Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1867 Page 1
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I. I , ?? Stoftng ^tur. V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. MARCH 22. IH67. N?. 4,380. THE EVENING STAR ftBLISHED DAlLT.t^CNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BV1L.D1NO, /Miwd corner J tnm d 4MMP and LltA strut bt VV. L>. WALLACH. The ITTAR is served by tae earner? to their abeenber- in tne City and District at Ti* ('mi m tih. Copi^e at the oiintar.with oi without wrappers. Two Cbstb each. Pricb TOM. Maimho ?Threa months. On* PoUmr and F\f*y Cen.'t, six months, Tkrft D?J*ti, ?ne Tear. Fivt Dollars. No papers ar* kbi frc? the olllca loafer than ptud for. The W fc.KK.LY bTAR?pntlisbed on Friday ?OTT-ir.g - (Me Dollar and a Haif a Tsar. . i ii asiw?????w?mmr a PAWNBROKERS Bbl IK t a LO*N OIFICI 4? A lit h it'?et. d rtoor south of Penn uve., Loss* MONEY 09 time to toll corom-rs, on Goid aad Mlier Watctie*, Diramwit. Jew- sOn elry, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wea*lurJl A A[i?r?l W I# Cui ?t ld and Silver bought uti i jm* B. BU1N8TIHI. yu a lIB *s~~ rfVTK 1 L LO\yorFICK% Be. 4*4 10th st. e*t. one door fcelow Penn. ave. Tbis well " nown Office make* sOv LIBERAL ADV.\S CBS f**\ On Piem n<is, Gold and t?il?er Watches Q Q Cifti gj. > urnlture, ami Merchandise of every description. (*?au every day i except Sunday) from 8 a. m. to l? m N H.? Business strictly confidential. fe28-tf rgTAHLlbB E W 1 H * SPECIAL NOTIOI. ( BARLEY BBP.7.BERO. Sccesa-'T to lsac Herzbeig A Son, "bo k?t?conduct* I the Ptwcbrokisu Business Itr Lfteen >earn in this city, far twelve /0\ year* the anly Pawnbrokeria the Dlstrlc?,jf JL take this method of thanking their patronsO w ai 4 U.e puMic for the confidence heretofara show a, and b?-s )< are to call their attention to the fact that we sllll fontlnne to irake the highest adnncn in all mdh upon all articles of Jewelry, IHM&cads, Wa'ches. Bonds. Government Scrip, Mlver IMa'e. Ac . for which we have superior pieces of deposit an 1 security, which will always le shown for the ?at1sfacti-4 of taose patronizing as We have special facilities for the care ana preservation of Wearing Apparel of every descntticn. Wooiet.s, *< -, on which the highest ad T?Lce-. are -?ade, (naratWiis when required ivgaiast moth, and always a*;a'n?tin.ury Having a ;aree warehouse in cotinection with onr affiee, we hav? special facilities for storage of all kinds ef Merchandise, Ac., on which we mnke the highest advances for days, weeks or ninths. W( call especial attention to the fact ibat twlng to tne large capital employed in onr bnslnea*. we can maAe advances at such rates of intereat ae to defy Com petition We aeil no goads nntil the expiration of aix months a'ter their forfeiture, and then only at public anction. first giving ample no'ise through the various city journals lo all depo*<ter?. By this means deposits with ns ar-never l.-'t if their redemption Is desired We call especial attention to onr arrangements for forwarding goods to any part of the cccntry. arrangements which an experience of tftsen year* has brwught to rertectioa. Depositors are enabled by this means to redeem their food* from our office ne matter where they may e located Pull Information alwais given. Private apartBientaforconhdentlal business. N. B ? We have ur> eonne?-tlon with anyti-ailar eatah!t?^n>ent in this city R. fer to anv < Id re-Jdent of W??hirgtoB Itemember HKB/BEKG'8 Lean Whce.141 ncrthO street, between 4>6 and 6th, Waahlngten. P y. fe as-lm* ONE Y I MOW E YTI MONET H I U. PK1NCE S NEWLY KSTASLISHED LOAN ovricK, 217 Pa. ave.. next to Poten ini s Confectionery. Mensy leaned on every deacrlptlen of salable Merchai dl-e especially Watches, Dia- /Q\ Bonds and Jewelry. I can a?snrejf"JL tbeee who mij tavor mo with ther patron-O w age that tt ej will not regret having done so. S B ?Private doer acd office. Persons not wl?tlrg t ant.r the public office will ring the office leil. fe 28 1 m" rf'BB OLD E^T A BLI&HED K IBM OF 1 B, GOLDS I E i N A CO . Ll( K>-ED I'Ae NBBOKEKd, 34 FOtB AND A HALK >T&EK r WEST, near I'enns) Ivagia aveaue, Offer the bigu*-0t ca-)h ad-anoes on all klndeof Merrnandtre, to sny ano?".nt and for any /0k time detired, at reascwatkl" rstee Interest en large au*i? greatly reduced 0 ^ Bnsineas strictly c> nfldentlal. Goo4? b< nght {or cash asd sold at private ??ie. fe n-iy DKXT1STRY. DU. l^EWlfi B DUNTAL ASSOCIATION, No. UbO PKNN'A AVE , Between 13th aad tsth streets. extracted without pain by admlnsterlng i i??? k01'11' er Laughing Gae. Dr.^-M^ LEwIEtas recently purchased the be^tJsJ^a# t teiuKal Appai atn? m the cocntry fur^*'' ' ** isaalcg tnre gag ever> day, alse, au 1a.proeod Valsalar Inhalar. lha Association is n .w prepared U> tnake Teeth cn Gold, 8Uve- >ol Uubber at New York Philadelpbia and ,i -ton prices. All pereo?i? wlshins denta* v??r? done can have tt ae cheap aa in the above-named cttiv*. All work doue in the neatest and u?at manner, aad warranted to g*v0 satisfaction Peraona will do wall to call a*.d examine onr work. de 24 tf T B B~T B . 1 _ . M LO<?M!a, M.O.. The In venter nr. J Patentee ef tae BIBBBAli PLATE TEETB, attends pertoaally ata office in tn?? city. Many periuns canjMM wear the*e teeth who caaaot wear others, 111 ** aad no peracn can wear other* who cannot wear taSSSa Persona calling at ay office can be accommodated with any style and price ef Teeth they may desire, bat to these who are particular.and wish tha fmrest. cleanest, stroegeet and most perfect den?re that art can procure,the MIBBBAL TBBTB will be more fully warranted Booms In this elty ?No 3S" Penn'a avenue, be ^efn ?th and l?th sts. Alao, 997 Arch street, Pblladelpfcl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j>r?_lv PERSON ALw MH8 t'L'ltTl!