Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1867 Page 1
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tarag pEt ?????? ? i ' wm i r VHt. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, MARCH 26. 1867. N-. 4,388. TIIE EVENING STAR HBLISHED DAILY,iSUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BU1L.D1NO, {cviAwif f?rt*r fftm ***** ?M ii? ttrut, tir w. p. wall a OH. T^sf 8TAR ts enrvad oy uie carrier'* to tnair itteciiMn in tn? City and D.str.ot At T?* Cisti ves vrnt Coplea at tha coo ter.witfi or wlthou. wrappers. Two Cmta each. Fmics ro* M aiiiho:?Thraa raontas, On* Pillar and F\fty C*nt?; six month*. Tkret D l?ar?, ou* f?ar, Fiv* Dollars No papers ar? test from iba oSc* longer than pa*1 for The WEfchJ-Y STAR?published on FtUef morning? One Dollar and a Half a >'? * ? a ?#?????1M?1 PA W N BROKERS Bbvbimtine s L.oAN orrios 41>'i l)ih iintt .*1 '?oor south ot P'jn ?? ., Loan* MONEY <?a time t<> ?"K cus"m?rs, oa G. Id a Ml Silver Wa'ol.e*, Diamonds. Jew- /Ov elr?, Lwh>' aud Oentl-'won WeariagJL A Ainrl V U Ol i Gold and Silver boucht tubs 3m* B BCEN9MNE. %Y A L S H '3 r E .V TR A L LO : V o FFTCF., lie 4-0 10:h Krnt, ?u? door Deljw f tun ave. This w?ll kno?n OHce make* sOv tIBKKAL A I) VAN 'IS JT^JL On IMoai' ijtia ' ? Id io<1 ^ 1t?r Q Q I Ch tbtn.? * urnlture, auJ Merchandise of every description. Ope i e*?ry d *y ( eicept Sunday ) from 3 a. m to 0 f D?. N B. itrictly confidential. fe28-tf j'DTAtl^lDUiW lS?i U~. SPECIAL NOTIOI. CHVKLIS HBR/.HEKQ, fOC<-eesor 10 ln?c Her,.hng & Son, who i it? condu<-ted tbe K?wnhroki?' Business fcr t.!ie?n tears in t us city. fsr tweive /Ov war- the en!> Pawnbroker ib the D>?tric*,J[ Jl tske this ri>e hod of tbttkiig their f?troa>9 V Bti?t tbe public for the confidence herctni*r?a&??ii th'-m. end b- g have to call their at eotion to tbe ;?ct that we still ontinue to make the hlgle-t ati' Ben id alt snms upon alt articles of Jewelry, 1 lamuDdi, Vsa'cbes, Bonds. Qjtorumfnt Srip. Mlver Mate. Ac for which we have superior Blare* of d^siT an i if>nrit> , which will always la ih wn for tbe ??tt<f*oti a of tno*e p?troul iina as We have iptcial faciUlln for the care and 1 jre-^rvat! m of Wearing Apparel of every deS'ri plica. Mooleua, Ac.. on which tbe bigheet ad vaneee are atde. gaarantr-eiaz when reaaired I'm' moti, ?nd alway* atain*tInjury Having a larte ??i?hno?t. in connection with onr elll-a, we have special f^ iltti sfor aterage of all kla>ls f Merchandise, Faiaitare, Ac . on which we make the highest a<ivah< e? for days. we?k< or n xntfca W?e call ??p?cial a'tentioa to the fact that owing to the large capital employed in onr tuatneeg we can mak- aivancea at snch rates of interest as to defy competition We >e l no g<)?da antil the ex piration of six monthe a'ter their forfeiture, and then only at paMie miction first sivlag aiapl? nonee through the variois <yty >oar nai? lo all depos'tem. By this meana deposits with a* are never lost if tb^ir redemption 4eaire?i We call *-spe<'tai attention to oar arrange Bents for forwarding ca"d" to any part of tbo eocntn, arrangements which an experleace of Btteen year- haa brought to rartectioa. Depositor* are enabled this means to redeem their frood* from onr office ne matter where they mtr <* Iccated Knli information alwa>a given. Private apartm-nta for confidential ha?ineea. It B ? M ? bav? no eonnection witb aoyai nilar estabItsKnifct in this city B.?fer to anv >1 d resident of Waehineroa Bemeinber HCK/BKBQ'8 Lata f Office SSI north 0 street, between 4>k and ?th, t?. fe 35 Iru* l^| ON *Y I M0N?? ' MOMfiY 1! 1 H. PKINCK'S KIWLY KSTABLISHBD LOAN orriCB, U77 Pa. ave.. nexrto Poteu lni'aConfectionery. Money loaned on ever) (1?acrlption of salable Merrhandite eaaecially Watches, Pi a /0\ Blonds and fire Jewelry. 1 can a'snre / tbeee who may favor me with ther ja'.rou 0 0 age th at liit-i will not regrrt having done so. p. D.? Private door end office. Persona not wisher to eni.r the public office will ring the office hell. fe 2( lm* '|>H1 Ol-L i.-UBLhliXD FIB* OT 1 ?, GO L Lb f B i N A CO . LH Ah>KL I Av? M'.fcOKEKS. 3-t FOIE Ahl? A HALF STaBKr WBST, near Pennsj lvania aveuue,A Ofer the big .e?t cash advances on an klnda of Mrrrt ai,.!;*e, to nny amount and for any /SK time desired, at reasonaM?- rates JL A lifter- ?t - d larse min? greatly reduced. Q 0 Bneln^s" stric?lv c cfi^ li'ial Goodn bvnght tor ca?u and aoid at private sale. fe ?1 jy DENTISTRY. DB. hkfflE'f llitilAL A^SObi A i 1U2>. fto. 2b? ftSA'A AVit , ? twt-czi 12th and 13th stre?U. Teeth extracted without pain by adminaterlng i In ft t'xjOe er Laughicg <\ as. Uf llw lk hai .'?>centl> purct>a*?d lUs t^stMb3 Apparatn' in th* <untry f. r^ I ere km over'' day, also, an I a. proved Val velar Inhwler Ihe Assorlatl in is bow prepared to iLatve Teeth on (Jold. Silve- -?ai at New orh Phrladelpnia and . -sion pric??. All persona wiehtng deut*1 v?-r: Jone can kavt itaecheap I as in tbe aU-ve-tiame?i cities. Ail work, doue in tbe neatest and o?t manner, aad warrantsi to give hstisfdctioa. Persons will do well to caU am examine our work. deSa tf I1 B B T H ?"?? JL, . B LOOMW. M. D.. "ThalaTsntor and PateBteecf ths MINBBAL I'LB IB TBBTB, attends personally at ^>30^ aiacC.ceic this city. Many persons r^amatSK wear thsee teeth who eaanot wear othsrO yd^ao person can wear others who cannot wear Persons calling at my oflcs can be accommodated with auy atyle and price of Teeth they may desire, but to those who are particular.and wish ths areat, cleanest, stronge?t aud most perfect devifare that art oan procure the HUIBBAL TBBTH will be Bkore fuilj warranted. Boobs la this city?No 3S* Penn'a aveuue, between ith ami 10th sU Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia oc?lv PERSON AL. MBS CLBTI^ 1BV1NO, Clafrrotant. and TiSt .VsdtMwi, will give life readinga, lacltidiag Paat, Present and Future at her office. 