Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1867 Page 2
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irn :-,^r in til^ mi; 1 tm+*rfur i ? V* I f _ THE EVENING STAR. he Ur|t'i Citealilin it lt? DtiUltt W. D. WA1.LACH, UkMr u4 Prapgtelar. W A.SHINGTON CITY : FRIDAY MARCH ***, 1?7. ft^RBAUINO MATTER OM EVEEY PAOE. , BkJt 01 Tsll>t fOR INTERESTING TILEGRAPHIC AN1> OTHER MATTKB. bUVLRNMKKT AKtlRITIES. na APiunwTcif, Ma/cb an, I9t7. Jay Cooke A Co furnish tbe following quotation* of Government securities: Buying Belting. r. 8. AXapja, ??*1 V. S Twtouw, I96st IW?* IW* C. ?. Five rwrt??. 19M 1?7# lt*U S. Five TwfBtiM, 18?6 IUT It** U.S. Kit* Twentles,JanfcJ'y,"66.1i7 UC?, U.S. Ten Forties 97?, 9*<? s. seven Thirt es, Angust.... n jn 6% 17. S- Seven Thirties, June loft* His* V. S seven Thirties, Jnly 105* Mttfc KBW TUBS KIRI?T ROABD IALW Coupons It?\ III 441's 97?, S.tiU's. IMS I* ?Jf 7JTS, A q ft list.... 106 *-tt)'s. l-?4 Ii!7?, 7..Tt>"s, June 1U5\ S.5!?"s, ! ?# > a>*8. Jnly IU5S i.'Ju'B. Jn AJy 'fts.itc* (Fold 134 ^ WADS HAMPTON AND THE COLORED MEN OF SH>l*TH CAROLINA. (ieneral \\ aoe linmpion. ot South Carolina* in ike conference solicited by b<m with tb-colored people ot that Si at* showed a remarkable disposition to comprehend tbe situation, and the necessity involved of reorganizing society in tbe South upon ibe idea tbat a hopeful fn- , ture lor ibai section depeuds upon tbe readi- { ness and 'boTougbnes* -with which tbey assimilate themselves to ;be hnbits and views in business mailers and in matters of political 1 con?my which prevail in tbe North, causing such remarkable progress tbere Intellectually. . industrially and financially. Yet we are t>y no means disposed to place j implicit confidence in tbe professions which General Hampton miUes to tbe blacks of South Carolina of an intention to regard them as tbey should re regarded, viz: As being an element [ of strength and prosperity to tbat section of , country ot equal importance and value to so- | tietv to any other portion of the populationIt behooves tbe colored people of that Suite to ' 100k >ery are!uMy before tbey leap into tbe embraces of gentlemen of General Hampton's i antecedents. If be means fairly by them tbe fact will oe demonstrated very clearly .n tbe manner of men he and those who act j witb him may support in tbe approaching lectioas. They (tne colored men) should by ' no means so commit themselves as to promise ' to support those whom he may fivor, until , thoroughly satisfied that tbey mean to sustain In good faith the policy of tbe improvement of tbe colored race, intellectually, industriously. ! ard in all other ways They are now citizens of this great Confederacy, and entitled under I tbe laws to all tbe rights likely to conduce to their prosperity, elevation, and happiness, as I en.cyed by white men. They are evincing a remarkable aptitude for a due comprehension of this fact, and it lies with them in gr a? part 1 to solve the problem whether all that Cungrem bas so tar done for them shall conduce ' to their material advantage in every way, or - hall tnrn to ashes on their lips. pritT !C LANDS FOR THE CIIIPPEWAS. Tbe Commissioner of the General Litid of flee ha? prepared and sent to the Superintendent ot Public Printing tbe form of pa'ent to be issued in giving title to selections for land* to tbe Cbippewas of Lake Superior and the .Mississippi under tbe treaty of 1*54. THE QUESTION Ol ADJOURNMENT Tbe Committee of Conference on adjournment of Congress nad a protracted meeting today. bn: were unable to agree. Conn km gr ami Re ik> tbd ?Tbe Senate in 2-xecutive Session has confirmed the nominations of S. J W ailes. as Naval Storekeeper in this city, and George Tbom to be colonel by breve* 1. 8. A., and rejected tbe nominations of Frank P. Hlair. Jr . as Minister to Austria, and Henry W Slocum as Nia\al officer at , Now York. SriiKEK C'ltrAi is absent from ?be House to-day. on account of the dangerous ilines* bis step-tatber, Mr. Mathews. Mr. Boutwell occupies tbe chair in the absence of Mr. Colfdg. Thi Whklt STak is now on oar counter for sale, and in wrappers, ready tor tbe malls, containing, among much other reading matter, ibe conclusion of tbe interesting story of Cousin Jane;"* tbe Maryland Conference, M P. Church tbe President's Message, vetoing the supplementary recoastruc .ton bill: Meeting ol white voters in the Second Ward: the Union Christian Convention: the Fashions for March, Proceedings of Republican M?*et- ' ings dnrinz tbe week; Useful Items of domestic ' economy. Congressional proceedings: Humor- ! ons Sketches, with Domestic. Military, Naval, j Departmental, and Local News Agricultural and Housekeeping Miscellany; aud the latest j Telegraphic Dispatches from all quarters. fOTGeneral Schenck bas declined to accept the nomination of tbo Kepnblicans for Gover- ' nor of Ohio, and their next choice will probably be William P. Cutler. Ivtieevil Kxvzk t'K ?The receipts from this | source to-day were *'4tvil--?). H04. Cholxra iv Illinois ?Wt learn from ' the l ituvit R"j>*irr that tbe hog cholera prevails to a considerable extent in various parts ; o! tbat state. A letter from St. Clair county . ays nat --although the cholera is not as fatal ?s it was two years ago. yet it causes serious .oss There is hardly a tarmer in this district but what loses from one to five a day from mi* cause. Tbe cholera also prevails among the chickens and turkeys'" F'rom F'nlton county a similar report: and in other localities, especially where tbere are "stillted"' hogs, it is i qni'e prevalent. | Cott<?