Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR hi Urgeu Cirtnlattoi ii ike lUtriet W. D. WALLACH, Bdlter and Proprietor. WASHINGTON OITT MONDAY MARCH 2^, IMT. 97" El A DISO MATTBB OB BVBBY PAGB. BEB OUTSIDE FOR INTRBX8TLHG TIL1ttBAPHIC AND OTHER MATTBB. IMPORTANT NKW8 FROM WI TH AMERICA LMspatctt*? U??e (?>* received at tbe Navy department from R* ar A dmiral Godon, of the j*onth Atlantic fqu Jron. dated Montevideo, lltn Frbruarv. nunoRinnc that the K.m?a* sailed for tbe coast ot Africa or tbelltb ot February, aud tbe Mobican sailed for tbe PaciBc on the I4tb The Nip-*ic, Lieut. Com rr.aadrr Blnke. baa been at Buenos Ayres for s some t me aad will continue ibere for tue present. Tbe disturbed condit on of 'he Interior Provinces of tbe Argentine Republic hae rot improved of late. Indeed tbe genertl government at Buneos Ayres has felt itself obliged to talc* ver j serious measure* to ictimi. date tbe disaffected and many editors, lawyers, and prominent man have been imprisoned or ordered to leave the eonntry A considerable if not larger portion af the Argentina coitingent of tbe Kiiied armies, has been brought trotn the from with General Nitre himself in command to put do wn tbe rebellion in their own provinces. Brazil seems now left alone to tarry on ibe war with Paraguay. No succeesiui advance haa been made in tbat nn:orm:.ate war. The English iron-clad Zeal, ons was at Rio at last dates bound to tbe Pacific with Rear Admiral Hastings on board who assumes command ot that station Admiral Godon says: '-The Spanish fleet bas disappeared from these waters for the present, and I learn ha* been requested nottoenter tbe Ports ot Brazil for more than ordinary supplies. It is said tbat tbe Spanish Admiral is in s?-arcb ot the Chill Peruvian fleet of Ironoadswbich is supposed to be turning Us attention tatbe Island of Cuba. FABMS IN MISSISSIPPI. Tiie Commissioner of the General Lmd Office bas received returns from the local office at Jackson. Miss, showing tbat forty-eigbt faxm? comprising in tbe aggregate 2 -?l~ acres, were added to tbe productive force of that j State during the month of February last under tbe act-approved June 2ft, 1S0?'?. providing for Lome-tead actual settlement iu the States or Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana. At Kansas and 1'iorida. the entries being confined to acres tach. ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF VIRGINIA. Breve: Brigadier General Orlando Bro?rn, recently appointed Assistant Commissioner of tbe Kreedmen's Bureau lor tbe Sia'e of Vir. ginia. has issued an ord?r, dated March 21, announcing that been'ers upon the discbarge of bis duties. Also, an order directing Captain Garrio* Mallery. 43d Infantry. in addriou tw his pr-.-ent duties a* Acting Inspector General, act as Assistant Adjutant General of the Bureau for the state of Virginia. RELIEVED. Fj Special Ordt-r No. 142. da*ed War l?epaifmtii'. March 21st, Major M. I. Ludiiigton. Quartermaster. I'. S A, is relived from out) at a memt-er of tbe Bo&"dof Officers, convenerl in Jauuary last. io examine aud report vpcn ihe qualifications lor appointm-nt m the Quarts rtrniter's li. p trtment. and Brevet Brijiaoier General H M. W hit'lesey. A-*i?t int j Quartermaster ot volunteers, is deta.ied in his place. Til K U HITE UOCSE. The n-urtl crowd of visitors were at ?he Fx- i etntive Mansion to day to see the President, rr.ary of them being office seekt-rs. Several SeLa'crs ai.d Representative? had an inter \ iew w :h the ^'resident this morning. |'n?>M?vriOK<? A> r? A rrotBTxrwr#.?The followit.g promotion? and appointments have beeu made T JIt, .. .. a ui (/MrfTMit'Ti, S. Af.ny? J Brevet lieutenant Colonel Treadwell Moore, ' A Q M Brevet Lieutenant Colonel II C. i A y M Brevet Colonel A. R. Ed- j dy. A. 4 M Brevet Hri/ad er General J. I). ! Lam. A. i.| M.: Brevet Brigadier < A J Perry, A. I*. M Brevet Colon-I J. G. | Chatdler. A M Brevet Brigadier General C G Saw telle, A M: Brevet Brigadier Oeneral J. J I?ana. A Q. M ; Brevet Brigadier General J. A. Potter, A. Q.M . Brevet Uolouel R N Batchelder. A . M. T ! r C 'p'<im." rrnd (/liartTMltt'rt, ' f K A ? Mrevet Major J V. Furey, A. M., | I S volunteers Captain J.C. Hojt, A. Q. M . j c s volunteers: Lieutenant G. C. Smith. Kth I S infantry: Ouptrvin 1). W. Porter, late A. j t-l M lT. S. volunteers: Brevet Major W A. | VaiBwjijrln.A li M , C. S volunteers Brevet i lieutenant Colonel E. J. Strong, A. ? ?. M , TT. | S volnnf ers iHfeTfti' T No. -j ?General Sickles bas issued an order taliins command of District No. 2 which includes North and South Carolina. 1, declare^ the State governments provisional, Srub ect to the control of tbe Cnited States, and all local l.tws and municipal reguiaticns intoc?: tert with the laws of the United Slates are abolished. The local tribunals are per. muted to take charge ot offenders except in sacbi tMes as the commanding General shall i rder ?c be referred to oth-?r tribunals. Eat EiTioB.?The ladies of the Executive Mausioi.. Airs. Patterson and Mrs. Stover, did not receive this afternoon, the receptions for he ?ea?ot> having been ended. A number of person - YisUed the White House, not knowing ibat ;ae reception had been discontinued. Foe E^AkiliTioi ?Surgeon R. Reyburn. cuief burgeon ot the Freedmen's Bureau for this District, has been relieved from duty for ihe pnrpo e of appearing before tbe army aied leal bi'iisd at New ^ ork for examina 'on, after wbirh be will resume bis duties as sorgeon in chnrge. mft rem Shiliingtun, Odeon Building, we aave Jbe attractive Mar^h number of TnF'', ' V 7". '".having as a frontispiece a ketch map of Paris, printed In colors, a valuable ?b'ng for those