Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1867 Page 3
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Tin: i:vexingTstarT~ LOCAL NEWS. AMU3FMENT3,**c . TO NiaHT Wa- l'h K aw ui'Iea Hot s*?'That versatile a trr?- * am.y M'>r*an Ph. ips, made a <rf u bit la*t n>stit. This loaning, ?ai* will pwouate ?'f?n*Tvtre," in Boorcicault's <4rami of ? Pas vrette, or Under the Snow." a*id will appear in t*o characters in the farce of tae Hon Die F ail W.te National TniArtR ? Farewell night o' Jotin Brougham. when 'Pocahontas" and . "Columbus Reconstructed" will be presented. J Mrr7noTT Mall ? Oo and see the great American burno' Alf Bornett. wi<?ee on. tertalnments bate been so popular during the wee* A good bill this evening. < Mil: lxi' or tmi Whit* Voters op the Skiom> WitP ?Last fuuiiig, a tn-e tng of white voter* ol the Second Ward was h-*ld at Magee's Hatl. on F street notth, near 13th. and was attended by about fifty or sixty person-*. The meeting wis calied to order bv Col. S. W. Owen, on whose motion Mr. Chas" I. C*n field was called to the chair, and Mr. Allison Naylor, Jr . appointed secretary. Col Owen siat. d that the meeting had been called for the purpose of organizing, and derising means to bring up all the white voters to register. There was no doubt bnt that the black ones would come up fast enough, aud the white men should do all they conld to oast a lull rote. He hoped that the wbi e voters would eome up rn ma$f\ and that everv person present would consider himself a committee of one to urge upon his friends and neighbors the iirir*8ity of registering. Sir Andrew Jackson moved that three challengers be appointed, which was carried; and Mewrs Jt>bu t?'. Tucker, <reo. T. Stewart and Fckloff were appointed. Mr. Dan'l Stewart remarked that there were some men in bis section?Goose Level?who would not be registered unless some one will go for rhem. Col Owen moved that each person consider him sell a committee to bring up his friends and neighbors to be registered, carried Ex-Senater McDougail being recognized, was called on for an address, aud in response said that he had jus*. dropped in to see how they were getting along, having understood that it was a white man's meeting, and he being of that complexion. He wanted them to work altogether. He wished to see the District made a part of the T'mted States, and its people have some say in the government. If he ever come back to Congress he would see that it was done. Mr Oeorge W. Harkness remarked that i was the duty of those present to see that every white man registered Some thought it was unnecessary to register, but he would sav that thepol 1 Iist? made by the assessors amounted to nothing every one, if he desires to vot - .must go before the registers and see his name recorded. and they should a!*obear in mind that there will be no cballeugins allowed at the polls, and it persons are tc be challenged it must be befoie the registers.' It will be too much of a n k to a man on election day. as there isa severe penalty attached, 91,000 fine and imprisonment. There is only one way the whites ciin beat the blacks, and that, is by out-registering them. He cautioued that after the registry is made tbry should quietly wait the day of election and cast their votes without making auy excitement. L? the colored people vote and vote yourt selves, but do not raise any fusa. It wa no use to say anything, the law of Congress puts the white man ou an equality with the negro aud it cannot be altered. Tne principal objection to registering is that by having their names .n the lists they will be liable to be drawn as jurors with negroes. There was no help {or It, we've got to it and set wnh them in ;be nrv box. He knew a man wortn - worm of property in this city who says that although be is taxed too m'nch lie will not register on this account, is this the way for a man of property interests to 'ilk Should we let the election go by defiult ! He was opposed to the law, but there is no redress Every maa should register, and those v. ho failed should take thw consequences, lie was always opposed to squatter sovereignly, and he believed that the old colorel re-idents here did not relish the la.v as i: now stands, but would prefer that there should have been some qualiflcati< n?property or educational. In the First Ward no effor' had been made, and tte blacks outnumbered the whitej, but he believed il all would gj o work :U<- -sult in the Second Ward will Se different In conclusion be urged that it was every man's duty to register, and he annonn^ed t&at the Register s would sit on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday aud Thursday afternoons on F street, between 14th and 10th. ? Mbettsci cr Citizens ok C?hsb< ticct ? A meeting of c mens of Connecticut residing in this District was held last evening at 1'ni'ed Hall, on llth street, for the purpose of making arrangement# forgoing home to attend the election m ihat Sta'e on Mondav. April 1; Mr. S. C. Clarke in the chair, and" I rancis C. I^ong secretary. Mr. Blackinar, from the committee to make arrangements lor Tansportation, stated he had received a let er from Mr Starkwell, chairman of the State Central Committee, request, legalist of all Connecticut men in Washington. and an effort would be made to procure transportation tor them at half fare. Had also received a letter from Mr. Cele, general ticket agent for the Baltimore and Ohio road, stating, if it wa* guaranteed tha- eighty )>ersons would go home, the tickets would be furnished at "11 :<o each lor the ronnd trip, and be good lor two weeks. Mr Blacknar also stated that Mr. Byington, of the state Central Committee, visited Washington this week lor the purpose of raising funds. After some conversational debate, Mr. Blackmar was authorized to procare twenty-live tickets, if they could be obrained for halt price. to be reaoy by Wednesday next. Adjourned. The Law Relation toCihae B^xe* ? As many ol our business men aud others are daily subjecting themselves to a heavy pei alty by their ignorant violation of the r>Jd section of the revenue law passed at - he close ol the 1 hirty-ninth Congress, we state, for the intormation ot all concerned. mat vhe se tion in quest.on enacts, " Thai any person who shall sell, give swiy. or otherwise dispose of, any empty cigar box or boxes which have bee i s amped, without first defacing or destroying such stamps, or shall retm acy cigar box Without first defacing or destroying snch stamp, shall, on conviction of either offence, be liaole to a penalty of one hundred dollars or to imprisonment iiot exceeding sixty days, or both, in the discretion of tue court, with the co?t*of the 'rial, and it snail be lawful for any cigar inspector or revenue officer to destroy anv empty ?igar-kjx up^u whuh a cigar stauin shall l>e found." The Hisr. Ca~e?Yesterday we ment.oned the arrest of .lohn Hughes for the larceny of seventeen gold rings, the property of S." D Simonds. The tacts ef the case, as we learn from Detectives Miller and Coomes who have the prisoner in custody, are as follows On last h ndav night the prisoner, with another soldier, entered ihe store ot Mr. Simonds. in the Washington building, coruer of C street and Pennsylvania avenue, aud pretended to want to port base four heavy gold rings. After fitting tfcem <o their fingers one of them put his band in Ins pocket as if to gel the mouey to pay for thu rings, bnt instead of taking out money. to*k out a handful of scorch snuff and threw it in Simond face: the other ?eu.