Newspaper of Evening Star, 30 Mart 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 30 Mart 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. lqoaIT news. ~ iMUUMI!(T&. Ac. TO VISIT. Wall'* Nkv vjiua honw.-La?- n<ghtaf Mi*s tannj Morgan Phelps, who will a* '-CipiW.V' iu <he dramatization of Mn jsoutbworth's celebrated Laager story of "U' Hidden Hand. >at!??al Thiatir-John E. Owiif ia Solon SbiBfle" and Married Llh." Huci|bt. M*t'*atiTT Hall ? Last night of the great American liumotirt, Aif. Bnruett. Wooi>? atid Hall ?Grand exhibition Of *he *terfor,'? ou. diasolving views and microscope, for heneHt of the Young Men'-1 Caristian Association. ? A Cask or Mail Robbery.?A few days a^o Mr W W. Danenbower, a claim agent, of tftu cnjr, l?nt to tbe City Post Office ana stated to Po?tma-ter Hows* * bat bo bad lost monev lro<n letters addressed to bim, wSics must "have been stolen by some one in the Washington Post Office. having recently received a lener from a jcuilfnisii of t a'l Ki ver, Mas- stating 'hat he had transmitted at one time, and at another time *17.26, b it Abe last letter bad been sent back to him with the money out and the folio win* endorsement. on tbe bacii -Do you think se much chink world c a.-ry safe ' Try a mail order. a p. o. flerk."' i*ie envelope baa nag the post mark of Wash ejrton. d. c >ir Bowen immediately discovered that tbe robbery bad not l>-eu perpetrated by any eapluTts of the office, but mu9t have oeen by 'be messenger who carried ibe mail from Mr. Danenbower's box. lie bavins a lock box at the office. This Mr d oepieo, stating no one had tbe key to tie box but bl? sen Tbe fiif w?? put iu the hands of mr v rederiek Duprow, a special a;r*nt of iti* Pest Office department, wtio b-?*n to work n up Tbe first move wa- to place a ae.oy letter in the bt>x containing wj. signe i by a man named ToWnsend, aud postmarked new l.exington, Ohio. Alter waiting a day or two tie went to mr Daueuhower, and af-er tnliiug with him on some other matters, asked him If be bad received a letter containing *?.' from Mr.Townsenl. Mr 1? replied he had not. mr Doprow then informed Mr. Danenhower bat he vras a special agent of the Department, *i id plat . d tbe dec?y letter in the box. and 'iw votin* l>anenhower when be took it ont. Sbertly after me young man entered the oftue, :\nd mr Duprdw accu-ed bun of the robb-ry; but be denied it, and persis'ed in his denial. His pet son was searched, but nothing found. Mr Duprow then w-ni to the room of yonng Dauetbower. and alter searching some time touud a letter addressee 'o Mr.Danenho, stating^" 1". wa? inclo-ed. Yonng Danephower immediately exclaimed. 1 am discovered, and made a free contesslor, stating that he bad abstracted the letter containing 3j. one containing a?l.w,onecoctainiug *17 2^ and the one ontaifctcg ?. }, be?id?? ?eteral others. He also acknowledged that b? bad written the eudor^emet t ou tbe letter from i- all ki vei, mw , and re urne.1 it to tbe writer tor the purpose of making him believe a post office clerk had stolen tbe con tents, and he would then remit the amount to b<? father by a money ord-r. Mr. Duprow deserve#- great credf for workiuu up the ? a so. ana tnu? eleanug tbe employee- of the c Sice w no w?