Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1867 Page 1
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#tning WS V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 30. 1867. N2. 4,387. m * I ? "the evening star rtJBUBBXD DAlLT.IiCTMI UOVTID) at the stab buildiko, j?<ricomer Ptnm * aeem* ami 11U Strut, bt ? w. ix wallach. imhtail umt^ by ia? catttots to their mkecnbars m the City Dlatrtct at In Cvts rn win- Ooptea at the counter, with of vtckobi wttpp*"' Two Cuti each. Paica fob mail1b8 ?Three aaonthA, om p^-f- and fv(y cei?u; tlx months. t*v?' bojiart, one t*ar, ft?? Doii+rt. No paper* ax* mtt <ti m '.he oIC?e longer that paid tor. the weekly star?pohlished oa Friday bprm- raw Oollmr mmi a Wo./ a fta? PAWNBROKERS PI HSsTINh S LOAN OFFICE _ ... . 4 i;3th street ml ?oor south of pena. , ltm humt oa time t?> wit curtmer*j?m G..m aad mlv*r Watche-. Diamonds Jew- /^v hr, Ladies' ud (ifbll'imo'i weut?ia a Aerarel " 6U Geld and Stiver ??? g BP>SBTnw> w a lsu's re.ytsil lo t.v of^ce. 4^010th street, ju< <iwr below Peon ate. Th,a well known Offic. make* /0\ ti ilukkauadvabcig jCWA Ob t ?-n- < <:? gold md Htlver Watriee q v ck'u i". Furniture, and Merchandise of event 1 pt K'H <1*7except Bcndey ? from 8 a. is. to * i.".- Busieee* ?trlct y oor fidential. fejs-tf^ fvfc t a b Li 1 b 11 K U l~vttf . bpecial. notice. chabli- herz8krg. Bscc*iivr to li??c Heriberg a 5 n, Wbc ?'?v? conducted the Pawnbrok'.B' business tcr fifteen rtirn tn thie city, f?r AK year- the ?di\ P^val oker ta tr.e Ptstnc', a jl take thi4 n.etbod < f thauking their ^ troa.'u v ang the pu: lie for tl.ecor fiiet> ;e heretolere shown them. and beg l?a?e to call their at ertion to the tact that we itili . ontinne to make the algieot advances In all sums npon ail articles of Jewelry, l-iacioik-]?, Matches, B ode. over-unent Scrip, Mlver Plate, Ac . for we hare anperlor iltrt^of deyoni! ?>' ??ciri.),whio* will always [? ikovv for the satisfaction f tnose patrouliing as We have special facilities for he care ana preaervati. b of Wearing Apparel of every deecriptioB. Woo lea*, Ac., on whieh th? highest advascee ,?re ;ne<1~. guaraatee'ug w:?en reuulred against moth, ar.d a.ways age n*t in.'ury Having i?rce wateh< n??e in oi. neo tiot, with oar effi-e, we have special facilities for storage of all klnde ef Merchandise, Karnttnre. Ac . on which we make the bigheet advaa*-?* for daji. w^ek< or month*. We cell e?p?cial ette tlon to thef*ct that ow'ng to the lar?e capital employed in onr tualceee. we can uiake a<1 vancea at such rates ?>f interest %i to defy Competition W'o sell no gc*<!s nBtll the expiration of six moe'li* a'ter th-?ir forfeiture, aad then only at pnMii etctton. first ei*iBg ample notiae thr-tgh the varioas city ^>ttraala io all depoe'terp. By this meana deposit* with bs are never loat if their rederuitlon it jeeire?'. wt call eaperial attention to obi arrange ments for forwariing g.<ods to any tart of tre coottr^, arrangements which an experience of ftfteen years has brweght to lerfectioi dt-poeIters ar-~ enabled bytbtsraeaa* to redeem their gocd* from onr office n? natter where they may ve lceete?i Full in formation al? a>e given. Prlt?te apartmentefor confidentie' bn^lness k. b ? wf b?v. no ?onDe<:tt&n with any similar e<itab liahment iii this city b- far to anv ..Id resident ef WaabinetoB h-raemher ekbzbiku'i loan Crthce. SSI north 0 atreet, between 4>i and 6tb, Wefhingten. p 0. fe V> lm* mohkv ' monit!!! h pkinci b hiwl^established loan a77 Pa. eve., next ta Poten Ini'eConfectionery Honey 'caned on every <ie?rrlptlon o' falable erebandlee. especially Watches, Dia a)\ mends ar.d fine Jewelry. 1 cau a?sareXwjl tboee wbo may favor me with ther latr.i m w a tie that they will not regret having dcae so. !i b ?Privete door and ofli'f. Per?on? not ^tsh'r.e to ent .r the public office will ring th* offce bell. _____ _fe28 lm* re' h ul.u *BTAB1j1i?B*d kikm up i ?. ooldst k i n ji co . licenced i'a* nkeokke^. 34 pode and a ilalif stkcst west, near Pennsjlvaaia art'b'ie, Offer tfce tfg^est caab a?l*ancea oi> a!' kin'sof Merchandire, to sny atr < 11' r and f,r iny tliiie de?irkl, at reasonaSi? r ?tee a a Interest on large anum tfreatly re*1'ice<i v busin^ae strictly coitu'iitltl Gocdebought for cash ar.leold at pri' ate sal" fe 21 ly DENTISTRY. De. lewie's l?ental association, No. mo ptrsn'a ave , Between 12th aha LSth streets. Teeth extracted without pain by adtnii-sterlng Bltruue Oxyde er Laivhtng <>as. l>r s*^ lewie has recently pur iased the b-stvjsal Cher.jc.?l Apparatus m the country 1 ' making enre gaa every day *l?o, an ia?vro*ed v alvnler Tbe a?- ?ti-u is u > prepared to m?a? Teeth or. Gold,* ^>a- 11 :bber at New fork Philadelphia an<i -"ioc price? All eerevns wiehice denta* v< r: done can have it as ^eay ae in tbe above usmed clti-e All work done in tbe neatest ac l treat manner, aed warraute>j to give satisfaction. Pereone will <*;> well to c*!i ad examine our work. de *4 tf T" " T M.'wh'eia M D.. ^he Inventor and Patentee ef foe euekms plate teeth, attend* per?ocally at^ hi* o?celn this city. Many person* can wear th?ee teeth who cawnot wear othar*. " * and no person con wear other* wbj cannot wear Perecns calling at my ufBoe can be accommodated with any *tyTe and ?rlce of Teeth they may deel re, but to theee who are particular, and wish the purest deaneet, *troRge?t and mo*t perfect d?n are that art oan procure,tbe hiheealteeth will be more fully warranted. booms in tbl* elty ? No 83* Penn'a BTeaae. betwoen ttb and 10th *to. Al*o, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia >r PERSONAL, bb ccetis i by in g, Clatrrota?r, mnd Tut Mtdtum, will give life readings. Including Peat, Preeentand Pature. at ber office, 4^0, nertn aide of Pa. av., between 4h end flth street*. Office hours from # to 2 a m. and 6 to 9 ? m. ^onpideetial?loung men who ha**1 Injured themseivee ny certain secret bablte, which unfit them for bnsine^a. eleaaure, or the duties of married life; also, middle aged and old men. wbo. from the follies of youth, or other Ruse*, feel a debility in advance of th< Ir year*, fere placing themselves unJer tbe treatment of any one, should flr?t read "The Secret Friend. Harried ladiee will learn something ef importance by perusing "The Secrst Prland " Sent to any eddr??s, !n a *ealed eaveicpe. cn receipt of 26 cent*. Addreee Dr. oh as. a stuaet a co.. Bonon, laN bo ?