-d the tray wi'h the rings and ran off The deteatives are trying ?o find t he balance ot the rings. OBrHAB8'<>>CBT,SMWjf r.,r- 'll To day the will of the l tte Barnhardt Ostermeyer. bequeathing bis estate to bis wife during her natural life and then to his heirs, was filed, tally proveii. and admitted to probate. Let. ten. testamentary were j*sued to the sj??q. W Bh* P"n>>d Cath'r'De Ostermayer. Bond .nilTkT''' ">f ,h* ,*t'* Charles Kame?, beqneatbing sis estate to bis wife Kannv *as filed and fully proven. tr*^r n%*1 "^conn's orthe adminis? ' ,K w 1 ot H. J. Mnith. and ot the e, e cntor of Zachanab Ha/el were approved ard passed werp THE Rn.ti TBV IB THB l lRHT W AB'? ?Yes terday after ?oon the Board of Registry couctnded their labors in the 1st ward, registering 170 persons?r?? white and 40 colored. On* was challenged on account of loyalty, hut after hemg questioned was accepted. Several colored persons belonging to the colored cavalry v.ere (ejected on acconnt of non-restdenee. A uur ber of discharged soldiers presented -heni.eltes, but were challenger] on acccantof not be ng natnralued The total enmber registered m t?^ ward ia 2 47ft, uf vihich 1,?<?^ are wh te. and I.4.JI colored MrstiAi. Kntebtaixmbnt ? The great rr i-jifHl fi ler'a amem by the St Paul s Fug1^-h Ln'herin Choir, advertised to take pla?-e at the t'feni 'h, on rbe corner of II aud llth .-'net#, oil Wedfl sdav evening ae;.t, will. In in a!| ?? Ua?e Jie^rd. he worthy toe liberal patioiiage o| |tv:t ot nn?ic in oar midst. ? .. 1 *e seat iEK suspends bnsliie>s generally, hut doe* nui interfere with Hammack's rest.aersnt. nh-re everv day the larder is cn"u 1 e?? with the ed-b'e treasures of sea aud isrrt. ?huh are ?ooned in 'he most approve*! st* ie, ai d ?>rifd to castomers with promptness and ath*ii> on. ? ' -? I H1 III l?v?M STATE AHKOTIATIOB Wl'l i hi, f\f. ig at ? 1" siieet. ^eeadver' .lfD.i Ut * i t'lfTEi MARKET. To DAT.?BWt beet CUtf pcrlb., fcc.; >c.; Salt Beef, I5a*>c.; Driea Beef. JSa3i*c. Veal, 45c. Mutton, cbops, t5c , Lamb, 2uc.; Lard, 19c.; Pork, fresh, H rts ; corned. 15?.: Bacon. hams, uncut, 20a.T)c.;6lieed, JSC.; breasts, 18a2Uc.; shoulder*, 15;. Butter, *<>a iic..Chiclsens, pr , tl.!?ua92;Turkies,2-"?ai5c lb , Gre-e.7 5c. a? 1.50; bucks, pair,75c all. Eggs.doz, 2 a?'C. Green Corn, can. 40c., 50a?l Apples, dried, 75c. L*eks, bh , 5c. Spinuach, 4< c Kale. 85c Turnips, 3oc. pi reaches, dried, per qrt, 15 cts. Beaut, bat*r, 20c.; white, lvalue.; dried cherries, qt, 5?c Radishes. per bnncb., 2a*c. Beeia, per pk., <f?c. Onions. 5t>c.; Okra. 3'?c ; Parsnip#. 2.>a?5c. Peas, ciuart, lUc. Carrots, bunch, 5 cer.ts. Fish?Rock, large,each, pia-2; smatl.bunch. 50c : Perch, 00c.: Mackerel, 25c. each; Halibut, lb , 25c.; Herring, per bunch, 50c.; Shad, per bunch, SI to 92 pair; Sea Ba$*. per pound. 13 cents; Spanish Mackerel, $la$l 5J each. Rve, per bushel, SI.50. Corn Meal, per bush , 91 2uaSl 2a Sh'pstuff, TdaSOc. Btownstoff. *00 Shorn. 45c. Corn, ebelled. SI JOaSl-25. iu ear. bbl., V5aS6. Oats, bh., 6oa65c. Hay, cwt., SI.75, Straw, Slal.50. Celery, pr bunch, lbc. Kront, per quart, 8c. Cabbage, per head, 5al0c Hominy, quart, 10 cents. Lettuce, lalO eents. Potatoes, 4oc. per peck; Swetr Potatoes. 75 cts. Small Birds, per doz, SI-26; Small I>acks. 75c.aSI; Canvass Hacks. ftfaf*. Red Necks, ?la?2 pair; Cranberries.-10c. Pumpkiue. 10 to 50c.each. Prairie hers, *1 pair. The enow and rainstorms have m ide the approaches to the market very unpleasant, and even the market Itself more unc mfortable than ordinarily at this season. The consequence Is a smaller attendance of purchasers, and a proportionable falling ort in the vtle.-. Larcknt Cabeh ?Alexander Gordon was arrested yesterday bv offlcer Clements, of the 4th Ward, on the oath of Cbas. Haom, ensrgidk bim with petty larceny. He was sent to jail for court by J ustice Giberson Charles Howard was arrested by Lieut. Hurley. of the 1st Ward, for the larceny of six btllltird balls, the property of H. Schwarzenberg. of Georgetown. The property was taken to Michael McDevitt, a dealer in second hand goods in the 1st Ward, who bought them for a dollar. McDevitt was arrested for receiving stolen property Howard was sent to jail for larceny, and McDevitt was held to bail for court ior receiving the stolen good?. The Hotel is Marlbokocgh, Mp , Soi o ? The Prince Georgian says;?The valuable hotel Kroperty in this village, lately owned bv [essrs.Dudley A Dyer. has been recently disposed ol by S. B Hance, Esq , as trustee, at private sale. Mr. Thomas Marshall, of Pisca'away. and Mr. George F. Bealle, of the fame neighborhood, will, on behalf of the new proprietors, assuror charge of the business at once. Of the old firm, Mr. Medley removes to Wn?hington, wher* tie has taken charge of the Pennsylvania House, on C street, formerly Kimmel's, and where he is ready to dispense hospitality to his Prince George's friends. Mr. Dyer retires from the business. The Waphixoton, Aiexamdria, ani> Georgetowh Railkoap Case. ? Yesterday the case ol the Wasninrton, Alexandria, and Georgetown Railroad Company, chag*dwith | a nuisance in running their trains through the streets, which has been on trial In the Criminal Conrt (Judge Fisher) since Tuesday, was brought to a close by the jury returning a j verdict of not guilty. The case was argued by Messrs. Carrineton and K: ad ley for the prosecotioB. and Messrs. Riddle and Meritck for the defense. For>*r> Peak.? Yesterday afternoon, the Body of a newly-born white infant was found under a bridge on fltb street east, near tho navy yrrd wall (itlicer T. H. Clements earned it to tne eighth precinct station, to be bnried at the expense of the corporation Selling by the Small?Yesterday. Daniel Shea ban wis arrested by Officer Sprague, of the Fifth Ward, for selling liquor by the glass without the proper licence. II was tiu-d S20.M by Justice l-erguson. ?. Postponed ?In consequenceof the weu'her, tbeparadeand inspection of the Wa.