-ie accu- -d of tbe robbery. ? ? The KitiHT-HorK MOVEMENT SEBKVAPSS l ast e\enmg a large number of the mechanics ana other worktuemeii in the employ of the Government, inclnding large delega'iou-of tbe primers iLd br.i k-bM.i i - :t ' be l Jii\ eminent PriE t .ng Office, a*.- mbled Ht tbe City Hall, am. beaded bv Heald's Washington Kras-Band, ptoceeded to tender the compliment of a serenade to several memb rs of ? 'i.ngr^ss who hive ?b' a h 'hem favorable to tbe eight-bonr movement. Tbey first called oil Gen. Hank- who introduced a resolution. wbt 'b wa^ idjp'ed b> the House, constituting eight hours & legal u?> s work in the (Government establishments: but that gentleman was not a* borne. They the-i proceeded to 'he Vasbiugu>n Honseaml callei ?>n Serat- r v ilson, woo. being n rodn e<i br Mr. J. . Mattmgly, of the Book-binders Association, addresseil tbem. They also visl'ed the residences of Senators Yates anuCoue-p bnt failed to find either of thow? gentlemen at home. Okpii rns Et *tT?D ?Last sveniar the following 018cert- of Lqual Division. No. 3, Sons ct Temperance, were elected:?O Alextnder. W P John H Thompson, W A. V. Hamilton Young. K 8.: .1. l>e#aule?, A. K.S.. J. M F Hoifb, 1 S.. James I.ynch. T John <joldin. Obaplain W. S. M Kean Con. Cba^nttell, A Con. William t. L.inton. 1. S., and John S McDuell, O. S. Ueorge w:tshing'on Division. no 14, elected niso last evening tbe followiiig /achanah h. Hrooke, w. p : w m Hrv:?nt, w. a.; j. n. oinrr, k s.; j. b. Wheeler. a. k. j. 1?. Kdmuud. >'. s d. x.eech. Chaplain; rf. c. Kleiber, T ; t h. Tabler, Con.; j. R. d Phelps. a Con : w coy'.e Baylis*. i. s.. aud w . A Cobnrn. o. s. a v ill Amors urtitberv.-This morning William a. Scbooley, a lad livirg in Howard conntv. ml., came to market with dried frnlt for sale. a man went to bim, and proponed to purchase a bnsbel if the lad would carry the irnit a short distance to his hoa-e The lad agreed, and went with the mau to the corner of 7th and d streets, where -he man "topped, aud taking out a twenty dollar note a^ked the lad lor tbe change. Tbe iad look ont his money to give change, when the fellow seized it and ran off The amount stolen was *?1#.a5. ? The kieittitr?i*ast evening, the Board of Kegisters finirbed their in the Secou>l Ward, recording the names of u. whites and w'i colored. The total number of vot#rs registered in the second Ward is ^.'275, of wbich 1,419 are colored and -."c whre, tbe col ored having a majori y of 5?3. Tbe Beard will on Monday afternoon commence to register the voters of the Third Ward, and hawing failed to secure a suitable plnce in that ward for the pnrpoee. tbey will sit in the Council chamber, City Hall. l* Yesterday af'eruoou, Justice Walter, as acting coroner, held aa inquest at the Fourth Ward station on fhe boly of ibe infant mentioned in the stmt of yesterday as having been found near the corner of h ^'.reet a: d Delaware aveni:*. and after a po;-. mortem examination by Dr. Schat hirt. who temfieiA that tbe child bad lived, aud bad. In bis opinion, come to its death by violence, the jury rendered a verdict accordingly. Fite?AVont two o'clock this morning two fmall two-?tory frame hou-eg on t street, beiweer. 17'h and is'lr streets west, owned by Col Latayrttr Bingbrim, v.ere entirely destroyed by lire Tbe houses were new and unoccupied, having been completed within ;be past lew rtays. Theflremeu were promptly cut, but could not succeed ui.