Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1867 Page 1
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? ?* ? - : " 1 : rf V?. XXIX. W ASHINGTOiN. D. C.. THURSDAY. MARCH 28. 1867. N2. 4,385. j TIIK EVENING STAR rtBLlBIlKQ r>AILY. I 8 UN DAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BL'IX.DINO, 5 vUm it tcr*er Ftnm a aveaus a*J UM ifrnt, ?Y w. d, wallach. Tfc? t^TAR la mt?i by uie .-.arrier > to to-ur nbecnr*r* u> the G?y and D strict at Tea ( r? irw*. Ooptee at tae counter, with cr without wrappers, Two Cnrr* each. Paica Ft b >Ljl1Lir<?.?'Three months, On* isoLmr ar~i fifty Ctnit; six months, Thrtt I* i*?'?; cue Tear, F"ir? foUcrt. No pap*ra V? sent fnm ite office longer than paid for. The W?L1(LV ST A K?pool is bed o?* Friday temm:?On* 'tr mmd a Htlf * r?or IP*' 'KW??????W , PAWN J3U0 K. EK S ft 1NK? L0A!? orrioc 1? 4/6 ,jit> street. >1 for south of Peon avs , Losbs MONEY oa time to snlt cm'ob w, on G Id and t*ilvrr W * c:ie?. Lleinoad*. J**- /&\ Hiy, L*di-? And Gentl-oien a Wearing/. w JL _ 0 ? Old Oi'd su<l SilTtr bor.?fct trb 5 5bj* B BUBN9TINE. yjy A u ??~H ' 3 CENTRAL I OAS OFFICE. Bo 4' 0 lOib *t"et?. uu? d\?jt tielow tenn eve. Tbis w -II OfEoe msJtes LlHtUAL AD VAN* |4 On V:*m ac . odd and mirer We'ches Q Q Cltfci*/ > urcltnre, and Merchandise of evaxy iiactlniaa. Uj.?u t very day I except b*ind*7 > from 9 a m to a. a?. N. B.? PaiiLtwstrictly confltiential. fe 28 tf L' b T AO L Id H H U J * j SPECIAL NOTIOI. (BABLJC4 IIER/,???RO. w*. ?0Cf*** no Isatc He - . rtc s. Son. w ..o >.* % condn ted the Pu >< -rokia; business far ftaea >ear? in t:.i* cit. . i #r tweive /Ov if ar> the enly cmnVrnk is tbe Distric', / A take this r> ?- h<.d of llitiiking their patron*? V "" tha public tor thfcouftdtin t ti'Moinrsiiiowa them, ai <i b^f |ta?? to cell their atentiou to the tact that ? atlll outlucc to make tbe blgMwt adJances id all so?* upon all article* of Jewelry, 1 ianor.<s, toacbea. Q >ads. Government Scrip, Silver Plate, Jtc . for wbKh ire hare aaperior<-ea f d<-p<*it an i a->f trlt), wbich will always e inown for th? <att?fai'.i u T tno*9 p^trjuiiing *a behave special ia.-iliti'-a for the rraro an J pre??r*ati n ol Weerlnz Apparel of ey?ry d*?<ntii> a. Wiifi?u?, ac.,oti wt.t- h the hifthoat a?l ar?? Made, ifuaraat wh^a reiuired agit!i,at u- >;h,ar>d a1 win a^a*T?*tiBjnry !{%Tinff a lar.k* *?rrh''ii?. in -OMiectinn with onr ?* b?T?- *)x>cial fa<-illti?i for dteraRe of a", kin la el M^rrhardiae, KarntrMP#, Ac . on which -re ?*** the hijrheet ndTaticet for days, weeka or mouths Wf c%ll p r?( ?l %'tentloa to the fact tbatowlc^'. t*:8 \h- ? ca^I'aI eu>riu>?-d in oar rnetceee w?ttt ?sk > slnmes it acch r*r?a uf tntei eai as to d< fy competition We peil no e >?'! until the n r> rat ion of *: * m?*tth* a'ter their forfeitnre, anc tftru only at pnMic auction, fret cIttnu aotplr i?o?ie? thr< u*h the rariois city joar nal* i<? all ?iet, J>fcr?. Ity tbia mean* dip- sit^ ?nb t? ar rit-ver loat if their redemption ia desireil M e call -epe^ial attention to onr arrauee r.ert- f?r forwarding ?; ^is to an? part of the ecvBtr^ mTrtr*emeDt? which an exp?r|enfe of atte^-n years has hr?cirht to rertection. D.-po?Itcrii are enabled tv this means to redeem their food* from onrolfce ijo matter wh?r? they may e located Pull ixtf r;:iati..n a!?a\ giee:>. Prl-yate apartiLTttafor coniidvi.tial bn->iaesa M. B ? *e bdVK no ,oni>e ii, n with any si Hilar estahl?aVtpent in thie city K- fer to ?nr -^ld resident of W ashijisrtoB B? HKR^HCHO'S Loan Office. 351 north O street, bet ? '?n 4X and 6th, WwMtiftsg.p H. fe 25- lw * aiisii M'JMSY :!! H. PKIMCK8 NIWU KSTABLISHKD LOAS oKPTf K, Jt7 7 Pa. ase . next to Poten ini'a Confectionery Money loaned on every description of salable Siercha:di?e. ?speoiall\ Watch^e, Dia /Q\ m<r,d? and fire Jf-welry 1 caa fiare thc?e v o ma> favor me with tber pa<ron-0 G ac- ;ba- I 'M u ii! not tegr. t ',* - irg don# so. e? B ?Private door ard oibce. Par^ona not wlAIri to tat.rtbs tublic otflce will ring the rtee* hell. foCSlm' T U S Oi-L HoTiBulaHKl* Kl*il OF I B, OOI Ob" X IJi x OO . Lit IN-EO i'A<?MtBOKt*S, 34 FO'oAN P A-UALK .-Ti?CEf WEST, near I't nrjs) ST.-mc, Of!fr tbe Maueat advances on *P kinlaof Mftrria'iillf?, to at!' anoi nt and for any Ub* de.irrd , at ree?.-nsil? rites i hi on larce snm -'eatij- relnced %p ? 1' .Mmu utrietly c rf.'-ntial G<..k1- bocubt f >r ra?;i ai i sold at frivate sale | DKNTISTRY^ ~ |,a. LaWlK'S L'KJ?*XAL 4?(jMtUu!(' * ' No. < ?> rahM'A aVK , B. tweeu 13tn t?ad istfc - rcets. ntracM withoot palt > y master In* <-,*yJe er liiuxhiu# >im. I 'r .-"3ar?.-^ i\ '*,'? * recently p>:rcUaaed ti e i -'SJeSV ,"j*tu, j i tbe country f- i 1 ^ D *.* ? i e*er> Uaj , also, an in.rrorcd V?l fu>r ii.%*.sr 1h A -ociation ia i * prepared sT ! .or' ??**? ftllye- i* :bl??