Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1867 Page 1
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/ ^ ^ Or bating Star. ? rrrznmzr X??. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 20. 1867. N'2. 4.S7X. Till: EVENING STAR ? PLBLIPHBD DAll.Y. SL'NDAV BXCBPTKI* AT ThL *1 AK HI'lLlUNtK e?mer f'nrn a ???MI aad |ick tCreeL ?T w. p. wall, a oh. pn#. sTAK is *<Tf?rt ftf 'aw cnrrmr* to their notw.T'r*' in fh" <1ty *nd District at r?s UB?Tir? ?<M OopM?s at the >ouoter. witlk or witboi i wmpprra. Two Cbnth each. Hkki r >a ilailihu-?Thr??? raofttbs OM {Hilar t*U f\}'9 Ceaf#; el* momh?, Tkr*? fal' iart or." year. >*ir? tfrUars. No papera art test fmna 'be otf.o* li>iic?*r than pmd for TwWEEKU ST AR?pthbl.?b??d on Friday aoTDinf?*>-?r Dollar aid ? Half a Y'*rPAWNBROKERS B?? k>hi iNI^ kU4?l <>rFlCC 4? :.t\h at? i at a ,.<?r eo iih of Pena ave , L eei Sloe* h V <- tiro- t < *itt oa :d \h1 Hhi r Wa elMti L'iamiinl*. J. a - /0\ I'), L*di'? hi u-nt' o.en a WsiMfX A A pter 1 I# II Ota ? 14 and Silver b.?c?ht. Mb 5 5s1 PCENSriNI. iy A L 3 U ' i CF\TRAL LOiV O FFTCK, Bo I**'1 i'.'tb ir^rt, u?- i?r b?low Penu. ava. 1 hie well ku< *o office inafcee XK LltffKa M)V\H /w\ On Warn u(t* t.oia an1 t ! . er Witcb??y Q Clvlb!i < >urnttore, aul Merctandlee of every 4e#cMi>?Tou. Open ??ery 4*y ( except Sunday t frrm 9 a. w. to *a n?. Bi H flsiii ?aii atrlctly confidential. f e 38-tf PplABLlaii B y~~I 9 i J7 8PIOU L~ NOT 10 1. < HA RLE4 :i?K/?*SO. Snc -?i?. r ui lame Hecberg * (Job, who n*?a couJa* t. d the Pewnbrokift^ BailstM cr nn?< n tears in tl.ia city, M teeiae /0\ y*oc?tlie enir Caaatratar ia tt?e Btatiic*,JL JL take tbla ma' M of ttaakl ng their patron>Q Q a*4 t-^a pm tic tor tfan ronfldeu' h.-rt*ti rvre ahowu t>?g I>avetocail their at'eatton to the tact ihai mm at lit oatmce to maka tfce ktfMt ad* anera in all euma upon all article* of Jewelry, I'.an u..di, <* a > rii ee, Boode. Coaernment Scrip. *Ml??r Pla> j for which w? hav? euperlor ata<-e? <if d? 9< alt m<I aornritr, which will alwaya t?ebowa for tba *tlafa.-ii -n of taoaa patmotiiaa aa Wfibaia ap?ci*l factlUiafl for tba car? and yra^nat* a ol H>arim Afpaml of ?v?ry daa<.rip?Ua. Vtoolaua, Ac., an which tba hlgbeat ad i?ac?r> ?r-.? aada. auar?at^pin>r whoa raooirpd s^alkat mota, bti4 ai ways MBinat tajury Having I a ar?.e war> b<>a><* iu ooni?acti?n with oar albca, wr ba*a apwriial farillttra for aterage of all ktnda I at Marcbaiidlae, Faiattnra, *r.. on whl 4t ve aa*kr tba bighaat advahoa* for days. ?t?k< or Mioaiba We call a?a*ciai attention to tiie faat -.bat awing to tne large capital empleyed !a oar bnaloeea w* can make ad vancea at aneh rata a ef intateat aa to d*fy o<ia>p#tf tlon Wa a?,i no gieda aatll tb? explrmtiou of alg raontha a'fer their forfattar>. ?nd th?a only at paMic auction 9rat ^1* 'ag ample notiae tbrnagb tba varloaa city >oornal? ?? all depo??ter*. By thla arana d^ecatta with ?> arr> n*r*r loe* If tbafr redemption la 4aaire-! call < apeclal attention te onr arrange enta far forwarding gw<>da to any #art of tba cvantry, arreng nicnia which an axa*rlaaca of UttufB y*ara hu brunght to rarfectlaa. Depoalu??a are oaat led by tbia aiaaan to redeem tbelr si'*4e frota oar office ua natter wb?re thay naay ? te located Bull information alva^a giran. Brf| vau apanai^'tafor oandetitial boiaeaa. N. B.? no *onna<-r1ca with aayaiailar eatabIta^ni' nt 1b this city Refer to an? dd raudant of WaabiBproa Boraemher HBBZBBBQ'8 Laaa gBlce. Sftl north 0 street, between 4>? and ?th, W aahlngtan. P 0. re J5 la?* ^fOSBY MOWB VT' MONEY 7~ H. PBINCB'S NlWbT KSTABLIHKBL) LOAN ormcB, J77 Pa. aT??B(itt-) roten'lni aUoafactlonary Money '.naaed oa every J*a.rlpttm of aalabla Merrbaidl?e. ??pectall> Watchea, Via- AX D4a and tine Jewelry. 1 oaa a*attre/wA thaae who tijay favor a ? with ther r atroc ? Q aaa that the* will sot regret having dona ?o 1 B ?Private d -or and oBICr. Peraoaa not wlahliia to ent r tba publfc oflfice will ring the oB.ce I^IU_ te 26 Im* THB OLD BbTaBUbUBl) FIBM OB ~~ d, OOLl?HTBlN * CO , LKBB>KD I'ta NBBOKCBS. 34 rota AND a BALK ^Taltr WEST, near Penna>lvmaia avenue, Vtfer tba kigi>'?t caek ad.anoea oa ail klndaof MercVa::d!??, to any am> unt and for aay /ffv tiaae 4eair*rd. at r*-aaontbl'- rataa lcter-at t n tarre ibt> greatly radr. :ed ^ ^ Bnalneaa airictly c nfld*nt1al. Ooo4# bongnt for raab aad aold at yrlvata pale. leniy DENTISTRY. DB. LBWIK s DIBTAL ASSOCIATION, tto J?0 rfcNN'A AVB , Brtw aa 12th aud LStb at;o?ta. Teeth e*trace<4 without pala by admlnataring I L ai V5 "r Laughing Caa. K U,b** recently purchasrd the baatMSJ then c?i &irpsratua ;b the country for**'' Maklta i'orc g?a ever) day alao, an ln.prov?d Val 1 la **? L" " T*1* Aeeooatii n la n? w prepared i?'n'w* S1lTa- fc"bber at New fork Pt t^'vlpbia aad ,v -non pri -aa. All pera*-a? wlabing denta1 v<-rf jone can have It aa chnaa be ???.. ! citiMe, All work done la the Df-ataat aad wast manner, and warranted to give -atiafaotioa Paraoaa will do wall to call and examine onr work. de 24 tf T" 1 1 M LOOMW M O 1?V5^r ^ PaUratee of the MJBBBAli I fLATB TSBTB, atterda personally at^M^ bla off celn thia city. Many peraona cacHB| wear Uteee 'e?tb who eaan^t wear ottara,^ 1 ^ an^no peracn can wear etbera who oanaat wear Paraoaa calling at my ofloa can be aoootanoda* 4 with any atyle and price of Teat h they may dealra.but to thoae who are particoiar,aad wiab tha aareat, cleareat, ttrosgeet and moat perfact dantare that art can yromra, the MIHBBAL TBBTB wlU be more folly warranted. Booma ?d thia dty-No 33* Paan'a aaeaaa. bo ?raen9th and 1MB ata Alao, 907 Arch atreet, Phi lade-aula. oc K> ly rKKS(JNAL. f\| BB CUET1S 1BV1NO, Ciarm./a?t, and Ttxl M'ltum. will give lire readinga, in'ladlng faat, Preaeutand fwtare at bar oflice, 420, nerta r.Je of Pa av., between ?;? aad (tb -treeta. Office bonra from 3 to : a m and 4 to 9 a. m. jala ta* f UM1DBNT1AL -Ionng men who bava lnjnred iLeniaalvea ny certain aecret hablta, which naflt them for t>naine*a. alaaaore, ar tba datlaeof married life; alao, m:d(Me aged and old men who. from tha folitea ot y>ntb, or other aanae* feel a debility in advance of tnelr yeara, betarr placing thenueKea under the treatment of aay one. abou!d drat read "The Secret friend." Saanad ladiee will learn aometblog vf importance T Perc.a<iig "The Secret Brland.' Sent to any ad4ra#a, in a aealed ea\eloae. en receipt of Jftceata. A ldr?w TV CR AS A 8TI7ABT * CO.. Bo-toa. ao ?