Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1867 Page 2
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TOE EVENING STAR kc Urttil CiicaltUti \i ut Dirtricl W . DH ALLACH. Ulltr ta4 Pr*yri?l?r. WASHINGTON CITY : SATl RDAV MARtN .trt, 1MT. /"rbadinq matter os evrrv pag*. SKS 0UTS1DK ro* INT KRKSTING T1L1e&APBIC AND OTHIR MATTER A* IMPORTANT ACQUISITION. It is btuctfU thx President commum- j Oated to the in its executive session toa treaty with kuasia by which that Power nrrtidrri to ike l'utt?d Statas the Sovereignty over all of Kalian America and the adjacent islands. It is understood thatths price to be paid for this territory is about *7.(MX' 000. The treaty will probably b? taken p next week by the Senats, sh >uld that body be convened by proclamation of the President, a* eema to be expected. The i?i?rtance of this acquisition of territory will be appreciated by reference to it? xtent and position. It covers 3M.0W square miles. and has about 7U|0i/C inhabitants. It conaprebenda all the American coast of the Pacific and the adjacent islands north ot th* parallel ot P'. extending some 600 railea. and nearly excluding British America from th-? ocean. l'i chief value lies in its fisheries ant 1 it? far trad*. The principal settlement is New Archangel. a town of about 1,000 inhabitants n the island of Sitka. Of the population of ikowian America about /iO.Co are Ksquimaux, and the remainder are Russians, Creoles, K.a- ! diock* and Aleeots. SOUTHERN VIEWS. That tfere is a wonderful change going on in the South is shown not only by recent publisher! letters and speeches of leading politic. an* in that section, but by the modified expressions of opinion on public affairs in the Southern press. Many newspapers which bat a sfcort time since were violent in their denunciations of Congress and the Kepnhli ;au party, have abandoned 'heir defiant at'itnd". and are now ccnn-elmg acquiescence in the will of the loyal people, as expressed through their representatives in the National Legislature. That this shows any real change in the *ea*iir?nts of the majority of the wbi'e people in the Southern S'ates is at least doub:fm. Hut It dees show that they be^rin to realize the fact that oppotituiu to the policy of Congress is the surest way to deprive themselves of all participation in the Rreat work ol tb aping the future of the South and that they themselves mud conform their action in a mea?ure to the altered circumstances brought about by the political and i-ocial revolution tLrouga which we are pas.-ing, or forever be deprived of all ' share in ibenewStategoveramentsto be formed, a* well as in national legislation. The newclass of voters will be a powerful element in I National and Sate poli'lcs. whi;h fact will do score thau au^ht e!s*? to break down Southern prejudice Those who aid in tbs work of reconstruction under the late ac*s of Congress only because it is expedient to do so, m iv, iu tims be brought ta aiiuer-ly favor civil and political equalttv. and do trora conviction what they now do from policy Such a change 0f sennmert would not b? more wouderful tnan that which ba- taken place in many of the ivioithrru States, and is uot improbable, in viewof the pre>?:.r atuude of many leading tioiitbern men What Northern mau, far I Instance, goes further than e.\-Governor ! Br wn, of Mississippi, who urges :&e acceptan e ol ths conditions imposed in the Sh-rmau bill On tbs people os the plea aconquersd people ba\e no ngb;a which the conquerors are bound to re peci; or, than Governor I'at. ton, who urged the Alabama Legislature to ratify the Coaaiituiioiial Amendment, and who now writes a loug letter counseling cheerful acquiescence in the terms of the mi'.itar7 bill ? He recognise* the rights of Con* Cress as the law-making power of the country, and says ?"For some nine 1 have been thoroughly cob vinced that too little consideration be* been accorded to Congress." He adds: "It asserts and exercises the right to control the whole question of reconstruction. While this bfc* been to me so clearly mam lest. 1 have sincerely regretted to Una such an unfriendly disposition toward it. It would