who propose to visit the French Exposition. Ap *v Ormks?Capt Chas. Barnr.rd, Assistant Quartermaster of Volunteers, bas be-'n erdered t? the Department of the Gulf tor remedial duty. The station of MajwrGen'l H. AN Benbam. ot the Engineer Corps, will hereafter be at Fort Warren. Boston harbor P*K?o?tAL?Ex-Senator Cresswell, of Md j <tov Pierpont, of Va.; Gen. C. G Bartlett, S A Generals John L. Swift, of Boston: Nat. Head, of N. H., and G. W. Brandy, of Vt., are at the National. Wl'rom French & Richardson. "Hudson Taylor Bookstore,' agenta for Scott's reprints ot toreigb magazines, we have the Kilinhuryk H -i v for January. Si-kpragb ? The most advanced suffrage yet adiccatea in America, we believe, is that favored by Theodore Tilton, who is said to have announced himself in favor of suffrage without regard to age, ?ex. or color. I?r C. H. Ohr, president of the Maryland Republican Union State Convention, has given notice for the reassembling of said convention in Baltimore on Wednesday next. tGT The Delaware Legislature adjourned ti%* <ti' oa Saturday. I?tamsal Kbviiui ?Tbe receipts from ibis source to-day were <097,000 Seventy-five thousand galUns of liquor have been seized altogether by tbe MassachnMS-tt* State constables since tbey commenced their raids upon illegal establishments. 9W A French author attempts to whitewash the character of Nero, and advances the notion tbat that accomplished scoundrel was more of an artist than an emperor. MEMBERS OF THB BALTIMORE COB L3 f*r??ce lu this city ms get their copies of ?>. Annual Minute* at the Foundry Pareonaee, 27 * <; ?t. if rr^ALV. BORNBTT. ALF BDBBBTT to miiy*" fo^noET. if OA" *PAPBBRA*^?TM'ftAS90y?ATIoBO'wiL febeld on MORDAT, March 30. Every meab?i in espeeted to be ereeet t. S~ order of Preeident * tt' Q 8. WHEW. Secretary. ' BEOI8TRY NWTIOE -Betlce Is b?reby | L3 given to all (|.iallfl<jljotsmin the BE' OMO wXBD that t!<e Judg-e of Bl*-?tioa appointed to 1 r*?[i?ter veter* aader the a. t of Ooagree* s? riroved Frlffiut & 1867, entitlt-d *' An act to aunsb I Ile al voting <o the District ef Colombia, ao-i for other norpoeee.' will he to eeesloa.oath" oat* iMe of F street, near Uth, MOMBAT, the ttth.TrBHPATjheMtb.Mt BON ESDAT.the 17th. and "RfEbDAT the W< tnstaat. from 1 to 7 o'cl<wfc p m for the purpose of recei via* and recording taeir us e ? ab 8 % . BOTB8, Secr> tary. I I FINANCIAL. Johaeoa A Co., fMli *'1 Boa?a la horn* U< ft>ratg?aark?toat feil+wa N?w Yoa*. March ? -l*S*Ar?3r8Jt?l ^?P?B ?'" 10-*, ?o..*-*r* l?U ? < -'T *!, a poaa, 97X 7.30'OW: Ukaion Oa, ?-V r??b?riaa(x>nuo.jiNrih unt.*f*w jr> (XwtmE H., i*b Er>? Kwlwty.lj; ftuBaoo *!*? u k Jf? fc *' R 101 \? Mlchlgaa Oeatrai h r -at' J?10***" SwnttoTa and N. Indiana S.I ? ?*;,??; *"*ranu*d' ; lllwoia fleas', KA,1 Is *: ? ??* ? and Pi.rabarg K R ., NoruiwntnTB K K , K? "?> Toi?do K! E.i, L ^ Uhieajo and Rock island R R? Nv; M V* ftliia "Jr." "" ^blcago R R? u. !. 5 , HiniMlppi Certificates, $? i Pacific Mail, On Id. \> 3? p pa , 134. T^^XKM"5'1 0FTMJ' ??L???8La. 1 LFmKi7TnUlW?. bou,M'" of Geiseral At. Maryland clotrd their session uu Saturdayalternoin, having sat tbm one day 1 m?h? rtri?.i>'ir,0d toT ,h* member, conld draw their per diem Tbe bill admittiug i ^r/""?'/.2n footing as whiten to the conns of tbe Stat* failed to pass It is "2:^' *?weyer, that It will be mcorpe. rated m be new constitution to bo framed br the convention authorized by tbe Lend a'are The amendment to the ConstltuMon of the I in ed stares, wbicb had been submitted br f ootreea a jMr a*o to th* states. rHtdlrmiuc the principal provisions or the civil rights act Jl^r cert&'? classes m tue South from holding oft! *e, was rejected in the House JuJ.12 ? 00J.n ,he S<,D,tU, An interring dehareon tbe subject took place in tbe Home in jbe last hours of the tesaion. Tbe important tin for organ zing tbe militia ot the State became a law. and under it the Governor is to appoint tbe inspector general. The bill submitting ?o the voters of Baltimore the auction of permitting fnot requiring) tbe City Pa?. senger Rauway Company to run fs carson . unday. provided the people concur therein. ZZST* hou#e#- Anionic the hills which dil not become r Itn ?ru that for boldThe h,Mer" muuic,pil election in Maltiaiore. 1 he bill to exempt the Baltimore city public ^?, l.-nVhe nation of the general school law of the st?,e a|8a tilled, ?.'n Krna"ely P?s,P?n?d ? > me House The ^nate bill in relation to the school organ.*ation al-o jailed?s-o the present school svstem, under which much improvement ***? accomplished. is m.disiurbed. for lurtner trial The bill modifying the stringent Sunf.rThe v ' wtlu? hRd paw?d the House, imied "'he Senate On tne mil modifying the Ch titer oi the Baltimore and PoU?mnc Rwlroid t/ompam. which had pasted the Senate, tiwe was. we believe, no action in tbe Hou.?e The Sou-hern ftiaryland Ka.lroud bill, a rival r?Y* also fniled to pass The bill for a mw c iarTm Baltimore city wat passed, to go iut0 op-ritj m a^ter the next election, which will beth^t V..r WfiiS11110"/1 convention on the second Wednesday in April nA'h.T.^1 Pupk.?The Catholic Bishop ? iT issued an address la In, recounting tbe urgent pecuniary em. barrasMnenta ol tne Pope, and says he h?ib^en "deprived of the nerves and smew.?f govemaient," by .be Ka.ian King, until heTs now "hopelessly baukrup. ' He therejore d.iects that next Sunday ihe Pr.eht* shall anpeal (o their congregations and take unco L~r?cSL""pui"'?"