Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1867 Page 1
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M - -flr I V IV W I H I I p - Vy^B- .1. ?r - ?? m ? - : , ? ' ?i* - I. ?-?? % \'-. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., FRIDAY. MARCH 29. I867. N2. 4,386. i THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY.. SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR Bl'lLDlNU, Jjwaw.l writer i*??? - <?r<?M?? a** lltA itrtt, ?T w. t). wallach. Ilk* hTAR t? wrrfd by um earner* to t&oir subetnbors in the City and Duftrwt at r? cnir* rn wih Uopie? at the coaoter, with at without wr*i>p*r?- Two Cbktb oach. Paica roa Mailibg ?Three months, On* DeUar ar?d Fifty CfUt; six month?, Three 9<>ltcn one Tear, Five Doilart. No papers ara seat fr m the oSc? longer thaa paid for. The WEEKLY MAK-pMlifbedon Friday Eiorair ;?One Dollar m%d a Half a Tear. ? ,,i i 11?????????????- i PAWNBROKERS H~?" KS >TIN k B LOAN OFFICE. . 4 i w ij:h strtet, ' 1 door soath of Pena. ?t?., L ?t- MtiiEV oa time to salt customers. oa O, ,4 .fcd stiver Wotche-. Diamond*. Jew- AX ?lry, L lilts' a .1 Gentlemen a Wearing X A Vftj?-"""'"" *""* B. UBIHM. %Y A L 3 H' 8 CF.XTR It 10 I.V OFFICE, N? 4^0!9lbitrei!t, *"* - dour Lelow Penn. ave. Vfttovtll kl D 'ITCf MkH /Ov advaN'BS On Di?a> nu*. trold and filter w .?;ehe* Q Q Clot .up. ? urnlture, and Merchandise of e?&ry ANtlt|UH. ipsnevery daycexrcpt 3nn3ay) from 8 a. m. to S > B>. N B ? Business strictly confidential. fe28-tf j; B I A * ! 1 8 H C ^18 o~lT. BPCCI Ali NOTIOI. (HABLE-HEH/.HERO. t-occes- r to Isaac Heribers t Bon, * to i av? conducted the Pawnbroki?_- Business tor hfteen year* in t is city, f*r twelve /Ov > **' Jk? ?nly Pawnhi vker ia the Dlstric'.jf A ;ake thin n.?tho4 f tanking their patroosO w? ant-J the pus lie tor the confidence heretofore shown them, and beg l?ave to call their atientlon to the act that ? e ?tHi > outiuue to n-.ake the highest advance* :n all upon all articles of Jewelry, Dtavwaat, Waux.r.. buau. Moveroment Scrip. >iiver F ate, Ac., for which ?e have iinperlor Glares < f dep&sit and sec*irlty, which will always t-e iti wu for the -a'lsfacti a f taoee patronizing ?s W?hsve special facilities for the care and pre-*rYati. n of Wearing Apparel of every lies' ripti< a. Wo#>le:ie. Ac., on which the highest ad ?i?nce- are wade, guaranteeing when reauired eiotr., m .i ai ways against injury Having a laiae warehouse in connection with onr affi.-e, we bav ?p?cial faculties for iterage of all kinds ?f Herehaixlis,*. 1 htoi'urn, ?tc.. on which we k. ike the highest advaare* for days, week* or months We call e?peci>tl at-entlon to the fact that swing to tbe larse capital employed in our brslnev- wt< can m ifcf at vances at ertch rates of iittn est ? .(._?< fy ci mpetition . W? ssil no go*ds until tfce ci piration of si* month.* a^ter th-ir forl^itnre, and then only at pnhllc anction. first elvIng atnplo -.otise through tte various city jour r.ivls lo ail dep<?itwr>. Ry this means d> Pu?iti w ith as are neve> lost if their redemption la deeire<l We call?special artention to onr arrange neat* for for w at .line g<>x!* to any part of the>, arrangements w> icb an experience of fliteen years has brwnght to rertection. Depositors are enabled by this mean* to redeem tneir coed* from onr office uo natter where they may \e located Frit Inf irmatKin al .va, a gi ven. Private apbritnri.isltTconndential bu-iae*s. B ? We have no t onne tl.m wltb anyti'niiar es'ablis)?ni-nt in this city B- for to any r>ld resident of WaehtCi'ton Kemen ber HKK/iitKO'S Loan C'fcce. ?^1 north O street, between 4S and ?th, Waehtcsten. P O. fe*>-lm* 1 MUftK* ' ' JIUJiKY !! ! U F1.INCS 8 NBWI.V ESTABLISHED LOAN t?rri< E, ^7 7 Pa.ave,. nf xt to I'oten ini a Confectionery. Mcney 'oantd on sverv description of salable K*rch? di?e esperia!! Va'chn, Pia /Q\ B'n<!s ai d tii.e Jewelry 1 cnu a?sureJfwjL th?-?e wNo it'ay favor ?ie wit! ther ratrou-? O ate that tl -i iii m r. gti t having done so. N B - Private cl -or ?i .l office. Pardons not wl#binr t.> tnt.r tue public office will ring the office i ?!?. fe 241m* T^ub d A-^ ABbiBHiib rum OF ?, tiOLDiTlttN A CO , LKIS-KU l'AH tiftttOKKKS, 34 roti; A.M. a HALi- ST^IET WIST, Lear l'er.t.4?lv ?nia aveaue, Off?r IN Mg . ca?! ed.ances '>n all kiwis of Kr: . to any air< >tt and for any time : . I,at reasona>ter?tea. lute*-*t. n i*rre inwi< grtf.'ly reduced. Q d P??ia>-s? -tricUy c rfldesrTlal. P -' .gbt for ca?h and rold at private gale. fe illy i) K.\ T i ferity. D-. LliWIKa i't.MAL Assw'l A l 1UN, Nu. a?j?) I'lihk'A AVfc , iictwtea 13th aed lJth streets. Teeth extra, tea without psin by alminstering v Uxyde ?r U?o ;hiiu; iias. if > .k t ti recently purchased tue best xl A,p...?ta.x iu the coun:ry f r nsaainv pEru ga? e?er> d.?y, also, an improved V?1 vniar laiiaiar i'h?. Assoi iati >n is n w prepared to &??? Tetth on ?i,.ld. Slivt* Bobber at Nsw ' -'k ? 'iiadeipiiia and ,< *??<?n prieet. All perse ns * .~hiug ienta' w.-rs .toce can save It as Jttap m u tto ab?;e-w'i>*>e(t cities. Ail work done in ifce neh.est and oe-t n;atiL?-r, aed warranted to give sattsiacucB Persons will <1o well to rail acd exmiiue onr work. de U-tf 'I1 I IT B T " i v . ja/LO<>acia, ii c.. Tke Inventor . J l atta'e* ef the MlI?*ilAIi PLAT*. T?E1H, attends pertocally at <? his orcein this city, klauy persons rai.*$fpi| w<-?r tho.