Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. hi Urinl Cimtatiw ii Iki Jtiuitl W B. W1LLACH, Kilter tal Pr?fil?ttr. WASHINGTON CITY WEDNEIDVV MARCH 87, 1MT, VRBADINQ MATTER OM BVIRY RAOE. SKB OUTSIDE FOR INTERE8TIHG TILE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. GOVERNMENT AE( I RITIEh. w ASH1* JTOW, March 47, 1-47. jar Cook* k Co furnish the following quotation* of Government securities: Buying. St'ling. U. S. ?' Coepoa, is?l i,.o 1j. t? Kit# Twaatiee. 19?K link toy 4 U. S. Fit* Twenties. 18?4 u/71 ju7^ U. 8. Five TWentiee. 1885 107* lt? U.S. Flw T wen ties, J aa A J 'y,'66. n 6 W\ V. S. hortiM. 17^ 98 V N. J*eves Thirties, August.... m5?. '?$W U. S. Seven Thirties, June......105 ? 116\ V. S. Seven Thirties, Jnly 105\ 1(J& \ WBW VOKK FIRST BOARD BALIS. Coupons 11** I0.40-* <c\ S.fcVs. WJ 107\ 7.30 s, August....106 S *> *, 1HW 107 H 7.30's, Jane 1(*\ ? *?' , >~?s 1"7J, /.3o*s. July 1<?3 5.* *, Ja AJy/ Gold 131 * FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson A Co, quote Stocks ana Bond* la heme and foreign markets as follows : Naw York. March 27.?1st Board?U. S. 18*1 Coupon 6 s. ?; do.. i-'Ai, it**; U. S. 5 s lu-4t) s. Coupons, 97 7-30's. ?; Canton Co, ?; Cumberland Coal Co. prerd, 3l; Quirk, silver M mine Co .3i ^ : N-w York Central R.R , 1l5\. br-t- Railway, 57#: Hudson River R R? ?; Reading R R, 1M*; Michigan Cen'ral K H., 10%; Souttirrn and N. Indiana R R.. 76*,; do. guaranteed, ?; Illinois Central R.K.. 115*,: Cleveland and Pittsburg K R., 78*; Chicago ??d Northwestern R. R.. 3.1, do. preferred. ?*; Cleveland and Toledo K. R . H7V Chicago and Rock Island R R? 9t;> Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago R R. r'\, Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, 27; Pacific Mail, ?. Gold. 2 p. m , 134 %. EXPORT* DT RING THE PAST YEAR * I-rum a statement of the exports of domestic '< produce from the United States during the six mouths* ending December 31, 1986, the fol- | lowing de ails are mads at the Bureau of Sta- j tistics The total value of domestic exports 1 was f 172.(61,129, of this sum the principal ! amount was cn cotton, the exports of which 1 footed up ?51,15( ,318. The next most important item was gold and Bilver, which were as follows Gold bullion, ?7,337.728: silver bullion, *5 895,037; gold coin, ??.5d63i; silver coin. 1 ,f?74..'6?>: manufactures of gold and silver, <28,103. The br*Bdstufl~6 figure up *2>>,379,lt4 Next in order comee oils, the export value of which amounted to *17.2*0,173, nearly all of whicb was petroleum Provisions amounted to *14,V*2.4?1, ol which *5.035,rt7(> was cheese : lone. Tobacco. ?ll.S42,2?7. Agricultural im- ' plrmcnts, 559g,i24; cosl, ?1,051,520. SI BVEYS IN IDAHO Instructions have b?-en iseued by the Commissioner of the General Land Om?e. placing under the control of tne Surveyor General of ' Idaho Territory the sums appropriated by Cong:esa for the surveying service in that j Territory during the next flscal year. Th* ! *rPrtPr'1"?1" *or *ork in the fl*>ld amount to *z5.<iu, wbich is to be expended at rates not e*dina 815 lor standard lines. <|*> town* *hip, and ?lo for section lices. The public laoo system of surveys has been recently Introduced in that Territory. Maps of the State of Oretoa and Was^ligton Temto*y. upon which a-e represen el tt? public surveys wrh the topographical features and poiHicsl sal divisions, have b? ea sent to the sur>e\or? ol uiote districts with instructions to make such addfinns n the names of towns, rivers, streams, witereoar-ss. and indicate therein timtar, meadows, and mineral localities with such otber natural obiects as will give coirpl-tci in all respect* tj the mip of said surveying di-tricts which are intended to accompany tha next annual report of the Commissioner. CHANGES IN THE SECOND MILITARY DIS<>eneral D. E. Sickl??, Commander ot the 3d Ltuurict. has issued the following order dated Charleston, S. March 20th. 1867: The undersigned hereby resumes his daiies as liepartmont Commscaer, . Nrevet Major Gen J C. Robinson will re. turn to his s-ation at RaPlgb, N.C., and resum# his duties as District Cjmmandtr Brevet Capt. J. Clous, 1st Lieut. 6th lutan. I try, saving jolted from detached service will resume Lie duties a* Acting Assistant Adin. ! rant General of this Department, relitving Brevet Major General John R. Myrick. l<t Lievt. 3d Artillery, from the operation of General Orders. d. E. Sick lbs, Major General Commanding. EXPORTS FROM GREAT BRITAIN. Advices received at tne Bureau of Statistics how that the declared value of British and Irish produce and m.\nu;actureexp?ted from the United Kingdom to the United States duriug the yearendiag Dec 31, 1S66. was ?