?" pri.Ti;?i'. Capital Prwj8HMKe.t-._The state of lin. wh? h " nOW !l lnw ?i'h tne 111 y which convicts a culprit ?t telon.oiM bo nicide t dec de whether the penalu shall he d-a . imprisonment for lite, or .d^r^onment foJ a term of years Bl ,ura Q^^ALI1. Bl'BMKTT, ALK. EGKNXTT _ ToniSnr"1'"" VJ-Si0BT 3T""OT'tE "r ,VS3" srt'^arssrBr ordorof tiie Presllent I lQt| A jjp"'* ?tabli8H?U I ? # a. ... "cPHliaO* & rEBQDSON. S7I Fans. A vasts, C.??ME 1ST sianr. Oealemij *P'Tol Hill, 'ttp?DKri?*?SfDrs'?"y " ed"1 Vie HUh[BelV^^^"1 f com ^ ndo? 12 ?f ,,ht B,u answered. ^]*MBBK8 or COMGUBaT ^AMlTs THAN ! OBK8 lu?cVot '**T* ,U# CU' *r# ,,rlt*d toaaaniine oar WATCHBS. JBWBLBT, BILVBR ABD PLATED WAKB FINB FAMS, i-PEBA GLA??B?, BMULI8H ABD AMBBTOAN POCKET AND TAltLE CDTLEfcT A( Tliose desiring to earrf home FBB8BBT0, will find oar ?tock to n.brsc? ail the tiew^r m>I.. of goods designed for that e??e lnl p lrpjee *,f'M M W OALT t BBO mh M 3t Jewelers 3a I peBna ?*. LOW PB1CES M.7L A an 5di8 LABOEsT 8TOOK I* THE CITY Of SOLE L KATBBB ABD FBBNOIl TBI" NK 4 i OA.IO ABD PAOK1NO TBLBKs LADIBS' aND MEN'S' S4Tcu'iL< TUA\BLIMi BaOS, POBiMonaVm HADDLBBY, UAgkBsS.fc .fa'18, -D '*< Esimtirt an<l Practical MANLFACTOAY OF JAMES 8 TOPI1A51 A CO . Mf iOO SEVENTH 8TBEET Aot > </*, Oi<f*tjor? (>,ld F //,.? s' (7,1/ BLPAIBINU>"t *'Cu,Wl lr t6, b#>? "orkmsn. ^ CALVEBT FOBD. DBCGG18T AND CHEMIST. Wo 890 Pennsylvgoi., avenue, !? ?? ? eonstautly ea bind a rf?sh scppiy ol PUKE DBUGS AND HfilE CHEMICALS. ALSO, a largt stock of all popular and PATENT MEDICINES, to/ether with BN0LI8H AND FBBNCI1 BA1B. TOOTH AND NAIL BBLSBKa. ABD P03IADE8. SOAPS ABD PEBFUMEBY, wblchl offer atasnall advance above ca?b. Bale Ageatfor the sale of ''Samsrltaa ? Olft,' "Biokrine." Metcalfe's Bbenmatlc 0?m?onnd -ad Trlesttare, the great English remedy. * iwh 2t-eo<t I jBITED STATES BaVaL *TaTK>N, ' B? arder of th- i^-0 iJ1*LA!* ' **rc?> ? 1<?". '?insi:s: v " s'?AisvjSjffir'ifa of a5h', Iw/wh^t^rwlVbe o^edh*The profo* itl?a far wreek.agmn.t aUto^s ir,, Lr b Z t?: .Vl^aSJa'Mr. S is: r^i'n1 .Ver.r^'ir^Hw; t,, ?'<>ce^s remaiu?ng n the hands uf the Oaverataeat antll the wbel* of tbe wrark Is raaiovnd, and tbe work ?? 1U sail?racttoa. In ease or f Ji?3 toV52?aiS with satlafactery dlll^enee, ortsco^ fflkt u"..!!I1?* lh" deaartnient reaerv*# the neht to annul tbe agreaaeat, and tbs irauM. will^e forfeited to the Government 7 * ?'the parch see. as she lien, the erop-ticlon vast state the tlmeiwlthin which the wrvrk ??n baeatlrelj remoVeJ. The woney to ha naM li ojce, end ' tting to hav* her retaovsd in ttm? f.i* reeerved to reject all of tbe of awanl*5 nJtii for w,,?kl"? will be ? MHn as Of the bidder has r;1 XM>1.t?< ?o< report-d as safflri-at for th.l. *an b? obtained at tli<a CTgSg' " b^JLA.V:!iyj... 486 p i o rl'tiMVi ? g. 486 ~ffiSS??KW8& .. * 7w . ** rrt* lt*ll to 16X10 ii'bifl O^Tf, ^;irtrYnv, trb't#Kw^b,,f",rict Bu.Uc Frames, PlotwVTaW^jW^/ Nails, Ml , at MABKB?t5a * g ' is as. 7th ** ^" D .aW.ti ah M-?* Sdeors above Odd Felie?.- :|. r\BLT sa CBNTS FOB A QOOB hiTTv >uu. All work dwae by band Oaods catlsd fT7aT,i7ir - tbEegiuFhic news. _ ... FROM EUROPE TO-DAY. (By (tablet* the Associated Prasa ] I48UW1 M^rcb 2>)?Noon ?OonIOIX 4i L OfBlrai, 71J|, trie, 3* V Sf'sW#^ 1 8. 5-80'* are quo'ed at Frankfort at 7R. March '25?N00a ?lT. s. 5-20'e ?4 *,. LivaitriHJL. March 25-Nonn?The cot ?a n atkei it- firm at T?*\ for Middling Uplands aad 13^ ;or M Orleanf. To-day's sale# ?it< pi..b?My rt-ich I(i,iiWI Nil^. I'readstufr- generally quiet; <Torn uu fid per qun.f-r lwr nuaert Western; Oats, 3s 3d. for 0*n*di.n Preri.jonsqui^t; Lard dnll at 5* >?.; Haron.tPs for Cumberland cnf/Pork 77* (kl for Laetrrn urimi-ram; Spirit* Turpentine, 37* 3d.; Rosin, 9s'id. for common Witmingtoa. [By Sr^amer.) Niw York, Marvh U3 ?lue steamer New York, from Southampton oa the 13th iaet. ba arrived. The Imperial Review says the En*Hsh re. loim hill will contain no clause id favor of household suff: age or plurality of Totes A special commission was to commence I immediately to trj the arre*t?l Fenians M?.re arreaia Lava been made, and th? dis| turbances are quieting rapidly. X% hat the Montreal <>a*ette bay*. Moktkkal. CI W., March 25?The Gazette sta<es tt>ai Mr. Derby. tbe Waited States COm, miss loner on fisheries. printed one-tbird of bis fhri ? .! grrt,fro?a book published bv lual pap^r. Msrraienti of Traapa la Canada. Ottawa, O. W,, Alarch 25?Important despatches have tn-en recently reeeivel in reference to the movements of British troops and gunboats. bur tbe facts are withheld from publication for the present. Fire. PJTTsitrBO, Pa , March25.?The machinery works 01 Kobiuson, Hio A t,o., in South Pitts. bur*waa det,iro>ed by tire vesierdav. Tbe I lose is eatima'ed ai *7.%(Mi. Sunshine in Philadelphia. Ph ilat>Ki.rh 1 a. March 25?The sun is shitiirir to day tor the first time since Thursday ifi?t. 'I'EBKA UOTTA.?We have jnet r>-? IveJ an as J W. BOTILIB A BR') , i? in. !? -1"'J nrniehers, 1 !t _3^?jM*t?. rott Hail L< BENCH wovii. whalbbonttjussets * 11 50. AT MADAME PBIK0K 8, 3> MABKBT SPACE. The money r< funded if not at repreeentel ?" ?0r'*?ot of Ml LLINKKf KBri ?S*I???DS wf ,h" NtMt ??POrt" aMd 100 b 01 T : QOuD NEWS fOK a I F ? * TUX GIfSV LOUTOK Has AKU1VJEB. . 7.b,KBrn*t.4DB r,ml Ascrelozl.t can p-nltivelv li. -1 ' Pr5ft"V an l Future. bring atck h?(p?ll iuLov< or Trouble?*f, I >?,nr *' to take pUee epe?*d|iy Also cure* ail nisi.ner 01 Jis<-*? s No 4<?0 K striUi . oth on,.? t ar. irom ?a m to 6 . m l'-." Ladle, #1, Gents. ?2 Vh25 1w' I < H IS IS TO Ol V B NOTICE, That tbe aub.crl I ber hss obtained from th? Orphan" WashinKtoa conutj, iR the l>i,tnct of Coiuubla ftters !??* anu iiia<y on the aersonalJ* Reiiihardt <Ht riu.?9r, |?te of Washin*to^?r D ( .? 1eC6MWi All DernoUh Qavin? ?Ial n< the dt5ce^ed. DereDy , the same, with the Toucher, ttipreof. tolh^sTib-cri ber on or before tbe j.ui day of Much ae^r aacludeMroBj alt Given under m j hand this Ml da? of March is*-.hl. OS I'BK V A Y EK. ' Bxacntrz H AVISO TO MOVE IN A KB\TTav8 Iroru my pr-sent Store, and d aUimr . . t.. rediice atock. I . tier f r sale, at tfrtalSs^ tsreains n 1 on ?-n?y term*? fj"j"5tp1 Nii.e ot < bickeriu A ? >D?'anp rlorPI*V.iM Three ot Hallet I'aiiitCo > riaaoa. Oi.e of W n. H. Br dhury A Co "s ?. Thrieo'Wtn ?*. Emerson a Co 's > lve of G*4irk? M. UuMd Jr Co s Aed als<< a ijre?t variety ?r i/,>nd ??c-n.< '.??j PIA NOB ?-aBM?B OBOAVB. MBLU|>BUHB as alae every artich- in the n.n,,r hin?n.">s _k,,w tmtt u JOHN W. BLLIH. mh * " ***> I enn. avenue, near l<?th ?t ^TIILR it RKOTHEH. ^ ??? PKNHA. AVBSCB, Ha c-jnst rerelv d a ";n. a^-ortment of Chr^mo Lithographs, Fruitcrackers and others. A'so a choice lot of Pocket Book* and Knives St. reo scopic Vie?a,' Bterooicopa*, and Oval Fnmes. The latest PoeMcal and Proie Works l.y ?'t authors. Also, ke, ? c nstantlv on han1 superior Stationery ?fall kinia Cook books aad Toy Books in treat variety. m 2fi |w I^LACK BILKS. COLORED SILKS 26 pieces BLACK OBOS OB A IN BILKS, for Dreeees and Maati??. from 15! 7.. to S | to p?.r PLAIN OOLOBtO SILKB, go,a #J and t2 ? per yard. basall CBBCK BILKS, 91 28 to ^l.Wp,r yar-. India CBBCK BILKS Vwide, ?1 p9r .ar(J Ch ckSlLK POI'LIUi, to $] Up,.r jar<i Plaid SILK POPLINS, &1 76 per yard JOS. J. MAY A CO., 30* Pennsylvania avenn-. jbh25Jt between Sth and 10th ?t( PBOI'OSALB FOB Kl BNISHINO ARTtni >o AT THB WASHINGTON NAVY TABU ... BAW PAVM.stkb . Oppick '> W A?iiis.,To.\. It c., 3l*r h iil- , Healed Proposal*, to be ind..r*>-i PrnJ will l e received at tiile ofBte until l! M ti i" T DAI.OF aPBIL I*67. for the f"|. "|* 1 ?irn "if t ?J the vt< y <jua(< v toh?H u ?red. free of expense %nd O .ver?m. nt tax . J Wa?lit?_'ton Navy Yard, and t ?*he l th", Mffwiiv* Utriot. t? ait; " i'?V Bvttn* ttf F'tuipw-H' 1 nd R rU,<,?t K (twenty flve)t#nsNo. 1 Pig Iroa. , Burtttu 0/ Ori/Iiatr 3 (three. Mark.mlth ? anv-1., c*.t iron, sti el r^-f. t<. weigh about Soo Ihs each ?'*ce, 1J(twelve)do/.?n ?-incb Hhndsmooth *,les j(. (twenty corde epruce l>iUt Wood 1 u BeJ I arrel Lard Oil. 1 (01? l arrel fjp rni Oil ico(o' e kundrrdl .Hio-e?ekina. to b? tanned ia tb? w.h?4, to be a'ntn t ,ui.e<l; w K)l 1 (oUe) l0th lona; aiae t<% average <tiw? and a h?H) S iRare ftint, of trood wool M4ln Bureau Con tru ion an t li-pmr. 225(two hnnd>ed and tweot, ti e) pounds inch Kra?n tiiii. ?"va 20? (two hundred i pounce Lost Bul.l er Cloth. ,.i,; inch thick. ' -A . . . P"T?nu Pro i-ion 'in l Clothmf. C0(*l*ty hari !? Kler.r, i best extra * iperfiae.) f.i.h"P?Bh "" ",rU, ^or'heproaipt and !?i l (^'""'rr of supplies awarded jj f?-rma for bids with .t'urthfr p ira, ulnr< f?r ' tddttf% t>> u*> aad at thf? ofllce. ra. ? ? Calvin c. Jackson, tnh ,&-3t Paymaster 0 W Nary. S*h?.ei\,SO BlLL8 foraale in sums toauit p^T QUltf**1 "l4rket prlc,? *>ald for AMBBICAN f,7 .."WIS JOHNSON A CO , Bankers, T'1}1 aw-i Penua. avenue. pAHIS AND "*^ERyOBlTirilAr-^r-v' ?ab^CN haa inst returned from Nev% York wltli ^ Urge nod assortment of tine French, Bnglish and ^raw Bonn ts and Hat* for ladies and f lkmi,*!?' a hi! Amber. Pearl, and Straw OrFrench Flo*era- BotneV a^H^Fram^iS aBd'beal'La'ces. "c,.tb?n,> Hlk,> T??'Particular attantion giren to all ordera. atreet. near Peunsytvanl* ave?-? mil 13 3ai ^ D T THIS OUT! GBAND INAUGURATION THB ( HEAP CA8B BTOBB. Ladiea desirous of purehaaing FANCY GOODS wonld do well to pot this advertisement In that* IN MILLINBBY AND FANCY GOODS, At MB8. A, B. McCLa>SK ? 'B. ?h is?t? D1PA?iv"VstaIES Hrl^S>r/c*; 0? the petition ^ jsstJissri- ts'K TSi,%,A>tf?8S for an Improvement la Ooekinc Siovea for?.?n years from the expiration of said nitin? *1,?? l*f,V ?'? on the Uth day of J one, wUeb .J* ! ordered that the eaid petition be heard at ,spveiysxnss set forth In w rttin*, at leaet twsntT davs^eforl r as?i? ftutraas AsuS? Depositions and otaerpapers reiiea nMua!-' Mm. ny must be Bled In the office tJant* before the day of bearlne: the ft wit Ida tea daya after filing that5S52at 6ot?cf ha DubUahed la the Beaubllcan and the National Intelligencer Wash^ fhaceaatve weeks: tne i^iTtotCltorS SS^^ t?ixty day. rt^T. Q. THBAKBB, ?l*P?r conUlnlMthlsnotiee. ihlSuwSw BBABQ* TAYLOB. CONGRESSIONAL. *p?DAf. Marefc 3*. S**at* -Mr. Witin moTci mat tie Htnae U reqaoete* to rotor* the concurrent r*solu tlon passed by the Senate, previsingfar aa id jonrnmeut; which wan agrood to. Subsequently Mr. Trombull said the motion had Aet bfra understood, aad ha asked that it fc^pnt rgain. Mr Uonans called for the yeas aad Bays on the motion. Mr. Wilson raid hi* obiect was to reconsider the Tota by which the resolution waa pasted He wanted to we if a day coo Id aot be axed for the reassembling ot Congress before December next The motion to ask the retnra of the resolution w then pat again, and agreed to Mr. Chandler, trom the Committee on Commerce, reported the joint resolution tu relation to turvoys ordered by Congress , which waa agn ed to. Mr. Nye presented *'ie petition of tha Union Leagueof Mary lant asking Congress toe*tend the terms of The military reconstruction bill to that State. Referred to Committee on tha Judiciary. Mr Sherman,from tboCommittaeon Finance, reported the bill to increase the force in the Patent Office, with amendments striking out all after ihe 11 rat section. A lengtby discussion ensued on the motion of the committee to strike out; when the motion 0 strike oat section 2 waa agreed to. Horsa?I'nder the call of the States tor bill- aad joint resolutions, the following were iitroduced: fay Mr. Hooper, (Mass )? Joint resolution declaring that tne slate of the eountry may re. quire an early mee-ing of Congress, ana resulting that this Congress adjourn to meet on the first Monday of May, June, September, October or November, unless the presiding officers of both Houses shall, before the time designated, give notice that such assembling ot Congress is not necessary; but Congress shall assemble in reguUr session trpon the first Monday in December. Referred to Committee

