Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. 1 bf U?t?i Cittnltlioi in iht tistrict W ^"ALLACH, flu or nn.f Proprietor. j WASHINGTON CITY : tni rm>\\ marin il, i^t, | sheading matter oh every pagi. 8kk ol'tsrl ur rOR intkrestikg TELE gkapbic and oti1ir mattkr O 4 DY fcKTIVERI. Tbe aoiio?-iuc * u?e ofttviai showing of tit* clrculntioi at ?be daily papers of this city com|hic "" *h? Government advertising under tbe receis r of (Tonrress directing snob advertising ?* be mad# in lb* two daily aewspaptr? o( Wa?hiugton baving tbe larges etrrulatior Eva?im? Wi* 7.714 copies par day. CkronxeU S.IM6 .. ? tnUUignrrr ....3.a3s m The returns ot ad vertisiag by tba eity papers or the Q"?r'w ?Bd>ac DfctmMr si, r966. aa t?*en from 'he hooks of tba Internal Revenue Oflic#, are as follows: fcyjo,,.* star IntelUgtnctr ?,,?* Ckromtelf SUM 5 3ay r-publican convention in virginia. W e learn 'bat the Republican Stnte Central Commit'## u! Virginia will call a ansa Convention of tbe f'mou Republican party of tbe Siate, wi boot distinction of color, at tb# African Church. Kicbmofid. on the irth of April' Tb# State Committee is composed of the following ceullemtn :?Lewis McKenzi-*, Lytaarter Hill, John H?? Itburst, Brennam Wardwell, William R. Snuto and Janes H.Ciem fa. Tba proceedings of tba Convention will be af mucb in?*rest, aad the attendance wil1 undoubtedly b# large. CHANGE OF COMMISSIONER. Brevet Major General J. M Schotieid. for- ! nierly Assistant Commissioner of the Freed- ' men's Burenn for the Stat# of Virginia, lately 1 appointed Commander of the First District under the reconstruction bill, has r>een relieved i ijom his duties as Assistant Commissionerand Brig General Orlando Brown assicned to j All th# vacancy. General ScbolieJd wa? re- * lieved from tbe duties as Assistant Cotamis fcioner at bis own request. sc11att. It i* thonght that the trial of John H. Sar- ; ratt, charged witb heme connected with th# mtiroerof President Lincoln, will be com- j menced at an early day tbis term ot the court. ' although no definite time has yet been agreed apon Already several witnesses from idi>. | tanc# bar#arrived, and summonses are out ! lor crliera. Surratt continues in good health acd talks confidently of heing acquitted. THE WHITE HOUSE. a .srge crowd of visitor*, were at the F.xecative Mansion to-day to see the President i ani many were granted an andience, anoug * bom were several Sena:ors and Represeu- i tanves Postmaster General Kandall had a t long interview with ih# Presid#nt ibi-alter- ' noon. affidavits not to bk stamped Ai manp pe^ons continue. we understand I to attach revenne stamps to affidavits, we quote for the informafion of our readers the following clati.-e in the siampacr, which went i into effect on tbe 1st instant: "And provided i farther, that all affidavits shall be exempt I Jrom stamp outy." | RECEIPTS HIOM CUSTOMS 1 Cb receipts from customs irora March '?rb ' to loth inclusive at the ports below named were 1 bhi:?U?^ rri^W n?,rk' PQiladel. ? ? - Baltimore, Mioriejtr^i Marcn 1st to 0:n.> i.Oj. Total, ! Tit OtASYLASD ooxvintici CoB- ! Teation bill, which passed tb# Maryland 1 liouce of Delegates some weeks since, pa^ed 'he Nena'e iaat night, and Is now a law. It I . rpc#ived a two thirds vote, all the Democratic i aud Con.servative members?sixteen in all voting in us laver. The bill provides for submitting the question of having a Convention to the people on the tecond Wednesday in April, nnd fer tbe assembling of a Convention in May. Under the enfranchisement law passed tbis 6#ss10u 1 >bose di-francbised by the present Con^tltu- ' irn Jor tneir sympa'by and support of the i ect-mies or tlie Union during tbe rebellion are I allowed to vote. Visitogb at tub TRiAsrar?Among the visitors who called to see Secretary McCul- i e<h this morning were Generals John A. Lo- I zsr aad B. Butler, Hon. fcdrar Uiwan, Hon John A J. Cressweli. Hon. Montgomery Mlair, acd Senator Johnson. ?"Krom Sbillington. Udeon Building, we have an interesting budgetof reading matter1 Low io* ^ocirfy, for March, and tne Hirer,id' ! Moyazin' fmr Young and Li.ift Friri*i ! lor April. vxto of tb* Supplementary Recon?truction Bill will probably be re id in Cabinet to-morrow, and may perhaps go to Congress to-morrow afierooen. i Itix.untAin Kxi.i*\ai> tba; ex-Senator Foster, ot Conn . will receive tbe appointment of M ib i?rer to Anstria. in place of Mr. Mo-ley. resigned. *fVrom J. C. Parker, Po^t Offlc# News' Stand, we have received tbe Lathes' Xmti^nml -Vigaznt, and Lathes' friend, both for April. t ?t*i:hal Rev km h k ?The receipta from this 1 aourc# to-day were Ka,Uitn;. T bi Si5AT? has concurred with the House in deciding adversely on the Bonligny claim j Miii'-#. OUciai news from the Mexican i Goveramenr up to the jttb ultimo bave been i ^ceiyed here. President Juir#* arrived at t?an Luu PotoBi on tbeaist ultimo, where he met an enthaeiaetic reception. On tbe 2d of rebruarv general (Corona occupied the city or lx>hma. witb its garrison and war material Ob tbe 5U> tbe Liberal General Marquez. ot <corona ? array, occupied tne city of Zamora. in Mkboacan Th;s leaves tbe wboie country ot in tb# bands of tbe Liberals, and General Corona aad General 4 U> join LKobedo and Oght M'ramon at Qneretaro. No engagement had taken place up to the ?lth ultimo. iJL'iFZLf*** owned