have been far better lor ns if, be.'ore this, in accepting the national "situation," we nad made proper concessions to Congressional requirements. The antagonism between Congress and the Soutn? rn Slates has already brought infinite mischief i.pon us, and we will suffer s ill : more if it doea not cease. Our State should not be continued is an attitude of hostility to the law-making power of the Government. L pon ttir vital question our people should proiit by experience The events of thepast few montns ibow incur, test ably that persistant oppos.tion and abuse ot Congress entail upon us increased i exactions. Those who cannot see this, or will notacmit it are anything but wise and practical men.' AWOl'RNMENT OP CONGRESS lloth Hoosss of Congre?? ad.joumed a: noon to-day under the plan of adjournment agreed upon yesterday. The President and all the members- of ths Cabinet were preseu: at the A'apitol to-day. where the president wa? engaged in signing bills as they were passed by the two Houses. It is understood that the President signed all the bills ol any importance sent to him, including the Senate deficiency bill the TennttS'S Miliua bill, and the bit1 lorbiddiag payment by States t? owner; o' slaves. A COMPROMISE. A leading State Senator of Virginia, who cppc.rd the action of the Staui Senate in legislating for a convention under the military reconstruction b 11, is about, it is admitted. to ad\ocate a compromise of the white voters of that States with the coured voters. That is, to give the colored men the entire Congressional delegation it the wtiite meuare allowed '<*control the State government. INDIAN RESERVATIONS TO BE SOLD The Commissioner of tne General Land Office has reoeived returns of survey ot ths Com Creek ladian reservation in UcahTerrt- i tery. surveyed under the provisions of the act of Congress, approved. May 5. entitled an act to vacate and sell tbe present Ir;. dian reservation in U>ah Territory under instructions from tne Commissioner of tbe Gene, ral Land Office. The reeervati >na Is situated in tbs esstern part of Millard county, and abeut ten miles from K<i!m?re. The quality of the land is equal to tbe average in th<a Territory. There are two eet'lementa in the reservation known as Corn Crrek and Meadow Creek, the farmer containing about thirty, and the latter about thirty facaihea The lands under thiprovision of tbe law are to be sold under sealed >tda to tne highest bidder. I??a i a or S?watoe Kiddle ?Hon George Head Kiddle, Senator from Delaware, died m this city, at the corner of Fourth and 1> streets last evening, after a protracted illneaa. llu #ai born in JfewCas>le. Delaware, tn jQ|7t received biseducatioB in I>elawareCollege: and was engaged some years in the profeeaion of a surveyor, and located roads and canals in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. In 1?4? he was admitted to tbs bar, and received soon afterwards tbe appoin'ment of Deputy Attorney General fbr his aetive county, which be beld until IM0 From l-<51 to 1SB he represented bis native district in tbe House of Renres? n'ative*. aad W> IK4 waseteeied tothe I'nlted States Senate Mr. Riddle attained considerate* eminence as a lawyer, and was selected as a delegate te eoversl d*-mecratae national con\eu:ivs? He a was deecenSant, on hla mother's ude, of George Rend, of Delaware, oh* of ibe tigners of ths l>sc!arauon of ladependeaee. By Mr. S. P. Hauscom takes leave of the Te??aers cf the tC*puttitcm to-day ib a baudsome valed.vtory. Mr W'm. J. Morcagb. tbe 'jtitidw of tbe R'i ubilcc-u, purchased Mr* Ifa*.?com's iEter-st. and win coatiae the pob? lieat on. Mr Muriagb is favorably ku^wa In tbt? eommnnity. and has the be-t wishes of e Very ens for bis sac. es? CcnnmvSu ?Tbe Secate to-day confirmed ?