>r a- Saw f ' - '>nltl^bia and -sion prices Ali per"-t '???' V- ...tone cai. uaweit as h. ap ?e i. lb" %t> se-. atrec citi^e. All work done m tbe ne west an<i oe*t manner. s?4 varratted ?o atv- *ati?taciioa Persona will do wall t call i* ! UnB.lOt C 3r won. de A tf T1 KITE . * 7 J L . i?. Lwais.fli o . I?ie Inventor a-.; I>>UBtesof tbe MlA'CivAli A TICKT^l, atteiids perronally at f -ga% 'it " . Alany persons ve<vr teeib a bo caanof wear othore,^1' l I* Mil s-c tureen can war others v bo eacretwear tbeaa. Peraci s caiilDi at a>y c.Rce can bo accotauods ted with ary style and price ?? Toetb they may desire, tuj to these who nr? particular, and wi<h the unrest, r't-ane*t, atrohaest and most perfect denture that a^t can procure the 9*INBBAL Tff KTH will be more fulls warranted Boom* in tfcia city?No .'IS" Penn*a areuae. be twsen Stb and 10tb sts Alto, 907 Arch s'reet, F-illadeipbla. oo ff) It PERrfONAU MB8 CUBTIS IRVING, CUitrvo-jmt, and Test NtdTstwt.vill rive lite te?Mlin?s, incinding > aat, 1 restnt an *. Future at her oifice, 4^0, nertfi Mo off Pa av., between <S as>i 8th streets Offioo bours iiom to 2 a. ui. and (tuvi. m. ja 24 2m* C'oNifiOBNTlAL.?loans men wb-> bar* In f jnred tbemaeivea ny certain aecret habits, wbicb unfit them for bnsinees. aleaanre, or the catiosol married lite; also. miaJlo %?ed and old Ben. who. from the follies of yoatb. or other Cit;- s. feel a debility in advance of their years, before piacing tbeni*elvej under the treatment of ax.v one, should brat read "The Peoret Priend." Married iadiee will learn something of importance by perusiag "The 6*cr*t FrletKl." bent to any adaress, in a sealod envelope on receipt of 26 cents. A ldrew Or. CUAS. A STUABT ft OO.. Boaton, _ ao Hf A b. BBOWN*. K J. SilirilBB3 BuOAM ? *MITUEB3, U AMIlNUTuH. 1>. U , A TTORyF. YS A V O CO L'MSE LLORSA T LA IV AND HOLIC1TOIH FOH THI BLBKAL Brrft.lLC^. ?KKKUHKN. AND AHAViDONBD LANDS Cfi .e So. 4 ? b Seventh street, opposite the Post C?ca. la My rn FEB CENT .SAVED by asiax 0. B J E -V?J'j ELL S pure unadaiteraled Prenilnti Ne? Yi rk City SOAP, P.-< uiinni PAMILY SUAP, "tsnii'.m FLANNEL (<OA?, Atd No 1 BBnWX SOAP. Fci sal* ftidap for ?-?sr\ Orders tbrco^b the p Oibce vill be cr Bjptl) att* jo?*1 to O. H. J E WELL. Soap and Oa-^ile M mnfartorer. No. -?00 and w ?M north, bet. 4th and etb. jall-6ui rI Bt MOST EXCITING AXH iNTEBESTING I BU< 'K or TB K DAY. OE.V. L. V. J iKEN'S HISTORY OF THE Sbl H ET SERVICE. AGENTS * aNTED inovery city .town,county and Mate uf tl.s Uoiov t?canvaae tor this work This history * aa am unced one year ago, h o>? mg to the att- is>pt4 of the Government t > supfresa it. its pubiicati. n ra< delated 11 will now e iaaned, unaltered at 1 nnabridged. under the snp*:vi<loD of G?M Batit K It soOtairia a fn'l an I ctbcial eip<>?. of tbe lutricato macbinaUoas of tiie secret euem S of ths U uion For startling development*and thrilling adventures tni* bee ecilpses the (anion* ex periencee of FOl'LHE AND ViI>OrO. The maiveioas narla i?s -f General Baker are all atteste-1 by tbe highest ofBi fal aatboH'y It will contain tbe ot ly official history of tb* Assassination con api ary. A full btstory of tb'.s great, startling and te rriMe crime FBOM ITS INCEPTION, IN THE HUNTS or Yll<LMNV TO THE HLklaL PLACE OF BOOTH. Has never yet been placed -efore the publlr The work aJeo luil> <xpose? the aeiarioua lynb m by which Presidential psr-.ons wereaud are ao readilpobta ned in Washington The n.ora.a of tbe Nailooal Capital are thoroughly ventilated and there are some atrange revelation* coocetning heads of depa'tments, n en ^ers of C .nk ro>s, female iardou brokers, and distingniabed military characters For circulars, canvassing namK?rs. and all other iD'ormU # ad :re-s L. O BAKE& P ost Office J?o* No. 3<^0, Phiiadelphia. Pa " Th's work will bo ready for delivery oa tha 1st d?> of Ear N P.- Bone but thosa thoroughly oonversaat with tt<a hnsineso. and with good reference as to character and responsibility, ne-d apply . nihU lm jllACKEBEL AND CODFISH. 16 (SSI pounds large SHOB*.CODFISH. J *,tb^riv^?aad^for mle at oarL?har?iat tha foot af Seventh at. ? deli tf So. 46* NimhPt . Wet. Band F. L, E3BDABY 14, 1?4T.-AU persona haviag r le tarticlaain my shopfor rep.irs, previotiato the let of jannary, are r?vjuested to oall and got tt-?-m otherwise they will boeold at pablio aaonot oa the lat of March to say ?? thara^n. JOHN i FBABOHF, Gun and Loaksalth, .an 1? So 414 D street. 4 'HOCOLATB DOPE LB, VAEILLE, ' PB H. VAILLAlBD. Fur Cacao at Snore. Exempt de loaf'melanga. /. M. F. KIF'? SOW, King Piaoo, Corner Termont avaaaa tad Wi atraaA. - A * t j 'aC a GREAT SALE CT ENGRAVING8, \ IS AID 0? TH* DLSTITCTE AMD GBPHAN BOMB or ovn POLI'lIB? AMI) SAILORS, Aits A PBB8UNTAT10N Will. BS G!VM ? AT WASHINGTON, D C.. ON TIIl'B;-DA Y, APBIL 4, 1?67, The Institution for who*e benefit thia enterprise i* ? on inrttd was !?un 1*4 forth* purpose of gratuitously clncatiag the sons of deceased Soldier* and Seamen ?f the Unite-! State*. New paptla will be received after April 4, npon complying nith requirements. The pmcl.aser of each Engraving for one dollar will be given a certificate entitling the holder to a hare in the award of preienta. ea LIST OP PBESBBT8. 