Newspaper of Evening Star, March 25, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 25, 1867 Page 3
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1 THE EVENING START LOCAL NEW& AMTJSIM**TS. ftc . TO iriOHT Wall's ITiw Orui Hocsa.?Kiss Fanny Morgan Pl?*lps, th*?ccooplUM actree*. wul appear thi* evening in t wo capital pieces, -Tin Ladles' Battle, or the Buel of Love," an 1 "Katj O Sheal " Nat:oiial Thiatu.-Mr John E. Owen* ,n "IK)1, or tbe Clcketon the Hearth," and iht 'Happiest day of my life." M?tzr?ott Uall ?Alt. Burnett has been .t-duced by but gr. at succeas last week to con*inne bis mirth-provoking entertainment* six ntfhta longer. Go and see him to-nifht. Magistrates am> Constables Fees ?Saturday. the Supreme Court ot tbs District in general term adopted tbe following tariff or charges to be made by justices of peace, uuder the recent act ot Congress ? For issuing every summons to commence a eui% 25 cents, for is. suing subp i'n& lor witnesses, 25 cents; each additional snbp<rna, or for each addition tl nam* after tl?e first in any subpoena tor either party, 5 cents; en'ermg judgment after trial. 56 cents entering judgment on non-suit, by default or on confession, 25 cents; administering any oatA or affirmation at trial, 5 cents: issuing tiera facias, venditioni, exponas, aclu facias. each 25 cents: taking supercedeas boud and entering -tayof execution thereupon, 25 cents. for taking protest of any account, is cent- for each commitment to or release from jail. 25 cents; for warrant of attachment and all atfidavits for the same in each case, 75 cents; for warrant against witness for contempt iu disobeying aubp.rna, 35 cents; taking an appeal bond and certifying proceedings in any 1-afe of appeal, si; for services not specified otherwise on the trial of any case between andlord and tenant, nnder tbe act of July th. 1H?4. issuing attachment and taking affidavits in support of the same, nnder the act of February 22a. 1S67, T5 cents. Also, the following tariff of fees and comTWisMons for constables :?For serving any summons. except in ease of landlord and tenant, 25 sents administering oath or affidavit to appraiser?. in each case, 25 cents; serving summens in case of landlord and tenant or in trespass. 54) cents, serving attachment for <ronterap\ > ) cents, for collecting and paying over an execution, whether a sale has been made or otherwi?e, a commission of 5 per cent.; arresting a criminal under commitment and committing him to jail, in each case 50 cents. ? Tftgu Ward Reitblican CLt b -?A meeting ot ibis association was held last evening at the Union League rooms, Mr J. R Elvans m the chair, and Mr J. O- Cleary secretary. There were present about seventy persons, abcut thirty of whom were whites. Mr Bliss, from the committee appointed for the purpose, reported a constitution and bylaw^. which after some amendments bad been made, were adopied. The committee to nominate officers reported the following, end they were elected Mr A. G Hail, president: Kev. W A. Cook and N. T Judd. vice presid^n's; John Thomas Johnson secretary; Henrv F Smith, treasurer. M" Hall not being present on account of illnet*. Mr Cook took the chair and made a tew remarks, congratulating the club ou he < ommencennent of the work, and urging them to do their whole duty in making it one of influence. The meeting proceeded to the selection of an executive committee, with the following re. sul: Messrs Solomon G. Brown, U. B. Clarlc. R J Benj|. John T. John?on, W. Budd, lsattc iKirsev. K. H Miller. John Brooks, Alexander Hayes, F. G. Harford, G L. Adims, Alexander A damson, M. Briel, A". T Judd, and L. T. Merrill A resolution was adopted for the appointment of live delegates to meet a like number from the other wards in general convention to form a L.ation*l Republican as-ociation. and he following were elected: Messrs. A G Hail. J T. Johnson. J. B Clearv, E. G. Haricrd. a:.d J. K. Elvans. TEKPEr.AJtt e Meetinu at the Jail ?Yesterday afternoon. Messrs. John S. Holltngsbead and other*, of 'n? Wa-bingtnn City Tern jerance Society, held a temperance meeting, w.ui the consent of War Jen Brown, in the jmi, for lie benefit of the prisoners. The Warden informed the prisoners previously of the meeting. and ga\e all an opportunity to at?*nd, and of tbe sixty-five prisoners about fitty accepted. The prisoners were assembled in ihe hall on the second fl.jor, about 2# o'clock, and 'Be mee'iug was opened wi'h prayer and the reading of a 'election of Scripture. Mr. HoiImgrhead presided. and briefly addressed the prisoner?, calling attention to the fact that they bad ;he pledge boek presenr. in which w?re the names of over six hundred persons, some ot whom had been aa confirmed drunkards as could be found, but had reformed, and were ?' W useful members of society. Addres?es of :en or fifteen minutes1 length were deliverel oy Messrs. John A. Goldia. Wm P. Dreg*, o. K Harris. W G Finney, and T. G. Clav'on. ai.d on an invitation twelve of the whre prisoners and twenty-eight of the colored signed 'h<? pledge, as also some of tbe officers. Warden Brown made a few remarks, expressing his gra'ifiration that one organization had though' proper to hold a meeting for the benefit oi The prisoners and expressing, on behalf of the prisoners. a wish that tbe society would hold a meeting there every Sunday; after which Old Hundred w% snnc, and tbe visitors left It was remarked that Surratt: I)r. Cleaver, in dieted tor the murder of Mary Ann Hives; and Cono>er, convicted of perjury. were amon^r those who declined to leave their cells NrNsnis* aoaik.?After several we?ks o' tain, hail, snow, fog mist, slush and mud, the sun essayed this morning to break through the which have ooscured his brigaiue-s during tbe month of M uch Tb? clouds soon rallied and 'he congest was daub'ful for some tune, but we are finally favored with sunshine, the first for a l^ng time. No one. however. seems disposed to trust this change for the better, and even the weather-cocks, on several churches aud public buildings, have not made up their minds, it seems, in regard to the matter. Although toe wind is unmistakably from the West this morning thev still p>mt East, as if not quite certain that the apparent c hange of direction is not a ruse of tbe clerk ot the w^'her. and that their swinging around will be premature if not a vane effort. 