Newspaper of Evening Star, March 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 21, 1867 Page 3
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THEEVEN1NGOTA R. LOCAL KKWsl AMCS1M1KTS. Ac , TO-KIOHT. \*A 1 8 N?W I'l'EKA 11UIRI.-U.<l nigh' of the talented VNorrell Sister*. vi j j will appear in the great musical onrlesq n e "f Fra Diavalo'' and the Comedietta of "Nat, . the Good-for-Nothlng.'' Their engagement I'M a great success National Theater.?Mr John Brouzltm in hie KxtrevnEKnn of "Columbus Ke oni.racred " The pi rforinuuce will comm 'ucf "His Last L*>gs" Mioteeott H all ? Alf Kurnetts entertain, xrsents continne to ({row in popularity. but we Oo not wonder at it. a? be is one of ihe b-??t mimics that ever appear?*! here. None should fail to ?ee him. Dr. SritERt *wn e Chvkih, 4>? street.? The tenth lecture of the course before the Voting Men's Christian Association this eve* ii;ii(. by Rev. A A Willetts. D. D., of HrjokIra. Subject: "Sunshine of the Heart. V\ hai ItoK) it Mi:a\ '-Nu little curiosity tac bet-n esciied by the fact that parties in ibis city making industrious search lor nickel pennies of IteS, paying eagerly from fifteen to thirty per cent premium for them. We prefcome there is scarce a grocery, market stall, or fro it stand iu the city that has not bef?n visited by there collec'ors of the coin in question. Another curious fact has been elicited by the dt-mxnd for these pennies, and that is iaai tbe search for ihem in a quiet way mu-it hare teen is progress for years, as it tOrnsont ibat they have been almost wholly with, drawn from circulation. If any one having a quantity of pennies ot different dates and issues on Hand doubts this fact, let him hunt among tbe lot lor the penny of '5- and be will itnd tbem nerrly as scarce as hens' teeth. As the coin is of too recent date to be in demand si-, relics for collections, the accepted theory is tbm\ by some accident at tbe time of their coinage, these pennies contain a large per ceutase ot gold : which fact has been discovered by The parties engaged in the search. The penny in question will be remembered as bearing on me face the representation of a nou-descript broken-backed bird, supposed to represent the American eag e. Thb R*?i*tratioh.? The registry was coatitiued yesterday afternoon at the Baptist t aarch, corner of 1!'tb and I streets, and duriiig the four hours' session of the Hoard ?>>!> were registered, of which *279 were white and 390 colored. The total uumaer registered tjjne far j9 1*44, 0f which ?:*- are white and 1.146 colored. The crowd v&- fully as large yesterday as on the previous days, and the proportion of whites was much larger. The registry was conducted iu a "very orderly manner and but little challenging took place. Several colored *ppiicauts were rejected because they were not resident* of the ward, and one man wno had foem 111 the rebel army was rejected and re. ceived a good reprimand at the hands of .he registers Some very old colored men presented themselves f?r registration, among them one eighty-eight years of a-e, and another seventy-seven. The Board will continue th'-ir work in tbe 1st ward this aiternoon and to. morrow, and will probably then complete it. TH? CAI.L for a CHRISTI AN Convention'1 he Young Men's Christian Association of this city has issued a stirring appeal to th*? pastors and brethren of the churches in the District ot Columbia and Alexandria, callms a Christ an Convention to assemble at their r?oms. over M<*tzerott Hall. on Tuesday and Wednemlny nut. to advance the cause of religion id our midst. The call is approved by most of ihe ministers in this District. The questions submitted for discussion embrace The importance of lay effort. How car we be-t reach and influence those who babitually neglect public worship .' How can the runty ot Christ's followers be better manifested to the world ! The Sabbath school: devotional m^tings the poor: tbe sphere and duto-s of \<>ung Men's '"Christian Associations: tempt:?tions of the ci<y; intemperance. licentiousness: gambling, Ac ; and the family. Thf Fourth Ward Republican Mkktim..?J.ast night, notwithstanding the very unfavorable weather and unpleasant wal king, the Fourth Ward Republicans wer-? well represented at Kev. I?r. B-uldin s (colored Baptist) I'hnrch, corner 4th and I. stree-s uwrth, where a meeting was held at which Hon a. W. Julian. Hon. B F. Butler. OI Forney, and Hon W. D. Kelley were invited to -peak. None of the speakers, however, were present, aud the meetiug, which via? ailed to order by Mr. Crosemau, President of ihe Founh Ward Club, was addressed by several friends of the Republican cause who were present. ? Arrest of the "Whole Coxc*rn.?Last night, about 11.15 o'clock. Lieut. Tail, with a squad ot the Second Ward police, by direction 01 Major Richards, proceeded to hons*? No 1-j ''X street, and arrested Annie Mei win. proprietoress. and Philom~na Cook. Alice Harris. Mary Falog, Sally Cole. Molly Ree.t. C ;.rrie Leach. Annie Davis, .loan Smithf Vincent Phelps. and J. H. Stewart, inmates. Tb*y were all taken to the Central Guardhouse where the case wa* investigated by Justice Thompson, and resulted in Aunie Merwin giving bail for court in the sum ot %3ni. and the others were fined <*3 each for disorderly conduct. - PmrnoLKrM oil ix Fairfax.?We have bad shown us a specimen of the crude oil obtaiued from the well now in progress of excavation on tbe land ot Cap-ain John Powell, near Re. publican Mills, m Fairfax county. Tbe depth of the well at present is one hundred and sixteen feet, and its diameter is four inches and a half The first sand rock tared through vtjs thirty-eight feet thick, the second seventeen feet ?ix itches, and the third fou: feet. Biiuniinoiis ?bell constitutes the remaining depth. ? W'xan'lria flaztttt. CiRCt it CofRT? Cortter.?To-day *h& Tbon,as Coyle against th? Corpora'10si vt Washington is on trial for the second time Colye, it will be recollected, gamed a verdict on the former trial for an amount claimed by him for grading H street north, near the D^af and Dumb Asylum. Tbe Corporation contends that it Las b?-eu in the hahit of paying for cutting or filling whichever amounted to the most. The jury returned a verdict for plamtiff. _,A TinfittA*. K Mkxtisi. AT thi Jail? -ft John S. liollingshead. President of ih? wasbirg'on City Tem|>^ranee So'ietv, having received permission of Warden Brown, of tb-? ail. to hold a tempnraiice meeting for th?* benefit ot tne prisoners at he jail, ou Sunday afiernooB the society will bold a meeting 'here, w r, it h promises to be an interesting one Violatiho thecit\ 1 ?ri.S?"anc es ?The pj. lie* reported 'o-day growing oat of violation of city ordinances relative to lieen-es. nntsan. es. Jcc. These laws or the Corporation should be as strictly complied wifh as any other laws. The inn-rests of residents and property owners are alike involved iu the violation of tbem. iVIaji Mrs* dine, and what is a necessity become* a pleasure when such edibles are offered to appease the cravings of the aopeute as are prepared at Hawtnaok's restaurant. Game, fc.