Newspaper of Evening Star, March 29, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 29, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR OFFICIAL. UWS OF THE UIVITKD STATES, '*? *<! at the Srcind ^fition of the Thirty.ninth [Ptbiic?No. ?.J An Act to authorize :ne Secretary of fie Navy to accept league Islaud, in the Delaware ""fi for naval pnrpo'ff, and to dispense w?th md di"po?e of the site of the existing yard at Fhwadeiph a. Bt it enacted the. Senate and B it* of R<pr] United S'ata tf Americn in Cur-frets ast'mbled. That the Secrpiary of toe Navy be, and is hereby, authorized to receive ar.d accept from the city au'horittes of the city ol i'h.ladelptu the t.tle to League I'land, in 'he I'eUwirc river, and adjacent m.irsh land, including the whole of 'b>- creek known ?j? the Back channel, troro the Scbuilhill to the Delaware river, and all the riparian right* and privilege* of said League I'.acd. adjtcent tnar.-n, and Back channel, together with so much of the t pposite shore of the Hack channet from the I.. ^>,c Island shore aj shall, in the opm.on of the ?et re ary of he Navy, be simple to enable the government to have the ?eie and fidnsue ufi- of said flack channel and both shores *nereof; 'he said i= land aad appurtenances to be held for naval purposes by the goverenteii t of the United States: Pro -id-d. That the said League Island, marsh adjacent, and Fack channel, with its shore* a? aforesaid, shut! no: te received or accepted until the title to rhe -whole cf the sunie. a* herein described, is coreple'e atd tude feasible, nor unless the acceptance thereof -nail be recommended t>y a board of officers to he appointed by the Pr^si leaf I'r -d j r rtjar if League Island be ?elec*ed, the nav v yard at Philadelphia shall 1 he dispensed witn and di>po??d of by the ( lilted >?ta:es as toon as the public convenience will admit. Approved, February 1?, 1S67. [Fcrli.? NO. 3-2] A.s Ai.? to regulate the duties of the Clerk of H-' lloa^ of Representatives in preparing lor the organization of the House, and lor o*her purposes S*l'. I B* i* ?}>nel- ' ' v 'he .V- cite ami House J R''rr -? i i cj < I r> ted Slc.tei ;/ Atiuricil :>r<j. That before the first nr.eetmg of the next Cougress, aud of every fut^rquent Congress, the Clerk of the next preceding Hon*e of Representative* shall make a roll of the l.ppreseii-r-i \ es elect, and pla^e thereon the nam* ? of all persons claim.r.g seats as Represen*atives elect from States ' which were represented In the next preceding i Ol ere--, ai..i t su b persons only, and whose credentials show tl at they were regularly e,e> ted ia a- ordance with the laws of their s*ate* respei *.vely, or the laws of the I'nited S"a*e?. >s< 4* ' j tr-\er emic "J. That in care of a vacaioy in the office of Cl>*rk of the House of Keprepeutati ves, or of ah-ence or inability of said Cb-rk to discharge the tin'ies imposed on htm by law or custom relative to -fie preparation of 'he roll ol representatives or th?- organization cf the Uonse, the smd duties shall devolve on tne Sergeant-a'-arms of the i.ext preceding House of Representatives, auci in case of aricies in both of thebeforeir.mtione.i offices. or of theabseuc* or inability ofboh the H' rk and to act. ihen the said duties shftll be performed by the 1'icrketper of the ne\t preceding House of Representative^. SCIH'VLKR COLFAX. Spe.iker cf the of Kepr?- en aMves LAFAYKTTE S. FOSTLR, " i Preside nt of the senate pr-j tempore. Indorsed by h- Pre.-ident: "Received !th ?l I et>i uary. 1-07." [Not* ut thk 1?ki'artmkn r I>f Stat* Tie forgoing act having been presented to :h? President of the Vnited Sta'es lor Uis approval, and not having been returned by him to Ihe House of Congress in which it originated with-a the prescribed by the Constitution olthe I niteu States, ha? become a law with- , on: his apprjval ] ? IPt?l:LIC Ki?P..I.rT,nN?No. If 1 A Hih Lt'Tios to provide, i j certain ? a -?a. f >r be removal of nleohoi from boiul-u warehotis ft>. e in. m ir'ernal tax. /. fi ed )| 'f.t S. na'e anJVmtM </ -i ot / i ?V ? .l#(i ('/t . . c- li:at th- St- rotary of fh** ' Trea-nry b". and h- i* hereby, au horized ro \ g-ant permits to curators or lacorp ra .-.I ,r vtj.r ereii s*itiitif:c u. ru'.oE - to ,\ ithdr.i .v aicohol in specified <4n in'.iti, ^ from b^ud with cut pa>men: of the internal rni-iiie tax on ne tair.c. tr oi ;he>-- fr n wlncn t:ie alcohol has beer, ciatiited for the sole and exclusive prrp?.-e o* preserving sjoH-iniens ?.f anatstny, }>uv iologT. or ?f natur .i in t >ry ?>elongmg to -air! iri-<titutions: i% . Th^t the .aid curators, on applying fur mch prrT3i*, rhil) tile h houd for doubt- tTt * amount of the tax i a the :;;'o&ol to be withd'awu, w, h t wc good and sbftt;-iect surerie-. who -hail nut be cSicers of the institution making applicant;. - .nl ti' i rl riinl -i.r .tsto h?approved by 0 tfcet'W lisliuser ct Ir'ernal Revnas; atd cc no lone l rha- tf e wholeqaantiry of alcohol -o w -.Cdrawn lrom bond shall be ns,d fortr.? pmp shove specified and fur noo'he;. juj.i that the curators shall comply wnh ?uch oth^r r? ?,n. ..lei and regul i'ions a- the Secre(ar>of tf.e T ef - urv ir.av prescribe And u any 'ti '.hoi ? ?i b'.'i'ned sha 1 be used bv ar.y -urat( r i r -f er v tti. er cf sa d inetitn n n f r :> y p:iri c her than tha above -peutled, then tl.e said curator-*. ofh< e ,-i or sureties, shall pay 'he *ax : I. v.iiolc innuat of alcohol withdrawn fTOTr N nd. tog? h^r w ith a like amoi.nt as a penalty , n additiou th*r * o. Approved, Ir'tbruary 1-, ?SJT. Ft BLIC RK80X.I TiOS?No. 11.7 A Lr-f i t Ttos in relation to ore in mail ser\ -between Sati Francisco, in California, and Porilaud. in Oregon It' > ' bjf th* Sena'e > t' /,r, tr. rem f r'.t i n. 'eU Stat' <of A$-t>, er in Con / < < < 1 hat the Postmaster General be, and te :s hereby, aufhori^ed to emplov ocena xr.a.l service terv. een Sar I rancisco, in (>allfcrr.;a. aad PcTtland. in Oreg&u. cot less than three tm es per inorth. in continuation <>t the -ervice ;rom New York, via Fan ima, to San Francisi- > / , r?. d. That 'he i us? of *ai,i vcr vii* shall not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars per annum. And it I.- hereby made Uu'y of the I'o-una-ter lienera:. af ti-r the pas. jsage of this resolution, to advert -e f, r 1 is ft: ite p-rfi rman, e c* the service herein provided for. for at least thi: tv d ;* - in a* least one ewtp;.; er pu>!*hea ..t Sai I rue - ound oi.e paper pnbll-hed at Portland, Uregnn. and to ?.on:iact therelor with the L west responsible l.ic der. Approved, lebrnary 1-, l^fr. ri'rrLi? RKsotrTios?No. * '.] Joint Icr-ot.i tiox iu relation *o the j, -n-iotis of widows of revolutionary soldiers He it rf-' a /-v 'he Senate onif If i*e i.f K > a tiftk' (' !! ted Sta'< * of'rid in i</? -lutl'd. That the pensions of widows of revo!u:;ouary soldiers whose nam>-? are n w til" 'i ti e pension rolls, and v? ho were in..rri -d *or n ry so tier* prior to Jan uirv ii: -t, eightreii Luudied. be. and the nam,, .are he.