-ly t k bbowne. e. j. sh1thee8 "* BBOWNE A fM ITU EES, W AbHISOTOE. D. 0 , ATTORNE Y8ASD CJ'JKSELLOKSAT LAW, and SOLlOlTUhS poe the bureau bzpcoees. fkeedmki. and abandoned lands. ofhce No. 4 76 Seventh street,oppoeite the Post Office fe X if - peb cent saved hy using 0 b jewou ell's pure unadulterated PreBilumNew Vork City soa p, p?eminm family soap, Premium flannel eOAP, Aad No 1 ebown soap. Per sale ch*ap for >a*ri Orders through the Poet ofike will be promptly attenled to c. h. je^ ?lu| k-ap aad Candle m inafacturer, No almi acd *?i o st. nortb, bet. 4th and 4tb. ja 11-Cm the most BXOlTINtt ani? 1nteesst1no 1 book of the dat. g EX. L. C. BAKEh S HISTORY OF THE SECRET SEk VICE. agents w anted in evtry city,town, county and Mate of the Colon tocanvaaalor tots work This history was aBBoaoc*-d on* year ago. bat owing to the attempt* ol thr Government to *up ress It, Its publication wasde!a: eJ It will now be Issued. uBa!ter-d and unabridged, und> r the *tip?iri?ion ol gkx Baker It eontalus a full an', official expose of the Intricate uiachluatlous of the *ecret enemie* of tbe Union. For startling developments and drilling adventures mie beok eclipses the farnons experiancee of fol'che and vil>orQ. The marvelous narrat.vee ?f Seneral Baker are all atte*te4 by the highest offliial nthorl'y It will contain the only official history of the Assasf'oation con spir&cy a full history of tl.l* ? re*t, startling and t errible crime from its inception, in the uacets op villainy to the Bl'MlAL place op booth. Hae b*~er vet been pia-e.l before the public The ?ork juo tally expos** the nelarlon* syst-m by wbteb p-ssldkctiai par-Ion* were and are *o readnpobtaioed la Washington. Tbe morale of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated and there are *oiao strange levelatian* concerning head* of departments, bi?mber? cfCongrese, female pardou brokers, a d di*tisgulsh4?d military character*. To- ctrcnLar*.eanvassicg anmbers.and all other Uiferruatiou. sdlr^s-i -l..(j bakes. Peet Office Bo* Ho. Philadelphia, Pa ?' Tkt* work will be ready for delivery oa tha 1st day of ku, n b ?None bat thoea thoroughly conversant with tbe busiaese, and with geot reference aa to Character aad r^sponsibillti need apply. mblS 1*? a? achebel aed oodp18h. OomoiieeioB Herchaatg, del5 tf Eo. 161 Ninth *t., bet. e and f. ebeuaff~f?.-ie,<?7.-an r?reoee having left articles fa my show fer rsp-irs, prerlon* to ? ?? " ""rs^pj ?i'i"3irv!w^ Gun aad Lockaaiitb, iob 1a)ri Eo 414 p *treet. /'bccolate double, fae1llb, i dvw^^ be h. halklaleo. . , par c. bo el Encre. Hlng Plaee. Coraer Veranl ave?a? and lAJb etrael. GREAT SALE c? ENGRAVINGS, IN Alb OV THB DEST1TFTB AND OBFHAN 80N9 OF OUR SCLriBBS AND 8AILOB4, AH A PBB9SNTATION WILL El 1,1 VI* AT WASHINGTON, D. O., ON THrB.-DAY, APB1L 4, The Institution for whoi? benefit this enterprise i? conduct* d was fennded fur the purpose of gratuitously educating the sons of deceased Soldier* acd 8 amen of the Unite 1 States. R?w pupils will be received Biter April 4, upon complying with requirement*. Tbe purchaser of each Engraving for one dollar will be given a certificate entitling tbe holder to a hare in the award of presents. LIST OF l'BKBBNTS. 1 Troye's great equestrian portrait ef General Scott in tbe ladies' stairway of tbe Capi M. *26,00 1 *10,000 1b gold 13J*? 1 Greenback, C. 8. 5,000 1 Greenback, tJ S 2,n*? & 91.M0U . 8-Bonds s O^t) 10 9'99 " $M 80 Sit1? " Greenback* 5no 100 *50 " " 5(,? ICO *26 ** " 2.50# 14*0 910 " " lOJMJ 2,1*0 $? " ? 10 >00 ** 16,000 2 Building Lotsoo Eleventh Avenne, New York city, free of encumbrance. J.135 1 Bet Diamond Barrings 5y0 1 Diamond Fin yw 1 Stemway Piano. 1,000 4 ( Metering Plants, ^tiOOeach j,40i) 2 Mason St Hamlin's Parlor Organs, ?1,000 e?ch? 2,000 10 Se ?ing Machines, *100 each 1,000 100 Family tie wins? Machines, 97:, each 7 jM) S'lGent^' Gold Watches, $209 each ijOQ,, 20j.adies' " " $ I SO each 2,500 2o Cents'* Gold Guard Chains, Jl'iOeach . 2,0<? Ladies ' " fjOOeach. 2,000 bilrer plated Tea Sets. .*'5 each l^'O 1 O-Bis' Saddle and Equipments, $100 1U > 1 Ladies " jjo 1 Lrewt>ter's T'.ug^y 600 8 Sets of liarnese, .$-0eich gio 80o Subscriptions Weekly Tribune, fj each 1,000 "W " * Herald, #2 1,000 800 " Harper's Monthly, $s 1,000 6fr> " Atlantic Monthly, $1 1^0 BU) " Rational Freemason, $i " 2,00o 1 Fainting, David Playing the Barp before ? 1,300 1 Painting, Una:ne aua AiiaOu* ., . l,rm? 1JJ00 Handsome Engravings, 35 each 5,i>? 91S0 000 Engravings to the amount of 6OU.000 wili b sold, and all funds received are to be deposite I with JAY COOKB A CO., i First National Bank of Washington, D.O . to be held by thf m fer tbe benefit of tbe Institution. , HOW TO OBTAIN ENGBAVINQ8 Orders may be sent tons enclosing tbepioney, from one dollar to twenty five dollars, In a registered letter or by post office order, at our risk. Thoss wishing Engravings sent must enclose ten cents <n stamps to cover expends Lar^s amounts she aid be sent is drafts or by express. FB1CB LIST : For ?1 no handsome Engraving. For 2 00 of larger ola-t?. For 3.00 ? For 4.00 " ? ' For fl.Ou ' ? F.r t.00 " For 10.00 a splendid American Chromo. For i .00 ' German or Vreach Chromo. By bijlng works of art In iBrge quantities we are.uBbled to give parties purchasing from us the sauie kind or engravings that are sold in any store, for the same price, and, in addition, we v ill give a certificate which entitles tbe holder to an interest In tbe award of premiums for each dollar Invested In the purchase. Addrc* all orders and communications to KBBNBDY * CO.. 39* PSBBB BVBBhB. WashlDgtOB, D. O., Lack Bex 41. 