Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1867 Page 4
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JHE EVENING STAR, | OFFICIAL. L*WS OF TnETxiTEB SRTF.S. Pa*MN* at ili* lfcf. f i,,r. ty-al?tb i omg m. [Public?No g;.| A? Act nnakin* sppropna'iou* for'he n>val erv t?- ior the -y^ar tiding th.rte b Juuc, ! ?B'e?? hundred and ei*h'. h? i' eio *?<< f)y tkf ,stnit* and H- 'u*. ?f K'prt- < 't ij (kt Vnirtd St'ite* nf Amrnca in Conf* ? Tlu the f>iio*in? ?iim? )?>, no tbij ht* hereby, tpprurnaiMi, f? h? paid ? nt of at) m?D?j id the treasury nof otb??r? appi? pr-s'ed, for the tesr ending tho | tl ir'it ib uj juue. fi/h '*ii hundred aud .-ixtv- . e it ht ' > or pay of commi*t>ion. warrant. and petty and iwmio, ten millions eight hnndred , and twfiiy m thousand two hundred and ; eigMj dollars. Unit*AT OF YARDS \Nli DUCKS. J or cufaitngeat !h?t may accrue for tte i?>lkj?iiic pnrpose*. vlx: For freight and transportation: lor printm*. adverting. and eraioner); for bowk*, model*, aud drawing, lor ibe purchase and repair of fire, engines- f,?r machtnejy of ev*ry deserip'ion. and patent rijbt ro use ibe ?aroe lor pur.Hnw and maintenance ol ?aeu ai d horse*, and driviuc'ea.mstvr cart?, timber-wheels, and workmsu's tools' tor and po?taCe of letter* on public i service ior furnitor* for irovernmen'offl-e* I and bcn?e?, for coals and other fuel; for can ti", dil? imi 'or j ?*?iD ;nii and ci6'irui? Up yard*, lor Ha**, awnmes, and packinKlor pay of watchmen: for incidental after at nnvy yard* not appti-able to any ?tb?r appropriation: for rent of landing: f-r oil* and ferriages; for wa'er lax. and for r?a: ol - ore*, cue million and sixty-s*v#n ifcousand #OilAT8. ?AVY YARD AT rORTSBOCTH, HEW HAS", finai p or completing reservoirs and gu:rer?, two tlon*and five hundred dollars. * or repairs o1 all kinds, sixty.lour thousand Ave hundred dollars. ?AVT YARD AT BOSTOIT. r or rfpaixs of all kinds, one hundred and twenty-seven tbcn*and dollars. BAVY V A K D AT If iw YOHK. repairs of nil kinds, on? hundred nnd sixiy-ihre? thousand in hundred dollars. "AVAL LABORATORY, 11W YORK for repairs of apparatus, machinery, n*. tnre?, painting. *ls*ing, wagon*. furuitnre, and no forth, 'bir-y-n ve hnndred dollars. NAVY YARl> AT PHILADELPHIA I or repair* of all kinds, fifty-one thousand and sixteen dollars. JIAVY YARI. AT WA*H2H?.TOX. * or T*,l'a'rs 01 " fcmds, eighty thousand dollarv and the Secretary of the Nary ,s ber-by authorised and directed to receive and accent a deed ol gift, when offered by the state of Connecticut, of a tract of land hitnated in the 1 tiame* rivrr, n?-ir N#w Ix>Ddon, Cono^cticuL IT11? ???rpJro?l OI ,lot than one mile, to ^?5s tnlted States lor naval par"AVT YABD AT PlSHAi OLA. I or repair* of all kinds. eign r thousand four bnndrea and sixty dollar*. AVY YARD AT VARE ISLASD. u*p0T **9 house. four thousand and seven dol.Jror bn',d>D<f "umber and ,Ulcers bouses, seven tnousand two burdred and fifty dollar*. ja^,or "P^'rs, ol all kinds, sixty thousand dol* AVAL STATION AT ?ACKETT'!? HARBOR h or repairs and ^neral care of public prop- * erty, two thousand dollars. I AVAL arATIOR at mot-.vdcity, TI.UHOIA. ror repair? and yfneral Care of public pmn. rty, ten thousand dollars. F p p "AVAL A?-TLrM AT PHILAI>BLPHIA sand'dVllar*0'6 ^ np*lr' ?f same- tho?o1 hooke und*r fl>s direction of the governor of ib* aaylom for :bH it. crease of the sailer*- library in that lnsti'u -.iou one thousand aollars. ' hundred0^^1'' and w*?*""h'??. e,Kh: dreSVo?lUrstM' gra,e#' "d raDC8M bnnb.filrfd*<i!Sr.Wai*r "nt- 0,16 thousAnd | d.>Uarr*,,lprOTeBa*nt 01 *ronDd3? "ve hundred j t or wharves and lots, eight hundred dollars doHar?*1" walls, two :hou?and ?r ''P*1" ol all kind>, three thousand dol-aiSrdcTla ?'m"Dl ?f cemw?ry- UionJh?<!riE?not brDefl0,arle3? fl"y-two thoc. For pay of ?nperiBtend-mts and the civil establishment at fev?al nav" Vind station* ender the control of the K<ir?ir of \ aro* and Docks and at the ?iaval K+y.tun one hundred and fifty-eight thousand nine Lunur?d and sixty-seven dollar- / ^ 1 bat the civ il engineer aud naval store4r^p-ri ' w neu required at any of the navy yard* ?nall b< appointed by tne Freshen, by and wAh ^i ad \ ke and cttn*ent ol the Senate, and tne per- i foiis employed at the several navy yards, a* i maft^r roa< bintst*. master carpenters o.ners, ma-ter bla?ksmi'h?, muw botler- 1 iBa^er',.n5aiter ""makers, master pluiubeii. snd nas'er painters and master caulkva sha'i be meC .killed in their several duTea ?d .? pc-.nted from civil life. r F.7-P5t o1 ,0?? ?ni*able person appointed I ?> She McmarT of the Navy to examine the archive* of the Depar'ment and otber sources of information, and cellect and collate tne racie which may illustrate the history of the nittd States navy, lllieen hundred dollars. bi reau of navigation "PP*'*"1" and suppuw. and i _ P*?0**1 mcHlrntal to navigation, wo ' hnndred andeigbry.flve thousand =iahundred I and twenty.six dollars. ??Jrea r?^,Mprr?#fNlTal Academy. vi2 for ' ?t??I ??e?r?, prof?*sors. watchniwn and ethers, conticgent expenses, impror*2t?.U.Vd r#P!.1"%lwo bun,ir^ "d eibtydollars Dia* buodT<4 a"<? thirteen For expenses of Naval Observatory, v?7 i?.i B??*tant astronomer, tbree aid*, Tt \!?J, L r wa*e" 01 tn*:rutaent maker POT'-**' ^11 messeuger. for keeping prorrirt* in order, and repairs tobmldings and ens lu*ure? : tor fuel, li*bt, olllce fur- ! 111'ure. and ^anonery. and tor treirht. tran?. j lorlation. po*tnr-. and m^.rtenrii ^ip-?D?es twe?fy-one thousand fl re btindrHd dollar" " ' lor preparing tor pnMicailon the Am-ricn 1 llfW Ainw*c, tnousand dol- ' > cr payment of expet>??s of vis 'or* to thn Aavai Aiademy, two thousand doilar*. HI KFAl OF HQUIFMENT A.N It KF. < Rl ITl>i? I ?ir ?te payment 0f bounties to di*i-h*r/ed seamen. ?ve bnadr^d 'honsiAtd dollars >or *ip?n?*-3 rbat may accrue for '.h* following purpose-, ehk.-Jy expenses of re rowing iransporratiou ol m-n, printin^anl e ^.onriy. anver'ising <n public newspaper*. I p< * s<* on public !? ? 1 er-, wharfage and de. I mnrmfe. sj prebeti--on of di-'-erti-r-' newt i "^.a.d^llrv dLMrW" AC ' flve haQd^" hi KFAI OF CONSTRUCTION ANDREPA1K. I nr pay of npeniiiendent- and the .-ivil ^t.hhsbment a; the several navy ,arrt* unto tbi* bureau, sixty.tnree ihou?aud dollars. Ht'REAC OF STEAAl ENOlNKFKIM5. - 0t *DP?','?il*??,teuu? and rhe civil ?s.abl.