* IRVING, Clatrvovm:, and tTji .U-dium. will give life readings, Including Past, Present and Future, at her office, 4 J0, nerth side of Pa av.. between and (tb streets. Office hours from 9 to 2 a m. and 4 to ? a m. ja U 2m* C1t'hriDENTIAL ?Yoong men wh? have In / jcred themselvea oy certain secret habits, which unfit th*m for buslnsss. pleasure, or the dntiee of ma-rled Ufe, aD >, middle aged and old en. who. from the folliee of youth, or other oanees. Ie?-1 a debility in advance of their years, belere placing tbecuseiJree under the treatment of any cne, abonld first read "The Secret Friend." Married ladiee will learn something of Importance by pernaing "The Secret Friend." Sent to any addrees, in a sealed envelope. ?n receipt of ? cents. Addreee Dr. CUAS A 8TCABT k OO.. Boetoa, not-iy r|| PEK CENT SAVED by using O B JEWELL S pare unadulterated ' J*W Premlntn hew York City BGAP, Premium FAMILY SOAP, Premium FLANNEL tlOAP, And No 1 BBOWN SOAP. For sai? cheap fog casn. Orders through the Po?t Office will De promptly attended to . B. JEWELL, . ^ er and Candle M^aeiactnrer, No. *?00 and G ?t. nerth, bet. 4th and Sth. ja 11 6m 'PHIH IS TO" GIVE NOTICE, That the~ suh *rr 1 !.er hae obtained from the Orphans' Court of H aehingtou County, iu the District of Celamb;a letters of adniinlntr^tioa. or the oerstinal etets ?f William E'ert. l%te ot Georgetown, D C., deo-aa^d. All persons timing claims ag *jid dec a^. d, are hereby warned to e?t..k it !uc g?me, with the vouchers thereof, to the eut*crirer on or before tne .'th day of March next, th- y may otherwise by law be exoluded from ail benefit at the aaid estate. Given under my Lan^t this ."th day of March, 1"T ELIZABETH EBBRT. Bib t law ;w" Administratrix. '1>B1S IS TO GIVE NOTICE That the subscrla ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Waahingtou County. In the District of Columbia, letters tea airentary on the D?reoi,al estate of Jotn McGarvey late of Washington county, DO, aeoeased All persons having claims against toe said deceased, are herehv warned to exhibit the same, with tiie vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on ?r b*f?re the #th d^r of March next; tfcey may '.th-rwise by law be excluded from all benefit ?f said astate Given under my hand this 'th day ef March, . MI^BAEL F MOBAN, mb S law w* Bxecutor^ 'J-niS I - TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subserl * bers tiava obtained from the Orphans' Court ct Washington aui,ty, la the District of Columbia. l'" an"=ata?y on the sersonai estate of In' Waghington, D. 0., deceaeed All persons haviixg tiums against the said deceaeed. are hereby warned to exhibit ttaaasae. with the ?"ucher, tnereof. u? the snbscrl*Mveo under our hands this 14th day of February ,M7 ALE\ 11 RICB, l , *ooruM7. feU Uw3w> JOBNW McKIM \ **?eutaia. THIS IS TO GIVK NOT 1< B. That the saos^Tl I ber has obtained fr m the Orpheus' Oourt oWasbiagtou County , la the District of Columbia, letiers testaaientary oa the personal estate of ED.ah Bdmonstc n. late of Wa<hlaetou city. B C deceased All persons having claims ag >ln?t the said deceased are hereby warnai to exhibit the ?eme. with the eoacbere thereof, tt the subscriber, on or before the 9th day of March next; thev may otherwise by law be excluded frum all benefit of said e-ta'e Givea nude- my hand tl-1s9th day of Mareh \mj. mh II lawSW M a BT EDMOMITOH. \|AC hKREL AMD OODFI8H. ? M n(t pounds large SBOBB CODFISH. 4S hartals Ho. 1 MACKBBEL. . last received aad lor sale M oar wharf, at tha f<M>t ef 8?veath st. S. P BBOWBBSOB. Ooatmiseioa Merchants, dslajf Mo. 44ft Ninthst . bet. Band F. L'EBRCABY lft, l?)7 -AD persons having ie i articles ia my shop far rea.irs, prsviwue to tbe let of January, ere roqaeitM to caH aad get tbfO'. ?sil erw !se they will beso'd at publie aao'Ka on the .st e t March to say the charges the reef JOHN J. PBAROBF, Ben aid L<>ck?attfc, .?B^!a Bo. 414 Ditratt. STEAMBOAT LINES. POToMAC TAAftctPORTATlON LIMB FOB * ^ . BALTIMORE. Making freight connection at AgCIA CHECK With blCUJtOHD. KBKDKBICKS- I BOR0 AHD POTOMAC HAll.Rtun The steamer BX i'REbS, Capt A. Hickle. at 4 steamer KIM N BnBO. Capt JohnH. 1 "lleoa, l???? NSaahlngton from Hlsth atreet wharf every WIDN ICS WAY and SATURDAY, at 6 a m., lor Baltimore, aud usual war landings on I YtinwnawT!!^ Jh.'.'vwS* leiTe Baltimore every TiJxBDAYaijd FB1PA1.4 p in. For further Information apply to w,. ? J. B. BHYAW <fc BRO., _mhl8-tf Bo. 34) Pennsylvania ave. ' WTKAM1B WIIBON SMALL ^5 FPU THE EASTERN SHORE. p,f"J1CBThe Stea met W LL8?N SMALL, i ?nPT *. T* L*0?ABO, BOW to jr-?J all reapecta out oi the moat comfortable and eiegaa it??ia*ri plyiDg on Chesaceake Bay, will rasa me her rente on baIUKDaY, Marchld Shelpa . ] u opposite Ho <70 Light street wharf, ] at i"*D,aV#r? 0TU*^A*. *? URSBA Y. and y&nrrrr vl\rtwKtiJ^sX1&T^EASTOff rdlWT, 1 DpULLEMILLS,OX FORD CLQRA'S PO!N1f. WH itiF. CAMBRIDGE. H UGH- 1 ?"*{<& CABiy CREEK" MED FORDS WHAKr*%m& LLOYD'S LANDING ' Betnralng from THE BASTKBN 9H0BB, ahe leaves Lloyd a Landing at 1 p. ni , Cambridge at 4 ] fpS'aVaSav rflrf'S' i'1*1 ?* 8 r, m ' ?T*r* Monday, ] f. S? *nd ^"day .touching *?*?' laterme ?? i?iVn *? aB'1 Baltimore at A a. m. On the following mornings j jJJ'J.baa a large nomb'Tof "ae state-rooms. ff,o--"'%ff/oDKiagjs~ ??" | TO TRAVELLERS QUI NO SOUTH TWICB DAILY, (Bt.nday p, m. excepted,) The quickest axd most direct ronte to Richmond, a . and the South, via the Pototna.- jrai. steamers from 7th Street "'\ ' ff Jt Washington, to A>inla Creek Richmond. Fredertckeburg and Potomac Railroad. iS Bui mond, Va.connecting there with trelne on the Bltbmond and Petersburg and Richmond and Daovllle Baflroada. for Peteraburg, Weldon, Wll r?v&9i?