Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1867 Page 1
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9 |H ^B' jj *^^kr^DT ^h ^[ #* f 7Sr? * ^r H ' '~fl < ^B r ^B H ^m ^m W ^| A ^H H 1 1 - ? f" V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. MARCH 25. 1867. N2. 4,382. ^ *__ ? THE EVENING STAR PLaLIBUKD DAlLT,<St S Da Y B1CEPTBD> AT THE STAJi BflLDlNO, ^NUwi! c?r*t' 6 aotnm e*4 I:?A itrut ?T . . WALLACH. T> ^ Xbd bTAK io servod by tne camera to Uteir subscribers id tha City nod Dis'-riot it Tm Cd r? fkr wih. Ocple? at th* oantsr.witB or without wrappers. Two < Birrm sack. fiKi WI M MUIO ? Three wionthe, On* Onllmr and fifty Centt; <rtl mouth*. Thr-e Pol. <+ri, cue year, Am Z)>??arj No papers are Mai frcm th? cSce longer ttau paid for. The WEEKLY i>T AK- published oa Friday ncTt'.n;- On* DoU*r ??J a /Imif * Ttv PAWNBROKERS Bb' Ky<[i!*i a loan nrrici *7.'? 13th street A <1ocr aonth of Peon ave., Lisbs Mr NET ob time U nil cus'Cinrs, oa Gold -fcJ Miter WUCii#', l/iaru nl? Jew- f\t\ airy, Ladies' and Gentiemea S Wearlagl^A Aptar- > V w l id Id and Silver boc. bt. nktto* B BCBN8riNB._ ^ A li il U ' 8 CEyTHAL LOiXOrFICF, He 1^0 10th et-eet, one Jim r ye low Psnn a*#. Thir well known Off ce makes L1BKBAL ADVilCIS P*\ (hi Pi im nc?. (.old and Silver w atrbs* Q 0 Clothing. ) uralture, and Merchandise o| every aeocri p ion. Op4n every day (except Sunday ) from 8 a m. to ea m. N. B.-Business strictly confidential. fel8-tf ?l)T A B L 1 t Bl B 18 4a. 8PS01AL S0T101. chable-*TTbbzueko. Successor 10 Isaac Heriberg A Bon, w to i at? coiida ted the Pewnbrokia*.' Business for trtien years in this city, far twelve /0\ year- tt e enly Pawnbroker .a the Blstric*,Jt A take this n etbod of thanking their patronsO U at* the pu i lie for the cotndence bereto|?re sQowa them, and beg 1. are to csll their at'ention to the fact that we still i ontiaue to make the higneet adjam-e m all sn.3ts upon all articles of Jewelry, Blamond#, WercBae. Sonde, oeerr.ment Scrip. Sliver Flate, Ac . for which we have superior places of deposit and secnrlty, which will always bo shown for the -.atlsfacti->a of tnose patronizing have special facilities for the care ana preservation of Wearing Apoarel ?f every description. ft octets. 4c., on w hich the highest ad vance-. are Made. guaranteeing when required assise* troth and si ways against injury Hnviug ?larf?*tr< c n?f ir connection with onr etfice, *' tare special facilities for storage of all kinds ef Merchandise. Karnlttire, Ac., oa which we make the highest advance* for days, weeks or months. We call esp??lal attention to the fact that owing to the !arse capital employed in oar business. we can make advances at such rates of inter**' as to_defy competition We soil no goods aatll tbe ex piratiou of ?ii months after their forfeiture . and tren only at puidic auction first glviag ample notice through the various city journals to all depositor*. By this means deposits with as are never lost if their redemption 1* 4e sired \A e call (special attention to nnr arrange meet* for forwarding goods to any part of the oocntry, arraeg'm^nts which an experience of fifteen years baa brenght to eertectloa. Depositors are enabled by this meaus to redeem their focds from onr office no matter where they may e located Vail information alwa>a given. Private apartmentafor confidential business. U. B ? We have no sonnectlon with anysinilar establishment In this city. B-fer to anv old resident of Washington Bemember HKB/.RIRO'8 Loan Office. 341 north 0 street, between and 6th, Washington. P <?. fett-ina* MOBBT ! ? MOnYY !! I B. PBINCB S NEWLY ESTABL19IIBD LOAN OFFICE, 877 Pa. are., next to I'oten Ini sOonfoctionery Money loaned oa every description of aalable Merchandise, especiall) Watches, Dia /Qv mentis and fine Jewelry. I can a?snre/"\ theee who ma) favor me with ther patron-%) %0 age tba: tht-> will not regret having done so. S B - Private door and office. Persons not wishing to antcr the public office will ring th* office loll. f?2<-lm* TUB OLD Bt>T A BL1 ?H ID FIBM OF 8, OOLDBTB1M A CO , LK.Eh>EL> r&WNItk()KEBj. 34 FOUB AND A HALK J^TISBET WB8T, near Pennsylvania avenue, Offer the highest cash advances on all klndsof Merchandise, to any amount and for any time desire, at reasonable ratea X A Interest <<n larse stiwis greatly reduced O Basln>?as strictly c- nfidential. Good* b< ught for ca?h and sold at private tale. fe 21 |y DEXTLSTRY. OB. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, No. ,<bU fkMN'A AVE , Between 13th and Uth atreets. Teeth extracted wlthont pain by admlnsterlng i er Laughing ?as. Ur rr , ^ recently purchased tLe L>r?tVssd Ibeii.iral Apparatus iu Lhe country for^*1 '-** maklcs pore gas every day, improvod Valvular The Association Is now prepared ^ Testh on Gold. Sllve- Subber at New ??rk Phrtadelpbla and -sion pneos All pereons wishing denta' vr-rcdone can bave It as h-ap as w tbe clti?a All work done in the neateet and oost manner, aad warranted to Jive satisfaction Persona will do well to call ?o<l e ? amine on r work. de 24 tf XhB,a T m 'Looar a. M.p., rr^? l"Len'?r Patentee of tae MINEBAL FLATE TEETB. atteuds perionally at^M^ his office in th>a city. Many persona cunmmBjf wear these teeth who cannot wear others^"* 1T1" od no person can wear others who canaet wsar thrift PersoDscslllng at my offleo oan be aocoramodatfd with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to tkosa who are particular, and wish tha crest, cleanest, Strongest and most perfect dentars that art can prociwe.the MIBBSAL TIETH will be more fnlly warranted. Booms In this elty?No. 33* Fann'a aveaaa. be5?aontthand 1MB ata. Alto, ?07 Arch atraet, Fhlladelphla. qc?It PERSONAL WB8 OVSTIS IBVuTs, Clntrroiant, and Tut .W'dtvm.wili give life readings, inclodlng Past, Preaentand Future at her office, 4^0, north aide of Fa. av? between and (th streets. Office hours from 9 to 2 a m. and 6 to it d m. ja 1i 2m* CONFIDENTIAL.?Toaaf Ms who have lnjured themselves ny certain secret