by tbe rhe A??r^ near_s*PP"ngton's Station, on ioln^ *}?F railroad, and adjo iiing Mr^E s. K.iey e. containing *t>out 5 , . to Thomas F Percy, of r^h^? ^iH i. .,nM of#l^oo ?asb. Henry < ohe? has sold bis farm near Smith rille. iu Kent eounty, Maryland, containing aojur | ?4^^|r P**1, mcr*- Samuel Pierson purBbibkst^?In New York, on Tuesday last, ^ P1 WM ntad? to bribe a Jnd?e In tbe Court of Special Sess.ons of that city a prisoner who was on trial handed the Judis an envelope which contained one hundred <! liars. Til# judge severely censured tbis couduct, and tb* prisoner made notblna bv tois motion. ' Br-rriML-An Att.oa, N. Y., farmer, who had refused forty-five cents, sold all bl* I ccomalauon in Buffalo a few days since at twenty! Present prospects indtcat* still lower prices rather than higher. **"**ssacbai tts, which should have been 1 ??e orst state to adopt tbe Constitutional Amendment, will be the twenty.first. u l?n,flc?*at that,notwithstanding tbe bonds lo Europe for some sr^t.'as" "w '??1 ***? lZ'}y age was starved to Hy -JLfau*r'wat Fact and, a <?y?Mo His body weighed only t wenty-pounds. *r "ew York, last week. Mrs fcn.hltIBw?nVa 'a h "'"'t 'J0*"*1 Wl'th'her has baa*, wont bud banged herself Vlb?otk?r day, lu France, a lad of thir. teen, aamed Halle,, huag himself "ct.J** other was about to be eonffaed, and hi i Xearr.l tbe family woald be reduced to want ?tib towns to Massacba^etts where there have been bo opoa sales pf liquor for tbres years past iBtemperance has iocreased conanf ally Tbe fact carries with it a stroug arsnmentagaiast probibition. BMmMBBMaMMamMBMBaB^mmBBmMMaBSMNI GOVERNMENT KKI I RITIES. War HI SOTO a, Mn.ctj ai, isd7. Jay Cooke k Co lumub tne following quotations of Government eec unties: Buying, gelling L o. Coap ju itr^l .tuev iuf?. IT. S. Five Twenties, icje.: 109 U. 8. riw Twenties. 1864 lu?\ lorif U fi>. Five Twenti??&. !cWj> ncj? p* , U. S?. Fire T wenties, Jan4cJ'y,'65. i ?\ It 7 , I!. S. Ten Forties ............ ... 971! v*. ' S Seven Thirties, Augu?t.... n>6H *>'? P. S. Seven Thirties. .Tuna 105 % Id* V b. beven Thirties, .la.y lor-v m\ *** VOKK KIKMT BOA RO PALK?>. Coupons itrfn. ..... m\ 5.20 e. 109^ 7.W t-, August. ...1(W * flM'a. 1:44 \if} , Vfti's. June 1US * 5 90*6, l0fi5 1'i?\ /.Su's, Julv....... 1<I5 S SiflCs, Jn.A.Ty,'<K.NJ7 ttold 1,;4* m , WoiKisssiMr K.atinu-Hocsb ?In th* ci'y of Cincinnati there has been t'lblisbfd, under the auspices of tbe Youug Men's (.'Briet?an Association, an in*ntntion called the Workingmen'a Kating-Uouse. in which coffee and bread are furnished tor live cents, beef, steak Ave cents, soup and bread fire cents, milk and brena Ave cents, 'nree egge ten c*nts. corned beef five cente roast beef Are cents, oys'ere twenty cents, pigs' feet ten cents, potatoes fl\e cents, pickles five cents, three cullers fire cetits. pies ten cents. It Ha* been claimed that the institution has been fairly tested and pays expenses farms soliv?Mrs V P. Frame sold her f rm, KJIen wood," near Kipp ?n, in this county, on ruoeday last, to Mr. Kemp, ef Maryland, t?r *ru per arre. Thornton O Pendleton, E?q., nf Cl*rge disposed of his farm last week to Mr. Ilays Mickey, of Cumberland county. Pa., f^r JMMtrt., or about $115 per acre. These farms are handsomely improved, fertile, and beautifully located?Charl<stoim (Wet I Vg ) Free Prrts. Sfiwith Oonw urn i* Gkrat Himtain.? During I--66. the ?9.fl3S,4o4 people living in the L otted Kingdom consumed M,4m.M!i gallons of spirituous liquors?nearly a gallon for each one. This does not include any malt Uqaore. Of the above, *.*2,216,390 gallons were rnatik^n (Irent Britain: the balance was imported, being 4.13K427 gallons of rum and 3. l&. 105 gallons of brandy. Emigration rnoM Liverpool.?The total emieratiou from Liverpool during February, l-'iT. was 4 !*V>, as compared with 7,l0?i during February. ]-*?$. Of the emigrants leaving that port during last Febrnarv 4.7^ came to the I m'ed States, ana the chier part of the small balance of tM.7 sailed to Australia. Thk Movement ?The policemen of Newark. N. J., propose to ask the Common Council to increase their pay from Si Ml to *:j a day. Most of the "hoes" ma*eus of Newark ha\ e yielded to the demands of the jou rney. men f?r an advance of wages to *4 per day. The painters of Newark, it is understood will aek lor au advance of wages to-day. Tng British Army.?A. correspondent of tbe London Times recommends that Coma, men be enlisted in the English army, for the reasons tha' ?ha? tb*y are hardy, strong, goodtempered and t an s-a d heat and cold, that they make excellent soldiers and will eai anv. thing "frem roast beef and plnta pudding to Tice and rate " SrrrSAnsix Naw Jbrbkt?It is reported thai the latest movement in the New Jersee Legislature, with regard to female suff rage, ha* been a report by a committee recommending that a constitutional convention b?? called to consider this other matters, that the question may b- t?irly brought before the people lor their action ^Turkey is in a bad way. lier revenue cannot be made equal to her expenditures, and every year she add' to her already heavv debt. With an income of <M,Mn.non abe s lil needs ?*2ii.