&\gr&n'boro' 8*li,ber7-chMr.Bteamera Bayport and O Vanderbllt leave 7th Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening excepted) at m and 6 W p ra. and arrive in Richmond at 1. ? p. m and 2 is a m. THBOUOH TO BICHMOHD IH8BTBH HODRS* Fifty Mi lee Shorter and 1H Honrs Uuloker tbax any Other Boat*. Bo rare and get Through Tickets Tlx A?nla Creek and Fredericksburg, to Rtohmond, at the Company's Office, corner of Penna. avenue and 0th street, or on board of tha boats. Baggage checked through. Omni I.usees and Baggage Wagoas will be lo readiness to oonvey paaeengers and .baggage betweeu depots In Richmond. Passengers by this line paaa by daylight Mount Vernon, and may have an opportunity of visiting several battle-fields near Fredericksburg by atop plug at that point. ' Breakfast and sup on board of Stoxmera. GEO MATTIHOLY.Snpt.. Washington, D O 0 E. MATTINGLY, Ticket Agent, Washington. ' o.V Aahby, M H* aaerxl Pxaaanger Agent. 1867 GBAND EXCPBSION 1867 TO THE PARIS BXPOSITIOH, The xew and first clasa ocean going Iron Steam P H A V A H A , Z.OOn tons burthen. STEPHEN WHITMAH. Com mender, will make an EXOUBSION from Hew York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, Horth Biver, on WEDNESDAY, April 17th.xt ISo'clock m , Taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Beturning, will sail from Bavre on Jniie 5th,giv Ing paosenger* holding Excursion Tickets about six weeks in Europe. Tbla magnificent Steamship Is divided Into wxter tight cem part me ate, and haa t>eeu newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expreaaly for this voyage. Tba HAVANA will odIv carry first class passengers. An experienced Sorgeen on board. 9JT A full Ban.l of Mvstc win b* nttacKtd to tk ship. Price of pa?aage, in currency, to Havre $l&0 and S173, according to size of atate room To Havre ?d I rt-tnrn, and #3-^, according to aire of stxte rooia. For further pxrtlcnlxrs xnd passage apply to the Agexta, Mfc'RRAY FERRIS A 00., 6U South street. Haw York. Or toMcO. Y. BABBY, the Merchants' Union Expreea Company, 40tt Pennsylvania avenae, Washington. mh ?-sut r|'HE MOST EXCITING AMB INTERESTING 1 BOOK OF THE DAY (j EX. L. V. BAKEirs HISTORY OF THE bECKET SF. K VICE. AGENTS W ANTED in every city,town, county of th* Union tecanvaaafor tbla work. Thla nlHtory waa announced one year ago. bat owing to the attempt-of the Oovernment to snppreee It, Its publication waa delared It will now be tanned, unaltered and unabridged, under the snp-rvljlox of Gkn Bakes It contains a full and official expoee of the Intricate maohixations of the secret enemiea of tba Union. For startling developments and thrilling ad ven*,r,7/!ni th? fxmoua experiences of FOI OHE AND VIDOCQ. The mxrvelous narL J*". " r*' ?aker are all atteated by the highest official aathoH'y It will contain the only otfccial history of the Assassloation con :ndTe'rr,^efcrimeHt0r' ?f tW* *r#Bt' ,Urtl,"? FROM ITS INCIPTION, IH TUB HAUNTS Of VILLA IK f TO THE BUBIAL PLACE OF BOOTH. "i&bt sss';nwi ffiS'oif*"* *?'1"",0 .? tt_nj0r*Jf. of IheNatlanal Capital are thorouahly ventilated, and there are some strange ??~;/fonc#,nilyt ?f departments, members of Congreos, female pardon brokers, and distinguiahed military characters. ^nr^^?L^.c,11*r,iS llTM,in?J1,,,nbe" ?n<, other KWA A om? day o'r Jiayk w,,, b* r**dy r on tha 1st ?. ~^"De blt ,^?l? thoroughly conversant J ? busmeaa, and with good reference as to character and responsibility, need apply. mhl3 lm Auction ab^ coMM*&Mok mebchaht Southeast corner of K and Eighth a treats. UpM?lle Northern Liberty Market,) Washington, D. 0. begulaiTsales, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, ABD SATIBDA*. Llb"*' ??? .Pti,uC.UiVa,tt,\tl^ *? *?> saa of Boat Household Furniture at private reelfleacf' fa abaolm ABYLAND AGB1CLLT UBAL CGLLBGB. Tbe dutlas of this TxaAtaslon will be rMnmxi HOD DA Y, 25ih Of MSPch raanmod on \* bile It is designed to make instruction In the theory xn<1 practice of Agricnlture, the peculiar feature or tfa College, provinlon ia made for a full conri6 of co!le^/ist? loAlrQctiOD, tiiibrtcioc tlie Latin. Greek, French. German, Italian an 1 gpax* lah Ixnguxgea or any of them, a course of Math'msttca. Mental and Moral Science, History er'atu * the English Language and LltNatnrsl History and Natural Philosophy, in ?e? ral J raochas will have special attention. Military Tactics will be taught TJ".rtW1!! bo^ Pfsparatory School, but a so '*<-? ! Kngliah and Scientific Course mav be taken at tbe atudent'n eptien. Ho one received under fenrteen vearsofago. Far a Otmilar end further I formation add rase N. B WOBTHINGTOH, Bogister. *c., . Office of American Farmer. "t' ' eo4w Baltimore. VriCTOB bbckebT PIABO TUN IB AHD BEGnLATOB.? Bstablisrxd m 14M. bH 4#8 jjth street, near Fa. avenue. ^Mr"B*k??dfn*h*. ? B*htmor?. ..'I. ***.taaad Pianos for as at our Ware l.lbT OF LETTERS RKM A1HI' O IH THK WJl5IMNOTO!? < 1TY IOST OFFICE, Friday, Itaarch 22, IMiT. [CFHCIALLY PlBLIMIFD IN T1IE PAPKR 1IAVIJ.G THE LAROF.'T C IhCl LATlON.) lyTooUtlu nil J of these 1 t t>'C lb* applicant a-t*f* tall t< r * Ad Ter'iai <i Let; err. "give li e date at 'he list, ana pay on* uut for ecvt-ri Imng. V If ict rail- d for wiihla one mcnta they will L? : ai.t 10 tbe Lead L?tt? r ufllre LADIES' LIST. A 11 ro FI vly F. try J V A II r?Mr< lemtner Kl'a A l*its/Ba>lr? K< at< r SMraklra Mra ft M. ton A tr v forn?t Nt"hl>iuK A n i ui P*i ,H E i :i U| huthAnaNoy e* 8 vrah Mr* Mrs Gibba L'h M MraSay lorGeoBM ra Allen* Mary <?41>Ai'.lle M Nash Marrt Mrs ftrniatMf t M7.iC ,G?r!ey E B MraUtia Mm ?e &di n aEUire F Gardner H h MrtO'Bell Jennie Mm Grxwold A Mra O'Learv Ellen AimatroagEu Oibnn Lnn K OawellLt/.ieMrj ran Mm Gordon IV Mra O Brlen M B Bnrr Inrni E Annit OI me teed flor a Bio^ks JtniiHt (irt itktui AnnaWlett M J Bro*a Eli/, h (lirol N PuinfUrriiSMr* RrowneClarM re Gessaw ay O PayneBellaMra BlakeMrtGr.GA G i i ffnM ?ri a M rsPle M ?