-e teeth who caanot sear others, ,r' * lo person can wear others who canaot wear tk;<se. i'ers< lis calling at uy > ffice caa be accommodated With sl) style ano price of Teeth they may desire. but to tti > -e who are particular, and wish the pt^re-t, cleanest, string. *t a. d m&*: perfect flen ftre tfcfct art ca-i procure, the MLSEBAL TMETU w'U be more fnllj warranted Boor"- 1e this city ?No 33* Psan'a aventie, be tweeny-hand 10th sts. Alio, 907 Arch strpet, Philadelphia. sell' Iv i'KK.-UNAU \ | B8 CI BTIrURYlHQ, r-rrrroiMf, Test A"J N rixum, will give life readings, laclndiug Past, Present and future at her office. 420, nertn side of ha. av., between IS and 5th streets. Office fconre ftotu 9 to'J e m. and 6 to 9 a m. jaS4 tm* IDK^iXiAL. ? ioung men ?bt have in^ ;nrnd the:nseiv>-s r?y certain secret habits, wnich unat them f?r tcsiaei*. pleasure, or the datiesot married life; also, middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other causes,.eel a liability in advance Of their yeara. before piacin* themselves under tbe treatment of aiy o?. should first read 'The Beoret Friend." Uar-ied ladies ulil learn ?otnethlu!; of importance ^y pert.-!ng ,-Tfce Secret Friend." Benttoany ad 4ress. In s sealed envelope, on receipt of 23 rents. Addrese I r CB Ad A 6TUABT A CO.. Boston, no 9-ly K iJKOWK*. * J. 85IXIUKii8 BBOWNE A 8*1TU?B3. W A.-H1NOTOS. D. 0 , ATTORXF. Y8A .V/? CO L'iV.sE L l.ORS AT LA W AMi >OUCiIoits FOB THK BL'BEAL BKF fliKK. ? UBEOMKN. AID ABA>D<?N*l? LANDS. Off e No. 4 7 6 Seventh el reef, opposite the Post CHice. fa J ly -r 1'EB CENT. SAVED by using O B JErt'. f\t ILL > pure rn?<lnlterat d I'JenJuin New *crA Cixy aOAP, Preiniuiu family soap. Premium FLANNEL fOA.J, _ ALINo 1 BBi'WN 8CAP. ~f r sal* cseap for cash Orders throagh the Pjst Office will t>e promptly attended to O. ?. JEWELL, fyap and Candle Manufacturer, No. -'I'O and *vt? G st north, bet. 4th ai.d 3th. ja 11 6ui 'I'HK M08T EXCITINQ A?H INTEBE3TIN0 BOOK OF TUX DAY <?E.V. L. V. MAKKH'S HISTORY OF THE >> K i.T SEHVH'E. AOENTH WANTED inovery citv, town, coonty "i Mate ?,f the Colon tecaivaos for this work lhi? history was ai.n anr-ti one ye,?r any, bit wing to *ke attempt-of tiie flov<-ramet?t t<i suppress it. Its publication wa? de!a>ed It will n >v :e isened, uvw'rered and nnabrllged. under the *'n oi Ua:n Jt eonralus a fu'l >.a! ofVeial expose of tb? intricate machlnatlous ofth. secret eusmi 'S of tha Hulan f >t stsrtltng developments and thrilling ad ventj.r?s tbi- l>o. k eclipse# the tamou* ejtoerience^ of Kdlc'HE AND V1D0C0. Tae marvelous uarra'ite* yf O-reral Baker are all attest" ! by tUe aijlieot official anthori'y It will contain the only otttcial history of th? \<sa4* con?piracy A full bNtory of this great, startling wad >niM*crlBM TBO>1 1TB INCIPTlON, IN THE tALNTi y.1 VILLAIN y TO THE BL'KIAL _ PLAfE OF liOOTH. >' * been placed Lafore the public The 1 tiK,;M the aefarious sya'.em by ? ^."1 ."'-.a' a?r-lon* were and are so-t??ad* in>ot)ta.n,.l In Washington. National Capital are thor cngfaly ventilated. an1 there are sosne sHange ?V?^l rfsr,nC*'n'B/f of department^ o?frtPt, wiiii parrloa and distiagulaAeg military obarscters ?* .An? Forotrcnlars. eanvassiu i,ambers.and all othe* lafcrmat-ou. ait Irrn- *L. O HAKEH Poat (MR, a Be* Mo. a?0, Philadelphia, Pa ?' U"C* T hi* werk wiU bo ready for delivery oa tho 1st oay c' Alay N B -Mob* bat tboso ttoroaghly conversant with ta* basmsss, and with good reference as ;o character and sesp^nsitdlity, need appi/. mbU im AIACEEEIL AHD OODFUWi. 10 OOP poanda Jane 8HOBB CODFISH. 0) b4krreis lo. J UACKEBEL. ... Jfist received aad foe sale?}Mr vharf, at tha foot of Bevaath at. B. 9. BBOlFM BOB. (>omniission Merchant*, del' tf Mo. ?? El nth at , Wet. E and ?. F'lBBL'ABY II, 1WT.-AI1 portoaa aaving Iei| articles in aij "hop for re??irv.orsviooj to the 1st of January, age requested to call and get ti.e(n. other*lt? thejr will besold at >?^lio aao'1 n on mc 1st ef March to any the eharga*'thore? !.. J47BM J PI A B OB F, Oao aaJ Locksmith, > So 414 P?treat. i 'H'XWLATM DOUBLM, VASILtl, >' T>* U. MAILLAIBD. ?? frtissT'xitr"King Plaoo. 9?W W4 lViBNtl, 1 1 f iff - AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEAIRL. Pennsylvania av?nne, near W1 Hards' Hotel, BEKBflT OF MB~JOBN K OWHIS. And y hi* L??t Appearaace but One. 11118 \ Friday IMCMNO. March J9, Pu?le * Lai_ii t lr C 't.i J<, pacL pby Pail Pry ..H: JuLn K. Owoca L?'t ilme tt jai TH LI VIE INDIAN The Live Indue . Mr. John E Owens t- ATU KD M r Owea<* farewell. MARRIED LIKE and ?OL?'N SHINGLE Mi.? KACHARL JOHN ^ON, tuppor'ed br tha tal?ut?1 yo mn TraU'oivn. Mr B MACAILBY. ?iil ' ommeMf en Ml NDAY, April 1. Seat* m ?y be se< ured for any ni ht WALL'S !*EW Oi'tKA HUt?