>" Mill m Louisiana The Claiborne (La.) is pleased to be able to state that a cotton manufacturing company has been established in tbat parish, with a cash capital alreadv subscribed of over forty tbons- i and dollars. Tbe location, abont seven miles east of Homer, has been purchateri, and arrangements will soon be made to get the necessary buildings underway. j XovmtST to Aimts Warp.?A few days since a number of the personal friends of the late C. F. Hrowae (Artemus Ward; held a I meeting in New Orleans and organized a permoaem association, to be caltod tbe "Arte ? Ward Monument Association," witn a view to the erection of a monument to tha deceased humorist. ] tbT A despatch from Nawtwrn, N. C.t lately announced the election of ' Major Jack Hughes, the southern candidate tor the State Sena's," by a unanimor.s vote, adding that the 1 negroes took part in the election. It appears now that no other candidate was running. 1 and -hat five negroes wera induced to vote for the Major ScrTHw.i pBE?s Associatiok.?The Southern Press Association will meet at Atlanta the third Wednesday of April next. The last annual meeting was at Montgomery Delegates will be present from the Southwestern Association. and probably from the Western Association A? Hroai for thi F'uaati.vik.?A weekly newspaper, to be called the Colored Citijem, is to bo published, beginning About tbe 1st of April next, at Memphis, Tennessee. It Will be devoted to tbo interest of the colored poopl* rf Memphis and tbe adjoining country, and will be edited by Horatio Nolsoa Hankin. ?^"Dr Hayes, tbo Arctic explorer, hopes to be able to orgamio another expedition for the Polar regions. Vbridget Daggan, the oervant girl, has confessed to themnrder of Mr*. Dr. Coriell. at f>ewmarket. New Jersey. j ???? | 1,?"**,?0"EI?TIAM ASSOCIA- i ^o I' *?*cl*d lo go lo 1 iiliMtUi it Woetvar* Hall to nlgkt B ^9 Tt r??i?tsr votars aadt-r the a. t of Oosirses aa- 1 ?re*sd Febraary A 1)*7, eatltl 1 ?|a I ish lllogal vottag in tbe District of OolaJCia. sa-l for other ptfrpoeoe.'' will be In the I Mass ' nuclI Chamber, ntty Hall, oa MOM RAT, TUESDAY. WIDEERDAT. ani THDEH- i DaY * ?rtl 1st. 94.3d aa>l 4tk. from I to 7 o'clock fi . tor the par pose of roceivlag and reeordiag i heir nsa*t. ^ , I fc M tf t. V. BOTBE, Beerstary a ' A 4? V V' TELEGRAPHIC NEW3. ' EI RUPEAN NIWI [By Cable to li?e iiiociawd Press] I'OMwi, March /-?K > ervnr?The Uomnmr is nndersrooi, prooo?es to rutraitw lb# Cat adi*n r>111road" a lota. Loannp, Mnrcti 'Jf<?Evening ?'Tb? Orec ax QoTornnrut b\* a,ked the lead t?c po?*ts Of Lnrupe to Intervene for the preveauoa ol blood?tMHl in the Island of Caiuiia. I.o?ik>*. March .*?_tti-mm ? Consols, 91 w: V f* !VK?, T5; Illinois Ontral, rs\: Krie. ^ i . I-iTMrooi, March S7-Evenmr ? Cotton closed dull and heavy at a decllae of per P?nt*J Fine* noon on American. Theclo-inr quotations are m follows: Middim* Uplands. 13\?l; Midline Orleans. nvd; ties to day Ituoo baje*, liread?tufl~* nominally unchanged. American lard 59a. per c wt. fi>r Ami rican lA?m>on. March 20?Noon ?U. flve-twenties, 75; Lriee. 3"; Illinois Central. 7-k: Coa?.?ls. ?.M#. yRAfeKKOKT. March 09? Noon ? tv S. flvetwenties are qnoted at 77\. Paris, March 29?Noon.?U. S. iive-twentie* nrequo'ed at *1 \. I.ivsRPoor.. March ?9?Noon ? Cotton is quirt aud steady; sales of 7,(100 hales to-day. Tbe following are the quotation* ?Middling Uplands, n\d.; Orleans, irt ya. Breadstuff^ quiet; Wheat lis .jd. for Milwsukie; red 13s. (id. for California; Corn ??s V : Barley 4s. fid; Oats rji. id.; Provisions cull and nncb.inr?d; H^sin *>s. 9d for common, ami Irt* for fine; Sprit*. Turpentine :?7s ; Petroleum is. Cd. for standard white. All other articles unchanged. Vessel Destroyed by Fire. 'haiiibstos. March 59. I8?7.?An arrival here reports the loss hv tire of the schooner \ andover. from Kockland, Me , tor Norfolk The captain and crew were saved. jjTj^A SPECIAL COMMUNICATION FF.LtF.KM. LOD&E* Xo. 1. P. A. A. ,11.. WILL BK HITLn .w ?,.l 'H'SirBlU**! kviniho. the ?.?tb isitiit. at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of conferring thr Third Degres purpose ei atttb i*ce *'* 'ob* punctual in tbelr t^rathrea of Bister Lodees are cordially invited By order of the W M. TllBMAg RICH, Secretary. |Yb "MASOB1C BO r 11'K ?A Special <)on\oca i. i k01 ?'UOL U?M ?' 4 H A.OHAPTEtt, No 16, will be held on 8 vTCBDAl EVENING. th? ?>th Inst . at 7 ?. to consider and take sction on a ronininsicatteafrem the Grand Royal Arch Chap ter ot Maryland and the District of Columbia All compftDiduiv^ said Ohapter %r* r<><ju64t*<J to b*?re?%nt. by orUt r #f the M. B. H P. *"?