>-y E Brown MraAdte Gilbert W II MraP.irr-s Helen Brace tt Mra Griffin Gor e J ePnu oU John A Bate* U O Hlii (JwktGgi LldiaA Mi* HirehJeenaei te Mra Pondexter Batty Brnft Lilly Ilall Bdith Mraiei Bom? Asbi Hirka Ellen Prather Julia Brown Blue Hill El h Mra PendletouMryA Brocka4'ar'eMr?Hill Mite Parkma Mra BealeMaryV Hall Lizzie Petty Anna Mra Boot!i? Mary A Hugliea Ellen Pongin Mary Bettl Catherine Ho?tl Bllz'hMra Reed Margt Baugh Ada Mra Hicka Mra BlceSerahC Mra Blrnel Molie A Hall Loui-a Mraxfrhiuoad Emma HeallCetkEM r? Bamdrn LeeM riRichardion Em Bany Rath Mra HowerdCb'rMr- m* Mra Peall L T Mra Howard CarrieB Roberion''ar In* ItreoksFaneMriHunUr Geo MreRn*'?li ilnneMra Baird Nellie Henry Ool Mra Keilly MargtMra Butt* Mra Howard Emma Bio-nbaum Mr? BntllMiyEMra Howlitt HoraceK*?vere *???le Bairie Sarah R Mr- B^nffman Mann Bq( klcy EmMra Hylaad Annie A Mra BecklyCatbMre Hocy Frank 8 Robert-Mary M rs Baker.)nliaMra Heneon Li/./ie koblnMn M.iryL Bar t et Eller i c) HelUwell Har Baudotf Bueen Br> aiit.laai'Mra rlet A Mm Rin.lell Percilla Parker llMMr> Harrlion EH*a Mra Balmaun Any B Mra Smith Frank Mr* Mra HowardOathMraHmvth* J Mra Bryan AnE Mra HammondbizzieSmith Jnlian HecketMeliaMrs Mr- Smith Adeline BraxtonMry MraHi Iton A B Mra Btott Jtnnle Bailey Ella A HunnicBttMai'AStock8 BrabnxmJeMrt Nutton Eiiza h SBuit Bal'le A Bernard Emma HannaB KMr? Smith Mary RrenerdKetelaDHeiney M y AnngmtthAnna Mra HaraardBIzMra HarrieMol'*Mr*8wlft M B B> hear Mary llauaon Perc'a TSbtelda Matilda Berry TbosMra Mrs Swatla Nancy BuahnellMKMraHarria Virginias,,,art Frauda Bal o< kSidMr- Hutibin- Bma'aSevllle Addle KarnesMarthaAlrtiBL' Nannie ?r John Adella Mra Jamee Carrie Mr* BaludwiaMetle JameaMin eMrantewart Mary B HronghtonBMra Jon<e 4) Seymour Delia BreugbtosBB JoaeaLncyO Sumera Fannie Barren fela Jonee D'borab Seaman Cora A BoilanMry Atfn) H Mra Stevene A 8 Mra Clyde Fra Mra Jam< aRrrlly Mrsg#nult/. II DrMra Cook Eli/ Mra Jarkaon Mary Ec*fttary A L Mra Cbaae FannleH Mra Shorter M: y Ann Clark Liztie Johoaon B B St.lohnJulia Mra Clark M at ?t Mra J - hnaceLncin Ja^niall wood Maria Clark Ma*t1e .lirverfab-rMgtl Mra GlarkVIr aMlaa Johnaen K'aAnnt?ypherd Mollia Conner Ellen JxknaoaPe'aMraghorter Bebacca Cannes Lizie A Jobnaon George-Stuart 8 P Mra Mra " ? Mrs Stnart Mlrara C'ary Alice Johnson Mary bteveneMaryMra OrnnmingaPrf)') Ann Mra Marst OarterJ nllaM ra Johnsen H hMrcTb' ma? Franc ea Chri-tyCornellaJobn?en Liztie C Mra B Mia .lobkaonEl'liMraTaylor Anna D Carter.In' BMra K>aale> Lyrlia 8 Mra Cofley JobanMrsRnhn Hen yMraTebin Mra CnrneiH'eFMraKey Ann TopplngKM Mra Gbano Lunra. c King (' lla Tagpart Emily Conway B Mra KlngOlerlaJ D Mra Covington M'y J Knight M A MraTnrker Cornelle Gary Poete Keneagy Jacob Ty 1 r Harry Mra Cbaain M A Mra Mr* . _ TwomyMrbl Mra Cassy Marti e Kelley M H MraToliver B<^?ey Clamarker MaryLea M.ttilda Mia Mra ConorerVirgE Lawa Laura Tabor M A Mra Carwell Marg't Laws Mra Trannr 8 P Mrs Cmmpton Mat'a Lee Pophia Mra Talrapangh SolChaprrauO < atb'TMra omon Mra CarnelbaellaMraLakeEllza bMraTonar Boae Cragell Boaa Lynch EllenMraToben Sally Mra CunninghaniM'aLemer E Ceahur Abel P Mra Locwer Helen Mrx Cotten 8 h AMraLeaby Ellen 2 Tnderroof Boaa G< amer M't MraLlTlngaronNereVanaaadol Mary Dent H L Mrs Ltndar M Mra Mra Lrigg Cath Mra Langley Margt Worel Elizabeth Sean M Mra Wood Kate A nl l a C D Mra LoansbnrgAnnaWelk Lonlaa A Dell Lizzie Moar>-Eb? Mr*Wright Laoy A Daniel EllenMraM?>r>reCharlotteWeIle Engenia Drlsroll Hannah Mra(c) Weed Sarah Damall B'h MraMar fco na AMraWeeka Buaan L lieLong A G MraMoerae M'y Ann Mra Delphal < b'aMriMaason J Mr* Wilaon Carrie B DmIt F Mra Miller AlicaMra Mra DavU Bar a MreMiller Cat# MraWagnar LoaisaE Douglaaa Mary Mallory D G Mr?u'ebater A DulanyM 'yAMraMannel Lizzie Wardell Cell* I?or*ey Mary Maaon Mill* Willlama Lanra Dodaoi Sarah J Maaoo Helen BWIIIIaaa Fran Earl Edna Mra rla Mra Elliott M arid Marl arty BridgtWHIlama Lizzie KatonLMra Mra Wooater Oharlta Ennia Mary Mm Per Carrie M Mra Eapay BnsanMreMartln Annie AWatklns Mlata B'sig Maggie MathewaMatlldaWlllard Mary F Ednionaon Ell'a Marona Mary L ^'iamar Nellie BUy Mary AMraMaller P Mra Wlllett Mra Bmeraon Ml'a Morgan Mra WhemMyBoaanElliott MaryHrsMurphy Mra na M ra French Eliza A Mahorney Mr* Washington Be Mra MackwellMari'n bacca Fox Mary Mercer Sa'hMraWaahlagtoa Flteh Jennie A Mckenzie Bell<- Maria Ford Mat'a Mra Mra Willlama Virg C Field 8 B Mr* McOruder Mary Mra Funk Aag'* Mra Mra Tnunt Mollie Kenno F'eH-S McPh. rlonMary Y..nng AnaJ Mra Foreaon B'y A Ann Mra Ylng'ing Mra McL an MargtF ca Mra Ferguaon Jea>E M18CBLLANEOC8 ?No. 480 L atreet. HtNTLtMEN'S LIST. Adamf B F Aaey Joa Armntroag KH Amt eraCbag AddlaonJea** Allen S P Anthony Bn DBAppleton lea Abert Mai 8 T Angel Edwin 8 Ahren J. hn Alexander T S Adams Edgar P Abbott J P Alluutt Win D Arnold A Co F Andaraon J W Adam* Wm Abbott CorpGW Armati ong Jne Babcock Col A CPrega G?o W Bond Mr Brook A l.utler Benfy WBrewn M >*ea Bunch Aloazo NBeldea Hoa JK IteanMn M Bruat Alb't Bracket J N Mnri.a Hen M BalneDr B B Barker JOha Hiynton O Barton Byron ABarker Jacob H Itread G P MrtwnOap Hit Broaaan John Baldwin O A Bole* Obae M Berne Mob Jae Burgel M O (f'n) Bell Cbaancey Belden Hn JaaKBrewn Gol u M HaraetHnVO Barclay Ja* B Plow Peter It J Broun tt Paul Baylina Jolia D BawLtSO Ban ka Dan'l F Barton J 8 Berne* V l.ulrolo D J Bak*r Kt Jno E Bradleld Wm-2 Browulng E H Berry John Baldwin Wm Boutler Edw'd Bowie John Baaaett W W Bunuerater FF Berlin Jamea Bergman W Burna Frank H Barrack .Ino T Burr Walter Bntiar Cap F M Blaok Jaa E Burch WruCatch Berber Geo W Bro< ka Jno Boegs Wm W Br< water GeoW Brooke Jno Balrd Bev Wm S Blncber G*o Bray J Braand Wm H Bent G*s Brews L F Cbambera Arm dG*mpb*ll J B Oobb O P Cbiide A G Cabot John H Carry Owen CoLaer B F Ooburn John Chandler Hon P Cba?eCbaaB Gumming* J H L Cox C A Crawford J Crolly Patrick Conner OB Coneklln J Coitman Rob't Cornwall Mai D Chapllne Joa A fuwdaa B Cnrrell Edw d Cooke John <><ll ath 8 H Cubn8?* CrooaJaaaa Crawford 8T Orager Heary Clark* John H Galwer T Onmains Hugh Cook Jamae Oolkleaaar W H Valentine Clark Jo* Oartwrlght Wm Carrell G M Coburn Lores Cunningham W Chelmera Gen JCriet L T M Coamings W F B CoIImb* Mlcb'l Conaut W H Cam) lee Jacob Oaaeell M Curtis Wright Chlpley Jaa T 4 erpenter A Mc-Clearr Wm t raw ford Jeffrey Lais Couaoell W H Cock el Jobs Oeseby Mich'l BGecbran Wm F Droyfue A DeyHoaGW m)unaetk Lt M M Laeia A N De*borau GE| Delerle A Co Daniel* A M DbtIiG. oW Meear* DrlcaCbea Davie Geo M Duffree Mr DanleUoti D D Denieon H W Duffy Peter Downing '"ap DJDeeuery H Dnnheiaer Hon Di*brow D tt Down Heary T Philip Di rrick D P Dlckeon J*ha J Degg* 1? B Dewning B A Da\id?enJB Donovan W Deper Edw'd Davie Jtal Donobo Wm J Dea ont Hob EPDrew J P Denlphae Wm DevieGeoG Dlgge Jealh Pemmlng W B Eaton C J Marly Jno P Blae Hon L T Frneat David H Embry JO Eaglla Patk ichiBgreen A EdmondaJaa EagleSaal B Broa Egleeton HbJL Ela 8 A Elklna Frank Enaegabbowh EagarTbeoE Kttlng Col FrM Bev J E Evett T N R<lw?rdaGeoH Edwar^a J W Elder Dr Wm Evene Henry Eddy J B Freemen Benj Farrln J D Frederick* Mr Fit ichtr BenjF Fletcher J F Faudig a LowFrere Barrow Foater J T tagert Fox C J Fleck esatelaJ oaFarlcy Peter FetrieEdwnB Felt Ira Jr Faarett heter S Fiescb F F-2 French Jao B FiintUontiobt S Ferrenhe'm H Fell Jno A Furne* C*1 BW ?lerthfy Jaa FlrexLyturgue Fltcb Sidey A 3 Fo?ter Jno T Fent?-aLM Fleher The* <e) Fra/.ier J Freak Leopold FarlngtosWP Farquhar JaoO Fulfcrd A Long Flab W B GilmoreAndJ Glare A Co B Green J eel _ OanMe Alotio Orlftin F T Outlaait V H Orek*ai Col AG Grew Rob O A Grnuepfel Pi fm) Goloriuitb A Grout MejHC Galaaha H B C.reen B P GreaaeHenry W Orlffitb B __ OtldcB Cbae W Giiloiore Harry Galdea Steph M Gay lord rha* Gllee Beary C Uantt Thee H Gordon Ot-aaO Grady Jaa Orolaaer Tboe <;oo?iwia4<ha* B <)rin<<el Jacob Gaaaege W F

Oftrraa Cha* V GerdatrJ J GoggfweBeaWlt GillOaa Chaa GerthwaltJsoA Gray Wa Gllaiae Caleb Hare A J H n?t d Co) J SRirnt Sicho.* I thTj A Hi e4 Wbu er u? T H-ha t t , Hoyertba* f'< i j:? r?cn JcLoHn'ctiii>? P?trr ?' w' Hi' T b H r,njT Hall P?i n?M ( HiftkMf t'(.j IHr k't-t J W r?B\ < S",?r Dr?.T H o k k I ? J H Weua?-s<* MajT Hill (ituh Hollorai. Tbotf ' lUrn.J W H< rp-I Th s J L iir * G*r- ' aitJi bnW Ilarri-ou Wm ! n Li? n . ' x ol. gir Ho ?r ok Wra I Hcpkli* H J H? l?od L Hill Win j Hovey H>nry P Leo Hole Mm I Hi Pnnn?, ujHlt?wi1iu? h K Hay U w J U?m?nBtnri Roll.r. a Mark Kill W. lias IrvlDff B> 8 .htwonOW Jacob- K II JohcMoii A B Jc?(ito fc .loots Ru..i? (t'? " 5 Jaukln A Hen J<ne?8in<!?-'onV Je.kir- B r (i,r?n Johns-n Scot' J am*s K H James JU'ryO I bnson ** h'n , Jontui Id* 1! Jc hnn n t apiH li J *<a-<-u Wm a ' JcfM w? Junes Jn'iaou F Johnsoi. Wm B j Ja:>cn(.eo W Joi.mJ r R^ew W \ ] Jenkins Geo W Joyce Manriie Jtnks Ho .W P , ?eyK,f? . & 'nti. p rred Kal-her Mioh I j KtBfvel GenABthcon. Henry RIMli ger M ut K11 g H it A on a -2 K nl> .< Kauneo; Fit kJ , Rellog + haaA hmsm.Mi 01 J f! 2K. ntu y W il Krntli l L A (J Ktntittfy Jobn Kenn^y W F Kttt e tdw a K r.-r p* ler J 0 KeilSolt/ Wi Keyta Gee K D h awftaah M 11 i Lent On At rnm Lick < W Laws Lin<1sIoy Latham Atwo< d Le* ia Gap Jno LiLw ai, & LowLar.den A L Leahton* Jn? emhal LewiaOj Ali n/BLeipb Jacob Lynch Michael 1 Little A B J Latrutie Martin i Lairabee Hn (ULpn- J L< men N H 1.1 \ ;de>t< i, K A Loguejobn Letuiin Reuben Little F H L*t Jubn C Llo>d Richard Lawton If red 'k Love Col JmB Llodf-aml Langenbach F kLuar Jiuob Lucaa The* ' Lippitt GufrtJ Laman Lewis Lee Ta ker 1 Leibley fifu Leake LO Ltrnb W B 1 MeConnell A MunroGeo MuuclorkJ V Morebead M E Murid Gew P Mnthini r?l JH Mills* W MyrrabtoH Miller.John 1 MKientir B MonrteG Moore.lerry I McLaughlin C Mtere Henry MePanlel L I Merton OD Melwanl H 5 Moaely M W Montrol l>r Mnrcctn P P IlM-rUj M Mortimer D A MonltonLtH Morgan N<c) Mi ataua ft G Maam Heury Marry Patrick Joa'd MrVelcb .Ido Msb*-r Patrick 1 May Idw'd McKibben Ool J McGeorse B L < IBo kow Fmil Miller Joi n Moialy B J Mmn ,lr It B Malone .lobn Mullabon Blch'd MofreBW McCnire .lainea Maniken Bicb'd ' M)t<b?ll FT M orriaaey .'?a MaiginBM Mnrrbj F K Meachanj John McAndey T D Main Frank Martin.I J M< Cnlllgan T i Millaid Frai k Marf ?n J?iUn Maihewt Jaru^p Mr Claary G W Mitcball ,?o. Morao Thoa MilltnGB Monnteney J McRay Uriah May (je?T2 Mower Jobs McDermott W J I Mi orfT G W A NealBJ Seyaon John Halaon Matt Kelson Jaate MooDanJamea NayittTG Oaborn F M 0\erbaushJG uuioltn H II 2 O'Criat Jobn OrTitJohn Pipai AlaxandarP trkor Oaa (c) Pead Jmnua Feck G l'eatitna 11 L Price Mr PaikenndCbaaB Laul to ? Powell Mr P?atody Cbaa A Pollard J J Page M M T Polinan C J Parker Juo A Pannel Bnbar Price BdndS Paddock J PhilllpaBA Plelp* Be* K P Power Oapt Jno |*ott? B I ?rt Pattcraon F A Paxtan John PetaoonBilas Plnney G M Putnam J M 2 l'ariau P L Paw ling Gao M Prince John Baeiell Alfd Rider F Bonlct Man* Bea A K Btlxen Fredk Began Mi ki O bow* B H Butter Oeo B Boberta IlonO M RoaaBenj Bom H F Bellly Peter Blchaida B L Botiuaon Jaa li Bntlise B B Bowlinl OBI Blley John Roberta BJ 1 Rowland Com'r BlahardaonJaoBBoby Robt Bengali Mon? Bichardoon JakeRenelea Stephen deon Retb'.hiId J Bll<-y Ool W K Riemet A Co Bielly Jebn BeddallW mO Beele Chaa Reed .lame* L Beney W F Rule I) F Rnth J:imea Randall W T BoIInaonJEW SoaenanALtaierBogera WiadarP 1 Boepel ? w ("ar.dfordAdjGec8tryk< r F B Stagey Mai M H Sblrtx Albert Houthal <.eorge Shaw M Sprague Albert Bmitb G W SnlltTaoMlrhael ' Sheerer AH Blare Oeo Steak HrMlcbael Bcott A Smith Oeo Hleapolem Bri* ( Bteyeaa Hon AFScbmerz Henry Gen Pat k Smith Arthur S Stensbton H Stan Bobert Btanlaburr A a Stephen* H Rbeldon Bobert ffuatneM fmallwoodHe'ryStuart B P 1 Street Ben 8tean?on Ja? D Mtracher Baml 8 Sburtbeff BeatFSoth. ron Jehn Bmith Ma> Gen Bleter Cht? H Bailer John A Tboa Kllbv Stranaa A Bro DSepen John Sanderson Tboa Stanley Gen D B Jobn B Btill-oll Thoa ' Small Daniel Street JB Sheridan Wn, Bcott D Sola Jebn SwitzlerWF Shipley FL Snttcn L J Smith B M Bt John Fred kDstandifernanLJ^mith WmB Ten Eyck A D Teaaer Fred TiltoaOtlaU Tayler A D 1 T*nlon F H Thompaon P 1 Tackner A K Tba er H L Th .mf<on P W Thorp Alex B Tbompaoiilaaac Tnrner Bobt Taylor OJarvls Tnrner Jno H Taiber R W Tucker C Mai d Thoes I O Taylor Thoa B Tanar O b Th .rne Joel B Thompaon W B TraadellOhae Todd Jobn Turner Dr*H 2 Trtmmel >ph Tnrpin L Thorn a* Wm i Trobrldge 1 B Trlat Hon N P TkompaoaGenW Tbomaa Frank Wilaen Adair Wlnkawakey AWelaegenMrP Wright Allen Barlem Wilkineon Peter Witherili Alt'd Wegener Henry Walter Budolph Wyat Alf'd Waahincton J BWaddall B W Wo ad A B Wellington Jno w**h!ntfton B W biting AH WllaonJnoM Wall Bot.'t Wilder Alf'd WkitlD(Jamea Woodward 8 M Wolfafceimar tt Weaver .laaO W hi ted Sam'1 Wilcox CFS Weaver Jno O Wall San, | * liittleaey <-'ta?