-ly HOTELS, K EST A (J BANTS, *0. 1BILW OOU MOL'SB. lotn** PaM^j. a reave m*J Twlf'k ttf'ti. WmikuiMiom, it. C. MaiU Mtcat -d in the moat central location tba city, aid way Detween the CAPITOL AND FBBSIDBHTKAL MANSI09, 0..iy a *l ri diatanc?: from all tba Departmeata, latent and Poat Offlcee, BtclthaoDian laatltute] *** H H DCDLBY AGO., no>l-tf Ptoprietoia. ^^! V1LE^BTT?BB PAT. at f hV/!' *" b* th* ' ot t&a . Tr1y?ytr *? 1. ia the effectual remedy far Ba *ltaL ??., ^rml* k*i?a, and Bxbacatlon of t^eayvteni Trieeamar Mo 2 baa eatiralv bum. ^4*4 tt*e naaeeoaa oaa or Cowavla, Cnbaba, Jta ,lrt**Tr* *?J ' th* ' f?<><D'a remedy for iij Imparltlea aad becondary flytnpU ma. thna obvlmaranry aad all other doleterloaa lacb preparation la la tba form af a moat agraa at ie Lo^aaga RaeoraB frem tba e?arta of cttbate and i naagea of atmnephare la tlncaaee.'al ^ * f?>or caeea In one for $9, and in #2f tm#^ thiu aatIDe || Divided ti MHnti doaM -To*? rUL- 0 MO Paan'a veaae. ocraar HttB. aal-iF 1 ""O O. B JMW. ?* ' ?LL^ pure ua*d a iterated "" frreailnm hew ?crk City SOAP ramiam FAMILY SOAP, ' B.ib:u VLANNBL MJA P _ Aad No 1 BBUWN SOAF. a et!??F Tor rMh O^dara through tha Po-. Ofeca will be proByUy attended to R-ap aa?l Wand I e MaaafartuMrf llo'ioi and Ao^Gat north, bet. ?tb and 6th. jall-4m Af KKBBL AND OODPIBB ~~ *. S Z^!VT^KVATa'M , Juat received aad foraalaatoar wharf, at tha ?*t of Saves tb at. S.P B10WS4 80H. tf 4BS W * HMIB4 00.1 flASUI, ^ PB1BCB 4 OO 1 OBOAMa AjiO MB |M| . . , _ LODIOHB, "'9n " *a4a aad raat aa eaav tataa. a. Ma. 499 UM ****at, above Peaaaylvatila a venae a 1 'T B. O BBIOH BBBAOH. L'BSBCABY I A, 1**7.?All farvja# having !*.larlttlw|a my chop for re a ua, peevioaa to ,P" " "f Jananry. ar? f-.neated t? oall aad ffet oi|;-rv (a,, they win t? ?-ud at pablia ana J,. ,hc lat af Manh to pay the a hargee I hare** JOHN i. PMABOHT. ?... flan aad Leaka?ltb. Bo. 414 Oatraat. CBan,.?I.inrr* ?ABISB~ FfOS. 0V1BANfS. tim "V * : *c-> Ac . toamt tbla aarticr.lar aeai ?'* " * r. a W aj m tH I j CLOTHING, *0. J AUKS T. WALKBB, MERCHANT T AI LOB. 4t?4 Seten a Street, d^d B?apecrfaiiy inforni" hi-* friend* ar i tb? piWIC gei eraliy that he tiM at oe larg- aud till-, ia l'ci*4 a-?ortment of ?- L0TMS. CASSIMEBEB, n VBST'NGS. AND IW GENTS' FCBS'&ll IN'; ' HODV That h? is determined to run ofl at very email ri*?ace oq cost. Peraona pa'r >nt/lng his e*t*Mlihment will be guaranteed a OOOI) FT an 1 good wcrkm*nsbip. a- l e i? determined to employ ?Be but too boat Wv>rktn?-B . P M-JOHN A M. LEAN take* thlam.>'b ><1 to Inform hn friet in fti*? he wil' t>e f. ttad at hi* poet etth* above pla<e.wb?r* bf ?lll be p!--??*1 t* a'tr te t heir taste*, givin th-m garment' to ?u?t the milt faartdloia. tad aeeing 'hat tMelr e>?r menta are made op in the moat *orhm<inliKe n.+n n-r nihil-tin W EBCHANT TAILORING. The tiBderpipre I having entered iuto copartnership and laid IB ta eat* aive an > Oiffillj ja aeierred stock et CLO 1 H s, CASSI MEBCB.^flK V ?BTlS<.B. mid <>entlerrena F0KN1DH- \% INS (?OOf?S, are pr?pared to ma^e up for Jfm^ their caetomere hUi'mc an-! la-\/%'un <ti? ?nfta cf clothing, at their new eatabiisbmf'nt.No. .IvO K street, twe lot r-t weet of the Natloial Theater. Persona deairfng n-at' fitting and ta-thionable Clothing ?a mo.leraw term*. should not fall to give u? a call twfore purchasing elsewhere. GIO T KEEN. 8.W . OILHBBT, Formerly of 80Q 9th at . Merchant Tailor". hi lm* No. :<iQ E at. bet. 13th and Mh._ FJ. HBH5BBGBA. . Snty-eeaor te H T, Lendoo M Oo.,_te WITUZX B AND _ merchant TAILOR, lm Metropolitan Hotel late Brown a, if 3?8 Pennaylvanla atnnue, ' wt i-tf Waablhgton. P- 0. bankers" JAY COOKS A CO., illllt. fl'mmk strut, IVwanri on yaad ael A tcarrent Market rated, aaA keep onetaatly on band, fuU npylj tf all GOVBBBMBNT BONDS, BBVBN-THIBTIBS, AND COMPOCNB INTBBBBT NOTBB. Wtvierafan STOCKS. BONDS, Ac., neon ted, and Collections Bade en all eeeeeelble potnta. ae 1-tf HARROW At CO., BAKKSBB. Corner Louisiana aveaoe and Seventh reel, miini m rovf.rsmext securities. GOLD AND BILVBB jy 1-tf . AND LAND WABBANTB. Fir it Halioatl Btak of Waituagtoa. B.D.COOKB, (of JayOooke BOo.,> PreeHent. W*. B. HUNT1NOTON, CaaWer. OOVBBBUBNT DBPOB1TOBT an? FUAMOIAL AGENT OB THB CH1TBB 6TATB6, 1A Ik sirttt, tffuiut (*? ZVaafwrv Dtr*nmtru. Oowrumt Beonrltlee attl Treaaurer Lulled Btatee ITfl.VK MILLION DOLLARS.^* We tnf and tail all ctaaaee of WO VEKXMEyl i>ECl'r>ITJES*\ cor rant market ratea. Fl'RXISH EXCIIAXGE mmd make GUI*?ee*e tm ALL TBE PRINCIPAL CITIES (JV THE UNITED STATES. *i pmrchaee Oo vert meet Voncbere on the HOST FA T0RABI.E TERMS, a&d give careful ana prompt attention to 4t'COINTS (J BUSINESS MEN rnnd FIRMS, and to aap other boalaeee aatreated to na. rVLL 1NV0BM ATION In retard to GOVBBB UBBT LOANS at all tlmee cbeerfally fnrnlabed WM. B. HCNT1N0T0N. Oaahler. Waahlnitoc, March n, iag|, mjl-tf GOVERNMENT SALES. IfCESAC or OftUHAN- V Bavj De'ahi.-'v, W-?".n 10* Oi r>, March 15,1"'?7. SALE OK OLD AND INSBBVIOBAI'LE AB TIOLB8 ?r ordnance. . .'here will be aoM at pnHlr auction. t> the hlf eat hldd?ra. at ii?on. THCBSDAT. the 11th d?? oi April. 1967. at the -(fire of the fuapertor of Oidbaa t. Navy-yard. Philadelphia, Pennayira aia. a lot or old aad aB?ervice?ble artfiea of Ordnance, embra'-ln^ -hot and Shell, about ?t?i> b ndr?d_i700t Carbln?e, (bree'h-loadera.; about 'I WB)iMnak?ta, rifled and G^a rarnarea. am atber atore^. Tho artlclee will be a.jJd in lota. Teraaa : q?