4^0, Berth aide of Pa. av., between aad 6th streats. OSice hour a from 9 to 2 s m and to $ a. m. ja2i2ui* |^ONHD*NTiAL-Ycunf men wB* hava Injured tbemeelvea by certain aecret habits, which uufit them for baaiaees pleasure, or the datiee of married life, also, middle aged and old Ben. who. from the folliea of yonth, or other anses. feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves ander the tr- atmect of aay on?. ahould first read "Ths t*eoret Friend.'' Married ladies will learn something of importance by perusing 'The Secret Priatid." Bent to any ad draea. in a sealed envelope, on receipt of V> ranta. Addreaa Dr. CHAS. A 8TCABT A CO.. BoaU.a, ??*? r |v 1'BB CENT. BAVBD by O. B. JEW JU BLL S pure una.luIterated J-reaiium New lork City e()AP, Pr?iiium family soap, Premium FLANNEL fOAP, And No 1BKUWN bOAP. For sale cheap for rain. Orders through the Foe: Office wilt be promptly attended to C. B. JEWELL, 8<*ap aad Gar lie M-nwfactnrer, No. <>10 and Ao-^Gst north, bet. ?th and Mh. ja 11 6m 'rui? IS TO ?IVK NOTICI, That thVsubM cribar has obtained froiu the Oratisna' Court of Washington t' the District of CelamH? letters of adminl* trail oa. on tha pers<>nal af ^llliaai E'-ert, late ot Georgetown, V. C., deceikst-d. All persons having claims deceased, are hereby warned to exhiti: the a.aiue. aiiti the vouchers thereof. U# the auhscriher on or before tne 5th day <A March next, they m?r otherwise by law he exotuied trom all bclieflt ef the said estate Given auder my han<i thla Mh day of Mareh, l"9. . . . ELIZABETH EBEBT. h a liwjw' Adnilnistrstrix. f I 'HIS IS TO GIVE KOTIOE That the mitie^rtE her haa obtained frum the Orphans' Court of Uaahlaufton County. In the District of Columbia, lettara testamentary on the sersoaal estate of Joba McGarvey. late of Washington county, 1) 0 , o*<*ased. Ailperaons baviug claims against tus said deceased, are herel>v aarned to evhibit ths the vouchers thereof, to the eubecriLer, on ar before the 5th day of March next: tl.aj may otherwise by law ha excluded from aU benefit f said aetata ,?,t?b under my hand thla 5th day af March, , , . MICHAEL F. MOHAN. * Executor. TH^8 g.iv,c NOTICE, That tna aaoscrl her baa obtained from the Orpbaaa'Court oWasua-:tou Cosat). in the District of Columbia. ??lr??n?t*n,eDt*,7 OB,lL" persoaal ostats of IB?0 of Washington city. B.O., tSiTai.A .**.rT" claims ng ilnst ths , hereby warns 1 to exhibit the J e, with the soncbrrs thereof, to the snbscrimsV ^?-(Lr--'.^r? th* ?r Mareb ne*?; tbe* Washington County, in the District of Columhinf letters of administration on the personal estats ot Wardens alorrica late of Washington Olty r ceased All persona hBTinf claims against the said deeaeeea are hereby warned to exhibit the tame aith the vouchers Uiereof, to the subscriber, on or before tbe 11th day of March next, they mar otherwise by law be axe laded from all benefit af th- said aetata. ^'ven coder my hand this Ittk day of Marsh, an IS lawlw" MABOELLUS MGBR10E. %| ACEEBBL ABD OODFIBM. MM pounds large SHOBE OODFIBM. . m barrel* No. 1 MACEBBEL. HCSSfJT' ^ ...... siagra.tasyLEfifilAET |}, im>1 -fill persowa barlag * { ' BrMetas < my shap far raaMrs, sresieua ta ? lat of Jnnaary, are rauaaste# to sail aad gat JAem. atbarwtsa th?y will be sold at pabUa aae aawsd ImMAi Es 414 Ditrssl. i 6HLAT SALE or ENGRAVINGS, iw AID cr THK ggg MBTlTUTB AND OBPnAN PONS of our. BOLDIIBS AND SAIL0B3, A*D A PBISSHTATION WILL BE ?IVBX AT WASHINGTON, D O.. ON THUBSDAT, APRIL 4, 1?67, The Insiltnfon for vhon benefit this enterprise is conductid ?u l?und?tl for tbe purpoae of gratuitously ?inc?tiBt the (on* of deceased Soldiers and B< amen of the United State#. New pupils will be received after April 4, upon complying with requirement*. Tbe paicbaser of each Engraving for one dollar will be (riven a certificate entitling the holder to a bare in the award of presents. LIST or PBESBNT8. 1 Trove's great equestrian portrait of General Scott in the Indira' stairway of tbe Oapi* ' ? ? ? ft 28 ,(J00 1 *10,000 il gold * 13 (>,0 1 Greenback, C. 6 1 Greenback, U S 2 ,<M ft *1 W?C. ?. Bonds #00# >??'<* " ~ - I.W W SIC? Greerbacks. ? m *to .%* "?*? " - ^ M?t? " " .. 10*00 2^0*5 " " 0 lfi.'?... ! ? ,6 2 Hnildint Lota on EIe\-eqth Avenae, New Voik city, free ol encumbrance a itr 1 Bet Diamond Barrings * 1 1 l iamond Pin VT. 1 Bti-inway Piano ?" , m * < bickering Pian' a. ft.oo?>acb. 2 Mason A Parlor Organs, Sl.uyO each? ? ? _ _ 2 <vtn 10 Sewing Ma. hinea. *100 earb ... , t J, 100 Family Sewfn* Machine*. 97:, each 7 -u a f l^tS G?!4 Wftt?bea' ?*? ^ 4,"uo. * >*) each 2.,w ?'Genta - Gold Guard ChHim, $iuo each. : i*? Jt Ladiea ' .. ^10o ??ch.. 3,oh) ? ' t*d Tea SMs. $75 each 1 ^7? 1 OH its baddl? aiid *^aipUienti% ^10 10 ? 1 Lft'lits -? 