- y. increased to and shall be paid at the same r-ite as the decased eoldierb would be entities tinder existing laws, if now living: such ncr? ase and pavment ?o be lrom 'he turtietti day of Sep;ember, eiguteen nuudred sixty-five. Approved. February 1-. 1-67. , -? Fl .Lie Kt- L' TlnX-No. p.j J<hit Rxs-'L. i os for fie purchase of David's Island, New ^ org harbor. I' r rl >.y tu> S? Hi'tr a> d Home r,f R f,. r / flfii I ttt'd*g f t a ' ,aco ii './ 0'*?mU>i<? That the Secretary of War be, and he ?s hereby authorized an-f dirested to pure!ia?e. for the government oi the Cn tea .States, David's Island, in I^ing Island sound, at the Sim ut thirty-eight thousand five hundred dollars, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the le;w-e of Simeon Le|?nd, dated April thirteenth, eighteen hundred and six'ytwo, and rer.ew.-d Mirch thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, by which the said isla:;d was le*?ed r0 the Cnited States, and is now occupied by the same Approved, iebruary l>-, Is-i,?. * [PruMr KseoLCTion?No 11 ) Joist R*. o^r tu-s to extend the time for cr>d ifyicg the law ? lelatitg to cu.-toins, authorised by the joint resolution approved luir twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and s'xtv six. * J R. ti ef solt'd ly the S-ante ami Houtt of R p. r< ttntatiret <J tht f ni'ed Statei <f Amerita m Ccmyr't* au<mOieit, That the provisions of the joint resolution to provide for codifying the laws relating to customs, approved Jnly twentjr--nth, eighteen hundred and sixty.six. be and they are hereby, continued la force until the first day of January in the year eii;ht*?en fiuncred and sixty-eight. Approved, February ??, 1s67. ? - [PCBLIC R**OLrTlO!*?No. 15.j JomT RiMOLt'TioN for the rettoration of lieutenant Commander S L. Breese. C. navy, to the active list from the ritired list. Bt It rttolrtd by the Senate and Haute / R j reMM.'slctt* <J the United State* of Am,?rua ia Ltmfrett aj*ew.Wed, Tnat the President of the Tinned states he authorized to nominate, and fcj and with the advice and constat ol the Seea'e to appoint. Lieutenant Commander S. L. Breese to the active list of the navy, with the raak which fie may be entitled ther-ou ApproTed, February ^7. I [public kartolction?no. 16.) Joint KtHCLrTioji authorising the employ* i mentcf a public vs*el for the transportat on of provisions to the people of theSouth| ern 6tt:n Be it raolred by '*ie Senate and House of R-p. j o/ th Umt'd States of America i Cmgr"s as"mbl'd, That th# Wecretary of the Navy be, and is hereby, authorized and direet ed, apon the application of the contributors, to n**igu a public vessel for (ha transportation to Charleston, Savannah, and Mobil*, of any supp lies of ford and clothing that may b? contributed by the people of the united State* for the us# of any portion of the people of'the Southern States, wbe may besnff-ring from t ie failure f cropsorotber causes, undersnch ' tuJa ions as may, by the Secretary of the Navy. be prescribed. ' Approved, February 22, lc6?. ? . [Fustic Resolution?No. 17.1 a Kksoli tion to exend aid and facilities to citizens of the United State. engagedin the i=vhmn.0ofyarq,en & ^'p acro,s th" re/f ati -mb>'U, That the secretary of the .>syy be authorized and requested to furnish such aid and facilities to citizens of the United StMt#8 Who are undertaking an exploration aud ey Of The Isthmus of Darlen for the nnr1'o-h ot discovering a favorable line for a ?!?ip canal to connect the Atlantic and pacific oceans as te may be able to furnish without 1 10 he nava' service, and without addi tonal expense to theGovernment of the i nred s ates. Approved, February 25,1867. [Public Kk^olctiow?No. if 1 a i fs. lrnon authorizing the Secretary of tie rrm?iirv to rermit the owner of the yacht "Mayflower" to change the name of the 7" \? ftat ot "Silvie," and to ,ssne an american reg iter to the steam yacht 4'v: ikqct'. Whereas the yacht "Mayflower" is a pleasor# t< .?t not en priced in the transportation of i hu nger* ? r irnght of any kind: and whereas yacht -glance," ot about thirteen < n* turd- n. bcire also a pleasure vach' not thi 'f'ore" carr>in,; pass^ngers or freig&t: h' -'lred ly the S-nafe ond H- ' ft of R. ,,r, *<?'* *f -?" U Vun. > ' That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized to l'-rm.t the owner ot the yacht "Mayflower" .0 change the name of the same to mat ot 'k ivp' ? fo ordf*r a register of the steam i ;a ht -Olance" .q be granted to w'k nm,r.'nr"^ ' ?wner thereof, from th? collection district of Buffalo, in tne Sta e of | x> e w i or* Approved, February -25. \$C>7. ~ ? t PruLic Kbsolution?Nn. lo.i r?';s.0olr,i i< n to provide tor the ascertainmeu. and ;ij pnrtionment of the proper quota e direc tax of eigh'een hundred and friNty-one 'o the State ot West Virginia and lor o'her purposes. 1 ' na Resolved fa the S mn 1 R ' ' Vk"'/'d "J in he' v 've rT u 1 ^rr!;li,u,,,r 'he qn??of tie Sate of West \ir*mih of the dire:? tax impo.-fd by the act of August fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, the Secretary ot the Treasury is authorized and directed to charge .sa,a with such proportion ot the said rlni'rv.h1! 1 !? 'ue s!iu,? ul virginia as the real es'ate or the counties uo-.v ?i mp! sine: 'he State of West Virginia. i^ > 1 iirg Berkely and Jefferson, hears -o the' v *.ue of all the real es'.ite of the hen State of \ :rg:n:a. as ascertained by the assessment ef a e taxation 01 the real estate of the said 1 ' ? xrv z'>nx1 m tb.e ypr,r hundred tn j sixty giving credi' to the Stite of West \ ir^iu^a fort nch part of its proportion so ascejtnired a- has been already paid. vt^*e of w?''/ v' * f irther ' That the . t. e ot ? est \ irgmia i> hereby made i,able ti' mi the duties .n relation to said direct tax . ' h1 .ire| ii ij.o-'.d b., law upon, and is en. ? i or , 1 r't,hve8 ,n ^oe.tme rel irion u h .ire hj , 1 a allowed t;>, other loyal Stit-? j / c That no liability or btird-n whatscmf '* h.v mpo'eo or ^ball be imposed by s:. i mat.' ari?i? g in any way ou' ot said tai : pon lar.ris inch:ie,j t^;n .t,e .,re?eut limits j ol :l>e c.mnfie- ot IVrkley ai.d j? ffVrfon, or nrcn rh" inhah-.tant^ as such, for the 'im ? .: c- wi'hin sfurt limis, except upon terma-<-?-pted by a majority vote of l.-^ai voters i?sident Witbiu said l.mits. Sac. 1 Jmi 'e it further r * That the f"v r* ?*. irpc' commas.ouers fyr the state of \ irgiBia shall have and continue to .. %< .11 - ih.c aithuri'y t<? assess ana collect the r.e.rtre-mermopmi ,jjrect tax in the conn es 0. }. r-e.-3 and jt hereon a.-ir those co.iut. -t..l formed a par'ot the sta># of Virginia k.' . ' l 1/ r>h'r TUat tt.e ' ,,r> ?'ftl.e be authorized persons from whom money i,a< ^or- .i\wi vj'hont warrant ofitw. a? ni j'.->inei.- ; ;i . . und rtf e direct tax laws. . collected: -nch refunding . 1 ere,i , i. ...e presentation iii each ^a^e. "i?au?iactory evidea e of the illegal collecih'ii. 1 v?te' A olt d. That the "n ,t''' *r#a.