>-tment st the several navy yards unlars * burrao' tweuty-lour thonamd dol- j J;' RtAT' OFI'ROVislONS ANDCLOTw ' 1 Nt*. P*' 'he c vii emablisbment at the Tevbr?nn,hxy r,, L*' h" N!tva! lar? on# hundred ai d Hfty <lolBIKFAL OF MEDICINE AND SUKO FRY. *or ?urre. n? nec?-??aries and apnliauces for the t,;ck and woondfd 01 the navy, ma o'na?rpe' Md COa9' "ur^-T fl^y thousukd t or tontmcent expenses of the Bureau of dl'lliri" *MJr' thousand For pay of the civil establishment, und-r the Ruri-aa of Medicine and Surrerv \* th? **eeral naval hospitals and navy yard, sixtv thousand se*?n hundred and sixty-thrs* doi lars VAVAL BO^PITAL, H'VBTOH. For repair* aud improvements of all kind* including roade. buildings, fences, walls ' farm, garden, pain ing, glazing, blacksmiths' I'liisiU-rs', ano mains' work, furniture, and ' SO Icrtb. seven thousand two hundred dol. ' are. *aval BoePITAL, NIW TORX. I or repair* and improvements or ail kinds, in Iwdus me buildings, out-houee*. walls, f. n?e>. < ?oi*tety. fnrniture, nDd so forth. * eive 'tcu-atid flis hundred dollars. AVAL HOSPITAL, PMII.AOKLPRIA. I * r r?*rn 'ore and **nertioutfit of thu es*.abp ?-i,^ 'i ii tts*-tif&iifi dollam. ?AVAl. III SP1TAL. WASBIHOTOM, O. C. hr ??|SI?. Sl building and appendar^s, >0 ... * retsnik, furniture, paintifigTglazioz ' e< 'i'THi. fl\e tbcu*and dollars. >AVAL HOSPITAL, BOKPULK w,r of huildmr*. appendage,, e fences, paiat,n*.?iazln/fur. v-*ed daAsra'? *?r"**"* ?uo. NAVAL HOSPITAL, Ma BR ISLsKD, CAtlKflRyIA or btii .ln,g naval bo?p?UiianUani>-n.Jae-ii ?wen; Unnsaiid F^noages. MARINE COUPS. For pay of officers, non-commissioned officers. musicians, privates, ?re warn anil nurse. abrt servant* - fOrrarims a a cl UK( for officers' servants ; additional r. t ODf to till ers icr flveyeais' service; for i.ncrastu cio<h>ng, dim* hundred and sixty. f?\-n ih. u-niid dollars and sixty se\eu c? n'* ft r provisions. one hundred and slxty-nltie tt t usai.d nine baudrtd and seven dollars aud flft> cents tor tlo hing, two bnndred and nln*ty-two tbt>i sai u . ue hundred and* dollars si a eighty-tour c#di*. )or lufl, th rty thousand one hundred and e? vm'?eu dollars. For mil tary s'ores, vl/ Pay 0f mochas?cs. repair oi arm*. purchase of accoutrwm? n ?, ordnance stores, flags, arums, fife*, * ana ott*r instruments, sixteen tbousaud dol- i larFor 'run-por'ation of officers, their servants, tro.?ps and expenses ol recruiting, twenty-five tliot.sanu iioliar?. J*r rej airs of barracks and rent of offices wl ere 11,.-j* are no public buildings, fifteen thousand dollars. t or cou?u.peuciet, viz freight, ferriage; toll; <aiti?e, wharfage purchase and repair of Loxt*. compensation to judge advocates; per d em tor at'tnding courts martial, courts of inquiry. and for gon>taut labor, bouse runt in I eu ol quarters; burial of deceased marines; printing, station*ry, postage, telegraphing; appirb* ntlon of deserter*; OIL candles, ra*. r? pairs of gas and water fixtures; vat.r reaf; forage. Craw, barrack fur. mtuie: furniture for oncers' quarters; bed sac*?1, wrapping paper, oil-cloth. crash, Tnpe, twine, spades, shovels, axes, tucks, carpenter*' tools; keep ol a borse lor the me?senger. pay of matron, washerwoman, and pertrt at tbe hospital headquarters; repairs to rireeny il?s; purchase and repair of engine hose purchase of lumber for benches, mean tables.' auu bunks; repairs to public carryall; purchase and repair of harness; purchase and repair ol hand carts and wheelbarrows, scavenging; pur, base and repair of galleys, cooking stoves, ranges; stoves where there are no *ratee; gravel tor parade grounds; repair of pumps: furniture tor staff and commanding iUlcers' brushy, brooms, buckets, paving. and for other purposes, eighty tuousnnd dollars. Sac. '* And fee it further ?na<- ed, That the Seereiary of the Navy be, and is J'fbT, authorized and empowered to negotiate with the city of Brooklyn, in the State ?r New York, and to effect a farther exchange of lands in Wallabout bay, between the United States and tbe said city, and thereupon to make, execute, and deliver good and sufficient deeds and relea-es therefor: I'rvcidtd, That the title acquired shall be approved by tbe Attorney oeneral and tbe exchange ?ba|] be effected wiibonr expenditure from the treasury of the I'ii ned States. S*? . 3. *nd h?. t further nnte'd, That no efficsr or employee of the government shall require or request any working man in any navy yard to contnbate or pay any raorey for palitu-al purposes, nor sball any working be removed or dlsrb irged for political opi.won; and any officer or employee of the government who sball offend against tbe provisions of this section sball be dismissed trie service of the United States. Approved March 2. 1?T . TPlb: ic?No. 111.' An Act to provide increased r<>v?tu;? from imported wool, and for other purposet. i>? tt enacted by the .Stnatt and Hou9? nf H'i>retwtirttuf the Cnittd -S'att* of Americi m Comjrrn assembled. That from and alter the pas. sage of thia act. lu lieu of the duties now imposed by law on the articles mentioned and embraced in this section, there shall be levied, collected, and paid on all unmanulactureo wool, hair ol-be alpaca, goat, and o-ber like animals Imported from foreign countries, the duties hereinafter provided. All wool*, hair of the alpaca, goa\ and <ther like an.rails. its ufore-aid, -ball be divided, for the purpose ol fixing the duties to be charged thereon, inuj three classes, to wit: Cl.ASH 1.?UL'lTIIISli wont,. That is to say. mexin j, m->?ttza, m?tz, or metis wools, or other wools ?r meriuo bJood immediate or remote, down clothing wools, and wools of like character with any ot tbe preceding, including su~h is have been heretolwre usually imported into tbe I'nited States from Bueno- A> res, New Z-aland. Australia. <7iipe of iioo.l Hope. Kussia. Great liri'ain Canada, and elsewhere, and also Including all Wool- not h^reiuaiiei described o; desicna ^d in clashes two and three. ?>LASH 2? COM HI xr; V\.,OT.M. That is to say, Leicester,?lota w >ld, Liucoinsbire, down combing wools, or o'her Iks t ombing wools of English oiood. and use illy known by the terms herein usevl. an J also al! tair ot the alpaca, goat, and other like am. ma Is. CLAS* 3-CARPIT wooi.