(jiNi,f*ir> to p.iv her annnal expendi tures. and financial Ministers' are at a loss what to do. 07"A yonne man in Milan committed sni. c-i> by shutting himself in an heated oveu. WNmp'e white shirr sleeves were worn hy reialemeu at k^tin s matinees iu New Orleans. ftf" The Por'land Press nominates sena'or iesstnden of Maine, for the next Presidency. r5=?WHIT* VOTKBS OF THE SECOND L3 wtKU a lueeting of th* WklTK VOTBRSof tlie Secob ! Wani will be held at mt?> , MbII. i stn et, between ll-h and 13 h, ..b rKIDAT KVXMINH tiiejjd iB*tant, at 7.S o'cl ck. Let eyerv white >oier ef tbe w?r?l be pre?. at m fl it* fT IS? MUTIG* TO ALL WHO US* THE POLLS TO MAC WATER Watbk hi..iiTBAR's offu k, ) Cm Hai L, Wa?UI>G7O.V, ti C . ... . M?rchll 18>" \ All fionaekeef^rs or others who dm the Potoupon 'he pr miset occupied by tliem ?r* *[ "> uotitled tbat unle t they lieve aviil tlnce the 1st iiey of Jauti?ry last tbe water rent for tbe current yaar 1*7^1 hey ar-now dslin in nt ab<1 liAtle to )>AV? th' waTer shut off from tlielr prsmI>ek. Ibi* peimity, which involve ?lso An ad li ut *v"dollbra. will be snfero*.!, without futber do tice on All who, within am month ,h*n aot hftTe WAter rent in fall to jabbaty 1, IS!* AKDOLTH OOTLE. nih 21 aolm (Intel | Water ftegistrar nr^- THE lOTH LECTURE OF TBI YOUNQ **b s Christian Association will be deli\ ere.inext THURmDaT BVEMINO. lift Inerant, At IJr Suo lerlAiid sCb ircb. street bf the R?v. A A WILLETT8. B. D , of iro?kl>B. ? T .to commence at 9 oVlr?ck S ibjeet: Saa?hlac of the fl**r f Tickets ior sale at tbe Bookatorea and At the Door- m 1:1 .-!t nr^BEtil>TRf EOT1CK. - Setice la hereby U- > . to lUAlifled voters in th" First r " . that the Judges of Elect! >b ippoiated to register voters under t he t ?f Oonifreaa ad ,T.*bn?*ry 6th- IS*, entitled "An at to ?"'? illegal voting la th* District of Oolomti a, Ei.r9tv " W,,J hin *t tl'e ioVfa .?AL. church, cornrr o11 street north and .ITS?1' !. "ONDAT, the 18th, TL'ESWBUNEBDAI'. the 2 th An I THUiiBDAT. the 2l?t InstAnt. from to T o'< lock ?h TrcAmei* *UT*V" vf recalvlBg And recor lin< iJAVct.#f955^* UUed '-An Att toregnln-1ttva frABChise in the District ot Oo ermi'.i?' 1 * 'ach ana Avery mala 1 exesytiag yanpera And gor^ons under Ruardtanahta ot the Age of twenty-one y-ar* And upwartL who has not been convicted of ^ay infa Bos* crime or oi.eaes, and excepting peraoa* who i Tolimtsrlij given aid And oomfort to tbe 1 5?et> i, ? the late rahellloii. And who shall have Jll ?.?.ri ??tnre"?<i ? the Unlto.1 States, and who shall have resided In the a?f 4 Diitrl t for 1 thejerlod of one year, and thres mouths tnthe ward or election pi^elnct la which be shall otter ? ?ot?? n?*l irtcvdhiE any eltctioo therein, !i%ll be entitled to the electl v franchise, and jhall be deemed An elector And eatitlad to vote At Any election fn said District, without any distincti n en aeconnt of color or race. " ' 8. V. SOVE8, Secy. Oj""0 * rs<T,x p^Bi or ?m The Board ef Assessors having conrpleted the I annual aeeeaaaent for 1SC7, will ait as a i.oard of f Pur^oeeof making correct!.>ai, I from tbe Uth iaatant to April let inmnaire,i8aadeya excegted,) a? School Commissioner a B ,om. second story ritj Ball, west wing, from 9a. m. to 3 P? It njy( By order ef the President f Int \ fe 1 -aot \ pi nyiitAiiiiiiio iBii. MrPHEBSOW A FEEQUSON. 71 riHN, av*itrg, coaxaa 1ST STBIXT, u*",ot _ irfsTRUMESM, A?.,Ae. .???<! ll*lf rOB BALB?FREECH cor riB, built to order. ? a> HOUSE, seventeen hands high. In lalre 409 L etreet, frem 10 to It a. a. ah21-tft" k'OJJ'ALE-A Black BTALLIOE, 1ft hsada p*r??e wishing to parchaee thla wfllbe a An* chance. Apply to J B. MAJOBt, ceraev H and "th 'ta. , sah? tf BBC HA NTS BBWOUTSIDB STBAMEBS LEAVE NRW YOKE MOR AT.EXAXBKJ I, WA$HIX<tTO.\\ AND GEuHi.tTH V\' The Btoaaer JOHB B1BBON leave a Be w York oa BATUBDAT. matcu St. at 4 p. in., from Pier 99, Bast Blver. Shippers mnst. la sending t*elr*WM^HM orders, aaae the Btenaser and Pier atel* ~^?r*!?S5u "^nUht wUl 1 HOB El BBBB roB BALB, Bo. 91 Fesn.ylmh^-Jt ***"*'b#tw##" 24 tb ^ ?S?fc atroets. 1? AT? BICE 1 TED a flue aaeortaseat of Freaeh and Boaestle BOHBBTB. *rmnom LEW 18 BAAB, B8 Market Bgace. w .' g -Tb. ! LEWIS BAAB S 486 ?.or^.l?V!S^T-i86 WD* But?\^T^U, T*pi,?Jy'j Alee, the largeet ae*ortmeat In the District ef Oval Fine OtU Imitation Base weed. Bhoay andBu?tlc Krames, Picture Cerd and Tassel*. Biars Bails, Ac, At ^ M ABKBITBB'B, MO. 4*6 7th st . bet. D and st?.a mh 16-ft' 84eors stove Odd Fellowa* HaIi. | teLeq&afhic news7 FROM ElROPfc TO-DAY. (Bj Cable to tbe Associated presa.} 1a>xim>*. Marc b 21?Noon.?rjonsol1. 91. TCrie sbnree "; * . V. t* k'??e-1 treaties TJs; IL-uoie Ueotral 1,1 vih > oot.. M?rch *21? No<?n?Ti? rntt^n n ArWet ttdi- a downward frittfncj Mulitliui: f)|i|*nri? MtrtOni.g Orleans I:\. Sale* to-dny V > 0 isIm. Dtllii td?U>?i> are ?ii|k vor*W|?> nn<1 prices tend doacwndJ. IfreadetnfT- .nn?*t. t'orr declined to * 1? ?>d. Ijinaeed oil j*r*ea. Iron '?(? Id tof Sidtcb pig Fr*a> i awada. Momeeai. March -.M.?Keporis r?ceiveti bv Gejierai Muhael show tbst ail ? 41?i*?t on nif ircntier. and that there u no ground for excitein'nt cm acctMint of reman m?T?tn?iiUi '1 he Lxecntive Council Bold held & n^ini; at Ottawa veM^rday The btieinots truD??cted w?? merely of a routine character Belief for the Mouth Baitimor*. Murch >!.?In the Mxrvland l*?iflatare To-dlijr the Senate bill appropriating one hundred thousand dollar.' for the relief ot.the Sou;U passed the House pKOPO?AL8 FOK MKAT. Qfir* firmer Committor? of Skhmtnt't. 1 Wtifkmnw*, D. f., March*). i?7.