1 ; ? Mt nr.EE ok sir K*i?.;it Wel?h The rarucnlaia -t the mys eriont disappearau e and t*ibeet,n?nt rec*\ery or the body of "%ir Kr.igbt James Wel-b, a member ot tne M tsonic fraternity from Wellington, I?.C. .-nil doubtless fresh in the minds of all our readers Since tiuuiug the bodv some of the most cunning deteeti ces in tbe whole conutrv baxe been on the lookout for any trace of the murderer, as no doubt is entertained but th it he was murdered, witbr ut any sncce-s whoever uunl about a week siace, when a in*n was arre-ied in Richmond, who is now Ueld to await the result of in v?stigations whub are pending. It is doubtless the general desire that tbe guilty party may b? found and receive that punishment tbe horrible deed so justly merit>.?Bi'ltimort CcHtwrciai. ? Folic Reports.?On Saturday, the Eientenanu of police reported twenty-aix arrests in the entire District last Saturday. Or these twenty-one were for drunkenness and disorderly conduct, three for violating tbesu*w law one for larceny, and one suspicious character. The amount of fines under tfie Corporation law was *13 25. The police returns for Sunday were very fair 1 he weather was unfavorable even for disorderly behavior. In tbe 2d, 4tb, etb. and !-th precincts no arrests were made during the day. in the remaining fonr precinrs, between ?w*clock a. in and noon, but one complaint was made, iiuring tbe night fourteen arresu were made, all for minor offenoes, and the tinea amounted to bnt *l? Ft seral of Mr Wmitixoh? Yesterday jT'erncon the funeral of the late Henry o. Wbi'rmore to>k place from bis late residence, on -th street, near G, (South Washington,land was largely attended. The services at the acted by Rev. O. C. Meador, of he Island Baptist Cburch, at tbe conclusion of which the fnneral procession proceeded Whrr" tb* remains were ini ,t.priT*I',wn.WM ,or??d of Eastern *' of 0dd Fellows. " Washington Brass Band, ~ an<1 tireat Council ofRed 51 pr. heaulPd by martial music. ??? J;- Cor"TY< VA?We learn from Mr J A. Greer, who is snperinteudiu^ xh- drilling ot the oil well on tbe farm of C*i> tair. Fowell, about is miles from Alexandria oa the Eeesbnr? pike, that a depth of 115 feen has been reached At the depth of ?Mi feet sonH silver was discovered, and at M0 ie^t oil was found in sucb quantities to warrant the com. pany in prosecuting the work, and Mr Greer says that the ludica'ions were be'ter at >bat depth iban the indicat ons in any Pennsylvania well at the -ame depth. It is proposed to go about i n feet. There is near by some indication* of gold Ha mm A> K's Rkstaik AST prosper*, whe'hey < <,iigr>-?? is in session or not. Our citizens have long recognized the enterprise ?f the proprietor 11. catering for tbeir taut* by furnishing ail the delicacies of ibe season, and stranger* are not here long before they find their way to bt" well supplied larder and bar. ? Sparri vo Exhibition ?On Samrday night a corrplimerttary benefit was given at ihe Columbia Gardens to Aaron Jone*. at which tcere were exhibition- wf sparring between the "eeipient. Johnny MciJlade, of Mew York; l?ay Fvan. ot Alexandria, and others. m 0?I1I?U OOUBT, Judme n. i-.., ?"i;-V*V I *?* !> u. ?oe>? (or eowume1 w"c* " j *^V~V?Sn?E^!&Sa sJS^jsssxx&SaB JgajSSrS 5KS U 'ad *? ?xma?4lu U Q|Tfnnr*.?IP,*rt,*!.W,,T* tned for tfc? lAWny i JL toWe,s- and t&<* laat-Bamed cenvlcted of. A,**aader Washington and ,VJ C w??blNCU>o. each indicted for larceny, ?hil V m J??w- 'br*? cm< of robbery and torfe for assault and battery with latent to kill, a nor. e pres. was entered. OimctTIT Cober?Vkitf Justice Carttrr.?TonK.J^l C?"L' t"u' **** ?***?d in the case of Cfearles t Karnes against Robert F. Magee? ?eMon for damages laid at ss.000 against the re eiid&at for maliciously causinc the arre?t of the plaintiff on a charge ut having purchased certain property, (hydraulic jacks.) knowing it to hare been stoles from tbe Gov*Ct" '.b'8 ??>"* "? plaintiff was tried before Jastice Handy and acquited, and be now brings this suit against Mate- M Jis*is appears tor tbe plaintiff, and Messrs.' Merrick and Norris for the defense. Fobbtacgh's Mkxagbrib axdCibctb will open in Washington on Monday, April 1st proximo, and exhibit each afternoon and night, until Saturday, the fb inclusive. This is wi bout doubt an interesting, and, it is said, a gigaatic meracerie, containing tweaty-sevea dens of atiimals and birds?a number of which are exceedingly rare, several varieties never having been before exhibited in America The circus, too, is verT complete. Thb Re6I?trt.?At tbree o clock this after. wlfrt tbf* B(|ar(1 of Rafters commenced the work of Mastering the napes of voters of the Second Hard in a building oa the south side of I- street, between 14th and 15th. when there was a crowd of abeut I .'<0 present. nearlv three, fourths colored. The Board will sit here this evening, to-morrew, Wednesday and Thnrsday, from 3 to 7 o'clock ? Alf Bfkmtt -Tbe very amusing de-l,^K0n.! of c?wmic <*anutar by this humorist, which stamp him as a first rate artist, drew crowded and fashionable audiences all last week, despite the disagreeable weather. He will give entertainments at Metzerott Hall ?'?ht thla week, except Wednesday, (when he wi'l he in Georgetown,1 and will give a matinee on Saturday hi N*nf T*,r,;7lbe/TaBd JnrT has found a true P_, ?* for murder against W F Cleaver, who, it will be recollectea, was ar'i n.fh ,?.n th*ch"r*? ot committing. about the 1 h of last month, a horrible outrage npon the person of tbe little g.rl Mary Ann Hives? who subsequently died ' au Appoikted.?Mrs. JosephiueS. Griffin ba? been appointed an ajrent of the Freed men s Bur^ui for the District of O-iumhia. and directed to report to Lieut. C,>l. Beebe Loc il ^uperiiiteDdeot, lor a^^i^nnipnt. ' . nufrlHT?I'ARtKNY ?