Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. ~ LOCAL NEWS? AMUSEMENTS. Ac., TO NIQHT. Wall's New o.bra House.?East night but oar of the talented Worrell Sisters, who will appear iii two capital pieces, the grand musical burlesque of "Kra Diavalo" and tie i'cmedie'ta of "Pas de Fascination." Natiobal Thbatbe.? Mr. John Brougham in "Columbus Reconstructed," and as ?WU* kin* Micawber in "David Copperfleld " IM btzbbott Hall ?All. Burnett U drawing crowded houses. He appears to-night in anew ar.d Taried programme. Mbetino or Tax Employ em in the Qtarhk*a?tir'8 btritTHiNT?A meeting of the tupermiendents, mechanics, watchmen, laborers, and other employees of the Cluarterir.aeter's Department, was held last evening at l mon League Hall, for the purpose of taking iuto t onsideration the recent decision of the i?d Comptroller, excluding them from the benefits of the twenty per cent. law. Mr. P. O Hare was called te the chair, and A. S. Dent chosen secretary. The chair stated that it was decided a few evenings since, to call a public meeting of the Quartermaster'* employee*, for the purpose ot securing the benefits of the twenty per cent law Mr Watson meved that the committee appointed from Lincoln Depot be requested to report what progress they had mads. Mr Trimble, chairman of that cotnmittMj stated tbst they had seen a number of member s and Senators, who had promised to do all in their power to have the bill passed. 11 vss now in the bands of (General Schenck, v bo would present the bill shortly. Messrs. fci mner. Pomeroy, Banks aud others were in lavor of thf bill. Mr O'Hare statea he had an interview with tie President of the Senate, Hon. B. *\ Wade, and he expressed the opinion that the decision excluding LI uartei masters' employees from the benefit ot the act of Congress giving '20 per cent, was a very unjust one. It was thought b? several members and Senators that Mr Farnsworth a bill including employees of the Currency Bureau, could be amended so aa to include the Quartermaster's employees. Mr Trimble thought the bill was in excellent hands, snd Mr. Schenck would do all in his power to have it passed. After some debate, a motion was adopted providing that the committee from Lincoln l?epot who bad been looking after the bill, should be continued, and one geutleman from each department be added to the committee The old committee consists of Messrs. P. O. Hare, J.H.Trimble, Jobn C. Green, and D. M Wheeler: and the following named gentlemen were added to the committee:?Peter P. Peugb. Col Tompkins' department: Jos K. t^uinter, Gen'l Ludington's department: Jas. Nome, clothing department: R. R. Uleary, Eastern Branch Park; Maior Welies, Capt. Thomas department: Mr Bearsford. Colonel Moore's department, and Mr. Myers, 14th street park. On motion, Maior Conrad, of the Soldiers and Sailors' Union, was added to the committee. The committee retired, and afterwards re. ported the following resolution, to be presented to Congress : Hutolrtd, That the benefits of the twenty per cent ex'ra compensation should be extended to the superintendents, elerks. foremen, mechanics, watchmen, messengers, laborers, wagon-masters, and teamsters, and all other emj loyees of the Quarter master's Department, Washington, D. C , whose duties are not performed in the immediate offices of the various quartermasters. The committee was instructed to meet rhis morning at 9 o'clock, at the National Hotel, in order to present the resolution and urge the passage of the same to-day. Mr A S. Dant thought it was necessary to have a permanent organization of the quarter master's employees. He therefore moved that a committee of two from each department be appointed to make arrangements lor a permanent organization, which motion was adopted and the Chair appointed the following-named gentlemen on the committee ?Messrs. Hays and Free?, from Col. Tompkins' department' Messrs. O'Hare and Gill. Col. Ludmgton's department; Messrs. Lynch and Norris. Captain Thomas' department: Messrs. Beresford and Casey. Col. Moore's department, and Mr. Cleary, from Easter n Branch Park. Adjourned. Dbbcbbt rrON a Gamklma Horsx ?Yesterday Lieut Tait, with Sergeant Walker aud officer Fraster, of the Jd Ward, made a descent npon the house kept by J no. Wallace, colored, on l-.'th, between C ana D streetb north, where they discovered a company of a dozen or more colored men engaged in playing faro. Upon finding themselves be*et with the police the gamesters made a rush to the doors and window. but the officers succeeded in capturing the proprietor and nine of his friends with the lay-out cloth, and cards, but the deal box was carried off by some of the party who escaped They were taken before Justice Thompson a the Central Guardhouse for trial Wallace plead guilty of keeping a gambling honse and was fined *50. The others, except one, were fined each. ()Br hans' Cor bt, J 'Miff fur cell.?Yesterday, tne will of Thos Donoboo. bequeathing his estate to Andrew P McKenna, executor, with power to sell and pay his jnst debts, and to distribute the remainder among his three children. was filed and fully proven. The will of George W. Young was partially proven. Letters of administration on the estate of the late Alfred Russell were issued to Mary E. Kussell: bond fj.oui. Tlie sixth general account of the guardian to the orphans of Jacob Acker, with individual accounts, and third general account of guardian to the orphans of Geo. A Mnnro, with indi. vidual accounts, were approved aud passed. A Cubar Filter.?To those ot our reader* who are compelled to use the Potomac water tor drinking ard culinary purposes, even when it is muddy or impure, we reoommead the cheap and serviceable filtering arrangement described in a recent number of a medi< al magazine ?It is an ordinary tlower-pot, plugged (not tightly) at the bottom with a t-ponge A layer of coarsely powdered charcoal. about one inch thick, is placed in the bottom of the pot, then another layer of sand ot the same thickness, then pebbles, coarse gravel, and stones are placed on the whole This forms an admirable filter, aud one withiu the reach oi the poorest. Pt blic Temperance Mketixo at McKeyI'Rke Ohai el ? Last evening a public temperance meeting was held at McKendree Chapei, under the auspices of Home Division. No t.5. Sons of Temperance, and it was very largely attended The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Wm. Krebs, pastor of the church, and after a f*w introductory remarkby Mr B C Major, W. P. of the Division, addresses were delivered bv Senator Tipten ot Nebraska,Hon. S. Perham of Maine. General Washburn of Indiana. JohnC. Harknesss. W P. Drew, and ^oba Goldin. Fcbkralo? Hoa. Charles Eamep?The funeral of the late Hon. Chas Limes took place at noon yesterday, from his late residence. corner of 1Kb and H streets, and was very largely attended, a number of members of Congress, with Assistant Attorney General Ashton and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Chandler, and a number of; prominent citizens being present. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Dr. P. D Gurlev. of the New York avenue Presbyterian church, and the remains were interred in the Congressional Cemetery. ? 1ratk!:>al Visit?East evening, Moun* \ emon Division, No. H, Sons of Temperance, of Alexandria, paid a visit to Good Samaritan Divuiou. No. 1 at their ballon 9thstreet. The visitors numbered over lis, and came up on the Wlanifsimmitt, which returned with them at mionight. In the division room addressee were made by several members, and vocal and instrumental music was enjoyed until a late hoar, the visitor* leaving well pleased with iheir Tisit. J >fB ciTtzBws already begin to see the good effects ol a change in the management of governmental property in this District. Men were engaged yesterday in different parts of the city repairing fences and bracing up posts about the triangles and at different points doing work to preserve or improve public property This work is being done under the immediate eye of an fficient e nginear officer, detached for the purpose by Major Michler Food Dead.?This morning. John Colbert, a very respectable old celored inaa, was found dead in a shanty on E. between l?th and ItMh treets He was a private watchman for unoccupied bouses in that vicinity. He was very old and afflicted with asthma, and aa inquest was deemed unnecessary No foul play being saspec-ed. the body was given to the family of deceased for bnrial. ? Pbofeskor Bi.ot himself coulU not improve <>n the cooking at Hainmack's restaurant, even if be conld obtain th- rare game, juicy meats, and delicious shell-fish which abound in and about Chesapeake bay and the Potomac river to try ibe experiment with. A meal at Hammack's is something to remember. + Ai.f. Brbhbtt.?This irresistibly droll ho- > morist is -'making laces" at Metxerott Hall to *"? purpose as shown by the crowded house last evening. Some of bis comic portraitures and recitations would cure the most severe at? tar k of htnes. for instance "Petroleum V Nasty ' aad "The Charge of the Mule Brigade." Thb Warm and Yotibo Pbboibctb ?For tkt tafora-uion of persons b?ia( retiit??d. we five the boundaries or tbe wards and voting precincts as follows: First Ward, all that portion of city west of the centre of 15'h street, including tbe western and of tbe mill and Washington Monument lot, a fact known to bnt few of onr old citisens. Penney Mania avenue divides tbe precincts. No. 1 being nortb and No. ? sjutb of it. Second Waid. tbat portion of tbe city east of 15th street and nortb of tbe canal, bounded oa tbe lOtb street and Rbode Island avenue, to Boundary street, tfatreet divides tbe precincts No. 1 being nortb. Third Ward, tbat portion of tbe city east of tbe eastern boundaries of tbe Second Ward and nortb ef the canal, bonnded on tbe east by 7th street west and New York avenue to Boundary street; L> street dividing tbe precincts. No. 1 being nortb. Foarth Ward, tbat portion of the city east of tbe eastern boundaries of tbe Third Ward, north of tbe canal, west of "id street west, nortb of D north and Maryland avenue, to Boundary street; Q street dividing the precincts, No. 1 being north. Fifth Ward, bounded on the north by D street nortb, from 3d street west to 6th street west, and on the east by 8th street west, to E south, and below that street by 4th street east, south by the eastern branch to South Capitol street, and thence to its iaterI section witb the canal to 3d street west; Pa. i avenue dividing the precincts. No. 1 being i nortb. Sixth Ward, all that portion of the city lying eaat of the Fifth Ward; G street dividing the precincts. No. 1 being nortb. Seventh Ward, all tbat portion of the Island lying west of South Capitol street and east of 15th street vest: 7th street dividing the pre| cincts. No. 1 being the eastern portion. ? The Registration ?There seems to be a mistaken iJea afloat tbat the Judges ol Election will hold sessions only four days in each ward. We learn tbat tbe allotment ef four days to a ward was simply experimental, and tbat if it is xonnd that'his time is not sufficient for tbe work it will be extended. Yesterday afternoon, tbe J udges or ElecUon con tinned tbe work ot recording the names of voters in the First Ward. The crowd was somewbat larger than en the previous day, but was verv orderly. During the evening 650 names were recorded, of which 228 were white, and 422 colored, making the total for the two days 1,175?756 colored, and *19 white. A few ot the applicants were challenged, and five were rejected?two colored, on account of not being residents or the ward, two on account of not being able to certify to their age, and one white who could not prove that be was naturalized. Tbe registers are taking great pains in their work, carefully noting the residence of each applicant for tbe purpose of identification. They will probably remain in the First Ward on Friday, and perhays Saturday, and will commence their work in the Second Ward on F street, near 15th, on Monday evening. racoverbd- Last Sunday a week ago, Mr. 11. C. Marston. a guest at the Metropolitan Hotel, reported to tbe detectives the loss by his wife of a gold bracelet valued at $8.5. This morn ids a colored man named John Francis Thomas went to pawn it ai an office on 4\ street. The broker bad a description of the bracelet given to him by Detective Coomes, and therefore retained it. Thomas went to the detectives to let them know about it, and went wirh detectives Miller and Coomes to the broker's office. It was fully identified as the lost bracelet, and Thomas proved that he fouud it near the National Theater. The property was delivered to Mr. Marston. wb? rewarded Thomas for the trouble he took to find the detectives. + Larceny Cases.?'Yesterday, Ed. O Brine was- arrested by Officer Fell, of the Fourth Ward, upon a charge of steal in? an overcoat, the property of Seth W. Kipp. The prisoner was seat to jail for court by Justice Walter Last mgbt, a man named John Williams went to the stable of Mr. G. W. Lin ville, and stole a horse out, but was caught by a colored man employed in 'he stable ani delivered to Sergt Austin. He was taken before Justice Walter, who sent him to jail for court. Kitty Swann, colored. wa? arrested by Officer White, of the Seventh Ward, for the larceny of f 11 50 from