Newspaper of Evening Star, March 26, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 26, 1867 Page 2
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1* f 1 * THE EVENING START he Urgeil CireuliU&i ii the DUtriet W. D. WALLAfH, PrtpritUr. WASHINGTON OITT: Tl tSDAY MARCH 3?:, 196T. * : fc*-RRAl>I!<G MATTRK 051 RVRRT PAG?. ?KB OUTSIDE ICR INTERESTING T*L* URAPHir ivnnruii u ????o T11E C0U1SE Of TUB 8TAK. Oor tnendaof th? L'<\ afternoon paper started here a lew weeks .igo. (the existence of whicb. however,hardly known to onetwentieth of the population jf the District of Co. lumbim and tbe surrounding region,) is exceedingly exercised with reference to the Star's former position* on public affairs. We propose to enlighten it. Th Mau sustained the cause of tbe Union and Government tbrougbont the war with ability and fidelity wb.ih justly won it the confidence and praise of all loyal people tbronghaut the laad. The mau at tbe conclusion of the war was f?r having tbe Government deal as leniently With tbe rebels us in th? belief thai they coald be trusted to return into tall communion in tb>> Union without stern exactions from them. It therefore favored the views and policy of President Johnson until tbe development of tlie :act that if that policy prevaiU-U, tbe war tor tbe Union would b*v? b^en, possibly, ao almost entire sacrifice of al' the Government sought to preserve in tak:ug up arms. When that tact beea-ne evident to the Stak. it did its duty as mantully and effectively in favor of the alternative policy?that of Congress?as any ether journal in toe country, and rejoices to know 'bat no other, any. where, has had more influence in the work of bringing the people of ibis District and tbe wbole Souib np to tbe hopeful condition ot tbe popular mind, here and in that secti _>n, tbe ex. truer ui wunu ?u now realize. thus the Stak ba* progressed cheerfully and effectively with the progress of ideas. aad Lias had the honor of bringing thousands and tens of thousands to progress with it, until its news on public affairs have been adopted by a cousiderable majority ot the people of the Federal Metropolis; a matter of great importance indeed in ibe w#rk of the reconstruction of Southern public opinion on the basis ot the ideas in pulitic*, in business and the necessities of the future ef the conntry, that exist at this moment in the lojal States. Other jouruals may have progressed laster than the Star: though it is questionable whether any other has succeeded in so bringing up to a healthy condition so large a body of readers with antecedent* entir?i v .>? ~.J -rposedtoauch progress in the right direction, la# Stab promptly admit* for tbe benefit of tbe Lsadrr't present modest and unselfish ends and aims, that before tbe war it sided witb tbe Democratic party. e\en to the extent ot supporting Breckinridge, and that since tbe war it supported President Johnson's policy until sati*fiea by manifestations of Southern opinion, that its success might involve a sacrifice of all tbe national benefits that sbsuld properly result from the victory of the loyal cau<-e. Since then, it bas labored as maufully and successfully in support of tbe views ot 4'oncress as it was possible for a journal to labor, and is at this moment exerting an influence in tbe right direction such as the could not hope to achieve, judging from tbe meagre amount of brain*, taut and force man nested in It* column*, if living to a thousand year# hence. If these admissions will help the L- adrr'i cause against the Star, it is heartily welcome to them. We overlook its trick of 1 garbling the Star's articles of the put, in view of its own desperate condi ion. Its animus is neither more not less than to tndnce Congress to transfer the Government advertisements from the Star, with its largest daily circulation of any paper published in the ( Federal Metropolis, to itself ? the L*<uUr ? which is as wholly without circulation as without any element or character or capacity likely ever to secure it five readers where the Star has a hundred. The Republican. In an article npon the Government advertising, greatly exaggerates the amount paid tor advertising the nmnn..i. carrying the mail*, when last published in a ] Washington paper. The amount paid vai not J more than one-tenth the amount >tated by the 1 Krj>ubli<an. A HOPEFUL CHANGE IN THE SOUTH. 1 All indications now point to what may be truly called a radical cbangt of sentiment in the Soutnern States. That such a change would have taken place at an earlier day if it bad not been that the hope* of Southern politicians were nndnly excited by expec'a- j tions of something to turn up" in their faTor through Northern disaffection to the policy of * I'oi grest, is not to bo doubted. Having been conwnced. however, that the National Legis. lature is firm in its policy of demanding such ' guarantees from them as will ensure the pro- 1 tection of all citizens in their political and 1 rgai ngnis previous to their admission into 1 the VDion, and tbat eucb a policy is sustained ' by a vast majority ot the people, tbey begin to 1 realize tbe extent and importance ot the revolution in the relation of races brought abont by I < the war, and tosbape their course accordingly, i i The wholesome example set by ex-Governor j Brown, and other mtellirentaLd pa riotic pub- ] lie men in tbeir midst, la now finding imi'aora and South Carolina tbe first and boldest State in advocating tbe beresy of secession, wilt J doubt lees be in advance of ber sister States ia accepting tbe situation. It is indeed a hopeful sign when such men as Wade Hampton join tbeir former slavee in a public meeting to con. i salt as to tbeir political fntnre. Georgia ia no( | lar behind, thanks to tbe intelligent patriotism ( of Governor Brown; Alabama is abont to cal| , a Convention; Mississippi ia moving In tbe < same direction, and other States will follow. 