Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1867 Page 1
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/ g - ' I ^1 ^1 | ]L > >^S% ^1 ' I I ^1 ^K *^1 ' ^1 ^1 H <w ^K f A I . * * ?M^??1^??? I , , | , , . . _?______? ~ V?. XXIX. . * WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. MARCH 27. 1867. N2. 4,384. > ?????? - ? the evening star I fUBUSHKD DA1LT,f8U!lDAT BXOSPTSO) at the star building, coratr J"?a? a epepa* and 11U itrui, 9V W. L>. WALLACH. The STAR l? nerved by vae earner* to thair subscribers in the City and District at Tut Inn tmm ww. Copies at the counter,with or without wrappers. Two Cnr-rfl each. fbicb for mailing ? Three month*, om de>.ar Fif-n Centt; six months, Tkrte Bol~ kiti, one year, F\v? Dollart. No paper* are est frcm the cilice longer than paid for. Tbe WEEKLY STAR?published on Friday woro in jc? One Dollar and a Half a Tear.. PAWNBROKERS Bbrfibsttnts loan offlcx 4 4 4 13th street- 'd door south of Penn. eve., Loaas homy cn time to suit customers, on 0* w and Silver Watche*, Diamonds Jew- /u\ try, Ladies' aiij OeBtiecaen'p wsarl?gjlwjl Acvsrrl O 0 old gold an 1 Silver bought nb ? Sot* _____ b. bprnbti5b. yy a udtu *8 rF.VrRAL LOA.V OrFTCF. Be. 4??0 lutb street, one do^r below Penn. are. This well known Office makea a lihkkal advances On diim^tia*, Gold en 1 Silver Watches q q 01olbit<. k arnitare, and Merchandise of every deetrip' ion. Opsnevery day i except Sunday) from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. s. b.-Busmees strictly confidential. feM-tf ptlttllbfis w i g i a . . special notiol. < hable^iterzherg. pnccssaor to ls*?<- Herzberg 4 Bon, - "5?.1coadopted the Pawnbrokiag tluelneea tor fifteen year* tn title city, f.?r twelve /Ov ?* * the my Pawnbroker in the district,/** jl ts?s th!s m?thod of thanking their patron?? o jj" pu lie for the con a den. e heretofore shown tbeiu. aiid beg kst* to call their attention to the fact that we atui , ontinue to make the highest advances m all sums npua all articles of Jewelry, Diamonds, Matches, Bonds. Government Scrip, Silver plate, ,kr . for which we hire *nperior of deposit an<l aecirity, which will always le shown for the satisfacii-o <>f tnose patronizing us we have special facilities for the care and prewervsti s of wearing Apparel of every de?< ri[ ticn ?vi.le;n, Ac., on which the highest ad vaneen are wade, guaranteeing when required against moth, and always afainotlnury Having a larne warehouse ir. comecti?n with onr etfice. we have epeciel facilttieefor stersge of all kinds ef Merchandise,, Ac., on which we lake the highest advance* for days, weeks or months w? call especial attention to the fact 'bat owing to the large capital employed in onr bnainea*. we can make advances at such rates of interest as to defy competition. We sell no goods nntil the expiretiou of six m?nths after their forfeiture. and then only at patdic anction. first giviag ample notiee tbrongh the various city jour nals io all depositors. By this means deposit* with as are never lost if their redemption Is desiren we call eep?' ial attention to onr arrange men*" for forwarding g^^ds to any part of the country, arrangements which sn experience of aft* ?n years has brought to perfection. Depositors are enabled by this mea<ts to redeem their gocda from onr office no matter where 'they may be treated Full ^formation alwaie given. Private ap .rtm.nts ftr confidential business h. b ? we have no ?onne< tl< n with acy similar estabtlshii?ent in this city, it 'fer toanv old resident of Waohmefoa Remember hk r/.berg's Loan Office. ncrth o street, between ix and 6th, Washlpgten. p c. feSS im* ^|o.nh ! mow e y : mitn * v ! i i u. prince's uswl^establisked loah 1w7 Pa. sve., next to Potenilni'sConfectionery Money loaned on every description of salable Merchs: dUe es -eciailv Watchts, Dia- <q\ ??'nds and fire Jewelrv i can a?snrej[ a tbeee who maj favor me with ther patron-? q age that thr> wfl not regret having done so. w b ?Private door ?rd office. Persona not wishing to ent.r the public office will ring the office bell. fe 2s imrj^he old israbulsht.d kihm ol1 1 8, g'jldsl kin * co . licensed fawnbkokebj, 34 FOUr. an l> a 11 a lf stnekt west, i'ebd?> lv ania avebus, Otter the htgsest cash advances on alt kinds of h'-rctnii'ti.-e, to in; arcor.nt and for any (-gs-> time de?ire<t, at reasonable rates JL m. inter->.t . n hirce snai-< grf atly reduced o fl Bosint-m strictly c rfldential. d? b> nght for ca^h aud sold at private pal". t?ti ly dentistry! Da- l^wik 9 i?kntal ass JClAfiOS, No. ubo fi-nn'a atk , Jinwcen 11th and 13th streets. * uf' extract* d wlthjQt pain by admtssterlng i kwi*i v .*' ar Laughing or.^-tpi^ j 1* tf "lt!y purchased the apparaicx n the coontry for ^ 1 ^ ' rf,v,nf.t,nt'g*,4**??:<j^y;a;so, an in. proved y^l vslw ltK*.st. Ihv Aieociation ? r. . * pit p?r<-i to make Te*fh on Gold. 8live?ibl Rubber at n?w ijrk Philadelphia -<ton priceu. a.11 persona wuhinv d?*rit?i > ts done cau have it as h ap as w. the above- uss ?d_ citi?e. All work done in the aeatest and oest manner. *?d warraatel to give <-*t.8facu,o?. Persons will do well to call aud^examine onr work. deS4-tf t e i t ifT ~ ~ L , M- LOOMla. M. |>.. ?the Inventor d Patentee ef the miaeeal plaib teeth, attends pertonaliy at^m^ ais ofcceln thu. city. Many peraons canflMMfie wear these teeta who cannot ?ear othera^*1 1" and lq person can wear ethers who canaet wear these. Peraoieealll ig at ntj office can be aocommoda ted wltn any strie and price of Teeth they way desire,bm to tko<? who are particular,and wl*h the purest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect deutnre that art os>n procure, tbe mimeeal teeth will be more filly warranted, s b jin.- 1b thin efty ?No 33* Pean'a avenaa, bemt - *'? "7 PEB80N AL. Mm curtis 1bv1hg, n?fri??4st, and T'ft m~ ! m. will give life readiugs. Including Past, Present ar.j Fature at her office, 44u, n?rth aide of pa av , between bb<1 8th streets. OSice hours from v to m. aud s to v a. m ja 34 4iu* C'onfidential.?Ionng men who have in'lured theaiseives oy certain secret habiU, which nnflt them for business, pleasure, or the dntiesc f married life, also, middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of yonth, or other cau?--s, !c?