& . 4S4.146. This does not include the exports from the British Colonies, nor the export from the United Kingdom of the produce of other countries, the value of which has not keen ofcially reported. NATAL ORDERS. Paymaster A. H. Oilman has h?en detached Trom duty as Paymaster at Portsmouth, N11., on April lat. and ordered to continue to act a? Paymaster and Ianpeetor ia charge provtsions aad clothing ?f tne Navy Yard at that place. Paymaster J. N. Carpenter has been ordered to duty as Paymaster at Portsmouth, N. H.. on April 1st. Acting Assistant Paymaster 'Wilbur Ivea h<s been honorably discharged. to date from January 3J. 1?6J. MAXIMILIAN. Reliable information has been received here that Maximilian only waits in Mexico to make the best pecuniary arrangements that he can, and that he will certainly leave the country before the 1st of Jnly. ? VAll eyes are now upon the Connecticut lection, which takes place on Monday next for Governor, Congressmen, and members of the Legislature. The canvaas on both sidss is of the most active kind, and the election will be. it is thought by some, a close one. The Re- ! publicans,however.aresaagume of success by a majority of at least i.uoo. Assist art Commissioner.?Col. Charles H. Smith, of the 28th infantry, has been appointed Assistant Commissioner of the Freed. Din's Bureau for the State of Arkansas. Lovers of art should not fall to see tne Hue painting, "Charity,- now en free exhibition at Markriter s, 4?* 7th street. ? A__ 1*t*b*al Rxtrvvb?The receipts from this source to-day were $.102,002 64. ' Pbrrokal.?Captoin A. M Peanock, U. S. N., Is at the Ebbitt House Mbxico?A French steamer from VeraCruz has arrived at New York. Just as she was leaving Juares was at Nan Luis Potoei, where the Liberals have concentrated. The Imperial forces would leave ssoa, and a decisive battle was expected near san Lute. The Liberals are closely besieging Vera Crax, and exchanging shots with the garrison. Csstelaau arrived at Havana on the 15th. Maxaine was hourly expected oa the frigate Soueraia. Reports of a defeat of the Liberals sear Querrtaro reached Matamoras on the 12th lust, aad were extewnvelT circulated by the local press of that city aad Brownsville, but tber? Wao truth in them. No news of a gen i at engagement had been received in San Lais up to the 2-th ult. Maxunillian. who had moved out of Queretaro on the 24tb, had returned. The Liberals had advanced their lines within seven miles of CIueretaro. Heavy guns bsd been sent to the front from San Lais. Juarez was sull there. Humors of aa at. tempted arraagement by Maxlmillian with the Liberals-are very rUe. Q.uir6aga is said to bav? been taken prisener at Zelaya. Cortiaas professes to acknowledge allegiance to the Liberal Government, and has b?en ordered to the interior. All quiet in the Stnte of Tamauiipaa. tSTA yoang lady, jast arrived ia Portland, by steamer, died of sea-sicmess. i^Tbe latest report of aa appreachlag marriage is that of Maggie Mitchell. MTPrince Salm Sain* whe fought in the late war oa the Union side, is now aa Imperialist commander id Mexico. MTV Port Tobacoo (Marylaad) Times says that the prevailing bad weather will iaterfere. to a very considerable extent, with the talsiag af aa average crop of tobacco duriag the eo?tag seasoa. $ telegraphic"newa.^t -? ? V - r PROM El'ROPC TO DAY. [By Cable to tbe Associated Preaa.1 loiuon, March 2??Noon.?Con tola tit38 %; Illinois Centra^ TOjg; U.S. s-tf.!, *AHKro*T- March^ ?Noon.?U. S. 5-30'a, * 1 aris. March 27?Noon?U.S. 5 'O'e, UV *ate7?r*- ^VM*rc5.27-Nooo._CoUaa dull, . vv^mih^m ^ ' Miadh"r Uplands. 13V* *lrS u! "2*?Drl"V,n-l;r?; ,lrpad8tufr>. dull; cJiit- 'Tn. and 13* ?d. for On.i 5r,H ??3d ; Btrtejr. 4. -id.; M < M , fwf t ,.u, Bacon. r p?t??~mT*: ^rd' wrM: Sp,r,t* Turh^STs^?* or the narket Consols n2?mrn ?5on'-'?lfhth and the ruling tig. now ia f>1 s tor money. -^?h^Tt *rt1c,7, b'T" and at Ltrerpoal are without quotable change la the House of Commons last evening the reform bill paaa?d to a second readme wiihout a dissenting voice I>eha<e on (be question has been nTed for April 8tn On April 4tb th e budget will oe debated. Pork Packing ! the West. ci*ciH?ATt, Ohio. March 17.?The Pr, r Cvrrm',, to day ihe annual report of the pork | tcking in the West The tot 11 number of boas was *2 4*i/> *>vi against 1.705.355 last seasoS jZ gJSiSli "Tnr^LW;^hl, was *"* pounds, against -Jl-i lti pounds last season The shipment of hogs, last year, over the Baltimore A Ohio and Pennsylvania C?*atril Railroad during this season amounted to 512 . 1H heart, againsi 4U5,I6-.' last season. The great increase was over tb? Pannsvlva ma Central Railroad. ' The C aata Rita, Atlantic and Pacific Rail, read. MbwYoBK, March ';.