Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAB. " LOCAL NEWS! AMUSEMENTS. Ac.. TO NIGHT. Wa l'b IN ew i mkka llocaa.?First night in tfcls city of theKcc?uipli*beaartist Miss Finny .Morgan Phelps, vrhj will appear as "Anie B.acegirdle" ?n the "Actreseby Day''*bt," *nd ?s the 'Courtis Zvtomer" in the "Wild Iiisa Oirl.' National Thiatir ?Mr John Brouzhara in ' Colnmbm Reconstructed. ' and "Flies in ihe Web " Mmiion Hall?Notwithstanding the Nad we* her Alt. Burnetii irresistible drollery continues to attract crowded houses. 5rtTH Ward K?publica? Clt*b ?A meetlag of a lar*e uumoer of residents of the Sixth Ward was held last evening ai Odd Fellows' Hall, Nary Yard, fc-r the purpose of forming a Sixth Ward Kepublican Clnb. The meetins vs.' called ro order bv Mr. J. Savles Brown, chairman of ibe executive committee of tne Kepublicau Association, who stated that under instruction from that association be was present to organize a Sixth Ward Club auxilhary to the Central Association. The executive committee had organized clubs in all the other wards, all of which had adapted tbe same constitution a* the Central Association. which was formed a short time before the meeting ot the MHh Congress by leading Republicans of this Dl?trict. one object being that these clubs might be opened to both white and colored men. as it was the policy of tbe Central Association to discoaarge political orgam/ations composed of either white or colored men exclusively, another objec; was that there might be uniformity in all tne wards abd all working upon the same principle. Mr. B. then read tne consti'ati >n of the Central As. aoiialion and it was unanimously adopted. The folic wing named gentlemen gave their i.ames to become members of the association :? Charles E. Eatbrope, Wm Dixon, Joseph S. Martin. Clarence M. Barton. Charles W. King. Samuel Harris, Solomon Nally, Robert Laneley. Woolsey Baxter jr , S B. Pmrasill. Sam'l Langlev KobertC Griffin, Smith Pratt. Henry Better, Charles Dyson, Henry Smith, sr., Thomas Blacxwell, Alfred Smith, Joseph Shiner. Walter Broolrs, James H. Holmes. Wm. H Better, l>avid K. Parker, N. W Evans, Michael Shiner. Henry (Jet. S. Marshal. Henrv Brooks, G. H. McKeynolds, Morton Smith, George S. Eangley. Josiah Gray, Richard Morgan, and Wm. Turner. Mr. Barton moved that a Kepublican club now be formed, and nominated as temporary chairman, as the request of a large number ef workingmen. Mr Joseph S Martin. Mr I.athrope nominated Mr. Wm. Dixon, who dec lined Mr. Griffin nominated Mr Charles J?. Latbrope Messrs. C. M. Barton and J. H. Holmes wire alsa nominated, but de< lia^d The vote being taken, Mr Eathrope was chosen temporary chairman Mr Lathrcpe, on taking the chair, thanked the association aud congratulated the members lor the happy auspices under which they assembled. After a long and desperate struggle with the foes ot humanity we had at last sueceede.i in maintaining tne principle of equal rights, and it was now about to be inaugurated In his the capital of the nation. Mi. Clarence M Barton wa? nominated for temporary secretary. Mr. IS*. W. Evans was sil-o nominated, and upon taking the vote, Mr Evans was declared elected. Mr J H. Holmes moved that a commi'teeof tlve be appointed to nominate officers for the a-sociation and report at the next meeting which motion wa> adopted, and the Chair appointed the following g?*n lemen as such cumrait'ee J.H Holmes. K C Griffin.C M Barter. Henry Better. and G?o H. McKeynolds. Mr Charles W. King moved thai a committee ot three be appointed to prepare by-laws. Mr. Hf-nry Betu-r moved to amend by inserting five instead of three: which was adopted ana 'he folio wing named persons appointed C. W King, J. S. Martin, Smith Prart. Cbaries Dy-ou. and Samuel Harris. The t hair announced that the expanses for hall rent aBd advert sing were Sfc.5.1, and a collection being made. -<i 77 were collected. Mr. Dixon contributed the balance, and the bills we rr paid The Chair appointed a.- a committee to secure a ball tor The meeting of the association. M--sre. K. C Griffin. J S. Martin, and David b Parker. Mr. Holmes presented a list of by-laws, w huh w. ere referred to the committee Mr Holme> moved to amend tbeconstitution no a? to have two vice presidents instead of ?ne and an executive committee of thirteen :n> ead of fifteen Mr I?and K. Parker said It proposed to organ 1/e this club on a similar plau with he others and it the confutation was changed, 11 certainly would not conlorm with that ot the other clnbs. The motion of Mr. Holmes was rejected, and he .hen gave notice that be would move the amendment at the next meeting. Mr Holmes offered the following : A "i, Tbat the chairman appoint a com. mittee. to consist of three persons, whose duty it -hail t?e to div id?- this ward into twelve districts, for the object of insuring a complete or. iiani/ation ot the Republicans ot th* ward and for executive purposes, and who shall report at the next mating, and that the first precinct ?hail >e 'livided lots seven districts, and the .-ecotd precinct into live districts, and tbar the cmmittee on nntniraions is hereby instructed to nemi.ate tor tbe executive committee of the permanent organization one member in each of the raid districts. The resolution was adopted: and the Chair sppciiitea as such committee Messrs. J. H. Ht?lme>, Wm. Dixon and N. W. Evans. Adjourned. Takk, Sick in tuk St k set - East evening a lady who gave tbe name of Minnie Smith was taken with convnl-ions in one of the Tib street cars, and carried into Sullivan and Heller's drug "tore, at the corner of N street, where everything necessary was done for her Sue was taken to the Central Guardhouse where ?he was attended by Dr. Prentiss, who aduuni.-lered chloroform, but it bad little effect and she bad several convulsions during the ntgbt She is still cared for by Eieut-mant skippon and tbe Third Ward police. She she -avs she was with Mr% Brown, in Georgetown. and will return as soon as she is able From papers in her possession and from what she stated when able to do so, it appears that her husband was a lieutenant in a Michigan regiment and w?s killed at Cbancellorsville, and she i? now here to obtain a pen?ion that her father was the C doael of the Louisiana Tigers, in the Kebel army, in which she had j-everal brothers-in-law, and that she had. beside her husband, lonr or five brothers in tne I'nion army, The Kegibtratiox ?The registry of voters < I tbe 1st wsrd was continued yesterday at 4be colored Baptist church. 19th street. The ?town was r.otii-ar so large as on the previous days, and tbe ? umber registered wa? the .