( Pealed Prepoaais.ef the form farnisbed by the undersigned, will be receiveI. ia duplicate. audi M>* Y, the 17th of March. UK?,at it m . fur ell the FREBH end OORN E O BIB Frog aired by the Subsistence Deport neat, for sale or iwne at the following places. vir - Washington. D. C.. lltxitdrla. Vo , Fort Wuiiiii|t?i,tld . Fort F<ote, Md , aid Fort W hipple. To. The h'rtfh Rrr f repaired for sale* to officers sup plied trom the Washington Depot to be of t*e iiuctgnnllty ef select porta, both trom the hlod diiaiteia end the lb* of the fore quarters. ee the officer in charge ot sales may desire. About one teutli of ol> the fresh beef required at Hiakiottoa is to to of this kind. All the M?at will bo enbject to rigid inspection; to be of excellent marketable Quality wad in tinexceptionable. condition. The Fre*k Bttf reuuired far tbe troops to be of eunai proportions or fore and blud matters, pecks, shanks, and kidney tallow npt received. In all cat*-!, if tbe Meet la not aatiaractory, purchaaee In ibo open market will be made at tbe expense of the coatractor. The contractor will bo retired to deliver the Meat at the btore houee. at the plaeoe asaied, where ho will distribute It in sa?h inentities, end at ench times, as ati officer of the Subsistence Department may diioct. h parati proposals will bo received for supplyins either of tbe aiiove named place* aad with either aiti< le of the meat reeuirad. except the propoeais for freab beef at the Waahin<'t>n Depot, which must be ior *oth klodaef fre-b beef re itiired, for salt s as well as tssnes. and no propnaal will be entertained which does not complr wltli tbiartile. la accepting this bid the lowest average price for both aalee and linifi will be con I aideied. r.idders most be preeont at tho opening ef the bids Perm* nt to be made at this office monthly, for all grit purchased, or when in funds for the pur pose All^Toationa respecting quality and condition will be settled by the officer of the Kubsigtence Department receiving the Meat. hroposals will l>e received for one, three, or atx months from tho l?t day of April, 1SC7. er such period or tbe( omnncsary General of Subsistence m*) dets'mlne. Bidsmnst be endorsed 'Proposals for , at? and addressed to the tmdergtrnel. G. BELL, mh214t Maier aad O. B.. 0. A A. |>BUPOSALB FOB MAIL HaGtf. Po*t <?rrtcK Drtartmi vt. 1 W\<iiisi.ios, March I", ia T.\ Sealed Propoeais will >>e received at this d*-part> meut un il mt '-ru'lt d<ni m Vayn'i'al /.?>??', lor iuraifhiag, tor I ur years Ironj tbe first dayot July. I8-w.t>uch uuantitiee of MAIU BAGd as may lrom lime b?< re<iniied and ordered, of tbe description following, to wit: LEATHER Mall, POOCHES, adapted to railr<-ad, ateaniboat, and coach ccnveyanco.of sf/e? as follows r ^o 1 Forty eight inches in length and sixty ln< bes in circumference Me 2 Koi ty-one laches in leagth aad forty eight Inchbe in circiuufetraca bo I rhirty-oix laohec in length and forty two lncb?a In circ?iirf-renc?* Bo 1 Thirty incbec in length and thirty aix in cIm;* in 'Urc anifortuco No : Twenty six Inches in length and twenty-. eij>ht tnrbei in circum!er?u- e. The booy ot the?e poacbon is to be tn ide or good and substantial bag leather, well tanned. weirh I ug. tor si ee nttai(>ered 1 an I 2. not ies< than eight oiitces, and for tbe Bmaller ei/es. not l<*?* thin revtn ounces to the aiaarefeot the bottom.of circular foituiand tbe f ap to be of good skirting leather, well tanned, the eeaius to be well and strongly secured with tb- b' ?t iron ri .ets. well ti tied LEATHER H0B8B MAIL B\GS. ,adapted to conveyance by bors?ba-k ) of thro ?l/e< nsmelyKo. 1 Forty Hglit inches in loiigtli and taentyone Inch' s in wi lth at th?- wiutist parte, the enda or iKHtoma beitie tonrteen b> twenty six inches Bo 2 Forty dve inchee in length aud eighteen inchee In width at tbe wbleet part; ihe ends or b"ttotra being twelve by twenty rour Inchee So I F >rty two inchee in length and eixtean inches tn width at tbe aideet parte, the oa*' or bottom* b?ia( ten by twenty Incline The,* l ags are to be made of good aul substantial t>a? leather, well tauood, weighing uot b ee tt un tueij o>ince<> to the ?<jnar<- foot, tbn seems ta be ee. urely formed an4 well an ! at ongly ao?'ed or if riveted, to ho done ee aa not tochare horse or rider Tbe coaatrnction of a month or opening of ea-H of the afco e described .poachee and b?ge iatu be an b aa to admit of its b- in* locked with a padlock, and when so |.>cked to sec are its coutenta froni any abstrai tlca that may be cfleeted without opening the lock, or leaving come obvions external n ark of violence upon the potiob or bag. Bo particular -'.etice for that ob ect is pre tcria?-?, the aklll oad inyenuity of hldderc being rciifd en to eupply, by their apeoii one. piau* of construction from which a ? b ction can b male aa the best and cheapest for the surs<??, JITE 0AM VAS MAIL dACKd ef three si /.as, vi/: Bo 1. Forty three inches in length aad sixtytwa inches iu circi nference Bo 2. Forty one incbea la length aul fortyeight in hee in cirenn<ference Ma S. Thirty-two iocbeefn length snl thirty C ght inches ineircnmitience Tbe eacks' f al7.? Mo 1 Are to be uiads of cloae|y woven jute canvas, weighing not 'ess tnau si x teen to tiicyard of 31>? Inches in width, tbe jams of the warp to be each doubled and i twisted, and to weish an onnce to about'ifty yarde, and oC tbe filling or wttt. if not like those I of the warp, to weigh one fitfe to aoout ei - lily- ! live yarde. The socks of si*e No i are to bemadeofjote ' eanvaa we glnng not lev iban elevenoaic?? t . the i ard el -*>s fotnea wiith, the war* and Kelt W be nearly aeabove deecribed. The nacksof sixe M< . 