*: 11. U. BOTES, Secretary. nrr* ^c^i.c*^obt?bi- gband Lk_3 Gomblnstion Exhibition at Woodward L * cenU; Children 10cents II 29 21 ra=- dr? not forget the exhibition LL3 af splendid etews Historical Scriptural ^^V'. *c recitations, Ac I Qosndteks yonr children to night er Saturday altera-on aud Bgb?. Admission Kcenu. Children 10 cents Woodward Hall, Peaxa at be tweea 10th aad 11 th m 29 n [T^ BEAl'TI Kl'L B"DN D HOSIM B90KS Lk-5 4 ?tC**m Soac Chorus. Bsn.J, Initrnrtiou aLd otb> r Mnsi< B?uss at cost, and New Manic at ci*t fur one mere week only . _ ,, 'OHB F. ELLIS, mn 2* 2t .T0t? Penn. avenue, near lutb st. im&VVa ?.WCA1 LBCTOEBS X3 will be gi ten at I'rorlden e Ho<ptUI c<? u mer.cfUK In April and c^i tiiiaiog for four months Aptly to Dr D B HAGNEB, 209 H street nih In 6t * f*^-B STABL1SHB D 3 ?.? "cpbebsontrebgdbon. #71 Pins. avmi'i, cohnir 1st srssir. 0*htol Hill. * Dealers In PCBB dbuos, hbdioibeh and ohkmical8 pbbfumkbt, fahoy GOODS, 8* . . n irfSTBDMENTS, Ac , Ao. Physlsiwis PrMcrlptloos accurately oornpound The Might Ball promptly answered. LMEB WHITBiSHlBTS. UNDKB HHIUT3 I ans Drawers, Hositrv, 0;oves. Na k lias v? ' Ac , Ar Pari* YOKE ?H 1BTS m*de to order ia any style or sire, gnaranteed to fit perfect ' At PHILIP WALLA(3ii\S mhrtfit 0-1-on Ball cor asd Pa. ar? AVF.BY LARGB ASSSIIBTMENT OF BPB1NG OVKBOOaTg. v' comprising ten different ?tyles and colors PHILIP WALL B, ? .. _ Odeon Hall, h ? >>t Corner ?>, street and Penn a are. NOW BEADT, MY' SAMPLES FOB THE 8PBIN0 OF l?*i,7 Measures takeaand Garments made te order at vary low Igur- . "rBrr ?t ?"rl' -"r. m 29 It Corner 7th s? and Ma" *nd A^ioe I HAVE BECBITBD OBB OF THB BEST A!?n I tiae't AsS'-rtm-xts?f DBESS TB1MMIBGS LBW1S BAAB LATB8T 8TTIB OF STRAW BONBKT8. HATS, ABD FRAMES "S? "" C" "wW'bKeV"' QBEAT BABGAIBS IB CLOTHIJTG' Bice tasblenable SPRING SUITS from Men's PANTS from fl.fiOsp, Bujs PANTS ss low as $1 29, Fine lilack Frock and Back CLOTH COATS Black DOESKIN PARTS, vsry low, Spring OVBBCOATS st SO, WHITE SHIBTSat fl U, CALICO >HIBTS at 75 cents, HICKORY SHIRTS at Mcsnts, PA rE B COLL ARB at 16 cents a box, And a large aaaortmeat of DBAWBRS. UNDRB SB1RTS, NROK TIES, BOCKS, Ac., at L. ROSRB BBRG'B, NBW YORK CLOTI1IBB STORE, 493 7th streat, between 11 and B sts, m? 6t" Washington. d. C i hbiliibub a bbo . id * 606 SEVBBTH tfTBEET r V Bare jait rscaived an entire nswstookof BOOTS ABD SHOES wkich they will ssll at prises that can't fail to please, for Instance . BEWED CALF BOOTS for $&. BBWED CALF GAITBES for ? PEGGED BALMOBALS ABD GAIT BBS from op. Ladies' BALMORALS AND GAITERS from 1 ? up. Ladles' BLIPPBB8 T S Csnts Ladies' BCBK1BS fl Children's SHOES from 25 Cents up. All sty les of BU0X8 mads to ordsr at AOS 8BVBBTH BTBBRT, nib jo 3t* ) dorr south of Odd Fellows' Hall. fkBPARTMRBT OF THR IBTBRIOB, ^ UNITED STATES PA TEST OFFICE, ~ . Washihot?*, Marok 4, l?7. ^Oa the petition of B&MlLTtili L. SMITH.of ttmbbier, Ohio, prying far the extension of a peseat granted to him on the 7th day of Jane, '?r m. improvement in Paper Filet, for "RSEfeJfMiSS!r&p'jsr- j ?iL:eiSdk.roir ii2,iT^yo,,itr; 'ajdpetltloa o^ht'aot to' be granted. le liTthe ??S?ttLr" re<l*lre4ls sift farth i. ^Yii.1^'1 r_ flyeetJons, specially the dljofarz^' .n ^ '*7 davibefore mLrZfLlL 1 ^m*j "'"d fey eithsr within ten dsvs af?sr flltag the tastifmon?' r' XT"; seek tor three snoceeeive weeks; the ftrat of >t<H '0,7. Md Mad bill* k> tV? ^tntonc." vltk i papar containing Hrfe noMoe. mh iruwSw r^OLD BERB?A_lne assortment of Oold Peas, CuiCa 4o., for Btii it Bumf>ctflrtr*1 (*S U] FBABCK TAYLOR. CONGRESSIONAL, fliDir, March *9 Hkmatb ? Mr Sherman presented ?be petition of James L Seward, member of Cougress elect from Georgia, a?kinc to be relieved from the disability to bold office. Keferred to Judiciary Committee. Air Otneron offered a resolution in which the Secretary of War was requested to inform the Senate what amount of money ha* been j paid to the Baltimore aod Ohio Kiulro;td for transportation oi troop* during the war. Mr Yatee objecting to lis consideration. it went o?er Mr. Willej introdaced a bill authorizing and requiring 'he judges of election in the city of W?-bin(iou to open voting placet Mr. iMTb offered a resolution of inquiry iosti ucMng the Committee on the Judiciary to Inquire whether West Virginia is really a State in the lTni?n Mr. Uorbett introdnced a bill for the support in part ol tbe National Soldiers and Sailors' OrpLan Home, and asked for its pre*eut consideration. Mr. Spragne objecting it went over. Mr. Patterson, of T-nnessee, intoduced a bill Tor the relief of the sufferers bv the late innadations in Kasi Tennessee, which was ordered to be pnuted and laid on the table The bill tixine the time for the Bankrupt ac to go into effect wa? taken up, when a lengthy debate ensued alter which the bill was lost by yeas 14. nays t'i. Housk ?Itetore the reading the joarnal, the .speaker announced that he would be absent trom the House to-dav on account at the t-enous and dangerous illness of a member of his family, and he would therelore call upon Mr Boutwell (Mass ) to preside Mr Hontwell then took the chair, and the journal of yesterday was read: after which, the House resumed the consideration of the business pending at the adjournment yesterdty. winch was the Senate bill to reimburse the States ot Ohio and Indiana for money expended for the delence said States during the war. The bill v as then passed?yeas 57, nsys t?