J. W. Kelly. She was sent to jail for court by Justlc-* Boswell. The Library or Heter Force ?Congress having appropriated Slt*i,ooo at the last purchase tbe library of Peter Force, Esq.. tbe work of removing the books and papers from the building, corner of loth and D streets, has been commenced, under the direction of the Librarian of Congress. A K. Spofford. Esq There being a large number of valuable books and papers 'many ofthem very old) to be removed, it is necessary to use great > are m handling tbem, and it will be two or three weeks before the work is completed. At tBe Capitol, they are being placed in the new iren proof wings of the library. Accident.?Yesterday about three o'clock, while workmen were employed in pnllmg down the wall of the tenpin alley on the premises of Major Williams, corner of New Jersev avenue ar.d H street, the wall fell suddenly, and Mr. Thomas Sutton, sr., his son Thomas, snd Frederick Slusber, were caught by the falling structure. Mr. Sutton, sr., was seriously injured, and his son and Slusber slightly. They were removed to their homes, and medical aid procured for them by Officer Brosnan, of the 4th ward. Dbai> Boot in the Rivbr ?Yesterday morning, the dead body of an uuknown white man whs found upon the river shore below (Jiesboro', near the halt way tree Officer Anderson was notified of it, and immediately reported it at the station-house. The Coroner and the nearest justice being sick, the body was interred at high water mark upon the shore It was impossible to ioentify the body, as it had probably been in the water three months. Real Estate Sales.?Cooper A. Latimer, auctioneers, sold a frame bouse and lot on the the west side of Fourth street, between K and I~ to Charles Pearson, for Sl,:?5. Also part of Lot 4. in Square 526. unimproved, being on the north side of K street north, near Fourth street west, te Daniel Wiber. at thirty cents per square foot. Resignation or a City Pastor ?The Rev. Charles B. Boynton D. D., recently elected tor the second time Chaplain of the House of Kepres?*niative?, has tendered his resignation Hs pastor of ine Congregational Church of this city, to take effect June l. His resignation is on account of 111 health, brought on by his wean ng labors. Bad Practice ?It has been a natter of complaint for years past that persons will tie their horses upon the eioewalk, so that pedestrians cannot pass, and the pavements are frequently injured by them. Yesterday, I has. Stewart mid Richard Swan, colored, were arrested by officer Mark ward, of the Third Ward, for violating the city law in relatien to this practice. Justice Hollingchead fined them SI each. . Criminal Cotrt. Jtuign Fuher.?This morning, in the case of Robert L Morrill and Annie Brown, each indicted for larceny, & nolle I r<>i. wa? entered. Tne case of the Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown Railroad, indicted tor a nuisance, is still on trial. Larceny.?Hansel Harrison, colored, was arrested yesterday by officer Hoppius, for the larceny of a silver watch and geld chain, the property of Yincenzto Puletti J usticeThompson sent the accused to jail for court. Conmrmbi'.?The Senate yesterday in Executive ses?ion confirmed the nomination of Mm W. T ucber, as a J ustice ot the Peace for Washington, D. C. Police Retort*.?The police reported yesterday fifty-two arrests in the entire District, and tbe flues amounted to fill* 80. HARRIED. THOMPSON MOBTIMBB. On the 10th Inst., st tli?< hureh of the Bel Dhaiiy, by the Bsv. Dr. Hall. QBoBGK W 'HUMPHON. of Hew York city , to 0>BPHiNK A101 8TA, second daughter of < has Aiurti mer, Bi<j., of Virginia So cards. DIM. PATTBKSON. On Tared ay warning, t lis 19 b lu?t., at7 o'clock p m , HOtfBKT S l'ATXBB BOM. His fnaeral will take place frmn tbe residence of Miss Nichols, between W.?t .tad Suxidarrt street*. Georgetown, to morrow (Thursday >evening at IS o'clock p m His frleade are respectfully iavited to attend * OKI MBS. On th- morning of the &)th last , bam l'BL O CB1M B8. aged 32 years Tbe relative" and trltnrts of the faaiily are Invited to attend bis funeral, from his late residence, Bastera Branch, near Unloatown.on Friday at a o'clock p m * PBBKINS. Ou the 1Mb In.Unt. at lOo'oloek, at tbe rs'idence of ber father. Mo. b Miseeur avenue, DBBB1B J. PBBKiat) trieads of the family are invited to attend her funeral on the list Instant, at 10 o'clock a m. '.'t* fa* BBOWBB. *.J. 8M1TU1B8 BBOWHB A SMITH BBS. WA8HIBOTOM. D.O , _ ? . _ A TTO RTt FYS AS D COUNSELLORS AT LAW* AMD SOLICITORS FOB TUB BCBBAU BBVIOBBS. FREBDMKB. AMD A U kM DON BD LAND*. OfMce Mo. 4 76 Seventh street,opposite the Poet OSes. te J-ly GNIOIBB AMD ADPBRS8BS OP H.WIN0 TBB DAVIS Colorado, a Bummer Trip: by Bayard Taylor. Tbe Claverlng. a Movel; br Trollops. Tbe Village oa the Cliff; by Mies Thackeray. Two Marriages: b' tbe anther of Joha Haltfsx ^ Pickwick Papere, D B (^OLD PBBB-A ne assortment of Gold Peat, I T Pencil Casee, Ac., for eale at manufacturer' Kl?w (4a Uj XAThOA. CITY ITEM3. Bbtsivsd yesterday, a splendid lot of American Qold Watches, which I offer totj iow, ranch cheaper than any Jeweler ia this city. I. Alexander, MO Pennsylvania avenue. a Jtwnir?Bog Wood Setts, now styles Flaa Guard Chains, Silver Plated Spoon*, Forks, Cnps, Goblets, Call Bells, received this morning, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Stare, no. 4.18 Pennsylvania avanue, near 4jf street. Imtmt in one ot those nine dollar Spring Over Sacks, manufactured and sold by Noah Walker k Uo , :W8 Pennsylvania avenae, between 6th aad ?ih streets Toev are fashionable cut, well made and food trimmings. 3 Mtvami is Norval; on the (Iramplon bills y father fed his flocks, wore homespun and never dreamed of such an institution aa Henning'sOne Price Clothing Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. OrriciAK ?Oold, Silver and Steel Specta. clee and KyeG-lassea mad* of Brazilllan Pebble. Opera Glasses, the best and cheapest la tbiscltj at I. Alexander's, 240 Pennsylvania avenue. ? Imvokmatioh.?Those about to marry and newly married, can And ready-made Linen and Cotton Sheets, Pillow Casts, Bed Spreads of all descriptions, Festher aad Hair Pillows, Mattresses, Table Linen, Toweling, Crasb, Window Shades. Carpets, Oil Cloth, Matting. Ac.. at Adamson's, 500 9th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. lm ?Thi fiwmt assortment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brushes in the City are sold at low prices at F. X. Dooley's Apothecary, corner east 3d street and Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. 2w Quick sales and small Proflts!!!?Good White Shirts S1.50, ?< and #8 50. at Franc's Gent's Furnishing Store. 