Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1867 Page 1
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J 9 _ _ __ _ . _ i^???? ?? i ii m * ??^ V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY, MARCH 21. 1867. N?. 4.37!). T1IE EVENING STAR I f LRL1SHSD DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR IKTLU1N ?, icrnev F'.^n avenue and Mtk itrett, 1 ?t \V. L>. WalLACII. The t?TAR to rved by tae carriers ?o their anbecr.bars :n the City and at T *N I I57f i la vnt. Copies at tit* coaa?ar,wiLh or wlthont wrapper*. Two C?*T* each. Faics rca Uailibs?Three mcmUis, On* Dc~ar a%<4 Fifty Centi; sin months, PW?? D'^ian; cce year, Fit* Do.Urt. No papers aw i irntfrom the off.o? longer than paid Tor. TL* WttKLY STAR-po4>lisbed on Friday orcirr-Oiw Dollar mnd a /7al/a Year | PAWNBROKERS f B I' RB MINK 9 LOAN OFFICE. i . 4* ft 'Jth street, <d door south of Penn. ave., I Leans MONEY o? time t? suit customers, oa I Go'.d ?nd Silver Wetcl<e?, Diamonds. Jen- /Ov elrj, ladies' ai.d Gentlemen* WsafiagJt A Ar(*r*l " w I 6'"" B ECENBTISB. %y ilifl ? 1 CEXTRAL LO IS OFFICE, Hi 4^0 10th str^t, one door below Pcna. ave. j Tfcis well known Office makes /Ov LIBERAL ADVABCBS Jl A OsD iBt bdi.fiold and Hihrtr Wttchn O V | Clothing, Furniture, and Merchandise of every | description. I'Hntitr; day except Sunday i from 8 a. m to C ?. m. N. B.?Business strictly confidential. feli-tT | y|T ABkllHlB 1*5 -i. 8 P BO I A L NOTIOB. < ilARLE4~HjlR/.BRRQ. I ^occHsur to In?? Heriberg A Son, * be aava conducted lb# Pawnbrokmc BaslasM I for f fteen years in thla city, far tssirt AK ! year* the entv Pawnbroker la the Dlstrlc*.X A take it it n. at bod of thanking their patrons*# V and tfca prn>Mc for the confidence beretofaraabown I them, and beg Uave to call their atteation to the I tact that we still < ontin'ie to maks tba highest ad- I vancee In all some upon all articlaa of Jewelry, | Diamonds, Hatches. Bonds, ?overt.ment Scrip, I Mlver Pla'a, Ac., for which we have superior 1 flaraa of deposit and pecirtty, which will always I a shown for tha -atutacno of taosa patronizing I aa. We have special facilities for tha care and I preservation of Wearing Apparel of every da- I scriptioa. Woolene, Ac., on which the highest a l ?inct> are Bade, guaraat> eiae when required against moth, and always against injury Having a large warehouse in connection with oar office, I we hare special facilities for storage of all kinds of Merchandise, Furaltnra, Ac., oa which wa Bake the highest advances for days, week* or montba. We call especial attention to tha fact that tiwlng to tba large capital employed In onr trainees, we can make advances at sacb rates of interest as to defy competition. We sell no gJ*ds natil the expiration of six months after their for- I faitnre, and then only at pablic anction. first ri v- I lag ample notice through the varioas city ionr- I nets to all depositors. By this aieana deposits with as are never lost if their redemption Is dasire<l We call especial attention to air arrangemeet* for forwardiag goods to any part of tba cenatrv, arrangements which an experience of fifteen years baa breaght to perfection. Depositor* are enabled bv thts means to redeem their I {o?ds from oar office n* matter where they may e located. Full information alwa?? given. Private apartmeuta for confidential business MB? I We hare no connection with any similar astab- I Itshment In this city. K-far to any old resident of I Waebinatoa Remember HER/.BBKG'S Laaa | Offre.Xftl north 0 strset, between tH and Cth, Wastlcgten.D feti-lm* I I^obbyT- mobey monbym i H. PRINCE 8 NBWB1 KSTA B LI8H ED LOAN orrici, 37 7 Pa. ave . next to Potenilni sOoafMtionary. Meney loaned on every description of galable Merchandise especially Watchea, Dia- /Ov mer.d* and fine Jewelry. I can a?snreJ^wJL these who may favor me with ther patron-V W age that they will not regret having done so li B ?Private door and ofllce. Persons not wishing to ant<r the public office will ring tba office I ell. fa2t lm* TEB OLD B8TABLIt*HED PIBM OF S, GOLDSTEIN A CO . Ll< Ea.-ED PAWNKROKEBS. 34 FOUR AND A BALF STMBET WBHT, near Peansylvanla avenue, Offer tha bigncst cash advances oa all kinds of Merchandise, to any amount and for any ttnee desired, at reasonable rataa JL X Interest on large aoais greatly reduced ^ Business striotly confidential. Oood? benght for cash and sold at yrlvata sale fell ly DENTISTRY. i DR. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION. No 'ibO PKNN'A AYE , Betwten Utb and 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by ad mi as taring Bltrcns Oayds or Laughing Gas. Dr.^ap^^ LEWIE bas recently purchased tha bestwaflBBBp Cheu.ical Apparatus in tha country fur^*'1 '** making fore ga< ever) day; alao, an improved Yalvnlar Inhaler The Associatien is b jW prepared to make Teeth en Gold, 811 ve- *ui Bnbber at New York. Philadelphia and .^iaton pricaa. All persons wishing denta' vtorSdooe can have It aarheap aa in the above-uamod cltiea. All work dene in tke neatest aad veet manner, aad warranted to give satisfaction Persona will do wall to call ac<1 examine oar work. de X tf T1 1 1 ft. LOOM la. M. D.? y ha Iaventor and Patentee of tha MIBBBAli PLATE TEBTB, attends perionally at hla oAcola this city. Raay persona wear theee teet a who cannot wear others,^ ? aad na paraoa oaa wear others who caaaat waar Ifan? Peraona calm* at my offloa can be accommodated with any style aad price of Teeth they may de aire, but to these who are particular,and wish tha pareet, cleanest, itroageet and moet perfect dentare that art can procure.the MIBBBALTBBTB wlU be more folly warranted. Rooms la this city-No 3S? Pann'a aveaae, hatweaatthand 1Mb ill Atao, tOY Arch atraot, PERSONAL. MRS CURTIS IRVING, CiatTTOtmnt, mnd Tut iMN.aill give life readiaga, Inclndlng Paat, Praaentand Fature at ber office,4^0, aorta aide of Pa. as., between 4H aad Mb street*. Offloa honra from 9 to 2 a m. and to V a. m. jaK tm* CONFIDENT I AL Toung men wh* have Injured thonwaivea oy certain secret bahita, which unfit them for bnslneee. aleaanre, or the duties of married life; also, middle-aged aad old men, who. from the follies of yonth. or other nacssa, feel a debility is advance of their yeara. befere placing -bsmsebres under the treatment of aay oae, should first read "The Saeret Friend." Married ladiss will learn something of Importance I by perming "The Secret Friend." Seat to any address, In a sealed envelope, en receipt of 26 carina. Add ress Dr. OILAB. A STUART A CO.. Boston, Maes _ ao ?