-ury is hereby authorized lid direc t to suspend the inrtu^r collection , 1 . >s' e c f V. s A ir.'Una of any part ol .he direct taX :mp,.s<?<1 by the -lC' of August ft\e. e,;iit.fn hundred at,d ei\ty-oue until the nrst .Mv of June mx", rav4 thevu^m ' c: ..e tno ^:atw against the T nited States ate ^otdier acjusted. .J1" A"" res Uf\ That section wool an act e, t.tje,), act lurh-r o " ' a entitle i "An act for the collection of dir. c -axes jn the insnrrecttonnry te - with u the i luted States, and for other i' .1 rpl's-ej., approvea Jui.e seven, eighteen u ndr?d and sixt3-.iwo," approved March uiro, eigh een hundred and sixty-fly,- be and the same is hereby, repealed, and ce'rtitl; m>s ui .-ale stall be received in all courts am peaces a? prima facie e\jde::oe of the recuKirity and vadlidity of aid sale and of the title of purchaser or purchasers under the same, as jr pitied in section seven of an act entitled 4-*in act forth- cj!lectir.n of direct taxes m insurrectionary d^-tnets within the i nited . ate>, and for otfli r purposes." approved ven, eighteen hundred and sixty-two Approved, February 25, l?i,t. [ Prnric Kxbolution?No -?o j joi^r khkclctic.s giving additional compensu.icii to ceru.n employees in the civil eerf <-f the Cio\erument at w.chiiigton. /> t r-n.'red ly V ' Senate umd House of fi'i reseu u'tre. cj th. fmtea -State, ,j America in Von. ? . ^lat there shall be allowed | a d j :ud out of any mouey in ihe Treasury ',1:?^ aPpropriated, to the following uo* employed in the civil i'a.kv1 t- " ">'1 s,fi>s h Washington, m 1 ; civil ollict-rs, temsurarc and all other clerks, messengers, and watchmen including euli>ted men detailed ^ ^ucn, lo bcornj.iit, d up u the gross amount of the coini en>ation received hy ihem, and employees, it i.e.inofei ai-. in the Executive Man-ion an.1 niuyol th- following n.tmed l)"nir"' liii i ts. or a!ij bureau or division thereof ro Navy, interior, ' u ''*h e. yvl i rne\ General, Agricultural and iiidndii g civil cliicers, ana temporary and l-.|f?.<k?- :,ld *n,p,?ywt male aud te m.ilp. in-he offices of tbe Coast Sarv^y, Naval " ti itcrj, navy-yard, arsenal, Favmaster ( ei.t-ral, including the division of referred claims, Commissary (ieh.-ral ol Friionr-rs tureau ol Kefngees. Freedmeu. and Aban .icne.l Lands. Quarter masters. Capitol and 1 tr' ^ nr>' ^tension, city po-t office, and CommissuLerof 1'nolic Buildings, to thephotottrt-j r and assistant photographer of the i reasury Department, to the superintendent of meters, and t? Ian pinthters under the Comnn ?loner of i'ublii Buildings, an additional c mpensation of twenty per centum 01. their ie.-p?-ctive salaries m f1xed by law, or, where no salary is tlxed by law, upon their pay ej spectively, for one year from and alter the ti th-r-ietb day ot .Inn-, eighteen hundred and "''y-f1*: *?ut when ??v of said persons is or , shall be only fr.titled to receive salary or pay i. r a part i f said year the said twenty per centum shall he computed on the amount such persen is so entitled to receive for services in any or all of said departments or offl.-es within sin. >*ar / That the above-named a>i(iitional ci mpen^ation to the employee* of the Patent Cilice .-hall be paid out of the funds ^ that she!, no. apply to persons whose salaries , as fixed by law exceed Ihree thousand five hundred dollars per annum. vk' 2 Ar<! >e i' further rewired. That all acts or parts of act; heretofore passed authorizing the Secretary ot the Treasury to apportion or distribute among the clerks of his ])epartment any snm of money by way of addi. i Uonal pay or compensation are hereby repealed ; Approved, February 28, 1(567. ! [pl blic Kksolltiow?No. 21 1 i jofkt rksoi.1 tion to extend the provisions of the act in regard to agricultaral colleges, to the State of Tennessee. h' . t r*rtilretl by th* X. nat, and House of Rep. | r- -nt,ttxres of th, I nited Stafs of America in 1 , 9ry at. *hlUed, That th# proyisions of the it of .Inlv two, eighteen hundred and sixty, two. entitled -An act douating public lands to the several States and Territories which mav provide colleges tor the benefit of agr cSlTre h"u arf^" a"j of the "act to i 3di6d(l tbt* uttll thornnf .nnil ? July twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixy-six, are hereby exuded and uiade apoli. cable to the State of Ten uessee. *ur ** p11, Approved, February 2?, is;7. ? rpoblic kgboldti<>*_\0 .?.? 1 Joint ftason tiom to extend the tin* for th# use of certain vessels for quarantine onr pose? at the port ot New York. purB. i* re of red by 'he St ate ant! /lyui* of R*,?, ? ?'.? . f th. Cnit .1 Stat,-* if Amert. a in ton'. ffien as mbi J, That the authority conferred by joint resolution ef Mir h twenty-four, eighteen bondrej and siitvsix. upon the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy, re?pf c'ively. to place, in their discretion, gratuitously, at the dispo?sl of the commissioners of quarantine, or the proper authority of any of the ports of the United States, to b? u*ed by them temporarily for qnarantine purpjse-*, - u h vessels or hoiks belonging to the United State? as are not required for continued for two years after the passage of tins joint resolatiott. Approved, February 2P, 1867. rPi blic RESOLUTION?No 24.] JotWT Resolution authorizing the Secretary of the Navy in grant "he use of guns for trial of Ridgway's Bnttery. Br it it/'/if S'natt cn<l House of Repr?j fntatimei of'he Vr\ited 8taUs f America in Von. :rrss a.'ternbled. That the Secretary oj t>?e Navy he, ars4 he hereby p. authorized to grant the use of two eleven-inch I> tblgren guns to John Riftewsy, ot Boston, ter n?? in expanmental tnaisof Ridgway's patent revolving battery. Approved, February tS?>7. ?. ? [Priu.ic Kksolction?No. e<>.] A Resolution to facilitate t&e settlement of accounts of disbursing officers. ! JNlllllI to tht ftmft rrul llou " of R-pr*. ~'*nta!ivet of h' I'; '.'?d S'c'er of A ^teriea in Con. greu as?, tb d, Tiiat bo mnch of the act en?itled An act to provide for the more prompt settlement of tbe accoun'sof d.sbnrsin< ( fleers.' approved July seventeen, ^igbteeu"hundred and sixty-two, as provides that "such accounts with the vou hers necessary to the correct and prompt settlement thereof,'shall be rendered direct to tbe proper accounting officers ot the treasury," be and the same is hereby repealed, and all such accounts and vouchers shall hereafer be ?en' to the bnreau to which they per*ain. and. afterexnmmvioii there, ^nall be j af?eri to the proper actountmg officer of the treisnry for settlement. Approved. Maroh j, l^fir. FrBLic Resolution?No. 30.j A Resolution in relation to National Banking Association?. Jtefoleed ty thr Senate and Houxe of R-nre. f ntc i ' '> ('j f)i' t n1 **''! i f nrTir in Ccvgr> n?r*mb!