1 arc to be made ot thinner jnte canvas, weighing not fee? than ox. w, the yard Of Ifl^a iaol,e? ThoBCof suec Mo 1 and 2 are to be made with a tabling 01 hem atti c top tv. o inch <a wid .upon wbicb a aufficient nm btr of oelctc?atlcaet t n to the to.tuer and < igbt to th latt-r-are to be \r> It wrought, aal th y arc eocb to b<? prov ded with a good .tudsafii' ieut 1 empoord to lace and tie tb- .11 ihoioiiL.'hit cud -troagly. Unleas -earn lees, tbey are to be inade. with two seau<a, se.urel eat b wjtb twe rows o( sowiag. All sr? to be mark d insioe aad out " U 8. Mail " iu large aad distinct letters Propoeais for eultablc improvcaseati or medifications ia Mi e torm of constructiou. aa well ae iaat'TlaU, of any of the above-dcccnbed pouches and bars are itvHidi and tba relative value tnd adaptation to the eervioo, as well ae epecidod price ef ?ay each Improvements or modllcattans, tslll br considered in <1. termining tie loweat ana best bid The proposHls ehcnld specify unacoditio&ally th> price ef caoh e'Mri* |pn?-s?< to bo furntabed. Bo nroaoeal will be eoagidere 1 ii not accompanied with apecimea* st of each article btd for, showing the construction, si %< , and gnalitv of materiale aad workmananip offered; aad also with a written guarantee from the persoas proposed aa sn res lee, (whose responsibility must b? cor tiled by the poctmaeter of tBe place Bare Htey reside,! that tb'y will beaom* re sponsible,an aallcient band far the d?e aerfermane< ofth?-contractlncas->suchpropecalshalib< a> eepled Th^sp.dmens or camplee must be d- llvered ta this Dcpaitacat an or before the 27th day of May next, itnd ihnee which ehall have aocotnpsated taccooepted propocala will, la connection with ucb Proposals, form the basic of tbe contracts ta b? made ,h?u,d ^ and dletlactly masked with the a ember denoting its site, and have aMxed to It a eampic (eix incbct U?d? h# principal maunalof which Itte ?iA?h ?f.Ci',m?J ^npaelted by bidders, which eat ^?y*aloaoefc? used ill the mail sfl i^Maiia ? at the prices epccltied ia be propoeale relating to tbe came All tbo above deeartbod articles that mar l?U?erabla at the risk MST-I ^Ti'^SSSUltKU ma> order ^uring the term of the contract-; and W.'*a!L*!2*obV?#1?,r ,no??te<1, ^?^re deHvery, at tba alaoe af UTelr maaufactare, nbnc being re; cetsed or paid far which are iafcrlor. la an" ra I snsivfess"' ? timit#to wit: - > ? 1 "all poaches; BM horse matt bags; BlJfO csDvas mall seeks. But the Postmaster General wilt rsacrve tba right to order ."during tbe tarm of the contract, tore or less of cay, Or ull ef the sa?ac. astKI wants aad ia'erects of the cervloe may seem to BC^I to wi The prop seals should be transmitted In a coaled master General , faahihJablaQariSs In^f"r ?r mm , Aleo, a number of Second-hand "BM&Sl^scksI waya. Ac. Repairing promptly attanded to BOB T H. GRAHAM. Repodtnry , 3T4 Betreet. nsarlth. ? 5# 3t* Uhep, 47? 8th etreet, near P. j CONGRESSIONAL. THirn^n**. Mtrch 'it. ^r ^T* -Mr William*. from tueCommittee

on Finance, reported (lie bill ex'endinc tbe benefit of ibe *11 r?*r cent increased con pensatton to the etnplojees of the first division. Carren:y Bureau, at.d asked lis indetalte post, poriement. Dtr Williams said tbe opinion of (be committee wit that these explanatory resolutions should not be passed a-, if it ? tu commenced, th* re would be no end to them Tbe bill was than indefinitely postponed. Mr. FeseendeD moreJ tbat tbe tw? vacancies in tbe Regeats 0f lbt. -Smithsonian Institute be tilled by the Chair. Agreed to. Mr. Morrill, <Vt..> from tbe Committee on Finance, reported tne bill to exempt wrapping paper made of wood or cornstalk* from tbe internal tax. Mr. Wilson, from tbe Committee on Military Affairs, reported, with an amendment tbe bill relative to tbe pay and bounties of colored soldiers, sailor** and marines. Jlr V11 sod, fiom tbe Committee on Military Aflatrs. reported tbe bill placing certain troops of tbe State of Missouri on tbe same footing in regard to bounties as other troops of the United States Passed. Mr. Anthony introduced a resolution insir acting tbe Committee on Printi&g to inquire into tbe alleged deficits in tbe accouats of tbe late public printer, and into his late purchase* of pi luting papei. Air. Anthony said be introduced this resolution at the request of Mr. Wendell. Tbe resolution was passed. Mr. Chandler, from the Commifee on Commerce. reported a hill to authorize American citizens to sell vesfcls to trtendlr belligerent*, which, at the suggestion of Mr. Sumner ,was laid over. Mr. Trumbull introduced a bill amending tbe bankrupt act, so as to pro vide for the appointment of registers by tbe district judges, instead of by tbe chief justice. Laid on the table. Mt.Skerman moved te reconsider tbe vote passing tbe bill exempting wrapping paper from the internal revenue tax. Agreed to. Hocpb? Mr. Scbenck (Ohio) introduced a bill to extend to the