-it al!e-t \ et registerd in one day. There were in all 11 a me? rec ei \ ed?Ml whites and 265 colored?which, added to those previously re. ceived makes a total of 2.509?* :? white and 1 ill colored. There were butasmall numbe r challenged. and but few rejected: several on account ot non.residence, aiid a few ou account of not having been naturalized. Tbe Board will finish up the registration in the 1st ward this afternoon, and tor the purpose t?f accommodating those unable to attend atan earlier hour, will su from 4 to s this evening. Tnt Nbw York Akortioh Ca?k?The victim of an alleged operation for abortion, performed by Dr. Geo Heakely, and for which tbat pht -ician and tbe nurse. Mrs. Anna Cole, are now under arrest in New York, was not the widow of Major Kimball, of Hiwkins* 'Aoauxkilled accidentally by (Jen. Corcoran n v irgima in 1>?6:|. as stated in tbe morniug papers ot tbat city venter day. Mrs Ellen Ken.ball, widow of M?j? Rirnbil , is now * resident of this city, wh*re she has many riends The victim is the widow of EieuK^mbaii. taken prisoner during the Mexican nSr,r,?Kh I)BATI1 ?Yesterday morning Mr. . r' ?.mor?\*a old a?d much resi>ected till/en of South VMubiugton. died verv ,Udrtenl> ai Lis re?,dence on Eighth street below .J street sooth Mr Whu.-more was ri vea^ of age. and for several years had heen suffering wi h a cancer in the nead. He bad been to his -hoe store and returned to breakfast and feehDg unwell laid down and died in a few minute*. Mr. Wb item ore was a member of the Great Council and Osage Tribe or Ked M?*a. and wf Eastern E*d*e aud Grand Kodg? of Odd Fellows, who will attend his fnneral a: noon on Sunday next. ? AitRESTEi> on Si .-ricion.?Yesterday John Hughes was arrested by Officer Hill of the {Second Ward, on suspicion of the larceny of two gold rings, which were found upon mm By direcfu n of Major Kicbards, the prisoner and proper'y were sent to the detectives office, ar.d tbe prisoner was taken into custody bv Infectives Miller and Ooomee. who charged Biro with tbe suspicion ot ibe larceny ot six te?-ii or eighteen rings of the same sort fro-n S. D S ir. nds. The case is held lor further hearing. T he v* eati'kr i? unprecedented, even fn this h'iiud?". in March, ai.>l is very unfavorable tor farming operations and tbe fisheries. Ves rday. t evi*t,w? had the t wenty-Mrst snow -torm of the-fason. Theson havlngnowsaf?ly got over on the north side of the line, we may b 'pe tor a cessation of tbe ecjainoctial sturm, aud the advent of spring. AtL Horas OF THK DA V i>D MoHT mM.S 'an t^e on'ained at llmnmiili * res'auraui, wtifrr all ibe |uxnne> of tbe season mav b~ 'Wained, with wines m.d liquors of the besl brands. Slv'IKTI WAKO H A l>ICAt. REPUBLICAN Club.? La?t evening, the regui*r ?H-klf meeting oi tb s association was h? Id a' Turner Hail?Mr. H O Johnson, vtc? pmiriroi, ia to-chair. and l?r. Wm. Boyd secretary. The Secretary lead r letter beaded *-Lxeou '>e (VmmiCw O.dared Soldier-' and Sailors' .eagne " ei,-ned T. I! Hawkins. president, ana Oeorze l? Johnson, secretary. statin g that c rent iuju?:i<'e h?d been done to or.e of their mem hers, Mr < M Arnold, colored, ( a hoe lovaity tbe.T endorse) hy the club, and oelievUigthai tbay (tbe club; wns laboring under great mistakes, asktne that an opportnnity he r>v?D Mr. Arnold to make an explanation. [It will be recollected that at a previous meeting u wa? charged by some of the members that a coior?d mnn was engaged in the plot to send <vei> ont of the city, and at tbe last meeting a letter from Arneld, addressed to J. K. Wilkireon. *at presented, bnt Wilkinson not bein* a member,the letter was returned.1 Mr. Ar'bur Pannell asiced who signs it ! Hsu kins! 1 mere that it be laid on the table if 'bat man s name is signed to it. Mr. J. H. Crane moved that tbe letter be accepted, and asked whv there should be sHch bfiSte In disposing ot It." Mr. Pannell answered beaanse Hawkins was about the tame kind of man as Arnold. The nebite was continned at considerable leigtb. in tbe course ot wbicn Mr. Bosweli nrged that when any charges are to be male tfcey should be reterred to the executive committee, who conld properly investigate them before ;hey are made public; and Mr. Crane argued thai because a man did not do exactly as the club desired, it was no reason to doubt bis loyalty, and a man bad a right to persuade coi?red men to go toother portions of the coun< try if he thought their condition could be bettered, but be wa# opposed to persuading them to go >outh. Several of the colored men expressed a wish that Arnold should have the privilege or making a statement, and finally a motion granting the request contained in tbe letter was adapted. Dr. Boyd offered a series of resolutions recommending tlie auxiliary associations to ma^e the admission fee twenty-five cents, and the dues ten cents per week; that they appoint a committee of registration and a committee ot ways and means: which wer* adopted. After some conversational debate as to meeting places. Ac . tbe meeting adjourned. Tbi HILL TO Chakgb THI TIMI ?OR the HayokaiTY Klk< tion ?The following is a copy of tbe bill providing for a change in tbe timeof electing a Mayor and other officers for the city of Washington, introduced by Senator Wilson on Wednesday, and referred to the Committee on tbe District of Columbia : fir i' fnactfd. <fc., That at the election to be held in the city ot Washington, District of Columbia, on the first Monday in June next, there shall be voted for and elected by a majority of the voters, in additiou to the officers now required to be elected, a Mayor in place of'be present incumbent, who shall bold bis cfficj for two years from the first Moaday in .Inly following, a Comptroller of the Treasury of said city, who shall hold bis office for three years from tbe first Monday in .Inly next, and who shall have charge of the finances of said city, shall collect and disbt.rse all i i revenues, and no money ?hall be drawn from tbe city treasury, except on bis order, countersigned by the Mayor. And said Comptroller shall give bond m'tbe snm of fifty thousand dollars to be approved by the Chief Juatiteof tbe Supreme Court of 'he District of Columbia for the faithful performance of bis duty: and any misapplication of tbe funds in bis hands shall be deemed a felony, and on conviction thereof he shill be imprisoned for a term of not less than three nor more than five years. Sec. ? .