-hiiigtou City Fire Department, which was to have taken place on next Monday afternoon, has been postponed until Monday, April S h. . Police Report>.?The lieutenants of police reported 21 arrests yesterday. The amount of tines was *34. DIED. PTBWABT On Friday evening, 22d iuit , st $ 'cork Mn NANCY HTIWA BT. the wife of CI arles Stewart, in the -Sth > ear of her age The friends sod ac . u*i iit?n< es of the family are resi ectfully Invite I t? attend her faoeral from the residence of her husband Ho 35fi loth *treet, on to-merrew <Bonds) > afternoon, at 3 o'clock. * SAN I K B>oH . On Frida?,th- Ijd lu?t .after a ihort bat painful illn?-M, WILLIE FBANKLlM, aaed 2 years and 1 month The funeral wl 11 t*ke plars from the residence of his parents. William and Sarah Handersun corner l*th aid N strtet? m,t, at 3 o'clo< k. Sunday afternoon The relatl\es and friends of the family are i&Tlted to attf nd * ^<BOCBBISS. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILD1MG, Corner New York avenue and 15tn street, (Bnuance on New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOCRBIES, TEA*, V> INKS, IMPOBTBD LUXCBIKS, Ac., &< would refpectfslly notify their frlenda and the pnblic that tbey have jest opened their New Gro eery Store, where caa L? obtained any article nsa ally kept In a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate oar large, fresh and wellselected stock, we sordlally ln?i*e the pnblic to examine oar stere and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satisfaction to all who may faver us with their patronage. We call especial attention to our assortment of TEAS and OOFFBBS, which hare bees 'elected with great care for purity. Dealers will find a fine assortment to select from, and oar prices to I suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, jan 9 3m Book son fab ming, gabdkVing, at Gardening for Profit, by Peter Henderson, $1W, American Uo-e Coltarlst, 7>c.; Clark ? Flower Garden Directory, fldc.; The Mlidature Fruit Garden, by Thomas Bivers, 91: The Garden by tl H. Sacjaes. 91: Cole's American Frait Book, 7& , Field s Pear Culture 31 50. Ten Acres Bn< ugh, 91 SO, Our Farm of Fonr Acres, sic.. Imee on the Potato Plsnt 78c.; Ueu to Build ami > entllate Hot hnnse^, 91 5" Watson's Amert an Home Garden, , Knist's Family Kitchen Gard t er. ,?l; How to get a Farm, and Where to Find Cue 51 76,Buis'''Flower Garden Directory ,. 3! M); 1 lowers tor the Garden and Parlor, Warden Flowoie. How U> Cultivate K s. Band. 93, I'arkman's Book of Bo?ss, 9^: Gardeniiiif for Ladies, by Mr< London, 92. KLfield on Indian C m .ai 75; Johnston s Agrlcaltnral Chemistry, ol 7S." Boussi jgaolt s hural Iconomy, 91.M; Pana''* Muck .Manual *1 26; Allen's Ameilcan Faiso Bock 91 M).French s Farm Drainage 3I.50, HcBahoi's Amer<C?nGardener, ?260, Bridgman's Amrricau Gardener s Assiitaat, 92.10, Bow to Lay Out a Garden, by Bd Bern p. 92, Todd's Young Farmer's Maoaal. $1 50; Breck's New Book of Flow *r?, 4e; Charlton s Grape Growers' Uatde, %l 75. Hunuan on Grape atul Wine, 9i>?; Fuller's Grai>e Oulturist >l.,'0, My Vineyard at Lake* vie?, 91 25 Browne's Trees cf America,, V'ninl y on Bees, 9' 5". Lanestrofh on ths Honey Be, **; Ma\ hew s Illustrated Horse Doctor, 93; Mayhew's Illustrated Horse Minagemsnt, *3: srmer's Barn Rook. 9l..'0; Ji nolngs' Horse and hi* Dim aaes, #2. l><>dd?s Modern Hope Doctor, 4l~r HtewartV Stable Book 91 # >; Do<ld's American Tattle Pntnr. *1 50, Al'?n's Domestic Animals, 91: Herbert's Hl"t? to Horse keepers, 9l 75; Horse training Made lasy. by Jeanlnc*, ml u; Haw a s Farrier, 91: Bvsry Man kis Own Cattle doctor, 20c , Youatt aid Spooner on the Horcs. A].to. Gneaon on Milch Oows. 75c ; Bement's American Ponlterer's Companion, 92; Cole's American Veterinarian.75c.; Allen Sural Architecture. 91.40;Wo*dward's Country Houses, 91 so: Jacques Sural Architecture. .?i 30; Tillage ana Farm Csttages. 5t; Van* Villas and Oottagee, 92. Sloan s Homestead Architecture, 95; Field's Biral Architecture. 92; Downlng's landscape Gardening andBural Architecture, S?.W). Holly's c"""" mb 14 eo<t Corner Penna ar and llth ?t. p L OD B I F B_B Ol A full ?01 imsnt of all grades choloe Flour for Bakers; Quality Ho 1; aricsLow. Are tie only direct receivers for Ooldea Hill, J. H. GambriU(not PaUpsoo) and Linganor family flours In the District. As the latter brand has been eztoDsleely counterfeited and seld la this city, ? would Inform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we furnish It lowar than It caa be obtained from any other source. Quality socead to none. Price a fraction lees than other first class Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. . . ui'i,"? " SXTtfSo? Indiana avenue and 1st street, no U near Depot. AMBBICAB GOLF. STOCKS aad BONDS, bought oa oemmissioa at the Few Tork and ether Stock Boards. Quotations regularly received. , . .. LB WIS JOHF80N A GO.. Bankers, fe7-tf Itvt) Peana avenue. /\BPHAFS' OOUBT, March MhJlW.-DiSTaier \J uw Colcmbia, Wash..,?ton oocbtt, T? ?1: la the case m Mrs. Margaret A. Dnkes, adnunistrauix of Isevin Dukes, deceased, the administratrix aforesaid has. with the aeprcmatlon of ths Or* phans Court of Washington ounty aloresald, appoirted Taesday ArrTl Jd. I*i7, foi the final settlement aad distribution of th? personal estate of said d-cased, aad of tha assets In hand, se tar an the same have been collected aad tamed late ?ew*y; when and where all tb? creditors and heirs of eaid detvased are notified ts attend, with their claims eroperiy v our led, or thsy may otherwise by law be exrtnde'1 from all heneflt la said de^ea?ed'? s-itate Provided a ropy ?f this or dtr le pi;MUbn>1 on?* a w**.k for three waaks la ths Vvenlag S?ar. srev'?"t" to the said dar. Teat?J AS B (VHBIBNB mall law Jw* Beaister of N? Ilia. 1 CITY ITEMS. J Cluster S?ita, Bog Wood Set's, ?t > etu. t'orsl Bar Se'is, 200 n<"v* styles Hu' otij, fct ids, Rinc3, Cb*.ni. Silver pla*ecl Spoor,j. Forks. Oups GohJet?, received thi? f'orr.trg at Piigg'e One Dollar Jewetrv Sore, No - pcnn^-j \aa:* aveaue nearly a reet. Boi f.' Sh.rts from ; 1 inctics to 14 itKbe* in collars. Gems'Shirts from 13in?besto 17 inch. - with collar, (rent*' Snirts with and without collare. at Henniug s On* Pric?" Ulothmi store, on the earner of Seventh ?treet aad Maryland avenue. LAT*te* try tue choicest Perfant* in the world ihi-yt*'x Flo"~r.?' closely resembles the odor of a rare and delicate bouquet ol rlowers, a;id iu this respect unrivaled A tew . d ops will leav? Its peculiar and delightful fragrance tipoa ths hanikerchef for many hour* ? Istwt it on?o- those nne dollar Spring OverSacUs manufactured and sold br Ifoah Walker & Uo . 