^mrday. Wm. Gibhs. ihe Th1;7w?nre,f'*d bV ?fflcer Kimball, of uIlI K Ward, npon the complaint of <J. II Tllcbar?,n? h,m wuh P*?y larcenv. ,li,s. Thompsou committed him to jail lor court. CITY ITEMS. r,(,>,h. hr^ molde.l, gilce cloth imitation. Goldsmith's d s 1'^rby and Shakespeare and ' h r paper collars. Paper and Linen Ua'IV Linen collars, from II inches to lb inches. at s (ine Pr.ce I'lo'htng Store, on the comer of Seventh street and Maryland aveli uh. Madams Pbimcb, of*2i Market Space, has tost returned from New Yorlr. Those acquain ed with the lady, will certainly call on ter; others will be p|t-a.-'<-d if they do. !?< yoi wish to see a complete stock of M l&*"?m icy Goods. C.UI on Madame Prince, si Market Space. i - 1KYB8T in one of those nine dollar Spring wVir^?imatin fact U red and sold or Noah il? , k Pennsylvania avenue, b^tween and ,ih streets Tbey are fashionable cut, well made and good trimmings. 3 ^^^RMatiok. Those about to marry and CMn HDd ready-inade Linen ofaiiH??r ^wts. Pillow Cases. Bed Spreads ! ofall descriptions, 1-eather and Hair Pillows ! XvV^Zv T:ibl,> J-'nen, Toweling, t'ra-h' Window Shades, Carpets, Oil Cloth. Mattiog, h AtiBm^on's, ow> yth street, near Peausylvama avenue. lm tTJ!Z ru**7 assortment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brashes in tbe City are sold at low prices at >. x. Dooley's Apothecary-, |2 ^ and Pennsylvania avenue, Uap ?K8a,MJ..and Proflts!!!?Good White Shir's 91.50, *2 and 5 . at Franc's SU)r*~ 4!U :'h 8tr^'tween D and L. also shirts made to order. im 8iSOLL ?K"' M cen'8 p*>r b0* GoldiTnen ??H ' of ' CP"'8 p'r box; linnauon Linen Collars. 25 cents per box: and ail .>tner goods cheap m proportion at Franc s Gents' r urnishing Store, 4'j4Tth street, between I) and S ' ^ lrn t oa CHfiBLAiNs and Frosted Feet, While's Lmbrocatien is a specific Price f 1 per bottle lulIl Vl' 424 peiin6ylvania aveuue, between *>? an d 6th aireeta. i>B. Whitb, Chiropodist, 424 Penn. bt , be*nd *th continues the sucI treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular exl creeences, Ac. (ifBce hours from da ra. to 4 p. m , and 6 to e p. m. Established lafii. A SrHB Pilb Cl'BK ?Dr. Gllbcrt'a Pile instrument pos.lively cures the worst case* "l piles Sen thy mail on receipt of 94. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted AUdreg- J ? ?omaite. Mana! <er, No. 5/5 Broadway, New York. can ^ ^ lE au5 qnanuues at ths Jf'or office counter 0IEB. HA K f.B. On Siturdii , M'irch 2 u in* , d?Q4ft ter of til are nee H. ttnJ Lai"r? i ^ k 3 y at a mad .'months *" L"k r? t? , '!*?"' ?ill take place fro ii Na I si:"*'? ? HILI.IK. Oa the 24||i . iKtant.JO m nate? k? ! APPALOMA nihu*B r.?f ays ' ' 51 7 aiontha and zi j Nearest mother tbnu baat left n?, ? ".V't,10?" rn"*t f??l: B'U tl- Ood v. be ha- t>? r<?ft as, He cmo all oar surrov heal Fan* al will tali" plai-?- on Tae-day mornicg at .ra. Iron, the re?ldeDce of U-'r * eor|,*r "f Kh d lnlai.t aeenu and Mil ?tr?eta which tlie relatlreflaod fri.>n s of the family are Invlt.-d to attHu.j . 1 TB0MA? P?nart?4 this life, en Monday Mth i?.uut,llAB> i. THOMAb in "h"l?hV^a7of rVhlw d*,,itjtfcr of w""a.a U. and jlni Asnl alckn ?s she bore, I hysiriatis v^ere in valu, Christ, h<- ca'ns to i>er relief, And fttl'evfcd Ik r of hf-r i a n. tr , ^*" '*ke, ' Ur Tharaday. at 5 o clrwk. u 11,h ??reet, t. IM1 IstiTf aaiid irienda ar<-invittsl to at pOTATOBB ' POTATOES! I Vo l"j*-k"on WHITE P?TA^ from chooser B. 8. Younc od lor ule od ftccoannodfttju- titriAi by "b 1 Water alree?. ^"'n (1" ^MEN'S t L BMLSHlNO OOObs! of"41* #P^U1 %tU>nXlom to o.r large riHE M11ET8, UMDEB 04EMBNT8, __ BOSIEBY, Ac., Ac . wall, btepbbhs a oo , mliE-?tlf_ (Int] bstween'ath^aiid1 IQthVtr'e^ts. BY fOMPEB * LATIMIB, Auctioneer*] Sonthw at corutrof Penn. avenue and llth at. AT PBIVATE SALB. A number of 6r?t clasa PBIVATE ttisi. DBBCES. id central localltiea Al-o 10 small Bri k and Frame H0USB9 I If AkJI, het? e- u Wanhingt-.a and Alexandria 1 large Frame BOl'BE, with lot LO fe?ia.iuare. r or further sartlrulara apply of n-hl9lm COOPEB A LATIMIB, Anota. 'I'BT GBO>8E SPOI'UI.AB MEW BBABDOF 1? Cent Cigar?Tha Boae?filled with POBB "AyANA Tt?KA0"0,and warranted never keenaBioked. Maaufactared solely for WM. GROS8E, Pa. ay., bet Metroeolican Betel 111 l5> ? . and bth street. C**fD -*188. M B W1LSOB begs leave to ?T?n ?L'm t.r "Jd cuatomara and tha public gen LiLki! ^ hM ' "Pened her Dre?s Making , ' , ' ' bnaent at 490 12th street, betwaea B and ' uih 16 |taI "*^ RBCBIVBI) a fine asaertmeat of Freneh and lX>a.astic B??N? ETfl. OI ' r"ncn LBWIb BAAK, M Market Space. English ahd gebmav ?iad tbimmimo can be had at LBWl4BA*B'd" Sil Market Space. tUO^lCES ABI> BONMBT PEASES?The iETr^AMii?cr.r^ftuv::wBtj"4 mklitf LEWIS BAAB S. A.MU8KMKNTB. n* tr ttoii'i > - .. A" ,( ? : nf ' OIOAM1C CIRCUS AND MEJIAOERIE. LABGB8T BXRIBIT10B IN TBI WORLD. waa i?5J^,7-0<Lll0?,0*,'*B?w AWD * B*T" T*R LIBLOS ?haa km ?nf b**i iluti bef >re e,A?"t*1.,la* ??f* rMI ?,r? ? ? Beasts. IwT.r,.tar"l,,-#l-|wrU(,,,*?* lVUiit?48ut?i *J!7*PVVw~- - ? BoU Proprietor n - Manager rw2i2r??n,"r - otOrcbwtri ? ??k General Agent Mr. Richard P. Jones Director ar Publication Among the marked .peel all 119. will be found the rirt'ii EuM"?- <! the TINY .A . ' -" t. smallest, lightest and prettiest ever imi; first ef the Africaaape fi v.#T'v1?>#rtJ*<1, t?t4? pounds, sT* inches bigb. and sot a Mar oil. TbM? twe animals win enable the people to see at ana tiM the jlaahanta aver exhibited The ROUBLE flUMPBD WHITS OAMBLS. objects of special regai d hp the falthfal followers of Maeommed, aro tuti first and only ones ever permitted t* leave tha Bait Tbesappoeed fabaloua demos of tha AnaioSi tba CAIBIA RYBA, an amphibian* web footed monster. la a i e -eat Importation,wliiIs the ABY88IMIAN 1BBX afford a the atadaat of natural history an opportunity of aeeing the firat one of this Heat variety of tha Wild Gazelle ever brought from Ita rocky haunts. A fnllgnwn Hlak Ostrich, a pair of monstrous Bo\ al Bengal Tigers, Sacred Oow and Oalf, a fine Polar Bear the Australian Kangaroo, the ebon? beaded ailkf a coated Palatine Sheen, tha flash mere Goat, the Kin? of Vnlturee, the huge Tapir, South American Ostrich, tha spotted Axle D?er| the Bison of Colorado, and the Mammoth Cab Ltea. Ymmg David, are special featuree laclud?d In the va?