|?. H B. PHILLIFtt Llts?tK Af: D 51ANAGSB. Ben*-til and !ut nieht *>ut one of miss fanny morgan phelps, FRIDAY F.VbNING, March 29, Boucirault's Great Drama of THE COLLEEN BAWN. Ei|-',(th* Culnt. Hawn > *it!. s.cj^h, Fanny Mntr*n Phflpe MOBDAY?First apr>e .rtnee in W*-hiuxtoa o th< distinguished artlsta, LADY DON. Be* Sheet now open. It* MLULKoil HALL. LAST TWO NIGHTS * FRIDAY AN D toATl'Ui'A Y . MAUi'H J<> and 30 i Hr. HCBNKTT I AMBKTA'-S BKI RE* , ntativs III' Agisted by _ ? MISS HELEN HASH. Ticke'a 30 Cents Bes-rved B"*ts 30 Cents. _ May be bad daring the day at Metzeroti s Music Store. l oore oreti at7; <-ouim?nceat dock. GRAND MATINEE 8ATI]B1 AY aftbroox, For the accommodation tf La lies and Children. A<)1?sion. t to all parts of tb* bouse,* 3(1 Oenu, Children, 1 A Cents. mh 23-lt" g^BAND EXHIBITION OF Tt<E 8TEBK0P TiCON? D1SS0LV I NO Vfl WE-OXY HYDBOGIN MICROS-IOi'K NEW AND SPLENDID YIBW3 Never <ihibitel here, with new and moat itn proved apparatus Proceeds for the benefit of the YOl'NG MliN '8 CDB18TIAN ASSOCIATION. FOB SIX NIGHTS, COMMENCING THURSDAY, March'2*, At j p "i,, and on FRIDAY AND SaTI RDAY AFTEBN00N8, At ; m,, at WOODWABD HALL, Pennsylvania ?tcuu e , betweeu ] th end Uth are Ad;niB?ion,C5 cents Children, 15 cents. R< erved seat-, 40 cen ta. Tickets at the bo, k stores H! I at the d-f>r mhTS8t WOOD AND COAL7 ^ O A LI OOAL!l Beet \VH ITE ASH at 3<J. by the ton. All sizea to stfit cnatomera ' Isawed aud Split OAK WOOD, ?I0 per cord - " l'INE ? #j Loag Oak. per cord. A ton o! Ccal sold by me always weighs 2.240 lbs # ? JOHN B. LOR1). fe 28 ly Corner 4th and G streets. ^OAll C O A III I AT GREATLY REDOOED PRICES. Cross toua of 2,2+0 lbs , delivered iu au> part of the city Chestnut White \sh. ST. Istove, y gf and Furnace White Ash, $8.0 . Red Ash *3 25. Lehigh. #9. _ Oik and Pire Wood " natan'w on hand. Orders received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street * 8. P BROWN ft SON. tf 4K*9th street between E and F. STEAMBOAT LINES. POTullAO TBAMSI'OBTATTON LlNB FOB Baltimore Making freight connection at AQHIA CREEK with bldlMOND. KBEDK.RICKSLLKG AND POTOMAC BAlLBOAD. dlBA _The steamer B\PBB.-3. Capt A. Nlohle. at.4 -teamer KENNEKEC,Capt. John H. * ii^on, l?av W astilngton from Sixth atie?-t ?fk?i : ev'-ry WlUKHSHAV and SATURDAY, a: ' a. m , tor Baltim >rv. a'id usual war iaudt?igs on Potomac rlv-r B> turninr leave Baltimore every HKSDAYaid FRIDAY.4 p m For further Information apply to . J. B. BBYAN A BP.0 , nibls-tf No. 345 Pennsylvania ave. W Tt A A1 KB W1LBON SMALL tOh THK EASTERN SHORE, ~^The Steamer WILSON 8MALL, CAPT E T. LEONARD, now in ^JT?tl an respects one ut the stauncfeett,.^^^!^^^ moat c< mfortable ai<d elega:it steamers plying on Cheeaieake Hay, will pastime her route on BA 1 CBDA I, Macbai. Rhel-ar-a her tier oppoeite No .70 Light atreet wharf. H^T.^Kna vTer: TCEPDAY, THURSDAY, an 1 PA I I hl'Ai. atj p ni.tfor EASTON POINT ^ F-MILLS.OXyfoltD CLORA '8 POINT* Mrc'rou WHAHF, CAM Bit llt'i F.. H UG HLh IT S IT MA fi b\ CA i> IN t'K K F K M h' 11 r*2?f8i w'JjLR**?&JLL0YD's landing. T.HK *A8TEUN SH'iRIC ()? i J Llo>d'a Landing at 1 p. ni., (Minbridae at 4 P m.,aiid Baeton Point at 8 p. iu .every Monday, rti^?L^5?v %tl(1 , touenln? at all luterme Bd r**cl>?n? Baltimore at e a. m. on the following mornings r^i'SS' * Ifcfge number Of fine state-rooms. 16 Jb tl R*"UM0"%' a'J*SSilitSSV" A*D " TO TBAVBLLBB8 GOING SOUTH. TW1CI DAILY, (8hnday p. m. excepted,1 The a&lckeet and moat direct route to Bickmonn a . and tbe South, via the Potuaia* jraaa . steamers from Tib Street wv..rf > Waablugtoo, to Aauta Oreek Bichmond, Fre<1?rlckat>arg and Potomac Railroad to Blcl mond, Va, connecting there with trains on tat Bit buiond and Peter-'.urg and Bichmond aud Danville Bailroads, for Petarahurt, Weldon, Wll plrg'on Balelgh, Greensboro Saliabvry. ("barlott#?ol Cheater,8 C Steastera Bey port and 3 Yanderbllt leave 7tb Street Wharf dally (Sutidaj ev-tlng eareniedj at a. a and fi p. m. and arrive In Bichmond at 1 p m and 2 4.ia a. THBOCQH TO BICHMOND IN SEVEN HOURSFifty Miles Shorter and IS Houra Qutoker tbu any Other Route. Be anre and get Tbrongh Tlcketa via A?nta Uieikanu Frederlcksbuig, to Biohinond, at trie Company 's Office, corner of Penna. aveaun and <0. -.trect, or on board ol the boat* Ilaggage checked through. Omulbneaea and Baggage W&goaa will be li. readlneaa to convey paasengen and .baggage be tweeu depots la Bichmond. Paeeengera by tbia line paaa by daylight Mouu Yernon, and may have an opportunity of vlaitlri? several battle-fieUa near Froaerlcksburg by ato? ping at that point Breakfast and aup on board of Steamxr*. G*0. M ATTINGLY. Snpt.. Washington, B. O C- B. MATTINGLY, T,cketcA^[n,^^|,|n?ton MHj eaeral Fniaen*er Agent PARIb (AND BEW YOBK MILL!- ^ NBBf |fMrs AO. OASTON baa just returned from New York with a large anri wlegant^M^ aaaortaentcffine French, ogltsh, and1^*" American Straw Bonnets and Hats for ladies and children. Oriattl. Amber. Pearl, and Straw Ornameite Alao, a ger.eral assortment of hue French Flowers liocnet aud Hat Frames In great variety Blt-bons, Silks, Crapes, Tullee and Beai Latee. Ac. Particular attention given to all orders. Bovna, 440 8th atreet. naar Pennsylvania avenue. ah 13 3m ^TElNWAY-8 pianos. We have jnst received a new assortment of li PIANOFORTES fr< in the factory, ou mm I aisting of Grand, Square, and UprlghtteaHH| Cabinet Pianca. *! T ATI For tbe last tea yeara Stelownr'a Pianoa have, on all occaalons, received the first premium over all new York, Boston, PLIla lelphia, and Baltimore makera. whenever and wherever they have come in competition At tue World'a Fair in London. Stein way A Sons received tka Indorsement fof sapertority of thair Pianos ever all niakera of the world. W G METZEBOTT A CO.. fe 23_t'_ Ho 31** Penu avenue, flola Agents. pOBlABLB STEAM BNOINBS, Vcabining tbe uai^Bto of efflctenoy,durability, and economy, with the ainlmum of weight and ?rlce. They are widely and favorably known, mere than 800 being la use. Alt warranted satis iaocory, or ne sale. Descriptive circulars cent on a^pMcatlon. Addreea J. 0. HOADLBY k CO., fe 8 eo?m Lawrence, Mail. / kNLT 33 DBNTS FOB A QOOD. HEAVY * ' (sir of BBiriSli SC'CkS. Uentleuens' UNDEB SfllBTS aud l?BA#Blt?.at all prices, ADAMSON d. mh 14 la 4"b f'h at.. oe*t Psan ave. /^OALTiBON. ANDOIL. or the PractiWAaeriean Mluer, t*e:sa a guide te oar aloes and mineral reaoasreee. witk numerous raspe and Jllustratt .ae. PMee #7M. je I? FRANCE TAYLOR. Americas go lb. stocks and konds, boutibt on eoaalaaloa at the New York and ethw Stock Beards. QaoUtlooe regularly re^LBVU JCJ5JIS0N B OO . Baakere. ItT-tf *9J P?sn?. kT?QB*. * j J " .