-ly '/I PER ORNT. SAYRD by using O. B.JBW?) U BLL'S p'ire unadulterated PrcMlam New York Oity fcUAP, Premium FAMILY SOAP, Premium FLANNEL t-OAf, Aad Bo i BBOWN SOAP. For sals cbMtp for cash Orders through tha Foe: Office will be promptly attended to O.B.JEWELL. Btapaad Candle M.taafacturer, No. -?00 and Awii O at. north, bet. 4th and Sth. ja 11 ?m 'I'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That tho imb1 *rriler haa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Waehmgton County. In the District of CelamI ia.letters ot administration oa the personal state ef William Bbert, late ol Georgetown, D. C., deceaaed. All persons having claims againat said leceaaed, are hereby waraed to eHbibit the eaa s. with the vouc tiers thereof, to the subscriber, oner before tne ;>th day ot March next; they mat otherwise by law bo sxolodea from all benefit ?f the said estate Given under my han4 this Mh da? of March, lte7 RLIZABETH ERBBT. mh C-law3w* administratrix _ rl 'HIS IS TO GIVE POTICR-That the robecri1 ber haa '>btal tied from the Orphans'Court of Waabington the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of loha McGarvi y lat*-ofWa?hlaztoncounty. D 0 , oe^eaaed. All persons having claims against tha said deceased, are herebv warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on er before tha 6th day of March next; tfcsy >ay otherwite by law bo excluded from all benefit af (aid aetata Given ander my haad this sth day of March, , . MICUABL F. MORAN, mh t lawTw Bxecutor^ ' I' B IS IB TO ?1YB BOTIOB, That tha MbaerlI bors havs obtained from tha Orphans' Court d WaMiiagton county, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentacy on tha personal aetata of Jaba McEim. tats of Washington, D. O., djceaaed All persons having si anus against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the sama, with the vouchers thereof, to tha subscribe - er to Dr. S A H. Mckim, Washington. D. O on or before the l^th day of February next; they may otherwise, by law, U sxaladMlrom all hanaSt ef the said satate w Given ander onr haad* this l?th day of February 1M7 ALEX n RICH, im ruBr'? fe?lawfn* JOHJI W McKlM.i " caters. TBM TO OITB BOTICR. That the aabecrl 1 ber haa obtainsd from tha Orahaaa OoarteWaahington County , la the District of Oolnmbla. letters te?tao.entarr oa tha personal estate of Bli;ah Edmotiston. lata el War hi as ton elty, B C daceaaed All pereons hsvlng claims aa ilast the said daceaaed are hereby waruei to exhibit the - me. with the vouchere the eabscrl? er. oa or before the yth day of* March next; they snay other wits by law he excluded from all benefi t ef the said estate Given ander my band ihis?th day of March ig>7. mh II lawSw'J *1** Bl? MOB STOW. \|ACBEBBL ABD CODFISH. W m pounds laiwe SBORB OODFISB. ? barrels Bo. 1 AACBBBRL. . Aast received aad tor aale at onr wharf, at tha of Seveath st. S. P BBOfBASOB. Oommisslon Merehsata, eel? tf Mo. 46> Niathat . Wot. B aad F. F'BBBUARY 1*. 1?67.-AB persoas harlot le t articles ta my sho? far rsoelrs, prorleus to tte 1st cf January, are r*ssoeted to eali aad gat tte? otherwise they will bo said at public euen< c oa L&c 1st at Marsh to pay the c S are as there*c JOH* J. PBABOPT. Sua atd Locksml'h. nniASm Bo iliVHTTtt. . GREAT SALE or ENGRAVINGS, I* AID CP THK DESTITUTE AMD ORPHAN SONB of or* S0LDIBB3 AND SAILOB9, AND A PIIBIITATIOI WILL B* G1V&M AT WASHINGTON, D. 0., ON THl'BSDAT, APRIL . 1567. The Institution for whose benefit this enterprise fi(ODdart?< wuf*usd?4 for the purpose of gratuitously educating the sons of deceased Soldiers Bnd B- airsn of the United States. Mow pnpils wtll be received after April 4, upon con plying with requirements. The purchaser of each Engraving for one dollar will be given a certificate entitling the bolder to a share in the award of presents. LIST or PBEBBBT8. 1 Troye's great equestrian portrait ef General Scott in the ladiee' stairway of the Oepi t*l - $28,000 1 $16,000 1b gold - 13.000 1 Greenback, U. S. - ft,000 1 Greenback. 0.8 2.>40 6 $1 080 U. 8. Bonis .... .. 6 000 10 " - W?0 it) 9 ICO " Greenbacks ft (?0 100 9M> " . - e.noO 10C 926 " " 1.506 1,000 #10 " " 10.000 2joro 9s " '* - io oeo 1?.?W$1 " ? - ? 16,000 2 Building Lotson Eleventh Avenue, New Tork city, free of excumbrance. 8,155 1 Bet Diamond Barrio zs .... 50 0 1 Diamond Pin - ft#) 1 Bteinway Piano .... 1,900 4 Chickering Pianos, 9*00 each 1,400 2 Mason A Hamlin's Parlor Organs, 91,000 eacb _ _ 2.000 10 Sewing Machines. *100 each l.oOo 100 Family Sewing Machines, 876 eacb 7M0 20 Gents' Gold Watches, 8200 each 4,00" 2o I ndies ** " .? 130 each 2,W0 20 Genu's Gold Gnard Chain*. 91*4 each.. 2,000 20 Ladles ? " 9l0oeach.. 2,000 2ft Silver plated Tea Beta. 97ft each i,?7o 1 Gents'Saddle and Equipments, 9114 io> 1 Ladies ian 1 Brewster's Bugsy _ fioo 8 Sets of Harness, 980each. no 600 Subscriptions Weekly Tribane, 92 each 1,000 600 " " Herald, 92 " too " Harper's Monthly, 93 l^o>> BM " Atlantic Monthly, 93 * lt5o MO " National Freemason, 94 M 2,00o 1 Painting. David Playing the Harp before ban! l y;tfi 1 Painting, Undine and Ariadne .. 1,000 Handsome Ewgravlngs, 9ft each 5,0? 