employees of tbe t{.u*r(ermaster's Department tbe provisions of tbe joint resolution giving adaitionnl compensation to certain employees of tbe Government at Washington, approved Februarys, 1867 Mr. Holmau (Ind.) suggested that the bill ebon d be broad enough to embrace the employees In tbe navy yard and the government workshops in Washington, and he hoped it would be made to meet these cases. Mr. Schenck said when tbe original bill was under consideration, a suggestion similar to tbat of Mr. Hoiman was made, and the House refnsed to entertain the suggestion, several members stating tbat tbe employee* named bad had ibeu wages increased. He only intended tbis hill to upply to those who were contemplated in the original bill, but who, by a construction of the law bad been thrown out. Mr. Julian ^ind ) said he understood tbat tbe employee* of the navy yard bad not received iuc rea?ed pay, and he thought they should be included. Mr. Scbenck suggested that distinct propositions be brought in to meet the cases referred te, and not embarrass this bill. Mr. Kenjamin (Mo.) desired to include the employees at the Government Printing Otfice Mr. Scbenck again suggested a separate proporition to meet this case. Mr. Donnelley (Minn.) said this bill should include tbe firemen of tbe nited States steam tire w hich was under the control of the (quartermaster s Department. Mr Scbeack said the clai-s referred to by Mr Donnelley were included iu the bill. The bill wa? tben passed as reported by Mr. Scbenck Mr. Wilson. (Iowa, i from the Committee on Judiciary, reported back senate bill providing ? I nib-a'States District and Circuit Coart lor tbe Sta e ol Nebraska, and it was passed. Mr. Hulhurd. (N. Y.,) from tbe Committee on Public Expenditures, submitted n report, suiting that while engaged 111 an investigation ordered by the House, tbe committee had tkeu I some testimony which apparently inculpates one or more members of the Senate, an.l the | majority cf the committee therefore recommend the adoption of tbe following resoln tion. Iterolved. That this House, having been informed by one of its committees., that testimony has b?en brought to tbe knowledge of said committee, which testimony apparently inculpates one or more Senators of the I'nitea States, the House therefore directs that all such testimony be transmitted to the Senate for its information. Mr. Taber (N. Y.) said tbat, as one of the minority of tne committee, be did not agree 10 tbe rescilulien, nor did be think tbat tbe testimony inculpated any one. He would therefore ask for Lhe reading of the evidence taken. Mr. Hulburd said tbe resolution jnst reported was not ba-ed solely spoil the testimony taken witbin a day or two, hut upon wbat was taken by tbe committee of last Congress. Tne testimony recently taken amounted to nothing without the oth?r, and If one portion was read he would ask to have all read, and it would take some six days to wade through all of the testimony. Mr. Klctrldge (Wis.) suggested tbat the House could not vote understandmgly unless tne tacts were fully atated. Some reason should be given tor this extraordinary action on the part of the Hon*e. Mr. Hulburd said he had no ohiection to having the testimony read, but the majority of the committee bad come to the conclusion that] it would be much more decorous in the House to pass the whole testimony over to the Senate, as it aflected a member of thai body, and if they deem It of moment, they could order an in vestigation. The committee did not deem it. advisable to give tbe testimony publicity, or to call undue attention te it. Mr Urooks (N. Y.) did not 60 much dbj?et to the reference but to tbe language used in tbe resolution The objectionable words were "apparently inculpates." The word inculpates is a harsh one and should not be lightly used He was satisfied tbat the testimony should go to the Senate, but it appeared to him tuat other terms should be u-ed. Mr. Broomall (Pa.) said be had no objection to tbe testimony being read, hn' &? wanted it understood tbat the Committee did not volunteer the testimony, aud did am tiunk it should b- ve publicity before it went to the Senate. The Senate mixtr no: desire to give the testimony publicity. Mr. Hlngbata (Ohio) a-ked if tbe testimony would not have to be made public in the Senate before It was considered. Mr. broomall said theque-tion could he considered with closed doors. Tbe testimony was taken a series of weeks, aud one portion could BO be read unless the other wa? After some further di*cua?>on the resolution W is adopted. Mr. Hulburd then reported a resolution dec1 tring it to be the sense of this House tbat H. A. Smythe. Collector of the port of New York, ah mid be at once removed, and pending cou 1 Jeration tbe morning hour expired. The House 'hen went into Committee ol the Waole on tbe bill tor the relief of the people of th South. BY COOPEB A LATIMBB, Auctioneers. South*-st corner of Penn. avenue and iith it. AT FBIVATB 8ALB. A number of first - class PKITATI KM1DEBCES, in central localities Alto 1* smell Brl< k and Frame H0U8BS 1 VA&M, betee-'B Washington and Alexandria 1 large Frame HOUSB, with lot lai foot square. For further particulars apply of _ mkH-lni OSOPBB A LATIMBB. Ancta.l q uT AID opt; GBABD IMAOQURATION ? or THB CHEAP O A 8 1 8TOBE. Ladies deeirous of purchasing FABOY GOODS would do well to p?