1 W e appeal to tboee wbo bave denounced tbe 1 policy of answer whether n mack [ would bnve been accomplished if that body bad been lees Arm in Its determination to reap the tall benefit of the victory wan by our ar- f mies m the Held. t CONGRESSIONAL UNION WJUUliU i At the Republican caucus last nigbt, the # tollowiag Congressional Union Committee was L appointed for the Fortieth CongressMaine? J Senator Morrill; New Hampshire?Represea- I tative Ely; Vermont?Senator Morrill: Massa- ^ chusetts?Rep. Ames; Rhode Island?Senator a spragu*, Connecticut?Senator Terry; New f York?Senator Morgan. New Jersey?Rep. Halsey; Pennsylvania?Rep. Kelly: Mary. * ltn4_H<n Thr. m. ni.1. -? - * " ~ ""r "? v?,v?ocuvdci; Weet \ irginia?Rep Hubbard; Tenn? *? _ 1 Senator Fowler: Indiana?Kep. Cobnrn; Micb- 1 igan-Senator Chandler; lllinoi.-Rep u,. * gan: Mfteconeln-Rep Hopkins; Iowa-Kep r All 1*011 Minnesota?Kep Windom; Nebraska-? L Seaator Taayer, Missouri-Hep. McClurg Kansas?Rep Clarke Caiiforaia_;*BatorOon. . aess. Nevada-Senator Nye; Oregon?Senator Williams. i r Some ?10,000 wu contributed for the distrl- 1 batioa Ql documents: Representative Cornell. 1 of New York, contributing ?tfuu. J THE INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS ' Tbe receipts from internal revenue eourcee J coctinae to be below tbe daily average called tor by tbe official eetimaiae. Notwithstanding f tbie I act, bowerer, it u confldeatly Mitred ? by reliable official authoring tbat tbe total for tbe flecal year, bown on tbe ?jtb of j,M ext. will equal, if not exceed tbe regular #eumatee upon wbicb tbe retteed law of laat i Jafy waebaeed. ADJOURNMENT J TbeSeaace Judiciary Committee bad a pro- I tracted eeeeioa tble mora leg over tbe Hoaee < reeoleuoa ceaceralag aa adjoarameat. bat ap i to 2 p. m. bad made ao report. It wo aid -w tbat tbe MMbUM Had eome legal obetajlee IB ? wmy wi ? ?^ IT"-" "" v O.tft. M, ^-Th.Sr?t-co.T?lU?.f Ue B.publlc^ ! nartT el MarylMd will ?eee?Me ** 11 o'clock 9 to-morrow moretM. * Broadway Hall, Bait.- J *ere im pureuaace ol tfce call of the president. uoTiifnuHT ucnuyin. v a waibihtoi, aurcfc m, tar. Jt; Cook* k. Oo fsrnul the followimc |?4* t&ttona of GoTerament wcariUM: Buying. ffrrfinf II. 6.?'? Uoupun. Ittfl............U? If lislf U. S r?T* TwMttM, 19M 108% 100? U. S. FIT* Twenti**. 1864........lur* 10?* U. S. Fir* T*fnUM, t^l5 tor w \\>7\ U S KiTf TwroUM,JaaftJ'r,*6&.ti?Tk in?v I U. ? Ten Kortiee #7* 97* l) K Kf??? Tbirtiw, A?rv?(....M6<| M? U. ^ Seven Thirties, Jane 106 V 1?6V U. S fc>even Thirties, Jnly 105\ 106.H mw TOES riB#T BOARD (AIM. Uonpons K^S U'*U'? I 5.'JU'S, Wi It** 7 30 s, AagatC... 105\ ! 6.?'s,l?? 4 HC* 7,"30*s, June NH\ 5.*)e, 1-rtS Ni?\ .3u's. July l,k*S 5 *) ?. Jii(iold 134 1 ??? ???^ riKANtlAL. L/wlt Jo&bKD ? Oo , quote Stowki ml Boldf in borne and foreign markets u follow*: N*w Vow, March 2i.?1st Board?U.S. 1381 Conpon ?'?. 1<>~V do.,5-i!u's, IWJK; If. 55. 5's in-4u s. Coupons, 91\\?-W?. Ilrt*; UMton O? , hi- ? * " . ^ , v/uhju^i iauu \>i?ai v u. |jrri u, i^niCK* tllfi-r Mininr Oo .rw^ N?w York Central K R , H5^. F.r?e Railway, 57 \. Hurt not. River K. K.? i:<6: Re n d i n k K. H, ln1\; Micbljran Central K K., 1?*M; Michigan Southern and N.Indiana K R.. 76\; do. guaranteed, ; Illinois (Antral K. K., US: Cleveland and Pittsbarg K R , Chicago and Nortn western R R..35W. do. preferred, W Cleveland and Toledo K R . U8j<: CSicajro and Rock Inland R R.. ?'<%: Pifsburr, Fort Wayne, and Chicago R. R , 9'\\ Chto and Mic-i-mppi Certificates,-2 ;\; Pacific Mai'.. K'Sjf. Cold. i :)0 p m 131 Till REPUBLICAN CAUCUS. A joint caucus of the Republican members ot ID* Senate and House wa* held last eveu. ii k in tbe Ha'l of the house of Representatives. llin N P. Banks, of Mae^acbuaettc, occupied tbe . hair. aud Representatives Ferry and Hayss acted as secretaries Senator Drake, of Missouri, attempted to introduce the subject of tbe adjournment ot CODfTNI. Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts, remiuded bun tbai this emeus was called for a special purpose, and that the question of ftdjoarnmeat was not included Mr. Drake expressed himself satisfied with tbe explanation. and the subject was drooped. Tbe object of the meetiug was then stated to b* tne formation of a national Congressional Committee and to take action with retard to tbe more efficient organization of the national Republican party, North and South. Tbe necessity ft this was urced upon the caucus by Messrs. Seben k, Donnelly, Kelley, Pile, Senator Wilson and others A Congressional Committee consisting ot one from each State was then appointed and tbe caucus adjourned. * ARMY ORDER.-. Brevet Major General Kufas lngalls, Assistant Quartermaster General, has been ordered to New York tn rolio?a n*nM v-?- - _ w-a *-? SWCIV ?? VJCH V nil V I irlf WOO has been ordered to relieve Capt. A. S. Kimball, A. CI M. at Baltimore. Oapt. K. baa b.*en ordered to report to tbe Commanding tieneral and Chief Quartermaster Department of Missouri, for n.