1 1 I rew.ter's Dug?y 8 Heta of Harness. $??each__ ?40 SCO Subacri ptiene Weekly Trlbnna. *2 each 1,000 " Herald, $2 ' 1 u^o ?0" " Barper'a Monthly, %i ? UM>) Atlantic Monthly, $3 1Ji0 I tU> ' National Freemaaon, 94 *? '(sin 1 Paiotitg. David Playing the Harp l?erore Saul JJ&0 1 Painting. Undiua anl Ariadne ]'.m IJt$ Handsome Eagreviege, $5 each "..".j 5^?? fISO 000 Engravings to the amennt of <00,000 will b ao'd, and all fnnda received ar* to be depeiite] with JAY COOK I ft CO., ' *? <* National Bank of Washington. D.O , to be held hy tli.m far the Unefit of the Institution. HOW TO OBTAIN BNGBAVINOS Orders may be aent Una enclosing theaoney, from one dollar to twenty-five dollars, In a registered letter or by poat office order, at oar rlak. Thoae wishing Engravings sent must eacleee tea ceata in atampe to cover expenaea. Larte amennts should be sent ia drafts or by expiate. PBIOB LIST : For |lWahaadaome Bogravlag. F?r *M " " or larger cUea. For 3.80 it 4, For 4.M " ? For ft 00 ? For C OO ? . ? For lo.oo a splendid Aaaaricaa Chromo. lor? .? ? German o, l'reach Ohromo. | i 1 ' | BT bnyin? warka of art la large qnantftlea we are enabled to give parties purchasing from na tke same kind of engvavinga that are eotd la eay atore, for tb? aan.e price; ?a4, la addltloa. we will give a certificate which eatttleethe holder to u interest la tka award af pra?ln?. for each dollar invested la the ?archaas. Address aU orders aod to KIIVIDT ft OO , 38* Psana avsaas, Washington, D, O., | > ? I^ck Bex 41. . ;.t l , : : M . , J ' >' t , ' .: j 4 H ? ' , 4 arociAL aorioi. _ aUlitary organ!talis* inflnancfag tka largest Mie ef ^ # kftidioau Itigtmiaiii Parties .31, V 1 arues parckaslag kagr ivtaira will ylesae aft visa tka agaata to vkfeft awgf?sM, to Utrdi Ife n credit their purohMe. v- - Ai.-Va*.,, 1 I W * iiUtt SPECIAL NOTICES. WBOTH ('HK')niu AND IN PLAMttATQRY BHD MATI8M k?iu| eiljcii'd by METCALFE o I.H4T Bllkt MaTIU RBHLDY. Hold by all Druggist* 119 co2w 8. c. FOBB. Agent. RIMED1AJL INSTITUTE FOB 8PE01AL OA8E8, I? Bond itrnt, Rnr York Ba/"Fnll ini*rmatioa,with tHe imie-t i"'*/ ?l?0| l Book on Spemt IH'tH*** ? staled etiviope. ??ntfre?. %jr Ht ?wr? and ??* .' for tktm, and ton itill not rtgrtl it; for as ad v?i lining phy acian* are generally imi>o</nr< without r^ferewt* no stranger should be trusted Enclose a -itaaip fcr pomace a*d direct to HE. LA WRBN''E No 14 Bond street. New York no II D*W1? W MARRIAGE AND (0 EL IB AG Y, AND THE Htpplbesa of True ttaaho d - An E-tsav l?r Young Men on the Cnrue ot Soiitide, aud the Pbj sto.'ogh al Errors, Abuseaaiid Diseases whicD c? eate Impediments to Marriage, with sure meani of Relief Bent in sealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address Dr J SKlLLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association Philadelphia. P?. jall-Sm SECRET UlSBASES. 's Gift ia the meet oertaln, safe and effectual revnedy ?indeed, the only v?(etablt remedy ever discovered Unreels two to lour day a aud recent cams In twenty four houre No mineral, no palaam. no mercury Onl> tea pills to l>e taaea. it Is the soldier's hope and a friend to those who do net want te be exposed Male packagee. it;female, $j3Bamaeitan's Boot ill Hkbs Jctch*?A positive and permanent ?nre far Mpyhllis Scrofala Ulcers, Bores, Spots. Tetters Ae Pr'oe fl 24 per bottle Bold br * p. Ford. 8?e advertisement wt? CLOTHING,Ac. ~ J AMES T WALK1K. ~~ MEBUHANT TAILOB, 4*?4 Seventh Street, 494 Rtspectfally inform* bin friends and the public generally that he has a tine, largo aud well-^A* selected asoortmeut of tLOTUS, CASBIMEEEB, W\ VESTING8. AND JR# GEN Td' FURNISHING GOODS. That he is uetermined to run ott at very small advance on cost. Persons pa'ronizinc hia establishment will be guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanship, awfceis determined to employ none but the beat workman P B-JOHN A McLK AN takes this method to inform bis friends tfiat he will be foitud at bis post at the above pla<e. where he ?il| be pleased t* carer te their tastes, giving th-'in garment* to suit the nil st fastldlons, and seeing that their garments are made op in the most workmanlike manner. mh ll-lm "VJ EBCHANT TAILORING. The undersigned having entered into copartnership. and laio in an ext? sive an carefully o* selected stock el CLOTH*, CAtiSI MERES,^11 VKBTINGB. and Gentlemens' FURNISH- Ifm ING GOOl'S, are prepared t> mafe np for if if their customers neat Jttlm* a*ii/a>a?'>*a6/- mmmm suits of clothing, at their new establishment. No 3^0 street, two door* west of the National Theater. Persons desiring n?at fitting and faihionable Clothing on moderat? terms. shonld not fall to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. GEO T. K KEN. B.W.GILBERT. Formerly or firm ?th st . Merchant Tailors. n?hS lm* No. 320 E st. bet. 13th and nth. L1 <1. HBIBEBGEA, a a Successor to H I. L^udoti B Oo., ^ 9itize&8 aud military '*?m w merchant tailor, fa Metropolitan Hotel let# Brown's, Wlr 3?? Pennsylvania avenue, W ash'nrton B O WOOD AND COAL. O A L~i OOAL'I Best W HITS ASil at $8, by the ton. All sizes to ??rit customer ?i?sizea, bawed ftbd Split OAK WOOD, f ?0 per cord. .? .. plug .. Long Oak. pt cord. A ton of Coal sold by me always wMghs 1.H0 lbs . ,fl , ? JOHN B LORD, J**? jf 0?rner <?h and G streets, ^ O A L t COALl! AT GRKATLY REDro*T> PniCKS Gross tous of lbs., delivered in any part of tLtt city. CiientLot White Knh. 97. Btove, Kfr ?nd Furnace White Ajh, ^8.0i. Red Ash 58 26 Lehigh. ^9. Oak ard Pitie Wood ennstantly on hand. Orders received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of (Seventh street B. P BROWN B SON, Ja25 tf 4fi3 otli g:ree? l>etween K and F. JAMEBU. McGUIBE & CO., <Ll JKF " FCBNITT BE WABB BOOMS.