'W>8 Pennsylvania a venue, between Itto and ?th etreete They are fashionable cut, well made and good trimmings. 3 ? lN?onifATtoir ?Those about to marry ar.d newly married, can find ready-made Linen an+Cotron Sheets, Pillow Cases. Bed spreads of all descriptions, Feather and Hair Pillow?, MattrAsaes, Table Linen, Toweling. Orash, Window Shades. Carpets, Oil Cloth. Matting. Ac., at Adamson's, 506 9th street, aear Pennsylvania avenue. lm ? The r'>?8T assortment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brushes in the City are sold at low prices at F. X. Dooley'e- Apothecary, corner east :Jd street and Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. vr Qtttck salee and ?mall Profits!"?Good White Shirts fl.a>, S?? aadf-2 5". at Franc's Gent's Furnishing Store. 4<?4 ?th street, between D and E. alao shirts made tc order, lm ORAT'f* COLI.ARS. 25 cents per bo* Goldsmith Collars. 27 cents per box; Imitation Linen Collars, 25 cents per box. anl all other goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents' Furnishing Store. 4;HTth street, between D and i Es^*ei^s. lm For Chilblat>* and Frosted Feet. White's Embrocation is a specific. Price f 1 per bottle. For 6ale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4)t an d 6th streets. I?r Whitb, Chiropodist, 414 Peu. ay., between 4% and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, macular eacreseuces. Ac. Office hours from 8 a m. to S p. m , and 6 to % p m Established ls6l. ASrenPiL* Crai ? l>r. Gilbert'a Pile in strument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of fl. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Koma ne, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Pbvwim can be had in any quantities at to a Star office counter AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NEW OffcKA HOlSfc. H B PHILLIPS LESSEE AND MANAGEB. Second night of the engagement of tae Versatile and Accon pi isKed Actress. FAN N ? MOBGAN PHELI'B, TO 16 (8atuid.iv) VKNINO, March 23. Will 1 e presented Bonclcauit s yroat pl?y of PaUVKKTTK * * O;:. I NUKH THK SNOW. To conclude with tbe Protean Farce of the BONN 11 FI8H W1 r. It* NATIONAL THKATRK. Pennsylvania avenue, near WUlards' Hotel. FA UK W ELL NIGHT OK MB. JOHN BBOUOUAM, John Brougham's !? Great Extravaganzas In Oue Night. TB18 (SATUBDaY ) EVKNING. March 23 V ill Le pies< uted John Brougham s Original I( tr:t\a^aii/a, in two net*. POCAHONTAS. In addition to whi.b will be pre*ente<l John Brongliam Great Extravaganza, rutin#-,1 COLCMBIS BECONSTBCCTKl?. '"HN l~OWENS "111 appear on M nda: ev> nlng n-xt. BAND O I O l B I , A GBAXD VOCAL AND IN ST It DM ENT A L CONCEBT Will be gi vea tjr ST. Pill S F.\e I ISIf l.l THF.KA v CHOIR. ? ATTHfcOHOBCH, ' .. rner ot H 11*la streets, Ob W EDHErDAV EVENING MaichZTth, 18J7 Eminent Mastral Talent haa be^n sitcured. some <>t wh'mippeir before u Wajniogton pablir for tM first tiiue. Bv rejnext of several friends th< celebrated Humming Ch?rua, itiv , ''AUTUMN WINDS.' will be Intreduced in tbe course of the evening Concert to comn>ence *t 7>. o'clock Cards admitting one. 40 0?nta, admitting a lady and gentleman, 7 5 Cents, to be obtained of trie iiiembers of the Cbelr; at Parker's F..SI Ottio^ m "tfe #t?re? of Messrs. Qee Byn-al, jr., William Ballantvhe. H H. Sigitun, and A. Boerr a at the prlnclnal hotels, and at tliedoor oc the evening of the Concert. The Piano used on the o< camon has been kin llv loaned by F. C. Belchenba< h, llth street, Bear Penn a avenue N. B.?This Conssrt will not be repeated at half Pnct! mil-at* MKTZEROTT HALL. ~ ON* UHK ONLY : COXM K?tC 1 Jl'i MONDAY. MABCH 19. 196T, THE JUSTLY CELEBRATED WIT, ORATOR, AXD MIMIC, ALF. BUBMETT. America's!*ta.t:vt Hixorist, Assisted bf MIBS HELEN NASH. Tbe Charming BlorntlDniit, In their Original. Irreaistlbly Laughable, yet Be fined Entertainments. c Among tne numerous ml iditieg of FON AND If LA KJ 1 Or HUMORtI^ which comprise his rei ortolre will be found the following BEV. hetbolkum y NAST5V. MABY HAD A LITTLE LAMB. BICII MOND ON THE JBEM8. SLABbI BBS AND <>A KKOTK ^ THE ENGLISH .SHOWMAN, Together with many hits at PEOPLE ANB FASHIONS entirely new and liamorous. Admission 30 Cents Bes< rved Seuts 50 Cents Doors open at 7'4; commence at 8 o <-lock. Beser*ed seats to be had at Met/erott s Music Store during tbe day. ah V> 6t CLOTHING, Ac. JAMES T VALK1B, MEBCHANT TA1LOB. 454 Seventh Street, 4*4 Bespectfully informs hln friends and the public generally that he haa afine, large and wellselected assortment of tLOTUS, CAHBIMEBES, VE8TING8. AND W. GENTS' FCBNIS111NG GOODS. That he is determined to run ott at a ver\ simtll advance on cost. Persons patronizing his establishment will be ?frante?d a GOOD FIT and good workmanship, na fee is determined to employ none but the best workmen P 8 ?JOHN X. McLEAN takes this method to Inform his friends that he will be found at bis post at the above place, where he will be pleased t? cater te their tastes, giving th< m garments to suit tbe most fastidious, and seeing that their gar mente are made up in the most workmanlike manner. mh 11-lm jyi EBCUANT TAILUKING. The undersigned having entered into copartnership, and laid In aa exte? aive ans carefully a* selected stock ef CLOTHS, CASS1MEBES.^H VESTINGS, and Gentlemens' FUBN1SH- In IBO GOODS, are preparinl to ma^e up lor If thslr customers neat AtHnt andfasltionabltm*mm suits of clothing, at their new establishment, No. 3*^0 E street, two doors west of the National Theater. Persons desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing. on moderate terms, should not fall to give us aoall before purchaalng elsewhere. GEO T. KEEN, B.W .GILBERT, Formerly of ?0? 9th st , Merchant Tailors, b S im* No. 330 E it. bet. 13th and Uth. E< J. HIlBEMlb, ~ Metropolitan Motel, late Brown's, MW . _ S?? Pennsylvania aewae, Tl-if Washington.D. O. AT P0BL10 BALE THndl'l. M __ , m. M. HALL'S BEAL ESTATE EXCHANGE, Corner 7th street and La avenue. t-S. i a? ^?. .fi-mnrt,ol!-.on premises, en the 1<th of A pril, 1MT, at o'clook p a. by virtue of a deed of truat executed by Frederick Voigt, to John Geo. Stock, <to seenre Andrew Tbeirer.) u^on a one story frame hnn?e. situ tted on the west part of lot ten,(](f) in ?iuare Mo. 41, Washington cl*? 1 * ? a lease for tbe term of flee years, "I?*'"*' dolyreecrded In llb.rH M 8 , Ho. I, folio# MB and 889, chattel records for Washington county Terms cash sahW-eolm R AMTS.-Jnst recited, a large lot ef IV CALICO, in raaaatite of from two to ten r*,nt* ,worth ? cenU. All wool MOU8LINES. all cvltii. at 40 centa. worth AO cents: with a fnllstoch of low-prioed aad medium DBISS GOODS. GEO J JOHNSON A CO . reh r? _ 5>n So vent h street I \1ABIBS FOB 1-67 -A large assortment* II DlABlKn.for WT.ter sale at low prices. M M VBAPgK TA YLOB WANTS. W-FLT!D A MILLIH1*. Appr?13 . th t Mwmi G and It. " \LT ANTIh-A WniriCOOK Sh?n?U'tbrl K ? J**1 Ha. 494 ltth it be twee F 01 W IB ti It W Mt*~Mi ttvstiaE i -f ?* o tea n *' 1ln,'d|>.oM:asi. RM t***"!' c cured b> a;pMbg to D STOOEBEI,,rjE A CO mr.i>J(tw,a>r7thu)i y ,t?._ B U It" t\ g..?,d COOK who and etanla *? deserts and pastry. in esmall arlvste easily, "' ' 'icm r jn!r <i Appl/ at 3*8 0 streat oonh. " mXSSt*

