Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS! AMUSEMENTS. Ac., TO WIGHT. Wail'e New urm House.?Miss Fanny Phelpe in Bouoicanlt's great play of -Pau v reitee, or under the Snow." and a* Countess Zytomir" in the "Wild Irish Oirl " National Theater?John E. Owmi a* Joshua Butter by" iu "The Victims" and a< Stolen Shingle" in "The People's Lawyer." | ST. ParL'b Ligiur Lctheraw OirtrB cjmer 11th and H streets?Grand vocal and icstrumental concer* by the cbarch choir, assisted by emin?nt mnsical talent. Sevewtb Street Pake.?Grand exhibition nd war dance by the Chippewa and Sioux tribes of Indian* ibis alter noon and evening. Poeeest Mali.. Georgetown?Alf Burner "will deiijrbt the people of Georgetown this evening with one of Dis popular enteitainneDU. which have proved so attractive in this city. The fstoir Chriptiah Cohvehtioh?The 1 uion Christian Convention, composed of delegate siid ministers of moet of the churches of tbls District, reassembled at tbe New York Avenue Presbyterian Church last evening, when, besides the delegates, there was quite a large attendance. Key Dr. A D Gillette, president, m the chair, and Mr. J. P. Tustin secretary. The fourth topic, on Sabbath schools, how can they be made more efficient, and do they receive the active co-operation and encourage, neat from Christians, was considered?Rey. A. A. E. Taylor, of Georgetown; Dr. Turner, of New York; Messrs. Pratt, Wight, A. K *LL J- C Harknes, Osgood, and K**v. Mr Dion discaesinc it. The filth topic, how can devotional meetings be made more profitable and interesting, was discussed by Kev Dr Gurl-y, Mr Norihrup, .Kev. John Bray. and Kev. Dr. Samson. The convention reassembled this morning in the session room of Dr. Gurley's church, but in consequence of the weather tne attendance was not very large. Senator Wilson was present in the morning Tbedisenssion of the HJtb topic was resumed by Mr. Osgood, of Boston Kev. W. S Port, Kev. Dr. J. G. Butler. Mr U H. Bliss, Senator Wilson. Kev. J. Ji McPalia, Kev. A. A. E. Taylor, and others. The third topic, "How can the unity of Christ's followers be better manifest to the world was aiscussed by Rev. Dr. Gurley, JKev. W H. Hunter,of Israel church: Rev. l?r. Ames. Mr. Johnson Kev. Dr. Bait, Rev T R. Jiawlet. Rey. D. E Reese, and Rev. Dr. Butler. The sixth topic?-Tne poor?how can we best reach them, and make gexl our Saviour's declaration tnat to them the ro-pel is preached ."' was taken up. Mr John C. Darkness leading off, being followed by Rev. Mr. Pitcber. the missionary and Bible agent, and Jiev Dr Samson, who spoke until the hour of adjournment. Tempera*( e Hall ?The Washington City Temperance Society having bargained for the purchase of Temperance Hall, on E street, between nib and loth streets, nave commenced to Taise the necessary funds by disposing of stock at per share, (a sum within the reaeh of ail,) and already, before anv active effort was maue, nearly 2,1*0 shares Lave been taken. The society haj been chartered by Congress, and it is proposed to >-'4,0W! by disposing of stock, > 0 to go towards the pnrcbase of the baildjr.g. and 'be remainder towards enlarging it and making rbe necessary repairs. Besides providing in the building a large hall for public meetings and fooms for temperance organizations. it is proposed to have temperance dining-room* and lodging-rooms connected with the establi-hment. The members intend to go to work earnestly in the eanse, aud intend not only to obtain signatures to tbe pledge, l>ut when they find an abandoued drunkard they propose to take htm to their roams feed ar.d clothe him, and if possible, furpish him employment. GO\ ERNEEST CLERK'S ASSOC I AT lox.?List evening, a meeting of clerics, representing all tbe executive departments, exeepuug the Attorney Geueral's office, was held at Temperance Hall, for the purpose of forming au association under tbe above nam<>. for thenar, pose of mutual, moral and iutellectnal improvement, for more intimate social intercourse. and to promote the ?fflCial advancement of meritorious clerks. The association Is one which discards every thing of a political or sectarian character. The following officers were elected J. M Blancbard, of the Interior Department, president: B P Stem, Treasury Jiepartmett, John D. Brandt. Navy Department vice presidents; John W Hogg, Wavy Department, recording secretary: Capt. Pr/tnk Geise. Interior Department, corresponding eetretary. arid W. Duaue Wilson. Treasury Department, treasurer. ? Tee Ct.BOBt'.ATiOAL Uaru H?Lut evening a meeting of the Society of tbe Congregational Church which the resnnat.on of Kev Dr. O. B. Boyuton as pastor, tendered m consequence of his ill health, wa* considered The Society by a decided vote refused to accept t he resignation, a-d voted the pas'or a leave of absence for three months and apSointed a committee of three lb confer with T. Boynton on the subject. A resolution was also adopted asking Dr. Boynton to resign the chaplaincy of the United States House of Representatives prior to the 1st of December next by which time it is expected the new church < corner loth and G streets, ; will be completed. ? The R?.i?tiv.-Yesterday, the Board of itegisters continued their work in the Second v> ard, on P street, betweon 14th and lith, and recorded the names of 6W< persons?215 white, and :jf-5 colored, making, with those registered the previous day, !,-.JC?