-The Costa Rica In? Sb7"iCfc-^ri""SS-???,npanr bl? contracted with t-iil. hdward Mc'Jovern, of Penu?vlv* fl,S' 't. *nDer,,lt"n<l 'he surrey of the route conceded by the government of Costa Rici connecting tbe Atlantic and Pacific oceaSs' having excellent harbors at its terminus The rou.e through a health*, prodncUve and populous region l"'e Mariif Disaster. Boston. Marh <7 ?The steamship China, on March isth, fell-In w.-t, tt?e bark Achilles of Live rpool, from Cardiff for St. Joal'. N V in " Tbe vessel was ab indonid, and alMianrtt. we|y taken off by tb? China. RBPUBLIOAM CLUB THIRD ?0M*|| 'M7S O'clock O.ini" one, m* aah 27 st* IF" JT*NTiO?"i' C?t0,1 "4K MS7~AT &?> wT.WheldiT Oe'JEla uinr'nlTS ,otj-witfsfs1 55#%ssa 0mw*1" _Q- W. MASON, Be? Sec. rr3?TBBA8URY dipartm ?nT " IkJ* Ojfitt OJ CnmptrolUr of the (Vrr/-*rv. .bivnr^,^ mhtrvrit Comptroller ef the (Jurr< ne'v rr?-"TBKA8UBT D*PABTM?NT, ~ lAj f'jfire ofTomp-r, IUr ,J the Currency. cnUuaJ mm S* hoStSatV.e^lrAf C M f 11 0 TeOlie??^ MatioDAl Rank in 1 JL ^ ** " ?t ?nch note* will bi n%id ma 17-wtt Comptroller of the Onrr?ncV. rf 3-*T*lA8CBr I'BPABTMBBTT "" 1^3 Ofi't < f Comptroller ?/ the C*rr,Hr?, lawful mo.*,\t thetll^d Nt?at'. rl" ^ p"id in mn of the ?aa.. a, .he _U'h r-w4t Comptroller nf the Ourrfnc'r TV* A,^OF CLINICAL lilCTCBIS menciag la ApfiuM',e?Si?l?;"? "" r^-KBOlBTRY N*?T10R - Matlea la ^RD^hM of'a,??.?,n **toa'6 reciter voters and'r the a!t d t0 fakVl7le^l.,r!LVi> 6 ,Ui7' ?mt1 t|pd^ Aa ^toVSgghste.g r -f^t. -m'i^JSSfflirtt: ?na nWf!?%V^?l?5 ?*B'DAT.theI7th o'clock ? " f?r t^f'^'wyroo i to 7 cording their naa< a. p rpo**ofr#?#I^Bg and re **h" 9 V POr?B. JJJ=*?8T A BLI8B ID 18||, iTi riu^.1^! A irbguhoh. '""."A^kSWWuVs^'"'0*" \ J M'o'oVoV.?.1 " R W- '--WtT6 DAV jtjl?? valag4 g&4pe8 ''HO1?? BAN AB A*, 8' ITALIA* OON8BBVBD WROTABlvas 1UI boxes MBBdIRA ORA vnVa ?_ 17 "* der andawaet "?a>OB8.1b primearWbnieaale and retail at mZ7 U I'lAESON 8 Prnlt Depot. JRHIA CRIRA DIMNIB BITS, JC8T IMP01T1D. I For sale low at l MODQH A BIBCH1, | laiportera aad Jobbers of China. Ola*. ??h i ^aeensware, U7 Calvert str^?,* SfeoV? ! It* j fO T H PUBLIC! ' ofTke ? .11 kaowa Be^uraat and Confectionery ! THOMAS POTBNTIRI, ! 879 PeansfIvaaia avennr having ? I "to the hands of sn experienc-dC'iTt^raV ?!<'??* entire house beiny remoduled, Ac k? mil iV ' PscttnllT inform (he paMIc th* b. U -^1 i .r*, ' t o famish all the dslicViee or the-* asoVin^*,1 Cla?? style and price* to defy co-np.tition W, 1 din? and Dinner Partly -ItanJ. I to at the rial uea<*ea of private families n, h J7 3 rjpRB MAMMOTH CATTL1 BBTUHRBBD BY H 8 i'ABNIS Will b? displayed and for aale at the ter Market. Stalls Hoe. 28 aad 39, on SATURDAY, March aoth. 1947 The Maaaaoth Bollock, OKHBEAL ORART, grown in Clap couaty, Kentucky, la the flarst avar displayed la Waakington, weighiag in, ?oa?^ my-st* J~Z IIW BOOKS. U?T Beceived bp the '*Ha?aoa Taylor Konir aad Stationary Store " ?34 Pa avenue a?7-3t lOhron., lat * Coa Uaioa ] Bj H.Vi. 0.U " ?" ???.. leaves from the Battlefield af Oattyahurc a mm waa'saii ?d mt! at jChroa . I jt. A Boa. Uaioa.1 20 PSR CBHT lRTBSTMBRT^ ~ BYBBY OOYBRHMBHT OLBBR OAH GBT A LOT CRRAP A* R. M. HALL'S RBAL B8TATR BXCHAHOK, LODISIARA AYRHUB COR. OB 7TR ST. OO TMRRR ARB B1HK YOUB SO PBR OBRT u4i^i^^'"K ?i"r"h*Mi * . *?? lKrr.s-^.^ i: unr raicia , and On J'UllIf STOCK is tbi citt ^foliVTSd* ACKlJ^OISSflH011*1* 1 At 'is mmU Prmcticnl MAHUPACTORY OB JAMBS S. TOPHAM ft00. Xsil ^Frwyiy axtoutad bp lbs tad vstesa. pogHSstSF0 < m., i l CIQWfiaSlONAL. W?W?*r>AT, March 27. Sihatb ?Mr Howard asked for the r*f?r?ltr w the CX/mnutwe on tbe Jud<ciMv ul - s'at*mMot the teak or Commerce of N~W Voiit, to lb* effect that to December, i?i, Mr. Ttiofbas, now applying here tor a sett a? a Senator from Marvlaud, bad, as Secsetary of the Treasury, withdrawn (be rands which were to be applied to the payment of ?& iaterest on L'enetl Sim*** bond*,' for the purp *e or dishonoring tbe national credit. Mr Cameron, from (be Committee on Agriculture, reported a joint resolution appropr'- i atiug ? .o.uMt from tbe? Kreedmen's Bureau to b?* us? d by tbe Commissioner of Agriculture to i put chase seeds for distribution in tke Southern States. | Mr Cattell hope! tbe resolution woa'd he pss-ed. Tbere Was notbmg which would benefit the South more ihan tbe dist ibutiou of these iwd?. Air. Pomeroy said JJO.OOO would b? a mere dTop In tbe bucket. < Mr. Catteli knew that it would, but it would help a good deal. Tbe joint resolution was then passed. 