habits, which onflt them for boiiness, pleasure, or the dntlaa of married life; also, middle aged and old men. who. from the follies of youth, or other auses. Krl a debility m advance of tnelr years, before placing themselves under the treatment of aay oae. should first read "The becret Friend." Married ladiea will learn something of lmportaaoe by peruaing"The Secret Frlsnd." Bent to any ad * ' sealed envelope, on receipt of 2ft rents. Addreae Dr. CBAd A 8TCABT A OO.. Boston, ?" ao*ly PBB CENT BAYED by usiag O. B JEVV. t)U ELL > pure nna<lalterate<l 1'rertiiutn New Kork City BOAP, Frt-mlnm FAMILY BOAP, Premium FLANNEL t*0At>, Ami No 1 BBoWN BOAP. For sals cheap for eesn. Orders through the Fost Ofh< e will be promptly attended to _ O. B. JEWELL, Soap and Candle Manufacturer, No. AOM and G st north, bet. 4th and 4th. ja II 4m frBIS IS TO OITE NoTIOET"That the snb? senber has ot>taioed from the Orphans' Court of Washington Ct-unt) . in the District of >ia.letters of admir.lstratioB. oa tbe personal ^ tst* of H IIIiam E' ert, late ot G*org9town, O. C., dere?a??l. All persons having claims ag%in-t sai<l dec^ae?<dl are hereby warned to sxkiUt the same, with the vonch?*rs thereof, t? the aul scriher. on or before tne / th day ot March next; th>-y rant otherwise by law be excluded from all t>enefit ef the sai 1 estate Liven under my han-1 this .'th day of March, W ELIZABETH KBEKT. mh?law3W Administratrix. 'I HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE That the sabscrt1 ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washingt>m Coanty,in the District ot Colombia, Liters tretamentary on the personal estate of JoIib McGarvey . late of Waehiagtoa county, D 0 , deceased All persons having claims against tne aald deceased, are her?l>v warned to exhibit tbe same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on er before the 6th day of March next; they aaay otherwise by law bo excluded from all benefit f sai.i . state. nuder my hand this ith day of March, MIcUaIL F. UOKAN, mh 6 law !w* Executor^ ' 'BIB IS TO GIVE NOTirE, That tnosBoscrl ? "* obtained from tne Orphans Oj.irtov? as bin/ton limit), iu the District of Colombia K?i..k?5* UT7 01 th?? f rsonal e-t??te of Elijah Ednionat&n, late of Wa-lnogton city, 9 0 slid d^ ease<l ''n?t the IftlO M' f h#?rt?^y W%ril#l to PlhlMt t),? with tl.?- von b?r* thir^of, to the iqhnrr1* I er. on or buore the ?ib day or March w.i ih., 5V^V.ZI.' - " IJ.S5SS ?aTf gss?**"* 'SKBWBtgiBLy' BIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the swbacrl. I ber has ol tah.od from the Orph?T tWtaf maahinglou County, in tbe District of ColnroMa letters or adiulnlstratioB on thf |iersor>a! estate <>t Tbeddeas Morrice. laieot WaahingtonOity, i? c d? reaped. All persons having claims against thesaid deceased are hereby warned to eahiTiit the same with the voa .'i'rs thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 12th day of March next: th?y may otherwise by Uw bo excluded from all benefit of th* said estat-. C?lveu under my band this 12th day of Mareb. mh II lawSw* MABCELLU3 MORBIOE. J Al hEBEL AMD CODFISH. 10 nu? pounds large BHOBB CODFISH, so barroio Ho I M ACKBBEL. -1st re, elv.-d ?ad for sale at oar wharf, at tbe foat efbeveuthst. 8. P BBOWN A SON. rtommissioa Mercbsnts, 4el.i 'f No. 4?? Ninth St.. ^et. Band F. L BBhCABY IS, IM7.-A1I psfBsas kaviag I"t articles In my shop lor repairs, prsvious to 1st cf January, are rsosseted to sail aad get th-fi otl era l?e they will be sold at puhllo BOOt'*c b the 1st ef March to pay the charges tbsrs "> JonM j PBABOST, 1,. _ Qua aad i. -ck*m'th. Bo. 414 D street. STEAMBOAT LINES. IJOTuM AC Tit aNo PORTAT10N~ LINB~FOB a Baltimore Making freight connection at AQUIA GREEK. With bl? UkUND F RE DK KICKSBIRO AMD POTOMAC " " iliTfr The steamer BXPBSB9, Cept A. Ntckle. atid -teamer K BNNRPBO.Capt Jobs H. v-lson, leeve Washington from Sixth street wharf Terr V. KDNK8f?AY and HATBRP\Y,?t < a m . ?or Baltimr?. a'id usual war landings on f teniae river B> tu? n:oa la*re Baltimore every T T kSDA K Hiitl FRIDAY,4p m. For further information apply to w .. ; J. B PRY AN 4 BRO , mhiS-tf Ko. 34ft Pennsylvania are. WliiMka WILSON SMALL. FOK THEE A isTERy SHORE. OJICB.-Tba Bt?amcr WIL80N SMALL, OAPT I T. LBOMABD, aowlo ^ ail respects on* of tna iianchMt.^-n^Bf most comfortable atd etegant^?>,?'MMBfc steamers plj iug m Chesapeake Bey, will resume ht-r route r n t A 1 CKDA Y, Mnrch2d. She leaves opposite Ho. .70 Light street waarf. Baltiir. re. every TUESDAY, THUR3BAY. and BAT 11 itKAJ ,it? p m., for FASTO.V PATNT. DGVbLh MILLS.OXrt)RD CL(lRA'SPOiyi*. WALjl ACtiTS WHA RF. CA MBHIiKf R. H UOHCABiy CREEK, Affi/iFORDS WHARr.%*d LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from THE EASTKEN 8H0BE, she "are* Lloyd's Landing nt 1 p. m., Cambridge at 4 p m.and Beaton Point at 3 p m .. every Monday, Wedsetftev and Friday.touching *t all Intermediate landings. and reacnlng Baltimore at 6 a. m. on toe following mornings. She ha? a large n>imb< r of fine slate-room*. ! ai tl R1CHM0BP. FBBPEBIOKSRtTiia ann~pa TOMAO BAILBOAD. TO TRAVELLERS GOING BOOTH. TW1GB DAILY, (Benday p. m. excepted.) The aulrksst aad moat dlract ronte to Blehmood. Ya ,and the South. via the Potomac jp?i. steamers from 7th Strict Wharf. Washington, to A-tuia Creek and^^M^lBMW Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad, to Richmond, Va,connecting there with trains on the Richmond and Petersburg and Richmond >?nd Pacvlllf Railroads, for Petersburg, Weidon. Wilmington Balelgh, Oreenaboro' SallebarT. Char)?