* si polntmeot of GeneralSteedmaa to be tVlwor of luleraal Revenue for tbe 1st ^om..?aa District. OFFICIAL. ??r t\f rmidfnt A/ tk? Cn\t*4 gutt*t ^ A PROCLAMATION U Wbereaa object* of uiorNt to tk* I'a i ted States te^aire (bat the Sea ate *bou'd he oon. *ea-d at (waive o'cio -k. oa Moalay, ih< i?t day of April Beit, to receira andact dponaich cjn.municauoui as may be maj? to it OB ths pari ut the Lienu ve: Now. thereiore. I, Andrew Presi. dentd thai nt?e4 State#, hiveconsid red I U> be niy doty to uaac ihi*. my proclamation declaring ib%taa extrtordintry occas on rsqulses the Senate of the United S nie* to convt-n fur the transaction of bunuen at me C*| itol, in the city el *a,.hi?i?t-r, on M on Jay. ii.r- flr?t day of April n-xi, at t*,lve 0 clock o.. t at d*y, of wnich all wao shall at that <iD?b? enu l^d to act a? -nember* of that body are hereby required to take notice. (iiv n Later ir.y baad an I the seal of the T'iwu?d States, at Wa*hir.gtuE, the hirti?*th uay of March in the year of our Lord, one tbousaud eight hundred L. s j and <-ixty seven, and of the Ind^peo | dence of the Cnlted States of America [ the ninety-first. M tK ? ANDREW JOHNSON. By the President Wm. H. Srward. Secretary ct Stata i ? OOVKRNMENT SECIRITIES w AHHI?OTO?, Ma.'ch 30. 19t7. Jay Cooke & Co lurni*h the following quotations of Government sec unties. is . . .. Buying tolling V li** I0-7T L. S. > iVe T wentie*. 18ft* lWu ,((Vv 1 S. t ,ye l wentiet> ti64 liru iiw I S. t .ve Twentiee H X F w L1*'Jwm,11*"????AJ,j1,0S.|i? Hr* S.TM. torfe^ 9-h V* ,Y ? CTT*n I?"-"""' Anenst.... wr> \ L . S. S^\? c Thirties, June 105* llisi U. t?. Seven Thirties. July i(l5J la,^ >'BW YORK PIK?T BOAUD 9ALg? Conpon* HMO* <bt 1Z2 !'*$ '*?*> Angust.... iU 5 0 b iw u2$ :^e' ;,nc* ,us* ~'1J- . '"?\ /.3<i s, Julv insv #.*??. Jn.A-Jy,*88.lur % fJold i n * ? ? ??? , FINANCIAL. l/owis Johnson a Co, t^uot* Stocks anc Bjnds ip home and foreign markets aa follows N aw Yorr. Man b 3.i -1st Board_U. S. i-sl C opon f.s. ; do., 5 jos, ; | S v' lO-l.i^s, Coiponn, ; r-.tu ?, Canton ( ? 7tncl*m! *oal v? p,>rd- ?; i st a-t t, York Central K K. __ J' H Hiid^on River k K , ? KeadiajK K, 1.-^; /vlicb,Kan Central P p' ftiK b,*ai' ^"thfrn and K. lt.diana trai it i- 4 d?' *;'*racteed, liUua.a On. - V V-V Cleveland and Pittsburg K K . ' t hu-ago and >ortnwe<!ern K It i.>?. no. prefeired ?5^. Cieveiana and Toledo K Oow.ap""m"?! CHIBK til AKTIkMAHKB |)E"OT OK M'VSH. t>. T?'>._Bretet Hngadier tleieral C. H Tompkins, deputy auartermniter general I'* S. n?m\. has- bf?na> ljrced r .dutv at dei.ot ';narterma??er at W-,^hinrtor.. I#, c. Hreve* M Mt'OJe. quar' ^ and ?'h"r oflkers at present on da j i nii.c ed with lb* department, are il-trUtlWl to ^^po^t to tiim tor ordt?r^. nMIHAtS,MgimtI)1ItT Mlch,^r in charge of the ailsirs lately fupervif-ed bv tb- C'ommissixnerof Public Ituildiur* h... ?? ju-u.-edlWr Benjamin Ham, J sL p rintendent of ont-door vrorK -i pc?iti(,H SS""1" J-b ? iNTKRNAt RrvKjifr ?The receipts from tint, fourte to-day were -.',33.011, 46; makicg the total amount for the ween endin* to-dar aa &%sssi v, The regular monthly meeting of the w ash ington Correspondent's Clnb will be I held at the Tril,,,,,, r.>oms. t ourreenth street this evecmg. at six o clock. A toll and t unc- i tuai att#*Dd.'iDc^ jg r^qn^t^d. Cohf.rmeh.?The Senate, in executive ses. ?f?A ^*ur<!V' cw,,film,,<l the nominations of A. 1 K Sado.-d, of Nevada, as Surveyor i? i , ^ le I"robf iand. To be Colonel of th- n.t S lu^ntry. Ia P?,S \ . hagn.r to be Colonel V. S. A ?*?ter ?"Krom Shiilmgtoa. Odeou Buildii,z vre have 1'eadle s Ba^e.Ball PlsVer," /jnst thU?ag for the season, and -The Nnraery." for April, a monthly maga/.ne lor vooneest readers. Mof,DAV BAEDO Bec0r'^ 8IMMB3 ft W " 'j'? M'il'LAB A.Nhl'AL MBBTlNO Jiel.l at th. ir OBca corner ot Jth atrsst and I ni on. ^tVoc^kT.uLBUAI ui?; xno'8. J <?tBDISH.H? rp--M?D,CAL ASsOOl AT ! i M~?Th? se?TCrATIuM110# 01 ta' M??lfAuA3 0 SSSil?.?,WfcV-Co"';- " hso 2t J. W.H. W)VEJO).M.D,B?c. [rr\^kVfiiT ANWUAL miTlNO of lb. A B BOCI AT 1 ON*w 1 h1 b* ' *14^it {b? T*i: "A^ibdai rtA';?h biw.r;00iXk Pu " ir Lu^, niaTs* *[ ?o be pnnctu.l Pn mjtfal r KIDWAI.l. theT, nr5"-TWo HI MjRdi roDHG iCRTLIMgN e. *B Jiaaibar of Voul* L.liet on ,kiwr *?Ma*? i?,i? *io\5SKi'S5^ tffAitSiS;.''u".1,.'.?. "" t-." ~*t >s r.d!' mSIT) uft.7????g ??r*oii8 f t th* duties of l.u Ac V > -U k"U' Tearbers. Co?> r?r??