>Mjnm'nt to dutjr. Captains E. B. Kirk, G. B. Lanffer, and A. F. Rockwell, Assistant Quartermasters, bare b<? n assigned to duty in tbe Department of Missouri. Brevet Lieut. Col. T. M?ore, Qatrtermaster, has been aligned to duty at Nashville, Tenn.. to relieve Capt. Kirk. Brevet Major A. <1. Kobiason and Capt. J. T. Furey, Assistant Qnarterma^ters. h ?ve be^n as?igHea 10 cintv in itie Department of Dakota. Brevet Cols C L. Brett and John Hamilton, Majors 'st artillery, have been assigned to duty in the Depar'ment of the East. NAVAL OFFICERS Tbe resignation of L<ieut Commander Qeo A. Bigelow, of the navr. has been accepte.l by the Secretary al.*o that of Acing Vol nnte?r T k V*-? * "* ji< Mirianuv 1*1 feV I IIK 1jH*UTPU 1111 ?4 W . Henry has bwo placed on tbe retired list. T11K WUITK HOUSE To-day being Cabinet day, no visitors were admitted at tbe Executive Mansion A few Senators and Representatives had interviews wuh tbe President thi* morning CHAWOBR IK TBI QCARTKBM&STIR'a DEPART* *?T.?The Government property in charge of Major Ludingtou, U. S. A , and Chief Quartermaster Department of Washing, 'on, will shortly be turned over to Col. C. H. Tompkins, Depot Quartermaster. This is done for ibe purpose of having thf ^usrMrmutsr'i property in and about the cry 111 tbe bands of one officer. It is rumored that Gen. Codington will soon be ordered to duty in the West. yTbe ex-Kebel General Lougstreet has upressed his opinions on the reconstiaction plan in the columns of the New Orleans Time,, He sajs there is no humiliation attached to an acceptance of the terms proposed by Congress, md be has no reason to doubt that snch an kcceptance, in good faith, will secure the readmission of the Southern States. 97"From Philip ic Solomona we have the U. S. Bask Note Detector and U. S Bank Note Souvenir, containing interesting and useful photographic cepies of the U. S. Treasury cotes, and National Bank notes, published (by permission of the Secretary of the Treasury) by th* American Photograph Company; Philip & Solomona being the Wash. Ington ageat. Nomihatbi*.?CJen F. P. Blair, of Missouri, i brother of Hon. Montgomery Blair, was ves. terday nominated as Minister to Austria, in place of Mr. Motley, resigned. Ex-Senator C >?ag, of Pemsylvauia, was rejected a few lay ago lor tbe same position, it will be re. membered. Patkits to bb issrED.?For the week snding on Tuesday, tbe 2d of April, there trill be issued from the patent Office -Mi patents. Daring tbe past week over Suoap. i plications and 90 caveats have been filed. V Tbe Trustees of tbe Peaborir Education Fond hare adjourned their meeting in Timor iork. They will meet ia Kichnoud uezt I inuarjr. I ntkewal Ksvchvk.?The receipt* from this < io ur to-day were $-ttS,r>0u.3:j. j Tas FaxiAHH,?It is reported that Sir Fred- J tr ck Brace, the British Minister, has received nformaium that the sentences of the coulemned Fenian prisoners in Canada will be "emitted. irs=?alf. bubmtt alt. bobmbtt ] mbtzbboYt bul TO-HlgHT, TQ1I1Q1T. If r~^~ A CODES! OT OLIMICAL. I.I0IU1I8 JJ[ will k? ftTH ?l ProvttoBco loiflUI oo ud?dcIu l> April tad eonliDiiti for four Boithi. k?al; to Dr. D. B. BAONfll, iOV H.tra.t, mh MW ; r#*AT A UDABTBMLY MBBTINO Of TUB L? BDBlPa ULt'B, bold laat nif at, ( march STTtbo following officer* woio elootod lor tbo enilog yoor: Jonaoa Olaobaao, Troaident; B. B >oaglaaa. 1st Tlco PraiiiBt; On Bollock, 2d rice Proaldaot. Jameo McWillloaa, Bocratary; 1 a4 Albort Wood lay. Tfooaoror U*_ rS=*TBB MBMBBB8 OF OBLOMBIA BNL? OIBB OuBPAlT, Bo. 1. ara noreby loutiod tbat oo Bloctiob for Sovon Dlroc'ori of I be OoIbbOib Likiarjr will bo bold OB MONDAY, , iyrlll, iM7,ot ibo Bagloo Houa* Tbo following 1 x-raoaa ba*a b??n a??oiatad Commiaalooara of i ClectioB ?Oonrad Kaafmaa. B. B Oat ton, Wa. ' Bleka. Tb. polla will kaot opoo from S to 9 1 'clock ? m. ABDHBW /. MclBINA, It* Llbrarloa. Kw?Alf. BCBBBTT, ALT. BVBHBTT, w.MBIZBBOTT BALLt ivniuui. xo num. It* rpBEG1ST B Y HtfTIOE-Votie* la h*robr L3 fiTen to *11 >otAraiiith*SE('OND 1 MID that tli* Jodg-a of IlKtloi *?polnt*d to Ki?t*r votora ?nd*r tb? net of Cengr*** *pirorod Febr?tr> 5.1W7. titled "An *ct to tan- 1 ik IImkoI votlnu In th* IMatrtct of Oolnnili, ?<lferotber oerpdew," will beln Mwton, on th*> Wh^rlTsD AY ?th?Kt h#*IDTi*> ?Vh* Jid 'HDEttDAT th* *th loatont. Trom I to T i'clock p. fer th* porFOMof roo*lTing and ro" h'y ?*"M' ? Y. norm. UCT-Urr cr "^V&ifcVK&P" T" " at;* Bs?mtiab'? Orrici. J citi Hall. WAiaiaetoi, 9. 0-. s i All w M J5?r?h *V1I87_ \ h; mmuM bT thMa foggg^.T^g&a?A"g.^tcg;ity tfffJEggjtfl'* klliHl4 WU??2?* 1 M 4* ..ilf S?Htf "flM* * i*w?* 1 li^M?wtil)>( lehooi^SMliilmrt'jSoJ' e*M etory^CUy Sail, vxt wing, fr?a? li.a tt ^"orttroflhi PmMut. (1*1) (t| Mti?l BP * . BhBr " 47* . *%> > ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ? 1 riOM BVK9PI. RtI?ra-TI? Caiura Qaeatioa?Fiaaacial. (By Uabla to t*a AaMciated Prew ) Ix?oo>. MarcbVS?Midnicht ?lnthe HoaM Of Coauions, U?-nigbt, ta? ivtorm bill wu remmed Mr Olad?ton? made a apeech in wbicb be declared again*! th? (iovrrum?nt plan of retorai, and opposed tbe aaoond reading of tbe reform bill. Lokdom. M? cb 2./? MldnlgUt?K dispatch lr m i'iiD?tii>tijAni> ?>i>* " ? ? ? hi* a urAtaa Government denies tbat the European po?ren bave made any prop ?-ition for tbe ce^iun ot iba island ot Can dm to Greece. It is eta ad tbat tbe Porte will never consent to tbe giving tip ot tbe island ot Oandia. Kbankfokt, March v5?Evening.?United States bonds closed thin evening at 77 \ Tbe For* Phil Rearuey Massacre. St. Loina, Marcb Vt> ? A special dispatch from St. Joseph to tbe 6:. I.oms H'puhhy-nn gives tbe following account of tbe Phil Kearney mastacrre derived by the courier from Orow Indians who received it Iram Sioux: Tbe Sionx drew our mea out ot the fort ao<l k.lied them all. Our men fought nice tiger#, anU would not bu>ebe*-u mastered so easily bad they uoia^pt close togetiier. xuc comDtiai i were *.? mixed op nv the I&dians ?bot a: iows and killed son*of their own party. The brayary ol our busier was much admired. tie having billed Indians by beating them ou tbe head w?ih bis bu^le. Th") pay there were only nxteen Sioux and four Che) en nes killed ou llic field, but alter they cump?d eighty-lour warrior.s died from wound*. aud 01 three hundred others woundeil, it war expec>d half woul?< die. Due big biou* t hie! wa?> among the killed They mention one man on a whitehnrse, who cut ott an li.dian'6 hend with on- stroke of bis sabre, and *ay they left the battl** field when reinforcements left tbe Fort, having had enough fighting. Ibere were twenty-two hundred Indian? engaged in the fight, and tne strength o2 tne concentrated tribes is reported at tweuty-eight ounareu ioages. wmch are now moving toward* Yellow Stone and Missouri river*. Robbery and Murder. Pottsyill*. March 2G ?On Saturday night four irislmen broke into tb?- bouse of lieury Kapp, a larnier living near kingtown, in this county, to rob. A neighbor named (Jacob Johnson went to bis as?istauce wben one of tUe robbers shot him dead and wounded Kapp. Kapp stabbed one of the robbers when the gaijn fled. ????? ?? . Ku nor kan News?The steamer City of Washington, from Queenstown on the Uih, has arrived at N'-w York The weather was very wintry, with easterly winds and suow almost daily. The Femaa agitation coutintied. No Inrtber collisions are reported. Tbe mili. tary are lt?pt constantly" on the alert in various (strategic points The severe weather it was thought would check the Ken'an movement. Six Hying columns of military are in Tipperary, Watarford. Corlr, Thurie-?, <;iare, and Oarlow. The party *ent to the Giltee mountains returned without prisoner. Alarming: reports are in constant circulation. Southmeatb and Queen's counties had be?n put under the peace-preserving act. The (North American confederation bill was read a third time and passed in the British House of Commons on the &th inst. Yw^I BTABL18B1D 18*3. McPB*B80N~i" FERGUSON, #71 Pma.v avkstk, cormi 1st strhrt, OaFitol Bill, Dealers in PL kit DB0G8.MED1OIBB8 and CHEMICALS, PEBEUMEBI. FAMOY GOODS, INSTBUMINTS, Ac., Ac. Physicians Prescriptions accurately coinuound oa TD? nifbt Bell promptly answered. oc H-tf jy OW 18 YOCK CHANCE ! sFLL!N(r OFF AT TF.SS THAS COST:: For two weck? only. I ofl*r my entire "ti.ek of ROOKB. STATIONBBY. FANCY AKTIr | <8. PKBFUMBbY ttOHOOL BOOKS, I'BAYB* BOOKS, BOSARIKS. IIH.B&viMOl, Ac., at LESS THAS COST Bnw Window ?tirt Fixture* for e*le Tery ch-ip ' Call **rly and eecnre bargain* < JOHNP BBOFHT. ink 26 eo3t 314 F utreet. betw-an loth an4 lltb , LOW P KICKS ggg LAK8KST STOCK IS THE CITT OF SOLK LKATHIB AMD FKBNCH TRUNKS, JOM<> A?U J ACKING TBUNKS. LADlBtr AMD MBNS' MaTCHBLS. TBAVKLIBO BAOS, POKlMOSiiia BADULBBY, H&VMUi), *c7*c.", ' A' the Ertentict and Practical M ANUFACTO*Y OF JAMBS 8. TOPHAM * 00 . ?r.'ino 8BVKBTH BTBIBT^B E*ft $iilt% out mbcrt Odd Pellotet'lTall. BKPAIB1BG Promptly u?cut?d by tbe bent workmen, mhfciit I /\HLY 33 OBHTB FOB A OOOB. HEAVY ! LI Mir of BB1TIBH BOOKS. Gentleman#' OB"4 """Ib'iKK' mh 14 lm >?6 Hhrt..??itF?iii tr>. I 1'BBBA OOTTA.?We hare Mat rt-?<i T?d an ma- 1 Rortment of TBBKA COTT A V AUBB.aaitabla for Lkvu and C*met?ile? 1 J. W. BOTBLBB A BBO , I flout* Varntahera, i ni2A-3t 3'JO, Mets<-rott flail. < K^BBHOH WOVIH WHALBBOHB OUBSCTS < r tl io. AT MADAMB P UNO IB, 23 MABKBT SPACB. Tb? money refunded tf not na repreeeiitad Alio a fall aatortment or MILLIBBBY and 1 FAlMJY QOoDS, of tbe lateat importation. I < n.h M lm* 1 JVAH W Alilil9? \ ink ? St 306 Pann. m?bb?, awr lJth *t. * ?<T1BB * BBOTHKB. CT 4 36 PBHBA. AYBHUB. < Have jn?t received a fn? assortment of Chromo | Ltthografh*. Nut Orackem and other*. Also a ckoiee lot of Pocket Book* and Kiivei.Btcno J icoptc Vl*w*, Holmes' BUrtMcopn, and Oral Fruiea. Th* latent Poetical and Profe Work* by j oat author*. Alio, ko*? constantly en hand ] interior Stationery of all kinds. Cook book* and \ Toj Book* In great variety. m ?-iw 1 |?LAOK BILKS. COLOBBD BILKS. < U place* BLACK OBOB OBAIB BILKB, for t ureMM and Mantle*, fro** $1.7a to ?4.10 per yard, j PLAIN OOLORBD BILKB, good Quality. ftf Hid t?.!5p?r yard. , Baall OHBOK SILKS, fl * to fl.Mpor yard, J India OllOK SILKS. X-wldi, |14|oryard. , Ckcck BILK POPLIHB,#l.?8 lo tlJiMr yard. . Plaid BILK P0PLIB8, fl.7ft *or yard. JOS. J. MAY A GO., SOS Foaaaylraala areas*, j ?kMtt botwooa ttt aad iota rt?. put THIS OPT! GBABD IBAOGUBATIOB ? 1 TBI CHIAF JO A S H STOll, ? Ladies doalrou of yarohaalnc FABOY GOODS ; aoald do woll to ??tittaiwrtiiNHat littdr J ?oek?t aad ooao oarly aad cot the great barbae II MILLIBBBT ABD FABOY GOODS, ) At *BS. A, B. McCLOSKYV. 1 Bh 13 8t* b?t. I and Ma?. ato. KTBELIVOBILLS for Ml* la nou to rait ??v ( JIMMMiItt vrto* for AMBBIOA* , osBMBKHesf^: OOK OC T GOOD MKW6 fOB ALL' ! I j THI ?HPB* Li OCT OR HAS ABKIYKV. Tbis great and real Astralogist can positively < t< 11 the Part, Present, and Fatnr*-, brief back tb>- al>?* nt, h?lp all la Love or Trouble. anacauM 1 your Marriage to taka ?!?? * ap?- dlly. Also, caret ] all manner ot disease# Ho 490 c street near rith Office hears from 8 a. m.to6? m FeesLadies, 91; Oents^#2 rnhis if 1 n'H18 18 TO BTVl NnTlit* TW-. A ber h?i obtained from the Organs' Court 6f ; Waetiington conuty, ta tb? District of Columbia. ' letter* teetameuiary on tba aereonal estate of 1 Bernhardt Ostsrmerer, late of Washington. cltr, 1 D C., deceased. AU nersous having el aims against the aaid deceaeed, are hereby warned to exhibit i tba same, with the vouchera thereof, to the eubscrlber. on or before the day of March next; tbey may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefli ef the said aetate. 81m under my kaad thlattl day of March, 1817. t L. OBTBEM AY SR. 1 mh24 lawSw* Ixocatrix HAV1NO TO MOV* IN A flW DATS from my present Store, and deairlng_jg^^ , to leduce stock. 1 offer fur sale, at greatllEnM bargains :<n>i on easy tarma? <11*11 i Nine oi Cbickeitnu A Son?'anterior PIANOS. , Three ot Ballet, Davla A Co 'a 1 One of Wm B. Bradbury A Co 'a " , Three of fn. P. Imerton A Co."? 1 Five of Georte M. UuOd h Co *s " . 1 And also a great variety of good second hand , PIANOS PABLOB OSCANS, MSLOOBONS, 7 aa alee every article in tbe matie boiiaeM^ A / , ! .? : CONGRESSIONAL^ TVMDAt, March M. Sw> at?.? Mr.iVonneaa roee to eoirtct a ptn* graph ?llch had appeared is U? papera to tM effect that ha intended to decline a renomlnation. to enter into the manufacture o( brandy ud wine. He bad no intention of violating the principles of hi* friend from M t-sachu ... / U - \1' i VVIU-, \ W 4 . TT ll?VB r Mr. Howe, from tie Committee on Claims, reported tb# joint resoiatioa relative to tb* claims of certain Northern creditors, with kmt-Ddment>; which were adopted, and tbe bill then passed. Mr. Suit n*r introduced a bill to enforce the several amendments to 'h* Constitution, A.c.. by securing tbe elective franchise to colored cinzeus. I Aid on tbe table Mr Harlan, from the t otnmittee on the District ol Columbia. reported tbe bill to incorporate tbe Lincoln Monument Association which was amended and <h*<n parsed On motion ot Mr N ye, tnn bill to amend tb* organic aci ot the Territory of Colorado, was taken ?p and parsed. On motion ot Mr Pomeroy, the joint re*oln tion prohibiting tbv issue of any agricultural college land scrip tu any of the rebellious Cto too W?c to Lr rt . ? * Uinik-O ?* v??CU up ?UU Mr. t>pragne called up tbe bill fixing tie

time for ibe bankrupt law to go into effect. I Mr bprngue moved to ameud by fixing the time at the 1st ot January next. Mr. Diake mored to reter the Dill to tbe Commune on the judiciary. HotTf*.?Mr. F. Tbemas (Md.) introduced a resolution Ueclariag that tne publi ? property wly used a? an arsenal at Harper'a Kerry bould be turrfrt 10 u*eTu' account and requiring th? A'torney General to examine as io the ti le of tb" L'nited Stntes to said property aud r? | ott to fbis House wbether tbe t tie is iu fee simple, or vriutber tbe property is held in ti utt by 'be President lor public Use. Agreed 10. I Mr Woodbridge (Vt.) introduced a bill to /tioatA ^ " - * >u? uuivr V! CJuriU|[?ll! Ill lll? IJIKiriCt Of ! Columbia, ttnd to define the po wers and duties 1 of fuar^tans In said District Referred to Com- I inttee on Judiciary. (Tbe bill it> the same at that introduced last , WKion.) Mr. Woodbridge asked but failed to obtain iMtv e to introduce a resolution authorizing tue doorkeeper ot the House to retain during th* rececs tbe name number of messenger^ now employed in the Houf>? Mr. (Ind ) aslfed but failed to introduce a resolution declaring it to be tbe judgment of the Hon?f tbar lands and other ?ecu rtiies exempt from Mate or municipal taxation shculd be taxed by Uamrees, and instructing tbe Committee of Ways and Meaus to report a bill to equalize taxation. jnr r.iariope (Wis.) introduced a resolution, wljicb was Agreed to. directing the Committee 011 Public Kxpendltures to allow Sen it or Patterson ofTeunewee lo ha\e a certified copy ol the testimony taken by such committee. Mr. Butler, (Mass.,) ruing to a personal explanation, called atention to the debate between himself and Mr. Bingham a day er two j ago, and said he bad had laid upon members' | lesks a printed sheet, showing the report of j Mr. Bingham s remarks as they appeared In the Olol?, and as tbey were really uttered, as appeared from the reporter's notes. The report as published did him (Butler) injustice, and be aid not envy any one who conld in the cool of ?fce evening sit down and deliberately pen a speech that could not be answered, and put it immediately preceding what purported t > be an answer. Mr. Butter then proceeded to reitr npa.n >o tae trial ol tbe conspirators in the assntMuation of Mr Lincoln, and be reiterated tbe statement heretofore made, tbat me evidence did no) justify tbe execution of Mrs. Surrutt He said be bad not, as was charged b\ Mr. Bingham. reflected upon tbe military oh cer* composing tbe court at the assassinat on trial, lor ttey wrre compelled to take the I ?w Irotu (be Judge Advocate. He then intimuted tbat Mr. Iiiughaui b td,as Jud^ AdvoCite, withheld at the trial rnacb import* ant evidence which was ror.tained m a diary hkni trom tbe person of liootb. This diary bad been spoiled ot soma of its paxes, and be intimated tbat tbe mn'ilatioa was done e tberlM Mr. llinghamur with his connivance, ami tbrVe lost pases would have shown tb? designs ot ihe conspirators, and would nave snown mat while Mrs. Surr&tt might have been cognizant of a plan to abduct the President. ?be was ignorant of the assassination. One sigmlicau: p&tsage remained in the diary. In w ti <!ti f'>o?th sa>a be ba<l endeavored V* cros* the Potomac three times, and failed, and lie proposed to return to Washington ami give