*tesn<* Chester, 8. C Steam era Keyport and O YanderMlt leave 7th Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening excepted) at I,/* a. m and ? V) p. m, and arrive In Richmond at l-? p. m. and 2 4ft a a. THROUGH TO RICHMOND IB 8BVBN HOURSfifty Ml lea Shorter and M Houra Quicker ttu any Other Root*. Ba aura aad gat Through Tlckata via Atuia Creak aad Fredericksburg, to Biohmond, at the Company a Office, corner af Penna. avenue and 6th treet, or on board of thaboaU. Baggage oheoked through. Omnibuaeee and Baggage Wageaa will ba In raadtneaato convey passengers and .baggage be twaea depota la Richmond. Paaeengers by this line peea by daylight Mount Vernon, and may hare an opportunity of visiting aeveral battle fleNs near Frederick*burg by atop ping at that point. Breakfaat and sup on board of Bteemera. GBO. MATTINOLY.Snpt.. Washington, D O O. B. MATTINGLY, Tlcket^Aynt^jftsbhigton. apS-ly General Paaaenger Agent. 1867 GRAND EXCURSION 1867 TO THI PARIS BXPOSITION. The new and first class ocean going Iron SteamHAVANA. 2,Otfi tonebnrthen, STBI'IIRN WHITMAN. Com mender, will make an KXGURSION fruin New York to Havre and back, aalling from Pier 46, North River, on WIDM ESDA Y, April 17th. at 12 o'clock or, Taking paaaengera for Part*, London and Bremen. Returning, will sail front Havr* on .lane Mb, <iv tng pai<8eiigers holding Bzcursion Tickets about aixweekain Bnrope. This magnificent Steamship is divided into water tight cemportnieuts. and ha> t-eeu newly furnished and *l*sautly titled up expresaly for thia voj age. The HAVANA will only carry first claw passengers. An experienced Burgeon on board. y A full Band of Mustc tetll be attackt<i to th sktp Price of pasaage, In carrency, to Havre $1S0 and $17ft. according to size of state room To Havre aol return, and 09m, accorling to size of state room. For further particulars and passage apply to tbe Agents, MURRAY, FBBB18 A CO., t>2 South street, New York. Or toMcO. Y. BARRY, the Merchants' Union Express Company, 406 Pennsylvania av^nee, Washington. mh 9 sot r|'HI MOST BXcTTTN'G ANB iNTERE3T1NG 1 BOOK OF THE DAY. ii E S. L. V. BAKER'S HISTORY OF THE SECRET SERVICE. AGENTS WANTED in every city,town, coonty atd Mate of the Union tv caavasa for this work. This history was annoanced one year ago, bat owiog to the attempts of the Government to supSress It, its pnblicati >n waadelared. It will now e issued, naaltered and unabridged, under tbe aua?rvlPloB of Gen Bake* It eonfalns a full and official expose of the intricate machinations of the secret enemies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling ad veuhaok ec'iaeaa the famous experiences of >OlCHE AND VIuOCQ. The marvelous narratives of Beneral Baker are all atteeteJ by the highest official authori'y It will contain the only oft.cial history of the Assassination conspiracy. A full history of this great, startilng and terrible crime FROM 1TB INCEPTION, IB THB HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BCBIAL _ PLACE OF ItOOTH. Has never vet been placed kefore the public The w?r?aleo fully exposes the nefarious syst'-m by Which Preside! tial pardons were and are so readilp obtained in Washington. The morals of the National Capital are thor cutely ventilated, and there are some strange revelations concerning heads of department*, members of Congress, female pardon brokers, a:.d distinguished military characters. For circulars, canvassing nnml.ers, and all otber informatiea. address "L. O BAKER. Poet Office N<>x No. V90, PhtlSkdelphia, Pa " This work will be ready for delivery on the 1st day o' Bay. N B ?None bat those thoroughly conversant with tbe business, and with geod reference as to character and responsibility, need apply. inblS lm Af. d. clbary, CCTION ABD COMMISSION MERCHANT Southeast earner of K aad Eighth streets, (Oppe-dte Northern Liberty Market,) Washing row, D. 0. BBODLAR* S fcLES, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY. Consignments solicited. Liberal advance m ide Dt c vsigbrnente P^rtici'lrt attention paid to the sale of Real K?tate,and Household Furniture at pri vate reeiCtbLjii. fe -zn eolm ABYLAND AGB1CULTUBAL COLLEGE.'st?? ?? ? V bile it is designed to make instruction in the theory and practice of Agricnltare. the aecullar fraiure .>1 the College, provision is made lor a full course cf collegiate Instruction, embracing the Latin. Greek. Frem h, German, ltallaa an 1 Spaeth languages or any or them, a course of Math matlcs. Mental aad Moral Science. History and the atndy of tbe Engliah Language aud Literature. Natural History and Natural Philosophy, in tl.elr several breaches, mill have special attention Mil.Ury Tactics will be taught '' There will be no Freparat^jry School, bat a seleottd English and Scieutiflc Course inev be takea at the student option. No one received nader focrtcen years of age lor a Circular and further information address N.B WORTH INGTOH, Register. Ac., . . Office of American Farmer, nhieotw Baltimore. V ICTOB BE<*KEB. * PIABO TUNER AND BBGULATGR?^^ ?mtamluhmj> in ISU. ftaM 498 lith street, aear Fa. avenne. SMV<,a^!?/rcl? * <V, Bmltxmor*. * ' *?e'" ft** ,*ned Plaaos for as at our Wareiy.:hy!!,x;?g.?iaay,'A:rM ^ PEuFOSALS. PBOr0?AL8 FOR M/llb STBAM8HIP 8*M 1C1' BITWIIM THR OBITBD STATES AND TH| HAWAIIAN 1SLAMD8 Post OkpiC* Dr.rastmE*t, i , Wa^hijwios, March 19, 18?7.\ (a terordtDC* with the provisions of the act of ? ongress, ..pproted Marc* 1, 1867, which is lu tha words *nJ figures folltwinx. m : A?< Ac t to authorize the establishment ot c-ein maiiatesiathip aervice between the United States antl the Hawaiian Islands Bt u tna ted bytkt Smalt and Home o/ R.