(iV *L ho,,r? Of fn-tract I OB are ranged t<? ?uit tbe c< iiver)|#nee of tbo*# ?lre%dv u a>p,#,m^Dl wKo b?Tc a.y* nrt? Ib2 foi ?r #f,'n'ri*- April claaiias are now orm* ? mb :? ? i* on 8a*URDA1 IVBNIMU.'the S th lust , at 7.36, to eonaidi rand take action on a communication from the Grand Royal Arcfc Oi-ap a ii? ? ?' >1 the District of Ouluabia All ci nipHDioiii*' 0.iid <Jhap;er nte rf*4u??ted in t?" pre-hBt. by ord r *t the M. E H P 11.0. HOIIS, ? 8ecr*tar>. 0T?"TlONNOB?.,r? s ('HBI?TIAN ASSOCIAi.Iik ;. T J ii Bistnbi r is eipected to co to W ?t woodward Hall to nl^t. KiSja'.VB.' snd for other psrr-set.' will be session ?. ?k' ^fyviiSbAY ?T U OR*" Mb ^ " ? V OTRB. gecr. tarr (T^- MC8IC. POETRT. FT HE ABTdToRAHn L>-3 Comi|n?tion Ixblbitt.a a? wJ5 " , 2f ? f^ts ChlMren lO^enu**' TT* D,? W0T FORGET TBE SXHIBITITN D~ . Of .Plandld T.tws Fll<toiical Hrrlatuial g?%r BawftaHaffS3? tw?. u 10th Bad nth ' rmm jJ'jj ? *SljS,?'^'^ ^aaSaa^.Ssi^SSf.'1" a.V,.,.?*"1 *' Asisassrs having completed the *rrrsl foT lM: w'11 "tV.a boTrd .r fro* the Iftth'laatilat'tirjrrHi c^'*cl1i0**' days excepted i at ** * '" * ll B sach dsy W*rt *1?B.froui?B.? to By orWsfUie^President Hot) f? l.wU>1 piABOB! PUB O sTT " ?:Tr}n,zz\r^"** |JBAi>BCBir B BUPEETpiAifoJ wagfegig,,,aarmsag ^ great barj:a*B U 4 ? ? ? 3 Oh rsn?s^s*; ?*VrL|A ?t f^QLP |?a?ft?A M?> asMrtasat of OoU P*a. tur-?wwr CONOttESSlONAXi. * - SatchDiv, March M. Saw at*.?Mr. Mori 111 (*.. ) called on the FouM bill rvtkorliidr M'P <nti&ii of 'he m*<cbwn of <be Otpcol by the Sergeaat 41. ArntolitPiwo Hourft, tnd autbor<7iu< tD" selection ot a uniform and arm* far tb? ijtoiuii Police. v Mr Oonrflinsr offeredan amendment that all monies appropriated for tb? Waeninrt Aqueduct or c'ber publlr work* in th* (>,? r.ct of ( oln*n*>?M hhall I* *xpended underthe di> rtgum1 ol titr hecretar> of War Adopted The.bill ?i? ttirn pu??ed Mr SaiilAhury offered a ronrurrrni rpnolnLnSIVPndJ" th' ?t?" uliouram-ut ?I ibMwaHoB.Hlai.o-clork. which w*? unJ?. ,or ,h" purpose of afforjiuc time lor the Ml Ver* of r.-mark, on ihe d-:? h rlilTnr?,< r "na h*' PAsaa?e ?< the us u tl rwnutuag Aflffr uiiD<?on th? resolntoa was ad a-ide itiiorrual y Mr CortoU tailed op the bill appropnatinc ?*.fiOO for the National Soldiers' aud Sailor's Horn? Pa??ed Mr Wil-on < fTered a concurrent resolution providing t ?r tbc Hppo ritincnt of a j?iut committee ef hix to make a full lurestirauon 1 1 re. gard to or? nance Mr. Wilson said tbe substitute off-red hv b m bad fc< eu uianimoueiy ax rood on b7 the UoomitteF on Military Afl?irs. The eubitjtnte of Mr. Sfil-on wa* alopted Mr. Saalsbu.y asked |e?v. to w.thdraw his n-rolution proposing 10 ex'. ad ib- time of'Ke"'f1a,e'",f tion 'hat a c ?m?" > <? Mr Edroonds offered a resolution, vhib w.?f adopted, eon tin o inn an ihe bills 0.1 the call i.der 10 ibe next het-sion. M: Sumner pave notice that he wonld c tll *p ,s the I,ret Wednesday July "" b.ll tj rV<l,strvM,VM?lsUffr','?' ''J'- I'uiu fi Ms,m Mr Sumner said he u id reason to brieve there would he a quorum preset o that day, a, there WlluM ^ <jf JJ ?* Public importance demanding attention k Tbe bill fo pay Dr Hoy iiton. Chaplain' of the Houjp, Whs aiiien deri and pi^aerj. s.-fsioL^* 'he w#nt iclo executive Hooaa?On motion of Mr. Steven* , p? h! :"cH?t,on art?pt-d yesierdat . a.itnor mr the lioorkeeperto r-tam the meP?eBc?r?"o em* ploj during the recede, was ho constroed i- 10 include the pace? 011 the flcor Senate bill to amend the or<a?.ir act of f .1 orado Territory tak *nup and oa^d Lia'J b,!J appropriating to provide puI'hcercond {Tr^.lf,^ ""Proving of tti* pu< 11c g.cand aroui d the Capitol wa? t^se.i ^irm:aamear" ,0 ".II a 1Mb on xV ? ,k aPP?'?tment of ter ain watchm?*o rti 'd forother purpoires, wan taken up The S?naie amendment directs tba? all moner for thl im proiemeiit of the Wa,b,nE n expended under tne direction cT fhn Secretary ? v r wT?** ?rn?-nc1mf ut wa? agreed to bl" "ppropri turg <, (?*) f,,r ttje'snp. ? 1 , l'ar of 'he Na'ional Sctdierg n sailors Orphans Home, |U the District^of ('V lumbia, was parsed 1 01 ?Jr,?Ati?BT''a*'*J,s,Ui received from the PreMder 1 cT vr zsmszrs. ;^.Tv.rr:^r?wjr*irr 5,'7g,,J an-r ct hls objection* to ;he foriher pn 1 iiTment'of ?#commrn^e "r^^oSfpair "P" reirame o? Hie ia?^- s.