01 the Whole. By Mr. Butler, (Mass )?Bill providing for " '['li'/ of the Orphan Asylum at Charleston, S C. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. By Mr. Lawrence, <(>.,) bill reorganizing the Judiciary of the United States, referred to Committee on Judiciiry: bill providing a temporary government for the Territory of Lincoln, referred to Committee on Territories bill giving construction to the laws passed in relation to the pay of soldiers of the army, referred to Military Committee, and bill repealing the law authorizing the redemption of M.mni.uu currency per month: referred to Committee on Ways and Means. My Mr. Kerr, (lnd .) bill authorizing and re. quiring the administration oi on In in certain c**es. and providing for the punishment of perjury. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. By ftlr. .Niblack. (lnd.,) bill concerning the 1 r periy of married women in the District of C-lunibia. Referred to Committee on District of Columbia. By Mr. Ingersoll, (III.,) bill to pave a portion ot fennsytvauia avenue to I'.th street west with the Nicbolson pavement Referred to Committee on District ot Columbia. J-y Mr. Pile. (Mo )? Bill 10 establish a National Buri &u of Insurance. Referred to Committee on Judiciary By Mr. Perbam. (Me.)-Bill authorizing the ' " a hiugtou uuy 1 ernp.ranee Society to issue stork wi'hout usmj; an In'ernal revenue stamp. Relerredto Committee on Way-and Means. The bills referred a-above are to committers to be appointed. Mt. Lawrence fOhio) introduced a resoln ton authorizing the re- cindinr of the contract with the present keeper of the Honse re?taunut, in \ iew ot cbtiujres that have been mcde in the privilege* of the restaurant keeper since th- contract was made Referred to Committee on Public Buildings and (Grounds. Mr Lawrence (Ohio! introduced a resolutn n declaring thai it was reported i??at a coinm --ion was in sei?-ion in the War Department ot th s cay, and had awarded damage-to c izei s of the Sou hern S ates, and directirg tne ('oaimitiee on Claims to inquire into the legal- i ity of such commission, and by wtiat autho-- j i y 'be claims referred to have b^en allowed Bas?ed. Mr. Garfield (O.) introduced a resolution deciaiing that id.- actiug clerks of the committees of the Mth Congress shall receive pay tor ihe present session at tb- sam?- rate as heretofore Debate arising, the resolution was laid over. Mr. Schenck (O ) introduced a joint resol atic xi that each House of Congress give consent to the oth* r to adjourn on Thursday, the jstb instant, until the rlrst Wednesday respectively in May, June, September. Octol>er, and Sovein her, unless ?be President of the Senate and the Speaker of tlie House shall, by joint proclamation, issued 10 da>s before tue ti ne above named declare that there is no occa-i JU lor the meeting of Congress on the days designated. 'I he resolution was agreed to?yea- -ji navs 31. Mr Blaine rMe ) ?ben withdrew the resolution for an adjournment offered by bun on Saturday. The Speaker laid before the House a communication trom H. A. Smythe, Collector ot the Fort ot New York, the privilege of appealing before the Committee, pending the in vestigniion in bis case, either by person or by < ounsel. Mr. Randall (Pa introduced a resolution granting the re?jH?P| ot Mr. Smythe. '1 he resolution elicited much discussion .v to the propriety ot granting the request Mr. Htiibird. (N. ?.,) the chairmau of the c< mmitiee, thought the question sbould be l#-fi with :he committee He intimated, however that he would not allow Mr. Smythe to appeal unless the House so ordered. Mr. Randall and oiber*demanded the granting ot ibe request as a right: and objection having bt-eu made, be moved a suspension ot the rules to enable h im to otter his resolution for immediate consideration On a vote by tellers the House refused to snspeud the rules, and the yeas and am were demanded, and resulted?yeas >0, nays irt and the resolution was then agreed to. EYKRMAY VLUl'B. Man .fectured br D L. Shoemaker. The above (ap.-rioi brsml of FLOUB. In bl>l? and 4<< pound Hacks, constantly on lienii.anl for sale by GBO WA1ERS. Commission Merchant, Wo. a* Hlch st and Usual, mh tS Iw | IntelAChron | Georgetown, D. C [y|EBCBAfcT TAIbOBING IN ALL ITS DKPABTMBNTS. Gentlemen wishing to economise, and at th? same time obtain the __ BEST GABMEKTS, Are Invited to examine onr new Km CLOTHS, CAS8IMEUBS. 9J AND VN8TIHB3, " which vri- will make to order at much CHBAPBB BATES than the usual eity price*. *ALL, STEPHENS ft CO., .. Pens a avenue, mbt3 f-tif 11 nt 1 between ?th and 10th streets A 0?A.D ?' ?0 0J>0?iiiZ7iSKk. We invite particular attention ta onr large and varied assortment ef Bprinc aud hammer Goods i A tall Use of Black ClLKH. Black ALPACAS, from 57 cents to |1.M. btriped and figured M0BAIB8. Plain MOBaIBD of all shade*. All Wool DILAIIBH, Black and Colored. OBIMT/BB, PBBCALE8 and tilNGHAMS. A nice ais^rtaient of .Spring CHALL1E8, at a cents per ysrd PBli>T?. at l?i, 1C. 18 and 10 rents Bloacbed and Brown MOtLUItt, of all makes and widths, from im ctsti up. OOOD8 of all descriptions. CLOTHS and 0AB81MBBBS. (or Men and Boys'wear. ? AI so_ k fine assortment of HOSIBBr. GLOVES. 