Newspaper of Evening Star, March 28, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 28, 1867 Page 2
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o THE EVENING STAR. he Ur?e*t CirtalaUoa ii the BUtrict WALUACH, UiUr ttad Preprieter. - 7"? ~ " ' I WASHINGTON OlTY: THlRlDllV MARCH S?, 1N?7. /"UAI'IXG MATTER OB RVgRY PAG*. BBS OT'TtilPK rOR INTERESTING TELKGkAiait ANl> OTHKR MATTER. GENERAL 0UCUOAN > OKDKR Gentrai thil Sueridau's I let o.-Jer, vvbicl . *HI be ton ad el?ewbere to oar paper to-day, ' I* well calculated to give great satisfaction fa ibe loj ai misse* throughout the country, li shows that tbni gallant officer is faitblally carrjingout Hie Mtltraey H-consruction bill of ODifiNt in the Kifib Military l>i?trlct," *hl"> * compo-ed or Louisiana and Texa?. la *?i* first order, atsumnif command and promulgating the law of Congress, dated March l?;b. be announced It will be remembered, tb-it ?no general rtmotal? from oftl.-e : will be made unless the present incumbent* tail to carry oat tbe provisions of tbe law, or impede the reorganization, or unless a delay in rei rgan zing snould necessitate a change."' Me bas quickly come to 'be conclusiou, H i^nt. ai d nil loyal men will agree with him, thvt'je ac i?e and % irulent lomenters and abettor? of, a < well as ?be *po!o*i*fs for.that terrible massacre of I nloni?t?h#eaa?eof their patriotic tie voilon fo the cause of their country, are ,in! the men to be entrusted with a share of tbe wort of re( fraction lite order of tbe ?7th instant, therefore, rtmove* from their respective positions Andrew S llerroo, fie AtUiruey < it-ueral I?f L Ohiana; John T. Monroe, the Mayor of New Orleans. m>d Elward Abeii, Jadc?of ] tbe Kirs' iMs'rict Court of New Orleans all of ' whom tnade themselves rbooxioua to loyai people by aiding and ahethnr. a- w*ll as sub- | frequently defending tbe coarre of the city authorities at be time of tbe riot. That such of- i tlcials should. in tbe language of den. Sheri- ! dan. "fail to carry oat th- pro% isioos of tbe I law- was to be expected from their an'ece- ! dent* Tbe General appointed in their places B. L. Lynch Attorney General; Edwd Heath Mftyor, and W. Horn, .Tmlg* of the District ! Court. Edward Ilea-b, tbe new Mayor, is a prominent merchant of New Orl-ans, mrf wv? Chairman of 'he Committee of Finanee of the Provisional Government established by (lea 1 Bank*. All ol the new appointees are said to be men of nndonb'ed lojaity and uuexcep. tionahle character This prompt and decisive action of the Commander of the "Fifth His. trict not only satisfies the Union men that ' they are to be proiecied in their persons, prop- | erty, and righ<?. hut is calculated fo convince those of tbe late rebels who .ire still hostile to the I'nion that their power to work tni.-cliief i* indeed at an end. lien. Sheridan evidently does not believe in tbe possibility of loyal State governments h-inj formed or conducted by disloyal men, and ha. an example worth) of imitation 7HK LFADKK AND TIIK ?r tK mownu g m. n are ?aid 10 clufch a- strax . cut we would suggest to our unselfish co'emporary. the L'adrr, ?h it UHtrnthrul d*tru'tiou I of a neighbor la not exactly the way to br ti* to it tbe support aud irculauon it u <w -o ad'v facts. It ie / trne tbat :be >^tar desired tb^ success ol M?*< Mian in th?? campaign of 1?>1 The Star supported Mr. Lincoln in tba- compaten earnee iy end fti. lent'y, as 11s tile,. will J abuidonfly demou^rafe. The falsehood of ibe L'nti r that the Star supported tue war ' only - by pabli-hing tbe pi*,,, war tnia without comment," needs no deuial to those who remember the storm or abuse poured upon tbe Star from rebels aud rebel sympathizers throughout the war for its ?aupoke* tienuiuiatiou-.ol them and exp lore of their scbeioee. Lven in the mcipi u y of the rebellion we bad by onr course . ^rQe.l ! the ferocious hare of the rebel, and , opper. ! head... aa shown by tbe assaults upon k- 1 Star office by rnerebe. "National N olan aer.^ ! and by ihe nerce d. nun< iations ot the stai* ; in the meeiings of tba; and kindred orcaniaa. 