up. and clear himself of his crime. Hot clear himself! Upon whom was lie to threw tbe responsibility of tbe crime.' V\ by was not all thu testimony placed before tbe court { It might have shown who the accomplices were: who instigated assassination instead of abduction who was to be benefitted by tbe assassination, and who was to succeed to tbe presidency after tbe knife had done iU work. Mr. HingUam. in replying to Mr. liutler, denied that be bad withheld any portion of the testimony of the trial referred to. The only aviHanAa writKKoM wmrrnm ^ ? ' UT.U< ?vc Iiuanu lUSh wuica C&III0 Q P after the fact, and all lawyer* knew that conld not be admitted In any conrt. All court* decided that encb evidence was inadmissable, but perhaps their- were not equal to the unconquerable genius of the unconquerable hero of Fort Fisher. The gentleman could Dot prodnce the diary, and be (Mr. Bing> bam did not care anything about it, for he had never seen it. He (Mr. Bingham) challenged his opponent to produce the evidence, and when produced it would not be of a character to convince any one except, perhaps, one who bad lived in a bottle aud was fed with a ipoon. In conclusion, Mr. Bingham again denied that be bad withheld any portion ?f the testimony or had dealt in any particular in an unjust manner upon tbe trial. He was not tbe organ of tbe Court, and It was not his Juty to bring tbe testimony referred to before , tbe Court. Tbe plan to kidnap the President was all in evidence, and was completely investigated. He had never bad tbe diary ia bis possession, and denied moet emphatically that be bad mutilated or permitted "the mutilation >t anv of the testimony. The whole charge was false, corrupt, and malicious, and for t&e truth of what he uttered he was willing to be ludgedbyhim who would eventually judge ill and would bold tbem to account for the 1? ?'s of this day. Mr. IfuHer endeavored to obtain a farther learing. bat it was refused, and a resolution of Hr. Ward's (N. Y.) to Investigate the subject wan a|-o rejected by a ver? decisive vote. \1ILLIMKT. - MKB. BOCK WOOD hai rsLTI motel to Mo. 434 lith street. (I'lant't^flfc Boildinf.) where, in addition toner u*nal^EP rock of SEASONABLE MILLISERY^K nay be fonad * ?M1 selected assortment of ST IP/. E and FANCY COOP.S. mh K la* rom Til BPEiao wear. The Broadwa stile BILK HATS. r~m Yiibbi Man's BILK MAT. \M New and beautiful shapes H 4TB asdCAPI^ I tor youLg men and borj, ln_eelt_and Cloth. i a. n. BimiBiT/., HktUr, 934 Pnurlmi* mh ?lm ?r aoraer l?b etreet. | 1ST or PBOPOSALS or MISOBLLA1 a neons character received at the office of the JurtoraMttr Oeitrkl far the wwk eodlng March ft 1807 i George Orerellng, A lei and rift, Ta., offers to ?nrchase SB cords oak wood at $5, and ST cords Mae wead at 92 ?er cord. 0-Bladen. Alexandria. > a , offers to parchaaa 1 cords viae wood at_fl ?ar ?ord. C 0. Dodge A Oo . Washington. 9. 0.,offer to < lo all the tracking far the qaarisnaastar's and Joaalman Departments la this city for aaa yaar, tt ISM yar month. < . Gibson aad P. Claacy, Bast Boston. Mass., >ffer IlijWorot the steamer B?>ira 01 ty it mwp3? ?TS" ?> %lEHCHA\rtS NEW OUTSIDE LINE FOR ALEXANDRIA. WASHTNftrnv j is, n GEORGETOWN. The Steamer JOHN QIB1OI,k?Tlu been deavod la discharging h?r cargo in law York on iccotnt of itwrniJcSBK veather. will Imti > ? York ITIDI1BD4T, March fltk. at 41. a., from Pl?r 9, Bast River. Shipper* will tend their orders, inning the ittusir which will sail aa named, tad arrive here on Friday. J. W. TIOMPBOl. Steamer a. 0 KBIGHT it receiving freight a Georgetown for Vow York and will leave fcoEHTOB "?41 M0B*1110 Mr" W it J W. THOMPSON. if BMBBBS or OOBQBBM AMD 8TBAH* BIB ibont to UaTe the city are lulled to examine o?r iock of n *xvn?o, JBWBLET, B1LVBB AID PLATBD WABB, riHB TANS, OP KB A GLABBBB, BNOLIBH AID AMBBICAH POOKBT AMD TABLB OUTLBBT, Ac. ThM* deal ring *"ij hwe PBIBIRB, rill ltd o*r atock to rabnet all tka Mfir itylM ,f goodadeaignad for (MeepwUgnrswe. B. W. QAItT A BM., uk Kit JmUn.lli Nw av. POTATOBBI POTATO BB11 S.M* buh*u ho i jttkwD wmrtm rn&. Pots mw landing from schooner B. 8. Ttau. utd fox Ml* on ncconunodatinf tow by ulkn-lw 109 Water sirJt, SJSSStn. gMTLlMMPi VUlUIISHlaO 000DB. We would l?TiU?|NillkttoillM 10 ear large f5l" TJBPEB SilXIITI, MfeS-ItU [iBt] kttfHBMtUWUltlU). a jj9 AOain in Biwunwi. MnoiiirC ?icims& ? tho nehuk* ro?a* oponad tbia aornini with an iacroaa d litndur* of mercbaata at tbe table# A nimber of taetribera were MM to tbe aaaociatoa. UM( than eeTerat from Wubiniin. Off- rlogB? "50 bbla. extra floor. tu0 do fbmilj, MO do. cut MW, 5.<<*i btikbeU yellow corn, l,UiO do mtll teed Market anrkanrui aiock ligbt, and receipt* mall No oftnap il vtifit prices unchanged SaW of cut extras at *12 ?5; 4.5:>0 bnabela yellow corn. ?1.01. extraa, $14 r*a*!5 25; family, fl6.V>a?l?.73; cat I extra*, *12 5ca*l3 50; middlings. i.'>aooc , brown i stuff, C5*4?o borta, .Tic. T?n El?c*tio> ?The special election for a j member of the Common Council to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation at Dr Key. I--ind, progressed yesterday without an unplraeant incident to disturb the peace After counting the ballots last uigbt. the judges announced the total Tote 1,620, and tbe election | ol Benjamin Darby, Esq , tbe Republican candidate, by 37 majority, over .lame* Uoddard, | k>(j ,tn? Democratic candidate. A T V Updviiv Twi. ? ' . A UI3 HCUUIIir W1L, COmiC I orator, and uroll mtmic, who bu been drawing crow ded houaes tor OTer a weeg in WashInp'on, w til appear here at Forr-at Hall to- , morrow night, acd oar cttizea* who wish t<> enjoy a good laugh aboald not fail to see baa Thk River K rout?There is not ret that ap] arent activl'y ol business at thenvar front which 1a usual'at ibis cea*on. There were ntnny Incidents of (be >^a>on which conspired to <auf this unacaal inactivity, but now th t ! ffcir we.vbrr appears 'here are hopeoofa?p~edy revival ot trade. There are but few ves?