-b, vegetable*, wines aiyi liquors, all of the N-st quality, can always be found there, and are prepared for the table at shor" aotice. PRh-r.KTATiox.? Gn Tuesday evening, ?:ol Oeoige W Cowie. IowaSiate .ageut. wa<- presented with a beautiful goid-neaaed cane by John Campbell, a wounded soldier, through Dr W J C Duhamei. Thecaue is a fiuepie.-e of worlcmahsbip from DeWolf" s. and has a enuable inscription. Thk\ er\al Eyriwox.?With to-'lay recurs the vernal equinox, when the day and night are ot equal length. Ordinarily the wea h*r is not plea?aat at his time, and the cold rain otto-day is very disagreeable. From this time tne days will continue to lengthen until '.he summer solstice, tu^ twenty, first day of June. ? ? Law e\ v ?This morning James Robinson 1 1,1 ltl* ""'erma Yin gin e Company's stable stealing a cgvrr fr?m one of the horses H? was turned over to offleer Shreeves, who took him before Justice Drury who committed him to 1 ail for court. Crixikai Our ?t-J&'ge Tiilsmarnisg, in tbe case?? of l>|ia Young a,id Narah Jackson, each indicted for larceny, a ?0- t was entered. Tbe case of tbe Washington. Alexandria, and Georgetown Railroad is still ou trial. RrrrRSKP ?This morning officer O'Calla. ghan returned to Senatoi .luknmui a bundle of rateable legal papers belonging >o bis son-inlaw. Mr. A S Iiidgely. of Baltimore, which * ere tom;d here a few days smc? by Mr Marceiius Brown, who tnrued them over to tbe ?*lcer. # * a *t C?AWtE ? ? 1 he H-n-e of Kepresentatitea yesterday pass-d joint resolution u> ?tai je ?be nam* of M >rris Judkiwicz of the In*tr?ci of Columbia, to that of StorrU Judd. -? How to GR'?w WaALTHv ? Kead the ad*er-i.4ement of Mee*r? Mi'chell Jt Son and ??M>oBr money either iu property or good real rstatr paper t'fcE i.? the NamAmong (be colered v -rr* reeir ered in be First Ward is Ananias ^Hilton James Andrew Jacksou Jones. ? F"ii< s Hif-ktr ?The police reported this rniLt ".4 srrentt. 10 the District jesterday. *l?e hiiVa auouuted to 111*4.10. CITY ITEMS. I *,* eivx.i yystarday, a eptendid lo' of Am?r- I Irac Gold Watch,s whicn I off^r very low : .uvh cheaper thar. any J?w?|(>r in tkit city. 1 Alexander, 240 Pennsylvania avenue. ( rncu> ?Gold. Silver and Ste?l Sper'aclc nrd Kj#tfta<m made of BraztlHan Peb- j b>*. Optra alnsw. the b*)'! <tad cheapest ic I this city at I. Alejander's, 840 Pennsylvania avennf. .'iwriET -via:!! Wool Settf. T>ped B*g Wood Sefs, Pear Butons, Carbuncle Bnttonf. Jet Chains, Silver IMated Spoons. I Forks, Cups. < tobl? Is, Call B -II#. r??eel\ed this morning. at Prigg> One I? >llar Jewelry Store, No. IV~ Pennsylvania avenue, near 4)f street. ? Thi Kartii was made so varion3 that 'be j mind Of < e -nirory man, studious of change And pleriMHi witb novelty, might bo Indulged [ at llenmng's One Price Clothing Store, on tbe corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Tin Ki mir Hair 'They plaster the hair I with peicf. or burn it wi h alcoholic washes, I wten bvrn'::'i Vocoaine, a compound ot cocoanut oil, Ac . a cooling.beautifying aadfragrant hair-dressing, can be had of any druggist. "Known and celebrated throughout the world."?2V. r. Timet. Ikvert in one of thoxe nine dollar Spnng (>ver Sacks, manufactured and sold br Noah Walker & 0o , :?>? Pennsylvania avenue, be- j tween oth and 7th street* They are fashion- I able cut, well made and good trimmings. 3 | Ihformatioh.?Those about to marry and | newly married, can And ready-made I<iuen j and Cotton Sheets, Pillow Cas?-s, Bed Spreads I ofull descriptions, Feather aud Hair Pillows," I Mattresses, Table I,inen, Toweling, Crash, I Window Shades. Carpets, Oil Cloth. Matting, j Ac., at Adamson's, W6 *?th street, near Peuu- J eylvania avenue. lm The finest assortment of Toilet Soaps and I Tooth Brushes in the City are sold at low I prices at F. X. Dooley's Apothecary, corner east ui street and Pennsylvania aveuue, C ip- I itol Hill. *-iw QricK sales and small Profits!!!?Ooed I White Shirts ?1.50, ?2 and *2 5", at Franc's Oeut's Furnishiug Store. 4f?4 7th street, be- | tween D aud E: also shirts made to order, lm ? ('s Collaks. 25 cents per box; flold- | smith Collars, 25 cents per box; Imitation I Linen Collars. 25 cents per box; and all other I goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents' Fornishiug Store, 4!>47thstreet, between I) and I E streets. lm Fob Chilblain* and Fro-ted Feet. White's Embrocation is a speiifl-e. Price #1 per bottle. I For sale at 424 Peunsylvan*a avenue, between I 4^ aa d ttt h streets. I)r. Whitb, Chiropodist, 424 Penn. * ., bet*>?r 4* and Sth streeu, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, I enlarged joint*-, warts, moles, vaetttiar ex- 1 cresences, Ac. Office hours from S a. m. to I 5 p. m., and 8 to b p. m Established Ibtil. asrr?PiL? Cokh -Dr. Gilbert's Pile in struiuent positively cures the worst of j piles. Sent by mail on receipt of ?4. Cirulars free. Sold t>y druggists. Agents wm ed I everywhere. Address J. B. Komaiue. Manager, No. 57i Broadway. New York. 3: PKBWTB9 can he had ic any quantises at :be fffitr office counter I married. EDMONSTON OuLLlBR O* tbe 19th instant. ? b-v T. H M< talis. SAMUEL KDMO.N^TON t- aLl/A*ETH COI.LIEU. died. BHAFKEB On Thursday. 21st 11. at a n t, at 1 oVioi k a in.. JACOB F SHaFFK ti, aged tS be uas leftaw.f and five children to monrn liis !>.? . The relati ve* <mo tiieud; of thefaniily ai e In^ It-d to at end bis tuuersl. no to morrow. 1 ik ny at 2 " ?lock p u . at the re?i ienoe of bi* mother. t? itre-t, between 2d and 3d, n<>r:h side. * BOOl vM ON FARMING. O A BDEN1MO, Mr Uai-. r.iig tor i'roht, by 1'eier ilendors n, 41 :< Amoiicau Hi e Cnltarlst, 74c. Clark t r I wtr O trden Dire- tery, 60i-.; The Miniature Knit Garden, by Tbotua* Kiv-rs, 91. Tbe Garden by V II. bac iBt-s, 91, Cole s American Krsit Book, 7a Hold's Pear Calture. ? 1-60. Teii Acre* Ei.' n b, *15ii Our Fatm of Four Acrt ?.e4-. 1 met- ?: tbe Potato 1'lsnt Tic Hew to Build an I \entllste Hot housen. > 1 SO. \Vat4?u'? Atn -rl in Hi me Uirdeo, *1; Boitt's Kaaflj Kitcb- Gar 91: How to jet a Farm an I Where to 1'ib<: one *1 Tj.l!iiis'? Flower Oaideu directory.*1 '*>. Flisen tor the Garden and Parlor, i.'O: Gar len ltlo*ei8. How to C'tltiTftte Thun.cj K S. Ha- d. $3; I'arkman's BO'ik of lio?s-<, * 5 Gardenin?! i Mr' London,.kofleld oil Indian Corn i?l 75; -tohast >n Agricultural Oliem ttr>, %| 75,' Bonssmgault's Kuril Kconomy, 91 ' ci; Dana ? Murk Manual. .?1 26 Alien ? American Faim Bork *1 -'4) Fre-irU's Farm lirntncee .71.60; M Uaboi. - Auieric in Gar lener. 9260. nridirman s Atu'-rfan Gard-ner'? A?si>tant, Hok to Lay Ont a Ganl-n, by Bd. Kemp, Todd's Yonni; Fatmer'* M.iuual. ?1 S*' " Breck's New B >ok of Flowers, ?e; Charlton s Gra??