8L*LBBH.K.5.B5i J^'ebt habdeebcbieps, sad WHITE GOODS J W. 8BLBT A O0 . Old Stand of Yates A Selbf. P?b ?3I 3t 3?i:t Pennsylvania avenno. I^OVB' UlOTHlMi, . New stock im fall supply of all sizes at LOW P110BI. WALL. STBPHBHt A CO . mht2 6tif (Intel) Ssl'i Penn'a avenue. ^PIINU CLOTHING. Having received onr Spring Styles, we can offsr gentlemen great bargains In OTBBOOAT8 AND MATOH SUIT! of all qualities WALL, STBPI1INB * CO , 32* Penn'a avenue, _ttha-?tir lint] between Mh and 1th streets P'OB BALB-PBBNCH OOUPNB, bnUt to order. . ?V?rai BOB8E, seventoeu hands high. In quire ?oa L street, frem 10 to 12 a. m. s?h 2l 6t* P'&Mtfedfr* ?.f Arotic Night Sy-ap E PODNtAIN% Also. ? new Oopper roUBTtl. Pnrchaso this will bo a tine 5VS?* Apply to J. B MAJOBV, corner Hand *** mhn tf M'RjitJiArfsaa.'si'sssss'.a :arcJAuf,4H,,m''b?,w? it.One almost now 1 octave lute toudU^n corner Hoard man * Gray Piano, fm. For sale apeaoaw tornu, at the waroroomsof "lia'tf""" k " * Affair* u MrftMvi. Tbb Blktmv To-uar?Tlit the roiu wv* apaaed Ife U? TtflHi preciact* of tif fova to (k? Tout tur i arakrr of He UMibm Couacll to fltl <* nrutj mom* kj tb* mtfBktioB ot Dr K Keyourn Tb* contest |? bet*f? Mmri Ju fioddard aad Bfaj Dirk;. TM forarr U tbt lomiiM ?f tM < I>e n o.ratic party,and waa a proauaeat member i ot the ia*t Council. but *? defeated ia th* Ivt |rr*r?l Tbf latter is a srell < known cittxen and enterprisiug merchant. and if th? noniinw of the Republicans Tb? ar- J r.mymfiits tor the election ar all the preciucia ' are mnch tbe same as for the general election { A* an earlv boar tbis morning a strong dstail J from the Metropolitan police force proceeded to Gmictowo aad reported to Ijirit. t??*i tor duty. During tba day Major Kii hxrd>, . Uapt. Kwd aad U?nt. Rally Tutted tba m-*n at the various preciacts. aad up to tba timo of , our going to fireas tba ?ljcuon was programing i witb remarkable good order Thevoting was I not vary active at either palling place At l I o'clock p m, tfce votes polled wereaafollow* ; 1 1st prweinct, 1.VI wbite. Ki colored \'d preciact, ' 1 i ?. > wbite,*J?7 colored: 3d preciact, tfci wbite. 4 I colored: 4tb preciact, TB wbite, ?c colored, making a total of 500 white aad 4'?> colored ! Mr ltarby will probably be elected OrKMiMOorTHBExcBAHoa.?Tbia morang. the rooms of tba Merchant* bxcbaufe were opened at 10 o'clock for business operation*, aud continued open one boar,tbe time fixed by i the rules. The fixtures were all in their pla-e*. i and are well adapted to tbe nee for which they i are purchased. The small table* of Mack waluut, upon wbiab to display tbe samples, are 1 arranged around tbe room. an<1 are turui?b?*d with drawer* in which to aecure tb* sample trays alter business has clot-ed. The room is 1-" i 'ovidfd with ebairs for the convenience , of i.r as?ocia'ion. and a d?sk for tbe aecretary. | In view of the fact that the receipts of produc* I have been very small, this flm day's trans, i actions are very tair, as tbe following a'it-- 1 mrnt attest* ?Offerings?4.500 bushels yellow corn; l.WK) bushels red wheat; 40 bushels rye ( ?(Ki bushels common ahipi-'iiff. anil a small i it j middlings. 71 i barrels extra flour; :?00 barrels t cut extra, .?u? bayrels family extra, sales? ( !.!#*> bushels fair red wheat, N 10: small lot of 1 middlings, 50 cents: 4<< bushels rye, *!.*?, 541 ' barrels exira flour, *14.3?| Oakrotik ami> Kohiiiu ? About 8 % o'clock. 1-riday eveuing. officer Kindly heard a cry of police in tbe batchers' market space, and going there found a man named Win Brown, wbo sta'ed that he bad been garroted and robbed i by 'bree men He bad been drinking, and the I men met bun aud a*k?d him if he bad been paid of. he being a sergeant oi -be 4 h At t ilery. ' He replied that be bad. Tbey a-k"d bun to j '-stand a treat." and be agreed. Tbey conducted him into the marker to take a sb >rt cu' to a restaurant. They garroted bim; bu- after a severe scuttle be got bis throat free and cried \ for tbe police, and the garroters vamosed. His clothes r?ve evidence of the -ruth of bis sta'e. metit; his pantaloon pockets were turned out. I and tbe thieves got a watch and chain a knife. a bone foet rule, aud ao<>ut 75 cents in cur- ? rency. A minu'e more would have given * * , ! ?huh he bad in a fob thai they had not 1 warche*. Canal?\rriril of Prodii<-< .?This morning, tbe beats J. M. Writers with 1,067 barrel* oi ] flour and David Rnode. with flour aud wu?at i to iteirtre Waters, and 'be Iron-ide-. wrh I 4.i" ii bnsbeis corn to Keujamin Darbv, arrived from the Western depots, giving assurance of i tbe resumption of < anal navigation. Tort ok f? sorgkT"Wn. ? fcntered and i cleared?Steamer Reuneb--c, Wilson master. from and to Baltimore, with merchandise A t number ot small bav and river crat are in the j harbor this morning, and several ?chioner- ? n waiting cargoes of coal lor the Northern aud | Eastern por's 1 ? ? | ( Affairs in Ai.kxakpkia?The Journal ol i Sa'uiday says- | The fl^h bouse belonging tvj air. J. T Arm- I strong, situated at sue Kioto: Princess strwt. , i a large frame building. te|| this morning, and j t ec-ame a to'al v. ret It. cau-ed by the high tide i i and strong current washing a way the found v- j 1 tion The bnildtnc oontaiued six or seven hundred new bariel? and hog-beads. valued j a' tietween two and three thousand dollars, a I large number ot whu b were demolished. \ two st?>ry and a half brick house and live 1 i acre lot of ground, situated ou the -ou'h side i ot Poor House l?ane. was sold bv Mr. J true*. < A Sloutenburg. auctioneer, in front of the t Market, to-day at twelve o'clock, to W illiam Allen, tor *#,' 1'he <?azeiie has tbe following .Insures B?-acb, Hell, and Summers were i summoned to meet at tbe Court Hou?e to dav | 'o serve at the next April term of the Quarter- { ly Court lor tbis county. 