* collection are African Lioai and Lionesses, Asiatic Lionexeae and Cabs, Sen e*al Leopards. Black Tiger, Bo?th American JaSJS'-.S"".1* ?*.**?_ 8?ri pti "??ne?, Silver Llan of California. Black Bear of Canada, American Fallow De?r White Peaoocksof Java, atx Cape Orb Lions, Tawny Li ^n of Kaffra. Peruvian Al paca. African Porcupine. Poma, or American Oongar Cheetah or Hunting Leopard. Bat Kan garo? Of New /.a>?la?d. Arabian Dromedary, Amer ican Buffalo.Wolvea, Porcnpines. Badgers. B-ara White. Brown.and Orav Coons. Poxes.Wild OatsI Lyax Weasels. Civet Oat*. Peccaries, Ac., with more Birda of variegated hues. Cockatoos, Par rote Macaws. Love Birds. Gold, Silver, and Gol dan Ohlnese Pheasants. Bairlei . Vultures. H iwki and Owla ever collected together. Minkevs Batoo i s Ape#, of every conneTvable kind anl variety and an alm->a? eudlesa lot of miner Fo'elen a Lid Domestic Creataree. PBOFESSOR LANGWOBTIIT. Monarch of Brute Creation. Bold, Fearless ? I Intrepid in reality a LTOW K I NO, will give hi. daring and thrilling perftrnance with the t?rocl?>na L10N8, TlUMRs, LEOPARDS AND PANTH BBS. The whole of the dena (twenty-two Ma-eive Ca^ea, G Id and Crimaoa. handtoaielv painted with t.atoral scepee. and drawn by one hundred at d fifty Stalwart draught horaeal will be driven in the TBIUMPHAL PROFESSION, in combination with the Long Clrcua Batinu . headed by the ' GOLBBN OAK OF THS CONQUEROB, containit g Tolaon s Silv? r Oornet Hand, upon the occa*i on of the entree into town 011 the MOBNIHG OF MONDAY, April 1, at 10 o'clock. The nfrcua Company consist. of M-. .Tamsa n? M-tt. Mr Fred Tonrnlare, M ??ter Cnarlie, Mr. lhoma? King, Mr. .lainjs ttard,<Ul<,wn.) Master H'nri Latrrino. Sit.ns. Perrllle. Mr M*t Geoh-r 'V ^oren/o Brothers, and two wf hefinmt K ineairienaes in the profession il LLB VIRfilNl \ and M'LliC JOSEPHINE Tosetner with a full coip- of Associate Eiders' LeapT* Clow lis, Gj mn%-ts an i A- robats. The atock of Performing Pad and Drau -ht Horses, the Stud of Petite Ponies, constitute a p< rfeet Equine Show worth aday a joarne^ to in "PTh<- Tr Ined Steed . BFFrg WELSH. perform, d by Mr. James De Mott, la admitted to bo the Pa' agon of Horpes. Tbe Klephanti ?|ll be p<'tformed bv Mr W P William* 1 he atiirnals will be fed before the public. There w ill be TWO PK KKORM ANf'CS D A i L V A*"ternoon at 2?Night at7'< ' Poors ore-, on- bonr previona Tor the inapection of the cagns One pric<- lor the wtio|. show all under one siarlons tent with aeatsforall, oppoituniti s for alt to *i>e and hear. Admission. SO cents; Children or ten j ears aad under, '2i c< nta. FOBBPACGH UKNAGBBIE ANDCIRtHTS will ihib t at Waahington Torsix daya an I nteh'i commenci g ' MON n K Y. A prll 1st. c >ntinning TUI^DAY. VIDSIHDA*. THHRSDAY FB' LAY and SATI BDAY, AI,rBI April L', 4th, 5th and ?th. Location of let, Si\ti, street, im-nediatidy below Penns; lvania avMime mh2.VM.sV Fit NATIONAL THEATRE. Ptunaylvanla avenue, near Wlllards' Hotel. WKLOOM K ' The Management are harpy to announce an gagememeat m >*t positively restricted to SIX NKiilTS ONLY, with the great Arti-'e. MB. JOHN B OWINS. MONPAY KVhalNG. March t',,137' Only performance of DOT; ?R.Th* Oru KKT o\ thk Hkabvh. IN THBKK OUIBPS. To con< litde with BAPP1BST PAY OF MY LIFE WALL'S NEW OPERA HOLS P.. H B. PHILLIPS LESSEK ANDMANAGEB Third night of the engagement of the Accom. plistied and Veisatile California*Actress Mlf8 F\NNY MOBGAN 1?HKLPS. W ho will appear on MONDAY BVENING. March 25. 1?S7 In th. elegatit Com-dy. from the F-ench.. ntlti?,i 1 HB HDIESs B\TTLB ul 1Ie 1 OB, TBI DUEL OF LOVE. And in the Comic Iri-h l>rama f KAT1 Y O SHBAL. METZEROTT HALL. FIV1 NIOIIT8 MORE BVKBY NIGHT THIS WBKR EXCEPT WEDNB8DAY. ALP BTBNBTT ALF BUBNETT, ALF. BORN ETT. AL.K. BCBNETT. Asslited by M IBS HELEN N ASH . Tickets SO Cents Betorved 8-ata 30 Cents. Way be had during the day at Mtt/.eroti * iiusic Store. lo re open at 7: commence at 8 o'clock pi e -ls. lv GRAND MATINEE SATURDAY ArTEHUoy RAND CUMOIST, A GRAND VOCAL AND lNSTttUMENTAL CONCERT Will be given t.y >!' l'A H.'S EA U l.JSIf L UTHERA V CHOIR ATTUICHUBCB, Dorrer of II and 11th atreeta, Ob WIDSEsDAf EVENING March 27th, 18?7 Eininent Musical Talent has been secured. ?( of w b 'in appear befure a Washington publli- for tt a tlrst time. Bv reiu?.t of several frienda the celebrated Humming Chorus. "AOTUMN WINDS,"' will be irtreduced in thr. course <>r the evening. Concert to commence at 7Vt o'clock. Cards admitting one. AO Oenta; admitting a lady and gentleman, 73 Cents; to be obtained of tii* membera of the Obeir; at Parker'a P.itt Orfioe News Stand , at the uteres of Me?ara. Geo Ryaeal. jr . William liallantyHe. W H. Sigat >n. and A. Boerr'a; at the principal hotela, and at the door i d the evening of the Concert. The Piano used on the occaxlon haa been kindly loaned by F. O. Belchenbach, 11th atreet, Bear Penn 'a avenns N. B ?This Coneert will not be repeated at half price. m J3-Jt* (^ROORRIRB. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenue and lMn atreet, < Entrance en New York avenue,) Dealera in fine FAMILY OBOOBBIK8, TEAS, WINES, 1MPORTMD LUX0BIB8, Ac., Ac., would respectfully aotlfy their frleada aad th* pnblle that tbey have jaat opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article usa ally kept in a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enamarate our large, fresh and wsllselected Mock, we sordlally invite the public to examine oar store and stock, ballevlng we shall not fail to give ontira satisfaction to aH who may faver us with their patronage. We eall especial attention to our assortment of TEAS and OOFFBKS, which have been 'elected with great rare for porltp. Dealera will find a I?' Msortmsnt to select from, aad oar prices to ault. Goods dslivered promptly la any part of ths city, jau 9 3m AT POBLIO SALE ~ _ THROCr.H R. M HALL'S REAL ESTATE BXCHANGB. Corner 7th street and La avenae. w ill be sold at anctloa. on the premises, on ths 17th of A pril. mCT. at o'clock p m. by virtus of adeed ff trust executed by Frederick Yoigt, to John Geo. Stock, (to soeare Andrew Tbeirer.) upon a one story frame boase, sttaated oaths went part of lot ten, (10Ita square Mo. 41, Washington Clty tat'ject te a lease for the term of five years, aa id trast dnly recorded la lib* r R. M H . Mo. t, felios SA8 and Sin, chattel records for Waahlngtoa conn'F Tetms cask mh H-eolm CIOARS AND TOBAOOO -BROOKB M. MDs MOSSTON will be happy to serve his friend and the pubtio with Oigare ,ud Tobacco, at Bio. B4S Lonisiaaa avsaaa, asar Bank of Wa?hing tea. fs Mm 0 W1KT&' Siarsrts "V&ttrsrsvaai tmtsisisttsi ???. ?' " awr JKSrf5^'-"""' WJ? s W ANT1D-j1 lift el ess f*j?l? OUOK, whit# " or ooIoredT Apply at Oh as Blots a ItiUi