*ls at | tbe wharves, but the number if expected to incr< :it-e before the close of the week 1 IVm ok Oiorobtow n.?fcatered?Steamer Columbia, Harper, master, from Baltimore, with merchandise. Affair* in Ai as andria?We clip the followinc items from the Alexandria Gazette of yet-trmay alteruoon i ne remains of P. G. Sacb'm. H. O Whitemore, 1. O. K M., of Washington. were escorted from tbe steamboat wharf to tbe craveyard. yesterday eveuinc. bv members of Osage of 1. O. K. M.. No, 9. Grand Council of I O R. M . Eastern Lodge of I O O K, of Wa?hington city, and by Sarepta Lodge of I. O OK. and Osceola Tribe of I. O. H M , of this city. Tbe procession waa long and impot-inr, and im uded two bands of mu>ic from Washington? a portion of tbe Marine Band and Heald's Band. Tbe remains of tbe Rev. E. R Veitcb. of tbe Baltimore Oonlerence of the Methodist Fpiscoj?al Church Soatb, arrived here to-dav by Adam's Kxpress. The fnneral services will beheld to-merrow (Tuesday) morning, at 11 o clock, in the M E. Church South Mr. \>l ch. who died in Newton, Frederick county , \ a., on the loth ot last month, was a native ot Alexandria, and a sou of the laie William Veitcb, E*q , formerly Mayor ot this city. The ex'raordinarv bad weather that prevailed last week prevented the completioa of the few minor repairs yet required on the A leTunrtria fun*!- K.,? ~ -- " V-? ?, ???j ' nu \ji luin? worKing davs will ofiice to pat it in excellent order. Tbe tbroogb passenger* on tbe Orange and AlexaudnaKailroad are now carried to Washington over tb? Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown Railroad, and not by steamboat as ba* been tbe case tor some weelc* p.tet. GKORGETOVVN ADVERMTS. FORREST HALL. ONE NI4HT ONLY. W KDIKfD^T MARCH *7, 1MT. ALT KCBNBTT, Axkxica'* Bkpbr?khtativ? Huxobist, A??i?te<i by MISS HELEN NASH. , Ticket* 30 r<nta; Be**rved Seate iO cat*. P?ota open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock preciwir it* C~'BEAPEB TBAB IVKB ?Jnet received at MILLBB'B J <>i Mri<1ge etreet, Georgetown, ll 15 - m. iBroft ?*Aek 1 ? "* ? - _ ? , ? ..wva vi DfiiuK an ounmifr UOOdl, embraciay choice G ode in tbe lat*?t noveiti*i. AIko, s,0 o yard* Calico** at U*. 16, ld\.2U ceuta Blanched and Unbleached Madia*. 10, lit, IS IS 2u cull, au perl or Shirting. 15 cnti; h^neek*t|lu( Gooda, Olotha. C*?Minere? ant Drilling*, Skirt*. Paraeola, Phawla. Glore*. Cnreeta. Boalery and Wotluna Our Good* tiavt been purchased for caah since tbe recent decline. and great bargains may be ex pee tad b? all who may favor us with a call mh 26-m* BBl-l AMIM MILLKB. WM.B WHIiTLIT'S PREMIUM 8TBAM DYElhO AMD CLBaNBIMQ ESTABLISHMENT, Office, Ho. 49 Jeff*r*on at . Georgetown ,D. O. Established In 1831; premium awarded by tbe Metropolitan laetitat*. 1967, rebuilt liM, and la aow by far the largeet and moat complete eatabllabmeBt of tbe klad la thie auction of country Dyeing and Scearlng of all klndc d?ne In the heal manaer. Trnly thankful for ?nat favor*, the raoacrlbor solicit* the oontiaaad crcatom of the eoasiuanity. Goods received and returned by *zpr*a with th* atsaoat promptness and despatch. Poet Office addreea. Lock Box Mo. 8#. Office clooo* dally at anna*t except Saturday, haft * i / Inn*'! * * w >* v.ww ?/i pi hi. TO 10*51X1 345 MUHBOOM OEAOEU. 345 , S'ff'VfctB > BBO , 344 PenukylvaBia tttunt. mb 23-*oStif Oppoalte Metropolitan H'tel. Evbbmay ?lou*. Manufactured by P L. Skotmikir. Th?tboT?nycriot trend of FLOUB. In bhle t and 49 pouBdseeke.coneteatly on head. end for ale by OBO WATBB8. Commleeloa Merchant. Ho. 9** HI--h at and Canal, nh 23 ?w [ Int.-lAChron) Georgetown, D O ^JEBOHANT TAIbOBlHO II ALL ITS DEPABTMBHTH. n-?*? ? *- ? " .louuemeu warning to rconomlM, and >t the uiqr tin* obtain the ^?4 BCBT QAKMBMN, >?| Are Invited to examine oar new il (JL0TH8. 'l which we will make to order at much CHIAPIB BATB8 thu the uaaal etty pricee. , WALL. 8TBFBIH8 4 oo . 1 :<'J-J Pet. aa avenue, mhtt?tlf (Int ] between Wh ana 10th atreeta._ Aflbaid OPBH1HQ Of 8PBIBU and8ummbb goods. We invite particular attention te oar large and rariad aeaortmeni ef Spring aud Saanier Gooda A tall llaa of Black BILK.S. Black ALPACAS, from K centa to *1.W. striped ?nd Figured MOHAIKS. Plain MOHAlH of oil akadea. All Wool DBLAIBB8, Black and Oolored_ nniv*'/H ? " ?M ,M A nice teaertment of .Spring CflALLlKS^at If < centa per ru4 < PB1>T8. at IIS. 1*. 18 and 90 casta. Blaeched and Brown MUSLIMS, of *11 makea < and wldrha. from 12K coata a*. LIN KM GOODS of all desert pti ona. I CLOTHS and CASBIMMRBS. for Men and < Boyi'wear. i Alao. a fina aaaortaent of HOSIMMIT. OLOVBS, 91BPMHDKR8, POCMMT HAND&KKCHlBT8, I tad WH1TM GOODS J. W 8ILBT * 00 . Old Stead of Yatea A Selby. n>h 23 3t 3H3 Pennsylvania ;?Tenna. F 111 1MBD BAH 0 M. FU* mnuj^yg^getao. oo.. ASSHTS. $1,800,00#. Loues Paid ra Mnry^anl. 1845. Wd. M. Jackaoa, Merchant, Baltiaaora I'M} Qao. J. Ftachar. do do S.000 ] Joe M. Call ad ay. do do , W.8 Sharwoad, PrinUr, do 2 WO Qao. J. Gibaay. Clerk, do .... S (MO M. P. 8harw?od. Hotal Keeper , do 5M' I Jaa. 8 uweaa, Phraictan, Annapolla 5.0*0 J. D. Boaaer. Tailor. Bagoratowa * <** i M H. Wiao, Merchant, do IjM ' M ahalar Smith, Dmtmaw, WuhiBfton . 