1 Troye's great equestrian portrait of General Scott in the ladie*1 stauw.ty of the Capita I ?.. >26 OX) 1 S lr gold - .. 13.000 I Greenback, U. 8 . 6,000 1 Greenback, 0 8 .. 2.(00 5 .?1 U. 8 Bond# .. 5 000 io :<? " i.oo. 80 JjlOO " Greenback a 6 00,, 10U <fi0 " " * t,U0ii 100 S26 " " 2.SW l.(?OflO " " 10,000 24*0*5 " " 10 IXIO I6.1O0SI " * IS ,000 2 Bniltiing Lotson Eleventh Aveaae, New * <>ik city.Lew of encumbrance . 1,1.15 1 8<t Diamond Barrin^e 600 | 1 Diamond Pin .... 604 1 Stemway Pi t.a? ?.... 1,000 it Ickerinf Pi?ik a. ?6"0each 1,400 2 Mason Jt Hanlin'a Parlor Org.m<, ?l,0o0 ? ?2,000 10 Fewing Machine*. $100 ea -h 1,090 HO Famil> Sewln.- Machines, ?7~< each 7.500 10 Gent? Gold Watches. ?f*) each 4,00> 20 l.adiea " ? fk 130 each 2.WW *0 Gents's Gcid Guard Cu?il*, $ln0 h . 2 ooj If. Ladle*' ' ' fiooeach. 2,000 28 Silver-plated Tea 8ft*. $75ea^h 1,8,-.) 1 G' at*' Saddle and Kjui ^mienta, $lnO 10* 1 Laditrg 130 1 Rrewtter'a Bng?y. GOfj 8 Sets of ilarnere. $ to each gio 190 Subscription* Weekly Tribune, Si; eacu l.iAJO f?0 ** " llerall. $2 " 1,000 tOO " Harder'n Monthly , .f 5 ' 1,30) t?> * Atlantic; Monthly, 1^0 WW " Iiational freemason, -SU " 2,00o 1 Painting, David Pla>iii< the H?rp before Saul ? 1,50? 1 Painting, Vndiue and Ariadne 1,00 1,W*? Uanditcaie Xngraviog*, $5 each 5,010 <150 000 Engravings to the amount of 600,000 will b eo"d, and ail fnnda received are to be dupxite I with JAY COOKE A CO., First National Bank of Wnahlnfton, D.O.. to be held by them f?r the bensht of the Inatitntioa. HOW TO OBTAIN ENGRAVINGS. Orders may be sent tone enclosing tbenoney, from one dollar to twenty-five dollars, In a registered letter or by poet office order, at onr riak. Thoc* wishing Engraviega sent must enclose ten centa in atampa to cover expenaea. Lar^e auieunta should be sent in drafta or by expreae. PB1CB LIST: For $1 00 a handsome Engraving. For 2.0o " " of larger class. For 3.00 * " ? For 4 00 " ? For 8.(0 * For ti.00 " For 10.40 a splendid Asiericen Clironio. lor *nj0 " German or French Ghromo. By buying worka of art in large quantitlee we are enabled to give partlea pur baaing from a a the same kind of engravinga that are sold in any atore, for tbe earn* price; and, in addition, we will give a certificate which entitle* the holder to an intereat In the award of premiums for each dollar lnveetedln the purchaee, Addreaa all order* and commuaicatiena to KEHNBDY A OO , 38?k Penna avenue, Washington, D. O., Lock Bex 41. 8PBC1AL BOTIOB. To the military orgaaizatloa influencing the largest aal* of eagravlag* will ho preaeatod a handaome Beglmantol Standard. Parties pnrchaalag Engraving* will ?!** ad vl*o tbo ager.u to which regiment, Ao.,th?s doair* to credit their parchaae. Tboea deairlas " act ao agent* wfll apply for if+rm***. fmUM f ' r / -1 I ' ' | t . 3 > *44? i ' 1 J ' ' * ? /. 4 j ? \ J . i Jt M ? * f # W i ?#?| I ^ j ?l rl 1 < if- I. -J i)A 1 9#t?V i ( >11 9,1 A <* ia 1 ' o.*Ti <.*>??! ml AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. H. b PHILLIPS LE<*EB AND MANAGER. Last night but two of HISS r^MNI HO BO AH PHELPS, T?. D K."bA Y L^HN^O, March ;8, Will bc> pre-eut'd the <!harmtrg Comedy Of the iilhlSJ# BY Da'.LIGHT. looMlndi witn the i tuic IriaU Prini? of KATTY To Mo. row Bight- Ben- fit of TA NN Y MOBG\N PHELPS f k<i will be presented Boucicault s Great Drama of Til ^COLLEEN BAWH. If NATIONAL THEATRE. P nntylvania avuuo. net>r WII lards' Hotel. LAST RIOUT BUT TWO Of tte Brilliant Iui?tem?a* oT I -VB J? HN K uWKHS THIS Thursday) EVENING. March 28, Ltft ilni* ot THE VICTIMS. Jo?hna But*- by Mr. John E Owm > i r?t tlm? of ti.e LITE INDIAN. Tbe Lire Indian..... Mr. .John E Owen*. TO MORROW-B?nt lit of Mr. OWENS PAPL PBY . METZEROTT HALL. LAST THREE RIGHTS' THCBBDAY FRIDAY. AND BATUBDAY, Match 2S. i9 ?nl 30. ALr BURNKTT. AxU C K1S RvrRKSkN'TATIVS II MORI-T, A*i-l<ted t>V M 188 HELEN NASH. Tirke's 30 tjents Reserved Sc?w SO OfOti, flflaj t? had dune tn> day at MeUerotl'a Alcaic Store. Doors or*1" *t 7; to iinenee at S o'clock. GRAND MATINEi. SATI'RPAY aFTRBOON. For the acc?mtnrdat1ou < f La?liea and Chi.?lr> u. Adr.t<si?n.'to all psrta of the house.) 