\\ ilaon J F J WorUinstonCol Woodbouaeh WliaonJaaW Thoa Wallace Davia William* J KB Web*ter Cap W Wood Franklin WeUhJoha ?il!n Wm W Weia Gnat WilliamaLD W.-edan W B Woodland Geo Waldecker L Webber Wm L Waufh Oeo Wanmdinpldnta w hitcumb W H VileoD Henry Mr w^ntngtoa WW Webb Hiram Wright M J WiiHamaWH Willlauia B A Woodbury O H Weod Will H Tonng Jao J MI8CKLLAHB0UM -Bd Waahingt. 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United States Consul at Toronto, bas demanded tbat the prisoner Kennedy. arrested as being a Fen i it it spy at Suspension Bridge. fw released on tbe gronnd tnat Kennedy visited Canada for ;ie purpose of inducing Judge Wilson and ?;ber leading citizen* to sign a petition to the Uovernor lor the release of his hod. Owen Kenr.edy. on? of tbe condemned paisoners. In the State Senate of Michigan. Wednesday Sovernor Crapo's veto of the Port Hndson iLd Lansing raili'oad bill ??? voted over and resulted in the bill being lost, lackiug one vo'e of tbe necessary two-thirds. Yesterday morning the Governor sent to the Senate a veto of twenty railroad bills on the same ground athe termer veto. Tbe vote on two of tbe bills lacked strength to pass them, and tbe others were tabled. This probably ends 'be project cf bunding railroads in ibat Sure by means of taxing municipalities. The Senate ol Massachusetts. Wednesday, ordered the resolution concerning the amendment of the Constitution of the United Suites to a third reading, by a vote of *77 to <5. and as 'he House had taken similar aetiou last week, the President of the Senate officially announced rbs' the Legislature ot Massachusetts had ratified the amendment to the Constitution oi tbe United States. The Ser.&te of Wisconsin, Wednesday, by an almost unanimous vote, adopted a resolution to amend the constitution so as to authorize the payment ol *ll?i,OUO from tne State treasury for every continuous 20 miles of railroad hereafter built ia the State. The A-sembly, by a vote wf 63 to J2, adopted a resolution to submit to the people of the State the question Dl extending suffrage to Women. Tbe policemen who 1rere wounded In tbe riot in New York, on St. Patrick's day are generally more comfortable. The more severely injured are not entirely out ot danger, but it is believed that none of the wounds will result fatally. Captain Helme is about, but has not fully recovered from the effects of the assaults to which he was subiected dunui the riot. A large public meeting was held at Victoria, \ ancouvKr'i Island, Tuesday night, lor the purpose of d'tcusslng the propriety of applying ler admission to tbe British North American Confederacy. Steps will be at ouce taken to confer with tbe Imperial Government and Confederation authorities on tbe subject. Tbe captain and crew of the steamer Coquette have arrived at Montgomery, Alabama, that vessel having struck a snag at Etifaula landing at 2 p. m. on the auth inst. Tae boat and cargo are a total loss. Tbe crew and passengers all escaped. Alexander B. Wiley was hung at Wilkes, horo, Pennsylvania, yesterday, lor the murder of Mrs McElwees in Mny last On the scaffold be declared that he did not intentionally kill her. A. Rich, a member of the last legislature of Ntw Jersey, convicted ot bribery, and sentenced to one year in the State prison, at tbe December term of the court, has been pardoned by the Court of Pardons. Two school-houses in Brighton. Massachusetts. one occupied by (he High School and tbe other as a primary department, were burned Wednesday night by incendiaries. The loss estimated at #2i>,(j0? The Memphis Association Kace-course has been incorporated The spring races will pommence on April The purses, together with the inside stakes, amount to >$,000. Havana dates have been received here. It Is announced that the Rank of Cuba has suspended. The liabilities are estimated at 1*500,(HO. The jury in the case of Kenan, the Boston sailor on trial in New York, for the murder ol Charles Johnson, brought in a verdict of guilty ot murder in the first degree yesterday. The three men wbo outraged the three working women in Williamsburg, N. Y., some months since, have been sentenced to the State prison for fifteen years each. Tlje election held at Newbern, N C-, yesterday, resulted in a unanimous vote for Major John Hughes, Southern candidate for State Senator. The negroes voted. General Sickles arrived at Charleston. S. C.. yesterday, and was received with a saiute of thirteen guns. The New York State Temperance Society met ia New York yesterday. General Joseph S. Smith presiding. Tbe Legislature of Virginia has adjourned until the loth of April. FROM El ROPE. Lcndok. Mareh ai?Evening.?Mr. Disraeli, Chancellor of the Exchequer, promises a liberal reform bill for Ireland. Pari*. March 21.?The foreign policy of the Emperor, which has been under discussion for some time in the Corps Legislatif, has been endorsed by an overwhelming majority. Florkxce, March 21?The general elections ba\e been held. So great was the personal popularity of General Garibaldi that he was returned for three different cities. St. Pbtkksbcrg. March 21?The hostilities between Russia and Bokhara have been temperarily suspended. Vienwa, March 21?Evening.?Despatches have been received from tbe south which indicate that the insurrection against the anthority of the Snblirae Porte is rapidly spreading throughout Thessaiy. Maryland Annual Conference of the Meth? odist Protestant 1 liurch. eighth dav?tncbwday. The report oi the Committee on Missions was timended so as to change Alexandria Station to a mission, with an appropriation of S5uo. A resolution offered by Rev. D. E. Reese was adopted, tbat the delegates to the General Convention, in .the event of not beiug able to attend, shall be allowed to make whaiever selection they choose among the alternates appointed by the Electoral College. On motion of Rer. L. W. Bates, Dr. Waters was left without an appointment, at his own request, and upon motion of the same gentleman, the name of Union jCircuij. Maryland, was changed to Laurel Circuit. Tbe subject of supplying ministers to aid ia conducting woods meetings was presented to the Conference, and elicited considerable discussion, resulting in tbe adoptior of a resolution directing that these meetings be conducted upon the fame plan as camp meetings The President, Dr. J . J. Murray, addressed the Conference In encouraging terms, and tbeu announced tbe appointments, among which are Stations?Georgetown, David A Shernier; Niuib-street, Washington, D Evans Reese: Prince William, under care of the churches in Alexandria and the District of Columbia. Missions?Alexandria, John B. Jones: East Washington, Johu W. Chariton ,Left without appointments at their own request, Francis Waters, D. D., Augustus Webster, D. D.: John W. Everest, Joseph L. Mills, Geo. W. Swupsou. Francis M. Hawkins Superanuated?Eli Henkle, Thomas M. Wilson, Joseph A. McFaden. Hamilton J. Day, Thomas M. Brjan. Christian Eversole, John Morgan. ^ Left to the disposal FT the President?Solomon B. Fftfter. After tii singing of an appropriate hyraa, and prafff by Dr A. Webster, the thirtyninth fespfon of tbe Maryland Annual Conference of the M. P. Cburcb adjourned ?*?* <Ut with the benediction by the President, Dr. Murray.?Baltimore American. During the receot charter election la Troy, the negro ?oters who appean-d at the polls, and they are qaite numerous in that city, almost invariably voted for the Democratic candidate for Mayor. Mr. Flagg. The reasons for this are said to be tbat Mr Flagg is tbe Superintendent ef a Sabbath Scbeei in which black and white children are treated with marked Impartiality: tbat he was prominent and efllcient in securing a handsome appropriation for a colored school; and '*>?? be bss uniformly regarded this class as hamaa beings, entitled to respect and consideration at bis bands. Two brothers named Jacob and Johnston Barnock, men of high standing and fine education, residing at Larcoxie, Mo., between whom a bitter fend had existed for a long time, met a few days since near the restdenoe ot the latter both heavily armel, when a desperate fight ensned, lasting for several minutes. Beth Anally fell te the rronnd from sheer exhaastion. Some neighbors passing along shortly after fonud the elder, brother, Jooob, dead, and tbe younger so badly mangled that he cannot survive. BTHot cholera has appeared in Appomattox County, Va. , , . ,.:? *;*> ? 4 - * /? ? ** *fc*i.REV*IO*AL *'4*y atiernoou ? Mr Sherman mo???d :o r*coo?id^r th^ voif by which tbe kill exemptiug trjm Internal t * 'to* wrapping paper Bade Irom weod or ojrn*'*lks *a? pa??e<i He itffirH to offer an "V laming a iax ?t ira per cMt. on all munp^^u v corpsratioa doim, or ^Cftp issued by any na tunai ).?nk H* < Mr Sbrrmtr.1 hd! to the Chair to b? rud a t tier fro on lb* Sfcrwa'y of ih? Treasury fating tbat national bank* in N'?w OrWns w<-rf ts>uu( fhiupluwn iud icrip uctrn? ^ rt<> \ote vat reconsidered. and t_he ameuvirueut wss ajr*?l to. The bill, as amended by Kr. Sherman. was then passed, aad go*** to tbe House tor concurrmci1 in amendment lb* bill to autbori7*the sale of certain stock* in pof^Mion of the (Jovt-rnm-flt held id trait for the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indian*, was C 'bated and passed Mr Trumbull called up the joint resolution to suspend further proceed in its under the act to appoint commissioners to pay loyal slaveowners lor slaves enlisted iu the army, aad it was passed?yeas J2,navs 7. The House bill to include the employees of tbe quartermasters and commissary departments with those whose salaries are .ncs?ssd twenty per cent t>v the resolution of last session cam*' from the House, and on motionofMr \\ iliiams, was indefinitely post, pi ned 1 be Sem e then, at ( M. went into executive session and uon after adjourned. Hoise?Yesterday afternoon? 1 he bill lor relief of the South was debated at treat length by 'be lfou^e tu Committee of the hole, w hen Mr H:n(tiam> amendment to strike out of the |o>nt resolution tbe words appropriating oue million dollais, aud iu*ertixg these words: And to that end the Secretary of War is h? reby authorised and directed, through the Commissioner of the Freedmeu's Bureau, to apply so much a? he may deem nece*?ary for the purpose* aforesaid of the unex|>snded rroc?-ys heretofore appropriated to supply fieedmen aiid rclupss with provisions or rations." was adopted. The vat-ions amendments offered by Messrs. Sohemk. Butler. Karnswortb, Pile, Sbeiiabarger, Broom ail, Logan. and others. were voted upon and rejected An amendment offered by Mr Logan providing that the eipenditure shall not extend beyond tie appropriations already made for the Freedmen's Bureau was adopted. The committee then rose, and reported tbe bill; and tbe House seconded the previous question upon it Mr Bank?, from the Ccmmittee on Kules, to which was referred ihe resolution of Mr. Bauer, some days ago. for the appointment of a ccmmrttee on labor, reported a ruie that here shall be appointed at each Congress & Ccmmittee on Education aud Labor, to conist of tine member- Adopted. Tbe effort to get a vote on the passage of the bill tor tbe relief of Southern destitution navmg been tried and abandoned, the House a; ball-past five adjourned. Frtm < luitn. Shanghai, Keb. l?, via Saw |Kranois<o, Msrcti yic?The I'. S steamer Wacbusett arrived here from Kosin on tbe 6.n instant. Captain Scbufeldt. her commander, states thst all the crew of tbe ship General Sherman bad been murdered by the pirates The I'm ted States war ships Hartford. Sbenandoab. and Asbuelot are at Hong Kong The Sbenandoab is under orders for Yokohama. Japan, and will sail lor that port immediately to relieve tbe Wyoming. L'nited States Minister Ansvn Burlingame is in high favor at the Court ot Pekin. bis conciliatory coarse of diplomacy being generally approved in high quarters. Messrs. Kusseii it Co . agents of the Shanghai Su*am Navigation Company, have purchased the steamers Kosyama, Kiang, Soiling anriTawah They have al?o arranged with tbe Hong-Kong and Canton Steam Navigation Company tbat the latter shall withdraw from the trade competition, thus leaving none but the American flag floating in these waters. The French are about to construct a short railroad from Shanghai to I<eicbow The Euglith are jealous of the rgt.wth of the French interests iu the Fast. The liusstan fleet will soon l?