9160 000 Engravings to t*t'amount of 000,000 will h eold, and nil fnnds received are to be depesite I with JAY COOKS A CO., f Tirst National Bank of Washington, D.O., to be held by thia fer the benefit of the Institution. HOW TO OBTAIH ENGBAV1NQS Orders may be sent tons enclosing thetsoney, from one dollar to twenty-five dollars, in a registered letter or by poet office order, at oar risk. Those wishing Engravings sent mast enclose ten cents in stamps to cover expensee. Larire amounts should be sent ia drafta or by express. PB1CB LIST : For 91 W a handsome Engraving. Fo* * 00 ? of larger ela?s. For 3.W " ? For 4.00 " " For ft.OO ' For 0J0 " For lg.00 a splendid American Chromo. For *>.00 " German or French Chromo. By buying works of art in large quantities we are enabled to give parties purchasing from ns the same kind of engravings that are sold in any store, for tho same price; and, in addition, we will give a certificate which entitles the bolder to an interest In the award ef premluas for each dollar Invested la the purchase. Address all orders and communications to KBMNBDT A CO., 38* Psnna a venae, Washington, D. O., Lack Bex 41. 1 SP1CIAL NOTICE. To the military organicatiaa influencing the largest sale of engravinge will he presented a handsome Begimental Standard. Parties purchasing Engravings trill please ad vise the agents to which regiment, Ac., they desirs to crsdlt their pnrchaae. 7 hoe* doctrine ta act a* agents will apply Tor ?r formatlsn. mkJ KJB I < % * i * f r ^ t J # ^ I 1 * I < * ? if. 4 * DANCING. pBOFS. J. W. * H. P. EREIS' DANCING ACADEMY. Pennsylvania rents?, bet. 6tb acd 7th tU fiL Opposite Metropolitan Hotel j Mew Classes forming every evening. Ttioss iesiring to enter oar classes ?hou!d avail tnem- I * ** of *bls epportanity. Preparation* will b? in this quarter for our annual May Bull Circulars can be bad at J F. Bills and W . G. I Metserotr A Ho's Music Stores The Hall ran be rented tor Soirees. 4c. Day.i and Honrs of TVi'iow : For Ladies, Mi seen and jlssters, Tuesday sol I Saturday aftorecos fr?>m 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen s Classes, Tuesday and Friday eve- I nlngs. from 8 to >v o clock. _ _ Far farther Information, apply durle* the boats I f tuition, or addraaa a Bote to tba Academy. Quarter commencing witb tba first Jessen. J* 8 MA B I N I ' 8 1TABH1UNAHLM DANCING AOADCVT, AT MABIMl S ASSEMBLY BOOMS. 4* E, betweeu 9th and l?th streets, Tbalast quarter of ibi? season, prepare- HB ery ta tba May Ball will commence on Bfttur- I day, March 3. Clauses fer the Genual are now I opan. N B ? Private instruction given to solt the con- I vecleoce of the pa all se26 1 woorT andIjo a l. (nmri oualu Beat WHITB A8li at f8, by the ton. All sizes, to suit customers. Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, 9'0 por cord. .. .. .. j.ihk #9 *' I Loag Oak. ?8 per cord. A ton of Coal sold by me always weighs l.ltO iba. I JOHN B. LORD f? 28 ly Corner 4th and 9 street*. ! O A it I (To ALII | AT GRKATLT REDUCED PBICE8. , Gross tons of 2,^*) lbs , delivered in any part of the city. Chestnut White Ash, S7. Btove, Kg? and Faruaca White Ash, 98.0". Bwi Ash. *8 26. Lehigh. M. . . Oak and Pine Wood soastantly on hand. Orders received at our Office; or at the Wharf, I fO of ?.,? * .tr... t p BE0W]J t 80? jaJS tf 46a 9th street, between E and F. I 1) BO PCS ALB FOB CIBUULAB AID OOTA1 GON MABK1NG STAMPS AND CIB CULAB BATING STAMP:!. Post Office D??art? ?nt, I W ash 1Mb ton, DC., February 12, 1M7,( BBALKD PROPOSALS will be received at this feepartment uatll the 28th day of March next. | noen for famishing for the nse of Pest Offices lu I the United (states, Tar four years from tba first I day of April next, MARKING and BATING STAMPS of the following description, namely : ! CLASS 1. I Circular and Cancel Marking Stamp* combined, I of Steel. about one Inth in diameter, with the I name of the office and State, with type for oiontbs I aid dates In blocks of like material, with suffi- I cient thumb screw for the same, and with bandies I of mahogany, walnat orotber heavy wood, and I of a model moat convenient lor nee. In proposals I for this class of Clrcalar stamps the bidder will I ; state the additional charge per letter or figure for I inserting in the eircle, when repaired sn' h words I and figures as "free," "paid 19," "shl p," "edver- I tlsed.'Ac. Also, Octagon Marking Stamps, without the I cancel, bat similar in all other respects to the I Circular Stamp, with type for the years, months, | and dsys. of tba same material. CLAMS 8. Circular Marking Stamps of iron. c>r any other I durable material, tor the use of Post Offices and I Boute Agents on railroad and steanboat lines, I With the *auie of the office and State, or the I name of tbe railroad or river line, with type for I meuths and dates, in blocks or durable material, I with suitable thumb screw, and bandies of wal- I nut. cherry, or other suitable wo'4. of a model I best adapted for nse. tbe stamp to be ef the same I diameter as is described for No. 1. CLASS 3. Circular and Octaguu Marking Rtamps, of a I suitable and darable material, of tbe same size I as class No. 1, * nh the name of the office and 1 State, and t> pe for months and dates IntheOir- | cular Stamp, and for years, months and dates In the Octagon Stamp ef printers' type metal, la I blocks of single letters and figures, with thumb- I screw and handlee as described laclaasNo. 