*_4i3 white* and 7S3 colored. There were a number questioned as to loyalty. one of whom was rejected, having been in the rebel service, and a number of blacks wers rejected on account ef being iq. der age and non-residents. Co*an ted wor Court?Yesterday, officer Jvoontz, oi the Pirst Ward, arrested Maria Payne, colored. f >r keeping a bawdy house at the corner of l?th ana E streets west; also, Jane Brown, colored, who was found there Justice Bates sent the keeper to jail for court and fined tbe boarder *3. Subsequently, the same officer anrest-d Msry Buckey for keeping a disorderly bouse in the same neighbornood Justice Drnry sent her to jail for court. Driviho os Gravel Walk" ? Yesterday, officers tainter and Kearney arrested Hugh <iallagber, Charles Williams, William Ward. Henry Davis, and Andrew Ambusn for driving over the gravel walks in the Seventh Ward Justice Handy fined ?hem each. In portions of the Seventh Ward the only footwalks are of gravel, and they are frequency cnt us by carts and wagons. ? ? Somithxsg tu Notice ?Tne old real estate broker, 1. M. Hail, and lately the Register of i ?eeds, ha* opened bis agency for the site of Property at No. 71 Louisiana avenue, corner of . tti street. His long experience as a broker and his position as a reguwr has made him so familiar with real estate in the city that all will find his office a central point for information on either purchases or sales of property. Crimieal Oot'rt. Ju<lg< M"?/.?Yeaterday. Jame* Boyd, alia* A. P. Boyd, indicted for larceny, was found not guilty Adams lor defense. Wm. Davis and Wra. Koyston. alias Joshua Reed. indicted for tbe larceny of *56 from Michael Hill, were placed on trial, and the * as? is being continued to-day. Mr Gooding lor defease The Goli> Ki*a Case?John Hughs*, who was arrested by Detectives Miller and Coomes lor throwing snuff in theeyea of S. B Simonds, leweler. in.the Washington Building, on tbe l ?th instant, and stealing a tray, containing Yinetepn gold rings, bad a bearing before Jusnee Walter this morning, and was fully committed for court. ? ThbCow Li* a>d the Hog Fes Ncmahci. Yesteroay. officer Crown, of the Secondare, cinct. arresr?f?l Ellen Sullivan. Robert Ohiu, Michael shea. John Doyle, John Hayes, and -Boger Carroll, for violating tbe cow law. and Roger Carroll and John Hajw for violating the law relating ?o bog pens. Justice Walter fined each iu sums rsnging from *i to 93. Dnroa ajtd Chemic als.?s. Calvert Pord rtrugglst and chemist. No. Pennsylvauia venue, corner filth street, keeps * model establishment, and citizens and strangers will find there not only a large stock ot drags and < hemicals of tbe best quality, but all th* advertised patent medicines, a fine assortment of toilet articles, Ac. Tee Kire'.toudtlot as Sale.?This morning. Green A Williams, auctioneers, sold the lease of the K>rkwood Hotel for ?,%**>, to ran f?r sis rear* from tbe 1st of April, the rent for the first year to be M.tiv and for the remaining five year. ?.">,OMi per annum. The lease was purchased by Barney Grsen for another fatty. Tme Pais a Hav.ikv Awmki atiov.? On MtKlijr ??sgKr itit, the Journeymen Paper Usetorf* Association elected the following < ft*cers ?JoAn * Hayes, President: John G. nUerwell Vloe President; John W. Palconer. Kevi>i ding Secretary; W W. Lower, Pinancial Secretary John Uoon, Treasurer. ??^ le thi baiit weathee has rlyen any ?tr readers "the blues" ihsm Is bo snrer way 'heir being rem vigorated, and elevated tn P'.it, than by a good meal at Ham mack's res'so ram washed down withsomeoi nis genuine Wine? or liqsors. If that does not prjlucea change for the better their case is hopeless. Stu* Fiu EnomnTaiAX.?Yesterday au tirtooi the mew iMa Are tuia? H^wrjr Add-on Mo. I." built by the AnoanfUuofac'uring Company ot MaucbMttr, New Han^btr*, for ihe Georgetown tit* Impart, men, bad a trial at <be corner of ftth and t treats, id (be presence of qn'** alar** nnm. ber ot cltizene. Hie trial was very talis factory, Hf?m be<ng obtained In tn'nutes, and two breams being tbrown about 16? ieet, with one stream, j S9H feet was reached T^?* trial was made in the presence of Col Wangley. tbe agent of tbe company, Chief tnen eer Sessford. of onr depanm^nt, and Capt Nally, and Mr Morsel), of <be Councils, and tbe apparatus v? a* opera't-d by Mr Furlong, wbo accompanied it to tbis citj. assisted by tbe members of Nc. 2 enpiuecompany. OephAWf CoraT, Jvlgt PurrtH ?Yesterday. th? wilt of tb<* lute Johnson Hellea was admit d to probite, and letters testamentary were issued i<? John H. Blake as executor, bond ?(>0.000. Tbe will ot Charles Lames, deceased, was admitted to probate, and letters testamentary wore issued to Fanay tames as executor, bond S>,iOO. Tbe will of Thomas 1'onoho was admitted to probate, and letters thereon issued to Andrew P. McKenna, bond *a.<*0 Caroline S Bisque was appointed guardian to tbe orphans of F. W. Bisque; bond *5,000. Tkm >RiR( B.?Lincoln Division, No. 11, has elected tbe iollowing officers to s??rve during tbe ensuing quarter Ceo W. Barter, W p ; W. J. Collamer, W. A.: Jos. F. Wills. R. S.: Oeo. F Boss. A. B S? J. P. C Poulton, F S.; Wm. H. James. Treasurer; Wm D Wilson. t'h"pla>n Wm.T. Redden, Con; R. A. Bennett A U ; M L Fnrguson, 1. S.: S. dementi, O. S : Mrs F. E Sk rving, L. C.: Mrs. J. Hough, L S.; Mrs. V. Kilby. 1st L A.; Miss K. L. Gregory,'Jd L. A.; Miss E. Kilby, 3d L A. A Fin* Imi'kovmkkt.?Mr. J W. Nairn, druggist, is about to tear down his drug store, on tbe southeast corner of l$th street and New York avenue, and erect on tbe site a new and elegant brick building, four stories high, and covering the entire lot. Tbe new structure will contain nearly a half million bricks. The Capitol Pen.?We have received from Messrs. Blancbard & Mohun samples of tbe Capitol Pen, and And tbem to be a capital article. Business men and clerks should give them a trial, as they possess every requisite for rapid and elegant'peamansbip. ? . Pii-fkrihg Goal ?Samuel Bowen, a suspicious character, was arrested by officer Auldridge, of the Seventh Ward, for pilfering coal. Justice Handy committed him to the workbouse. a Y i ol ATI no Sunday Law.?Julius Fauth was arrested yesterday by officer Hrosuan, ot tbe Fourth Ward, for violating the Sunday law. J ustlce Walter fined him #lo. ??A roLHi Reports?The police reported C2 arrests yesterday. The cases were mainly ot minor tmpor ance. The Corporation fines amonnted to *105. MARRIED. POTE-BAQAN. On the i9tH Inst . by the B-t. air Hamilton rKTKKK PUT to Mis* SI'S AN KaGAN. both of Waehihgton. U O. i fbiialelphia papers please c?