-aviug the property The fire was the work of an lucendiary. .Lots -i.uui: no insurance. ?* Kbai Kstatk Salks.?By Qreen it Williams, auctioneers a two-story frame bouse *i;d lot. No. *.m?. on -Jiith street west, to Thotnas h'nny. lor ai d one adjoining to Pe'er Daily, for ?4<>5: >ot no. 11, in sunare 105, ou Mh str? et we^t. bet? eeu <; and H north, to John II nmoot. for a fo-?r room bouse, fronting It. fe-> on s street north, between 6th and 7th. to James Larry, for -*1,200. - >f i'KKVI t'Of KT 15 CENTRAL I'KRM ?Thl? irinir. mtb? Oonrt in (leneral Term the appeal in 'he caee of Caroline M. Williard agt. Jisej?b C Willard v as dismissed. Hon. Thomas j.Daran'. of Lootsiana, and Nathaniel Carasi, Ksq . ol this city, were admitted to the bar of tbe Court. FORKYAB or THE (JoVKKNMKNT l'Bl?TlXO bjrtri Mr.f'b?rlr?b Latbrop, Naval store, keeper at the Washington .Vavy Yard, Ua? i>een appointed Foreman of the O -vernmeut Pt ntinr Office tn place of Mr. John Cnnningham >1r. i.a'hrop will enter upon tbe discharge of bis dnties on Monday morning. Pomcb hri'i'kth ?Tbe police vesti^daT reported 31 arre?-? m &?? D-si net. Several ca?es of importan v?. r? recorded and the partlee held for a bearing but tbe majoritr were c??e? of v>ninttons of the mrnicip&l ordlnaLces Tbe Ones amounted to oo.^o. * - J ail for htvr isiTio?.. ? 1 x-1 night, Charles Baker wa# arretted by oflcer Sneed, of the Jsecond Ward, for grand larceny committed in Maryland. The prisoner was taken before Ju-tice Morsell, who sent bim to jail to await a requisition from the Governor of Maryland. Jail eo* IVttRT.? Bentamta Johnson was *rre?ted by Officer Ha wee, of the eecoai pre. cnict, upon tbe charge of l-'rancls l'nrnburk charging btm witb tbe larceny of two pa r? or pant*. Justice Walter sent tbe prisoner to jaU for coart. Tub Potomac kailboao.?Tbe pr.\ t rabliabed at 1'pper Murlb->rougb Md , learns the' tbe cou'iUct^rs proppe- t?y ??cto>?er next to Complete tb* tnaia atem, po*onar Kailroad, to that \ .Ua*e. &r I tbe branch road into tbe Dia-.'ict of Columbia. To ?? n??i?ti!?cet> ?The oalIy arrival of gsme. freab flsb. fowl*, ard all ibe !a*nt1*s ot il>e reason at llanm* k's les'suram wMrt ti-y Are cooked acd served tn the beat style. Violating the Lt*.cok Law ? John Fsbey vs. arrested yesterday hy OiBcer k->ont/, of tie First Ward, for scllirr liquor by the am^ll w. hout license justice Bvte* flaed h;m tjo. ; A. A <? *5 Tj-nr^int bMt cats, EtfS^rgiSSS cornad. 13a.: Baocn, bams, unt, fQOoe.; diced, ,8a8ul; +<***?* isTSWKmr tio-OMckHt, pr., Bl-50aS2; Turkic, MaSfe? Ik; ??? 75c.atl.50; l>ucka, pair,75 Ml. E|n,<oi, 8 a30c. OrwD Uonu can, 40c. Apples. dried, 75c. Lewks, bk.,s*. Spinnack. 4(?c Kale, 35c Tomip*, 3m?. pk Peaches, ***** C* VV1* cu. Beans, bnt?r, BOc.; whi.e, l2al?>c.: dried cherries. qt.. 50c Badishes, per bnnck, "Me. Be*ts, per pt.. ??c Onions. 50c.; Okra, 3:1c.; Parsnips, s ia25c. Pea#, quart, 10c CVlttoU. bunch. 5 o?n?? t i6b?Rock, large, tut, *Ia2; mall, bunch. 5vc.. Perch, 60 cents; H*rrtnp. per hunch, 5? c?nt?; btial, pfr bnncb, SI to ft pair, Rye. per basbel, Si.50. Oorn Meal. per bu<b , fi ttatl 25 Sk'pstulT. ?0a80o. BrownUnlT, GOc Shorn, 4r?c. Corn, efce^ied. SI -JOaSl iS. is ear, hv S5.'0 ?S7. Oata. bb., 7 *80c. Hay, cwt., *2 *295. Straw, Slal.50. ''-eiery, prhnnch, 10c. Kxont, per quart. &c Cabbage, per head. SalOc. Hominy, qnart. 10 cen's. Lettuce, lalO cents Fotat?