Newspaper of Evening Star, March 23, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 23, 1867 Page 4
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=t he evening otaii ; ornciit. 1 LtHS OF THE UNITED STATES. Fussed at Ihf S'ionJ Sr*ii?n d the Tklrty-aiu(ti Coi'irn. iPtblic?No. 8P ] A* Act appropriations for the current RDd crntmrent of the Indian OepaTtmec, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations *nb various tribes for the ) ear ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight. \ Continued from yesterday's Evening Star.] For Ave per centum interest on two hundrs.l and fi(:| tnou?.md dollars, to be paid as anna* My, per eighth artirle treaty s >>enth \ugmt, eighteen hundred anJ fifty.six, twelve thousand five hundred dollar*. For interact on twe hundred and fifty thou- ! and dol.ars, a: live per centum, to be paid as ani.uity. , they Having joined their bretnren west.) per eighth article treaty seven th, eighteen hundred and fifty-six. twelve thousand five hnndred dollars. For interest on fifty housand dollars, at th? raie of five per centum per an mm --to be paid annually for the -up>?.rt of schools," as i er article treaty ot Mnreb twenty-flrst.ei.:h-U!\ni*d *nd twenty-five hundred dollars. Fer Interest on twenty thonsand dollars, a: tre rate of fiv* p*-r centum per annum, ?kt4> be paio annually" for thesupport of theSemiuoN I government, as per third article treaty of I inarch twenty-first. etgb'een hundred "and 1 sixty-six, one thousand dollars. SEN EC AS. t or permanent autiuity m specie, per fourth I ar.icle treaty twenty-ninth September, eigh- i teen Hundred and seventeen, rive nunJred collars. For permanent aciuity in specie. per fourth article treaty sevententh September, eighteen hundred anu eightee. . five hundred dollars. i ci blacksmith and assistant, shop and tools, and iron and steel, during the pleasure of -be fresident, per fourth article treaty twenty*i*htM r eoruary, ei^n teen hundred and thirty, one, cne thousand and sixty dollars. * or miller during the pleasure of"the Pr?sidea', per fourth article treaty twenty-eighth >ebroary. eighteen hundred and thirty-one. six hundred dollars. SEN EC AS OK NEW YORK >or permanent ani.uity, in lieu of interest on stock, per act of nineteenth February, eighteen hundred and, six thousand dollars. tt>r interest, in lieu of investment, on seventy-five thousand dollars, at five per centum, per act of twenty-seventh Jane, eighteen naudred aca Jorty-six. three thonsand seven hundred and titty dollars. For interest, at five per centum, op fortythree thousand and fifty dollars, transferred from Ontario Hank to the United States trea*. ry, per act of twenty.seventh June, etgtr*ea hundred and forty-six. two thousand one huucirtti and lifty.^wo dollars and flltv cents. SEN ECAS AND SHAWN EES. tor permanent annuity in specie, per fourth article treaty seventeenth September, eigateeu hundred and eighteen, one thousand dollars. For blacksmith and assistant,shop andtool?. and iron and steel for shop, during the pleasure of the President, per fourth article treaty twentieth July, eighteen hundred and, one thousand and sixty dc lars. SHAWN EES. tor permanent annuity for educational purposes. per fourth article Uvaty third August, aeventeen hundred and ninety-five, aud th ra article treaty tenth May, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, one thousand dollars tor fourteenth instalment of interest, at five per centum, on forty thonsand dollars for education, per third article treaty tenth May, end. teen hundred and titty-lour, two thousand dolfor permanent annuity, in specie, for educational purposes, per fourth article treaty twenty-ninth September, eighteen hundred and seventeen, and third article treaty t-u-a May eighteen hundred aud fifty-four, two thousand dollars. SHOSHONES. WEUTURN BAX1M. For fourth of twenty instalments, te be expended. under the direction ot tn- President, in the purchase of such articles as he may deem suitable to their wants, eiber as hunters or herdsmen, per seventh article treaty October first, eighteen hundred and sixty.three, live thousand dollars. eaptxr* ramdb. tor fourth of twenty instalments, to be expended, under the direction of the President, m -he purchase of such articles as he may deem suitable to their wants, either as hunters or herdsmen, per fifth article treaty July second eighteen hnndred and sixty.three, ten thousand dollars. JiORTHWESTEKS BANDS. tor fonrth of twenty instalments, to be expended under the direction ot the Pre-ident. m the purchase of such article^! as he may deem suitable to their wants, eitoer as hunters or herdsmen, per third artiele treaty July tn rtv eighteen hundred and sixty-three, five thousand dollars. eosHip RAvns. r or fourth of twenty instalments, to be expended, under the direction of the President, m the purchase of such article*, including cattle -or neraing or other purposes, as ne shall de-m suitable for their wants and condition, either as Huntsmen or herdsmen, per seventh article treaty October seven, eight-en hundred and sixty-three, one thonsand dollars SIOUX OF DAKOTAH. BLACKmT BAUD For second ot twenty instalments, te be paid in snch articles as the Secretary of the 1 ntert?L."!!? tf,recf- M f?urth article of treatv l >c.ober nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty.five, seven thousand dollars. K>WM ' BULK BAUD. tor second of twenty instalments, to be paid in inch articles as the Secretary of the Interior direct, as per lourth article of trea'y of October fourteenth, eighteen hnndred aadlixty-Qve, six thousand dollars. M1XHBCOSJOC BAWD. tor second of twenty instalments ?o be paid Secretary ot tte Interior J?yJ*ireet, as per tourtn article of treaty of October tenth, eighteen hundred and si\tv-Uve ten thousand dollars. " omk-pah-pah. . ??r.iS'cofd ot tw*atJ instalments, being thir**** lodge or tauiiiy, (three hundred lodge*,) to be paid in such articles as the , ?.f lb* 'nt**ior ma> direct, as p?r ^ article of treaty of October twentieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, nine thousand Mitri. (MiAUlLA HAN[? tor second of twenty instalments, to be paid in such articles as theiSecre-ary of the Interior Jwy direct, as per fourth article of treaty of October twenty-eignth. eighteen hundred and sixty-live, ten thousand dollars tor this amount, for the Brut, and Ogallala bands of Sioux, to be placed * the disposal of Jie President, to be expended by bun or uuder his direction, in such manuer sj will best tend to sustain peaceable relations wi*h ea.d Intiians, thirty-five thousand dollars. SAX* ABCS BAS 1>. For second of twenty lustalments, being .lo lod*e or family, (two hundred and eighty lodges.; to oe paid iu su .