-ave the Chinese waters, it is?aid, bound tor the Mediterranean The French fleet will resume operations in theCorea in tfce spring. Consul General Seward returns to tbe Called States on tbe Colorado. The Fenians. St Aibasp, VI. March 20.?'This village is asFuming a much more tban usual activity in consequence of tbe presence of a large number ef strangers among us, r.nd tbe impression pre* vails that a second attempt at tbe conquest of Canada is soon to be attempted by the Femau Brotherhood, acd tbat tbey intend, as they did in tbe attempt of laet June, to make an advance on the Provinces from this place. This belief is strengthened from the fact that nine-tenths of the hundreds of s'range faces amoug us are undoubtedly Celtic, and that tbe movements of their wearers are in a high degree mysterious, mttnyTjf them adopting the custom of German pedlers Hot their accent is unmistakable, and their language is not very commendatory to Britain. These pedlers have for the last few days been privately conveying fheir wares to the interior in wagons which are believed to contain, instead ot brass jewelry and calico* nothing mors nor less tban arms ana ammunition with w hich to prosecute a war upon Canada. These munitions are. it is though', being secreted in available places until men arrive to use them, which, from present prospects, will be at do distant day. Some of the strangers in town are recognized as officers who participated in the raid last summer. Chigmom?The New York World says "1 be Notaries ot fashion in Nmit York may he blind to all reason all cetiroion sense, "but when their cleanliness is impugned, and an accus&tiou is entered against them ot setting at naught neatness and tidiness, they immediately are up and in arms, not a* the" tougher sex. would do, battling with their accusers, but sensibly removing the object of popular aversion. So chignons have suddenly become unfashionable. Filth Avenue won't touch tbe horrid thing. Marry iiill wouldn't even look a- it. and not for worrds could you indue* Madison Square to purchase It. This much has been done wisely and well, but there are still many who look lingeringly on the Apparently handsome coil, sceptical of lU being as an apple ot the Head Sea, 'rotten at the core ' f-or these and others a few more particulars may not paove uninteresting, and must prove a death blow to the last lew chignons still ?live and move and have their beings on tbe beads of a few misguided mortals. Bi eki>!x<; from Extractimo Treth?Tbe remedies for bleeding which results from ex tmcting teeth are quite simple. The first remedy is cold water, held iu the mouth and copiously used on the outside. This, in many cases, will be sufficient; yet there aremstances when this will not answer. In such a case take cotton or lint, well soaked id a strong solution ol alum water, rolled up m a small, hard wad, aud press it firmly up the cavity of the tooth, so as to reach the mourn of the bleeding vessel, and at tbe same^time close the teeth upon and compress it so as to retain it in that position, where it should be kept from two to twelve hours without being removed This remedy is simple, easily applied, and within the reach of every person. A LMvoRce Case.? Robert Newell, (Orpheus C. Kerr) a well-known litterateur of New York, not long since, it may be remembered, married the well-known Adah Isaacs Menken. (letting tired ot bis bargain, he sued for a divorce, and oa Monday, in the Sapren# Court, the reterse reported in his favor, aud an order was made accordingly. UZ7~Six large business bouses were consumed by Mre iu Memphis, Tennessee, oa Saturday night last, involving a loss of one hundred and fifty tbonsand dollars. The busipart ot the city of Albany, Georgia, was also destroyed by fire, the damage amounting to two hundred thousand dollars. /"The Legislature of the new State of Nebraska is to be convened in a short time, to rtiact tbe legislation necessary to put the S ate go\ ernment in working order. Nebraska is the thirty-seventh State. ^"Ffmale preachers are increasing in England. /"There have been thirty.three cases of small-pox in Norfolk during the present month. /The cholera Is already re-appearing in Europe. /" A prohibitary liquor bill has been defeated ic the Minnesota Legislature. I/Mr. and Mrs. Jsfierson Davis have both been confined. /"A wife iu Chicago, diver ced by fraad,. married tbe ouly witness in tbe case /"Last French: Plain linen collars witfe the handsomest dresses. K/"lt is six years since JefT. Davis assumed the Presidency of .the so-callsd Southern Confederacy. Z"A revival is going on among the colored people of Charleston, S. C , and sixty, of b>tn sexes, were publicly immersed last Sunday /"Freeh herrings are abundant In the Nor. folk market at 25oeats per dosen. /Ths Confederate General Gano, sf John Morgen notoriety, Is preaching In Kentucky. /"An unknown man was found with his throat cut on the sidewalk, corner of Grand acd Ninth su>ets, Williamsburg, N. Y., on Monday. He died soon after being discovered No clue to the murderer has bfen found I7*ln England four-flfrks of the work in the telegraph and po?toffloes ? dons by women In the same country women constitute twoJ thirds of the liquor sellers.