>es, <oc per peck; Sweet Potatoes, 75 cts Small Bird*. per dor, Si.26; Sm-ill Docks, TSc.ftSI; Car % ass Backs, g0a?4: Red Necks, BlaSt: pair: Cranberries. 20c Parapkms, 10 tc 5oc each Prairie heps, SI pair. A .-mail lot of country slaughtered hog? sold at 'be scales for $11.60 pe r lot pounds. The Httok Case i> Nkw York.?An order cf attest fcrl?anel I>rew and Fisk A IMden broV -rs, w:-s i<?n*d on 1 Dur*da\ at New York cn the complaint of Joseph B S'ewart, the ass jrnee ot Leouard it uvck, charring them wi'h wrongful e ?r vers.e n of capital ftirai?hed by Hnyrk for a joint operation Jofjrment is demanded in the snm of ?'l 0,000, and a petition s en'ered tc b?\e ibe defendants render an account cf 'belr operations in Erie stock for >bj las' year ind a half Mr l?rew was bald to bail in he sum of *350,000. and Messrs. Fulc A Belden .?5o Ou- each. Sviip lo-HT'f star the Ions adver'lsemsi t of the immense IVI enif*e*-ie arn Circus which will open here on Monday next. MAHKIKl). BYON?BCBGE>8 IUt Mr ReiPbtw. ?t Prot slant Episcopal Cknroh, Prirce Geo. ge County M.I.. T? F KYOfi o' Ws?h<rgton. 1? C . to Mits GBACB Bl'BMttiS. of Prince Gaerge'a County M.I DIED. BTRKE On ffce 29th Uitsnt. JOHN Bl RhE, In the 2*th )ea^ of hi-ag . Ills funeral will take plac" from the house of P Kiineaa, 34 2 B street HOLLY Mn.-.i -ii.ti, nt 7 o'clock a n , if'tr ? ?Hd?.eu lllneaii N I.LSON BOLLF, tn the IS h year ot bis age Hie fri.U'ti> of the fanily are respectfully In vtt?d to .Attend bis on Mooi*v ?t H' o eiock at bisancK' . Gillian Kelley. 306 Stb ?tr?. t bstvesii L and M streets. * t'ONMLL On tlie 101b iDstsnt MART C . beloved wife ct P A. GO lib ELL, is tbe Xii > &sr of her age Thers an i .tsish In tbs household, It 1* d' solat'i ?u>J loaf, F.?r a fou-41/ chut tsbs<i parent Baa lett her Hear chiiUreu alone. B*aeen r? taiceih new onr treasure, kartb tbe lorel. casket keeps Atiti tbe ttinlMSiut luvs to linger wb6re Our i>*-ar Moiher s'eeps Her fon*-rai will take pUce from h?r lata < esidt-uce, 4tb sirsat. between N ard O st'eets nurih, oil Mei.db) afternoon st Lai' pa-t Jo'cl 'Ok MAO.NU HOL At Piiila'ielpbl?. ft arch .7, Miss BiHt J. MACtilLMUL l ltrof' his Ala uiihol of \\ a hiiigton.T) C * AXk. At tf. Thomas, v, I., on Thursday, De c-nater J'tb. 1? ^. 1-A N L AXK ot fetiusylTauta { CbiladelphiM psp.?r< pi copy ( * AM PKBH Ai?SI HTM INT OF BOYS' AND ' 111 LrhK.N & t. L >TI1ING both flam <tud ti hioider d PUILli* WaLLAGH OJ?on Hall, it ' 23 ft ( c rntr 4)? str. et and P<nn a\euue. ( hMTl l?IN h Bl'RIN isg nriTS or Tr ' ' M ito< . al-d bb'k 911* i atsilu ctt. Uiiile p lu ti nnjet fasbiaral'P ">b-s PHILIP WAl.LACII, Oi? .n Ba'l, n.b fj fit <' raer? stre- t ai.'i Ptni. avenue. \KPUHMP STOCK ul YOU THi I'LO TH 1NG ?b br*<ln< tbe l ..i:t,b t rea^t Matktzig Cleat Metropolitan lo?t ?m! (joate^ PlllLll' vV ALL AC il. Oaeon Hall tfih 2S It <'orner i-2 st. an t P?nna. nr. "\ BS EMBICB. ' wi i. m of the late Teter l?u. i?l r.cb.1 bees to lutorm h. r frieod" A . A that ?bs t ?s IAAI n opepibp th* kutadbabt, 3*2 P?nn-;lvs. a avennx. rsceio-ot U;e late 6re ) W her^ she io'eM- k> ep ^>n hard th? be?t uoaiiUIOl OB8 and 013AB8, also, \H th* P?lic?kci?