*t this advertisement la their pocket and come curly and get the great bargains IB MILL1BBBY ABD FABOY GOODS. At MBS. A, B. McCLOHEY'8. Bo >46 7th street, jth IMt* bet. I and Ma?, eve Q1BOOBBIBS. HALL A PLABT, FLAST'S BUILDIB9, Corner Hew York avenae and IMn (tract. I Batraace en Hew York avcaue,) Dealers la Sac FAMILY OBOOBBIB8, TEAS, WIBB8, IMPOBTBD LUXUBIB8, Ac.. Sc., would respectfully notify their Meads and the pahllc that they have Jaat opened their Bew Grocery Store, where eaa be obtained any article usa ally kept It a first class Grocery. Without attempting to oaUtotoatt our large,fresh aad well elected stock, we cordially tavMe the public to examine oar atere aad stock, believing we shell not faH to give eatlre aattafccttoa to alt whe may favor ua with their patroaageWe call acpaOal attontlea to cur actor tmeat ?( TEAS aad OOFTBBS, which have been aalcoted with greet care feu purity. Dealers wttl Sad a lac aeeortmeat to select from, aad oar prievs to nit. OecSe delivered prcmpOy ia any part cf the city. iMMu with rooms, aad .tabling for Ua coers. with tea acres of greuad. reat tree for three yearst one square from a maniac distillery. Apply at Star Ofice. in 30 St* Affairs la GrtrirUwa. i, Tal K\i MAh'ii ?The rooms of the 5t-*rcbau's Exchange hitr been fitted up for th* comn enctroea: of tp-rations. nod the ta-rehnn'a connected witn it bavx been r adtifled (bat the rooms wilt oe op?sed for busings on u? xt ?eudny morning at In o clock. lai>lciM Lxroai'Bi?Ye?ierday morning, ae a yOwng married lady was pwin? by an alley opening upon Hi?b street. Frederick I.vanf-, a young colored mm, crossly tn-uf?si her. She hastened borne and informed b-r father and brothers, who ia*t*nU? went after him. aad bad it aot been tor the fvh~r, Evans would have beea th asbed by tbe voting men. They carried bin to the atanon-twe?, and Justice Huciey Hoed aim fl<?.44. and sent bim to ihe workhent-e in default At m?nt b- 1 managed ta pea tbrongh tha nn?a* b%r8 of tbe third atory, aad bjr making a rope of hi* blanket let bimwelf down The blanket broke nenr tbe window aill, and It is supposed that ' be had a lofty tumble; but aa be hta not be-n beard from since it it probable that be wa.< aot badly liort The Poll Lutb?In view of the approach- ' mg special election iae judg*t> of elecu >n tbarged with the registration of voters. open-d tbe poll liats yeaterday and ta-day for revie.on and to gUe opportunity for tboae not regit,. ^?red heretofore to do aa prior to tbe election There were but eix came# added in tha two . aaya. Tbe corrections were principally in tbe JJ??* r^iatered, acd in the location ot" voters. The total number of rotera registered la ',< t?. of which 90# are colored and l,i73 white. Flora aid OkiiH Maekbt ?Tbe weather ?? aery unfavorable for bueinese, and tranaactlons limited to the local trade are not m. merone. The market for breadstuff* ia ab>ut at reported in the Simr yeeierdny No racmtt StocK ght, and active demand for all aorta! and ../ices unchanged. Port or Owbhtowk-Entered and clean-d ?Steamer Express. Nickle maa'er. from an to Baltimore, with merchandize The bay and river craft begins to appear at the wharvea more rapidly than before, Indicating an increase of travel. GEORGETOWN ADVtRMTS. WCT10I NOTIOB ?An election will be W4iBMtkirioiact??M?ND4!. March <^oiri?ir ?!fin *r the Board of Omnia sssirfiu" tszmif? " " mUAt OkAS ?. WELCH Mayor pHKAP BPB1BQ OvMJDB " ^ ... AT #wn101 B3d?? Georgetown, D O. Ok'lcoee, li', to in; Merrlmao and Hpragiiea.SO ?nL' ifJlD5 ** !?' . choice stylos. Terr cheap; Bleached Haalipa, u, i2*, it, i$- rVJ wtde d. ?; l"f- 4-4, *ets ; Bate's B. B., Mill. #,rl **"?tta, Mew York ' 'uygZvzJ'-ite., * *-ln?* 1K1AMII MILLIE. W" kOPIIFMHllIS " ? ? iJstS'l'SSiMnj,. o. ^ iu?iii Premlam awarded by the etropvlitan IaetltnU |W; rebuilt l?W and la fi?r bLf?r,th* L^-geat a^'oet^mVleS' ^.Ub ,n tbl" ewtiea of country manner' *" 8c?mrln* of Wnd* <>?d* tbe beet Tcr, ,m,t ' <>?. the anoacrit^r ^ lh* cttetom of the caauaaltr Oo il* received and retnraed by expreaa with the ntmoat aromptneee and despatch 'fJ ic# Lock Ho *9. _Office^cloeeedally _at annaet except Batnriay, when It ia rloaed atlS pm fe 16 ?m TOf^Pniiuiq ii? Bt&ipof HAY%rDTutBAfri7Jh* hil^l mlth PUBS i ^T u , ? O.ani ?arraat?i never i eeuamokrd. Maa.ifactnr*- ; aoiely Htr va OBOS8K, ? ?? " ,r?r?3,",i,r'2. A 0?HABTBBB>UIP UaVIBIG BBVM ES /*. tered lute betw* en the i.n !er?i aed for the ' v f *?be retail FLO (J It Ufek !5 tk?| hope t<?h?re a i^rti n patr?i!a?e .f the citl/ena of Wa?hiB?t..n P',i,r,ct'*n,, pr-?mii>e a fair and atrictconformity tojaetice ia alldealitica. m IW TKMNIhUN A WA??S*B. ^ G*M TB WASTID. #75. 8100 ARB"TI30 PEB MONTH la bo* bfink made b.> onr Acenta caavaa-inc for he new work of historical value and rum an tic Int?reat, entitled "WKAB1NO OF THE OBAT, ' Comprising Pti cnal Portrait.*, SLtiik-n, A<lrtmtnr,s. ?nri /?. , <l *t* ?f the late ^.aaii* T,ruii^s^a. Itrrjr ?f th' l>n -tnt Dt'tff, Cni'tfs, Ton.em? Af,itrite* WtUmf Sucrifit**,*** Fmittnt Suftr _ *hX>nflhr _ BgJS IN GRAY, w . BBTAM COOKS, i,t ,L of. G,*??,ral Htnart'a Start author of fcarry of Bagle sheet,""Life ?i Stoneuall Jackeon, Ac., Ac. HANDSOMBLY illcbtbatkd . ^ Toeoergetic men and wvatn a rare chance !s ,o??r - Add re?. BOCTHBBH PUBLI8B1JBQ OOMPAHT. t) . <> 1* Holliday street, Baltimore, aid. Poet OBce Box 1494. mh 1 eolm O ~ TON8 BALB HAT. 00 3000 BUBHBLH BROWK STUFF. Fer Bal>- By 1'BTBB BBBBT. mhMT 8J_W af.