2. : CLASS 4. j Marking Btampe for foreign malls, similar to I these now Id u?e In tbe Post Offices at Boston, I New Turk, Philadelphia. Ac.,or of an;- other salt* I able style for foreign mails. ! BATING STAMPS. j Circular and Bating Sumps to errespond with the Circular fct snips of classes 1.2 anl ? in mate- I I rial, bandies, and workmanship, as fellewsI I Free," Missent Forwarded,"P. O. Basl- I uess. free," 'Advertised ""Steamboat1 ''Ship," I I 'Cancel,'" U.S.,4d.' "Heldfor Postage ' 1 Misdirected." "Not fotrnd," "Unclaimed," " Be- I I fesed. " "Registered," "Miseeet aad forwaried," I I ' Returned to wrlter,'' "Returned for better di- I I rection,""Due 4, '"Dae 9." "Due 12.Ac., Ac . I I and of figures only snch as S 5,1?, 20 24 Ac.,Ac.,and I I any other Bating Stamps aoi herein aamed. to he I furnished at a prite not exceeding thnt for "BeI turned fer better direction," when the same is of I letters I | BPrejposals will he received for all ef the above described Stamps, or for each separate class Stamps will be ordered for the different clashes ef efficee accerding to the preeeat or fnture rules I of the Department. i Models of 8tamfS mast Mcom?eny the propoI "ifich bidder must furnish with his proposals evidence of his ability to comply with his bid. Two sufficlsnt snretlee will be required to a conI tract. Tbe stamps must be delivered to t! e Post Office Department at the expense of the contractor. Proposals shoald ks endorsed oa tbe outside of the envelope thus "Proposals for Post Uffice Marking Stamps.'* and a/dressed to the First Assistant Postmaster General. Washington, D C. ALEX W BANDALL, te 13 w6t Postmaster General. 1 \epabtmbbt of thb intbbiobTT^ w T? ?,L tlWAS" I Application having been made under the aet of JuneZS. 18U). for the reiseae of the following described Land Warrants, which are alleged to have been lost or destroyed,?Notice is hereby given that at the date following the desciistion of each warrant a new oertifleafe or warrant of like tenor wUl be reissued, If uo valid objeotion should then U,,'r' JOB. H. BARRETT, Commissioner. No 3.916, for 80 acres. Issued under tbe act of March 3<l lfoa. in the name of George Plain, and | was granted August 16th, 18tf. March 3U, 1167 No 97 913 for lbo acres. Issued under the act ef March 3d, MM, in the name of James Henry, and w:is granted April 22d, 1461. March 30.1*>7. No. M 7M, for 1G? acres, issued nnder the act of March 3d, 1866, in tbe name of John Wood, and was granted February tt. 18CT. April 8. 18(7. No. 66 ISO for 18<i acres. Issued under the act of i March 3d 18*4, in tbe uame of Sarah Wood, widow I of Bobsrt Weod. and was granted February W, 18f>7. April 6,1867. No. 41.49S for lt? acres, Issued nnder the act of February 11. 1847, in the name of Samuel Hodnon, and was granted December 4.1848. April JO, 18>>7. No. 67JM. for 80 acres, issued unier the act of I September, I860 in the name of Langdon O. Johnson and was granted Marsh 6, 1866. April 20, I lfti^s. No 27,831, for St acres, issued under the act of March 3. i?6A. in tbe name of Laugdon C. Johnson and was granted April 1,185-i. April 20.1*57. No. 73.231. for 120 acres, issued nnder the act of I March KM. In the name of Mary, widow of Thomas Bowling, and was granted May 9, 1866. April 20,18(7. No. M.135. for 130 acres. Issued tinder the act of March 3.1866, tu the name of Polly Pease, widow of Cheeter Pease, and was granted July 18, 1860. May 4. 1867. No. 93 964, for 140 acree, issued under the act of March 3d. 1865. in tbe names of the minor children ot Jacob Lasher, deceased, and was granted July 23, iJWU.-May 4.1867. No. 87.6%, for 160 acres, issued under the actef February llth, 1847, in the name of Martin Bose, and was granted May 12th, 1819. May 11.1^67. o. 43,168. for 160 acres, issued uadsrtheacto March 3d. 1814, in the name of Alvfa Ellis, and was granted April 16,1857. Mar 11,1847. He. 10,681. for 8V acres, Issued nnder the act o March 3,1866, In the nsfme of Lewis Lambert, and was granted October SO. 1864. May 26, 1867. No 37 489. for 130 acres, issued under the act of March 1,1866, In the name of Nicholas Pritchett and was granted November 13.1864. May 26,1867 r^| ABTLAND AQBICULTUBAL COLLBGB. Tbe dntiss of this.Institution will be rssumed oa MONDAY.36th ot March | While it is designed to make Instruction In tbe theory and nreetfoe of Agriculture, the peculiar feature of tbe College, provision Is made for a full course of collegiate Instruction, embracing the Latin. Greek, French, German, Italian andTSpaaIsh languages or any of them, a coarse of Math ma tics. Meatal and Moral Scleace. History, and the study of the Bngllsh Language and Literature. Natnral History and Natural Phll*eonhy. in fcr?<?ches. will have special attention. Military Tactics will he taught there will be no Preparatory School, but a seIseird English and Scientific Course mev bs taken at the stadsnt's eptlea. Moons received under fourteen years of age. Fer a Circular and fnrther information addrsss N. B WOBTB1NGTOM, Register, Ac., _ Office ef American Farmer, h l-ee?w Baltimore. ^ VKBAL SPLENDID PA BLOB OBGANB, ^ PJ!?5BJ2r,wl SweI1'IU1(1 ?ne with-M^ movable Pedal Bass, (very ooavenlent forMBtB organ practice at bosM ) will III POSITIVELY BS BOLD AT COST, preparatory to rebuilding Store. ' Also, u new and second hand PI AHOB at reduced I prees _ GBOBGB L WILD A BRO , ? 1>2B ?. 497 i]th street, above Pa. avs, ] SPECIAL NOTICES. A GOBI AT LAST.?All those who ire sneering from Bbeumxtism ran be restored to perfect h?ehhb? taking do*~? of HIETOAl.r IC 8 ?>BEAT BHEOMATIU REMEDY mh 18 eo3w 8. C. FORD, Aceat. O BBOWN tJ METArDYSlUAL, DISCOVERY curee CtUrrh, ill Diwawt of the Bye, and e t <r y disease flesh is beIr to. Laboratory ?r,d Depot 4lO s-ichstrest,Philadelphia. For isle by ail Druggtsts mh 9 2w* BROWN'S OBLEBBATBD POOR B rH*BP S EYK \\ ATBti. Lifts op every "' kin eje, sod strengthens every weak eye, < Puh blind eyes, is ths beet ia the wnrld La'ar??( rj ?rd Depot. 41," Arcliatreet, Philadelphia. For sale by all Druggtsls. ?* MRS M G. BROWN'S UNEQUALLEDSCALP