-l a debility la advance of their years, before placing tbemaelves under tbe treatment of any on should first read "The feecret Friend.' Married .i*d:e* a 111 learn *omethlnsr ef Importance by p"ru*ieg "The Secret Friend." cknttoany ad?lress. In a sealed envelope, en receipt of 2b cents. Addre** Dr. chas a stuart a go . Boston, kk*" . *>?-ly * jl l'krc'knt. SAVKDby using o b. jew* ?}\t > pure nn?HalterateU i remluin New Vork City hoap, Pr-uiiuin family boap, Premium VLANNEL ;UAP, And Bo 1 BROWN SOAP. '' r aal* cheap for casu Orders throagh the Office will be prompt!/ attended to c.ll. jewell, n ap and Gacdle Manufacturer. No. ioo and ftvv: g at. north, bet. 4th and ath^ ja ii 4a* r|'h is is to give notice. That the tub* -cril^r has obtained from the Orphans' f'ou> t of wa4)iingt. u County, in ore District ecc^lgtritla letters of adnmiii?trtuou. on the rx rs. n>?l ee'.a&e ef William Ebert, late ot oe?rget'j^n, 1?. c., deceased. All persons navlng claims against said deceased, are hereby warned to x^.il-it the s^iiie, w ith the vouchers thereof, to the sat >crib?r. on or before the ,'.th day of March next; ti.?-j may otnerwi.^e by law he eaoladed trom all^fw-neat ?f the said estate tiiveil under my han't this mb day of March, l-.r lieabeth ebebt. n,h 8* Admlni?tr?trtx. this im tt? give j.otice Tnatthe anbecri1 bar has obtained frwa the Orphans' Oonrt of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters teeiamentary oi the nersonal estate of johtt MoGarvey, late of wa-ibia^'tna coanty, d o , deceased. All pera< us having claims agaiust tne end df, ?-a?*?l, art- beret r warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on ?r before tbe Mb day of March next; tbey may otherwii* by law be excluded from ail benefit i said eetxle. Given boder my hand thia ?tk day ef March, 18c7. michael f. MOMAtf, gbh 6 1aw3w* Executor. 'i-his is to give notice, That tne saoseri i her has obtained from tbe Orabaaa Oeurtow aatiB'too Cv.. at) , in the Oistrici of c?laahla. Iet?> rs t?tan entarF on the personal estate ef Elijah Eduii-uati o. late <>f Wa?hiantoB citv, b o . dec?-a?e.' ah persona having claline a< iin?t the said defeated ate hereby warned to exhibit the name, wtth the vonch<*rs thereof, to tbe subscriber, oacr before the Mb day of March next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of tbe ??^d eetafe. Given anue; my band lLi??th day of March. 18s7 mb ii m a ry k 1>monstom. 'i'his is to give notice That the subacrla ber has obtalaed from tbe Orphans'Court of Washington County, in tbe District of Columbia, letters of admiBUtratioB on tbe fersooal estate of Thaddene Morrice. late of Wa*hiagioa Oity, d. c.. de ceased. All persons having claims against the said dereaeeil are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voacbers thereof, to the subscriber, ea or fc??ore the 12th day of March Bext: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of tb* ?ju4 num. ' tven nader ay band this llih dap of Mareh. 1a0. mb13 lawSw mabcellu8 morbioe. ackebel amd oodfuh. 10 o? peaada latwe 8hoee oodfieh. J?tb^cJlt5?aid ?oe? .f ssv?u st. ? dalJ tf Mo. ?*a wlntaet.^at. an^f. l'b8rcaey i*. 1(m>7.-ah pareeae haeiag x le#i aetlciee la my ebe? far raeelra, preview la the 1st of January, are naaaated te tall aad |st tbrm. ottMgwiae they will be sold al pahlieaae^?a oa the let at Marsh u> pay tfcechanga there... i AMUSEMENTS. national thkatrfc. " Pennsylvania ii?h, dmt W Mania' Hotel. TBIBD NIGHT Or the Brilliant li??|^m?nt of MB. JOHN B. OWIBS. TBIBfWedrenleyi RVtMNO, March 27, Tom laylor Brilliant Oomed?, , _ ? the victims Jojbna Butferby Mr. John B Owens To conclude with ?., Btv, . 6JL<>H 8HIBOLB. Bolon irh:egl? Mr John M. Owens to-moi.bow kvbmgo-livi: indian. WALL'S SiliW OCtKA liOlAK. b. b. PHILLIPS LESSSR AND manages. Lh?t Nicrhts o| the V>r??'iie California Artiste "If* FANNY MORGAN PHELPS. WEDNESDAY RVEMNG, March 27. Tre perrorm>iDC? will commence with Bouclcenlt s <ireat Play of PARVBBKTTB; Ok UHPIR TDK BNOW. Ta < nclnde with the Jrlis Comedy of the WILD IBiSIJ GIBL. The Distinguished Artiste lAoY DON, Is engaged and will shortly appear It* metzerott hall. LAST THB1B NIGHTS' Til I BSD AY FRIDAY. AND BATDBDAY, March 8?. and 30. ALT. BURNETT, AMF.BICA'* BsrnrsKMTATiVE HUMORIST, Aaalated by MI88 HELEN NA8H. Ticket .10 Gents Bea-rvsd gotta AO Oeuta May be had during the day at MeUerotl's Music Store. Loors open at 7; commence at 8 o'clock. GRAND matinek Saturday aftbboon. Fo> the accommodation ef Ladiea hi.J Children. Ailnil?sion. i to all part* of the home,) 30 Oeuta; Children, 13 Cams. nh 27 at* Gbahd inhibition and indian wab dance op tub chippewa and sioux TBIBES, To be viven at tha Seventh street Park. o? THURSDAY AFTMBNOON and BVBN1NG, MABufl J-? . **b dancb U commence at 4 o'clock in the aiterooon, and So'clock in the evening, CooX'a celalrated String Band will be In attendance. *111 ba open for dancing after each V> ar Dance. A.sufficient force of police will be on the ground to beep erder Adimsoion, 50 cents: Children half price, mh 26-'ir*_ /" BAND EXHIBITION OF THE 8TERKOPXI TICON-D18SOLV1NG YTE*f-0\Y BYDBOGBN MICROSCOPE NEW AND SPLENDID VIBW8 Never exhibited bera, with new and uoiMm proved apparatus. Proceeds for tba ben a it of the YOl'NU ME N '8 cuinBTIAN association. FOB SIX NIGHTS, COMMENCING THCB8PA Y, March -9, At 8 p in,, acd on FRIDAY AND SATIBDAY AFTERNOONS, At t hi., at woodward iiall, Pennsylvania avenue, between loth and 11th sts Adn igstoii, 25 cents Children, 15 cent*. Kfertad seat*. 40 ceuts. Ti.kets at the b.e k stores and at the door mh2??8t FOREPAUGH'S IJIQAKTIC I IRdS ASD MENAGERIE. LAKGE8T EXHIBITION IN THE WORLD. A K1NER zoologip \b show AND a better ClkCCS tba? hare everVeen placed before the pii' lic,containing more rareJOrds and lieaus f< r the first tim>* Importe I Into th* I oited States than tl ere are common pcciaj-u-. all told. in any Menagerie now traveling A > ore pans h... a Bole Propri"tor Frsik M ketfh Manager ^ !' -Tre? iref i i i,?\ Lwa.ler ut Orcliastra ' batlea H Cattle ? General Agent Dr. li: hard P Jone* Director o Publication i Among the mar .e-l wpe talliie. will he found the , MauiKotb V> ar Elephant SuHIO. and the TIN Y BABY ELEPHANT. youn|?et~amalle?t, iighte.t , Iind prettiest ev.M-seen; ftrat et the African spe ci< ?ev?r imported. weighing but 430 pounds. Sb . < ittl . hii b. aud cot a year old. Thete two animals w'll ei abl the ? - pie to ?ee at one time the Lstgeft acd Srnalle?t Elepliant* ever exhibited The DOCBLE HUMPED WHITE CAMELS. ol>ie< ts of ere. ial regatd hp t .a faithfnl followers of Ma'omni>d| are t*:e I rat and olIf Ones erer p. I i:>itud to leave the Ba<it The supposed myth, or falinlous demin ?f the A ma200, the CAIBIA BY K A an am phi hi >m* web ioo??