V\' ANTED--A ?bli*~WoM ? Btoc?k ?? iaa ktiTkte family Mast b? ?ell reco;?. rn'DdMI. Apply It 4tfl C street. between 34 eat 4S?treets. _ It* WANH' ?Br tbe i?t of M'j nsxt.or asoaer .a u*?' ?D4ciiT(H?it PWILLINQ ' -I V to earned private femil> . with at im<i ?i* ""<% sir 11 oon p a large > ?r j , A* . 1 ? rwsoocta >T? <* c*itytlntbe northern part of thn city, i. tween th n 1411 stre> ta wept, to rent |X>rtBeu*utly, ?T 1 a e f >r Jot 6 y era. at a rest of a> out 4 it or $ 0 "' ontV l*y kB old reeident. end one <?f the b?-t end moet cartnl Bad relia le tenants in tbe c ty. A3dr,ss _C;VIL ENGINE KB.' carp of Wm ror?ytk, lij , City Birt^or. ?hl'? ?o?t* WAHTID-$3O0 for oae year at 11 per ten'. Any person having the above to loan can a1* 4repp' ABC Star Office, etnting where an Interview ran bp bad m tt-St* \\ ANTED- A HOUSE with about eigh' r??mt ( ?* and (Pilar, by let of April lataud pre rred. 4 r*pp n* bie yearly tenant ?a* be ae if-d and rtnt na*d in advance, by ad dree sing Po*t Office Bex 8*6. stating location and term* mh rt > * W'AIITED?Te buy for caah, one m two email " BOC8I8. enntatntrg iruBi f >nr to aeren reome sach Housea adjoining pre erred, Aiiu, a Fire proof Safe. fTAKt A 00? m ?-<t? 4?*>* , 7t>atreei. W ANTBD-On tbe let prusinn, two or three ' ' oenii-xMng untarnished BOOMS for h <u*ekeeping wltkin tea minute* walk nf th? treasury Department Bent man he modera'e. Add-wee Poet Office Box 418, etatlag termt. location, Ac. m *2 it' Wanted immediately-a good German intirne>man BABBBB. Apply at X8H!, 7th ptreet bptween B and 1 eta m . 1-tt* A situation WaNTIP BV a rehpkoT. able weman, as B"?tauraat COOK Be?t city referen e given. Address Sox 13, Star Office. nih 21 3t^ WABTBD? An lilsh or Onrman Wili?H, to do the work In a email family. Hut come well recommended None o tbe re dcM apply. Inanire at 16? O ptreet, near corner 10th vtrei-t, Island. in >1 St" W~ ANThU-A SITUATION in a private family by a good cook. Aleo, oae a* lanndreee or chambermaid. OooJ refervacee Apply at Staple) men t_Oftice^_4S?9S_2tbjitreet; m 20 Jt* WANTBU ? *n experienced RbiOKl'M ITU to 10 to the country A pingle white man pre ferred. Inquire of CIl AS. STOTT A CO., Drng glet*. 37 4 Penn a aveaue. m 20 3t* WABTBD TO BKBT OB PUBOHA*B-A K AkM of from l<t to 100 acree. north of and near the city, with good building and ether itn rro\< niente Any person having euch propertv ran tind a firet-iTaa^ tenant, l>y applying at STARB k OO.'8. 4*?H 7th etreet, between D and B. mh 9 2? * WANTBD-A respectable whit* WOMAN,to take care of a youn^ child. Apply at 47 1 Pa arenu^ mh 2 AOBBTB WANTED F"R TBI MOST BX.J1T1NG AND 1NTBBBST1NG BOOK OF TUB I>A V. GkN L. C. BAKBBB HIBTOBT OF tbb BBCBBT SBBVICB Id eTery city. town, comity, and State of the L'uton. to canvacH for this work. This history w?* announced one year ago, bat owing to the e'tenipts of the 0?vernmet.t to enpprese It. its (oiMiratl"D wued> la>"d. It will now be i*?n?d, tiualti-rtd and nnabridged, nnder the *npervt?i<>n of Oen. HAKKK It contalim a tail and otticial e>po?e of the Intricate maohinatione of tue >cr? t enen.i of the Colon. For startling developments and thrilling adventures, this b"Ok eclipse* the fani 'ts ext ei encee of Konche and Vldoc i. The marvel jae narratives of General Baker are all attested by the hiKhent official authority. It will contain tbe only official history of the Aseae^ination compira y. A fall bt-tory ef this great, startling, and terrible crime, KBOM ITS CONCEPTION, IN TBB HAUNT-* OF VILLAIN* TO TUB BL'BIAL PL^OK OF BOOTU. has never yet been placed before the pnblic. The work also folly exp<>e?'p the nefarloas n) stem by which Presidential pardone were and are io readily obtained at Washington. The morals of tbe National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are som- str<tnee revelations concerning heads of departmentenieinbers of Congress, female pardon brokers, and diftingnisbed military characters. For full de?criptive cirrnlsrs. terms, and all partiriilMrs, address P. OARRBTT 4 CO , mbJ lm 7Che^tnat St., Philadelphia. WANTED?A SITUATION as peamstrens by a v v lady who understands sewing thoroughly by Wheeler k Wilson's Sewing Machine. Can at and tit ladies' and children's dressee. Address, fer three da> s, Box No. 7 , Star office. fe 27 WANTBD-New and Casroft CLOTH 1NG, old GOLD and SILVBR.or aev other article of value, at tbe eld Ofttabliehed Merchant Pawn bioker's Stote of B.FULTON k CO., iO'iDth st., 3 doors north of Penna av-nee Bole Agent for BINOBB'S SBWING MACHINE de 22-ly WANTED-lO OOO LADIES to kn^wthat at the New Stamping Booms, 434 9th street,opposite Pateut Offiee. tbey can tind the bept selected ass< rtment of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, Capep, Aprons. Jostsye. Waists, Yokes, Bands. Wrappers. Slippers. Pincushions, and Initials. A Is... designs for Pillow Cae<-s. Ottomans, Chair Covers, Pianua. and. In short, every variety of Patterns as they are daily Issued. We have a French Marhine and a Practical Stamper, and have reduced the price to flVB CENTS TEB WIDTB. We make and stamp any pattern brought r.s Braidx, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de 1^-tf ~ BANKERS. ' ^BVEN-TUIBTY TBEASUBY NOTES, 0 ot any series, exchanged for NEW riVE TWENTY BOND8, AT THE NATIONAL BANK OK COMMERCE OK GEORGETOW N. D C. Internal Beveuae Stamps for Notes. Chocks. Drafts Bonds, Deoda, Mortgage*, and other lev-al documents for sale at Government rates ink 7 lm J. Q UAMMEB.O ishier. J AT COOkK fc CO.t BAIKIIS, Afttmtk strut, oppontt 7V?aJwm. iiryand pel mcnrreDt market rates, and keep onstantly on hand, n fall supply of nil QOVBBNMEHT BONDS, SEVEN THIBT1BB, AND OOMPOUBB INTEREST NOTES. Ordera fat STOCKS. BONDS, Ao., executed. and Oolloctlona made on aU aceeoaibla poluU. e 1-tff _ harrow a co., BAVKIBI, Corner Louisiana avenue nnd Beyenth reet, dialxks IN GOVEBXMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SlLVEB J, | tf AND LAND WABBANTB f\n\ National Btak of Washington. B.D COOEB. (ot Jay Cooke A Co.,) Preaident W ?. 8. HUNT1NGTOH, Cnakior. j GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY AND FINANCIAL AGENT OE THE UNITED BTATE8, 14tA ?(rs?t, orrosut (As TV salary Dtntrim*w. Qovernment Beourltlea with Treasurer United States mrONE MILLION DOLLARS.