- half caab. In be deported on the conelnaion of the sale and the wJ,hl" f?n daya afterward, d .ring which time tbe articles muat be remoTedfrou' the yard.otberwia*- they *fll revert to the CovernH, A. WISE, Chl >f of BureaH. YY' HABF PBVPBBTY FOB SALB chief V*an'rm?.?f<f'* Oftrc. Dtvot of W*.tki?non,l a Wa*km*m. D C., March 15, 1857. t . ^7?rder of the grartermaeter General, the foU , "f? *nJ ?t the foot or ri n. vM? w"i b# * Public auction on FBI DAT, March fl. nnd?r th* aaj erviaion of Bravet Lieutenant ^elonel Jau>*a W. Meore, a. at 11 o a! ck--to wlt: 1 Grain bht-d, 39xlM feet. 1 Grain Sbed, <0x119 feat. 1 ^'erehonae 7tfs71feet. 1 Wharf, 70z7| feet, eontalnlae 2.400 cable feet In ptl-? andaap?, and ll,y?t teet ia atno^e pal fl o<>? i n# 1 Wbarf, 110x159 feet, con taint a g 7 A-? cubic feet In pllee and etpi, and 7n.7?0 fe.-t iu atrlnga and flooring 1 Addition 9*xilfi feet, containing !,<? ' roMo feet iu piles and ' ape, aad 7,o?0 feet in atrings and flooring 1 Addition, Slxl'3 teet, e> ntai-?iD< J/w tblo f--t iti Hi.-, and .ape. and U -61 feet In atrlav aad r* .oring 1 Addition, 31x?i feet. coatalnlM cubicf et la i llaa and caps, and 7feat in atrin^e and floorlns. 1 Addition. roiitainiDC 1.4S< cnfclc f?*et in pi'ea and rapa. and ~ UM) feat in atriuaa and flooring Terme caeb in Go\ertuaeat fatio-. O. H ToBfKINB. Depute y M Gen . Brev Arte. tien. U. 8. ArtnT, niie>-it Act K rbief <j M . Depot Washington. I N SEBVK B 4 li LB y O A B f E B m B T E I I HTOBhh AT ACOTIOH. CkttS ^*ari*rm*?t4T's O0l<e U*p*tnf (F?.<Amaten,| . (FajAin^fiew, b. C.. Mar h J 1*7. I will be aold at public an tlon, by order ef tbe (Jjar 10^*816' General, at Lincoln Dep>it, #n TLESi/AY, M?rch IV unner the aup?rvl*loa of Lieutenant Bdward Honter. 12th U S Infantry, acting Analatant ^aarferm?arer U. B Armv. ?ale to commence at 10 a. a <j>iaaUty of uaa^rvlce able uo?rtern>aiter etoree, conaiatlng in part of? 7# Fonr-Morae Army ? Coal Orfice Btov^f, . ageaa, 21 Ctllnder do, 1? Two Horee do, HC- nkoe, W I*a-Hgra Ambn 45 Wood do Innoea, 7 Oc<->k Ban gee, 1 Four Horee de, 1 Hoee Carriage, 1 One Horae do. 1 lioae B?-el, 12 Carta. l.Mtt feet large Uoee. IvO aeta Lead male Bar- 147 feet ?mall do. neae. Kl Paddle Mlanketa, A" aeta Wheel mule do. lui Wagon Oo??ra, 10 aeta Lead Ambalanee *4 yarda Ooeoa Matting, Harnaaa .9ft 1 ha Aaeorted Bope. 58 ?e?a Wb?el Ambulances,o??) lbe. Old Tire Iron. Harneea, IHOOIt.a, 1>> Caaldrone, _ is Ambalano* Wheel*. Together with Pftdiee. Gum Bonkate. HalterCbaina. Gan^aa Horee tioverr. anvlla, MeOlaHan H^dlee Carpcptere' Toele, anrh aa Han.mera. Saw* Brace* and Bit". Blackatufth Tool*, Ac. Bele win be continned each day until the whole amount ia aold Termecaeh.ln G 'verpment fund*. Purcbaaera are required to r?*tn ve tb?ir p irchaae within ten day* ffn day of ea<e CSABLBf H TOMPKINd. Deputy Q. M Own . Brt Brtg. ?ea . Aatlng Chief Qaartermaatar. _mt-9t hepot >t Waebiug'aa pOBTABLM steam engines, C omblnlng tbe maxim am of eSlolency, dirnblllty, and aoaaony, with the minimum of walfAt ?ad Prtee They are mlAelF and fcvanbty known, mora tban boo being In aae. All warranted antfafactory, or ae eale. D?*eMotive elrcolara aenton application. Addreaa . , ? M^ADLMT A CO., Lawrence, Maaa, T _ ST. TIMOTVTf AT.y, ss,r*44M" vraasw. m special notices3. . GTBOTH reKONTO ANDINFLAMMATORY ?*'JEl MATI8M are We.i.a iaHy cnr*H by MKTt ALFE o (:??T BHKfcNATlO BBMbDY ^old by ?ll Druggist* > 19 *?jw g.c ford. Agent. MBS. *. 6 BBO*N'S MKT A PBYSIOA L DI9COVEHY cur#* Deariieee. Cat?r*h, all l>iso*?<?s or lb* Eye, and erery disease flesh is heir to. Labarr.tory snd'Depor 4tO aj. b -tr-et. I'al'a Ielpli h. For ?ale by til DiiMtita mb 9 2w* MBS M G. BROWN'S OIUBKATID POOR BICBAK1> B EYE WaTER. Lift* up erery sunkt-n eie, and strengthens esery weak eye, op-na blind ej**: is tba best iu ?b<> ?"fld Lasarxton ??"1 f>erot.41'? Arch street Philivla (.Ma. For sale by all Druggists m h * iw* MBS M G. BKOWN'BUNEQUAOLEDSCALP RKNOVATOR AND HAIR ItlCSTu R K B. No sulphur in tkl-4 preparation, which ta k'l'lng the scalps B*d retider'ug the teople Mini LVxCrntotj \nd >t, * 10 ^rrh dtrteft, Philadelphia. I or sale by k!l Druggists mb 3-*w* 1TB EFFECT IB M1BACCLOOB. HALLS VEGETABLE SICILIAN M A I B B B N I W t B, It Is a perfect m i wanaertui article. Cnrea i.aMueae. MdN b?lr grow Abetter dreetiag i;y "oil "or "pcmetmn " Softeas hrtih, dry, >ud j wjry hair Into t:ea uiful SIlKea T<ea*ea. Sat, *>" ?Hi I1'" treat w nder is the rapi ity with j ?bi h it restor-s hum a vir io t* or s:n*l color. The whitest and worst looking hair resumes It* rontb^Bl b*?u'y bv Its use It ?loei not dye tt.e hair, but ttrike* at tha rout and tills it with new life and Coloring oiittur. The first application will do good ; you will *? the natcrai. * :oi on retaining erey day, aai BLFOBE YOU KNOW IT. the old gray, discolored appearance of the balr and baa'tH"l f1v^n* *,ac# to lustrous, shining. Ask for ttali'* "icilian Balr Banewer ; bo other article la at all like it in efleol. Sea that each bottle baa cur prUat* Government Stamp aver tbe top of the bottle. A'l others are imitation*, B P H ALL A CO . Nashua, N H., Proprietor*. For aale by all drag^lata. T- 11 dAweolm.r BEMJCDIAL INSTITUTE FOB BPBOIAL OABBB. Be 14 Bond atreat. Hew York. /"Full information, with tha hi tut*t tgihmomxal' also, a Book on Special Di-tna <*a!td tni?.tuV?, seatfree. BV Be suit anil fad for tkt m, Wid to* tei'il nut r egret it; far, an advertising phy irlans are generall; impo'tort, with oat refertntv ne at ranker shaald be trusted. Enclote a stasaa for po?ta^e aad direct to BB. LAWRENCE No 14 Boad street. New Tark no U DkWly ? w MABBIABB ABDUBLIBAOT, AND THB flapBlnesa ef True Maabood.-Aa E^say for Yoonic Men on tha Crioiu of Bolltade, and the PbysloloflcBl Errora, Abodes and Dis ases which cieate Impedimenta to Marrlage. with aure means of Bellaf. Bant in aealed latter enre|^?ea, free of cbarfe. Addrraa Dr. J SK1LLIN HOUGHTON, Boward Asaoclation, Philadelphia, Fa. jall-3iu EUBBT D1BBA8B8. BamaBitaVj OiPTia themaat oertala,aafa aad aflectnali ramedy?ladead, tkeoaly Tegwtable remedy ever dlacoTared. Onrea la two to t?ar daya, and racant caaea la twenty four hours No mineral, no Balaam, no marcary. Only tea pills to ba taaea. It la the soldier a hope, and a friend te those who do J* WMttoba exposed. Mala ?aokagaa, fa;IBSab a a'tTAB'a Boot a!