8PBC1AL KOT1CB. To the military orgunliatloa influencing the largest sale of engravings will be prseeated a handsome Begitueatal Standard. Pariiee parchaslag Bngravtmre will please ad vise tba agaata to which regiment, Ac., thay desire to credit thfelr par chase. Thoaa deslrtag act a* agantt will apply for iitfomattam. mfcl-eel* V. *' j 1 - - I AMISEMENTS. W ALL'S !IEW OCKRA HOOK. B. B. PHILLIP# LESN?K V?D HA5\GCB positively la>t night or tut* FANIt> riOK'tAN PHELPS BA1CBDAY KV CB1NO, March 30, Will ce ireseetrd s Dra .??ti i *ti' n of tbe Celebrated N? w York Le iger Story, by Mrs BUN Bonthworth entitled TUB idll'DiN HAND. Srppcr'ed k; all the Members of tlie lloinpany. Mi'Nl>A Y , April I?The Lintiuguis Wei Artist*, LADY DON. It* NATIONAL. THKATRfc. Pennsylvania ivi-tae, ti?r Wlllards' Hotel. TIIIB <Sut*rdav EVENING. Mar.h 0, PABEW ML NMJUT OF MB. !?HN E 0*V*N;?. Bis Ls-t At>pc ?".?> mogt poMtlvely, en which ecreesicn 1 will amnnt i*o ?f hi? awet ?a ces?ful chnrac'-rt Thepe^ rmsi'e " ill commence with feOIiUM Ml IK Q Li K Solon Shinil*, Mr John It Owens To-oieludd wth B.ickstone Ttrw Act l' 'tu' of !T KlihilD LIFE Mr. Her.-> Fove Mr. John K. Owens M?1 ZEROTT HALL. iosititelTTabt NIGHT BATOhP** MAB( H 30. LAST UHANOB DON T ?"AIL TO SER RIM AmfricaV 3f bate^t Hvmortst, ALT. BUBNEiT, AIT. BOBNKTT, ALr. BURNETT, A selsted by MT88 HKLEN NAbil Ticke's 30 Cen'.rt Bestrved Bents 80 Cents May b?, hud dome the day at M^tzeroti s Music Store. Loors open at 7; comraetice at 3 o <Mo:k . it FOKP FST II AI L. TWO NIOHTS ONLY MONDAY and TUESDAY, APBIL 1 and i ALP. BBBNBTT, A MERITA '? BEi-RKSK.H : ATIVK Hi \loR >r, Assisted by MISS HELXN NASH Tickets 30 Cents. Reser ved Beats iO Ceuts. Doors open at 7: commence at8 o'clock. ml> 5* 2t* ('BAND EXHIBITION OF THE BTKBKOP I T1C0N-D1?80LVIP?? VIF.W8-0\Y HYDBOOBN MICROSCOPE NEW AND SPLENDID VIBWS Never exhibited here, with new and most lm p- ved apparatus Pro e' dn for t^,A benefit of the YOUNG MIN 8 christian AfcBociation FOB SIX NIOHTS, COMMENCING THUB8PA Y, Mar*b 2*. At 8 p in,, aud on FB1DAY AND 8ATC BDA Y AFTEBNOONS, At t': p. m., at WOODWARD HALL, Pennsylvania avenu e , between 10th and 11th sts. Admission,'.a cents. Children, 16 cents R> erved seats, to cen ts. Tickets at the b<< k stores and at tbe d?or mhJ.8? FOREPAIU H' S ilOANTIC t IRll'S AND MENAOFRIE. LABGE8T EXHIBITION IN THE WOI LD. A KIN K R /OOI.OOIGAL SHOW AND A 1'ET TEB Clk'JUS than have ever been placed before the public,containing more rare Birds and Beasts, for the firft time i: ipirte 1 Into the United States than there are conation specimens, all told. in any Menarerle now traveling. A ForepHO^h Sole Proprietor Krai k M.Keleh... Manager W H. 8ear? Treasurer Prof Col*on Leader of Orchestra Char Its H < astle General Agent Dr. Richard P Jooes Director o' Publication Among the marked specialities will be fonad the Mamiu th War Elephant ROMEO. aud the TINY BABY ELEPHANT. yoaugest. smallest, lightest arid prettiest ever seen, first ef the African spe ci. s ev> r imported. w eighing hut 4?" rounds. V. . inches huh. and not a yearoll. These two an in.als * ill enable the people to see at one titne the | Largest and Smallest kiephact^ ever exhlMted The BOUBt.E BDMI'SI) WHITE CAMELS. ot )e<-tsof sped?l regard by tliefaithfnl followers of Maeomtr ed, are the first and only ones ever permitted to leave the Ea?t Tbe supposed fahalous demos of the Amazon, tbe CAIBIA BYKA. an amphibious web looted monster. !s a i e eat impr?rtatloi; .while the ABY88INIA>? IBEX afterds the stndent of natural history an opportunity of seeing the first one of tl is t'eet variety of the Wild Oarelle ever broiifffat from Its rocky hannts A full grown black Ostrtcli, a pair of monstmns Bo\ al Bengal Tt gers S%T?d Co* and Calf, a Polar, the Auntralian Kangaroo, the abonybeaded siU.rn-coated Palatine Sheep, the Bash mere Goat, ti e King of Vultures, tbe huge Tapir, South American Ostrich, tbe spotted Avis Deer, tbe Bison of Colorado, and the Mamr.oth Cub Lion. Young David, are special features Inclnd d fu the Ta?t ollectlon are African Lions and Llonenaec. Asiatic Lionesses and ('a>>?. Sen egal Leopard?. Bla k Tiger. South American .laguar, Ori?7lr Bear. Striped Hyenas, Silver Lieu of California. Black Bear of Canada. Amerl an Fallow Deer. White Peacocks of Java six Cape Cub Lions, Tawny Lion of Kaftra, Peruvian Alpaca, African Porcnpir* Putua. or American Cougar Cheetah or Hunting Leopard. Bat Kangaroo of New Zealand.Aral las Dromedary, Amer ican Buffalo.Wo!?es. Porcupines. Badgers, Bears, White, Brown,and Grav Coons. Foxee.Wild Cats, Ljnx Wearels.Civet Cat*, l'accarieg, Ao., with more Birds of variegated hues. Cockatoo^, Par rots Macaws Love Birds, Gold, Silver, and Gol deti Chinese PbeasK it?. Ea^le?. Vultures. Hawks i and Owli ever collected together. MoDke\s, Bal ooob Apes, of every conceivable kind and variety and an a'most endless lot of miner Foreign and Domestic Creaturea. PBOFESSOB ITANOWOBTHY. Monarch of Brute Or^ation. Bold. Kearlasa ani ' 1 utrt-pi 1. In reality a LION KING, will giro his daring and thrilling performance with the ferocious LIONB, TIUBBS, LEOPABDS AND PAN THEBP. The whole of the dens (twenty-two Massive Oaves. Gold aud Crimson, handsomely painted with natural acenes, aad drawn by one hundred and fifty sialv art draught horses) will be driven j 'ntbe TBIUMPHAL PBOCB89ION, a combination with the Long Circus Bt*,.uu> , headed by the GOLDEN CAB OK TOE OONOUIBOB coDtalning Poison s Milv? r Gornet Band, upon the occasi on of the entree into town on the MORNING OF liONDAY. April 1. at lOo'olock The Oircns C'nipany consists of Mr. .lames l)e Mott, Mr Kred Tonrnlare. M ?ster Gnarlie, Mr. Thomax Ring, Mr. .lames Ward .