R NOYATOB AMD HAIBBESTORBB No sulphur ia this preparation, which it fettling the scalps and reodarlpg the people blind La^ar&tory hi 4 Depot. 4 10 Arch street. Philadelphia. For (ale by all Druggists. mh 9 ** uBMSDIAL INSTITUTE BOB 8PB0IAL 0ASB8. R?. 14 Bond itraet, Itw York. JVFull Information, with the higktst iutimsmalt; also, a Book on Special Distases, tn a ,'*al$4 tn-tiope, it-at free. 8^" B* sun an i send for them, and you will not rtftt it: for, aa advertising phy lrlaua are generally impostors, without references no stranger should be trusted. Encloae a stamp for postage and direct to DB. LA WRENCB No. 14 Bond atreet. Siw York no 12-DAWly ITS EFFECT 18 MIBACOLOUS. HALL 8 VEGETABLE SICILIAN UAIB RBNEWBB. It 1* a perfect and wonderful article Cures Ualduess. Makes hair grow. A better dressing than aoy oil or ' pomatum '' Softens brash, dry, and wry hair into Beautiful 8ilkea Tret-see. But, V' the *r**t wonder is the rapidity with which it restores gray ha:r to :t? origin*;, color. The whitest and worat looking hair resume Its youthful beanty by Ita nae. it does not dye tbe hair, bnt striken at the root and til is it with new life and coloring matter. The first application will do Ko?d : yon will s?s the natural, color returning every day. anl ? BEftOBE YOU KlJOW IT. mi i discolored appearance of the hair and beautiful falch? t0 ,U,tr0U,' ,b,Qln?' Aak for Hall's ?fcllfan Hair Benewer ; ao other article ia at all like it in effect. See that each battle baa our private Government Btamp ever the top of the bottla. All others are t natation*, B. P. BALL A CO., Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. For sale by all draggiats. fe 18-dAweoim,r fcT MA RBI A <31 ABD6BLIBAOT, AHD THB Happlneea of Trna Manhood. - An Easay for Young Men on the Crime of Bolitude, and tha Phyalological Error*, Abaseaand Diaeaaaa which cieate impedimenta to Marriage, with an re means of Belief, lent in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr. J. SK1LLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. ja 11-to 8ECBBT DISEASES. Samabttan's GirTis the most oertala, safe and effectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cnree In two to tonr days, and recent oases la twenty four hoars. Ho mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only tea pills to be take*. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te thoee who do aet want te be exposed. Mala packages, #1, female, fj, Baa abitan'* Boot and Hrbb Jtrica*?A positive and permanent snra far ftpyhills. Bcrofala, Ulcers, Bores, Spots. Tetters, *?. Price fl.SB per bottle. Bold by a O.Ford. See advertisement avl 1867 GBANB BXCEB8I0N 1867 TO THB PABI8 EXPOSITION The asw and first-class ocean going Iron Steam >b>P H A A A , J.000 tons burthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN . Com mander, will guke aa BXOUB8ION from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North Biver, on WISH BSD AT. April 17th. at 12 o'clock m , Taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Beturning, will sail from Havre on Juae ftth. glvtag passengers holding Excursion Tickets about six wseksin Europe. This magnificent Steamship Is divided into water-tight compartments, and has been newly furnished and elegantly fitted up ezpreeely for this voyage. Tbe HAVANA will only carry first class passengsrs. An experienced Bargeen on board. 8fcZ" A full Band, of Music teill be attacked to Ik ship. Price or passage. la currency, to Havre $160 and $176, according to size of atate room To Havre an<l return. and according to bizeof atate room. For fnrther particulars and passage apply to tbe Ageats, MlBBAT, FBBBIS * CO., 62 South street. New York. Or to McO. T. BABBY, the Merchants' Onion Express Company, 40tt PennsylTaaia avenae, Washington. mh 9 aot |DISSOLUTION OF OOPABTBBBSHIP! The copartnership hsretofore existing between L. W. WBIGHT and P. W. PBARSON, (Druggists, (under tbe name and firm of L. W. WBIGHT A CO., is by mutual consent dissolved. Mr WBIGHT is authorized to eollect ail debts, and assumes all liabilities. L. W. WBIGHT, P. W. PBAB80N. Tbe undersigned, having purchased the Interest ot Mr. P. W. PB ARSON, will still continue to I)ra? and Prescription Business, at the eld atand, corner 7tb and B streets, (south > Tbsnklng my friends for their liberal patronage ia the past. I hope, by persoaal atttantioa to busi* neas, to merit a share in ths future mh ?-B,TuWat? LEWIS W. WBIGHT. j^TEBLING BILLS tor sale in sums tosulTpu7 Highest market price paid for AMHBIOAN ?L ' LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., Beakers. fe7-tf Penna. avenue. VIOTOE BBC*BR. " PIABO TONEB AND BBGULATemWB^^ Establishsd in 18AA. HM oaoaas sow nacaivaD a* DHMP8BY a O-TOOIE S. Engravers and Statlonere. Ac , 32b Pa. av., bet. 9th aad loth sta F. 0. BjIicHENBAUH'S Piano Rooms 498 llth streat, near Pa. avenue. ?ttiml Wm Knab* t Co., Baltimore. Mr. Beoker haa tuned Pianos for as at onr Warerooms, and we take pleasare In sUUng that we believe him to be a compataat tnaer. na n-*m Auction ahd oomm'suoVi merchant Southeast corner or K aad Eighth streets, (Oypaaile Northern Liberty MarRet.J Wamuxgtob, D. 0, rboclaTsales, Consignments solicited. Liberal advaace made on o< asignmeats. Particular atUatloa paid to tbe sa'e of Real elate, and Bonsehold Furalture at private reeld*?ce fe r?-aolm At public sale 1 T1IBOCGH B B HALL'S -REAL BUT ATE BXCHABOB, wmi, r?"ff 7th ??*eat aad La. aveane. be said at anctloa. on the premleee, on tha April, 1867,at o'clook p. m.- by virtue of ?' 'rust executed br Frederick Voi^t, to John Gaa. Stock, its seeare Andrew Tbeirer.) 2fSfir?V.,tory hoase.sftaateden the west part of lot ten, < M> la eaaare Mo. ?l, Washington sabjayt ta a leaee for the term of five years, !*.