- a , , s * itf T'i 14 t ** ? ' '4?i ?v ^ ? J K vii Bel ' / \+;; ! XQ'.J Xijr\ , u ;? +* v/, *( at - Ki J I 8t't,v > . * a ( ' i LlfeT <?J" LETTERS RKViinilU IH THK WASHI^f TON ? ITY I OKT OFFKE, Friday, March -29. 1*67. 1 f'7,1]S\\\ L,\, 1VB1 1 ^?FB IN THK PAPER IIA\?M, THK 1 ARGEFT CIRCULATION ! iG? To obtain an) of these Intern tbe applicant n> net ca:l tf r ' Ac*i rtlsec Letters." gi v? the date ?' 'be .ift. 4ii u t'?* one cent tot advertising. ? I' 1#' called l?r ? libit i>m ojontti'.bey will It rent to tin 11? d Litter uBic. ? LAIHtV LIST. AdnBtTbMMrf'Jrldaberry Mary McFadJen Ba A lift K U 111 Botl? cllftel ?f'D) Atnol" M ntba Bull Katie MrKni^bt Aman At:>b sh M,.rta H i 11 E1 i/n Mrs McUorrlch L?/.i?? Mra Hit tieckey McLeanHetlMra Atkinton Cora H..yeMarUhMrsMcNeile Mrs Aruilr -ttr P Ho mcs( haMrs Nome Ileum J _ ? Haskell Jul)* B Norder J B Mra Adcis nTrscyM HurbnnUarriete ililen Cath'n AL<-?*rTii Mm y M?ti ?>' auerCatMra A ne/ u Lw.ii Hewitt Cora Pierce El ea Acde-scn Eliza iiu' euann Ann I'aik ArmaC-3 Alri ... Bre Pricesar b \ 11 rs Brew e>M 'li,Uty M v K'? spAlnmrLevk M rir *u( arri* M Hamilton Eiloo Patterson AberBrow itLcc^ Mrs How urdUaltleB ^i!lMr? Burr Ultn"Mr* Mrs Patterson A t M rs BailraCornVMralla-denott AlicePalmerC rTVn BondJosepbMrs jlutton B N Mi? Purine} Jane , BrawnEllnMaryHetchman Jihn Poison Fannie i Boyd Sueen Mrs Patterson Aanie I fturnesMsggieF Herbert Ell/a'b B Mrs , Ball Virginia F Heail H Is PennyOhr'laMr* Baron Mary Hartcett HellenPe.-ktns War Mr# Bro ke M?rMia Hendricks Bllen!' trartinr Marv BtcncB H Mra Mrs PendItMOb9elt"ua Blinder Lie HubbertCTaMra Mra i BsrlorJob aMtaH irrison Kltza Paschal I Mar.'t | Bowen Kate Mra 1. Mrs BurUj Elii bMrsHeilertO-trolinePearson Mary ei | Bodine E J Mia Hunmcutt M?;-ParkburstSar?b B?k?* Cbarlotta dp A L Mrs-! A IWre Flowat Sarah FPotter Mary ; BarVWEmnMrsHenartale Mary Bines (J A Mrs ; tfaiinauian Mary Jane K?> L'z/ie Mrs Harrington MrsKees* Mrs ! Br' antJasPMr" Hog*n Mary Ra <kin .1 K ( 01 Baldwii'HellL'B Hnnter K V Mrs Mrs Bi hsm Mary 2 Irvine Alice 2 Boterts J M Mrs li'Migtoii Mrs ,1a v's Jennie Biclierscn Har t BhI cock B^ dney .lohaion 'i'/.a bB-nolds Eli/a h Mrs Joinson Ella Mrs J Bmler Milly- Jackson M'aMrgBa?<iy Mrs ttnnn Mrs2 Johnson FrancisttobMns NatMrs BrauanMillaMrsK iria l\ate Mr# biuith KrancMis Butler Maty 2 Krapp Mary A Smith Maria BtshopHarnliMra Mrs- Smith VautOMra t hase Bnsanra Kuuwl-'S vTary Jamitb Esther < ?le Mary atie Kan AD Mis ehsw Ltizle Crant-Lucy PMraKmKf'a! <?iHMrs?mith Mar > lark MariaMrs Kearuy A Mra 2 Smith Malt I Mrs Gisrk Sallie T L) Kfticidy DenaisSailthSa 'tiSMrs Mrs Mrs Smires Klll8^1rg Cries AnnieMrs Kwrny Wanata'abiinnionaLii/.Mrs Clare E Mrs Kiinpth M?rrhadtei>l>ina U Mrs Cntler L B Mrs Kei pler Inlta Shvrwool MaflE rnrtart.'yru-Mr?Lark Mattio >teven?EmilMrs Carro'lAnnt<El Lee Ella Story At.nB Mrs Carter Olai rva LongacrfLonslaSmallwoo I Crawford Geo E Lewis Bli/a!>"thsuiumera Ne>ltie Mrs LewisMaRieM rs Mrs (Chester Josle M Lariiueton Nal- Storktridgt MA t'rowlyCathMrs acn Mra Mrs Cnrtis Mi-a Lasrsnct Mary Surauisnd tlarth Casey M A Mts E Mrs FpeKcer 41 > An Pans Alice Lanrfett. 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Stringer 1 b.<a O Schavley ChanWSmith Hon J E filter W Thornton A T:irpur a*M Throoa 8 G leddallCel Tonkin J M Turner K Tj.ggart Pan'I Thoa.paon Maj IT.iraer W II Tbotnaor K F D Thotnpaon Col Tenbar F Thotnnop Hon .1 W B Tlomp*on Hon Toed J BB Thornton Wm F F ThanerM Tailor Col W II Tbr.mH.Geo H Tubtr Dr I W g - W U Talm H Tailer H W Tobin Wm TtorncnU H P Tola, n S iouin??ni Cllmn & Bro'a red r?ood C H Cn^ar Peter Mep?r? \an \Vlnkle A TVangbn O Yonder HeHe H V< llatt'i C C 'V aniiorn MtiGMVau Rnren .1 H V?n W Hgner AVierkroti H Van Orman I W Co K WaUon A K Weatrott J W Webster Nathan W inabriner AlHtWitbera Jamea Wiierd N V evertapBTB Warner ,lo! n 1 Wa^nn Boht WilltamaCapChsWH'ou John Williauiaon Hey wllliHira <1 Co Wbltney Jamea BB W*l!mfotd Capt Winter la? H White W U H W U illiHOia Jobn WbiieforilOrBM ? atfrL?.c WeatharbyJ M Watkius ft?i U^h W e 11 f F 11 Watou Jamea Wright 9 W Ward Kd Worthiweton Wi11:am*Thne G WhittleB ^ Jvhn G WillmlnytonXV'tn | Wa^bington Dr Hiliiama loa W'?tcaoa Wm t. Went John WhifconibWmW ubiteHor?fe Walker Mi- Woc d^ard W White Hop H Wenster Mr Watnoii Wm A Wineate H We',i>r3!