??! i? 0?t.. bet. ifth Uil 1MB It*., (Mr Ikr War Department. ??>' W' rNfkctekl* ruu girl a BIT'\_UATIOB to Cook,ffMh and irti. Beferol4t,ipiT" ?T M ltrMt,b?IWM| 8>MM?mhqi>ni mil*. It* A**8P*CTABL? YOCBB GIEL WIBBBS SITUATION u inn* nd Make herself useful, or to 4e dining room work or boueework. Ad drees a note to t>ox Ho. n lUrlWc*. It* VV ANTKD-A good practical PHOTOGRAPH ?*. *B, JJtkor gentl-mon or lady Address, stating qualification*, salary expected and wker<* cob bo hod, "Ptototrayhtr," Bos 8Ur Offloo. m U St* WABTBB-a WHITE OOOB Shsmu-t bring m reference. Bo. 494 1Mb at . botween F *nd Q- in S3 2t* W ABTBD?Six HuUSBS of ili to ton room* n g?xl locitiwii, 9o?4 tenants c%? bo procured by apphlag to D. STOUKBBIOGE A CO . nortl east comer 7th ana F st< m is St* \V^*TKD?A good COOK, who understands *? deserts and sastry. Inasmall private femily, Beferences required. Apply at 0 *tr?it nor[h^ ni 23 St* \V'AN 1 BI>-$300 for one year at IS por cen'. .. poreon having the above to loaa can address A It. C Star Office, stating where an Interview can be had. mr St' WANTED-A HOUBE with about eight room* and cellar .by 1st of April. laiaDd preferred. A rfif as'ble yearly tenant oa? be se< ared. and rent paid In advance, by addressing Po-t Odtoo Box 6t6, etatlng location and term* ah >1 V* WANTED?To buy for cash, one or two small HOUSES, containing from four to *even ro'ms?ach Houses adjoining preferred. Alio, a Flro-proof Safe. STAKE A CO , m ?-?t* 4*!**, 7th street. Dwelling housb wantbd -wanted to rent a comfortable two etory DWELLING, tor ti e anhuing vear from the l?t of April next. Addrecs 0. W. O., Btar office, stating le-*lit> and terrns. mb IP eoif WANTED TO BENT OB PGBOHASE-A F AKM of from 1" to 100 acres, nortb of and near the city, with good building and other improvements Any person having auch propsrtv can find a first-* lass tenant, by applying at BTAKR A OO.'S. 7th atreet, between D and E. mhp|?* WANTID-A respectable white~WOMAN,to " take care of a young child. Apply at 37 1 Pa. avenue. mh S AGBNTB WANTED FOR THE MOST EXCITING ABD INTERESTING BOOK. OF THE GEN* L. C. BAKEB'8 H1BTOBT Or TBS BBCRBT BEBVIOE lu every city, town, county, and State of the Union, to canvass for tkia work. This hiatory whs announced one year ago, but owing to the attempts of tbe G?vernmeut to snppresa It, ita publication wasd< la^cd. It will now be t?->nnd. unaltered and unabridged, under the pupervf si' in J of Gen. BAKKR It contains a full and official expose of the intricate niacin nations of tne secret enemies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures, this b ok eclipses the lam as ?x,cr etv-?? of Fouche atd Vldoc i. The marvelous narratives of General Baker are all attested by tbe bigtiest official authority. It will contain the only official history of the Assassination con?pira<-y. A fall hi tory ?f this great, startling, ana terrible crime, KBOM ITS CONCEPTION, IN THE HA( NTS OK VILLAIN* TO TUB BUIUAL PL AOS OF POOTH. bat never yet been placed before the public. The work also fully exposes the netarloas system by which Preeidentia! pardons were and are *o readily obtained at W ashlnKt?n The morHls of tbe National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, aud there are some str?nve revelatloiis concerning h'-ids of departments, members of Congress, femal pardon brokers, and diktiagtiisbed military character*. For fnll de-'-rlpti ve circulars, terms, an I all particulars. aidr?iiH P GAKRBPT A CO . mh2 1m IU'2 Chestnut st.. t'hiiad?'|ptiia. II' ANTED?A SITUATION as seamstress by a ' v lady who understands sewing ttieroughlv fey Wheeler A Wllaon's Sewing Machine Can cut and tit ladles aad children's dresses Addres*. f-r three da>a, Box No. 7, Star office. fa .'7 VV ANT ED-Hew and Caat-off CLOTHING, old " GOLD and SILVER, or aey other article of value, at the aid a?tabll?bed Merchant Pawn bioker's Store ol K Fl LTiJN A CO.. iOvi 9th st,, 3 doors nortb of Penna. avenae. Boie Agent for BINGBB'S SEWING MACHINE de 22 ly WANTED? lO.OOO LAD IBS to know that at the New Btamping Booms, 439 9th street,op posite Patent Office, they can find the beat selected ass rtnjent of Patterns ever ottered here for Cloaks, Capes, Aprona Jos'-ys. Waists, Token. Bands Wrappers, Slippers Pincushions, and lui tials. Also, deaigna for Pillow Cas-s. Ottomans, Chair Co\era, Pianos, and. In short, everi variety of Patterns as they are daily Issued We have a French Machine aud a Practical Stamper, aud have reduced the price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brooght us Braids, Silk aud Working Ootton very low. de |?-tf bankers! ^EVEN-THIRTY TREASURY NOTEB, O of any serlea, exchanged for NEW FIYE TWKNTY BONDS, AT THB NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF GEOBtiBTOWB. D G. ^ Internal Revenue Stamps for Notes. Checks Drafts Botids, Deeds, Mortgages, and other legal dvcuments for sale at Government rates mb 7 lm J G H AM M ER. Cashier J AT (OOKE k CO., BANKERS, l\fttrntk strtu, ervOsiU IVeaw*, iitjf nd ael a tcurrent market ratea, and kaap onatantly on hand, a fall rapply of all QOVKBBMBBT BONDS, SEVEN-THIRTIES, ABD OOMPOUBB INTEREST HOTBS. Orders fee STOCKS. BONDS, Ac , execatad and Cellactloua made on aU aoceasibla point*. ae 1-tf I1AKROW fcCO., BABKBBS, Corner Loalalana ayeaaa and Bayanth real, naalira in boversment securities, GOLD ABD SlLYKB ? > tf and labd wabbantb^ First National Bttak of Washingioa. H D COOKE, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President W * 8. HUNTINGTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY and FINANCIAL AGENT OB THB 0B1TBD STATES. 