(Clown. > Ma?t?r H?nrl Lacrino. Mons. Perrllle. Mr Mat Gehler, Mr Wiltam Hill, the Lorenzo Brothers, and two ef theflne?t E .uee'riaiines in the profession, M LLE VIRGINIA and M'LLB JOSEPHINE, Togetner with a full corps of Associate Biders. Leapers Clowns. Gymnatts and Acrobats. The stock of Performing Pad aad Dravght Horses, the Stud of Petite Ponies, constitute h perfect Equine Show worth h day 's jonrnet to in sect The Trained Bleed RF1 UB WELSH, performed br Mr. James Da Mott, is admitted to be the Par agon of Horses. Tbe Blephants will be p-tfornied by Mr. W. P. Williams Tba animals will be fed before the public. There will be TWO PEBFOBM ANCBB DAILY, Afternoon at 2?Night at 7^. D*ors open one boor previons for the inspection of the cages One price for the whole show; all under one spacious tent, with seats for all ; opportunities far all to see aDd Mear Admission, AO oeats, CiiiUren o; ten yeats and under, tt9 cents. FOBBPAUGH'MBBAGBBiB AND CIB0C8 will< xhibit at Washington for six days and nlghta, C? '"""litftlOAY, April 1st, ooBtinning TCBSDAT. WBDBBBDAT THUBBDAY, FBI DAY and BATVKDAY, April .>4, 3d, 4th, sth and Cth. Lo?at.#nof lot, Sixth street, immediately below Pennsylvania avenna, sah 2fl M,W,B'it pABIS AND BBW^^OBK M1LL1Mrs. A.O. GASTON baa just returned from New York with a large and olegant assortment of fine French, Bngtlsh, and 1 American Btraw Bonnets and Hats for ladies aad children; Crystal. Amber. Pearl, and Straw OrnamenU Also, a geueral assortment el floe French Flower* Bonnet and Hat Frames in great variety. Blbbont, Bilki, Crapes, Talles ?pd Beal Lacee. to. Particular attention given to all orders. B reme, 44b 8th street, naar Pennsylvania ?? nue. mh 13 Sm Q? Bacon A Bnve^PUao.'for #120. ? One Aadrew 8tela, for #M. One almoet nsw T setste Urge rennd'l* BTI earner Board man A Gray Piano. $376. '"^^ v^dfrfcasTTss' Bole Agent* if Btslseay k Boa* Pianoe, aad Maaos A Hamlin1* Oabinel Organa, f* M tf i jpzggiSSI TiiLEiiAAMs, *c. The NeviCa Legislature has passed the revenue bill. A concurrent resolution in'rod ured in the Seua'e agaiust the Monro* t'ocnnts am prejudicial to the mt?r?sts of the whole military force in the Territory, tha: equal, civil, political, and religieus right* rr.aj be insured to all citizen* and ite United States law euforctd. Gutter branch ot the Pennsylvania L?gia iature ba- ye;-.Rum d-"iuite action in regard to tke outrages in Schuylkill county,but ther^ appears to b? a general f^euug amonz the s? raters n>i-t representati?esin fiver ofenactii g som?> law or laws which will give better I re tectum ts life and property in that county A duel took place in New Orleans yesterday morning betweeu the manager of the National Theatre and the editorof the German Gaz:!te a newspaper ol that city. The latter wa? seriously? prooaMy fatally? shot at the fhird tire The weapons used wererevolvers. Th" eause ol the duel was a quarrel about an actress. The Imperial Consul at Havana ib enlisting Spanish soldiers to defend Maximilian's cause at Vera Cruz. They are offered a bounty of twenty dollars, and oe?> dollar a day frjm th** moment thej land at Vera Crui. About three hundred ra n bad enlisted, and they were to sail on the '2t!d, on the SpuiiisO steamer Paris. At a special term of the Supreme Court, But,'alo, N Y . Judge Daniels appointed Robert P. rover, of Ne jv ?ork city, reciverof the Atlan ic and <ireat Western Railway Connpany. H* is required to give necurity in $1W ,000. and is authorized to borrow money not exceeding S300,00t). A party ot burglars entered the efflee of the tbe paymaster ot the Jefferson railroad, at Jeff>rsonville, Kentucky, Thursday night, and gagged the watchman, and carried off alio box containing twenty thousand dolla's The San Francisco jury in the breach cf promise case of Caroline F. Clarke against Michael Rew<-e, lor one hundred thousand dollar* darrages, returned a verdict ol live iben-aud dollars for the plaintiff. The City Council of Nashville. Tennessee, has passed a resolution instructing the Board

of Fducation to procure school bouses and to mature a plan for the free education of colored children. Fifteen hundred freedmen have applied to the American Colonization Society to be .-ent to Alrica wi'hin eight months, of whom --ix hundred have embarked. Another distillery was seized in Brooklyn yesterday, cn the charge of making false return*. Both Houses of the Louisiana Legislature endorsed the joint special committee's report cn federal relations. The boose of Mr. Heckel, with five of his children.was burned Wednesday Might at Suflield Centre, Ohio. CONGRESSIONAL. Senate.?Yesterdav afternoon? Mr. Morrill, ol Maine, from the conference committee on the bill making appropriations lor the deficiencies in the Senate contingent fund, made a report: which was agreed to. Mr. Edmunds, lrom the conference committee on adjournment, reported that the commi'tee had Jbeen unable to agree. He moved the following proposition, which he believed would be agreed to by tbe House: That the Pre-ident ot the Senate and Speaker ol the House adjourn their respective hou6*s at noon | to morrow (Saturday) until the tlrst Wednesday in July, when unless a quorum of each I hout-e shall