*i Wtlaou Ber * fi I Wilcox Maj J C Wa'sky M WllklnPOt. We* H orrell J P W a|?h Maurice mar' Walriheimer Woodward M Jt White Win Jarkeon A Son Youeg Geo L Y. tier Mile- Yarke^ W n Zelte Prof J H Zitkadakts, SamlZinimerai^D \TJ Z'-M Jacob Mi?csij,ASBOia ?J. I, : J R M.: Master 1 incaln Iloapital I^and: Adi t Fort Ward: T K M Editor AdTerti?er; T.irkian Ami a??a<lor. It 8 J. BOW IN, P. M. CLOTHING, Ao. JAMES T. \VALKBB~ meruhant TAILOB, <-4 Seventh Street, 4S4 Bta^ectfally )ijfcjmg hit friend* an<i th? public pei. el i.! !y that hti iius a line, 'argc and w?il- a a ttl^ct?xi as-ort mer>t of tLOTtiB, CAbSIMEKES. W\ VKSTINOS. AND 1# GENTS FUBBISHIB.i laf * "e ' determined to run oil at n verj am ill ( advance on cost. Persons patr..rtzing bis extahll hrnent will >Kt K^teed a GOOU FiT and good workm mabip. a- be lb determined to employ none but the i>< at workmea , F b -JOHN A. McLEAN tatp? this moth >d to i inform his frienda that he will be ff.xnd at hn pnst at th? ahove pl?? e, where he will be plf-aa^d tcater ta their tant<-a. givin th m garments to snit the nir st fa?tId one. and aceint; th?tt their gar ments tire ina^e ap In tbt moat workmanlike man Dl-r mbll-lm 1^1 tBCH A * T TAILORING. Tbe nnderaigr.ed havin? entered fntoe<ipartner ship, and laid in tn ext?> tsve anl car. a* alecled ^tock el i'LOTHS, CAcSl MIC RkS.HM \ KSTIN',8, end GentJemena FDHNI81T 1NG UOOHS, are prepared to maK. op for II their customers nrat fitHns nni piiita cf clothing, at their new ea'atditthment, Ho. '.i'20 street, two door* w est of the National Theater. Peraona deairing neat lilting and la^iionable i.lothing on tnodei at? terms, shonld not fall to grrt nis ? call befora purchasing elsewhere. GEO T K FEU. v 8.W . GILBERT, formerly of ftO'? 9th at . Merchant Tail ?ra. Hth 6 lm* No. 320 E at. bet. 13th and nth. FJ. HBIBKBGBA. Bncceaaor te H. *. B Co., WlTlZEtf'S AND MILITARY w , MERCHANT TAILOR, lf\ Metropolitan Hotel lata Brown'a, WW . ? 36JI PaansylvanU aTanna, * mf I-tf Waehlnrton. P. C. JAMKBO. McGUlBE 4 CO., ?9V ? FIBKITI BB WAKI BOOMS. Having relinqniahed the Anctlon and Commlslion l.naineaa, and converted oureit*n*ive ware|o0m?, at the corner of 10th and 0 etreeta,into a tirat clam * HOUSE FUBNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to furniati e\ery variet of HOISE A??OFfIOB FCBNITUBE. at the moat moderate rates. Our stock compriae* PARLOR SETS, In B. psand Hair C.oth, < A RVKband PLAIN OILED W ALNI T CU ?. M BEB SETS, COTTAGE SETS, SINGLE BUBBAU8 AHD WASFISTANDS, ELABOBATELT CABYED BEDSTEADS, CIIALBS or ALL VABIXT1ES, EXTENSION TABLES, HA1B MATTKESsES and FBATliEB P1L LOWB. OFFICE DESKS and WBITINO TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac., Ac. We haye aho for aa e the celebrated TL'CKEB SPRING BED, wblcb for comfbrt, durability and cbeapneaaia nnrlvaUed. Alao.tba TUCK.EB B&ANUFACTUBIHO COMPANY BRONZE CLOCKS, Beantifnl In design and flnlab and at yery reasonable prleaa. JAS. 0. McGUIBE A CO., njb U-Jm earner of loth an 1 D atreeU. UOBKAC or OBDMANCB, b avy durahtmkjft Washingtom Oitt, Marob 16, tuft, 8ALX OF OLD AVD"UN8EBVI0EABLK AB . *IOL18 ?F ORONANOE. ..TP(r*.y?|i ba aold at pnbllc auction, to the hlshest Idddara. at noon. THUBBDay. tbe llth da> ot April. 1867, at tha IBce of tha Inapector of Ordnance, Navy-yard. Philadelphia, Pennaylra ,ot of old and vnrerylcoable articles of Ordnance, embracing Shot and Shall, about a?yen hundred (700) Carblnea. (bree. h 1 takers.) about twentv-fivo hundred (S.eoOl i Mnaketa, ritlad and aieootb bore. Qua Carriages, a?i other a tores. The artlclea will be aold la lota. Terma : One half cash. In Government fands, to be deposited on tha coaalaaion of theaala a ad the r\D,'*!*d'r wi*hi? ten dara afterward, during wbich time tha arttclte muat be rem*red from tha L^L* olberwlae tbay will revert to the Govern... BEN OH WOYtH WHALEBONE OOBSETS I 90. AT MADAME PBlSnE'S, 29 MABEBT 8PACB. The money r. fnnded If not aa rawwailad, _AUo h?U aacorfmeat of mfllibbbv and *A?CY BoJVb..?! the latest imp^UUoa. mh 2$ lm * t . 8 K i 1 K J( K K O 3 ' ' 'V? 1? -? '1 *>?5 14 b''T*i i* s-j i ? J'. i!itft lol .in f .. S?0?l? AT 3*0'5>ii f * w | rf.j.-. It: fl ' "kii ' k-i t ?i?tt |i? * isS . xi ! eci HjiS \i t TELEGRAMS, ftc. Tbe Union convention at RaJe?gb,N.C, has adjourned. They adopt** the name of Republican lor tbe convention. The resolutions eulogixe that party, and attribute to it tbe o-.ertbrow of the rebellion for wbirb It should command tbe respect of v ?-ry candid man They say Congress is enti.Ud to tbe thank* of the world fonts persistant devotion to human r gbts as indicated in the Declara'ion ol lndependence. Half of the delegates were wb te and hall negroes. j Tbe constitutional convention bill having passed tbe New York Legislature. tbe Kepnb- ( lican General Uoramiti^, Hamilton Harris, chairman, and James Terw.liagsr, secretary! < have issued a call for a Stare convention to meet at Syracuse on the 10th of April, to select sixteen delegates at large to be supported at , larxe to be supported by tbe Republican party , at tbe election to be held on the ild of April Kach Assemelv district is te send three delegates. ( A. Q. Hrown. of Mississippi,is out in a letter urging tfie Misslr.-ippians to accept ?he reconstruction bill, as tbe conquerors have the right to legislate for the conquered, and the lat'er have no rights which the former are bound t* respect. The inauguration of the city monument at Leu 18vilie, Ky? will not take place ull about the middle of May, owing to tne non-arn val of the pedestal from New York, Ex-Governor Ly?, of Jamaica, has been arretted m Loudt.n. Kngland. and is now under examination Klo Grande dates to the 2M mat., have hee? received. Miramon has issued a proclamation declaring a war of extermination. General Sickles say* that the military authorities will not interfere as partisans iu any political movement, or organization. The banking-house of Hunvan Jc (Jo., iu S Louis, has failed. Alkxakdbi v 1 nils.?We clip the following from tbe Gat> !