-Growera'Gnlde. > 176: Ha'iuiD on Grape ari l Wine, Fnl l- r'?Grape Cnltnrist. ?l.;0. My Vln yard at Lakeview. ?1 2.".: B: VD s Tre-s of America, ~8 SU. yainl-y en tees, Sfl 5o L?ne?troth on the li .ney Be< . fil; Ma hew n IlluAtratml Horse Doctor, -1; Majliew's lilustrateO Horte Management, *5 Karmer's Barn Book. $l-'0. Ii-nnlugs' Horse and bin Dist-MM, <2. 1) dd 4 M idem Uor e Doctor, 41..'?.Btewart'<Htable Book ?1 6- : Do-ld'a American < attl" Dotor. ?l .'(t1; Allen's D ifnestio AniniaU, 91. Herbert s Blunt" Hoise keepers, -*l 73; Hotse tiainiog Made Bas> . by .leoDlDK-, 91 23; Max u a ? irrier, ~ 1 Ever) Man hiOwn' sttlUc.tor. 20c Youattabd Spooner on the Hor-e. -1.80. Oneno on Milch Cows. 7ic.: Benient's An.'-rican 1'ooltir r's Companion. -52, Cole's American Vsterinarisn.75c. Allen Rural ArcLite tnre. y.40 Woelward's"'ountry Houses, *1 Ml: Jac<in<*e" Burnl Archi te--tnre. -1 :t>: Villas-^ and Farm C?ttages. 94; Vacx Villa* and Cott.g^s, %2 9loaa s Honiasteal Arrbltectnre, !;8: Field's E^ral Architecture. Downing ! Land*r? Gardining and Bural Architecture. 95.6"- Holly - [ Country beats. ?i. Sent by mail, prep-Id blanchardam0hhn. mhl4 e-<?t Corner Penna av and 11th -t 4 K BUOWNET EJ. SMITH BBS bbowhb a s.mithbes. maohingtoh. d 0, 4 TToRy T. \ S AMI CO OSE 1.1.0 li S AT I.A If, and solicitors fob the BCBEAli BF.FIGBES. FHEEDM EN. AND ABANDONED LAND3. _ ? Otti. e No. 4 7 b Seventh street,opposite the Popt Ufl ? e fe 2-l> \|BS J. E bPEN' EH most respectfully au.!I uuancet to li r friend* and rant -uiers tn*t -he will remove from 1 - Mark-t Spat ", an 1 r-inrne MtLLlNEBY and dbessMAKING b'i?i- 1 n- as at No. 17 4 - street, between I'enn a avenu and < street. inti 20 <t* Department of thi ihtbbiob, UNITED STATES PATENT uFriCE, WashisoTo.n. March 13.1^7 On the petition of GiL?? F. FILLET. -I st Louis. Missouri, praying for the extension ot a patent granted to him the 14th day of June. l?w. for an improvement in Cocking Stoves, for seven year* from tbe expiration of said patent, which tales place on tbe Kth day of J une. 1467 : It Is ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent O0ce on Monday, the ZTtli day of Ma next, at 12 o'clock M.; and all persons are notified to appear and showcauta. lfany they have, why s dd petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extensi->u ar-? required to lMf In tbe Patent Office their objection*, specially etl'th in amine, at ls-mt twenty daysbefore tb< day of liearlnu, all t-'stlni-.ny filed by either party to be uiied nt the ?al(l hearing must be taken aed ti.immrred in accordance with the rules of tl e otfcce. which will be furnlahe.1 on applfcatieu. Depositions soil otner papers renea np- n as teatlui ny ran-t be filed in the office twenty days before the d.iv i f h?.?rluif: tbe arguments. If any, wlthm ten days alter tilini? the testtmaur. 1 ird? - reii als fh*r 'hi* i.otic? r>a iqblitihed In the ' R. f.uMicau and the National Intelligencer. Wa*h! ii ?iou. D. C., and in the Republican. St. Louis. *1. . ouce a week for three snoceesive weeks: tne first of said publications to be at leaat sixty days " ,C,1U ' ^I'o TBllKEE. Commissioner of Patents. P. B.?Editors of the above papers wrtl aleaee Copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, witi a paper containing this notice. mh ao-iawSw ORPHANS'COURT, March 9th, 1*7.-Distkict of Columbia, wasbimaton Ooubtt, Tsteit; In the eaae of Mrs. Margaret A. Dukes, administratrix of Levin Dukes, deceased, the administratrix aforeeaid has. with the approbwtloa of the 0r> bans' Court of Washington County atorseaid, appointed Taeedar. April Sd, 1*57, far the final settlement aad distribution of the personal estate of said deeeeeed, aad of the assets In hand, as far aa tbe same have been oollected and turned I a to meaey; whan and where all the creditors and betri af said deceased are neObed U attend, with their claims properly voucBea, or they may otherwise br law Se exclud^ from all benefit In eald deceased's estate Providad a copy of this ordsr bs published once a week for three weeks In the Evening Star, prav?mta t hesald dafrgi BMK mhll-lawbw* RaglsUrof Wllld^ rpHlS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the snbsorl1 ber has obtained from the Orphans Court of Washington County. In the DUtrlct of Columbia, letters tistamaatary on the personal ?stal? of Ilenr * R ilnals. late of the United Statee army, dereased. All persons having claims agalast the said deceased, are hereby warned ta exhibit the name, with tbe vouchers ihereef. to the sul?ecrlber, on or before the 'Jth day of Mareh next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all b?u?lt . Of the said estate. 01 ven under my hand this 9?b day of March, \?6 JuHAN C ROMRUSS, mb 11-lawSw* Administrator. i/dt iALR-TbTbTOCK , FIXTURES. OOOD r WILL. I UUN ITllItF, aad ten yeart'LBASV of a Hotel of torty years standiik Has fo-.irteen ro?sH, newly papt itd and paln'ed; a public Bath House.-w^-h t>a>? v>Hll;a larpe Mall, well adap'ed fur correrts. bttlisrdi or mee'trigs of aay kind It alf> bs- aeoom00*1 atlons f<-r twenty (re or thirty F- rses Pae a sp'-ud|<j ysrd, with a fmautlfol rape sl^or a'tai be<1 pea< h treet. *? The house Is well sdap'e-l to be kept <ip<n 'tis Enropeau alaii or as < la*er b?sr ea'>..,o or e*rden. For term. *r . Npply te KHOOk E A llOBDa V. Hro ke.?, 1-' 3. Oa; !., Bnitiaore, Md oth 11 e^Sw AMUSEMENTS. national theatre, pmniylvsnla aveaas. tnr Wt Hards' Hotel. Third and last week of th? highly WCMifll en aragea-.-atof _ . ? ** JOHN BROUGHAM w ho will appear . THIS1 (IHl'bfPATi BVK N ING, Hares !1 In k'jv*?OrMl Iitrava?fti>*ft. entitled CWH'MBl b KECONB TBUOTK i? Pr >duced with Snosrb Breaery. Magnificent Got t mes. and Striking Tableaux. Tbe performance will commence with HIS LAbT LKG3 JOHN B. OV HEH Will appear M ? ev. alng o tt MAIL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. B. B. PHILLIPS- LI^IUHDHANAail Potitivel> I?tf night of the ? WORRELL slBTBBS wh* ??' MP?ar IH a EVKV1HO. M?reh 21, in the ()r??t i'.urW?<cr of f HA DlAVOLO.aad Uoiedl? U or ?AN. THE GOOD FOB fcOTHIN* Songs, 4,0,0 *?<> dog Dance TO MoRBOW. FANllY MORU\M PHBLPS.inth* OoiMdN of th- ACTRKHHHY DATLIQUT. aad THB WILD 1BI8H 61BL _ It" NETZEROTT llALL. ONI Will ONLY COXMEXClHG M05DAT, MA BOH 19, t??7. THE JUSTLY CELEBRATED WIT. ORATOR, AMD MIMIC, ALF. BUBHBTT, A-.ifr:<a's Be?re?krtativk Hcm>rvj, iulited br MIBB HBLBB NASH, Tba Charming Blo<?ati?nUt. In their Original, Irreeistlbly Laughable, vet Refined Entertainments. AaoLg tno nnmirom <iubldHies of PON AND FLAKE* OP HOMOBna^Q which comprise his reportoiro will be found the follow! ug bbv. petbolrgm v. nabby# MABY HAD A LITTLE LAMB. BT0HM0ND ON THE J BUMS, slabbibes AND gabrote. THB ENGLISH bHOWMAN, Together with a?ny hit* at PEOPLE AND FASHIONS entirely n> w ?nd b amorous. Admission 30 Oenta. Beaerved Seftta dO Gent*, l'oora open at 7*?; commence ftt S o lock. Beser <ed aeata to be had ftt Metzorott a Muatc itore during the day. ah 19 ftt* BALLS, PARTIES, &c. ITIRST ATTEMPT IN THB FIELD?THE I NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP CLOU g* will give their first Grand MAY BALL on B# WEDN E8DA Y EVENING, May lat. l<7, fttlaleod Hall. mb 1fl-3t* ~~~ PROPOSALS. pBOPOSALS FOB FBESB BEEF. Brwi*TKSr? Office, b. 8. A.. J Iu Bear of I OA Weet Lombard street, Baltimore. Md.. March 1ft. 1357 \ Healed proposals, in duplicate, will be recei e t at this "ftice until 13 m. on tBIDAY, March 11, leb7, lor the vbe3h BBBP re>inlr< d for the ;. r 1'I> of the troops, ho-pital ano 1 fticer* ftt Winchester, Went Virginia, for six nn xjtbu, from April 1. 