\ni' b* it further tnac fd. Thai at ssid electa n in June next there shall be voted for and Pieced two aldermen for each ward, one ot whom shall beelected for the term of on>' vear in (he place of the present incumbents and the other fer two years, who shall constitute and possess and exercise all the duties and functions now devolved bylaw on the Board of Aldermen in said c ty. Sec. j. AH laws and parts ot laws mccusistent herewith are her.-hy repealed. Attempt at Hokpe Steai.iw. Fhi strat?i??At ls!?Vlock last night,officers Felt and French, ot the Fourth Ward, tourid (he stable belonging to Webb A: Beveridge, in the alley between D and E aud tub and ;th streets, broken < pen, the bolts ai d locks having been twisted Irom the door*. The thieves were evidently nlarnud by tbe approach of tbe officers. and escaped ? For thk West ?Dr. Samuel A Amery, a promising young physician of Sonth Washington, having received an appoiutment iu the Medical Department of the Army, ai.d orders fo report for duty at Omaha, left the city the city this morning :or bis post, carrying with him th>- best wishes of many friends. Kketixg open owStrxDAY.?Yesterday Wm. Kullroan was arrested by officer Steel*, of the ?'d Waid. for keepingopen hi? place of busin-as on Sunday. Justice Thompson fined him m Police Reports.?The lientenant* of police reported ST arres s marie by tne officer- in the entire District yesterday. The fines in corporation casei amounted to "59.10. lK VOL WANT TO EK IOY A HEARTY I.ACOH go to Metzerott Hall to-night. DIEtt. WB1TEM0RE. On Thursday, the 2l?t lost ON*!AH1 **itnwr' til *' CHKKV v. ?nllIMOBE,?jKl -e^enty >ear> aid eijiht n OHihThe funeral wlII Ink* dIh< from his lute rssi d*?c- at <>ne o'clock B iiidiy evening Blafrtenda aud ac.ualntau es are respectfully Invttel Uat Und I ia tnneral,5th street, between G aud H la and Short was my time, but great my pain To rest in Christ la now my 4aln. Dry or tonreyes and weep no more, I am not lost but ^one bolore. Weep not d. ar wif? or children, Bnt r?1,t your hearts In prayer; Thi?k not of tbia. your trouble, Bnt prepare to mtet me t!iere A kin* and affectionate husband, aud a logins father, beloved by all that kn -u him By hi-wife Bin, ah White iob?. (j B0CIB1BB. BALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenne and lAtu street, (Kntr*nce en New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GHOOCKIKS, TKA3 WINKS, 1MPOBTBD LDXOBliS, Ac., Ac., would respectfally Eotlfy their friends and the public that they have jnst opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article nan ally kept in a firat class Grocery. Without attempting to ennmerate our large, freah and well elected stock, we cordially Invite the public to examine onr atere and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satiafhctlon to ail who may faver ns with tbelr patronage. We call eepeeial attention to onr assortment of TEAS and GOYFBBB, which have been "elected with great care for pnrlty. Dealer* will And a ae assortment to select from, aad our prices to nit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, jau 9 3m BGOkBON 7ABM1NU, GABDINlNoTic^ OardeniLg tor Frofit, by I'etsr Heneerarm, 2,1 Anieifcan Ho-e Cnltnrisi, 7?c., Clark a Flower Garden Dire t?ry S6c ; The Miniature Fruit Garden, by Thomas Bivrs, Si: The Garden r!Lw SrWi ?? Cole s American Frnit Book, 1 Sc.. Field s Pear Culture. 9I.A0; Ten Acres Bnongh, 91 AO; Our Farm ot Four Acres. 55c.: Imee on the Potato Plant. 7fc tiew to Bnild and > entllate Bot h?u?es, fi ? WaU n 'a American Home Garden, $1, Unlets Family Kitchen Gar dt-ner. f I; How to get a Farm and Where to Kind 5B* 11 7A.Buls"s Flower Gardtn Directory,a 1 mi Flowers lo? the Garden and Parlor, $t.SO Garden Flowers. Mow toOultlvnie Th?-m,cy ?. Band $3, Pvrkman's Book of Mores, *3, Gardening for Ladies, by Mrs London. $2: Knfleld on IndiMi Corn ,ai 7S .lohaaton Agricultural Ohemiitn , i 74, Bousaingaalta hnral Icoaomy, jl.tio Dana s Mnck Manual, ji tb\ Allen s Ameiican Fsisb Bo< k 91 '0 French's Farm Drainage, it.40; Mr Mabos s Amer Csn Gar lener. Bridgman's Anierirau Gardener's Avalatant, )i.r0; How to Lay Ont a Garden, hy ltd Kemp. Todd's Young Farmer's Manual ?1 5", Breck a New Book of Flower?.?e; Char 1 ton s Grape GrowerGuide, 417a. busman on Grass and Wine, 91 SO: Full> r' Grape Culturiat *l.t0; My Ylneyard at Lake* ?iew, 1*1 ?: Browne's Trees of America, 9a.AO. Vuinl-y on Pees, 91 30; Lan^stroth on the Honey Bee Ma\ hew s Illustrated Horse Doctor, $3: Ma* lirw's Illustrated Borse Management, $S: 'srmer'a Barn Book f l.:0; .lenniu??' Horae and hi* Dia<aae<. *2: e Modern Hor e Doctor. 81.?? t*tew?rtStable Book .fl Ao: Do-ld a Amerlc-n < attl?- Dolor. to; AlUu s Domestic Anlmala. 911 Herbert a Hint, to Boiae keepers, ft 75: H<-.rse tra.niufr Marie Basy by .lenainas, ft aiiu. u f F?rii?r. Si. B^ery Man his Own Cattle tl onatt ?ad Sp ionsr on the Hone. a .i U*?0,, ?"w* Benient s A in. rlc.ii j onlti r. r s Companion, ?2, Gale's An . licaa Veterinarian. Jftc. Allen fcural Arehitectnre .Woadwaid si'onn'ry ITouaas, 91 Mt: Jacques Bwral AreHi?. tnie. ^!;o, Village and v?"'JUlAl aad Ootug-e, Moaa a Uom?etea<! arebilectn-e, *5: Fietd'a Ksral a 1 cbilec me *|j; iHiWbiaa'a uaodacane Oardrnlnaai,.! Bural Arcbit?< lore. -S.AO: Holly's Country beats, ?4 Beat1 hi> mntl prsp t?d BRANCH A ltD & MOHUB. M fpfl P???o% ?v in.1 nth m|. K^Wr^"1 reotived. ? large loTef t A Lit o, in reuitiante of fr..m *wo to ten ,%or,h ? cnt, " All wool Mt Ubl INKS, a I r. Uis. at 4i) .ants, worth ftO PMIBtTuOOBB ' "?' * ?f >r,Ce,, 0?0 J JOHNSON * CO. ir-h .0 3t* B-venib lirtet. CITY ITEMS. Pran Os-kwp moving until jon eorae to lienuicgs One Price Clot lime Store, o a the corner of Seventh street sad Mar-viand avein?. Iktwt In on* of thus* nine dollar spring (?Ter Sachs., manufactured and sold by Noah Walker & Uo , 1*>8 Pennsylvania avenue, between *th and ?ih streets They sre fashionable cot, well made and good trimmings. 3 ivformatiow.?'Those about to marry and newly married, can find ready-made Linen and Cotton Sheet?, Pillow Cn*r?. Bed Spreads ofall descriptions. Feather and Hair Pillows, Mattresses, Table Linen, Toweling. Crash. Window Shades, Uarpete, f?il Ctotb. Matting. Ac., at Ad&mson's, :x>6 yth street, near Pennsylvania avenue. lm The tiswt assortment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brushes in the Olty are sold at low prices at K. X. l>oolev 's Apothecary, corner eaM ::d street and Pennsylvania avenue. Capitol Hill. ww (-iric k sales and small Profits!!!?(food White Shirts *l..r?o, ?>i and S2 .Hi, at Kraac's Gent's Furnishing Store. 4fH Tib atreet, between D and E. also shirts made to order. Im Orat'm Collars. ?