*, ATlnOTllBK#)*!. I.AT. W<K)i,9. Such as lion koi, nati\e Sou;a American, Cordova. Valparaiso, native Smyrna, and mtludmg all such wo?.la of like barae'er as bave beru heretolore usually impor ed into the I nired States from Turkey, .Jr?e e 1-g) P'. Syria, and elsewhere I-or the purpose of carrying Into ilTect 'he classification b-rein provided, a sufficient i.umber ot distinctive samples ol the laxious kinds of wool ?r hair embraced in each of ihe tbree classes above named, selected and prepsied under tne direc.iou of the Secretary ot tne Treasury, and duly verified by him, -he stRndaro sampler being retained in the T"eaaury Department,) shall be deposited .n the cusioui bouses and elsewhere, as be may dir?cu which samples shall b>- used by ?h? j i.*p?r officers of the customs to determ ine 'he cla-ses above specified, to whi :h ail imported wools belong. \ud up. n wools of the first, cla-s, tbe value whereof at the last port or pla. e whence expored to tbe Vnited Sia'ea. excluding charges in su-h port, shall m 'Dirty two cents or less per pound, the dtry shall be ten c*nn per pound, and, in addition thereto. eleven per centum ad valorem; upon wools ol the same class, tbe valne whereof at toe last port or place whence exported to tbe United State#, excluding charges in sncb port, shall exceed thirty-two corns per pound, tbe duty shall be twelve cen'# per pound, and ia ad- i dition thereto, ten per centum ad valoiem I i>on wools of tbe second class, and upon ail hair of tbe alpaca, goat, and o;her like animals, the valuo whereof at the last port or place v? henco exported to the I'sited States excluding charges In sa,<b port, sball be thirl ty-two cents or lo? per pound, tbe duty shall bo ten cents per pound, and in addition thereto, eleven per centum ad valorem; upon wools of 'D" ?ame tla--, the value wbereof at tbe last port or place whence exported to the l.'u?ted states, excluding charges in such port, shall exceed thirty.; wo cents per pound. tb? duty shall bo twelve cents per pound, and in addition thereto, ten per centum ad valorem L pon wool* of the third class the valne whereof at ihe last port or plaro whence exported 1lu> the Vnited States, *> luding charges in such port, shall be twelvo cents or less per poand, the duty shall be thr*- cents per pound; upon wools of the same class, tbe value whereof at the last port or place wlience exported to tbe nited States, excluding ^.barges in such port, hall exceed twelve cents per pound, the duty stall be six cen's per pound /V?ei-Jed, Tnat any wool of tbe sbeep, or hair of tbe alpaca, noat. and other like anlmaN, which sball be imported in any other than the ordinary ,:ondrion a? now and fceretotoro practiced, or wbicbsball be - banned in ltsch*iacter or coudulon, lor the purpose of evading tbe duty, or win u sball be reduced m valne by the admixture of dirt, or any other foreign substance, shall besi.bje.-t to pay twice the amount oi duty to wbicii it wo.ild b?' otherwise subjected, anv thing in this act io the contrary notwith. Standing Vrern/e.f, / art her, Tliat when wool ot different qualities is imported in the sime to ie. bag. or package, it shall be apDraised by the appraiser, to do ermine the rate of duty to which it shall be ^objected, at the average ag. gresate value oi tbe contents of the bale, bag, or package; and when bales of different qnalIti.? are embraced in rho same Invoice at the sair:.- pri -es whereby the average price shall be reduced more than tan per centum below the value of iba bale of tho best quality, the value of the whole shall beappraiaed accord, mg to ?be valoe of the bale of the b^at qualify and no bale. bag. or package shall be liable to a less rate of daty in conao<|uonco of being invoiced with wool of lower valne: And itoruted iurtker, That the duty upon wool of the nr*t class which shall be Imported washed shall be twice the amount of duty to which it w->uld be subjected If imported unwashed, and that tbe doty npon wool of all classes which shall be imported scoured sball be three times the amount of the duty u> which it would be subjected if imported unwaabed. On sheep skin- and Angora goat skins, raw or nnmann. tactured. imported with the wool on, washed or unwashed, the duty sball be thirty per renn.m ad valorem . and on woolen rags, shoddy. ruungo, waste, and flocks, the duty ahall be twelve cents per pound. Sn?\ ?. And fee it furthtr ena led. That in lien of the duties heretofore imposed by law on 'k-* rtlelea hereinafter mentioned, and on such as nisjr now be exempt from duty, there shall be levied, collected, and paid on tbe goods, a ares and merchandise herein enaaerated aad provided for. imported from fore|rn countries, the following duties and rates of dnty, that ts On woollen cloths, woollen shawls, and all manufacture* of w. ol of every de?.<riD-ioa n r.?t- wnolly or In part of wool, not herein oth. tv. I?e provided tor, fifty ^ents per pound aid. in addition thereto, thirty-flve percent' ad va . reni On flsi.i ele. blanaets. hate of wool, kait roo<t?. Kaimorals, woollen and worsted yarns and all manufacture* ?f every descriptioa' co?|-osed Wholly or in par? of worsted, the ba*r of the aipaoa goat, or other like animals, except such ;te are composed in part of wool, uot o'herwiev provided for, -valued a; not ex. ?eedieg f??i ty c?u per pound, t weuty cwu ffrpv?n<; valued nt ithov forty cen'? p-r jeui danrt DO' exceedingMgtJ W'* P"r pound. i hirty cenis per ponAd; >fc1?Srl \t stctvi1 ?i*'y cen ? per pound ana not, ? e gh y cent* per pom a. foriji e?^ p^r pound; **lu? l at sbnve ei*nt* rente (eTooiimt, fifty c*ntsp*r pound: aud. m addulon tn?r>?t?,.upon all the sieve named article*. thirty five perceatum ad valorem. On endless belts or felt tor paper or printing ma binef, twenty cents per pound and thlrtyper ceoi a in ad valorem On r unt.a*, twenty cent* per ?qnareyari, and. inaddimlen thereto, thirty-five per centurn ad valorem. On voB'n'i and children's dree* roods and renl or imitation 1 .illin. cloths, composed wholly or in pari of wool, worsted, the hair of the alpnrfi, goat, or other like aiuw*l?, valued a* not *?ceed?ng twenty ceis? per sq?ire yard, eix cents per square yard, and, la addition thereto, thirty-five per centum ad valorem; valued at above twenty centa the .?