Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING OTAR. j OFFICIAL. LA\*S OF THKTMTKD STATES, Passed at the Second Sn?ion ef the Tlirty-ninth l?i|rfu. 1<'o*k*ctio!* ?In the Bankrupt act (Pnblic No 91) copied from the Chronicte of tbe fetb instant, in the lith line of the 17th ection lk? word " the," 'where it is repeated before the word "temporary.'* should be stricken oat; and in the 21st line of the same section the let- t ter f should be doubled In the word " asienee ." In 'he 4?th line of the 19th section an I rhould he substituted for i in the word regulations ** In the U>th line of the section an italic let. ter d should be added to the word ?cause,** as that letter is erroneously added In the original roll. In the 5?th line of tb<*Cath section the word "over'* should be substituted for tbe word "of" In tbe 64th and f/ith lines of the iHd section, immediately af'er the words "attendance of." tbe words "their trust, and to compel the attendance of should be stricken out In the .V'd line of 47th section, an n should be substituted tor a u in the word "in."] ;Pcblic?No.??.] An AtT making ippropr.ations for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulation wi'h various Indian tribes for the yearemtir* June thirty, eighteen hundred and sU'y?ight. [Cirr.ti .*td front nfrt'Tday'i Evening Star. ] FI>\TtiFAl?S AM> uiilKK CO^FEbEKATfcD TRIBES For the fourth of five instalments cn oue hundred and twenty thousand dollars, b-ing the econrt ?erie?. for beneficial objects, at tbe discretion of the President, per fourth article j treaty sixteenth July, eighteen hundred aud fifty-five. five thousand dollars I or eighth ol twenty Instalments for the support of an agricultural and industrial school, keeping in repair the buildings, and providing suitable lutniture. books and srationerv. per filth article treaty sixteenth Jnly, eighteen hundred aud fifty-five, three hundred dollar* For eigi"h of twenty instalments, for providing sui.ahle instructors therefer, per fifth article treaty sixteenth J uly, eighteen h undred and filty-fiv e. one thousand eight hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for keeping in repair blacksmiths', tin and gunsmiths', carpen'ers*, and wagon and plough makers' shops, and providing necessary tools therefor, p?r fifth article treaty sixteenth July, eighteen huuared and lilty-five, five bundled dollars. I'or eighth of twenty instalments for the employ mei.t of two farmers, two raill<*rs, one hi;, kemith, one tinner, one gunsmith, one carp?nter, and one wagou and plough m iker. per fit har: .e treaty sixteenth J uly. eighteen hundrea and fifty-live, seven thousand four hundred dollars. Kor eighth of twenty instalments for keeping m repair saw and" flouring mills, and for furnishing the necessary tools and fixtures therefor, per fifth article treaty sixteenth J uly, e.ghteen hnndred and fif.y-five, five hunJred dollars For eighth of twenty Instalments for keep. iug in repair the hospital, and providing tl.e necessary medicines and lurniture therefor, per fifth article treaty sixteenth Jnlv. eighteen hundred and flfty-Mve, three hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for p*y of a physician, per fifth article treaty sixteen'h July, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, one thousand four hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for keeping in repair tte buildings required for th? various employees, and furnishing necessary fnrnrnre therefor, per fifth article treaty sixteenth July, eighteen hundred and fifty-'five, three hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for the pay cf each of the tead chiefs of the FlatheaJ. Koctenay. and I pper Pend d'OreiUes tribes, per fifth article treaty sixteenth July, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, fifteen hundred dollars Kor insurance and transportation ofannnity goods and | rovisions, per filth article ef treaty of July s xteenth, eighteen hundred and sixtyfive. eleven thousand nine huudredaud twenty dollars and forty-one cents. lOW AS. For interest in lieu of in vestment on fiftyseven thousand five hundred dollar*, balance ol one hundred and ttfty-seven thousand five hundred dollars, to the first of Jnly, eigh'een hundred and sixty-seven, at five per centum per annum, for education or other beneficial purposes, under the direction of the President, per ninth article of trea'y of May seventeenth, eighteen hundred and titty-four, two taousaud eight hundred and seventy-five dollars. KANSAS. For Interest in lieu of investment on two hundred thousand dollars, at five per cen'nm per annum, ten thon^and dollar*, per secoud article treaty of January fourteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six. KICK A POOS. For fourteenth instalment of interes'. at five per centum on one hundred thousand dollars, lor educational and other beneficial purposes, *e per second article treaty M;ty eighteenth, eigh een hundred ai.d fifty-lour, live thousand dollars. For fourteenth instalment on two hundred thousand dollars, to be paid in eighteen hundred and sixty-etght, per second ar'icle trea v eighteenth May. eighteen hnndred aud fiftyfour, seven thousand dollars K LAM A1 H AM) MOIiOC INDIANS, t or second of five instalments, to be applied under direction of the President, as per second article treat* of October fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-lour, eight thousauJ dollars. For first of twenty instalments for Keeping in repair one saw-mill, oue fiounng-miil, j buildings for the black-mitn, carpenter, and wagon and plough maker, the manual labor I school, and hospral, as per fourth article j treaty of October fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, one thousand dollars For second of twenty instalments for the purchase of tools and material for saw aud i flour mills, carpenter, blacksmith, wagon and ' plough maker's shops, aud books and stationery i for the manual labor school, as per fourth i article treaty of October fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, oue thousand five hundred dollars For second of fifteen instalments for pay and sntwistence of one superintendent of farming, one farmer, one blacksmith, one sawyer, one carpenter, and one wagon and plungh maker, as per fifth article treaty of October fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, six thousand dollars For serend of twenty instalments to pay salary and subsistence oi one phjsjoan one miller, and two school teachers, as per fifth article treaty ol October fourteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, three thousand six hundred dollar*. MAKAH TRIBE. h nr fecond ol four instalments of thirty thousand dollar*, (being me fourth series, i under ' direction ?.f the president, a* per fifth artivle I cf 'reaty oi January thirty-first, eighteen hua- ' dred and filly-live, oue thousand five hundred dollars. h or e gh-h of tw-ntv instalments for the ?nppor* of an agricultural and industrial sch.M.i, and for pay of teacher-, per eleventh article treaty thirty-first January, eighteen hundred ^ and fifty.five, two thousand five hundred dol- i tors. Kor eigh'h of twenty instalments for sup- j port of a smith aud carpenter's shop, ami I lo provide the necessary tools therefor. pef eleventh article treaty thirty.first January, . eighteen hundred ana fifty-five, li ve hundred dollar* For eighth of twenty instalments for the j employment of a blacksmith, carpenter, far- f mer. atd pnysuian who shall lui uish medicine for the ?ick. per eleventh article treaty j tmxty.first January, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, four thousand nx hundred dollars. MFNOMONEES. ter la* of t w el ve instalments for enn'innlng ard; keeping up a blacksmih shop, and providing the usual quantity of iron and steel, tier fourth article treaty eighteenth October, eighteen hundred and forty-eiirbt. and third arti"le treaty twelfth May. eighteen hundred and fiffy-four, nine hundred and n*teen dollars and sixty -six rents For second of fifteen instalments of annuity upon two hundred and forty -.wo thou-and vim hundred and eighty-six dollars, for c?-s?ion of lands, per fourth article treaty May twelfth eighteen hundred and fifty-fonr. and Senate amendment thereto, sixteen thousand one hundred and seventy-nine dollars aud six cents. For twelfth of fifteen instalments for pnv ?f miller, per third article treaty twelfth May, eighteen hnndred and fifty-four, six hundred dollars. Ml AMIES OF KANSAS. For permanent provision for blacksmith and a?sistan*. and iron and steel tor *hop. per firth article treaty sixth October, eighteen hundred and eighteen, and fourth articH treaty June i fifth, etgh'een hundred and fifty-lour, nine hundred and forty dollars. For permanent provision for miller, in lien of guar mi th, per fiftn article treaty sixth Ocloher. eighteen hundred and eighteen, filth article treaty twenty-third October, eighteen hundred and thirty-tour, and fourth article treaty filth June, eighteen hundred aud fiftyJour, six h-mdred dollars For interest on fifty thousand dollars, at five per centum, for educational purposes, per hird article treaty fifth June, eighteen hundred and fifty-lour, two thousand fiva hundred dollars Fet eighth of twenty instalments upon two hundred thousand dollars, per third article treaty fifth June, eighteen hundred and fiftyfour, seytn tfeca&aud live hnndred doi.ars. MIAMI KS OK INDIANA. For interest on (? hundred aud twenty-one thousand two huudred aud Ulty.?f?i>a dollars and eighty-six cents", uninvested, at five per cen'i.m. p> r Senate's atn<*udineui to fourth article treaty filth Jane, eighteen hundred and fifty lour, eleven ittuurxud and sixty-two dollars and eighty nine cent*. ?l I AMIES-EEL RIVER. For permanent annuity in goods or otherwiw, per fourth article treaty tbird August, tcvPLiffii buourui and ninety-ft*e, five hundred dol'ar* Kor permanent annuity, in roods or otherwise. per tbird article treaty twenty.first Aotuft. eighteen hundred and five, two hundred and fitty dollars. For permanent annuity in good* or otnpr- j wise. per tbird and separate article to treaty t thirtie'b September, eighteen hundred and : nine, three hundred nnd tifty dollars. MOLEL INDIANS. Kcr eirbth of ten instalments lor keeping in r?pair saw and flouring mills, and for the pay ot MctMirj employees, the benefits of which to oe shared alike by all the confederated t and-. j>er second article treaty twenty-first December, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, one thousand five hundred dollars Kor eighth ot ten instalments for the pay of a carpenter and |oiner to aid in erecting buildings and making furnitnre for said Indians, and to furnish :o?ls in said service, per second article treaty twenty-first December, eigbteen hundred and fifty-five, two thousand dollars. Kor pay ot teachers to manual labor schools, lor all uecessary materials therefor, aud for ;be subsistence of 'he pupils, per secood article treaty December, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, three thousand dollars N ISQUALI.Y, FP1 ALLl'P, AND OTHER TK1BKS AND BANDS OK INDIANS. For thirteentb instalment, in part payment for relinquishment ot title to lands, to be ap. piled t? beneficial objects, per fourth article nea'y twenty-sixth December, eigbteen hnn> dred and fifty-four, twelve hundred dollars. Kor thirtseutu of twenty instalments for pay o,1 uistrucior, smith, physician who shall medicine to the sick, carpenter, and :arm?r, per tenth article treaty twenty.sixth December, eighteen hundred and fifty.four, six thousand seven hundred dollars. N EZ PERCE INDIANS. I or third of five instalment* of second series for beneficial object*, at the discretion of the President, per fourth article treaty of June eleventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, eight thousand dollars. >or eighth of twenty instalments for the snpport of two schools, ene of which to b? an agricultural aud industrial school; keep, ing in repair school buildiugs. and lor provid* ing suitable furniture, books, aud stationery, per filth article treaty eleventh June, eighteen hundred and fifty.five, five hundred dollars. hor eighth of twenty instalments for the employment of one superintendent of teaching and two teac hers, per filth article treaty eleventh June, eighteen hundred and fiftylive, three thousand two hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for keeping in repair blacksmiths', tinsmiths', gunsmiths'. carpenters', aud wagon and plough mak rs' shops, and for providing necessary tec Is therefor, per fifth article treaty eleventh June, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, five hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for the employment of one superintendent of farming, and two farmers, two millers, two blacksmiths, one tinner, one gunsmith, one carpenter, and one wagon aud plough maker, per fifth article treaty eleventh June, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, nine thousand four hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for keeping it repair caw and flouring mill, and for furnishing the necessary tools and fixtures therefor, per fifth article treaty eleventh June, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, five huudred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for keeping la repair the hospital, and providing ihe necessary medicines and furuiture therefor, tier fifth article treaty eleventh J une, eighteen hundred and fifty five, three hundred dollars. Fcr eighth of twenty iustalmtnt* for pay of a physician, per fifth article treaty eleventh June, eigbteen hundred and fifty-five, oue thousand tour hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for keeping in repair the buildings lor the various employees, and fcr providing the necessary furniture therefor, per fifth article treaty eleventh J m e, eighteen hundred and tifiy-tive, three hundred dollars s For eighth of twenty instalments for the salary of such person as the tribe may select to be their Lead chief, per filth article treaty eleventh June, eighteen hunored and fitty-tive, five hundred dollars. 1-ot second of fonr instalments to enable the Indians to remove and locate upon the reserva ion, to be expended in ploughing land and fencing lots, as per first clause fourth article trea'y of Jnne ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, lor the fiscal year ending Jnne thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, lorty thousand dollar?. Fcr second of the sixteen instalments for boarding and clothing the children who shall attend tbe schools, providing tbe schools and hoarding-bouses with necessary furniture, tbe pnrthaseof necessary wagons, teams, agricultural .mpiements. tools, and so forth, and for fencing ot such lands as may be needed for and farming purposes for the schools, as fer fourth clause fourth article treaty ol June nine, eigbteen hundred and sixty-three, three thousand dollars. For salary ot two subordinate chiefs, as per fifth article treaty of Jnne nine, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, one thousand dollars. Kor first ot fifteen instalments to keep the blacksmith's shops in repair and stocked with the necessary t? ols and materials, per fifth article treaty June nirtb, eighteen hnndred and sixty-three, ti\e hundred dollars. Kor first of flfteeu instalments for repairs of houses, mills, shops, and so lorth. and providing the neces: ary furniture, tools, and materials, as per article fifth treaty June ninth, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, two thousand dollars. For salary of two matron* to take charge of tbe boarding-schools, two assistant teachers, one farmer, one carpenter, and two millers, a* per fifth article treaty ol Jnne ninth, eighteen hundred aud sixty-three, seven thousand six hundred dollars. OMAHAS Kor the last of ten instalment* of this ameunt, being second of series, in money or otherwise, per fonrth article treaty sixteenth March, eighteen hundred and ttity-four, thirty thousand dollars. Kor second ol ten instalments for keeping In repair a grist and sawmill, as per eighth article of treaty of March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, and third article of treaty of March sixth, eighteen hundred and sixiy-five, three bandied dollars Kor second ?f ten instalments, for pay of one engineer and assistant, as per eighth article of treaty ol March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty.tour, and third article of treaty ot March sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty.five, one thousand sight hundred dollars. Kor second of ten instalments, for pay of one miller and assistant, as per eighth article of treaty of March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-tour, and third article of treaty of Marth sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty.five, one thousand two hundred dollars. Kor second of ten instalments, for pay of farmer, a- per eighth article of treaty of March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty.four, and third article ot treaty of March sixth, eighteen hnndred and sixty-five, nine hundred dollars. K< r second ol teu instalments, for pay of blat ken.ith and assistants, as per eighth article of treaty of March sixteenth, eighteen hundred ar.d fifty-four, and third article of treaty of Marih sixih, eighteen hundred aod sixty.five, one thousand two huudred dollars. Kor second of 'en instalments, for support of blacksmith shop and supplying tools for the same, as per eighth article ol treaty of March sixteenth, eighteen hundred snd fifty.four, and third article of treaty of March sixth, eighteen hundred aud sixty-five, three sundred dollars. OSAOES. Kor icerest on sixty.nine thousand one hundred and twenty dollars, at five p?.r centum, being the vaiue of fifty-tour sections of land set apart for educational purposes, per sixth article treaty June second, eiguicen hundred and twenty-five, and Senate resolution nineteenth January, eighteen hundred and thirtyem ht, three thousand lour hundred aud fifty, six dollars. tor interest on three hundred thousand dollar-. at fi?e per centum per annum, to be paid semi-annualiy in money or such articles as the Secretary of the Interior may direct, as per fir*'. article treaty of September twenty.nine, eighteen hundred and sixty.five, fifteen thousand dollars. For wansportation of goods, provisions, and so forth, purchased for the Qreat and Little O-age Indian-, or so much therrof as [may I be necessary, three thousand five hundred dollars OTTAWAS AND UHIPPEWAS OF MlCli1(1 AN. t or interest on two huudred and six thousai d Collars, uuta.d part of the principal sum ot three hundred and six thousand dollars, tor V*. ?.L*V V *""r ontum per aunum, to be die rlbrited per capita, in the usual manner of paying annuities, per third article of the treaty of thirty.first July, eighteen hundred and hfty.five, teu thoufcaud three hundred dollars OTTOES AND MlSSOPRlAS For last ot ten instalments b*ing the second series, in money or other wise, psr fourth aetlcle treaty fltteenth March, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, ihiiteen thousand dollars PAVNLES. For annuity perpetual, at least ore-half of w.ncb to be paid in goods and such articles as may te deemed neceesary 'or ?h-m per *ecund article treaty :*en v-tourih September, eigti. teen hundred and :ifry-?even, thirty thoa?au l dollars. Fcr support of t*o nuaual labor spools, i annually, dnrmg the pleasure of the Presioent, per third article treaty twenty fourth Sep'ember, eightem hundred and fif;y--eveu, ten thoD?ftnd dollars For pav of two teachers. nnder the direction of the President, per third article treaty twenty-feuith Scpifmbt-r, eighteen hundred and, one itiou-and two hundred dellar. For purchase of iron and steel, and other necessaries for the snop, dnring the pleasure of the President, per foarth article treaty twetitv-loorth September, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, live hundred dollars. For pay of two blacksmiths, one of whom to be a gunsmith and tinsmith, per fourth artic'e treaty twenty-fourth September, eighteen , hundred and fifty-seven, one thousand two hundred dollars. For compensation of two strikers or apprentices in shop, per fourth article of trea'y twenty-fourth September, eighteen hundred and fltty-peven, tour hundred and eighty dollars. lor last of ten instalments for farming utensils and stock, during the pleasure of the President, per fourth article treaty twentyfourth September, eighteen hundred and tiftyt-even, one thousand two hundred dollars. For pay of tarmer, per fourth article r eaty twenty-fourth September, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, six hundred dollars. For ninth of ten instalments for pay of miller. at the discretion of the President, per fonrth article treaty, twenty-fourth September, eigh.een hundred and fifty-seven, six hnndred dollars. For ninth of ten instalments for pay of an engineer, at the discretion ?f the President, per fourth artitle treaty twenty-fourth September, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, one thousand two hnndred dollars. * or compensation to apprentices, to assist in working the mill, per fourth article treaty twenty-fourth September, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, Ave hundred dollars For keeping in repair the grist and saw mill, three hundred dollars. PONCAS. For the fourth of ten Instalments of the second series "'o be paid to them or expended lor their benefit," per second article treat? twelfth March, eighteen hundred and ttfiyeigbt, ten thousand dollars. For ninth of ten instalments for the establishment and maintenance of one or more manual labor schools, under the direction et the President, per second article treaty twelfth March, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, five thousand dollars. For ninth ot ten instalments, or during the pleasure of the President, to be expended in fnrnishing said Indian? with such aid and assistance in agricultural and mechanical pursuits, including the working of the mill provided for in the first part of this article, as the Secretary of the Interior may consider advantaceous and necessary for them, per second article treaty twellth March, eighteen hundred and hfty.eight, seven thousand live hundred dollars. POTT AW ATOMIES, tor permanent annuity in silver, per fourth article treaty third August, seventeen hundred and ninety.five, one thousand dollars. lor permanent annuity in silver, per third article treaty thirtieth September, eighteen hundred and nine, five hnndred dollars. For permanent annuity in silver, per third article treaty second October, eighteen hundred akd eighteen, two thousand five hundred dollars. For permanent annuity in money, per second article treaty twentieth September, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, two thousand dollars. For permanent annuity in specie, per second article treaty twenty-ninth July, eighteen hundred and twenty.nine, sixteen thousand dollars. For life annuity to chief, per third article treaty twentieth October, eighteen hundred and thirty.two. two hundred dollars. For life annuity to chiefs, per third article treaty twenty-sixth September, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, seven thousand dollars. b or education, during the pleasure of Congress, per third article treaty sixteenth October, eighteen hundred and twenty-six. second article treaty twentieth September, eighteen hundred and twenty.eight, and fourth article treaty twenty.seventh October, eighteen hundred and th.rty two. five thousand dollars. For permanent provision for the payment of money in lieu of tobacco, iron, and steel, per second article treaty twentieth September, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight, and tenth article ol the treaty of the fifth and seventeenth June, eighteen hundred and forty-six, three huudred dollars. Kor permanent provision for three blacksmiths and assistants, and lor iron and steel for shops, per third article treaty sixteenth October, eighteen hundred and twenty-six, second article treaty twentieth September, eighteen hnndted and twenty.eight, and second article treaty twenty-ninth July, eighteen hundred and twenty.nine, two thousand eight hundred and twenty dollars. For permanent provision for fifty barrels of salt, per second article ol treaty twenty-ninth .Inly, eighteen hundred and twntv-niue, lour hundred and thirty-seven dollars and tlfty cents. For interest on six hundred and forty-three thousand dollars, at five per centum, per seventh article of the treaty of the tilth and seventeenth J une,eighteen hundred and fortysix. thirty-two thousand oce hundred and fifty dollars. POTT AW ATOM IKS OF HURON. For permanent annuity in money or otherwise, per second article treaty of seventeenth November, eighteen hnndred aud seven, four hundred dollars. CilAPAWS F or education, during the pleasure of the President, per third article treaty thirteenth May, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, oue thousand dollars. l or blacksmith and assistant, and tools, and iron and steel for shop, during the plea<ure of the President, per third article treaty thirteenth May,eighteen hundred and thirty-three, one thousand and sixty.dollars. For tarmer, during the pleasure of the Pres. ident, per thir<t article treaty thirteenth May, eighteen hundred and tnirty.three, six bandred dollars. HUI-NAl-ELT AND UUiL-EEH-UTE IND1ANS. For the second of fonr instalments on twenty.five thousand dollars (being the fourth series) for beneficial objects, under the direction of the President, per fourcharticle treaty first July, eighteen hnndred and fifty-five, one thousand three hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for the support ?1 an agricultural and industrial school, and for pay of suitable instructors, per tenth article [treaty] first July, eighteen hun* dred and fifty.five, two thousand five hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty Instalments for support of smith and carpenter shop, and to provide the necessary tools therefor, per tenth article treaty first July, eighteen hundred and lilty-five, five hundred dollars. tor eighth of twenty Instalments for the employment of a blacksmith, carpenter, and tarmer, and a physician who shall furnish medicines for the sick, per tenth article treaty first July, eighteen hundred and fifty.five, four thousand six hundred dollars. ROOUE RIVERS. For fourteenthof sixteen instalments in blankets, clothing, larming utensils, and stock, per third article treaty tenth September, eighteen huudred and fifty.three, two thousand five hundred dollars. SACS AND FOXES OF MISSISSIPPI, tor permanent a' uuity in goods or other* wise, per third article treaty third November, eighteen hundred and four, one thousand dollars. For interest on two hnndred thousand dollars. at five per centum, per second article treaty twenty-first Octotier, eighteen hundred and, teu thousand dollars. For Interest ou eight hundred thousand dollars, a-, five per centnm, per second article treaty eleventh October, eighteen hundred and forty-two. forty thousand dollars: Provided, That the band el Sacs aud l-'oxeu of Mississippi now in Tamar couuty, Iowa, shall be paid pro rata, according to their numbers, of the annulues, so long as tbey are peaceful and have the ascent of the government of Iowa to teslde in that State. SACS AND FOXES Ot MISSOURI For interest on one hundred and thousand four hundred dollars, at five per centurn, under the direction of the President, per second article treaty twenty.first October, eighteen hundred and, seven thousand eight hundred and Beventy dollars [TO BB CONTINl'BD. ] DSPARTMBBTOir STATB. ? Washington, March *!, ih?;r < Information has been received at this Depart ment from Mr. Martin F Conway, the consul of the United States at Marseilli, France of the death, of congestion of the brain, on the evening wt the l.'th of February, ult. oa shipboard, at Toulon, of Second Commander Jolin F. Csmwell, of the United Slates monitor Miantonomah. The remains of the deceased were buried with the usual honors In the Protestant bunal ground at Tonlon. Ill KAOL1A co., Auctioneers! L> Salesroom Mo. 89J Penn, avenue Between Mb and 10th its. VAOLI A ?0 will give thetrpersoaai attention te the sale of Bol Ksiate and rfonsehold wlrR tore. Also, to the sales of stocks of Groceries Wines. Lienors, and Merchandise of ever* da* seriLtion, Horses, Carriages. Haraees, 4c Liberal cash advances made on tousignmeats. Regular Sales at oar salesroom evsrr thih Dar. THCMDAY: and 8ATPHD4t, at To ? riASOX fATMB. AUCTION SALES. |?t gbebn * williams, AuUioMra. biceiybbs' sa lb or fubnitubb and LIUOOKB IS, AMD LEASEHOLD or thi kirk wood uuudl,"mic&tid at tub cubnkb or 12tb st wb3t and fa am , in squabb No 33s. in the city ok WAtHiNOTON i? tbi district of colombia. at pi bl10 auction in thi PUPBBME coubt of thbd19tbict or Columbia Tbe National Bank of the Metropolis va. o. c. Spragae et *1 In Equity? No. "s7 4 ftD or^*r of tlie Supreme Court of the District tf CoUnbU, sitting io riQltr, hearing date the 36th day of February. a d. 1&-7, the undersigned. aa receivers appointed ny id cour, In the above anit. will nil at pnblic auction. at tbe "Kirkwood Uonn* "in the city of aaaicgton. d. c..on * edn b8da y. tHe 27th day ot March, a d. 1s07, commencing at 10 o clock am.:

First?The leasehold of the eatablieh&>eut well kncwn ss the "Kirkwood llouae," a h -tal, ia t?? ?e? location and arrangement, eqnal if not auperior. to any ather Hotel In the City of Washington. Tbe leaae haa about aix t years to run. also, Immediately after the sale of the above, we shall piocetd to sell tbe Purniture and lienors iu tbe ! ftablishment. and continue Irom day to day until all li" Hiipoted of ctmpriring in part, ?iz Cne excellent Bosewood ca?? Piano, Coyer, and stool i One handsome large French plate Gilt frame . l'st jioaewood fraoies au i ma:t!e etlab Table ; Tbr.;e Green Bep Parlor Soitea, constats* of Tete a t* tea. bo'aa, Castor and Bide chairs Six heavy Greeu Rep and Lace Ourtaina and Cornice fix Marble-t.ji Canter Tables and Oil Painting* fceventy five Marble and Wood t.p Waluut DranlDg bureaus Seventy five tine solid Walnut Bedsta^da all complete, with Spring Mattrease-i i sevent> five Marble and Wood Walnnt Wash* stands Thirt) Painted Pressing and other Bureaus lifty Tainted Washotand* (>i>e hundred Cottage au<l oth-r Bedateada One hnndrt d and aev*n Bruaaei?, Three ply, In. pram and otber Carpets 1 Twohnndred good Hair aad husk Mattresses ?'?? hundred Keatbtr Pillow* and Bolsiere Two hundred and seventy Bedapreida and Comforts Ona hundred and seventy pairs of .rood Blankets large quantity of Bonble and Single Sheets Seventy five Oak Mmng Chair* Twelve large Dmine Tables Twenty Damaak Table cloths and Seventy ttve Napkins Sixteen Worsted Table covers Ten Heavy plated Canters Five ridden Plateil Forka Five de/en Plated Spoons Fonr dozen Iron handb-d Knives Twelve Plated Sugar Bowls ?wo dozen Plated Orvam and Blrnp Pitchers wenty two piece a of Copper ( ooking i'teas! i* Glaxa and Crockery ware throughout the entire houae One excellent Iran Sa'e, in perfect order Office Furniture, consisting of Desks, Settees, Steves and Psittoons One fltie Office Regulator. _ Also, Fonr Phelau's Billiard tables, with Balls and Cnea. all in perfect order. With many other articles, which ws deem an neceaaary to enumerate The above Furniture ia of good quality through out tbe entire house Wecallthe attention of dealers, hotel keepers and the pnblic in general to this rale, aa it ia the large-1 collection of houaehold gooda that haa bean in tbe market for scbe time. Terms cash. mathaniel wilson,/ JOHN F. BNNIB, \ Beceivers. mh 6-eoAds obeen a williams. a acts. BY QBBEN* WILLIAMS. Auctioneers No. 420, corner 7th and D streets. f1kst class blahk walnut parlor ?-URNlTURB, KBENi'H ?tft5j11/w.liia.lav'1s h,cp ^'obtains. On monday, tbe jmh instant. at in o'clock a. m.. en thepr< mises. being house No si*! fronting on d street north, between Uth and 13tb streets west, wi shall sell the following articlea, viz One IIandaome Oreen Bep Parlor Suite, con ststingof Tete-a-tete Boras, two Castor and fwnr Bide Chairs Three Marble toe Center Tables TwoHandaome French-plate Mantel Olasaea One large Handsome Pier Olaaa with Marble Slab and Bracket, all being in perfect ordrr Fenr handaome trimmed Oreen Kep Curtains i and Oornic>- to match, cost ? ?> i ' . Konr tiandacme 1. ace Curtaina to inatcb One ban4?eiue Black Walnnt Chamber Set,con , Mating cfheavt made liedatead. Marble top dr anir.g Bureau. Wa?hatand. ai.d Chairs, ail n>itde to ard< r, cost .?6' 0 Two handaome Blark Walnnt Obamker Seta, t on- ' sifting of Marble top breaking Bnrxaus, Waahetan Is, \s ar irobes. Be.lsteala, Chairs, 1 lablea. an 1 b<>ckera, all to naatcii One handaome Pearl-Painted cottle a ft, conji?flng of m?rb> top Dreading Bur?aui. ' w aabstaiols. Tables. Obatrs. au i Bockera ona Green Inlai>l Painted Cottage Bet, all com- 1 plete Ten excellent Hair an<i spring Mattreares 1 Ten Llv?i gaese Feather Pillows aui rive Bolsters i Ona Green Bep Lounge and Four Stuffed b d Chatra Two handaome Velvet Carpets, cost #10 aer vard Six nearly new Three pl\ Carpet* Haudsome Velvet Stair Carpet and Bra-sex Black UalnutHall Bet, couaistiugof Table and Two Chaiis Hall Oilclotlis and Velvet Bugs and Mats JCxcelU nt Beddlnc. aucb as Ulanheta, Comforts, Bpreada, Sheets, and Cases Paintt-d Wood Dreasing Bureaus, Wasbst.inds, NVardrobex, and c?ne Beat Chairs Bla~k Walnut Extension Table (?ak Cai.e Beat Dining Chairs and Loonga Toilet Bets and Window Shades Table Crockery and Glassware Table l'atlery, consisting of Plated Forks,Spoona. and Ivory handled Knives Refrigerator. Tin Safe, and Kitchen Boualsites Chamber. Cooking, an<l other Stoves And all other gooda appertaining to housekee?> Ing. The above Furnitnre Is of the beet <iuallty, and tbe m*.st of it was made to order iu Baltimore, Terms ca h. mh 21 d gbef.n a williams, ausu. 1)1 cooper a latimeb, Auctioneers. o (Late clerks witb j . c. McGuire a Co ,) Southwest < et tar of Peausy Ivania avanne and lith street, Btar Ofiice Building. By virtne of adaed of trust from Ferdinand Haasler and wl'e, and Grafton i>. Hanaon trnatee, dated the 3uth June, a d., 1*66, and recordt-d in liber .1. a. 8.. No 101. folio* *i9. et s<?i . of the land records of Washington county. District of Columbia, as surviving trustee. i will sell, at i public aactirn. on monday, the first day of April. a. d. 1>vS7, at 6'j o'clock p.m. ia front <>f the premises, tbe west thirty ona (31) feet by the 1 depth of the lot. No 4, In reservation No. 11. The above property fronts 31 feet on the north aide of B atreet north, between Id and 3d streets west, extei ds back 176 feet, and is improved wHh atwo-?tory Brick Dwelling House, with garret and basement Terma of aale One third cath ; and the balance at stx and twelve moatbs. for which tbe notes of i tbe purchaser will be taken, bearing Interest from the day ot eale, and alien retained on the premises sold a deed will be given on full pay- < ment of tbe rnrchase money. One hundrad dollars repaired at the time of aale. All convey anctngand stamps at cost cf the purchaser If tertrsofsala are net complied with in five days from tbe time of sale, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on five days advertisement iu the National latel- < ligtmer. henby o . imm3 1 Surviving fruatee. ml 16-eoAds coopeb a latimeb. Ancts. ot cooper a latimeb. Auctioneers. d (Lateclerks witb j. <4 McGnir<- a oo .) Southwest corner ?f i'enn'a avenue and 11th st . Star Ofhce Building. tbustbb>8 sale. lbafehold and valc abli wharf PBOPEBTY FOOT ok lOTil btkebt, the whamr^tbblf, coal bcaleb, Ac., at Under aad by virtue of a de?d of trast. bearing data on tbe 10th day of November, a d 11?, an t recorded in Liber r m. h., No. 3. folios 3w st se.j.. i will sell at public auction, to the hlgiiast bidder and bidders, ?n t1iurbday, the Uta aay of April, a b ltd7 at 10 o'clock a m . atthe?oal lard lately oocapisd by o w. p timer, situ at- at eraear tbe iatersectlna of Indiana avenne and 1st xtraet weat.ln the city of washington, sue Bay Mare, Oart and Harness; one Black Horse,Gart and Harneae; ons Straw Cutter and Stable Tools one Baggy and Harneas;ene Iron Safe; Office Furniture. Desks, Pigeon Hol-s, stove. Crowbars. Axes, Saws Coal Screens Bnavuls. suns. Scales, (ons ?et ef Fairbanks Scalea;> ona Oo*l < ??ca; ali Plank ai>^ Lumber in the place; one Stable. LimeHoaae, Wood bhed. Timber and Gates. Also. At so clock p- m . on the aamc dav, on the promisee. the Wharf knawa aa Palmer's Wharf.^sltsate at the fawt of 10th atreet wast, In said olty of Washinstcn. together with three liMJoal tabs Block aad Fall, Office Furnitnre. Stove, eleven (11) Coal Barrews. one set Fairbanks'Scales one Coal bcreen, Bnkse and bhovela. oaa Also, The interest of obs Orson w Palmar of.ii. and to tbe unexpired leaseholder said Wharf Proa t.1' 'i ?;1* "j. t^foot of wth atreet. in the city of Washington. under and by virtue of a William a. Bradley w Paimerm bra,lle>r> j r ?n f^or of said o Tetms ef sale : Ca?b , a thos. bbadley. trnstef mb k' eeAda cooper k latimeb. Anets. B1 coopbb a latimbb, Auctioneers iv wlth jlt* McGuire a Co ,) n. w. corner Penn avanne and llth street ailOffice Building. Btsr o21monHi?aLy AT auction oa MONDAY next. March >5. at 10 o'clock the nortkeaat corner of iltn an-i O stre?s ? ing? a? 8,ort?e?t of Furniture. comprU? Bedsteadsi and Bureaus Chamber Sets, Oane seat Chaira Walsut Extension Dining Table Haircloth Parlor Chairs Het? and Husk Mattresses la VI? ?hr?* P1' Uarpets ii'^ow bhadet* Croskery sad Glass Ware. Cooking aau Heating Stoves, Ae. Terms caah. mh 19 tt COOPBB A LATIMBB. Anets. W. L. WALL A CO., Aucttsneert, Ws will s.ll on MONDAY MOBNINQ Mareh j?th. at 10 o'clock, sll tbe Stock *ud riainr^ of theibrng Bore. No. 31 ?tk swsit, "?twe-n"^nd T streets ccasla'ing ef Jsre, Bottles sh?i?-tn? Drawers ac ; al,?S a lot of Oruga Vlth an "tstbs cmC?* f0Q,,i ,to Orug Store. ??> W. L. WALL A OO., A nets. AUCTION SALES. U?*AN A W11.LIAMS. Auctioneers FIBST CLAH8 ?HLMNG LOT. rgnHTINO ON > fiHUOMT A VBS {JK. hrttMl B ltd b I str?et? I'Clh. at Public Au? tic* On Wll>MM)4V, H?i7tkliiM . it s e clock p Bi. ? snail ? !?. ob the premise*. Let No. 15, t In square No 115. having 16 feet front by 110 feet deep to a tee iiirj , improved by a two story F^ame Bouse ft t call the atten'fon of buyers to th<* *a'e at the location isgocd, onj being a flr*:clas* lot. which make* It very desirable 1 frmi : Oct- third eash; ealance in 6, U. end 18 troD'ba for Lttee bearing liUrnt, and seemed b> a deed of trust cn the prsim*es. AllcoBveyanriiip ard revenue stamps at the cost cf the purchaser SHfl down oo the day of ?!? BllBd O BEFN * *11,1,1 AMP. ArirtO |JY TIK'S DOWLINO, AuctiUecrgstowa. 13 SIW NATIONAL BXI'RfcSri WAS INK AT auction (>n MOW pat MOmNINo. Asril i?t, i.?,t, at i? ?*cl<>^h. I will sell. at tbo ^itfito '* 'tifm of R p. Burferd. No. 7 Brid, e iitia, George towi.? new one-bene Express Wsrons, 2 " two horse * " 2 * font-horse " " The above *a>oui were built in the ??ry b*Mt r for the National Kiprrn Co np*u? ?ni will 1* ?o d t tbe highest bidder for c i?h. ?r t^.eir rl>k Kid oprBie. li P. KDkKosn ?' II d THOS nOWtlN'i_Ann! BY OhllN A *ILLIA?9, Auctlo?e*7s. No. A'iti corner of 7th and B streets NKABLV NBW BLACK WALNI'T P4RL?OR AM- I'AINTID CHaMI c. rt FUBNITUBE; CARPETS. Ac . A1 PUHLiC M'CTIcN On TOIH'Al'. the ?<?ts Id* out, at o'clock a m . wo shall aall. at H?uo No 411 n .treet Berth, between lath ao 1 Utu ?,t->. west thefolloe1ns aricle*. tit. I Hnlrcloth Castor end mx Ru'h \ ottos* Chair* Murt le top Centre Tabl- a u Hairc'- >'t Loun *e Black Walnut <t>*n f<-?-> Ki^nrion T sble Cane (tat t heirs. Lockets *u.i <*iea*w anadoe Tainted Coit**? Set*, all c?:.p t? Painted Jenny Llinl R?ji!fKd- D -.'ssinji Rureaus W sshttands, W*rdr?be? and M it*r * > s Parlor, chamber. ami Spesr's anti dust Co kin^ Stove. with ut- h?iN Nearly new Three pit and I Dtrim Carpets > rensh China Dinner Set, mi) upieie A reed lot of Kiuh"a Requisite* And all other *o.>d? bel >.,^in< to hoasekeepiug Terns (Ban. The hotue is for rent. In^nfre on the premf??s ?h 18-d GBBBN A VV ILLUMS A lU. |JT SUM * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TH18TKB S BALK Of A WOOD AND COAL YAB1> AT TiiB ?OBNKB Or KsTKSBT NOBTH AND 3D sTBBi.T HIST. Al PUULIO AUCTION. On MON DA Y, tha ?5th Instant, a* 4 o'clock p. ni., I shall st 11. on the p ?n?' --"n i.j virtue < i a deed of trust, dated the t)' h d ay t'October, A . D. 1S< ti, and duly recorded In lib^r K M hi . No 3, folioe No. 23"! and 231, of chattel reoord for the county of ^aabln^ton, D. O . the 'oIlowiuB article*, ri/. : Two good Certs. an1 Hvn'e? 0*ice Stable. 8h? da. Stove, Ba<idle, two Sh rcls. riead <a. ,\x?. Cutting Box. Carry Comb ia? brq^k, two Coal b*?le?, tone neutty new, all the Wool aol Coal an 1 Kt Biing n pon und around the sai<l prt-nsises, to highest bidder, for ca-h,on the Jay ef sale WILLIAM <; FLOOD, Trustee. mh IB d GBJCBN A WILLIAMS. Ajcts. JJT THOS. DOWLINO. Auct ; Georgetown. COPPBB STILL Mr... AT AUCTION On MONDAY, '^stltday I .r Mar h. at it) o clock, at the Auction Booms o| Tti<s Dowling. lieorsatown. D O . 1 shall expose for sal^ to toe highest btd<L< r for cash One Onpper StlM and Worm Fise Ferment Tut s Two BectifviUtf Tuhs. Ac The abo?e articles b"ing by me on the premise* of Jam*-* Lydon and confiscated f jr a Tiolaticn of the Internal Beveuu*' law L < LKPHANK Collector Internal Revet.ue tor l> C. mb 18-lw THOS. DOWLINQ, Auct. |JI OBW1 A WILLIAMS, Auotlouaera. VALUABLB RdLDINli LOT FRONTINO ON BIGBTH hTKKtl WKST. BBTWCBN O ?SP?J?.?8TBIl,TS NORTH, AT PUBLIC v vTlUrl Oa TU Kb DA Y. the 25th instant, et .1 o'clo k p m.. on the prrmt^es. part of Lot No. 11 in square No 4"5, having slxt? ?n feet front, runnu,,- back a good depth, contat li eg 1,454 ^(Jua^e ;eet of groau l This property is on the next s-jnare abave th Patent Office, which mak^s it a desiraDla bailding lOe. Terms : $1 OoO casli: balance in six months, for Dote bearing interest, end secured by a d>-eJ of trust on the piemis?-s All coiiTeyaocl Mg and revenue* at the coat of the purchaser down on da) oi aale mh 18 d OBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aocts. CALB Or H8H STANDI}. The Fish Stands In the diferent to *rk*?ts will be old to the highest bidder, ior cash, on the following dajs: Centre Market, on SATURDAY, M*rch SO, at 10 o'clock a m Northern Liberty Market, FRIDAY. March J?. at 10 o'clock a. m. Navv Yard Market, FB1DAY, March :y. at lu o'clock a in. Western Market, cn WBDNKSDAY, March 27, at lu o cl< ok a. m P> rs< ns now holding st?nds in th? dl'ferent mar ! ketscan retain theoi by paying th* appraisement price for anch stand- previous to the day of aaie . BIOHaRD WALLAOII. Mayor. Washington. March 12, 1ST. no 13 eo.'w GOVERNMENT SALKS. , IFCRKAU OF ORDNANt E. N AW D*!'*ETM?jt, WashIV,ton OiT V, March is, if*?7. BALE OF OLD AND UNSERVICEABLE AR TICLVS ?r ORDNANCE. There will t>a sold at pnMic auction. t.> th?? highest hidden, at noon. THURSDAY, the lith day oi April. 18?17. at the -ffice of the Inspector of Ordnance, Navy-yard. Philadelphia, I'ennsylva ala. a lot of old aad unserviceable articles ?f Ordnance, embracing ^hot and Shell, ah >it r?v^n hundred (700i Carbines, (breeh I .aiders I about twentv-five hundred i * .'uoi - Muskets, riffed ar.l siwcoth hor-. O n Carritges. an I other store". The articles will be sold ;n lots. Terms : ?n< half caeh. in Oovernment r>e depoeited on the conslnsion of the sale aud th? remainder within ten days afterward, during which time the articles must le removed from the yard, otherwise they will reTsrt to the Government. H. A. W18E. CMi-f of Bnreaa. WOOD AND COAL! 0 o A L 1 C O A L : I ~ " | Best WHITB ASH at ?3. by the ton. All sizes, to sent customers. Sawed and Split OA^WOOD. per cord. Long Oak. ^8 per cord. A ton of Coal sold hy me a!way* weighs S,t?0 lbs ,?oi ? JOHN B. LOBD. f? 28 IF Corner s'.h and G street*. Q O A 1st 0 O A Lll " AT ORBATLY BBDUOKD PRICES. Gross tons of 2.2s0 lbs , delivered In an* part of the city. Chestnut White Ash. 97 Stove, Egg and Furaace White Ash, $9.0*. Bed Ash *8 2ft. Lehigh. ft<). Oak and Pine Wood eonstantly on hand. Order* received atonrOihce; or at the Wharf, Foot of Seventh street tt. P BROWN A SON. jats tf 4f,3 oth street between K and F. PROPOSALS. pROPOSALS FOR MBAT. Qfict D'poi f*owwn.?.?ary of Miiilfltri. ( Waskmefm, D. C.. March 2''. H57.\ Sealed Proposals,of th* foriu tainisked by the undersigned . will Ue receive', in duplicate, uutil ! VVEDNASI'aV, the 27 th of Maroh. 1*?7, at 11 m . fcr all th. FRESH aad CORNED BEEF required by the bubststenc<? Department, for sd- rr iMBf ??.the following Places, vt* WaablBgton. D. C . Alexandria. A a , Fort Wasbiugtwt, Md., Fort F' Ote, M4 , and Fort Whipple, Ta. The Frtt-k iittj required for sales te ctlicers ?nn piled trom the W ashiii^tou Depot to tie of tue finestiiuallty of *e e<-t parts, both from the hind quarters and the ribs of ttie fore <|tiart?rs. as tbe officer in charge oi s^les May . vs(re. Ah >uton-?tenth of all the fre*h beef required it W ashlngton is to t e of thii? kind All the Meat will be aubject to rigid inspection , te be of excellent maiketable sualitr and in unexceptionable condition. The frr,* K-t' required for tbe troops te be of e'inal proportions of i f??re and biiid qnaiters. necks, ahaaks, wuU kidne* tallow not received. In all cases, il the Meat ia not satisfactory, purchases 1? the open market will be mad* at the sxpense of the contractor The contractor will be required to deliver the eat at the Mtore houee at the plaooa itumd, where he will distribute It lu b .usntities and at snch times, as an officer of the Subsistence Department may diiecr. Separate proposals will be received for supplying either of the above nanud place- and with either article of the meat required, except t ie proposals for fresh beef at ibe Wasltiugt >n DeiK?t, which n.nst be fur loth bind* of fieeh bt?of re "''ilf w ' *or "ell as iaeue*. and uo proi>o*al will be entertained which does not comply with this rule. In accepting this hid the lowest average prlc* lor both sales and Issues will bscou aideied. Riddsrsmust be present at the openinc of the bldf. Pavm< nt tobemade at thl* office monthly, fjr all Meat purchased, or whau lu funds for tbe purpose AUqvestions respecting quality and condition will be settleo by the offirer of the Subsistence Depsrtment receiving the Meat. Proposals will bo rsccleed for one, three, or six months from the 1st day of April. IS67, ?r ?nch period as tbe Commissary General of Subsistence may determine. bids mnst be endorsed * Proposals for ?? , at??," and addressed to the underslrtisd. M O BELL, mh n it Maisr and C. 8..D. 8 A. P1AM08. MB Baoen A Baven Piano, for Bin. One Andrew Stein, for #&>. |q|Q One almost new 7-octnve large round'111VI corner Uoardman B Gra> Piano. #275. For sale upon ensv terms, at the warerootn* of ... . . _w- ? MBT/BBOTT A OO Maeen A BasiHal Oahinei Organs. fe i?- tf ST*mriIQ WULS 'o'"'* * iuh to salt ?nr ?rl?e paid for AMBBIOAH . , "UWU JOBNBON A OO , Bmkere, fl'tf Mi Psnna. avsnne. ?? DANCING. I psora J. V. ili P BBBIB DANCIBG AC ADEMY. |A Psunsylyacla avenue. bet ftb end Ttk sts JK OlMiU M*ti?|oUlu HMri Bew Classes forming every evening Those de IrlBg to ?t?r oar cImd-i iboild avail tpemselree if this eppcrtaaity. Preparation* will be aieds is this qcarter fcr CBrim ail May Ball Cirsclara can be bad at 3. F Bill*' And W q Metrerott I Co ' Mimic Stor*e Tha Ball can be rented tor Soireea. Ae. Dmy? a*<f Hoim of TVuim : For LadlM, Mi sees etM Masters, Ttridv And Saturday afternoims. from J to S o'clock. Gentlemen sOlaeeee. Tuesday aU Friday srobId(i. from 8 to 16 o'clock. Tor further Information, apsly dnr'as tbs hoar* of tuition. or address a ??<* to tbe Academy. Weait^r commeaclnc with the flrat I?shi. at MA MINI'S FABHloNABUI LANCING ACADEMY, AT ?A MAB1NI 8 A.^BMBLT BOOM*. M E. between ttb and lath etreeie. The'eat gua ri*r of ilue om?ui. prepern VHB tor; to tbo Kay Bail. will coc.i??n-? oi, Se'arda>, March 2. Clasa* * fcr tbeQermai are #u? OMD N B ? Private t T.straction *lt?B to suit t?? mjTIBltnri of ttm peril S?t? RAILROADS. J ^f>t> FBBSSYLYAVIA BOUTB IH67 fiWIVSSVOT TO THB B0BTUWE8^!H>DTH. ABU 80UTB* . . WINTER SCHEDLLBl lt- 1H* wlu wwilnfitoc?7 ?b tb I Baltimore j lia a. " ... T* - ..If 10 am .... 8 ??>P. m. I * ... 