*ii. That in all oases where a n itional b;:Lk ba.j paid or may pay in excess of what may be. or has been found due from said bank, on account of the du y require?! to be paid to the Treasurer of the United States, tbe bank so having paid or paying such excels of duty may state an account therefor, which, on benc certified by the Treasurer of the I nited States, and fonnd correct by the Fir?* Comptroller of the Treasury, shall be refunded in ihe ordinary manner by warrant on the treasury. Approved, JMarch .?, l>-67. ^ , Prni ic Resolution?NO. ,i.J Joint 1;ks? lction extending the provisions 01 tection two ot an act entitled "An act to extend the jurisdiction of the Court of Claims, at. 1 t<? pro\ide f- r the paym?nt of certain demands for qnarterm.aster's stores and subsistence supplies turnished to the nriHT of the T nited Stares," approved July fourth, eighteen hundred and six'v-fonr B> it rttoln. d bu the S< nc.te and If owe of Repr-' 'S'ntntir. , of'lv V n!fd States of America in V y'tt < /./. , 'l'bat the pr?? visions ot section two of the ahove-entitle 1 act be, and they are hereby extended to cover all cases where quartermasters' stores were actually furnished to the lorces under the command of Major General J.ewis Wallace, and duly receipted for by persons acting under his authority, and whose authority shall l?e proven to the satisfaction of the accounting olfi.ers, during the Morgan raid ttrough the States of Indiana and Ohio, in the summer of eighteen hundred and sixty-three and for the purpose of giving such receipts for property eo applied, the said person? shall be beid to be proper ollicers ot the government. Approved, March *2, 1J-67. fPriiLK Resolution?No. :>J.} A K^olction concerning the rigr.t of way for the survey and construction of an interoceauic ship canal through thy ls hiaus of Darien }: Ot, ' / ;/ the S mat, nr.,' II, * of R- ?>, ?. ... t(i t ttt *'$ , f th' t u i i, i, S'c te f ,f A in? i'ii'i * i'( Con'i/ni tnl, Tha'the Se jretar y of State be. and is hereby directed to tak>- such s'eps as asmay t>?- netessnrv to ohtaiu from the I nited St iiet of < "olombia the authority tor the United States to m-tkw ilie necessary surveys at the isrbmusof Darien forash.p canal to c-jniifct tte waters ot the Atlantic and those of the Fa. citie Ooean. and the tertns npon whi. li sucti Jlsjlit Of way may be obtaiueu by this Government. Approved, March-J. f Ft' KLir IvK-JOLI TION ? No. 3 :.J A RtsoLi rioN thankinir the t;ha.not-rs of Senat4.1is and Deputies of Hrazil t.?r 'ts?-ir re olutioi.g or sorrow and sympathy on the d.*a'h of President I?incoln. I /;. Ired I.; tk> .Srnat*l < id H f /.' | tutu-' if C ' t'nitfd Htn'et if America < " ?' That UieCougres- of the 1 111i ted States has received wt h respe -t aad gr.i'| rude the resolutions of sorrow aad symj.'tthv wtii. h the Chambers of Senator* and |?-p,itiej of lira/il ha ve adopted on tbe de itn of Pre<t ineiii l.iucoln, and hereby tenders to those j (Mi am tiers the thanks of the people of the Uui- i i t?d Sta'es. Ski Ai 't t> it fttr".'r i.1rr,i. That it ' shall i.e the tli.ty of ttie President of the 1 nited | S*a:e- o foi v. ard a copy of this resolution to j tlie hmperor ol Brazil, with a request it ! be c< mrniinicated to the two chambers. Approved. March *2. l->>7. * ? ? * i SPECIAL NOTICES. KiTBOTH CIIRONIO AND INFLAMMATORY BIlCl MATIHil are teing oallv cnrnl by 1KTj < AI.Fl's (.KEAT KllKb il AT1U UMMi-.UV t>old by *11 Druggist*. ml9-*o2w 8. C. FORD, Agent. ITS KF1*CT lb MIRACULOUS BALL 8 VKOKTABLB SICILIAN 11 A 1 B KENIWKK. It is spertect snd wenaerfnl article. Cnre?l>aMI l ess Makes hsir grow-. A batter dressing t in j any oil ' or ' poiiistuii! Sottens brash, dry, st.d wiry hair Into Heautifnl hilkea Tresses. But, abnve all, tbe creat wonder is tbe rapidity with vbi. h It restore* chav haik to its original colok '1 he whitest tnd worst lookin? hair resume* it* youthtnl beanty by its ase. It does not dye ti e hair, but striker at the root and tills it with new lite and coloring matter. The tirst application will dpo<?d ; yon will lie the .natl'kal coi.ou returning eve-j lay, anl Bit FORE You KNOW IT. ili i discolored appearance of the heir will ie inn#, giving place to lustrous, shining, and l eautltnl I?ck-. Ask tor Hell's Sicilian Bair Benewer ; no other article is at all like it lu etfect bee that each bottle has our pri vate Government I Htsnip ?ver the top of the bottle. All ot/icrs ure imitation*, B P H ALL & CO . Nashua, N H proprietors, for sale by all drneeiHts. fe 18 d4weo?tn,r REMEDIAL INSTITUTK FOB Sl'KClAL CASKS. He 14 Bond street. Blew York. ^"Fnll infwrmation. with the kmiiest tfhma mii>, al?o, a Book on Sp"ial Oeinvi, t^l i stn td envelope, suit free, Jit sure unit *en'i tor tke-n, i an,I ton trill not regret it; lor, as advertising phy si? iki - are K' nerally impostor*, wlthoat r, i,r>nrtf ne strai'Ker sbonld be trnsted. Enclose a -tamp I for postage aBd direct to DB. LAW BBNOB No 14 Bond street. New York uoli DAWTly MABB1AOB ANDCEL1BACY, AND TRE li sppiLess of True Manhoud.? An Es-iav for l oung Men on the Crime of Solitude, and iho Physiological Errors, Abnsesand Dis asea which cit'J5 ? Impediments to M.?rrlap?, with sure meaim of Kelief Sent iu sealed iett<>r envelopes, fre>i of charge. Address Hr .1 >K I LLiIN BOUUH TON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. jail 3uj BBCBBT DISEASES. ?4JIA*I**N's Gift ^ the most certain, safe aad nectual resaedy?Indeed, theunly vegetablo rerne<"*co.Ter*d Cures la two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty four hours ho minora!, no balsam, no mercury Only tea pills to be t*a*n it , _ *?l . r bope, and a friend te those who do mal'f" . expw,?u- >? ? >ackagee, ?2;fe Hi*b J new?A positive sl,l\t'*ni*.ure r*r^?ykills. Bcrofala. Ulcers, ?' n Ie,,/rio *c PrW 9i 2ft p?r bott|e boid hr H ft. ford. Bee advertisement sit ? o o irrrr bt HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New Tork avenue and lfitn street, (Bntrance en Bew York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOCEBIEH TEAR W1NBS, 1MP0BTBD LUXDBIBS, Ac, Ac' would respectfully notify their friends and the public that they have just opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article an ally kept In first class Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate oar Urge, fresh and wellselected stock, we cordially Invite the publio to exaaine our stere and stock, believing we shall not fall to five entire satisfaction to all who may faver ut with their patronage. ?Te call especial attention to our assortment of TEAS and GOFFBES, which have been "elected with great care for purity. Dealers will find a line assortment to select from, aad oar prions to suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, jan 9 3m TM GBOaSB'S POPULAB HEW~BBYnd7>> 1 10 Cent CI tear?The Rose?tilled with PiluiC HAVANA TOBACCO,and warraated never been" saibked, Maaufactured solely ?or WM. OROH jE Fa.av.,bet Metropolitan QetVl II ?W-W aad etbaimt, , . e ' t ' ' . ' AUCTION SALES. BY GBEEN * WILLIAMS. AactloiMn. N ?. 3^6 cornsr 7tb and D streets. SALE OF TBI FfBN ITUR1. Ac., IN TUB ATIHI'I HOUlll. Extensive sale of twn ti.mdit ixi? rosewood cut Pianos. Hack walnut and oak Chamber Ffcrni ' tuf. Frfn h Plate Mirrom, action, un WEPNESOAY, April id. l?7. weehs.I noil, at 10 0 clock ? m . end continue from day to day until all is disposed rt. all tbe furniture lu the Avenue H-nse. comer 7th street and Louisiana avenue, containing ibout eighty rooms, vln Tw# handsome rosewood .as* Pianos and Stools One l?r?-e pier Fr-.nch plate Mirror and Blab, Kit bt " Ten Da?a?k and Lace Curtains, with cornice, Ten Marl e Flab Center Tables. i Parlor Su~ts covered in rep and hair de:h,