> cents per box; Goldsmith Collars, 2~> cents per box; Imitation Linen Collars, 35 cents per box; and all otber goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Geuts' Furnishing Store, 4M7th street, between D and E streets. lm For Cmt.BZ.AiNft and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4jf an d 6th streets. I>r. Whiti, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn. ..between 4)4 and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office hours from 6 a in. tc> 5 p. m . and 6 to H p ra Established li?61. A Srna Pilr Ccri -Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of 91. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted evervwbere. Address J. B. Komaiue. Mauager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: PBWHiBft ean be bad m any quantities at ths Star office connter AMU SEM ENTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenue, near Wlllards' Hotel. THIS (FB1DAT' Iv~ENINO, March 22. Farewt II benefit ao I last night but oae positl vely of the easa^ement of MR JOHN BBOUGHAM Who will appear In TWO vP 111S KBHT GHABAOTBBS Lart time of his own Great Extiavaganza, entitled COLUMBUS pECONSTBUOTK l>. The performance will commence with FL1K8 IN THE Will. Mr Corydon Foxglove. Attorney -at-Law Mr, John ltron.ham JOHN B OWENS \MII appear on M< nda\ evening n> xt. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. H B. PHILLIPS... LISMK AND MANAGES. Fir?t night of the engagement of the Versatile HbU Acco* ilised Actress r ANN I MOKGAN PHELPS, who will appear IHIS K? EN IMU. as ANNS BBAOEGlal'LE. in the charming < omedt <>f tne ACTBH88 HY DAYLIGHT, an t a, tb" 001 STa-8 / Y'J OM 1 H. in th<- conic Iritb drama of the WILD IBhH UIKL. supported by Mr <?. W. OA B BISON < hl? first appearaate,) and the KN TlbE COMPANY. it' METZEKOTT llALL. ONB WBIK ONLY I commitc* ; MONDAY, MABOH 1*. |??7, THE JUSTLY C E I. E K H A T F. U WIT, ORATOR, A.\ D MI MIC, ALT. BCBNETT. America s Bepre?ert\t >k Hum?r'st, Assljted by MISS HELEN NASIf, The Charming Eio< ntlaui-t. In their Original, Irresistibly Laughable, yet Be fled Entertainments. Among tne nnnierous <jnl Idities of FUN AND FLAKKt OF HUMOBTn which comprise his reportolre will be found the following BEV.PETBOLElM V NA8BY. MABY HAD A bITTI K LAMB. RICHMOND ON THE JBKM3. SLABB1BE8 AND CAB BOTE THE ENGLISH SHOWMAN, Together with mm, hits at PEOPLE AND FASHIONS entirely n> w and hamurons. Adnilsslon 30 Cents Bes. rved Seats ail Gents. I'cors open at 7'4; commence at 8 oYlock. Re*er?ed seats to be bad at Metzerott Mnslc Store during the day. mh 19 fit* HALLS, PARTIESV &O. FMB8T ATTEMPT IN THE riELD.?THE NATIONAL KBIENDSHIP ( LUB A will give their first Grand MAY BALL ?u wi WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 1st. 1*7, /A at Island Hall. mb 2b St* QlQ clothing, Ao. JAMES T WALKIK, ; MEB0I1ANT TAILOB. 4M Seventh Street, 4**4 Bespectfnlly informs bin an.l the public treuerally that be has a due, large and wellselected assortment of CLOTHS, CASS1MEBE8, ^ VESTING8. AND W_ GENTS' FUBNI8H1N*. <.t>OD3. rnat he is determined to run oil at a very siu<\ll a<ivance on cost. Persons patronizing bis establishment will be guaranteed a GOOD FlT and good workmanship, as te Is determined to euiplor none but the best workmen . P 8 ? J0I1N A. McLEAH takes this method to 'nfprm blsfrisods that he will te found at his post at the above place, where he will be pl>-aasd t? 'ji/tr te their tastes, givinc Hi m garments to suit tne most fastidious, and seeing that their garments are made up in the most workmanlike mannt r mh ll-im j\| EBOHANT TAILOBINU. '1 he anderal^i.ed having entered Into copartnership, and laid in in ext?i slve ana carefully s? selected ?tock of CLOTHS, OASSI MEBEB.^SB VkBTISGB, and Gentlemens KUBNiBHING GOODS, are prepared to naKe np for \faf thoir cnstoDiert nrat .httm* ?fi4/ai/iioii'ii/? suits of clothing, at their new establishment, N<>. 3v;0 E street, two doort west of the National Theater. Persons desiring u^at tltting and fashionable Clothing.on moderate terms, should not fail to give us* call before purchasing elsewhere. GEO T. KEEN, B.W . GILBEBT, Formerly of ?0? 9th at.. Merchant Tailors. jdh fi lm* No. 3U0 k st. bet. 13th and Hth. p #. hbibbbgbV, . ~ _ _ MtBOHAHT TAILOR, g& stropoiitan Hotel, Ut* Brown's, WV 3<"F? "vaasa?hT'; BOOTS, SHOES, Ac. BOOTS AND BH0B8. M W _8_T o B a . . OI|d*rslgned begs leave to 1 nferm his frleSe t .J/1? generally that he has opened the n .n"??BI, Mo. 609 7th street,under Od4 Fellows Hall, where he hat on bina i ceusral assortment of Ladles' and Gentlemen's, Boy's Misses and Ohlidren >s BOOTS AND 8HOB8. Bemeinber the number, .jUJ 7th street, under Odd Flows' Ual, Ths New Cheap Store, for Mr7oK * p?ge'? itore. <? " GBOBGB B. WILSON. At pcbli6~salb throuoh B. M. HALL'S BBAL ESTATE EXCHANGE. a ... foru?r 7th ?">d La avenue. 1-7L": A fl 'aocUoa. oD the premises, on the * [P ?f A pril, la67, at > o'clock p as. by virtue of adsodnf trust executed by Frederick Voigt, to John Geo. Stock, <to sesare Andrew Thelrer.i upon a one story frame honse,sttn;ited onthe we*t part of lot ten, (10) In eouar? No. 41, Washington c for tersn of Are years, saldtrsst duly recorded la lib?r B. M H , No. I. coun'y^*B chattel records for Washington Terms ra^k. mh 16 eolss OBPHANS' COOBT, March^T^^iaM.ZL!;. trih or Columbia. wasuinutos Cocmtv, 'i?wsi>- ln the case of Blizabeth Kailr. admiuis."amuel Kelly, deceased, the admmisr.r .V/ foresaid has. with the approbation of the Orphans' Oonrt of Washington county foresaid, at fluted Saturday, the 6th day of A P.'*1- I8t7- for the final settlement and distribution of the personal estate of aald deceased, tad of the assets ia hand, as far as the sune have been collected and turned into money: when and where all the creditors aud heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with tb?lr w. f vouched, or tbey may otherwise i 7 mw~be excluded, from all benefit in said deSiTSlk : ?roT!4.ed ??*J of tbis order be Fpbllshed oace a week for three w*oks la ths Evening Star previous t? ths said day mh K lawfw* Tsst-^AB PB,I"PK"ltJ,TO0?,>; b7 Ohanes Oayarrs. F vJo#*r ?.^e and fils Ooart; by Muhlbach Braithwaite's Betroepect for January Gardening for Profit; a Gafde to the Market and Family harden. Swlnhurn's Lans Veneris. Two Marrisss*. a Do?elby Miss Moloch. Ths Adventnresaf fOriffln, Illustrated. The Statesman's Tear Book for 1857, London. ' 1 TBANGK TATLOB. WANTS. WANTED TO BBNT-A e??ll HOU?B Ad sT'rimo 4WI Urm*- "T#B*ltV VV f XBD-AThTuTwoM ? to I0?k ?a4 ** k t.milr Ma?t he well r*co?ro'nded. Apply a; 46X0 31 Md ItrMli It* W for on* year ?i IS H' ceat. * Any parscn having the ib?>? to loom caa address ABC ." i*t?r OI9i(. ilftllai whtr* in Ist?r?i?w na b? k?d mttSf \\ ANTBD-A MOUSB with about eight rooms *? aad cellar . bi let of April Island pre'<rred. A resp. aa*ble yearly tenant oa* r.e se ured. and J>*'d ia advance. by eddresslag Po*t Ofloe B*? o?8, stating lacatloa and tarsss rtHV VV Ta buy for cub, oae or t?v small *? HOI BIB, contairtrg frost f.?ur to seven rooms ?ach Hciaaa adjoining pre'erred. Also, a Fir.- proof Safe. fcf ARB A OO , ? BO' 4?>? ? 7th atrial. WANTED? On the lit irotimn. two or three csbhwIdi unfurnished BOOMS, for h >oee? *?*< within tan minutes w alk af the imu rj * "* ">o?t be mod ar at a. Add roes lest Office Box 478. stating terms, location, Ao. m 22 Jt* WIHT^D IMH1VMTILT-A |ood Otrnaa JruraeiEoan BABBBtt. Apply at 38* , 7th