*iu.tre yard, eight cents per equare yard, and, in addition thereto, lorty per centnm ad valorem: ProcUid, That pr. ali goods welgking four ounc?8 aad over per square yard, the duty shall oe llliy cents per pound, and, in addition thereto, tbirty-fl\e per ccutum ad valorem. On clet^ng ready made, rhjJ wearing apparel of eve-/descripliou, and baluioral eltiris aad skirting, and poods of similar description, or used lor like purposes, composed wholly or in part of wool, worsted, Uiebatr ot 'fie alpaca, gont.or oifier line animal*, made up or manufactured wi?elly or tn p?rr by tfi* tailor, seamstress fir manufacturer,except kn:tg< od*, tifty cents per pound, aad, in addition thereto, forty per centum 'd valorem. On webbings, beltings, binding:*, orsid*. gallocus, Innge.-. gimp*, cords, cords and las^ufo. dress, trimming*. head-nets, buttons ?r barrel buttons, or buttons of other forms for tassels or ornaments, wrought by hand or braided *y machinery, made of wool, worsted, or mohair, or ol which wool, worsted or mohair is a com- i poneut material, uam>xed with silk. flf y cents per pound, and, in addition thereto, fifty per centum ad valorem. On Aubns-oo and Axmins'er carpets, ana carpets woven whole lor rooms, fifty per centum ad valorem- on Saxony, W il oa and Tournay velvet carpets, wroogbt by the Jac qaard ma hlne, seventy cents per square yard, and. In addition thereto, thirty-five per centum ad valorem; on Brussels carpets wrought t?y he Jacquard machine, for.y-fourcents per square yard, aud, lu addition thereto, tfiirty-fijie per centum ad valorem; on patent velvet aud tapestry velvet carpels. printed on the warp or otherwise, forty cents per square yard, and, lu addition thereto, thirty-tive p?T suture ad valorem: on tapestry Brussels cur pets printed on tfie warp oi ottierwe>e, t weny-eight ,'?n s per square yard, aud, in addition tfiere'o, thirty-0\e per centum ad valorem; on treble ingrain three-ply, aud worsted chain Venetian carpets,seventeen cents per sjuire yard. ao'U in addition thereto, thirty.Ave per'orrura ad valorem. on varn Venetian and two-ply ingrain carpets, twelve cents per square yard, aad, in addition thereto, thirty-five per centum ad valorem, on drugget* and bockiugs, printed, colored, or otherwise, t\?? Hy.five cents per square yard, aud, iu addition thereto, thirtyfive per centnm ad valorem, on hemp or jnte carpeting, eight cents per square yard; on carpets and carpeting* ol wool, flax, or cottou, or parts of either, or other material not otherwise herein specified, forty per cen'um ad valorem Provided* That matt, rocs screens, covers, hassocks, bedside*, and other portions of carpets or carpeting shall be subjected to the rate of' duty herein imposed on carpet* or carpeting of like character or description and that the duty on all other mats, mot exclusively ol vegetable ma'erial,) scr-ens, ha**ocks, and rags, shall be forty-rive per centum ad valorem. f.? ?n oil cloths for floors, stamped, painted, or prinud. valued at titiycent-, or less per square yard, ifciiijr-flveper cen umad valorem, valued at over fifty cents per square yard, and on ail other oil cletb, (except silk oil cloth,) and on water proof cloth, not other wise provided for, lorty-five per centum ad valorem ou o.l ->ilk cloth, *ixty per centum advaloreii. .Approved, March tJ, 1-d?. ? 'PrhLlt?No. T1..1 An Act u> provide for the ailo'men; of ihe member" ot the Supreme C'our' aruong the circuits, and to provide for the vppoin'iaent ol a mursbal for the Supreme Court. B< ?ttnacttd byS- na'f an-i of R'/ r*. teira'f't of it.*, f'nit'd statei of Am- ri-d in Coair'rs atf'mttUd, That the Chief Justice of the United Spates and the aasocia'e jusiice* of ihe Snpreme Court shall be allotted among the circuits now existing by oroer of h?- court: and when ever a newallotmeut shall be required or found expedient by reason of alteration of oue or more circuit*, or of the new appointment ot a Ch>f Junti -e or associate mstjce, or otherwise, it ahall be the ditty of the conr. to make the iaiiie? and If a lie At allotmen shall become necessary af any other time than during tae term, such allotment shall be mode by the Chief Justice, and shall be binding uutil the next term, and until a ne w allotment by the court. . *2. <?'< ft* it further ?na-:t?d. That -he Sbpreme ? onrt may appoin* a marshal f it-aid . enrt, whose compensation shall b- three tb juvan 1 five hundred dollars per annum and -sid marshal shall fa'i.e charge of all property of'bePnl'ed Stales u?> d by ??id coar* or its munwr". and shall serve anJ exe.mte all process and orders isiuin^ out of said ^ourt, or made by the Chief Justice or iate jit?tice, in pursnance of law. and *hall pay iutn ! the treasury of the l.'nited S-ate* al; fe< 9 au J ompeiisation all jwed by law. rind render a true account thereof, a: the close of each term, to ?he Secretary of the ln'enor and the said i iar?h !, with the approval of tBeCiiiei Jus. tice, may appoint assistants and messengers iu place of the crier and messengers now employed, with such <:ompeusa'iou as it or may lie allowed to officer* of the Houte of Representatives of similar grade; and all acts and parts of acts now in force relating to the marshal) of the District of Columbia shall apply to the said marshal of the Supreme Court, ex. ^ept so far as in thi? aet otherwise provided. \pproved. March ti, lt?T. [Pi Btic?No. raj An A t io amend an act entitled ' Ac a-t to :oninue, alter, and amend the charter of the city of Waetung'on,M approved May seventeen, eighteen hundred and forty-eight. Be i! enacted by the Aenite and Horn- qt~ A' /ir? 'nrafti ?f of tit* L'ni'ed Mate* qf America, in O.agr'tf axse nhled. That the second section of the act emitted "Au act to continue, alter, aud amend the charter of the city of Washington,'' approved May aeveuteen. eighteen hundred ai.rt forty-eight, shall be so amended as to rrnd, "To license, tax, and regulate agencies of all kind* of insurance companies: Prf,?i4*d, That the tex or license shall not exceed one per centum upon the cash premiums received.'* S?. . 2. Ami fte it f'lrlh'r entc'&i. Thar all acta and narts of acts inconsistent with thU act are hereby repealed. Approved, March 2, 1='". - - ?#? ? ? llCT.S8 1ND SIL/.I.KS <*RA>N it* rBK CENTAL ?The central," or system ol buying and telling grain by the KM pounds, which is now in general us* in the West and lua few Kts'ern cities, is Itlreiv to create some confusiou in 'b" quotanenp. but in order that buyers and sellers may avoid error, we give a rule by which they can make their own calculations: 1 he star.dard weight of wh^a* per bushel is sixty pounds: corn and rye, tifty.