>py.| * UIKU. BOLLIDGI Marcb 27, at 3 o'clock a. m., MAkTHA A. b< 1-ived * i eot Joseph H H Jlidge, in tbe Still year ot her age. 1 he inaeiai will take piare to mnraow (Thurs da: > *' '> o clo. k. from her late residence, F street, between 4th and 6th. * BbY AN. In thiacity. at 5.SU# m , on Wedties da> , tbe 27th instant. BOSBl KOUUH A BBYAN, in the 3 tb y >-ar of hia i?e Bis tnneral will take place from No 316 ISth s<i set. letwec h and Li. on Friday next, at 10 oclo<ka in Hlsfrlends and the w<tnbersof N~w Jen itlem Lodte, flo 9,7 A. A M., are iesp? * fully invited * 1867 GBAHD EX0YB8I0N 1867 TO Tlil PABI8 EXPOSITION. The ne* and tt rat-class ocean going Iron Steam"b" HAVANA, 2,00" tonsbnrthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander. will make an EXCURSION frem Bew York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 4b, Berth River, on WKDNKBDAY. April 17th. at 12 o'clock m.t Tsklng passengers for Paris, London and Bremen, Returning, will sail from Bavrs on -lone Mb. gtv lag passengers holding Excursion Tickets about six weeks in Rnropo. This magnificent 9te<msblp is divided into water tight cemp*rtnienta, and has been newly furnlpbed and elegantly fitted np expressly for tbis voyage. Tbe HAVANA will only carry first class passengers. An experienced Burgeon on board. ay A full Band of Music teill be attacked to tk ship. Price or passage, la currency, to Havre #150 and $175. according to si/.e of state room To Havre no 1 return, $2S>> and according to sixe of atate room. For further particnlara and passage apply to tbe Agents, MVBBAY, PEBRIS * CO., 63 Sooth atreet, New York. Or to McO. Y. BARRY, the Merchants' Union Express Company, 406 Pennsylvania avenee, wasnmKU'n. mh y aut BY OOOPtB a LATIMRR, Auctioneers. Bouthweet corner of Penn. avenue aai 11th at. AT PBIVATK BALI. A number of first class PB1YATR RESIDENCES, in central localities Also 10 small Brick and Frame HOUSES 1 FaBM , bet?e< a Washington and Alexandria 1 laree Frame BOUSE, with lot 1*0 fee* s juars. For further particulars apply of mh lP-ltn _C80PEB LiArlMEH. Aacts. C'AMU-MISS M R WILSON bege leave to J inform ber old customers aad tbe pnblic generally tbst sbe has re opened bar Dress Mefcing Establishment at 490 12tb street, betwe?a K and I streets. mh lt>-ltn* p B N K S IT I 8 . ,ls?wecei ved a flap assortment ef PENR8HYR9 wbinnre for asle at low prices, ms FMASOK TATLOB ? I F I I H i D BAN O E . Venn mutual life insubance oo? ot Philadelphia A8SETS, ? I.*00,000 LoiS'-j Paid in yTarylmn l. 186? Wm. B. Jackaea, Mer.heut, Baltimore SS-OOO (ieo J Fiecber. do do ... 3.W0 Jos M Celladay. do do 5,u"0 W 8 Bberwooo, Printer, du 2 Geo. J. Otbney. Oletk. do J B P 8berw..od. Hotel Keeper, do :<,*> Jas. S vweas Pbysicien. ADaapoiiS 5 000 J. P Beamer, Tailor. Hairemtowa l R H. Wiss. Merchant, do 1,1x4 Mahalar Smith, dressmaker, Washington . 1 ,ooo Wm J. Stone, jr., Law>er, do .. I'Msfl Retara premiom dltldend for the year isW, so p?r cent Bcrip previous to IS * received In pa> nr?t of premiums. lank applications, tahlee of ratse, and all information furnished on apsllcation personally or by mall, to JOHN BittOLBS. Agent. Room No 1, Washington Ball ilag. corner of 7th etreet ann Penn Hvenue, m 23 eo3t' Washington. D. C. VJOFT FELT HATS.. AVf ALL KINDS OF ^ H A TB cleaned .colored aud trimme<l new, at M CUNhlBOHAM'S Cheap Hat Store, No. 846* 7th street, bet. 1 and K sta. wh it? eolm* l^| ABTLABD AUBK'ULTURAL COLLEGE. The duties of this Ii^titaslon will be resumed on MOP DA Y. S5th of Mitch. w bile it le Seetgned to make Instruction In the theory aad areetfee of Agriculture, the peculiar feature or the College, provision is made for a full course of collegiate Instruction, embracing the Latin. Oreek. French, German, Italian and Spaa l*h langnagee or any of them, a course of Mathematics. Mental aad Moral Science. Blxtorr, and the study of ths English Language and Literatuie. Natural History and Natural Philosophy, in their several brasebes, will have special attentioa. Military Tactics will be taught _ . ^ There will be no Preparatory School but a seIsctsd English and Scientific Course mav bs taken at tbe studeut's option. No one received under fourteen rearsnfags Fera Circular and fnrther i--formation address N.B WORTHINUTON, Register Ac., Office of American Faimor. mhl-eosw Baltimore. f kBPHANB' CO LET, March 9th, 1*7-Duval ST tratrlx of Levla Lukes, deceased, tbe administratrix aforeeald has. with ths approbation of the Orphans'Oonrt of Washington County aiorsMQ. appointed Tseedav Asnl sd. 1367, for the final settlement aod distribution of the peraooal estate of said decease^ aad of the aaeen in hand, as far ae the same have been eollected aad turned Into money; when and where all the creditors and hstrs ft said dsceased are noufied to attend. otherwiset^lsv a't^rs^v.Wftis.srirM1; s. crUjm... mh ll-lawfw* asglsiei of wlUa. ' CIOARB ABD TOBAOCO-RBOOEBB ?d" MOMS TO II will be happy toeervo hie friend" ?the pubMe with Olgars aod Tohacoo. at Mo* i Loaisiaaa aveans aear Bank of Waahlag' ton. fe Vim X , crrr item& ~T Olobs Woolen Uonput'iSilk Mixtures. It GeBtiHnti'* suite, at Heaning's One fHM Clotfctnr Store. m tli* eorner of Serntk street and Maryland avenue. Two ok thkii Colds ia succession. will wila many constitutions,securely the "'is ol Consumption io tue system, thus codconverting what was originally a simple, curable affection, into one generally fatal. While ordicary prudence, tberetore. makn it the business of every on to take care of a cold until it is got rid of, intelligent experience fortanately presents a remedy in l>r. Jayne's Expectorant, thoroughly adapted to remove speedily all Conghs and Colds, and one equally effective in the primary stages of Consumption, Asthma and BronchiUs. Sold by all Diuggists. w,s,m ik v?8t in one of those nine dollar Spring Over Sacks, manufactured and sold br Noah Walker a Uo , 3<>8 Pennsylvania avenue, between 6th and 7ih streets. t&ev are fashionable cut, well made and good trimmings. 