1*67. or iinch lews time a* tbe Commissary General of Subaistenco nay direct The Reef to bo delivered ftt Winchester. Wo ?t ?Irginia. on tbo order of th' < ommisaary or Act ing Oomuiis'sry of Snbsiatence at that place 1 he Beef to be of good and marketable guality. in equal proportion of fur*- and bind quarter me*t, i necks. shank* and kidney tallow to r>e excluded ) Then>ckaof the cattle slaughtered under tuis agreement shall be cut eff at txe fuurth vertebral ji iut. and the breast trimmed down. The ahanks o! ior? qisartt-ra shall l>e cut off from three to fnclie- above th< kn?e joint, ?n I of hind fju?rters from ^lz to eight inch> a above tbe gnuibrel or h<?'k joint. Bhlilers are reunested t<> be present to respond to their bMs, and t>e prepared to give bond? for the fnltilimentot their contract Proposals nuiht be* eudor?ed distinctly " Proposals for Fresh Beef," and addressed to the under signed, who re#erve? th' right to reject any or all bids not to the inteiest of the 0 nit'd State^. ''onditiontt. re<juirement?. payment.H, Ac . Ac., as heretoioi. . THOMAS W1L.SON, Bvt. Lient. Col. and C 8 U 8. A., mills 4t Brt Brig. Gen Vols. BOOTS, SHOES, Ac. H|| BOOTB AND BHOBS. fW NEW Tt 0 B . fV Tbe nnderaigned be*a leave to i nform his fria^w anri the public generally that he hft* epened the NBW C'HKAP STOKE, No. A04 7th street,under Odd Eellows' Hftll. wbere he has ou baud a general assortment of La Ilea' and Qentlemen'a, Boy'a Mlaaea and Children 'a BOOTB AND SHOBS. Bemeanber the ntn?t>er> 7tt> treet, nnder Odd Fellows' Hftii The ?iew Cheap Store, formerly K F. Pftge'g store, da 18 OEOBGB B. WILSON. OBPHANS" OOFBT, mtrrn ft. 18?7 -Distktc* OF OoLCMBna. Wa<HI.18T?1 0or5TT, ta-tett:? lathe case of Cfttbftrine Barrett, administratrix of Thomas 1 Barrett, deceased, the ftdmiuistra trix aforeaftid haa. with the apprebation of tbe Orphaka Court of Warliington Bounty aforesaid, appointed Sfttnrday. March 30th, 18<i7, for tbo final settlement and diatiibntion of tbe personal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in hand, as far as the tame have been collected and turned into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of safd deceae^d are notified to attend, with their clftima properly vouched, er they mwy etberwiae by law be excluded from all benefit tn said deceaae<1 4 estate: provided ft cepy of this order be published once ft week for three Weeks in Ike Evening Star, previous to the said day. Test:?JAS. B. O BF.1BNE. my 6-wSw* BegMer of Willa. DEPABiTMENT OFr|ftE INTEBIOB, UNITED STATES PA TE VT OFFICE, WAStii.NftTo.t. March *, 1*77 On the petition of HAMILTON L. SMITH, of Oftmbier, Obio. praying for tbe extension of a patent granted to him on the itk day of ,'une, !? !, for an improvement In Paper Fllea, for seven yeara from tbe espiratloc of said patent, which take# place ou tbe Ttk day of June 1A07 It i? ordered that the savl petition be heard at the Patent OflVe on MONDAY, the Wth day of Mav next, at 12 e clock m ; aad all persons are notified to unpesr and alioW,c?tase, if au> they have.why aid petition oagfaiout to be granted. Peiacua opposing the ?xte!jsl'.'!i ai" Jre.juired to file in the Patent their objections, specially eet forth in writing, at lea?t twimv daya before the .fftv of heariug; all testiiueDy tiled by etttier party to beu-ied at the said hearing must bs takes and transmitted In accordance ?ltu th<* rules of the effice. which will befnrni*hed on application. Leyoaitlora and other papers relied upor. as testimony muat be filed in the office twtmiy daya bef< re the day of hearing; the arguments, if ftn?, within ten daya after fl ling the teatlmony Ordered, aJso, that this notice be nnbliahed in the Bepvblican and the intelligencer.Wa?hingtr?n, D. C., and in the Herald. OleveUnd, once a week for tbreo aucces?ive weeka; the flrat of said publicatloua to he at leaat aiity daya previous to T c x?4?t Comaaissioner of Patenta. P B.?Editors of tbe above pftpere will please copy, and send their bills to the PfttentOSlcs with a paper containing this notice nth it lawSw in THRoitpHAMBOOCBT. THIS 9TH day 1 OF MABCH, A D 1*67. I pon repot t ol sftles ma le by J B. Adams, guai<)ian, A .. it ia by the Court, thia 9th day ?f March A. D la-7 (tnUr.,1, T!iat the said sab so reported be ratified an 1 confirm*.!, unles* ca i?e to the nt ftij' besiiown ou c before the 9th day ot April next: and it is furthor ordered that thn -aid sale to He/.ekiab Outchell be ratified, and the teims of the sab in tbe t?rniO" decree be so far modified as thft* the said Gutchell par o.*> thousand dollars In ' asti and give a deed of trust bearin. interest, od the property pu-chased f r the baiai re ?.f the pur. hftse mon?*y, to wit: fire hundred dollar*, said de*a of trnst. to remain tor one eftr; Prw ,,!$ ! that a cot y of this order h ftutilishsd in the Evening Star on<'? ft week for thrss weeks before aftld 9th April. W>?. F. PL'BCELL. Jud-'e of the Orphan-'Court. A true copr. Teat:?J A8. B. O'BEIBNB. 1?1 h 11-v3>?" Begiater of Wills. ORPHAN s~coc*tT^ M arck li, 19M. - D: ? tmct op Columbia. Wasuinston Ooosti, Tb ten In tbe Cftee ot Eli zabeth kellt , administratrix of -amuel Kelly, deceasod. the adminia tratrix aforesaid has. with the approbation of tbe Orphans' Conrt of Washington county aforeeftid. ftepointed Saturday, the 6th dav of April. 1S(7. for the final settlement and distribution of tbe personal estato of sold deceased. and of tbe asaeta in hand.M far aa the Bfttne hftve been collected and turned Into money: when and where all the creditora and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their elaims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law bo excluded from all benefit In said deceased's estate: provided a copy of this order be published once week for tbreo weeks la lbs Evening Star previous to the said day Test?J As R O'BEIBNB. mh 1< iawsw* Begiater of Wills. 'I^HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE, That thesubecrlI ber baa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Waabington County, in the District of Oolutabia, letters testamentary en the personal estato of Bands Biuret, late of Waahington county. D. C.. deceased. All persons having claims against tb* said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same. With tbe voacbers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the eth o?y of Mftroh next: they maty otherwise by law be exelndod from all benefit ef tbe oaf* estate. Given under my hand, this Mh day of Mareb, 1067, MAKGABET BOZBL. mh 6 lawSW Bxecntrix. FMNB COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOB BALE, al a bftrgftin Well built Brlrk and Framedonblo h??io. S2x.1C foot, two atortea, nine rooms, and gat den spot of scree with frfit. Ou tarn8ike. 8 minutes walk from Bladen?Buru Railroad talion, JO initiates from Waslitogtoa. Immediate aossossiun Terms easy. Title perfect Neighborhood excellent A cheap, convenient and Lealthy home for Department Clerk or Business Man. Price #4.001) If sold at once. Apply to. I. B. hhyan '.\4a Penasvlvanla avenue oepoaite ' Metrspolitsn Hotel, or OLaGETT A swkbny. j Rest Bstat* Brokets or br letter to -I W B VAKWH1R Bditorlat R. r. Bocord *?5 Llt^rty j aU#*?i K?W Y?rkcity. ?? It eott I I * WANTi