STraet, between S and 1 sts ra ?l-Si* A SITUATION WANTED BY A BKSPKOTable woman, as E.-*taurant OOOk. B*at city rereren e|iTW|. Address Bo*. 13. Star Office. mh 21 3t* WANTED Aa lileh or German WuMtS, to do the work in s small family. Mast come well recommended Nona others need apply. Inamira at 167 o street, near corner loth ptwt, Island m li 5t* WAHTKD-A SITUATION Ib a prlTatetamiry b> a good cook. Also, oae ai lanndreea or chambermaid. Goo I rsferaacos. Apply at Bnaploymeat Offirs. 4W8H 7thatre?t m ?i St * W ANTBD-Ab expanaaced FbAt'KsM ITU to no to the coaatry A siagle white maa preferred Inouire of CIl AS. bTOTT A CO., Druggieta. 374 Penna aveane. m 10 tt" WABTBD TO ?BBT OB PUROHASB-A V ABM of from in to UK) acre*, north of and near the city, with good building and other im DrovmiBta Any person having such props rtv ran find a first-class tenant, l>y applying at STABB A OO.'S. 4*S}? 7th street, between D and E. mh t ?w* WANTED?A respectable white WOMAN,to take care of a younu child. Apply at 37 1 Pa. avenue^ mh 1 AGENTS WANTED FORTIIE MOST EXU1TIMO ABD INTBBEST1N 3 BOOK. OF TUB DAY. GEN. L. C. BAKBB 8 QIBTOBY Of THE BBCKBT 8EBVICE In every city, town, coanty, and State of the Union, to canvass for this work. Thi* hietory was announced one year ago, bat owing to the attempt! of the Gavernmeut to snppress It, its publication wasdelayed. I( will now be issued, unaltered and unabridged, under the supervision of lien. BAKKB It contains a fall and official expose of the Intricate machinations of tne aecret of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures, this book ec 11 pees the lamous exter ences of Fouche and Vldoc i. The marvelous narratives of General Baker are all attested by the highest official authority. It will contain the only official history of the Assassination couspira> v. A fall history ef this great, startling, and terrible crim#, FBOM ITS CONCEPTION, IN THE I1A1NT8 OF VILLAIN* TO THB BUBIAL PLAOE OF BOOTH, ba* never yet been placed befwre the pnbltc. The work slno folly exposes tha nefarioaa system by whlrh Presidential pardons were and are ?o readily obtained at Washington The morals of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are som>- strange revelations concerning b<ads of departments, members of Congress, femab- pardon brokers, and diotingai'l.ed military characters. Koi full de>Tlptl ve cireulnrs. terms, and all particulars, aldri-s* P. GAP.KBTT A CO., mli2 lm 7U'i Cbestnnt St.. Philadelphia. Vk" ANTED?A SITUATION as seamotreM by a v v |?it>- who understands sewing thoroughly Uy Wheeler Si Wilton's Sewmg Ma< nine. Can cot and tit ladies' a*d children'* dres?*a Address, f?r three da) s. Box No. 7 , Btar office. fe (7 WANTBD?New alid Cast off CLOTHING7old GOLD and SILVEB.or aar other article of value, at the eld established Merchant Pawn broker's Store f.t K FULTON A OO , A0i9ih St., 3 doors north of Peuna. avenae. BoieAgentfor BINGEli ? BE WING MACHINE de 22 ly WANTED?10.??(> LADIES to know that at the New Stamping Bocms, 439 9th street,opposite Pstent Office, they can find the btgt selected assortment of Patterns ever ottered here for j Cloaks, Capt-a, Aprons. Josevs, Waists, Yoke*, Bands, Wrappers. Slippers, Pincushions, and Ini tials Also, designs for Pillow Cases. Ottomans. I Chair Covers, Pianos, and. lu short, every variety of Patterns aa they are daily i-sned We have a French Machine and a Practical Stamper, and have i educed the price to #lVB CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stan p o?? pattern brought n?. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de l?-tf BANKERS; , SEVEN THIBTY TKEASUBY NOTES. of any series, exchanged for NEW FIYB TWKNTY BONDS. AT THB NATIONAL RANK OF COMHEBOB OF GEOBtiBTOWN. D C. Internal Bevenae Stamps for Notes. Chacks. Drafts Bonds, Deeds. Mortgages, and other le^al , document*, for sale at Government rat*? mk 7 1m J O HAMMBB, Cashier J AT C*M)Kl?~lk~ CO .'t BAH KBlli r\(:tn\'.k rtrtet, arr?r\U lVsa#?nr. Bnyand eel a icurreat market rates, and kaap onstantly on hand, a fall snppljr of aU GOVEBNMBNT BONDS, SEVEN-TH1BT1B8, AMD OOMPOOBB INTBBBST N0TB8. Orders f*v BTOCE8. BONDS, A?., execnted, and Oallactious made on aU aoaawlhla points. se ltf HARROW A CO., BAIKBB8. Corner Lonlslana aveaue and Bavsntk rest, VIALllI ill VOYF.KyMEXT SECURITIES. GOLD AND 8ILVBB J7 |-tf AND LAND WABBANT8 First National Bank of Washington. U D COOKE, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) Presldsnt, WM. 8. HCNTINOTOH, Caskler. GOVEBNMENT DBP081T0BT AND FINANCIAL AGBNT OF THB UH1TBD 8TATB8, 1H* Atrtei, op?osus tki 7V*a.<?r? l)trartw%*nt. G< vernment Securities witk Treasurer United | States mroxE million DOLLARS We bay and sell all claaaes of OOVERNMEX7 hlCLKlTlESm current market ratee. FUFX1SH EXCHANGE and make Cblleaion* <m ALL TBE PHIXC1PAL CITIES OF THE I KITED STATES. We parcbaea Government Vouchers oa the MOST fA VORABLE TERMS, and give carefnl ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other business eat roe ed to ns. FULL INFOBMATION In regard to GOVBBM MBNT LOAMS at all times cheorfnlly famished WM. 8 HUHT1NGTOH, Cashier, Washlnffton, March jo, 1M mU-tf pOElABLB STEAM BNOIBEB, Combining the maximum of aBcl?moy,dnrabUlty, and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably knowa, mora than BOO being la use. All warranted satisfactory, or na sale. Dasariptlva circulars sent oa application. Addrasa J. 0. H0ADLBY A OO., fa 8-eoSm Lawrence, Mass. |^4INTT DISHES; Beceipta Collected by Lady Harriett St. Olalr. The Ohrietian Hymnal; pedited by Bev. Frank Bewail. Pickwick Papers: Diamond Bdltioa. Headland on the Action of Medicine; New Bditlon Murray's Emoticna! Disorders of the Nervee. The Story of a Btemach. Braithwalte's Beview for February. De Bow's Be view for February, fej FBANWK TATLOB. ^ B BBOWNB. B. J. SMITH BBS BROWN E A SMITH BBS, WABH1MGTOB. D. 0 , ATTORHE Y8A XV CO UNSELLORSA T LA