^% We buy nnd poll nil claaaen of QOVERNMEMl btCVRITIESit currant market rntea. FURNISH EXCHANGE ami make Coll*tum* ?m ALL TEE PMJNOJPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. W* purchase Government Vouchers on tba MOST FA YORABLE TERMS, nnd give careful ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS <J BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, and to any otkar bualneaa entrusted to us. FULL 1NEOBMATIOB In ragnrd to OOVEEBMBNT LOANB at nil times cheerfully furnished WM. B. HUNTINGTON, Onakler. Waablnfton, March H, 1M. m21tf jpOBl AELB STEAM BNOIWE8, Combining the mnximum of efficiency, durakllity, nnd economy, with the minimum of weight sad price. They urn widely and favorably know*, mora tknn 80? being in use. An warrantad satisfactory, or ae sale. Daeeriptlve olrcuiara aent on application. Addreaa ? J. O. HOADLEY A OO., fa 8-aoSm Lawrenoa, Maaa. IkAlNTY DISHES; Beoeipts Oellected by Lady U Harriett St. Olalr. The Onrietiaa Hymaal; eedlted by Bev. Frank Bewail. Piokwick Papers; Diamond Edition. Haadland on tka Action of Medicine; New Edition Murray'a Emotional Dieorders of tba Nervea. Tka Story of a Stomach. Braithwalto'a Review for February. Da Bow'a FStM? TtVLOB. ^ k bhowmb. a. j. uutHin oSSr oe??o?; OEAEOBS (I 1 Fortreearving. ? w bubsHELL. corner 14tk and F etreeta, tsbl nnder Bkbitt Hoaae. FOB SALE AND RENT. H'-J' AM lui Ih .UEC-?< t? ... vul KlliT-TI* ? ? ' h t ia H C.-B and* *.ilea freta Geo * ? >m , 00 t i,e k?.|fl ItCl** Th- Hoc ' <'?< < ( 5 tooma Pv>MHi?a ?n lv< til of A?ri ?t? >r M JO? A lw| ? 4 J \ ? it! a it* >B, .n'erioi P?firtai?ii, Wuhli' ton. _ OH WAfK I US "* 8tor* Dum.ore ; >)? . N t ( I;' K KIM- Ur^KJiKUINtJ |i? l'a ?*e??* b??vnd \i .ad ?S ?tre-?, i.e? f d b* Urt Kent PoNt-cnt ?h <at \pi<l 1??. Also t?o Ift-r-hmi K , I L>?>*ri?tti, li r??t o( Library tlilUlii, I Full HALE? isi ?;m ioi>iiv>? l?A",f> ??i tie KlittbhBri read. on* mi be m tht *1 i HT I, ( . OAr?lall|'lO a nktljt ?ml?< H. > < I LI'" BENT? > rom tbr la' a \p:il, t' inr >1 ' 1 bar. somMy f nuhH BOOMa on *rst at.4 ! rrrxtf t'oor at 332 lith at., bat I aad E <? ? -t table baaed Caa ?e pro tir*dj^oav?-?l?Bt * ?t ? HOUSB umI 8TVRI T"t rant iurl K1.1 > H ?ti fur sale if ri-gnired Ap*!y corner ?th it'mt irwt and O rtr^t lartt na tl ???* L' ? I 8ALB?A Portable l'ai>-nt |<B I'.V the ? dimeasi<nt?feet by lu aad dspb ? faa W'll be sHd vary low. Apply 2.'?* . bat M aad4th streets ? si tt* CV)B 8ALB-GBOOBBY aad UiQV- B 4TUEBE with a HAH attacliMl; located ?o acornar 1 For terms apply to JoHN W BCBSS No 4 49 < 9th St., between V and O atraata. whilst* I I^OB SALB-Ths HTOHK endYFvTOBEg ef a ! Oigar Store on PeaeS'lrania tionut d , at ? *ord boat neat, will be sold for $?Ucuk Beat fa Kr maitk TL* proprietor ia shout l*a>ia< me City. Add raw S k F at th'a olBr.e n I It L'OB BENT-A tbreeatvr, H AIOE H 'U -it, I centainlag eight rooms and attic,on 4th ?t Fayette Alao. a nearly new auperior PI AkUf'rula. Inquire 94 Fe> ette street Oeirge tewn.D O (kHTI twr L'UH HIM-A HKI'IK H'JUsE ctainTTg t eight rooms with wide halt, get aaiwa'er altnate oo Dunberton atre*t ne?r Waibtart -a street. Georgetown A?ely at 400 and 402 Q street, between tth and 6th nbll-lw _____ C. B JEWBCL P?B HA LB-The PREMISE* ~2?S~ P-?n/, iTa nia avenue, between 9th and 10th atree'a The lot rune from Penn'a avenue to Ce?reet. and la improved by a three atory and a'tle m?dem fr -nt> ed BBK'K liOUBB and ioDT?nl"Qt back baild in*a. Water and km throiKhaut Will be eoid abject to aleaee now on It Tl le ladNaatatde Apply ? 8. HAMILTOB. 4*7 10th atraat. or to J 8 HOLLIB08HBAD tl St* |'E0 WEITCBBLL. THOS A. MITCBLL. MITCHBLL A BON. BBAL EBTATK BB0KBB8, Have coaatantly on hand a large lumbar of HOUfeBS AND BUILDINO LOTS In the moat deair>tble loca'ltles Pricea from A1 000to BIO."W Building Lota framtwocenu to per aqnarefoot. A nnmberof eEtlre S.naraa of gronad at aacli flgnrea that any enteryriaiag man commanding the meaua mleht pnrehaae. aob divide and sell them in amall lota daring the ap proaching apriag at a profit of ?0 to 70 p?r cant. V> ith an exp< rien( a of 16 >eara In thia otty in the above baaineaa.ibtlnc the firat tirna e?t!?bli?h-?d hfre,)wec?nfidetitl) aaaert that our taoilitiea tor a r*a<ly >al< or ?iu?ck p-irrhntc caanxt baexcelied Aa an illuatratioa of th?< rapid tne-eave in pr >p trty. w- aold a few yeara back a^uareof ijruuuil corner lltti and Bnunday tor .S'-.&m will comniaudtoday S*0U00. an IHW f?*<'t ..n 7tn street fjr ?ill bring to da? Stn.Oti; aold In H i twenty-fonr lota lor fiflMh?will bring to d vy 316.1X10. With pleasure will we refer *.> the pur ct aeeia. The utme ><p(> rtuuitlue imw v\|,t then. We have riamerom inrettment^ whkh wiU l>ay equally aa w. II Eap<>cUlty do *f call the at tentioii o' tho?e de?irli,< to Inve-tiu or diapoie of. liratrliaa Beal E-iate Paper Manr tia\e funda la U. S. aecuritiea aavin^ 7 per Cent wblch. if Invested in cood B??l E-tat? No tea. w< nld pay them trom 10 to 14 p. r cent Per?on? da-irona of eltl ar t.n ingoraelling Reil E-tate. or tlrat il?s* Heal Bs ate Nutea, will con -nit their intereat l.y calling oa MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Penn a ave. atid i6th st. P. 8 ?We place no property on onr b oka at exerltitaut pnc<-< liutto persona really ?leai fna to , sell we aiiord every facility mhUl wjHt MITGHELL A SttN L'OB SALB?A two atory HBluE HO0?E ? iTh I elated roof, situated at Me. 35" Virginia are line betw<-an 3>l and 4 } streeU. Apply to MAT PEPPEB No !?*Ot>,st. nib w .t LOK BALE-tiOt?b WILL., SlUOK aad Flx"i Tl BKb ef (the late Ell. a!i E iaonatwo. > B >ot and bLoe Store Nr. 4"1 7th street betaeen D anl E sts. F( r parttcnlars liwjnlre at the Store Mrs. MARY BDMONSTON mh 20 tf Aduiiulatrrtnx. L,'OB BALE?A bargain can he bad tor ca?b- a I BESTaLRANT, with HOUSE containing 11 rooms Thgee y-arn lease, low rent, and ex^el I lent altnation Now d<ilo( a go?d nnameaa. I'artjcnUrs at Turn-r H nae corner of ytb atreet and Penn aveane Wa?biagt"ti maftt* L'Uk 6a LB?A gentleman declining hone keeo tn? wishes todtapoaaef hia hou-ehold KI R NITLBE, consiatlng of every thing re^nisite fir the comfort and convenience of a -ma t fa-i ily. To persons of limited means a rare opportunity is offered. For further partirnlara inquire at frame Monae northwest oornar 4tb atr et east. ,?nd D street s. oth, Capitol Hill The housa can be rented lor a tnrderate sum. If d*slreU. mh A DBSIBABLB COCNTBT BESIDBXCE for rent for the balance of the year. Five miles from Anacosta Bridge. H^'ise centainiu" 12 lar.e p easant rooms,Including kltch-a: 3 ?erva af lana in Garden, choice Fruit and Shale Tree* Btalda, Carriage house, use of ica from the Icehonsa pantura for two horses and two ciwa, For terma.Ac .in i ireol T.B BBOOK8 near Fort Meigs on Marlboro' Road, or by letter to Forest vllle. Prince Oe >rge a county. Md. mh20ot* 1\WBLL1NG HOD8B WANTBD -Wantedlo IF rent, a comfortable two story DWELLING tar tba 0nsnia(j>ear from the l>t of April next' Addreia 0. W. G , Star office, atatin- ia ality and terms- mh 19 ooH' FWBBENT?8*-varal rer> deairahly and'handsomel> furnished front BOOMS at N . 