii d4,,ri ?*o*P* Baadar. at 7*1, 7 a. a ad 11:11 a. m., and l<M, and 4 M. aad 8 M p. a. ^ r.Pm ^ STATIONS. * * - ud tOU, VIAI iTATIOBBWDTB OF ABBAPOLIM 9 'J1" * ?:U nod 7:00 a. aod at l.-On and 4M , ^ . FOB ABBAPOLia. Laa?e at 7 *5 am, and 4 * p. m. Bo traiaa to or from Annapolla on Saadar. oB BlKMAT. FOB BALTIMOBS. Lear* at 7:? a. at., aad I an aad 100 ?. m. FOB WAT 8TATIOB8. ?t:T:?6 am. aad t:*i and 8 Ml. m. i-.,^E..ALL OF THB WEtt ?7a ' ' < Saadar. at 7iti.a? aad 8u !?Z *L? 00 onlr. connactlaa at Belay Station with train* from BalUmore to Wbaalla?. Park-r?bnr?. Ac. THBOCOH TIOKBTS to the Waatcaa be had at (hi ?Mhlnftoa Station Ticket Ofllce at all honrg In the aar, aa well aa at tbe aew eflloe of tbe Baaiere and Broker*' Telewreah Line, 34 9 Pclb avenue . between ?th aad 7th atreeu. For New fork. Pblladalphla, and Boston, aaa adrartleemeut of "Thrwuah Line." J t; WILSON. Maeter of Tranaportatlaa. _ _ L. M. COLB. General Ticket Aaatit. oc3Btf GEO. B EOONTZ. Aaent Waahlaatea HIJDSON BIVEU AND BAELBM BAILEOAD8.-On and alter MONDAY. H * It, 18d6, tralne for Albanr and Trar, connecting ?:tn Barthern and Waatarn tralua. will laara Baw Ten. ai follows 8am Bzpreas train via Hudson Blrer Bat!road.SPth st aad 10th av., through to BnfTalo and baapenslva Bridge witb<>at c tiitfe of cmra Atd con aectlng at Troy with traina lor Saratoga, Botlai.<l. Barlincton and Montreal. 10a m Bxpress and Mall trala Tla Badata Blver Kail road, connecting at Allanj with Waeiarn train*, and at Trey with trains for Borta. 11 a m Express train Tia Harlem Ballroad, 36th st and sth av., couaactinc at Chatham wi:b Wastern Bail road for LebaaonBprlnK*, Pltut-.e d, Ac., at Albany with WesUrn tralas.and at Trcr with trains tor Saratoca Butlaad,Barliacton anci Montreal. 3:46 p m Expreaa train via Hvdeon Bleer Eailrrtad coaaectiac at Albany with Waatern trains, and at Tror with tralm for MobMMn with alaapi ia? car attached. 4 16 p m. Express train Tia Harleai Railroad, conaactint at Chatham with Waatern Bailroad for ! Lebanon Springs. 1'itufieid. Ac ; at Albany wtta Western traias. aod at Troy with traiasfor Bat! land. Burlington aad Montreal Blaepiag car* at tarbfd at Aloaay a.*' p tu expreas trala via Bad soa Bi Tar Balll r<>ad. with Lepiug cars attached, and throucb to Buffalo and Baapetihioa Bridge wltboat change of ! cars. Also, sieaping car avar/ day exceptlnc Batnrdai s attached from Bew York through to Acdeaatnrc without change, via Borne W. aad o 1 Bailroad. Oonn^rtion tor Troy will be ?alT a. East Albany. This train will ran on Saadays 11 P m Train via Hudaon Bieer Bailroad, with I sleeping car atta*h*d . connecting at Albany with 1 early trains f?r Bo4T?<e and Baspanaloa Bridge * and at Trar with trains for Saratoga and poltta Berth. A Snaday train will be ran via Hadaoa B1??r | Bailroad fiam New York to Foachkeepaie aad iatermedlate stations, leaving Baw Turk at 8.30 a m. Beturnlng, leave Peughkaepaie at8.?ia. 1 arriTfuglB New Tork at6 16 p. b>. Also, a Sunday train Tia Harlem Bailroad. leav| fag 43d street at Ha. m . and arrlvlaf at Millert< a at 3 60 p m. Returning, leave MllUrtoa at6 a m., arnvlagla Bew York at 11.30a. WM B. TAIMKBILT. ja It Vice Preeideut. IABIARITAPI'I SIFT! a am am it Air a eim I THB HOST CBBTALB BEMBBT BTBB CSBB, "T?, A Fomtivs Gcbb," far gOlfOMMUOtA, VLMET, 8TMIC TUMM8, Goatains no Mineral, aa Balaam, ao Mercury Only Ten Ptlii to 6s 1h*m te A/sa a ?W?. They are aaUralr ?* ?anpieaaant taate, aad will not ia aar war latbe atomach ar bowels of tbe aanat delicate. " ?area la from twa to four days, aad reoaat caaaa ta "twenty fonr hours Prspared by a graduate el tbe t niversity *bs am*, amiuent Doctois aad Chami^a of tbe prsasBl dar; ae txro>*rt, no tfmbU. ae (Aaagg wAatersr. Let tboae who havedeapaired of gettlag carad or 1 .ho have baaa gorged with Balaam Oopavtaar MartrrtSa ^T&amabitab s Sift Seat br Balllaaplataeavalapd. Prloe?Mate paokagaa, St. F?1i, f|. BLOOD 1 BLOOD! I BLOOD III BOBOFCLA. ulgbbs. sobbs, spots. ??si Jsss!&?nraituBAMAMlTAtra MOOT AMD HMMB JCICSf Ia offered the public as a positive on re. BtPMliilh UB VtMttlAL iiiBEASBB, tha SAMABITAB-B BOOT ABU HEBB J L ICE ha nioev patent, eartain and effectual remedy ever prescribed. It reachea and eradisates evarr particle of. the vetiereal that tbe carets tborocgU and permanent. Take, then,of this pnrifrtng remedy and be healed, aod do not traaaalt it to roor poaterltr that for whlaa rCa Bay tap sat ta after Tmn' DO BOT D ESP A IB t ^?mTBKOT K?r?raOB vrlli remave every vestige ef I m par it fee frcm tbe 2~t& rag**1*' ~ ^WAa?r jrs. BAM A BIT A N *S WA8B fcjf xrigiiug T "tt " Fnll directionsTrrloe31 caatB. Tbe attcacy ttowww_jr?oa<atftw^a aitks^ acknewi. la tktlfil' koipttalA^^ wa *t *a? ft'HVSiSttft stating that 1 have aaad 'The bamarltaa Baaiadles' for Veaeral OTsaaoaa la Its Most customary form.; that 1 have aaad tbem with jadgaaaat, dtoorauea, aad properly aad, have foand taem rnepoad to mr aattctpatioas promptly and affaotaally. Eaowiag their eompoalPOB. I have the fhllest oouldeace la 1 c bowim, Er^som^Sr,"B j jgsjay ritBBB BE AT BEBELLION, by John Mta.r JJj^<gl11, " FBABOE TAT LOB.