-mrtrt th' I nifrd Stag's of lui'i""# i"i Conirrfx atstrnbl-rf. That the Postmaster General l>a, and ha ia hereby. authorised to m\ite DrOposall hy public advertis-meLt far the period of aixtv da>a, iu oDe or mora newspapers published Is thecties of WesMpctn New York. Beaton, and S?n Francis o. respectively, fo- mail *t"am?hi p service betwaen the port af ^?n Francisco, In tha flnited Bta'es. ana th port ot Honolnlu In tha Hawaiian Islands, by mean* of a monthly line of first < 1 isa Am. ricaa sea going steamships. to La of not leaa than one thousand tons, government m^ai irement.ench and of sufficient number to p-Tform twelve round trip* p >r annnm between said p^rts; and to contract with the lowest responsible bl 1 Ier for aervice. for a term of not more than ten years, to h*gin from tha day the flrat steamship of tbe said line shall depart from the port of Man Fram Uce with the tnaila for the Hawaiian Island*: Prut idrd, That no hid shall ba considered which shall wurni't to mora than seventy five thousand dollars for the.twelve round trip- per annum. n-<r unless the sain- be from a citizen or cltitan* or the United States, and accompanied hv an otfer of good end sufficient anretiea (also citizens of the United Mates,) i'or the faithful performance of such contract: And pro^idr J further. That before tha acr-'ptance of the said steamships by tb* P.jst master General for the said servise. they shall be subject to inspection and survey by an experienced naval constructor, ta be detailed tor that purpo?e by the Secretary ef the Navy. whoae repott shall be tb ide to the Postmaster General. Sli'. 1. And be tt further enacted, Th*t any con trac; which tha I'oatma-ter General may execute ULder the anthority ot this act shall K > Into . liect on or before the tit it day of January eighteen ban dred and sixty elirbt and shall. In addition t.. the u<<nal stipulations of ocean mall steamshi d con tracts, protlde that the Government of the United State* shall be entitled to hare transported. free of expense on each and every steadier, a mail agent to take charge of and arrant e the mail matter, to suitable accommodations for that purpose shall be assigned; case of failure Iroiu any cause, to perform any ef tne monthly voyages stimulated for in this contract, a pro rata deduction may be made trom tha compensation on acrount of snch okiitted *o>nge or vovages; that aultable fines and tenaltie* may be Imp iaed for deleys and irregularities in the performance of the service and tiiat th* Postmaster (General shall have the power at an> Urns to determine the contract in case of its b'-ini: underlet or assigned to any other party Approved March 1S>>7? PBOPOSALS W ill 1 e received at the Post Oilice Department in ' a city ot Wa?hington, until 5 o clo. k p. in. of W E 1?K K>Da Y . the jijth day #f July. 1867, f>r cauvey leg the mails ot the United States by of a UiODikly line of first Americau bp.i gv'wia Bteim^hipi, to bo of Dot lea* tiiau ooe thonsaau tona, Oofimmeut nieanarcuihqt. ^ach, au i of ?ufncient nun t er to ptrfoifB twelve ronn-1 trip^ per annum, b< twe*D the port of San Franciaco. in the llnited btates, and the port of ITonoInlti, in the Hawaiian Iwlanda, for a contra* t term of not more than ten years, to begin from the d?v he firat sttamsbip of the said liuo-hall leave the port of ban I tarn isco with the mails for tue ilawaiinn Islan<la Bach bid should m?e the time proposed to ba oaenpted in performing the passage ej. h way betweonfcsB V ranclxco and Henoluiu, and a schedule of tailing d:i> a, atatlng *he propose i days ad bouraof dep.irture from and arrival at eveb d rt, should also accompany each hid. such schedule, however, o be ?u^ject to the approval of tha Postmaster General, and to alteration by his order. Irons time to time, .a the interests of the postal aerTtce may r? <,nire Tha aieat ship-, offered for the s. rvica nstut Ve American steamnhipa of the tint cla-s in all respects, at.d before acceptance will b* subject to inspection and survty by an experienced uaval constructor, to be d tailed for t! at p rp .se by the Secretary of the Navy. Propo^alamuxt conform in all particulars to the provisi' u- and re iuir< im nt? of the aforeitai 1 act, approved March 2. 1*7. and must i+ proper.y I guaranteed, with satisfactory testimoniala. that the bidder or bidders and their guarautora are ti en of prop. rt> acd ahuo lantly aide to make good thrir tender aLd guarantee. The M Ider - name and residence, and the name of each memberoi the firm when a company oilers, should be dis tini tly rtated in the nroposala; it an incorporated coi pany. aiopy of the charter ul Incorpuratian must al o ke annexed to the bid. Propo>ala ?hould he sent, sealed under co\ the acdreas of"The Postmaster General, Wash ington, V. V snr^ri'-ribed "Fohkigji Di-?> " wilh the words ' Mall Proposals. Foreign Miiiii'writ'eu on t be face jf the addre-s, aud they ?dj uld be despatched n time to be received at this He psrtn ent on or t'ei .rethe jotb day of July lo?7, nl.ich will i.a the laatday for receiving proposals under this advertisement ALEX W B\NPi uL mhJ0-w9t Postmaster General. 1\KPABTMBNT OF THB INTBBIOB, W . . r Pbssioh Office. July lJtb, 11M a *9 A.^L WHOM IT MAV OOBOBiiN .^W'ftation having been made under the act ot *P- jgr tha reissue of the following de scribed Land Warranu, which are alleged to have ^Notice la hereby given that at the date following tha deacription of each I?lriT?? ? certlflcate or warrant of like tenor appear ' " "? T,Ud objection should ther JOB. H, BABBITT, Oonuniaaloaar. ,,,u5d nnder the act of Batch 3*1 1865, in the name of Georire Plum, and Wt8 *S,J?VKl August 18th, 1*?. March SO, 1*7. No W.912 f?r 160 acres, issued under the act of March 3d, MM, in the name of James Henry, and WSi* tr.i,),t?<^A?rl, 22d'Mfcrch 1?7. Ho. M 7*. for 160 a.-ras. i??ued umier the act of March 9d. 1806. In the name of John Wood, and wee granted February it. lft.%7. Api il 6, 1W7. No. ta ISO for !6o acres, lsaued under the act "f March 3d. I8ft6, in the name ot Sarah Wood, wid >w &7 A??il7 WC7. &U" WM ?r?ut^ tabrnary 16, No.41,43i, for 160 acres, issued under the ?ct of February II, 1847, in the name of tiamuel Hodsou, and was granted December *. 1848. April ju, lju7. Mo. 67 JM. for *) a. res, issued unier the act of September. Is60 in the name of Langdon 0. Johnson and waa granted Mar*h 5, ISM. April 20, *00< a No 27J01, for 80 acres, issued nn^er the act of Mar< h 3. lf<&5. In the name of Langdon O. J..hnaon aud waa granted April 1, lH5i. April .U. 1?>7. .,No.~f.23J 'or l20acrss. issued under the act of March 3. 1866, in the name o>f Hart, widow of AprU*U ftrU*' *Bd WM gr nte', "???. 