< duly recorded la liber B. M H ,Mo. t, folic MB aad ?, chattel record* for Washington county. Tsrma cash. mh 14-eolm T^HIS 18 TO GITB N0TI0B, That tha saOeciiA ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of ^ ebingtoa County, In tbe District of Colombia. L'i Jl admlnistratioa on the personal sstate of T bad dens Marriea, lataof Washington City, u. 0.. deceased. All parsoaa having clams against tbe said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit th4 same, with the vouchers thereof, to ths subscriber, on or before the llth day of March aezt: they may th-'aid m b* excluded from all benefit of ^Ten uKr my haad this 13th day of Marsh. mblMawtw MAB0BLLP8 MOBBICB. aad ^^tfihhsd. Uth ^ad Jlil^ (a ear T El, KM It MS. fee. The Japanese commlMicarn *o Washington are ninong :he ii;u>i>>-iif:t-re b> the (Joloratio which arrived at San Francisco yesterday. Ononotton>f>r2:ira is the first cowissioner: Matfnmcto Nndayre. second commtmoDfr Tuku?awa I'keicbi. secretary: lobude Seirra, first intHrprvtW: Seky Sbunpatchi. second, > liino Sbmnott. puTiBiutfr. and Ogossawara Hagker, naval officer. Th#con.mis?ioners are attended by native servant*. A terrible expio?ioc occurred in the harbor of Honr Kong. China, on tbe 17th January The bulk Zepbyr. u*ed as a store for powder, biew up. She was totally destroyed. Tbe lir? m? a schooner Shene*is *? damaged, and about forty persons killed. Many persons in boats iu the ueighhorbood were killed. There were 20(,4>W? pounds of powder m the bulk The town shook as with an earthquake. Tbe 'orner-stone ot St. Patrick's Hall was laid m Mon'real, on Monday, by Father O Donnell. A* a meeting in the evening. B lievlm. president, in a speech, claimed for Ireland the tame liberty and freedom as Canada a legislature cf ,t, own, and a government of its own people. This granted, he said, Feti.auu-n, wouM soon die out. James Tarr^ merchant of Hiilaboro. Caroline couuty. Md.. was found in bed on Snnday morning wi'h bis 'brov jut. He was known to bave a large amount of money in hia po?ses*ien. which is missing. R is supposed be was murdered tor his money. Tnere is cine to the murderer. Michael Waters, a Fenian, was sbot and instantly killed, at daylight yesterday morning, by Charles Wright, a book-keeper on Jefferson street. Memphis, Tennessee. The friends of tbe deceased were witft difficulty restrained from lynching Wright. Advices from Japan say that among tbe causes apt to prolong tbe present depression of business is the death of tbe Mikado. An oppressive law prescribes on such occasions long national mourning and suspension of trade and amusements. A large body of seamen, belonging to her Majesty's ship Aurora, go West from (^ueboc immediately to equip the gunboats on the lakes and prepare them for service as early as possible. A special dispatch from Little Rock, Arkansas, says ?'Tbe Governor vetoed tbe bill loaningtM.iw per mile to aid in bnilding railroads, it will probably be passed over the veto." In the State Senate of New York yesterday, a Dill authorizing tbe Central Kniiroad Company to increase the passenger fares to twoand-a-half cents per mile was paa?ed to a third reading. The Little Rock railroad hat been cS^ilidated with the El Paso aud Pacific, of which General Fremont is president. The work on the former will be pushed forward witb vigor. Portions of tbe wreck of the steamer Coquette were floating down the river past Mobile, Ala., all yesterday evening. It is supposed that she exploded. There are no particnlars. A treaty has been concluded between Prussia, Bavaria, and the Grand Dutch v of Baden, which gives Prussia the command of tbe armies of the two latter countries in time of war. General Swayne, with a large number of prominent citizens, have issued a call tor a public meeting at Montgomery, Alabama, on the 2titb instant, in favor of reconstrnction under the Sherman bill. Tbe Union Republicans of the Louisville district, Ky , bave nominated Colonel Wm. A. Bullitt, of Louisville, for Congreas from that district. The Supreme Court of Tenneasee will render a decision to-day ln\olviug the constitutionality of tbe State franchise law. It is looked for with great interest by all parties Governor Geary vetoed the bill allowing the Pennsylvania railroad Company to increase its capital, to issue bonds and to secure the %ame by mortgage. Samuel Cooper, an Indiana fugitive from justice, who absconded irom that State, carrying on a large amount or tbe school fund, has been arrested. A notorious Mew York counterfeiter, named William Gemaa. wdt arrested in Memfhl*. Tennessee, yesterday, and sent to New York on a requisition of the Governor of that State A fire broke out at Bo'.hwell, c. W., Hon. day night. Abont one hundred buildings were destroyed. Loss f60,?*)0. Man v families are houseless and destitute. Willie Ferguson, a gambler, who recently shot and killed a fireman in Memphis, Teun., was arrested there yesterday morning. The levee on tbe norm side of Columbus, Ky., broke yesterday morning and the town is now comple'ely inundated. Labor riots nave broken out in France. ?? . Dry Goods. Trade has been quite lively all the week, bat the weather, thus far. has been too cold for mnch activity in thin summer fabrics. The amonnt ot snch stock In the aggregate, at this season of tbe year, is always very large: and if l: does not move off rapidly at tha oroper time there is danger of heavy losses. However, a few days, it is hoped, will drive away all anxiety and develop a brisk demand for all descriptions of goods The market has been lower for nearly all kinds of merchandise, aud stocks are believed to be accumulating with a large proportion of our manufacturers. Tbe display of goods m some of our large warehouses is magnificent beyond description. Indeed tbere is no place in the world which can compare with New York in this respect. Brown sheetings are in demand, but prices are a shade lower and the stock is accumulating. Bleached goods, best brands, continue active and firm. Other lestpopular makes are lower. Drills are selling freely, and some styles are a shade lower Prints are lower, owing to failures m Providence and the general tendency of merchandize downward. New spring styles are, bowever, very active. Two large bills from a Lowell manufactory have been sold within a tew days: one amouuting to ^iSO.OUU, and tbe other to ?;Wi,(iOO. Printed lawns are dull and heavy, on account of the cold weather. Ging. hams are In fair demand, without much change in price. Cambrics and rolled jauronets are lower but active. Silecifts are steady, lielames are considerably lower, bat good spring styles are quick of sale at quotations. Tweeds are firm. Cl'ths and most woolen goods are more active and firmer in price, on account ot the new tariff. Kentucky jeans are firm and sell freely. Carpets are firmer and more active. Flannels are dull. Blanket* are irregular in price, without mnch demand. Foreign goods seem to be wanted: but buvers expect lower prices, except on tbe richer class of dress fabrics which are selling more freely. Fine black goods in silks, delaines, etc . are wanted. Tbe market closes with Increased activity, and if tha weather is warmer tbe coming week an old-faahiened ?ru*h'' is looked for.?A'. Y. Indejtndtnt. Slat. Dsivinu Witroct Tbacso ?Hiram Woodruff, the celebrated horse trainer, who died on Friday last, en Long Island, waa probably the first man on record who drove a horse m a race without traces. This be did in 1p57 with Boston]Glrl. Being |a very .hard poller, and the traces dangling abont ber legs on the first heat, Hiram oraerad the -'Dutch cellar'' and traces to be taken off. Tbe order was obeyed and he won the nest two heats with ease, nothing drawing the vehicle but the reins. Tar Logic,ok Ks?al?Strriiur?Mr. J s Mill has written a letter to tbe chairman* of a recent Reform meeting at York, iu which he Cfnta out that the principles in which man. ad suffrage are demanded equally require tne conceaeion of womanhood suffrage He urges the friends of manhood suffrage net to stnltify themselves by refusing to females the privileges they demanded lor males How Laws abb Maps.-Many curious things are sometimes necessary before American legislators can make laws, bat tbe strangeet is, perhaps, developed in Cobmctocat. Among the appropria.iona of tha last Con necttcat Legislature was ?4<io for whisky, lemoaa and sugar, for tha ase of tbe Legislature." Under thla inspiration* no doubt,oome of tha laws of tbe last seeeioa ware paused Coloxkd Votmi in Naw long?la a re view of the colored population of New York the World state* that tbere are abont 3-* colored voters in that city. A negro in Naw York who owna property to tha amount of M50 or over, on which be pays tax la eautled to vote. It is said these colored people are not ail Republicans, but many have for years put tteadiJy voted the Democratic ticket. r?SGI*ESMO*AL. Sbhat*.?Yes:erdayal:em >on ? Mr Pomervy called bp the roiat I>moI.i: . r for tbe ul? ol certain sto.ks held in txw lc.the Chactaw ir4 (iMDOkM lnd?*o?. Pending 'he discuss on on tuis *or e Mr WiTiun caned up tb* bill appr.'pr.*- 'tig a nm no' to "-Beeed *MKi.ul*' to defruy tti* ? * pm^es of carrying lbs recous-rucuou bill* . u to effec'; which *? putnl. Tfe* ditetHiot < b the In<i|u bill wn -eseised, and continued until J4S: wb?-(. :.? wfni idWutaUv* session. iu l ? jju after adjourned HOiiL-Vesterday afteru.>oa? The report of the Committee on the ?oate?te<i election <-a?e m Colorado tru discussed tor an heur, wh*u tbe resolution reported by h* Committee. -referring the papers aad miM e of Hunt sad Chileott to the OimmitteeoH le . rion, with lastrnctions to report which. if ? . tber, of tbe claimants is en titled to the ?e* wa? adopted vilth an amendment dire-mg that. fending the decision of the question. Cbilcott t>? iworn IB a? the Sitting delegate Mr. Cbilcott then presented bimaelt. bad tie oath administered to bim by tbe Speaker and took b's seat as lie legate from Colorado Mr Van Horn (N. Y.' lntroduc*d?otnt re?olu.ior. sBtbenznc tbe Secretary of war to pay to soldiers w bo are entitled to artificial iimt<? ?bids equivalent totbe contract prloe there^:, at their option. Parsed Tbe House wen: into Committer of the Wbo.e. Mr Klaine in tbe chair. >and resumed constd erst.onofthe Senate KMBt reaolatiou appro printing one million dollars to relieve de-ti'uuon in tbe South It vras discuased at some length wben Mr Donnelly suggested uprovlec that the total amobat to be expended for food abonld net exceed one millioa dollars, a less It become apparent to the Commissioner of the Freedmeu'e Bureau that further expenditures were alsolutely necessary to save men. women and children from death by starvation Tbe committee rose, and then Mi. Steven moved tbat the House adjourn. Tbe vote was taken by yeas and cays, ar d resulted yeas Ml. cays SI. The Honse thereapon adiouraed Maryland Aannal Conference ef the *lethodist Preteataat ChurrU. 8ETIKTH Dir-WET>S1?I11T The Committee on Miaisterial Supper' through their Chairman. Jacob Walker, submitted a report, which was adopted, recommending that in fixing the salaries of tbe pa*. tors the charges should take into consideration the advance in the cest of every article consumed by families, and make allowance accordingly Rev. F. Swentsel, Chairman of the Committee on Sabbath Schools, submitted a report providing for the holding ofa Sabbath S boo I Convention, at tbe next session of the Anneal Conference, on tbe evenlnr of tbe aecond Wed. netday in Marcb 1M>H: tbat an execative com. m it tee of foar ministers and tbree iaym?i. be appointed to make tbe requise arrangements for tbe same, and that tbe representative to the next General Conference be reqaested to .'all tbe attention of that body to the interests of tbe Sabbatb School cause. Tbe report was accepted and adopted. Tbe balloting for delegates to tbe General Conference was continued aud coa eluded Tbe following is a fall llat of tbe delega-e* elected Ministerial?J. J. Murray, L. W Bates. S. B Soutberland, J. K. Nicbels. P. Light Wilson. H F. Xolllckofler, J. Roberts. D L Reese, Wm. C. Lip?comb Lav Delegates?B H. Ricbardson, T A Newman. W D Massey, .lohn Coates, A. Iionelson. Wm Turpia. Richard Thcaas Wm H. Wbeatley. J. B Matthews Rev. J K Nichols, from tbe Committee on tbe Presideat's salary, submitted a report which was adopted, fixing the apportionment* for tbe circuits and stations upon a bast* of ?d,fltMi, the amonnt fixed as the salary of the presiding officer. A resolution for the more aacred obaerva* e of tbe Saboath was offered by Rev. Thomas L<ee and adopted. West Washington Mission was referred to tbe fostering care of the ?leorgetowa Station Conference adiourned, with tbe benediction by Rev. Daniel Itowers, until this morning at 4? o'clock, and It la expected it will ad ,oarn nut die duriag the day?Baltimore i?vi a*. The Tereate Chlereferna ( lae. The Toronto (Canada ; Globe tnrniabes some interesting details of tbe death of Gould, who met hi* late from tbe inhalatioa ef chloroform in that city. It says It eeem* tbat while the chloroform was being administered?which was certainly done with great care?tbe patient was seized with an apoplecuc or epiiepuc convulsion, aad became livid in tbe face; but after a lew seconds tbis passed aver, wben it was at ouo* observed that his pulse was becoming very feeble and his breathing alow Neither tbe heart nor the lungs ceased suddenly to act. and several of the medical men sav tbe slow breathing went on after the heart bad entirely stopped, but certaiuly after pulsation at tbe wrist could no longer be fsit It wonldappear, therefore, from theaatareot be convulsions and the pott mertem appearance* that tbe canse of death was not in tha heart, not in the lungs, nor in both together, bat ia the congealed stale of the brain caased tbe convulsion taking place while tbe patient wBecoming under the influence of the cfiierc. form. Tbe public mind sbonld be diaabused of tbe erroueoua idea tbat pbyaiciana have usually found in caaes ol death from chloroform disease either of toe beart or Inngs. as such is aot tbe view held by eminent men here and elsewhere indeed tbe canse of death in many of the case* remains, ia spite of medical erudition, a pro. found myatery Thin man while living, appeared to be in excellent health wi'b a good pulae. bat for wee<? past be waa terribly alarmed in reference to tbe approaching operation; aad this exhaustion. mental depression or shock doubtie** bad a good deal to do with the fatal result Tbi L.c<>i*LATrKB or MikTUnn,-The Senate last evening passed the House bill calling a convention! to form a new State constitution and form of government. It is aow a law, having passed both houses by a twothirds vote. Among tba bills passed ia tbe House yesterday is one to amend tbe law relating to the drawing of jurors in Baltimore city, and tbe Senate bills relaung to tbe baheas corpus act, and to protect society from medical impostor*. Tbe Senate's amendmeats to tbe militia hill were aon-coacnrred in. A message was adopted returning to the Senate the hill providing for an election ef mayor and city council of Balti. more Tbis message was offered by Mr. Thornson, of Baltimore, who alleged tbat the bill bad been tampered with, and certain alterations made in the original hill which do aot appear on tbe journal of the Senate. The principal alteration complained of is that tbe word* every year" bad been changed so as to read every second year." The reception of -be message in the Senate gave rise tu considerable oebate. Mr. Maddox, au opponent of the bill, contended tbat the worda "ererv year," ( which would require as annual election.) were in the bill when it was before tb* Senate, and be new it. but refrained lrom calling atteation to the defect, as be wauled the bill to fail. Mr. Viikers. however,stated that the words every year" had been .hanged by the engro*sir.g clerk, so as to read -every second year," before tbe bill came up in the Senate on its third reading, and that in tbat form it passed the Senate. Tbe order of Mr Maddox to appoint a committee to inveetigaie the fact* was then adopted by the casting vote of the Lieutenant Governor'Ccx. The committee ia to report at noon to-day. To On Lady Rbaobbs.-Have eon npoa your toilet tables tbose beautiful and fragrant extracts or perfumes, prepared with each care ajnd purity bv Messrs Joseph Burnett k. Co., of Boston F We had beard these choice pertnmes so highly spoken of, that onr better naif would not give us peace unui the delicious articles bad been bought, examined, used and spprovea. We took with them a|delighttal little book, as fall of poeey?the poetry of flowers?at tbe perfumes are full of tbe odors ol the flower leaves, and onr household is now well vercen in ths langaage of tbe flowers. Tbe book is a gem of its kind, and has been voted a pe-maaent place in oar boasehoid We ?ad vise oar lady readers to accept onr judgment bis time, purchase a package of this superior desideratum for the toilet, with the little book pi gems as a gratuity, aad if they are no satisfied, to vote us im par fee: in our concep iou of the beautiful. Burnett s Cocoaine," a cooling, soothing, butelsgant beanufler of the hair, i* too wed known to need a word of oomaaent from us. For tbe toilet it i* ibvaluable. With tbe perfume* and extracts, it ateo eaa be found at all oar principal drug>*ior*a. Bcyibo Votb* ? la tngland. where vote* for mcmbeia of Parliament are brought and ?old in many place*, t*e qaestion ia raised whether this la aot legal A vote la claiaaed by some a? a right; if a right why may it a*t he sold' Others contend that it is a trust, aad mast not, therefore, be exercised for monev la England, al*o, an ad vow son, or the right ef presentation to a church living, is a matter of opea narpaia aad sale, thoagh aa ia finitely more imporant trust thaa a vote tor a member of Parliatnest. Both are qae*uons that need to h* s*t tied fi^Heavv snows still embarraas travel in lewnaad Wisconsin. mr Quebec ia overjoyed nt the prospect ef becomiag the capital of the new ' kiagdom '? t&~Fresh terring are abaadaatia ths Norfolk market at ceats per doaaa. fi9? Artem m Ward left about *, ()?. CTThe Attaatl<* Cable oarb* ao- to rharee the press for despatches glorifying Cyrus W Field and h.a associate*