-li articles a? the >ecreiary of the Interior m tv direct, as per fourth article of treaty of October twentieth, eighteen hundred and six'yfive, eight thousand fonr hundred dollars. TWOKBTTLCSBAHD. r or second ot iweuty lusiaiiuente, to be paid in such articles as the Secretary ef tn?* lu:?. L,.0!.,B,aLdlr,'ct* M J*1" article of It-hiy ber mneteeuth, eighteen hundred and rl^rh rik. year ending Juue thirtTo!!;Ld do'?ar.UBdml and _ CPPaa VASKTOSAI8 11 AX D i. ,DI twe?ly ,n*falo?eiits, to be pu.d J" arucles as the Secretary of the l?-e. ^ fourto article of treaty eiit* t? tTt. awudred aud sixty-cve. ten thousand dollars. TAmiToBAis BAND. * or second of twenty iustalments i>eina thirty dollars for each lodge or family* rthree hundred and fifty lodges. >u> bepsdn(?n^ artieles as the Secretary of the lS ?io? may direct, as per fourth article of tre*ty of Oetober twentieth, eighteen hundred aud sixty, five ten thonaaad live hundred dollars. siorx or dabota. For expense of transporting and deliver'a* articles turnished for the nine bauds of Sioux aforesaid, as required by treaties made at Port Sully in October, eighteen hundred and sixty. five, twenty thousand dollars. 7 LOWER BELLES. tor first of fiye instalments, being twenty. flye dollars for each lodge or family engaged M? agricultural pursuits on their reservation, (one hunured lodges. > to he expended in stock, agricultural and other implements, and improvements, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, the saiastock. and so f jrth, to remain the property of the I'aited litates. to be ased for the benefit ?f said lodges or taini?n no c? to he sold or alienated by said band, per sixth article treaty ol October fourteen, eighteen hundred andsixty.fiye. for the fiscal year ending June thir'y, e^chreen !!"B!lr^-ann two tliuutAd five hundred dollars Qt lATm"T- P*r '*'?? article treaty of October fourteen, eighteen hundred and sixtyOve. for the ttecal year ending June thirty, eighteen hnndred aud sixty-elght. nine hubdred dollars. t or the ere. tion of a blacksmith fcYop. per .xth article treaty of October fourteen, eJu. teen hundred and sixty.flye, five hundred dollar* * ?r the s'.p|>er: vue hlactstauh, acd /or Mil. iron, and steel, and other arti l"s ntcwsary for the blackaoiitu -hop,per sixth article reaty of October fourteen. eighteen hundred md sixty .five. tor the fiscal year ending .1 unthirty, eighteen hundred and sixty.eight, one thousand five hundred dollars TWO KETT1.ES r cr fir*t of ttv? 'ostaimcbu?, twenty, five dollars ior each lodge or family locnted on landa for agricultural purposes. (one hundred and thirteen lodges,) to be expended in agricultural implements and improvements, per fll h article trea:y of October nineteen, eigb teen bundled and ?n j.?Te, for the fiscal year ending Juae thirty, eighteen hundred and >ix y eight. two thousand eight hundred and dollars. _ ? . "V AN K TON A IS. r or firs? of five instalments, bein? twenty, five dollars for each lodge of family located on j lands for agricultural purposes, (one hundred I ar,<i fl[teeti lodge* ) to be expanded tn agrical. ' .urai implements and for improvements, per tilth article treaty of October twenty, eighteen hnndredand sixty-five, for the fiscal year end. 1 Jnne thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty, eiifht. two thousand eight hu: ired and reventy.five dollars. SANS ARCS. 1-or first of live instalments, being twentvflve dollars foi each lodge or family located on ior agricultural purposes, (tbirty-egti: lodges,) to be expended in agricultural imi>l?. meu-.e and improvements, per fit ti article treaty of October twenty, rlgnt?en hundred md mp -five. lor the fiscal } ear ending.Tun* thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty.eight, nine hundred and fifty dollars. SIX NATIONS OF NEW YORK *er permanent annuity in cfllothiug and other useinl articlee.per sixth article treaty eleventh November, seventeen hundred and ninety, four, lour thousand five hundred dol1&T8. SKL4LLAMS. For seconder four instalments on sixty tkonsand dollars, (being the fourth series,) under he direction oi the President, per tifth article treaty twenty-sixtb January Eighteen ban? dred ai.d fifty.five, three thousand dollars tor eighth of twenty instalment* for the support oi an agricultural ana industrial ^ ?r P*T for SUIUible teachers, p. r eleventh article treaty twenty-sixth, January nfe h?n tr^SSs and ve> tw? thousand ri>e hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for the employmeut of a blacksmith, carpenter, farmer. for th/i!1'?10 shall furnish medic.oh, ' P'1" eleventh article treaty twenty jacnary, eighteen hundred and tirtv. five, ,our thousand six hundred dollars. TABEGUACHE HANI) OF lrTAH in MANS. ll?e ioriJth ?t t*n instalments lor the purchase of goods under the direction oi the Sec lhe iat*r,or- Per "itthth article treaty ol October sleuth, eighteen hundreu and six! ty-thiee. and Senate amendment of Mw h wenty-flitb. eighteen hundred and slxtwJir ten tbonsaud dollars. 3 ' .rf*rJh"/our:h of Hve instalments, per teath article of same treaty and Senate amendment thereto, to be applied lor tie purposes ot agrii"turf; lhr Purt"a*e of farming utenl-nVYh ? ac?niais, ten tbou*and dollars, f or the fourth of ten instalments, per eighth article of said trea'y, for the purchase of pro. J!*?1ucd" th" rtir*?-tion of the Secreta:y of the Interior, ten thousand dollars. I-or the purchase of iron, steel, and necessary tools for blaoksw.ith's shop, a? rer tenth dot'lars Mld tr*atT> two inndred and twenty" blacksmtth and Assistant, as per 8rt,cle. cue thousand one hundred aolFor insurance, transportation, and general incidental expenses of the delivery ol goods provisions, and stock, live thousand doilhrs. IMPQUAS, (OOW CREEK B\NI> ) h.L??e rTTfcm of instalments ,n LMFQUASANIi OA LAPOOlAS, OF I'M p V rnQVA, VALLEY, OBKOON t or third of live instalments of the third *m 'annuity for beneficial objects, to be extr'U r tUr*CUfd *>y tbf- President, p-r third }' *wenty - muth November, eigh. naV>?f?lf?te*n .?* n,"'''n instalments fer the {?/mIth?and purchaseof medicines, per .ixth article treaty tw enty-n inrh Noverntbousae;idbd:'r?r?DIldred aDd ,U,>-four*OTJb"l'''Vh Of twenty instalments for the pay ol a teacher and purchase of book? and stationery, per sixth article treaty 'wentv ^LLA.WAI.LA^V^ A.N1> IMA l^ird of five instalments second series R* . *?