30 Oents; Children, 1.1 <'ents. rah 27-2t* /'RAND K HI BITI ON AND INDIAN WAR *ji dance or the CHIPPEWA AND SIOKX TRIBES, To fce given at the Seventh street Park, on THURSDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING. M AROH ai. W AR DANCE ta commence i.t 4 o'clock Iri the afternoon, and Ho'clockin the even: ng. t ook'* ce:etr*trd String Band vill be In attendance Tbe PaTllIfon will be open for dancing after each V> ar Dance. A fufr.iient force of police will be on the ground to keep erder Aii.tif io?, JO cent#. Children half-price, mh 26-3f_ (? BAND EXHIBITION OF THE 8TERKOP I T1CON? D1SSOLV I SW VIEWS-OX Y bYDUOUEM MlCttOSCOt'R. NEW AND SPLENDID VIEWS Never exhibited here, with new and mos; ira proved apparatus. Proceeds fo- the benetitof the YOUNG MEN'8 CIlhitniAN AfSOC1 A T ION . FOB SIX NIGHTS, COMMENCING THURSDAY, M ?rch >?. At 3 p m? and on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, At I1, g> hi,, at WOOD WARD HALL, Pennsylvania avenue , between loth and 11th sts. Admission, 25 cents. Children, 15 cents. Re rerved reeta,40 cen ts. Tickets at the b?'vk stores and at the door. mh2>8t Books on farming, gardening, ac ? Gardening for front, by I'eter Henderson, } I C< , Alnfticaii B.ce Cultural, 7 z.. Clark s flower Gitoen r-irectery, 59 ., The Miniature Fruit Garden i>v Thomas Rivers, ?1. The Garden Ly D II. Saciuts. 31 Coles A*n rican Fruit Bock. 76 Field a Peer Culture -y 1 -o??; Ten Acrea Ati'urti, ? I . On? tfatiii oi F'inr Acres.S6c.; Inter on the Potato 1*1?nt, 7tc . tlrtw to Uuili and \eutli.te Hot houses. .71 50, Watson's Aoierl. an Home Garden, $2, Bnist'a Femllv Kitchen Gard> net. A \; How to gt t a Farm ?u ! Where 10 ?'lnd e)ije $1 7ft:'Flower Garden Dlrft -rjr.dl.gU, Kh'Wera lo' the G^rdeu ?nd P^r! >r. S'. J Garden Vlowna How to Cultivate Thei:i.f> E S. Baud, $Z; i'ar kiiiat.'a Book ot bu-ri >'i. Garde ilng for i.aolea. by Hr? London, 5 ' Enflel 1 on Pudiati C rt< .*175: .lt".ha?ton Agrlcultoral Cheoi atry, ~ 1 Ti-, HC'.iaiiUkraolt a Rural Kr .nonjy, $|,N; Dana'- Mnek >lar "*al %1'lft, Allen'a Atnr-iicau Ftitn Rook 1 *0;French ? Kami I'n ln ige 91.60; M(l>ahot>'h Arner ci.Gai lcner. .?JiO. PiH'i.uan's American Gaidenrr'a A?<ii*tant, .'520; How to I *y On. 1 Gaio?n, by K'. Kemp, Todd'i Y onfcK Farii or r M v..u ,1 ? 1 ^ . la k 1 Ne* B >ok of Ftoue r? ,&c; Chai Iton 9 Gri.p' Grtw< r>* Gnfde, 7^ Htifziian or? ai"l Wiue, *1 At, Ful- | |. r'aGr.ii>"Cultur at. ;! 0; Uy Vin'-yard at Lake\ >u. .*1 2."s: Browne ? Tree* f America. AS.tO; I <;ninl y ?n Hee?, M?; Lane?:rotn on tbe Honey Bee. Ma\hew t, llluntrat d Horse Doctor, *.<; I Slhvliew'0 Iiluatrated Horse M :nigenient, >3; ! farmer's Barn B^ok. Sl..'0: nun.<? lior-eund | Ma Dif tuta, 6.: 1'>id 4 Mode.-a Hor e D >ctor. I % I '? Stewart'-Stat le Hook *1 .Vi; Dodd's Amert- I ch 11 Cattle Potor., Alle .'e D ineuiic Anl- I mals. *l; Herbert a Hlntito Horee keepara, 41 7ft; I H nrae training Marie Eaay. by Jennlnv, -41 il; I M:ia< n r Farrier. -*1. Every Man k'.a Own ','attle I Dot tor, 20c . Youatt a*d Spooner 11 the Hor-e. I tjl.tO. (luenoii on Milch Cows. 7.'c ; B-tnent'a Atr.ericHn l'onlt?r. r a Companion. Cole's American Veterinarian. 76e.. Allen Rural Architecture. >1.1" Woodward's Country llonaes, .*1 so, I Jac<iu?*a' Rural Architectnre. j; 1 ;<o. Village and Farm O.tta^ea. !?l. Van*' Villat and Cott/ige?, . 2; Sloan a Homestead Architectnre, .'J5; Field's I Riral Arcblteo'nre c2; Downing'* ti?ndac?[.e 1 Gardening an't But a) Atchite* tnre. 9^.6"; Holly's I Country beate, .*4. Be it hv mail preaald IiL\NOHARDA MOHUN. mh 14 eoil Ccrnt. Penn* ar and 11th at. I |>AB1S TAND HEW^^OBK MILLI- A Mra A G. QA8TON has jaat returned from New York with a large and vlegant a?aortment of fine French, Bnellsh. and American Straw Bonnets an t Hat* for ladiea and cht dren: Cr>stal. Amber, Pearl, and MtawOr- I namenta Alao, a eeneral aasortment ot tine I French Flowers Bonnet and Hat Frame* In | ^reat variety. Binbons, Silks, Orapes, Tulles ai'rf Beat Laces, 4 c. Particular attention given to all orders. Ro? ms,440 3th street, neit Pennsylvania are- I nue. mh U ,t? I ^ GENTS WANTED. f(7?, IJIOO, ANP? ?150 PER MONTH Is no" being made by our Amenta caovaa^ing for the new work of historical value and romantic I interest, entitled "WEARING OF THE GRAY," Comprising Personal Por rntt.*, SLtithtt. Advtntvrf*-and Inn I d'Ht* of the Inte IV^ar, win Tnr,t ,?i \,,rriitn't a/ the U'irtnt Deeds. Df-hm* Chart's, Tmhome Marches, Willing Sam/re*, an,t t'a'ien'. Snjfertut* rtf ihe ROYS I\ on ay. BY JOHN EST AN COOKE, Formerly of General Stuart'a Sun author of ' fcntry of Eagle's Nest," "Life of 8ton?? all J?c*tson, Ac., Ac. _ handsomely illustrated. i/"To energetic men and women a rare chance la offered to m?ke money . AddresSlAjTHEBN PUBLISHING COMPANY, S> 13 Holliday street, Baltimore, dd. Post OEda Box 1.424 _ mhleolm STEIN WAY '8 PIANOS. Ws have jnst received a nsw assortment of 11 I PIANOFORTES fr in tbe tactory, roa-^^^ slating of Grand, buuare, and Upri(ht|KallB Cabinet Pianos Ml 111 For the last tea years Stelnway's Pianos have, I on all occasion-, received the first premium oyer I all new York, Boston, Philadelphia,and Baltimore makers whenever and wherever ttaey have come I in competition At tbe World's Fair In Loodon. I bte 1 