1?. No *W.13d, fop 130 acrea, Issued nnder the act jf March 3, 1866, in tha name of Pelly Pea*e. widow ? I ( beater Peaae. and was granted Juiy 18, i860. js a y 4? No. 93 96$. for. 160 acres. Issued under the act of March 3d, 1816 in the uarner; of the minor child rp a id Jacob Lather. deceased, uml waa granted July 23, 18*V ?May 4,1867 " ' Bo ?7.6M. for 160 at ree. issued under the act ef February lltli, 1847, in the name of Martin Boao, and waa granted May 121 h, 18411 May II. losr. No. 62,160. for 100 acres, issued nnder tne act o March 3d. 1S6C, in the name of Alvln Kiln, and was granted April 16.18/7. May 11, |r?67. No 10,681. for 80 acre*, issued nnder *h$ <j-t o ?1arch 3, 1866, in the name of Lewis Lambert, and waa granted October 90. 18S6. May 2fl, 18>7 No. S7.%9. for 120acrea, issuod nnder theactof March 3, 18^5. In the name of Nicholas Pritrl:?tt an 1 waa granted November 12.1861 May 2.'?. 1867 I k&PABTMBHT OT THE INTEK10U, L? VN1TED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ? .W . ?... WAMUMTW. March 7.1^7. On the petition of haLPH .1. F&LUv>N b*. af Waabingt <n. D. O., praying for tha exteiiHien of ^.palent to him the 7th day of June, 1863, for an improvement iu Uoao Oonpling. for aeven years from tha expiration o' aaid patent, which takes place en the 7th day of Jn?e. 1367 : It is ordered tiiat the said petition be heaid at the Patent Office en MONDAY, the 20th day ol ay next, at 12 o'clock m ; and all persona are notified to appear and afcow caus> . if any they have, why aaid petition ought not to be granted Peraona oopoalng tne extension are re?jnirea to file in tha Patent Office their objections, arecinllj aet forth In writing, at least tirrnty days before the day of bearing; all testimony tied by either party, to be uaed at the a.tid bearing, must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rulea of the office, which will be furnished on applicative. Depositions and other papers, relied upon as testimony, must be filed in tne offiee twenty daya eforetheday of hearing; the arguments, if any. within lew dava after &Hm( the testimony Ordared. alao, that thia notice be published In th* Inullitenetr and the /U/itbluon , Washington, D. 0., and in the Time*. New York N Y . once a week for three auoceaalve weeks; the flrat of Bald pobllcatlone to be at leaat sixty daya previous to the day of hearing.

r, T. 0^THKAI1B, _ _ _ Uommlaaloner of Patents, r. B ? Bdftora of the above papeia will please copy, and aend their bllla to the patent Office, with a paper containing thia notice. mhU-lawSw Orphans' ooubt, March i, 18j7 ? Dirrk.r* of OoLVMkia. wahhtsstort Ooontt, to-i?U:? lathe caae of Oathariae Bairett, administratrix of Thetnaa jm Barrett, depeftaed, the ndminlatratrix afnraaald haa. with the apprebation of the OrptMna' Oourt of Waeblugton ttonnty aforoeaid, appointed Saturday. March 80th, 1867, for the bhnl settlement and diatributleB of the paraodnl estate of said deceased, and ef th* assets In hand, m far as the same have been collected axid turned Into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of aaid deceased are aotifled to attend, with their claims prop rl? vouched, er they may etberwiee by law m ueluded from all benefit In aaid deceased a estate: provided a cepy of this order be pnbliehed once a week jor three weeks in the Bveulng Star, previous lo the s?h day. 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VFull information, with tha kttkest wtimon\aU, also, a Book on Sper%al Distant*, tn a staled ?n: eiope, sent free. bt <?r? and tend for Item, and yi>? u-tli not r*gr?t it; for, as advertising phy stolen* are generally impostors, without refer/-nres ne manger (henld be trnsted. Encloae a stamp for postage aad direct to BB. LAWBBNCE. No 14 Boad street. New Yark uolIDAWly ITS EFFECT IS MIRACULOUS. HALL 8 VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIB BBNBWEB. It la a perfect and w?ndermi article. CureenaMriess. Makes hair grow. Abetter dressing thin any oil" or - pomatum.-' Softeaa braah, dry, end wiry hair into Heantifal Silken Tresses. Hot, *kr,v? the 2re?t wonder lathe rapidity with \?hich it reatorea gray h*ir to its original color lhe whiteet and worst looking hair reanm<-? its youthful beauty by its nee. It does not dye tbe hair, but strikes at tbe toot and fills it with new life and coloring m ater. 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Lead on B Oo. ^ CITIZEN'S AND MILITARY _ merchant tailor, h Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, Wlr 368 Paaaaylvanla a*anoa."^ " Washington. D. O. WOOD AND COAL. ^ O Alii 0 O A L ! I Beat WHITE ASH at the ton. All.!?*. to stfit t ustoDiera. Bawed aad Srlit OA S WOOD, 910 per cord ' PINE $<j Loag Oak, ^8 per cord. A ton of Coal sold hy ma always weighs l.lio i^b JOHN B LORD, _fe 28 ly Corner ?'.h and U streets. ^OALI COAL:! AT GREATLT REDUCED PRICES Groan tons of lbs , delivered in any part ef tha city. Chestnut White Ash. $7. m Stove, Egg and Furnace White Ash, Bed Ash. $8 20. Lehigh. 99. Oak ard Pine Wood ooaBtantly on hand. Ordi rs received -it oar Office; or at the Wharf, foot ot Seventh street 8. P BROWN * 80N, jalS-tf 4f>A 9th street, between E and F. 81 JAMEBO. McGUlRE A CO., ^29P * FURNITURE WAB1 BOOMS.^**? Having relininished the Anction and Commission bnsiaesB, and con verted our extensive warelooms,at tbe corner of 10th aud D streets, into a first class i HOU8B FUBSISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to lurnisn every variety of HOUSE ANB OFFICE FURNITURE, at tbe moat moderate ratea. Oar stock comprises PABLOR SETS, in B< psand Hair Cloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILED WALNUTCHAM i BEB SBT8, ] , l COTTAGE SETS, SINGLE BUREAUS AND WA8H8TAND8, ELABORATELY CARVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIBB OF ALL VABIET1E8, EXTENSION TABLES, j HAIB MATTBB88KS and FBATBER PIL- 1 LOWS, OFFICB DESKS aad WBIT1NG TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac , Ar. 1 We have alao for Bale the celebrated i TUCKBR SPRING BBD, ] which for comfort, durability aad cbeapLaes is unrivalled. Also,the TUCKBR MANUFACTURING COMPANY { BBG5ZB CLOCKS. Beautiful la de?i(B aad finish, aad at very reas- 1 onabie prises. JAS. O. McGUiRB A 00., mh 11-la comer ef ltt> aad P streets. ^RTRRAL BP LBN DID PARLOR ORGANS, D wVth Pateat Organ Swell, and one witt-M. movable Pedal Baae, (very oeaveaieat forMB ,r"* ?SS'|,T!v".fT"11?l!LD AT w"" , m 13 2m Ho. ?