-s of the H?a<-on. (!apt Hash Bh.wmv, it JD charge, and wl'l b< happy rosse <s trunks. rub 39 lru 1 BAY X BF( EIVKD ON 10F THE blST Aiti. I Fine t Ass rim-ntsef PBfiSJ T B I M H I R C B LBvvId BAAB LATEST S?TVI B OP RAW BONNKT8. HATS, ADD f K AMES, an! all Bornst Material .an be sr-.t at Terrain!! PZV?it _ LEWIS ..AaYiT 111 BEILHBUN ,t B B O ., BSS ' '"'Oft SLYBH1B STIIEET, *KL Ba?s iB?t receiTe'l as entire new stock of BOOTS AND SUOSS which they will sell at prces that caa't fail to i please for instance BF.WED L'ALF BOOT* for BBWKD CALF GA1TEBS for 94 PE6GED T'ALMOBALS AND (rAITBBt; from 52 np. Liulies' BALMORALS AND OAITKRB from il i0 up. I' CLIPPERS 7 ? Gents. Ladies' PCBKIBP 91 Children's SHOES from 1i Cents up All st> les of SHOES made to ord?r as 306 SBVENTH STREET, w.h 2? St* ' dqcrsonth Odl Fe! 'cwr Hall. 1H67 UBAND EXCURSION 1867 TO IH* m PARIS EXPOSITION The se? nod fir*t-cl*s? ocean going Iron SteamHAVANA. ^Q92L 2,iXs. tons burthen, STEPHEN V? HITMAN, Com mander, will make an EXOCRSlOb from New York to Barre and back, salting from Pier 46, North R4ts. , on V EDKZSDAY. April 17th. at 12 o'clock m , Taklap passengers for Paris, London an4 Bremen. Beturning, will sail from Havre on Jnue 5th, siv mg pahsengers h<>lai:.g Bxiursiou Tickets about six weeks it. Europe. This maxnlflcsnt Steamship i* divided into water ticht campHrtineats, ai>d hss teen nowly turnUbed and eleaantl} fitted up exprossU for tbisTcyagt. The HAY ANA will oulr carry first class passeiigsrs. An experienced Borgeen < n board /" A vl Pa&t of Mki' fpfff fe nttnriu i to t/i sk" I'rice of pavsag**. In corrsccy, to H tirs and ? IT:., acc. rUtn^ to st e ot at^to rooiu To Havre ^ni return, 9-^ ?ud 9^'. according 4o tire of atate room. Fi r further parth nlars and passage apply to tbs Agents. MFBRAY. FERRIS A CO., bti South street. New York. Or U. Met). V. BARRY, ths Merchants' Onion F*pr< *s Compsnj, 406 P"nnvy|?Hnis arenae, W aslniiKti n. mb ? 9t)t AT PCBL10 SALE tHIOfOI B. H ALL'S BE AL EST ATK BXOHANOI, Corner 7tb S'reet and La arenne. w ill be nol.i at auction on th? prsttises. on ths 1' ih or April, 1*7. at o'clock p m. by virtu* of * trost executed b? Fraderb-k Voigt, to J?nu Gee btork, (to ssears Andrew Ths'rer i "f"n *?a* bton frame k?a-e .sttaated on tbs wast MMotbttes,,!#.!? mar* Bo. 41, YFaahingV>u -tf1.** ? ' t,,r ' Easts, f! ii' ,ib' ' 14 11 H . Bo. J. ' sbattel records Tr Washington J>rms ca-k mh H0"1 ]>IST1LLBBT. SYE WBISKET * ZE^W. Proprietor i many others,/ttht rsoeifad. tilnstrated, as J i r HAM OK. TAYLOB. OlTir ITEMS. Go TO Four * Co.. for Ho w fnrmlshlnf f9C?, 1*9 *7* Peaney lv*nia avtnae r Pol:o?k?* will fled rubber eoiut* suit 5>*?. M HhiIbc'i On* Prioo Uotklii S40H-. on tbe comer of tteveatk sttnet a ad Maryland avenue Bwrrr ?To promote and retain the bloom "no freshness of beauty unimpaired to a ma b I .t#r period thnn is generally be case, lanes should us* Burnett# kalliston. Jkwklry.?California fct ne "Sett*, Jet Setts, Fog Wood Setts, 200 new st> lea Serine Hn'tons, Je- and (tilt Chains, Silver PIU?d Spo?ns, Fork*, Cup?, (.'ail Heils, revived uiis morning. at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store No. 41? Penus) 1 vania a venue, near 4.^ stree: . * Low PbT('*p seldom commands articles, but gooo qu*!ty a ways dees So go to Foley A Co.. v~5 Pennsv vania avcnn?,?n'i 316 F street, and get jour China (Hats and Crockery War?, Cutlery and P.ated Ware, Ceil I) I. Lumps and Household Goods, and be coo vinced bo'b in tin low pr ces and good quality of food# lust openea ter tbe Spring trade. "Tin Iptaud uk Ct ba," on the corner of Seventh r.r.d F streets. is the gr?