1* lion*. We are not diaposed to repel with tbe *ame J ea nettness the further charge of the ' that the Star gives more space to newsand ^ advertibing than to editorial. The /, ndtr is j idea ti v sincere in deeming thi? a serious error, sima jt net only reverses this order of things, in ite own colamii?. bat carries its nttor I abnegation of news to the extent of eschewing yery particle of original telegraphic mar*r or I' cable news! We trust that the L'ultT'r ex- , pec-ations of prosperity may be realized-be- ! lie^ ing. as we do, that there is room tor all but certa.nlj- do not see any occasiou for dreadng it as a dangerous rival. . THE ADJOURNMENT QLS8TION. Tbe >enate. this afternoon, by a vote of -15 t > 14, passed the amendment of Mr. Edmunds j providing for au adjournment until July, and empowering tHe President of the Se?ate and Speaker of the Hons-, if not other wise ordered at the time, to declare an adjournment until l>ecember It it believed that the Honse will ! agree to an adjournment substantially npon the plaa adopted by fhe Senate Tin: INDIAN OFFICE Hon. If. f). Taylor, tbe New Commissioner of ludiaa Affair*, will entor upon thodischarge of his daties to-morrow. A large aaooot af bu>ictr? has a?i nmnluted atthelndian Bnrean during the p;u?l we^k or t wo, there being nj Commissioner to dispose of *.he >ame. it is though-that Cnarle- L. Mix. E?q., tiie able and efficient ch ?t clerk for several years past will be retainec a, chief clerk of the Bureau TUB li HITS UOPgE. Nothing of interest transpired at the Lxeeu- | five Manaion to-day. The usual crowd of 1 vlaitors were in attendance, nearly all of whom bad an audience with the President. | Soeratnry Stanton and Secretary McCuIloch had an interview with the EvecaOve this I mora to g. RECKTPTH FROM CUSTOM*. Tbe recelpta tiom customs at the poruholow named, from March Hih to March -?3d. inelaai\e. were ai, folio we:?Boston, ?II3,- o.:i; ! New York. Philadelphia, ( in: Kal.iaiore, *?rN?T'i??; n?w Orleans, I (March Huh tu Pith,) f 1i4.3n1.9e: total. * *,* | UMCi. COMMISfIONER Ol AGRICULTURE. The Pre?id<-nt bas wui 10 the Senate the name of J. O- (1 Keanedy, Esqto be Com* inieaioaer of Agrfenlture in place of Hon. luac Ntvtou, tbe pie^ent tuenmb^nt. Mr. Kennedy ?ai formerly the Superintendent of the Censua Lureno. ConMiseM>knn 01 Indian ArtAiii4-Th? Seattle, in exec ailvo seaaion, yesterday, conAimed the nominnticn of Naihaaie)?j. Tay. lor. of Tennessee, as Conaii,sloner of Indian Affairs, in place of L. V. Bogy, who,* uomitafion wma rejected so nee days since. ttyThere is a downward turn in the New York wholesale flonr ntarkef, the flrit time lcr many daya liTixitiL Bavrsrx.-Thepeceip-.sfrom this source tc-day weye <?Jsi,i?|_j|. Tax Pri/x Kt?, ?The New York Expre^a eaye tfc^ ttird ln?utllm*nt, ?ioo each, for the ?f W'^gbU, between ' Collj^r and Bmro+y Aaron, lor ?:| fiofu to come oir early in June next, was put up Tue%<iBy_mortinir in the bands of the stakenower. They will both shortly go in'o train-mm. - .Jl** Kngliah puginat. Aaron Jooee, ha* forwarded a chtlleace to Miehael McCsole. Of St. Louie, offering to make a (Latch with him for ?i,ui u, and to febt within i iwo or throe ncmAt from date of signing nrtieloo, tho light to lake place ia theState of ^ irrinia. in accordance with the now rules of 'he London Pnao Klug "* 01 WSolomon N. Belrce, of Ca?andalgaa Newport, convicted of bribinga jury hu been fined ?1,1*0. WBst-er now sells nf St. Albans, Vt. at .weaty-two ceo w a pound. ^Tbere are fifteen th>usand t'eaiaas in Loadon ????S GOVERNMENT ftECT111 TIBS f , W 1WQTO*. lU/cft tS, Mr Jay Cook* ft Oo rurnieh tfte tolfewim* anotat ions of OoT?r&a?ot vcirttw* ^ 1 1!IL .^7S5i *55* ! h* ? tlT* lweatiae'lb6* ..u*\ u?#s Sv ? t T* Twenty. 19M ly.? IT ? J'J'JwenV8' ,sis ??*! 8:fcteBKS?r"?~?t ?* - I ^ fMK * "< % P< tr w ?! Z? August.... 106k r ?t? Z!nrt4*v Jon* 105%' *<?* C . ^. Tbiru?e. Jaij IU3 ^ i05^ *BW Toaa. riRPT BOARD PAXBH s5fMMM !' $ WA0* 07 * siu'al . ?* : Ws' EK^v:;:;;;;fi?jf ;St il? SS11 fimamcial. Lewis Johnson ft Do., qnote Stocki lad Bonds ia borne and foreignmarketsas follows: : Y?.'k- M*?~ca ?.?1st Board?U. S. I*-1 I Oo?Pon 6s, 1 -V do.. 8'?'s,ll?V; tT. S Vs 1!^.*- **>??? . H7V; ?-? .. UaatOB C?., i *# t/umheriand Coal <*>. pref'd, *12; Uuick?'**?- ?<; N?*w YorkCentral K K , a- ' uh^ RaiLW*J"?* Hudson River R R? HK h ^ \t. k M,ctl'?an Central R u -?* M,' **" N,u,h>*rn ??>? N. Indiana 5i. k i? ti,^?\*!,"ra.nrT<1' IMrno.? OnI -?r . ;.k" ( '***' ,,!#1 nnn HitTBbur* K.R.. ' \ * Chicago And Nor'b wp$tr?rn K If i.l . T *4 ' : U,, v'teB? Toledo K u V a?"l Ken k Inland K K.. 9? s. Pit ebnrr. Fort U iynn. and Chicago R r ' Oklo and Mississippi Certificates r" I Pacific Mall, _. OoM.? p m" ' ruX* "Viox State On*y??. mImT J n n'on Convent! in of Mar\ l?nd, which at its recent meetm^- ad??I?Tfci '? ^ call of the president, re. ft I T . >*"1fer,IaT m Baltimore to cons Uer I tne cnt,,U aad perilou* condition ..f the rirliU and in cre*ts ..f n,^ |?V3, lnen ot th0 S[ i,>. rJ suiting from the traitorous and disloyal le^istiun of the men wlio com prised the reient General A^embly . and who secured that position iT,KX?,*'d 'tne lptt<>r and spirM ot the Cuiietitutiou, and through a trot-? and au?1 criminal violation of the laws of the state ei.a. ted to carry oir the pr.nelples a -clarei in the Oon^titntion, bv which loval men-true l,D'?nJnen alo?