1 $th ttr?i, orro?u$ tkt ftmwy Dvartmtm. Government Seenrltlea with Treasure United States btone million dollars.^rn Webny andeallall clasps of governmem becvritiesat current market ratee. furnish exchange and make CMleaumt on all tbe principal cities of the united states. Wa par chase Government Vouchers on tha most fa tor able terms, and give careful ana prompt attention to accounts business men and firms, and to any other business entrusted to u. BULL INFOBMATIOB In regard to OOYBBIMINT LOANS at all times ehaartally furnished VI. a. HUNT1NGTOB, Oaekler. WaahlngtOn, March SO, ISM. mU-tf pOBl ABLB STEAM BN0IBB8, Combining the maximum of efficiency,durability, and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. Thay are widely and favorably known, mora tkan 600 being In naa. AH warranted aatlslactory, or ae sale. DeeerlptiTe circulars aant an application. Address J. 0. HOADLBT A OO., fe 8 eoSm Lawrence, Mass. r|AINTT DISHBS; Receipts Collected by Lady " Harriett St. Clair. The Ohristiaa Hymnal; eadited by Bev. Frank Bewail. Pickwick Papers; Diamond Bdltioa. Headlawi on the Action of Medicine; Naw Bdidon. Murray's Bmetieaa! Disorders of the Nerves. Tha Story of a Btemach. Braithwaite'e Review for February De Bow*a Bevlew for February. TAYLOB a bTbbowbb. bTjTsmithbbb attobati oasfysgtvovmi t'" """ vaMSK" _Office Bo. 476 Seventh street,opposite the Post OM?a^_ la S ly h'"" ""btttmosasbuu For preeerving. H w bUBBHBLL. corner 14th ana F atreets, mh > under Ebbitt Hoaea. MBB10AB GOLB. BTOOKB and Bolbl, bought oa aamaMamoa at tha Baw York and other Stock Boarda. QnotaUoaa regularly ra> LB WIS JOBBSON a 00 . Bankers. faT tf Peuna. avenue. 1 rat IUI1NP MNT. l!^4fciyirr-Tfcf??.i^mri?ti> boowTim BTr l,tM * M *tl |jPtelAli|-A IrstraU Itiin !' *!* ?^4ri| iMrt laaair* at l??*Mew Tfrt?Wt|n,otrttritt 11. MMM* Tbs irit VLiiOI *m PritM'i Lou k . Penaayivnnln *thu?, ????? ? ulliU. a S-rt* pcfliain BOUSE BOB KlIT.MBtaUlii &SBW.fig?Er - ? SSZ'-' **Ty BBICK HOUBB a?ar V, V^, <* the ?tty. 4 mmu tfOB Mbl-MOV OA IBS, SHBLVIN?7Ac r for particulars epplr at Ho. I?9r*iu;lri** Mwmi Uih Bad 13th * ?! WTmcK. PIBBT. PUBBIBHBD BOOMS-Oae large BALOOB J- <>? *; !W# '*** ceaaect'**BOOM! ob tklrd floor; lore* BOOH, with ^JL*?2 r*i^h#4 *** 0 street rNIMIIOl III A|nl Sft*3t* FOB B BDT?Several ttrt dNlrtklf tad knitsomsl) furnished frost BOOMS at Bo ?1 In ??V? *S* ^wooo 4Sand M H? . ooor City H ill First c!?m Boordins Boom* wlthia o few tfoor*. INT FOB 80 LB-The 8T00K sad F1XTU BBS ?1? retell grocery ?tora, cheap. Store for reat. Po?oiioion givsn Immediately. Po#r health the reason for mHio(. Inquire at 494 7th itrott, ho tween O and 11. mh S6 3t* pHUBCB PBWS OB SBATB lor Mia with backs n**d pnneled end*. sad groined. WillI be sold for Iom then one holt tboir coat if apPlied for tool to I? A GARDBER, 460 New York lltb street west. ah fc tf fi^OB BBNT?Two BOOMS, r raiikM m parlor ^u<1 ?eamber, suitable for tw- geutlemeu or fentleman anl wife without children. Mo 404 IiMocliuutU avenue, betweea 9th ond 10th streets. ' m ? ?f F?B BEBT?DWELLING HOUSE. acraer of M ?tr##t Korth ftftd Utb ?tr?(*t utit. coitfcialag nine rooms. with atnble attached, and a Urea tardea lranira of W T FEN D s LL, c trust 4% '.Ti* *Bd La. ovenun: or AM TON HBITMULLEB, V t aveane. hot M ond O. Poceesioa gi veu lit of April. St* FV>B BENT-Large BOARDING HO08b745* I'a. avenue.between S1 and 4S atre*u, ae? ocoapWd by Mra. Kent Possess ioa about April 1st. Alao, two large HB1< K 8TABLBS, Utnst . u??ri4th, la rear of Library Balldtsg. POBBALK?18 ocrea auinipreved LAND, on tl e Hladensburg road, one mile beyond the toll* 8*te. A. HTDB, ..... Office in Rlgg* A 0 , * mh 21 St _ Banalar Hou>e. 1 L'OR RIMT?To a finiIj with ut children. o a faitlf Fl RNI8HBD HOUSK containing 8 rcou s. supplied with gas and water; yard front ond rear Af ply at -27 to H (treat near 16th tub .2 eo4t* I^OR SALE-GBUCBBY aad LlQl <>R STOBB, I with a l>AR attaclml; located ?n a corner For terma arplr to J11HM W BI BN8 No 449 9th at , betweeu F and O atreeta. mh <1 U* F^OB BBNT-A three atory iTklCK Uol'SI. ceatniaikg elalit and attic,on 4th at . near Fayette. Alao. a nearly new superior PIANOfjTBal?. Inquire 94 Fiyette trent Georgetown. P.O. mh 21 iwI^OB BBNT?A BHK'K HUOsC. coutaining t eUhtrooma. with vide tiall.cas an 1 wator. attnate on Itnnbartou street. ne?r Waihlnet ? atro?-t. Ooorcetown Apply at iOO and iOSQ atrret, between 4th ond 5th. mh21 -1 w C. B. J I WILL F""OB SALM-A twu-aiory HBTotTHODS*, with elated roof, altuatod at N?. Virginia avo line botwton id and 4'? atrc?*ta. Apply to MAT. PBPPBB, Bo. 1*0 4>? at. mh2o^it*aS FHIR 8ALB-GOOD WILL, 8T00K oad FIKTUBE8 *>T (the latf Kltia*i B<tm >nat?n I K <>t and fcboe Store No. 4-1 7th atr*?t. between D an 1 K ata. For particulara in^alre at the Store , ? ? Mrs. MaBY BDMuNSTON. mb .0 tf Adiniolatrrtrn. l^OB SALB?A bargain can be had for cash?a o. RASTALRANl, with HOUSE containing u rormB. Tbre* y< ar* leoae. low rent, and eiceL lent attnation. Now doing a go?4 tmine<?. Particulars at Tnrn**r H m? crrner of 9th atreet and I "i n aveane ** a-btBirt^n ia 20 At * h'CR So lB- A gentleman declining h <i;i keep ' h'" hou ehoi l FOB i>ITI KB. conalatlne of e*ervthins re^n'ulte t ir Uie comfort and convenience of a ~inall family. To per-on- oi liniite.1 meim a rare opportunity is ofeted. For further parti ulara inquir? at frotna lionee northwtat <orber 4th ft; *et ea?t. anl D street south. Capitol Hill The hon<e can be rented for a mtderate ma. If de-iired mh 20-r.t* A DBt*IRAKLB COUNTRY RB8IUBNOB for rent fjr the boUnoe of the year Five Bailee from Anacoata RrMge. D tme centainlu^- 12 larte p'eaaant rooms, luclu>ling klt<-lieD, s arr--e ?f 0?r<l?-r?. choice Ft-It and Shade Trees, btalle. < ari iace bt n-?. u <?< of ice from the Irehou-e pasture f.r two hor*e? and two cowt, Kor terms. Ac . ln r.nre ot T. R UROOK8 n-ar Fart t.,**?on M*f"?oro' Road, or by letter to Forget vtlle. Prince OtM.rge a county, Md. u.ti 20 ?t* , f^OB 8 A LB? Wnly flM caah ro<iaired; th- balance ran bo pabi in nionthlv payments of fit) ea< h, three new two story liol SIM. situated on the sauth side of aooth L street, near 6th. Thia is an opportouity seldom ottered to proenre a hon,?r?