\V IHUMltTSbT-A H'o*rw BAS3f?. Apply at S??S f h Stieet, ttHnu M ana 1 ?t? m 11 -3 ' \\ ANTE i -a r^^cUbl* tkiU 01K?< to d? . i1*"*! ku?s?t(rt *pply immediately at t J l.ik btlnees 0 ta4 ll U' A IJ0tTfOM"V<NTin BT A ?MPBO"'. /w.f *B " B'l'wrwt COOK Be.tcity uih Jl a*'***" Ad<1reesB?x 13. Star Office W l.iik or German to w?'k In * email Uj.ily. lliii con' wcII recommendM None other* need apply In1<>T u atreet, near corner 10th ?t-eet, ' 'a?f _ __ __ ? ii at* VV?Two WOKEN, ukr u cuok and * . leandre?e. the oth-r a* Dart* and rhstr.aerA?ali ae^iV.J'a Jtoie Georgetowa. 5lu M.i kM D ?b1 1, m . ?> tt W AKH r Kl -* SITUATIOWtn a private famlly .v.??4 agoclcooa A'ao.oie a< laundress <?r chamhern aid ttoo.l rwfertar** Apply at Km. ploy Meat UHlca. ??*>H 7th atre-t m* w Waxpeneaced RLACKSM IT.Tto ?2J.~?W t0lb? c<*>a,r? A Single white m*a ?re?TOTT A CO , Drag gist*. 37 i Panne avcane. m M 3t* VV a filTNIE with a capital of ,* ."j? **? ?o tve thousand dollar*. In a regahe?it ess already established. rr> ! rw? * ** ?' boot to retire Add-**- Q , 2..I *bc* aai when an ia airt w may papiad n tg tt* W *"UPt?I? .*? ? -hue atore a *Ol IM -tb .,,M<,.,,"iBUd.*,tk** baaineee. Apply at 14 4 .th atreet. near I ptraat _m 19-St* A T? travel throegh S-uth}?^eU PATENT jnet .at Caa Slat v?V??fi2 ** rer 4<"- *or can at ,i7 j 'rtfc at nth ft at* I )W*LLIKOHOUS? flKTID.-VuMl* Mr reat a comfortable two itory DWELLING, tar Ibe anmicf : ear from tbe 1-t of April next! Aedrcta 0. W. G , Star offle?, atatlaz locality and 1 tar ate. ni ip eeJt* IVAHTBD TO R?NT OR PURCHASE^! 'ARM of from into in? acres a-?rth vf and near the city, * Ith good building nod at her im prov.mnu Any per eon having nuebprosBrtr ?*a fjad" firet-<Tae? tenant, by applying at BTAKB A OO.'S. 49SH 7th *tr*et,between l>aud *: mh ?iw* VVABT*D-Ara.pectab?. whit* WOMAN, to *T take car* of a youni{ child. Apply at 37 1 Pa. arenne mh I A OKBTB WANTED FOR THE MOST BX JITA^IKO AHD IMTEBESTIMQ BUUA OF THE OEM* L. C. BAKER'S HISTORY OF THE SECRET SERVICE. In erery city, town, connty. and State nf the Union, to canraas for thia work. Thi* hi?tory ?e* announced one yaar ago, but owing to the attempt* ot the O-rernmeur to anppre** it, it* publication wh* delat ed. It will now be leaned unaltered and unabridged. nnd?r the euparvNiun of Gen. BAKER. It contalne a fall and official expoee of the Intricate machination* of tue aecret ecemi'-a of the Union. * For startling development* and thrllllnir advaa turea.thla b ?ok acllpae* the tamoa* exuei eare? of Foache ar.d Vfdoc i. The marvelon* narrative* of General Baker are all atteated by the high eat official authority. It will contain the only official history of the A?etu.*lnation contpira y A fall hlf-torr ?f thia great, atartltng. and terrible crime. I" ROM ITrt OOKIJEPTION. -IN THE HACNTS? OF MULAINX TO TUB HI RIAL PLACE OE BOOTH, baa never jet been planad before the public. The work also fully expoeea the neUrloae yatem by which Presidential pardon* were and are ?o readily obtained at Waahingten The morula of tbe Matloiitl Capital are thorougbly ventilated, and there are aomv *tr*n?e revelation* concemlnji b ads of department* members of Congresa, ferual- pardon broker:!, and diatlaguialied mllitarr chararter*. For fnll ilescrlpti ve cirenlur* terms, an.I .ill parti< nlars, addrev* P. ti\ KKETT A CO . mh- im 7U'i Chestnut at.. Philadelphia. UTASTED?A SITUATION aa aeauistres* bya lady who understand* sewing thoroughly ?>y Wheeler A W1l*on> Sewing Machine Can < at aud lit ladies ai>d children's dresses Addreae. for thn-e da) a. Box Mo. 7, Star otlir* f? tj WANTED?Hew and Cast-off OLOTBlNu.ohl (iOLO and 8ILV BR, or aay other article of alne, at the aid established Merchant Pavnhioker * Store of B. FI LT?'N A CO., dUU 9th *t., 3 door* n.-.rth of Penna a venae Sole Agent for BlKOEBa SEWING MACHINE de 22 ly WAMTED?lO.OOO LADIB.H to know that at the New Stamping Boi ms, 43^ 9th street,op posite Patent Office, they can tind the best selected assortment of Pattern* erer offered here for Cloak*, Capea, Apr<n*. Josey*. Waists, Yokes, Band*. Wrapper*, Slippers Pinctishion*. and I at tiala Also, dealgna for Pillow Caa^a. Ottomans. Chair Covera, Pianoa. and, in abort, every variety of Patterna as they ar* daily issued. We hue a French Machine and a Piactiaal Stamper, and hare reduced the price to FITS CENTS PER WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern bronght ua. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de l*-tf STEAMBOAT LINES. POTkMAC transportation lime FOR . , baltimobe Making freight connection at AUUIA CREEK With BlCHMOHD FREDKB1CKS r inai bUHG AND POTOMAi BAILROAD The ateamer R\ I'RESS, Capt A. Nickle. and -teaoier KENNEBEC.Capt John H. ?ilaon, leave W aahlngton from Sixth atr?et what f evrv WEDNESDAY and SATUBDA Y, at ? a. m., for Baltimore, and usual way landing* on 1''tomac rlv r Returning leave Baltimore every TUESDAY and FBI PAY. 4 p m. For further information apply to ^ .. , J. B. P BY AN A BRO , mh 18-tf No. 346 Pennsylvania ave. wteameb Wilson"smaliT ^5 FOH THE FASTEUN SHOKE. WILSON SMALL, .1 LEOtABD, now In a*?k all respect* one or the atanachest,.^^^M^^A moat comfortabla and eiegant"BSHHM ateamera plying ?a Cheaacaake Bay, will resume her rente on SAl CRD AY, MarchJd. Sheleaves h*r tier opposite No. .70 Light street wharf. ??T^RniJCE8DAY. /hURSBaY. a"i BATIKDA Y, it 9 p. m..for SASTOIf PfiTVT IXjUBLKMILLSLOX roup I'LQR 4'SPOIS1* w A T. I. \cn S Wit A H K CAMBUWtr E HUGH nkln,m CAB IS CREEK. FOKD S B LLOYD'S LASTDIXG. Baturniog from THE EASTERN 8H0BE, she leavaa Lloyd'a Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 p m.,and Saston Point at 8 a m , every Monday, Wadneadav and Friday .touching at all interme dlatelaudinga. and reaching Baltimore at Sam : on tb^ following m<>ruings. fe^'tf* * ,brge numb" rof fine state-rooms. : "B>e TO TBAVELLEBS GOING SOUTH TW ICE DAILY,(Sanday p. m excepted.) The idekest aad moat direct root* to Richmond Va , and the South, via the Potoma" _** ? 1 ateamer* from 7th Street Wharf. ! Waahington, to A^nia Creek aud^HB^HI^^ i Kicbmoud, Fraderlckabarg and Potomac Railroad to Blckmond, Va,connecting there with trains on tbe Bitbmond and Petarabnrg and Richmond and Danville Ball road a, for Petarabnrg. Weldon, Wilmington Raleigh, Greenatoro' SaUabary. Charlotte ?nfl Chester, S C. Steamer* Eevport and C Vanderbllt leave 7ifc Street Wharf dally (Sanday ev.