^?were to control the destinies of the S'aie of M tryland. A call of ihe coHntiea w;ib made, when ill "Wtjed except (Jb.'trles, Itorcb^ter. St. HI <rj s W orcesier. and Montiromerv. On mo ion of Mr Scbiey, of Frederick cona> a rommitiee of i wo troiu ?-ach count v and ?'* fJ?~ Baltimore Wa> nppolnfM to draw SS ? ?"?? "?? I pou rea-^miilinjr res-olutions were nre-filled nrjtiit^ u}><>b (; ii2''e?& the necessity of ?E,C t0rot Maryland a republican form of ?ov^r?m*n?: a t\,?cafiiiic uniK^i<,?|,,^ra*,'w, ,RlinK ,b" ,nt?nt.oo of the Radical KepuMican party in the State to tafce hv Th* lh# convention authorized ! by the I^it-iatnre t?> frime n constitution exTentionT?te a*a,n*1 h,'ld",K ai,y 8ncU Con* The re^clntions wen? adopted, and a com. mitt.s appointed to l iy thenj before Con^res-. i pp cou vfiitiun then Jtdiourn^cJ. ^ A O , Wo I# ?There will b* a r*e ! A IR i'V*MU,,^llnl^Uu? ?f Wa^HIVOTON K a i h v I ] 1,H, 5o. lb. hel.l Til i > ivtNi v/i Myrh M.mtC-ntr? Ms sonic 11 all | ii>uliit?a .>( ?r?ciml intsrest will be trsnj :et.-.l A fn'llattendHocs i? earnestly desired i ?> oid. r ?i the >1 K H P ' " C K TH0XP80W.8.cret*rF. Tnr-*TIIIB K1XT CKQlLiAK M EKTI N<> OK rr?t pbotSi H.M tVlSVli",1U? 'L"s ?Wo ?f come In-:.>re * rf 3"* '-FAl TIM li B'iCNIi M i' S [,' H'JOKA ?^Tft?*rCffl! f Bpa?r!:h.or"*; ""Vb 'n'fa'-tioa ! _ ?0<i I'ih, iiv'Hh >1. I I V 'T|?iC?n**lVi BL'C'1 w OLITH T'iiltD ' rr.r t A ' ' "'t ?t \Usew. HBirr ok-, a\ asi-N*I ? ?? TO Moskov * n.s ,|I iB,t- "l 7 ? c,wck ? "" on-, _ Dlh .7 !l* XT" JTk NTI1*u\n *A COf VI,M A K l"h.-< 1 ?: W- "MM.lw Sec. , A^^EKOIBTB Y NifTIOk-- ftstics is h rtet.r WvUltKthir*\? I 'li1%'i,i7,J?t?rs in ths i)ICt't>SI|) ' re iif.^ ' Jai'* ?r ' CtlOB App >tut- J to "nd r til. ^ t of Omifres, .1 Br- ? If.eatlti. i An act to pn* ' t*<>116!. ia the District ef OolumwlB n'.h lu V Lorroses,' will he in seH?ioi,,oBthIMS. TPMI1 ? v*ILe'i: 5*?rJ'tb. MONDAY, tt.M ^HrR^V*v ^ ?i%BDf,1EHDAY ,hr*** ?, Wt tiistsot. fro l 3 to 7 'm&Taa'ttolr ?2% **"?>"?< receivia, and ,s | B. V. W0YK9, 8e~r> tarv IT" ALL^MIJU^US. the PO oSiejf jck::?,;5.v?4 . ( ilf"" "" ' sS" ~!K _|.?JI fj'nw" S2S!i?? ^lZV? sw*'uor UASU- 1 Assessors having completed fh? By order of the Pr?sldent_l Int) fs l .ot A ?1 [Jlf TABLI8B1D Vei a . " fill J*cPB*B80N ? PKBGrbON. ' AVKSC*. C<?K\BR 1ST SIHXKr. DealeratB Hill, _w . ? 1N8TRL BBNTB, kc'. 4c . ?^?ynwBSsjfssssr ?'"??? ? JOHN F. SLLlV. 30$ pi-an ?te. 1 Bear loth strest. M*? J- * SPBBCEB CALLS THKATTftS- ' tiou of the lad tea of Washington an<l\i "ik : cinitf t. her oaealrsr of ' 1 f4rS .. ___ ftPBlla fILLIMKKY. ^5^" Oil TDKSbAT. April 2J. 117,Bo 17, S.T(^ A PfBna. a\enrs ai.d C ?tr?et trest, -Prr" ?ro' iptly atteaded to. ?, m ?t? i D1ABO COVBK4 AMD STOOLH. P p,V.i?Xoo?4f!iKfe. at csd prie s for a few days only, *rerlnns te mov ?f.h to st ? JOB? ? BLLI8, ? Jt 3? P?a. ay.. a>ar ioth -.t ^LL TBB MIW sad dedrsbls style? of BBADY MADE OliOTHlHU r?r men aad boys' wear will ba foond at _ BOAH WALKBB A 0 8. , *R Pa ays . t>*t. ?>th antj 7*1, ^tret t4 Prices annsually |>w w si IN fr^ll'7?Vn7.tDnu n ?f Discersry will iw S0"^" Complete Phoso-r iphsr. Kvery Mil Hit Own Liwyir n#w a/iit.Aa Moehy HM hi. *e.. 1 ,ol .m? BrrVrk"s 5ew b^,a % * Bci-a Dans a^-ays ou tks Ltfa *l'rtst. WLittler s T^at 7," the Bet h Memoir* ami O-rraspoud-ti e ..f K,4,a, MacTI ?lar. Imb J*J_ _ PBasoK TA* LOik I ! BARQA1N? IB NEW AND IIOOHI) R?<yn PI ANOFOK TKS. PABLOB OftOANS . ABD OTBBft Mr*l"lL ' 1BSTBI'JkB!lT$! J -VUtlt kL CA ftp EXTRAOliVfA ijj y. i Hi kaT* J'111 * few day? to reaain la ay ?>t.*re ! Lpfw my iikniiDif stock of P14Hom I sas'Kiasrs'.af k-sssr???i ww'?t ana OBBAT VAB1BTI , VUfl J ABB i*abbbst 8TOUK I* IHK CITT | M TIPNKg, ( TBAYBL1BG bags. < LADlBft'ABD MlBr fATOBKLS. VaLICBS, POBTB MOBftl b>, ] R ABBKBB, BADlaBBY, Ac At tk. Old Etimbluhtd an4 Frmaiear I mabupactoby op JAMB8 B TOPBAM ft 00 . WMO BBYBBTH BTBBBT^a ! Emsl ju#?, me daar north of Odd FW/ea-.r /faU bbpaibibo ( ain't?"'4" 4#n'' fcy ? ? ( ''f- & x *4^ ' -v ' A 1 - > ?na???? TELEGRAPHIC KEW8. lainertaat Rfi????U by urt, ftberldaa. Naw Obixavb, Mareb >;.?Tba following ord? r vt?< ism. d io-o*y HB^i^rautkkrt Fifth Military Tmtbk.t?6 r^rJ. OrJ*~ A>. 5 _ Andrew S. U^rrrw att/?rre? freeem! ot t?ie S'n'pf |jnni?i tna; iaires T Munroe. Mayor of N-w Ori-ans. t, IluBd A bell. indteof i&e first di??nci conrt. ?.f ?he Mv of I*ww <>rlejvr,?, are bereh* fr;>m toeir r* peonv? offices from 12 m lo-dav. I'he following appointments have been m-ule. to t?Me ftotft ll.e kADIf date ?B li. Byneh. ittofoi the Stxteof I,miI<ia?>a T-'dward H?-*ib, Mayor of Now Orleans; W. W. Hoot jud^tot the first district court of N"w Orleans. fcacb person remove! wll t-.irn over Mil the book*. paper-, and record-. etc . p. naming to hi* office to tbeone appoint-d thereto The authority of the latter will be dntv reepect*>d aurt euptrced. ' By command of Major lien Sh?rid*n "O?0 L. liACTSurir, A A. ii." W?"