> Mr. lugersoll (111.) introduced a bill to regulate the selection of juries in the several conrtsof the District or Columbia. [It is ttie same bill as that which passed one House at the close of last session, and empowered the judges of the court to order the selection of juries. Mr. Ingereoll sent to the clerk's desk and bad read a siatemeut showing the defects in the present mode of selecting mries: and the bill was then read a third time and passed. On motion of Mr.Garfield.(Obio.) the House proceeded to the consideration of business on the Speaker's table. Senate bill directing the Commissioner of Education to make examination into the educational statistics, number of children and schools, Ac , in the District of Columbia. wa# passed. Senate joint resolution in reference to the collection and payment of money for bounty, Ac, due to colored soldiers, sailors, and mnrines, and tbeir widows and orphaos, wa* taken up, discussed at some length, and paswed. Senate joint resolution relative to payment of expenses incurred by the judges of election ot Washington and Georgetown, requiring the Corporation named to pay ilie expenses upon certification ot three commissioner- of election in election district, by the J adges of the Court, was passed. A~ SUPEBH~ASM?BTH BBT OF BOYS' AND CM1LPBKN d CLOTHING, both plain and i iiibtoidtK d. PHILI I' WaLLAOH. | OJ sun Hall, I mli 29 6t Corner 4>{ str<et and Pmn. avenue. /iVBTLlMIN H BUSINESS SUITS or Trieot. \1 Mtor.. and Bilk Mixed ( assimerea. made up in the most fashienabl'-styles PHILIP WALLACH. OJeon Hall, mh ?9 6t Corner 4'., stre< t ami Pean avenue \8PLENHID STOCK OF YOUTHS'CLOTH ir? O en 1 r?< In? the I)untie breast Walking Ccat. Metropolitan Lo?t and <'oate* PHILIP WALLICH. Odeon Hall, mh 29-St ^Corner 4t? ?t. and Psnne. av. \f BS KMBICH. (widow of the late Peter Em iM rioh.) be?ra to leiorm her friend**-. A that si e has BE OPENED TBI BBSTAUBANT, LeLaHX 3** Penn-ylvai ? avenne. (scene ot the late fire.i Where ahe lutei d- k*en ?u hand th* best <iaaii t?ea ot UINEB LIQPOBS. and CIQABS. also, ill the Delicacies of the Sea>on. Oapt B*sr\ RkowM-sr. is in charge, and wi!I be happy totes hiafiuata. mh T>-lm The LABGEBT STOBE IN THE CITY. j ' TIIB PFST GOODS AT THB LOWBST PB10ES FIBBT OI'BNINU OF TBI SFASON. OBEAT BABOAIHS FBOM AUCTION. Twentr cases BLBAOH BD COTTONS of all the veil known brands from 13 cents up. Fiftaen bales BB"WH COTTON at factory prices. SB EETING9 of all widths greatly reduced Ten ca?ea BBAUTU OL PB1NTS of the be,t makes. D BBSS GOODS I DBBSB GOODS I Of every description, in great variety, from the New York Auction sales. 100 piecee BLACK SILKS from SI AO per yard op - very cheap. Great bargains In HOL'BBKEBPING AND FAMILY LINBN GOODS. All from Aaction. PABIS OASHMBBB, BBOCHB AND PAI8LBY fQCABB AND LOBG BHAWLS Of the Latest Designs. OBAKD OPINING OF CLOTH AND BILK SAOQUEB AND BASQUB8 f our own manufacture. ALSO, GABMBNTS made to order at SHOBT NOTICE. 1 000 PA li A SOLS, and BUN UMBRELLAS in endless variety. An arly call la respectfally solicited. LANSHIRGH A BRO , No. dl& Seventh street. Third door abave D street, ib 29 3t Intelligencer Bnildiag. I kEPABTMENT OF THB IBTBBIOB, LP UNITED ST A TES PA TEN T OFri CE, _ ? W*sH'aeTON, March 20, 186T Om the petition of GBOBUB SHABf, ol Philadelpbia, Penna., praying for tbe extension of a patent granted to him the 6th day of January, law, for an improvement la Deaiga f?r Speoa Hsadlea.for seven years from tbe expiration of JufyTsS?1- W takes place on tbe ttn day of It is ordered tbat the aeld petition bs heart at the Patent Office on MONBAY. the 10th day ef .15 U o'clock*.; and all persons are nc titied tu aisear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to bo granted. "leopsotposin* the exaenaion are repaired to file In the latent Office their objections, specialty set forth In writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearing, all testimony filed by either party to he nsed at the said bearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on applioation. Depositionsiand other papers relied upon as testimony must be fifed in the office twenty days before the day of hearing; the argamenta. If any. within ten days after filing the testimony. Ordered, also, that thia notice be publlahed in the Bepublicaa and tfceIntelligencer, waahlagtoa, D. O., and la the Ininirer, Philadelphia. Peon., once a week for three snoceasive weeka; tbe flrat of aald tobiicationa to be at least sixty days pre vlous to tbe day of heart ag ._ _ ~ ? T.0 tbiakbb, _ _ _ Commlssionsr of Patents. P. 8 ?Bditora of the abevo papera will pleaao copy and .end tbeir bflla to tbe Paient Offlce.wlth a paper containing thia netioe. rah m-w3w JJATS FOB THB SPBIBQ WBAB. ?be Broadway style BILK HATS. onng Manb BILK HAT. ? ?ew and beautiful ahapee HATB aad OAPS'^ for yoacg man and boys, 'a Felt and Oiotb. ? B. H. ST1NBMBTZ, Batter, 234 Pennsylvania avenne, tub K M MST ?oraer l?th street. M1LLINBBY. ? MBB. BOCK WOOD has reaurvod to Bo. 4S4 1Mb stree t,< Plant's Buildilia,) where, In addition to her usual stock of SEASONABLE MlLLINERY^X B'tt" OBABGBSM | Fofpreeervlng. _ ' mttMco^ermhB?e7"^ts, mh* nnder Bbbftt Hoase. irSSLl""""" - * fbabok taylob. CHOIOB BUTB, BAlBin. FICB.OUBBANTB. SPICES Ac ,Ac .aasnlttbia particularae?-ba-M k " '"'it/RL. Alfaira la Be?r|ft?