-at lobmco and Cigar Emporium of this city M ~sre. I>uchs & Co? will srll all brands ot l''->r.- item and after Monday next, tbe 1st instant, a* reduced prices, which they are enabled t<> do by the reduction of the Internal Revenue tax, and lovers of the weed may re joice that heteafter it will take 1-ss tobaccoand cigar money to supply tnis article durng tbetriontb. 2 II( '^kkeei khr are respectively invited to call and examine iny stock of fre?h Groceries before purchabiiig their monthly su^pli-s. D R. Mill, 0 corner llth aud F streets. T so Ot COLDS in SUCCensiyn. will Withma:?j constitutions,securely estcnii htue eeds of Consumption in ibesystem. thus conconvertiug what was originally a simple, curable affection, into one generally fatil Wh'e ordinary prudence, thnretore. tnak? it the hubir.?-e? of every on to take care ot a i 'old until it ts got rid of, intelligent experience fortunately presents a remedy in Dr. Jayne's Expectorant. thoroughly adapted to pernor* speed'ly all Coughs and Colds, and one equ (I* ly i-flHrl.vs in the primary stages ofConsnmp. tiou, AnLma and Bronchitis. Sold by all 1 >1U gale's W,S,M. 1?-F 'ltMATiow.?Those ab>nt to marry and newly married, can find ready-made Linen l and Cot'on Sheets, Pillow Ca*e? Ked Spreads f of all de-criptious, Feather and Hair Piliowis, Mattresses, Table Ijinen. Toweling. Crash, VV mdow Shades. Carpets, Oil Clotb. Mailing. Kc.. at Adamton's, 5<iM'th street, near 1'enusylvaraa avenue. lm ^ ? '.irtOK sales and small Profits!!!?(Jood White shirts ?1.50. and *'J 50. at Franc's Cent's Furnishing Store. 4*H Tth street, betweu I? aud h also shirts made to older, liu ? 0 rat's Collais*-. 25 cents per ho*: Gold-mitb Collars. 25 cents per box: Imita ion Linen Collars. 2? cents per box: aud all otner eoods cheap in proportion at Franc's OeLt?' Ku; nisfcing Store. 4;?lTth street, betweeu 1> aud t streets. _ lm Fob Chilblain? and Fronted Feet. White's hmbrocation is a specific. Price S?1 per?>ottle. For snle a 4v?4 Pennsylvania aveuue, between and 6tb streets. Ijr Whitb. Chiropodist. 424 Penn. ay., between ?3| and <St& atreets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. ('fflce hours from 9 a m. to 5 p. m.. and fi to V p. m Established l?fil ASlekPilb Urns ?l>r. (lilbsrt's Pile ;n etrument positively cures th?? worst c-a.-es ot piles. Sent by mail onreceiptof Circular? free Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere Address J. H Komaine, Mv.:ager. No. 5T5 Kroadway. New York. 3: ? Pbwhib* can be had in any qnantitiea at tha 8<ar office counter WAM8 t*TAKTKD?Two <^SH 1501*8. ten to "? thirteen > oara old at I u<SW!,t ___ LAMfclilJKOH A BRO. S. \\ AftTID-A roang MAN tn a Kfal Katate Uf_ nee. Addresa box 4-'J titr P^st oiti ;e. with i?f?rt ncea. in 3? at* \v AN 1 Kit?A unialf HOIIHE. of 6 or ? room*. ?? pi?a?aiit location. Address Lotk B >x ~i 4, st itiQH terms location. Ac. mh.'id-it w ANTED-A LADT to run the tVhesler A llsoti tuning Marbloe at it t.AN8Bi'BGH a nao s \V ANTED- A eoad, hoseat BOV 2 or 13 roara 11 old to aet a* a dark in a turaiture atura. Gall thi- evvuink r Mouaajr Burning, at < tu ?tie?t. L acui M. It* w ANTED? i}4,000 far ai\ or tw f?