*ix poundf: '*is, thirty-two pounds: barley, tony-eight ptn.nds. The price per bnabel being gitea. to find the price per cental, multiply ibe price per hu?hel by one hundred, and divide bv the number of pounds in a bnsbel. For instance, at m fri per buabel lor whea , whatis the price per c-n'al!?l.'ioxliw?15,0iinx<;.i_t-? ?>?which is'.be price p^r cental. Again, the price per ental being given, to find the price per bushel multiply the price per cental by the uumber ol pouuds in a bushel and divide by one hundred. Kxamulr. At 5o per cental, what is the pi lite per bo?hel of sixty ponnds'?-'Wx' ? i5,w.?*lft'?Hi, the price per bushel. ft^*A schoelbouse in Acertngton, county of Lancaster. England, waa recently j?arually destroyed by tire, and nine children los? their Uvea by suffocation from the smoke. W From the atatirice of tfie Register-' hmernl of England, It appears that a much larger number of tb* children born at the la'ter Dart of the summer die within a year ot birth than la the case witft those bern at other periods. The Virginia and Tennessee valley, fro(n Lynchburg to Chattanooga, is suffering from the beavieat freshet known there during the pretent generation. ^ABDJIll I1KM, FB01T TBSM, *cT JOBH IADIi Han now In Store big ext?n*iv? stock of QAB?hlch are thia seaaon of duest tuaMty, From hit ?ractio?l knowledge of the traae, and tbelkwi* having oeen grown sgeclailv for his Mies, tfief are war ran ted trdh, ?ure, rtOWII mDB, aahrscing all the novelties from England and the tofttlwent, with n?nr

y'ie^aasmvedlremfii# rick eotleeUofi ,.r Florlat FKC IT Til KM of tnesl?? all tr, eonstatlne of Jeers. Aaelt-s, Peaebea, Afrieets, Meetariaee, Oberrlee. 4c _ i.BAPB VTHB8?I>eleware, Conroeg ?i4uB<aers Utbrida, loea, Adiroadae. fic Strawberries. Blackberries, Ooesefierri??. onr. rant* kvevgresae. Shade Trees, Boae*. Uroen Be nee Plaara fie . _ _ Boenaau, Wreatha^Ost riowere. fio. JOHN SaUL>. Seen Store, Beeaevsd te 44S Ith street, fe 1" eelm ogseslte 0. 8^Patent Ofhce. A aSl'TtTlTBaLOHSMCHTBY-Wehig t a*- ; J\ rlcnltural Ofiemistry; Llsbi?'a P^ucisiea of ! fi?r?coltursl i?!>sw try; Johiwtna'a Lect?-ss on Asrlcniiural 0hernialrr;UfianUlVi Agrlcnltnral Oneatistry; Browne's American Hack Boefc, and Ad;"""" UMl , p AUCTION SALKH. gVBzsi&iam. is?.v, ?T> 0?*Wr^?Tiir!ViiE2v,D rEor*? Vo-S?h.^*.^L,h*S'rr,^0o?rt #f lh? r, uibLnC ,L? #gu'; JW Mc Te Vr^^*''Vu^ n? ? ^<r^ utTlwo! hw? m.i'rVor i^T'tt.noo y'r'tftT*)^fiat*and*Maf *ud tnanc ? ?m! 2Vu,btk w nior-?o u? . Tf""*. of salo ir?*cilb*4 br thede.-rM- rw.? hal? end the balance to be paid iu 12 momthi t..r wMik>it? purchase, ?>li haroialreVl^fvl* Ms prouil fcirj Bute, bearing iDttr^t from At* WOreed t?th?.?ttiVllo? of t betro.W ear t ha Wibaaer amy, Ifk. ,. deair??. pa, ,bVwh*o of t^psrhlM HU1 CH'h or on. fcMffA .il I the balan. e on the re*rt"aMm ?!r ??. ^TT* cenrt Title 10 5. |UlcbAM AiOS<*| ! piud %tk'\ thA r*titlA/i h? * IS'wSZr"" '*-*&ns I 4 toss.. ; b* ?BK s.tttsi'j"; zF^rKT i iva^.v.tiivvia.^jiEjrasIn'lil^ a''b"'1 ki"?.*.' f iP ' ",46 *"d if VJ&ssrria.u&fti lo nnbU snrviiinc trn?u*. I will Mli ?t public sartlcn. on MONDAY (he tint7.. r A ptll. A I?. l?7, at ".o'clock m, f?Yt of ,h" wePt Mftr-oni ,si 1 feet byihe Vk f ,h* ,ot'Iio 4> > reseiTatiou No 11 .lli'VitlV J.r"* rtfc '? ? ? '"?* thenirth :::t: ?s'iS?VK?& ajsss Term. of eale One third cvh;tod the h?Un<? e? ?ix arH twelve months for wl.l h the note# of the pnrcba-sr mill t* takes, bearing taterMt frcn.the .iay of eele. mod Hen retaiaad on tha I rrmisold i will l?e ^iieo oifnll mtm?ut of the rtrcbM* money. One hundred doL J?r- reinW it the tin.* of enle. ill?&* , anIngaad ttawips at coatef thepnrehB?ar {f ft ,r* ??t omrl.rd with In Ore days freni tb^ tine of fate, tha pro pen r wi.l |?? rM(1L t the ,i.k and c?at of the de7olttn?^ UwhlSr ^V#r^-5'ktiVYb*0Bn,S^: ?H5oo*i- COOP*E/bJTlMlCEr"n^t. |^? OBXBM * WILLIAMS. AnctioMere. ~ ^ ^8^ ' LA8B HUfLnifKr IiOT FRomtiurn ON VBHMONT AVBMOR. t^twJL SBJ2W JJr*?V5?S?4t?? p"b?c AaeMoa! d L On WIDJI EHD&fc , the I7th in?t., at 3 'clock p in., we >thalI ??||, ob the premise*, Lot No 11 fn niuftr" No ?16, biviDg 26 f^t froot Uflf^t J esarus ter.'s^a1.' .?r which make* It ?ary ?ie?irable ,ot? T?r?? : One third tub; balance la 6, It and t* If-J J I*?***"*?* lotereet. and McNr?i br deed of trust rn the promises. AMcon\?v arcing aud revenue atainp# at the cost of the anr chasar *100d -wnoa th- .lay of aale ^ r" mi8d Q REKN * WlLfcfAni Anrt9 U' THOB. DOWLINO, Anct.;Oeorgetown. 1* NEW NAT*<>?|I'<"ixPBM8 WA?01f8 AT Ob MOMDAY MOMNIHO Aarll l,t i*t . ?v.'??:? ; new oua borte *\pre?? Wagons, 2 twoBnse " . * 2 " four hurae " mlnB f foMfffiSioMT1 r' b rt risk a?d?,d tn ,h" hl,fhe** bidder for caeS* ?t t^air rlik atd ?iy?nie. B f. BDRriitn r mw* TB08 bOWWiQ^*^' BV 0BH* *U^LIA?K^^eir..~ ?*> *W. corner of 7th and B streets. KKARLT NSW BLACK WALNHT dab-An r ?k p NTXl> C H*? "** Wb?AffiSP OHTLBBDAV ^-LPOBLK: ADOTION ' m . we MlK .f lH,!u.',/nMti:at4 0Bc,o?k ar'Id'es, *D ' Jnh ***' W""1 "?ero|l'^! HiacK Mraiaut. t-u feei) C\toaai<in T?n? ? ane seat t;halr?. Kockeraand Window Hh^ i'aitjted Cottar Bete, all ceialeU W## rainted Jeaay Llnd Badateads Drmtsin* i<n. Nearly n?-w Three ply and Inrrnfn r ira.r. i ren^h OMna DlnoVBet. mln^.p|?u A _'< od lot of Kitchen Ke'iaiaitaa TerMtali!" *? d" b*,on*ln? *? honaekaepiu?. JWy-'tvi.a i? iJirL-iVS'.-rr-' gT OBKM A WILLIAMS, AMtMMn. TKl'BTKI'A BALK OF A WOOD ANI> nut VABI. AT Til K < OBNEB Or B flritS?T NOtoTH AND Sl> STItMiLT WFT atVPR LlC AUCTION AT PCB 0,ii 'the J?th I0,44*"!, at 4 o'clock p */* '! on tha promises b\ virtue of* deed of trust, dated tb<* fiib day of a, toi?r A D. Iv; , and d-jly recorded m li"*r it. M B No ... fel.oe No rf) ?nd m, of chattel rWr'd for articVea" tI" hln?|o?. D 0 , the l .|l .?ln? u'}wl? Bd Harnea-. ODoe. Btab e 8'ove, Ba>liile, two Sh<rt>ls. hpsde. **e" CBtting Boi, Cnrry Comb an<l Brnsh. two iV?\ Beal?a,(on? ne.?rly new i, all tba Wooa and Coal an 11 n in* u pou and aronnd the said ar^mlsM to highest bidder .lor cash, on the day of sale WILLIAM FLOOD, Trusts ,uh 1?1 OBABN A WILLIAM- ?^?. |j? OKKKN A WILLIAMB, AncUoueeraT LOT or BriLDINO MATCBIAL AND FBukb BtlLDiNO IN TH? BBAB FBONTIVO I BTBXBT NOWTH. I1BWBBB* TH AND IOTH BTK111T8. AT P6BLIO ACCTIOB TH i ,?1* lMh 5 e'clo'k a m T ? '* ?M 'J?* pr-miaea. a troo-i lot of Build! Lot * * Frame Building in the r?