W, AND SOLICITOUS FOB THB BUBBAU BEFUGBB8. FBBBDMBM. AMD , ABANDONED LANDS. Office No. 47 6 Seventh street,oppoaite the Post Office. fa >-ly THIS IS TO GITS NOTICE, That the sabaorlber haa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, In the District of Oolnmbla. I letters testamentary on the personal estate of llenry B Balnals. lata of the United States army, deceased. All persons having claims against the { said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tha < same, with tbe vouchers the reef, to the subscriber, on or before the ?th day of Marsh next; they < mar otherwise by law ba asclndad from all benefit of tne said estate. . ? . ? I Given under my band this 9th dayof March, i 1W ^JOHAM 0. BOMBOSn, 1 mh ll-law?w- Administrator. i T^HIS IS TO GIVB NOTICE, That the subscriber haa obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington Coanty, 1b tha District of Oolambla, letters tastameatanr aa tha personal estate of Bnnols Boxsl, late ot washtagton oonnty. D. C.. deoeaaed. All persons having claim* against tha said deceased, are hereby warned %*> exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the fith aay of March next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit af tha sal* estate. Givea ander my hand. tMe nth day of March, UT. MABQABET BO/.BL, mhfilswjw* Executrix. \ FOB 8ALE AND RENT. FO* To a family with at children, a M'tir Fl EBI8UED uOUdS I 8 rootss supplied with gas si 1 water. yard fi. at *'JTS* atSTS II itu rnk knk2! eo4t* F'o? mut -kmb the 1st of April, several b and son. I y f tinH BOOMS on fir.t Ml fl.^r ot 3.3U 14th st ., Vet 1*84 K Goot tat le board t in b? procured roiTOiitil tl It* ft^OB ?il.I ? Portable Patent HE BOX. she rt:mensien??t-et by |e ,i4 doth ? fee' Will f"' '#w Apylr !t.i ladisuaev*. b?t :<d end ?th meets m tl St* ITO* BALB-OBOCEBY ^d LlvjV >K 8 TUBS JT HA? ?tt*i M, I oca'ed ? eooruet For tiroi apply to JOHN \k . BU1VI Ho ?? tth St., between F and q ?U>?u. mbtl 3t* ITOR BALI -The STOCK asd FIXTU BBS ef\ '.{'af ?tor** ,?a Penaa?l*aBie atenue iloiac a gocdbasineee. will beesld for $*Oca?h Boat per renin Tt.? ?rv?rl torlitbon Imxii ih? city Address s K F it rtli o?r> n't* IT0? I?{iT-A tfcr??-mtf USlC'B HjubB. A cntaltltg tlfht rniiHi aid attic,on ith ?t . aeg^Fayetts Also, a nearly o?* superior PI* ANOf-rsale. lnjuire 94 Fay ?tts*treet George t?wa. P 0. mh tt iwT F'OB UXr-A 8 Kit'A HOU8B. containing eight room*, with wide hall, gas aa t watar. sffnate on Dnnbarton street, near Washlaet *n "treat, Georsetown Apply at iOO and into 1 street, between ith aa l gth. bll-lw 0. B JIWBLL F'U? SALB-Tbe PBBMISB8 t9} PvaaarUa aia afMini, btlvMO tth aaCOtth itrotu Tha lot runs frBtn Psnn'a avenue to Catreet, aad la '"' torad Wy a three atory and attic m?dern fruit* ( ed BBI'"K HOUSE and convenient back boild lass. W ater aad gas throughout Will be aold subject to a leas* bow on ft Tt-le Indisputable. Apply te 8. HAMILTON, 411 lPtn street. or to J- i~HOLLlNQBHBAD m tl-gt* Fob balb-i,boo Meads or whitbtapbk, <^*4 Inches.igood tinai:tj. for wrapping Ap pi v to ( B HAKBB, Star Oftiee nth SO tf L'Ol'B UNFUBNI8HBD BOOMS. saitable~lsr 1 housekeeping, for reat at 399 9th street, ha- ! tween H aad 1. m* I^OB BENT?furnt-hed 'lOUSE. ostei n I ag io A rooms, gas aad water. No |A*? comer ot 23d street and Pennsylvania avenue. T?ra? very i moderate. n 20 jt* < UCBB OFTUTB BOOMS rOB KEN T AND Fl'BMTTBK tor sale I u ml tan-, $iou; rent, $30. Inquire after 4p. ra at .Vi9 O street. l>*t*e?nt 12th and lith. m M St* ; F'OB 8ALB?A t? o-stnry BBIOK HUDKI.wlth slated roof, situated at B?. 3d? Virginia eve between .VI and 4 ... streets Apply to HAT PBPPBB, Mo IhO tl? .?t. tsh>> lit'fl F'OK 8ALB?Ub eligible term-, a ccBventent VBAMB HOL8B. sontainlng six rooms and kitcliea. with water in the yard For term*, ap ply on the preaieon,296 -tti. near M north. mh ZU 3t* fi^OB 8ALB-GOOD_WTLL, 8TOCK aa^i flTTTBB8 ef (the late Bli..ah B in >ust?n. R< ?.t and Shoe Store No i*l 7th street, between D an i I B sts. For parfc' nlars irxjalre at the Store Mrs. many bdmonbton. mh 10 tf Admlnlstrrtrn FI'OB BALK ?A bargai-t can be bad for cash a BESTAUBANT, with HOU8B conUlalng 11 rorms Thiee y- ars lease, low rent, and excel lent situation Now doing a coed business. |>?r> titulars at Tnraer H nse corner of 9th street and Peiin avenue #a>hii(ton BtJO-tt* Balb?A gentleman decllaliiK houa keee .* ??,wiBhes todlspoeeef tits hon-ehoid K L ft NITI BE, consisting ofexerythlng re 4uisite for tbe covifbrt and consenieoce of a rnnail family. To yer?ons of llmite l mean* a rare opportunity is ottered. Kor further particulars inquire at frame hon*e northwest corner 4th str>et ea?i, anl D otreet s. Hth. Capitol Hill The hou-e ran bo reated for a mr.lerate sum, if desired, mh 2U-.'it* ADB8IBABLB COUNTBT BB8II>B\CE for rent tor tb? balance of the year Fire miles from Anacosta Rri lge Home centainf nsl2 large pleasant rooms, lnclu<llng klicli-n. Sa< r rsf 1 laua in Garden, rholte Fruit ti.d Shade Tree*. Btal.le. Carriage lionie.use of ice from the Icehon?e pa-ture for two horse* and t wo ciwi, For terms Ac . In (litre ot T. B BftOOKB n ir Fori Meigs on Marlboro' Boad.or bv letter to Forest ville Prince Qe. rge s county. Md. i ih20-?t i FWR BIMf?Sever.i| yerv di'?irably and liabd- 1 ootnel) furnished froBt BOOMS at N 41 In dlana av . |o tween 41-; and 3d st? . nea Oit< hall i irst claas Boarding Houses within a iew do rs. m 18 tit* L^'OK KENT- Hi?L'SES in 11?e Phiiad- lphia I Bow. 11th Ktieet east Hot an t cot 1 water, au l bath, lhs: 8 rooms. Will be reat l to good 1 tenants tor 84?' per annum ln<|iilro at 3t.i F street, bet Jith and 12th west mh 15-Ot" {pi BN ISH EI> BOOMS Cltt7 n? or Traasient people may tin l comfortable KOOH8 at .447 Peuii*)lrsiiia avenue, opposite Metrop li t*n Hotel. Will be rented by luo Jay, week or uonth mh U St* LMNB t'OCNTBY KK>ll>BNCE 1 K SlLB. ? t bargain Well built Brf< k and Frauiedoo Vie b1 use. J.'? feet, two stories, nine room*, and garden spot of ? acrei- with fruit. On tornpikt 8 minutes walk from Bladen*bur ' Btilrovl Station; w tnlnBtes from Washington Imm-diate P0ifA->sl n Iirfue tesy. Title perfect Neighborhood exc- lien? A cbe?g< convenient, at d Lealtliy home tor DepartmeS* Clerk or Basinets Man. Price #4 im)h If sold at once. Ap^ljIoJ.B. BRIAN. 34.'? PeiiBx)Itanla aveuue. ospi>?!te , Metropolitan Hotel, or CLaGETT A >W EENV, Beal Bstate Brokers or by letter to .1 W. B TAHWIOI, Editor lat Bev. Kocord. 95 Ll'erty street. New York city mh l4-eo4t L^OB BALE? Only SIM cash required, the b?T t ance can be paid in monthlv payments of ijio each, three new two etor/ HO18E8. situate** on tbe s?nth sid" of Booth L street, near 6th. This 1 ia an opportunity seldom offered to procure a home. 8TABB A CO., ni 11-2W 4?