nway 3t Son* received the Imt-irsement *of superiority of tbeir Ptauo* ever all makers of the I worlo W O MET/EROTT A CO , f?g tf Ho. 31" Penu avenue. Sole Agents. I several splendid pablor obgans with Patent Organ Swell, aud one with,? movable pedal Baas, (very convenient torXfVH organ prar*ice at home.) will ''I ill I POSITIVELY BE SOLD AT COST, j preparatory to rebuilding Store. Also, U new and second hand PI ANOS at reduced priees. OBOEOp L WTLl) A BRO , m 13 2m Mo. 49T llth atrast. ahovs Pa. ave ! pOR'l ABLE j STEAM ENGINES, Combining tbe maximum of efBclenoy(Snr?btllty? and economy, with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably know*, mars than 600 being in use. All warranted satisfactory, or ne sale. Deecriptlye oircnlars sent on | application. Address J. O. HOADLEY A 00., fa 8 eoJm Lawrence, Mass. I ORPHANS'COUBT. March ?th, 1^17^111 strict or Ooldmpia, WajsHi..oto? oountt, 7v ?#?i: In tbe case oi Mre. Margaret A. Dukes, ad minis tratrtz of lsevlu Dukes, deoeased. the administratrix aforesaid has. with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington Connty atoreeaid, ap- ' pointed Taeedav Aprtl 2d. 1*W, tor the final j settlement and distributionnf the personal estats of said deceased, and of the assets in hand, as for as the same have been collected and turned Into mewey; when and where all the creditors and beirt of said deceased are noyfled to attend, with their claims property Touched, or they may otherwise by law fee excluded from all heneflt Is said deceased's estate Provided a copy of this or dor be published once n weak for three Weeks in the Evening Star, prevails to ea?<* <tay. r? ' * M 4 < ? : I M i | r - *S SPECIAL NOTICES. ?!X,B2TtIOHBON10 AND INFLAMMATORY J1*i'*ATI8U are being duly eared by MKT* AL'B'S GREAT BHKtiMATIO E1MKDV bold by ell Druggist* m 19 *o2w 8. C. FORD, Agent. IT! BFFBCT 18 M1BACULOU8. 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J^UREAU OF OBDIABCB.^ ^ Washimgtom Oitt, March la, is&. bale OF OLD AHD*UN8BRVI0BABLB ABTIOLB8 OBDNANOB. .There will fc? sold at public auction, to the hlgheat bidders, at noon, THURSDAY, the nth day of April, 1867, at the Bice of the Inspector of Ordnance, Navy-yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. a lot of old and unserviceable artlclee ef Ordnance, embracing Shot and Shell, a boa tan tea hundred (700) Carbines, (breech-loaders.) abont twenty-five hundred iMoeketa, rifled aad naooth bore, (Ina Oarriagea. and ether atsraa. The artlcl ee will be aoM in lata. A _ w Terms : One half oaeh. in Governniaa^l fhnds, to ha deposited on tbe conelnsion of the eAle. and the remaiader within ten daya afterward, during which tlase the artlclee must be removed from the yard, otherwise they will revert to the Govern Ha A* WIpB( BtWMt Chief of Bareaa. 'AVStigjsa^ janty? a LBWIB J?BB?OI?TAOa Jaakere.^ V , " I * 4 f > ?s} 3 * 1 ' ? ? i TELEGRAMS. *?. The Louiiiict Lf(i(lntQr('t joint npf:iit ommitiee's report on Federal relation ? oo? icer the military r.nd tnpplrn?ui?l bil.j a ?r?t mcmnroBf question. involving ta?* people's pre?eat nr d tatore we||<tr? and tt>?> polit?c?t e* of the State. It advi?es im mm &:* acuvt.steps for reorg.m.xiait the State gov? at d ibalgeneral elections bo be id in sccoroame with :h > bill*, avoiding all semblance of oppe'itlon to free suffrage, without collisions, conflicts, or distension, and ?uppr?se:ng all questions leading to division By exerc.ting wisdom. prudence. andp itrtoti-ra. h" people will conduct the State through the oroeal, commanding respect of friends and Ion The lands in the Potowatomie reservationnot lb Ai d wtst of Topeka, Kansas, beloi.gin,: totbe L'uion Pacific railroad, will b?s brought into once. Jud?* l>evereau. laud commitsioner, will open an office ihere. Nearly i?o hundred thousand acre* of tb? Delaware, Sac, aua Fox reservation, belonging to :he same comp&uv. will be offered at public rale at l.avrrenee, Kansas, commencing ou the .d of April Tb?' Secretary of the Interior ba* forbidden squatters going on lauds of ibe Indian* wuh whom treaties unve i^taiy been rns.dc until the treaties have oeen published. A meeting of the fr*edm<>n held at Macon, Ga . yeetTday. was addressed by prominent citiren-, and the speech* s and resolutions conservative. The preamble and resolution* adopted returned thank* to Congrr - for ti.eir emancipation and suffrage, cherishing nu bitter lerling to their late masters but respectfnl and faithful In the discharge of their du i*as ev?r; endorsing the policy of Governor Brown in recommending the people to ascept the terms proposed. General Sherman has issued an order providing luut two pieces cf artillery and tweui> muskets, with ammunition, shall be supplied each steamer toat escends the Missouri river above Sioux City during the coming =<*?son. The commanding oiticers of th* posts above Sioux