-?r of the tbT#<iay"o^aaiet0 ^ r*moT*<1 withhl 10 *** ?H??r mb K-d GBEI'.N A WILLIAMS, Aaeta. . APOYB SAL* 18 P08TP0BBD uutll FBI DAY, the 2I'i iustant, same l'oar an I , OBEBN A WILLIAMS. m ls'l AncUoneere. BY COOPKB a LATIMBB. Anctlonaera (Late clerks with Jaa. C M< Oaire A Co I Southwest Coiner of P^D'a ate and llta atreet StAT Office Building. "r?el* VALUALB IMPROVED AWI> I'NIMPBOVMD ffViirnoV" I**AB "SM A ?v??" OnFKIDAY AFTEttNOON nevt. March 12d. at 5 o clof k a. m.. on the premise* we will ga|i tn* aenth 24 feet 9 inches or Lot 2-v, in -.jvare N<, v,t in.proved he a aul.siantihl and well tntilt three" ? nil Brl<"k Dwelling, with a two atery t ,ck hnildlBg. ooatainlng in all tonrteeu rooms with gas throughout. Pump of water ib yan. Also, adjoining the above, and ianiediatelr alter, we will poll the north U feet 6 inches of I. ,t Ho 27, B'tunre 361, unimproved, except br a trick batldin^ on the r?ar of the lot Both lot* have a depth of 106 feet lv?H Inches to a thirty foot pavtd alley in th<* rear. * The above 4?eeribed real -state hel^a *ed to the ' 'e Col M. Nonrse. and IsaCnated ou the west sl'ie of Ifth street, betweeu B and F streets north a?-4 near Pennsylvania aTenne,.md la well worth* the attention of persons dealrlug flrat-olase proa rr,I. l.,r",fc?1"g L,tt,# "fJ"M for stlo iu this irnm^ltate aeigbhorhooo. P<<see?eten clrea M?y i, Terms: One balf<?ah;balanceln?ian.i 12-aiontha, with tatereat eeenred by a deed of traaton the property. All conveyancing and r?v?n(> stamps atcoft ofpurclaner A deposit or ?10,> will be re^nirod of the yurvhasar at time of sale WM 4 JOB NoORSB. Bxecniorsof Michael v,nr*? ashf eoA la OOol>BB A LATIMBB, Au. ta' BT OBBBB A WILLIAMB. Aactioaaers. * T5ifIKS Vc&it!??0o"fi??I> tSS ?vil!,k^1?*'Llu? ,Mk 'n,,?nt-1 hall eell, at 10 O ilock ft. ni., ftt Uotlftf No ftD?] on Ctk virtna*?"'^'^!*??^ ? nd H strerts north, by virtue of a deed ol trust tj the aabacrlber. doted l?^B* fc*r,a dnly recorded In Liber R M. H.. No S, foll.g J3$. X and 2?>i of Chattel Becord for the connty or Washington District of Columbia, all the Goods and ? hatielt mentioned la ?aidde?d faaaideetablishment. We meotlOB In part, vix; ww BnrMua. Tables. O hoi re. Bedst?ada. Waahstaadg feather Brae end bed.ling, I'arpets, Oilclotba Bookcti# i>d BooktiGhloi, OImi lad Crockery* wif0 Bake house Utenaila, Ice Oream Monlda. Pane *dewi?' Bltohen I tenslls, two Bow WinT"? ?"' Jbelvlng, two Bhew Cases 0*? ? ?> Wator rixtnres, Ac naTL.Aoth*r rUCioe which we doom nonecetaary to enumerate. Terms caah. n.h q ^ U??5L5S B r"UBOH. Trnateo. nih9d UBEEN A WILLIAMS Auots. n?5Ti^?J5ia^BVwB 8AtB 18 POSTPONED pface * *?lh **me hour and By orderof the Trustee. M,ft d OBBBN A WILLIAMB. Ancts. (JT OBBBB A WILLIAMS, Ai?assra. " bbobtibo OB I8BTH ^fTBBBT WBBT. BBTWIII a ACrT^N E*T8 M0BTH' PUBLIC Ob TOKbDAT. the Wth iastent. at i oVIock a n. ou the premt'o*. part ot Lot B?. 11 in ?<una#w liteeti loot front, mnnlu back a good depth, coutaimng I s joara loot of gronad. This proper) y la on the next a^uara abeve th? PatI e?.tOthce, which ?SZXtltxlh.UdiM Terms: $lM>caah: balane* ia six aoatbs ror note boiring Interest, ou t <M?wred by adewd ^r trn.t on the p emts^ All conVeyaarluV^nd revenue MsAM at the ooet of the pnrchaaer down oa day ol aale ? jw . *h "*-? ?EBBW A Wf LLTAM8. An.-ta ^ 5r*rJs v::"*8'""' AUCTION SALES. j yt OSBBS a wTllTaW. aocuo?r?~ MliUMU' SALE or FUBNlTtliB AND 1 ' LIUPOBS IB, AM) LB ASK BOLD oF TUB Kl UK WOOD Hots* ' PI I I A TED 4t l'H?i cobmlk of lxiu sr hist and 1*4 AM .IK 8ut'4?l Nj :?4V IN THi CITY OF W ?pHI8? roH IB TBI DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. AT PkBLlO 41'CTlJl. IN TBI PUPBEBE OOUBT OF TBBD18 tbut or coirBBIA Tkt PittoMl Bask of tii* B*troMi t* 0.0. Sprague et si lu Buuim ? Bo. 4. la lunitio* of u enter of tk? (*upr*me c?irt ol the Dtatr i*4 et C< lumMa tittle* iae(ulry, l-earlrg data tba Mtb dtr of fMnwrf. 4 U. ItiMhi uiirr>||Md. m- *r??<it(i4tr la c or Id the tb?i* ml will Mil aa< tion. ?| tl 9 'ftirk Wvod Hon** v la the city of ' Mnbi?*roii,D O..011 WEDNESDAY thajMb day u Mar*h,A D 1*67. cuioatBcimai 10a rtwi I i a.: j Firat? Tba lea'ebold of th-' ntiklUhamt w?l| ka< in aa ib? -'Kirkw.od Uoom," a Bote , la it* a?v*atag?e of locati a ?d<I arrauretneat, emal If out iiiHr.or, to any ather Bo<*l lathe city of Washington. Tba lea?* ha* about tlx years to raa ALSO, Immediately after the sal* ofthaaMva. weehall i?? ^urtitar* aad L martin lb* 'UbMikmaut aad cuntinu-) irou day day until all 1* di?t>os<d of cempridng ia pan. ilz . uL1!? ' Boaewood Case Piano, Cover, aud WoM Ocai kandioaif v larx* French plat* Gilt frame i *"k Rosewood Frame* and Marble lab labia fhr^e Oreen Ben Perlor Suit**, coa*l*ting of Tete a fe tee. 8 .1a*, Castor aud blleOhair* dIiJ** H*P snd Lac# Unrttin m4 CorPI* Marhle-tee Center Tab!** and OH Painting* Seventy n*e Marble and Wood tap Walnut Dree*inc Hur>*ena 8?nt,i> li? Un* *olid Walnnt B-dite,lt all compter*, with Spriag Mattre**** Seventy five Marble aad Wood Walnut WashitMOl Thirty P*lnt"dBr?aein? aad other Bureaus Bitty Faint?d Wa<-h? tends Oae hundred Cottage end other Bedsteads One bnndr* d and a?-vtn Br usee i*, Three-ply. lnerain and other Carpet* Two hundred good Hair and Ri?k Mattreeees ? *? hundred Feather Pillowe aad Bolster* Two hundred and eeventy Bed*pre*ds aad Comfort* One hundred aad seventy paira of ?<*?! Blankets I a*g" quantity or Double and Single Sheet* Seventy ti\? <??k fining Chairs Twelve large D-aiae Table* Twenty Damask Table clothe and Seventy *\e Napkins Sixteen Worsted Table covers T?n Heavy plated Ce tera Five doiro Plated Forks Five de/en Dated 8p*oas Foot dovew Irui katidlM Knlm Twelve Plated Bagar Bowl* ?wu dvtae Plat? d Ore aa and limp Pitchers weaty two piece of Oopper l ooking Ut*asil* Glass and Crockery ware throughout the eatire bnase Oae axrelleat Iran 8a'e, la perfect order Office Fnrnitnre, consisting of De-k?, Setters, Steves and Pnittoons One fine Office Regulator. 