*n Hirb Jmraa-A poaltlTa and parmaaent ?are for Bpykllla. Bcrofata, Ulcers, Baota. Tetters, Ac. Price #1 is per bottle. Bold_byj^Pord^_age_adirertlaement my > dancing] pBOFB j w. * a. p7kbeib~ DANOIBO ACADEMY, ^ Pennsylvania avaaaa, bet. <tb and 7th ata . A Opp jslta Metropolitan Het l OlBaaoafona'agevary evenln* Thoso deaiVv^Ji?*fcf ?l,r ?bonld avail thomaaivoa of thla opportaaity. oa'ffiSftey 8% ^ ,n tb,, (,nArter 'or Ctraalara caa be bad at J. F. Bllla' and w G MHaerott A Oo.'s Muslo Store#. Wl w* The Hall raa be ranted for Soirees, Bo. Dny% and Hour* af Tuition : For Ladles, Mteaea and Maatera, Taea<1ay aad ? rdl" afternoeoa, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen a Olaaaea, Tneaday aud Friday eraa'nga. from S to lo 'clock. For fnrther Information,apply dtirlag the hoara of tnitlon, or addreas a ueta to tba Academy. Quarter commcaclng witb the first lessoa. ja8 ]\1 A B 1 B 1 ' 8 FASHIONABLB DANCING 11 M4nlM1AOAi?4jBY. AT MAB1B1 B AH8BMBLY BOOMS, A , E, between Sth aad Idtb streats. The laat quarter of this ?eaaon, preparatory uj the May Kail will commence on Saturday, March 2. 01a*s<i l"er the Germaa are now open. .? " ? " "" wooi) and coal. (JoTLI o O A L ! I toWtSStSS 811 by the ton- AU ,lz-? Sawed Bad Split OAK-WOOD, ?10per c?rd. Loag Oak, yer c?rd. A ton of Coal aold by ina ajwa^^*^.ii<ks^>.t ita. J* M 1? Ooraer 4th and G atraete. ^JOAlil C O A b7] ? AT GBEATLY BEDUCED PRICES. ti^clt" t?n* ?r 2?a*u lb*-, dellvared la Bay part of Cbestnnt White Ash. 87. StoTa, >g? and Furnace White Ash, $S.(K Bad Ash. $8 2*. Lehigh. 89. Oak and Pine Wood eoaotantly oa hand. Orders racBlTO-l atoarOflice; or at tbe Wharf, foot of SeTentb atreet 8. P. BROWN * BON. jat.Vtf 463 9th atreat, between E and F. 1867 OBASB BXCHBSIUN 1867 TO TMK PARIS EXPOSITION Tbe b?w and f>r?t-claaa o-ean coins Iron Steam"h P H A V A B A . ^tttk 2,Um. tons burthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com maadar. will make ?a BXOUBBION from New York to BaTre and back, sailing from Pier 4b, Nortb Bi ver, on WEDNESDAY. A?ril i: o'clock a.. Taking paaaengera for Paris, London and Bremen. Eeturning, will aall from Hair* oa >nue?tb, glTing paNsengers holding Bxcartiioii Tickets about alx weeks In Europe. Tl'le magnifiaent Ste^aahlp Is dlTidod Into water tight camaartm?nta, and has tieeu newly fnrbisked aad oleiantly fitted ag expressly lor thisToyage. Tbo HAVANA will only carry first class passenger*. An experienced Burgeon on board. A 'ull hand of Mu?tr w,H nlUchtd to tk I'rleo of passage. la oarroncy, to Bavro #100 ant $17.1, accordlar to at/e of state room To BaTra nn-t return, *2S<i and #3>n>, so ordinc to ?li? of state room. For farther parti, ulara aad passage apply to tba Agonta. MVBBAT, FBRBI8 * (JO., bit Sooth street. Now York. Or toMcO. *. BABBY, tbe Merchanta' Union mftVwf ,Co??*n>. 40? P. i.n,yiT^ni* avena", W ybgtgloB. mh 9 jot ||I5S0LUTI0N OF CO P A BTNBB3 BI P. Tbe c< paytaarahlp heretofore exls 'ng between L. W. WBIGBT .aid P. W. PEARSON, Drug lists,i .ndsr the aameaad firm of L. W WBlGHT A CO , tt by mut i! couaont dlssolred. Mr WBIGBT ta auth-*ri/.ed to collect all debft, ani aaauma* all IlKbllitleo. L. W. WBIGBT. P- W. PEARSON hV^"C pnrcha?ed the interest ?f Mr Pi W, PlAfcjjyn, will still oonttauo to urryoaiko Drug ??4 fra<^riBtl?B Buslne?,s, at Jb? aid atand. corner 7tb and B atseats, ?eoutk ) Th;nkiag my t,i-tds f.,r tbofr Kbarjl U&h&i IZlf'tSZlr"WWi *"taa ti oa t ob?sl* B?aa, to merit a?n ?ie ia tn* futiiro ; H 8 TaWlt* LBWXd W WBlQgT, S* baeer * ,jr lojiams to aait ?nr golVT* *lrkM ,rie# for ammioan . . tfMWII J0BK8ON,A 00 , HaalforB. ' ' 7 ^ 888 FBBM. BTSBae. J ****** ^ - TCLEflRAMS, kc. T>ne of tbe most remarkable meetings ev?r beld in South Carolina tock place a: Colum bis. Monday, the occasion being a celebration b> ibe Legroe? of tbe passsge of the bill eofranchising tbe hlaok race. itv invitatioe. General Wade Hampton, ex-Un.ted Sl&'-ea S**na'or, W L. De-au.-sure. Edward Arthur, -fc ? Hon W.J. 1 ally, and Jamas < iiobs addves*?d i be meeimp: also, -he Kev. Divid Pick* tt and Beverly Xash, both coiored Sea'intfii'8 were fxprc-ied highly honorable to he'll fidt-s. The neuroma aie gratified witn 'h* spirit of political affiliation wita which they lit v been, atid the citizen* are equally pleased to find theeolore'i mm identified with ?.t e true interests of that Sta>e. General Sheridan issued an order yesterday, in which he says no central removal*

trom office will be made unless present incumbents fail to carry out the provisions of tun la?-, or impede reorganization, or unless delay In reorrainzation necessit-.tes change*. Pending reorganization. it la desirable uud intended that there shall he as little disturb nee of the machinery of the various branches t'f the provisional government as possible, consistent with the law of Congress and Its t-ucce?sful execution; but this condition in dependent upon the disposition shown bv tbe people,and me length of nine required for reorganization. Tbe St. Louis Republican t special correspwt.dent frtm Cairo says that the crew and passengers rescued from tbe steamer Mercury, recently sunk in tbe Arkansas river, have arri\ed at that point. Many of the passengers w<*re badly frozen fro-n standing in water. tne shallowest places they could occupy being four fee:. Captain bieken-ten reports that the crew of tbe a'earner George I), palmer plundered tbe wreck of the Mercury, and after tbo?e saved from tbe wTeck were transferred to the Palmer tneir baggage was rifled, and even tbe underclothes of the ladies and the boots, shirts, A.c , of the men were stolen. A young man named Clarko was arrested iu Jefferson City. Mo , on Monday, on the charge er" robbing his employers, Messrs. Sterling, Watson 1 Co., of St. Louis, of gJ.-ion. Clarke was about to be married, and was arretted as r.e was entering tbe bouse of bis intended. Two thousand dollars in cash and other valuables were fonnd on bis person. Tbe trench traaaport-ship Detrando, from Tahiti, arrived at San Frnncisco, Saturday; the first vet-sel of a regular monthly line te tlia' port. The French Government, in view of tbe successful working of tbe cable, has changed the base of supplies from Valparaiso to >an Frsnciso. A meeting was beid at Savannah,(la., Monday, at which about three thousand negroes were present. Three white *ud five coiored speakers addressed the assemblage. The speeches were confined to the topics of universal suffrage and rhe right to sit on jurist. The towbh of Helena. Arkansas, aud Friar's Point, Mississippi. ar?* still hnhtnerged from four to fifteen teet. 'be inhabitants liv ing in the second stories. Great suffering wid destitution prevail, and tbe loss iu stbck along the river has b<?en immense. The Pennsylvania Senate has been considering tbe House bill submitting tbe question whether cars shall run iu Philadelphia on Sunday to the voters of that citv The bill passed in tbe Committee of the Whole and was then laid over till to-day. Tbe wholesale dry goods bouse of Bagwell, Meyer* V cor bees, comer of Maine ;md Vine s ree'. St Louis, was entered by burglars Sunday nigbt, and over 93o,ono worth of goods, principally silks, were stolen. The revenue of Canada for the month of February was *: < ,!*-.*?. aud tbe expenditures were frto9,7Wi. The amount of provincial notes in cumulation on the tith instant, wit A resoluti >n was adopted by the chamber ol Commerce of Sr. l^ouis, yesterday, under which a committee of niue prominent citizei.s were appointed to solicit money and food for sufferers lu the Soiitheru Stat-*. The mun.cipal election of Newbern, N. C., is to be held early next month, and the coiored citizens of that place are determined to cast tbeir votes iu accordance with tbe provisions j of tne reeon?trnrtiou law. A snow siorm of great se>erity ha* prevailed in Western New York since Saturday. The railroads are completely blocked op. A fire occurred iu Memphis. Tennessee, Sunday night and destroyed Howard's row. Loss *i.-?< ,<**; insured in Northern cities. Thirty liquor dealers in Boston discontinued thfir traffic last week. Frem Eurepe. LosiioK. March 1:'?la the llon-e of Commons this evening Lord I>erby, on behalf of the Government, asked formal leave to bring in their reform bill to-morrow, aud Disroeli. Chancellor of tbe Exchequer, explained the features of the proposed bill, introducing copious |etatutics to support the principles on v? hich the bill was grounded. Mr. Gladstone made u short speech, in which be said he thought the figure* of the Government were absurd, but be would defer all debate on tbe question until the bill caoi?- before the Honse. LotiI>o:s, March ht?Evening The debate on tbe reform bill nas been postponed to the 25th insiaut. Prussian agents are said to be purchasing vessels in this country and an the continent to be used as transports. FKKi.tx.|March 1? ?It is stated that Bismarck has refused to protest against the absorption of Poland into tbe Russian empire. Haiti.i.n, March IU ?It is reported that a secret treaty was made between Prussia and Ban ana. and that by one of the clauses of this treaty Prussia may assume military uirwetion of the Bavar an arm v. Vienna. March Is ?-*n order has been sent to America reeallin*; Admiral Tegetbott to this country to take comm.t&d of the Adriatic Meet. PlSTit) March IS. The members of the newly elected ilungari&n Ministry took their oath* of office to-day in the presence of tne Emperor of Austria and the National Diet. Pesth. March 1$?.?The coronation of i rancis Joseph as king of Hungary during bis visit to this city, is strongly urged by all parties. Pakir, March lt?.?a debate tookplaeeiu the Corps Legislatif last evening in regard to foreign affairs, in the course of which Representatives Thiers and Favre attacked the foreign policy of the Lmperor, on the ground that it favored a unity In both Germany and Italy wbicb was hostile to tbe Interests of France. Minister Kouber aud Kepre>entative Olevier defended the course of the Government. lh the Corps I^egislaUf u>-day, Minister Kouber stated that tbe Emperor was In favor of the partition of tbe papal debt among tbe Catholic Powers, each or them assuming its share of the burthen, and gnauteeing its payment. . The Le<uslati kk ok Marti.and.?The Senate yesterday took up the militia bill, wbicb, after the adoption of several amend men's, was passed. A protest, signed by eighteen members, was presented in tbe House, against tbe law lately posted incorporating tbe Cecil and Hartford County Boom Bill. Tbe ''Sunday law'' wa* then taken up. variously amended, and tben ordered to be engressed for a third reading. Tbls bill modifies the Svnday law passed by the last Legislature. The vota rejecting the bill to allow colored persons to testify iu court was reconsidered, and being for a second time put on ita passage, it again failed?yeas 372 nays '.>6?not a constitutional majority On tbe previous day the vote stood?yeas 3D, nags "J!t. It requires 41 votes to pass aay bill in tbe House. The bill directing the board of public w?rtts to vote for officers upon tbe nomination of tbe preferred bondholders of the Chesapesk<* and Ohio Canal was ameuded and passed?yeas 50, nays to. ttTli is stated the rates of deaths from alcoholic poisoning is tberrty of New York, is one to every 1,?)70 of tho population per annum. WThe wnget of the female operatives at (he Merrimack Mills, ip Lowell/ Mass., have baeu reduced, and some of tbe girls are on a strike. WThe bar of anew steamer about to engage in the St. Lout* and New Orleans trade was rented for *io.lHi# pef year. ^Brigham Youpg seat ?100 last week to Jsme* Pine, Esq., oi Port Byron, New York, to pay a boaid bill contracted thirty years ago. ^"Persons in Mii-sieeippi who neglect to 1 pay a poll-tax ?re reported as vagrants. SfSleigbs still raoning in Northern New England. 7*Chinese laborers are now employed m a plantation in Louisiana. They are said to be good workmen. ?9"We see it stated in a Parts letter that bonnets?real bonnets?art soon to be th?- fashion f^Thete is an alhrmitfg sxedus ol able bodied negroes from Kentucky. i l i ? o*uressioxal. Sr>*n-Yn **rday arteruoou? 1 Ur U.? i k of thp Hon** unnouo^d th* ac. ?a tb* r*coB>lr TruirMiit moved that the Senate insist ana??Ti?i(?a lommitue ot confereace. I'he TDtillcu w*? to Messrs. 1 rnmbull. Wilson, and Huckalew w*re appointed a committer of conference ou the p*r? of the Shnat*. Mr Wii?n CiH.d up a bill directing the Secretary ot War to lurnish toeaeh invalid soldier who is an in*, at* of a solder-' bomi> a oompl*'* suit ol army clothing our of tbe ?t< vfc p'La'd d 111 '*"* departmeu*. Mr. Johnson roee and said be bad been -* quested by bin eolleacue, Mr. Tbomw, *m<-* 2fJS**** * B*al?st tha* gentleman ymtt?r?iaj , to not* the relerence of bis creiesttais to the Jadietary Committee tbat a full iDTritifaiiun might be made. Tbe motion was agreed lo without debate from the conf?r*Dc# com- I mitree on tbefupplfmeDt&l reconstruction bill, I * **P?rl- Th* conference committee acre* to tbe Senate propositon that tbe State constitution sbuil be ratified by a majority of I the votes cast. provided that it shallapmat mat a majority of tbe registered voters voted on'1** question of raufloauou. a clau?e is arided tbat Contrees most be satisfied tha- all tbe registered voters bad an opportune* to I vote freely and fairly, without any tear or intimidatiou. and that the constitution meet* the I approval of a majority of tbe qualified voters The report was agreed to, and tbe doors were closed. After the transaction of execui\e ousiupsg, tlw Senate ftdjouropd, ? Horwt.?Al tbe conclusion of Mr. Stevens I speech yesterday afternoon on the conization bill introduced by him ? Mr. Chanler obtained tbe floor, bnt yielded to jflr. Stevens. who moved tba? the bill be I postponed till the second Tuesday in l>*vein- I ber next. I Mr. Mnngen asked Mr. Stevens bow he could reconcile this bill with bis oath to suitam tbe ,an ,u?,ru?n?>: which declared ,00 bill of attainder or ex />osr f icto law shall be passed. reP,ied 'hat no sound lawver would call bis bill a hill of attainder. Me did not know whether tbe gentleman i Mr. Mun?;enj ws.-a lawyer, and he presumed that be j oliJ? * ** question to ontain information I The bill was then postponed until the second Tuesday in l>ecember next. i The lions* went into Committee of tbe Whole I on tb* slate of the I'niou, aud proceeded to the I consideration of Senate bill appropriating one I million dollars lor the relief of destitution in tbe South. Mr. Butler proposed to offer a substitute for I hi* substitute (offered last week) by providing that tbe several district commanders under I ibe act of "2d March shall have power to asses* I and collect by military authority, rateably. on all persons in their districts owning more than I iHo acres of land, or w ho shall have au income of more than fKKJ a year, such sum or snms as such commander may deem necessary to re- I lieve the destitution aud pauperism of the whit* people there. The Chairman informed Mr. Butler that he had a right to modify bis first substitute bv substituting the other for It, but i Mr Butler, desiriug to have both pending withdrew the latter proposition, wherespon Mr. Schenck offered it as an amendment to I the substitute. Mr. Woodbrid^emade an eloquent appeal to ! the committee iu favor of the bill. len bth.Snbj'' t Wa" aeh!"*'i at ^'onaiderable 1 lnally, without disposing of the bill or I amendments, the committee lose. The Senate amendment to the bill to clothe maimed and destitute soldiers was taken from the speaker's table and concurred in. Mr. Morrill, on leave, introduced a bill to provide for a reserve of gold m tbe Tr*a-nrv 1 and in the national banks. Referred to the ! Committee on Banking and Currency The Speaker laid before the Ho use'a mes?age from the Senate announcing tha -aat I body bad agreed to thecontsrei.ce report on the supplementary reconstruction bill Thereupon, Mr. Wilson, (lowai from tbe Cos lerence Committee on the part of the Mouse, made a report, recommending that the I Senate agree to tbe Honse amendment pre tlx- I ing the word-registered ' to the word elect- I ors. and tbat the House recede from us amendment striking oat the proviso of 'be Senate re- I quiring the cumber of vet*.* east to be at least I one-half of tbo*e registered, and that both Houmts agree to a proviso that it shall appear to Congress tbat the election was one at which I all the registered and qualifisd voters bad an opportunity to vote fairly aud without re- j stramt. and that Congress is satisfied that such I constitution meet* the approval ot a majority of all the qualified electors ot the State He I explained briefly tbs effect of the report.' After some further discussion in brief, Mr. tldridge moved to lay the Conference I EE0rt.?n ,hVlW'- whicb would cartv the bill with it. Negatived?ye.n Jfi. nav? I'd I The Confsience report was then "agreed to and tbe bill ?oes to tbe President tor bu sic' j nature. Adjourned. I Marjlaad Aaaaal ( safereat e ef the Metb- I edist Pretestaat < ban h. ?rXTH T>AT?TCISPAT "Xilomon B. Feeter, an applicant forth* itia- I erancy. was, on recommeBdation, left iu the hands ol the president. { W Kate?, chairman of committee ou missions, presented reselutlon^ which, after I debate, was adopted : I ,.Lhsit.thla U?nf?*nce require the superintendents aud assistant-* to use tbelr utmost I endeavors, by personal appeal and o her I wise, to s*cur* the sum ot ene dollar from each ! and every member ot their respective charg^ ?i?^*rVi0alT?l,C* lb.*a reso,T?d '-self into the I elect oral college. (Kev. ?r. Webster in tbe I chair BBd Hev. I?vm WiIsqb se.retary " an.l proceeded to vote for delegates fo Tht, cotiveBticn in Moti^tomery, Ala Hammond, from the committee I ou the president s annual report, submiued a I -eries or resolutions, which were adopted, pro- I iii'e"i^ii^?1' D? bn,,d.ln* ior chnrch or par*onli nnilarP?