City are authorized 'o increase the number of muskets and ammuutUon if deemed necesearv lor the safety ?f the boats Two boys in Kobertsonville, Sullivan county, N. Y., who were detected in theft, were tried before a citizens' court and jury, by wbom they were adjudged to sutler thirty lashes each. The punishment was duly administertd. Considerable excttementexi?ts in regard to the affair, and lawsuit* springing from itare numerous. The bill calling a State constitutional convention has passed both bouses of the New Ycrk Legislature. The bill making eight hour* a legal day 's work has passed the Assembly by a vote of 73 to 11. The negro suffrage clause Is stricken outoi the convention bill which passed yesterday. The express mail train on the brie railroad >est*rday morning ran on a piece ot road undergoing repairs, and several cars were tmusned. Engineer El wood was killed, and the fireman was badly scalded. No passengers were killed, though several were injured. The Hon. Garret l>avis. United States Senator, baa written a long letter exloramg the Conservative or I'mon wiug of ihe Democracy jus opposed to the State-rights rebel-l>emocratic party ot Kentucky. Governor I'atton, who urged the Alabama Legislature to ranty ?h<* constitutional im-ndment, new writ** a long letter counselling cheertuf acquiesence in the terms of the tail;- j tary bill. The Japanese commissioners, a :ompmied j by General Halleck, General Mciiowell and staff, and C- Brooke, the Japanese commercial agent, yesterday visited th?- ior;ilications of the harbor ot San Francisco. A heavy snow st?rm occurred in th? region west, north and southwest of Milwankie, Wisconsin. The McGregor aud Western railroad ot lowii is biockeit un entirely, and uo trams are running. The storm still continue.. Two of the negroes who were concerned in tht attack ou the street cars in Charleston. S C., Tuesday, were arrested aad lined Th"y were incited to misconduct, and partly intoxicated. The bouse carpenters ard joiners of New \ oi k have given uotice to their employers that It is their intention to demand *4 a d.?y on and after April 1. Reports from points above the citv of New Orleans on the river state that the levees ar<s giving way, and the whole lower valley will probably be iuundated. General Sweeney, the post commands at Augusta, Ga., has issued an order forbidding all elections until General Pope assumes command of the district. James S Thomas, the present Mayor ol St L? uis, has bet n nominated for re-election by the Republican Convention. A Mother im Hkk Two Chu.i.rkk Drowsed ik a Ciptkkn.?Coroner Emaiert w as tailed upon >esterday atternoon. to hold an inquest ou the bodies of a Mr*. Brane and her two children, James and Ella, aged respectively two and four years, who were all drowned in a cistern. The following are the particulars of the said occurrence: M rs. Brane. whose husband, a well to do I merchant, is now in Memphis on a business visit, resides on the side bill facing the Hamil ton & Dayton Kailroad track, near ?arnst'e Station. Yesterday morning, as is her custom on Snnday, she took her children to visit the residence of her father, a Mr. Dyer, on Mount Pleasant. A short time alter their arri val at Mr. Dyer's, Flla, who was totally blind, stumbled through a trap door m the floor of the kitc hen, and fell into a large cistern beneath. The mother, on seeing this, and having her little son in her arms, without a moment's thought, jumped through the trap door and Into the eastern for the purpose of attempting the rescue of her daughter. In making the leap, it ts supposed, the nnlortunate woman must have injured herself severely, as she Immediately saaK to the bottom, holding, as if with a vice, her IPtie son in her arms. When discovered by Mr Dyer, the lives oi all bad lied. The jury, after fully Investigating the caoe. returned a verdict in a^rordance with 'he facts as stated above. Mr. Brane. who, as we have already said. Is in Mempbi*, has been telegraphed lor. and. if possible, the bodies will be kept until his arrival. The above is certainly one of the most melancholy circumstances ever known ia this city or vicinity.?Cincinnati oatctt-, 8.VH in f. A Mystebiocs Cask ?Mrs. Mary Jane Smith was discharged on Mouday on a wriiof habeas corpus from the Hudson Cuunty Jail, whither she had been committed by Jastice Pope, of Hoboken. tor alleged di unkenness ou the Isth met. At the time of her arrest her husband was laboribg under a dropsical affection, from wbieh he died on the isth inst. He was engaged in the perfume business ia New York, and was worth, it *s ?aid. gWu.utM. Since his death it has transpired ibat bis Will was dated on the eame day his wife was arrested, and what is rather suspicions, a man named Brett, who procured Mrs. Smith's ar- 1 rest, is named as one ol the executors Mrs. Smith alleges