-nator Kiddle ? h l h,> w?s conc urred in and J ?"'Vb" > ?me 'lit N ! holson. UeT ?O10f/hrt *^rth r lnd ,. and Benton, (N |j )alT')JP't') pointed the on the part ? ^ ? member ?r ihe .lorn- <Ym,miMee or Ordn-n,V Mes-rs i..iaiB v., Rnd Brook/ v v were appointed a committee to war ii.,n? ,V Pre-Ident aud inform tb:,t the h aboa; to adjourn, and ask him if hf' V'lrt * ** tonber commiiiiicatione ** d anv I i>#? h >ur ol im hrv rc irriv?/i .l,, . declared ne Hon.-e atljournw ?ntM rhP"?k"r Wednesday in .fnn?. and w"hZ h " * 1 hers a tafe journey borne and a haonr'f rr'"m" w.jh their tarniliea. ^ Kuiiioa \\ M KMIBBCN'S PUNOg-n.i^ " store; will be sold low b*f0,? r f : "* uwgmt /'BIOAKAT instititt* . on^tactiy ?^Jkeo in th* In.tltnu ?nl ' lohM tt MADAM 1?'I1EETIlLY, Prlaca., 4tSfj rnmrmmtmrnar Jur rINK OILj^AINTIMOB. ??urt of Qu^a ?!i/%bMh ,? citinf Macbeth " Inmi nlate ?'o-r??f|l?0 L" '* n" ? barltv Oataksill M works of art. 00 shIMMnn aSdVu ^JHIOKKKIHi. ^ BOH S BKAUTirOL PIANOS fcjb ? fnrn M Stock :n ?#rf lar^e, e((,kraci?* e?#.r? t|>l? scale, an I fi aim which I ut. r\t *,.11, ' coart- tor 071 o*l? 4? h?ary di,. T'-raia a* - j , as I bav" to nove "b W2t JOHN F KLLIS C"EIAGES CABM.OI8, 5ud h;'?0. Haslne?a W,,'WK .s: 6^'.?.,j.,rrV.r,1r.,r: r.?t ? i B> pairing done ?t rea?nsMa rat*. "tack. ?/? > ?_ , JH A BBO., IB is ?< Fanaaylvaala sT*ont, ho 1 4 7? nth ?tre?t. lis ,0B1A" afife 1 be largest and bast coilectioa of KOeBS com?rl?lnc Baa Scented Mo ^stte Bengal. Persetual, hybrid m^2' H. nttly Mhss and Climbing Ecses Ai?? ??" n".^'"i'.T,;",'.vJ rr -z?fsi ^T COST^ BBLOW CO.aT, ANP ^BOVK COST OKOBGI J. J0BK80N A Co SKVlaiTB ST.. < r? ?elllii| tba.i eollrs stock of DRV nnnna at cost, below cost aad ahovs aost OOOP8 faautlftil all aool MOLSLINB st?rt. Small fig ir.*d all wr-ol >>e 37ltf * ^LargalotBAfK UMBBKLLAS, w.rthfu.for Large lot Children's IIOSB n>; Si lend id yard wid? OOTTON . Ii' Wuhatbar cheap aad dsslrableu o,i-. tu So y f^LOTHIVG ^ fo? t H? rBlCK ONLT. MABK1D IK I LAIB FI9LBK8. PBIMO SUITS roa WIS ASD BOfS. NBW OOODS BVBKT WIEK. 2t. 0*0 O hknnihg. 2* cor. ,th st. aad Mart land ave. ^HOW^THIS^ t? rora lady vbibnds. Oaod <tnalit> of Ho. 4 B1BP0U, of all .bad,,, at bl a piece,! 12 yard pieces.) Tbe largest and most carefull , sel* .took of FAKOY AUD MiLLiNBKY U00D8. Ol THE I.AltSl ST\ / f.S, SH I PES an J SHADES ar ASTOKJSltlXGLY l.OW PH ICF.S At I L. BLUET'S, 439 rth street, between O and H sts. <rn* aioars north of Patent ni ll>T B*C*I VlDPik hTSAMBB~A~>' i ?Mpriiof f ???* ? WAHb. wht * f*,?" So;?:.1*" pBOJpi MOTS. BA1SIHS, FIGS.CDKRaivr'a V-, Ac., to salt this jarUcsUr J?' ~ al|t Plu* OM?*T " 'IWti FOB A 0OOB r ?1 .'v air ol BBlTIoH BOOKS. Gent *man5 nV ami SBUitd aad UBAlTBBS. at ail ??n.h w Ha $06 tth at^ rjOAi,. I BOB. ABP OIL, or the Pr^TT^T^ ?lal^r2liner^5fl.* ?B,d* te ear iui^Si tSH2tf!^T?Slfcy aaaieroas aspandllu^ ** ; 5?KW TATLOB. A MIBIOAB OOLB. 8T001S~^d"i,TJSS ? boaght on eeaalsslaa at the Bev y,!JF 9J ^StochB^s. Q^taUoas ?;nlTa?r^^! UTU LaWU J0MMg0ILtS0 Baal sea. 1 WT u W?fiSM net,,, TKLEQKAgHlCN EWS7~ FROM EVBOPI TO ?AT. (B) (Jab to tho Associated Praaa } Lomwi, March .V?No-> ?Aiaarican -*onrare id nqo?i Hd op-a at a cons d-mbl% *<!vMr? Illinois Oea rai,79?, \J. 8. 5.) fa, n *; Erie. r??x UiKKFUKT, March30?Noon ?U. 8. bonds. 78 X I'ARia. Murcb 3??Noon ? V S. bond*. 6I\. LohiOK Man b 90?Noon.?Con?ols, 91 Jq . IiM KurtKix.. Mar t - Noon ?To" cotton n lit-1 ih e<enoy and qat*1, and at th? op**bii r | nces ?rf unrhm gee. Salea f> day wi I i p o -bly reach H' (H.0 ?ales, Uplands. 13=v: u;!'ai>f. i:?s *' I b* br>a i?'uffe market it gener illy without < hat y<>;ccrn howerrr. hts rater in upward turn and i? quoted to da* at 6d higher Klonr, 2?s 9d ; W heat 13a Sd for M<lwank>?> red aart nrrber. and 13 m. fnr California whi>: Tore, 3!* 01 for m.xed Wfgt, rn; Bar ley. 4s0ri.;0?ta,3i61. Provisions?p?rK d-c 1 n d considerably and i? n ?w quoted at 76?. l-e f decl<ned to 1>1? 6d. pe i t>bl; Ba^on 49?., Cheeee, 90a.; l.nrd, 5k.