***** uati*T direction of the President, per second article treaty ninth June, eighteen hundred and flfty-flve siv thousand dollars. T ' Sl* For eighth of twenty instalm-uts for the nuro' ?1, n?cM*ary m!ll fixtures aud me. chanleal tools, medicines, and hospital s'eres books, and stationery for schools, and furmthe employees, per lourtb article treaty nm.h .Tune, eighteen hundred and flftv-five three thousand dollars. unj-nve, w'*hLb of tw*nty instalments for the t-.vL !! subsistence of one superintendent of farming operations, one farmer, two miller* one blacksmith, one wagon and plough maker', one carpenter and joiuer. one physician, and two teachers, per fourth article treaty ninth June, eighteen hnudred and flfty-five,Vieven thousand two hundred dollars. ' n For eighth of twenty instalments for the nav of each of the tead chiefs of the Walla. Walla C*yu*e, and L'matilla bands, the sum of five hundred dollars per annum, per fifth article treaty ninth June, eighteen hundred and fifty, five, one thousand five hundred dollars. For eighth of twenty instalments for salary for the son of Pio-pio-raox-mox, per fifth article ireaty ninth June, eighteen hundred and fifty-fi^e. one hundred dollars. WJNNEB4QOES. For interest on one million dollars, at five per centum, per fourth article treaty first November, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven and joint lesoluuoa July seventeen, eighteen hunured and sixty-two, fifty thousand dol1-or twenty-first of thirty instalment* ef interest on eighty.five thousand dollars at five per centum, per fourth article treaty tturteenth October, eighteen hundred and lortvdoiiars?r aiiCl two hundred and fifty WALE PAH-PE TRIBE OF SNAKF INDIANS. AKt' > or breaking and lencing a snfilcient qnant.ty of land for the use of said ludiaus. and for seeds, larmiug utensils, domestic animals, and snch subsutence as maybe necessary dun nr the first year of their residence upon their reservation, per sixth article treaty of Aueu.i twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty-five live thousand dollars. ' ' n e For first of five instalments, to be expended under the direction ol the President, a* per seventh article treaty of August twelfth eighteen hundred and sixty-five, two thousand go i lars. \AKAMA NATION.' I-or third of five instalmentr- of second series for beneficial objects, at the discretion of the President, per fourth article treaty niuth 1 line dollars'4 mlaud fi?y-flve,eigbt thousand j or eighth ol twenty instalments for the sudport of two schools, one of which is to l>e an agricultaral and Industrial school: keeping repair school bnildings, and for su -able furniture, book?, and statidnerv, per fifth articls treaty ninth June, eighteen kindred and fifty-five, five hundred dollars Y or eighth of twenty instalmenu for the employment ot one superintendent of teachine and two teachers, per fifth article treaty nimb June, eigbtaeti hundred and fifty-five three thousand two hundred dollars ' For eighth of twenty instalments for the employment of one auperintendent of fjirmtnir and two farmers, two millers, two blacksmiths, one tiuner, one gunsmith, one carpenter, and one wagon and plough maier per filth article treaty ninth June, eighteen hundred and fliti! five, nine thousand four hundred dollars tor e gh'hof twenty itstalmenUfor keepmg in repair saw and flouring mills, and for fur Btsbing the necessary tools and fixtures, per filth article tieaty ninth June, eighteen nundred aud Iifty-five, five hundred dollars r or eighth of twenty instalmenu for keenin* in repair the hospital, and providing the i.e ?*harj'aud lix'nrw therefor, per fifth ariisle treaty ninth Juiie, eighteen hundred and fifty.five, three bundred dollars *or eighth of twenty instalments forkeeoi..* ca rpen ter^s "an ri*9*11'"' f""nith* iarpenter a and wagon and plough maker'.! ^beps, and for providing necessary tools fh?ra of pbjTslefanf p^' .Trie, eighteen hnudred and fiftv tht usand four hundred dollars v*flre? I'or eighth of twenty instalments inr ii. repair the buildings required for the^TrtoM en.;.ioyeea, and for providing the furi.itnre therefor, per fifth article treatv^nlfs J ur.e, eighteen hundred and flfty.flv. taribundred dollars ' 'hree For eighth of twenty instalments for the salary of such person a. the said confederal and band ot Indians may ?lect fMS tbeir head chief, per fifth article treaty ni?!? Jwtie. eighteen hundred and flrty?^n'fln^ hundred dollars. ? nve YAMCTON TRIBE OP SIOUX For ninth of ten instalments to bn'oaid tn tft^m or expended for tbelr benefit,co.nmancm* the year m which they shall removeio aausoCUc and raude upon their re^rvauon pr four h article treaty nr,f>en b April (itb'f?n hundred and nity eirht, Sixty-dv<* th< ufand dollar?, GFNtRAf. INCIDLNTAT, FXPF.XSKS OF THE I?ll>lftN SLRViCL. ARIZONA. ? , lor the general incidental cipi<u>?s of 'tn Indian service in the Territory of ArUooa, i presents of geods. agricultural iinpt*n?ent9, and other usefal articles, and to assist tu?'m to j locate in permanent abode?, and susuuu them- | ?el*es by the pursuits of civilt/ed ltte, to bo expended under the directiou of the Secretary of the Iaterior. seventy thousand dollars. 1 CALIFORNIA. For the general incidental expense- of the ' Indian service in California, including traveling expenses ol ihe superintending ageuts, i seven thousand ilve hundred dollars. COLORADO TERRITORY. For the general incidental expense of the Indian service in Colorado Terr.tory, pre?ea.s ot go?ds, agricultural implements, and 0 Her useful articles, and to assist them to l<>fate iu permanent abodes, and sn??ain tb^m^elves by the pursuits ol civilized life, to be expended unoer the direction ot the Secretary of the Interior, twenty thousand dollars PAKOTA TERRITORY For the general incidental exp?Bsesof the Indian servire in Dakota Territory, presents cf i good^, agricultural implements, and other useful articles, and to assist them to locate in permanent abodes, and sue ain themselves by the pursuits 01 civilized life, to be expended under the direction ol tlie Secretary of Lhe In enor, twenty thonsand dollars. 1PAUO TERRITORY. For the general incidental expense* of the Indian service in Idaho Territory, present of goods, agricultural implements, and other use. ml articles, and to assist tt.em to locate in permanent abodes, and sustain themselves by the pursuits of civilized life, to be expended under the direction ol the Secretary of the interior, twenty thousand dollars. JIDSTASA TERRITORY. For the general incidental expenses of the I Indian service in Montana Territory, pres-u s i of goods. Agricultural implements, and o her I useful articles, and to assist them to locate in permanent abodes, ana sustain th?msel ve-? by tBe pursuits of civilized life, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of 'he Interior, twenty thousand dollars. kivaha. For the general incidental expenses ol the Indian service in Nevada, presents of good*, agricultural implements, and o'h?r useful articles, and to assist them'o locate in permtirientatiodes. and sustain themselves by the pursuit? of civilized lite, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, twenty thousand dollars. NKW MEXICO. For general incidental expenses of the In. dian service 11: New Mexico, presents of goods, agricultural implement?, anil oilier useful articles, and t? a.