# motitha, " for wufrh a liberal Intaraat will ba' nred by nu rtga^e on valuable bnai na?a pi<>?erir la th" Ulatrict AddraaaX.T Star ftice mtnjt* \V' A HTED TO BENT?A amall BOOM with ac 11 couimvda^iutii lor a> Inn* Bnitar. witu use f f. central part of tba city. A'l lre.s J /t.vv. Mo. ? Louialana ay. m 30 ^t U/ ABTlJj-A Timetablo American or OerI lb. general t>?nsework Ap Pi at street. betw<ea O aad H atieeta. ni -2t* '11 w li.b ESPKCT ABLE-ITUTW18H 81TU* ATIOB8; one a? caok, me other as cnam berualu v<C'an be n?a for two or three days a t street, bet. 6lii and 7th. mh Su 3t* 1 JP BEST a g od aud comfortable H lisk. of eigbt ?r nine reoma, on the lalan t, between lJth and luh streets, within ten <1aya Any one haring anch a Louie to r?ut will plea e ^otiry me at the alaughter house. Monnoient Siuara [m 30 3Cl J.T VABMKLL. . \v ANTED?A respectable OIBL, to~do Tne V cashing, ironing, and general bon^ewotko^ a family Apply at MBs 8TEBN8, '?IU 7thst., between D and K. It w ANTED- At No %.i j 1 aireat, a white G1BL ' " to attend in parlor and .lining room. mh jtv at* WANT*D A ffeod NUB8E to take tare ot ! chiloien None bat a good one need aeplr. Jnn.ire No. 342 C street, between 4it and 6th ets 1 ? h ? 3t 1A ANTEb?A comp taut colored COOK in a 11 piivato faoall> . A go>'d sltaatixn iuay be se- j c?Jrei liiuuiie < rner B stre. t aeutti at.d 1st at east. Capitol Hill, Wo 300 istdt. m 2> 2t' VV AN 1 ED-ActlTe 8GLICITOR8 tor the World ! " Mutaal Lite Insurance Company of New I l?rk Ajaly at the office, Boom Nu. 2, lutcUl g- ncer Building ?*2!?3t? T.J^nLLABD. Agent. ANTED-A WOMAN to . <jok, wash and \ i?0^J Inquire at Ne. 12 north A atreet ah 2H tf VV ANTED-Im.r.e-liately, a i^ood Oernian joar *t neyman BaBdEB. Apply at 63 High at., Georfttown, D. C. _ mh J ?t W1S,TS!??A good COOK. WABHEtt, an4 1BONEB Apply at 3^9 ljth ilriet, be iweeb U ai d l sta. nib 28 Jf" W ANTED?By a y. nng lady. ailTUAtlON to ii atand In a Couftctionery or Fancy Store K^st of reteren es given if re^nuel A. drea*27i? i th str? et north. ml, >- ^ VV A NT ED?A P ABTN EB In a b?~ineaa paying a i with capltg.! of fifteen hna 'or Pariictilata apply toG. 6 BA Kait, Btar otbee. m 2fe-3t* W ANTED-A CPTTKBandT:OOT>ITTBB in Tm. */ ceiployaiayt givan Apply at No. 419 8th at., Wot. Penn ?vt>nue and D at _m 28 a i A- HASLKIN. VV ANT1D?A resp.-rtable whlt? WOMAN to 11 take care of sewrnl srmli children, to go to tke c? nntry dnrisg the 8p> tng and Hammer Must eemj well recommended Ayply by letter to -J. UM, titiir OOl4-e nih 28 6t* WAnJr?i J?Vk ?aNT-A WlUMiib 7.Y.-J V,V^ ^ ib rooms or m ro. between 7th and llth street*, not further over than 1 at. Btnt moderate fe?i of reteren. >j? given Addtess t 8 P.. ?t the Star office. mh 27 9t VV AN TED-The KOkHEB I'ATBON?, andanr pVlK??eo".. M ,?r''^e,t- 40 c?" ?? MADAM FB1NCB. 22 Market Space, as abe give, th<. t>nai n< a* her paraoaal atuntloa mh 29-?>t* VV A NTED-A reipe Otatjle white WOMAN, to Pa avenue"* OUBK Apply at S71 VV ?A SITUATION as searu-.trees by a ii lady who underatanda sewing thoroushli t,v Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Machine. Can . ut and ht ladiae' aad children's dreesaa. Addree? f?r three daya. Box No. T, Star office. fev7 W f Z7,*vi ?if OLOTS i N o7^d a OOLD and hIL\ IB.or aay other article of yalae, at tbe eld established Merchant Pawn biekar'a Store ot B Eb'LTuN A OO., Soa flth at 3 doora Bortli of Peaaa avenae. " Bole Agent for BINOBB'o otAINQ MACHINE de 22 ly ; WANTED-IO 000 LADlB?"To^kn^w tb^Tt ! the New Stamping Bourns. ?.tH ?thstreet.onpoelte Pateut Office, they cat. find the best selected ! pertinent of Pattern, eee, here f^ b<. ??