1 Mr. Harlan, trom tbe Committeeou the I)Utrict or Columbia, reporteu tbe bill simple, mentary to the act incorporating the Newsboy's Home of the District ot Columbia Mr. Henderson, fiom tbe Finance Committee, reported a bill to provide lor me repair*, Ac., ot the levees on tbe Mississippi - wbicb, on bis motion, was recommitted to tne commi'tee. Mr Tbajer, trom tbe Committee on Indian Afiairs. rcpor-ed the bill relative to tbe removal and relocation of Indian tribes, which provides that no tribe shall be removed until a treaty has been made with it to tht.t effect and a new reservation selected, aud alao that no li ust moneys sbail beexpenoed unlet* in pursuance ot a treaty . which was passed , Mr. Morrill (Maine) leported tbe bill sup- I pl> ing deficiencies in the appropriation for the I contingent expenses of tbe Senate for the current fiscal year. The amendment of the House striking outl tbe clause making 'he amount paid to the*] newspapers of Washington for publishing th?* laws tbe same as that paid elsewhere, was not concurred in. Mr. Henderson offered an amendment gp. I preprinting " Tor tbe expenses of lndiun tribes visiting Washington. j HorsE.?On motion of Mr. Ortb, (lnd..) tbe I Senate bill to charter the Lincoln Monument Association of the City of Washington, was taken from the Speaker's table, considered I and passed. Mr. McClurg (Mo.) introduced a resolution I wbich was agreed to. directing tbe Secretary of War to send to tbis House tbe report of tbe I Committee of Inspection sent in 1^66 by the I Commissary l>epartment to tbe Pacific coast. I Mr. Boutwell, (Mass.,) from Committee on Judiciary, reported back the House bill rela- I tive to tbe claims! of certain northern creditors I of southern banks and firms, and recommend- I ed concurrence in tbe senate amendmen is. Mr Scbofield (Pa.) said this bill was .n effect I simply to authorise the Secretary of the Trea- 1 surv to pay the claims wbicb loyal men of the North had upon certain Southern rebels, out 1 ot money taken from tbe banks at New Or- I leans. Tbe Northern creditors still had a claim upon tbe Southern debtors, aud should collect I from them. Mr Bntier(Mass.)explained tbatthismoney I bad been sewed by Conted>rate State receivers I and confiscated a* tbe property of Northern ] men When the Cnited States forces took pos- I se.-.-ion of New Orleans much of this money I was found in tbe banks of tbatcity. The money would have been paid to tbe loyal owners, ex- I cept for ihe tan that there was not enough to | pay all the creditors, and it was therefore sent | to the Treasury Department to be distributed pro rata. Tbe money was not taken as tbe property of the Confederate Government but a* I property of Northern creditors, which had I been confiscated by the Confederate Govern- I meut. aud this confiscation did not in the least I change tbe right or the creditors to the money. I Mr. Scofield called attention to tbe fact that I early im the year a vestel belonging to a citizen I of Pittsburg was captured by the re.hels, aud afterwards recaptured oy our own forces, yet I the I'cited States Government refused to give I the vessel up to tbe owner. Mr. Hutler contended that the case referred I to was not analagous to the one under dis- I cnssion. Mr. Scofield moved to lay the bill and I amendments on thp table, and it wa9 agreed to. I Tbe Speaker laid before tbe House the action I of ihe Senate in relition to adjournment. Mr. Schenck (Odlo) mg> ved to amend so as to I provide for an adjourbment on to-morrow I i n'il tbe first Wednesday in June and the first I Wednesday in September of tbe present year, I unless the Pa^aident of the Senate and the I Speakemut *n jtHiy shall by joint proclama- I tloii dalhr' f tbur^Tiere is no occasion for 'he I meetinanA^pugres* at tbe times specified. la I adTOcanl^^.is amendment said thy agreeing | to the course proposed by the Senate would I leave Congress witnont power to come together I except upon a call of tbx President. He likened I such action on tne purtof Congress to a retreat, I or the falling bark of an army from advanced I lines Tbe Fortieth Congress bad assembled. I and should now remain here, to apply such corrective legislation aa may become neces- I sary. Mr. Van Trump fO ) said Mr. S^benck's I amendment proposed to invest the Speaker of I tbe House with a power which the Gonstitu- I tion did not recognize. Mr. Suencksald his proposition was simply declaring a recess of Congress. Mr Eldridge, (Wis.) asked if it did not pro- I poke to delegate to the Speaker the power to ad- I journ Congress. Mr. Schenck (turning to tbe Republican I members) asked if they did not see tbat all tbe I Democrat* desired an adjournment of Con- I gress. | Mr. Chanler (ti. Y) made