3 ? InHrhatio*.?Those about to mar^v and newly married, can find ready-madeYilnen and Cotton Sheets, Pillow Casta. Bed spreads ofali descriptions, Feather and Hair Pillows, Mattresses, Table Linen, Toweling, Crash, Window Shades. Carpets, Oil Cloth, Matting. Ac., at Adamson's? au6 9th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. lm Tub finbst assortment of Toilet Soaps and Tooth Brushes in the City are sold at low prices at f. x. Dooley's Apothecary, corner east 3d street and Pennsylvania avenue, CipItolHlll. 2w Qcick sales and small Profits!!!?Good White Shirs $1.50. and f2 5?, at Franc's Gent's Furnishing Store. 191 7th street, between d and e; also shirts made to order, lm (ibat'f Collars, 25 cints per boa; Goldsmith Collars, 25 cents per box; Imitation Linen Collars. 25 cents per box; and all other goods cheap in proportion at Franc's gents' Furnishing Store, 4'.a 7th street, between d and e streets. lm For Chilblains and Frosted Feet. White's Eir brocatlen is a specific. Price ?1 per bottle. For sale at 4-24 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4* an d 6th streets. Dr. Whitb, Chiropodist, 424 Pecn. av., between ifc and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, buuions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office bon? from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to 8 p.m. Established lb6l. a srkk pllb Cube ? l)r. Gilbert's pile instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of *4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted evervwhere. Address j. b. liomaine. Manager, no. 575 Broadway, new York. 3i Pbbvibs oan be had in any quantities at the Star office counter ~WANTS. tv^ahtlb-An assistant deuooi8t. ad " * " l k ..Star office. wh 27-3t? a ts i * '?a p^ir ot sound draught uobnis or milks Aipiy to at>y p'-nnsylvaoia ?wi ?? mh V n w 1 ',tl?4 *n Nt'hel?a i>ersuan pre ' 'erred-at No 3()6 h street. between (Jonnsi t cut avenue an<l 7th streets west mh 27 3t* . \v 'bd-Ahrst tijin oh a mkbu m All) and *? ail ing roam Servant, at zbl w street, be taeeti i3ih and 14th streets. Apply Immediately. in ;7 l* w antbd? From April 1, by a siagle gentle v? man, two small connecting rooms, uufnr niched, with <(< and water near 12th aid o sts. Addies* Box Mo !? Star Office. m 27 It* \v anted?Twe connecting rooms.well fur" nUhed.with gas, water iu room, and batli io m convenient ..within boundaries of 7th and 16th meets west and avenue and ii streets north Address "hard c'ath. '312 llth ?t. nib i 3t* anted?a situation l.y a respiTtable ?? experienced woia?n sa housekeeper and seamstress in a private family or hetel No objection to any other city Address "Houl'.-ke?*pir " this oflioe m 27jt*' \v am?ne-v t?7 ,bbnt - a it bnishbd ... . *'ou8a, with 12 rooms or more, between /lb and l.jtn streets, not further over than i st. ?lbt ^.?ler2u * "? of references given ad dress k 8 p.. at the Star office. mh 27 9t w a*\?.?~ia c#,ore<1 woman to take c*re of a child five months old Most be a first ct.h'r ?> & ?pp'y The very best u *? tit?a. We also want a colored # w??&. aud iron, only taree in i"?!'/* " bt once bt *0h * street, be1 wen si hand 9th mil J7 2t Wantib-a uoed millinbb. Apply 413 <th street, betneea o and ii. m 26-2t* VV a*t*0?An in luitriuus colob glT hoy '' Apply Immediately at waite'8 i?rue Store comer 7th st. aud la ave. m 26 3t* vva*a?rll )sti ht7. a nlltly fu7y\ nlrted BOOM, suitable for two gentlecueu. Address j l. b . Post Otlioe, Wfashlngton. nil*) 2t* mu antkd? a oibl, to cook, wash and tr<^n, call housework. Mo other n.-i c?il? At > 1 *. H -trect. m 26 r,t* ^tabl^for house' wa^tw,d a olemah 6ibl to cook and ao, j1"lh? general housework. Apply at Bo n!h^ j * oetweeu llth and 12th stieets watlt.wiltb.7.,?a,',0',ct,bl"' flrl- * sitoa arefartii^ ni? * uumm 0d* *oib* travel at nn ann cox*" we" recommended Apply diwelv 17u u?t to l. call lmmeoiateiy. m 2s 2?* w to ?*nt-a hodsb. eentalaing ion anjk ro<<if,,'.on Hill. Any person hav1? Plea?- addrees Imm-aiately. w, *3k ' ,uub?t#ru" ?"'<? locality: A t^^ctabli (1ibl wi8hbs a iltua bree|?ctable family as Nurse or Ohsmberinald Would like to travel The best of referenceaiven. Apply for three days 34 ltli 6st , betweeuHandm 2*-tt* w ao^tj!p~t,'i? '???*b i atbob8^ aad aiTy pViMrinclined, to call oa madam fb1mob. ii Market Space, as the gives th?bosi n< ss her parsoaal attention. mh 26-6t* vv a^tf^-a?r,w aobbtb. to go Month or * \ne>t to sell a new Patent, jqjt out, ar to f-umci'f%v? ".1*?j^" bul f?? States are left ret. Call at j7 3 Jth stre t. m jj jt? \v anted-a first class female cook, white . sjl?p'j?red. Apply at Ohas Klotz s ^estanvfi Gst , l et. 17th an i lSta ?ts., near the w ar Department. m ss 3t* ' \\ ^"BD-Te bay for T <?U, one o7two small vv HOUSES, cmtaintiK trom foor to seven rooms each Houses adjoining preferred. Also. I a Flr. procf Bare. fcTAKE A OO , ' m w 7th street. vv ahtbd-a respectable white woman,to ?v take care of a youog child. Apply at s71 IT6DU0. mb 2 Aoeet8 wanted r<?r the most exuiti av1kgaid IBTBliBbTlBO boob o* the gem! l. c. bakbb'8 hi8tobt Or the sbl bbt bbbv1ce In every city, town, county, and State of the Union, to canvass for this work. This history was announced one je*r ago, but owing to the attempts ot the OsveraaMut to snpprees It, its publication waedelayed. It will now be iss?ed. !j^i JSuader the supervision of UenCBAKEE. It conUine a full and official ex pose of the Intricate maohinatloaa of tna secret elemli-s of the Onion. For startling developments and thrilling adventiires. tbls book eclipses *be lamoas ex?ei encee of rouche and Mdoc 1. The marvelous narratives of 1 General Baker are all attested by the hiahest official authority. It will contain the only o%cial , history of the Assassination oonspiiacy. a full 1 hi *tory af this great. start It ng. and terrl ble crime kbom its conobptlonrin the HAUBTti 1 rnneolk1"* to . b'deial plaob oe sss?avl!m n'Z*T. ,ei p,bc#d bef?r? the public. The work also fnlly exposes the nefarlaas system by which Preei icuMal pardons ware and < ar* so readily obtained at Washfngteu 1 The morals of the National Oapitsl are thor- i oughly ventilated, and there are some stranae i revelations concerning beads of departments. 