be present they shall further adjourn then without day. Agreed to?yeas 3*; nays 12. HotfE?Yesterday afternoon? The Senate amendment to the adjournmen' resolution was taken from the Speaker s table. and after some discussion concurred m? yeas 53. nays 4.">. Mr Clarke, of Kansa?, ollered bis resolution again, modified so as i# request the Judiciary Committee to report on the impeachment question the tlrst day of the adjourned session. Mr Robinson moved to lay the resolution on thetable. Negatived?yeas 39, nays6.1. The resolution was then adopted. Mr. Griswold moved to lay ou the table the preamble. Alter some discussion between Wessrf. Garfield and Butler the motion was agreed to and the preamble was laid on the table Mr Stevens, from the committee of conference, made a report on the bill to supply deficiencies in the contingent fund of the Senate. Agreed to. ?>n motion of Mr. Moutwell, leave was given to the Judiciary Committee to report testimony at the session in July in print. And then at 6 o'clock, the House adjourned till 10 o'clock to-day. The Lti.kb Mukukk A?ain.?By direction of Governor Swarm, who has been apprised ot anest, Sheriff Turton visited the Baltimore County Jail, on Tuesday last, and brought thence a negro man, suspected ot being that ubiquitous individual, Henry alias Nimrod Richards or Richardson. He arrived here with his prisoner in Wednesday s stage, and now has him salely confined. The prisoner corresponds very closely in many respects with the description of Richards, but his arrest was induced by the statement of some negroes in Baltimore County that he admitted himself to be the murderer. This he now stoutly denies, and fnrtber that he never beard of the murder until just subsequent to his arrest. He says hi? name is Chan. Henry Matthews: mat he was- the slave of the late Robert Diggea, Esq , of Charles County, and subsequently of Mrs. Tho< kinortoa, a daughter of Mr. D. Since bia emancipation be has been employed at Brawner's Hotel, in Port Tobacco, until June, 1365. when be migrated to Washington Cltyaud was hired by a Mr. Day,ol Baltimore County, whom he has lived with until his arrest Toe proper efforts are being made for his identification, but if not Ricttards. be will shortly be released by the State s Attorney.? J'rxnct G-orgiau, Marlborough, Md. W A Richmond letter to the New Yor< Timesays "1 am informed that it is the intention ol General Schofleld to take immediate steps, in ?be wav of the registration of voters, as provided by the Supp'ementary Reconstruction bill. It is thougat the Con vention will assemble in Jnne, and if so, all the action necessary to the admission ot representatives to Congress will be had in time for the next winter session. Sii k ok Real Kstate?Messrs. John Glenn A Co.. Real Kstate Agents, Baltimore, have effected the sale ot 180 acres of land, in \ ansville District, ou theroute of the Potomac Rail Road, to a gentleman from the Soatb, for the eum ot 83^00. The land eold was owned by Dr. W. W. Duvall, of this county.?Ma rltmrou<jh (Md.) Princ* Georgian. KTA Urge number of colored persons are now lying in prison in Delaware without sentence. The chief justice decllaed to sentence them according to the provisions of the State law, because those provision were in contravention of the national Constitutioa. They are to be kept until penalties can be affixed to the offences of which they are guilty by the Legislature A fashionable innovation in ladies' dresses. It is whispered, will be the introduction of mittnte silver bells. These, it is supposed, will keep up with the motions of the body a merry tintinnabulation calculated to utterly captivate our ears and us into musical raptures. y A miser in Wilmington, Delaware, recently built a vault in the eemetery, with the intention ot hiding away his treasure, consisting ot eight thousand dollars in specie. He died, howevey, before the work was completed. tW Mayor Monroe of New Orleans, estimates the population of New Orleans at the present time, at 225,000. W The dry goods dealers in New York are complaining that the prevalence of cold weather interferes seriously with the demand for light spring fabrics. 7* A young lady named Bennett, aged 16 has been refused admission to the Methodist College in Piusbnrg, on her second term. it having been discovered that she has African blcod in her veins. WThe Buffalo Board of T <a have rescinded their former action af Adopting the cental system; also in declaring that a barrel of flour should contain two hundred poands ? thus practically returning to the aid system. 7* One noticeable featare in the habits of the people of Demariscotta, Maine, in the caatom of leaving the hey in ik? door of a alora with a red woollen braid, sui inches in leagth attaoheo to it, indicating '.hat "the store in open." r . ' ? ? * ? * I LOCAL NEWS. Sixth Ward Kepakiicaa Club. Tb# regular wwnly nieetu.g of the 6th ward Republican Club ?ns be.d Thursday evening at lk)d Fellows* Hall, Navy-yard. the president, C E- Latbrope, fc.sq , in .he chair. and Claranc* M Haitou, secretary The b*ll ws< crowded, there b?.up a very targe number of whiw as well a* cokored pre??nt. Tbe temporary secretary, Mr. N. W. Evans | hen g ats-nt. 'he Chai-man sa d there wire no j niinutes of tbe !n>t meeting to be reau unicM j some gentleman had a copy of 'be S"nr of Fri day last, which contained a full and accurate report Mr. Holmes produced a copv ot the Sar' report, which was read and approved. Mr Holmes said darlne the week there had been two meetings auti? .