*T 11th street, above Pa. ave. TEL EHR A MS* fee. Ad imm>DM convention of the friend* of tbe and Mo? s?bead Lake railroad wae held at Belfast, Me., Satnrday. Delegates wk* in attendance from nearly all the towns upon the route. Ureal enthusiasm prevailed, and tt??r ?u a utantmuBB expression in favor of loan In* the ol each tqwn. The prop.*?e<l railroad will open communication with a portion of Mme larger in area tban tbe Stat* ot Massachusetts, rich >n mineral wealth and Umber. Major General Van Vliet, of the United Ma-es array, who has for a lent time occupied tbe position of chief quartermaster in New York, 'will seen b?* relieved and placed in charge ol the quartermaster's department at Baltimore. Brevet Major S. Kimball, a valuable acd efficient officer, who has been the chief quartermaster at Baltimore since last Aueu-t, and who has recently been commissioned captain and A O. M in the regular army, will be retained by General a* his assistant. The Workingroen's State Central Committee of Connecticut met at Hartford on Friday and adopted a resolution earnestly recommending to all membera of their organization to record | their votes in favor of the Union Republican candidate for Governor This action was produced by Governor Hawley'e prompt and manly answer to the workingmen's injuries, while James E. Eugllsh relused to give any reply. The night express train going west ran into a freight train near Woodstock, Canada West, last week. Mr. Rogers, tbe mail agent, was killed, and Mr. Fame scalded, and Mr. Gillara. express messenger, slightly hurt The express and baggage cart took fire and everything inside was burn*-d. The express car is supposed to contain ?tkMMKt. The Fenian Senate, tu New York, continued its pee?ion tbe greater part of Saturday, and probably will not adjourn before Tuesday. Nothing positive transpired regardn g their deliberations, but it is well understood that preparations for the coming campaign occupied the principal share ol the attention. William H. Lime, formerly doing business as a broker, on State street, Boston, is under arrest for obtaining $2,300 from Joeiah Gooding on a ferged diaft, purporting to be s.gned by 8.G. W ard. of New York, for ?7i*isterling. Gooding took the draft as collateral. The Newport and Alexandria. Ky . omnibus was thrown over an embankment, about seven miles lrom Newport, Thursday afternoon, instantly killing oue passenger and injuring four or live others. At a meeting at Augusta. Ga., to nominate & candidate for tbe mayoralty, a resolution wae adopted t|?i the colored citizens be allowed to register their names and vote at the election In April. At a meeting of tbe Cineiunati Democratic Executive Committee la?t week a letter was react from Samuel N. Pike declining the nomination as candidate for Mayor. No action has as yet been taken in tbe matter. The Board of Trade of Cleveland, Ohio, has resolved to abandon tbe cental system ot measuring grain. The number of deaths in New York city during the past week was 415. < OXiR ESMONAL. Senate.?Saturday aiternoou? After the passage ot the Supplementar y Re. construction bill over >he President's veto bv a vote of yeas Id nays 7, as stated in the 8' -r, Mr. Trumbull offered a concurrent re-olution that tbe two houses adjourn on Tuesday next at noon to tbe first Monday in December. Mr. Drake moved to amend by inserting instead ol the first Mondiy iu December. Tuesday. tbe 15th of October. Tbe amendment was disagreed te: yeas, ll?; nays. 26. Mr. Morrill. ot Vermont, moved to amend by inserting the first Monday in November. After debate between Messrs. Couklmg and Moriill. tbe amendment was disagreed to? yeas It: nays. 27. Mr Sumner moved a>-a substitute lor the resolution, a proposition that the presiding officers adjourn their respective hot: jes on Thursday next, nntil the first Monday in June, aud on that day, unless otherwise ordered by the two houses, they further adjouru their le'spec ive houses until the first Monday in December, 1667. Disagreed to?yeas. '4. nays. SI. After coEsit'erabie debate, participated in by Messrs. Conn-st, Diake, Morton, Sumner, Johnson, ? u others, the resolution to adjourn on Tuesday ufc'il the first Monday iu December was adopted?yea* 27. nays l?5. The Senate theD, at 0 p. m , adjourned till Monday. House.?Saturday aiteruoon? Alter the passage of the Supplementary Reconstruction bill over the President's veto by yeas 114, nays 25, Mr. Blaine offered, a? a question of privilege. a concurrent resolution that when the House adjourn next Tuesday it adiourn to meet on Monday, November 11 After debate, Mr. Bingham moved to lay the resolution on tbe table. Negatived?yeas, 50; nays, Tbe previous question was seconded, and without disposing of the question, the House, at 4.45. adjourned. Another HoyyiiRLE Indian Ma??a. re ? A letter just recrtved from Foil Kics, Daitota. February 11, contains the following ?Our latest reports from Fort Buford, if true, are horrible Three Indians, belonging to the friendly Sijux, came in and reported that Fort Buford, at the mouth of tbe Yellow Stooe river, was attacked on the 5th of January by hostile Indians, who were repulsed by the little garrison. On the 15tb, alter being reinforced, tbe Indians made a sudden rush on the weakest point, succeeded in getting into the fort, and butchered every man. woman and child, not or.e being left to tell the tale. Tbe lort wai under the command of Colonel Rankin, and company C, 31st 1'iuted Spates infantry, vras the only company garrisoning the fort. Tbe report is current that these hostile Indians have made a declaration that tbey intend to drive the Unitsd