-.-ist tbem to loca'e in permanent abodes, and to sus'ain themselves by the pursuits of civilized liie, to be expended under tbed.reciion of the secretary of the Interior, titty thousand dollars. OREGON AND WASHINGTON TERRITORY. For the geueral incidental expenses of th? Indian service in Oregon and Washington Territory, including insurance and transportation of annuity good? and presents, (wheie no sj?e_ cial provision therefor is made by treaties. )siid olllce and travelling expenses of th? superintendent, agents, end sub-ajrents, thirty-five thousand live huudred dollars. UTAH TERRITORY. For the general Incidental expenses of the Indian service in I'tah Territory, presents of goods, agricultural implement*, and other useful articles and to assist them to locate in permanent abodes, and sustain themselves by the pursuits of civilized life, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, thousand dollars. J1 or the transportation and necessary expenses of delivery of provisions to the Indians within the Utau supermtendency, twenty thousand dollars. For this amount, to carry out the action contemplated by the act of Congress, approved May fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, entitled -An act to vacate and sell the present Indian reservutien* in L'tah Territory, aud to .'it'lr [settle] the Indians of said Territory in I in tun valley," to b^ expended in removing and i-et'iing the Indians in said valley, lifteeu thousand dollars. For this amount, to snpply a deficiency in the appropriation for "incidental expenses of the Indian service iu Utah," for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, twelve thousand dollars. M1SOLL.LAN LOUS. I or the expenses of colonizing, supporting, aud furnishing agricultural implement* and stock, pay of necessnry employee?, purchasing clothing, medicine, iron and steel, maintenance ol schools for Indiana lately residing in Texas, but now residing on the Choctaw leasehold, to be expenued under the direction of the Secretary ol the interior, tweuty-two thousand eight hundred and twenty-live dollars. For the reappropriation ot the snm carried to the surplus fund for warrant numoereu one hundred and seventy-two, dated June thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, under th? head "For surveying and allotiug to the proper persons the reserved tracts, per ninth and tenth articles, treaty with Sacs and Foxes, and other tribes of Indians. July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty," one thousauo two hundred and nine dollars and niuety-seven tents. For this amount, being the balance diie on the award ol the Secretary of the Interior to the Delegates of the Southern Cberok es for era's and expenses incurred by them in r.ettot a tag the recent treaty with the Cnited State* and the Cherokee Indians, to be reimbursed to the government ot the United States ont of the proceeds of the sale of the Cherokee lands, eighteen thousand eight hundred and twentyfive dollars. FOR THE WICHITAS AND OTHER AFFILIATED Bands. For the expenses of colonizing, supporting, and lurnishiug said bands with agricultural implements and atock, pay of necessary employs. purchase of clothing, medicines. Irou and steel, and maintenance of schools, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary ol the interior, thirty-seven thousand eight hundred dollars. CALIFORNIA. For pay of one pbysioian, one blacksmith, one assistant blacksmith one farmer, one carbeuttr, upon each of the four reservations of Calnornia. at the rate of fifty dollars per month, twelve thousand dollars. For the purchase of catileior beeland milk, together with clothing ard food, teams and farming tools for Indians in California, fifty, live thousand dollars. For additional pay of four physicians, four blacksmiths and assistants, four carpenters, and tour farmers, on th? four reservations in California, for the fiscal year ending .luue thirty, eighteen hundred and sixty-eigat, three thousand aix hundred dolltrs. - I- or this amount, or so much thereof a* may be necessary to purchase a saw aud grist null tor the Hound Valley reservation. Ave thousand dollars. For defraying the expenses of "he removal and subsistence of Indians in Oregon tiud Washington Territory, (not parties to any treaty,) and for pay of necessarv employee-., fifty thousand dollars. NAVAIO INDIANS IN NEW MEXICO, r or subsistance lor the Navajo ludiaus, and for tlie purchase ol sheep, seeds, agricultural implements, aud other articles necessary lor breaking the grouud on the reservation upon the Pvcos river, one hundred thousand dot. lars. I* or the relief of the Navajo Indians now at or neer Fort Sntniur, to be expended uader U.e direction ol the Secretary of tti? Interior, one hundred thousand dollars: Hru i-i ./. That no rations or supplies shall b- luinuiieil to sutd Indians by the War Department alter the first day ot July next, except in case of extreme necesjmy. the facts of which shtll be certified to the secretary of War by the officer commanding that military district To enable the Secretary of the Interior to lage charge of certain stray bands ol Pottawatomleand W mnebago Indians in the State ol Wisconsin, five thousand dollars. For salary of a special agent to take charge of mnebago and Pottawatomie Indians now 111 thr W I'consin, one thousand live hnndred dollars. For *ub?i?teuce, clothing, and general incidental expenses ol the Siss?tun, Wahuaton Medawakanton, and Wahpvkoota t^ds of Kiou x or Dakato Indians, at their new homes, one hundred thousand dollars For payment of interest on one million six hundred and ninety thousand three hundred dollars, non-paying stock, held by the Sec re. tary ot the lntarior In trust for various Indian tubes, up to and including the interest July first, eighteen tfundred and I^v.^ve? tkree donate thousand one hundred and illty. For payment of interest on fifteen thousand dollar., abstracted bonds, for the neSl ^"ar ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seyen, fbr the Cherokee school luud nine hundred dollars. ' * or payment of latere* on eixty-eight tHouaand dollars, abstracted bonds, for the Ps,-*l yerr ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred ana ?lxty-?ev?n. of the Cherokee ca ional t?nd tour thousand and eighty dollars. ' For ineuranc* tranaportation. and neo?-3 irv expenses ol the delivery of annuities and provisions to the Indian tribes in Minnesota and Michigan, |*r*??ty thousand three hundred and fiftv dollars and elxly-two c*nts. mnea ana l or iaeurance, transportation, and nec?ss*ry expanses of the delivery to the Pawnee iMnri end Yancvca Sioux Indians of anuoTty goJ? and pvovisions, teu thousand dollars ! for rrunsporting goods porchased ,or the Stoax of Dnko'.i Indians. nnrt?r treaty TOltd? at Kort Sclly in October, eigfeteru hundred <uid eu'y five, for the fiscal year endue June thirtieth, tightaea hundred and*en. tour thousand nine hundred and one dollars and eichtytwo cents. * ri AT HI ADC. For this nmonnj, to supply a deficiency In toe appropriation for tbe * latb.iada aUli otbeitmfederated