?f Dltaitrri. fuutr*?* Momuk, March-.*?Arrived. the schooner Mary Kussell, from Wilmmrio.. for New Haves. She encountered n heavy northenst gale on the 2Jd iust. She lost part ot deck lond if lumber overboard. she nw om the -1^t instant a schooner bailing lrt m Brock Hrven, above Hatter is The crew werein a starving rondition. She w*Mt?iimne northward when |a>t seen. Si?e could reader no assistance She passed, eti the J'-'h ln?t , a schooner with her mainmast gone. She v.a? atitlM jnry mast thirty southea-t of tape Henry, standing off the share Toe names were unknown. Murder. I>aiToV, March ? ?.?Samuel Tate, Jr.. a well - known flour merchant of this place, wa* waviaid last evening at the bridge noir bi-> mill, and shot and robbed. It is thought he e?neot recover. Tbtre i<- no clue to the murderers. . , _ Orj Goods. the weather has con Mimed uDrnvoriblt and business of all kinds lias been compti^a tively dull. Country merchants buy wuu more than ordinary cantion. preterring to induce stoc k and keep themselves in a snug condition For five years pa^t they have, as a . !a-f?, had unprecedented prosperity, and they are determined now to make the most of it Our city lobber- are equally consei vativw and equally sound (>ue or two leading firms report great activity the past week, and are tbcm?elve< surprised to find that their aggregate sales amount to more *han ever hffore durlu' the coire.-pondiug peuod. This, bowever.^ie an exception to the general rule. Manufacturers are push if* their good", being afraid tit have their alresdy large surplus stocks accumulate The clotblUi trade is extremely dull, and one or two failures nud smne extensions arreported. Cot'ou is |0*-er and heavy, and this makes a ditll marker. Brown sheetings have been active at a de. cliue on standard makes of about half per cent a yard. Hlavched good? have not churned much in price, except on le s desirable brands l'-ii:tn* aie lower, wiih a littie better demand! i-ri!! ? are drill and heavy, .leinsare steady at lower quo alien<. Stripe-and ticks are in Jes?. dem i?d at loweV pri-es Prints are verv attire tor new spring style*, with no quotable reduction iu price, except for seeoud-rate styles and job lots. Some beautiful Kren. hvkioking patterns are on the market, v. hieh sell reaiily. Cotton bags are dull. Printing clo hs are more active at firm pi.ce5. Holders evidei t y antic'i'aN' higher (|aota>lous <itn*t am- are iu over-stock, and rather heavy Printed lawns are inactive on account oi bad wea'her. and stocks are accumulating K -Il-d lacrm-'s a--e neglected and heavy. i;amt,rics -imiMifMns ar?grrudy,aiuj *&ps a fra ;tioa lower. Muslins de lalns are very acti>e, aad the stocks ot new stvlesmuch reduced. Cold weather favors the market lor these cord- Clo hs are irregular in price, with |es? activity. The new tarif! has not materially improved -he niark- t. Ca.-simeres are u, rti'r demand tor latest spring styles: other- are neglected. I- larmels aie firm with in >dnr t'e sales I.l'inketf are dull, as u usual at this season. Carp.-uare quiie active, aud are per. hap.- n lifle llrmer: f.^od sty If* sell promptly. l**;reigu gOi>dc. as a whole, are very heavy. In porters begin toshowsome anxie'v, and aie preying sales through the auction-rrom and ofherv/ise. Man v of the leading firm* among tlierr. however, have large amounts of ro?n^y leaned out on call in Wall street, and the same i* trne of seversl well-known jommis"ion houses. Those who predict s smash amon-: anv cla?s of our merchants this "prmg ate doomed to disappointment?.V. y. ... <1r ? >, '** ;/, . F'OB SALK A Ur*a lot of Old BOTTI.K8 of all Arplvt 8 ('ALVKUT FtilD Druggltt.Ho '290 P?nti? at ta 31 .>05 NINTfl 8TRKKT, 50j FOCB DOORS KOUT 11 OV I) 8TB1BT. (Beaten Hall Bni!4iD(.t wall paprbs. V IN DOW HIADKS. fell A PB HOLLANDS, < AHTON MATTIHO, TABLB ahd floob oilglotii, GILT C0BN10B8, OVAL AND 8QUABK P10TCKB FBAMB8. P1CTCBB COBD AHD TA8SKL8. Ac., Ac. A flao assortment of thaabova Qood? la ?tor. uid for sale OHBAP FOB 0A8H. K1DWBLL A HKNDKR90N, _5Lh.^8 50^ ?lb ?trfc t. ^ILLl H OFF AT t' 0 8 T~ Bavlag jast rscai ved onr new aad wull ssie< t??i itock ?: MILL1HBBT OOOD8. LiACBb treal and inntat oa.) I-BBBOIDBBIBS. DBB88 TB1MH1HGM, BUTTOB8. Ac., Ac , &n?i b.iTiug. I1E< xfsrtsdlr.tonioTa l,y the 1st ot Kay, wo xball a?ll onr CHT1BK 8TOCB, FBOM TBI8 DATB, AT < 03T CALL AKD 8E' L'Bt GKKAT BABGAiffs, B LBN/BBBA A CO, 4?> Market 8p*c< ,under the Aveua< Hon^e mh 23 lni |J L A c K 8 I l K 8 , vh o yf a r; rrro x. | 8 ^ \ K BAL riECKS ol Extra Utavj an<l 1 mo J' .-illty BBAOK GBOB GBAIH 8ILK8. Jast received froai Auction, which wacaa sail VBBT HICII CBDBB BBGULAB PBICB8 GBEAT BARGAINS in PLAIH SILKS, CHECK SILKS. INDIA CHBOK SILKS, PLAID lad ST BIPED SILK POPLlNs.and PLAIN SIliK POPLINS, Oreat variety of SPBING DBESS GOODS at eerv low aricaa, "^Goo?l PRINTS at 11, aad la centa per yard. *ro#?d COTTONS at 11*. ,6) ftaJ ? c?u JOS. J. MAY A CO., 30* Penaajlvaala avenue. between ?th and loth ata. J upafy of"!tVoa?*? a FBISH sr?, t" H? U?0 Fa av?. pN<lBlVlNO T? DaTI K ^WoSV^aVAI.4"8Wboksale and retail, at . peaesom'S Fruit Depot, f 0 THB PUBLIC. ^ Tbe wail known Bestai.raat and Confectionery thomas POTBNTIbi, eveane, having latolr come "tolhe baads of au axpartanct d Cater?r aad tte nt|r?-hoaea balnr remodeled, Ac >9M|fpJIy iatorm the ynblic that he JaTreairei sAtiSSsas K ya^eSiejy^ser^.a: ileaoeaef private famillea. mh 27 ire E~Z HBW BOOKS. /06T Becelved by tha " Hudson Tar lor Book 1*4 Stationery Store." X34 Pa avaan* Traa rroiealaat Ritual!am. by Bev Charlea BaUDD , Barter of the Cbarcb af the BpllTba y, WadlDitn, B. 0 . being a review of a book MtMled ?*Ba Law of Bltaallam/^ ? * m27-3t (Obron., Int. A Coa. Daloa ] Leaves from tbe Battlefield of Gattysbart. a ae r k IChraa . Iat. A Boa. Unloa J. ___ CUNiJ K BHSION Alt. Tbukhijat. March 2?. S'iwati.?The Ctisir Intd t?et< re the Senalw the ree. lunons ol'be Raui,-*! i%.n v ? iou h Id in Baltimore yee-trnay; wbick v?r? ref-rr d to 'be Juonlary Committee. Ou n.o'i. t. of Mr. flat'*11, th? float* hit. 1 amending 'be act prov-diug i?>r m> reaped enue (tin ihf du'lct ou impor ed wool wai t?k?n up and paw-ed. Tue jO'nt resolution relative to the tr\m. portation of troops by tue l?ih<nu? rout?< w the Pacific Star* and rerrttories irv p i-?e t. The jo>nt ret-oiti'inn authoriz<n< 'h S?c taiy o( War to employ dred*e bo i?* to d?a m? i mi (i kf?p open the channels at the mo I'hot the 99 i*ti>-fcipi'i w as amended and ps-?<"i A commi'tee of ooaterenae, consisting of Meter* Morrill of Mam*, Kdmund* '?n<l lluokblew. Wn8 appointed ou t be disagreeing vote# ?,1 the two boii-ps on the Senate contingent fund deficiency bil . Mr .Trumbull railed np t be resolutien relative to HltjourniDHM, i lie q uextiou t?e'ng uq concurring in the amendment of the II-*a?* Mr. Edmunds offered a* a sMb-'i'ti'e for the House amendment Hint the i wo llou-e* rea*. sen l>le on the first Wednesday in .Inly 'i^d the Urn Wednesday hi November, hut suh?e. quently mo "ifl-d t so a-? to *uhsti ute "?e rtr^t Mon< sy oi !>ec-mh?r lor n- tlrst Wed ie?l?v ol November, and the adjourutueut to lake place ou Saturday at neon Hocsk ?The Speakei laid before ibe ii >n?e the resolutions adop ?-d >?f?terday at tut* 1{ idiCfll Convention iri Maryland. Mr Wood(N.\ l aske>" if It w*s the ou-t >m to ha\p proceedings of political meetm^d lutro. Uin-?d in the House. The Speaker said tie was in the habit of pre. sentug all com ma titrations sent co him for presi ti'ation totne House. Mr Thi mis. Md 1 said the presenta'ion of the re so lu Hull look turn as much hv surprise** any gentleman upon the floor. There cirn iDManCK : utroutidiug the introduction of these resolutions rb:it reMder it d ffernt from other resolutions trom political neetirgs. There was on intense e\ciien.eut prevailing in Maryland, hut n? did not apprehend that it would lean to the bloodshed predicted by the sen tie man from Ohio (Mr Seventh, jesterdav He denied that the go% eminent of M dryland warepubiican iu term, for all the power was vested in a lew corn-ties ot a limited population. while the larger and more populous counties were nt'erly ignored. Tbie power was a crnsping oligarchy, and w as endeavor- | ing to ,{t\e yet mote power to this sm ill pcrtion oi the Stae. These small counties, with but a population of ISMOt, con'tolled the power of the State and no one could clai.n that such a form of governra-n' wt- republican. He characterized the proj?ct lor *c*?avention a* one calculated u> p-rpe*na'e this ! power of the minority, and the people ot the loyal portion were disposed to resist thi-.etT>rt

The people of Maryland were uot di*p xed to resist to physical "force, but as their own I egtelature would not give th-m ju-n liw , j 'hey asked Congress to do so for taein. All ver Marvland loyal aten held the judicial positions, but t- pre eut legisl i- j tnre proposes to hurl them trnm power hy i n>eans ol .his convention, in w hich'her gi ve these minority counties 8;? increased | sentatiou. Mary laud surtouuds the Nntioual i Capital, and -h*uld above all other Sta'es n tre ! a repuitlican form of gov ernmen', and n there j was no clause m the Const tution warranting the iriierletence ot Congress, the very ueyes- | si y ol the rase won Id require a seizure of the State, and the estab.ishment of a tepublican , government. Mr. Hroeks (N V I argued that very If* | S'ates bad republican gtvernmeuts 11 Mr. ' 1 boma.?' theory ot power and population was | conect: R?d he referred to the large [;<*mo- ! crauc votes polled iu all the St*te-, and the mi acre cumber of representative*, rts mdi cative that the people wer<* not represenred tn accordance woh population. Nor was the Senate ol 'he T'mted Sta'es a republican body, lor there ISebraslta. Wi'h meigre populatioii, bad as much power a.? New \ork, with a pepulaticn ol millions. Alter further discussion, the resolutions weie ordered to be pnuted and referred to Oommi tee on Judiciary. Mr. I'.mse (VV.s.) 'ntrodnced a resolution providn g lot an adjournment of Cougrt at rJo'clock in motrow. mr AUmou 'lowai moved 'o amend s<> a? to adjourn until Wednesday. June ,Vh. and if no quotnm then appears to adjourn until Sep'ernoer -id, and if no quorum then appears to adjouru uuttl iH-cember. Mr. Hon nelly (Minn.; moved to amend by providing lor adjournment until the Hr<st Wednesday in July. when, if no quorum appears, the Houses shall be ad ourned until Hecember. M r. Gartield (O ) moved to amend by Dfoviding tor au adjournment on Monday instead ol FridMy. Mr t arnswnrth (111,1 said the Senate had already agned to an ui|ournm?tit. aud be moved to lay the resolution and amendment tn the table. Not agreed to?yea? 51, navs t>3. Mr. Honneiley's amendment vvas acreed to as au amendment to the original resolution The question then tecum d upon Mr. Alii, sou s amendment as a substitute lor the original resolution as amended, and it wm agreed to?yea? 63, nays .">5 Mr. Hmgbam (Ohio) introduced a resolution, w hich was agre< d to, authorl/mg the Secretary of the Navy to aliowr the use of vessel* to seud provisions to Ibe forts of the South. C'bbat babgaiftb 111 mew and 8euond T liaud Pisno Covers, Piano MooU, Violin*, 4ccnrceotis. klotes nod all Musical IDstr>iru?i.t-. for a t*w Morn days, before nodu. john r ellis. t-'-St 30?J finu tavenae. f | 'H18 18 TO GIVE HOT ICE Thattks subsetJ ber has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, in the District ot Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Mar?atet Maekel. late of Wmhiagtoncity, D. 0 , deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on er before the lith day of February nest; the) may otherwise by law b? exoluded from all benefit ef said estate. Given under my hand'.thls lvth day ef February. ma. WM. unUrK, mh JS-law3w Executor. ^KEAT BOSH EOB CHEAP DBI GOODS. 1 have just rec. lved, at 116 Penn. avenue, between 19th and 'joth streets, large invoices ef DBT GOODS, censistin? in vart nfFringe Linen Towels, over n yard long, for a cts. Tsble tluen.from 30c. to $l 23 per yard, Foil Hie ol Flannels che*p Yaid wide ali wool nhaker Flannel, just received Iroui auction, cts., Cent and Ladles Linea Handkerchiefs, hemmed, stitched, and plain. 2 > per cent, cheaper than can he bought elsewher?, Bleached and Uroun Cottons, exceedingly sbeap. EMOBY EAVtftB, 116 fenns>lvaula aveune. m IS 3t" between I'. ih and fiuh sts. D~~EPABTMEAT Of *HE I^TEEIOEI UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE. WasHisoToH, March 18, l?57. On ths petition ot nMBKUUBMB C. BLOD GkTT, ol ttildgeboro, hew Jersey, praying for the extension ot n patent granted tn mm the id day or January, 1864, ant* ??ted July 3. IC -3 lor an Improvement in Hemmlnc and Cording Din b.ella Covers, for seven years froa the expiration of mid patent, which takes plaoe ou the 3J da* of July,uk>7: ft Is ordered that the paid petition ha heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the loth day of Jane naxt. at 13 o'clock M ; and all persons are notified to appear and show sense. If any they have, why said petition aught not to b* granted. Persons apposing the extension are ia?nir?d te Ilia la the Patrat Office their objactloaa, specially aet forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day at hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the aaid hearing mast be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office which wilt ha famished on application. Depositions and other papers relied upon as tas tfmony must be tiled la the oSce twenty days before the day ef hearing; the arguments, if any, i witbln t'n days al*er filing the teettmenv Ordered, aleo, that this uotlco be published In the BepuMlcan and the Intelligencer, Washing ton, D. O.. and la the Time*, New York, H X , once a week for three icosnlre weeks; ths first of ssid publications te be at least sixty days pre?o?. ? U?4W .'"