1 " P?rdon brokers, and I distinguished military characters. 1 For full de^erijitive circulars, terms, and all ! particulars, address p. oabrbtt a co , 1 b'h2 im 702 Chestnut st., Philadelphia. yvaktbo-a8ituat10h a> seamstrees by a 1 thlee drs^boxbo^bu^offlj?' addl^jif?' 1 Wanted?bew and Oaat-ofl olothiho nid i gold aad silver, or aay other arUci'e of value, at the sU established merchant bieker s Store oi b. tcltob a oo., ?o5?th e?l 3 doors aortk of Penua. aveaae. ^geut for bibobb's pewibq maohibb | Wasted?10.00? ladib8 to know that^'t ! the New Stamping boom?, 439 ?th .Treet os posits Pateut Office, they caa find the best selected i as-v>rtment of Patterns ever offer* h?e to? c'oaks, Oapee, Aprons. Joeers. Walato, Tok*. S2T a^M2^ ?IJPP^llPIn?ashioBs and I*' tials Also, deelnaa for PIUow Oatea. Ottomans I S* 1' Pianos, and. In short, every variety isss; smolraB. Maaufbetared solely t?r _ ^ wi 0b0h8e, 1 i * ? veuokfavmb. * U ' J i ? rt. # :* t-**t t < *? ! * KB 8ALE AND RJSNT. R ?&U? 'OM UVT-it No. BOJdgtreet. iht gl P>ith 0??nn>w , , .*ng-*t* k o* iali-moum imi lUT-inh ohuii ImI r?MbM? o*llar.Ao. h^tin ? the prea?f?*e. I ?" cth ? . K?t V ?an ft w tr St* CaBBOLL JHUaoa 4?^iaeiu>l Mill, tot ?., /'- r Mo* I # l*t*a (mm lo?r,??tiUlir (?r nwhed ?lubl?f?rhwtkM?ii| k?Mt4 1<? ritli'l uifn< ?llwt m 17 ?* |? h?i K Hovil cottMotM Nnou wiU im rrove.euu Situated No 6u Ohio ??? , ktiVMi

i?* *n<iiuh. BTABB i oo . >* w*t* 4??HTth airoot. F'OB 8ALE-A i?ry desirable DtfBbLlflO. Mb six room ?>4 good luwr kltchra: B0r,f' 1?*^ ' ?*!'. with kitrail iathe?ard; wil ull cheap fw cash. Iaflrt at 9?6 8th ?., between l aad M. T-lt* L'Ok Ha LI?The large BBIOK HoTlL In AfOjkvtlU, M<t , kaown m "Thompson'a fcck'lllalMil," with extensive groHads Ac.. niJTiSL 1or Information apply to COOPIR A LATIIIIR. Aorta >k 17 e?"m |V0B BBNT-A two story FBAME HOOflB. la comilete oH?r lituAted 01 Id Rtreet, M?hi Oaod HiKttknMtU twna*. Alao. a STORE. complete order, for rent Apa'y at I?. z. ' M a O ud Maasa?hasetta i*<>nat. Pos>oe?iou lat of April. nk V St* T? LBT. WITH BOABD?One larfr front double BOOM. with B>erd, fo: gentleman and *'''? *#?? Mr aaoBth, and two ciacle BOOMS, .-Board. ?t fsueach; or tharooaaa to Ut with MtBoara, Apply at dill K atraot. betwe-n 4tn n<1 "* mh g-dt? P'lB BBNT-A small 4 r v>tn RRIOK HOO^I, ;?[roV'n| OB a bro*d pa???1 alloy, in ceiter of Rlbhey a ttiiiar*.b?l?Mh lat and ?d streets w??t. ami D and C stree's north Beat Blf> per m->ath Ap rly to B ALDWIH BBOS., lat and D streets mli S7 st l^OB BENT?A new brick HOUBB. situate i on the s>utl,west corner of 21 at atreet weet and Pfnn??l??at? ?*?rin? containing It rooa< and eni'afcle for a fi rat claaa br-erdlu? h >n?a. Pom?? "'on riven April 1. Inquire of JAS. Mc<. R \ N 1, 179 Pa. ave^ tu ;7 St* flMlh KKNT?With HO A RD. in a prlratafamily. two wall fura<?h d No S43 Vh?t , I efmeen I and K The rooms ara large, ?eli alt unfed and furnished. gaa to tin- same. and a Brat rlasa hath room adjoining saM apnrtmenta For fnrther particular apply at present at ?o. tl^, 3d house from said premleee m S7 St* FOB BBNTA 00/Y HOUSB or 9 BOOMS. All who hare property to aall or rent ho .<ak them to call aad aec our term. B. M. HALL. nib 77 St 7 1 lit. are , corner 7th at 'FO BINT-A (learnt PRO>T BOOM, torI ntshed, at 40u ZiA street between H aDd I. m 24 St * L'OB SALE?One of Bwann'a Patent HUI)A r FOUNTAINS. Apply toS CALVBBT FOBD, Druggist, No 890 Penn. avenue in 14 3t I/" ? K BBNT?Furnished 1I0U3B. containing tea I room* gas. and water. No 141*, corner of in street and Pennsylvania avenue. Tarma very moderate. mh2>St* tfOB BBNT?Slcely farnlsliad ROOM<4 Apply at Bo. 134 bniibartoB street. b< tween Oongreas and HLh atraeU, Qe< rgetown, D.U. mh ti Iw* F^OB 8ALB-A set of BABBEB FURNlTUBE and a BABHBB SIGN, cheap for cash, at the A vet o<- Houae. m 28 St* B WALL, Proprietor. F^OB bBNT-A BBICK HOO^B. containing nine rooms and fine aaloon parlor. situated on 9th rt let. D and K sta . Irl:<nd. Apply t?U%VtNNKK HBO A 00., 413 11 at north, b?t. 12th and lSth at*. oiIj2 . :U" I,"OB > ALB-Th. 6000 WILL. BTO JK. aai I ITlXTL'bKSof a Bestanraot Ai-o th- II cenfeanda PaRatellaTalleln ^ofxlorder. Alaree Hall atiacPed Inquire at A7 4 7tli street between B and Mar>iati<i ay- nae. m to St* IPOB BKNT-A BLAOKHMlTal and vVtlKEL I WBItfHT t?HOP, with UOLST. aaJ QABDBN attarbed.sltnated close to a erirt and aaw mill, 20 mile* from Qeorvetoan To k go->4 tenant. i*rma will be low. Addreaa T. C. O , Forest Oak, Md. mh 24 3t* I^OB BBNT?For aix m nths from April l->t,a 1 completely Furnished HOUSB of als ro'>ms, with water and gaa. Location highest and h?*ltbieat in the city Te ms S'4) per month in ad vauf". Ilou-e No. 333 lOtn street, baiaeen M ?Bd N m >6 It* L'O" BBHT?Two ueafly rarnlshed BOOMS, A ^communicating, to gentlemen or a gentleman an 1 vlfe, aith privilege of Dining room avd Kitchen Apply at Ho.3AOlRtbatreot.bat U and 1 sta,, two blaeka from the War Dapartaaent Terma moderate. mh>6 2t* C^UBHISHBD HOCSB FOB BENT,Cootaiuing , 12 ?1?,P',? PoasesKlon given 1st of April Apply at 34 7 B atrett, near isth mh lo 5t* F^OB BALB-A two story BBICK HOI 8B heir the northeast boundary of the city. 4 rooms and halla with large lot of ground eacloa<-d Price $3,100 Inquire 347 3d at. mhSStf |TOB BALE?SHOW 0ABB8. 8HBLVIN0, Ac 1 For particulars apply at No. 449 Pennsylvania avenue, between lJih and l.ith ^treats m Bf-St" W. McK. PBBBY. Frp?HJ.8."?D *OOMB - One large SALOON Bnf.ui ?J! fl' or- !w# 'arge cennectIDK ROUMB on third floor; one large BO'JM, with baih room attached. Inquire 4 36 Q street. Possession lat April. n, J6-St* FWB BBNT?Several very desirably and bandsomely fnrnlahed front BOOMS at Ho 21 In dlana st . b. tween 4>, and 3d sta . near Oltr Hall F Houaee within a few doora. m 2.