^r street, 9?org?t<>vu. CABD -M18B M I WILJOS befta leave to inform her old rnstomeis and tbe public geaerullt that ?be haa re opened ber Dieaa Making Batabli* bment at 490 12th street, betweea I and F treets. mh lfi-m" |>ABIS fAND HIW YOHK MILL1 1 KB BY frm Mrs A O. OABTON has met returned from Mew York with a large ana ?l>-gant -^T_ aesirtmsntof flne French. Bnullsh. and *** Atiieriran Straw BonneWan'l Hati for ladies and children. Oriatal, Amber. Pearl, aud Mra? Ornameuts Aleo, a general aseornn?nf ef fine French Flowers. Bonnet and Hat Frames In _reat variety BILbons. Silks, Orapes, Tullee ?bd Beal Laces. Ac. Partlcnlar attention ftven to all ordera B.-ems. 44b 8th street, near I'ennsylTaola aven?e mh 13 tm |SMLT S3 CBMTB FOB A GOOB. HEAVY I v? pair of BB1TISU bOOKS. Osutlesien?' CHI BBB SHIKTB aud DBA?TBB8. at all prices. ADAMsoNd. i rohJU 1m 30ft fth at.. ?>it Pean ave. 911 ? MATIOMAL LAUNDRY, Oil Penna av., let ween Lt hand 13th ats Jm\ I All work dune by hand. Ooo>1* called for and delivered at tbe ahorteet uetioe. French tin tin* done In the neeteet ntyle. mh IVlm* ! L)tIA*>'f3Ti7STATES CKlaBTo]fM** "' -JA ^r*r ii5 nr extension of a patent granted to th* 'aid Henry Garter and James Bees the S^d dar i Boveuiber, lads, aad aatedated Jane 3d. llli t?r an improvement lu hut Ma biner. tor seTeu7;ITS . from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the :id day of June, 1867 : .U11 ? rder*! t^at the said petHloa be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the joth day of 1 ai '""it. at it o'clock M.; sud all persoM are noHfled te appear and show cause. If any grafted***' ' ?QEht not to be persona opposing the extension are required to file m the Patent OfBce thair abjections, ap*.risi|y ?e: forth in writing, at least rtrrmty days before the day of hearing; all tesUnony filed by either party ; to be us?d at the said hearing must betaken and transmitted In accordance with the rales of the ofI flee, which will be furnished on application Depositions aud otb?r papers relied upon as teetintooy must be filed in the rffice ttMa^ daye be?T.w *7 ?' th* artuments, if any, wirhin t'H davs after filing the tes Imeny ?w?'B#ret\4*Uo' ^ *ot,c? *? PB>?lubed la the Bepubliean aad tbe Intelligencer, Washington, D. ., andla the feet.Pittgbargh. Pennsylvania, Vr?ek/er three sucoeaslve weeks; the firet ef said publieaMone te he at least sixty days ere* tons te the day of hearing. 9 ? T. 0. THBAKBB. _ _ ? Oemmlesloner of Patents. P. 8.?Editors ef the above aenera will nleaee copy, aad send their bills to the>StMt Ofloe with a paper containing this noUee. mh ll lawSw | T" "<>%OSKIO?'I'A"diyT,,*8T1"8 I -A''sffis?WJat2sitn?s34*ss: yy W?|h pnblloatiea was delayed. It will now SSEwss?. as* ttiJfSSml i ^eyelopmentaaad thrilling ad venonly official histery of the Aseasematioa oon tKretiifcl.?'A,-?rtorr *""* ~"u?? 1 V, plaoed Wefere ths public. The ! s^^.asK&^sss3fjr2?iJir i UP Ohtalaed In Wnehingtoa. The morale of tbe National Capital are thor4 ougkly ventilated, aad there are soeas strange revelations ooncerniag hsada ef departments. Boe Bo. 900, Philadelphia, Pa' * OBc* dsr o^M^ ^ *** " <a the 1st p,n?4 received, n large I t ef ^a? S2; " .r#mma,,tf ?r Trn* two ? toa UrMitVww^ ? ??*. worth ? oeats All woal r?ir ?i?k . f * cenu. worth SO DBBMQOOD8 ^ ??"? mh-**' * JOWW99B A CO . * a 3<1 Be v oath atreet P BI I | I T BB. -klX Bae as^Ttment ef PBMBBITM which are for tale at low artcee. 8 FBAMOh TAYLOE. l0h1 and poumbl LOST-O* Tm e treei. kitttH O m~* B.^^et *alJ (,^r4 Tn* *??-r ?i>| u 'V.r'^l r???r .*t ?v U.viaa iheeameet ? to * llth n . I ?t K <>(? L II | OKI j t I'uU.p re white 'tj-n ' * *and tfoinl ??r" I'tblKk. Hy rp(irb(n( I.. owner, * ?) ! ?? . bet l/thaod I8U. ??.. r?*?r4 oi % 10 wi.l o At'*b _ m If IVI^- Tfclt aieru'ec ?i Peg mirutt ituat, ? !?' ! ?*? !<? end l?tk -tr *--?a. a Xe.oni* HiM* la theekape a IUii? croee AMI* at it ie?ar.i viI t?r gitee c leUmed te * > I << F* ?* , I'M I|ih*ft4 WiltU ||* TU HI P*E?lf?B8 MlbtlMM " - Stall llu Wl?, with ?liil- t.? k *ud belli . Ikrwlili la IMiMltil lwc< ** (trftUd, I'MVt prupait) j ?> < I a |M, M'iuHt b.r ewev. (. (.'Hi b-L Om > !, atrial, MitMl 1:1 ?a J 2?ih Ki.,Nw H ? M' IOST - At lb* Iftll Th??Ut, gf b? ^ IlKmwl WIMMt'sUU#"*!!!, I LET marked "W 4. t to R. B trtb <a< om, 1? "* will be Uh?*ul? ri?tr<?l by leaving the ?w> at WtinH ' Hrt?l f?tl tf ~ I'KKSONAL. IB EBERY 01 \ B HOT10 B tbet 1 ktfl UTi m< > v?lB, 4, LlK'it alLLftk in coaa> q ..eoce * '* w.-?i >pp<rl Ik* ieuiur, aad lil> irwl trealmeatol ! Ai-d I tb?i o.e ivTrVftr* MM e?er? b< oy act To uiitkin fti) tuo'iey ?. to ba> ika f Ofrij l#? W> e*vh witho*' m, aae 'here era loar children alive ; (. If'-X"0-* * k*" ? P*??ide l?f. ??* JbiUMIi MfLLBE S?n??IBh* BJ.ATfi ABD Ai*L k?b?s m t nM?f%2!S&itc?h'Z?% a** *r,n,*?1 ??ew at _ L b?t | tu< K eta. mh if eolm* I WMii101! vT,? "? *O??st OILBBBT. eolarad. I.roaa akin, tweive y are old three feet at* tfi.kae bt?b tur ia.oraau?a ti>at will lead ta fria rac<'very will be tnaakfuilv mother. Weat Allay, between Mb and /tb and i. aad m atraata ??' CH \KLUTTB GILBK^T. pXISOIAL OB IMPBBBOBbL. 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