1 be schooner Hiilup Seaman, C?puin Shirlv ! j Rue. on her war up the river, yesrerdav mormnr t??d her f??re?iuU blown away, wfcr-n I < fl tbe lilnfT. and was towed up to this city. (iKOlUiETOWN AI)VKRMT7. ' FORREST MALL. ( ONE BiailT ONLY. ? WKDIKHR1I. MAROU V. Mir. ' lf ItUBNKTT, Amikicai har*K?EiiT?Tiva uixkii-t. A**iat?a4 by a MlSb ttCLKM MAbil. J Tickets 3?? cent*. Reserved feats JO c**u Di ?ois opeD Kt 7; coiiiiitence .it $ o cto< k pr6- I cist !y. )[WM H WHBATLET S PKKMIUM 6TIAR I UYEIhU AMD 4'LKaNSINO I ? r8tabli8mmcmt, 1 Urnce, Ho. 49 Jefferson st Georgetown.D O. 1 Kstabllsbed In 18.11. prenuam *w*r ted by the Metropolitan Institute. UUJ, rebuilt Pm4 aad t* . low b> far the largest and mxt complete establishment of the kind la this *ectioa of couatry Djeu.g and Scvnrtng of ell kinds d*ae In the b<-st , manner ' Iruly thankful for pa?t favor*, tbe snnscrti>?r ! solicits tbe continued cust'm of tbe community Ooo'is received and returned^ express with the utmost promptness and despatcb . P. si OiLce addresa. Lock box No "O ' Office cbee* dally at sunset except Saterday. when It I* closed at IS a. m. fe 16-ffui BY COOPER A LATIMBR, Aactlon*ers. I i late clerks mith Ja* C. Mc'iuire A C >.,i I 8' utl.aest coraer ot Penn'a annue aad Uth St.. 8t?r Oihoe Building. chabokry sale or-improved PEG I'll. TV on SIOTH street wrbt, let A ben e and f btbeets, 1bt waktt. b> virtue of a decree of the Baprea^ Conrtef the c District of Colr.iiit la i assed in caase No e^ui- 6 t>. In which Thooias Co?an is couiplaiaant, and * .1 sne McHanus *t al., are defeadanta. ta? under- ' sianecl. trustee, will sell, la froat of the prt?uu??a, 0 at t-, o'clock r hi . on TUUB>DAY, the 21st day F of Mar> h. Instant, part of Let numbered flv*. i. 11 in Square numbered one hundred aad twenty two, * (112.) commencing on eontb side of *ald Lot tive * and running nertb in a line with aud f eatinc oc * Twentieth stre. t west iJ feet l, inch, thsnce east I warrily 15^ feet and 10 I a. he* more or l*?*. theno> sonthwardly IV teet and H Inch, and thence sett wardlv 154 feet and 10 inche*. more or less, to th< place ef Beginning. Terms of sale prescribed by tbe decree : One half rash, and tbe balance to be paid in 12 months for which the purchaser will be required to give hi* promDsorp Bote, bearing inter<-at from date, endorsed to the satisfaction of tb* trust**, or tb* purchaser may. If h* se desires, pay tbe whole ot the purchase motiey cash, or one half cash, and the balance oa the ratiflcattoa of the sol* t>y the ceurt. Title to be retained uatil tbe whole of the put chase n?n*y is paid and the ratified by tae i court. Coaveyanclag aad stamp* at the coat ot the purchaser. _ 1 EUGENE OABCJtil, Trustee w - ^ cooper a Latimer, inh 2-eoAds Auctieaeers. CTHI ABOVE SALB IB PObTPOBBD IN i conseqnenee of the rain, until 8ATCRDAY A P TEHNOON aext. Marc h .'3d, ssas hoar and p:ace < klGENB (3aRU8I Trustee J a>ht2 2t COOPER k LaTUIRE. Aucts. ) B7-TBB ABOVE BALE IB V0RTHER POST Eoned ib consequence of th*rain aatil TRUmH AY AFTERROON. March 28th. same hoar and i place. RUORNE CABL'SI. Tru.toe nib 25 eo.vds OOOPBR A LATIMBR. An ts By OREER * WILLIAMS, AaetTeaeen Nw.Aae corner 7th and D streets. SALE Ot THE FDRRITCRB. Ac., Ul THE . . . 4t1idi hoube ' Rxteaalve sale of two bMudsome roeewo >d > as* . Tm DUJi ?\k Furni . hstfaf.aw1*.1* ? action. On OAT, Aprtl Id. lift, ws shall sell, at 1* ? clock a as. and aoatiaae from day to day aatll , all Is disposed of, all the furaltur* ia tbe Aveaae ' H*aee. coraer 7th street and Loutstaaa atenue, caataintagaboat eighty rooass, vis: Tw* haedeome ro*ewood ?aee Piano* aad BtoeU. Dn* larg* p4er Fr-mrb plate Mirror and Blab. A Right " - I Yen Damask aad Lace Curtains, with cornice, , Tea Marble Btob Ceater Tables, 2 Parlor Suits covered In rep aad hair cloth. Sev aty five Chamber Suit* In walaut and ealflr [ eoaslatlBc of- ~ J Marble top tfreesing Baresas, Washstaa Is. R*d f steads, Waidrob** aad Chair*, 1 On* hundred pairs of good Blaakets. J Two hundred Sheets, Pillow* aad Bolster Oa*e*. 1 eaag hundred ??ed Bed Co?f*rts, fifty Bed Two Laadrsd Feather Pillows aad Bolsters, ? On* handred aad fifty Hair aad Hn-k Mat trsssns. Oa*hundred Oak Dining Chairs, ' Tea Dtntng Tables, mad* to order. * Fifty Liaoa Daaissk Table Cloth*. c 4#ae hnadred Rapkias, Right? Brnsseis. Three aly aad lagraia CarpeU. T V?h\i? A?ibM ngss, r Ftv* OaMs* and Tea' Urns. Yea^degea I very haaBled Raises and Plate-l v Yea dor** Plated Yable 8 poo as. i Twenty doxen Tea Bpoons. I Two^r five dose a Btons China Plates, " " cers, n i**1 vfffer sincfftoi, M A largo quantity of ether Crockery aad Rlass ? _ wsre, I Forty Chaadeliers, aad RraekeU la every room. * Oa* excell?at Iron Bafa and Office Vtesk, hoaee. which wo deem uaneeessery to eaa merate. I TBFmi a*a|| mh :? d ' 0BBEH A WILLIAMS, Austa. PERSONAL. A?.r Bvinvf _ Al>? tfMITT. AT ilT^lHiTT BALL ? RltlT. fVlltiT M* NOTIVn -if u? i*'rm vk* iMk ma ?14 BY oa Slat InUat, (tm ititlo* ImmIA ?*ca, wti ratirt lk? um to the h'**? aaaaete i*M4?cf II. k* will tmM U kta ? H. <ka mmy retala the aa ke > w%<? knrn. ah ts It* Magniricbbt CIBOOLAlIBtt LIBBabt OtriTM k>Tli| to*p??kLlkrirr (m VMkllflM rxty I will t-> it. are?l I aa ? ' ?ae 1ken-and s?terttere 1 (MlUi.l?k? ?m to !*(? ( eabeo'lbers to cobo M iim k .tr kkaaaaad kooka ?| kaad ALFBEB iriTII, k a im <oi ??!? I BEBEKT 01YB B0T1UB thaTI k?* left ar ft naacatd. LBWlk BlLLBB la oa.-,.... m tio woat eipport iko foamy. Ml ki . raei treat noitdtao ikl 1 tk*r> oro l?r???ri mm) ???ri Ml not to tract kla tti money o. to hay 'be property na* occapaed kysack wiik<ot my so. tent aatkere are foar am?li childrea auva rot. and for wtioa I hare to aroridefi r aattSt* JOLIAk'MA illLII WOP T PELT BAT* AMD ALL kll?s uf k^ B AT? cleaned,cukrtd ant trtmBed at M tUBMhUHAM'!