*?lng excepted) at ?'>a. m and n.ra p. m. and arriva la Richmond at 1.0p.m. and : is a m. THROUGH TO RICHMOND IE SEYEN HOUBS* I Fifty MU?* Shorter ana j>? Hoars QaicEar thai any Other Route. B* vara and get Through Ticket* via A?nl* ; Oraek and Fraderickabarg, to Richmond, at the | Company 'a Office, corner of Penna. avenue and 6tl , atreet, or on board of thaboata. Baggage checked ; through. Omnlhasaea and Baggage Wages* will ba il ' readiness to convey paaeengera and baggage ba ! twaea depot a la Richmond. . Passengers by thia line paaa by daylight Mount Vernon, and may have an opportunity of vial tins i several battle-field* near Fraderickabarg by stop plug at that point Breakfaat and aaa on board of Steamer*. GEO. MATTINOLY. Snpt,. Washington, B O 0. E. MATTINGLY, Ticket^Aynt^ WWjmgton ap My Geaerel Paaaenger Agan i n PI A MOT! V'NE Bacon A Raven Piaao, for $120. One Aadrew Steia, for 9*0. |B|n One almoat new 7-octave large round"*' IM corner Boardman A Gray Piano. #275. For aale upen aaay terma, at tbe wareroomn of ... W. G. MET/EBUTT * CO. Sole Agents nf Stein way A Soa'a Pien?e, and Mason A Hamlla'a Cabinet Orgaaa. re 14 tf ^OLUMBLA HOSPITAL FOB W0M1I LT1H01* ASYLUM, Fourteenth atreet .(circle,)ooraer of M street, Waahlagton, D.O. Thi* Institution haa been established for the reception ef patients who may be suffering from diseases eecullar to their aex, and for the admlaaioo of anon females as may re*aire the oomferts of the lying-in chamber. The building la altaated la the moat healthy pardon of the Dlatrict, rarrounded by its ova grounds. Cars pass tbe door even five mlnutee. Terma of admiasion: From $6 to #1? per week, fn accordaace with the reom required, payable la advanoe. This includee Board, Medletaes, Medical aad Barglcai attendance. MEDIO A L STAFF. .... SWtiitWWi,.. CulUd States Armr. TH08 MiVl A.V iT^/TSJJt, Washington. A, Y. P. GARNMTT, M. D.JIew York avenac. W. p JOHNSTON, k. D , Washington. gRAFTON TYLER, M. D? Oeorgetowa. FTsowarD, M. P., F street. Orders for admlsaloa to the tree beds la this hospital, (of which there are 9>,> can be obtained of the Sargeea in chief at thlso<Bce, 1**4 1 street, or of any of the Medical ataff, aad of the Revs. Drs. Hall. Gorier. ?lll*tte. aad OMwahe. Wives aad widow* ef aoIdler* desirfag admlmlea will apply to the Sargeen Oeaerel, United States irmy. Patients living at a distance whe desire to feme to thia laatl tutlon for treatment as aecare prlvaU room* by applying by letter to thematron of the ^mf'jr'wiyj *' ?1I'Q,*ftSid,eit I?MBEOIDBEY OF ALL KINDS WORKED F j on reaeoaahle terma Every kiad of Fancy Work taught at very low prices, b> Madam F Ruyp's O, between ?th aa1 Hu streets. fc Si-La FOR tfALK AND RKNT. I HVril Mil lrUM i ti? t< r .A * ?A8 J f ( ???? If >1]' t<irMr t?h et "t I w??t and Cat>eet aorth. m ?i ? ' * i, Oft BEN If- f 11'? lh? tat apiit. - ? I I Vauil?emety lira'-tir* KOOO* i>? l*f?" ?t"l I ff.i n \t *5. tit* -t . M I aud K ? ? m?4 I l?tl> k >*rd cu ta iruryird rotitoai* !' *! *1* j t? H J-A I 1 a t?7 ?t-?.t KlTTTx - I . . r.' If cf h; |g at-d dep fa fee <V I i??i AM'ri" ID4I*<>?'K *>?! 4 I aad4th ?> eats. ? >' tt L>OK K*l,l I.hdcmv .ji Liyr KMMUl ?'t? a KAR tltacM, Iacati-<1 an?rutr f < r t*r-? appiv to u HI RSb N > ? <V 9lb at ,beta?eu F BBU O .tieeta, nh 11 *.t* |, OR fAL*-Th? HTO?Ik~*?^ r7vTlfa?? ?t~* I I 1 I :m Stur- in Pf#M lit'iu ?r*'iit? <1 ar a | K? I faa?ineea. .id for f*?c?ah Rant 9 * I Iff uiiu k Tie yri'?ri U>i laahoni l??? n< t in | <ity Atid-e?a >? K F at th a t ? L'(IK KB >T?A ?tir?-e~?4or ItaitJK. H < 1 I rri upiai r?>n? * < at I *u t h -t ui tr Va)*tta AI ? a nearly new tg^trli)' PI I AM>t*r tali, l^cjuire 94 Ka>ell*?tre?-t Ge ?r*e I jowa P.C mS 'i A, Oil BINr-i HH1 K ll 'UI o .iaio~~g J f-ULI rowroa with Wide hall, gee ?<?ar itl?at? on Dnftbartsa street ne ?r a | atreet Qeor??towu Apply at 500 uJ SOjI Q | afreet. faetweeo 4th kai ?tb MM* C. * JEWELL FOE 8ALB The PRIMUSES .>91 Nintfiu nta bftvNt 9th aud 10th air** a Toe I lot runs from Peun'aaveane to Oitm!, and Is I imptoved fay * three it-.r} tatf a tie ~t?trn fr .;n. I ed BBICB HOUSE and convenient hara bui<d I lata. Water aad |U throughent Will be a mo I aabject to a laase aow an It T1 la iaii-pntaMe I Apply ? 8. H A MILTON 4II lOtfa i ra?i. or t ] J 8 HOLLlhGSH B AP m I i.? , ^<10 W MITCIIIL, TB08 A. MITCBLL. I M1TCBBLL A SOB. BBA L KIT AT K BB0BBB8. Save coastantly on hand a large aamber of j HOC8BS AND BUILDING LOTS In ttaa most desirable loca'itlee Prieaa from I .*1 000 to #30 > M Building Lota fraa twecea'a j to #5 p*r Bquare foot. A ?nmt?r of astir* B-jiarea J of ground at sacb figure*that any enterprising nil commanding tha means might pofhaas. soo divide and Mil them in small lota daring the ap proacbiag spria? at a profit of (0 to 70 par coat. VUtb en exp. rieoi e ,.f 16 years la this city la the above busineae. > bain* tfaa ftrat bra established 1 here.) we conhdea'ly aaaart tUat aur taeillllea for | a rra^T sale ar <tu?ck parchasecnauet be excelled I Aa an lllustrelioa of the rapid lue ea?e ia pr >p rrty. ? sold a few y?*ra back *tuaraof ground eornT 14tn aa?l Bound*? far SnW-wIH co>a maud to Hay 8 ?0 0b0; #' 000 feet >>o 7tl? street fjr I $7 a 0?will bring today M,iiO, sold la n i twenty (oar low for *1 AO"?will farms to daf 9l? 0i"t>. * 11b pleaaur* will wa refar to the parci aeere The aaioa vpp rt-.aitlea n >w exl^t ?a then. hava rtimerena inveatiuenta which will I pay eiiually aa wi II KapeclaUy J j ?? call the at ti nttoii o* tfaoae drri?1ng to Inve-ttn or dt?ix>aa I of, flrat daaa Baal B-tate Paper. Many hare I fenda la U. 8. a?cnr1<tea a?>lng per ccut . I wblcfa. if l?*??tHl lr trood B-il B-tata Note*. 1 w< aid pay them Irooa u> to U Kr cent Per?oa?da?itc>ie of Mtbar bating or eelliac Real I B?tate. or flret-cl aa Beal Ba ate Kote?, will cou- I ?uH thtir intereat by calling oa MITCH ILL A BOB, Beal Bstate Brokera, hontbeaat com*r Penn'a eve. and 15th at. p B ?We place bo prvpcr-y oil anr b"okaat t-z- I erWi'aut price- but to pereona really deairoaa to I aall we abord every facility nifa21 ec3t MIT00CLL A 8WK L?OB 8ALB l.iliil Mtooda of WIIITB I'ai'tK. (25x44 incbtt igo d , lali y for wrapping Ap | plj toC B LAkBB, 8tar urt oe tuh A> tf L'OI B UMKl BSI8HBO BOOM8 aoitable for r facnaekeeping, for rent at 35*9 9ih etre?<t. be- 1 twet n II and I nt lt?