>-3t L^OH l?a LB?The 8TOOK ami rtXTl'BKS a otjH retail grocery store, cheap. Store for rent. Poasecaiou given immediately. P^or health the reason for selling Inquire at 404 7th street, be twcen O and H mh 36 St* P"OB BBNT-A flrst rate 8TAHD for aa apoth A ecary and drag store. Inqalro at 199 New Tork ayenue, corner 4th at. in U eo3t* plIUHCH PBW8 OB 8BATB for aale with bicka w .??rt "fJ1'* *nd Paneled ends, and eralned. Will be sold tor leaa tban one half their coat if applied for ao< a to b A OARi'NCR, 4hO New lork a\,nearj?th street west. mh V> tf t^'R BBHT-Larta BOABDIHO HOOBfe. 45# lj? avenue, between 3d and 4>, atreeu, now ?;??? .?> Mr*. Kent. Poaaeeaion about April 1st. Alao two large HBICK 8TABLBS, H at, ""JflJth. ! rear of Library Building. . '^HfALB?la acree animpraved LAND.on the Bladeaatnrg road, one mile beyond the tall? A. HTDE, . Offlee in Biggs A Oo "a mh o 3t Bmdng Hoqm. 1 POI ' Jfi'l without children, a * partly Ft BHI8HED HOUSB. coattiniif! 8 rooms; enpplled wIihgM and waUr, yard front and rear Apply at 276 H atreat, near 18th mh 22 eolt" C^OB 8ALB?GBOGEBY and LiyUt*B STOBB. r with a " AR attached; located ?n a corner. * or tarma apply to JOHN W. BUBN8 No 449 JKh at., between F and O streeta. mh 21 St* OB BBNT-A three atory BBIOK HOUSE. A containing eight ro >ma and attic,on 4th at.. Also, a nearly new superior PIANOf'raale. Inquire 94 Fayette street Oeorge town. P.O. mh21?w* Icontaining * eight rooms, wlta wide hall, gaa an 1 water, attnate oa Dnnbartou atreet, netr Washla^t a street. Oeor?et<>wn Apply ?t 400 and 404 Q street, between 4th and Mb. Ml lw C. B. JBWBLL. ADB8IBABLB GOUNTBY BBSIDBNUB for rent for the balance of the year Five mi lea from Aoacosta Bridge. House ceatai'nluc 12 large pleaeant rooms, Including kitchen, a acre* af land in Oarden. choice Fruit and Shade Troon Stable, Carriage boase, use of Ice from the Ice-' house pasture lor two horses and twoc?we. For terme, Ac Jaiutre of T.B BBOO&8 ne?f Fori Marlboro' Boad,or by letter to Foreat Ttlle, Prince Oeorge a county, Md. tub 20-tft* , pOB BALB-Only B10Q cash required, the bal A aace caa be paid Tu monthly payments of A10 Bt?7 HOUiBS, el mated on [he a?utb aide of aouth L atreet, near 6th. Thia la an opportaaltp aeldom offered to procure m ? STABB A CO , mjl 2w 4S9H 7th atreet. aear B. FHF1*.1!Vf V?E8 Md **> BOOMS. on ?.* ?! * ^ floors, te be let alngle orta ,u? .1? roo,B8 have b*eu newly papered and painted; they are suitable for housekeeping or ft There ie water, gaa, and bath otK?-5???k" * M atreet, between mh^tapl-' *D? ****** from *treet car*. F?*fAF1XTUBBB, HOOD /P?'I*?*B,aad ten yeara'^BABB "L.* HoU>l ?f fo't? yaara standiag. flee fourteen rooms, newly papered and painted-e ?nt>lie Bath Uouae. whieh pays well;a targe Hall, well adapted r<jr coacerta. billiardi or aeeetinga of any kind. It slso has accommodations for twenty five or thirty H 7*rt. with a beautiful F. 1^1 ?*aoh trees, Ac The hotaee 1 A p , 10 *> kept upon the Bnropsan plan, or ae a lager bear aaloon or (irden. For to BROOKB A HOBDAY, Brokera^l 8 3. Pay st . BalOaaore.Md. mh 11 eo2w 900 ,AuBB9 OF BB8T LAND near Waehi-'"''naton TO LBT for two yeara without, for the consideration of potting the land under cultivation, lu lote of one to fifty 'fres, with many other indacemeata, including o1. n''n? the land at any tlaM. For ill particular* inquire of < ^ D L. WILLS A CO . 111 ? 4 lm Corner <th street and La. avaou*. | [)WAW?,.0^?VtSABh.V.".fw% ; It ia aituated aa the north aide of K atreet, >f*r( IMh batweea Senator Sherman'* and the MlaTetar'*, froatiag oa Franklin Square, 'otia* feet by 1M, running hack to a so foot 1J I; 'taproved bv e two etory brick atabl*. ' * ? B. F. BBOWH, 464 Pth e4reet weet FOB BBHT?The BTOBB BOOK aezt t> the Star olBco. andW Mecropatttaa Ball. Apply 101. B. BaBBB. Star office. fe 14-tf IH AYB BBOBTYBD a One aeeortmcnt of Fraaoh aad Doaeeatic BONNBTS. LBW1J ?Zo,?a Market Spaee. E"2WM? A"/*gga jfoek Baarda. Qaotadoaa re*ularl, nJ , _ _ ' LlWIi JOHBSON A 00 . Baaker*. | Paaaa. ayenae. I ., ? ^ . f ( ; f ^ J ^ f t ? AUCTION 8ALES. W.j. WALL A OO , Atttiuiwu. alb or whibetT hoiii, lbmob*. 0? THUBSDAT M&BBlNO. Mere* W. ?? ?t W c 'dor >, ? ? !(! (?|l at *ur iaim OOUII uuMrtBtaitf Gr*?w> ?U MlMt ortiClOC, such wKMs * hit* ??td Yellow Sugars to bom Sperm Cradles M- *fc?eky rtiki Braady INiwu Brvoni St' koiM UBOM rt) cwMJock?r Clik Biu^n Oim PtfUr kit 1M Lat TIB W AT 9 Coffee. Be., Br ao roll* 4. t and 6 jaarter Bed end Wlkit* MatL?t of^tratllr*. A. Btlr Mi Skirl lutrMHi TtrM owl. Ho post pon*msnt Jt W lT WALL A CO . A arts. BT W. L. WALL A CO . iacthiiMri, Original Bora* u4 Oarrlax* Haaaar, 8 Louisiana Itm?? ALB OB B0B8B8. OABBIAGBS. BABHBM, Oa THUB8DAY MORNING. March 24. at 10 a'cl'k. we will the Be. ear. a namoer ot Meddle, Carriage and Work Herxee, <afali deeorlption at aalo.) comprising ?k??t... YoRTY H0R*E8 Mui good Work, Saddle, and Hai mm Hersee. Al?O, A lerce collection of Mow and Second hand Baa V**- w^kawayt.CarrlajTM. Wagons, and other VrkielM Two now Jenny Llad Wagons, built In this city. M New and Second head karneee. Baddlee, Carriages, Ac., at private sale. Regular sale* day*, Tuesdays, Thursdays. eai Baturdaye Carnage* aad Baraoae alwari an p*-t vate *ale mh 27 W. L. WALL A OO . Apple. Ill BAOLB A OO , Auctioneers, m3 StltutKia, SJ94 P?i.n?iiiitiiia at>na?, between pth an<l lth iti-ft*. sale or okocxbiiis rtttbr, broom*. _ WINCH. Ac Oa THURSDAY. Kerch *Mh, at : ? o'o!?