1.000 Wb J. Stone, jr., Lawyer, do .. l?,?uo I Batnra premium di video* for tke year ism, to Hrent Scrip prerlou* to 1M received tn pay nt of proatuM. Blank application*, table* of rate*, and oil infomotloo farnlahed on apallcotioa. poraoaoll/ or by Moll, to JOHN B1GGLB8. Agent. Booa Ho. 1. Waakiagton B eliding, corner of 7th atreot and Pean. ami*, mtS-eoSt* Waekioxton. D. C. |jOTB' eiiOTHlHlT Hew stock im NU (apply of oil at net at LOW PBIGSa. WALL. BTHPHBHB ft CO.. k?2 6tlf [I?UI] 388 Poaa'aaeoaoe GPBIHO OLOTH1HG Having receive* o?r Spring Sty lee, we cob offor geatloati groat borgaloa in OTBBOOATB AMD HATCH SUITS of ill QQlliliN WALL, BTBPHBHS ft CO., ISi Pennto areata, ka-BMf flot] between tik and 10th etreeta. i AoOTIOHAHD QOMHJMlok MBBCHAHT (OftMlte iortiMrii Liberty"iiirtT" WuilMTOli D. 0. BSQULAjT S&LBS, Oonalnmeati tolMltot. Ubmlaimoi uli MU to tk* ?r bm! ; st?to,ud losieboid f?ltin?t?|1ntaj?l- j |jinis ( PERSONAL. ALFBC??*T. AT MKT/KKUTT H*LL TOMI0BT. TUB10HT tt* NOTIOB -If tfc???r?o? w%. tMk ? > BI4KT. ob tlM tut IwUit, Iroa Julio* ItrtkcM ofci, wit! rMiri tk* Mm* to lit ?*r?o? ?kM Wf U in?ld? cf It, kr will tin tmbtt to kl? -If, ik? M) rttUt U? h b? ? (( know*. Mk ? M* IVi AOKiriuBBT cmouLAima Libilsf ?- -.7"" 1 for Wuklr|tM cU? I ?r?ll try it. ?r*rMI?? 1 CM MM a* ife*a?aad ut?cr1r?r* i lulto ?11 *k? VIU to bteom* nb?il!*ri to cob* m oum (louitvd book* oa liul _aAirU> HI BTIE. k 3 1<M QOt ftiin ItuI* Im HKMEHT GIVE aoTUia ta*t l b*r* Utt mm iii*Mu4, LKWIk MlLLKH In c*iw|uwm M h* ?uit ??orl lk? f*muy. **4 kl. < ra*i ir?*tMit*l u* Aud 1 tk?iri?i* ur**?n Mtt wary txdytiot to it?it kla Mr a?nr or to k?r tk? l>rcperi> ti*i ocxitltd by *ach without arn* i?Lt.Htbtr? ar* I >ir *m?ll cbildraa at. v* im, and for whom 1 hav* to aror?d*for. n. 21 St* JLLIAMNA MILLIE WOrT riLT MAT* Ann ALL *I?t?- ? 0 H cluiif i Ireland iruu?e.i M tCHMhUUAM 'i* >'b*ap Hat -tore, Ho J?** <tb itrtfl. bei 1 Mid b eta. mk 1? Illl'OBTANT TOTHK LAL'IKO.-INDBLIBLB t?T*MPIHU Wirrmti4 faat colon Will ?wk ud boll L>wu? b> i broach ro?po-it,e?. tbe receipt of ?l?lcfc kw l-wan purchased at ? ytic* litM?ifwi(o(ki?ldii| Lad tee ?re ln?ued U> rail yet a apt*, tad tar It. Ladle*' white or c?l?r<>d t'ndeieilite bklmorkli, Apr u*. 4c., t>t*in?ed id laitatlos ?f brwdtnf. Hi f??t cul' r?. U 4KKAN1 Kl) BUT TO WibU OLT. Great to |?dik> liktitu cluibM for children to make op Mobikid, ko>r*ia|. b?t tbk pattern printed la the ( o4a indelible. Mr?p* tk?t can t>* ?'t*? bed to M?* ?ott*in? c! Lad:*?'nblrta. 1 ?an ?a the* are w rn In Mew York,) ready etaBD|*d and lor aala at leae th*n ?k. 1 co?t of brtld. Birds. b?I?1Uom. Pt'turaa miniala ?f Mt MtWn il?n.(*4 Uo?4i aa rapra tnk lt-tf 4 3* ?th atroat. o??oaita Pat-M O?*. CMMMOM WBALIHOM < X?B4BrS M 11 ??. r A l*o >b haad, a fall aaaortmmt of boa* mad* Coractn. Wbalebonaa, Owraat Stand Boa 4a. lataat and all ?t>laa of Heof Skirta. Curare aad TrlMDilMa Will be aold at thr lowaat rata, at GHaBLBS BACM'it Haop Skirt aa.t Oraet Ku ufactory, 49 L alata&a aTroae, bat a a* a 6th **4 ;tl ! I ! ' OBIDAL AID PCBBBAb WBITTHB. BO D VlUBTS.OBOSSBS. ABCHwBS STABS. *? . iroHrTtd In aatural form; I sported FLowBBS. HAIB rLOWBBS. and BKAIIMN9 Alao, I? a< ri*d MOSS. MaIB DBB8SBS for Ball*, bf Mre FBIBS. Haa removed to Bo. 4)19 nth at , Q an?l H oc j 4m* JOHN D. CLABE. ATTORNEY AHU OOOB8ILLOB AT LAW A BID NOTABT PUBLIO, Mo. l?h ?trf?t w?t. da It ly BOARDING. ("" OOD TABL1 BOABD^S JO PEE HOITH, I aouthvaat ooraar of 13th and fl *tr*?t?. Try it. fPO UEHT-A l?r*? FBOMT <11AMBCB. with 1 Botrd.ttHo. 1'Jii Pm tav* ,k?t*?an Ikk aii 1 20th at*. Tai m? moderate It* BOABDIBG.? I'l*a?ant hOOVB ?ud (Ml BOA BD o*b b" obtaiB*d for f etullla* ?r < (! ttutler.tii, ?t Me *^OT ?ih -trrM wnI A ( , btiltb) location lor thaaaminvr. Terma oaod-raU. ii.h 36 St* UOAKI lNIi -A ? > D tingle ceatleaiea, can obtain a pl>aiast(r)it B<>OM with BOABI> la a private> froa the orth. Iu^ulre at Ho. *0 Latr<et, ii?t?MtiM a lid 24th. ah 3* HahdsomIlt reftaitMiKD parlorab? Oha b^r- au<l gooi Table Board, Intmoit Irtiilf aid liMlthi locality Apply at 3*0 E at , bi-t?t?D 1/th and 13th iti mh is it" Rooms fob RiwT~wiTMT)r?without l U11 Vermont tTtnst, l*t?a*ii H aad I aU m V> XT_ A DOUBLE AMP ONE SINGLE ROOM, with BOAKD.can be h*d In a No 4 36 H street, between loth and Uth ?t? R?'MM eichange#. mliflR PLEASANT A WILL FURNISHED FlKPNT Ki'OIB. ?lth board c*d be liad at 3*9 51 a( , corner Indiana are. Term* moderate, nh IS-tAI* LUR KENT-lwo well tarniahed PARLoRftoa r tbe Brat floor, with or without BOARD Apply 393 Eat., bat. Vth aa<U>th. fell I^ABLE BOABD at Bo 4?? Nth etreet.a fow 1 doon a orth of tbe avaaaa. Taraa f? aar oath. daUtt LUST AND FOUND. j I ?ST?4 LOCK ST . with a Likea*** B*t1i a Ikletf r??tr< |it?ii If 4?lit?r*4 to tbo Star Otl.ce. ?h WSf I OST-On tbe Itth in?t , on New York twiM, Li nrtr 9ikt en 9th, or In the Hoet Offlce Depart Bj' Dt, cue halt of a OOLD LOCKET. Tbe IM r will b* anital'l? reward d t>y i*e*lu? it at3J9 Mow York aTeane. inh M gt* OBT-On tkr Ktk li*t , on 1 j lot i?l Till illMl erlatctr l-tw?M there u<l Otorceiowi, aa O?o-r'e HIS( HiftttC **< other M*n A iuiitkl* reward will kt hH II .-atnrwa t? Star UfB>? an n* T&KIH I P ItTItT Ud Monday alibi, fit ( 1 tttk lnat , a mall white and rod COW, with a Calf. Tha ewaer will her el.?r?oa aad take bar a way PITKICK uliinui.i. i. ALLier. tMEITCH HAIR DRESSER, 394 atraet. b*tw?M lltb ?ad 1Mb ata. 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