-vry to thi? clu*> held in the ward, and eighty Lames bad been enrolled, which list was in possession of the secretary, and would be ent^ted on the roll when the secre-ary came in Mr U W White said at a previous meeting a committee bad t>?en appoiutea to nominate permanent officers for the association, and he thought tbe first business in order was to elect those c fficers. 1 he Cbair stated it was t>e? to elect the new members first, in order that they might participate in tbe election of officers. I he following-nttmed perun? were ele 'ed as members of the club:?J. r. Clem>*uis, .1. K. t'arall, Gabriel Cross, Mich-iel Ranb, Nathaniel Kelly. Dr s \ McKim. Chas Coimfiicn. K Fox, C W. White, James Staple*, licb'd Rothwell. I>rmuel .smallwood. Win. Kothweil, Geo Taylor. John McNally, Rob'i ! A Simms. Francis Ku kingbam. RichM Ross. O-bcrne Holland. M Mason, E H Hugues. Noah Shields. John Eckwert, John Jatne-, Wm Heron. John Hughes, David Evans, Au'I n Brooks. John liurhau, George Bumbrey, R b't Hamilton. T O Ports, Roderick Smith, Alfred Nelson, Henry Cnstard, Win. Jackson. Edw'd I'owell. Eafayette I^e, Wm JacHaon Sam'l Kobinsoc, Moses llarri?on. .1 no\ Dennis Harrison, George Carroll. Sam'l Ford, Geo Washington, Jesse Tolson, Ed Mat key. E Hughes. Mr. Holmes said that tbe committee 'hat b ti nnder consideration tbe resolution offered by him at the last meeting, providing that th** ward be divided into twelve districts, had agree! to report favorably on the same, and, on motion, the report was taken up and adopted. Mr. Holmes, chairman cf the committee io nominate permanent officer*. presented a n. vjority report ot the committee, signed by fo r members,and nominating the following iiarneu gentlemen: For president. Wm. Dixon: vice president, Henry better; Secretary, Nathaniel W. Evans; treasurer. C. M Barton; executive committee, J. 11. Holmes, G. H. MeKeynold-1, G. H. Better, J ? Martin. Josiah Gray, and George H I,angley Mr Holmes a?ked further time to report the names of the other seven members of tne executive committee. Mr. Barton presented a minority report, signed by himself, which wa? the same as that ot the majority report, except Mr J S Martin was ncinina'ed for president. Mr. C. W" White moved tnat the-ubject of electing officers be uostponed f*r one w?'?*k The Chair thought th< genUeman wa- not in order. Mr WThite.?1 move to lay the reports on the table. The Chair ?They have not yet been adopted and your motion is not in order. Tbe vote was then taken ar d both 'le majority and minority reports leceiveri Mr. Griffin moved tnat the repo-t signed by the majority of the committee be adopted. Mr Whit?- moved to lay it on the table Mr. J S. Martin arose, bat the said debate was no: in order on the motion Mr. White said be withdrew his motion tj j lay on the table that the subject might be debated. He did not think it right that a few individuals should elect offlers for the club Mr. Beron ?1 call the gentleman to order. The vote was then taken on tbe motion to lay the report on the table, when Mr. White and two others voted to lay tbe report on the table, and all the others against it. Mr. Martin said it had been his desire from the first not to have his name brought before the meeting for president, and he now asked that tbe minority report be withdrawn. Mr Barton asked and was granted leave to withdraw ibe minority report Mr. Griffin moved thai the report of the majority be adopted by a rising vote. Mr. Shiner hoped tbe motion of Mr. Griffin would prevail Mr Holmes said, as chairman of tbe committee on nominations be bad listened to all sides of tbe question, and thought Mr. Dixon was tbe best man for president Mr White said no man had a higher opinion of Mr. Dixon, both personally and politically, but what he (Mr. W ) contended for was that ttere should oe a fair expression of opinion, as many were present to-uigbt who did not participate in the first meetiug. He was in favor of postponing the election of officers for one week, in order that no one ahould be elected who had swung around tbe circle. Mr. Barton said he put forward the name of Mr. Martin at the request of manv working men, bat ne had nothing against Mr D xon, and had made up his mind to 6tand by whoever tbe majority should choose. Mr. Harris said he did not Know if Mr. Dixon was one of tbe men who swung around the circle. If anyone knew anything of the kind about Mr. Dixon he hoped it would be stated to tbe meeting Mr. Henry Better said he was one of the committee to nominate permanent officers, and he thought Mr Dixon wa? the best man He bad known him for years, and believed him to be a friend of the colored man. If he thought Mr Dixon had aay animosity against tbe colored man he would not support him. for the day had now come when the colored mail could defend himself as well as any other man. Dr. McKim thought there was a desire to elect officers bv ballot, he therefore moved to lay the report "of the committee on the table, and if that motion prevailed, he would move to proceed to an electiou Mr. Griffin hopecfc that motion would not prevail: a majority of tbe people knew Mr Dixon, and knew him to be a trustworthy man. Mr. Beron thought it was the duty of this meeting to show some respect to the former meeting, and adopt the report of the committee appointed at that meeting to nominate officers. There was no evidence that Mr. Dixon had swung around ihe circle. Was there any evidence that Mr. Martin had notswungarjund tbe circle 1 Mr White said be had not charged Mr. Dixon with swinging around tbe circle. Mr. Martin said he spurned the idea of sapporting Andrew Johnson after he had swung around tbe circle, be did not support bun after that, but supported the Mih Congress. Mr Efttbrope -aid be regretted that it should be necessarv for any man to stand np here In the Sixth Ward and defend tbe character of Wm. Dixon, but