tribes for the fiscal yearondmg Jane thirt etb, eighteen hundred and sixty. 3ve. beiug the fifth instalment far b*neft, Yal objects, under trea'v ot July stx'eenth. eighteen hundred and Xilty-tive, oae thousand dol- ' lars Qrt-NAl-XLT* AND ?it I-LTH-rtTEH. tor this amount, to supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixtyseven, of tbe first ot four instalments on twenty.five thousand dollars, stipulated to Be psi l the Qoi-natelts Hud t^ni leh-utes, as per fenrth article ireaty ot July first eighteen hundred aud iilty-tlve, three hundred dollars. tor <xpens?s attending thu vaccination of Indians. i?o thounaud five hundred dollars. <i i I ?f collecting ant. Ideating the UoloraUo Kiver Indians in Arizona ou a re<er- 1 T,ftt??n 'f'1 1 lor them by *?-c-.ion first, act 1 ol March third, eighteen hundred and sixty- ' f;\e, including the expense of constructing a i canal tor irrigating said reservation, fif y I thousand dollars. i-or actual necessary expenses incurred, and ! that may hei rafter be incurred bv officers of ! the Indian d-panmt-nt in tberescne of prison, ers from Indiau tribes and returning tliein o ' the.i homes, and for expense* incident to th* I arrest and confinement withiu th? Territory ot the I mfd States, by order of * uch others, of persons charged with crimes against the Indians, five thousand dollars. ?>kc. 2. And be it further enacted, Tha- no monevs or an tuitjes stipulated by any treaty with an Indian tribe for which appropriations are herein maie, or for which appropriations ! -hall b? rentier be made, shall be expeuded for, I or paid, or delivered to any tribe which, since the next preceding payment tinder such treaty, st all have engaged in hostilities igainst the I nited S'aies, or n gainst its citizens peacefully and lawfully sojourning or travelling within its jurisdiction at the time of sucb hostilities; nor in such case shall such stipulated payment* or deliveries oe resumed until new appropriations shall have been made therefor hv Congress; and it shall he the duty of the Commissioner ot Indiau Affairs to report to Congress, at each session, any case of hostilities by any tribe wi'h which the United States h is treaty stipulations, which shall have occurred since his next preceding report. Sko. And be it further enacted. That it shall h-reatter be theduty of the officer In'eharge of the Indian liureau 'o report separately to Confess, at the commencement of each December session, a tabular statement showing distinctly the separate objects of expenditure under his supervision, aud how much disbursed lor each object, descnoing the articles and the quaiitity of each. aud.giviUK the name oi each person o whem any part was paid, and bow much paid to him. and lor what objects, so far as tbej relate to the disbursement of the funds hereinbefore, or which shall be hereafter ap. propnated for the incidental, contingent ?r miscellaneous expenses of the Indian service during the fiscal year next preceding each report. ^ Skc. 4. And be it furl fur enacted. That here??V*r* a vacancy shall occur ia tbe odlce of any Sub-Indian agent wnose salary or compensation exceeds one thousand dollars per annum, the same shall only be filled by some person to be appointed by tbe President by and with tbe advice and consent of the Senate, except if such vacancy shall occur in the recess of the Senate, the same may be temporily filled by some person to be commissioned by the President and who shall hold his office until the end of the next session. Sec 5. And be it further enacted. That the sum hereinbefore appropiiated to the M.amies of Indiana, or which shall hereafter be appropriated to them, shall only be pat* to such persons an may be, upon tbe opinion of the Attorney General, legally entitled to the sam? under the provisions of the treaty with s*..l Indians of June fifth, eighteen hundred and n!tj-lour, and Senate amendments thereto regardless ot any subsequent legislation Approved, March -J, Iter. goveknmknt^salks: YY' iiAEr PBOPBitTY KOB SALE ~ t*itf (juar'.ermarter'* Ofce. De*,t of Wmskituton.l i> . Jfa.iAiMiM, D C., Msrrh 15 J8P7 f lowfnV BaiM<*? yuftrtermaster Ueneral, the'fof. >owing Building* and Wharves at the foot ?r FmIdaV MaTrl bJ BOlt * .Vb,,c ?'?" o?n ur^^, L\lU?U*Ut lore?/ Wi GraVn ittrSSffSff 11 ? ^-to wit 1 Grain fched, 40x119 foot. 1 Sterehotrse 7o?77feet. 1 \\ h?rf, 70x72 fest. contatniae 2,400 cable feet nd 31 *** ,eet iB B,rin?? Ud 1 Whsrf, UOxlSfl ftet. containing 7J&U cubic fset In piles and oaj.s, and 70,740 feet in strings and lloorirg l Addition. 90x11ft feet, contalniug l^?o cnblo '* ering' *D 7,oaO feet in strings and 1 Aileltfoa, il?15J feet, contslning J,?90 ruble feet in Pile, aad caps, and 13 fset In Hrlog and flooring 1 Addition, 3ixH feet, containing -10 ruble'.-et In tiles and csps. and 7feet iu strings and flooring. ? I Addition, containing l.Wi cablc feet In eilea anl caps. ?rd 7 lifn feet in strlnss an t floorlag Terms cash, ia Government fangs. _ C.H TOMPKINS. Deputy Q. If Qen . Hrev ttrig. Oen. U. 8. Armv utlc-'.t Act'g (/hlef it M , Depot Washington. POBTPONED UNTIL MONDAY, THE 2,'th ir.atsnt. at the same honr C. H. TOMPKINS. Depnty (j M Ceo . Brev Bria On . D . A rmy m2JIt Alt'? Chief M , D'-pot Washington |>UliKAU Ol* OKDHANCB. Mavv Dki-abtmpnt. Wariiixi.toji Oitv, March J6, ii<7. BALE OF OLD ABD'uMSBBVIOBAnLK AB TIOLB8 ?r OBONANOB. There will be sold at pnblic auctloa, to the highest blddars. at noon. THURSDAY, the mh day of April, 1867, at ths -Ifics of the inspector of Ordnaacs, Havv-yard. Philadelphia, Pennsylva1 * ?