21 In dianaav . between 4,and M sts . nea- City Hall 11rat clasa Boarding Houses within a few do ra. m Is 'it* SALE-Wnly 9100 cash rajuired th baT A anc? ran l>a paid in monthlv payments of Sid each, three new two stor? HOl'SES. situated on the B'.uth aid" of aouth L street, near 6th. Thia is an opportunity seldom ollared to procure a boms. STARR A CO ? U ?*; 7th at re*. aea r E pUBMiSiiBD PABLORS and BED ROOMS, on Anil irL and Iioo?> be let single or in ? .V?. .i? room" kaTe been ce <* ly p ipere 1 and painted, they are ?iiltaMe for housekeeping or aingle gentlemen There is water, gts.and > atb A?p,y J:i* u straet. between 19th ana juth, one v^uare from street cars mh 11 tapl" F,(l?.?AL?rTb'' STOt'K, riXTCBKS. GOOD ILL. 1 URM ITUBK.aad ten years' LEASE of a Hotel of lorty years standing Haa fourteen rooms, newly papered and painty; a put.lic Bath House, which pais well.a large Hall, well adapted for concerts, billiarda or meetiugw of any kind It alao has accommodations for twenty Ave <>r thirty horses. Has a aplendid yard, with a l>eantltul prare arbor attached, peach trees. Ac Thahonae ia well adapted to be kept npon the Buropean plan, or aa a lager beer saloon or garden. For terms. Ac_, apply to BROUKE A HOBDAY. Brokers. 12 8. Gay *1 . Baltimore. Md mh 11 eotw *-1(1(1 LAND n>?ar WashJl/vl i net on TO LET for two yaars ulthont ar y rent, for the consideration of pattiu* tb* land under cultivation, in lota or one to fifty acres, with many other Inducements, including . the privilege of buying thalanl at any time. For all particurara inquire of _ D. L. WELLS A CO , 1 mb 4 lm Corner loth and F streets. niK or thi mottT valcablb and db V BIRABLS BD1LD(NG LOTS in tha city f"r sale. It la aitnaud en tha north side of K stra. t. near ISth between Senator Sherman a and the I Mexican Minister s. fronting on Frauklia Sjuara. Said lot is 26 feet by 1ST, running back to a *? foot alley, and Improved bv a tw? atory brick atalde 1 fa 26-tf 8 P. BBO? N 4hi 9th atreet weet. F?pB, _8AL" - All kind or I NBEDEBMED PLEDGES, to ?ajr advances, at 34 ?? street, i near Pa. ave. 8. GOLDSTEIN A OvJ? , fe 21 lm UfeDMd Piwnbroleri. I FOR 8ALB OB BBNT?Fnrnishfd or unfur- ! nished-the BBSIDENCB or the Austrian 1 Minister. Corner 12th aud K Apply betseou IS ' 2 ?jjn fa M l m * FOB BBHT?The 8TOBB BOOM next ti the 1 ^ oflBce pnJ?r Metropolitan Hall. Apply I to C. B. BAKER. Star office. felStf < gTBlBWAl'8 PIANOS. ~ , We Lava juat received a new aaaortment of n ' PIANOFORTES from the factory, cot ?J aisting of Grand, Square, and Upright|BlB| 1 Cabinet Piaaoa. uTin For the last ten yeara Stetnway1* Piaaoa bare ! on all occasion", received the firat premium over 1 all new York, Boaton, Philadelphia, and Baltimore . makers, whenever aud wherever they have oome in competition AttheWorld<a Fair la London. ! Stein way A Bona received the Indoraeaient W an parlor!ty of their Ptaooa ever all maker* af the 1 world. . w W O MET/EBOTT A CO . Jest tl Bo. 31^ Pen a avanae, Bole Ageata. OBPHANS' COCBT. Marcb 12. 1M-UuTAici #r Colombia. Wa.eainaroN Oorwri. ?case ?' Bliicabaih Kailr. admlaia * !r,JliX Kelly, decaaaed. the adamia 1 tratrlx aforeeaid haa. with the aaaroutiaa * OrFfrana' Coart of WartilD^ton oonaty aapolnted Saturday the ?>th da? of Af'11- *847. for the flaal aettlament aad dtotribntlon of tha personal aatate of aaid da- 1 caaaad, aad of the aaaeta In baad, as far aa the | aaaae have been collected aad turned Into aaooer. when aad where all the creditors and hei ra *T said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise ?< by law be excluded from all benefit In aaid 4s- t, caaaed 'a aatate: provtAed a copy of this order be % published once a week for three weeks la the Bra ? alng Star previoaa t<^ the said day - Test?J AS B OHBIB>E Bt lllawtw* Begiater ofWOla ^ DB1L1P TBS SECOND, b> Charles Oavarre. ' B Joeeph the Second and his Coart; br Mahl bach Bralthwalte's Betrospect ror January Gardening far Pratt; a Ovtda U the Market aad Family Garden Bwiabnrn'a Lata Yeneria Two i MarrlegSk a novel bv Hiss Mnlocb The Adeea " tares ar rf'OrlfBa: illuatratsd. Tha Stauaman*s a Year Book far 19C7, Lendoa. lei TBAN0K. TATLOB. U AUCTION 8ALKK ^4*?r 4at-?a " *e?? ? - ,j tBiB AfTUBHOOH a!*D To. Mftt h * HT COOPEB A LAT Mil Aeeu... .. I> < late cierks with Jm O McWulr-B * ?.< Bonthweei c?ri>er of Penu'a avaaae H| nthst . t?r 0?f* Bonding UPABCEBT BALB ?>F~l*P?o\|n rtnrit -? ON ??TH eTBl AT WBsT. Hltwait ahl> r BTRBhTa 1ST ?ABf b> ?nti? of i deoo# ?? 'b*li|K?B*n?inr im liutrlilc* VtluniliU. ikkudtr. CW>*D? <M ?m l? to which 1 hoeaas Oocaa to OMepaeiaeet. aud '??' MiHaiiai >| !.. ?r* d*t(k4>*u,u>ii(4?r' tl k ii *o rust* e. Will eell, It f rwat of th- I'tuKM, M 'S Vwl p n .m THr^Dtl tk*llii4*i f March I b-tact. tart of Let osnibensl I?e t.? knbt?r?4 oi? knb<r?d?4<'*?iii| two, >7"j cob oi t'>l'hl>d> ?r?<HL>t ttve and running i<er th in t lino vllk m4 freatag M I weatleth sir*, t west II ftet S lack. (heaoa MM rwJ|l Ik toot oad IfllBrkM Bi>rt of M*?. tko?f Wl?*tM< s inch. and tbeace ? ?i Mri'*1aad la Ibi b-s taore or lees, ko (k? piece ol b? tinting LTr,Ww#f by thedecrae- Oa* balf cash and the BoiBuoO to to Bold la It whs. for wbtcfcilbo purchaser wilt la r?<|iilro4 t?a"a proBil #?rp a- to, Ukriu inter eat from date pi/?r?M f? the ittiiV Hon t7 lkotm?t)r. or too tar,, baser may. If beeodewree, HI the ?Wlt M Ike par. baa* m rank or ob? baif caab aad Ihe ba ili e ?B the rat:B< attoa *f tbo eaie br too roort T:i|a to b< rotaiao<i natll tbo wwoieef <he purebaa* Moaey la paid aou tbo rallied Or too rourt Coh?e> on<2 attain at th# coo* of lb<? porchasvr BOOBBB CABUbl TrattM w. ^ OOOrBB B LkTIHBB tab ! mMi An, tleaeers TTH* ABOVI 8ALB IB POSTPONED ib ne,lftb* raia.cntll SATl'BDAV AF TBkNOON aett.Merrl. M.aoMbotraa^Vaca btubkb dbBt'BI TrooJo liR? CoOPBB b latimbb. A acts BY W. B bBBM i OO Baetteaeara Nkmylraila tm?< * W'!'? " * 11?.',*''?*?'*n?lAnvenoe.tJBder National Hotel, TBI* BUNIki- ? naer lfr'doree Ladle* asd Of at* Boslery > orda Abo i?m wide Oottoa W" yards Boo Black i>B?e*nio~e ood Olotb 10 doren a bo Steel Frame Umbrellas Uolr Brashes Conli Tahlo aad Pocket Ontlerv Gold and 8ilv#r Wot boo. Be , 6c. B? ? B LBWISBOO.imti |^Y N AGLB B Oo , Aovtkvaoora AP0T10N BALI UBOl LOT BUTTER. Detiriag to change t>< ameee, we will efler oar entire auck.eo>>lkUB| of? m tiik :b? lb Ice Family Batter .'4ft hrkiasGnod koaiily Batior SO fiikiua Ouatooa to Good Hattor At Bu< tloB. Ib fro t of oar Htora, oa MOID AT . Marcb .3. ISC at i? a m Oiocara, Proariotor* of Hotel* Boataaraata. BB<I Koardlag n >Bao* will b? aooclally boaafltiad by thisaala. D B HTBaBHB A OO . 