be could not ait here and hear remarks against Mr. Dixon. He nad known him aix years, and knew nim to be as good a Republican as ever was. Some time ago, when tbe election was held in this city on the suffrage question, there were tnirty-flve votes cast throughout the city in favor of negro suffrage. Seven or eight of those votes were in tbe Sixth Ward, and Mr. Dixon put one of those votes in the ballot-box in favor of universal suffrage. He was a friend of the colored man. and a true friend. Mr. White ?How does tbe gentleman know he DUt that vote in ? Mr. Lathrope ?I know it from the best authority in the world. Know it as well as 1 know 1 am standing here. Mr. Dixon is as good a Republican as any in this room, whim or black. Mr. Richard Morgan.?I will ask the gentleman it he himself did not swing around tbe circle some. Mr. Latbrope.?No. sir; nevsr. 1 never failed to say Andrew Johnson was wrong after he made that Mdof February speech. Mr. Hamilton thought there was some personal prejudice against Mr. Dixon, not political. His chaiacter would certainly stand Mr. Harris said Mr. Dixon was a sound Republican. Tbe vote was then taken on the majority report of the committee, and it was adopted? about ten only voting against it, and over one hundred voting for It. Mr. Harris moved that a committee of three be appointed to wait upon Mr. Dixon and notify him of his election; which motion was adopted, and tfco Chair appointed as sach committee Mr. Hutu, Dr. McKim and Mr.CW. King. Mr. King, from tbe committee to prepare bylaws aad rnles of order, reported the same, and they were adopted. Mr. Holmes called np his amendment to tbe eonstUation, providing for the election of two vko presidents instead of one; which vras adopted, and Mr. J. S. Marti a was elected as NtOBl vlco p res MOB L T?t orainitw e to infor a Mr <*>><>u jm 'k't'ion return* d to tae hall wo i *r l> id lOOOSVed Witt |TMl *p|)t???". mr. din on wap tf6v:?r(l u> v.4tu, au?1 ?P?M m fellow*: 1* U hardly BKMMry (a m; to to? :S;*.t y appear before you with unfeigned ta'ttfir'tno . *cr?^1 tJn* boeor which you ha to ( ?*>* P*"' M to - onfor npon mo * *13^'" 'orf1 to aitht that before the ?br<^e? #"*? oinh tcour nation'* p?tr> >t?. of Arm tieurte and tine to f r?-edom> impulse*, fttwrfd, as wo are gvibered to night, to roasui. in regard to tho maintenance of tbe truths embodied in that imrairtaj iDntrunttt known I as tho "Declaration of Independ-nce " Man?. 1 10d by sympathy with wrong, or from tear of , tbe ccn?equenee? of dome right. pronounoed thorn onomto* to r'**" *. or hnsty enthusiasts Very m my were tho pu.pbeta of evil. and you" tboso men woro nndiunted they triumphed To-ds\, ttio name* of MouifunKry, Aaa?u? and Franklin are everywhere re-ogm^a as tho watch words of liberty So, tr y mends, 1 am persuaded. wo shall icok ba k to tiir pooition 'hi* night with no Moth ct 'bMnt.or, he con:rary w--?hall remember with that wo woro among tho Iu>t in rto < tpuol of our conatry to dare pat in practical operation those groat principle* whirn th>- mo t jnst reforred to made tho <v a of the charter (.hoot of liberty Thooo principalis are The equality of m?-a before ,>or Holy <'*e.itor. :heir equal righ* to life. It her t> and he pcrsuit of happiness " their equal obligation ^io n.aint&m the burdens o; good govern* m*n\ and while maintaining its hardens to _tar? its privileges and ODjoy ito ble??mg*. I a?-se. through much sorrow and blood, have advaiiod to a true conqn*<". and stand to day ttie ir st or thought* oi thi- Republic. T>>ey " * ere many generations pass, coniiuer ihs civillz 1 world 1 bo 11 o v o those to ho :ho voices God s reavoaled word I b-ii-vetbe cop scion on on of m?-n. as individual* and ma?ses. -"oponds affirmatively tc h?m I he. li^vethe conscience ol Morth, Soatii. Fvst and W-?t < annot long resist thoir appeal With *uch convictions ao 'he?e -hall woaot be true ? The recent triumph of our friends in our si*tor town bid* us tw lirm Tho strange spectacle presented a: Columbia, Sou h Carolina. whore, the other oav. Wade Hampton. r?to a leador of oureuom e?. though inri uenod by iniptoper motives, sat upon a platform with individual* of tho raee so recently in bondage, g,v*? c#.w courage to us Mi* tone*, minglirg the tones of tho colored man tell ns to bo trno. Even (ton i^. u,*iv robol chi. fiain, exhorts his Jrlend- to faco the mnsic lilt* ni?n and march, as did his Yankoo conquerors on Richmond, shoulder to shonldor w ith tho colored man, to the moral battle fleM. tne ballot-box And n?w. bot another word. Mow strung* that those in this city who approve in soul :he?e noble principle# of right should hesitate u? :? j duty 1 bavo tb* satisfaction of knowing that very many of tho wisest and best men m oar community approve our ttaud as that of right and truth. Shall timidity and too grea*. prudence make such throw their votes for oppression and wroufc. a* contradistinguished Irom truth and the rights of man? I implo*s such to do battle for thr r Uht, that the? mar approval of a gojd couacienoe and I again thank yon for thu honor Web ho words of onr martyred leader, criuginr ,r onr hoans, "Malic* toward* none, chanty toward all; conscioua ot kind Idling aiono oward North and South, lot us forward trusting for victory, m tho Fa hor ol alt f iMf'v lix fth right. Mr. 1>. K. I'arkor ottered a rooolation. whi -h *lf adopted, that tbiM club will um* iu strongsc. tffort to secure to all offlce* of public traot mon of unquestionable loyalty, and who belteva that all men are created tree and eqnal General Hoyt, and Mr Anthony, of Kassa^ and Mr. King. o. the Fourth Ward, woro called on and delivered able addressee; attor which & vote of thanks woro exteud?d to the spoaaors Mr