*)i 7tb street, near R. L-l'BNIBII ED PABLO ft San-I BEl> ROtJMS. on A the 1st 2d and ?i floors. t? be let ?ingle or in suitea The room<> have been newly papered and painted, they are cnltable for bons< keeping or single gentlemen There is water, g is, and t.ath 0'?- bou-*. Apply at Ml H street, between 19th and 2tith, one s^nare from streetcars mhlltapl* , F'OB SALE-Tb STO1 K. FIXTLBKB. GOOD WILL. I LBN ITCBE, aad ten yeari" LE ABE of a Hotel of forty years ?tandiEg. "Has fo jrtodti , rooms, new ly pap.-red and painted a public Bath House, whieh TBJS well: a large Hall. well adapted for concerts, billiards or meetings of any kind. It also has accommodations for twenty five or thirty horses. Has a splendid yard, with a beantltul grape arbor attached.peach trees, Ac Thohouse 1 is well adapted to be k-pt upon the European plan, or as a lag. r beer saloon or gar len. K r terms. Ac , apply to HBOOKE A HOBDAY. BrokerB, 1U 9. Gay -t . Iialtimore. Md mh 11 e i? I ACBE8 OK BEST LAND n.aTWaah^ OUU ington TO LET for two years without any rent, for tbe consideration of putting the land under cultivation, m lots of one to fifty actes, with many other inducements, inclu ii c the privilege of buying the land at any time. For all particulars in juire of . D L. WELLS A CO., 1 W < ltn Corner l"th and F streets. ONK OF THE MOST VALUABLE AND DE B1BABLE BUILDING LOTS in the city for sale. It is situated en ttie north sfde of K stre t, near ISth between Senator Sherman aui the Mexican Minister nting on Franklia Square. 1 haid lot i* 'Jb feet by 137. running back to a <0 foot alley, and improved by a two atory brick stalde. Ie 2C tf 8 P. BBOW N IbJ tth street west. ' FSOB 8 A LB ? All k i nd of T N BE D tlXKD * LEDGBB. to pay advances, at :<4 4 , street. near Pa. sv?. t?. GOLDSTEIN A Ou? ? fe 21 lm Li ensed Paw nbrokers. IT OK BALB OB BBS T? Fnrui?h>d or nnfur- J r nished? the BESlDENt'E of the Au-trian } Mlmstei. c. rner lith and K Apply between 11 ; and !?.S1 fe 20 1 m' | i^GB BENT-The 8TOBE BOOM next ti the ! E Btar office under Metropelltaa Hall Appiv < to C. B. BAKEB. Star office. fe * tf I 1 COLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOSII ( AND LY1HO 1M ASYLUM, Fonrteenthstreet,<elrcle,)onraerof M street. Washlsgton, D. O. This Institution has been established for the rsoeptlon of satlents who may be suffsrlng from dUs- I eaeee peculiar to their sex. and for tbe ad mi I of soon temales as may require the oomfsrte of the lyfsc-iD chamber. The building Is situated In the moat healthy per- ' tton of tbe District, surrounded by it? grounds. Oars paso the door every 11 ve minutes Terms of admission : From 86 to $19 per week 0 fn accordance with the room required, payable in 8 advaaoe. This inclndee Board, MeSloUoa Med- * leal and BurgicH attendance. 1 MEDIO A L STAFF I B iBOII IH CHIEF. ' F , J H THOMPSON. M D.. L o s u kt 'fA N 8 A tnitll Stki Ar^ ' M* tart90U I*""1' ?08. klLEY, M D , Georgetown 1 THOB.MILLBB. M D., F street, Washington. A Y. P. GABNBTT. M D.New York avenBO. ? IF- P JOHM8TON. M. D.,^Faetolngton * D " Oesrgetow. F. HOWABD, M. D., F street. B Orders for admtsslos to the tree beds la this hoeBltsJ, (of whicA there are 30,1 can be obtained of ae Bsrgesa In chief at this offloe, 1*4 1 street, or ?f %ny 1uf tbe Nodical staff, aad of tbe Be vs. Drs I Hall. Ourley, OUlette. and Coombs. J _J?lvee and widows ef soldlsra desiring ad ml set es B will apply to the Surgeon Osneral, United Sutea ? army. ? FjMoatt llslBf Bt a distance who desire to oesse ? to this iMtltatioB tor treatment can sees re srl veto C roonubF applying hp letter to the matroa of the h, bonltta. A. D. GILLETTE. D D , ^ an M eoly u Presidest. Jj gJTllHWAl'8 PI AMOS. ? pTAoiiffirss'j.'zxrs:'' ? assss.^sr'1- -1 '"""fimi For the laat tes years Btelnway's Pianos have. ^ nn all occasion-, re< eived the first premium over H all new York, Boeton, PhiIsdelphris, aad Baltimore J makers, whenever and wherever they have cone * in competition At the World e Fair la Losdon, ** Btetnwsy A Sons received the Indorsement Isr laperlority of their Pianos ever all makergof the ?' war Id. W 0 MBTZBBOTT * CO . d? feM tf Mo. 118 Pens aveaae. Solo Agsata. g AMEBICAN GOLD, STOOBS and BONDS. ot bought on eesamiasloa at the Mew York and tb sther flock Boards. Qsotattoss rsgalarly rsoeived ISi LBWIB JOHBSON * CO . Baaksrr. , feT-tf <?? Peaaa aveaae._ C1GAB8 AMD TOBACCO ?BBOOEB N. ID I MONBTON will be happy toasrve his friend* aad the pubHe with Oigars aad Tobacco, st Mot)4.S Loalalaaaaveaoa, sear Bank of W*?hln? Iob . . fsHBi 1 AUCTION 8AMCH. tf*r etasr *>??> ?Mi. M, .j ?U# ArTMMKOOX aMD >u.?u4r ' |JT f L WALL I CO ,i|(Uoi?ri BALB OF 6?oo??MC *IW! bboovs. _ lMu?l Ac A? ' n SATChDAT MoBBiBtf a.rck rtcidl M lU u'clvak. ? ill o-' ear awt-a moon. at> eeaortoueat of Ore *r? Mg i-ibt xrtlc'aa ear* a Harrt-le White aed Yellow Bu/arS An Rosea *perrr. Oli4M *- i roe* P-rlar Mai bee Barrala Wklaky l>vdoz*n Broom* 40 btiM Lwoiii SO caas* J xk-? Club Bitters I'1 dor* a Blacaing lft bairala Potomac Herring ? b?\ee B'oicfc. fto?P L-1 Tiii ?*r? Coff. , Ac. Ac With ma j?i)itr arfKlM ib the Oreaa? Iia.a A: an, A lot ofaa-a id bat< Kurnitare Hl'r BB1 Smirk MattraaOOa flew Hr a-eis Carrot coutamaf M yards. toad* ' > M aix na patters *> ?>r?? Wfcit# .b1 Obeck Matties, ? I aa4 ( jnariera wide WitB other irt1cl-a in Ika H?u-e Furaiehla* line, all of ehich ill be a Id without reserta Tamil Mt Ho ?o*tyoB?aait. It W L ? ALL A OO Arrfe BJ? B LBV IB A CO , Awvtioaeera Mo 3#J Peansyleaaia lfa .it TOMORROW. (Saturday.) at It acio^k. at Itora. wo shall contiu a aae ol Ledia*' aad u?ata' OUttilac Boots Stioe* Bati,Ac Alao. lot Treats with Clothing. aad ? W*tcAas _? w. 1 U1WII A OO . a or to BI BAULK A CO., Aact'ooeer. BaWsraoau >U9i Pa ae ,het ?th aad 10th sta. AC< TlOB BALE OE OBOOBAIES, TMAMn _ WIMMM. *r ' ?? BATBBBAY. Mar. h ?d at It t dad ahall sell, at oar aeettua ra?a wittaoat r ' lot of Groceriea, const.ttnr pertly of? 10 hoxea Starch I box a. fasti) 14 boxes Orraa Tartar t<? boiaa P?a??r aad Iplcn r. boxes Indigo ttdpraa Tamato Outlay, u a arts Bad y.ati ie;an Broom". S aad ? tie 15 heats Markat Baskets !< dozea Rlarkiac J? ball* Twiae St' *rca? Smoktag Tnbea u, larga al l papers B'v bales do. Panrvllla 10 eroasChewleg Tohaoca la tia fall A lot of t an Uoida, Hance*. Ar L*> cases Bock Win*. 6 ca-aa Hurtaad* S barrel* 01<1 Rra Whlaky,aed ?u dc nijakaa w iaaa and Lienors. Ai ?o. P<rt of tba Faraiture of a family dacllalag b>ese keepla*? On Oottaga Bet. Ohaire. Tablee Cooking -i??es, Mattt?