( of yesterday The Alexandria Canal, having been thoroughly repaired throughout its entire extent had water, from the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, turned in'e u this morning, at Georgetown. and. by to morrow night will be foil and navigable. The banks of the canal, from tins city to Georgetown, are pa'rolleo bv employees of the lessees to w%tcb the effect of the v. a eras it slowly ri?es. and gi\e warning it ?ny break should be discovered. The American Coal Company's boat. Wellington, with coal, cleaied at Ci.mb* rland for this port on yesterday morning, aud is expected here on Saturday night next. Thongn several applications have alre&lv been made by residents of this city. to General Schofield. commanding this District, for po?itioHs as registrars of election, under the military force bill, no appointments have as vet been officially announced. The office cf direct rax commissioner* in "he Southern States having been disposed with, by law oi Cengreps. the commissioners for tins I' strict, l)r. G. F. Watson. Job Hawashurs? hnd John Watson, have been relieved ot th.'ir commissions >onie six or eight hundred hnm-he? of fresh fsh. rock, perch and herring, from tbe fishing fh' re of Mr Joseph Cawood. a' Kowk?'> landing, were received this morniug at Fi-htown. and sold at frem thirty to forty.five <?.its per buucb Me-srs. Laiigley, tb? Wash.ngton a*ent. aud 1 urlong, the engineer ot the Anio*keae W tks, i New Han.pshiie. visited this city this m nmg, for the purpose of conferring with th? President of the Friendship Fire Company, relative to the purchase by that Company, o; a Steam Fire Engine. Asornep. Hasty Itraiax. ?An Iral in m Mobile was put fu hi- coUin wh le m airaure, a? he was supposed to he dead. I j? >n arriving at the gra-.eyard the friends of tbe de. ceasetl found that the c?lSu Lad >* ,** partially l.r. ken open. apparently hy force exeroi -.i within. They at once held a consultation wlucb resulted in th" opening of the coflm. when tbe apparently d^ad m;tn waa found u? pie-ent the most uumistakable signs of l.fe Although there was evidently li'e. there u v no consciousnet-s. The whole ^treu^th of iu< ii!mt st bur ?d nian had been thoroughly x tihlisted by hi9 efforts to mnke his condition ki own to his friends, and iii? consciousness de-.-r'ed him simultaneously with lUe burst ing ol the 1ki by bis frantic exertions to save himself. lor he was certainly dead when The physician who was sent for arrived on the ground. Tint Weather awt> South run Farmer*.? farming operations nave been much retarded by the sictmy weather ol the past thre# *r tonr weeis. Flowing, dilchiug, ai d all the work of early spring have been interrupted When the rains cease and tbe earth dri-s so u. to of bciiij hrok> u up, the farmers will have to strain every ner\e to make up lor lost tire. Much that is usually done in the latw part vt February and in March will now have to be done In April?or left undone altogether. Sbortbanned as most of tne Southern larmers aiennderthe new order of things, there !s ground for the apprehensiou that thev will be unable to carry oat tbe plans they had so carefully lormed. The only wise course for them to pursue is to do tbe be=.t that circumstances admit of. and leave the rest to Provi- ' dence ?Bitkmonil Enyuir?r. lli 3sk Flaovk ?A new and strange plague has broken out in certain parte of New Jersey ?tbe attack frequently being so violent a- to insure the death ot tbe auimal in twenty-four or lorty-eight hours. The victim at lirsteucountcrs a difficulty in drtr.king. The loss of appetite then sets In. followed bv putrality of breath and rapid prostration. Although evidence in some way connected with tbe threat, no cough attends this fa'al malady. Althougt the disease is spreading with considerable rapidity. and much attention is given to if. the doctors can make nothing of it. Frof-asor Cook, of Rutters college, has been dev.iting himself to the subiect. ana is Bafiled at every -tep. Carelul post-mortem examinations, and elaborate chemical tests, aflord no light or guidance to the medical profession. l.'BCOKSTBrcriojr fn Alaijasia ?A reconstruction meeting of both colors was held in Montgomery, Ala. on Monday nieht Resolutions tavonng a coucurrr-uce in the requirements of the military bill, eulogitiug the colored men who nre entitled to political equality, and calling for a State convention, weie adopted. Gen. Wager Swayne and t wo or three ex-Confederate officers addressed the meeting. Gov. Fatton was among the vicepresidents. i Arpinthb.?The French journals speak with a kind ot despair of tbe rapid extension of ahsiuthe-dnnking in France. It amounts to i an infatuation, as the horrible results are well ( known Al.sinthe is declared by the medical faculty to be a direct and powerful cause of apoplexy: of affections of the heart, Inngs, liervoii* system and stomach, aud especially of brain disorders The chance* are that an absinthe-drinker uill become either a maniac | or au imbecile. A Gooi> Kami Auroad.?One of the officers of tbe IlMiik ot Kngiaud said, the o'ber day, that "in all its dealings with rbe United States, the Hank had never lost a dollar bv an Amaru can." Tbe largest "piece ol paper"' ever discounted by this Bank was a bill for SXi,0Wi, and the largest amount in one dav was -2,000.(IMi. This was durinc tbe panic of May. l??k> 1 when the whole city ol London was rushing to the Hank for relief. " t t&"The Lawrence (Kansas) Journal savs that immigration is beg uning to pour m. r-?"Small-pox is pi.\aleut in Hoston aud its vicinity. yTbe cats as well as dogs are going mal . at Detroit. iTThe nog cholera is doing much havoc in St. Clair county. 111. *^-The portrait of Queen Victoria, to be presented to Mr. Peabody, l*a> just been finished in London. Female suej.* thieves are becoming very numerous in New York. y*Tbey are trying to stop the sale of strong beer at Portland. M^The Raleigh Sentinel estimates the whit vote lor North Carolina under the recoiisj-ac tion bill at SO,000, and tbe colored vote a 33.000. Win Missouri tbe laws allow married wo men to make wills of tbeir own. Tbfey hav? i ibem ready made bsre. ( WThe Richmond Knqnirer states that DanTitle pays a tax of n,noo,000 annually on tbe < manufacture ot tobacco. ft?-Tbe Uoor or tUe larger number of tbe couvicte in tbe New Hampshire ^utto Prison * has been uomraotej for at oio^tj cents per day < f#r tbe neat lye years. ., j ? ;v. i: -? . K, <, ; as -U- * v s, ?- * ? * -u i?ave??A ?i .?T <ui) J- ?' " ' "? I l ".I <: ? f . r , - J | J I***;* e-" R .? -?t-?e lOSeRKhfflOftAi.. saaato.?YMtfrdiv atleraoon ? Ta# aiBCBdmeni of Mr. E fc ci a:OBiuafni from Saturday unt 10 tb* Brat Ifdnrtdty is July, aid thfn, anlrM o'h ~rSls* order* d, t,n u't?, was agresU to -je.n 2j, <f 14. passeda?aa4eA, *" be a rWLt. *?o H, troat the UonmVtif r? ApproHitUujos t*-|>crf?u LA* bill' of the <or i?eim>ntt:ty* paTirent *f *T!* satartei? of C?u[!> ?*' n, and u ?u jmmiI , On motion of Mr. Fe??*nden, tb# Senai^, at I p. m . wen into executive Motion. and at 5 th* doors * ere rerpmed, and a mw'M* vn re. tfiTfd from the House announcing action en tbe adjournment re-oluuun Tbe Senate insisted I'D if* (1i agreement, and agreed to the iouTerence ashed by tbe House Meesre FdRDonoa. KwnKlen, and Hurkalew wrr* appointed on the pari ol the Senate Adjourned. Hot n.-Yfttcrdtr afternoon ? Mi Pmrbatn imrodnced ajnant r*?oTntfoa authoiuitg the {Secretary of (be Navy to (urnisb transportation lor provision* to r>~ f*-rt from Baltimore ?o Wilmington, North Oroltr<a. for the relief of destitute people >a tn?* Passed. Mr Woodbridg* offered a resolution directing the lioorkeeper of -be House to retain. riuru.c-ti* receM. tbe number ot messengers no* # tnpMrred. Agr?ed ?o Tbe Speaker tanonnced tbe select Committee on Southern Kailroads ordered yesterday, ?s Mee*r? Met'inrg, Mercur, WaVbbnra ot Indiana. Cbanler and Sawyer ? Mr Hanmr asked leave to introduced hill e? nstitutlng eight hour* a rtayK? word for all Isboters. woTkm*n or mechanic* employed by nr on behalf ol the Government ot tbe t'nited Stiffs. Parsed I Mr. Hiaine offered a regulation to pay to persons w ho were clerks ot committees at the close et last s> ssion one month's pay tor the pi esen' session. Adopted Tbe House refused to concur ta the Senate * amendment to the adjournment resolution, providing Jor adjournment from Saturday, at 12 o'clock, to tbe tlrst Wednesday in July-r-3?i to mi. waerenpon a commit*** of conference was asked for. Adjourned. Spring Fatblsai. Thursday last was the "openingday" of the New York milliners lor the display of spring fashions. 1 he World, ot tbat city, say* "There Is less interest and curiosity ma.nitested fb's reason than u?ual tn tb* bonnet question, because It has already been pretty deftmtelv setilsd that no great -bang* wul take place: tbat umall b<*nnets will retain Uf.r ascendency. and chignons continue to be worn in spite of tbe rumors of o^her occupation by armies of'gregarines." Tbe new stvtes. bowever, are more sensible than the little dozen pes' and 'patches' surrounded witn lac.*, which prevailed during the year pae; The crowns are larger, some have a narrow brim. and others a rim surronnding h* crown which, perked up or bent down, according to t.incy, forms both brim and cape, m* ?uapes ;<rd designs area.' varied and multiform as he expressions of whict th* human lac* i? capable; ibere are scarcely two a tike All tb* new bonnets are alike in one particular, howe\?r. and tbat is m being worn on tbe top of the bead, and low upon tb* ioreheai This 1? to accommodate the hair, w kicb is now worn very high at the back Great attention is paid to the cbans?nre, now that short dresses are worn tn tbe strae*. althounb really they expos* tb* t*et much le?* thsu v. hen the wide skirts were looped over 'be swinging and tilting' hoops. High fellah boots of kid, or bronze, (kid it considered the best taste,* are worn, of tb? very daintiest shape and fiuibb. SraslUump. 1 ed tips of French leather, high heels, brass mounted, and a great deal of ornamental work executed by 'he sewing machine, con?'itute? \ th? UnUhing. and the cost is tourteen dollars per pair. v! I, With tbe short suits, short loos* sacs are . worn, instead of bat-quines. not broad as for- , fcierly, but tailing rl?>?er and more nea'iy to the tigur*, yet without b*ing fitted."' catti* hpii kmir uNiw jkr^et - i'tt t A for- rf?The farmer< and owti?r< of eaitle in New Jersey have recently been seriously alarmed at the Mraultaneous appearance in various |>art8 ot the State of a new oisease fimor.g *h?*ir hordes and mules. This di?ea?* has, in tb* few cases which has np to ' the present time occurred. Invariably proved fatal: and although the symptoms are not in nil instances identical. tb?-y are sutfl. i.'ntly an?e in tL> lr general character to warrant au apprehension tbat they are but tbe beginning of an epidemic, which .nay possibly create as much loss among tbe cattle of tbis section of tbe country at th* weli-knowu rinderpest has already caused iu Kurop* It is admitted by all tbat the pas' year, and more especially thf \'r:tordin>iry winter which is now closing,has tteeu extremely unlavorable to the healtu of 'itber man or beast, and tn-re is a reasouab!basis for the fear that the usual physical conditions lit-tier which we have been placed in*ty have pr< du.-ed effects which, although they have h.tbertn remained dorman*. tnav ?hor?.ly become too clearly apparent, f'or som? tin;e cumplaints have*been made in nearly ev?r> couuty in the Stat* of >'??w Jersey, to the eflect tbat an utinsual amonnt ot si kness was prevailing amone borseg; and, in tact, , livestock generally. One of the most dinjrerOU6 and t^tal diseases wbicii <auck hor>?-s lung sever?has been extremely destractive, * while nearly every other m Uadv with wbi.h * they are at any time visited, h.ii existed with more or less intensity A number of dea?n? have, however, in ? uch tbe p.-**n . natur* of the disease is unknown, 'bougb * many of th* symptoms are < rnilnr to *bo-'which inhuman bemgs charge term typhoid fever?Atwcirl Adr-rtifer. snow rlockadk on thk pi.aiss.?Tb? Omaha K- ,>uUi<.n> o! the i?rta no'es the arrival ol a tram from tbe North Piatt*, having started from that station lastMonday. Tbedeiay w is 1 occasioned by tb* snow blosicade which extended from Columbus to Plum creea. in many places the drift# are fif ;*en leet deep, a large force has been kept at work removing the snow from tbe track, and it is entirely cleared and communication re-established. fcr Milkmen who water their milk do not do it w ith such impunity in Enrope a? appears to b? the case in America. At Zng, in Switzer lar.d. a landowner was recently tried and convicted of putting water in the mi k that he sold, and condemned to *ighte*n months' im prisonment. tbe payment of tbe costs of the suit and a loss of civil rights. . Wllie latest culinary noveltv is alphabetical seup. Instead of th* n^nal cylmdric r.nd star shaped morsels of maccarom which bav* hitherto given body lo our broth, tbe ? leaers of the alphabet have been substituted These letters of paste preserve iheir forms in passing through tbe pot. K**?'?A Yankee has succeeded in curing South American beet so that it will bear shipment. it costs, enred. a cent and a half p^r psnnd. Th* Height costs K * barrel, and when brought to market is equally rood an i brings tb* same price a? prime and m-ss be?*t pnt up at Chicago. ? Thk Hi or a Texas Hor.-k Hack A row at a horse rac* in Hopkins county, l>xa-. the?. tb*r day. re?ult*d in three murders inside of liitten minutes. A. aaaa naaied Newsoiu killed a Mr Hrnmley: the letter's btotb^r killed NevMtm. and some of Newsom's lr:-uds killed a third person named Fry. ^"Tbe State constables of Massachusetts, doing duty in I>oston. have prohibited ail the saloon keepers in tbat city from selling either ale or iidt-r after the first dae of April next. Th* sal* of ail kinds of spirituous liquors had been pre\iously torbidden. It Is intended to enforce the sam* law throughoa: the S:ate. S^*Memphis has a new city currency. ^"Ooral. and *spe?Mally the very pale piak variety, u becoming very fashionable fjr runnings W An infant with a ei.uw note pinned to te dress was recently |*ft m a Ix>ndoa railway station. WPecpl* are leaving New Orleans on acrount of tbe oppte-sive heat. ?"Faltimer* is Erecting 96,QBr',<103 worth of " :ew buildings. KTFred. Douglass is wriUng a lit* of John Brown. t fc^Springfleld has bad six canes of trichina iplralis?a whole family was all attack* J a?u >ne p*rson died. KTAdvices from Pari" state the siwnm*r tyl* tor gentlemen's dross will be a necktie ind a pair ot socks. A medical gazette in Lyons gravely proposes tbe manufacture ot illuminating gas out uf human remains deposited in grave yards. ^Uood Friday, this year, conaes on the IVtb. and Fast*r Sunday on the 21st of April, nntil which tim* Lent con'intiee. ? C/" Wolves are pestering tb*ib.raers of Hardy county, West Virginia. HT'N'in* thousand nine hundred people of color ia New York. mfThe French Government threats* to repeat in Alrica the experiment which has lail*d in Mczico. *y-The cattle plague has entirely disappeared from Great Hritain, no caw having been reported lor the week eudin* Mar, n S. &jrK man ia Fvansville gave bis d?n~V*r a terrible whipping for " hiugltaf" her hair and refusing to lead ta prayer. mr On Friday last, Mr. Parncmn, a wonndn1 soldier of the war, and late pontmaster at Niagara Kails, was arraigned befors ta* O. S. Uourt at Utica, and pleaded gtuity toaaialicimeat for epeniag letters. Tn MMsfalrrntlnn af his services to the country he waa let off with tae lenient fins of ?td?. 1 ? ' ii . '>?v >1 *> ?, ^ a| ). j- * u . ' ' ?< - w ion , f'-il rp i ?.? > lit * i . -t : r- * ' * <* e ? -<**U ^ ?? ' ?* ni * * t?\*lv*i S *dt \ shnil ,?*kO* .V 6 d '? / A

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