^''' invo|v?BK 'he expenditure of 2 5' *ba'1 *** commenced until tbe lot uuon which it is proposed to erect tbe building is l?e conunusd a^ tbe agen* of tbe collection tor furnishing the president's I parsonage, and that the first Sabbath in .1 une be observed as a day of special prayer io God, that He may send lorih laborers into the viue- I yard, and that ministers be requested toprea u I special sermons upon tbe subject. Conference again resolved itself into the eleetoral[college, and ascertained that L,. W. Bates 5Pd S. B Sontberlatd. of the clergv, and T. A. Mewiuaii and U illiain U. Massey of the laitt' I were elected a* delegates to the General ConOther?h?i 1 lotbP b?d> caai anl?r. Webster took the chair, when the ssk-re. tary of the electoral college. K*v. K Semple i.owe, announced tbe result of tbe vote taken for delegate* to (lie General Convention nu this ballot Ksv. James K. Nichols, of the clergy. and John Coa'es, of the laity, were elected. Ihe fourth ballet resolted in be election of ^nhn u L / J' Dr. H. F. Zollickoffer and John Roberts, of tbe clergy, and A. Donaldson, of the laity. <m the fifth ballot Rev. D. "eei,> wae elected as ministerial deleL0. J. E. A. Cnuuingham. elected on the fourth bjtllot a* a lay delesat* to the General Convention. declined to flu the position ? Bait. .Sua ?comparison of preseot prices with those of the beginning of last year sbows that bread&tnft* have advanced on an average about thirty-five per cent., while dairy products and beef and pork have declined tweuty per cent., ana groceries about ten ?er cent. A comparison of the prices of March 1"^ With those of March, 1865? when the war term mated exhibited no material change. The manner ib which prices have thus kent up, strongly contrasts with the rapid decliue which followed the termination of the war o 1H*. Un Saturday, the day upon which peace was announced, sugar wld atrw ?er hundred weight; on the following Mondavi' was tseelr offered at ypj 50 oer hnn^V-ii weight. Tea Ml from to -I t^er ^-^I Tin declined from fes. to a box Oa^ tAa; da,V specie sold at tweaty two per cent p??Brtt Mond?y ? two P^r c^Tt < 1 o \ ernmea u-, mx per oeat., arose in oae dav tiom seveaty.six to dghty-six, while hanic roc-k.dvaaced ten p*, ewffi^ T. 8J2S THuniptr?j Marshall has opened a law ' otPoe ib LiOBlsyllle. " * -- '*w f ?sh|onahle .-riaaUne la Parts bow meas res rosed the l?rg**t place oaky two yard* or two yards and a half. la SBM tTtat turv#>* ?ruh all the sirni sfa Mm mt klTBiitrn. It baa aew brafeea oai ia Nor"Mj aad Mrutaay. U)i)AL NKWS. HoASPOl- T*AI???1 HK Bl.*t?av" ??'?? A*l? I; ksth SrukkT rruruw-K* r?? ur I*. TttKM 1* Tin I>t?Tatcr Au . Ij^urn-d m 't ug oi Jif Board oi Ti*4" * i?i *1 ?ui ivft'ritf ?? ib?ir ro< m": prwi.i**', Jokn H.Vunn. L?q , iu tt.e ciitif, tad N. >?rdo Mr W E. hmwii, from ?h" . nultt* !i *iii h|h>ii he Board of the and ( Hiitt t anal iVmpany. 'or tne purttueeof h' v r ibf op* n*d iroin K> * Cre-k to 1 tj -tr?#t. reported that tbe <oitimi't?-? Dai p?-n.iiriFd tbetr dnljr on W.gsesiAv awd aha: tk? .ommuniii Tbe It rector* g-?ve the committee ?onri** r-i?r>n to b*? iieve it:At tliev would open ih# null*- lock At (I'orfftown >o u bwu c?uid paee out :n*? be tiver; b at they ran # lit'le #u > vto iL? im pMTfMt of 'h? city por'ica ot th>? Anal lb* resolution adopt*-* n* ill# K.'irrt ?-t trade submit ed.Aud 'lie* urto t \ e * ?lit^u Answer, but it Had no: yet ihmu lecelved Mr Sb^piAd <nfrHtnt 'bit it the canal ??? not opened. to# attorn#v of tb? Hoard -hould b?- i totracted to brine suit, in order to i miiel tbftn to open th# . aual agre#Able to the terms of tb< ir charter. Mr Brovin said the resolutions of til# Oan Al Company, mrnin*'b# canal r?v#r to'h#*o:poratu n. wa? tbar i? should hold tb# sarr.# Mr A K. Sbepberd satd it waa well kaown 'bat there v?#r- but :w? banks iu this l>i*uict *Lo diicouned regularly aud were useful o business men h#r# It wa* wrll koown that capral could b# toie?<ed in New Yorkat sevea per c#at. lulrn-M, And ber# si* p#r <s#nt. wn tb# legal m#rest. Tb# Oorrriiinrai wa? now | paying 7 3- 1?i percent., and it was nm# wo bad a bitter rat# of inter*-*! iu tb# District. Me rb#Tefor# offered tbe follewiug resolution, which waa adopted: i K'lolrtd. That 'be rommt'*ee to represent tb? interest of tb# Hoard of Trade before Uongre?4 be. and are hereby r#^u#?ted. to prepar# a o il and nrge its passage bv tha body, modity mg th* present usury law wt tbe District ?o as to conform to the law* ot other cities on this tub #c*i this being read#red necaoaary ?o Lb# n?r.?du tioa and retention of capital n##a#d for tb? proper development of our omm#r ual ana mriuufAoturing inter#au. Mr K M. Hall offered tta# follow rf preamble and re?olntion: Wber#a? by an act of t'M(r*<i approved April Vft,lr lD,a charter waf crao;#d to a certain company to con^trnct a turnpike road from thi# city, at the terminos of M street, running to Bladentbarf. Md , upou explicit tarma aud conditions therein contained, and wber#a* '?'d terms and conditious hAva been groealy violated in almost every section ooutamed n ?atd charter, to wit: In their failure to #1# *, directors annaally: in their failure to returua to the Clrcmt Court of this Dw:ric, showing rec.eipu Aud eap>>nditure?, hat #aid court might determine when toll on tb# roA*l htuld cease in not making th#jr road :b"? re><n:red width: in making their road solid And firm in ita bed. in not grading 'he Mm* below the required aDgles. and generally ia not keeping the road in su -ft state a* to lnsue? safe and easy travel Therefore, Httvlr'd, Thai the Board of Trade respec*tully pray tbAH^onfT##s will forth wi'h repe&l the Miid charter and declar# said road free. Mr. Hall said the road waa almost itnpw. able, and the compan> bad never ia a sirgt* Instance complied with the term*of tbeir charter. The road had now passed into the hand a of a single individual, who waa uiaklug all it# money he could out of It. A few years ago a bill was pass#d by Congress au'.boruing tb? Levy Court to inquire into the manag#ni#nt ol roads in the county, but although their attention bad frequently been called to this road, they h&d constantly c#gl*cted to remedy tb>? condition of it. If the county court cooid no; take care of the road, we ocght to have a new company chartered who could Mr. 1 {rown said It was the nnd#retar.dtii? wben the charter was given to 'hat turnpiko com pan} that when th#y rec#lved *h#lr money back and a cerain per centag# the road wa- U> be free. The revelation was adopted. Mr Shepherd oll'ered the following fry thf Bvartl of Trait of ih' r,l*trict of fW?