_- STABBAOO, m 11 ?w 7th stre^<. near R. L'lBMlblUD PABLORS^nd BED ROilMsTon ? iii.' 2d and floore. te be let stneie or In suites The room- have been newly papered and pat 11 tod. th?"y are anttable for h^na<'keep| u<r or single centleiuen There is water. t.t?,arid l ath S.L T*"??- Ap?',> " ! ** H Street, betneen 19th and 2tth, oue ?quare from street cars, mh 11 tapl' _ SnO .Of BEST LAND near Wash" ington TO LET for two years with 'Ut at y rent. for the conpideration of patting the land under cultivation, in lots of one to fifty acres, with many ottier inducement*, including the privilege of buying the land at any time For all particulara inquire of . . D L WELLS * CO , mh 4 ltn Corner 1th and F streets. O??n0,r?TaE MO>T VALUABLE AND DE 81S&6LE BUILDING LOTS ia the city for sale. It is situated ou the north side of K etre t, near ISth let ween Senator Sherman's anl the Mexican Minister's,fronting on Franklia Sjuaro. Said lot is Jt feet by 117, running bac k to a #t foot alley, and Improved bv s two story brick stalde. ?o? t> B P. BRO?M 464 9th street wr.t t'OR BENT-The 8TORE ROOM next t> the A Star office nn ler Metropolitan Hall Apply to C. B. BAKER. 8tar office fe 1S tf BOOTS, SHOES, Ac. |fc| BOOTS AND SHOES. yfy H B W TT OR*. The undersigned bags leave to Inform his frieB^s *he BBblic generally that be haa epened the ^^,9.?EAP 8TORB. No. 404 7th street, nuder Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a aensral assortment of Ladies andQentieiaeu'a. Boy's Missek and Chi Idren's BOOTS AND SHOES. . Bomember the na?nl>?r, 50i 7tn street r.cier Odd Fellows Hall The fijew Cheap Styre, formerly K F. Page's store, del* CIEORGE B WILSON. ^TKINWAY'S PIANOS We have jnst received a new assortment of 11 PlANOtORTE8 from the factory. iOU sistitig of Grand, Square, and Uprigbt|Eal^B Cabinet riaacs. FTfTn For the last tea years Steinway's Pianos have, on all occasion-, recsived the first pr?minm over all new York, Boston, Philadelphia.aad Baltimore makere. whenever and wherever they have come in competition. At tbe World's Fair in London. 8teinway A Sons received the Indorsement |of superiority of tbeir Pianos ever all makers of the world. . WO METZBEOTT A CO.. fe 23 tf No. 31* Penu avease. Bole Agents. POORS ON FABMING, GARDENING, AcLP Gardenina for Profit, by Peter Heaaereon, iisu, American Ro?e Culturist, 7?c., Clerks Flower Oardoa Directory, ate.; The Mlniatura Fruit Garden, by Thomee Rivers, El. Tbe Garden by I>. H. Sacjaes. fl; Cole's Aaericaa Fralt Book.76c.. field's Pear Cnlture. 5160 Ten Aorea Enongh, $1 U) Onr Farm ot Fear Acres.s*c,, Imee on tbe Potato Plant. 76c.: Hew to Build and Ventilate Hot hovse?. 60: Wats<>u'c American Home Garden, #S; Baist 's Family Kitoken Gar dener. 91, How to get a Farm, aad Where 10 Kind ?ne,$fl TS,Uulst'?i Flower Oardeu Directory, .fl :tu, , Flowers tor tbe Garden and Parlor, Garden Flowers. Mow to Cultivate Them.cyE 8. Rand. $3; 1'arkman s Book of Boaes, B3, Gardening for 1 Mr* London, $i. Enfield on Indian Corn. $1 .6. Johnston s Agrlcaltaral Chemistry, *176: Boussingault'a Rural Economy, #i.ii0: ] ana's Muck Manual. $1 ii. Alien s Ameiicaa Faim Book, 91 .*?.French s Farm Drainage, f l.&v; McMahoa's Amer ean Ohrdener, #2M Bndgutan's American Gardener s Atsistaat, $2.:0, How to Lay Ont a Garden, by Ed. Eemp. |1. Todd's Youi g Farmer's Manual. 91 60; Breck's Hew Book of Plowsrs, Ac; Cberltoa s Grape Grower*' Guide, I fl 75. Busman on Grape and Wine, 9l>'; Fuller's GrspeCnltnrist, jl -'fl. My Flneysrd at Lake* view. 91 it Browne's Trees of America, Oninby en Baee, f 1 St); Lancstrotb on the U ney Bee. 92; Mavhew s Illustrated Horse Doctor. %S, < May hew's 111 1st rated Horse Management, sj, i Farmer's Barn Book. 9l-'*>: .leanings' Hor?e and I Ms Diseasoe. 92. I?>'dd * Modern Mora Doctor. 91^?; Stew art's Stable Book ?1 50, DoUd 's Ameri- 1 csn Cattle Dotor, 9.1 60; Allen's Domestic Ani- t malt, 91; Herbert-s Hints to Horse keepers, fl 76; Horse-training Made Baay, by JaaBlBcs, #126: Masoa^s Farrier. 91; Every Man his Own (Jattls Doctor, 20c : Yonatt and Spooner on the Horee. 91.S0: Guenon on Milcb Cows 76c ; Bement'a < American I'oalUrer's Companion, 9!. Cole's American Veterinarian.76c., Allen Bural Architecture. 91.4t>;Woedward^Country Houses, #| ?j , Jacques' Bural Architecture. 91 Village and FarmC?ttagee. 94; Vanx Villas and Cott*g?s. *: Sloan s Homestead Architecture, 96; Field s Bural Architecture. 92; Downing's 4iandscat>e 1 Gardening anc Bural Architecture. 94.60. Holly's Oonntrp Eeato, 9?> Sent by mail , prep ild 1 blanchard A MOHUM. mh 14 eo<t Corner Penan, as aad Uth st. pbOUBI W BID I A full aeeortmeat of all grades choloe Flour far Bakers; quality Mo 1; prieelsw. Are tbe only direct receivers for Oolden Hill, J. B. Oambrill <aot Patepe00) and Lingaaor Family Floors la the Dlstrlat. As tbe latter brand has been eztonoiTOly 00 u titer felted aad sold la this city, we would Inform those wishing this Sour by arrangement with tbe sslllers we furnish It lower thanTt can Bo obtained from any other eon roe. Qaallty seoend to uowe. Prtoo a fraction leas than ether first-lass Family Floar. JSpzw-Xtyr I ad I ana avsaae and l<: street, no M near Depot. AUCTION SALES. 1** ?H >?!> * wi?^ *? Arrmmm%%m AMB rv-mv+m**m. T"*" v?v y/rSi* esfiur.v* * MM W? -SKPivr is~sLt*?~r. h wl",I,*jW * ? tSJ. af_cb?tSsl rac?ti| fee ths row at? of ImUhM. D 0 , lit MivIm ftrtkld. t4i : ,T?? |*o< CaNs, < Barasaa Oflkss lukit, FMi. liow.TMk, ?l<f^i. ItiiM, (ti Catting Bas. tarry Oomk aad Krtik, fl*?t*s,ioa? atari? asw .all ths Waoi aad aad aronad tk*nM itwIm. - "SKiWrt;fJteR'r&v. >k II d OBABV A WILLIAMS Asuta. Ill * . B LI WIS ft OO . tHUHWtl D iTlIT PMMflTMlt AlMM U ?t Ntmluitoiftnt, uw?r Natioaal Batel, TBIo ItlMlO1^ *otr> LUi*? M4 a?it\i BmI?i7 fcJO ? ard? Am ;*rt ?ids Oottss It*'?Md? Sao Black Ow?lMrt sad Ololh if dozen to* feteal * ?mi Umbrellas Hair Bras'ee Oo.U 1 T*M* Pocket Cstlsry Gold Hd Mint WatcWAe . ftc. ?? ?