-3t" LH)B BIBT-fnrii^bMl IIOU8B. cootainliig H> I r roouie, aa? aB<t water. No. US corner <>f-Id I street and Pcouej Ivaula aveone. Term- vary I nt< derate. in 20 3t H~olbb ok koi B ttoona fob <tBi~r and VIBMTTBK 'or aata hi'nitai'. ft"*!, I rent. $SU Imjulre after 4 p. m at aiO Q atre t, I bttweunt 12tb and Utb. m M tt * L^Olt RKNT?Two large. ple*?at>< BO?'W8 fur- I a niabed or ualnriii?faed, anitable for iiouae- I keeping. R?.ut moderate. Apply at the 8 ar of- I fice. Ui2U2t* L'OB SALB-A t\-o-aiory HR10K HOCsK a'th r alateo roof, altuatal at Il<*. .K>? Vtrgiola ava nue Utaraa M and 4 atrcrta. Apply to MAI I PSPPBB Bo 1"0 i.,.t, roh JV ?t J | L^OK bALB -Ua eliclttle term-, a conreuu-nt j r FRAME BOl'faB. OJtitaiuing aix room' aua I kitcben- wiifavatar intlte?aid for terin-, ap ply on tbe pren.i*e-, 296 Stb, near 91 uorib. mta 20 3t* l/OB 8ALB-iiOOi) WILL. fl-JUh ana ri\r TURK8 ef (tbe late Klljab B<l<aouat-n.i B >ot and bboe Store No 4"?1 71 b street betaeeu D?n<l j K ata. For parttcnlara iiianlre at tbe Store Mra. MaBY BDMONSTUB mh J tf Admlntetrrtrix Li^OB SALE?A bargain can be baJ for ca-:. a i r BEBTAOBANT. with BOCSB rontalaiag It roc in a Three y. era leaee. low rent, and ex. el lent alto at i on Mow ddne a iroed t>n?ineea. I'artlcnlare at Turner H nae corner of 9tn atreat and Pern aveane ?a>bIagtoa m JO at L'ttt BAL.JI A gentleman decllatntt faou*' ke?> J In* wiabee to diapoee ?f bia Uoii-eboid Kl'ii MTl RE. conaletlbc of e\er>thing ra^uieite r >r the comfort and convenience of a snail fa rlly. To persona of limited mean* a rare opportunity ia ofleted. Kor fnrther partiristara lo'|?lre at frame honae uoribweat corner 4tb atr?et east. itnJ D atreet a?atb. Capitol Hill. The bouse can ba rented tor a m< derate anm. If desired nth ai ' t* A~DEblBABLB "COINTBT R?sil>*\?'B for rent for the balance of tbe year Five miitafroat Anacoata Rridge H >uae c?utainin<r I: lar.'e pieaaaet room*, loclading kltch n. Sacrea of lana in Garden, cfaotca Fruit ai d Shade Treea Ma' le. Carriage hon?e. uae of lea from tbe I- ehon-a pa-tura for two h^rae' and two ciwt, For terna. Ac . ta<i nre <>f T. B BROOKS n ar Fort Meigs on Marlboro' Boad.or by latter to Foreet villa. Prince Oeorge a couaty, Md. inh'JO Ut R" OOM8 FOR RENT-Fnrnt~ah^d or oufuTmabeU. 4 4 .> Maaaacbnaetta at noe. b?t#ren tb a: a7th atreeta. mb U 3t* r|H> BB NT? Part of a large HO US B. comprialac 1 b< room and parior (famished.) kitchen aud cellar. Gas aad wa'er convenient ^ 14 Del.>ware ave?iue. between north B aud C atrveU. m 19 it" HOt SB FOR BENT-On Capitol Biil betwaen 3d and 4th atreeta fronting on Peau. avenue; al\large ro n.?. gaa and water aad cellar In ibire at MiGB 'L McCOBMICK S Grocery Store, ?t corner. tnl9-St* HOCbB FDR BENT containing aix rwoias and 1 cellar Situated on ?th atreet weat. between 0 and P sta north Imnire next door, m 13 4t BBBT? Several very deairahly and hand1 aomelj furmah<d froai KOUUS at H > U 1 In diana av . le tweend,1. and 3d nt? . near Oit? Hall Firat claaa Boarding Honaea within a few ao r?. tn 1h tit* rOB BBBT HOCBBb in the Philadelphia r Bow. llth street eaat Hot an l col l aater, and bath.k'a*; 8 rooms. Will be reat>-d to e >od teDanta for 040 per annum lainire at 3u.> F atreet, bet lit fa aa4 12th we at tub 1ft ot* FURNISHED BOOM8~CUU?na^or Transient people may find comfortable ROOB8 at .4*7 Peiinaylvajiia avenne. opposite Metropolitan Hotel Will be rented by tbe day, week or uonth. mhlftCt* L"OK SALB? Only SI0U caab re jnired. th- b?l r ance can l>a paid In monthly nayiuenta of }I0 eafh, three eew two atorv UUl'SEO, aituated on tbe a?nth aide of aonth L atreet, near <tb. Tbta ia an opportnnity aeldom oiler.d to procure a home. STABB A CO , m 11 tw* 7th atraet near K f.U BNlBIIKD P^BLOBs and BBD RCKTbs, on the lat jd and AI floors, to be let single or In euitea Tbe rooms have been nowly papered aud painted' th?y are suitable for housekeeping or aincte gentlemen There la water, (as, and bath inthehonaa. Apply at US4 H atreet. between 10th and at-th, one mjnare froa atreet car a. ah lltapl" Wanted to bbntub fbbchasb?a aealua need DWBLL1MG HOUeB, eligialy located, contalaing all tbe aod<-ra lniprove:u>>aa ai d convebiencee, and handaomely famlafa'd or nulnrnlshud. Any peraon having a boaae of thla decciinttcn for rent or aa!*, will pleaae addr^ea tbe t-aberriber by letter, statinf terma.and time L.. V??J5S1. 01>u?. ah 7 eo?t llntel.l 3? Lomaiana avanaa^ nnn iuBBd OF BKST LAND near WaebOUU ington TO LBT for two yeara ?ith >at at j rent, for tbe conaideratlon of putting tha land nnder cultivation, ia lota of one to fifty i acrea, with nt any other Inducements, Including the privilege of baying tha land at aay tiae. For all particulars Inunire of ^ D. L. WELLS A CO., ah 4 1m Comer lt'th and F atreeta. it UF TBE MOST VtbDA BLB AND DB S1BABLB BUILDING LOTS la the city for aale. It la aitaated au tbe north aide of K aira-t, near ltth bet wee a Senator Shet man a aud the Mexican Mlaiater%. fronting on Franklin Sjuara. Maid tot Is 28 feet by 137, running back to a*' toot alley and tmp?oved by a tare atory brick atabla. fe 26 tf 8 P. BBO* N 46* 9tfa atreet weat. FOB 8ALB-AH kind of rSBBDSBMBD PLBDGBS, to pay advances, at 14 i* atreat, near Pa. ava. 87GOLDStBIB k 0 feXI la laleeneed Pawnbrokers. Kj^OB 8ALB OB BBNT?Furnished or unfurr niafaed?the? BB8IDBBOI of the Austrian Minister, corner 12th and K Apply between it aad I p. a fa X) l a * P?B BBBT?Tbe 8T0RB BOOM next t> tbe Star office nndar Me-.repaHtan Mall. Apaly to O. B. BABBB. Star office 'L j^TElHWAT'S PIABOS I Wa bava jnH received a ssw aaanrtaaeat of II i P1ANUFOBTB8 froa tbe ffactorv, can Bia ting of Grand, Square, and Dprlcbt^^^H Cabinet PUnoa | For tbe laet tea y?ara Stela way's PlaeoehaTe, j I on all occaison*, r?^a4wa^ ?Mt? 1Irat ! all newtork,Boet?n.Ph?ladelnh1a.aad Ba^ttaow iak?n Vh^LOTff $D4 wl^Tf I6C tWf OOM10 " ,W"?p,S?5Ko?ff? . ft 23*1 f ?? 31* P*"11 aveaae^Bole Ageata. Gulii fill I las asaniiisi 11 <* Gold Pens, Pencil CaeM. ST. for aale at rnanara-ta rer's Klai? IdJiSl^^ ?BA?t'B TATUOB I auction salik>. 'm jt*rr Mm* ??* ? ?4 FHi? ArTMUfiOUA <Ai? To-m >*<% -. MY COOPkR A L?r MU Aectl*ee*rT I) t late clerk* a JtL J ?a t* MctfttinftlV1 mxitavMi Mr??r Pwn.'? ifM? aad lit* ?t . MaT 0:1 oa chabcebt fili ??F~i?n Bwv ba? r?or*iTl OS SOTIi M hKKT Vk B*T, MKCitlftM ? ?M< rtrKtkTg I 0T * AKK b> alrtBaot li?lii'fwrffirt#i ?b? PutnilntOolumtito r*?n tr r?? B? ?ad e?i*ilv, la ehtrk 1boa*tO?>n I* aad j|r' el aro d-feeleaae. im aadar et?ba*. ru*t*e. Wtilee4l,IBIr-at Ol the pr??.|.r*. atrS oti.?k p - Ob ?4?u?? 1 ay f March la tent. ?>rt o! Lot ? ? It S<j?are (nkl errrt on* t?o, (itJ 1 coa mea< tut oa B"?'h *?de of eald I#?t **?. ? < IUBD>?| k*rtt> la tllM Itfc m4 f'MMl T?c?tleth lll?rt ?Mt W Mt *4 1 acb. lk?kNMMvw?ii ?fc lt?? aau M' lw k<? m?f m ?**e oiitkwtr dl? B { ? end )? >kcli, ?n* toeooe we?i v *r<ii? iae fVet end I* lu< h. t?err or Um. to the bell njti an?J i >? ktltkr* M? M ' IS *IM. for whlcb ik? porch mot will b* ? ??* < ln?i?t Mi pro nit r? b< ?e. Mtrim ilium det* fcuea: nxj to tbe eatta'a.tton ??t tt? tr?iM, er tee flri bUf r m?|. If Lt > >)M lr?, pey tkO whale af tke [ir bu? Miii-t) cut or oae half cut, aad th? baane w tke r?t;tt< atloa of lb? sale N ?