/mM?u That a special committee ?i thre^ members b# appointed by the Chair, who ahal) examine into the coarter* ot the various ternpike companies leading into the city of Wash, mgton aud to report what action is necessary to compel th# fulfillment of tb# terms ot sb a charters or to abat# the nuisance of impasaabl* roads with h#a\y tolls. Mr. S. spoke of the terrible condition of tb? Tth street turnpike and the two totl-gatea thereon. Persons bad to go cut tb# Piney Branch read, th# Tth street road being impassable Mr Bacon said he was one of *he dtra: or? ot the road, and every dollar receivea had Uexu expended on the road. Mr. Shepherd said it shonld b# rerr#died, an it kept produce from the surraunding country away trom the city. It being impossible to f *: it fcere. The resolation wa? adopt#d. Mr. Ha<*on Itere.l the following: K-?vlreds That the committee appoin**a t > attend to the interest of the Hoard b# iiwrn.'Md to request of Congrese an appropriatuu to improve by paving Pennsylvania and Lou ?.ai.? avenne#. Mr Hall moved to am>*nd by adding, ?> an-l levy ona half tbe expeace npon the preper.y tronuuc on ?aid avenues." Mr. W M Cialt thought it a bad pre<?d#nt. Parties holding leases for prope: ty froat ng on said avenues might be senon^ly mtured. Mr. Sbepherd thought it waa time w? ahouid do aomething to?aidb improving the city,ey#n if some people did not like it. It was a mat er of public good. And should be done. It wan impossible to get anything through ihe Councils, not even a backmen'a bill Mr. Bacon thought tbe Board of Trade had no right to ask CougrnM to pa\* streets and tax the property holders for it. Congrees wil bound to pave and keep iu order the avennee. Mi. Thorn staved to strikeout LtouaianaaienHe He sAid the propeny holders and busnest men ou Louisiana avenue, between via and Tth streets, were willing to pave aud pay for tt if Congress would allow tb#m to do *o. Mr. J. H. Semraew xaid be intended tcpave ia front of his property and pay tor it. Mr. Hall withdrew bia araeadrn#n: aicng that one>hall the expense be levied on th? property Tbe motion ot Mr Thorn to atriire on: Lk>u.siana avenue waa adopted and the reaolutiou paaeed. Mr. Thorn th#n offered the following : ifttolr-d. That Congress be r#questea by tha Committee of th# Board of Trade to author ? th# Corportion ot t^ie city of Wash.ngton pave Louisiana avenue, from r th to Tth etreete, at the cost of the owuer? ot the property thera. on. aoopted. Tb# cnair appointed as the apecial committee or Mr. Sbepb#rd's resolution to Inquirw ito the charters of turnpike comp&n:#* M#s#rs. ?ti#pherd, llall and Brown. Adjourned for two weeks. ? At KXAwnicia ANt> FaxiitRi. xsnt ro L. K. We hear it stated that the affairs ot this roac ar# sun under a cloud, aud the prospects or the contractor* for getting their pay #xtr#raeiy hope: *s Bo<thsb Mills A C? . after euaeavorir.g for a long tune to get from capitaiUta is handsome bonus tor getting ont ot the way and refusing several very reasonable off#ri n.ade to them, now find thems#lv#a utterly unable to get ont ot 'he concern with a cleaa pair of heels. In the meantime the company recently chartered by the Virginia I--glsla'u^ are preparing to organue, and will when organr/ed proceed to the construction of a road from Alexandria to Prederlckeborg by aa entirely new Toa'.?.?Alejrar.drxa J<,urn*:. ?? ???? ??_ Watieuli s Plaved Oct.? a l?r>r froax New Vorx says the outcry in som#of the Lnglit-h |ournali araiuat chignons ia having a lery marked effect upon that article to thas market. The ladies are very get.erailj to threw it a-ide. aud it waa observed that at the opera la*t evening but few were worn in the mor- tashionable of the boxes There ar# plac#s in New York where thou-sanda of dollars are mye?red in the mancfac. ttire of them, and the panic that has been, started abont u?e -pediculi ' threatens vo units rum the trade. 1 EitiHT-Uoca System.?Two states bavii now passed laws making eight hours a legal day's work. The Mis&ouri Legislature, before adjourning, passed sncb an act, and tae (Governor has signed it. Tbe special provision# are not given. Illinois had previously d m the same, as heretofore stated, bet ia the lilt-, nois law there are provisions which allow any parties to arrange for working a longer tlm? each dsy of contract or agreement, and also declare that the law itself shall not apply to farm labor i^The St. John N. B. Olobe thus: xTbat w# are to enter npon a course ot extravagance m tbe new kingdom ia prettycertain. The President of the Uni'<*d States who governs about forty millions of people, has a "alary of only twenty-five thousand dollars, and greenbacks at that. The Governor. General ot our little kingdom of fbnr m.tHou people ia to have a salary of flfty thousand dollars n gold." WA gentleman ia SontS Car >tiea rec#B?iy sold a tract of land for f?te which he refused (15,< U) for before the war. 97"In a ease before Commissioner Botw, of JJ#w York, on Saturday, regarding tbe seirar* of a distillery. It traaspirod t^at the owner ot tb# distillery had been engaged in feediag Ttvo hnudred cows on swill, ia the premises adjeinmg. |ZT A Vermont man reoonUy bough: test, ty-six railroad tickets, intending to take hia w.lf# and tw#nty.fenr children to the Wee*-. A(#ong th# tw-j dozen are elevea ralre d lw -s?ail boys.