_ _W LtfariB ft 00 .AaoW, |J' W. L. WALL ft CO., iictl?M*n. BALI or 0W"?mIwi?ki, bboomb. On TUESDAY MuRBlBtf C Merck *> com 1 lu Pellet, we will mIi, kt iirni,,. sgXi.sjzr-" of src&Wit sua*-* ? t Barrel* Whisky IW d?J? Brtowi 4) Ioim Lemons M ! Jflckfi Clah B W?-? 10 dor.en Pltriim IS bwrrli Pot?Mc Merrier ? bins Starch. ?a? With many othar articles ia tka Greaerr I ae .... Ai-aOt A lot of Mrind hood Kitmtirt Hair am Sha< k Mattraaaaa New lir ii?rii Carpet, ceatamlag BB y irds, mala iB H^udaoiM Httera !0 pi*c?-? White a ad Chock Matt i as, 4. t aad aaar era wide With other article in the Piinuklac line, all of which will be a id without reserve TsrmsonaA. No postponement _ ?' ? W L WaLL ft PP.. Ancta. BT GBEEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Mo. Si*.corner of 7th and B (treats HEAKLT NEW BLACK WALMPT PABoOE AM TAINTED CIIaMREB fl KNiTUkl CABPBTS. Ac .AT POBLIC AWCTiOh Ob TUBfellA V. the Kth inatant. at lit o'clock a m . ws ahall aoll. at li.>u.s Bo 411 atreet lV*MrMoT'mUtt**J mt' fU wr*1 thafoilawH virclotli Oaator and eii Ba?h-bottom Chain ?rl'"L!?P ( #Btr" Table aud Haircloth Loaa.s Black Walantften feei t Bi TaMa Caua aeat Chair*. Bockera and Wladaw btiadea Painted Cottage Sets. all cMi|lel? Painted Ji-aa> Lind Bedstead* D easing Bares us W mhctsnda. Wardrobe, and Mattr aeea Parlor, chamber, and Speirs anti daat Oookin* Stove. with ntea?i|a N> arlj aew 1 bra* a>r and I orralii Cap* to > ren.k Ol itia Dinner Bet, al I complete A ti?d lot of hitches Be^nieitee And all other go -da belonglag to honaakeeptng Terms <ash. " The hon>? ia for real In ji tre on tho rr*ni<? ?tli 18^1 OBBKH A WILLIAM-*. Anru B* W. L. HALL A CO , AiicU<>a?>?r?. Oii|lfiftl ilorM a lid Oarrii^it BiiAtr. 9* Lociaiana avoboe. BALE OF HOBOES^CAKBIAOEH. HABBBBB. On TLEBDAF MUBMNO. March U. at 1? S 'ii' *ha Ba/aar, a iiiaoer ot Work < a full d?a. rlf tloii it Ml#.) ? r?'RTT HOK^IS ASP MTLra. Amonp them are cooi Work. 8 add I . aud Har naaa tiara*. A large Cwlfvti-u of New anj 8?coad band Bi> V^icllt >9,t*'rri**f"' Wk*UI1*- *"?<* ('thar Two tew Jenny Lind Wa*oaa hoilt in thladtr. al->?. New and rtacond hand Harnaaa. Baddlaa.Oarrlacaa Ac., at prirate aala. JteSala **'"* Thnradara aad ''arri??rea and Baraoaa alwaya on private aala Tern a caih. _D'_h 2S_ W. L. WALL ft OO.. A acta. I'T W. L. WALL ft CO. Aactiaaaara S 'Uthwenrt corner IVcaa it ?Bd >th at ? >1 . ABD olabb ware WhiU to our i?Ib of Groceries ? TLAfeDAT MOBNINO. MarchVTtX. fi! k?! lot of Crockery Wara. aach Aa? Platea. DioWa. Cup? and Saacera *. Bowla. Pitch ra, mo ? Teaa ta W Itb atbar artial a in ?ta. Orockery aad .1^ Wa,.line W L WALL A OO . " Bactioaaara 131 B AOLE A CO , Anctloaaora. mJ Balaarfum. aMA Penn?yiTHnta avaaaa hetwaeD ??h and link air??u. HOl'i*B?LD r CBN ITCBE. BBDDIKa STON *? Ac . AT PCBLIO AVITti.,* ?' On TDESDAT. March B, M ItaUoiik wa win ?ell,iniront of our Salraro >a, part of frr...? of A aritate fainiy declines h>B?alefDi? .c.ltapa f?U. Beda.e.d. Mattraaaea l^,k Slfl'i,Chair,'C*r?eU'C<ruckarr '*!a Z? "t ?B.| ?C. f? K^'fiSSTc. *aie poaitive. Term? caah. J! NAOLl AGO Aorta IPY M K WALSB A CO.. Auction^ U a'"4 Penaa aveane. coraer Mth at. FUEN I TUBE ANB Hol'SEk BIPIHO .>(-> BITES AT Al CTiOB *?ViClOn TUESDAY MOBBING M??h a .. ? w,u ln frOBt wf uur Lot T?ot*i?a*VnrMtn Table a Lo>;n(e Befricer .tor Cane and Wood Seat Ch^ire, Clack Three p_r snd lug rati, Carpet OatIts.B'ankate, 8pr> da C<?'k and Parlor Btorea. . . At#o. Lara? conaiKLMeat neat- of Tal* and Raak. t. h't^kJ^5ii^00,D, *l,fc v,L#r ?c o* far Terma caah. M- W- WALBH A OO A ictt Br" Jo. JW.?ijs.'.ir2rsr.,?L"oy?u.v/.Dc,,.,4?o2B;TTjs?'?<! ?ha Anct.oa " fcei*ck- W' b<> outhiSTy.5*''^ Brown Figure , AIsacaa aad Delate* Licet! Toweli, Table Clotha t4*,L#g E euch Coraati. Bal^ara! Bkief B.d. Pice arrf White Flanntln Ulhck U -eefcin. Wot len TaeeOa BleacUvd abd CnMeached Mualina Belkbap at" eta. Ciubrellaa Draas Coata. Panta and Ve?ta Genia Kitra Engliah Half B ae A mold % Printa. Cbennaea. Ao. T?gt ther with al*out m lota of ?eaao?a' le D G*o4s. not tfiQiiifratod ie urf T#ri?i? cub. " U WALBH A OO.. Alrta IJT COuPAB A LATIMER AiTuLaeT. i?,h Lata clerka with Jaa O McOBlrVA^jo ? Sootbwv.t ??hgjBg.Muth? ,.ur e?c?.HoiDi|ro?B,Tr?^,wi?. ,t. On TO MOBBO W 1Tnaadaf i MOBNIBO M are a Ktfe. at 10 o clock, in troat af oar atora wl ^Ti! aell aa aa.onm.nt of Paraitare. aamlwl " Praeaela aad Three ply Carpete M Three Sewing Macbinea Walnotand Mahtgany Bedsteads Mil faintineaand Eaarartaga Haircloth B<>faa. Bockara and ^balra Hair and llaak Mattreaaea. Pillow. Marble to* Bureana and Waebatanda 1 aae and Weod Beat Chair* Marble top Tables Wan nt Saaokiac Chair, covered is graan raai Cooking and Chamber Btovaa. -O.OW .taaorted braada of Begara L? tC< pper Cooking Ctaaaila L?.t of Groceries aad Motloas. Term. cash. h J6 d COOPEB ft LAT1MEB. AnoU RT S??^B,E ! %5TIMBB, Bartioaaara Pw WlU MfGuiro AGO,) I. W c raer Fiay_aiaaia aad lltk street. Star Oflice Balldlag. STOCKS A*T~AtCTlOK ObTHCBpDAT Af TBBNOON. Marxk l*tk at ?ur auction roosa, ws will sell the followiag Stocks nr: |3,IW> Oarparatioa of Waahlagtoa six par coat. qcartarlr A took. S!.'?*> Great ralia Ice Conpaar Stock. . ||(X> C? rp, ration of Waahiagtoa six psi coat, aenl annuallr Stock. tab V -d Ada COOPEB A LATIMBB. Boots. BAY COOPEB A LATIMEE. Aactioaeora, D ( LaU clerk* with Jas. 0. MoGwJre A Oo.,> losthaaat earner of Pmtiij 'arla ars and Uth street, Btar Ofioe Batldiag. HFABLY BBW^HOC^IHOLD ?C*HITC*? On KBIDAY BIOBMING. March ?.at iBo'dock. it house Mo. 1A7 Ed etreot, near l'saasrivaaia iT'^nns, we will sell ths oonUat. slf slid 'otli! r1" Thrss-ply aad Iakiaia Oarpota Dini?g 100m aad hall Oilcloth Hair cloth Boia Stair Carpet^ Oilcloth, and Bod* Marble topOottage Batto with Waidraba Imitation Oak Oottago Baits As W alnut Extension Dlalas TaMa Ollod Wa'nat < ?*e soat Chadr. aad Bocksr Mf Mattrsases, Paathar Pillows do tfdT* Looffng c[ii* *" Green W indow Shads* T?o White Toilet Setts Crook wry and Glass War.CaoklLg aad Csamber Btoesa Togothsr with ths maaal KoaaobaM Ba?altites Auo, aTiuL n#" B??rr. in ess llsat order. P 8 -Ths Isas# far reat wABS-tt COOPEB ft LATIMBB. AucU.