^^ 1 Having relinquished the Anctlon and Commission business, and converted our eateueive warelf the corner of lUth and D streets, into a lirst class BOUSB rUBSISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now preyared to furnish every variety of BOETSE AN* OFFICE EUBNITUBB, at tbe most moderate rates. Oar stock comprises PABLOB SETB, in Beps and Hair Cloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILED WALNUTCHAMBEB 8BTS, COTTAGE BETH, SINGLE BUREAUS AND JVABH8TA.NDS, BLABOBATELT CARVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIBS OB ALL VABIET1ES, EXTENSION TABLES, HAIB MATTBE88BS and FEATHER PILLOWS, OFFICE DE8K8 aBd WRITING TABLES, OABTON MATTING, Be., AC. We have also for sal* the celebrated TUCKER SPRING BED, which for comfort, durability and cheapness la unrivalled. Also, tha TICKER MANUFAOTUBING COMPANY BB9NZE CLOCKS, Beaotifnl 1a design and finish, and at very re asonabie prises. JAB. O. HcGUIBB B OO., mhii-lm ternsr of ifltB and D stresU. r|^HB MOrr^KOITINa^yj^WBMTnio GJBiY. l. v. paet-&8 bistort of the se r vice Inarery city,town, oouaty and ?tate of the Union tecaovaaafor this wortt. This history was announced one year ago, bat owing to the attempts ef the Gevernment to snppress it, IU fobllcanon waa delayed. It wiU now be Issued, unaltered and nnabridfed. nnder the of nfnll and offldAl expose of the lMricata machinations of the secret eneaiea of tbe C nlon. For velo?ments and tbrtlllna ad ranefBenararBaker Are all attested by the *athorTty_ It wtll ooataln the only ofhdad bUtory ot the Assassination con spiraey. B fail history of this groat, a tar tl lug SKfeffflStiNttflSS??-'?f Tbe morals of theBsBotl Capital are thorstBurm jSISi sgyssc embersiof Congress, female pardon brokers, and dlstlngnlshed military characters. For circulars, can vaasing nnmb?rs.andall other .This work will be rondy Tor delivery on the let Hi V?0** hit those thoroughly inniaiamii with tbe business, acdwitb good reference as to character and responsibility, need apply. mhtS lm A K BROWNE. 1^. BM1TUBBB "SWAArS'l'g^ atto^j iwmilttfy&orsftlaw. \V;.^?Tko'faw?- "? 0rS~ ' a*'*" tvy WBYEBAL SPLBHDID PABLoi ORGANS, r-*s> tt A (iU/lW i ! ,fif9 } :?iist >*>.* m:,4 ItalJ Ul?SMsa s TKLEHHAMI, *0. On Friday night five Irishman attacked the bouse of Patrick OailAgber n? ar Sb?nanrto tb Cny , fmiifji vanta. intending to *ommit robbery Gm lag tier fired on than, killing one and wounding another. The wounded man is id jail. Dispatches from Cape Mar and Atlantic Ciiy state that tbe norm wai fanosi at both places. The sea rose w birt as to inundate tome of ib?* hoiHt and eause mucn damage Passengtr? by railroad baa to be conveyed to the Cepo'tin boats. The re;ent heavy rains hare den* much damage to tbe track of the Delaware railr >ad. Small bridge* and embanfcm?*trs were wished away at many points, principally below Dovt-r. The Kepnb! can Association o? Wilmingtou, Nor b Carolina, ba* issued an appeal to tbe vo ers of that ci*y to co-opera'e with th^m ? reorganizing the State unler the military b il The damages to the bridges, trestle work Ac , on *te Union Pacific railroad, eastern diT ?i>>n. bj the late flood, havn been repaired and trams are now running through. (ienerai iOossutb. now residing in Turin, l aly, ha* written a letter protesting against tbe arrauireraeut made between Hungary and tbe Emperor ot Austria. The l^o-jisiana Hous? has con-nrred with tbe Senate repealing the ait for a constitution, al con mention. The Senate has passed a bill tor he inspection and tarnation of brothels. The Demo<ratic executive committee of Ohio have nominated .lodge James Saillon for Mayor or Cincinnati in place 01 Samuel N. Pike, declined. It is stated that (general Sherman will go * itb bis oaughter Minnie on Duncan a excursion to the Holy Land this summer. If the Government will give him aleave of absence. Tbe Ilonrd of Trade in Detroit abandoned tbe cenial system in consequence of the action of the neigli !>oring cities. The Legislature of Michigan concluded their sessions yssterdny. The eight-hour bill was lost. CONGRESSIONAL. SrsATB.?Yesterday alternoon? The bill to increase the force in the Patent Oflice waH passed after striking out the id and 3d sections. Mr. Wilson asked and obtained nnanimous consent to report a joint resolution to authorize ;be commanding general of tbe army to permit traders to remain at cei tain posts for tbe accommodation of persons crossing the plains. Tbe resolution was pa-^ed.

Mr. Sherman reported from tbe Committee on Finance the House joint resolution providing that? v Whereas there is now in the hands of tbe Treasurei of the United States, as special agent of the Treasury Department, several millions of dollar^ the proceeds of property captured during the rebellion, which mouey is uuder the control ol the Secretary of the Treasury, and as it now stands may be disposed of in settling claims preferred by the alleged former owners of said captured property without the sancion ot Congress: and whereas it is considered proper that such claims should not be settled and paid without first receiving the approval 01 Congress: Therefore }{ ; r'solrfd, d' ., That all moneys thos held by the Treasurer of the United States shall at once be coveted by warrant into the United States Treasury, only to be dra wn out by authority of law. On motion of Mr. Sherman, tbe joint resolution wi- postponed uil tbe firs; Monday in December next. Mr. Cosness introduced a bill to incorporate the Lincoln Monument Association of the District of Columbia; w hich was referred to.tbe Committee on the District of Columbia Mr. Cameron introduced a resolution directing the distribution of ?4<i,?km< worth of seeds among the people of the rebel States. The present consideration was objected to by Jlr. r essenden, and it goes over. Mr. Cameron introduced a bill to charter the Washington Homestead Compauy; which was referred to tb"; Committee on tbe District ot Columbia. Air. Trumbull hoped the Senate would now dispose of Mr. Wilson's motion to reconsider the vote on the Senate resolution for adjournment passed on Saturday evening