4L?o, Fanr Phelan'a Billiard lnbl?e, ?Ub Balls and Cues, all lu perfect order. With many oiker articles, which we deem aanecsssiry to euamernte The above Furniture is of good quality throughout the entire haaaa We call the attention of dealers, hotel keepers and tba pnblic la general to thla ale. as it Is tne largext collection of house* >ld goads that haabeaa Is tne market for SiBe time. Terms cash _ BATHARIBL WILBON./ ? .. JOHN F. BNB1B, < B?ceivera. mh t-oo&ds QBBBB A WILLI4MB. Ancts. |JT THOB. DOW LIB Q. 4act ; Georgetown. COPPBB STILL. Ac . AT AUOTIOB On MONDAY, ttth day uf March . at ia o clock, at the Auction Boomo ot Thoe Dowling. Geor?et-iwn D C I shall expose for sal< to the hubaet tildber for cash One Copper Still and Wcrai Five FeraentTut* Two Bectifving Tubs, k* The abev? articles being aeir?d by on tba premiaea ot Um-e Ly<loB aad eontiscatod f.?r a violation of the Internal Bevenne lav L cLBPttANB. Collector Internal Beveuae oi I> C. mh 18 lw THOS. DOWLINO, Auct BTCOOPBB A LATIBfeB. A i tlTnt-rs (Late clerks with Jag. 0. McGuire A Co ,) 8. W orner Pena avanae aud lith street. 8iar Ofti.-a BnlHfag BOU8BHOLD KCBNTTOBE AT ACCTIOB liB MOMbAl n*-xt. March l'i. at 10 oVlock at the northeant corner ?f ilta an. O stre?-ts,' we fba'l sell an a-sortment of Furniturt>, comprislot? Bedsteads aad 8nreaus Chamber Sets, Oaoe teat Chairs Wala it Kxtanstoa DiBtng Table Bair cloth ParlorChair* Hair and Hoak Mattrea^ca Ingrain and Three ply Carp?-ta W Shade* Crockery aa l Olnse Ware Ocokitg aa-i lleatlag Stovas, Ac Term? cash. mh C00PBB A L4TI MBB, Aucts. DI OOhPBB A L4T1MBB. Anctlone?ra, ? i Late clerks with Jne O McOiilr* AOo.,1 Southwest corner Pean'a avanae and lith at .Star Oflice Vuilding. CATALOGBB SALB OF BOOK.8 On TBTKSDaY and FB1DAT BYBNINGS next, Match 21 and 23. at 7't o clo.-k ?> aj . at our Auction Boom, we will < e|| a collection nt Standard . Historical ao i Mtsc eiiane<>js B<^ k?. part b'ii'j from a private librsry Catalogu s eat, aud cau b- had at our room . Terms cash COOPBB A LATIBEB . mk IM-St Auctloafers |^I NAULE 4l CO.. Auctioneers tbcstbIFs sale ' By virtue of a de-d uf trust, tearing data aa the :*0th day of pUoit er. I5? duly recorded In Lib- r B. M 11 No 2 folio 474 to ?7e. one of the land records for Waahiastoa. D C , the nadersigned trnatee will.oa FBIDAY.the lid day of March. 1W7, at 10 o'clock a. tn , oner for aale, on the prennsee. the entire stock and fixtures of a Drng Store, vltb the good will, at public aactlou; said store being located oa Peansvlvania avenue, i Bo. A to, between 1st and .d streets weat. Terms cash. _ _ ADOLPHUS FABBR. Trustee in>< 1 - tnwth MAOLB A CO An- ts. |gY W. L. WALL A CO., AKtoaeeta. We will sell on HONDAT MOBN1NO, March a'h, at in o'clock, all the Stock hp4 Fixtures of tke Dmr Store, No. 31 7th street, l twees b and T streets, coaals'ing ef .'are. Bottles, Shelving, Drawer*. Ac., alao. a lot of Drug*, with an assortm -nt of gocds usually foand in a Drug - tore. Terms cash. mh 19 W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. QT COOPBB B LATIMEB, Auctioneers. D (Late cleiks with Jamas u. McGuire AOo .1 8< uthws-t corner Pennayl\ania avenaa aad lith street,'-Star Office Huildii.g." TRUSTEE 8 BALE OfTMPBOVBD PBOPEB- ! Tk AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed ef trnat dated the 21st day ef : February, A. D.f 1* recoided in Lil?ei t M. II No. 14. felio 3S4, one of the land rec >rdi fwr ; Wa?bin?ton Conuty, D C I will sell, at Public Auoicl, in front of the premise , at 5 Vlo? k p. in. ou IV EsDaY , the 2^tli day of MarcL. A D, ' ' 1*7, all that crtain p.ecr or parcel. f gr.>nnd altu*t?, iyti>g aad being in Wa-h nirton ctty, D O , 1 at.d kBi>? > and distinguished open iU? giwad. . piau or pla! of said city aa the aou'h part t; Uot tiumbercd right. i ?, 'Id Buuar* nnmb< re * ew? huedred and fifty-el^ht H, >frontip?; J51eet'<.u u!ie aait 1 side ul IS1, straet wrat. t>et\reen C ana D Mrwua nr rth, with a deprh of one hun<tred>a^ toet tea at d >ae halt u cUa? < jus teet Its iorSv*,) t4 an all?y. with the'e.ueats thereon. Terra of tale fia half caah,balaa<a ineand 12 ironihs. with interest from day et sale, eec ired by dee i of tiust upon the iremiee-. Terms to Im> complied with in flvedtys otherwise the t'??tw re serves the risht to resell atth* risk and coat id the de S'lltm- purchaser by gi^'tig 10 day* notice rn the Bvenlng Star. AH coat of 0"3veyancin? and rt \enue stamps at the expense ot the pur Baser. I &1<0 repaired at tin>a of sale. JOB w. ANQ18. Trastee. COOPBB A LAT1MBB, mh 1-StawAds Aucti?aeers. |>Y NAOLEA CO., Anctioaeers. 13 Balesroom No. Penn. avenue. Between Vth and 10th ats. B40LB 4 CO- will give their personal attention to the sale of Beal Estate and Household Furniture. Also, to the saiee of etoefcs of Orocertea, 1 Wines, Liquors, and Merchandise of every description. Horses, Carriages. Harass*. Ac Liberal cask advances made on couslgnmenta. Begalar Sale* at oar salesroom every TOESDAT, TBUB8DAT; and 8ATUBDAT, at 10 o'clock. BAOLB AOO , jalltf Auctioneers. (gALB OF 11811 STANDS. ^ The Flab Stands In the dlflerent market* will be I sold to ibe klghi-st bidder, for rsih, on the follow- 1 ins days: Centre Matket, on SATITBDAY, March Su, at 10 o'ebek a. m Northern Liberty Market, FRIDAY, March 2', at iO o'clock a. m. Nav\ Yard Market, FBIDAY, March Ti, at 1" o'clock a m. Westers Market, on WEDNESDAY, March 17, ; at l* o cl??k a. m P'-rsi as now holding staads iu tin- dinerent market* can retain tbenn by paying th appraisement pi ice for such stand* rre*lon* ?o the day of sale BICBaBD WALLAOH. Mayor. Washington. March 12. ISCT. m IS eutw ORPHANS' COURT, March 4. 1817 -DlfTRICV op Columbia. Washismtom Cotntv, ur-tei: ? latbe case of Catharine Barrett, adminictratrix ot Theme* .1 Barrett, deceased, tke administratrix afore mid hae. with the approbation of the Orphans' Oonrt of Washington fifoaaty aforeeald. appointed Salarday. March 90th. iW, fog tba final eettlement and diatribetl?a of the personal estate of said deceaaad. and af the aaerts in kand, aa far aa the same have beea oollsotod and turned Into money; whoa aad where all the creditors aad heir* af aaM daoMaad are Notified to attend, with their claims prowsrly vouched, nr they asy ether wise by law ba secluded from nU benefit la aaM deceased saUte: provided a oegy of thla order he pnh||*h*4 once a week for three weeka la the Bvenlng BUr, mydwtw* Beglmerof Wffla. i-04L.IB0N.4BD UAL. or the Practical Amor. Vv ic?a Bluer; oeiaa a guide to aarmiaee and J?l? eSASOS TATU?. * -i-4b k 4?*Ui * ? ^ ftAiLROAUS. 1H66 nn.w^S&r?,vr. | ?87 I f#?W*CT3U:P8i TO TH? NdlTBWI^irTH AND SoCTB* U>M< ?? leave a* le'lew* ^"'*' '* ^ film wtu WasbUgioo .r ***. | R?i?i?? ti a m -J2.L -?*? ": m 2?IAT DOlbLsiB*iB ilocti a WltA ILIG^TSCIIIkbt FalLe ? **J * ' **>f,*1 P*** wT?b madera ia>r<iT?a(Bi( .T? '*wa ^*1 to twelve hou ? fB time over KI <?tber raale. Two h.iolr~1 muj, mm^Ll ?