~k,?e shall ceil, at our Sale>reou: A variety of Groceries J-t.rch, Soap, t*pi e* It keg* Butter Mdo7PB Brooms Zft.OUb (Jlear* 2W? lb*. \ Irgiala Smoking Tobacco 14 gro-s Ohe? ing, Ac Al so, 8 barrel* old R?e and bourl>ia Whtskie* (Ooatr* Wine* fiu demljObas Brandy. Oin, .Sherry, Wkiskey, Ac. T*rma, ash. It NAQLE A OO . Aacts BI W L WALL A CO.. Auctioneer*. Original Ilorae and Carriage bazaar, La. a*.. between Mb and 10th ate SALB OB HOftSKS, CA RRI A*>ES, HARNESS. Ar . Ac. Oa 8ATIBDAY MoRNIBO. March 3n . at 16 o'clock, we will aell, at ih? Bereer. a nnmoer of Saddla. Carriage and ? <rk Horsee, (a fall de eciiptioa atsale.icomprlsiajr? ABO0T SIXTY HOB3E8. Many good W ork, Saddle, and Harness Boraoa. Alw, Fifteen good Farm Horeee, from PennsyIvanla Lot Mule*. A Li'1, A Urgf co'lettloB of New and Second hand Buggies. Borkawayi, Carrie^ei, Wagona, aad other Vehicles, Two new Jenny LinJ Wagona.built In this cltr. Also. New and Second hand Harness, Sald'ee. Carriage* *e , at private sale Regular aalea day *, Tuesdays, Thursday*, and Seturrfaye Carriage* and Barnes* always on private sale m 27 w L WALL A CO.. A nets |?YTHOB. DOWLIBO, A act ; Geo r get* w a CLOSING OUT SALE OF DONNBLLY A OF FUTT. At No Bridge street, eor?etown. on FBI DAY next. March 29, 18*7, at 10 o'clock e m cou eiatlcKof? vv iue* Llunora, Snsars. Toaa WooAea Ware. Tobacco Fixture*, Measures Scales. Ac , Ac. A Sne Family Carriage and exralleat Mare, BarTflUf DOWLINU, m 27-2t (Int . Fri iay 1 Anctioueer. BY COOPEB A LATIMEB, An tlv>neer*r~ (Late cleik- with Jame* o. McUuire A Oo .) Southwest coraer Penusylvania annoe and iitti street, ' Star Office Building." TRUSTEE S BALE OF BOUSBHOLD FUBSI _ TUBE. a T,,r,ne of adeed of trast to the aoAecriber M*Vr'w*t,.iaf^," fcnd r*cor<l*d ia Ohattr. Llnf U' _ S ?<> of th? chattel recn?V l. we shall *ell, on MONDAY next, April latfat Itio el'k. at houa No 1 44 between 17th and istb streets, all prfafng fa yart- therela contained, com Bose-ood^Parlor Suit In >Groaa and rnrple Walnot Marble top Bureaus aad Waehitaada. BooewoodBeilateada, Marble tep Tables Painted Cottage Sat*. P Hair cloth Parlor Chairs, Looking Claasea. Oan* *eat Chair*. Oil Paintings. Window Shade*, Three ply and 1 aural n Oar pets. Oil Cloths. Orockery and Glass W ar*. Toilet Sets. < ooklng and Chamber Stove*. Ac., Ac. Terms cash. JAMBS B WILLIAMS, Trustee mP-4t OO 'PBB A LATTMBK. Aocts gY QBEBB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers VALUABLE UNriNlSH ED PRESS BRICK FBUNT. FOl'B hTOKIBS HIGH. WITH BASBMBBTANDSUB HASBM ENT! rRONT IBO ON B SWEET NORTH BET W KIM NINTH AND TENTH 8TBEBT* WEST AT PUBLIC AUCTION OaTuKBDAT AFTEKHOON. April Jd. at fi o clock f. m.. on the premises, wesh:?ll eel I part of Let 21. in fquare No 5If, fronting 3Pf*etoa E 1 street aorth. and having a depth of H7teettoa 1 paved alley. This property, when finist.ei, will u.ake c ne of (be finest roeideoaae ia this eity 1 Terms: Uae half cash: balance in six twelve and eighteen months, tor Bote* heartae iaterest. : and secured by a deed of treat on the premie** All conveyaoclug and revenue staaips at the eoet of tba parchaeer 92U0 down oa day of sale Title indispatabla The plaria for flaUhing ran be eeea at tba aiicttoarooiu*, coraer 7th aad D'treeta 1 h 27 d GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aacta. RT OBAEJH A WILLIAMS, ABoaaaaore. ! A9 It ?:t>. southeast corner 7th aad D sts. EifMFW?8lLjL?^IOU8*H0*'D rUBBIli|R^f1is!!iIi0uuo"D84?"u Tfl? <"" OTS SATURDAY, tba?th instaat. at 10 o'clock, ball sell, by order of the Hoaorable Orphans Oourt. tb.- ierronal effects of the late B O* tar may sr.dec eased, f rooting on r street north, IRhaad nth street > ?eet. bet ax Hcaee i No J87, coaajstiag of a lot of Hoaeebold r?rai- I ff'wake Sense**?B' tb# 0*turoa and ooat<-ata Tsrms cash . OATHEBIBE D8TBRM\YBB, Executrix. mh27 3t GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acts. 1 11Y QBEEN A WILLIAMS. Aactleaeers -a No. A'Jb, coraer 7tb and D streets. valuableim/bo7bd PAOPBBTT, ON 8IXTH STRBET a'E'iT, BETWEEN K AND T?ON AVEBUB, AT PUBLIC AUC Ob TUE8DA T. the 2d day cf April, 18 >7, at 6 o clock a hi., we shall sell, la front of the prom isee. Let n. in Callaa's anb-dlviaioa of Square No 461, havtag 20 feet front. runaiBg back 100 foot to a wide alley, with the Iraprevem nte, con sistiaa of a wall bnllt three story rrame llouee, cantaiaiag 8 conviaieatly arranged rooms. Pas sages and gas throaghout the house, with perches front and T.aak. Pump uitn excellent ?ator la the yar?, uiakiag It a desirable roeideace for a I private family Posse solos givea Immodlately. Title li.dispu tabla Terms: One third cash: balaaeo ia aix and ,T* D?.??t>?s. for Botes bearing iateraet from dav of sale A dead give a and a deed of trast | takea. All ceaveyaaclag aad revenue stamp* at the co*t of the purchaser. *loe to be paid dowa ?hea the property Is kaecked off. akfl GBBEN A WILLI AM8. A nets gl OBBBB * WILLIAMS. Aaotleaeers. LOT or BB1LBIBQ MATBBIAL ABD FRAME BUILDING IB THE BBAB FRONTING F 8TBBBT NOBTH, BETWEEN KTH AND 1?TH STEIBTB. AT PUBLIO AUCTION. Ob THUB8l#AY. the 28th lastaat, at A o'clock R w* fbail sell, oa the premitea, a good lot of ' BaiUini Brick aad a Ftame Building ia the rear of the lot. Terms cesb, to be removed within ten days af?er the day of sale. , mh 28 d GBEBN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. ^ K. BBOWNB. B. J. 8MITHBB8 BROWN B A SMITHBBS, WA8HINGTOB, D.O , W&sgthftaisf" " > ' Office Ho. 476 Seveath street,oppoeito the Poet " c** la l-ly | ORPHANS OOUET, MABCH ?. M7-Dutkict 9W Columbia, Wasbi*to? Cochtv. to-wu, g atss f]' iffiis&aya,, & ?'?> i E'vSKEUtt&tsrsssz g?f . "oyyt whe? smd where all J Arvs < JWli llmlniMj/lMHMSV M J taU: proviJp a oepy of tAls errier be pnhllsAed f I leceaeed, are hereby warned te ezhibit the ?it. with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, oa a* p before the tth aey of March next: they may . other wiee by law be eacladed froai all boaeBt of the J sa??* eetate. Olvea aadet ay ha ad, this ?th day of March, a "Si...? rr i |r* i r\* ; i V U I fl 11 'I / '" T P ! * , . tl i . ? ? i I APOTION fjAbBS. (' * ?<Mr Mh' im m ?Tj r*/r arrammoeb amrm ro-mom*??. |)T COOPEB * LkTtMSB. AaefeoaMr* D <LaU elerka vltk JM C Mcttatr* ft 0* ,< TUVUI IMPIVV11I III tllirwfll SVbijlP "" ?'?" Ob FMDl T imiKOOl a*it. March M at * clork p M..M tb* precnlaa*-** will Mtt the Hllk 24 (Wit ImM if L*t ?. il t?