T??e produce market is e^n^ra'lv quiet. Spirit* 1 urpeutiua advatced 3d , sale? at :;??3d Scotch pi|r Iron declined 6<1 ; sales at sis fid kpecir Soiij Oat. ISav. York, March rto?Theon'ward steam- . er. ti -day mke tbe following amoun'a of spe <1 . Tity Of Washington, S'4.500, Ha ra^mo, . <ii idiac Mar *i5UU*) I_ PI A NOB. ?AM K9 W. V08E * CJ 8 PI H<>9 1 hav?- oiitv ron of thene a-iperb Pi# o<? "Al t" * lo M' fe vff'-f' d at ba'?a n< t>- f.. *'T| *11 r ??1i < JOHN r. rtLfS raW-lt SOU P*an avenue. rear I0?h at. / KObGK M GUILD A I ? '9 Hf'PIBB GOLD MEDAL PIANOS. fvelv nr* io store hi d for sale yery*^^^^ t l> a be me BiOvlbK. JOH* r ELLIS, 306 Peunaylvanta ,ne m 10 it near loth street IVOT1CB ? Bee HAKKIH A <o B NEOTRKIO la SOAP for wanhlog 1 'lotbiM. a< ft ht? baeu I Ti vpl bv actti?| te?t that one f <oa t iseaua t i t?oa u ( n*? tin f pi.nn l? ?.f bro * >%p h>i4 e i ir i nut?-. <? b< t io la.inrt* th* fl e t fabric T ? it aa<l ' i* cm. viii' e<i i. Id bt all Qrornra H <? 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THI SPKINO Or l*?t.7 Me.??nre? raketiatid Garments made ta ord- r at t?> y I,i* fl -tir ' re< ivi NEW GOODSueatiy erery ue k dur u g <be 1 UMi.'-is seat' n. OKO. O. II ENV f NO na -9 It Corner 7th at aud\ laud Arenac. rjk*Al BAhUA1MB IN VI f> T H 1 y Nice tt?bfrsable t?PBING SUlTatroui c'.'up, Men a l AVTblrom Jl.'llap, P AaT PANTS an !o* aa .%1 25. V i<la< k F o? k and fark "LOTH (. OATS, U.a> k Dl'ISKiN PANTd, very low. G\ KBCOATS at 9s so, Wll iTK BH1BTP at 8i 23, CALICO .-IilBTd at 7..centa, Hi- KliKK fcli 1 BTs at SO c< ota, PAPKB COLL ABB at l^cebt- a box. And a lar.t aaaortment of DBA WBB8 CNDBB8U1BT8. KKOk TIK8. BOCKb, Ac.,at L. BOSKB BIBG'B, NEW YOBK CLOTIIIHO 8TOBK, 493 71b atr?at, between D and I -ta, m ?_6t* Washington, D. C. |>BOPOBALB rOB^^TTLl JOB INDIAN DC] ARTMB5T OF THE I \TI1 OR,/ > . ..? . ^ March 27, lt<7 < prpval. will be received np to the UCh day of M - y. lb 7, at the oftc? of U B Datituati, SapTin tn 1 etit of ludlan Aflaira f?r the Nortberu 8n??rinftn<tency, at Oaaha Citi, Nebr?i?ka, for tha d. In cry at Ooiaha City of tkf follo^la^ Block r tt'a towit 3f 0 he *<1 ot Milk C?wa for tfc. Wiaaebafo In !iuiia oc?D|i>iLg a ra-emtidn la Nebraska 300 h?-ad ol Mi.k Cow? for ta? g^tM BloTTx In diaiia occoaylpg a ron?rratloa at tho mouth 0 tb* Niobrara. Nebraska 300 bead of k ilk Cowafor the Tancton Sioux Inc# u?rit'g a reservation >n Dakota l' O hrad of Milk Cewa for the tfinaba Indiana, 01 c'ir > Id- a raitarratlon iu Nebt tska. >10 h. a l of young American Bulla. .{? head of Beof I'att'e, < siaers.) "be Cow* ami be of gcod <jnality. Atnerican br-ed not less than thra- nor u.ore than s- ven re-raold. Cow- with >ood. r.alvt^. ..rcaw? wifj i ' alt, will },*prefi rred. Dry cowl wt.i not be re reived 1 he Bulla rnnat tA- not less thaa three >earaold, and the Beef C.ittlo aat less than four y?-ara old. barariatamlant Deuman will bava the right to re.act any orall the bida; alao tba rieht to r.iert al v or all the cattle if be deeuia that the cattle 'ieltvert'd are not of th-.- required character Superintendent Decman will be authorized ta >?ceive the aaid cattle and to give \oocb?ra to tba partieadellveribK thi cattle, to be paid at the offceof tba Cauicniaaioner of Indiana Aflfaira in Wa^blagton city. Tba tin e of the deli aery of the cattle will be Jeteramed by flnperinteBrient Denman.wbo will alao haia the power ta change the place of delivery, w tth the consent of tbe contractor. Good and suWrlent benda will be repaired for tb<-fnithfnl fa1 tillment of tber0a|rart. Bids wi.'I not be received f. r a leaa number than the total number of cows and bulls oalled far. ^parate propoaals, heaeaer, will be re e'vad fir O.e beef cattle. O. 11. BBOWN ISO, tub 30 Secretary. II ATS rOB TUB srBlHfl WEAB. The Brcaduat atyleBILK HATS. r-m \ "Oiik Man 'e SILK HAT. \ * New and beautiful shapes HATS aad CAP8^^ for )outig men and boys, in Kelt and Cloth. B H. STINRMEt/, Hatter, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, nib V' lm near eoraer HtU street. L^OK BALE?A larae lot < f Old BOTTLES of all T kinds Apply t<i 8 CALVEBT FOBD. Druggist, No ?90 Penna av. at It Bargains ih hew and second band PIAMorOBTEA. PABLOB OBGANS, 1 AND OTHEB Mf'blWAL 1NSTBIMRNT8. MVSICAL CARD EXTRAORDINARY. | As 1 bave but a few daya to remain In my Store, I ofler my immense a toe* of PlANt)S,_-a?PABLOB OUOAN8. MKLODEONSBPB MI'SIO. Ml SIC BookH. and all Mnalral'H 111 ! iDitrnaeute. at greatly red?red prloe* and on easy monthly paymenta. A call i.< re^nestel. JOHN K. BLLIS. nib 2S St 30b Pean. avenue, Bear l?th st. III AVE KECEIVBD a tiua tiaeartment of ITreacb and Domestic BONNETS. _ LEWIS BAAB, 93 Market Space. ENGLISH AND GEBMAH READ TBIMMING can I* had at LBWIS BA *B d, Market Space. FLOWKB8 and BONBBT FBAME8 ?Tbe , rirkest aaaortnient et PLOWBBS and BONNET FBAMBB caa be found at ' mblltf LEWIS BAAB S. i MILLINEBY.- MBS. BOCK WOOD"haa" re- i moved to Bo. 4 34 1Mb atrae t,< Piant'e^B I ilufldlng ) where, la addition to her n^nal^^B atock of SEASONABLE MlLLISkK Y.3^ may be tpnad a well selected assortment of ST.lI'LE and FA NC Y U QQ f>.s. mhlilm* , M?? J*- 8PBNCEB CALLS THE ATT EN tlon of tbe ladles of Waahington and \1 ctmty to her opening of SPRING MILLINERY, 5lf On TDEBbaY, April sd, lfcti7.Ho IT, street, between Peana. aven a and Catreet Preae ntAklBg promptly asteaded to. m 28 It* Piano coter* amd stools, PIANO tOYEBS AlfD BT00L8. PUBOOOYEBB AND STOOLS, PTANOCOYIBS AND stools, COVEB8 AND hTOOLS, at coat pricca lor a few days only, orevloaa ta tnov '"v ? ? . JUHW r. BLLIS. mh 28 3t 30B Pana a?. a? ar 10th at. I\ ?^ .^?*a? ~Ananal of Scientific Discovery Waiu't Sl^ul si >iapl??e PbOaographer, Welte' Brery Man Bla Own Lawyer, aaw editioa. M<aby aao bis Maa 1 itlaaw. Bracks Maw Book s & KLf asr 345 M UBHB50M""e*rd ^8"? Jast rece ived and for sale by J B BRYAM A RBO . 313 Pean-ylvaaia avea .e ah 2|-aotttf Oppoaita MetropoUUa Uetel. Affair* la Ot?r|pt(wa ? *?* ' tii'?A!>ui -Attb? M-rcfc> k>rtiai|? Ik norniuc pr cn w ? - ** inHlation o( u ittrmc* ri* buebeia Of cor?, * a-atJI at SLftfa? JoN,:? extra.Utf bbia catextr., N|W,Mlll|. Ii?>|..(l ,t *road *rr w,*LTrHT.b"J 8*ieeor?,*)ehukiiiwki-e e rr? OTtjtW; 3,'*A> fecabHa >?' i? orn 'u4 ?i 1 H: : o taieh* k rtiTTH^d c .rn 5?", ri hiv f * per ton:I.TQO bu.bels ra?al I 3; |50b> rale ir.Klwrow floor fw, 100 barrel# mddiiors $ : *7** .If* 10 * * fan,"7 S16* te Ibtairaler** quantity of ?r, .. ont~?*? * A'ltnC transport* ion 10 'hi* market, '{ mi. b ee tbia morning indicates ^ <<?<-id>-d imp aaei t. Thy attend\a # w large, * r*e 1 f U?e week bavng increa-ed ton aad nl lire fc'irwr man at wrn n ?y? f? rr orO?itorr?w> -Ulear-d-s Sooner ,f noch, Haj nin, matter, tor Accoraac. V ir i glnta. . T.HB ^ At?Tbe boat# Arrive slowly The following regtata?*d at the collo.'t ir * orti e ' Tbe M rrieon, wi'b corn, L Sanhop^. arm wood ano potatoes to market J n.* wi'h w itod, to Pet-it Mtrtl md, ro^n and f wleat. t? B. Taibot The ftlarv, lirh . ?he j Nn an j. Cn*i and Wm Cider, wuh *?r?? t? ? coal to the (Vntral Co. rbe folio?,n< bnre arr>?ed l.nt *ht? not ??? ri rec-Wei | M?r,'?y* Krrf A es I wun s>i,ndr ?. ihfS?t.?.n wns corn, to l?art>y ALKXAMUitia lTk*a.?Prom tie t* of w?* ?- l?l? t0?- lollo* 'lie 1 Jr{.^J**''*. wbub ww let tu'otbe AieXaa fbis raun"ni' i-acb-4 iDie .it>, and M now f0*r fe-t d-ep m mt'ha'tUii?,^j0rrra?.b"0CC,,,T*" ,n h*"k. ,f : no* .* a?. ?* acu-1oct. "P *? '?* tl n . ~h *D "toward **en invo C - ot several cir*r>e 1 supp d *? C mb r lai d t r to is- p?r: & ?%?? been received b?-re and boete lire eapecn*d toarrtv<*.>a Sunday u-\? fhi iT'. "w,,b* v"r,ous '"kiiic -born, o? t * I otonmo have f#fn i^rioiiiljr ?ir*rrupT~i t|*e :en a/kahiy t?i tt b ipr-? torso a tin<e p?r, , ;Ue w.,?. T ^ ?-o far. h<s h^eu \rry unprxri abito m. si t>( ti oee mnoerued n. it Kiaht-rrn-n t^o.. xpenance much difficulty th,s .rilPUU In" ubramin? htmis. Aa adjonro^d .ueetm* of the ntr CJoun^il v ?- beid laal1 Uieut. ta ii-n, iu joint ' ' "o N.nrd* proceeded ?o < -mpl-te ta- el tion of city officer*, wbich was done, gri-h tde H:riVhnmiK,r^ard'C8- ot H-tl'b. 5 f>ffie?rand ItrapenfTof M -Heme tne-?. w? re ciefe-rr#?d fo ftuber m^ inc Iti# era.?.! tha- Mr. W.l.tam Bro ?ka. the . uper n VLU^Dt of ?bf?4Tt>veriiTiie-nr woo l yard ti. *ifis city, bat- resigned tua poaition I lie wood corrtfd at !b<- wood ytr.l wa- ve-u*rdav tntaaurrd by ^oiu?t or Colonel ei\ V'?>r: and J,h!lt will appomt Mr Itiooit pncceesor en'bBMaetic meetinr of Irish citizen*. and those who 8ympa'bued -.vitn tu-in, wa, ? ?k.