*i. Tbb Msuchamts' ttomoQi opened with the following offprints ? ir.ow) bu-nels vrbi corn. 11>.?m bushel* jellow corn. l.rxW bushels oa'e, 500 bushels mill feed, s.jy bushels corn mnl, TOO bbls extra floor. too buis cot extra, 400 bbls family flour, luo bbl* inp?: flour, iw> bbi? middling floor. 50 bbls rye flour Salte of cot extra, at $13 to B13 50, extra*. fm.TTX, lam. It, at #i?; 50 to $17..Hi; iot of modeling snip luff. 50 cents, 3.HU0 bu*b?lt> yellow ooro, SI 03: I.uu >Mki O A. salt. 5 tons guano. There were no offerings of wheat, but quota, t onsmay be made at s>3 30 to ?3'?r.. Several c nsignnients ot grain are expected u> arrive bv cauai to-day. Pobt op Obob^ktowk _ Entered and cleared?Steamer Kxpress. Nickle. master, I tr -m and to Baltimore, with merchandize Thi Kivbr?The gales of the past twenty. foui hours retard the vessels in the lower ; river. Besides the rales there are other circurnstanceb which como<ne to prevent the arrival of many email vessels in the harbor. I The season ha* been very unfavorable for | fit-berraen. ar the scarcity of the finny tribe in the District markets attest GEORGETOWN AT>VEKrMTS. | J AM Kb H VEBM1LYN, j Lastis' axb intlimix's fBl

l'ABH I0NABLK BOOT AMD SHOE* Vk i maui, Ho 100 High street, Georgetown, D. 0. All work mado at the Establishment warranto to be of the eery best quality. A perfect <Si guar abtud ia every caee mb79St" F^OB BBNT-t small BBIOK HOOSI. with tardea attached. c nisi ting about tbres acre', situated at the head of Kayetre, and s.xten Hag to High street Apply bo High st m^3 3f /'NIAPKBTHAI BVBB -Just receive* at v MILLEB8 I?1 Bridge rtreet, Georgetown, 1' < .a large stork of Spring aad 8n ?mer Goods, 1 embracing choice Dress G .ods in the latent novel , tie*. AI?o, i.O ? jards Calicoes at lis, IS. I8\. 2i> outs. Blea< bed ?nd Unbleached Muslin?, l?i, u-f 1ft 18. :u rents, superior Shirting. s.-> cent*. housekeeping Goods, Cloths, Oawitimeres and lirlliiag". Skirts, Paratols. Hhawl*. Glove*.Corsets. B >sl? ry and Notions Our Oood* have been purchased for rseli tiLce the rcceat decline, and great bargains ii aj be expected b> all who may favor us with a ' mh 26-iui* BIN.IAMIN MILLIB WM. B. WBKATLEYSPUEmTcM BrBAM DYKING AND CLEaNSING Di"A" ? ESTABLISHMENT. Grace, No. 49 Jefferson st Oeorgetowa.D. G. Established in 1831; premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute 1867; rebuilt 18S6, and is now by far the largest and mcst complete establishment ef the kind in this section of country Dyeing and Scouring of all kinds dene In the beat manner Troly thankful for past favors, the sonscriber I solid ts the continued custom of the community Goods received and returned by expreag with the utmost promptness and despatch Post Office address. Lock Box Mo. 90. Office c loses dally at sunset except Saturday, ' when it is dosed at 8% P m fe 16 tfm ?????? |;i'K BALK-A large lot ..f Old BOTTLES of all r kinds A pal y to B CALVEBT FOBD. Druggist, No tf^OPennn ay. m 28 8t /'BEAT BABGAINS IN NEW AND SECOND " baud Piano Covers, i'taao Stool*. Violios, At reri'frois. flutes and all Musical Instrument-, for a lew More days, lefore moving JOHN r ELLIS, m2-<-2t 3<>t? Penn a avenue, ^BKAT BOSB FOB CBBAP DBY GOODS. 1 have just received, at 11 3 Penu. avenue, be tweeu l?tb and sith streets, laree iavoicesef DBY GOODS, constating in part of? Fringe Linen Towels, over a yard Ion*. for 38 cts apiece. Table Linen.from 3"c. to $1 25 per yard, Full Huect Flannels cheap Yard wide all wool Shaker Flannel, just re^ei ved from a iction, 86 cts., (;ent-anl Ladiea Linen Handkerchiefs, hemmed, stitched, and plain. X> per cent, cheaper than can be bought elsewhere, Bleached and I'.rown Cottons, exceedingly cheap KMOKY BAXTEB, 115 Pennsylvania avenae. m tS 3t* between IHth and SUih sts. ^ t ALVKBT FTTBD DBLGGI8T AND CBBMIST. No 'i90 Peninylvani.? avenue, K?-ep- constantly en hand a fresh aopply of POKE I'BUGS AND FlNB CHEMICALS ALSO, a large stock of all popular PATENT MEDICINES, together with BNGLISB AND FBBNCH BAIB TOOTB AND NAIL BBUSBE?. AND POMADES, SOAPS AND PBBFUMEBY, which 1 ofer at a small advance above cost. Sole Agent tor the sale of''Samaritan'g Gift,' *'Bii krice, ' Metcalfe s Ithsumatlo Compooud and Trlesmare, the great Engl sh remedy. mh 28-eo6t ~ LOW PEICKS 9^ QBE AT VAB1BTY QUO aso LABOEbT STOCK 1.M THi. C.T. or TBUNKS. TBAVBLING BAGS. LADIES AND MBNS' SATOHF.LS, VALICEB. POBTE MONAIEB. nABNEBS, SADLEBV, A, . j4t t\t Old Established art'l Prnetica1 MANCFACTOBY OF JAMES 8. TOPHAM A CO . KT.'.OO SEVENTH STBEET^i Ei>l tide, on' door vor'h of Odd Ft Hows' Hall. BKPAIBIMG Promptly done by good workmen. mh*8_2i MBS J. B. SPBNCBB CALLS TBE ATTEN tionoftbe ladles of Washington ami vl clnity to her opening of ^EJ SPBING M1LLINBBY. On TUESDAY, April 2d, lh<7,Mo 17, 4? street, between Penna. avenne and C street. Dress making promptly attended to. m. 28 ?t* PIANO OOYEB9 AND STOOLS, PIANO COVKBS AND 8TOOLS, PIANO COVEBS AND STOOL8, PIANO OOVEW,? AND STOOLS. COVEBS AND !>TOOL8, at cost prtc- s for a few days only, nrevious te ruovi*>< JOHN F ELLIS, mh 2S 3t 306 Penn. ar n ar 10th st ^LL THE NEW and desirable styles of BBADY MADE CLOTBING for men and beys' wear will be found at BOAB WALKER A CO 8. 