Sra'es troops from tbe Upper Missouri, and that they have commenced with Fort Kearney aud f ort Buford Taking into consideration tbe small number of troops at each post, it would be an easy matter to capture and massacre every man Tu? Virginia 1 mmioration Society.?We are glad to see tbe evidence of usefulness which this society begins to show. It is prepared to furnish any number ot domestic servant*. laborers, raeebnnic*. Ac, from Great Britain or tbe continent ot Europe. Tbe society has reliable agents abroad, wbo will exercise especial care in making selections of emigrants. Railroad companies, farmers aud others in want or laborers are invited to -end In their orders. We hope the people of Virginia will avail themselves liberally of the offers ot this institution, and second its laudabio efforts to introduce among us what is ?o much needed, to develop our agricultural, mining and manufacturing resources?an increased population.?Lvti hbury Virginian. Tbe Death or artkmcs Ward "?The remains of Charles F. Browne ha\e been temporarily placed in a vault at Kensal Green Ueraetery, London, whence, in accordance with his desire, they will be conveyed to America. For nine davs before his death be was quite insensible. By bis will be leaves the bulk of bis property to his mother, and his love lor children is shown by au extraordinary number of legacies to persons of the tender Bge. The property bequeathed to bis mother Is at her death to revert in trust to Horace Ureeley, to be applied for the foundation ot an isylum for aged and decaved printers. ?7"Mr. Archibald Allison will send to the Universal exhibition in Parts the model and plans ol a tunnel to unite the coast of England and France. Several projects have from time to time been presented to the Emperor Napoleon ol submarine railways between Folks tone uid Boulogne, and Dover and Calais. EiGHT-Hora Svptem ?TUe Pennsylvania Legislature has passed a Mil making eight hours a day 's work. It declares that period to be a legal day's labor m all ootton, woolen, f ilk, paper, bagging and Has lact-jrtet, and that the same shall be the case in all contracts ler Mechanics and day laborers. 1ST A gentleman of liberal minded views residing in Buffalo, which had procured an Indiana divorce, was compelled to shoo' dead his ex-wife's brother before he could establish quiet In hla household. SrDDBN DiiTUf -Tbr Frederick (Md.)Citizen records the sudden death of Ignatius Water* and Adam Newport, two old cltfiens, and of Lewis A. Helm, a young m-rjhaui of that city. fpom irMrt, ol U*s treaty between Dm Ringdwu ul Pru~m + *b< H?ur.k,u4*bf OrtM De<*?*of Had?-n. Whereby rruMtt is to hhTeoommara ( he arn- .es of tbs lat>r two* & ' o' war. ha* engendared a hitter leeiieg 1 rs? *e It i* believed that ib? effort of um? f mj" r Napeleoa to font a ooafeder ?u n of fr\n Holland, Hlgmm. and Sw uerlaod e-a uPruesia Is traceable to this can ?e Vibhpa. March 33.?Asseaij to the pri;?~*.. ticn of U?r groat powers of Lkruur, r<*.? i? rbe cession of tbe island of C\u<l;.\ to tte GrKisn OowoTiMt. ha? b?M %, j refused t>y th- Si:t...tne fori* o' I nrk? pKRi.:>. X&r<L 2a.?King MiUist of Prussia, ha# ju?t sncceefiea u e1T?vi.: * aa tffenslve and defensive treaty wth the k mK do id of W u r>tnberg li a understood .1. cue of tbe leatnres of ibr treatv, as in e treaties with Haden and Bavaria. i? that it times ?f war Prussia is to opamiitu the . > nsoltdated armies of both oonniriee Lar.??Ki.h, March 23?ll m oAclally mronnced that Ktw lipoid will ruin r u o tbe proposed ct nfc-ders ion of Frauc , H Iland, and Sis .izerland. Ix>*pob, Mrch >4 ?Tbe Government tw fsblisbed the cormti' udt uc* between "he Fnglith and French Cub ne-a in regard u? th* llegal extradition from (Canada ol tbe h ''t t fcrget Lamiranae, and -ub-* qaentiy tt.e demand rtii.ce by England for bis surrender I>riai*. March A ?The trial ot tbe Feuiaa prisoners for high treason will commence on tbe OtL of April next m this city. [By Steamer ) N?* Yen*. March *.>3?Tbe steamship Australasian has arrived up. She bruit* Liverpool ad Tires of tbe Mh and C(ueenetown of tbe l' tb instant. Tbe Fenian movement was dyiur out. Wherever tbe Fenians appeared ibov ?rr? promptly laced by the troop- and cou?'ar>uliirj, and at oeoe dispersed The London Times urges the arrest of every * mi-American who may be found spreading treason among the people. Tbe Cork hxantiner of March #th says the insurrection, which had seemed to he suppressed on the rth. bad b?tnn again to t-iime a serious aspect in Limerick and Ttpperary, and there was several thousand teniae- in the Gaiteea monnties. bat tbey had no means of carrying on an offensive war, nor coald tbey boid tbeir ground against an attack. These men have been drawu trom their homes, and wben collected together, fonnd ao provision made to supply th*-in with even tbe rudest weapons Finding tbey bad been drawn into extreme peril without there being a possibility of tbeir serving tbe cause, numbers of them had retnrned to their h me?. This is the case also with those assembler in tbeTipperary mountains Mnch panic nrevalla. but It is unreasonable and unfounded. The entire north and west of Ireland remain tranquil. From Central and Ssuth America. The steamer Kising Star, with Panama advices to tbe 13th mat, bas arrived at New York. Three American ahips it Valparaiso Lad recently caught Are and been burned to the water's edge. It is suspected that tbey were fired bx their crew*. The name* ot the vessels were George Kaines. Flora McDoratd and Gsorje. Tfie Acting President perfect, Ju&ncbo liiaz, was shot at Panama, on tb? 10th Instant., by a drunken mau named Major. The wound is a severe one. The steamer Kaixo. formerly tbe K K Cuyler, had reached Santa Martha from New York. This is the vessel that vac seized here on suspicion of being a Chilian privateer. Much excitement existed In Bogota. owing to difficulties between President Macqnera and Congress The latter refnse to acknowledge the