* ranr? Till* to mill tlir *wll m ik? patch*** money Is paid ea* the r*tlM tf U* cocrt. CvKfiH. ing ead ittupi ?t tke cast of the nnrchaeer BCGBBE CABBSI. Troetee COClEB 6 LtTfBBB. rah 2 eoAda _________ ku'tlaBeer* |>Y CoT.paB A LATIMBB. Au^tloa*-T?, D ( Late clttU * itb Jm 0* AO? Sooth?e*t caraer I'eea eereaae H4 utk *t .Bter Ofliot k?iMti|' CATALOGVB SALB Of BOOtS OB TBI KNDtY mm! r BID A Y BTBBIVOS b*iI. Much 2i Ml n. M "S ednrk ? M oar ak Uol Ro-m. *t will oil ooltactiea of Stead t'd Bii'or>r?i ead Miec ellaaeo-a Booka. perl b?in from i yrlttu Ukrirt (ataiogu- ?at, end its H< Sad at our reom Terms.?h OOaPBB A LATIBKB. a>h 18 H AyW?Mf? |^Y NAGLE A CO , AitttiMiti. TBl STlT^S SALE By rirtoe of a de-d of tru*t, leering date ea tbe Ntk day of t?tUi ibw. MM <(lr r##orl?l LiUr K M H be t fallO 474 I* 47?. M* of tho l?bd recordi lv?r Vublatloa D O . tM uad-r ?l*DOd traaiK) will oa FklDAY,ta?- SSd ?*> of M?rrh, JS?7. at 10 o >lock ? m , ofln foi mIi. oa the yrarniM*. tbe entire ?to k aud fxtaraaof Diu Biorr vltb lb?(oo4 will, at Dibtlc aaeti^a, alditorf bfinc 1-caUA oa Poaavylraata thim, H<> it'O, Utawu lal and Jd atrcota west Tt-rma caab. ADOLPHUS r\BBR. Tru.W mh 1- m?'h * AGLB A CO . Aacta BY CVOPBB a iitflMtA. Aactta?ra, <L?t?cWk- wtthJaa. 0 krltatr* AO?..l Boalbwaat c rner of PmntjIttma are. ao4 lltfc trcct, Star UfJvce Bnildiac BOrPEHOkB rCBBlTVBB, I RO\ HAFB. *??!*<} MA* It 1 M KB. A<- AT AC'TYlO* Oii SaTI Kl)&V MKHRIAO aact, March ?4. at lk o'clock, la froat ot oar >U*r? ?* will aali an aaaortment of Yuraltnra taming? l>raka< ' and Tbr*-o-pl> Oarpau 1 lirca 6?ew?BK.lIm<-hJwe? akmlBBi and Mahoaanr Be4?taa4? Oil r aimiiira and BHCuriaca Hairri?'?h fotwa Bo< k?ra *od Obatra H sir aad B ? ak Matti <-?a* ?,HII?w? Martia top UBraausaud Wa?balaad? CaM and Wi?oj -fal Cbalr* Parole tor T*M*? V a nnt Pn?. ktrd'balr. o?T*r*d la ?ra?ti re?a Go kiGe *ad Chaniber 8(ovea. A Lao. 1 Wl'der Fire proof Cafe ZU,?<0>* actorU><> rand- of BefarLi>tU pper (Vvokin- L'tt-mai I* iK-t ol Otocarlta ?nd Ko'1ona_ Trrtfictrb C'OPBB A LATIMCB. jn.ld Aurtleufrri BY GBEkK A Vk ILLlAMh. AacUeBe*>~a No w^o, corner 7th and U atraeta FIK^T CLASS BLA4OT WK'.BIT FaKL"B ABL? OUAMBKK MBM1TI KB, F Kt > H fkAU MIHhUkNLAbl KKTCCBTAINS YBl.MT Ukl'kM, BBDU1MI. Ac., AT I CBLIU ACi'i loM. On MOM A Y, tbe ..4k laetant ?t 1? clock ai. ?Btwep- riiaee bain kunte Bo V*lfroBtiBc on r Ktteet north bM*< rB itth and IStb ?tr??u w<-tt. ? *hnll aall the following ariicUi, rl? One Hattdsona Ura^a Bep Parlor Buita. con MatioKof rnr-<-.?tc oofaa. tvoCaator ao'l f*wr Mde Cbatra Tbr?-e Bar tie U?a Center Tablea T?o Utbdomi1 Frencb-plat*- Mantel Olaaca* One targe banli-ose Pier Ola?? ?Ub darbie Blab an? Hracket, all bring la perfect ord?r Four bai'dt n?e trImBiad Greaa k> p Ourtaina. A d Ournice t? macck, coat q?o. Four Landi< me Law Cartaine to matak V>ue bant cine Black WkllB CbAtu^<Mr Bad. coatiitiitg of heaev made Haiauad, Marblt t?p l>r BMni Bcraau Wa?ha?and, h-d Ot?%ira, all n, id* to arii? r, coat #??| 0 Ta o bundar.Hi ? Bta. k Walatat Chamber g te on elftlnf of Marble top k-r^ Uar< ?u?. \k Mh-taB'ia, W at irobea Bedataa ta. Okaira, labka an Bockera, all to match One' kaa^aaaaa Pear.-Tainted Coit a et, cob *:?rin<j of M?rb>top Dreailn* Rnr.aui, \k aab?taa ls. Table*. ChiUra, aad Bock?-ra Ore Lie.a It lal ' PaiBtid Catl .go m-t. all em Plata _ ? Ten ezceiltnt Bair and Uprlac Maltreaeea Tea Lire caaae Foaikar Piliaaa auJ Clre BolOne Urrea Bep Lconge and fasr Staffed B p Oltaira Two baadaoaie Yalvet Caraete. caet Bit par yard Shx nf-arlj naw Tkrte pi* Carpeta H arniii ae Veleat Stair < arpet aad Braeae* Black Malum Hall bet, conaietincot Table and Two t Lair a Hall Oilcloth* and Valeet Boca aad MaU Excellent Peddle*, aneh U Hlnnketa, Comfort., Spread*. 8h?*ete, and I'aeee Paint <1 Wood Dreeaing Boreana, Waabat.'da. W ardrebe*. and an* 8e*t Cbaira Bla k U alnat Extentioa Tal le Oak t'ane Seat Pining Chatr* an1 Loaar* Toilet Set* and Wiadow t?hadee Table Orockerr and Glaaewar* TableCatlar> conalettag of Plated I- orka.Spooae. and learr haadlad Enivaa Refrigerator. Tin Safe.aut Enakea B*<4Blaite? Chamber. CookSur aa-1 other htoT??a Aad all otber ?oad> appertainiM to fioaaekeepTb* ?bore Fnraitaret* of the baat < no'lty. ?n1 tb* tn^at of It waa made to order la Baltlmara. mVilV* h' OBEKH A WILL! AM?, A .ota BY W L ALL A CO.. Aucaoneera. Origlaa) How and Carrtaff? Baiaar, 9* La. a*., l-etweca vtb aad Wtb ata SALE Of HORSES. cTbEIACES. H AE> ESS, On SAT! BPAY MokBfBQ, Mar-h a at in o'clock, we will tk* Bazaar, a nn?B?>er Sad-ila, < ariiage and Work Horaee, (afar daMan} ?ocd \N ork, Saddle, and Uaruee* Hor?ee. &L?i, y fteen aood Fan lloree*. Lot M nl?*e. ALSi'e A l*r<r? collectloa of Bra and Second hand B?g*1>-* Bockawa>a. Carriage*. Wagona. aad other Vtblcla*, Two new Jenny Ltnd M aeon*, ballt in thl- city. lit-w anl Second baud Marn?*#e, S*14)M. Carriagee Ae . at pnrate aaia BeiuUr *alc* d*>a, Tae*d?r?, Thar*daye and Carriage* and Hatneea alway* oa prleate *ala. m ju w!l WALL A CP.. A?1 ta BY OOOPEB a LATIMBB. Anctlonaei> (Law clerk* with Ja? C Mcliaire A Oo.,? Soutka eat corner ol Paa'a are and Aituatr -et. Star Office buildiag. V A LI'ALB IMPROVB^ABP CBI*P*0\BI? BEAL K8TATB BBAB PEBB'A EYBBLB aT a LTTlON On TBIL>AY a'PIBBNOOS aaxt,March ?M^at Socio I i m.. cn lb# pr#icii6i. will t?li tb# eonth 24 f?et inchea of Lot ?. la *<naareBo m. Impro^od br a *nb*tantial and w*ll bnllt three t_>V Brick l?welllag. wltk a two atarr t ack l>aildinc. coatatnli'g To al. locrtaen rooaae.wlta gaa threughont. Pump o( water i* r*r'1Also, adjoining the abore, and Immediately after, we will cell tne north U feet li.ebe* of Lot Ho 27. Bqnare nnlmprored. except be a brick bnlldiBi: oa the r-ar ot tbe lot Both lot* bav* a depth ol 106 feet lu;, tacbee to a thlrtf foot pet 1 ^'The'af^e'deecrlbed real -etate bel aged to tbe late Col M. Bonrae.aad inel'aaUjdi on ???Ht id* of Uth -treet. betweoa B and P etree** bo ' . aad aear Peanayleanta aeaaae.and la well worthr tne atteatioB of peraoaa deairia^ Srat- la? pr<?party . tbere being littla w wae for aale lo tlua i mediate neighborhood Po*ee*e!en ?1\*? M*r 1 '^Terma Oae half caab; balancoln^ an l II montbe. with In tercet. eeeared by a dead ot trwetew tk* property. All coo ve, anting and rare am* at-ape at co?t of poroba*er. A Aepoelt of 1B*? will be required ot tb* p-r^?ajtr^tlme^ol^JBxecatoraof SB-cbagl H**tw mh 7-ooAda OOOPBB A LATIMBB. Aacte Amebic ah oolb. stooM ? J?*m. bonght on oemmiMloa at the B*w Tork aud etber Stock Board*. v?aotatloa* regnlarly ro1.BTO JOMSOHBQO_Sertar?^ IQT-tf BBBBia? aoaa?o. PLODBI F B B DI \ f_D !! ! of all grrtdea choice PYonr far befa'oxMoaTeoty oouuterfelted aad aald ta tb?* hT, w*woald lnform tkoee wtehtag tkla floor by arraagement with tbe miller* we f ore Mb H lower pVs&TA,aa*Si.'cwt! xvx i?cb Bralthwaite1* Bitraaput for Jaaaary Bartlenlag for Prat*; ?HMakeUm Bar*at aad Family Gardea Swlabvra** baae Yemerte Two Marri>gae a roael by MiaaMaleck Tbe Adrea rtireeof a'Orlffa, 1 llnetratod. The Statesman's Tear Book for Mw; Laadoa. f* i >k*WOK TAYLOB. (>IQABS ABD TOBA0C0 -BBOOBt B B? J MOBSToH will be happy to aerf* aU friend and ilie public with tBg?re and Tohacc<>.at He ht v.% Loaiataaaayean*. neax Bauk ol Wa^ttaf ton fe MB i