> ??U? uc Central Bew Y rk *? Two Dal'y TMu to ib# *M| ft* Balttaore t? KitiiBlltli ?r.a PITTjVl KOU P-*. niiet* by tbl* ruuw rruk B?iun?r* k*N L*?" " ?* Ticket* hi tbt* roo'? ens b? ?ro??r*4 at tbo of. m. Ath MrM ud fMHrlT?uU itni*. ander the national Bow I. w>>ere reliable laforaatloa will boairaa ' all time. " ???iij?rirrocorlB? ticket* at ikliofldciD aeenre ee>oaimo<iaii na la Bleeplag Cara far Elaura or Pit tab n r? B J. WILKIN**. Ticket Ageal, _ W^Mkiaitoa. D O. W). B. Tor HO Oog. Ceae inii. Baltlaore, Md del 1? 1'^lyH LIB B BITVIIN W A Mil BBTOM AN b NEW VOBB. Trataa btwa? w. mTa'* lK? ^ 1OEK , witkovt cbMi* rfewi, ? *<?* Sunday ot 7:4k a u? Wkim* BBW *OBE.chaa?l?g can at Phlladat. '**eon Sualay) at 1101 a. a aaft I eava A-u90* PHILADELPHIA. -L**-Ty 1 **coyt Baaday I at r ?tu?ll II a. n i m . _ OH BL'Hl'Al. L^ayo for Haw York and Pbtlea^lphle at ?JI p. ? ,??l> dally**'*4 cmn for B*w Tvrk ?* ,J$ ? * *? Through ticket* to Philadelphia Mow Tor*, or Boatoa, caa be bad at the Motion OtBeeat all boa re la tbo day as wall aa at tbo mi ofio* I] tbo Banker. aiK> Broken Telegraph Line, *?B Peaa. ?? ?? . ^weoa ?tb and 7| b atresia. Boa Balttaore aad Obio Ball mad sdvertteeaeot iUS&tlirS&J? ? ty y^tttiSgRsrMa 0C0. a. BOOBTZ, Agaai. Waabla?teo. OALTIMOBB AMD OHIO BA1LBOAD. ' " . . Waxmasrv.*. Jaa. . 1M7. ..T1?!?* WABHIHOTO'I AND BALTIMOBB.and WASHINGTON AHt> TBI WBBT are now raa aa follows, via: POB BALTIMOBB ,i?5VV,M'j ?*?*?t Baaday at r?, f a, aad 11:1k a. to. .and 2<H>, aad 4 W aad e o$ *!a. fob all * At stations. ttoEztSi'SV" ?ma4v * '* f OB *t At STATIOB8 ?OCTM OB ABHAPOLMJ L NOTlOB ? 9 *^,Te ? T <W *o? at $.00 and ?J? , . . FOB ABNAPOL1B j Loar? at r:*6 a a, and ? *? ? a. K0 tralaw to or from Anoapolia on Bn?dar i OB Blkbil ; . ? . _ _ 'OB BALTlMuBB. \ Lcavo at T ? a. ?., and t ?o and IB ?. a , . FOB WA* 8TATIOB8. ?t':d? ? ., and t ku and . m. tiafcajafvift.. ?rHHrs2 ^ TUBOCOI I1CKBTB to tbo Weatnaabo Bad at tBe *aahlnc*>a Braltoa Ticket UCco at all boaro la tbe aar, aa well aa at the aow affloo ot tbo Baak m and Broker*' TciearaoB Line, J?n Pona. arenne. between 6th and Ttb atreata. For New fork. Pblladolbhla. and Bortoa, Ma advartlaeineiit of ' Thronah Line " J L WI LB ON, |fut*r of Traaapnrtatlea. L i. OOLB Oeneral Ticket kmt. oc? tf OBO. B. BOOHTZ. Ajeat_ WaAl?toa^ Hudson btvbb add hablbm bailBOADS ?On and atter MONDAY. Boo. H. 19M, train* for Albany aad Tray. cnmic<la< wtth Honbera and WacMrn train*, will laa?o Haw Vara, aa follow*: 8 a. n Bxyma trata *ia Hadeoa Biver Ballroad.SDtL at and 10tb av .thr?atb to Bnffalo and rMpfDilfi Bridge witb^Qt chioic of c%rt Md cod* aecMng at Troy ?Ith traltia ror Saratoca, Batland. Barllaatan and Montreal. Ika.m Bxpre** and Mall trata via Bodaoa Btver Eaiiroad, ronne*-tla? at All>aa> with Wattam train*, ana ot Troy with train* tor BortH. II a ni Bxyroa* train via Harlem Batlroad, Stitk *t And ?tb ay., connoctina at I'batbam with Weet?rn Bailroad for Lebanon 8?rlu(?, Plttatieid, Ac : at Albany with WeaW-rn trataa. and at Troy with trains tor Bar a t ok Be tland. Bnrliactoa and Montreal. 3:?S? m Bxyres* train rla Had^>n Biy?r Railroad coasectlu at Albany w"? Wsatera tralua. and at Troy with trains for L qtr^a. with *iaeaiax car attached. 4 16 p ip Biarscn tral.. via Harlem Railroad, roohocunsat Ubstham with W?wr?rn Bailroad for Lebanon Springa. Fittefield. Ac . at Albany wtlfe Wwlarn traia*. and at Tro> witt. tram* for Batland. Burlington and Mostraal Bloepin* cars at ta< bed at Albany ? St' p in expreo* t*-aln ria Hadaua Biver Ballri ad. with ^Kepibg car* attached, a d throachto Bnflalo aiid Bnap*ui-Joa Bnd<- with -ot change if <ar*. Alao. *lt>?pinw car ever* day etoeauac 8atarda>* attachei from New York through to Ogdeaat urg witboni clian^e, via Boine W. aad O Bailroiirf. Ooi.n'-ct'oi for Troy will bo taadc ax Baat Albany Thi* train will ran on Baaday* Up a Traia via Ha.teoa River Bailroad, with aleepiag car attashed. ounn?ct'a* at Albany witb early train* fer Baffalu and Baapansioa Bridgo Mid at Tray with train* lor Saratoga aad polata ' A Bnaday train will be raa via liadaoa Bt?wr Bailroad from New York to Poagbker pal. and late ruiedi ate *tstioec leanre Hew TorkatsJOa m. Betnrnlng, leave Pwnenko. paie ali as a. a . arriving la Hew fork at 6 15 r <n Al?n, a Snnda; train via Harl^a Bailr oad loaylag aid atreat at Va. a., and arriving at MillertAO at S M p a. Retnrninc. leave ilUrtoa at 6 a n> , arnTing In Hew Ye-k at m? a. a WM H. TAVBtKBILT. jail Yice Preaidont. gICI1T PlIBAi mT7 BAMARITalf'B BlPfl JgAMAXITAJTM BITT t THB MOBT ,CBBT AIB BBMBDT BTBB C8BB. "Yea, A Pmtiti Oca*," far OOMORBMQlAs OLMMT, STMJOToMSS, Contaiaa no Mlaaral, ao Balaam, ao Mercnry, Tea PtUt u ta 2ho?a m Kft& a CWa. Tbo are oattrely yafaiaoie, BartuA ^ srU ana aay nnpieaaanl taste, aad will Dot In a-> way laivrt) the (Voruach ut Bvwel* of tbo iu??l uoiloata. oattaUfi n two tofonruaja. aad receotcaaaa la - twenti tour h^nrt " Ptn>wreu by a grwdaata ..ltte Crivemiiy ' Pena?>Uatua eueof the aoat | KB-ineul L'ociors aad ( fcaa:i -ta ot the area* at day; Ijet thoae who have defpalted ol gjlU. g cured, or ^'sris' wtsff w "? Beat by aall in a pia-a ?nvelopa. price-Male tack ages .Jrt Paaaa*. !. BLOOD! B LOO Oil BLOVUtll MjBOllL'LA L'LOKKe BOBBa. BPOT8. fmTTBBd. 80A LB8. BOILS 8l Fill LIS. OB VBNBBBAl DIBXAbltS, Ac * gAB*XJTA!r* ROOT A3rn HKITB J Hi OB la oBored tbe ycfcltcasa positive cava. BYFUlLin UMiitAL pt8fc.A.?BB. aha BAMABiTAN ? Bcxjl AND liakl JL'IOK I** Boat potaat. tartaau aua u^cctnal rotnody ever prs crtbed . tt reavhea and eradicate* e??ry particle of the veneTeal pvtaon. to that iba care is thorongh aid permanent. 1 ake, then.of this parlfyiae remedy and be healed, and d<; not It to yocr posterity that lor whtea >?5u aay veaeat ia attar DO BOT DRBPAlBi E.5?tmsar5ft>o? ?HU rtawve every veattge ?f Imp writ lea froa the "" tkiiL'ir.*" "* ^ ???'? SKT* hatBly adapMi. ia Clonratal Uwaa la Lenoor. rt?a\ In bearing down. PaUiag of the W.ab dlMUty. aad lor all ooaalaiata incldeat to tbe aa* aiikyww" Price tl Ji per baatte BAMABITAN*B WASH i^isssKir?? Tbe adlrawy of tbaae rrmeAiee la all he aoAaowaSEiv.ttiSSiri^"-*T"' *"~4 ?" T" 8Sn:t%Kn* ^yu^^r^^ikXSSrt tatlag that 1 have aaed Tbe Baaacltaa Baa*Alee' fgasa H 3?,irirpd!r>7 "T" '"i raiBB BBBAT BBBBUulON. bg John Mtaor PBABOK TATLOB. ivpusatjifljfgE;'