494 7th street, between D and ?; also shirts made to order, lm Orat's Collars, 96 cents per box; Goldsmith Collars, 25 cents per box: Imitation Linen Collars. 25 cents per box; and all other goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents' Furnishing Store, 4947tb street, between 1) and t streets. lm Foa Chilblaihh and Frosted Feet, Whlte'a Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4# aad 6th streets. Dr. Whitr, Chiropodist, 424 Penn. av., between 4X and 6th streets, continues the sueceesful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresencee, Ac. Office hours from 8 a m. to 5 p. m , aad 6 to 8 p. m. Established 1*61. ASvrrPilb Curb.?Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of $4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Komaine, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3; Pawmas ean be had in any quantities at the Star office counter AAllkSEMENTS. RATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenue, near Wlllards' Hotel. Third and last week of the highly sucoeesfal engagement of MB JOHN BBOUGHAM Who will appear THIS < WBbNBhDAY) EVENING. March 2u In hit own Great Extravaganza, entitled CeLCMBlS BECONSTBUCTKD. Produced with Superb Scenery, Magnificent Costumes, and Striking Tableaux. The performance will commence with DAVID COPPBBFIELD. Wilkin? Micawber Mr John Brougham WALL'S 5IEW OPERA" HOUSE. H. B. PHILLIPS. ..LESSEE AND MANAGES. Last night but one of the Youthful, Talented, an i Beaniifal WOBBELL BI8TBBS, Whe, with the favorite Comedian. Mr. T L I>onne 1). will appear TH18EVEN1NG. ia an entire change of perfor<iiaac<'. consisting of the Grand Burleeme Burletta of FBA DIAY'OLA, and the charming Comedietta of PAS HE FASCINATION. ** SOPHIE and IBENE in Songs, Duets, Ac. JENNIE In her unequalled Clog Dance. It* METZEROTT HALIL ONE WEEK ONLY 1 COMMESCIJf'i MONDAY, MABCH 19, 1?67, THE JUSTLY CELEBRATED WIT, ORATOR, AXD MIMIC, ALF. BUBNETT, America's Bepreckntativk Humorist, Assisted by MISS HELEN NA8II, The ('banning Elocutionist, In their Original, Irresistibly Laughable, yet Befio'-d Entertainments. Among the numerous quiiJitiee of FUN AND FLAKE-t OF HOMOB^m which comprise his reportolre will be found the fellowlng: BEV. PETBOLEUM V. NASBY. MABY HAD A LITTLE LAMB. BICHMOND ON THE JEEMS, SLABSIBES AND GABBOTE. THE ENGLISH SHOWMAN, Together with msny hits at PEOPLE AND FASHIONS entirely new and hamorons. Admission 30 Cents. Beserved Seats 50 Cents. I>oors open at7'^; commence at 8 o'clock. Beseried seats to be had at Met/.erott s Music Store during the day. mh 19 at* L'ANCY DBEBBE8 AND COSTUMES, a For Tableaux and Private Parties. Apply to MBS. FBAN K BEA feJlliu' 447 10th street. BALLS, PARTIES, &o. Pi'I EST ATTEMPT IN TH* FIELD.-THE NATIONAL FB1ENDSH1P CLUB wa will give their first Grand MAY BALL on IS WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 1st, 1*7, JA at Island Hall. mb 36 St* (A PROPOSALS. pBOPOSALS FOB FBESfl BEEF. SibkIstesc* Orrica. 0. 8. A., ) In Bear or 104 West Lombard street, . Baltimore. Md. March IS. 1967.\ Sealed proposals, in duplicate, will be received at 'his office until li in. on FB1DAY, March II, 1867, for the FBE8H BEEF reqnind for the supply of the troops, hospital and officers at Winchester, Went Virginia, for six m<>nths. from April 1. 1867. or such less tim* as the Commissary General of Subsistence may direct. The Beef to ha delivered at Winchester. We st > Irglaia, oa the order ot tb<- Commissary or Acting Commissary of Subsistence at that place The Beef to be of good and marketable quality, in e iual proportion of fore and hind quarter meat, (necks, shanks and kidney tallow to he excluded ) The necks of the cattle slaughtered nnder tide agreement shall be cut eff at tae fourth vertebral joint, and the breast trimneed down. The shanks a# lore quarters shall be cut off from three to foy.t inches above the knee joint, and of bind quarters from six to eight Inchee above the gambrel or ho< k joint. Bidders are requested t<> be present to respond totbeir bids, and be prepared to give bonds for th? fulfillment of their oontract. Proposals must be enderted distinctly " Proposals for Freeh Beef," and addressed to the under signed, who reserves the right to reject any or all bids not to the interest of the United States. Conditions, requirements, payments, Ac , Ac., as heretofore. THOMAS WILSOH. Bvt. Lient. Col. and C. 8. V. S. A., mhl3 4t Bvt Brig, dsn Vols. BOOTS, SHOES, Ac. ?( BOOTS AMP SHOES. fw MEW TT OBI. The undersigned begs leave to I nferm his friea? and the public generally that he has spened the HEW CHEAP BTOBE, Mo. AOS 7th etreet.uader Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a gensral assortment of Ladiee' and Gentlemen's, Boy's Mlseee and Children *s. BOOTS AMD SHOES. Be member the number, 5u*i 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Had The New Cheap Stors, formerly K. ?. Page's ??ors. de is * * WEOBGE B. WILSON. gTBlM WAY'S PI AMOS. We Lave just received a new assortment of II P1ANOFOBTES front the factor/, >oa _ listing or Grand, Square, and Uprlght|B0Blpl Cabinet Pianos. " Mllfl For the last tea years Stelnway's Pianos have, on all occasion-*, received the first premium over all new York, Boetou, Phlladelphia.and Baltimore makers, whenever and wherever they have come in competition. At the World's Fair la London, Steinwny A Sons received the Indorsement |e1 superiority of their Planus ever all makers ef the WorM. W O MBTZBBOTT A CO., fetttf Mo. 31* Pena avenae. Sole Agents. MA 1 L L A ED'S CHOOCLATS DE FANTAISI*. BT BONBONS. l&lLLtl D'S*"0' CHOCOLAT PAB BX9BLLBMCB, (Triple Vanilla.) Thle Triple Vanilla CHOCOLATE is snperter In quality and Savor to any other made is thle "* U *** -"iarti.r.sras.. PHBKOIDBBT Of ALL II1H tOHID JCi oa reasonable terms. Every kind of Fancy Work taught at very lew prices, by Madam EUTCBBAOE, at F. Bapp's 0, between 8th an! tth streets. fs ja-lm 0WANTS. VV A8T1D?Two WOMBS, o?e aa cook ?*4 JlJ, AT^lrM"vtk# ather m aan* ?U chambergjwM4y.Afertf'p'ria?'r~ a~?s?"wss i1**,?"" Pleaae addrees a not* to Boa 37 Btar OMce. it* ft ?KT??-A rompotoat WOMAS, to take *_\,_cVr<* ?f hlWrwo. Al?o. a goad OOOK. W*i5ISfsf.4,I,s wiittd u work M?U' LOOK WOOB. HVFTY * TAYLOB, 11 S34 Peun imui. BITDATlONla privatefamlly ?v b? a good cook. AIm,om ti laaadrese or chamber nit. 14. flood rofereaces Apply at Mmplom?eat Office. 4 B?H 7th atroot. ??' VV A*TBD?%n oxpeneaced BkAOKSklTM to go to the cooatry A si agio white maa pref?r[#*,,I?ninlre ofCHAB. 8T0TT A CO .Draggifts. 37# Penna avoaae. ait itA 4 ANIBIUAI WOMAN or PBAOTIOAL experience viihH a 8ITUATIOB to do housework ?ad puu Mwlng ta a snail family, pooka Oomaa. Oall at 84 td atroot, George town jt?

V^AMTBD-A PABTHBB with a capital of '' ftf two to five thoaeaad dollars.<a a regu??*NarcaaUlo business already ootaklishod. to Oi &S ,ll#* ' ?hoat to rotire Addross Q , Star Office, atatlag where aad whoa an latarview aybolka^ ?ar W la a boot and shoo etore. a YOUTH t7v .wlth u* baalness. ApplT at S44 7th street. uoar I at root. a I9-3t* WAHTBD-A good 8BAMSTBB89 who caa * wo,rk Oall at oaco at #17 H atroot, DdWttoa 6th aad 7th. mlMV AGBNT8 WANTED?To travel throagh Booth* ern Statoe ta o?U a PATBNT jaat oat. Ooa P*r Tot inforawktioa call at 37 3 9th at. mh 19 at* \VANTED?A LADY, froas sa to 30 years of ago, as hnaeokeepor Beet of reference* roiplred. Apply to Mr. 8 OAGGINS, Colombia larket, cor l?th aad Pa aw a 14 St* WANTBD?By tho lot of April, aa unfuraishod HOUSE. ortiveorslx rooms, bot. 4th aad 11th. F aad L eta. For a aaitablo boose at modorato root will bo a poroiaooat tooaat. Add rasa Box 44, Btar offlco. m 18-St %VABTBD_TO BBBT OB PUBOHABB-A "? P ABM of from in to 100 acroa, north of and near the city, with good bolldlng aad othor Ins arovemeats. Any person having soch property caa find a first-class toaant, by applying at ST ABB A 00.'8. 4S8K 7th atroot, between D aad . Mh 9 1w' WAHTBD-A respectable white WOMAN,to take care of a young child. Apply at S71 Pa. avenge. mh > A OBBTB WANTBD FOB THB MOST BXUIT/I^INOABD INTERESTING BOOK OP THB GEN* L. C. BAKBB'B HI8TOBT OP THE BBCBBT 8BBVICB. la every city, town, ooonty, aad State of tho Union, to canvass for thia work. This history was announced one year ago, bnt owing to the attempta of the G?verameut to aopproaa It, ita pobllcatlon wm delayed. It will now be leaned, unaltered and unabridged, under the supervision of Oen. BAKKB. It contains a foil and official expose of the Intricate machinations of the aecret enemies of the Union. Por startling developments and thrilling advent area, this book ecllpaes the famous ex per eacoaof Foncbe and Mdoc i. The marvelooe narratives of General Baker are all attested by the highest official authority. It will contain the only official history of the Assassination con?piray. A foil htotory ?f this great, startlfag. and terrible crime, FBOM ITS CONCEPTION, IN THB HAUNT^ OP VILLAINY TO THB BUBIAL PLAOB OP HOOTH. has never yet hoen placed before tho pnhlic. The work also folly oxposea the nefarloua system by which Preeidential pardons were and are so readily obtained at Washington. The morals of the National Capital are thor- I oughly ventilated, and there ore some strange I revelations concerning heads of departments. I memberaof Congress, female pardon brokers, and I distinguished military characters. For foil descripti ve circolars, term*, and all I particulars, aidr.ns P. G&RKBTT a CO., mh2-]m 704 Chestnut at.. Philadelphia. VV ANTID?A 8 IT CAT 10 N as a^arostresa by a " lady who understande aewlng thoroughly hy Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine. Can cut and fit ladies aad childrea's dresses. Address, f-r three daya, Box No. 7, Btar office. fe27 WANTBO?Alliawaatof MONBY call at 8. GOLDSTEIN A CO. 8. hicensed Pawn* brokers, 34 4>? street, near Penna.) lvania avenue. fe 211m WANTBD?New and Oast-cfT CLOTHING, old GOLD and SILVER, or aav other article of value, at the old established Merchant Pawn looker's Store ot R FULTON A CO., ?02 9th St., I 3 doors north of Penna avenae. Bole Agent for SINGER'S SEWING MACHINE de 22-ly WANTED?10 000 LADIES to kiTjw that at the New Btampliig Rooms, 439 9th street,opposite Patent Office, tbey caa find the brat selected assortment of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, Capes, Aprona. Joseys. Waists, Yokes, Bands, Wrappers, Bllppers, Pincushions, and Initials. Also, designs for Pillow Casee. Ottomans, Chair Covers, Pianos, and. In short, every variety of Patterns as tbey are daily Issoed. We have a Preach Machine and a Practisal Stamper, and have reduced the price to FIVB CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought oa. Braids, Silk and Working Ootton very low. de lf-tr I WANTBD?SECOND HAND FOBNITOBB Also, MIBBORS, CABPET8. BBDS, BEDDING and HoDSBPOBNISHING GOODS of every description. B. BUCH17Y. 40A 7tb street, jee$-tf boiweoaG and H.eaat side STEAMBOAT LINES. | UTEAMEB WILSON SMALL ^ FOR THE EASTERN SHORE. t NOTICB?The Steamer WILSON SMALL, OAPT. B. T. LEONARD, now In jp?. all respects one of the ataaachest,,^^^^^^ most comfortable and eiegantMHB^HBM steamers plying oa Chesapeake Bay, will resume her rente on BA 1URDAI, March ad. Sheleaves her pier opposite No. <70 Light streot wharf. I Baltfmore. every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at9 p. m..for EASTOX POINT, DOUBLE MiLl S.OXrbRD CLQRA'SFOIX f, WAl.I.A Cff'S WHARF, CA MRRTD(i E. HUG H LETT'S WHARF, CABIN CREEK. MED FORD'S WHARF, aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from THE EASTERN SHORE, she leavee Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 p m.,and Beaton Point at 8 pm, every Monday, Wedaeadav aud Kriday,touching at all latermedlate landings, and reaching Baltiaiore at 6 a a. on the following mornings. She has a large numh- r of fine state-rooms. TO TBAVBLLBR8 OOIBG BOOTH TW10B DAILY, (Banday p. m. excepted.} | The (inlokeat aad moet direct rooto to Blohmoad. I Va ,and the Sooth, via the Potomae jpsa k ; steamers from 7th Street Wharf. Washlngtoa. to Aaala Creek and^^^^^^^B I Richmond, Fredertckebnrg and Potomao Railroad. I to Rick mond, Va, connecting there with trains oa 1 the Richmond and Petorebarg and Richmond and I Danvills Railroads, for Petersburg. Weldon, Wil- I miogton Raleigh, Greeuboro1 Sallakary, Ohar- I lott# sad Chester, 8. O. Steamers Key port and C. Vanderbllt leave 7th I Street Wharf duly (Sot-day evealog excepted) at I i f a. m. aad fi so p. m. and arrive la Blohmoad at I 1. 