*sa?. ao. A La", 2"0 dozea Ladtaa and Qeat a Cotton He*a tthawls, Table Oosers llanckar' blefa. Towels. Ac , Ac Terms aah HA6LK ACO. It Aactiaaaara III BBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aeestsessra MJ N*. 5w?. corn-r 7tb and Detreets A TWO hTORY I RAMR HOCSROF FOCR OB m BROOMtt, Vk 1Tb BAR. BA R K1XT > RBd. GAB ri.XTl RES. AMI) SoMA fl'RMTl'tB. on ?tb atreet neat. n< ar N atreet avatk. kaova aat r>atal Palaae. at Palate Anctloa. On TBI RSDAY. the tl*t inat , at ?o'?lcrk?. ni., iu treat of tba pronlaea. *a viil aaii tba rame Houaeaad BaaclDg atth all tba Faraltara <tid Fiatorea tberria Tb- I a.iae la on rooted ground, to remaia natll ltec?-mi>er M t-4w tba pnnhaaer tl>en bating pi It il-g?-of rrmoTiag it. Tetma caali. ^b 16 at t.BKBN A WILLIAMS. Aaeta W"TB? AHO\I bALB 18 PO^TPOMBD nLtll balCRO^Y. the laatant. oai?r ).var and place ??J li will poeitlrei/ b- aul 1 without rfg*rdto weaiber It OREKN A ^MLLIAMS. Ancto. BY COIM I B \ LATiMRR. AactleMM>ca7 (late clerka with Jaa C . McGuira A Oa.,1 B"iith?Mt cora>?*r of Puiu * ar?nna and lltb at., Atar Otltce Betiding. chabcert sale or i*rRo\xi> i RoriRBE i'm AKh B AfiD ! BTREKTlt. 1ST va ARf B> vlrtnaof a de< rea of tl.e Bq i rem* Court ot tba Diatrlct <if Coli:ii:t.ta | aaaed lit i aoae Bo >St e<4Hlv* TboaiaaOogan It coniplaiaaat, aad ane Mc Manua ?t al.. are doten<1 anu. tae under tKtiet. iruat?-e. will aell, la fr<?at ol th?- preuii?ea. o'rliyk j. tit., aa TUC RMIAf . tke tlai day of March tn-ta. i, part of Lot ntucbered Bta, t.> Id Sgnare niiail>fred one bnndred aad * wrut; twa. i IK.?cotLnifD" Ini: oa aii'ti a df oi atid Lnt f??, and running aartli in a line with and fiantiag oa Tw entieth atr*. t waat ? feet , iarh; theoca eaaiuardir 1S> feet and Iti la hes more or leea. theace ontbwardlt Jv teat and inch, and a *re?tw ar?J 1 v 1.'<A feet and 10 incb>-a. more or leaa. to tbe place of betrlnalng. Term? of ??le prearrlbad br the de ree : Onehalf i aah and tbe balance to bo p id io 12 aioatba. for ?Mch tbe purchaser wilt l e reyulre4 toaive hla pronil'aory note, bearing i.- ei*-at tro'n date, etidoroed to the satiafa'lion of the trustee, or tba parchaaer may. If he ?a <lMirea. pay the whole of the par'haae money ra?h. or ono hall curb. and the balance on the rati tiratioa of the a ale b> tha caort, Title to b* retained ual I the ? nole of the pntchaee tt^ney is paid an the ratified by tae court. Ci/nve>*ui lug and atampa at tba coat of the pnrchaaer ECOBBE OABOKI. Trnetee COO I It K a LATIMER mh ? eoAda Anctiofteer* "THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPOBBU IS cona> uaenoe of tbe rain, until SATl'Rl)A T A f TEhNOOB aext, Mar< h nd. aame hoar and a ?. a kCGENBOABCSl Truatoo mhK^t COOPER A LaTlBBR. Aacto^ BY GREER A WILLIAMS, Aootloaeera. LOT or BTILPIMO MATERIAL AND FRAME HI-1 LI) I NG IN TUB RB AR FRuMTING F teTHEKT NOKTII. I'-BWBEN HTII AMU 10TB BTREBTS. AT PCBLlO AlCTIOB On FBlDAY, the 1Mb inataut at S e cltKk a. m.. *e hallcell.ou tbe pr miaea. a eoed lot of Buildins Brick and a Frame Building iq the r ar of th? Lot. theVaJ-'irf Ilia1? r*moT#d w th,n lv ?fter tohl2-d GBEKB A WILLIAMS. Accta. FTHK ABOVE HALE IS POSTPOHBD flntu FBlDAY. the ?i ia,tant, aame hoar S Mt^a. GREEM A WlLLlABS. pl Aoctlonaara. BY OO 'FBR a LAT1MBR. Au.lTonaera. ! Late clerka * ith Jaa C McOu,ira A Co .1 south*est career I'enn a aranne and 11 th at Star Office f-uildtng. ? ?ATALOOBE SALE OF BOOKS On TBIR?DAY and FRIDAY EVKNINOS aext. Match Ji and 22. at 7-? o cl < k r u at our faction Rcim, we will ? ell . collection of Staudtrd Ujftorical aad Mtac ellanaoua Bov-lta dati jelas; from a private library run Catalogu a out. and ean b- had at o r room Terma . aali OOOPBR ? L ATI M Kit, id-it Au tioa.era BY CtM>PER A LATIMER, An7tlaneera, (LaU clerk* with Jaa O McGuire A Oo ,) jouthweat corner of Pennayleania ava and lltb treet.Btar Office BoMding 301SEUOLB FCRIUTL'RE, IRON SAKE ttWIN<. MACHINES. 4 , AT AOOTluM. On SATL BDaY M it KM ft <? next, March ii4, it 10 o clock IB froat "f onr *tore. we will aell an naortn t-nt of Furaitare. naming? '.rnaa la and Threa-ply Oarpeta riiree Sew ib k Mh hinoa Walnut and Mah >gany Bedatead* )il falntinga atd Engraving* 3air< lotb 8<'fna Bockera. andOhatra lair and Husk Mattr-aa. a, Pillowa darble top Bnreaua and Waihatanda <iii* and Wood ??at C'balra arble top Table* Valaat Soackiug Chair, covered la graen reaa /O km a; and Chamber Stovaa. A Lao. I Wilder Fire proof Safe 2U.<K>" aaaorted brand* of BegarLot O pper Oookina Ctenail* Lot ot Urooeriea and Nouona Terma caah C OPEB A LATIMEB. m -1 d Aii'ti auoara. L#Y W. L. WALL A CO., Aoctloueera L> Origiaal Horae aod Carriage Bazaar, La. atr., hetweeaMh and 10thBto. ALE OB HORSES,^ABBIAUBS. HARNESS, On BATLBDAY MOKB1BO, March 23. at la clock, we will aall, at th* Bazaar, a number of addla, ( arflage aad Work Horaaa, , a full decrlptioa at aaleJ comarlalag? _ ABOtJT SIXTY BOBBBS I any eoad Work. Saddle, and Uaraaaa Horaaa. Al*O , fleea good rarrn Horaaa. rot Mulea. A Lie a l larae collactloa of Haw and Second hand Bagfled. Rorkawaya, Carriagaa, Wagoua, aad other > ehlclea, 'wo new Jenny Llad W agona, built la thla dty. 41 ift lew and Second hand Uaraaaa, Sa-idia*. Oartiagea. Ac . at yrirau aata. KecnUr aalea daya, Taeadays, Thuraday*. and atardaya. Carriagaa and Hai neaa alwaya oa private a*la m ai W. L WALL A OO.. Aacto ^ LOU B I V B B PI A fall aaaortaMBt of all cradaa cboloa Itoar let lahera: jnaiity No 1; prioo low. Ar* tbe only direct rocelvura for Ooldea HIU, J. I. Gambit 11 < aot Patapaooi and Ltagauor ratolly lourtln the DUtrlot. Aatba latter brand has aea extans'vaiy counterfeited and asld la tBa ity, wo would laforaa those wishing this Soar hr rrangetoout with the ml Hare wa farnteb it lawea a an Tt caa ha obUtaad from any other esai ss aalltr aaceid to bom. PHoaatraottoa laaa lhaa ther first clasa family rioar. Buckwheat allow rater it**? " taxnsr? uai? ""?"zrszu nfiis IS TO OIVB NOTIOM,That tha ewfcanrlL her haa ot talked from the Orahaae'Coert of eehiagtoB Cownty. in the DtatricAofCoiamhaa. ttera of admlnlalratloB oa the BaraoDaal aatata oV baddens Morrtce. lata of Waahmgtoa Oit? , b C ceased. All ^eraona hsring claims acai^t tba said i<T**Td *r* hereby warned to exhibit th* 'th the Toarhere thereof, to the snbacrlbJ*. au or fore tbe ink day of March aext: tbar iLl her wise by law ha axcladod from all benelt of aaid aetata. 1 Gtten under toy hand this ltth day of Marsh. Kb 11 lawSw* MARCELLCS MORRICK JITTER ORABOBK ' ~ B1TTBB ORABOBB' I For treasrtiog. B W Bf RWREL L. m. . coraar uth ana F atraats, tiader Ebt ?t Haaaa