* ("beep Met ^to ?,*< ^ . iak etra-t. kot l aad B oto a> II ooIb" J>EBB0NALOB IBPBBsOBAL. Any l>cdy * to caa appreciate a ??od ok-as. ifti-t I nii .mked. H A \ AM A Fill A l> < I .AM ihould try TUB MOPE Only two (or tee ~eata ?pie< e. a Lick wont coot au>k ' ? ? <> eoe w V UltlMMl Bh IMt* F* a* . bet MotroHiliw ul *th -t 1 MPOATANT TOTHB LAl>I E?IK DCLI 8LB 1 OTampihu WtrrtiM foot < ele a Bill i?b Atid kolI. I>i>no by A French ike re< el 11 of wtilt k ku boon purctiae?d at a k cfe price kt\NtiHM*ofkr*i<l?i| Ladloe art Invited to cell cot a oaaplo. Bad tr? II. Ladiee wlilte or colorod Caderefclrts kol morals, Apr.iia. Ac., Mam pad is o* braiding. to feat col r? V ABBANTB0 HOT TO V* ASH OCT Great mvIri to ladies htnai rl 'ii.o* forctalljrati to make op Bo kroid, ao aesriug kot too pattern prints li tho c-ode ledellble -in .that :en be atte( bed to the bottoms oi Ladias' M' is toto aa they are aow w.>ro IB Hew TorA i r .ir ?Ua(?d. tal lor i<lo ?t l>w thea haif Um < ?, ?<-t of braid. Bird*, model hubs. Figures aa* aials or ?a retro stampod Goods oa repra MBtod or tko mo Bey retarned _ _ vi. pbibcb, rh || tf lit ptk otreot. opposite Peteat Othoe. L'BBNCB WBALBBONBC?B1BrSAT?l M r Alao <>a head, a fall aaeortsoeat of koaie mi1? Lior?ot?. Vtooleboaeo, Ooroot 8t<-el? oad M<>? i? latOBt Bud all ?tj l?o of Hc?p Bkirro. Oorc * .4 rrlni'iiiaa* Will bo aold at tBo lowoat r?'e *t UNABl fj bAl'M '? H.op Hktrt on I 0?r? t ?i uf a lory 4 9 L<iImuo otroao, kotooeo oth ?ad rtb streets. ink I Im I4BIDAL AMD pi'MB MA l WRMATHd. hu D grBTS.cboahbs aBR'HmBm MTAMo A<- . ?r*oerved in aatnrol forai, lap >r e I PL<> * ?? 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Tartaa t r?f Bawtk da l? tf LOST ASD fUUMa \| OTIB LOBT-Oa Sat rday. March t?t. H ' la or i<aar tb> ( itr Bail, turx PKUVIi lOBk Nolkiv diawn by Tboaiaa Mrk?e>?r ? he ordrr of Tk -nia<Lau J> and a*t t>> ki *. ea M?r*e4 . Bark aut* vaa f?r Ht? kaadrtd at d *i r y tlr?edullara aud ttilrt) .h-oe cea a. ptiaala ltd U and Is Boatha. with Infract Nn4i ara ill h? paid to i>ap oao deii>oria( tna at . u >:aa o tko rul?ciii?r. at kia ie?i<ioaoo. it hi <i* ' r.n aaxtna. near tho Circle uifeSf BABB B* BKDFBKN 1500 IlfAi2 ktoien fro i. aia. at tba Maryland avoaa* depot, n aatiagtan <lty. D. O.. on B'ie ntatat of the 9th of JaLnary, a email Kla k ( AKi'BT BIG, oataiBib( ae?entaeu H ooaanJ niae baaJred ..< 1 anty ono dollara itir.111 of tfae ootea of tba rarnor a Hank ut Viui oatlo. Vlri.ii ia The ot>u*e eward of *8Uj a ill bo paid to otiy peraoo deilrorrig tke *aid monoy to WM, H. BY AN. Bank ( I lait'more Bull<liag. Haiti n oro, or to VB III B- J BY A t'O , WaabiB|t D city, and BO ?ai?ti a? ked. Tkla ni*ae> aould have beea adeerti?-d I >efore tkia bat for tl>? daily oapec.a^< y of It. reovary. Aatka Bank has closed ita baalataa. aul I ? tkeaenaira aaoaly tooted k) con??r'.in.- tii^m aro Y ;rr<rila E< ^lat*>e hoada?wklcb caonet i e E loB* . aa the Prrei'ient of tba l\ank haa bum' ?l he Traaaurer of the Sta o a t t-> l??u- koulafor J be notea of 11 to Bank? tae* are w<irtol'a? to pay me hat my*elf. u T C.PBTEBv mi'3-St Lynch bare Ya I OBT? At the Bati >nal Theater, or b' w- a I j there and Wl tiard'?. laat aeeuiaat, a BB A B <BT marked A. F. W B. B Birtkda t. *65 " The flnd-r will bo lii>erallr rawarded ? eavlng the ?auia at Wlllard'a Hotel. f?!2 tf L"L0L'B. BBBAL, HAT T NOW IN BTOBB Ltrran Tf J H Qaaibrtll. Aral>y, Oold n Mill. }t-re*ville, oad other < h 1c? Wlait-r WUkAT rAMI LT and BXTKA KLOCBS All < ?.?a A eat. in Eitrao. from - - to ? 16 ^ , as to a > j aud jaaiit) puirhaaoi 1 "00 Bnehole KAMILT BBBAL, Tay'or 1 I i<ifa,: BALED IIAT.kTAW, Ac. For <ale low. ky W IB. OAbT A CW . Indiana avenn. and lat etreet. aik 23 near Baltimore and 0. B. Road O p t r AT EST PAbIB FASHIONS OF HA1B La DBE?81N6. B. ALLI9T, HtElTCH HAIR DRESSER, 3)14 b atroet. between Uth aad lath ata. Mr. Alllot. from Paria, Hair-Or-?par. of tha alebrated Ba< bel, with whom ha arrived la tula onntry. baa now beea aatabl'aaard far toe ls*t lfht y art la Waabluct >a and Newport, >t >>in* tba patronafe of tbe '?rr> <itttHmitti*' 1 ftheklKheat aociaty. He ha< tba b aor t aaouace that ke kaa thla aoaaon imported tbe latcat aakiona of kair draaaiaa. aad aU- poaa... *.4 varythinp that bekonfa to thedreaaln* o . r I *arf raaaoaat le prlcaa. to 7 < m ' ''BAHB BALLT OV HEN AND BOVs j at th* OBEAT CBNTBAL CLOTHING HOI -E, Ho. 4btl Ttk atreet. oppoaite Post Office RCBIBBBB BCITB of aM des-rlptiona. DBEBS BUITS at rednced prlcoa. BOYS bl'ITB of all daacriptloaa. BOYS' BIIITB at all pricoa. Hew at> lea of BOTB'CLOTHIBG. GENTS' CLOTH1BG at radaoad prlcaa Bow li yoar time to lay ia 8PBIBG OLOTBHG. aa wa offer apacial ladac-manta for tba aetl hlrty days, at fcMlTH'B, 460 Tth Btkkkt. oppoaite Poat Oftca at- la A GBHTB WABTBD $74, ?1??. AHB~Tl?0 PBB BBONTH a uo? beiac made b> onr AkobU caaaaa-iuc l <r ke new work of hiatoiieal value aad r> u.?uuc I ntereat, entltlad "WBABIHG OP TAB BAT," Com p rial a# Portrait*. SkttclU*. AdrtntvT'*, an<I Im U'mlf the late Wmr.wuk T*r,il,nt Varra ;?r'? af Ur Da'tmt Dtft*. Dt>htn' Chart at, Tvtlyme March et, H i// ** Aocr^ra*, and fmfirtW Siftr I no?af thr I HOYS IN a RAT. \ by John bbtab ooobb, . i P. rn.erly of General Stnarfs Btaff anth??r ? I tarry of Badld'aBaat,*1' Ufa of BtoaaaallJACk I ^ ^aAHDBOMBLl ILLUBTBATBD B^"To energetic man and woaian a rare cbaar? | a ofleroA to Bake moaay. Add re*. Si>tlUBB PCBHSHIBO COBPAMf. Ttt 15 Holliday atreet, BoltiBoreM? 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