0 p. m. and 2 45 a m. I THBOUGH TO BIOHMOBD III BIT1S HOORgFifty Ml lee Shorter ana 1* Honra Quicker than any Other Route. Bo Bare aad get Through Tloketa via A?ula Creek and Fred art ckaburg, to RHjhmond, at the I Company 'a Office, corner of Penna. aveaue aad 6th I atreet, or oa board of tho boata. Baggage oheoked through. I Omnlbaseee aad Baggage Wagoaa will bo la I readlnees to convey paaeeagen and .baggage bo- I tween depots la Richmond. I Paaaongera by thie line pan by daylight Moaat I Vernoa. and may have aa opportunity of vlsltlag eovoralbattle-floldaaoar Froderiokaharg by stopping at that point. Breakfast and ana on board of Steamers. I GEO. MATTIHGLY.Bapt.. Washligtoa, B. o. I O. B. MATTINGLY, Tlcket^Ayct^W^a^i|ag%oa. apl-ly eaeraiPaaeenger Agent. | PIANOS. I NE Bacon A Baven Piano, for flM. One Andrew Stela, for f?0. IBM One almoet new 7-octave large round'li corner Soardman A Oray Piano. #276. For aale up?n eaay tor ma, at tho warerooms of W. O. MBTZBBOTT A CO. Bole Agenta of Steinway A Soa'a Planoe, aad Mason A Bamlia'e Cabinet Organ*. fe 14-tf j American gold, stocks and bobdb. bought on oemmiaaloa at thaBew York and ether Stock Boards. Qaotatioaa regularly re- I miT*d' LBW18 JOHBSON A 00.. Baakara. fe 7-tf Peuaa. aveaae. I CLOVBI F B B PI A fall eaeortmeat of all grades oholoo Flour for Bakera; quality Ho 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for Ooldea BUI, J. I 8. Gambrill (aot Pataptco) and Liaganor Family I loorala the Platrlot. As the latUr brand has I tea extensively counterfeited aad sold la thle I city, we would Inform thoae wishing this flour by I arrangement with tho mil lore wo furnish It lower I than It caa ho obtainod from any othor eouroo. Quality second to none. Price a fractloa loss than other first class Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. . ^11.?-W? flSTSf.'? baHuMiullitiMI,. no 11 asafDopat. I CJBVERAL BPLBNDID PABLOB OBGAHB, (5 with PateatOrgaa Swell, aad one with-?3^^ movable Pedal Baee.(very coavealeat forBBBH ?Hi'Ti "aSfflt wu> u oon; prioeo. OBOBGB L. WILD A BRO . m U 2m Ha. 497 11th atroot. abova Pa. ava. DHILIP THE 8B00BD; by Ohariee Oararre. I Jooeah the Second and his Ooart; by Mahlbach. Braithwaite'a Betroepect for Janoary Gardenlag for Profit; a Galde_to tho Market jua.1 Family Gardea Swlabara'i faaaa Venerta. Two T4TLO? F9u49m\nn. BiK?lwT^5 SPRING WAGONS. Apply?aBIOBABD^QX BBBBY, 94 Water at., Goorgotewa. la ? tf FOR SALE AND RBNT. F3B SAL??1,400 hud4i of WHITE 1' API*. iSiUinckr* tmno4 guali'r for wrapping Ap ?ly to 0 B BiEiK, Star OSm ml Si tf Fnn* 0NF0BNI8HBD BOOMS callable tor hoaeekeepiag, tor rut at 119 ?ib street, be two. B aad I. m M-St' FOB BBBT-Faraished HOUSE, eoatalalag > ro?gii.|Mii<?iur. Be. 14*4 corner of 3d street and P?tMTlmli kr?m. Tarms vsry moderate as T* St* Hot.. O* ?OLB KuuHl run KBBt AN9 FtKNITTBE ior uli Furaitare. |iN, r?Bt, #3t. Ia<)ulre after ? p B ?t 1-J9 O street, b?tirM?t 11th Ml l?th. m m St* FOB BBBT?Twe large. pleaaeat BOOMS far aished or aafarBiehed, aaltable for housekeeping. Boat moderate. Apply at the Star office. aH!i' f'OB BBBT?4 H0D8B of mtid rotnii, la a 1 good locality. A prtyet- family preferred, laquire at 3*6 4th street, hft*t?a V tvm tk* twin of it end 4 o'clock. It* F'Ol BBBT?Career of 1Mb aid Bow York arcane too aov U0D8BS. 11M4 oacb a month. Also. o.o corner Zlst sad G street. at fa par month. It* I^OBBALB-A two story 8B1UK BOOSE, with r slated roof, Itaatod at Bo. 3*9 Virginia eve boo betweaa 3d aad 4S streets. Apply to HAT. FBPPBB, Bo. ISO 4S at. mk?Kfg f/OB SALB?Ob eligible term*, a convenient r FBAMB HOUSB. ooatainiag aii rooaa aad kitchen. with wator in tho yard For terms, ap ply oa tha premises, 99* 3th, near aorth. ah ?0 3t* L?OB SALB?GOOD WILL. 8 TO UK aad FIXr TUBBS of (tho laU Elijah Bdmonetea.) Boot aad Shoo Store Bo. 4?*1 7th atroot. betweea Daad B ata. For particulars Inoplr* at tha Sloro Mrs. MABT BDMOBSTOB. hTOtf Admlalstrrtrix. (TOE SALB?A hargatii caa bo had for caah?a r BBSTAOBABT, with BOBSB coataiaiag U roc?s. Three years lease, low rant, and oxool leat situation Bow dolag a good business. Particulars at Tarnar H~>ase ccraor or fth atroot and Pob.. awaat, Waaktattoa sa a?-Sf EpOB SaLB?A geatletnea deolialng hous-keesr tngwisbec to dispose ef hia hou-ohold PUB NITOBB, conslstiag of everythlag requisite for tha comfort aad convenience of a small faulty. To persona of M ml tod means a rara opportunity la offorod. For fnrthar particulars laquire at frama lioaso Berth west coraor 4th street eaet. aad D atroot sooth, Capitol Hill Tho house caa bo rooted for a moderate ana, If desired. ah 20-:,t* ADBSIBABLB COL'BTBY BBBIDMNOB for reat for the balance of the year. Five miles from Aaaooeta Bridge. Bouse containing is leree pleasant rooms, lnoladlag kitchen; 3 acres of lana fa Oarden, choice Fruit aad Shade Tree*. Stable., ose of Ice from the Icehoo.e paature for two horses and two cowa, Por terms, Ac., inquire of T,B BROOKS a-ar Port Meigs on Marlboro' Boad.or by letter to Forest vll le. Prince George'a county. Md. mh20 6t* 4 KOOMB FOB BBBT?Faralahed or anfarmshe?1.44ft Massachusetts avenae. between th ana 7th streots. ah l? 3t* TO BBBT?Part of a large HOOBB. comprising bed room aad parlor, (famished.) kitchen and cellar. Gaa aad water convenient 314 Delaware aveaue. between aorth B aud 0 streets. ?l?3tj UOESB FOB BENT-On Capitol Bill, between II 3d and ?th streets, fronting on Penn. avenue, six large ro- oi?. gas and water, aad cellar. In juire at M10U L McCOBMlCB B Grocery Store, | at corner. m 19-St* HOCBB FOB BBBT containing six r ioma and I cellar Situated on Stb street wast, between 0 and P fta. north Inquire next door, m 18 4t* F'OB SALB ? At private sale, three setts of Oettage FDBN1TC BB. OIL CLOTH, Ac Apply thia aoek 4 49 D at . near 3d m 1* >t? L^OB BBNT?Two BOOMS. cemmuBicating, 1 tarnished as a parlor and bel i.'om. suitable for a gentleman and hla lady, or three or four gentlemen. 341 F street, between ;Ub aad lOtli stre ts. ni H 3f ITWH BINT?8?rer*l Ter.. desirably anl^iaaTI somel) furnished froar BOOMS at B? 21 In dlanaav . between 4'.and 3d sta . near Oitr Hell First class Boarding Houses within a few doors. m 18 *>t* tToB BBNT-BOU8B8 in the Philadelphia r Bow. lltb street east Hot ar t . ot : water, and bath.gaa; 8 rooms. Will be rental to _ >o 1 tenants for .O)0 per annum, ln juiro at 30.t K street, bet. lltb aad 12th west. mb is it* F1BMISHBD BOOMS-CItttens or Transient pe?>ple may find eomfortahle KOOU8 at Penu*->lvaiita avenae. opposite Metr >pnlitaa Ho. tel *111 be rented by the day, week or uonth nib 15 6t* FOB BBNT - A well located STOKE. To a oood tenant the r> nt will be moderate inquire on the preBilsos, 1 lb High street, Georgetown m14 6t* L UK SALE-Onlv 9106 caah repaired, the ball ance can be paid in inontbly payments of $io each, three new two story H0( SKS. sifuate l on the s?uth side of sonth L street, near 6th. This is an opportunity seldom oi'ered to procure a home. 8TABB A CO . < nill-2w* 4t?*J^ 7th street, aear B. BN1811 BD P A BLOBS nnd BED ROOMsTon the 1st -Jd and 3i floors, to be let Mnzle or in suites The room- have been newly papered and painted: they are snitable for housekeeping or single gentlemen Tbere is water, gas, and bath in the bouse. Apply at 234 H street, between lath and acth, one tMiuare from street cars. mb lltapl* r,"OB BALE?The 8TO< K. FIXTCBE8, OOOO r WILL, MJBNITCBE.aad ten years'LEABE of a Hotel of forty years ^tending. Has fourteen roema. new It papered and painted, a public Bath House, whieb pays well.a large Hall, well adapted for concerts, billiards or meetings of any kind. It also has ar-commodatlens for twenty live or thirty horses. Has a srl-ndid yard, with a beantltul grape arbor attacked, poach trees, Ac The house ] is well adapted to be kept upon the European ! plan, or as a lager beer saloon or garden. For terms, Ac., apply to BBOOKE A HOBDAY. Bro- ' kers. 19 3. Gay ?t.. Baltimore, Md mh 11 e?