* of old aad nnserylceable artlclns of Ordnance, embra< lng Shot and Sbsll. abont taven hundred1 <700? Oarblaes, (breerb-loaders.) abont twentr-fiys hundred (l.:<J0i iMuiketi. rifled and b?r,p? Carriages, aad other stores. The articles will be sold in lots. Terms : One half cash, in be deposited on the conelasion of tbe sale aud tbe remaiader within ten days afterward, during which time tbe artlcl*-* must l>e removed from the yard, otherwise they will revert to tbe Governnient. H. A. WISE. IS m Chief of Bnreaa. (UPABTMBHTOf THI IBTBBlOK, LP UNITED STA TKS PA TENT OMCK. _ .. Vuhihstox, March u. U67. On tha petition of GiLhb K. PILLBY. -f St. Louis, Missouri, praying for tbe ox teas! on of a patent granted to him tne uthday of June l^fts tor an improvenent la Ooekiug Stoves, for seven peers from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the l?th day of J une. i*>7 It Is ordered that tbe said petition be heard at the Patent oMce on Monday, the 27th day of %.? *< ?t l? o'clock M.; aud all persoas ars in. titled to appesr aad show canse. If any tney have, why said petition ought not to be graufted. Persons opposing the ext?nei?u are required to hie lu tbe Patant Office their objectioas, specially setterth In writing, at leaat twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either carty to be used at the said hearing most be taken and transmitted in acccrdai.ce with the rulee of tbe office, which will be farniehed on applicatiea. Depositions and other papers reiieti upou as teet1m>.iiy must bo filed in the office twenty days before the day of haarlng. tbe arguments. If any within ten days after flllntr the test!menv Ordered also, that tbis notice ba published in ths Bepnbllean and tbe Rational Intelligencer. Wash lngton. D. 0., and ia tha Bepnblican. St. Louis. Mo., once a weok for three snoceestva weeks: ths first of said publications to be at leaat sixty days previous ta tha day of haarlng _ T. O. THBAKIB, p a Commlssloaer of Pat ants. ""Wltori Of tbs Binri wMl bIaam U"^8r/5STa85 feBs? tfmp&rwl n? tkMM^ WasHtsoTaa March T, 1M7. n*0,,0' t,4t'H.I. PALOOMBB, af * ?!? ? fraying for ths extanslen of him tha 7th day of June, ilT:. n improvement In Hose Ooupltng. for ?Jwr" i?? the expiration of said pa teat, ?* m the ftb day of Jaae, 1M7: is orderedi that the said aetitlon be board at the Patent Office oa MONDAY, tha Wtb day of H o'clock m ; and all persons hitr ??5! ,how 'f aay they fatitlon ought not to ba granted, a if ?!???? tension are roq aired to obiectlons, specially sta,,S Uon ' will ba fbraiabad oa ap plicaDepositions and other aaaara. railed nana testimony,Biustbe filed IntfaTolles <>e??^da^ jaforo the day of hegrlng; tha argamenta if wU^in "7 d?y* *Vtcr bllag the testimony.' r Ordered, also, that this nottoa oa published I n ths InitUttencer and tha Herublita* , Washington, D '?w Ttmts. HowYork, ITTTonce a for three Suooeeeive weeks: tha first of said the day of biiariag ** ***"' "lxtjr d*" P *'01" b> _ T o. th#akhb, p a Iin,n Ooaim'ssloner or Patents. " 8.?editors of tha abova papers wlU oleasa ^ Catharine Barrett, admi List rat rix SSTii - of the par* Kd, ? faT TthTZ2?)?i b^5K?ti3 Sr turned Into moneyVwheu Ud whSrr^ll the creditors and bslrs of -?H deceased ana aoMiad to attead, with their cUdias previone to the da?d day swng war, n? TsstJAB. O'BKIBNB, *1 f-WTl* Bsgistor of H LUa, AUCTION SALES. I OKHS ft WTLLUM8. Auctlooeer* FIB?T cLA*S nrTLi>iN*i LOT, FRORTIR'I OK VBROONT AVBkOR, h*.tw*eM K. and L strseti lortti. ?t Public Atutloa On W EDN JCtsl>A V , ifeiiltbii't , at J cluck p m.. wo shall eel I, on the premise*. Lot N >. 1>, ia square No :a, basing 25 feet frout bv lid feet deep to a foe alley, Improved by a two esary rr*n' Hor*e W e call the ?tt?ni|on of N??m tothi*?a'? m j the location I* good. and bring a hrstcla** lot, which rakM it ??r? de-iraMe T?rmi One third c??h; balance la 6. It, and i month*. for netee beanng ti,ts;e*t, and sec m'el by a deed of tru*t en the premise. All con 'yancing and revenue itinp? at the rost of th- parrbseer 1100 down ea th-der ?f *?l*. m;?-d O KtkN A W ILbl A Mf Acti. BY GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aacttoa??rs. Mo. 42?, earner of 7th and B atreetg. NEABLY NEW BLACK WALNUT PAKL.OR ANl> I AiSTIU < IIaMHEU Fl HMTbfih. C ABPBT8. Ac . AT PUBLIC AUCTION On TUESDAY', tfce 26th Instant, at .0 o'clock * m . we ?ball fell, at House Ho 411 a street ner'h, between lttb and Itth at*. west the folio wIbk article*, *1/ U<iirclotb OMtor and tii (lush-bottom Chairs Marljle tow Centre Table and Haircloth Loua. e Black WelOutiten feai >Bxtenaion Table Cane seat Chairs. Rocker* and Wlndew Shade* I am tea Cottage Set*, all complete Painted Jctni Llnd Re'iatt-ad* D eieins 'lure* j W ?.L-t*n<i*, W ardrobe* and M?ttr< * Parlor,* ham her. and Spear's anU duet Cook I u Stove with nt<asils N? arly new Three-ply and Ingrain farpeta J- reucl C hina Dinner Set, all complete A ?i'6d lot of Kitchen Requisite* And all otber go d* belonging to bouaekeeptng. Terns (a*h The bouse ia for reat. In inlre oa the pretnises. wih 18-1 t?BBaM A WILLIAM-*. A:irte |JT OBIll * WILL!ABB. AicttwaattaT TRUSTER S SALF. OF A WOOD AND 'OAL TABD AT Tl.E > URNRB or ESTREET NORTH AND 3D STREET WEST. AT PUB- ! LIC AUCTION. oa MONDAY, the 15th instaat, at 4 o'clock p. ni., I al>al 1 well. Oti the p:i-mne? by virtue ot a deed of tract, dated the 2??th dap of October. A. D. ltk<, and d?l> recorded in liber B. M H., No. 3, folic* No. aao *nd 231, or chattel record for the county of W tshington, D C , the following article*, viz : Two good '''art*, aal Harnea*. OTice, Stable. | Shed*. store, Saodle, two 8h >vele. Axe, Cutting L'?>x, Cnrry Comb end Bru*b, two (*<>al B?Rle*t(one nearly new>. alt the Woo 1 end C<>al ami Feno&i oioii and around tbe aaid premise*, to highest bidder, for rash.on the day of *ale WILLIAM G KLOOD, Trustee mb IS d UKKIH A WILLIAHv AucU ! |^T OBK-KB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT FRONTING OR EIGHTH 8TBKET WEST. BETWEEN O AND H STREETS NOKTM, AT PUBLIC ACtTlON. Ca TLttDAY. the J'th in.tant, at 5 o clo k p. m.. ou the premire*. part of Let N". II in N; i*re No 4"5, having *l\t?*?n fe^t front, rnnning back a gord depth, cvutalulnff 1.464 -qnar* tee' of gronnl ThU property i* on tne next a^nare abere th<- Pat- i ent Ottce, which as eke ^ it a -lexirable baildiog lot. * , Term* *1 0W) raa>i: balance in cix month*, for note beariu* interest, and *ecur'*d by a dood of trnat on the pieml*<4 All conveyancl-jg and revenne ? at the coat of tha pnrcha*er. >50 dew n on day Of tale anhlR d tiKBBN A W ILLIAMS. Ancta. BY 9BIU A WILLIAMS, AnaUoweer* Bo. 446, corner 7th and D streets. BOI R VALUABLE BU1LDIN4 LOTS AT THE COBNBB OF 6TH ST BEET WEST AM' S bTBEAT NOBTH AT POBLIU AUCTION OnTHUBbDAY. the 38th instant, at 5 o'. I -k p ni , we ?ball a-11, on the preni?ei. Lot* N ? 1 and 5, in Wiltber?*r'e enbdivialon *>f Square N?. 441, having 4) f?et Iront oa 8 atreet by Si faat deep, to aa alley. Aiao. ore Lot fronting ea <th straat 18 faat by a eood depth, to a fifteen root alley, with a good four room llouea, mating them good building lota. Terms' One half <-aeb; b vlance ia aix and twelve montba, for aotea t>earing iatere-t. and ?arnred by dead af trust on tha premiaes. rSO down on each lot when sold. w ^ ?BEBN * WILLI AMB.AacU. mb 19,21^3 BY COOPBB A LATIMEB, An tloneera.