?">$ ? IH1AlMi Commissioner of Patents P. 8. Editors of the above papers will pleaee copy, and send their bills to the Patant Office with a paper containing this notiae. ?h a-lawsw l^BEBCli WOVEH WHALEBONE 0O&SETS ft 80, AT ABAME PBINGE'S, i* MABKET SPACE. The money refnnded if not as represented Also a full askortmeat of MILLIE EEY aad FANCY GOODS, of the latest importation. inh? lm" Alii ?i CENTS FOB A GOOB, HEAVY U pair of BB1TI8H BOCKS. Gentlemeas' UN BEE SBIBT8 aa? BBAWBBS^ataU prices, h 14 11 SOS filh at., aaxt Pann*ave. pOAL, 1BON. ABD OIL. or the Practical AmerV loan Miner, halna a guide to oarmlnen aad FEAJfOB TATLOB. HitT?0XATa;si0mu|8Bi>;i or pram ng. ^ w BCEPHEL.L, j^PBING 0MI11IQ. " &,saiasSir^,w-"-^ OTBBOOATS ABB MATCH ftVfVS * af all qnalitles WALL, STEP REUS A CO , . S3* Paoa'a aveaue, ssha tlf [Intl between fth aad ltth streets. PMBBOIBBBY OF ALL BIBBS WOEKBD Ef 5? rsasrmsbla tersss Br err kind ef Faacy ' ? ?"ces. by Madam EfTTCHBAOE., at F. Bast's 0, between fits aal tth streete. f* U la i V"- i .. Affairs la (.f*r|r(??a So?i or 1 ui>ua?u? - fu 0<nv i*'v ? m. M ' .",> >! I . Iaa< O'l iunr PC e?1 the 'oil I .* < Users f<r tbe ensuing quarter W f K 8*??; W A, l><%inr; K S. *. |i !(. A H S , II I'rt.wu (liapUm, (' Ramabirr I r?amr?r, II. lin<.aon KivtB F*o..t - -Mt r> h u > ap n W ?t<*r 1 f bet t.rt >>u % <u day. b? -t- %erjr ?beerf t in a< ticipaiu n of act s o|ierat'nu? t?? nrfia an ???.> our rkrr?tf*t ?rr?-i-i> m . n* b-rl>or, iiiosi ot 1 heae t-mail riaf, eigne <i >n tut- l a) ??'< n\?r trh?i? The wnar ve? k> i? -ri|? injur* d by the trvabi v. ar?- m?( t?-|>air?<t w mpioiy a* the aratiift a <t Inch ?r.i>rr ami P?oni?*? an !? -repaired in a li>w <<? , i il.a aii'hrr tavot*tne w-rk,otn?r-are h ' niti'oti nhuut. and will require a I grea er length of ilmp m h?.< ha.nts' km ii t.v .* ?offvrinc* ? .'.kb ht.t-liclb i ' d wh. fct. :} W> tiubr|> jfllmr or*, SUi bble. family Hour *v0 bnlt extra <i?, H , bl? rt?* ix rk ?lu. %?? t?ei? Kiue, 1'Hi kM<. ' In? ad Anow. Twi-hbU nun Im*. I. " "b ?k? ? mill ^rrd, M burlM-la cota meat Su'-??oi J bii'lu-li red w bfn'; pn?-e no' tran-p ei i i>aie lot ot i'houf eprxa llour on pritai*-t? in ' ??!Ue- ot for i niesl. v. in e. luS; jrMa#. ut, ; 1 be taaiket fli u , wi'h mdic of ??i ?|. > tanif in pn e? t'.vr rra<n A alt a'tpudau< e ol nnorhanuattiie table*. I'i ? ir.? i ot <lii- W.kiiu Lu tin lei-crapb t'?n isuv | iia?i> but: pi <-d in n<* to in of t?e K* change. ntluri i!)2 ev?ry fi ilnv ?or n aa- ! i.icb'ion v. iHi uiukeie >' >r>h in<t Si? li IhK'aml ? r<i*-r ate no arrivtiior w. ; par u f ??l i? a'e n cuter J lo-il ?y, a-nt a ' bet-* i u the i'? path ijii null Sin-1 ?if i null* arr t'|?eiaiinr. ai>d mi tin* ro il it i a- vu I vlmitit the repair* wbicb bise b en wire, qut'titlv ursmipteU and delayed h? tii>* ia??'- !* w?a b?T an* arain tuo.eing I . l. r ok (i i oM-iT' w -Kn'firt-^iHim'r VaiPy t'ry, 'loiulin. froin Mr# ^'ora arub ni?*r< t!ai rti/?* (7hTnn;Kimvvw ai?\ kk'm rs. IY^=* MhtL N Tl>-t - Th^ la-t Ui- till- .( h* lUibi' it 11.1* i.\o * S3?#i i a i ui a <i i li' If* bt L >ui i lii nl Til > r uuti I . 'i a Mm< a ? Uuti io *t?-a 11?? iiui 8 ? .k.o ?r? ti t> H;iif,kiit uU? llirai. n it ? m u I ti n>? ?.f< n tl erauf. It* WILLIAM Rlnti. ??r LOB BMT-* am a* I l< KI ' K H >V *K wl(. r aid' u it t?rh?i c a'M^iifitiuMttiiw t r? , a-ti.?tfi >t ilir head ot fij't ?- ai.<t exieu i u (? ti kUatnet Ai^iy nv {^U |tiat MI 1 M C^rtf At kk THAU ~BVKK Mr-J ' / U ILLKKt* I ?I Hit li<? l.?M, V or*** mn l.? , a laiaa -'o k "f 6(>r utf an l M<i mar >i ? t-n tirm ns rf t ic? Pr>*-" O 'lol* to Iaia*i , t t A'm?. h fro jairtnO ili<?a? at if. iA 5 ,' ? c? Lita U fli<'4 nod l!iib< h? t Ha liu . I ti : 1ft IH 2i>irat?; m?*i|<it Hhlrilnt a c^mi- u ke< tin* Am 04(Olottt-. (;a**iMi.r*? au<4 ! 'I ia/ ., I bUifB la a o >>btal* ?ilf>?r- r.?r?f?ii H *t r anf* M"ti'-ii? Onr hav* n#w-ii ?nT .* ! ?..f ciilirii>e-tbKric<it d?c it* an I <r '.ir^ii < maj be t-xpt-ctrd b a I ?h" mat t .?i?r n< .it. c ill nib 2f-lw* BBK.l^MtN M'l,L?*t WH B ? HaatbbV b f ak ?tll> w tfi1AM LVKibU AND i Ll\bilN0 K^raHbltiH M INT. Office, Mo. Jertereoo at ilMir?ntu*a u 0 E*tabll?tied Id is.'!-, iir*-m'am ?a?rie<t liv rhHi t i <'P> li rati iDititai* |86J, rel nilt a- 1 l? ti farthr lar?e-t aid nui.1 o->iuplet? -?ta,> ll?tni eai of th? kind In ihl* uf >u<itr? 1>> ef: ft atid tkuarmc < f all kla<la d-n^ in ihn b?i manuer IidI) thankful for pa-t lavura the m'-H''|i?r aolti 1 tK u.e C' n't Hfted i uat< ni o* the c >n namtv Go<"(? reet-i *i-<1 aiifl rrlnraat b> aspreaa altb tlie nta ml ariunytuMa and itc^au h Pnnt Ort|. a ? A i e?a L?-ck H.n No tiff., e r|.?e? <IhiI\ at ?nnaet except ia'nMar. whfD tt In i-l?.?ed ?t p ni f- I* <n |<fil MAM HO 111 CAULK BUT JU KtiBD UT | II 8 (ARMS I Wi'l be .-tiwplhj . d and for aale at tb< Cen ?ealL* i ter Market, btalta Noa. at> aud 4?. oa SAT ( EDA Y , March 3jtb, 1*>7 Tk" Man.xoib knll.-c'v, CKMBtL OB\KT, (_rc?t, in Cla> c< 11 'y. Kfttuikf, la the fit it ever aU|ila>ed lb WaablbgL/b, aeigt tac t NAt touida. ni t~ St* i havana obanoes. .jj* ' 8WIKT H a\AN A tiRlNGE*. Just recalved aau f. r a?.le liy J B BKT\N A KRil , 3 4 Z PebBM Ivania avenae. mh2S?c<Stlf Opp'Site Metr<>i >.lnau U .tel. EV1 liH A T ?l H Man factuied o? I* L. tbosnaker. Tbe above ansf ri >i t.raiiJ of FLOTB la f>'.