loana made by tbe former Advices from Svdaey to Jannary TO, and Wellington to February 6. have reached Panama. The harvest was over and the yield of cereals was larger than ever before known. l<arpe quantities are beinp exported and tbe market offers no inducement to shippers in < hili or California. The aborigines in New Zealand are again giving much trouble. Chili advices state that Peru bas never thought of peace on the basis proposed by tbe mediating powers Tbe latest advices respecting the Argentine revolution are important. A division under Feelipe Saa, after a bloodw engagement lasting two was defeated by Gereral pauero at I>of L<oroa, with a loss of three hundred killed and many wonnded. Two other revolutionary divisions undertook to avenge this defeat, but were themselves ronted with much heavier losses than those suffeted by General Saa. General Paunero then qnietly continued bis retreat to form a junction with General Mitre Further Particulars of the Fire in New York. [From the New York Post of Satnrdav.J The fire at tne Winter Garden was extinguished soon after noon. The boml floors have been cut throngh in several places to permit the escape of tbe v:i?tbody of water poured intr> the bonding by tbe tire'engines. Many n mbers ol the theatrical company lost large quantities of stage costumes, on which there Is no insurance. Most ot the actors loat personal property, ranging in value from to *<Xt each. Madame Metbua Shelter loses her entire wardrobe. About one hundred peraen* were employed in tbe Winter Garden s>stablishment. Mr Stuart was the laat perse* to lea^e the theatre, and najwew^pr escaped snffocat.or. The rent of th^ Wbift Garden, as borne hy Messrs. StuaA it <5o:b, waa ?lf.,?<i a v?-.r, and the leaaMroald expire on tbe 1st of September, 1^.. Mr. Stuart had recentlT been offered a large sum for his aud Mr. Booth s remaining interest. The theatre was erected in its present form bv Mr. Stn\r in 1^9 from the plans of Mr. llion Boucicault, bnd was opened on September 14. I*?SU. with a stock company embracing Mr and Mr- Bonciranlt. Mrs. John Wood, Mr W K Blake, Joseph Jefferson, George Holland. T. B Johnston, llavenport. Mrs. J. H Allen. Miss Sarah Stevens, and manv who have since attained great celebrity. This la the fifth fire wbicb bas occurred in New Yorl theatres during the past two years. nsmHv, at Niblo'a, Karcurn's Museum, Academy of Music, New Bowery, and Winter Garden Ne?bo Str?BA<.* is Nbw York On Thursday the Kepubiican State Central Committee of New York held a meeting at Albany to consider the present stateaf political affairs, and also tbe attitude the party should assume with regard to extending suffrage to negroes by the t*rms ot the new Cauatitution to t?< framed by tbe appioachlng New York Constitutional Convention. Mr. Charie? s. Spencer moved a aeries of resolutions, which were supported by Horace Greely, and which declared one of the cardinal doctrines of the Republican party to be. tbe right of every citizen ta equality before the law. that all male citizens over *il years of age. not under disability by reason of treason or other crime or insanity, should have a vote; and that tbey profoundly regretted the action of tho?? Republican members of tbe New York Legislature wba, by recent votes in that booy. have been fonnd "to coalesce with all the Itemocrats ol that body, except one, in repudiation of universal suffrage and consequent denial to tbe black man of a right to vote for delegate- to the Constitutional Convention.'' These re* olutions were discussed at length, and when a vote was taken, it was found that eight of tbe members present were in favor of them and ten opposed, so that tney were not adopted. Tbe general argumentof their opponents was. that it was impolitic and dangerous for the Republican partT to commit itself to universal suffrage at this time. A Republican State Convention for New Yora was ordered to meet on April Sth. Thi Viroiwia Babkb.?The Legislature ot \ irgmia bas passed a bill to imena the tirtca section of tbe act passed Febrnarv li, iNtt, requiring the banks of the State to'go Into liquidation It provides that wben W> per ceni of the notes issued by any independent bank have beeu redeemed in accordance with the pro visions of the act of ISHfi, the treasurer be authorized to deliver to the proper officer ol such bank or barks tbe remaining ten per cent of State stocks deposited with tbe treasurer, upon the execution of a bond as provided for in this act. Nbw Voek Newspahkbs ?The New York Journal of Commerce says there are frrf newspapers, periodicals, and magaziaes published in New York Stale, of which 309 are issued in New York city. 1 here are ib the Stare 71 dailies, (of which 21 are la the city.) i triweeklies. |7 semi-month lies. i3u weeklies. 19 sem 1-week lies, liri monthlies, 1 sent 1-quarterly 10 quarterlies, -> semi-annuals, and 5 annuals. * Stabtlibo ? A few Sundays ago. as the congregation In the Nashville Cathedra, was quletlv engaged in its devotions, the bell foil from its fastenings, and was caagh: in the timber work above tbe organ- A local pipsr says that: is worshippers were "very much startled." Obigiwal. ir HOT Rohabtic?Tbe Pioneer reports a wedding on the ice of the Arooatook river, on tbe 24th ultimo, the swain ?nd his bride sitUK all the time in their stelgh with the rebes rlcely tucked np around them A town ia Maine, on I is posters aa nounsing a coming levee. Informs people as to term* tbust "Admission *3 cen*. ehiidran ander 14 years IS cents, nndar 4 yean Si."1 tp" Aa act is pending In the Rhode Island Legislature to punish any person who ge'a on a public masked hall by a fine e< mm Tor the first offence,and a year s imprisonment for the second. W The former Confederate irot ram Virginia, sometimes called the Mernmac, is u? he hoisted With a urpedo! Messrs. Maltbv A Co , are making arrangements ' *<ow it an ard will be ready to do so by tbe latter part of this week, or the first of next 1 ft