( Latacleik* with Jamea O. McGalre A Oo .1 Bontbwert coraer Pennayivama aveuaa and lith atreet, "Star Oftce BnilUing." TBUSTEB S BALE OrTMPBOYlD PBOPEB_ , TY AT AUCTION By vlrtne of a deed of trust dated the 21st day of February, A D., 1*6. aad recorded iu Li l>ar B M H. No. It, f?lio olio of ttie l?ud r<*cortl^ for Waahington County, D. C.. I will aal I. at Public Auction, in front of tpremise , ml 6 o'clock m m .on Tl'EsDAF, tbe s?tli day of Marrh, A D , 1HC7, all that certain piece or parcel >.f ground situate. lying aad being in Wash agton city, D C , and known and distinguished a peri the gro>ia'. plan or plat of aaid city a* tbe aootb part 01 Uf>t nnmbered eight.?3.ila Bauar* namberad suedred and fifty eighty 2A8,)fronting Jfeetcn the east side of 13>* atreet weat. between C and D struts no rth, with a depth of oii>- hundred anu five ier| tea aid -ae half ii chee 1105 feet ISHlncffe*,, ta an alley, with tbe Improvement* thereon. Tertna of sale : ?ne balfca*h, balance la ? ?nd 12 months, with interaat from day ar sale, aa^ared by deed of trnat upon tba premiaes. Terma to b? complied with in five Bays, otherwise the trn?te~ re serves the right to resell at tha risk and coat of the detanking purchaser by giving 10 day* notice m the Star. All coat of conveyancing and revenue a tamps at theexpeaae of the parch aaer required at time ?i sale. JOB W. ANQUB, Trnatee. OOOPMB A LATIMBB, mh 1-StawAda Auctioaeara. BY OOOPBB A LATIMBB, Aaetioneera, ( Late clerk* with J. O McOuira A Oo..) Soutbweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th atreet, Star Office Buildiag. n , TEFSTlTg' SALE. By \lrtnaof a deed of trust, bearing date tb*19th i day of Mai, lSdo, duly recorded In Liner B. M H. No.17, ( i?* , et eeij.. one of the Land Be. ?rde ; for W aching ton OoBaty. Dietrict of Oolambia, the nnderaigned, Trncteee, will on MONDAY, tha 8th day of April, 1SS7, at 6'-o'clock p m., in front , of the pranaaea. oiler for sale, at public auction, tbe ea*t talf of Ldt nnmbared nve. >6 ) ia Square : nnml ered eighty four. <S4 I together with the la- I Srovamenta tbereou. which cou>lat of a small frame welling The pr party tronu on New York avenue. between 21st and 224 atreet* weet. near tba Obeervatory. Terms ot sale One half cash; balance ia eix month*, to be aecured by deed of trnst on tbe aroa- ' arty. eoBTevaacing and gtamps at coat of par- I chaser. If thei tertna are not complied with in eight days, tbaTruetees reeerve the right to resell at the risk and coat of tha defaulting purcbaaar* by giving five days' notice of such resale. * BI'OEN bVABtr91.( Trustee*. u >.? r,JZtL" * L4T,M^'- *?? KI ?Si * ST1HJAM8, mauM.ii. adminibtbatobb balb? hobses wa. 2io iArrioii4 ""8 ** ?ts. offick iFS.fiiiiiPzff'Ji'v:;:? the place called C. B Calbert a Picer> , oap.>*|te Clarke Mills place, on tfee BlidiDiburc read |r order of the Hon. Orphan*' Court ef the Diatrn t of Columbia, the penonal effacte of the late 1*^ Snowden. deceased. Tiz- W Two fine W ork Horsee and Harnsas Two Spring Market Wagon* and Boggy One Horsa Cart, Ploughs, Harrowa,Cradles, Saddie*, Ao. Ooe Leg Home and Frame Shanty About fifty live Bushel* of Wheat, Bart in Straw And many otber articles which wa doom uaneceeaary to enumerate. Terma caah. By order of the Administrator. QEBEM A WILLIAMS. Ancts S7*THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPOHED OR account of the weather, until WEDNESDAY, the 20tH instant,at tbs same place ai.d hour. By order of tha Administrator. mb 7 eaAds QBEEN A WILLIAMS, AucU. feTTHB ABOVE SALE IS BTILL FURTHER postpone* nntll WBDMBSDAT. the J7th instant same time and place, without regard to weather By order of the administrator m ?> 20.2SA? QRBBN A WILLIAMS. AucU. DY COOPEB A LATIMRB, Auctioneers. D (Late clerks witb J . O. McUalre A Co..) SoBthwest earner of Peaney Irania avenue and lith treat. Star Of&ce Building. Bf virtue of a daed of t r ust from Perdlnaad Baaslsr and w!*e, aad Grafton D. Ilan-on trustee, dated the Stub June, A. D., l?M,aad recorded in liber J. A. 8. No 101. folios 4^9, et *?m , of the land records of Washington county. District of Commbia. as aurvivlng trustee, I will sell, at 1 public ancticn. on MONDAY, tbe tirat day of April. A. D. 1867, at 5'* o'clock p. m la fr?at of the premiaes, tba weat thirty one (3D feet by the death of tbe lot. Bo 4, is reservation No 11 Tha above proprtv froateSl feet on tbe north tide of B street north, between 2d and 3d atreet* wast, extei da back 1? feat, and la improved w?tb a two-story Brick DwallingHonae, with garret and baaemeut. Terms of gale . One third cash ; and the balance at six and twelve moatbs, for which the note* of tba parcha*er will be taken, bearing iatereat Irom tba <lay ot eala, aad a Ilea retained oa tbe premises sold. A deed will be gisea on fall paymeat of the rnrchaae money. One buadrad dollars re<inlred at tba Mme of aals. All ceavey anclng aad stamps at cost ?f tbepurchaaar If terms of sale are aat complied with lw five days from the time of aali. the property win be raeold at the risk and cast of the detaalttag purchaser, on five days advertisement in tba Mat!mi*| intelligencer. HENRY O IMM4 Surviving frastee. ml 15 eoAds OOOPBB A LATlMBB Auet*. I^BUBTEBB SALB^r^VALUABLE REAL j By vlrtae of ?deare? of tha Circuit Oeurt far Prince George's OMBtf, slttlag as aeoirt of egulty, passed la a oauee tberwla departing, wberwln JameeO. MoGuIra A Oo. are eouplaiaante,and Marcn* Du Yal Is defaadeat. the subaeriber. as trustee, will expo*e to public sale, ou tb preiaIsas ou MONO AY, tba sstb of Marcb, 1M7, at IS o'ekak m., (if ?at, 00 tbe aext fair day tbereafur. the Real Estate of Marous Du Yal. known as - log Harbor," situate* u Prince tieorge s ooooty. about OaOmlla from Good La K, cenUloing lit Arree, more or leas, aod adiolaiaw the laads of Walter H. Hlllaary. tue heirV e? Tbonagg Ball, andl?ol. Odea M #f j with a heavy growth of Oak and ObesBot Timber, aod being located in 1 O**4! Baltimore aad Ohio aod Baltimore aad Potomac railroad, will supply aa aallmltsd watlty of rollroadtios. ..TfJ^Lof tbe day of soU.oroo the rattficatloB thereof hy tbe court, with lat^r st from tba day # sale; and eo pay meat of tbe wholo y pvaperty will bo ooavejed, ia fee, to tbe pnrcbsaer Stampa ami coovayaoco to bo at tba cost sf tiio porcbaeer lUCHABD B. B- CREW, *frft?ot< Trast?o. DANCING. pBOFB. J. W. * . P. !!' DANCING ACADBMY. M PoBnaylranla avenae, bet ?th and 7th at*.. Ji Ornotte Metropolitan H?tH .i^tW forming ?very evening Those f!?. trlBg to enter oar elaeaes thoold avail eelvee of thle oppTtcnity. iaeamm/SJ***Fae** 5".'. u "k<1* lB tw* owtir 'cr ooraei.ual May Bell. cr Cirenlsre can be had at J. F. Kill*' and w n Metserott A Oo"s Made Stor?o W" ?* The Hall car be rented for BniroN. le Dim ?* < Hi*?< of TVimixi For La<tlee Mimn-. Maaw-rt. Taeeday acd Fetnroay after:io -r.? fr u. 3 tt a o'clock fa?ut.