that she is the victim of a conspiracy, and that her arrest was procured by Brett for the purpose ol removing h?r during thr last hours of her husband to suit the ends of parties with whom be was in concert. When brought to the jail she had on h* r person abwut S1.UCU worth of diamond- and J jewelry, which are now in the possession of the jailer. She is abont forty years ot age ? JV. Y. Comm'Tcial. News krom Havana.?A correspondent of , the N. Y. Time*, writing from Havana on the 'JOth, says: -We have to mourn the death of Mrs. Margaretb Scull, a native ot Baltimore, the wife of the Marquis of San Carlos. Her bouse has lcr years been the resort of many Americans, and her death is universally regretted. The city Is fnll of French army aud navy officers on their retnrn to France from the home ot the Aztecs. Bishops aud Admiral*, cabinet minister* and sutlers, ex. conoteaees and vivandiere? throng oar passes, and onr people cannot tell one trom another, i as they are all bedizened with gold lace, the ! only remnant of departed hopes aad imperial giory. Beverly Tucker and Iae?b Thompson have gone te Halifax, aad Ex-Governor Itham G. Harris left for England by the British , mail steamer, to establish a commercial house in Liverpool. , ? i ^"Virginia has finally concluded to pay four per cent interest on the State dent. The 1 Richmond Ka%nirer say*, "four per cent, on the whole aebt is equivalent to sit per cent ( on two-third* of the debt?the part really \ cwed by the preeeat Virginia." \ WA l?tter dated Houston. Texas, ?th Ine'ant, says the eensea thns far has bee* re- t Trarkably favorable for planting. Corn in 'I ome place* i* abov* Ufc* ground. 1 " a. L/ A 4 * # j?.l| "M 1 \ fUT?. ; A ' r *4 WO V ?>% * ti ; V 4101 ,i th M ii fv ^ lOtlMBMIOKiL. WniiTt-VNi^ity tft?raoot. 'tMhwi plyng aefloeneiea is tbe appr.tpr. toiitiir*#i ipHM ot u>? s? iijlv- lor me omr**"' J**p. briar nnder ooaain*>-%tio? Mr. Het ?r?on ofTfrrd an mr? nd-j>?m an. proprat rr f^l.ww to par tk? fx|>mi?? of In. dian at legations .utte;r immi vuiU 40 W**i?Ufloi. , if. Sbwmin ?ot*4 to uitad aki? ?m?nd. - ,m>T * **** b*r**ftsc f'H'r tbe P WKifBk nor Un. Krerritrr ot u?- Interior shall make treat** ?uk aaU| <.*pr^ tpprcpritiiMi for the purpotoiti,! ti*?e b*vo made t?> li*. Tb* im'Bam?iit 10 th- amendment ?u srreed to, aad th* h.meDJm?n M UU'tniied ? kr kfKN to T* e bill WM then pMwd and goe? buck to tfce House Mr. lrumbull. from tbe Judiciary Uonmut?e, xepor.ed on the testimony conceramc Aleesra Ifc.clittie and Pa;wr-on. mat the coot* mu>- bad investigated tbe aubjart: aat the Wftupotiy trancmried by th? Moor- wat wholly dirconuec.rd from the Seuate or any of it* iuembers?mostly beamay and of an in :?uclucive character. T^ ooBnutm d^lar* that ?bne 1# no i-ridfuC# *latov*r impriwttug lH8|it(|?md Paitrrmb Mr C- nl! m nudf a nmontT port rtoa ?*ratiug Mw?r? Dot.1 it:l^ and I'uurwn. hut review mg >h? report ot ifef Huu<r namtiti?N> to sb?w til.*: Air. Mn? the bad. from time to time, stated bis intention to "i\e tnocty to (b?n? f?D'l#rcfu, although t? re ia bo evident that the* ever beard of snob intention. Mr. Johnson wished to bo aidmiaad that * *'r Cvn klicg tad made a niautit* re. f ort the cotummee w?re uniu inj.>u? 00 the que?tlon of tbe entire innocence of the two iterators. Pending the consideration of this sublet the S?mute went into HK t.utnM.iofc, auo aooa after adjourned. Hornt ?Ye-terdAr afternoon Mr. Bank* also reported a iotnt rweoluiion ( ecwiriDg that tbe people of toe I uit*d Statea cannot regard tba propoeed 0on federation of the provinces on tbe northern frontier of tbia country whom extreme aolirltud* that a confedrration of the Statea or. :bia continent, extending from ocean to ocean, e*t<tb'i?b*d without consulting the people of the pro. * incea, and founded on tbe monarchical principle, cannot be considered otherwise tbaa a? in contravention ot tbe Taditlona and i-oustan11 r-dertared principle- of thin Government. endangering it* moot important inter, eata, and tending to iocreaee and perpetuate the embarra^menu already existing between the two <*overuments A?? discussion between M?aar* I.anks, Brocks. Wood, and banter. tb- joint resolution was parsed without division OuuioUon of Mr. Banks, th- Commttt-e on Jerk'* WM *? to?r?z?d to employ a Mr Holburd.fromCommitteeon Pnhlic Expenditures, reported a re*o!uuon reciting thai, as Cotigresb had determines to adjourn, there was no 6ufflctent time for tb* committee to conclude iu invent tent ion into tbe administration of the New \ork custom-bou:<e: that Mr Smythe bad bad two by the ootnmitvrt,,ch expressed himself content, that in the opinion of the committee there ta abundant affirmative teMiniony of Smrtbe'e onfitnesa for bis noaition. and <ieclarinc it aa 1k*" tirtf ,be *lou?? that Heury A Mnrih* abould he immediately romovad from the offi ? of collector of tbe port of Mew York Tbe resolution w?? then adopted-lfr-1 to if? and the pi .