3SM pn. nve . bet. oth and 7th street*. Prices anusnallT lew. m 28 U NEW BOOKS.?Annnal ef Scientific Discovery for 1867 Muiiseo'a Complete Phoaographer, Wells'Every Man Bia Own Lawyer, new edition. Moehy and hie Men. 1 volume. Breck*a New Beok of Flo were. Bcce Deue. a?*ay? on the Life of Jeeus Christ. Whittier s Tent on the Beach. Memoirs and Correspondence . f Madame Beenmier. (mhJ?| FBANCK TAYLOB. DABQA1N8 IN NEW AND SBCOND BAND D PIANOFOBTBS, PABLOB OBGAN8. ABD OTHKB MCblWAL INSTBL'MENTB. MUSICAL CARD EXTRAORDISAR Y. As I have bot a few days to remain In my Store, I offer my immense stock of PiANOS,?^^^ i PABLOB OBGAN8. MKLODEONs!ftBflH| 1 M08I0, MUSIC BOOKS, and all MuglcalMlTTl < Instruments, at greatly rednied prices and on easy 1 monthly paymenta. A call I* requested. JOHN F. BLLIB. _nih 28 Jt 306 Pesn. avenue, near l<th st. ' I? Ay*BBOBIVBD a fine assortment of Fireneh < and Domestic BONNETS. i LEWIS BAAB. 88 Market Space. ] English.and gebmam rbad tbimminq i can be bad at LEWIS BAaB S, ,3 3-' Market Byaoe. | j PLOWEBS ABD BONMBT FBAMB8 ?The 1 *l?WBBS and BON- , BET FBAMBB can be fonnd at 1 ">h li tt LEWIS BAAB'S. 1 J08T BECBl YBD PBB 8TBAMBB A FBB8B I sopnly of COBGB1SS WATBB, which I offer c at the low price ef to cents per bottle, or #2 71 per dorP? sa OALVBBt FOBD, Ne. 890 Pa. ava. Q" * * lave^ManoVfor f 19. One Andrew Stein, for f?0. OM I new 7-octave large round1 < 1 til t coraer Beard wan A Gray Piano. #271, t T1* ^WMMIUfiHTWr ?a:va!iig.'atr.'aA^a* " y.vy i DB^P 1BE MOOBD; byChnriee Gayarre. K Joeeph Ike 8eeoad aad hie Court; by Muhl{jjjk' Brallkwalts'i Betroepect for Janaary ?? "%1AI0I TATLOB. 345 MUBBBOOM OBAOKBBB Qi' ' Jnst reoeivid aad for sale by I JB, "YAM A BBO , v .a ?aM< _ 4? J}?y 1 vaaia avenue, mh 23-eoStif Opposite Metropolitan B ?tel. S05 RIITI ITtllT, 505 FOUB DOORS NORTH OT D STBBRT. (Beaten Bell Bui'ding > WALL PAPERS, V 1N DO W shadr8. BH ADR BOLLARDS. cabton mattiro. TABLR AMI) FLOOR OILCLOTB. OILT CORMICR8, OVAL AND 8QUARR PICTURE FRAMR8. PICTURE CORD ARD TA88EL8, Ac .. Ac. j A 8ne assortment of the above Good* In itorf. end for sale CHEAP FOR CASH. kidwrll * henderson. rah 58 m ana Wh utmt. j ^rlliri' orr at cost Having ,nst received oar c ew ul w?ll sel?ted stock o MILLINEET GOODS. LACES, (reel and imitation.) KMBROll* RR1R8. DBR88 TRIMMINGS. BUTTONS. 4c , Ac , And bavine. naexpe ted!>. to mott by the let o* ' May , if shall aril our RBTIRR STOCK. FROM THIS DATR. AT COST CALL AND 8E< URK GREAT BARGAINS. E LIN/BERG A co., 4 MarketBpao-. under the Avenue House. nb tH-lm' LACK. SILKS, FROM A VCTln .V. SEVERAL PIECES o' Eitra Heavy an i Fit? Quality BBACK GROS GRAIN SILKS. Jut received from Auction, vhioh we ran - II very MICH under REGULAR PRICRB. GREAT BARGAINS in PLAIN SILKS. check silks. INDIA CHECK SILKS, plaid mad striped silk poplin>,a?d plain silk poplins Also, Great variety of SPRING DBRS8 GOODS at *er> low prices. Good PRINT* at IS1 aad 16 cenU per yard wvgoa cottons at 12K, 15, and 20 caaU. jos. j. mat a co., 309 Pennsj 1 vanta avenue, tth ?3 Itlf between 9th and 10th ata. rjiHR MAMMOTH CATTLR BUTCHERED BT H. B BARNES Will be displayed and for sale at the Renter Market. Stalls Nos. 46 and 2**, on SATl RDA Y, March 3uth, 1-W th? Mammoth Bollock, enrral grant, srowu in Oay county. Kentucky, la the tin-it ever displayed iu Washington, weighing 2 *o pounds. m 27 3t* fj' o the pu b t i t , ^^The veil known Restaurant and Confectionery tbomab potentihi, UIh Pennsylvania avenue, having lately r me into the hands ot at', experienced Caterer. at>i ib? entlr<-lion->a bem^' rei'<>d<-led, Ac., he .would re "Pet cully intern, the pa lie tbithe Is preparet to furnish all the delice> i*? of the s-asou Id tir?t 1 cla-n style and price- to defy competition w1 .lint and Dinner Parties attend- d to at ti e resi d? ncea of private families. mh 27 St* J HEW BOOKS. ~~ U>T R<-c?ived by the"Hudaoa Ta lor Book aid Stationery Store.'S34 I'a avenue True Protestant Ritualism. b> Re\ Charles H BaL, D D, Rector ot the Chur< h at the Rptph* ny, Washington, D. C . being a review of a book entitle I "Ibe Law of Ritnaliata. ' m 27-3t IQbrou., Int. A Con Union I rpn| REV. MB. 8AURBALL S EUROPEAN " Tdu:; 0f!hfc P?r-on, By Horace Cop* Leaver from the Battlefield of Gettysburg. a nes of Letters from a Field Hospital an i National Poema, by Mrs Rdward A. Bonder. m 27 St |chron , Int. A Ron. Union i EVERMAT FLOCB. Man ufactured by D L -boemaker The above superior 1 rami ot FLOUR. !n bl U and 49 pouad lacks, constantly on lianl. anl tor aaieby GEO WATERS. Commission Merchant. No. 'i* hi -h st an'1 Ca.tal, mh 23 2w flnt. lAChron] Georgetown, D c j^jerohant TAILORING IB ALL IT.- DEPARTMENT^. Gentlemen wishing to economise, and at the tame time obtain the < REST GARMENTS, ""ii Are invited to examine our now III CLOTHB. CASSIMERRS. If AND VBSTIHG8, " which we will make to order at much I'HBAPBR RATR8 than the oanal city pricea. WALL, STRPHENS A co., 3*'i PenE a avenue, mh2S-6tif |Int| between 9th aad ltKh streets. BOOTS ANP BHORB. gte fw H W _8t o b The nndersigaod begs leave to laferm his friends and the public generally that he has opened the NBW CHEAP 8TORR, Mo. 80S 7th street,uudsr Odd Fellows'Hell, where he has on hand a gensral assortment of Ladlea' and Gentlemeu's, Roy's Mlaaea and Children's BOOTS AND 8HOR8. Remember the bar, 80*4 7tn street, nndar Odd Fellowe' Hall The Raw Cheap Store, formerly K. V. Page's store. dal8 " " ?EORGB B. WILSON. pOTATOBS! POTATOES M .i.OOO bushels No l~7atk-on WHITE POTATOES now landing from schooner B. S. Young, and tor sala on accommodating terms I y j.g waters. mh22-lw 109 Water street, Geor^et^wn ^ ENtlbmIN 's KU rn lSHING GOOl.fl. we would Invite epecial attention to oar large a??< rtm< nt of K1NE . lllUTS. UNDER GARMENTS, HOSIERY, Ac., Ac.. WALL, BTRPHRNS A CO , 3 JU Pens a aveaue, iMhS2-6tlf [Intl betweenfth aod lUth straets BOOKS DN FARMING, GARDENING, Ar^ I Garaeniiig for Profit, by l'etar Headers >n. i SI Hi', Amerfcau Bo-e Cultnrist,7*c ; Clark s Flower Gardea Dira. tary. MK.; The Ml ilatura Fruit Garden, by Taomaa Rivers, Si. The tfardea by D. II. Secquee. Si; Co tea American Frait Book,75c.. field s PaarOaltare. $1 50, Ten Acres Rnoagh, Si 60, Our Farm of Four Acres. -4c., luiae on the Potato Plant, 7Sc.. Haw to Baud a:.d Ventilate Hot houses. Sl .au Wau n - Aui-rl m Home Garden, S'i Rnist's h'amily Kitchen Gar lener. Si; Bow to gat a Farm, and Where to Kind Bne.Sl 76,Baist's Flower Garden :*>: Klowera for the Garden and Perlor. Ji.MJ Get 4et? Flowara. How to Cultivate R s. Rand. S3; Parkmaa'sRaok of Ro*es, S3: Gardening f r Ladies, by Mrs. London, fji Raleld on Ftadien Corn, S> '6. .lohnstoa's Agricalraral Ohem str , 8175; Bouaainganlfa Rural Economy, S<.'>J; Dane s Mock Mannal. Si ^5, Alien s Aaeiican Fain Book. SI JO Franrk's Earm Drainage. fi.6o; McMahod's American Gardener. S'1*): Bndgmah s American Gardener's Asal?tant, 52 M; Ha? to Lay Ont e Garden, by Kd Ramp. S- Todd'a YonngFarmer's Manaal, Si W, l reck sNew B ok ?f Flowers,Ac;Charlton aGraaeGrower*'Guide, 1 76. Bosnian on Graae end Wine, S> 5. ; Full-r'sGrapeCnlturiat. f 1.^0, My Tiaeyard at Lake* 1 iiew. Si ?: Browae^s Tree? of America, .*5.?0; , iJnlnby en Beea, S> SO; Lan est roth on the Honey Bee. S>; Mavhew's Illustrated Horse Doctor, -1; Maybew's Illustrated Horse Management. ?3, Farmer's Bern Book. Sl.:<J, .lenniugs Horse anl ais Diseases, S2; Dodd's Modern Hore Doctor, . |1 5??; Stewart's Stable Book SI 6<^ Do<!d's Amen- ' :an Cattle Dotor. SI SO; Allan s Domestic Aniaals. Si! Herbert's Hints to Horse keepers, Si 76; 1 dorse training Made Basy. by Jennla?<, Si 2:; i Mason's Farrier, Si. Every Man his Own Cattle i Occtor, 20c.; Youatt and Spooner on the Hor-e. i Sri .SO; Guenon on Milcb Oows. 75c, Bement's | imerican Poulterer s Companioa. $i: Cole's i American Veterinarian.76c. Allen Rural Archi- t ectnre.'pConntry H jnses, 51 ao: , lactiues'Rural Architecture. ?i jo Village aad , Farm C?ttagea. Sl.Yanx' Villas and Cottages, 12; Sloaa s Homestead Architecture, ? ; Field s l lirol Arcbiteeture. *t2; Downing a Liandacai e , >ardening aad Bnral, Architectnre. S?.W. Holly s mh 14 eodt Corner Penna. av aad 11th ?t AG E NT S WAITBD. #78. B1S0, ABB ?1?0 PER MONTH s bow beiag saade by oar Agents ceaveaaing for be new work of hlstorloal value aad romantic ntereet, entitled "WEARING OF THB OBAT, ? Comprising ?erfonml Portraits, Skiulu. Ad, tnt*re,. nnd /act dtntt nftke late War, wuk J%riilinit A'?irr?tivettf tkt Dartnt Dttii*. Daskmt Charter, TotUame Marrket, Bgrts'fxfORAYl Formerl^o/oen^ral^S^arV^^Sfc author of j 'Barry of Bagle's Raet,""Life of Stoaewail Jack- | ?D'*CfiANDSOMELT ILLUSTBATBD. S^To energetic asa aad wo??n a rare chaaoe Post oaSb Boa I.4R47 sabl eolm I PERSONAL. ?l rtn E!LL bTgTVen to aay persoa Vkt V.I' 1 4twbi?J loUitr Hr? llt04TIOM la Ul ot tte deparfnsuU as diMitrlhrttdin I T , thl? olice um k* MAGNIFICEBT CIROCLATI** LIBRARY OokfrM k??l?| it ?i f< open a Li >r *rr for Wukngiw (it> 1 ?ri|| try it. ?r?ff Hot I cm ??t ?n* 'bou^anJ ?v racri era I r??tto all wbs *n to k'foa# >?b?e li'?r? to cossa M ?d * tfcousaud books on baa 1 ALFRED HCNTRR, mh 13 IW tO< P*int iranl ? a?a ?? 1 MPORTANTTOTHE La. 1E?.-I N DCLltSLI 1 fTaMPIBo *?rr?at?4 (mi cola a w Hi ???h ai d boll Duae h) a Freock corupo*ttiea. the receipt of wht.h ha* been purchas-d at a higk price Saves o' biatdieg Ladle* arr In*Had to rail art a sample. aal try It. Ladiee' white or calar<-d Uodeiaklrts Bel moral*, Apr >us Ac., btaiuped ia tmtt.tioa *< ti aiding mffl color* V* ABKAN 1 ED WOT TO W At?H OCT. Oraat eating to lajie. he?iB< rl m?? far ?iill t rao to Bt?k? ap Mukr?.<. ii?ar*l?| hat ta? M't'ru |iliiM la the govda ladelible. luri^tlit can b? a:i? b**d to tbe bott?n>* of Lit a' sklrta i >au? *a t iey ara bow w.iru la N*a T '! .1 r -?4r tiB[ll til loritlaat l-ea than li*.f tiw! coat tf braid. Birds. medal II ona Fl?uraa tal Rial* of tBi pe?t<-rti alar ad U< ode aa tepre seated or tbe money retaried^ PBIBCE ob is tf 4 39 ?th etreat. opposite Pateat 4i?? 1. h > S H h't.MkT f I ? 1 AUo "B haad, a fall aaeortiuent ?f boase n.ata Ca'actn. WbtltboiiM, Ourtri ht^ali asd Boa o?. Ia?*e? and all ?til?e of Hi op M r i Oircnaid Trlmn.iage W II be aald at tha loweat rata, at OH aBL Bs KAUM'n H-or Hktrt ai 1 0*rti>t Mae ufaitorv IS L ols:ana a? '.a*, betaeea 6th aad 7th a rhfU _ mb I la' BKI DAL ABD FlBEBAb HKItTUI. HO Vll'ETS.CBOSsEb ABOHmRB STARS *o , ?r*t*rii4 in natural form . luaorial FL"* IHj, HAIR HO* KKO. aud BKAli I NU Al.?,la ported MOf*B. Ha 1H DRE*>SES to* Ha la. by Mra FRIES 11 aa ramoTad to Bo 4 29 kitbet, between O and H o? tin' JTtHM D CLARK. ATTORNEY AND OOPHSELI.OB AT L A AND NUT A BT PUBLIC, Wo fl'iA Itth atreet weat. da 1< It BOARDING. Hack i aklouto bent, with board, a &A- {.er luoBtti Aprl>ai3->0 E atreet . i* ar 1(1 h atraat. m St* 'I'WO BOO Mb. ?af?rata or tm'bar, alt A BOARD, * ill bafur rant Ai-ril i?t at th* banaa 431 1 *treat, cat ner ath m )i t ' HAKDSOMrLy ~F1 bNIMIKK KKJti. * th BoAkD Table lioardara particalarly n* "'red 1 arms moderate. Apply to 4.t?4 H atr? t. l>ctwa*B 1 'tb aal Uth. bi-13c LTHMBHlli BUORl* for rent with BO A BD r lloua<-drlivhtfull) aitaatad .1*1 K at oppo ita Fr .ablin Bow Tabla l>oardiia iiu k an ac< ommodatad m H ?i* (JOtiD BOARD AMD COM fO KFIHLK BOOMb at S.fiper i outh at .ia j k *rrp t. b> tw?rn llth aiid |<tti ata. Tratal at and Tabla B< ^aa -aa' la rata- m :* * BOABDIBG?UB?-pleaaant aac?.'bd atorj Front KooM for rant, with Itoard, la a pr'rate fan ih , at Hn X-Jb 34 atraet. l etw ea f aad U -traata nottb Teraii modtratf u< Jt BOARD can HI HAD a ah'-" d.ptaa a la t ronntry. with a taint) nnouto w?'k of tha atra^tcara. by apylyiDR at ihrhea<i ot ?Mb aod B"Oiidary rtraata L?r?e < hi te h- u-a o the hill luir St* M?b_THUB ? M <?!(<}% I^OABLING - hi' alj-fBmtahad RUOMn w?th I' to >1 HO a HI' rau be had on very reaa >oat>le t'Tiua at \! I > K atra t north, f>et? . -a I7ta and is ii ata , next door to .1. b . < rtifren a Drug 3tora Dili 27 li' C^OOD TABLI HOURD ?i? >KB ?C?BTB 1 aoutbaeat corner of 13th and H atreat* Try it. nib B4t* FCABI'INO -A > nti> niaD aod lua ?ra or two IF .li.?la _ nii -n^eo. can obtala a pl<-aaaat front ROOM .tb HOARD tn a pi ivata family ' root tb* North la tulre at No. 7 o Latret. between ud ana 24th. Handsomely fcknishbd parlub and Ctia b- r- and good Tahta Board, In a n >at . alrahle and laalib> l-cality Apply nt 7i*4l K -t betwtea lJtb and 1 th at. tub !> *f PLEASANT A WELL Fl'RNIHU ED rgtfHT BoOHS with board ran be had at 3*1 Sd at corner Indiana ave. Tenaa tnod>-iat?. mb IS tAi* L'tib UkNT ? I wo ac|| taruiabHl PA BLOR8. ob r the f rat floor, with or without BOARD Apply S9S K at., bat. '.'tb aa<l l th. It u TABLE BOARD at No. 4' < nth atraat, a faw 1 doora north of tha avanna Tarau |a par lo'.th da tf LOST AJS P FUUN i>. WTliAl tD UB STOLEN front the yard of t a pabictiber. ou the avenln^ of the iith aba W and abitt KID. Abv paraou remri ia* her t? ^Jogth (tic?|, l.ttw?tB !?anu * will bapiow a greAt {Star aiid be rewarded. 118 3t * MBB.M A PBH.LIA * 3 fi;On kKWA&D -liriifM ?? from theaub V?" oo the nl-bt of th>- 2oth la.tan!, two SOBKAL BOBBEH one ha. tha rlzht eye oat, and a little bo p It) tb middle of hi? forehead tall ?hi*ari-d the other la a little lame in the left hlndl g. Thaaboter ?a 1 ?l I l< paid for t: ett return ta HENRY T JON -".tfj'itb Oarollna ar anua, bet. 9tb BLd l' t at*. ai 28-Zt* LOST?At the National Thaatar, wr b*cwa?B tbare and Wlllard'..laat eai-utaK, a BB A< B LET markad "*. A K to R B . Birthday Oift H65 " The find'T will t>a 111 arally rawardad Ip leaving the aame at Wlilard'a Hctal. fa 22 tf J^'OW IS YOCB CHANCE : SELLlKtT ory at LESS Tit as cost For two weeka only, I offer my entire at >ck of DOOKS, 8TATIONEBY. FANCY A HI 1 1 Ce PEBFLMBHY bOHOOL t'O ?KS, I H&YEB BOOKS, BOSABIES. BN .BAMNoi. Ac., at LESS THA.v COST B?w Window and Fiktaraa for aale Terj ch.-ap Call aarly and aectue bargain* ' John p brophy, tub >6 ao3t 314 F street between i,ith and I lth . IIAIMY D1S11ES. Bacnipta Oollactad by Lady LF Harriett St. Clair. Tba Cbriatiaa Hymnal, eedited by Rev. Frank Sewall. Pickwick Papara; Diamond Edition. HaaJland on tba Actios of Medicine; Naw Edition Murray*a Eiuoticaal Diaord?ra of the Nerrea Tba Story of a Stamacb. Kraithwaite'a Review for Fabraary. De Bow's Baviaw for Febraary. fa< F?AN?E TATLOB. WTBBL1BO BILLS tui sale in nt aa toaait par O chaaera. JAh? market price paid for AMERICAN , . ' LB WIS JOHNSON A CO , Baakera. fe 7 tf W'i Peuna arena*. f^LODB, MlAL, BAT. ~ NOW IN STOBE Liapan re. J H. OaMibrill. Arabf, Oolden Hill. Cereaville. and other choice Wiht>r WHEAT. FAMILY and EXTRA FLOURS All graiaa West'th Eitras. from to SlS >>, aa to ^aantl ty and .uatity parebaaad 1 <100 BuahaU I A M ILY MEAL, ( Taylor A K lfa,) BALED IIAY.STAW, Ac. for aala low, t. W M GAbT A CO, Indiana a^enu-and st.tree*. it.b B near Baltimore aud O. B Kaal i?-*^?t. Latest pabis fashions or haib DRESS! NO. E. ALLI9T, tHkJfCH HAIK-DRESSER, 344 B atreet.< tv eon 13th aad Uth pta Mr. AJiiot, from T aria, Hair-Dr<*>*er. of tka celebrated Ra bal, with whom he arrived 1b this oocutry. baa now been established for taa last algbt years la Wa?hiri?(toB and Newport, aao>lng tba patronage of tbe 'orp* diptoand of the highest aociety. He baa tbe koaor to aanonnce tbat he bas this aaaaoo imported the lateet faahiona of hair dreesing, aad al?- p.>mal?a, and asarpthina that b*-U>4>*s to the draaait^ o' balr at very reaaoaai. le pricAa. 1a 7 das* t -KAND BALLY OF MEN AND BOYS, " At TH I GEEAT CBNTBAL CLOTHING HOUSB. Ho. 4t>0 7th atreet, oppoaita Poat Othce BUSINESS SriTS of alI descriptions. DRESS SUITS at reducoA pricaa. BOYS' SL ITS of all deecriptloBs. BOYS' SUITS at all prlrea. New styles of BOYS CLOTHING. GENTS' CLOTHING at iwdaoad pricaa. 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