Pending a discussion on tbis sublet the Senate went into executive session, aDd soon alter adjourned. Hocbe?Yesterday afternoon ? Mr Wilson, of Iowa, offered a resolution directing the Clerk of tbe House to present to the Secretary of State tbe sttppiementarr reconstruction bill passtd last Saturday over the President's veto. Adopted. Mr Logan introduced concurrent resolution directing that all amounts of money not estimatetf tor or as-ked by the Navy Department for the fiscal year euding J une * i. and now under the control of tbo Navy Depart, ment, be covered Into the Treasury of the United State*, and thereby taken from "the control of tte Navy Department. Passed. On motion of Mr. Stevens, the Senate appropriation bill to supply deficiencies in the contingent fund of the Senate was taken from tbe Speaker s table. Mr. Stevens moved an amendment, adding appronriations lor salaries of Commissioner of Education and his clerks, (0.400,) and for furniture and stationery of his office, (6,000.) Agreed to. Mr. Stevens also moved a substitute for tbe second section, making it (he duty of the Secretary 01 State, on receiving notice of the designation. by tbe Clerk of the Honse, of newspapers "elected for the publication of the laws and treaties of tha United States, to furnish promptly authentic copies thereof: That it shall be lawful to publish them in tbree newspapers in Louisiana. Agreed to. The bill was then passed. Senate joint resolution prohibiting persons in the diplomatic service of the United States from wearing uniform not previously authorized by Congress was taken up and debated at length. Mr. Covode moved an amendment to add the following proviso I'rond-./, That diplomatic agents shall not be permitted to wear any court dress except such as shall be prescribed, and tbe patterns drawn by the chief tailor ot tbis nation, who is now presiding over its destinies. (Laughter ) The Speaker ruled promptly that tbe amendwai not in order. Mr. Noell suggested as an amendment tbat the uuitorm shall consist of a cocged bat, looped up with an American eag!e, swallow. Uui*d coat with s'ars and stripes oa the tail, butternut pantaloons, close, filling yellow stockings wtth garters, a la P.raakUn, buckskin vest, aad one side black and one side white, Ac. [Laughter] Ruled out of order. Finally tbe House seconded the previous question and passed tbe joint resolution. Mr. Donnelly offered a resolution: Tbat this House expresses its earnest desire that tbe people ol tbe States lately in rebellion will, in reorganizing the same in accordance with the existing laws for that purpose, insert in their respective St aw constitutions a pro vision requiring the Legislature to establish and maintain a svstem or free schools, which shall afford adequate opportunity for public education to all tbe (biidren of tbe State. Adoped. The House <at 4 39 p. m.) adjourned. wben tbereadlng clerk announced that a Republican caucus of Senators and members would be beld at 7.30 p. m. SXVCRB W BATHER OS THg PLAIW9 ?We have advices from Salt Lake of tbe 13th, and_ from Denver of tbe 3lst. Tbis has been tbe inoet severe winter ever known in tbe Woet." 1 The snow in tbe Sierr# is la many places twenty feet deep. Disastrous floods are looked for In California and throughout tbe mountata - di-trlcif There has been a complete suspension or trade between Cisco aad the East during ajr'eat parl ot this month. No mailt from tbe w est bad reached Great Salt Lake bp to rtie 1?tb, bat was daily expected. At Mr. Kimball's, forty miles east of Salt Lake City, the thermometer ranged Ixom 35 degrees to 4 1 degrees below xero from the 12th to tbe itftb. There has been much suffering and loss among the f&ttle and horses, and tb* latter have died by tbousands east ot Sal I Lake. . . , Professor De How tsdead. 7"It SB4>reaoaed to vaectaate all the teach ers and pupils la tb* schools of New York city. 'f * CT'Niao young ladies took tbe veil in Philadelphia. Wlfia invea* v* person writs* to a southern sxcbaagn tbat papbr can b* Mid* from Am comrooa swaarp-can*. ttT$X Bftmonf, Nevada, lataly, a rat44lease* man was married to a juu* gui of ibir\ ieea. - ' u'lti .1 : * .. v IT. 1:r ^4M*?*il*>r*<afm?ii'* Latiag H?o**" la Cincinnati, beef st*ak i* .'craisbed at 1 cents. 'CHMtBOl tlWd a f i k m ? t^. Hf W*4 #3 lit , Uisi / jJ *s j j f t ? idlin m t* 4 LOCAL NEWS. # Urnratlta Affairs. Board ot Aldkkmkx, March vi, i?*r ? The Hoard met pnrsuant to law. Present, M.-??re. Oulick, Tai t, Cross. Given, C. S. Noye*, McCstfaran. Owen, A. Uoyd, Lewis, President T. ? Lloyd, and Secretary K. V. ,Nojm Tie Chair laid before tbe Board a coir.mum. eation from the Manor statin* that be bad apPr^d -an a;t lor ibe relie: of J. T. Oald #-11 Mr. Given presented the petition of Isaiah Se?ar, stating that the Mayor had awarded the contracts for street work to other bidder*, although the petitioner s proposal was anion* the lowest; referred to improvements committee. Also, preseated the petition of Thoma* Geary and others, urging the passage of a bill now pending in reference to the weighing of bsv: leterrej to police committee. Mr Guliek. from finance ?ommit>*e, reported favorably ou the bill for printing the ac's of Congress in relation to this Distru t, also, de. cisions of the Corporation Attorney; pa**ed Also, reported a bill to pay the amount of 'he judgment ana costs of Samuel Waters against the corporation of Washington; passed Also reported resolution granting permission to the Webster Lyceum to occupy the Aldermen's chamber on Thursday evening of each w*ek pas?ed Mr. Given introduced a bill to set curbstone* and j.a^ tne footways on the north and sou'h sides of Grant street, between F and H streets north. Mr. Tail introduced a bill to permit Mr. Geo. T. Gulick to erect an iron railing five feet from the building line in front ot lots 4 and in square ?s?n?; paved. Mr. Cross introduced a bill to pay the account of Zaeh B Brooke: referred to committee on > finance. Mr . Gulick, from the comni'tce on finance, reported favorably ou the bill fixing the pay ot laborers lor this Corporation at * _' per day, and horses and carts at per day: passed. Mr. A. Lloyd, from the committee on claims, reported a bill appropriating *445 out of the genera: fund to pay William F. Downing for damages to his horse and carriage on Ibe *4d of February, 1?<;7, provided that the said Downing accepts tbat amount in full of all claims against this Corporation. He alleged in bis petition tbat bis horse and carriage was damaged by falling into a hole on i:th street, between H streetand Pennsylvania avenus,on the night of February *>id Mr. Guiick moved to strike out general fund" and insert 'Mat Ward fund:" adopted The bill was then postponed for one week. Mr. A. Lloyd, from the committee on claims, reported bill for paying Patricb Brennan *-7 for damage to bis horses and carriage- postponed for one week. Adjourned. Common Cornell..?President Moore in the chair, and all the members present except Mwrs. Baker. Morsell, Simms and Wright. A message was received from the Mayor, enclosing a copy of the law receutlv passed by Congress amending a law of the Corporation in relation to insurance licenses. The Mayor says the law alters the mode of compensating the Corporation for such license, and does not affect the power given in the charter torerolate tbat or any other class of license. Without some legislation there is no way of compelling the payment of the rates fixed by :bi? act of Congress, and it is competent to require some security to the Corporation for the payment of whatever may accrue to it under this kind of license. The law ot Congress referred to gives power to the Corporation to license agencies of all kinds of insurance companies, provided that the tax or licence shall not ex- I ceed one per cent, upon the cash premiums j received. Referred te the committee on ways j and means. Alse. a message in answer to a resolution in j qninug - by wnat authority a four-iu<n wa*er pipe is run into Wiliaid s Hotel," stating tbat ' on the 4th of February last be received a communication from the Wa'er Board recommending that Cbadwick A Sykes have tbe privilege to supply a fire-plug in the court of the hotel, to be used exclusively for the protection of tbe hotel in the caae of fire, tbey restoring the pavement# and pla -ing a stop-cock at tbe branch line, to ot under tb<- st^Iumts charge of the water department, and he granted the privilege, tbe petitioners signifying tb-ir absent in writing. Keterred to committee on drainage. Also, a ccir.munication from the Collector of Ta\es, m answer to a resolution as to the amonnt of ta\ee due by the Hank of Washington on stocks, statiug'tbat no taxes have been paid by tbe bnult since lis*. and that there is now dne *5.9T;> 20 on *100,9*9 worth of stock for tbe years l-of>. '?i. '?1, V2, and Y,l. and on *>,000 lor tbe >ears lbs*. '65, and ??6. Laid on tbe table, and ordered to be printed The following were introauoedBy Mr. Carroll?Petition of Ellen M Liarty for ibe remission ol a fine, referred. By Mr. Drury? Petition to pave lootw&y on tie west side of ltith street, between Massachusetts avenue and P street: referred. Bill to trim and gravel L street north, lrom 23d to 24th streets, referred By Mr. Stewart?Petition to pave H street north, from 14th to I9tb streets west; referred. By Mr. Mead?Bill for the relief of Natian Blum, referred. Tbe following were reported from committees:?By Mr Stewart, (improvements)?Bill to repair tbe eeutre alley tn square 35< with amendments, which were concurred in, and the bill passed. By Mr. Joyce, (police)?Bill authorizing Ben F. Butler to erect a frame office and stable at the corner of 15th and I streets, provided consent is riven to the same by tbe property holders in the neighborhood Mr. Joyce stated tbat tbe bill wa* properly guarded. Tbe committee had been informed by the petitioner tbat tbe property.holders raised no objection, but one of tbe trustees of tbe colored church had informed him that they bad not given their consent, and never would. The consideration el the bill was postponed to the next meeting Mr. Joyee reported Aldermen's bill directing the Mayor to designate depositories for the , property of the Corporation, and defining the dnties of the ward commissioners; passed Bill authorizing S. H. Morrison to establish a brick-yard en square No. 30U. (bordering on the Potomac;) passed By Mr. 31 ulloy (police) ?Aldermen's bill defining the limits of Centre * Market: passed. Bv Mr. Mead i asylum)? Bill appropriating to enable the commissioners of the Asylum to suppiy a deficiency in tbe appropriation for the Asvlum lor the year 1HW; consideration postponed. By Mr. talker (wharves) ? Bill appropriating $500 to remove sunken vessels from the harbor; passed; By Mr Peugh i ways and means) ? Bill to pay tbe Mayor's olerk for extra labor in disbursing tbe Metropolitan Police fund; passed. The following were received from the Aldermen?Bill to pay tbe judgment rendered against the corporation in favor of Samuel Waters: passed. Substitute for bill for the relief of Henry Butler, substitute adopted, and bill passed. Bill to paw H street north, from 