Holmes introduced a reaolution providing tor tho appointment of a committor of time to urgo the passage of tho hill before Congrots providing for certain change* iB the ci'v charter, so that tho Mayor's election would tak? place in Juno next: which was adopted Mr. Hixon said he inferred from a remark made toy one of the speakers that ho bad been charged with swinging around the cycle. Ho said he p.end gnilty to the charge H?i had boon swinging around the anti-*lavory circla for ?7 years past, f Applause J He was religiously opposed to ktavery, and no one could point to a single act of unkindnas* on hi* par; toward* the colored man. Mr. Dixou alsj stated that at tho special election bold soma time since bo was one of those who vou>d for universal suffrage, which afforded him grea: pleasure. * Mr. White explained his remarks made in the early psrt of the mooting, stating no did t'tfo ( *r- I'1*011 with swinging around A motion was made to elect five delegate* to the central association, which wu p ?iponed nnftl tho next meeting. Adjourned unUI next Thursday eight. The Jail?/? va*. *f rr\wrt.~Warden Hrowu. at the iail, has new in his custody bu' about 75 prisoners?a much smaller number than usual?and we are informed that but few commitments are now being made in comparison with tho number formerly made. One reason for the falling off in tbo number is that th? justices af the peace are, under the new law disposing of all assault and battery cases a law. by the way, which should be promptly amended. I nder it a magisirato is empowered to impose a flno lerr this class of offenses and the moment it )s impo-od it becomes a civil debt, on which, if over S5, a criminal is entitled t *\ocntlcn, and be fa re the fine Is collected he may net have property over and above the amount exempt: ?0 m the end he ia clear wubont coet. It may bo, however, owing to an amendment of the law Mxing {*e amount to ct nstltute grand larceny at S3.->, which will materially reduce the number of sentences to the penitentiary, that by convictions and sentences for pettit larceny before the season closes, the building will be crowded with po-tv larceny convicts. J *? . El ROPE AM MEWS. Lomwr, March 28?Evening.?It is announced that King Oeorge of < ireece i* soon to marry a niece ?f Queen Victoria. P?sth, Maicb -9?Noon?The coronatioa of r rancis J?soph as King of Hungary will tak* place at this capital in July next. Liverpool, March s??Evening.?The shin frodomk, Capt. Turner, from Now York on February 17, was abandoned at sea in a sinking condition. The crew were aaved sad have arrived at an Erglisb port. frL?K!H.r'' March *??Evening?A despatch from Odessa reporu a terrible storm in tho Illack Sea in which several vessels we-e wrecked with some lose of life. - ? I By Steamer J Londok. March 17.?Lord Stanley has ordered the English couaul at Belgrade to make representation* to tho Priuce of Servia to tho effect that the Forte, having ceded to the -tngumontsofthe groat Power*, and consented to evacuate the Servian fortresses, as well as to grant impor.ant cencesaions to its Christian subjects, it has now become tho aheolute and imperative duty or the Prince to perform his part by preventing the outbreak of any disturbances iu Servia It i? believed in London that the Sultan is sincerely anxious ut carry out to the le ter the concessions be has promised, and it is expected even that a Christian will shortly become a member of tho Turkish Cabinet. pKLGRADn. March 16.?In consequence of the advice of England, Prince Michael baa consented to proceed tc Constantinople. Roue. March 16.?The Pope has made most handsome satisfaction to tho United States in the question of the American chapel in this oity. The matter bas been satisfactorily arranged. and the Pope has also entirely explained away bis letter to Jeff. I lav is. Oenerai Kuius King will, consequently, continue *?^present the United States in this city. The Pope's army has already reached a strength of 10,000 men, aad it is still proposed t* increase it. It is in-ended to propose to the entire Belgian legion now returning from Mexico tc enter the Papal scrvice. Interesting News from Sew Orleans. N*w O*i kaMs, March 28.?The new attorn*Tue1.eraI Ule ?locted with Oovernor Hahn, a tenian, and an advocate of equal T **W. Jttayor merchant of twenty-six years residenoo, one of Mr Dorant s free seffrage committee. Many colored men attended tbe inauguration to-day Tho chief of police>will be Brevet Brigadier* Jenlate colonel of the litb United -i*^'^'fQjored artillery, and, tbe police will bo compoaod without di?tinction of color. Jadgo A.bell s scccesaor was a major on the staff of ueneral Banks, and chief of cavalry, and has sinca served as attorney for the freeduen'n Bureau. Another order to-day announce* a late act of the Legislature, coutinning in oBeo the preeent incumbents as provisional, eacep. for cases specially acted upon at hendquarters. More changes are expected. Solvkkt Pown or Moviso Wat** ?it is a proverb that the falling of drops of wnter will hollow out a atone, but experiments laielv made in Paris have developed eurprietn* re anlto. Pure wnter waa placed In a vessel contamingj some feldspar, and rapid meuaa was given by attaching it to tbe machinery Vf tbe Imperiul tobacco manufactory Th.M snli was tnat tbe feldspar was ranidlY -*-* composed aad the water became alkaline potash and soda being o?cover^dm it result Is thought to Indicate a no vol and way *o b?each linen. Salt wnte?^,";^?^ on the leldapar when submitted to tble maonT uon, and a new Add of lavestlgauon is by these experiments (^eologiecs will from It important coneeques^T^Tiia^S the action of the wivuVs s^h^ ? their action. roc" ^ " > - ^ 4