|? ano 4H iK'Ubd >ack?, con.taBtlv <-u iiaut ul for i ?a|eb> O *?? Waisat t'ommt'iiloo M-r-batt. No 9** lli li at an>t lUual n.h 2S aw |lnt lA< hrob| Oeorgef. ?u D ti j^|BBUBANT T a I bOHINQ IB ALL iT." DLI ABTMBNIS. Oent^tnen wlabfnr to econr-mfae. and at the aame t tue obtalb alie _ BKCT UAHMESTS, ^4| Are tovlted to exaiuiiie i.ui bew Ha CLOTHtf, OA>fiMEita> y/ AND \ BSTIHQS.-*** whirb w- will make to order at much < MCAl'Ett BATEd ti au the ueoal -ity price*. tk ALL, STEf BRV> A CO.. i'i i Pr i a aTenue, mh23- ^tif f Tnk| between Hh aa i ivth atietta gOlli' etOTHIHtiNew stock ana full snpplr of all st/.aa at LOW PHI CBS. W ALL. blBPBKNI * CO., mhS2-f>ttf tlbtai) 34*i rabu'a avsnae. BOOTS AMD bUOBS fW ibv Tt o b . MR Tbe nbderslirnetf bees leave to Inform bis fri?a4? and tbe public generally that be has opened the NBW CHEAP PTOBB. Ho. AOS 7th street.oudar Odd Pullows' Hall, where be has on hand a fen aral aaaortmont of Ladlea' and Gentlemen's, Boy's Hlaaes and rh(Mr?n 'a BOOTS AMD 8UOBS. Bemember tbe aomber, iuK 7th street, asder Odd Fellows' Hall The New Cheap Store, for T.V-1. r?. ?"?"Alul0, ?Laa,. pOTATOES 1 POTATOBS! J S.ono bnshels No i Jark^on white pota TO>.8 new landir * from srhooaer B. 8. Young, and tor sale on bcrommodatlne W>roa? t.y J.O WATERS, mh 22 la 1?9 Water street, OaorL'etwan. ^BhTLEMlN S VCBBIfBINO GOODS. We would Insita special attention to oar larce aaf< ri?-nt of KIN A blilBTS. CNDEB GABHBNT8, BOAIBBY Ar . Ac., WALL. STBPHBNS A CO . 3-.'tl Pena a aveau... ubs-etlf [ lbt] between 9th and mtn utreeta. UNITED STATES BONDS AND TBBASUBT NOTBS, Rfnilit. oldand exchanged oa favorable terms. LEWIS JOHNSOH A GO. H ankere. feT-tf Panaa. avenne A~~T~ PUBLIC 8 A LB tliBOPC . B M HALL'S __ BBAL ESTATE BXOHANGB, Corner 7th street and La aveuae. W'ill he ??lu at auction on tSa premise*, oa tha 17th of April. l?67 at k o'clock p brrtrtie if adead'f tru>t exe. nied bv Kre-larlc* '?!*?. bi John Gee Mock, ?to ??r?re Andrew The rar upon a one stor> frame h"H'* ?tta?ted nntba we?i pan of lot Wn,< mna anuar* B >. 41. Wa?aiairt n ctt> . >?i ject te a l*aee for t^e term of ilee re?r?. aald tract duly recorded la lib. r B M h . Ho. t folios 383 and 96H. chattel records for Waahiufrtoa ooaaty Terma cash mb l?-*ol*i rkBPABI HE NT Or THE IHIHBtUK. U UNITED STATES PATEMT OPUCE, w*.euin*ton, March i,im. _ On the petltloa ef H ?MtkfnH b.bMlTH or Oanbler, Olio, praying for tbe extensioa of a pateat granted to him on ibe 7th day ot Jaae. !HU, for an Improvement In Paper Biles, for eevea years from tha ax pi rati or of said patent whicb taker place on the 7th day of June It*/: It is ordered that tha ?aM panttoa be bmud at tha Patent OMce ?n HONDA V , tbe *Kh day of Mat next, at 11 a'clock m ; and all persons ars notified to appear and eh w .cause. If any thay have, why aaid petition ouht aut to be graatad Peraone eppiialagthe exte^etotj are repaired to die lb tbe Patent Office their olijee tona. specially set forth in writts*. at least Urea-a davs before tbe day of hearing: all leetinmn> fl'ad by either party io be used at the saW bearing mn?t l?e takea and traaamittad la aotorteaoe with the rules of tha eflcs, which will be furnished ou applioa t|(B. tiepoelttoBS aad other papers railed npaa as testimony must be filed In the office iireaie days betore tha day of heafin?;tho argameau. If any, within tea days after fil'ng the teattmoay Ordered, also, that this aotice be paMtshad la the BepnliHcac and tha intelligencer Washiugton, D. C , and la the Herald Oleralaad. onoe a week for three ewoce??t*e weeks; the first of aai4 pabllcatlons to ae at least sixty Says previous te *..0 TBI A EBB _ OommisaloBer of I'atenU. P. B.-Bdlteraof tha above papers will pieaaa oopy, and eeaad tbeirMlla to the Patent Office with apaperoasttaialngteteaostoa aah li ia?w DM1L1P THE ShOOBBi by Char lea Oayarra r Jaaaph the ttecoad and Cis Coart; by Huh) haafc BralthwaHaw Betrsapetil lor J en aery SSJ22. TW "* ^.a, TATLOS. HUBHBOOMGBAOKBBS 0|5 jut raoaiTti aad for sale bv J B HBTAB A BBO, tii Pea? ? Ivania ateaue, mh 23-eoStif Opposite Metropolitan H- tel. OA I NATIONAL LAOS DET, Oil t* I Pear a ??., baswaaa IHIi aad m? ate 25-* I All ml done by hand Bonds cat 1*4 for aad deIt re red at ?he shortest natioe. Vreach finttas done la tha aealastatyls. mhU-lm* PERSONAL. #100 *!LL ?? w ..TVl2tt' " * a r-r a. !t.L.VI 7^ ' * Hi*<*r?rt?*iiU a. 4ie?* -?r thrta4aj. X T . _|kl<nit<? ?I?00?-A iM.I LI KM % IT UiU|i. *> t? opaa aA* ?rer, .< ' * .'*** I "I'1 ?r> it. pra?| .in? 1 ? ti f-4 ^ wfc*Lln .V_V *" 1 i ?MU a.I who .? ?r "* ?' l|?r. to t?>?? at on ? p i, II" UMI * k< vkl U( I.Ud ... .uriw ic?ru. Bth .3 lilt i * VJ2M*41 b.AI". 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