14th street to Pennsylvania avenue; passed. A number of bills were referred Mr. Peugh moved to take up Um hilt to reorganize the Washington almshouse, for the pur. pose of naki?g it a special order, which was agreed to. Mr. Peugh thereupon moved that it be made tbe special order for 9 o'clock next Monday night: which was agreed to. At 9:30 the Board adjourned. Mwtiio eon the Rblibf or tub Poor or tub South?Yesterday morning, la pursuance to a call, a number of the pastors of the city churches assembled at tbe Assembly's Church, corner of 5th and 1 streets, as also a number of ladies, for the purpose of devising the beet and ro<?t speedy manner of relieving the sufferers in the Sooth. The meeting was orgubed by the selection of Rev. Dr. Gillette, of tbe 13th street Baptist Church, as president, and Rev. J- N. Coombe, of tbe Wsstern Presbyteries Church, as secretary, and Her. Dr. Asses, of Wesley Chapel, oflbred a prayer. Rev. T. B. MePalls proposed tbat money should be raised by the sade of tickets of ad* mil sion to alectar*Wev. Dr. P. D. Gurley stated that be bad received a letter from Mr. H. C. Preuse, proposing to deliver*lecture for tbe benefit of tbe so fierier poor of tbe Son (b. Rev. Jar. McFalls moved tbe ip point ment o' n committee to consider the subject, which after Dr. Gvley, Mr. Brown ofthe Young r Msa^eOhrtetten Association, Hoe. Mr Foster. Mr Woodwork end o*b*n, had epoken, was adopted, and tbe committee nn naibnri m. fni lows:?B#y. Dr. P. XL Garlsy. Rev. C C Mender ,Wm. R- Woodward, Es^Rev. W. V T odor. Beery Polltinhoaa. Bse , Bo v. T. B McFaila, nao Coloeel J. L. BdeSsda. r^commending coti^tMnbrl^tajna um tbe nej? Sabba'b, tbsproceeds te^yagMO MeSpelilOh' PanVl "Si rder if na executive ludeiilii: mat a com? mittoe select a depot ?f sapgtt^Bbatjy^ge' tf .B.oft i'i.l iw ?St? . ii B ?. ? It" uabn.ent of tuck depot, u4 appeal to ll? public 10 torvird ?applies. ife* Yocnf Syia betm**" A>*?h'*gt?u < *%* **' !t>" tbe | tepb<ty ot i?caria? fund* tArong* nnsL I e iee?nie* 10 tor given H poesihle, l? the fea.11 of lot Hobm 1it lapf^Mtat t?, requesting the ladies c#r#Ki?d with ihediffereBicuarcb-a to n?t ib l>r Oorl'T'i Church at mar on next to ron?id#r U* propr ety of holding a lair ?r (saw vol ib behalf of the object. that an executive connuiif of irrro b# appointed to mptrTtw the distribution ef money and supplies and i^mub( the pa?tor* to rend the rfiolatkwi from toeir poipiia next Sabbath Tti? r??untio?? *cr? adep e4, sod ibe following were arpomiMi a* the exrrirtiTf committee.?M??r? Wm K Wood* van). Henry Polhirborn. Tboa H. H<tr?nu<-r, H K Zm merman. Wm watt, Riley a. Shinn, of Georgetown, and Mr Henry Bngbv ATTtMi'T to Kill Ah Orm*s is Tut Ufaruai.<s or Iutv -Lwt night. a bail wu given by Anna tSpngga, colored, at 499 11 Ui tiff., ai ?bub a very large unmoor of young colored men and women were present The ball progressed very quietly and pleasan'iy till about t jro o'clock this morning. ween the tk usicians. by direction of the nioarcn, struck up a march, and ib* company began o march to tUe supper nom. A tail yellow man begat, to Water abase a girl. Officer Steele, who wa mar tbe door, went in and restored quiet. A fr*w m< tnenta atterwnrda tbe diaordei wm renewed, and became more general Officer S'?ele dlrec'ed bia partner, officer Snjder. to call a reinforcement, and dosed tbe door. locking bhrself in?tde He wm tben na?as I led by a man named William Sorrel, colored, wbi Ufd bin by lite collar of bia com behind and knocked bim down, A crowd of about eight young colored men inatautly wen- to Sorrel * assistance. and the pry was rai-ed. " Kill tbe son ef a h?b " Tbejr took the officer a cluband beatbita terribly. Tbareipectable part of ibe company immedia'eiy rubbed lor the door to escape, and crowded around the ofBcer, who was carried with them toward tbe door, wntcb was forced open by the crowd, and be crawled to the outside upon bia band* ami kneea. where he wai lilted up to hia feet by tbe doorkeeper. Tbeagb he wna so feeble, tbe officer aratn tried to secure the party, and was aratn knocked down. By tbi* time the reiafoicement arrived, but tbe principal* in riot bad escaped, and about fifteen men and women were arretted in the hall and taken to tbe Central Ouardhouae by officer* Kay, Alder and Langlev. Officer Hay rarrte<f officer Steele to bis home, and called L>r keasby, surf'on of tbe force, who dressed b a wounds "Ibis morning, at the investigation before Jut. tice Moraell, Ilr. Keaaby testified that S eele is seriously Injured He received a ga?b about two and a naif inches in lengtb. upon tbe back of tbe bead: a amailer gash under the ear; lip split, and smaller wounda and contusions about the head and face and body The doctor waa not satisfied as to whether tbe brain 1* in ured or aknll fractured It was very difficult to get tUe witness to teatify about Sorrel, of whom they appeared to be mucn afraid. A warrant was instantly issued fot tbe arrest of Sorrell. All who could show their innocence of any participation in tbe disorderly conduct were dismissed and used at witnesses. John WSuyderand Isaac Helvidge were fined *3 each, and Harriet Fisher, Maria Smith, Barbara Burly, and Harrie' Tyler. ?-l tack. Mix ico ?Rio Qraude date* to ibetiii mat., six days later, have been received. Tttere is no change in the position ot the army. At Qneretaro the Imperial supplies are Scarce: all ibe provisions were seised for army aae. Tbe Imperialists are deserting by companies Both parties are levying beavy tax*.