-d monnter la a e;eat ie 11- ABYfSINIAN IBEX afTwrd, the atndVnt of i apnrai I Istory an opportanity of rmiac the timt one of ttls fleet variety of the Wild Ue<el!e ever brought from its rocky i anat* A fall f r .wo Rla<-k Ust -ich, a pair of qmnstrnns Bc^ al I'engal Tl gers, S? :r*d {^b* and Oalf. a fine i I'olar the A u-trsli in K angaroo. the ebony headed silken-coated Palatine Sheer, the ?a*h mere Goat, tlie King of Vultures, the huge Tapir, < South American Ostrich, the spotted Axis Deer the Bison of Colorado, ami the M*mnoth Cab Lioa. *ont?? David, are special feature* Included in the v?at collection are At/lean Lions and Llone^ae^, Asiatic Lloae*ses and Cnt-s. Sen egai Leopard*. Bla> k Tiger, South Ameri^u 'a t'nar. Grli/ly Bear. Stri^td Myenas, Silver Lien of California. Black Rear of Canada. Amerl an I Fallow De- r White Peacock* of Java six Cape Cnb Lion*. Tawnv Li^n of Ka*ra, Peru vlan Al paca. African Porcopin- Pnna. or Atcerican , Congar Cheetah or Hunting Leopard. Bat Kangaroo of New /.e>'land.Arabiaa Drcned.iry, Aimer ican Btiffaio.Wolves, Porcupines. Badger*. B-ars * 1 It-. Brown, and Grav Coon- Foxes. Wild Catsi Lisx Wearels. Civet Cat*. Peccaries, <tc., uith mote of variega'^d hue* Coekatoow. Par rots Macaws Love Bird*. G^ld. Stiver, and Gol i den Chltiese Pheasants, Eagles Vnltare? Biwks aid ?>wla ever collected together M^nkeVH Baboons Ape*, of every rouceivable kind an i va' riety and an alte endless lot ot miuer Foreign and Domestic Creutares. PBOFBBSOB UNGWOKTHY. M"narch of Brute Creation. Bold, Kearleaa aa I Intrepid in reality a LION KING will eU % his daring and tbriilirjLperf. r n-?uce with the ier.>cloas LIONS, TIGBKS LKOPABDS AND PAN TO EBB. The \>boleof the dena ttweuly-two M%?sive ? a^es Gold and Crimson, hatidtomely painted I wfOi tatural Ssenes, au<l drawn by on- hundred and tsr:y gtalwart draught horses; will be driren L TRIl'MPHAL PBOUBSSION, in corablnatietk with the Lo Circus Betlaac he*de<i by the GOLDEN OAR OK THB OONQUBBOB, coataloii g rolsoa's If> 1 w? r Cornet Hand, upoo the occaai on of the entree into town or the MORNING OF MONDAY. April 1, at 10o oloek The Oircna Compaay c jasists of ,ra-nssf>e Molt, Mr Fred lournlare. Master Gnarlie, Mr Thorn a? Elog, Mr. James Ward, I tile wa.i Master Henr! Lagrlno. Mona PerrtHe Mr Mat Mehlev i Mr Wiliana Rill, tha Loreat? Broth.-re. a,id t wo ft the fln?-?t * a?strietin<*e In the profession. 31 LLB V1BGIMA aad M LLE JOStPHTHU Together with a full corp> or Associate Ridersl ' I.eapers Clowns. Gymna>ta %nd A robata. The stock of Perfortniar Pad and Draught I Hciae*. the 8tad of Petite Poni'-s, constitute a perfect Bg nine Show worth a day's joarnev to in spe? t The Trained Bteed . BtlKUB W*L?B. performed ( by Mr. James Da Mott. ia admitted to be the Par i Hgoa of Horaee. . The Elephants will be p. 'formed It Mr. W P , W i lumms * i The animals will be fed before the public. There will be TWO PEKKOBMANOK8 DAILY, Afternoon at S-Night at?S Deora oren one honr previoas for tho inspection , of the cages One price for the whole show: all atider one eperioas ?e?t.with seats for all oa pottnnili s for alt to ?ee and hear. Adaiisaion. to oenta; Children of tad years and under, M centa. FORBPACGH'MBHAGBBfM ANDCIBCTS vill exhibit at Waahington for aiz days and nights, ' commencing MONDAY, April 1st, continuing TCB>DAY. WBDMB8DA*. THPB8DAY, FBI DAY aad SATbBP AY, April Id, sd, 4th, sth and ?th. Loontien ol l^t. Sixth street, immediately below 1 Penney I van ia avenue. ah Sft-M,W,V*t pABIS (AND MBW^^YOBK MILLIMrs. A. 0. GASTON hutaM returned from Hew York with a largo and elegant *4T1 asaort pant of fine Pranch. Maglish. and American Straw Bonnets ant Mat? for ladioa and children; Griet?l. Amber. Pearl, aud Mrs* Ofaamente Also, a general assortment of Isa French riowepg. Bonnet nod Hat Pramoe In greot variety. Blbhoaa, Bilks, Or a pes, Tnllaa aad Bool Laces. AO. Particular attsation given lo all ovdara. ' Boeaa, ddfittb street, nevr I'aunsylraaia avo-' nne. ^ mh ? Sm^ s?Kt?m.a?ttJBassi ! 1 j * ? ' * >'* ! ! .i -4-^. % ' * ?? s i I "aa I , jt . > n 111 I I A St b- K/4 J -*\i* i rs*i ol | I SPECIAL NOTICES. ?f NO WOHDSRin n- a n y worthless nMicuii ate advertised for th? cure <f v.irioua >lise*s#-s, ad wben tried, "found wanting,'" that the invalid loaes nil faith I a specifics. We hav? yet to learn, however, of the first failure of WISTAB'3 BALSAM OF WILD I HKHHT. to cureconghs, ccMs, und pulmonary disease. MBS M G. BliOWN'S UNEQI *lLED80ALP RENOVATOR AMD HAIR RESTORER. No sulehnr In this preparation, which ii killing the sculp* and rendering the people blind Lah&rator> and Depot. 4 10 Arch -treet. Philadelphia. i or tale by all Druggists. mil 9-fw* 1TB BFFBCT IS MlBACULOtJS. HALLSYEGETABLB . SICILIAN UAltt BKN1WII. It ia a pertect autl wonderful article. Cures baldness. Make* hair grow. Abetter dressing than any 'oil" or "pomatum." Soften* brash, dry, and wiry hair into Beuulifnl Silken T leasee. Bat, M"v? ell, the treat wonder ia the rapidity with which it uatorua orav hair to its original color. ^ The whitest and worst lookioz hair resumes Its Touthfnl beauty by its ose. It does not dye the hair, but strikes at the root aad fills it with new life and coloring matter. The first application will do good ; yon will aee the natural color retniDins eve-y day, and blfOEE *00 KNOW IT. the old. gray, discolored appearance of tha haft will he gon?, giving place to lustrous, shining, and beautifnl leck->. Ask for Hall's ~niiian Hair Bonewer ; ao other article ia at all like it in effect. See that each^ottle has our private Government I Stamp ?ver tlie top of the bottle. all otkrrs are imitation*, B P. HALL k CO . Naahna, N H., Proprietors. For sale by all drugeHts. fe 18-dAweotm,r BKMED1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPUU1AL OASBS. Ho. 14 Bond street, H?w fork. **"Full information with the kitkrst mah; also, a Book on special ditto: tn a sealed envelope, sent free. $ut be <vrc anc'. send 'or tketi, and you irill not rrtrtt it; lor a* advertising physicians are general!* tmpottori, wrthoct re/nr*nr$* no stranger sbonld be trusted. Ktclose a stamp for postage and direct to DB. LAWRBSCE. No 14 Bond street. New York ooia-DAWly $Or MABR1AGB AM) CELIBACY, ASD TUB Happiness of True Manhood.- An Essav for I Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiologic al Errors, Abuses and Dis-aiies which c?eate Impediuieuta to Marriage, with an re means of Belief Bent in sealed letter en velop< e. free of charge. Address Or. J SB ILL1N HOL UHTON, Howard Asaoclation, Philadelphia, i'a. jall-3m bEOBBT DISEASES. Samaritan'-Qift is the mvat certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed. the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cores in two to four days, and recent cases in twenty fonr hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only tan pills to taken. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te tlsose who do net want te be exposed. Hale packagee, #l;femaie, S3. Bam a r taw's Boot awt> Hkrb J tries*?A positive an* permanent tore far Spy bills, Scrofula. Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters Ac Price 51 26 per bottle. Bold by B 0. Fo^d. See advertisement my > CLOTHING, Ao. JAMES T WALKBR. MERCHANT TAILOR, 494 Seventh Street, 494 Bfspectfullv informs his friends and the public generally that he has afine, large and well-^a? selected a.? i,rtu.'? lit of >H CLOTHS, CASHMERES, WK V E8TTNG9. AND ?f GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. That he is determined to run oil at a very small advance on cost. ? Persons patronizing bis establishment will be guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanship. ao be is determiLed to employ none but the best workmen P B ?JOHN A Mi LEAN takes this method to inform his friends that he will b? f ?wnd at his po't atthexboTe place, where be will be please?l to cai-r to their taatea, givinu them garments to snit tte mi st fastidious, and seeing 'hat their garments ara made up in the moat workmanlike mann. r mhll-lm ^IKBCHANT TAfLOBlNGk * The undersigned having entered Into copartner Lip. aiiii l?it in n riti>. sire an' oan-fnlf* - ? selected -to k el t LOT H.?, C AtiJI M k KKST^Ml VKBTINGB, and Oentleniens H BtilBH- la 1MO GOODS, are prepur' d tj BsK? np for their customers ?<?' atonr rrn'1 trnh'trnthlji'^^^ i nits of clothing, at tbelr new establishment, Ho, 3-;0 street, two door- weat of the National Theater. Persons desiring neat fittine and fashionable Clothing ni moderate terms, should not fall to give us a call l>ofore purrhasin? elsewhere. GEO T. KEEN. S.W . GiLltEBT, Formerly of yth st . Merchant Tailors, mil 6 Ini* No. 3-iO K st. bet. 13th and 14th. FJ. P.BIUEBGBb, . Sncceeaor to H. V. L?Bdon 4 0o.,s|a cithevrs and military _ merchant tailor, Km Metropolitan Hotel. UU Brown's, tflf 3<ii Psnnflvnls snaos,*-* wv t tf Waehtngton T) Oi "wood and coal: . O A t I CO?L!l Bast WHITB ASH at by the ton. Allaizes, to atrtt mstomers Sawed aad Split OAK WOOD, f 'Oper cord. ? ' I'INE u B9 Long Oak. 99 per c?rd. A ton of Coal sold by me alsmys weighs I.tto lbs. JOHN B LORD, fe 28 1y Ooruer lib ao?i U streets, 0 O A Li C O A L : I AT OKFATLY BEDUCED PB1CBB Grose tons of ^,2?u lbo.. deliveied in any part of the city Cbestnnt Wb!r<- Ash. 97. Stove, V(p and furnace White Ash, SS.O'i. lw d Ash ?8 2A. Lehigh. Ss. Oak and Pine Wood sonstantly or hand. Orders teceive-1 ?t onr Office; or at the Wharf, Toot of Seventh street _ _ 8. P BROWN A BON, ja?s tf 9th street, between K and F. JAMBSO. McQUlBE A CO., M'fUBNlTVB. WABBBOOMS.^^1 Having relluuuisl ed the Auction and Commlslion business, aud con vertei our extensi vo warelooms, at the corner of 10th and D streets, into a fust clats ? UOt'SB FUBNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are n< w prepared to furnish every variety of HOUSE AN 9 OFFICE F URN IT I'BE, at the n.oit moderate rates Our stock comprises PABLOB SETSJd Reps and Hair Cloth, I'A BY ED and PLAIN OILED WALNUT CHAMBBB SBTS, COTTAGB 8BTS, SINGLE BUREAUS AND WABHSTAHDS, BLABOBATBLT CABYBD BEDSTEADS, JHAIRS OF ALL VAB1BT1B8, EXTENSION TABLXS. BA1B MATTBBS8B8 and FBATHBB PIL LOWS, OFFICE DESKS and WBITING TABLBS, DANTON MATTING, Ac., Ac. We have also for sals the celebrated TCCKBB SPRING BBD, which for comfort, darability and cheapaeas ia onrivailed. Also, the TUCKER MANUFAOTUBING COM PANT * BRORZB CLOCKS, Beantifnl in dealcn and finish, and at very reasoaabie prises. J AS. 0. McGUlBB A 00., mh 11-m corner of nth and P streeU. DOBBAU OF OBDMANCB, O B1VT PSTAATWHR. Washing to a Oitt. Maroh ls.iffF. "" 0'jgatf!feg.1RKRS.AM**- : There will be sold at public aactLm, to the istT?;< infi'si isi^ssss issS's Ordnance, embracing Shot aad Shell, about seven hundredI f700y Carbines, (breech-loeders.) abont 1 twentv-fivehundred U roOiiMaaksta, rilled and ; Ndeeeelfod < theoeeclnaioa of theeale aedthe I jjj? : mh Id tft Chief ?f Boreas. 1 t", ~ . v,?<d % 1 4 v.?-* j 1 Uyt x : ftK ' AI'?m T" i ^5/ ; jujjs .dga<J TELEGRAMS, fee. A mass meeting to ratify the Republican

pUtlorm lately adopted bj the I'nion I.e&gue at (U:ar>?;cn. S.('..wm held yesterday afternoonFrom four ?o fire thousand negroes, of all age* j and^oth sex-9, wereuresent Four white and j te\ersl col red speakers delivered addressee of a radical character. Among the white speakers were United States Mar?htl Epping. and rolon Robinson, of the New York Tnbun?. The meeting was tollowed by a u*- I gro torch-lifht procession last night. The I negroes made several attacks upon the street cars and took pcs-ession of oue. The car* are cow r?a'dfd by the police. Considerable excitement prevails throughout the city, and there are rrav* apprehensions of further trou- I bie (Tbi~ di-patch Leeds confirmation ) The St. Domingo Congress assembled on the I 'id instant. aiid President Cabral delivered a long message, wherein he makes allusion to I tne trea*y recently completed with the United I ^tatee and with the neigbr>oring repnbllc of I Hajt*. Many importan' questions will be deb. t d in this Coup re?* I presume the lease of I the bay of Samana to the United States will I strongiv d-?cussed, aa there ia a party that I pietends that snch a lease would encroach ou the Independence. George Kelfe, an inofTentive man, aged I thirty-five years, was murdered on Sunday in t*e Williams House, in Falmouth, Me, by Kben Williams, who shot him through the I neai* with a rifle, and then chopped of hia I head with an axe. Williams ia ao imbecile under guardianship, but being supposed harmless wits allowed to occupy the house with Kolfe, who was a pauper. Williams went to ihe house of bis guardian In the afternoon, and stated gleefully what he had done. The steamship Great Eastern sailed from Liverpool, England, at noon yesterday for I New York, which city she will leave on tb? I 16 h of April on her first trip to Hrest. As the | Great Eastern was about to sail the capstan I slipped accidentally, killing two men instantly | and wounding several others. The English Government has decided not to | persist in claiming the return of Eamirande. the French forger, who was taken irom Can a- I da under the extradition treaty, as it was I claimed illegally. but reserves the right ?o do I so should it hereafter decide to renew the demand. The National Wool-spinner' Association recently notified the agent* and treasurers of some of the cotton and woolen manufacturing establishments of New England that they will work but ten hours a day after April l. The master plumbers of Boston having notified their workmen oa Saturday afternoon that the eight-hour syatem for a day's work would be discontinued after April 1, the latter imme. left their work, and the workshops have nearly all been deserted. An extensive conflagration occurred Memday night on Sussex street, Ottawa. C W.. commencing in the grocery store of Bellcort A Co. four large buildings were destroyed. I 1-OSS *$(?, WO. A colored man was Monday admitted to register as a freeman by the Republican board of registers of Meriden, Connecticut, and was det lared to be entitled to vote. There is much excitement in consequence. The Tennessee National Bank' has been been pi: ced in the hands of a receiver Individual depositors are sale, but it is unders'ood that the State of Tennessee loses heavily. I The quarantine commlsaioners, in New York, are actively at work making pieparat ons against cholera and yellow fever. The levee at Laconi. Ark., broke a lew days since. The Inhabitants generally were compel led to leave. Thnrlow Weed has taken editorial charge of the N. Y. rcial Adr*rU*?r. TBOCBLK ltlTWKM ESOLAND 'AWD NEW Granada ?The latest intelligence from New Granada reports that the English authorities and president Mesquera, of that State, nave | fallen by the ears. A British trigaia app?&r?d oir Caribs|[ei.a oh the 2?th of February, and the capthin addressed a note to the President | Insisting that the British Consul should re- I ceive the mails before they were sent to the ! local post-ofllce, and the President should apologize for past oflencea In respect to the matin. The President evaded a decisive answer tp these propositions. A war t'eamer tn the service of Mosquera came into port in the meanwhile and was seized by the Englishman. The dimatids were reiterated, with threats ol taking oilier measures in the event ol nob-compliance, and the President, fearing bombardment, succumbed and apologized, premising to do better in future. Mosquera is continually in hot water. It was he who had the recent trouble with the American Minister, and even now ne (a at swords' points with his Congress, and a revolution is considered imminent.. - , , ExncTED Revolution ih Spain.?a letter from Madrid in the Iudependanae Beige says ' Although the alarm it very great at this moment, and although many people believe in a speedy revolutionary attempt, 1 do not think one will take place before the end of May, or the commencement of June, because at that time the occasion will be more opportune than It is now. Shortly a ter the meeting of the Cortes the Government is to present a bill by which it will be authorized to raise a forced contribution of four hundred millions. If no opposition ia displayed in the Congress it will not be the same in the Senate. Eminent ora- I tors will energetically attack the projeot, and their speeches will be read with avidity m the provinces. Should the Queen sanction the measure It might be the signal for a general insurrection. " A letter from Madrid dated March *2, published by the Independance Beige says : The evening before last several individuals were arrested at the Theater Royal for imitating the barking of dogs as the Queen entered her boy" . AkBH ah Exvlokati<?-8 ?The African travelers are generally unfortunate people iir Livingston was murdered in Zanzibar. I Girard was murdered or drowned. Au English consul aud missionaries are still prison- 1 era in Abyssinia, with little hepe at relief. The Knglish government has sent out a party I of ai titans w ith guns and machinery for the Emperor Theodore, in exchange lor the consul and missionaries, but who knows that he will not keep them allf The men who are on the way have, however, agreed to take the chances. Mr. Du Chaillu got safe home, but | his boo* is full of difficulties and disasters. | There is no telling what may be done for Africa hereafter, but Africa at present is a pretty hopeless case. The Winteb in Canada East.?The Mon- I treal Witness, ol Thursday, says everytbingis still ice-bonnd there. The earth ia like a rock to the depfh of several feet, the rivers are covered with thick, solid ice, and the snow f^prn two to tnree feet deep, with every now and then a fresh fall. There is, in fact, as good sleighing and snow-shoeing now aa ever. It is not thus in Canada West, where snow has almost departed, and the toe has left the lakes and rivers. EllicoTt Citv.?It U generally known that the village of Ellicott'a Mills. Mil., a thriving and prosperous place, baa been incorporated, and will hereafter be known ae '-Elllcott City " In accordance with the act of incorporation an election is to be held on theaecond Tuesday of April to choose a mayor and city council." TTurkish bath* are fast coming Into fashion in Beaton. I , >7"Weatern papers are excited over a fail in the price of hotter. ' 17* There are forty feet of snow at aavera1 ' points in Bridger'a Pass, Utah. ?"A million of people ia London never see ' the Inside of a church or chapel. (7*New York ia drowsily waking ap oa the j cholera question. i 7~?25?,000 worth of lienor baa been aeixed t In Massachusetts since the constables began i operations. 1 WThe colored men ol OotasibtA, South I 4 Carolina, have nominated a candidate lor , mayor. _ I ?*-l>ead worth ?7,700,000 has been taken out ] from iwo sections of laud in Grant coanty, Wts. " ^"Michigan threatens to enact a law which 1 will prevent any person iron* voitag who has I a quarter of negro blood in his vein*. I ?rThe Panola (Miss.) Star says a vary die- 1 tine* shock of an eartbqnaka wee Ml in that tldstity at 9 o'clock last Monday moraine, 1 III created considerable alaraa. ^Colonel Benjamin f"raaklia Moaby, Ae < f nerilla leader, is engaged la raaaofactanag I i u* -jr.!*.. tt-:s 4i..mtkU?? ?i? .* n dtxs if#.-. 11 (OKGRESSIOm. Sexatm.?iMttrday, alter debateMr. Drake's motion to refer the Banicrnp' bill 0 the Judi.-iary CummittN prevailed, and the bill was referred Mr.T ram bull, from tbe Judiciary Committee, reported tbe lIou?e resolution for adjournment, v?ith an amendment by way of anbsiitnte Tbe Judiciary Committee recommend in lieu of the llooic resolution tha ibe two Hottses adjourn on Thursday next, at ti o'clock. Tbe House resolution was for an a t. journment from month to month, unless the 1 residing officers of each sbonld announce in proclamation that there was no need of such ex ra session. Mr. TrumbnM explained that 'he Committee on the Judiciary had concluded it best to adjourn without day, tbe Constitution providirg tbat Congress shall meet in I?ecember. A debate on the adoption of tbe Judiciary CJomm Ittee's preposition followed, in the course of which Mr. Nye spoke of the necessity of Congress remaining ir session to give stabili'y and security to the business interests of tbe country. Mr. Howe moved to amend the proposition of the JudicUu-y <tommitiee br providing that tbe two Houses adjourn on Friday next until tbe first Monday in June, and on that day, unless otherwise ordered, tbe presiding officer of each House shall further adjourn each House until '.he first Monday in December. Disagreed to?yeas 17, nays 85. The question then recurred on Mr. Trumbull's proposition that both Houses adjouru on Thursday next. Mr Merrill, of Vermont, moved to amend by adding tbe words "until tbe first Monday in November." Disagreed to?yeas Ifi, nays 8.V Mr. Sumner moved ta amend Mr. Trumbull's proposition by adding a proviso thai Congress may be convened by joiut proclamation of tbe presiding officersol the two Houses. if in their judgment it shall be deemed neces. s-ary to do so between now and the Istot December. Disagreed to?yeas 15, nays *26. Tbe question was then taken on Mr. Trura- 1 bull's proposition, tbat both Houses adjourn ' on Thursday next, at l:i o'clock. The yeas and nays i*ere demanded, and It was adoptedyeas 81, cays 17. The Senate then at 5.40 went into executive 1 essioDr-end soon alter adjourned. 1 Hore* ?Yesterday afternoon? ? Mr. Woodbridge, irom .!ndiciary Commit- j tee, reported a bill to authorize tbe appoint- , raent of additional watchmen at the Capitol Fat-tea. , The Speaker presented a letter from the j Clerk of tbe House stating tbat he hid fur- . nisbed the Secretary of State with tbe supplementary reconstruction act, and he had been < informed that the Secretary wonld promul- < gate it. , Mr. Bontwell, from Judiciary Committee, reported back Mr. Donnelly's bill ia reference | to payment of members, with a substitute pro- , vidingtbat Senators, members and delegate-* , having taken tbe oath shall be entitled tore- , ceive their cempensation monthly. The sub- ( sti'ute was agreed to and tbe bill passed. Mr. Bontwell also reported a bill making the , office of Solicitor of the Court of Claims a bu- \ reau in the office of the Attorney Genenl. I Mr. Butler moved to suspend tbe rules <hr?t be might offer a resolution giving :h? oseof y tbe ball next Thursday to the Young Men s t Christian Association for a lecture from The- x odoreTilton. The House refused to suspend ( tbe fules. , Senate amendment to tbe House bill to in- ^ create tbe force in tbe Fatent Office, was taken up and concurred in. And then at3 4<ithe House adjourned. ? I i Virginia Sews. ! The recent heavy rains and heavy galea, on Thursday night last, caused very high udea iu j I the river at Norfolk, and on Friday | 1 morning tbe citizens living near the river 1 ' found the streeta, wharves and tbe lower . stones ol their dwellings overflowed. Very | little damage baa been done, and tbat mostly j to ship builders and boatmen, whose luVb-r and boats were washed away. In many I plat es the citizens iutd to hold p!>' ? ??? > *? | ' with other portions of tbe cTty by means of * boats, being entirely cut otr. The Norlolk I papers say it is the highest tide since IS1?. Npeskirig of court-day at Culpepper Court- i * Houee last Monday, the Observer says: "Mud. snow and whiskey prevailed to a large extent. We have been a resident of this place for nearly sixteen years, aud we do not recollect ever ! ' on auy court day. to have se*n so much drun- j E keimess in the streets as, last Monday present* d." A joint meeting of the Boards of Directors of 1 the Urange and Alexandria, and the Virginia 1 and Tennewee Railroads, will be held in 1 Lynchburg, to-morrow, lor the purpose of I I again making an effort to come to some ar- 1 ' rangeroent respecting the extension of the Or~ J aiiiie road to the depot of the Tennessee road. The Harrisonburg Register mentions a most 1 cruel and revolting case of infanticide perpetrated In the vicinity of Fort Republic, re- 1 cenMy. A woman named Sallie Grim gave 1 birth to illegitimate twins. To conceal tbe 1 s shame and disgrace of the affair, her brother bnried the children alive. (f) A correspondent from Rockbridge say* tha* a a deputy sheriff of that county, named W. A. l Sterritt, has absconded in the last few days, J taking with him some s-T,wm> of public money. I Tbe wheat fields in the Valley are looking J splendidly. Already there is great promise, r without misfortune, of au uncommon harvest 1 of tbe staff of life. I J BIBSITT'S Flavoring Extracts.?We I give below the tribute of appreciation by i Frofsssor Blot of these valuable extracts. The ( Professor is bifb authority, and Messrs. Bur- t nett Ac Co., must be highly gratified witn the I j just commendation from such a source. Read ] it and try the Extracts for yourself: i Niw York. Feb 17,1S67. t A good dish is often spoiled or rendered un- r palatable by the use of a detestably cheap, tmpure and deleterious Flavoring Extract. Great ? care should be used In selecting tbe genuine, T both in regard to taste and health. I i In answer to inquiries from ladies of my [ t various classes, I invariably rrplv that I have t tried several kinds of Flavoring Extracts t during tbe last two years of my lector** on I c cookery, and certainly prefer those prepared t by Joseph Burnett &. Co., of Boston. all y { Ufrs. F. Blot. j i { Briton Transcript, Merck 2, 1S07.J r j c Thx Canadian Do*imow.?It ia announced r tbat leading m?*n of all parties in Canada are { > generally united in tbe determination to give | tbe "Dominiou," or whatever the new Cana- . dian arrangement may be called, a fair trial, E and tor thb* purpose intend to co-operate, re- * gardless of firmer antipathies The Toronto papers, too, are very indignant at the com- 1 meets made in the L'uited States upon tbe .* Confederation. Tbe Toronto Globe treats its 1 readers to a colamn upon what it calls "Maine Impudence," and roundly abuses the Malev ! n Senate for its recent resolutions against the J1 Confederation. It tart?y suggests that if "oat- " siders will mind their own hnsinens. the | 0 people of the provinces will attend to them. * EauoRBRs ?The prospects of laboring men * in New Yorh are reported to be gloomy. The o master builders say that tbe strikes of me- i F chanic* have bad the effect of repressing va- o rions branchee of roduetry. They say the I g workmen receive nearly twies as muoh wages as in former times, and desire to do less work I , per day, flfttcb makes labor so dear that eapi- j talists aramfraid to employ it. On the other j side, the laboring men nate that they can net ; * live on present wages, owing to the greatly. U increased rents and high prices of everything. Tbe troubles on labor questions are such that , ia the prospects lor both employer and employed i u are not very encouraging. Extrihi HiAiru against DaScik*..? * There has been greal excitementabeot a calico I ball at Columbus, Mississippi, for tbe benefit of the indigent. Tbe pastors of tbe Preeby- P terian and Methodist churches preached ser- u mono against it, aad they and tbe principal of a ladies' high school threatened ex puis ten for a aUyfcodidgo. The consequences were tbat j <omi did not go, aad that others resigned from I ibe churches and took their ffirle away frw? g the school. o 7"Wild geese are coming north in search or ipring. They find themeelvee sold. 11 VTbe Peris Expoeltien bnilaing ia eaid to ^ look like a gasometer. CTIt ie graUfyiag to lea^n Mat poach trees ?. irt in full bloom in Aiabaaa. 7~Republieaa candidatosrin Maine are eat- M tchited as to whather thej take Democrau* Q papere. e - U ^-Parisian ladlee wear silver hallo upon ibeir dresses. ^DnriaK the past three moasha mora air- ia iers were commuted by leaale* tha a pales. il gTlis tfocMne ia ealas^-stocka, narofcaa- Je j^e^'c-ja Wew^ Tork^ci^f since the 1st of ct ? - ? Vf') * " ** ^ af^ I * ' #1 "ft * a ;"#/f . * f .. |4J i fi i I ? " * 11 ' FASHIONS FOR MARCH. I Krwi Li FoUst.l oru*r of the dajMn*tbe fashionable work. Du. Tkito require chad- different teniae- th us, if the call to m4? be only ob ? ? mr iatimate or tally (mid, the |or( dm*, qene plain ill airople, tost generally olek. i. >bproper tbiii|, tbe abort dr?es for mlkut b^isc, even tor SUCh OCCUMBt, UkdlDlMlMr. While, foraon ceremonious cs lis. the dress manbf of neb DttfnU. perhaps aand*oinei> trnnnfo, SBd. Of CUBr?e, that CBB MIT# tor two purposes. being ?nirable also tor * dinner, muf *,ih a long tram. The laue? u abow the obit wnlet, theatre, or ordinary fT?amj dm* Taffeias, satin velvet, and moire, Lyona sua aa i tbe favorite fcalard. are all material* la vogue. Wf may meauon black to no tborecrhly pr*. f?rrnl lor moraine or?w, ibai it may be ceiled nearly universal Tbe old Spanish custom Meat almoot to bare brrone national la Fraace so that, oat ot a baonred lad tea. on* may aee eighty of tbem ia black during tbe day. Nothing" i? more ladylike la appearance (ban a rood black dress, but when ?be whole toilet ia (ompoHdaf the fame dark bne it produces rath,r too sombre an effect black taffetas is ranch a?d for tbe short dn-ta, Uia robe, peiticoat and p; ietot all c>t the name, and trimmed witb jet. Black lor laid <e mm fipeuMra, and looks extremiy well tor the*# toilet*; also fonlarda ot a dark color, riik?r plain or of a Mack ground, with % colored putiern. bat witb Ibese material* tbe petticoat innat invariably be of the moc Flack lace ia la great request tbia winter, pat'iculariy tor trimming itmidi dr?i; tbe lined la<_e mantle is aiao worn for v tatting or at weddings Tbe lace peplutn or basqume makes an extremely preUv ttaiab to tbe drear, and tbe zonaveot la.-e with long eada crossing at tbe back la cbarmibg for young ladiea. and m*v be wyrn eiiber witb h^gn or low body. Tnlle dresaee are uaaally trimmed witb Mowers, wreaths marking the ve&m, for younggirla, corntlfTWe-*, daisies, bindweed, or lorget-me-Uvi*. wbilattor ladiea. roses, jasmine tulips, camellias, or raedodendrous are a*ed, mingled wnk dewdropa ot ciyatalor diamond* For neb silks, lace witb jewel* ia tbe moat appropriate trimming Amber ia mock ased with black velvet for evening drear, and. indeed, amber beads are worn on black velvet boaaeta. There ia no change aince laat month in the form of tbe bonneta. They are aull aa -ma.i, and as mucb ornamented with b**a<]e. Velvet and satin are also tbe priLCipal inatenala used. although some spring bonneta are already making tbeir appearance. Tbe strings. which are very long, are frequently of velvet, edged w itb blonde or lace, whilst many are formed of velvet plaits, just , roesed under the chin with bridea ot lace or tnlle croaking above tbem, and fastened by a flower or jewelled ornament. Strings in tbie style are mack worn by tne Lmpresa. Au elegaut little bonnet of pink terry velvet was trimmed with a wreath of small lea Tea. formed of jet beads; at the side*. a puff of black leathers. Strings of wide pink satin, with a icarf of black lace, worked witb beads. fating jver. A violet velvet bonnet was trimmed with a wreath of small white feaibers, and racbe ot white satin all round. Strings of white satia, md the small curtain covered with white race, embroidered aud edged with pearls. A Mary Stuart bonnet of pearl-grey satin. rheedge is trimmed with a fringe of maraboats ind white heads. Attbe left aide a bouquet or primrosea. made of white velvet, with gold centres. A mile cat* lam* floats at the back, ao L? to form a cartain. wbicb ia edged witb a fringe of featbera and beads. Tbe strings of irev satin The toqvtt Henri III., which 1a an elegant soiffure. ia generally trimmed with a wr*a:h, iiber of feathers or ibc metallic leaves ao mnco worn just now. A very charming wa- made of a/nrealue velvet and white-tulle, with a wreath of ?mall leathers. Instead of ribbon atrmga a velvet plait crossed unJerth" chin.and brides jI blonde fastened by au agraffe of gold and itcnea. Another, in tbe same st\ le, was of black velvet worked with beads. "An aigrette of white leathera. and string* the same as those to tbe last bonnet described Au elegant bonnet lately worn at a wedding was of pink silk, partly covered witb white ulle (fuiil'itiMf. Bands of pale pink tall* rimmed with blonde wera crossed under ihe thin. A boqnet of white jet. with crretal lrops on one side, and a light trimmiug of white jet tailing over tbe back hair, com[)l?ted the trimming of this much admired coif'ure. We conclude our remarks on bonneta lor tbia nonth by tbe description of a r ot acarlet i el vet emboidered with gold, u> wbicb were utaebfd two wide barbea of uille worked with told falling over the shoulders. A boaqueTof ? hue velvet primroses with gold centres on one Ida. r?? Hundred Metbedi?t .Miaistera Saswed la. [From Leaven worm Commercial, lftth.j lmnug laat Wednesday n.gbt three irsms Iirivrd at J anotHM OHv- vklak *rr*Mwkided 24 hoars in a snow bank, six miles east ot Wamego. The train which had oa board tb<r rno Me bodist minister*, we understand, wa o located as not to aomi'- ot any egre?s where- . >y they mlfbt obtain tomrtbiug to eat, and here was nothing aboard tbe train but a bog ind seventy dozen eggs. A wicked wag aucreets that, in devouring the egga, they were retting as near chickens as was possible. Kev. H. Fisher, writing to a L,awrence paper ays:?Beans, pork without aalt, and rere The only diet we baa lor tbe whole party. K colored giri became cook, with one skillet ind a shovel tor pans. We commenced to pre. >are fbr supper, which was diacuaaed with nuch leas criticism than if served at bom-*, rbe passengers appeared roen joy the jituauou, ?y varioue pleasant recital* ot incxtonta an 1 mecdote*, among others the following General Fisher stated that after his return rom the explosion of White river, he wai aadinii aome letters from home, when a oldier stepped up and requested tbe General o read his letter. The General broke tbe *eal ind commenced to read?first, about temporal iffairs: then referred to a qnarterly meeting? he viait of the pre*idiug eld**r. who prayed for he abseat one very ardently; abe clctaed*ber etter with a very earnest lequest iha: her ibsent soldier huaband mieht be taithtul and eligioua. Tbe brawny aoltner wiped hia eye* vith his aleevea, and with an emph.t?is which raa full of eoul. in a amotherrd, emouonal one exclaimed: Bully for ber!', EaoLiaB Kkpobm ? We have received by nail intelligence contirmatory of the recent Jable despatches tbat tbe Kngliab .Ministry lad witadrawn their vague and ludehmte Re. orm resoluiioua, and promised to bria; in a {etorm bill ob March lr-th. It ia alao aalounced tbat on February vtitb and STth, the wo great Fngliah Farliamentary parties held Dtetinga ot their supporters; the Liberal* Lsaembling at Mr. Gladstone's I.ondou bouse, ind the Ministeriala at Earl Derby's odi.-ial eaidence in Dowuing street. It la aaliTihat at he last-named meeting tbe Premier declared hat this was tbe latet time he should attempt 0 deal with tbe question of lleform, and tbat f he failed now, be should bid farewell to otRtal life. At Mr. Gladstone'a. Mr. Bright aaid le thought the wider the view taken by tha#e ffbo were premiuent am >ng his party, the uere generous the confidence which they howed towarde those with whom tbey wrre onnected. the more likely they would be to emain a p< werfnl party and to do real aerrice to the (onntry. Ocxpclbobt EDPC'ATtoJi.?Mr. Gladstone las written to the I?ndou Board of Education . letter on tbe subject of compnlaory educa* ion. in which he atatee, with regard to the ireteni movement in Knglaird for c:oap^lliBg CucauoD. tbat he sees mucb difficulty ia tw* ^ay ot dire;t compnlaory measures, but -has always lenaed rery much to a scheme the nam point of which was that it should be Bade penal to employ for wages persona hedw a certain age not fumiabed with eertatn animates of education ana attainment A lan of this kiad was prematurely proposed ume ?tsars back m a bill by Mr. Adderly, and raa reje^teil on accoaat of tb* immature stata f circumstances, which, however, must irobably ripen from year to year A measure t that natnre might be bronpht into action raduaily, like tbe new Poor Law of !*M " WThree colored prisoners escaped from the Lhnapolis jail ob Monday laat. ?-Straw??em?a sold in San Fraa:i?oa, eb. 14. at fib and 7i cents a pound?about a uart. tirewn ia the open air. VOhiaago papers are calling for the organ tauon of a vigilance oommittte for protecon agaiast thieves, gambler* and robbers. ,*^"The bouse carpenters of the ctty of New ork conte.nplate making a demand for high. r wages or and after April l. /"A proposiuoa ia made in New York to at the haegs ot that city under the direct conrol of iha ( olice. - w WJtaine will unite with Maasach naetta nd New Hampshire in oboervtag the ?th ot ipxil as a fast day. ITA Catholic Cathedral la to ha ballt la t Loaia, fi nr haadred feet loag aad oa* huurod aad flity wide. ^"Tbe B >ston school committee aa?. la their tat report, that the assigning lesaoag to girla > be studied out of school hours has baaa for. Id den, and that the teachers have heea reuired to sue that the regulations art fatthfalr ohearved. Amorg the cases for trial at Haaatoa [ass., is Uiat of Sarah E Tollmaa agaiast eorge W. Davie for hfaauh at ar?>n Bath te parties art deaf mates, and aaons rich aad ovel developments are promiasd. V la a suit about aome jelly, the other day. 1 14 appealed from the avsdaace at The atriwbarry, piae apple aad e*v llias, were all fonhed out of appla telly. dored to sait Lhe aame aad lavared with ' . "I r.? I? ovy r'e*'ii ah'i' sa<w jt 'f at t gi -a> ?: JCcllA qvii -prv *a ** te i?t .aft'-a* a?U !