* Aprona. Jrstya, Walats, Yokes. 1 Bapda, Wrapnera, Slippers Pinoushiona, and Inl n? < Also, (lealgus for Pillow Cases Ottomans, I Chair Oorers, Plane*. and. In short, every variety ! of Pattern, a. they ar. daily laaned Wehavw a French Machine and a Piactiaal Stamper, aad have reduced the price to * I _ riVl CBNT8 PEB WIDTH. Medicine, New BJition Murray'a Bmaticaal Srti?blri2l? Ht>>r' ot *u ?*ch Braftr.walte - Banaw for Febraary De Bow's Bevlev for Febmary. < 6 FBAN8K TAVLOB. \.y li ? ir ? FOB BALjf-AND EBNT~ MM. tMlr ?M H itmt c?rHTi kK Wn* 1? ,?,K"JhL Ur*e ill f>n >bi I w?l fur . ?* * . MSil* street, b*tw*?a r a mm*. IV l. ? W SI* I'*? <ETHESE rCKHlpiilO E'?OM* far *. J*0 ;?1Vfr?*1 roamr satiable Ur fcoa*e keetlag.301 Wtwwr ink and iStb l?* TOTlKbkBH- fW eale.tbo T>OLS, ITO 'I, ic *? " 'M *? a Ti?a*i'a e 'sb 'stm-at inquire atTin Sbop C, at ,t?l >w Jlth. mh??- I* tfOE SALE?P*ET or Lot ~T,|??aere " * ' ? ivrMr vf Ulb tiul A tn?*U, at Mia IULLI1 8,N? 3tB,ari?raf I th ii4 * st tests _ _ . . o.kT) If L'OkkIRT-To I'lfli inlUiiin, t?^iti*|iikli r and wal'Jurt l-hsa BO )M*. %, 109 comet of Gre. ne i.?.d Be all sheets, Georgetown Heights. Did o it /"JABl'lN ?Large aaJ rich with fruit (t; .M< J, 1 f*??. Howe. Him r?"Bii Bant SU, m-**bly ia *dv?upe Befeemo.e requi el la noire n?ar the piemiss*. at kua cottage euro#'- 13th and ft ati It* IT OB BENT-A three ,tory BKICk dOUBB.Ko. '' Mroow.ii rma<-iT?oi? ar , t>e ween l.tb and I8ti, ?t? we We Magtoa city r?i lernie applt t* BLADEN ruRtfklT. ?o 78i?t ati*?-t ti?otx?tt?i,D. 0 nhW-tt* If?* S*1'*-'' b^TbTOCK eoWwitlTTinl 1 LEASE to mii tour yea's lart a na'f Lt IN1| to mii ai*bt m ?- ba ot mu eotabiiehod Va nbroker, <<ali.g a ? ->id i usii.eea. Ot?ae lor se.l n? beiug ii il ."cr 'VWr p? ticul r? tninire at *

3*8 ltr?t 1 te e a ioth aad l b its mkMSt* l/tlB Mkl UHkaP FBAWB Bull, JlNO. . r'1a '^?ricoftUI?iin u ?rm* <t? # 0 s.laM .giS.semEn.its nk ts? 8 lier.8b.rt ing. K.lun* %c W ill a sold asp.r?ie , or to '"Qnlteof CI Af K A I'AABM-M Co.;ini'Siou M?ri ! ii n, J2A p? %??. ?ib SO * R <*>"^ 011 BINT- 8e?eral ItesFC UN I ME BO H HMs to r?nt ?t moderate term- s>ii'atiie tor mD) I |fbt amen or t>nilr. witb flr t clu* Table . o?rd Aim > * ont?l le Ta R->aHers cat< b" a- commentated. Apply corner o'fi h and D No. 4 4 7 . roh;>'?6t" |/t'B hAlk i kAkB UBA(?i;B r>>B * ?lf r W n H A DM .aL h A ?> I L Y ?The h I O JK end GO' 1? Ml t I.Li.| ? Grocery Bivire u * d<<tng a ? -ud 1 Of w,w Will la aold cha ,p T be t>r?p lotor b *a h'K? Ii?^ d a u .?d tra e ot t><>liig aacntt^l iu otb < r bnn'Bfi* he ta *naMe ? Ire ft bi? *tt?atioa inijoire oij ti e p -emiee* ctru< r 6th ntr?-ei ea?* and 1> ?ti?et eoutk OapJtuI Hill, beforei m m oraf'vr 4 9- n?- iu M Si* 'PO LBT K KDBM8HIP r?()NT I'ABLOB J at 44 7 Hensuehti-e:t? arr-nu? la 29 St* L'OB R *NT-r>eeiT*bl~BOOMsTT,7th B >%rd i tti a pleat:<ct and bealtby loc?ti-n.convenient to the ?tie< t can Terh.* rea?ouat>le. Applv Mu, Ml? ay ctreel. Oforgeto? u. m 29 St L OB Bit NT?Thrf* BO"M s, tnri?i?bed or na fornU' ed. iinttahle for r.ouafliei'^in? to a ?n<all fni iiy without children Ho 404 Ma<?aclmitet'g tn*. t t. 9th and lOth ?ti- mt'-It* l/OR HINT?Ir; a pr;v;?'e 'