Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. lir Lurersi I'irralaliuR in thr Duincl " " VAUUkffl, Editor and Pr#i>rUt#r W ASHiNttTON I'ITV SA1I KIM\ MARC II S3, l*6T. +* KbAI-lMJ HATTKU OM RVgRY PAOK. CI T.-lDft r<)K [NTUfciTINO TKLK OKAPhtf t Nl> nTIl > R MATT KR. 10 itVUVMBM* i De Mi|t< ? u?. i? Uje official showing ot the eircula'ioi ot ?be daily papers of this city com pen uk roi 'Dh 'lovrnment ad vertieing Oder the p?i?h' %?f nf Oonrrese directing sncb , aoTPrtmtiiK to he made in the two daily newspaper o? Ws?bir.gton Daring the large* 1 circulation Ltbmihh ma* 7,715 copies per day Ckrontclr 5.IW8 ? ?? Int'lUemfT.......... 3.552 " > The mtires ot advertising by the city papers or tfcn'er ending December 31. r??5. a* t*kec from ?ne hooks of the Internal Revenue Office, are a.* follows: fvwim 'Tan 5l3,lir7 IntrUig'ncrr,... 9.108 Ckmrtxcl* JM.H4 EeruhU'tn 5.338 PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. The Pr. sloent ttiis atteruoon returued to tbe Houss ol Representatives the Supj lementary Reconstruction Bill, accompanied by the lol lowing message, giving hi- reason* for aot signing it 9* 'b' Unrif nf R'pr't'ntatirtj ; 1 have considered the bill entitled "An a-t eupplemen ary o an act entitled >A.u act to provide for the more efficient gevermn^ut of the rebet States,' pn^ d Mtrch Ji. l-'j;, and t > facilitate restoration." and now re,nrn it to the House ot Representatives, with my objection s. This bill provides lor elections in tie ten States brought under the operation of the I original act to which it is supplementary. It.s > details are principally directed to the elections for the formation of the Mate Constitutions: but by the sixth section of the bill "allelec- ' t,ons in these States, occnring while theoriginal act remain in force, are brought within its purview, Referring to the will be found thai, first of all, there is to be a regisuation of the voters. No one whose ' name has not been admitted on the ; list is to be allowed to vote at any of these elections. To ascertain who is entitled te registration, reference is made d*c#?swt. bv 1 the express language ot the supplement, :e the original act and to the pending bill. The fifth I section ot act provides, as to veers, i that tbev shall be "male citizens of the State! ! 'wenty-one years old and upward, of whatever rate, color, or previous condition, who have been resident ot said Stare for one yetr." I This is tne general qualification followed, 1 however, by many exceptions. >'0 one can be | registered. according to the original act. "wh-j may be disfranchised for participation 111 tbe rebellion." a provision wbicb left unle- i termin^a the question as to what amount. ! ed to disfranchisement, and whether, w<tboar ' a 10d1c1.1l sentence, 'he act itself produced that ! effect. 1 his supplemental bill superadds *11 ! oath, to be taken by every person before hi? f name cin b? admitted upon the registration, tb?t tie has "not been disfranchised for pirticipation in ary rebellion or civil war against the I uitrd States. it thus Imposes Hp mi every person the necessity and re >ousibility of deciding lor himself. under tbe peril of punishment by a military commission, if he m tites I a mistake, what works disfrtuchis^na-ut b?r j participation in rebellion, and what amounts j to sucb participation Almost every rnm ? 'he negro as w**ll a the white?ibove twenty-un * years of nee. who was resident in these ten * tares during the rebellion, voluntarily or involontarily. at some time and in some way did participate in resistance to the lawful authority ot th#- General Government. Ttie question w itb tbe citizrn to whom this oath 1to be proposed must be a fearful one. tor while tbe bill does not Ceclare that perjury may ba-sigi.ed lor such false swearing, nor fix any ! penalty for the off.nse, we must not former ! martial law prevails, tha' every person is answerable to a military commission, with- ! out previous presentment" -y a grand jury for 1 any charge rbat may be l.iade against him 1 and 'bat the supreme authority of the military ! commstiier determines the q ties tie u as to what ' is an oflVnse. and what is to be the m-?a-ure of pnnisbment. j The fourth section of the bill provid-s "that the commanding general of each district shall 1 appoint a? manv boards of registration as may be necessary, consisting of three loyal offi ers 1 or persons." The only qualification stated for tbese officers Is, ;hat they must be "loyal." Tbey may be persons in the military service or civilians, residents of the State or strangers let tbese persons are to exercise most important duties, aad are vested with unlimited discretion They are to decide what names shall he placed upon the register, and from their deci-ioii there is to be no appeal. Tli*y are to superintend the elections, and to decide nil questions wbicb may arise. They are to have the custody of the ballots, and ro make return of the persons elected whatever frauds or errors they may commit mast pass without redress All that is left 1 for the commanding general is to receive the returns of the elections, open the 1 sanie. acU ascertain who are chosen according to the returns of the officers who conducted said elections." By such means, and with his sort ol agency, are tbe conventions of delegates to be canstitated. , As be deieza'ee are to speak tor the people. , . cemm-'U justice would seem to require tha; they should have authority from the people 1 themselves. No convention so constituted 1 w?ll in ?By sense represent the wishes of the inhabitants of these States; for. under the all- , embracing exceptions of these laws, by a construction which the uncertainty of tbe clause ' as to disfranchisement leavesopen to th-? board of officers, the ureal body of the people may tie < excluded from th" polls, and lrom all opportunity of expressing rheir own wishes, or vo- j < tiDg tor rteiejra'es who will faithfully reflect their sentiments. 1 do not deem it necessary further to fnves- i tija'e the derail* ot this bill. No consideration ' could induce me to give my approval to such ' an election law for any purpose, and especially ' lor tbe great purpose of framing the constitu- , tion of a State. If ever the American citizen | sbeuld be left to tbe free exercise of his own judgment, it is when be is engaged in the work J f forming the fundamental la%v ueder which he is to live. Tnat work is bis work, and it I cannot properly be taken out of bis hands. | All this legislation proceeds upon the contrary assumption, that the jieople of each of these | States shall have no constitution, except such i as may be arbitrarily dictated hy Congress, j and formed under tbe restraint of military 1 rule. A plain statement of lacts makes this J evident. In all these States there are existlig eoo* I timtions, formed in the accustomed way j < hy the people. Congress, however, declares that these constitutions are not "loyal 1 and republican." and requires the people to ? form them anew. What then, in tbe opinion ol Congress, is necessary to make the Consti- 1 tution of a State -loyal and republican ?" The original act answers the question. It is uuivert-al negro suffrage?a quejtiun which the f t ederal Constitution leaves to the States themselves. All this legislative machinery of ! martial law, military coercion, and pulmcal J disfranchisement is avowedly for that purpose, and none other. The existing Constitu- ( tions of the ten Sta'es conform to the acknowl- | edged standards of loyalty and republicanism ' indeed, if there are degrees in republican 1 foitns of go\eminent, their constitution* are } xr > re republican cow than when these States < ? four ol which were members of the original thirteen ? hrst became members of the Union. 1 Congress does not now demand that a single provision of their consti'utions be changed, except sucb as confine suffrage to the white 1 population. It is apparent, therefore, that these 1 ro visions do not conform to the standard of republicanism which Congress seeks to estabI;?b. That there may be no m>erake. It is only secMaary that reference should be made to the \ orgmal act, which declares, ?snch constitution shall provide that the elective franchise shall I be enioyed by all sach persons as have 'he 1 qualifications herein stated forelectora of dele- ! gates " What class of persons is here meant clearly appears m tbe same section. Tha; is to , aay ?"the male citizens of said State twenty- ( one years old and upward, of whatever r tee, color, or previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year previon* to 1 1 tbe dav of sucb election." j ' Without tbese provisions no Constitution ' 1 wbicb can "be framed In any one of tbe ten 1 States will be of any avail with Congress. I Tbi*. then, Is the t*?t what tbe Constitution of a Sra>e ot this L nioii must contain to mak4 it 1 republican Measured by sucu a standird. how k" jew uf tbe Slates now composing the Tnion have republican Constitutions! If. in the ex* ! ' ? rcise of tbe constitutional guaranty that Oon- I giess shall secure ?o every State a'repnblicao form of government, universal safTnge for Marks as well as whites is a n'w quo >.?? the work of reconstruction may as well becm la 1 Ohio *s in Virginia, in Pennsylvania as it: Nor h Cerolma. When I contemplate the millions of our fet- t low-Cltlrena of tbe South, vrb nt alternative 1 ft b t to i* i oseu <t th msalves n- f arf *1 a d oT??rt > I amt o > u le ? negro *n* >hdi nt nrt v. tma bi e i?iit. it m y h n'uft ? " - ? r ?*f*mit indetl. i. iv?o 'he re oj mini i law, amqou * 1 ?k 1?- at'nbute of freem : pr T iloln I '!>? red tiumunties of ur r'ede al 'insMfn'iott. a . t *br>-atf n^d wit i eye t^ome wr'n?*s if any '.ir-'ar? ? se ??! . i o rue -heir court ii?n is 'be most d>pi >rableto w neb any >eol? e i ?it be reduced. ' <- - n# t > ?t ibev b "V-1 iwfi, ei p(!K) in rcb i niit v, tb?ir oije i ? f<i,f & separation of the Stat * and a disr lution of ibe Union. th -?a- ?a '?M'g?tion res ing i pou every o* a ci iz*n <o tr-at a? fin mifs, and to w i.;e war ag.*insi their c m - *. lnt'> x lny opposed snv movement jmp?rH i >s the ?iit? | ot 'be Govern nent. I <t"t d >i b?sitatetourge t adoptio > ot at 'measures n > es-ary tor th- suppreesi t ot the i>'9u re. t ii. A:u?r a lone and t>rrib ? struggle ?ti- eflitsof ?be Uot ramaot w re ir>nmohtntijr siccsstul, and the pe ple?f *he South, submitting to tbe stern nrbltr ment yielded for ever the issues of the con t at. Hcatilities t?rmi. at. d soon aft?r it beca ne my duty to asKimti' ^liert ipons nliti of 'he Chief Kr^cu'ive (tfflierof the Kepnbuc. au t i at nnce endeav or-o to repr s aud control the passions which our c Til strife bad engender* d. and. no longer regarding these erring millions as enem as. again acknowledged th- m as oar f leads ai.d onr ounrvmen. The war bad accom< pusbed us objects. The nation was saved, and that seminal pr ncip e of miscnief nch, from 'he birth oi the G ?v?rntnen , had rradii*ll\ but inevitably brought on the rebellion. was totally eradicated. Then, it teemed tu me, was ibe auspicious time t commence the worn of reconciliation; then, when th* people sought once moie our friendship and proiection, I cons dered it our duty generously 'o me t ib? m in 'be spirit of chtruy and forgivmesa, and to conquer them wen more sffe malty by tbe magnanimity of the nttisn than by the t??rce of us arms. I yet believe that if tbe policy of reconci ia'ion ib^u inaumrated. and which cont-mplated an early I restoration of these people to all their poi limal rights, had received the enpport of Congress, every one af these ten State?, and all their people, would at this moment be fast anchored in th* Union and the great work which gave tne w:ir all its sanction, and made it just and holy, wonld have been accomplished. Tteu, over all rbe vast and fruitful regions of the South peace and i's blessings wonld have prevailed, while now millions arecieprived of rights guarantied by the Constitution t? every citizen, and, after nearly two years of legislation, find themsHyes placed under an absolute military despotism "A military Republic?a Government formed on mock elections, and su oported only by tbe sword," vra< nearlv a quarter of a century since pronounced hy Daniel Webster, when speaking of the South American States, as "a movement indeed, but a retrograde and di-astrons movement, from tbe regular and old fashioned monarchical systems," and h<? added "If men wonld enjoy the blessings of republican government, they must govern tbernselve.s hy reason, by mutual counsel and consul'atlon, by a sense and feeiiug of general interest, and by the acquiescence of the minority in the will ol tbe majority, properly expressed: and. above all. the military must be kept, according to the language of'onr bill of rights, in strict snbordination to the civil authority. Wherever this lesson is not both learned and practiced, th?re can be no political freedom. Absurd, preposterous is ir. a s off" and a satire on free forms of constitutional liberty, :or forms of government to t>? prescribed by military leaders, and the right ot suffrage to be exercised at the point of the sword " 1 confidently believe that a time will corns when these Slates will again occupy their true positions in the Union. The brirriers which now seem so obstinate must yield to the force i of an enlifhtened and just public opinion, and ] sooner or later unconstitutional and oppressive legislation will b?* efl"a< ed from ours'atute books. When this shall have been consummated. 1 pray God that the errors of the pant I m-iy be forgotten, and that once more we sh'tll j be a happy, uni'ert, and prosperous people, and that at last, after the bitter and eventfo I experience throngh which the nation hr>s pa-sed, we shall all come to know ibat opr orly sateiy Is in the preservation of our Federal Constitution, and in according to every Asneritnn citizen and to every State lije rights which that Constitution secures. Andbkw Johnson. j Washington, March ?:{, l*f?7. I THE VETO. The House, this afternoon, passed the Sup- I plementiiry Reconstruction bill over thereto- 1 by a vote of III to *25, without deba'e. The bill was afterwards passed in the Senate i over tbe veto, by a vole of 10 to 7: so it is u >w a law. I IMPARTIAL 91 KF It AGE. 1 Senator Wilson introduced a bill in the Sen- ' ate to-day declaring that the u?b article of amendment to the Constitution having b-*en adopted, there shall be uo denial anywhere or < tbe elective fraachise to any male citizen on ' account of color or race. AT THK WHITE HOITSE Among the visitors at the Executive Man* ' niou this morniug were Horace Grneley anrt Mayor Hoff man, of New York, and Dick Taylor. formerly General in tbe rebel army. PATENT OFFICE. The House to-i!ay passed the bill to increase the force in the Patent Office, it provides for tbe appointment ot an additional number of principal examiners, and first and iwcond as- i distant examiners, not to exceed four of each i ciass. Also, for tbe appointment of solicitor at a salary ot per year. The salary of the nrst a sijtant examiners and disbursing clerk shall be ?*2.oO<s and librarian *3,500. Iktkrnal Kevknr*. ? The receipts from this sonrce to-day were ?0.53,630 3T, making the lo'al amount for this week *2,115.?07 37, and the total receipts since the beginning of the ' present fiscal year *?li>.H60,(t:4*i 17. i y^-TBIBD WABD REPUBLICANS -There y JsJJ *10 a regular meeting of tbe TMrd Ward B'-pabltean 'flwb on SATURDAY KVC- I o'clock. *t Haion League Hall, sec natioor. All Rer?t?licans of the ward are iavittd It* r5=? ILLIROIS STATE A?SO0f ATIOkT-An ad)<>ari?e?i u.e -ting ?f tbe lll.ools *tate * AeawiatK n will t e b?|tl at the 'onmi of tli<* Presl lent, Hon A. Chester, Nn Jtt'i V utreet. at 7 y y lock THIS Saturday EVEN IN t}, at wbtob a<l eitl'.eus of Illinois, to* resiJrnt or viaitingln this city are invited to be present. Per order. I'* Vy?l 6 O.f -NRAHD LODOE.-Paet Urande I3 Meet - tli* Hall TO-MORttOW (Sua lay* A> TKRNOOM. at 1 o'cloek, to attani to- , funeral of Paet Qrand II. O. Wmnxoam, of , trn Lodge, Ro. 7. It F If. BtUT Qr Sec. | , rs=-EAST*RS LODCE No. 7.1 O O WJo The niembem of East rn Lo ige will assem t tie at tbeir L<d?e R< oni on dOHDAY uext * ,rk P U1?t0 tatteid tbe funeral ? ?f r O H. O WHtiinokK Members of sister B lodge* are fraternally invlt-d also to m'-et with * Eastern Lodge By order ,P M. PEARSON. it R' eordlng 8- cretary Ytt'I o. B M.?Tbe members < f tbe OBBAT \ COONOIli. I o. B M . will meet at Osage wTgWain, on SUNDAY, March at. at I o cloak, to ittend tbe funeral of onr late Bro P.O. 8 H . Whit*mobk. Members ef aisUr Tribe* are reipectlnlly Invited to attend. JAMBS BDWABPS, it* (it. Qhlef of Beeord*. ^ ir^RBN BISHOP OA LY!B KIBOSLBT will, S L3 by bnine permission preach in Wesley t betel, cornei of 6th aad ? streeU. TO MOB ) BOW (Sunday) at 11 o'clock a. m Seats ti?. Tke ; public are invited. It* 1T5=- RbXlOIOUS NOTIOB.?A Union maetla* J JJ? of the UaptistChureaae of this city will be | tielifathe Calvary Maptist Oharck iKev.T B. > Ho?letti on SCRDAT next, at SH o'clock n. m , ^ be a tbe WnrL and Wi,r% of the * American Bible Union will be pr-eented by Bey Dr. We*tcott, I Oorreepondtnt Secretary, of Hew Tort. it* I fe 1 *PTI<_B.?Tbe eemt annual meeting of the t L2 PAPBB0AB?*RB' ASSOOIATIoK will t t>ebeld ou MONDAY, March 28. Bvery member i* expected to be preeet t Ur order of President. Mb M->f O 8. SHEW. Beers tar y. , fS=?BBOI?TBY NOTICE. ? Notice 1. hereby * !? ?> aflqualified voterein tboBBCOHD that tbe Jodg s of Blectioa appointed to reifi??er_v?ter* nnder the art of Owngre** ap f??-braar^ 1.18*7. eatltl i "A? net to pun l*b Illegal voting in the District ef Oolnmbla, , and fog other pnrpoeee." will be In eeeslon.on tk - j SS.WM snd UCRbDaV the rfth fnstaSt. from I to 7 ? t, <J~"k >m , for the purpose of receiving and re cording tbeir name*. e ? L V ?OT?. Soorefty. TT"aoTlcc I.VV" or Tbe Board of Assessors having completed tbe I si ri al aese*smeDt for 1*7. wilt sit a* a board of ' ftp pea!. an. f?r tbe purpose of makiug correotioas Q row tne 1Mb Isstant to April 1st tnrTn.WV*(ina.' 1 iays exceated.) at flchooi Commissioner's Boom I com atoiy Olty Bell, west wing.from a.m to 1 , p tu each dey. By crtlart f tbe President [Intl fa 1-ootApl f ^IITIILIIIIO t?8B. i McPHEBSON A FBBGUbON. j 671 Fimi. avBNtti, ct>a%aa 1st siaBBT, 1 OariToL Hill, r/l.E^DR^OS MBDICIJIBS and OMBMIOAL8, PBBELMKBY, F\B0Y GOODS, I l^STRCMBRtS, Be., Bo 1 I'btsletaas Prrerriptloos acouraUly com pound- 1 hi The Night Bell gromptiy answered I Mlltf | -- - GOVERNMKJT SECL'RITlfl WA8Hi*oToif. Ma/cH t1987 Jay ( ookf & Oo farnisD tut? (olloiriu( quo. tatiocs of Government securities _ Buying. Selling/ V. ? ? s UoBpa*. l38l . J, .) , If. ^ Five Twenties, l??-2 K><? T. S. fit? Twenties. 1964 ltr ur\ P S Five Twenties Id.s Ur U.S. Five Twenties,.lan&J'y,'tJ5. ,it U7^ IT. S. Ten Fortiee !??i IT s ^-vn Thirti??. Aagust.... l(?i S. Seven Thirties, .lime 105 . m?\ U.S Seven Thirties, .Inly 105^ 105 k k*w vohk kirst board balks Coupons tin. to Aire OT\ 5 -U s, Ir??.' T.:;U's, August. ...Hot 5 -ill's. IS-64 lie, r.rjo-R, .) une 105\ S.'JO s. IMS lOTt, /.30's.Julv ... 1,151, 5 ?' ?, Jn A Jy.V>.107 th>ld J 1 , - * ?? 1 - ? HNAMIAL. Lewis Johnson A Uo., quote Stocks and Bonds in Lome and foreign markets as follows IN iw York, March 23 ? 1st Board?IT. S. HP1 Coupon b's, IW; do , 5 '2t. s, 1(*?,; |t. s 5-6 ln-40 s. Coupons, Drs; 7-30 s. ?; Canton Co ??i%: Cumberland ?k>ai (.'o. prerd.3-". uuirksilver Mnun?Uo.,35v. New York Central K R . ICtf. Er-e Railway. S-\: Hudson River KK, H'adin^ U. K, lnlS; Michigan Cen'ral KK., 1( 8.\ , Michigan Southern and N. Indiana . '. ; do" ?uwanr*ed, ; Illinois Central K.K.. 115%. Cleveland and Pittsburg K K , 7rV Chicago and Nortnwestern K K., -l">\' do. preferred. r.y. Cleveland and Toledo k' K . 118%; Chicago and Rock Island K. J:., y* Pittebnrg, Fort Wayne. and Chicago R. R . ?6, Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, >: Pacific Mail, 124Gold. 134^ I'BMH'X, March '2i?Fveninr ? Per Cable.' Bonds, ?i%; Consols. 91: Erie, iU\; Illinois. 'ffh ___ Th? Flooo iw the wi!.t.-a letter from h prominent citizen of Knoxvllle, Tenn received here this morning. slates that the Hood in tbat section is th? greatest that has taken filace since 1 ;f?l, and tbat tb.- losses hr it great y exceed the losses in tbat section by reason of the war. The loss In corn alone between (ireenville and Chattanooga is estimated at half a million bushels, The losses through, oat that section of the coontry will leave tbe people In a deplorable condition, a< before the flood there was scarce enough food to last until the next corps con id be made. ?"The Snndar Car bill has pa*-ed both Houses of theMaryland Legislature and is now a law. It provides for a vote of the people of Baltimore to be taken, bui has been amended so as to restrict tbe cars from running on Sunday until the vote is taken and the question de. cided. ^"The Richmond Whig endorses tbp course I of Wade Hampton and other prominent Seuth Carolinians, as indicated at the Columbia meeting of freednien on Monday last, and urges the people of Virginia 10 adopt promptly a coarse ot cordoct calculated to bring about harmony between the white and colored element- of tbe population. ?"Ttae Virginia legislature did not make any appropriation for educational purposes, "because," says tbe Petersburg ln,l*r, ?tbee?* gentlemen knew that tbe State must also provide for the education of the blacks, and they ftar to meet toe issue.'* *7"It Is generally understood lu New York tbat tbe Com if,'rial .<,/? ,, tven purchased by a nnmb< r of gentlemen, and 'hat Mr 1 burlow Weeil will, in a few days, assume 1 ditorial control of its column*. The price p ud lor tbe Cumm-n ,-il is .-aid to he a little under MOO.UMl. /"From J. C. Parker, Post Office News Stand, and from J. Sinlliugton, C'deon Building we have received tbe Allan ic ]/ >.t* ,, aud Otn Yo>mg Fill:* for April. Tn* colt> Snap oi*t Wk-t The Nebraska Uiiy N ews ot tbe -.'d-aTs "The lc? over tb?? Missouri at thi? point is an tight a-a brick " We look for Spring abont the 4th of July. ' Ylr" HOTIC* TO ALL WHO U81 THE PO J-5 to mac uatkr \\ ATKB Ba^tsTKAR - Orn< t:, 1 Cirt H*i l, Wa-u ncio.x, |> t'.. n,f llJl?fn?eke*?' or nth"" *"orn^11ih,e "Potonim water npon ?li? pr-miifs oc npied by t' eu iV Ili0t,nr1i ,h*t nn!*?* ther liave p*i,i , i luce the 1st <l?y of January last the water rent for 1 becu-rent jenr lathes ar- n..w d-lin 1 u at?rI lable to ,.ve th- wat r.hat off Tron. thilr pr" ',e' . Thii pennliy, wblch involv s also an a 111 ' ?? .1 "f \wo dollars will be enUrce*!, with ut futher notlca 01. all who, within *oe n.onth 1 'a?l t<! January '^1/?' h4T# P'U WaU5r r*nl, 21 fOl B> I Inff ^ X P WLa^r MUBHEOOM CBAOK1R8 T^|> .last reaaivtd snd for sale by BKTAR * BBO . I nk,,?wf 315 Penii'ylsania avenue, n.h 23 aojtlf Opposite Metropolitan II t?.|. HA YAM A OgAWQka. ??i- 1 8WBKT HAVANA ORAHQ1S. Jnst received and (wr sale by J B BRIAN A BEO., .KM^.>?r reansylvmia avenas, n?htt *oitlf Opposite Metropolitan HoUl EBBBMAT ^LOUBT Mann factored by D. L. shoemaker ' The above superior brand of FLOUB. In bMs ind 74-pound sacks, eoastaatly on band, aai for '?> ** ? OBO WATBB8. Commission Merchant, ^|BBOHANT TATLOBIBO IM ALL ITS DEPARTMENTS. Gentlemtn wishing to economise, and at the time obt.lri the ^ a BKbT UABMENTS, >4| Lre lavited to examine oar new la UL0TH8, CASSIMBHBS. W , u, w ^ AND VB8TIBG8,-* rkich we will make to order at much u IW .. UHEAPBB BATB8 than tbe usual ?ity price a. 1 WALL, STEPHENS A OO., J?6tif I Int| betweeaVtlTaa *lotVstreets. \ QEA,,D OF*ME]B0OOOD8BIMU AMU8L51 ^ ??'**wil?r atteatioa te oor large and 1 A'.^iihm'toT5^,k8SiLibad 8n",ner ?ou<1'- ' ^^1AJPAB, frem 57 ceats to $1.00. Mriped^d Kfgnre l MOHAIB8. IH# of " shades. I ALX&JLUV"*- B'*ck and Colored ' OHINT/.E*, PBBOALE8 and (.INOHAH8. of Spring 0HALL1E8, at 25 " P^r yard I PBI*T?. at 11S, 1?. 18 snd ? centli**.e.htd an4 Brown MUSL1B8, of all makes ? .^ "o"' 1*H oeaM na OOOD8 of all daecriatlons. OLOTHb and OABBIMBBBB. for Msn and lo>s'wear. 1 1.Ai?i&VJ!f,or-t5?5at of HOBIBBY. GLOVES, J J w^JiT?^a6oSi T HAIID,LBECHl*rfl. |M,. OW 5 B.'ibf. I mh M at 3H3 Penasylvaala nvenae. I ' 1 ihsubabgb. PBMN MUTUAL LIFE IH8UBANC1 CO., of Philadelphia A8BBT8, % 1,800,000. ( _ _ Lu*?tf p,i,j ut Mar pi am/, 1946. ?m. B Jack sea, Memhaat, Baltimore. 5S.OOO i ^h2r' 5? 30n" ^*"aday, do do '> UOii ^ Prlaur, do 2 MM eo. J. Oibeey. Clerk. do j tjflo . s Jyee?#r, do :{,0u? as. B oweas, Pbysictea. Aaaapolls 6.0U0 ? ? u L,or; HaxerslowB 2.i?u 1 t 11. Wise. Merchant, do 1,000 fabalar Smith, Dressmaker, Washington '.' l.oWJ Vm J. Stone, jr.. Lawyer, ?o . . 10.HU0 Betnrn areniiniu dividend for tbe year i.sM to ?r cent Berip previous to lti? received ia pax lent of premiums. Blank appileatioas. tablee of rates, and all ia- 1 ormatloB furalslie<l oa apsllcation. personalis or 1 7 Mail, to JOHN BIOOLBS, AmI. T Boom No 1, Washington Balldlna * corner of 7th street and Peas. * venue. 1 ^ M eost- WashiagtonTD C. ' H O f B' ghOTHlBO . \ Mew stock aaa fall supply of all si see at J LOW rilOlE. a WALL. BTBPHBBB A CO., mh tt-Ctif lintel) 89B Pean'a aeeaae. I j^PBlBQ CLOTHIMO^ ? \ Having received oar Eprlng Styles, we oaa offer f eatleBiea great bargalaa ta OTBBOOATS ABO MATCH SUITS I All anil ities WALL. STBPHBIVS A CO., 32)1 P6QQ inveBa6i

Db2S-?tlf [Iat] between fth aad 10th streets. L'OB SAtB-#BBBOriOOUPMB. balltiraw. i p..^Y4?,SS!?fcS'iVIPSSS? i rwwi-fnfr/^^ssjypiMyj! : ersoas wishing te parr base tbts will be a fine 1 Appl/te J . B. MAJOB'S, corner H and < '* *; J?b t ltf k MBS J. 1 SPtBOBB most respectfully an " Jlf"ftieade and easterners that > will remove from l<n Market bpace. aad re a ameMILLlNBBT and DEEaSMaVltfo buS ' AY dHttreet, between Peai savenis p mtrtrist^ mblO-lt* PMBBOTOBBT Of ALL BINDS W0BKED i Ci oa reaeoaable terms Bvery kind of Fancy I ^tttVH*af*.VI loT Madam a ?w 1 between 8?b aad t t* streets. fe*i-lm TELEGRAPHIC NEW-x FROM EUROPE TO-DAY. (By (.'able to the Associate.] prm.] I?nIK)Pi Marctt 'Jfi?Nona ?Console. '91 V. S Five-twenMes, ??*. Illinois CenrU, >v Ewe. 3f?*. lii t Kii*'0(iL. Mftrch ^ ?Nrvoo ?tlo'ton is d .M*t 13>?d for Middlinr ' plaid*. and '.'wd. f '.M dJ''u* t><?;an* Sale-to day-..**,. biles. (> t J? od per 46 lbs. Provisions cfutTHUy uncbti](ied * * kORi>?N, March j3?Evening?Consols ?1 U S. HTr-twM(i?S r#x, Illinois Central l,ri?- >9, L.-v KK"oor. March 23?Evening?Cotton closes quiet at 13??airnd. for Middling I p. lands J>nle- to day H.1O0 biles Breadstuff's market clo?es inactive, Pirk firm Lard <'s od. Spirits turpentine <s Od. | Dispatche, receive* from l,ondon show bat I the market for American securities is quiet ! and s'eady, and quotations are unchvngel Londo>, Match 23?Evening. ?Consols. <<1 Honda, ?4,V liiviibpiK)L. March 03?Evening -Co'ton clo ed <ime- at n-, for Middling I plan** sales p,r<>>. r The Peabod) Rnaquet in New lark Distinguished Guests i*?w \ork, March 4,?A. very interesting event took place at the Fifth Avenue Hotel last evening Mr. George Peabody, who has b?en in 'his city lor scvml days past attend- ' 11 g the meeticgs of the trustee of ttie fund so gei e onsly endowed b\ bim tor theedu.anon ot the children of the soutb. tendered toGene. ral and Mrs. t;rant and the trustees of his noble charity a banquet, which was attended by a large number ot distinguished uidivi Jual* from various parts of the country. Tne afltir partook of a national character in its inception, i athouph it was strictly private in It arrange, j meat. Mr. Peabody occupied the centre of tfte ' north table, witn Admiral Karracut on his left 1 and Mrs. General Grant on bis rigbt. G*ne- ' ral Grant. Mrs. Farragut. and Robert Win- j tbrop were opposite Mr. Peabody. Admiral i Farragut and Mrs. General Grant 1 be following guests bad seats allotted to i them at the several tables?At tbe tat>i? occupied by Mr. Peabody were seated Mi?? I Williams. Governor Grahans. Mrs Wetm .re ] General Andrews. Miss Cliflord, Geueral I Po.ter, Madame liotta. Mr. Jennings. Mr Brooke, Mrs. Astor, Mr. Bancroft, Governor Clifford, Mrs. Pierpomt. Mr. Evarts. Mrs Bergli. Bishop Mrllvaine. Seats at the table which crossed head ot the hail were assigned to Governor Aiken, of i South Carolina. Mrs. Brooks. Governor Fisk, Mrs Evarts, J udge Roosevelt, Mrs. McGregor i and General Butterfleld At the southern table were seated Mrs Weed, ??r s,ewart Mies Rives, Mr. Astor, Mr. Fisb. Mr. Winthrop. Mr Rives. Mr? Stewart. Mr w ettnore. Mrs Forbes. Miss Mcllvaine. .ludge Pierpoint, Mrs. Tippany, l?r. Sears, H. J. Raymond, Miss Anderson, and Mr. Weed. Covers were laid tor seventy-three person*. Robert C. Winthrop made the opening speech The (.rest Fire in New York To-Day. is *vv \ork. March 2d.?At eight o'clock this morning, an employee of the Winter Garden Theater die. overed ibe cellars underneath to be on tire An alarm was immediately 21 ven. but before the engine* could reach tbe scene ttie names had communicated to the unyer portion ot the building, and in fifteen minur^s from the first discovery the theater was a smouldering raa>*. The tireinen, finding it impossible to save Ibe tbea'er. directed their eUort* to prevent the names trom spreading to the Southeru Hotel which tbev succeeded 111 doinir The injury to the hotel by water is verv gr-at. J The fire is the mo-t disastrous which has occurredsince !- *?. it inv ol \ e-a loss ef *.?;im*.i4mi and nil the properties including the macniticetn^wardrobe of hdwin Booth were consumed F'LOUR, MEAL, HAT. . . NOW IN STORK J R Qamtorill. Arab?, Ool<t?n HIM ir* *nd other < b dee W iutwr WHKAT FAMILT and EXTRA KLO0B8 All trades r?**' fr2m V to 5,8 -v'- ? '? in'ti ty and >,nality purrha^ed I "00 Bushel* 1AMILY HEAL. (Tarlor 1 h Ifs.) BALED HAT. bTAW,"c7 Her sale low, by W M. OALT A CO , Indiana avenn?* and 1st street, 11.h. ' nsarBaltim .re and O. B. Road O. p-.t. B* Auctioaeore, Original Horse an1 Carriage Bazaar. 99 Louisiana aveuue. SAL* OF HORSES.^gTRBIAOES, HARNESS. ,G? TUESOAT MOb\*NG. Mirch >6 at 10 ' will sell, at the BaZaar. a nombtr ot tion a"'Horses, (afnll descrip *OBTT HORSES AID HOLES Her?Mm *00', Work' S^Al narn??? * 'iif? o>J'tct,on of New and Second hand Bn?^ "iriee War"' c*rrl4??*? Wagons, aad othfr Two new Jenny Llnd Wagoas, built la this city. Sa^fdi^ "*i?" d*y#' Thnreday., aad rarria?es and Harness always on private sale i>rrr>B camd al,? Wi WALL * CO.. Ancta. |JV W. L WALL A CU, Aictioaesrs. iAL? OF OROCBRIE8, WHI8KT, BROOMS, I On tcesdat morninu CMirfh 1 ' !!^DCiuS 10 0 clock? we *"> M oJr sa?es ' [r&Tuc^t0'(at ?f 0r?c*'V an"/ ot^sr ssil,:1.""8""2o itroes f ?rlor Matches b Barrels Whisky 1<H> do/en Broon.s 40 boies Lemons ffl rases Jockey Club Bittet n 10' dozen Blacking 1& barrels Potomac Herring 20 boxes Starch, Soap With many other articles in the Orooary line A lso, A lot of second hand Kuridtnre Hair and Shuck Mattresses New Brussels Carpet, containing 3 y irds, made i# H iodsome pattern .'0 Pieces White und Check Mattins, 4 5 aad ft inarfore wide With other irticW in the Hi>n*e F imi-hins ine, all of which will he sld without reserve Termscnsh. No po?tp<<nement. mh 13 W. L ALL A CO.. Ancte. poTATOEs: potatoes:: " " 3,T)00 hnshels No l"7ark-oii WHITE POTArt?KS new landirg from schooner B. 8. Young ind tor sale on accommodating terms hy * . J.o waters. < ni h 22 1 w 109 Water street, Oeoruetown 4 ^ KNTLEMEN '8 FCRN1 >HINO OOOU8 j We u011 Id invite special attention to oar large >aporim> nt of fINE SHIRTS, UNDER OARMENTS, HOSIERY, Ac:., Ac.. i WALL, STEPHENS A CO , 1 t J '2 Penn a avenue, 1 iHht2 ftlf lint} between?th and loth streets. * U?T COOPEE A LATIMER, Auctioneers. ! L? Southw st corner of Penn. avenue and Uth st. t AT PR1>:ATE BALI. 1 of flr,t C,M< private besi>EBCL8, in central localities 1 Also 10 small Brick aud Frame HOUSES 1 FARM, between Wanhlngtoa and Alexandria ( l-1**?* *fame HOUSE, with lot UO feet samare. For further particulars apply of luh H I 111 POPPER A LATIMER. Auets.j { UT TH1B OUT! i GRAND INAUGURATION OP THE CHEAP OA8H STOKE Ladies desirous of pnrehaaing FANCY GOODS ronld do well to put this advertisement la their 1 locket and come e*rly and get the crreat bargains IE MILLIE BET AND VAE0T GOODS, At MBS. A. B. Mi CLOSET'S. 1 Eo 346 7th street, I _Bk l3-lt* bet. 1 and Mass. aye. ] [B THE OEPBAN8'COURT, THIS OTH DAT I OF MARCH, A. D. 1-67. *'*" / Upon report of ealee Made by J. B. Adtms. 'uardian, Ac., it ia by the Oonrt, this 9th day of . larcb A. D 18B7 Or&errd. That tke ealdVale so e eported be ratified aad confirmed, unleee cause to , he contrary be shown on or bofore tke ?th day of 4 n*?t; and It Is further ordered that the said ale to Hseekiah OntcheU be ratified, aad the # ' of the pale in the former decree be so far \ aodified as tha* the said Gutchell par one thou and dollars in caah and give a deed of trnat bear- 1 nc Interoet, on the property parehaeed for the jalance of the nhrrhaao money, to wit: five banIred dollars, eald doed or trnst. to remain for oae t . "I. /Vowided that a copy of this order be p?b- ( Isbed in the Evening 8Ur once a week for time 1 leeks bofore aaid Mh April. * WM. W. PUEOBLL, H00 <SW, Sn.JSfJSJ'Si Sib S3 1 ware from a rnnnlng distHlery. Apply at 8tar ??ce. Iu jo jt? SEVERAL SPLENDID ^AftLofc ORfiiRa c preparatory to rehniMIng Store. X' I Af^. 1, new and-o^^d yAHOS at rguo* i m 13 2m Eo 407 nib strolt a&>7. < ^0iL. I BOB, ABD OIL. or thoFractlW Ur^ ieaa Miner; beiae a guide U enr mines and S?iSr5ffirfc3? "" I VBAI0K TATL0B. COXGHKSSiQXAL. Sattr^at, March ?; S*> AT* - Mr Dixon tee to corrert *r rrroin the report of y yierday's debate. ? ?< !> D" was understood to ?ay that the power to ap point register* in bankruptcy \r?u-d in 'n?* Chief Justice was already being j>ro*ntu"*d to political purpose*. He (Mr. D > bad mad- no such etavraeut, bat bad expressly avowed bis faith in the un?ulli?d parry of the Caief Justice.aod bad based b ? objections on tbegDuud thai do such la bur should impo^fd on 'bChief .1 ustice. Mr Harlan, from the Committee on th* Dis trut et Columbia, reported a j ?ta? resolution ms'rncULg ibe l 'uminissiocr ot Kducau ?a to cause to be registered all children id the Dutr cl of Columbia between six and eighteen jesrj of age, the number o; bliud anc. the number of deaf and dumb, (be numb-r of school-houses and teachers, and tl?e> average erst per annum of each pupil, to repjrt at the n? xt session. Passed. Mr. Chandler asked to take up the o II repined by the Committee on Commerce to antborire the sale of American vessels to friendly belligerent* tinder ertam circumstances. Mr. Johnson said thi? resolution wa? now under consideration by the Committee on Foreign Relation*. and he did sot know that it would be reported on at tbl* session The passage of the resolution might involve u* iu trouble with foreign nations Atter further discussion. Mr. Willey railed up the joint resolution requiring the Corporation* ot Washington and Georgetown to piy all necessary expenses of the commissioner* of election, including their per diem of ? ."> pel day. ot those two cities authorized to be appoint * under the act of February. 1-ttT. T Committee on the District ot Columbia reported an amendment, providing that the minimum punishment for perjurv. Ac , shall brone year instead ot two. wbictk *? adopted Mr. Edmunds moved an amendment providing 'bat the section in the civil appropriation bill relative t?t the laws el the Cuited States to he imblisfced in certaiu papers in the District ot Columbia, shall not be so coostrued as to authorise a higher charge for such publication than is paid lo newspapers elsewhere. Adoptee. Mr. Cragiu moved an amendment appropriating ft?.Mm lor the hydraticn of the at Biosphere ot the Senate Chamber. Adopted. The bill was then passed. House ?On motion of Mr. Myers. ( Pa.,) tl^e bill to increase the force of examiner* and assistant examiner* in the Pateut Cilice was taken up, considered and passed. On motion ot Mr. Hoimau, (iud.) the House proceeded to the t onstdemtion of business on the Speaker's table, an# disposed thereof its follows: Senate amendments to Honse bill allowing the importation of works of art into the Cmted States for the National or any State or municipal government free of duty. Tb* Senate amendment allows the importation ot steam agricultural machinery, as models or for ex penmentation, tree of duty; and to refund the duties already paid upon certain articles of machinery which have already been im|KM*ted. Mr. Stevens (Pa.) moved to amend by a proviso that the section shall apply only to steamplow* The amendment was agreed to aud the Senate amendment was agreed to as amended. Senate amendment to House resolution to suspend the operation of the law for the relief of the beirs of Jobu t. Bouligney, was then taken up. Mr. Woodbridge (Vt.) moved the reference of the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary.! [The Senate amendment simply directs the suspension ot the law, without reciting Hit preamble adopted by the Honse. Alter Jturther discussion the motion to refer was disagreed to. The Senate amendttieut> were then agreed to. Senate bill in relation to the acknowledgment ot deeds in the District of Columbia was passed [It makes validall a kuowledgmeutj ot deeds oefore one Justice oftue Peace ] Affairs la Ueergetewa. The Special Election. ? The special ei*ction to till the vacancy in the Com u u Council. caused by the resignation of l?r. Keyburn. take* place next Monday, wheu the polls will be opened in all the wards. The candidates ofl'eiedto the people are James <} tddard. K-q , one ot the departed candidates m the general electiou, and Benjamin Darby, Esq , a wellknown merchant on Water street. Port ok* <iloboetow?Fn'ered?Steamer E. C Knight. Denty, master, from ?w York, with merchandize. Capt Demy reports a very rough passage C eared?Schooner Edwin Thomas. Seward, master, far Norfolk The Markets.?The provision market was but poorly attended to-day. The roads leading to the town are almost impassable for j even light wagons, which pre\ented th?- arrival of country dealers, and the streets being covered with snow and water purchasers were not very numerous at the markets The supply was almost entirely provided by licensed dealers. Flour asi> Grain M arket.?The market tor Hour closed firm with a fair demand. Supers si1.' to "I-.' J.'.a.Mt: Cut Fxtra. , to - a ?1:1.50: Extra, sit to "14.j(?, and some choice City Willis *io. No arrivals or sales of wheat reported. Demand for Milling good at - . to ? 10 tor red. and to <1.35 for white. The supply of corn is low, good demand a-.ica ?1-10. UEORGETOWJT ADVEH'MTS. Y"5=? ELECTION NOTICB.-Au election will La L < held in eath prtcinct on MONDAY . March U>ih, for one iuei; ber of ths Uo?r4 ot Coaiai?n Uocnrll to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation ot Bubert Be>burn. Ba j. niHlt CHAS. P. WELCH Mayor^ WH. H WHEATLEY S PREMIUM STBAM DYKING AMD CLEANSING ESTABLISHMENT. Office, Ho. 40 Jefferson at Georgetown ,D. O. Established in 1831. premium awarded by the Metropolitan Instltnta. 1S47, rebuilt lv4, and is ?ow b) far ths largeat and most complete establishment of the kind in this section of country Dyeing and Scouring of all kinds dene in the best manner. Truly thankful for vast favors, the subscriber lolicits the continued custom of the> Goods received and returned by express with ths utmost promptness and despatch Post Office address. Lock Box Mo. **0. Office closes daily at sunset except Saturday, ahen It Is?losed st 8S p m. fe i4-4m TRY GROhSE'SPOl'CLAR HEW BRAND Of 10 Cent Cigar?Ths Bose? tilled with PC EE HAVANA TOBACCO .sal warranted n<-ver beenimoked. Manufactured solely for WM GKOSSE, Pa. av., bet. Metropolitan Betel m 19 r.t" and ?th street. C^ABD -MISS M E. WILSOH begs leave to s inform her old customsrs and the public generally thst she has re opened her Dress Making Establishment at 490 12th atre>-t, between E au] r it rest*. mh h>-lm* |)ABIS fAND HEW^^YOBK. M1LL1Mrs A. Q. OASTOM hss jnst returned 'ton Mew York with a largs and elegant arfl issortmsnt of fine French, Bngllsb, and ^" American Straw Bonnets and Hat* for ladies and :hiIdr?-n, Crystal, Amber, Pearl, and Straw Oriamenta Also, a general assortment ef tine French Flowers- Bonnet aad Hat Frames in rest variety. Ribbons, Silks, Orapes, Tulles idd Beal Laces. Ac. Particular attention given to all orders. Boems, 44b 8th atreat. nsar Pennsylvania aveme. nth 1.1 Sin PABBIAOES' __ CABBIAOBB! L CABB1AOES - swaa, On hand a large number of new an lwRjnET Mfeioaahle Carriages of ths beat gaali-JE - W 7 aad finish, which will be sold at reduced rates. klao,aBumber of Second-hand Bnggiea, Bock a???^"?VoS^16"oE?aiM. BsBOSitory. 374 D Street. Bear 8th. m lO St* Shsp, 4TT Sth street, near D. I IIAVB BECBIYBD a fi-te assortment of Frsnoh I and Domestic BONNETS. LBW1S BA AR, 38 Markst Space. EHOLlSH~AHD QEBMAH HEAD TB1M1UHQ can be had at LBWISBAaBS, 32 Market Space. I7?LOWEB8 AMD BONHET PBAMES -The T richest asaortmsnt of FLOW BBS and BoHIBT FBAMBS ran bo fonad at mhlltf LBWISBAABI. I Qf> OYAKi WALHDT | O/? loO riOTDBE FBAMBS. +oO IIDB AMD C? BIBB WALBTDT BEACKETS, BOOK IIBLVB8. TOILBT BEACKETS JAB1NETS. Ac.: OYAL WALHUT 1MCTIBE FBAMBft. frea 14x11 to 1?eW laches. Also, the largeet assortment In the District of Hal Fine Gilt Imitation Bose wood, Bboay. and las tic Frames, Plctare Cord aad Taasels,.Blags, (alls, Ac., at MABKB1TBB 8, Ho. 4?S Ttk st., bet. D and B sts.. mh 14-41* 8 daors abevs Odd Fsllows' Hall. f~VHLY 35 CENTS FOB A OOOB. HEAVY U pair of BBlTlbH BOOKS. Gentlemeas' DHIB^SHIBTS and ?*A WHBB^U aU grj^s, Bih 14 lm tth st.. aaat Fesa ava. >4 I HAT10HAL LAOHDBY, Oil StlPeua av., ketwsaal-thaad ltthals L\ I All work daaa by hand. Ooadi called for and deIvered at the shortest netloe. French fluting dono n the neat sat sty Is. mh 14-lm* r? . nijAs. Oas almost new 7-octave large round*11 111 orner Boardmaa A Oray Piaao. %Xti. JTIKLUfi BILLS for sale la sams to salt par Hifbest'markst prios paid for AMBBICAM 1 ' LSWI1 JOHMBOH * OO , mint, lb 7-tf ItHPeau. aveaae. pHYSIOlAJCB BABB BOOK 99 FBAOTIOB fc" ' VBABOK TATLOB. RIWWAL 1^'oTVh5 ?iX? ?b* n>T ?tiit o* .T. ^V " - j T;. Mill- t. ri*i la , f > to ? Be - a . Boa# .i.jb.... 'r-v.v.;:r 1 MtSVSSSS?S?Sil5 *??>.?.*. titVlJt.i,? ? KB* Liter .r, i?r wiwmm?T?irri!? 'j-ns nr' 1 to b (na.? . . 1 ' *,tr J *" ? ummi.1 b<?*e#a 1.1*4 K9m* M *' * e -lr m 1m tLrtip hi k rm ?**'? ?*? F*mn* Sail . ! V Ihkbr bt out aorua to .j , ?>lK?ik albLa Ja JVa. trii I ?aa#t */ *' " Mrf.' 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OLAIK, ATTORN IT A~Un^vin SILLOR AT LA W AHD 3OTART PHBli", l?o A?A nth .tr^t WMt 4. ?? /, ' BOAKDIN*}! ! A K":V.,?"?A"5 ?i"0L' E00"' *" M? nh H..r2? K . k<4 *n B"??uf%unir.?? ,?h^< L"?R BBNT-Tbr*? FI RNISHKI* RH0H8 witfc 12th lid isth01*4 *rd A W 344 K ? b*w--n j "" bbb 13th. Ttib? nnxifrmi. m I? ' *r*LL>CRRliBRO fRukT < ir?.r l, H7 . b?Brd. r*? h?t il S?*R ffwr lpJlm bt#. Ttrnw ix?r%u. <Bb H-tAf KV,B ?0W?-I| larDKb^ PAKb<>Ki ? -i V?. J?' with or without BOAR!) I H> E it . t-t 'Ab bb*I l tb * BOARD Bt No. ? ? loth otroBt b f?? JJ^^OO" Boctb or tho .TO... ToroMftX ? Ui?T AMD ftiCJND. $500 b*war^ ??8u"t!/r0 ' m#' " th# M*rl?B4 Klill d?PM. <?? '"te*'*11 ''fT D. C.. ou tt.o m-ruing of to* -nhof J?m.?ry, m until RI?cK <'A KrR T KtU conraiB ng cventBvu tiion?Bnl nin* I audred ?:>< iweni? on* dolUr* (><ir m of tbe tiote* of tti? Farmor B?nkuf riuc??t o Vlrdki* Th*?t?'?e rewarc of *6(Xj mil| |.? paid ?0 mu, |>er?c.u deliver rVV.i?ui - ebU/ rai*. i. 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