-amble was laid on tne table A motion to adjourn having been suggeetec tbe ?>p?tikei reminded the lionae if it *dj.>urue<! now it would adjourn till 12 o'clocn to mor. row. being tbe pre<?iee hour at which the two Houses bad 1 greed to adjourn finally Mr. 8co(leld inquired whether, without fur. J?*f. ^c,l^u\t,lf would to-morrow, at J? c " declare tbe House adjourned, 1 be Speaker replied 'hat he would nor. as no conclusive actlou bad been taken Ihe Senate ameudmenU to the bill to supply deticifncita in the contingent fond of the Senau* xvaa taken from the Speaker's table. Tbe amendment in regard to Indians wac non-concurred in. and a committee of conference was appointed Mr I,.af1n offered a r??olntion referring to to tbe on Printing the report of the late Sujtt-rii.teudentot Public Priutiniron purcbaee ot paper, Ac. Pending its coroidcrat on. the House, a> 4 adjourned till to morrow a' IS o'clock. El ROPEAK NEWS. ?*fm* March OT?KvDitif ?The Nor;b Otrmau Parliament hae Mcc*tned a constitnUtn. tbe p - a* ialoaa of w iiu'h are mainly in accor,lan?.e with tbe plan proposed 0/ Count Von Bismarck ' Liv* March S7?Evening.?The abin Indomiiahle. t'apt Wbe^ler, which sailed from l-iveij^ol oa tbe Utb iLsiaut for St. John *, ^ J rnoswick, was abandoned on th<* '^'b ?rst. Tbe ship Aramntt, irjru Liverpool for ?rl<>nc?ster aiid Boston, is reported to have founaer*d during tb.- recent ar.?rm. The bark 1 angeut. fi<>m New \ ork for \ eueiiuslt. la reported to L^v- heeti seen di?ma>ted and oiberwve damaged. New Yoke, March JT ?Tbe mail* of tbe eteamr-bip arnred Pi-nigbt Tb* f ng li?L j.ap? re have a rumor that he 1 nited Statea Government bas. through Mi Adams, called tlii* R.u*!! ?db of th*' British fiovpriim?at 'o neglected ccnd.rion of IreWnd. and pointed out nie;.furea which in their opinion are b?^r calculated to allay tt- diaarection.andalo tbe irritation wbicn exists among tbe iriab popula'ion of America. ' r M?ch -.T?Evening ?Deepar?hea from the Ea-t a-ate that the Servian Prince is about to depar- trom Iielgra?ie for Conotau i. nop.e ol a viait to the Su:ian. Aeceunts re. ceiv?d from Athens rtpoit that there ba* heeU no flrbting in Candia for two monrba f rom France we bave news that Etnile Alii*er Lad made a apeech that France sa^ul l bonratly accept the transformation which had trker place in Germany, and which, he ?a.d. was not directed agaiast France. I,* France says there exists at the present moment m tbe lore'gn policy of France not a single question 01 ?>er diplomatic action abroad, or of disquieting public opinions at home. The health of the Empress Carletta Pari8, March 13.?In to-day'a aitting of the Legislative t-udy the Preeident laid befere the \ nfw 6,1'* uPon the preaa and the .if ineeUug. The following are the print ipal featurea of the naw preaa law hitherto required previous to establishing a journal is suppreaaed imtCl ott*ac"* MC^nat tlie pres. laws ja abolished: the amount of the fine whi. b mar be inflicted will he not leas than one-fit teen th. and not more than one-half of the caauon money: printera and publishers wiU no louaer be required to taire out licensee. The bill makes uo mention of any change in the amount of stamp duty or tbe caation money. Emr.BAma Ooixa West.-The Western paper* report among other items of interest concerning the number of emigrant now finding homes there, that there were aevan buu. dred and eighty-three emigrants who pasaed through one town. (Colcmbus, Ohio.) duriuc the week ending Saturday. March wth According to the careful calculation ot Chief <UtVCe w *'*' 1,1 bundreu and Sfi'/'.k rT*jrB,l*ra,lU **ptr?s?at gTS?,I'H., added to The industry and wealth of the YV ?at in and a11 P^rhape to the same n?-iguDoriood. Laboe Movemikti ?The Michigan E-gi?. lature adjourned without paaaing tbe E^cbt ^?"r.KU#i?bf ttoere lu England the factory operatives are thrMieinaar to 9 *'ork on the i?t of April or aecare :u bo 1 r> a day. which la atmovement tae public aympatbiae with, though we trngt tb- v will not have to add tbe pains of idleness fc the depreciation of wages. An act has paesed in ^>1 as aachu seua limiting ten hours a day. or*, hours a week, for minora under 1% and it is urged that tbe same pnxilege ahonld be ex tended to adnlts * " The Paria correspondent of the I.ondou t**4.ay batrttr writes: ?1 aent-yon tbe intelligence ot James Stephena' arrival iu this country, and though active operations were cot long in manifesting themselves af--r bis D Euro?M!'' t?l? 1 told that -he la> Head f^ntre ia quite innocent of the preaen troubles m Ireland. I learn that James s-e. * i*W, oBiot1r^ ot tbe I n.ieJ m y' ^ loC*t*d "? * hotel close to ue termmua, and the rising has taktn them by aurprlae.' 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