>2w ' >)IUi AlBBS OF BEST LAND near Waen OuU ington TO LET for two rears without at.y rent, for the c onsideration of potting the land nnder cultivation, ia lota of one to Qfty acres, with many other inducements, including the privilege of buying the land at any time For .11 ,?rtlcoUr, iu<inlre ot L WILL8 4 co . mh 4 lm Corner 1th and F streets. BE OF THB MOST VALUABLB AND DE ' S1RABLE BUILDING LOTS in the city for | sale. It Is situated on the north side of K sire- t, I near 13th botween Senator Sherman a and the Mexican Minister's,fronting on Franklin Bjuare. Said lot if feet by 137, running back to a .o foot ' alley, and Improved by e twe story brick staMe. te 26 tf 8 P. BBO*N 464 9th street west. KTOB 8ALB-AU kind of UNBEDEEMED J a PLEDGES, to pay advances, at :t4 4S street, j near Pa. ave. B.OOLDSTEIN A OJ? ft 21 lm Licensed Pawnbrokers , li"OK 8ALB OB BBNT? Fnrni-h'-d or unfurr niahed?the BESIDENCE of the Austrian ' Minister, corner 12th and B Apply between is J and 2 p. m fe a) Im* ff*OB BBBT?The 8TOBB BOOM next ti the < Star office, under MeiropwUtaa Hall. Apply to C. B. BAKER. Star office. fe 18 tf | FOB BENT?The PABM, for the last three years ( the reeklaaceof Major Theepbllus Oalsea, constating of 1M)acree. lyiug near Fort Mahan, 1 tie ( from Benning s Bridge. Improvements, dwelling J house of 11 rooms, stone stable, servant's houses, j bara.Ac Address "B. 8 ," AM E street, Washington. D. C.,or eall la person, between 3 and I m m. oc 16 tf f,'OK BENT?Two large aad one small communicating BOOMS, anfurnlshed. second floor No. 134 Penn. av., bet Itfth arid auth sts. no 28 tf i JPABE CHANCE?For immediate sale, one of * A the best located smalt corner store GBOCE1E8 in the city. Stock and Fixtures new Apply immediately, by letter, to A. B O..Oity Poet Office. no 36 tf L'OB BEBT?Two Furnished BOOMS, at No. j " 467 13th street between E aad F sti. de 14 tf AT PDBL10 SALB . through B. m. HALL'S 1 BEAL ESTATE EXCHANGE. I Corner 7th street and La avenue. Will be sold at auctloa. on the premises, on the 17th of April, 1867. at o'clock p a. by virtue of a deed of trust executed by Frederick VoK't, to 1 Jobn Geo. Btock, (to seeare Andrew Tbeirer.i upon a one story frame hoase.atta.tted on tha west part of lot ten, < 10> in sou are Ho. 41, Wasnington city, sabject te a leaee for the term of hve years, said traat duly recorded la lib* r B. M H , Ho 2, ' felioa 3A8 and aS>, chattel records for athlngton county. Terms cash >> 1? eolm D""S5"r"S&SS ffiSvTWa. J Wash mo ton, February SI, 1K7. On the petition of aLBXANDET J. WALK IB. \ of New York. N *., praying for tha extension of , a patent granted te bim thel4th day of May.lsiJ. , for aa improvement ia Spirit Laape, for eevea t years from the expiration of said patent, which j takes place oa the 34tfa day of May, 1867: < it Is ordered that the sat4 petitloa bo heard at ] the Patent Office on Monday, the 6th day of ] May 13 o'clock M.; aad all persona are notified to appear and Show eause, If any they have, why said petition eu?ht not to be granted j Persons opposing the extension are required to v Ale in the Patrnt Office their objections, specially > aet forth In writing, at least tweatr days before | the day of boariag; all testimony Bled by either ( party to be used at the eald hearing must be takes <( and transmitted In eccorda.ce with the rales of the office which will be farBlabed oa applicatioa. Depositions and other papers rolled upon as tee ? dmony mast be filed la the oMce twenty days be- * fore the day of hearing; the arguments, If Bay, " within too days after Ifing the teatimeay. , , Ordered, also, that this notice be aabllshed la , ?i Bepnblicaa aad the National Iaulllgencer, S aehiagton, B. C.. aad la the Times, Mew York, I. T . once a week for three saooeesive weeks; tha Brat of said publications te beat least sixty dags pc^oa. to tU day of hearing TBBAEBB Commlsslener of Pateats f P. 8. Editors of the above papers will pieaee oopy, aad eand their bills to the Patent Office with i a pip** eaatalalag this notioe. fe?7-Iaw?w ,, I'hOWHIBG'S LANDSCAPE GABDBNIBG ; ? If BlIlott?s Westera Fruit ?rawor's ? Guide, #1 50. Flax Oal tare: 4B?wata. Preach'e ? Farm Dralaage; 81 50 Field'e?Thasaai W. > Pe?r 7 Oaltare; Fuller's Orape Calturlet; fl.l*. " Patter's Strawberry Caltarist; ? oeats. Oaeaoa ? oo Milch Cows; 74 cents Heaiersoa1* Oardeniag for Profit; Herbert's Binteto Moroe u Keepers. 4lT? Jonaetoa's AgrieultanU Obe?| istry; 8175. Johaetoa% Elsaaeata_of AgtVnUaral Chemistry; || M. Miles oa th* Morsels Foot. 76 t oeats My vineyard at lakavlew; fKot- K toa? Bclaatific ^u%re; ^tesgts. 6ur Farm f Fo.r Acres. (Paper,30 oents,! goa.d. W ~~ SSSi-- aW 1 AUCTION SALES. I rm MMr Amattm Balaa * ??.] rnit AFTBMtrooir amp to-mo*mow DT QUlii * flLLUU, IMONNH, D AO. aeatbeaat itritt 7 lb m4 It eta EXOBLLEBT BOSBWOODOASE PIANO. WILT FRAME MIRRORS, LACB ( TBtAIMS. BLAtK fALMl T AMD MA MO .AMY PAB LOB AID rUAMBKB FOEB1TOBB, BBfTS ( BLD.THBBB PLT. AND lMOBALB 04m PBTS, do . AT PUBLIC ACCTIOB ObTHUBSPAT. the Slat laetaat. at iaeVi?k a n, .. ? eh*ll ?ail. at beoae Bo 1*4. f-eatiag on B *tr*et. Uta>?B 10th aad 21*t *tr<*t*. Flrat Ward. el?? Ob* tac toaad Boeewood Cese Plea*, |??m Oatavr, with Stool Bad Oi>?*r Large Parlor Ollt Fram<- Froach Plata Mirror. Bad * Mb Marble Slab Bad BrMk'l One tot of Handsome Uc* Cart bib* aad Oeralee* Baadeom* Green B?? Ptrltr Salt* r?tiMi| ( two Tata a trt? Sofa*. tat Oae tor, bb4 laar Bra f A m. hair* Foar kaadsom* MtrMa toy ab4 WaIbiI FrtM Center Tablee Black Walaat Whatnot, with Marble Skelroa Oaa katiiowllM'k Walaat Okaaaber Balte.eOBeWtlag >f Markla U| DrMaiti Banaa, Waehataad, Wardrobe*. Okaira, aad Bwdataada?a'.i to match HaBdaome Chamber Bat of MAhogaaj Feraltare?do Pal a tad ?otta(f Bet* aad Window Skadaa Two Haircloth Tet* a Ute Hofaa aad Chair* Kicallaat fcrueceia. Threoply, Bad lagralaOar pljtl Plated lea Pit chart. Oa-tere. aad Gatlary Curled Balr asd other Mattraaaaa Mebog any Marble top bideboard Elack Walaat Jenay Llad Bedeteada, WmM*tand*. Dreeeinf Bnraaaa, aad Chair* Parlor. Chamber, asd Oooklag Stove* Mall Oilclotii aad Bruaaala Step Oar pet Comforto and Blaskata. aad Feather Pillow* aad Bolatara A raod lot of Dlaiag Boom Crack err, Ac. Aad maey other artlclae, too Biaaraia to eaamerate Term* caah Tba houaa la far raat; laqalre of tko Aae aaaaare. P*r*<u? wlsbtng to boy (aad Faraitara will find It to thalr advantage to attead tka aala mh IB d OBBBB A WILLIAMS. A act* OT CVOPBB A LATIMBB, Aacttaaaarn, D (Lata clarka with Jaa. O McGolre A Oa ,1 Boathwaat corner af PeBaeylvame art. aad lltk atraat. Star Otto* Balldiag HOUSEHOLD FUBHTTUBB, IBOB SAFE. SEWING MACHIBBS. Ac . AT ADCTIOM ObTHUmSDaY MUBRIBG aait. March 7]*t. at 10 oOlock, la fraat of oar store. w* will aali aa aaaortmeat of Fnraitara. naming ? Hraaa la aad Three-ply Oarycla Three Bowleg Mar hi nee Walaat Bad MAkomay Badataada Oil Palntlage Bad Bngraviag* Balrclotk Sofa* Bockara. aad Ok air* Hair aad Buak Mettr ?