the point ot order tbat tbe gentleman must address tbe Chair Mr. Schenck said be wonld then call npon all the Union Republican members to note the tact tbat all on the other side desired an ad- I lournment. They wanted Congress to go away I and keep out of the way. They don't want I these questions to come np, and tbev would I prefer tbat no Congress sbonld be here, so that I ihe President could bave full sweep, and if in I tbe absence of Congress any decision was I made adverse to tbe action or Congress there is no doubt npon which side tbe President I would be found. Mr. Schenck fur'ber argued I hai CongTesa should not adjourn until some- I .hing waa done in regard to Maryland ir not, ! tie believed the scenes of bloodshed in New I 'Jrleana would be repeated before the next | meeting ot Congress. After some further I tiscussion, Mr. Scbenck's amendment waa igreed to?yeas 74, nays 51. * ! B. M. BALL'S BIAL ESTATE EXCHANGE. H#^ T1 La. evsnna,corner of 7th street LOTS OF LOTS i FOB 1ALB. NOBTH PABT OF 0ITY, On 14th street. CHANCE FOB ALL. LOHO PAYMENTS. IT LOTS OH BBODB ISLAND AYENUB, ^ Between 14th and 16th etreeta, ? LOTS OB 19TH BTBBBT, Hear tbe above. 1ft LOTS OB NOBTH P STBEBT. Hext te 14th street. These are all nice LOTS, and sffers a rare chauce to clerkato invest your jo percent. hff 8t I^BEHCH WOYII WHALBBOBB OOBSBTS MADAMB PBIHCB'S, 88 MABK.BT SPACE. The money refunded if not as represented This great and real Astrslodit can positively tell ths Past, Present, and Fntur* brlat bJc? the absent, help all In Love or Trouhls. anI cans" 5th Office bears from a. m. tou p m Fees? todies. |l; Siitoi $1. mhisiw* JJATS FOB TBI BPJUBfl WBAB. The Broadway sty Is SILK MATS. Tonng Man'e SILK HAT. tl New snd beantlfnl shapes HhTBaad OAFS'* for yonng men and bor?. Batter,814 Femeylvaataa venae, _mh K in . near corner itta atrect. HM^ tv I^^re.^d to reduce a took , I offer for sale, at greetfigBi bargains and cn easy teraw? >11111 {MofWf. Bradbirr A Co's * ? . rteolT P^VoWiirt .TOKfiS! M alee every article In the *arts bueinee* ^ _ JWlB F. BLLIS. Ah Salt 308 Pass, aveans, aear loth at. AUWfilienrittovi. ~ Taa Uasai.^tiii trriviia t>v ** ? * hA*a )iral>iif??tiiti *fct, i bourn nmtpas ?&ve?Wpzu jim ?3u?.i2 in ,a# star* n?t r^t?fw at ill# Collector'? often tk<*<#? rM. ihl 5i?t"' ^ K wltt COrn and oof** |Mck and a If K^.n ^l, with coaj to the O-nJ V?" . 1 were shut oat by the of tbL season"mUd "0t ?! lb* C?*1 fle*t WacH^tr Exchargb ?Offerings? hi itadi rro whwti, 3., On buehels yellow corn SM> (.bis family flour. &*, bbls axiru flour, mm 100 kbU "pw.a? this. n?f, ^ ^k. ortirrow anrt "idling*. Sales?

Jftf- M ^H?"* *l tM 405 ^ bbU UmHT' iHi m i? cBtMtrm, at tl3; su bbls. flu*. ft ?11 50, M&rkPt ttMdj. Alf Bpbmtt, wit, o"*aior# and mimic, will s;,r,DhVi;ixr,ar Pkovkbs Kbst. ?Considering th? bad conat *11w.*'Jl>r r,"c',,pti ot cattle , at UroTm Kni have been wry ttir. The I average prices of ?oo.l to prime cattle during the week were 99 and $0 per 100 lbs. ,"?*T ?T O?otorrow*.- Eaurtd and ' ZZlVVU Norlolk, Vance master, from s!p,m,rpWh!uH,iWK"l0'lrclllI1<',# Entered? Steamer Philadelphia, Fu>x master from 1'biladelpbia, with ' (itiOKUETOWN ADVKR'MTS. Cm'ilLeU^h**.*^0" * vy niLLCH 8 I Of Hri'lve rtrMt O^arMtnvn 1?.< ,a large stack of Ppriag end Bu -merGoo ii' embracing cfcolce fire** G *d* in the Inte.tao^e!tia*. Ai*o. m.o o itriliOillcf>#i at I2H 15 in*-' *11 cente; B>aa,|.ad ?4 Cnbl-achTd A 16 18 ]licent*; anterior Shirtfng. j.s cents h >oseOloths. Oa?-<tmeree-and Dril inc< ?'?* " Corsets. H.,s"ry !!?.? i ?vr '4o?** been pnrch*s*d f..r ! c*?h since the rtc? at decline and great t?ar*ains i r,a? be expected b, all who mar lVvor uri^h" mh NMnn* BINJ AM1N MILLER WM. H WHEATLBY'S PBEttTuM mtBah DYKING AND CL?" SIMQ ar*AM I ?. ? ESTABLISHMENT Established \l ?i,fl1?r"0,, ,!, Georgetown,D. O. ttbliibed in 1831, premium awarded br the Metropolitan Institute 18?7: rebuilt 14*6 anVit fi?r b" ^A* Ur?*M and Mtco.piete ?.tlb h iLk,B4 lhl" ^" ' a of country mLni?" *? Sc*Br,n* ot <?*n? ?n the beet Italy thankful for plat far ore. the aut>err?h?r *?nn .y.V.* ca"t0? of ?he ceamiaoitr /i , received and returned by expreea with the utjrost promptneaa and despatch Poat Cfhce ai'dreae. Lock Bor Ho ?0. Oflice cloeeadally at eaaaat exoeat Bitardiv fe I6 <tm Afabm Or ITHBQUALLKD IXCILLBMUB IB CflABLtB 00UNTl", 1,000 AUBES, grandly laprovad. UNI GRIST MILL on place, three burrs ef atoae. LABQB 0B0HABD, and 109 acre* under apleadld caltlvattoa. Tblsi* a meat extraordinary chance. 