\ ' " d-hip Kuruie llouse last n-sb . for the pur|K>ee ef reorrnitTinr the oi l ? ircb. at d ctuiterruig loge her upon tbe coi.nition of Ireland. 1April terra of the Comity (?onrt of thi? coi n y. commences on Mondar. tie 1st of tbe ^ J-'stifM to sit durmr tn? terra are Lewis WcKei 71-. Bcb. rt Bell. J k Johli?o1 I. 1 Taylor and (' W. Now and 1 e agents-of tbe Amc>.k?*ai \V??rn? in N-w F who w. r. in thl* city ve^erdav. ofered 10 fur*, h the K lendship f ir- <\.m Witt aural clats Steam Fire Ku?tne :-r 1 J.'iLiari,\*'* ot f,s'1 at tt^htown continue '^^^^^r^cea^^main at hufh ures. GKOR ;KTOWK AhVKK MTS J AM Kb il \ *a?iLYS. ~ L?D:E4*^\ Gkntii vibn'* C^| T'ABII 10b' A BLK BO?"T AKD SilOE VLl Malik No IOO lUph street. Georgetown D C. t ?md I1' ,h E*??k*l?bin?a? warraatad iiXAVjyrjzr' *"?? *?K?rf. atJ CVlfrirH I*A1 ,*v?l* -Jo.t rereiv?4 at 1 . . '"I lirM(? >trMi. Ororiri i?. J * lar? e ?to k <>f Ocrinc ?tid Su mtrUjoii' ^>irVr r*,n ,h'1 1 ?s' s 0 U ^ *n1? C iliri ta lit i #1. i' la* ; reaita B e? aid Utbl-a. be<! ?q".|iu?". |? j|." j 's_'8. aurert. i Slilriiaa. > oeata. a' n?I." 1 ^ Oloth.. Ca-^inier?* and l??i| in^- | J? Pb%?N filove-* H fit r * i ? ??r ?<> ? haw bwn VSJ?k" -d for , cn*l.?u cube recent dec'ine and creat bar?linl 1 n.a> beexpecud b> all ?h, ma> f'eor u7l5?h" n,h BBIl ramw MfLLCE W*l H WBI&TLII> PKIUIOU aratM DYEINO AND ? LEI* VlSQ *LM ? EST ahuiSHtt INT K*t?bM?had In fjTfi?1 "0I1 O-owiowa.D. o. Me^W..10 ?*? ?- uoiTf9iTatrrh ?nai!nir8 ^ "">8 ?U kind* d?ne in tue bert tbVsML^jd *"r? "Uh Lock ??* Ko *?0 DRY GO0II8. <S-,-. 1 HK LA KG EST STOKE IS THE CITY Til E P.K9T OOOD3 AT TEE LOWEST TBIOES F-IB8T OPENING OF TM* 8KA8OH. GBEAT BABOAIHS KBOM AOCTION Twentr cut BLEAOHSIi COTTONS of all the well known brauda from 12 centa ap Fifteen bales BB-'WN COTTON at factory ?rica. SB EETIN03 of all widttia Rraatly reduced Tei ca ea BlAUTIFUL PBINTS of the best makes. DB1B8 G0VD8 1 DBES8 GOODS ! I Of etrary leacri?ilon, fn great variety, from tbe New York Auction aalea. 100 ?iacea BLACK SILKS Tram ? | .40 per yard ny- vary cheap. Great bargains in BOISZK KEP1NG AND FAMILY LINBN GOODS, All troa Aactlon. PABIS OASBMBBB, B HOC BE AND PAISLEY S^UABB AND LOBG SHAWLS Of the Lateat Deaifaa. GBAND OPBN1NG or CLOTB AND SILK SAOQUBS AND BASQl BS ?f our vwn manufacture. ALSO, GABMBNTS aaade to order at SHOBT NOTICE. 1 000 PABA80LS, and SUN CMBBBLL1S la endleaa variety. Aa arly call ia reapectfally aolicited. LANSBCROH k, MBO , No. did Serrnth street. Third door above D atroat, ?h g It Iatalilgen. er Bulldiag. t^BLLlNtj OFF AT COST. tecV'o't*'11,1 rec*iT#<l onr new ?<! well aalected MILLINEBY GOODS, Li AC BS, ( cart and in. I tat ion.) EHBBOIDBBIES, DBB8S TBIMMINGS, BUTTONS, Ac., Ac , And baTinn, inaexpe. tedly, to mova by the 1st of May. we shall aell our BNTIBE STOCK. FBOM TBIS DATB. AT CO8T CALL AND SEt'UBE QBE AT B&BGAIN3, B. LEN/.BEKG A CO., 46 Market Spac .undar tbe Ar- ua Bouae nih *'S-ln r ^ I BEAT BU8B FOB CHEAP DBY GOODS." I bavejust received, at lift p.nn, a?na# b-. t*eaa Wk aad ?>th atreata. large invoice. ?f dbt goods, csBiiding la fart of? F,ll)aValS*0 Tow*U'OT#r 'ard 'on*, for 25 eta ilSBwwiffissr " >*" ,*-?JJ.f?X,1S}SS,lr '??' '?? ""taUrtayf" Bleacked and Brawn Gafttot.a en eedmctr che? r MOkTBUTH. _ M ... IU r*oaitlT?nl? *JI bet wee a LfUi and WkaU. 1 PKR.<ONAL. tgg*??iw??m. j ?' c ctrartMt 2F?R ?!2F 4 aki* itr?iss^* whf4?^t ffijr-'$&b*74 ww^tfc Br' dws> *>' ?? Mtl MAt #?. oLl ? *~ B., , R MTfaiSit mM3f * ? ' ? >. ?*A tk.UMi. ? k*l?"lOM4Miir?,t, (JPAbiNG or 8*?s*^A>p?C?Jt*fc|HL MOK ? \ T, A PAIL 1. LtdV. fySLh^V"* r**'* lf""' ? *? * L*4if ?. *ftftltlb4U* *B<i f| ^ toneru?.? lM*frk*iw??|?ttiiiM?( Cttt>ri HtU T rwirm lid I ntrl??*l Mtr??a f. r ^# ? In. h ait? will flblblt at A?r Rtewui If ??? A1UB1H ITkkiT & I OO *! mtm v HA r.L. TVkAT1?* ' **Z ?* ?-depart ueaU a* r ttn?4?? X T . thl ;? ?*< u* j\| *U'*' * ' DIM) Lt l?4 Llitiiif H ..Vr ." * * ?P*n a 1.1 Sr?rj for ~~ - ~ " ? _ ,. ALFRID SI'N'IK, - "* '20 < P?in< iruii?y? ly/SiE?*?. trot" ai "v~ 'r^-ffrsa ttIIV r.*' '"i*11**! U) < ?>l ,rt . .?>! and to-, brnioii!? .* f. 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