<ev. nty Ave Chamber Bait* in walnut and oak, consisting of? Mar tie top Dressing Hnr?ai>i, Washstsnis, Bed steads. Wardrobes and Chairs, One hundred ratrs of good BUukets. Tkc hundred Sheets, Fill m and Bolster Oases, 0&e hundred good Bed Comferis, afty Bed St'eads. TwoBwndred Feather Pillows and Bolsters, One hundred and fifty Bair and Hick Mat tres?es. One hundred Oak Dining Chaira. Ten Dining Tabl* a. made to order, Fifty Table Cloths, One hundred N ijkins, gbty Brussels, Three ply and Ingrain Carpets, Twenty Sofa4, ten D t'uaek Lounges, Ten distinct Dishes, Fi ve Cafl'ee and Tea Drus. Ttn Cezen I vory-h.&nd led Knives and Plate I Forks, Ten <*0'en Plater! Table Spoons, Twenty dozen Tea Spoons Tw-nty rive dn7.en Stone China Plates, ' T birty sets of Cups and Saucers, 1 Ten Copper Saucepsus, A large quantity of other Crockery anl Gl*ss W are. Forty Chandeliers, and Brackets in every roam, I On*' excell* nt lr- u fcafe and Ott*ce Deafc, ; On* large Office Clock and Water Cooler, And all etner roods belonging ti a first ola*s honse. which we deem unnece-sary ta enu merate. __ mh 2id GBEEN A WILLIAM9, Aueta. |?Y TIIOB. DOWL1NO, Anct.;aeorKetown. l'i NEW NATIONAL EXPRESS WAQONS AT AUCTION On HOBDAY MORNING, April 1-t, 1*7, at i> o'clock, i will sell, at the Wa/on Establishment of H- P. Burferil, N?. 7 Bridge street, George town" . 6 tew one horse Expre-s Wagons, 2 " two-horse * " 2 " four-horse " " The ibore wagons were built In the very b*>?t r r for the National Express Company, and I will Im Bo d t the highest bidder for cash. at their rl - k inil fjct nsi-. K P. HUUiOKD. m lid _ THPS HOWLING. Au t. BY COOPEB X LATIMER. Aurtlone?rs. (Late cletkr with J aines 0. McGnlre A Co..) S'.uthwert com-sr Pennsylvan a avenue anl lith street, "?tar Oftice Uuilding. ' I TRUSTEE S BALE OF HOUSEHOLD FU RNITIBE Py virtue of a deed of trn?t to th-* snbscribwr 1st ! January 1st, HS7 and rec >rd?d in Chattel Liber U M. PI .No 3.folio?, one ol the chattel re - ords f \\ ajibingi. ii county, w?* shall se<l, on MONDAY next, April l"tf?t liio'cl'i:. at ioui No I ?4 PenH ayenus, between 17tb and 1-th streets, all tbe Fnitiitnrc and Ei!ects therein contained,c -niprisinc in partK<t*ewood Parlor B .it in G~een and Purple l)ai??-k. Walnut Marble top Bureaus an? tVasbstaniis, Bosewo< <1 Be.1ste ids, i| arble t^p Tables, Painted Cott .g.. Seta. liair cloth Parlor Chain, I.Of kii e 'Hashes. Cane -ie:?t Chairs Oil Paititings. Window Shades, Tta ree ply and In rain Carpets,Oil Cloths, Cr< ck'-ry and '5Una Ware Toilrft 8--ts, ( i oklnic and Cliamber Stoves, Ac., Ac, T*-rtns casii JAMKS E WILLIAMS. Trns'ee, m 27-4t CO"l'EB A LATIMER. An :s BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers ' No. A'Jb, corner 7tU aud O siroets VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY, ON SIXTH STREET WEST, B E T W K K x K ANI> >EW iUBk AYENOE, AT PUBLIC AUCTION On TUESDAY, the I'd day cf April. 187, at r> 0 cleck p in., w e sbali sell. In front of the pr?in if-es. Lot 2;. in Cailati s suti-di vi Biou ?I Si iar So 4S1, ha\ ne M feet front, runtiine ba-k l'JO feet to a wide a 'ey ith tbe improve i slstinp < f;? well built three t-tory Frame lions**, containing 8 co vinl* nt I) ai ratirooms. Pas and ga" throusi (. t t! e lionie, w i ll p <rcb s front a- d l ack. P in> Its sitsllsst > iter in tbeyaid. Bninulta *1* sirable resitltLi.e for a 1 rivaf I'arni y Po-ststl'jn ?{. .*n Immediitrl. T.tle lnli-pu table r-ttn? One third baJsnre in si* and Ivslvs swstbs,for notes Marlng 'nterest from dav< fs:le A d-eltivfn and a deed of trust t?k?-n All convei ant Ilk and revenue s'i?-iip< at ; the c< -t .it < ; >:r aser. " i i to i e piid do a v. h"ti t. f-r ji i t v ' s kn ,<< k?d kg (.UK1 '> WILuIAMS. *.n ts |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. AI'LK I NFiM-liKli P!iKSS BRICK ! BUt< I . KOI U STORIES IJ 1' # 11, WITH j I'.ABkMKBT ANDSi li ?tAsE V KN t\ FUON T 1NG ?'N E STRKET NoKTII liK i >V KEN MN1U AND TEN'i H STREETS WEST. A I' PI BLif AT I'TIt'N t h T'. ESDAY \HEBNOON Arrii 21. at .' o'rloi fe p. ni.. on t lie ptttiii e-*, ?esh til ?e|l pvrt of Lot Tt n fiiuare No 'Sit. IrontliiK u 1. k t r e*-t n i th. a ml having dc pt . of 117 tee t to a piv da i) Th's prr.per'y. when t uisbe 1. w i ii al e >.f ?l;e : - re-iCei oes . n t c i. y. Terms: one li ?lt < as! . balance in oix. twelve. J and t igt.teen months, !i?r n"irs i?-,?ring intereti, and -? by a Ui od of liUHt on the prerais-All ronveyantluK and revenue 'tAjip^ at the c st i! the purchaser ?2ti I down on da> o! sale Tlt:e it ii-pttable Tb* plans tor tlnnhin. f?'. b-- ^tii , at tl e .inrtli n roc ?, co* ni-r 7 th and I) -tr*-et > irh 27 d (iBEEN A WILLIAMS. An is. BY COOPER t LATIMER. Auctioneers. ( Late clerks with J O M .v ?.'d ,) South Wist cot nt-r of Penn'a a*en le auu lith St., I Star Building. TBL STEE S BALE LEASEHOLD AND VALtJAHLE WHABF i PBOfEBTY FOOT OF 10TH iSTKEKT. THE | \\ 11 A Bf ITiELF, COAL SCALES, ?i , AT j AL'Cl lOH Under and by virtneof a deed of trust, l earinu ! date on the mih day of November. A D. 11 an l , recorded In Liber B M. H , No.3,f lios 31t e! se.| . I will sell at ptil lie auction, to the highest blo'ter and k bide - ?, en Till RSOA Y, th<* lit n day of April, A B U67 at 10 o'clock a m.attheCoa! Yard lately oecnpied by O W. Piliner.sitiiat at j e>r hear the iate'sectl >n of Indiana avenun and l?t -tre* t weft. In thecity of U ashington. one Ha Mar*-, Cart and Harness; one Hla k Horse, Girt and Harm .-s; one Straw Gutter ?t.d Stable TooU one Bntf> at d Harnets; en" 1 rcn Safe; Ofi^e Kur nitnre Denks, Pigeon Holes, Stove, Crowbars. Axes, haws. Coal Screens 8fiov -l?. Hens. Sc*|e-, <one net ?f Fai rbanks" S( alen.) one Goal ?'iflre all Plank ai<?' Lumber In tbe place, one stable, LimeHouse, Wood Shed, Timber and Gates. Also, At 2 o'clock p. m , on tb<- same day, en th* pra*n Ises. the W barf kne\vn a* ' Paimer's vVi.arf.'" situate at the foot of loth street *est, in said city of Washington, together vlth thr. e ii) Coal Tu'.