1' 10 a m THE GUBAT IHH BLB TRACE BOUTS. with BLEC.AM dCftlKHlT, Palace Bui. roos day and r.t?ht Can. ?;tti n.odsrn impriveaieate, aa 1 savins from foor to tw?!?? hoars lo tint* over ary other rout*. Two honored muss sat ad to Weetem ano Central New York Two Dally Trains to tbe West. " " " " North. Through from Baltimore to ROCH BBTEB And PITTlBLBOB without cbeu/e PuffSim b| tbls route rr. m Baltimore bar* the adventageof making all chaoffee la CBIOS DEPOTS, aud no KEBK1ES Tlcketa by tbls ror.te can be procured at tba of c?, ccntr ttb itr??t and Penneylvauia airana, under tba National Houl.ehere rsllabla iniormatioa will bo #1 ran at all ttmas. Paseensers procuring tickets at this oSce can aecnre eerommrvtetiins In Bleeping Gars for Elmire or Pittsburg. B J W1LKIN8. Ticket Agent, Washington. D. 0. ED. 8. YOTBO. Gon. I'aas. Ageci. Baltimore. Md. dal ly T'HEOLGH LIKE BETWEEN WA UIXGTON A!tttiEW >ORK" _ . ^ _ _ WasHixcToHt Jaa. , 1887. Tr*ln? between Washington end Baw Ysrk art new run as follows, tI\ F<?B BEW YOBK. wi*hoet change of cars. Leavo daily (ozropt Butday; at 7 46 a. m. mai ruuliMW YOBK, cbanirlBr cars at PhlU4olphla. Leave dally (sxcept tr.n '.ay ) at 11:18*. . u4 4:30 p. B> ro* PHILADELPHIA. Leava dally (eirept knnday ! at 7 t& and 11 18 a. m . and ? SOaad ?.*) p m UM bCHDAY. Lear? for fiew fork and Pbiiad?lpkla at 8.80 p. EC OBly. . Sle^pitg cars for Bsw Yetk oa 8 JO train daily _ Throngb tickets to Philadelphia, Mow York, or Boston, ran be Lad at the Msttoo Oflleeat all boan In tbo day. as wall as at the new ofBca I i tbe Bankers *!>d Brokera laleerapb Lino, J4" Pana. avenae. **tw?en Mb and 7th streets. See Baltimore aad Ohio ksllras! adrertlsenaei.t for scbednl* between Washlngtoa. Baltlmors. Anaapolls, an** the West J , L. WILSON. Master of TransportaMoaL M OOLB 9-i eral Ticket Af ent GEO a. iLOObT/. Ageat. Washington. oc 86-tf |>ALT 1 MOKE AND OHIO BAILBOAU, D WasHwaoru*, Jan. 8,1887. Train* between WASHINGTON AND BALTIM?)BE.anrt WASHINGTON AMD THB WB?T are now rna as fo'lews. nr FOB BALTIMOBB Leare dally, except ban<l?y. at 74n. 7 48 and 11.18 a. bi.. and 1 < , an l 4 80. *n4 ? 08 p na. POB ALL MAY STATIONS Leave daii), except Sunday, at 7.88 a. , aad 2 Oil &&<! 8 0u p tn I OB i AY STATIONS 80CTH OF ABNAPOLlt) JUNCTION Leave at 8 18 and 7 08 a as . and at l.3oand? JS ' FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7 e a m . and * M p.m. No trains to or from Annapolis on bcadar Oft FOB BALTIMuKB. Uaitat; a a m.. rl . 1 tfo auu 3 00 p. m. FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7 v % m.ani: ?'w J Wt ?. *OK ALL PABT8 OF THB WEST. L?a?odaily. ?scept BunJay, at 7\i a. m., aad B M p Hi. Oh buiiUay at S 00 p m ociy.connectlag at Botay tta lc-u with trains from Baltimore to Wbaollag. Perk?-r?bnr*. Ac. " HBol'GH I ICRBTB to the Wast ran be had at tbe * a-hia?t"B Station Ticket Oflrs at all boars In tbe riay. as well as at the aew officoof the Bankers and Brokers' Tslofraah Lino, 34 4 Pans, avei.ue, tetween 6tb and 7th streets. For New York. Philadelphia, and Boatoa, soo adTsrtls< merit of ' Throcgb Lias." J. L. WILSON. Master of Transportation L M COI.E. General Ticket Arret oc 80 tf GBo.S KOONT/.. Agent Washinstoa g B 0 I I T D I 8 E A 8 B YT" IA11RITiH?B ?IPT1 BAMAMITAJTM QIFT1 THB MOST CBBTA1N BEMBDY BVEB L8BB. Yes, a Po?t:vb tor gOSOH&UQtA, OLkkT. BTJUCTl?KK3, . Goctal&s no Mlnsral, bo BalMm, no Mercury. Oa.V TV a FiUt to 6s 7H*?a to Iifta a CW?. TLei are snuroly vegstaoie navtug Bo smell Bor aay abpieasaut taste, and will^not 1?miw?? 1bm/e tbe stomach or bowels of tbo moat doheato J Curos\u from two to four aays, and recent cases i? twenty tor.r honrs Pi^parod by a graduate of the r nlversity ol Panaaylcanla. enoof tbe most Brntneut Doctors and CbemlsM of the present day. me sTFO.'wra, wo i?ow6?e, a? <Ao**s isAatsrsT. Let those who havedespalrod of getUng curedL or teea gorged with Balaam Ooaarta or Mertbs SAMARITAN S GIFT cmry. MI Beat by Baall In a plain enyolo?a, Prtoo Mat* psckagss, Si. Fsst , 91, BLOODI MLOODt / BLOOD! II m HOFLLA. ULCBB&. BOBBB. BPOTS. D%i&s'Ic'a,iUBA*A*lTA!ra *OOT AND BBBB JU.'CB Is offered the autllcaBa positive cure StPttll'l^ Ob VKNfcUAL DISEASES, tba g\MA?ilTAN B BOOT AND UEBP JllCfe la a most potent, certain ami edectnal remedy ever preecritfed. It reaches aud eradicates every particle of tne \eneTeal poison, so that tbe carets tboroaga Bnd pormauent. Take, tlieii,of this parlf > lug reuse aud be healed, and do not traasmlt It to roar posterity that for vhu-a rCn nay repeal 1b after DO N?T PJCSPAIB i Althongb yon may oe pr.-o.>oucee incurable. 8A MA KIT AN B BOOT AND HE KB JLTCBB wtr remove every vestige ef import!** from tba arsteni so well as all tbe bad sfieote of Mer^ory FEBLALES 1 FEMALE: in many a^ecilooa with waicn uume?ra of Faabutter lbs BOOT AKDHBBB JL'lCBSaiSi hazelly adapted. In Lloerated Dtoma in Leuoor. ? bearing down. I ailing of tbe Womb. d?Llltty, and tor all oomplainu lucldent to tba sax itithy SiprasB. Pnoe jlBpar boftia SAMARITAN *8 WASH la,In eeaee ef brpbiiia. used tnoounecUoa with tba Boot and Barb Jnlaes. Full dtrecUona. Price V> oontB. Tbe eBioacy of these remedies Is alike acknew?S'a. t wmtr th? f$3VB?"&TIU Tost BosriTAl., Fobi M*b?haU. ttalUaors, Md , Fab. 8U, bH?.?"1 bavs great saUaiacuea t& Mating that 1 have need Tbe hamariiaa Memedlee' fcr Veneral tUeasus tn Its nust oustomar> (onus. that 1 have Used them with .udgment, discreuea, and property, nod, have found them .respond to my aatlclnatioaB promptly and effectually, baowiog their ?ompoeltlou, I have tbe fullest ooutdenoe In tbalr eBaaoi. aad as far as my aeesf tbem eiBesii, lraao?.i?A^V??tlfkBB 0 bow.BS "AaMstant Bargeoa, 8th B. T. Tola. ' BoUkrS.O. FOBD, oarnerlltb Mraataad Pensgy ivaala area an, Waablngtoa; HBNKf COO A, sia?Sii.v;.K'.vr^Kir~r"i?. W*sH'>i?sTo8. March : lir>7 Ob the petition of WILLIAM B HYDB, of Townsend. Ohio. ?ra>ing tor theegtension sin pateut granted to lam tbe 2lst day of Jnas, in), for an Improvement la (,'ultlvatiT Ploa>:h?, for seyen years from the expiration of aald pat >nt, which takee place on * be tl>t day of June 18W It Is ordered that tba said nerttloa be beard at the Patent Office oa MONBAY, the VI day ei June next, at U o'clock * . and all n* titled to appear and abow cause if any tbey have, why said position ouicht not to be granted PersouN opp >sinj( the extension are repaired j file in tbe ratent Ofli e their ohjoctloas, ap?<iailT aet forth In writing, at left twenty, days befors the day of hearing; all _ J'l .Itll artv te be need at the said hearing most be taken aud transmitted iu accordance with the rales of the office, which will befaralsMi on npplicauon. Depoattlons and other papers relied upon as leetlmnr must be tllbd in raeoffloe twenty d?va^before the day of hearing, the arewnti, it any. within tea days after ffling the teetlmaay. Ordered also, that fbla aoOce be nablUhed la the Bepnblicaa.and tie Intelligence*. Waahlngtoa. D. a. and la the Hera,ld Qls.elapd. Obia. oace * week for three soccoeslve weeks, the krat ot saw tuMicatioas to be at lanat sixty days prenoas Bo IbeSarofbet ?t?- ?JLiLj!H*A?',l"ts ? a _Editors ef the above papers will pieaaa oopy and eend their bills to tbe Patent OBy. with k pBper oontalnlag this aeUoe. ah 7 wtw /-IOLD PBKB- A Bne assarnaawt of OoM Pana, VF Pencil Oneee, Ao.. f?r eale at man a fact a rat's jrtait lds uj FB4JKB. tayuul