*. Tbe Liberals had seized a conducta with sti'.q,000 iu silver. Pillaging is going on in all parts or 'be country. loiter advice* from portions of Central Mexico, received through private letters, state that the city of Moreiia was captured by the Liberals on the 17th of January. The entire State of Michoacan is free The Imperialist troops, to tbe number of fljMO, at last advices. bad arrived at Celoya. ten leagues from liueretaro. The entire Liberal force in the vicinity of Hueretaro has been placed under tbe command of Corona. Gen Mender's force# were routed by Gen. fcacobedo's command. Mendez wac among the killed. Miramon attempted to effect a junction with Mendez'a forces before tbe battle, but w a? routed, and lost bjih legs in ibe eng-irement from a cannon ball General Portirio lliax is threatening the city of Puebla with six thousand men. Ha ia >n command. From the tenor of the letters, wellII formed par'ies are confident that there would be no further engagement ot consequence between tbe contending forcee it is believed that Max has concentrated moat of hie for es with the \iew of making terms with tbe Liberal Government prior to evacuating the country. No battle berween any portion* of the forces under the direct command of Max had ink*-u place. At last dates it was o*itev*d none would occur. A letter from General lnia, dated MaroU 10, at Tampice, says the small garrison at Acapnloo had been landed at. Bias. General La-ada is sending home ft?e poor victims of misplaced confidence. Tbe latest news trom Mexico make* ue believe that the empire is abont playing out. Mnt is now making bis laat effort A> J*te<?cioc* Ml shir.?A man natned Goodenongh was lodged injatl at Portland, on Friday cbargea with the murder of his daughter. About a week ago *be daughter a young girl ot eigbtee-n. auddenlv diaappeared from her heme at Brandon, and Goodeoougk professed to be ignorant of her whereabouts. As tbe girl was not a person of pnrtlcularly brigbt mind it wac supposed she bad wandered away from hei home and been lost or drowned in some of tbe milt streams adjacent. A thorough search was accordingly instituted for her, nearly ail of the villagers joining in It. Tbe mill? were stopped and the ponds drawn off. but all to no purpose. Supposing that all was not right In tbe case tbe village officials took out a search-warrant against the premises of the girl's father, and on making a search found tke body of the girl buried in the cellar. The father was at once arrested and lodged ia tbe Rutland jail. It was conjectured that owing to tbe girl s weak rotnd be was nuxiona to get r?d of her, and acoordiagly pnt her out of the way. The aftair ha* caused the most intense excitement in Bntland and vicinity. A Movmtjn korImpartial SrrrkaciThere is a strong feeling among tbe Kepoblicane of Delaware 14 XftTQr of impartial ratfrage, and they fear that the negro vote might be obtained by tbe Democrats by prompt action on their part. A movement is about to be commenced to ask Congress nest session to propose an amendment to the national Const}, tntion to secure impartial suffrage m all the States. A convention of the Border States to this end will probably be called to meet at Baltimore soon. Tbe Daily Commercial, of Wilmington. contained an article strongly urging such omendment as tbe means of securing tbe ballot to -he colored citizens of l>elaware. The l>ehiware Legislature adjourned Friday. Among the Important legislation has been the passage ot a bill to equalize pnniahmenm regardless ol color, the rejection of the con?ti. tutieni) amendm- nt, and the passage of me amendatory school law. During the recent flood in Arkauaaa. a young man was drowned while trying te rescue his sister, who had taken r?tu?a from tne wafers on tbe top or her house. He 8wam towards tbe bouse on horseback, but when almost within reach, tbe horse sank and both perished in hor sight. She was rescued after remaining on tbe house three day a Government train, consisting of eleven wagons, is reported to bave been destroyed by a water spent In the Colorado desert. The train waa eacerted by two companies of infantry, and several lives warn lost. The wagon* and atorea were carried eighteen miles by the column of water. laaac Roby, aged seventy years, residing in Alleghany county, Maryland, waa brutally murdered iu his own bouse, nn Sunday Insl. No one was near the house at the time, exoept bis son. and another son's wife. The son has been arrested on suspicion ot having commit-' ted the deed. T*w*rs**B.?The '-Conservative Vnlon"* memoers of tbe Tennessee Legislature call a State Convention on the l?th of Aprti ol nit who oppose the "ruinous policy and prnotices of tbe dominant party," to nominate a Gevernor. A man in Louisville killed his wife with a candle-stick Tbe poll tax in Cooneettent is f 1<L y A pint of raw whiskey drank for a wager immediately killed a young negro man in New York. flETIn New Jersey a man with <30,006 pays only *50 in taxes 7*In the language of the Governor's proclamation a Judge ef Missouri was removed trom office on re Eviction of matters and things." 9*Da*rid H. Davis, while walking Along tbe street la New York on Wednesday, ia company with his daughter, suddenly fell dead VTbere are only shost three hssdred sol. red veterein New Tork. There ti n proper, ty qualification off** 17*The Richmond Times thlafca Chat not* permittedto veto la less than HSftarr I^At the recent election ht Blddefbrd, Me a auaa was carried to the polls 00 autretoher* apiece atTera Gnsn^h^reuefcaTMax.ce' kits a* further *se tor them. . r if?USNMI .? t.^'i'v-M rnjrttf ?tt?E .llaH tew**n? u gatnmw seiiaa^i task*cr.f W IU eg- to ' : - 1 n. em