>-, Bio' k and Kail, Offl:e Furnitnre. Sto-e, "ieren (11) Coal Barrows, one -et Fairbanks' Seal* s, one C< al Screen, Rake- an 1 Sliovels. Also, The interest of one Orson W Palmer of, ; n and to the um xpir**d leasehold of said Wharf Property situate a? tVefootot said lOih street, in tbe ci:y of Wafhicgton, nnder and by \irtue of a leaee heretofore executed by William A. Bradl-y avd William A. Bradley, J r , in favjr of sud O. W palmer. Teiins of sale : Ca?h A TIIO1* BBADLET. Tr ist"M. mh 2 eeddn COOPE R A L ATI M E R Aict-* ^ALE OF FISH STANDS. The Fish Stands In the different markets will ^>e so d to the highest bidder,for cash, on the following da\ s: Otntre Market,en S ATURDAY, M jrcli ?), al 10 o'chck h in Northern Liberty Market, FRIDAY, March 2?, at 10 o'clock a m. Naw Yard Market, FBIDAY, March 23, at 1<> ? Western1 Market, on WEDNESDAY. March 27, atli'o'ebok a.m. , , Fersons now holding stands in the different mar ket? . an retain them l y paying ?h--appraisement t>ri?_e lor um h stand-* pre?|ons to th" de.y f sale P RICHARD W\LLACH Mayor. Wahliington, March 12.1?*.T^ m 1J eoiw |>T NAGLE A CO., Auctioneers. D Salesroom No. ?''*" Penn. avenne. Between yth and 10th sts. N AGLE A CO- will give their personal attention to the fcale of Keal Estate and Household Furniture. Also, to the sales of stocks of Groceries, Wines, Linuors. aid Merchandise of every description, Horses, Carriages. Harness, Ac. Liberal cash advances made on consignments. Regular Bales at our salesroom err TUBSDAY THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at W o'clock. HAwLs A GO , j?ll tf Auctioneers. lyjAHYLAND AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE. The duties of this Institusion will be resumed on MONDAY, 26th of March. ^ _ White it is deslgued to make instruction In the theory and practice of Agriculture, the peculiar feature ot the College, provision is mad* for a full course of collegiate Instruction, embracing t <e Latin. Greek. French. German, Italian and Spanish languages, or any of them, a course of Mathematics. Mental and Moral Science, History, and tbe atudy of tbe English Language and Literature Natural History and Natural Philosophy, in tbeir several breaches, will have special attention. Military Tactics will be taught *bere will he no Preparatory School, but a se 1 v*e<l English and Scientific Coutse tuav he taken j at the student's option. No one received under fourteen years of aire. For a Cirriilar and further I formation address N.B WOBTI1INUTOH, Register, Ac , Office of American Farmer, sab 1 eo-tw Baltimore. riiHIS 18 TO OITK NOTICE That the rabscriA her haa obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters teetamentary on the *Arsonnl estate of Margaret Maekel.'late of Washington city. D. O , assessed. All porsons having claims against tno said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the *?hi?, with tbe vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on er before the nth day of Fehrnary next; they nay otherwise by law he excluded from all benefit ef said eetnte Given indar ay kiadlthis 19th day ef retr-iary, 1?7. W1 GBOPB. abru-lawja* ixecutor. BANKERS. WIVBM TH1HTY TBEASUBY BOTIS, I; ef any series, exchanged for WKW rtTI TWENTY BONDS. AT TBB NATIONAL MASK OP t'OMMlBOl Or uKUHuBTOWN D 0 Internal Bevsi.ue Stampe for Bete*. Ohacka, Drafts Bonds.Deeds. H tirMM. ml other legal dtrniMDtolor itle at Go verotu >nt r??lee >7 1?> J O HAM MSB, Outlier _ JAY IOOKK * CO., BABKBBI, A'urtU arre.MU 7>'a. ?*?-?. ooyend eel llnmil Btrkel rtUi, ia4 oaitutt; on hand. a fail supply of ej OOYBBNM1BT BOIf DB, bBTBB TBIBTIB8, ABD COMPOUBB IKTBBBST NOTBS Oriers f?r BTOCBB. BONDS, *e , execute. an* Oeilactlt/ns made on til accessible point*. ee 1 tf FiT?t Rational Bank of Wa8hin;toa. C.D. COOK*, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) freshest W* S. HLNTINGTOH, Ostler. 90 V EBB MINT DEPOSITORY A2ID f;bascial agbnt of th* tbitbu BTATES. Ill* (fft't.'l IAi 7Y?ajfcry ?(M**CII, Gcvtrottent Rsrcrttfee with Treasurer Called Btatee wr oxe dollars W* boy tad ee>l kit c:?.sees of lOVEKXMEyl SECURITIESctrren: n arktt rstn > VRXISH EXCjHAXGF. an I ?nn? Ow e-jtem en ALL THE PH1*C:PAL CITIES OF THE VSITED STATES. We purchase Gcvrrimect Yocchers oa the must favorable terms. *z<i givecar-fui ax.* prompt attention ro ACCOUNTS Qf ELSIXESS MEX swi FIRMS, and to any other bcslneas entrusted to us FULL. INFOEMATION la regsrd u> GOV EEB iilE>T LvANS at ail times cheerfully furnished WM ? HUNTINGTON, Cashier. WnWnifn, March Jo. ISM mntf DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. UNITED STATES FATEXT OFFICE, .. WAKiiisnT.iji. Much li.1+7 On the petition of (>ILB8 F. f 1 LI.ICY .! St Louis. W ?-jun. praying for tie extension of ? patent granted toiiru the Itth day of June isv tor au Improvement IK Co kiug stoves, for 8?ven >eei-> from the expiration of said patent, whicu t*?es place on the l?tti lav of .Inn-. 1?57 It i? ord-rsd that the said petition be heard at the Patent I Ore on M uday the 27 h day of Mav next. at 1 i o'clock M.; ar.d all persons are notified to appear a*d show ca>i*e. tl anv tner Uav? why sai l petition <nght i >t to be (rant- 1 Persons opposing the xten?iin ar-repaired to Me In the Patent Office !h"ir ob;e, tion? *p>- i illy setforth in wrtti: g, at leaattwe:ty day*b*?f- re (h- day o! heating: all testimony filed hy either party to lie \<?l at tbe * iia I oaring mnst be ' ?a>-n ar t transmitted in accordance with tin- r;.?e? of tne othce. wni? h ?ill (n- furniahed on a> plica:. . Depositions and oai* r? rene?i u; n aMir.-ny mi:^t he fiie.1 ft, the office fwent7 .!,?? befor* th" dn? of henrlne. the jrginifn's. If ?ny within ten da/8 ?l;er filiiie the testimx <r Ordered a!a >. t?i<*t thin aotice t # onti!i- i<*.) in the B^cnhlican and the Naiio al ln'< Ih^encer. W%?>iii.?ton. r. C., and in tUe Bepnbli'-an. st Loam. Mo , ?i?ce a w?efe for three ?uc< ??-ne we* Us. the first of said pubilc*ti ;i? to t>o at least ^i*:y previous to the day ol bearing T. O THKAKEH, n u t Oommissloner of Pa-enta. o.?Kallori of tht* ?hll o ** 6 c ,p, and ueiid thoir t ill* to trie Patent <'floe witfe a paper containiL^ thin notice. mh 2U-)aw3w DEPAKTMENT OK THE INTEUIOtt, UXl TED S T i Th S [>A TF. XT 'J b FICE, t\ k. ^ Marc i 7, iv.7. On the petition of k.\L1'H F\L ' ?N EX. of v* nil i u jt ri. I>. ' , p a ii e for t a - x ter iiun of a fHi?U <<ran!e<l to ht-n th? da, .t J i:.e, ff,r an iaiprov-uieiit :n lloee Conplins. for s- \ n ye?-s fr 11 t'i?. xpiratluti ol t<id ^?Ustit, w . ten taken p]?oe on t'ie Jay ?f Juae . 1 / . Itis^rd-rt d the ttil p. tition'>? heaid at Pat, rt Oflc- 01 M??> OAV. tGe *h d,> of M?y "'If. a? 12 oVI ck tn ; and a') p r- .? art* notified to app~ir and *Vo> <an?o, it *n-, th- y ha\*' why said p> tititii ongnt not to U*> yraated r^' t.g opp.'.-im tt.e extraction ?r<-r?'iiur> d to ' ti e ii. Patent Office then ol. iou- sf.. c. . > stt.orth m writing. at le. t twemt* da7* bet r. tt ? d ty of hearl * ?!! testimony flf^d b7 ei'her P '/ty, to I ns^'d at Tt;?> sat 1 henr': c ti'O^t he 1 ?K'.n 14 ^tra""tnlttedIn accordanc--**th the rules of ti e offlr.'. which will be fnraisned oa applies tion. I ' pf"*lt1otiS sn I other p%pers, relie ! r.p. a a t.-vtin-oiy la lit .;') filed In th" --k . ^.