3^4 Pa. art. b?t ?s aad Mb ato It NAG LB a OO . Aacta BT GBBBH B WILLIAMS AacMoaoar* Ko. Btfb, coraar 7tb and l> atroau FIKHT CLASH P LAWK WALBUT PABL4B abd ouambbh f rbmiti kb, rkin a BEP COBTBIBi. >bl\bt campus, hbdlikg. ac , r chlic ai c1 k B Ob VOM'AT, tbe rth ia?taat at in a'cloek a. ai. on tbe fr-ntaoe ?>ali g bon?r Bio froatiac on D atioot Bortb brtvera lltb and 19tb atrooia wrat. w<- aball Boll tbe followfair artioioa, ric Oue II ii.OKiDe ttro^a Parlor Baito. coa matin, of Foto-a-iata Bofaa, tatjCaetor and tour bide Cbatra Three Marble t^? < ent< r Tabloa Too Hhtideome Frendi-plat* Mantel Olaaaoa Oue large iiandcoiue Pier Glaa* witb Marble Blab and Bra< ket, all Beinc ia perfect ord^r Four handa. me tun mod Grooa Hep, and Cornice to mat< b, root ?*o. Fout bandet n.e I.ace < artoma to match ULt 1 as#'cu f Black alnot Ubauiber 8et, coaaiattng of beav^ made Hadaiead. Marble l*p I>r a<ing Bureau Wa-ha?aad. ? d Obaira, all n <de to ord* r r?ot ^^b Two MtBdai.ui" Bla<k UnDot Oliatiibor bete < oo( . tii k of Mart>le to# Bar?ta?, W illi UD a. ar iroboe Bedatea la, Cbaira, lablea an li ckera.all to match one hauda-<me Pear-Painted octt*ae ? et, cobHi?rtag af M?rbtetop Draa<log Hnrxaai, \k aeh~ta>- > Tar>ta? Obaira. >m t Bockera One Gi?>d liilald Paiated Cottage bet.ali .aaa pleto Ten exceilt tit Balr and Spring Mattras?e? T> a Lire geoae Featber Pllloaa ani five Bol tera One Green Bep Loaago and Foar Btnffed B p Cliatre Two baBOaome Velvet Caraata. coat $io per > ard Mx neai ly iie* Ttiiee pl> Carpata H Hudaotne V elTet btair Carpet ant Brarae* B a. k ValuutBall bet, cou?!ating of Table aad Two < halts Rail Oilclotha and Velvet Boga aod Muta Lxcelient folding. an?li aa Hlankete. Comfort*, b| Trade, bbeet*. and t iae* Paiutid Wood Dreeamg Bureana, WaahatntidB. \S ardrobe-, ai o < .n* Beat Obaira Bla k Walnut Kxieaxion Tat te Oak I'ane Seat I'itmig Cba'r? and Loonca Toilet Beie and W ladow Sbtdee Tat It) Crockery and Giaaaware Table t'atlery. conaietiag of Plated Forka.Bpooaa, and Ivory handled Kauai Refri-erator. Tin Bafe. and Kncben Beviaiaitaa Otiambvr. Choking, aad other Stove* And all other goods app- rt?iutng to hoisekeeg' lag. Th- above Fnrmtore Je of the boat mallfy. aad tbe m>at of it waa ..ade to order in Baltimore. Tei ma ca b. mb 21 d GBEEM A WILLIAMS, Anrto BY COOPBB A LATl MEW. Aortt' Deere ? Late clerka with Jaa. 0 MrUuire A Oo 8. W. corner Pena avanae and 11th atreat, Star Oflice,Hag HOUSEHOLD FrBNTTCBE AT AUCTIOJI OQ MONDAY next. March S.1. at 10 o'clock, at tbe iioitbaaet corner of lltb aa 1 O atreeta. ?? Pba l aell an aeaortmeat of Furaitare, couipr atDg? B< datoada and Bnraaaa Cbambar Seta, Gane aeat Chair* Walaut Extouaion Dialnc Table Hair cloth Parlor Cbaira Hair and Hnak Mattreaaee , , Iraraln and Three ply Carpeta Mr li oow ttiadeiCrockery aB'i 6laae Ware Cooking aad Heating Stovoa, Be * Term* caah. mb 19 . t COOPBB A LATIMBR, Bucto. J-JT THOB DOWL1MQ. Anct .ttaoryetoirn V* SATIOBiL WA?0B8 AT a cctio* On MOBPAY MOBHIBG, A?r1l Irt. 1?^T, at 10 O'clock. 1 will aell- at th# Wa/on Be'ablUhtneat of K- P. Bnrtord, Na. 7 Bridg# atr-et, George town? - new one borae Expre-s Wacow, - " two b<>iae * 2 " foar-hone " " The :tbove wasoaa were bnllt in the vry h -at mann-T for tbe Bational Expreea Corn pan r, and will be ao'd t<> the highest bidder for caah. at their rlek and eapenae. K P. BOBFOBH. m lo d TH08 DOWLIBG. Au JJT T1108. DOVI LlIiU. Anct ; iieor^etewn. , COFPBB STILL. Be . AT AUCTION Oa MONDAY. 25th day of March, at l?o'cl ?k, at ihe Aactloa Boom* ot Tboe Iiowling <j?-or-e town. D. <3 .1 a hall exyoeo lor sale to the hlvbeat bidder to cash One Copper Still and Worn KiTf Ferment Tuba Two Bectif?in? Tube. Ac The above artlclea being eaired by m>- oa tbo prerniaee of James Lydon aad contiacoted for a violation of the Internal Bevenne law L CLBPUANB. . ... Collector Internal Keveuae ?or D C tab 181w THOS. BOWLING, Auct. |^T W. L. WALL B CO , A actions eta. We will aell oa MONOAT MOBBING. M .rob lh, at l?o'clock, all the Stock aad Flxtoree of the 1>tuj Store, Bio. 31 7th street, b-tweea e and T atreeta coasts*lag of Jars, Bottles. Skelving, Drawers, Ac.; alao. a lot of Drn?t wttb an m> ioitment of gocds asaally foand In a Drug More. Terma citsh. Bib W W L. WBLL B CO. A nets u BY COOPEB B LATlMKK, Aactioneer*. (Lato clerks with Jas. C McGaire A Co.,) Soatkoestcoiner of PeLB'aave and litaatrret. Star office Bnlldins. valcal1improved and ubimpbovbb A* ACCTITOBT" SM p,,h a AVBNCB On FB1DAY AFTERNOON asst.March tad. at ko'clo<-k p. m.. oa th# promisee, we will sell tbo tenth U feet t inches ot Lot ?. la .Via a re Bo .?*. mproved liv a eubstaatial aad well oailt three itory Brick Dwelltuf. with a two story back ullding XiBt .inlug in all toartoen rooas, wita las tbroughont. Pump of water ia yard. Alao. advising the above, and lamediatelr ifter. we will sail tbe aorth U feet t inches of L<*t Ho 27. Shears >M, nniwprovod, except b* a brtck julldin. on the rear of the lot. Both loto bave a lepth of 10t feet 10S inches to a tklrtf foot pared klle> id th? rear Th# above described real estate bel< aged to the ate Col M.Noarae.aad iaei'natod aa Ike v?st lide of tftl street, beta eon B and F streets aorth. uid near Pennst l?ai la avaaae, and Is well worthy he atteatioa of peraona desiring first , lass prop>rty . there being little or nnee for sale la this inine^ l ate neighborhood Posssaaioa gfvea Map l, ^Tbims C*oo half caah; balaaccia^ aad lZaoatkB, rith inteiest. eacarod by a (toed of treat oa the property. All coaveyancUg and revoaas sUaas kt cost of |<aret a?er. A deposit of ? i n?i wtll be oonirod af the purabaeer at tissa of aate ^ WM B JOB I BtHJBSB. Bxocators of Michael Boarso. Bik 7-eoA Is COul BB A LBT1MBB, Boots! ay-the abovb balb is pobtfobbd ib oBS*tfti<?a?o of the lacletaoney of the weather, mtil WkDBBBDAl AFTEBBOOB, Marco j?th , kue hoar and place WM B JOS B BOOB8B. Exacn*orsof Michael Noar e mhg dAdd ( OOPhB A LATIBEBTAa u l?T NAGLBB CO., Bcctlosoers. \> Sakwroosn Ba. 99U Peaa avaaae. Botweea fthaod ltth aka. BAGLE .1 CO will give their aeraoaal attention o the sale <jf Beal Betate aud Household Fnnaijre. Blso. to the *al-e of ?tocka of Broe?rio?, riaee. Lliaosa. and Merchaadtae of every de -Jgj-B. l^oraes. Cat rlstw M"^caasiaaaiOBts Begalar kales at oar saleerop* bterr TLBS . all-tf AacMoaeer*. ^ICABS AMD TOBAOCO -PBOOBB B~" B? MONSI'nN will be happy toearee his frleade Bd tier puhtte srlth Otgars aad Tobacco, at Be Lcalaaaaaveaa#, ao*r Banhef Waa blag. >n. l to Ma|