**< *, Pillow* Marbla top knreaua aad Waabataad* Cane aad Wood seat Chair* Marble top Tablaa WAiuot Sacking Chair, covered ta gra?-o r*p* Coking and Obauiber Stov**. Al?o I Wilder Flra proof Bafa SO,000 assorted trend- of Sagar* Lot O p per Cookiitc Cteaai!* Lot of Orocartaa aad Hstlon* Term* ca^h. C"OPEB A LATIMBB. m 19-d At tieoeere. |^Y W. L. WALL A CO., Aactloaaara. SALE OF GROCBBIESTWHISEBY. BBOOMB, LEMONS Ac ., Ac. Ob THLBSDAT MORN 1NG. March si. emm monetae at In o'clock, w* willaell, at oaroaie* rooms ab Aaaortmeat ef Grocery aad Jthsr arti elm, each aeBblx. Wblta aad Tallow Sugar* 60 boxea >perm Caadlea 2. ar^a Parlor Matchaa Bbla. Whisky ItWdor.eB Brooni* ao b< xa* Lamoa* f>? ca-e? Jo k< y Club Bitter* l?Hdor.< ii Black Inc IS bbla Potomac HerriBg S? Boxe* Htarrh. Soap Lot Tia Ware Coflae. Ac.. Ac. With many otiier article* to tka Orocery Lb*, all of wbicb will be aold wi theut reaarva. Terms caah. So po*tpoT>?i??nt inkjj W L WALL k 00 . Aacta BY W. L WALL A CO . Auctloaear*. Origioal Horae and Carriage BaaAAr, Loaialaaa ateauc. fA LB OF H6B8B8. CARRIAGES, HARK BBS, Ac , Ac * On THCR8DAT MORNING. March 21. at IS a'cl k. we will sell, at the Bazaar, a somber of ba Idle, Carriage and Work Hereea, <a fall deecrlptioa at aale,) compri?lng al">nt THIRTY HOR8E8 Among them are goo I Farm and Work Heraoa. Also. A large collection of New aad Secoad haad Baggie*. Kcckaweja.Carrtagee, Wagona. aad other Vehicle* Two new Jenny Llnd Wagoa*. built la thia city. One *e< oDd- aa 1 Tt k and Ora . noarlf new. ' New aad hecoad band baruea*. Saddle*,Carrtagca, Ac., at priTate *ale. Regnlar aale* day*. Taeedaya, Tharadaya. Bad Baturday* Carriagea and Haraaaa alway* aa private ealo. Tertr* cash mh 19 W. L. WALLA OO . Auot*. Ill GBEEB A WILLIAMS. Aootloaeer* D He. Stffc, cora-r 7th and I) atreoka. A TWO STORY FRAME~HOCSB 01 FOUB "K HVE BOOM-, WITH BAB. BAB FIXTURES, GAS FiXTCRBS, AMB SOMB FUBMITCRB. oa ' th street weet, near M ?treet -oath, kaawa a* Cryctal Palace, at Public Aa?tioa. On THL'RSDAY. the Slat iB*t , at 4 o'clock p. m.. iD front of th* premlaea, we will eell tb* F ram* Rooae and Fencing, with all the Furniture aal Kixtnre* tb*reia. The boa** I* on rested groand, to rrmal:i aatil Beceaber SI. Itt-^, the i archaaer tb' tiBfint privilege ?f removio. tt. Term* caah. GREEN A WILLIAMS, m 16-tt Aacttaaeera. BY V> . B LBWIS A CO . Aa?tloBe*r*. M<>. 307 PeBnaplTaai* Avanaa. TO MORROW, (Thursday.) at 10 o'clock, ?t oar Stwre? Pawnbroker a aa'* of S00 lot* of Ladi- a' fine 'l k, M-nao and other Dr> eees ^ 1' et aad Opera Jloak*, Orape >hawl*. Scar fa, and Embroidered liuder Clcthing, Ac. Also. 200 lot* of M a and Boya'Coats Ve*t-, Pauta, l tuler Clothing. Boota, Shoe-, Ac , Ac It W B. LB Witt A CO. A acta ^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, AncUoneera. bDMINI8TBAT<>R SISALS HOBSES^ WAGONS. AN O FARMING UTENSIL- AT PUBLIC AUCTION On WBUNB8DAY. the eth day of March, at ! t'clock a. m . we ahall aell. na the premi?*e. at he place called O B. Calbert * Picer>, oppoalte Jlarke Mill*' place, on the Bladeaaburg read, ky >'der of the Hob. Orphan*' Coart ef the Diatrict >rColBmt iH. the per*'aal effect* of tb* late leaao inowden. deceaaed. *i7? Two flee erk Boreee and Haraea* Two Spring Market Wageu* nbd Baggy Jne H rae Cart. Ploughs. Harrow*. Urallaa. Saddle*. Ac. Jne Leg Honee and Frame Shanty It at tift\ fl*e Batbel* of Wheat, part 1b Straw \tid many > ther artlt Im which we de a oaaeoea ary to *katiierate. Term* ca*h. By onler of the A imialatrator GBEKN A WILLIAMS. a Ota B/*THK ABOVE SALB IS POSTPOBED OB kccoaat of tt* weather, until ^ EDN BfeDAY, the Utk lastnat,at the tame place aad hoar. By order of the Admialatrat >r. nib 7 eoAda GREBN A WILLIAMS, Aacta. B^THB ABOYB BALE IS 8T1LL FDBTMBB cotpone* BBtil WBDBB8DAV. tb* 27th laataat, aaie ttm* and plaoe. without regard to weather. B. order of the admiBiatrator m ?' 30.2SA? GKBBN A WILLI AM9. AurU._ BY OOOPBH A LATIMBB Anct<oneer*. t Late clerk* with J.G McGuir AOo ,) lonthwcat corner of Iom.'a aveaaa and 11th at., Star Office Butldhif. tbustbFs BALB. jB APBHOLD AND VALCABLB WHABF PBOPKBTT F?OT OK 10TH STREET,TIB WHARF ITSBLF, OOAL SCALES. Ac., AT AUOTIOM. . . __ Under aad by rirtse of a deed of treat, l eariBg late oa the lotb day of Noveaiber. A. D !So4. bbO carded In Liber B M H.. No S, folio* SU at *,j . 1 will aell at public aoctloa. to tba btghaat >lddar aod bidder*, *a TH U BSD AY, the 11th d*y tf April. A B 11*7. at 10* clock a m .at the Goal fard lately oc< apied by O W Palater, aitaato el >r aear the iater***tioB of Indiaaa aveaae aad t rtreet west, la the city of * aehiagton. aue Bay Mare, Cart aod Haraaaa, oa* Black Hor**,Gart >nd Barn*-*; oa* Straw Cattar aad Stable Towla; ne Baggy and Harneea; *B" Iron Safe; Offioe Fariltnre. Deeka. Piceoa Hole*, atov*. Crowbar*, liee. Saws. ' oal Pcteen* Sh** I*. Sign*. Boal**. oaa aet ef Fairhaaka Bcalee.i oae Ooal Oftoe all >lank and Lumber la the place, oae Stable, Liaae lease, Wood Shed. Timber aad Gate*. A Leo. ? At t o'clock ?. na . oa the aaae ?ay. ea tka prM*aaa. the Wharf ka*wa aa-* Calmer a W b?rf. alliat* at the iaet of 10th etreet weet. Ib *aid oity ef k'aahiBgtoa. together with three tSiCaal Take, Ho-k and Fall. Office Fnraitare. Steje,_ elerea 11) Ooal Barraw*. one set Falrbaaka' B*alea, aaa Joal Sereea, Bake* aad Shorel* A Lao, _ . _ , Tba interest of oae OreoaW Pa'merefl a_aad o the aaexpired leaeehold of eald w harf Pro?rty iltBMte at tha foot of eald lttb atreet. la tha Ity of Waahlagtoa. aader aad *aae heretofore execatad by * llllam A . Bradley bd William A. Bradley, Jr .lafaear of aald O. F. Palaaar. . Teima of aa e^ ?*tog bBADIjBY, Traatee mh? eaAd. COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aaato. B^HIS IB TO OIVB MOT ICE, That theaabaorlwiled All persona hartng claiaia aaalaat th* aald eceaeed. are hereby waraed te exhibit tba aaaaa, rith the Toachera thei^ef. to the eobecrlber. oa or rs^sr* xnjiejs: 5?"So AISJiioiii ii?a???oToaai Makaa Oarpatata order wtfh dlapatek, ot w4aZZZ-ZUSlxrc VuTT*