*aer* br> J*?. I*?r?i?4 bv ubitMtitl and mil Mill Up** ?Ur? Brick ?t*lllii. with ! ? Mri back tnlidlng ooataialnclB AT. ttcrUM roeat.atta 9? throughout. Pomp *f wai*r it y*rd AIm. *d;?lBlt)f Ui Uon, aad laanedtetely after w* win Mil the Berth M feet f Inehae of L*( I* 27, 8*aar* 1*4, BBl?*r*v*fl. *v rept b' a brick btlldlii m tbl rru at tk? IM ?'b lot* ha** d jub of im f**l w% Iachea Wttilrt? fo*i pa??d allej Is ik? r*ar Tb* *1 u> * d-*rrib*d reel eatet* h*i?ag?d i* tb* l*t* Col M Matrt*.tH l-?l'**t*U on tk* *m? aid* *f l.?th *tr**t, b*t***? u< f itrorti bonk. ** ?eer PmsiiItmiU Of, end la w>ll wortAy tb* kti*ttl?i of p*r*oa> dMlnug Ini-Ntn r*? W?; ?b*r* fceloa little or mm far **l* I* tkU Im <MiUto neighborhood fonniiw ?tv*a am. T*naa Ob* half c**b. balenc*ln6 and I? *ot<M With tatereet. eecared by * (Im4 ol tract os tk* froperty^ All cOBVSjBBriag Mi r*r*k?? itaipi *tc*?t of?nreta?er A fl*pMtt ef f I ?u will k* required ol tb* pur?he-er *t nn* ?f M|c *M ft JOB B NdOUI, E xecntore of M'cheH >?tii nb7 eoAd* UUUl'IK A LkTlSIBI. a?,w ft*"THK ABOW 8 A LB 18 POSTPONED IN con*? j<)?i>re of the l*clem*B*y of lb* ???thei BBtil WkDNBbDAY AF TEBBOON. March ?7th me boor aud pie WM. ft JOS B BoUBdB ElKB'Ori Of ItickABl Noil * _?b ? ?iaab coopbba latihcb au u |J* OBBBN * W1LLU1I, ftaoUeaeeta * Olf EK W ONT* AV^i E'w VL?T* r*"*TINa Off tlKVUDT A>BaCh. betweea K and L ?tr,iS,lJi*E,i? * PAbllc Autloe On WlbhKUDA), tb* X7th la?t , At S o'clock t m.. we ?HAll **ll. ob tk* premtMi. Lot No. Ik, fa aquare ho 214. having IS f**t fiaut by lit feet FrameBoom" improved by a tw* *Mry W*callthaBttent|oB of boyera tothtaea'o ? tb* location la good. and being a first cIm* let ? hicb niBkee It ?er? d*-ir?oi? Term* .One third B**k; balance la 6. II. aad it moatbi Jar n*t*e b*?rlt| lnt*r**t, and **cur*4 by ?**<! of trnet rn tk* yr*Bi??t 411 ?M?#y pn tie ?nd t?Ttnn? et*m*? *t tk* o**t *f Ike anrcbM*r 9 ! uo d . wa *a tk* d*r*f a*U * ?w<? ? EBBK A ?ILLIA??. A acta M^ ^ 4 OO , Aa?Uune*r( >. 3B7 P*aniylT*af* Ar*i* W* will Mil at 3-4 P*iiB?ylr*Bl*BT*DB* ua4*r Natiunal Hot*l, THIS I v in I pit.? <07i""< 0"?? " Uoelery fOi') ard? fi ae yard wld* Oottan lt*i?Brde fl** Bl*rk <!*-atai*r* and Olatk 1" d07fD fin* bteel Freai* l'?br*:iM Hair BriiihN Onatb* Tabl* bbO Poeket utl*r> Gold aad bllv*r W ntckM. Ac , kc J??S4t W. B LEWIS A 00., Anrts |JT OBEBB ft V1LLUMB. taranmi. BE0EIVBB8 fcAl B OF BUBNITOBB ABB LiUtOBb IB, ABi> LBABEBOLDo" THB 'KlBK WOOD HOL8B 811 L* TBI> AT TM B ,aTH AND PA ^ '* 8WCABB Bo 3ii*,l? THE CITF OKW AbHillBTOB IB THi DISTKICT or COLUMBIA. AT PbBLIC AOCTIOB IB THE MJPHBBB COUBT OF TBI D1S_t ? ti TBICT Of OOU(fMBlA. Tb* Natloaal B?ak of tb* Matronolle *e. 0. 0. 8?rkfor*t t| In Eituit) ? Bo. ? J 4 . la purenanc* of an order of tk* 8 .pr*me Caart of tb* Dietrict af Columbia, eittiag taB'taltr, i?*11?* d?t* tb* Mtb day of r*brtt%rr. A D 1?><, tb* Bu<!?ratgii*d. a* racalMr* ly^eiaM ay aid Cvar In the above eait. will Mil at pabiic MttioD. it tb* 'Kirkwo<>d Hon-* ' ib tiiecity *( i aakington, D. C..on W BDNB8DA T. tka 2'tk day of March, A D 1?J7, coa.nit-ncibc at lb ? clock a as. Birat?Tb* l*a-*boM of tk?> *etabM?hai*Bt *?U known aa ib* ?Kirkwoo? Hon*,' a H tsMa t* adTBAtajM of locBtioa ami *tbi i*a*at, <4U*I.ifn?t enp*rior. to aay *tb*r U ullatka oltT of W<4?hlb?ttoa. Tn* ?* U?> About e'l y*Bra to rta liiBHlilelT after th? enl* of tL* abore, We ehal.' Beubr^bmir. 'J a |r"rt,,lur*' aBd Lienor. 1* tb* d5*22225 c^ntino* fron. Aay to day bAUI Ml 1. fl)0(>OIHl of (CIB?rivl|ftff ID IBM Tlf niol **Wo?<1 ?**? FIm*< OoT*r, AB? Om1 handeome large Prenrb plat* QiU fr%s* 1 l?'ii ' Boa*w?od rrarnoe abd Marbl*ilib Tt??.T?,^R7 fP,r|or coBetetiag af lii-Tj . A u M' * and Bide Chair* liioc'* ttr,*D **?*od Lac* Ovrtaine aad OorBli Marlle-t?j) Center Tablee and Oil PaiBtlaca fnngyBSre*.? bi#*Dd Wo<>4 '*? ?' >? * Seventy tire fine aolid Walnnt B*4ate?d? alt cinpl*!*, with Sprtag MattrN?w beventy fir* Marbl* and Wood Walont WabItAIUll Thirty Paint* dBreaainc and otkar Bar**ue Fifty Paluted Wa?h?t*Dda Ob* bnndrvd Cottag* and other B*det*ada One bond red and M*en BraSMi^, ThrM ply. im. graia and other < arpeta Two bnDdrrd good Hair and Haak Mattr*aa*a Ob* hundred Feather Plllowa Bad B <l*t*ra Two hundred and ?er*nty B*d*pre*4* aad C*? One hundred aad aeventy pAira of go?i Blaakata I.Arc* ?tnantlt) of Botblt *1 d biagl* Mhnat* 8*?eaty IIra Oak Mnlng Chain Twelve larg* Dbibk TbAIm Twenty Dama?k T*ble dotka aad S?-T*aty fra NapkiBB Hlxie*n Worat*d Tabl* cover* * Ten Heavy stated Oa-Ura rive d?z*B Plated Borka ritt d*uo PlaUd 8|*oaa ronr dcren Ir< n kaudlt-d Knivee Twelve Pla'e4 kugar U*ula fwo dor.oa PlateA Or*an and Blraa Pltckera w*nty two pi*ee* of Copper Ooklng I'toaatU OIbm and Orook*rywar* tkrougkout tk* aattra kenae On* *xr*ll*at Iraa 8a'*, I a perf*ct ord*r Office rumlture. <-on?!atia? of D*rki. 8*tt*?*. Steve* and PBittoona Ob* flu* Office B*rnlator. A Lao, r*or Phe Ian ' Billiard TaklM, with Bella aa* Com. all in perfect order. With many other article*, whlck we fleam aaneceaaary to eaBiaarate Tb* above Furniture la of good quality throat bout the eat ire b*0M We call the Bttratioa of fl*alar*, hotel kaap*r* and tk* pablte ii g*n*ral to this eal*. aa It la tea largMt collectiea of kouaab<d4 goofla tkat haakmb Ib" the market for aote* ttoaa. Teruacaah _ _ BATH ABIBL WILSON. I - ... JOHM F. BNBIS, \ Bocetrera. mk <-eo4da BBBBB fl WILLIAMS. A act* BANKERS. ^EVEN-THIBTY TBBASDBT BOTBS, IJ of any Mrle*. *zchanA*d for NBW rlVB-TWAHTi BONDS, AT THB NATIONAL BABK OF COMMBBOB OF OEOB<iBTOVkB. D 0. _ Iaternal Bevenn* btaiupa for Bot**. Checka. Drafts Boiida. Peeda. M rtcage?. and other l*?al l?cara*tite for aale at Oo vera meat ratM nib 7 lm J O. HAM MBB. Oaabler JAY COOKE ft CO., B ft K BB, /1/tMWfl Mratti BT*ltt4 JVniat. Buy and Ml learroat Market ratM, and kMp oaataatly on haafl, a faU aapyly af all BOVBBBMBBT BOBDB, BBTBB-THIBTIBB, ABO OOMBOOBB IBTBBIBT BOTBS Order* tm STOCBS. 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