400 ACBESOP SBAKDOAK TIMBXB Bealtby location. FOB BENT. * ABM OF 6? ACBBB, eeer Potomac, fire miles from eity. House of Ire rooms, Stable, Hen bouae Ac. Good laad. A FLACK OK 20 ACBKS. House of four rooms; near cit*i cheae B M. HALL A 00, Seal Estate Bxcbange, m?7-st Wo 71 La. avaane, eor. 7?h street WTIEB A HKOTHEB. ? 4*g PENMA. AVENUE. H*ve just received a An<? a<?ertment or Chromo Lithographs, Nut Cracker* and others. A'ao a choice lot of Pocket Booke and Knives, Bt- reo scopic Views, Halmes' Stereoscopes, and Oval Frames. The latest Poetical and Pro?e Works I,y >a?t authors. Also, keep constantly on band superior Stationery of all kinds. Cook books aad Toy Books in great variety. m 15 lw M1LLINEBY. ? MBS. B<>CKWOOD ha* reniove.1 to No. 4 34 15tb stree t.i I'lant's^^m uuildina ) where, in addition to her usual^B >ock of seasonable .willimlr y.^w i for sale in aum* to suit pur GOLl?hMt arket prlc? **ld for A**HICAH . ..LEWIS JOHNSON A CO , Banker*. , Jt7:? a?a Penna. avenue. 1 I^BBBA UOTTA.-W. have? j?t r?-o lead iiTiI aortment of TERRA OOTTA V'AtES, suitable fer Lawns and O^meterle* ' " J W. BOTELEB A BBO , ? Hoj'?e Furnishers. | 3^0, Mets- rott Hell. I O^LT 35 CENTS FOE A GOOfi HEAVT iiJ??r of BBHIBH BOOKS. Gentlemen* CMl>B< HHIRTH and 0BA all prices, I _?h 14 m . ????!> F,"S.7.VS8.KS,i!K u c.eorgitows I JohN GIl^fON, having been dt I Jajed in discharging her carto in jnm. ew lork on accoant ef storm> I Sf*tber will leave New York on*BHBHfiB ^ Vit Kw,Ar!4 ?i fr?"' Fler I ni'ifi? ?k 1 Shippers will send their orders I nanilng the steamer which will sail as named I aad arrive*er? on Friday. named, 1 __ J. W. THOMPSON. I 1 "n*1"'.? ?, KNIGHT 1? receiving freight I in Georgetown for New York and wfll leave I h<jL'VhtoiT aoasiso. ?' m** ? J W. THOMPSON. J^JEMBIU OF OON(.BBBs AID STBAN* I OBBS ! atocVof I#aW th6 Cltr ,nv,ud t0 ?*mlne oar WATCHVB. I JEWELRY. BILVBR AMD PLATED WABI I FINE FANS, OPEBA GLASSES. ' { ENGLISH AMD AMBBICAN POCKKT AND TAKLE COTLEBY, Ac. Those dedriLg to oarry home PBESENT0, will find our stork to embrace all the newer styles of good* designed for that eipeclal purpose M W GALT A BEG , mh 3t Jewelers.3ft4 Peaaa av. /"^EO. W. MITCHELL, THOS A. MITCELL. j MITCHELL * SOE, UAL ESTATE BEOKimS, Have constantly on hand a large number of HOUSBS AMD BUILDING LOTS In the mast deairahle localities Prices from 61 000 to #30.100 Building Lots from two cent* to per Kjuart foot. A number of en tire Squares of groond at aach figures that any eatarprfslag I' man commanding the means might purchase,sub divide and sail them in small lota daring the approaching spring at a profit of m to7? per oeat. WltL an axperlaaca of 1? years In thia city in the above business, (belnff the first firm established I here,) we confidently asaart that aar facilities for a read* sale or <*iuck purchase caanat be excelled Aa an illustration of the rapid increase la property, we sold a faw years back square of groond corner 14tb and Bounday far $a,flOO? win command to day *> MM); *).008feet on 7th street ft $7 mn? win bring to day 930,0?; sold la 18>4 tweaty-four loU for SlJ0?-wilI bring ta-dar Sia.oou. With ylaaanra will wa refer to the purchasers. Tk* same opportanitlee now axl*t as then. We have nnmereu* Investments which will PW? *eJL? Bspeclally da wa call the at trnnonof thoea desiring to Invent In or disaoee ?(. first class Meal Batata Paper Maay ??? 'a U. S. aeeuriiles. paying 7 par eaat *blch. If Invested In good Eeal Estate Rotas. weald pay them trom ! to 14 per cant. _ Persons das irons of either baying or selling Baal ?t firal<|ass Baal BstateNotee, win eonBait their Interest by calUng on M1T0HBLLA BOH, Beat Estate Broken, 9?dtheeat aoraar Pea a'a ave. and 1Mb at. F We place bo propsrty on aar hooks at ezMITCHELL A SGE. 0OAL. IBO^. AMD OIL"^ fL^i AmerTar * FtABQK VAYLOM. - h A, h W s^EJUtBoTT LINKS. pJTvMAC TBAftaruRTATloB libb fob Itkiu fretebt'cdi&'otoe it 4QUI4 OIHI With M<>HMOMlr FRED> BICK8 B?RO AMD POTOMAC RalLBOAB-^AUfc. ^k*MM*rBXrMU. Cast A. Bickle. aad itNMr KHMBSBBC.Capt John B. WllMl, 1?*T* Wuhliitoi from Slath atroot Wharf ?Trn m? BATDKD4T. M ft. m .for Baltlm-?re. t?4 matl w?t luilnfi w Potomac river BU-ta'aiar Iht* Balthaore #?rr tnuon ?4 m. For further Inform stl<? apply ^ J. B. BIT41 A BBO . mk it tf Wo. IP fn?itl*wl? ?t?. u ilubak w4l?l/ft b*all 0 FPU THE EASTERN SHORE. MOTIGH.?The BUM WILS#M SMALL. 04FT . T. LI(M4R0, tow in il rNVKti odk of tfet UuckMt,B?4^E? most comfort ski* and t?tnwri plying OhiMMiki B?r, will mim k?rr?iUoi(A10ttBiT, BircbM SktlratM her tirr oppmlti |o .70 Light etreot wharf. Baltimore overt TUESDAY, thuimb4t. and bati BB4T atf p ..for KASTOXFOIXT, DOUBLEMlLLS.OXrdMD r^QRA'SFOTXT, WA LLACH S WHARF. CAMBRIDGE HUGH LETT'S WHARF, CABIX CREEK. MKOFnKD S WHARF. aad LLOYD'S LAXDlSO. Returning from THE EASTERN SBOBB.eho wojdv L?i4idi at 1 p.m., Cambridge at 4 Vm.and Baa too Point at 8 a m ,?wrr Monday, dneodav and Fri<ta? .touching at all latarma dlate Undlnge. aad reaching Baltimore at t a. m. th? followlac aortiaii. Bhf^bai n large number of (In* alata-room*. i R""?" V/ff R[2SaS~""D M TO TRATELLRRS OOIMO BOOTH Twrca DAILY, (Bandar p. m. egoepted.l Tbe (lalekaat aad moat direct rovta to Rtehmoad a .and thofeoath. via tbe Potoma* ^ steamers from 7th Street^# Washington. do Agala Crook and^*i^W Richmond. Frederloksbarg and Potoaiar Railroad, to RlrftaiOBd, Va,connecting there wltbtralaa oa tbe Bltbmoad and Petorabarg and Richmond and PecviUt Bail road a,Jfor Petersburg Wfldoi, Wll irlng on Raleigh, Oroensboro'. Saliebary Char* !0?t?an* < It rata r. 8 O Steamers Ktraori aad O Taaderhilt Imt? 7th Btreet Wharf duly (Bandar ?T?aln? eacepted) at 1 V a. m aad 6 M p. m. aad trrlv* la Richmond at 1 ?p m and 1 ?5a at. THROUGH TO BIOHMDBD IB BBTBM HOUBfe fiftr Miles Bhortar aad ?H Hoar* Qutokor thaa aw tHhor Route Bo paro aad cot Through Tickets via Atula Orook aad Frederiokebarg, to Rtehmoad, at tha Oompaay 'a OBtoo, ooraor of Peaaa. ami* aad dtk atroot, or oa hoard of the boa tn Bmpi* ohookod through. Omal husoes aad B*u*|o Wagons will ba In roodiaess to eonvsy passengers and.baggage ba twooa dapota la Riohmoud. Passeagers by thia liaa papa by daylight Moant Teraoa. aad may haveaa opnortnnlty of vlaltiag several battla flalda aoar Fredericksburg hp atop ptng at that point Broakfaat aad an oa board a# Btnain. GEO. MATTIMOLYBnpt .Washington, B O. ?. B. MATT1MGLY, Ttekat^iynt^W^ehtegtoa apHy Boaoral Pa?agor 4goat. BOOTS, SHOEsTte BOOTS AMP BHOB8. flBR fB IBV TT 0 Tha noderstgned boga loo to to Inform hi* frlenfc and the public generally that be baa opoaod tha MBW CHEAP STORE. Mo. #09 7th ier Odd Fellowa' Hall, wbora ha baa on band a genaral assortment of Ladies' aad Oont lemon's, Boy "a Misses and Children's. BOOTB AMD SHOES Bomembor tho aambor. 409 7ta atrpot. onlar Odd Fellow#' l|a|i TkO Maw Ubaap Btora. for "a"',t0r*i*EOROB B. WILBOB. Evbkmat flocb Hanufoctured by D L Sboomakar. The abo to an parlor l.ranJ of FLOCE. in bMa and ?p pound Kacka, conatoatly on haa<1. anl for aalaliT OB*' W 4TBBB. Comtnlaaion M-r< bant. Ho II* HiL'li at and Oonal. mh M 2w | ltit-14< bron] Ooorgot. wn. 1> O erchant Tai bOltl NO IH 4LL ITS DKP4RTBBHTS. Gentlemen wiabing to ecouomiao, and at tbe ain e tima obtxin the . _ _ BEST U4BMEHTS, ^fft 4re Incited to examine our new 11 CLOTHS, 04S81HEBB8. WW 4MB VB8TFB0B.-*whicb we will make to order at much CHB4TBB R4TRB thaa the aaaal *ity price*. WALL, STEPHENS 4 00., HS'i Pe. a a avenue, mbSI 6tif [ Int] between Pth am luth alreeta U~b IB' ? LOT HI MO . Mew atock ana fall aapply of all alrap at LOW PIII'IB. W4LL. BTBFBBVB 4 OO.. mh g 6tlf [Intel) 3*ii Pom.'a aranao ^pbimg oloth1bg. Having received oar Spring Btylea, we caa offor eeatlemea groat bargalaa la OYBE004TB AMD MATCH SUITS of allqualiuea STEPHENS 4 CO , 3-J-J Pen no areaae, mb2S-Mlf (lot] botwaea Pth aad lOtb atreeta. ^ CALVEBT FOBD. DBC0018T AMD GHBMIBT. Bo. 990 Paanaylvaaia aveaao, Koopa oonatantly oa haad a frooh aapply of PUBB DRUGS AMD FlHB CHBMICAhS j ALSO. a largo stock of all yopalw PATBBT MBD1CIBBB, together with BHGLISH ABD FBBMCH BAIE. TOOTH ABD BAIL BBCBBBo. ABD POMADM, BOAPB ABD PBBVUBBBT. which I offer at a a ma 11 ad vaace above coat. Bale Agoat for tha aala of "Bamarltaa a Gift. Blokrlne."' Metcalfe's Bhoamatlc Oompoaad, aad Trl earn are, the groat Haglisb remedy. mh ?oott pOTATOBB! POTATOES 11 3^00 baahela Mo 1 Ja%km>n WHITE F#TATOKS aow landing from ecbooaer B. 8. Tonng, and for sale on accommodate as terms by J . O W4TBRS. mh K-lw 109 Water atroot. Ooor>ret4?wn QEMTLBMBB'B FUBB1SBIM0 GOOD8. We would invite apooial attention to oar largo aaeortmeat of F1BB SHIRTS. UMDBB 04BHBBT8, H0S1EBY. 4c.. Ac.. WALL. BTBPBBBB A OO , 3*9 Pena'a aveaae. mhSS-<Uf [IntJ hotweoaPth aad mh atraoto hBPABTMBBT OF TBI IMTMIUOB. LF fimioi Orrica. Jatr 18th, IBM. . TO ALL WHOM IT IBAT OOBOBBM. _ Appllcatloa baring baoa made aadar tho aot of June J3.I8S0. for tha raise a o of tho followlag do sort bod Load warranto, which are allegad toaave been lost or doatroyod,?Botlco la hereby given that at tha date followlag tho deocrlatfoa of aaoh warrant a aow certificate or warrant of like tenor wlll bo Ills?I a, if BO valid objectlOB should then MVVM>' JOB. B. BARRETT. Onmmtwinaeg. Bo SJBU, for 8B acres, leaned uoder the act of March BBU, la tho saaa of Ooorce Plum, aad waa grantad Angaat Uth, IdSd. March ?. 1M7. Mo. Bill for 1st acres, laaaod under the act of March SB, MM, la the aame of Jamae Hoary, ami waa graatad AprilSSd.lMl March 9S. 1*4. Mo. M 7M. for I0P acroa, issued uaSer the act of March Sd. Mis. lathe same of JohaWood, and was graniedFohraary PB. 1M7. April I, IMF. Mo. M MP for 180 acres. Issued uador tho ad of March Ml ms. la tho Bamo of Barah Wood, widow of^Eobart ^Waad. aad was graatad February K. ^Mo. ?l?5a,Vo??9B acree, lssaod uador ths act of Fobraary It, 184*. la tho aame af Samuel Had eon. aod was graatod Booomber 4. MSB. April a), I8S7. Mo.fi7JM, for 9U acree. leeaod aaler tbe act of Septembor, IMP la the aaaae of Laagdoa 0. Johnson aad wae graatod Marsh 6. IBM. April to, 1967. Mo 27 JM, for 80 acrsa, imned aadar tho aot of March 3. IBM, la tho aame of Laagdoa 0. Johasca. and was granted April 1,1H??. April 30.1^67. No. 71JSI. for 1Macree. Issaed andor the act of March 3. ISM. la tbe name of Mar v. widow af Thomas Bowling, aad waa graatod Map 8. 18M. WZAl* Msrsa, lssaod ,M. the aot of March B. 1M5, la the name of Felly Poase. widow of Cheater Pease, aad wad graatod Jaly 18, IBM. May 4.18S7. Bo. BB MB. for 18B acrss, lssaod undsr tha aot of March PdTuBS. la tho aamse oft ho mlaor ohlldroo ?'iSSttei'V it**"*' ^ 4jllT k?, tfjH, for IM aoros, Isoaad aador the act of Bo . tor Maoras, teaued aafor tho act o !!""* """ VA3* 2?Sr^^!^Sri ta tho asatppt style. Mh It-la' ' PEBHONAL. iuiw, >JMT t'?? o^.i, oi.? . n 1 4# 1% )/k^ttoi jjija h? wiii ? * ! ? S?rKS02SS.,*!Ua srSJs^iSs* sapjy&srvtr kill^a * r*ulm th* aoMr,) fc< i. .J, M?MOLiTHRTti?a.Tr A* J Ooi>|r*M U?i?| i*t,?i t* open ? Lll^?. iL V-klttlom rttj | will tf, H,?r?tUll( I /. Jj BaharvlaaiH I l**tte ?l[ M(),' MMUbStu " '"** -?? J?,y^.V!;.y.'iT.?, 1 "Vt^mpi?V?I"* L4*i,f1 ?iwiuiti ITt?W' **rrftatad fMl roiv . *2 Dbo? b> French mm*.!*; lb* receipt of which ku bee-, BurchaaeTIfi k A prteo Bkn ?ihdh of Braid'a* w M * h ? Kr.v/r.r.ef^ ?? M4IMH1ID MOT TO WiRH OUT * *!"? ?o ! *' hana* rMM. fer'ebtl Mu braid, BOe-alu*. hat !M pattern prtnt*d in tbe c .ode rudclltlo. ?irl(.? tr,?t C?? l>? WUibrd to tk? volUaii nl LAtl**' Ml-u L5*E*J? ? > ? reaow w.-mta Hew Yora.>r-*d. i "' n half Uv. i.J eo-t cf braid. Bird., nedellloae Ft*ure* .el P*t?T? WooJa aa Itfn eeated or tbe ?*> } retarMd mh Iv ?f * PB1B0B. M ** "rwt, ohmh r?i-?t 6A<? h'*/."1 " * H ALEB4I.S E ? Mb* ft I S AT || uo J *?* *all ftoeortment ef h>?t* mai* MrMb, VhklcboiH, (!?rMi St?el? tod Ho* 1, Ifttaot Bad ftll ?t,l?? of fl.>?p Bk r * 0 ?T?ra * ,J OWaBLBABAUM ? H.op Hktrt am 0?r*-i Man L'ftlalftBft betae?a rth 7th etreota. , ,m AFBJDAL AMI) Ft'BEBAL WIBtTHS HU DyriTS.( lt08>M.AII('HHii, 8Tt KS J trc??r**d in natural form. Iaii,r?>i FLo?'Kk< IAlB LOW EBM. end RKAII?INO Al?>,ln Kl^Wa8*-.."*111 l?r Bella. hf llrt FBI B8 lift* rtnotH to Mo 4#? litb.i beteeen O an1 H or ) in' ' J??HN D OLABE. ATTOBMBY AMD no I ?, BBLLOB AT LAV AMD HOTABT PUBLI Wo tilt ltth itr??l ?wn 6? |4 ' BOARDING. K?vA.?.ILI f0-0** * **?* froftt ., *?i" 'or font, with Board in pr<T*t? i>? Llr:.ft Mi 4V" ?*tw*o. r m*4 a *?r^* Dwrth T*raa modftrftU ? rv UOABU CAM PB H A I) ft ftb?rt d! !* <? |a tft* l? roHlrji with'* twrotf m.Duto* walk ot t ? ira*t ran, b> ???lylBC ftt 1ft* bond of ?.h ,tr**t* Stt'f* *kl,? bo?## oa M? hit! 31 MbS TUUtf r Mul iAl M0A*DJNG - illroir f?rn?ftftod KOOHt* ? tft i **(l< BOA BD Cftft b* bad on ??r| r*aa .faafti* t- m a itjil* K air* tftortb, Utw<-en |7tk >al Ihk f '.t'.*11' * > ' ( miftiri ikrftf Btora Mil 1< ft** r^ooD tablIToabd x?~tbb mobtb \M aouthftftftt come: ofntj, aAd H atr??U lrr '* Mb * BOABHIMC -I'bMaat ItOOHfl aud m? >i BO A BO cftft b<- ot.tftl?^ far fftmtttfta or atftcl* eutl?ft.?-ft. at Mo ^??7 nth ?tre^t wo.t A fi u* | Lftaltby loefttioft for tkft miiiser. Trrma Mod*rftta ?ib 26 St* IIOAKDIDQ ?A K ItlfMft ftiid ftia wtio or tw? Bt'OM auk B<>ABI> IB a arivftt* Unllf tr.-? tft* Mrrth Inquire ftt Mo. ?o Latr< ot. b*t*??g jd %iiC 24th. mi HANLbOMBLT riRMUHBD PABLOB AM Ik Ohfti' b?r? ftai gnoi Tahi?- Boarl, lean, ?t . trftHt- aD<3 iftal.nv locality Apptf at ;<4? K ,t N?bn? ltth and 13th at* mk ? KOOHSPOB BIST. WITB"bl~WITM(.OT loftiil, ftt U71 Vt-rnoot hhiqc, l<*t?a?n U ftB<* I ata m t tf PLEASANT AWILL FC BK lf<HIU r?j|iT B<<OHB. wltk bo*r>1 c*a bo liftd at 3-fl |t at corBT Itidtaaa bt?. Tftrwa Baodarftt?. ?h 11-tAl* A/OB KENT?I wo ?HI tarm*b-d PABLOKS oa 1 th>-trat lloor. with or without BOABD Aa ?lf J93 B at., hot. ttb ftad l"tb. fan 'T'ABLB BOABD at Mo. 114 l?tk * .? ? . . M doom aortb of tba Bftaaa Tama fa aar OBt^^^ LOST AMD FOUND." C;:^(| il*WABD WILL BK I'A ID FOB TH1 V Y? ??raUoi<aloii ? <] daliaary ?f FBI V'ATk. DVN aBI'I, a da-ar lar of ctiuptuf 'A." <4th Uaitad Btfttft* luf.<btr> Baid U oahaa l* la I^ftrBoi ft*e t teat 7 incua- b jtk . 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