>3 .eforetheda. < f h ariug.the, if aay. wit'.tn .vjt da s alter t'llt.c th- t>-et-s?? ny Ordtred aleo thattins nottre i.e an! i>he?linth> 1h 'Iht'atfT and the H i.i tram . Wa?>u. i> 0 , and in the T >u New \ ork N V . oa a week for three eucce- i ? week*. ;l e f.r<t of sa.J r*Mlcation? to V" at |e,k t sixty day* previ>i;jto tie day of henritg T C. TULA K EK, ? _ . _ Oon mU'louerof Pitente. P S-Elitor? of the afo.v.e papers will pi. aie CC.)V, and send -he-r oil's to t:ie l atent (Jffire, w lth a pap- r cuii'-niiii^ th:s notice. litiU law^w 1 N TUB OBPH AN"*' OOFKT. TH Is '.xa I OK M AK?'H , A l> I -b . I por. r-po t I si*i?a ma le b) .1 I!. A(liin<, puai '.lati, A. .. it is Br the Ooart. this ith da, i MaicU A li l>.r OrtUrti, Tl it the ?aH sa so i ep.o ted le ra'ifiel aui cotifirroed. unles. ra<i-<- to tliontrari i>? i'io*u on o: b>-ron> thelthda, of April - ext. a- d t i? ?n'?> er < lerei that th.. - h 1 se!>- to ll?7'ki..h Gntchfll b' ratir.ed, and ?htencs of the sale in tbe t?rme' deciec he s I? mo.iii*> 1 hi tha* the - ?i 1 Gu;cli<-.1 dit om th ojsano dollars in . a*ii t;.d gi v- a detd of t j?' b -a' Ibc latereet. t1 property purchased f r th > I ..U c .if th- pi: hafemnr-v t- wit live ,nn. dred <; i 11rs. ?aid <ie~i of tr??t. t r- .a n ' r n-> '.ear; f> < ?i ?t ?f] v of tBl o i ? On lis! ;ri it-- If.i' v s'a oix e a week fo tor^-e weeks .'e. re BaioUthAst .. WM. F PFHCELI. .In?l_re of tbe Orphan-" Oo irt A trae < Teht. -J AS. B <? P.ElliVC. t h ll-aia Bafliter ..i Wills. OkPIAlf COOBV, Marc? l.. \y&-is <-TRICT OF C-?Lr ultlA. VS CoCSiT, To ipitlu the ci??e or Elizabeth Keilv. autalnistratrix of l Kelly, decease!. tbe a.:m.nts tritrix ?rori".atd has. with the approbation ot the <? Court of Washinst >n connty af-ri-Huid. aoprinted Sr.tttrdar the ?t, ,^mf. A pi 11. 1S<7 for the tiBal settlement ana distribution of thi< perat. ual estate of said deceased. and of the aeseth ;r? haad. as far a?< the sairiw hav? h?i :i r JJe.-fe.I r.- ' tan "d monej; when and where all the cr- i:U r* and l?*-lrs af sai 1 (Sec?a.-?e<i are notified to attend, with their claims properly roachel, or the> mav otherwise by law he excladed from ail hen?-tit In aaid d- ceased's estnte: provided a copy of this order he P'.ibli-<h?d ' nee a we< k frr three weeks ia tUc Kveaibg ttar pn viona to the s?tid ?ay Test?J Ad K OI.EIIiNE. H)h If lawSw* Becister ot WiP? t'OLL MBIA~H08pTt A L if O U A 0M.EN / AND LYING IX ASTHTSf, Fourteenth street,(elrcle.lcorinr of M street. Washington, l?. 0. This Inetltitfen has l?-en estahl:sh?>d for (be reception ?'l patlonti* wtio nay be auffvrinc from <J- -tatrf loccilar to their s? x. and t^>r the .1aii-<i ' f -ucn ! male# as may require the Ooos:ert* ot tae i; i? k in chamlier Tlie buil ling la sttaated iu th.- a>"*t B jj , ,r tlon ot the I): iilct, "urroai.dtsl by it< own grounds. Oar? pij?" the door every li\ t minuter Terin i ot adiri^-ion . Froia to fjV) per?tt H, In accordance aiUi th? raoin reamra-i. rarat'? -i advance 114b includes B^ard. Medtc.ues, SS- 1 lea' aad Surgical a.ten lance MEDICAL KT'TF, BI B'iKON IN CHIEF J H THOMPSON. M I>.. 1*4 I atreet. l et ween Jtfth au i Il*t streets CONtCLTING PHYSICIANS ANI) 81!B'JF.ONh. JOb K. ItAbK SS, II. D., fiurgaun ti Usi f tatei Army . JOS. UIl.KY.M D , Georgetown. THOS. Mil I.Eli. M. 1>., F street. Waeblagtva. A . . 1'. L AhN KTT. M IJ . Ne*' 1 ork av?oti? W.P JOHNSTON. M P .Washington. GBAFTOB T Y LEU, M. D . Georgetown. 7. HOW ABD, tl D., 1" street Others for admission to tbe :ree beds In this h,?pttal, i of which tuere .*), can be obtained ot the Snrgi on in chief at thisoftloe. 1-4 of any of the Me-lirai statt. and of the Bevs. Dra Hall.Gurley. Gillette, aud Cootnba. Wivt-s and widows ?f soldiers desiring admissien will apply to the Surgeon General, Uu.ted btates **P^lents IIvIlb at a distance who deatre to cms to this Institution for treatment can ae-:?re private rooms by applying by letter to the matron of the hospital. V d GLLHTTE. D D , Ma XB-aolf a President. r|>HIS IS TO GrVE NOTICE, That the subecrT Jl ber h:ta obtained from the Orphans' Court <?| Washington County. in the District of Colntnhla. letters testamentary <>n the personal estate oif Henrv E Uaiuals. late of the United Statos a-tay, deceased. All persons having . laiins against t'ie said ?V*a-eased, ar< hereby warned t<? exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereat , to th- subscriber, on or before the t?lh day of March next: th?-y may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of tne said estate. . . _ ? Given under my hand this v?th day of March, 1887. JUHAM 0 KOMKDSs. mhll-lawSw* Administrator. 'I'llIS Irt TO OIYBMOT1CS, That in?subscrl 1 ber has obtained fit-in the OrpUaus OourtoWashink'tOD Connty, lu the District of Columbia, letters te?tamentary on the r-rsonal e-tate of Kliyeh Ednionslou, late of Wa?ki?iiWn city, B 0., deceased All persons having Claims a* ilu-t the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit ttie same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or be lore the 9th day of M arch next; they niay otherwise by law be excluded from alt benefit of the said estate Given ander my hand ihisdth day of March. IW. mh 11 lawSw^ MABY BOMOBSTOM. nPHIS 18 TO OIVK NOTICE, That the subsorlK her has obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Tbaddeus Morrlce. late of Waahiagton Oity, D. C.. deceased. All persons having claims against the taid deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with tbe vouchers thereof, to the sahecrlher, on or before tbe ISth day of March next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Gives ander ay hand this ISth day of Marah. !^2bJ JhW?B" MLABCXLLU3 M0RB1CB. dancing. plot*. J. W. * 11. P. BBEL& ! DANCIBQ ACADEMY. ^ P?aa?ylranle avenae. l*.t etb sr.d Mb at* A Opposite Metropolitan Un IMnT ?)***?'orm,B*"verF Tbrt,. i. 1 ,'?I W Ulltr Oir 6l4ii?(*a ftknn lA A.. ???" the*. r reparation* will be Bid* in this ? ? ocrannual May Bell ' ??!? for Circulars can be had at J r Enta' .< ^ 0** MaSk*^ Md * ?. Tee Hall cu be rented lor Soirees. Ac. c i?L 1?' *od M%at?r* Ta?Miii 4r t hatr.rday afUrr0nna. frn? J to J o^clork ewiMM^IKw;, Tn?*u, ?2i rr??.. ... nit g? from I to h> e clock rrtdar evsFer further information. apD[T th- k~__ of tnltkn. or aid re*. . u-.e St*. aTM, Qaarter commencing win, the fir.t Ie.?on * 8 ; ,\I A Jl I B I R f ASUit?&ABLB UiML'INJ 1*1 AUADBM Y, AT WAMCIWJ MABIJJI-8 AS**E * HI. V bOo MS, *4 E . bet?eer fttl and :<t! 'i *tr?et. i e Ml .. janer of u. prepare k j :ij? M?j B?il. will coumenee on gatur< eii *'a 2 ^ ,ef theOermaJ a; ?uw **iei,r/" .r:,y,racu-"to tou __ JUiLROADa riNNSTLVAVIA BUCT1 i 8f>7 TO TUB hoHTHWEHT. >Ol TH. AMD SOLTHW K(11 Or. SCUEDDLI i follr ? |, 'T, *' h *4th-1> 7.trains will rnn u >' ? ? Baltimore 12 Id p ? ..mlsai? j&k ?h>fI w? Dally Train# lo tbe Wait PlT"rlfi\ unu Baltimore to BOCUBBTRB and IT KOMirltkuntckMM th?^!K?rl bytbla rout* from Baltimore bar*. ?2?aZ^rSt ww.sar.vsis; S i^r ? !.?.* Cin Hot. I, arhf-ra reliable mforn.ati a will he given ar all tl:n?w * < *?*? ?t tbln office car !?r^r^tt^f*lk,M *'" "?? Car. tor k.Vk J A hSIot.O. Ticket Agert. Nortn**?t corner< th street aid Corn*, av rn M vnrKa ? Wael.iNitton 0.6. i>5i.iL h Ag?at. Haltin?,,ra, Md d-llf t^ff^skfflraewwsi ???asi?.-^wt?pw Train* K.t.^ W*?HtSWT..*, Ian. ?. 1*57. L?toh auj Ne-?? *Ottk, ?!tbo?it rh?nf? of c?r?. * W? ? (wept SuLiay; at 7 ti a. m. a-)? pl'ia''* at Phlla>1?lLt-ave daily (except 5>un l?y> *t U:lsa m actT. 4 J p.m. ,,r?B PHILADriiPHIA m y'T*^ept!*nCl4> '** ? *? Ul 11.11 . tn , and ? ?? and e ?i p m , ??N 9PMDAT. U> ave tor Kew Vorkacd Puiiaa?lpbta at < 90 p. m only. | ^l^?iBMCAr?for Wew V?rk on I Bl p. m. train J , njrkM *^?t-to p .?'.,-M|ptla. hew Y .ik ar ? re-ton. ran 1-e I:a1 at rbr ^ttrl^uOlrc at a h ar In tl.e J?y. h? well ? at tti* new oltlce i) tfiu l-%r.>k?*r? * .<? iirr.kero lel^;ra,)b Lit.-, Penn. a serine, k"t?r?i otti aiid 71 n treet*. . StM- Baltln re at l t>h.< b *:ir * : ?dvertt,enw:\ | for aibrdtiie bt.twe.-n U iwlituCt?k, Baldtuore. I ^Ll.apf>ll?. ar*4 the \^t-<t J, L. IL?")N. Mie'er of Tr?n?> rt%tlan. L M ' OI.B Tlclc t ?. ?ent ^KO 8 KOOJJTii. A*-nt. W'aabltiaton. OC SC-tf I > A L T1J1 t>H K AM) OHIO HA I LTKOAU. * W*?KiN'iMx,.l?a 8.1?7 mil. "V&^ivo-sivd v?*re dow ran a* r.?l|..w? vi? . roh haltiMObb ...t*** '*-<-rt eti'i'ltr. at 7 C", T ij, asj II 16 a ui . r,?, 11 fl*, jnd i ? au<! i?t p m KOB TATi'KtB lK-*Te dMily, .-rrept a; 7 w a at ? . ? ?n e t> p m. ..Al 6(4llvs?.iu 1 tl or \HK APOL!^ itNOil tiB I cht? at < ]j atid 7 jh a lu , at.d at 1 aud 4 13 Fi?K ANNAPOLIS. Le%*e a: 7 "i a m 4 io p in Wo fr?| * <jT from A jEfepohf! on ^nn ia? i M M? 1 1 rOU tALnMohM. Lt %it at i ii ? iu. iu 1 * o.. an -s ?i p aj PUii V\ Al 2s'a (I 'Na. L? ".te fct 7 i* t :n , ?. ; ?? >-i l ? toj ? p H'H ALL l 4>:' f or T.i? *kaT Leave <*at|y, ?Kc??rt ?nni*y. a: 7 45 ? li.. ml O.'v p. 1X1 jft *- - uop ID outy.connecting *t Heli?r tta i .n ulth tr...n? i.oiB kia Un.orc to Wb?elt?fc, kc TUtf .l 0>? r? KBTStr the WMr?n be had at i * e Unit n St it t, TlckatOfll e at a;i tiw<ir? Jtbt-cny a* w^ll v. f?. - a. w ot the T?aac- M eri* and Hrokt-r- lei.^racu Line, 34^ Pe-n ^ avt-i.oe , i .'tween Otti *n<t ; tli t.lret t? tot K ? Vo.k, Piiil?tclptila. atid B^tt n. ? - verttM L..t: t of ' II.Touch Line J. L W^LS'>N. M t?ter <?f Tr*n?p >rt*tl?.B I. 11 < < 'I It fx* erai T. ki t A,"etit o^ SOtf f. IT:' S KOi'STit. A/ent Wa^ nn?ton l^iCKET DliEASIj, Mmarit*I'I mrri SAMaBLITASB GIFT, IUE MOST 4. BLTAiM BEMBDY fcVtu c8ED. "Yes, A P< >-:t:vk Cri?,"f?r bU>'< b.LltQiA, MLtal. aTUiCTt tilt ft, Contttiiia no Mineral, ko ral'Wc no Mercery. 0?.v Tea till* to on 1>i??a u> kftn a tHwe. Tht j ait eittirt'lj TtgeiaMe. Laving uv <ue(i nor apy capieaMut t*et?, i* ' will not In any way la. tlie *>r bo* *ils of the nmat delicate ' Cnres lrom two to tour a?>?. aud recerXoae* jp *twt Lty lotit hour* PitvaroU by craUuatc o7 the I-1 rernity o! Penn?y I 'aula. ?ue of the mo?: euiltit-ni t'octor* and CLeuu.-te of the pretteat day ; hp au itoul ?. no Vi?n waatre.r let wiio kavedv'Spatradof **ttum ccre-1, cr ?lioac..ebeen ported witii BslaantCoaavmor iter C ri. tt, tht HA MA BIT AN 8 itlfT. B^nt by ui.ii! in a ^iiuti ^oveloM 1 price-Male 9<4CkM**>?^ ranaie. Bl. bloodf BLoonf/ BLooDrrr y^ttUVULA. CU Biia. bOBEt, SPuTK T|i btALES, P?-IL8 114 OK Vk.NELEAL MSBA?P8. Ac ftAMAKir*.\S BOOT A SO HKn-B JUIOB 1* offered the pr.t Mca* a Poaltiv* cure jii'Lli-i; > !i VLiiriiAL UiSftAsliS. tfca riM&K.lkN 6 ilt'l.T AND ?kUi'. JLIcS U a ! . ? (.oteiit eertnin aud edectaal rhtumlf ?v?, Pf eenbea. It rt-acttw aiid erMi?M?a every purnrle ct % tLe vet'.eieal poleou, *o tL tithe carets thorout I A au-l pt-rr aue-.t. f ?ke. tlieL.of tbt? pnrifvliK r w e-.-pn^^f htaled.anld t-.n trautmll It topw terlty tUt for whUn ; Cr may rapaot Is a*? fMT*. 1K? H?T DEBPAIBt i Altbcnpt y.ta may t>e pr..ii,.ou, ew ii>ccrat:? t A M ABlTAX'd K"OT AM> UtCBB jL1(> v tli r- .?*e v.cry Tf "i?sr "J IP'PCntle* Iron . ?y>teL!,a? wfll ?? alt tbe tad effrctn of M-r uj-w IkkiALktf IfkMAufca In iL^uy irfwiifU ^Kii WalcD Ui.nii?fr? .jf t, > aXU C r. r a t: u^x a nD a uBj u "mZ j* LayjUy a eptj~l,ia L Iceratod Cterug -a t,-nc ! rbtt-a. tnbvarlue do*n, tailing of |B? Womb a*. 1 ttitty *"d '<>r *'5 Couii-.a.u^ .acldent to tb? n P?c? ^IMporbotUa ' SAMiBITASU WA?4il I*, in oMtr of Bypnilu, nsod iu ooauectl -a *r.a tta ' fc. it aa i uerbJ.uiae*. - wi^ ?l* Full dtrecdon*. Price Sf cer.ta. Tbe eA'-acy of th??e reriedlea 1? alike arks?? 1 et g?* V.j phyrtclan* and patleau Tb*y are m j in tbe I s Uoapltai*. WHAT TUB BcBGEOSS tlAIOf TUB BAttA? W 1TAM ft UEMED1B8 "Po?i roai MaariiALL, Baltliaot*, ?d , Fob. >. 1*4 ?*1 Lava great *atisiact> Staling t*^at 1 bava n*ea 'Ibe a?doai< ? ' for > eueral til eaeee m It* most cu?tot?iir, for.t.-; i that 1 bave a?eu tht ui with judgment, k)?.rati fnA property, aud, Lavptonud tn?m ra.youd tj i. > Mittotpation* promatlr au? effeetnaily. Kao*.^ ! Utair oompo*>t1oa, I Lave (be folicit oonfideao* in tBalr ettcacy, aud a* far aa my aaaaf lAam eatosda. 11paitbam atrongly. ; ALKBBDO BOW BBS. "A?llant Hurgaoa.UbS. I. Tola ' Boutr B O. BOBn.oornarUtb Mraatand P?, r? fytvanta a van a*. Waahinetoa; HEN av OOt'u. IN1TED -TATKS NAVAL BTATI4 N. Lkagh I<t.iMD,BarekC.I8>:; k j i,\ >ider of the Nh\y Dapartnioat, from the B-t B r? it' of 0 nitri.rtlon and kepair>>. t*ala<1 propo- B rsi> fer ibe rem vlng or wre kiuj and rar<>?ert"C the property It. t:i* C H b "New Iroutide*." ai ! be received at thi* office nutil l p m. of the ' h ot Ai'ill. lbt>7, when they will be opetiel T -j I pi opotiti.-a for wrt-ckirg rnn*t state rn- proi rtiou of the proceed* of tlie tale* wl.i'h I* t he p..Id to the aalvore, nl?o the time wit: In wt.i the work ta to lie com let. d. with the aa'lerst. 1merh'it tnli-nof bondn ?nd atber aecarity t the fulfillment wl the agreement, the prop rt -ecever, d la to be p'aced in the haad* of th w >vernuieiit. t? be *ol>i from time to time, a- may I ? deemed a?ivat.fair?-iiu?, the proceed* ren.a *tn< la the liand? ?f the Government until tbe ab*l* of tbe w re. k if remo? ad. ana tb* work > -mple'ed t? it- nati-i* tion. In eii*. of faitia* to pro** tbe work with ?ati*1*"?ry d'.llganca. or te ro pKte it ii. dna Mi e tt.e depwrtreent ra?.-rve? tha ruht to ar-nnl th- ar? em^nt, and the prop^-rtf reoo?aeed will t-e lorfvited L> tba ttoveroment Pr>rthe pur."!it?e. an *I>e lie?, tka prop.Ntititn mnit state ti e tlmefwithtn whlth tba *rr. k wi I be entirely rem. trad Tbe money to be paid *? one and atiiag to have h. r removed in tine, the v*e-e< will he forfeited to the O >Terom?TiT; the right w ill be reeerved to reject all of tbe e' fiT*; and n-* agreement for wret-kluc will be awarded until tka appara<ua of th- biJi r had be-n e*a*lt ed and report-d aa an<Bel-a| for 'kmrro?e Information can be obtained at thia office of tb aroennt of welgM of lraa-ntntiag. ma. hiner-. b II "" .and other ai^eViInt hi*.' ip. | Keeeertfnllv. Be.. O B 0LIB50B. aib 23 iuw:vt Oomnandant Naval Button. ?