*D.eBititM*Mi T need ay and kriday a veil! r g?. from 8 to 10 o'clock For further laformatica, apply dc rise the bo?r? Kf tuition. or add reaa a ante to the itrtWmy. W?a> tor c^am- Brtn* with Ilia (lr?t l?eeua a 8 \| AKIIU FABBIONABLB DABCIvj i'l U'iMlV, AT tx MABIVIft ASSEMBLY BOOMS. M E, between 9tb t?ad 19th etr?ete. The eat yua rter of Uu*?eaeoa. prepara torf to the M*> Bull will oir.rBence on Sf day. March 3. CIa-*?*? (rr tbe Qorma? are l y open. f B ?Private natraotlon ( res to salt tae ^n. Tecleurr oftlt<>pkrit. e< . KAjLROADS. PBr.NSYLV^VlA BOCTB 1867 t g?pu wmzmm TO THB kOBTHWtS^ SODTH. AND SOUTHeCHCDUUBj leaTe aa la" ??a T#,Lb*r 1,< tr*,M w' * eWngu.a 7 Wan Baltimore j it a m " ..? 7 *i " IS 10 ? Ti" TUB gBBAT 'po 6LB TRACtf 'BaCTt 7"" Ub> T SC * *B* Pofoco BUI r O day and night Oara. with modern imrr -?.>m . . and saving from fonr to lanf h?>n-n fn itnv a. y other roote. Two hundred aiilaa eavod u? Heater* aao Ceoirai New York. Two Pally Traina to tbe Weet. *' 4* N c r th Tmtf,?, 535 JSuSKtiJ.""0" MT" br thli route Itob Biltlaor* ht?? 8l?OTff,a5SL?ifaacto? ' v,i"% Tlckete by tbfe route can be procarad at the .-i. Bee. corner Sth atreat mjJ Pe&naylvanie tire e. Bader tbe National Hofl.where reliable infer matina will be given at aU tlmea Passengers pnxnring tlrk-U at thia office can aacnre aav-omtnodatjona In Blaepiag Oara tor k.nlra or Pluabarc B J U1LKIN8. Ticket Acent. d^I^bo ?ou. rutfi10' ? ? Baltlaoro. Md. del iy T",????lt??5K,ISS"??VI5ffiro" T,..., - - _ Wa?H'?i?T05, Jaa. 6,18T7, _AiWaatnnjtoa and Bow York ara now rwn aa follow*, rit FOB KAW lOBR.wtthoat chance of cart. <e*oa?t buoday) at 7 ?6 a. aa ace BBW YOBE, cbaaclBr car* at Pblladol. LoaTodadp (except Snn 'ay) at 11:11 a. and w 3u P* HI* ? ' ' .?OB PHILADELPHIA L?v*ds!ly (**c2?tt?uadB? lat 7 at acd 11 1? a. m , and < 30 and d jf p m OMBOllDAY. Leave for Maw York and Pbllad^phta at ? p. oaly. BleepiB# oara fo* Bow York oa IB ?. trala dally. Throncb tlcketa to PblladolpMa, Mow York, or Boaton, oan be bad at tba Mtattoi Offl?-at all k<>?ra In tha day. aa wall aa at tba new office In tt a flankera and Brokers Telegraph Llur, 3 4" Pena. a venae, ati iaa Mb and 7th atreeta Boo BalttBore aad Obio Ballroa>l adyortlaeia^rt for achednlo between WaahlB|toa, Balttaaore, Annapolla.aad tbe Waet J, L. WILSON, Maatar of Traaaportotlca. SM. COLE Qeneral Tlck-t Aaent BO. I. aOOITZ. Afenl. WaaBlaftco MMI UALTIMOBITABD~OHlO BATLBOAU. i i.Jan e Train, betweoa WABHINOTON AMD BIL'I* OBB.and WASHINGTON AMD THB WB?T are now rua aa follawa. rir. FOB BALT1MOBB. *U7i except Banday. at 7.W*. 7 ?. acd 11:1ft a. m . and 2-oa. aad i V. asd h 00 p n. FOB ALL WAY BTATIOftS. tddaa^rM7'e,c*tl Sunday, at TM b. acd FOB UAI STATIONS SOTTH OF ABBAPOLTfl JUNCTION Loara at ? U and 7 0* a. m., and at S.-0>> aad < M FOB ANBAF01.IS. Loare at 7.U a. m , and 4M p. m. Mo tralLi to or from Annapolis on Sunday OB bl'&tfti. FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave at 7 tt a. m.. and tm and ad* p. at. _ FOB WAY STATIONS. Lao*e at 7 4a a. a . and 2.ft* and -j ttj. b?. . EOB ALL PBRT8 OF THB tA. o*copt Saaday, at 7tta. it., aad Ob Sunday at 8.00 p a. only. connecting at Belay Station with train* from Baltimore to Wheo!la?< Parkerabarw. Ac. THBOUGH TICKBTBtothe Woat can bo bad at tbe *aahtnjrt?B Statiua Ticket O At a at all iu tbe day, ae well aa at tbe aew effico of tbe Baakora and Broken' Talewraah Lisa, 34 9 PetB. avtLue, between (th aad 7tb atreota. ForRaw York. Philadelphia, nod Boa too. aao adverUeemeut of 4 Throcah Line " J. L WILSON. Maater of Treae?ortati a. L M. COLE. Oenaral Ticket Aoeot. QtBtf GBO I Koom. Areit Waablaatoa S'CBBT PI8BA.BB. lAHARITaN'l ?IFT! mamam.itajra THB MOST CBBTAIN BEMBBY BTBB CSEB. "Ybb, A PootTivB Or**," for ?ojtomkh<ma, olkmt, mtmlcttfmts, d?. Oontalna bo Mlaoral, to Balaaia, bo Mercury Only Tt* PiUt H fca 2b*ea to tfta a (We. They are oatlrely yadatanie. boTtag bo ataril aor mms ii|i<MMl tMtc? Md fill Dot III MIT WAV Itjnre tbe atomach or bowela of tba moat delicate Caree la troa two to toaraaye, aa4 roooat caaea IB "twenty fonrboBra." Prepared by a graduate of tbe Enivereity ol^aBBayUaaia, aooof tbe n^t aaalnent Doctors aad CheiuiJta of tbe oraeeat day; ac azaoswra, no tnmtU. ae ^aare wAatorcr. Lot those wbo baoodasBalradof rettlac eared, or Male pslTs'ia ft*1 blood i mloodft blood t h eVBOFCLA, ULCEBtJ, BOBES, SPOTS, Amu BaMABITAITM moot and hmm0 jvicb la offered tbe Bab 11c aa a Bool tire core BYPH1MS OB VEMEBBAL DlBBat?B0. toe BAMAB1TABB BOOT AMD HERB JUICE It a a oat potent, certain aad effectual remedy over preecrltW, It reacbee and eradleatoa erorr particle of the vensTeal tbat tbe cure la tboroub and persaanent. Take_, then,of tbla porlTvlu* remedy a ndbe healed. aeddo not traaaaalt It to year poaurtty tbat for whlab ySa aaay aipial ta aflar '**" DO MOT DBS PA IB I will reatove every vettice of tatpantfoe from tba BAMAB1TAN1 WASH fcsmsSSi?:M * ? ? Fall dlrocttona. Price tt eoatt. Tbe eficacy of tbeeo remedlee la alike aekne <-siRta-sar^?? ^ -- fUT TBI BMygf-tg."' * ?? "Foe* BsariTAl. ton lUuiiLi. Balttaoca, Hd., Feb. tt.Mfo.?'"I bare creat eatteteaUvn la jtatiax tbat I have seed 'Tbe Baoarttaa Baaediee' for Vooeral dlaoaoee 1b ltt aaoat oaatoaary forma; tbat 1 have Baed tbea with jadcaoat, dlecretiun, til properly, and, have foand tbea reapoad to my S^SI?fi5rittSrtrta3RijK58 tbelr ettoacT, aad aa far aa atf aao of tbata axteada, j"*""* lfc?l "'"'Xfff ks? O. BOW BBS. I "Aattstaat ScrseoB, 10 B. *. tola ' I BbMbfB. O. FOBD, aaraer lltb Mraotaad Pena* lkBPABTMENT OF THB IMTBBIOB, ii vxited states patext GFriCF.. Wa^c-anrofi. March Ufw Oa the petit!oa of WIL.LIAM B MYDS. of Townaend, Ohio, prajiax for tboextoattoB of a ?int granted to hi a the 21et day of Jaae. , for aa iaarovement la Caltlvat r PloaciJ*. for aoveo yeara from tbe expiration of aaid jft-ai, which takee place on the 21?t day of Jane. 18~ It it ordered tbat tbo eald aertttoa be beard at tbe PataBt Office oa MOB BAT. tba Sd dey ?f June aext, at 11 o'clock M ; aad all aerooaa are actlfiad to aapear and ebow eaaee. if aa; they have, why eald eovitioa on<lit aot to be greated Persona oppieinr tbe extension are raqalred to tie la the fatont Ottce their ob.ectloas, speclallf aat forth In writing, at least twenty dare befera tbe day of beariaf; all teettmoay Sled bv either party ta be oped at the aaid beariag aast be taken and traassaittod la aooordaaoe with the ralee of tbe ofice. which will bo furnished oa applicadoa. I>epositions aad ??ber aapaaa rolled aaoa aa toattaoay aaat be Sfod la tbe ottee tarsaty dua before tbe day of bearing, tbf ergaaaeate, U any. ntitnrESr1 week fortbreo aaccosalve wosfca; tfce Saat of eald rabilcatloaa to be at least sixty days prsvtoaa to ths day sfhsartag. JjOjra eae^eb. F. 8.?Bdftora af tbo above aaaara will pieeea aopy aad eaad tbelr bllla to tbafatoat Ottoa. wita a paper coatalalng tbla aotloe. ab 7-w3w i POLP PBMB?A Sne aaaorcaent of Bold Pest, vF PeiKtl Caaea, Bo., for aale at a^aaafactarar's BrtttS. IdeliJ fUia ZATItOB.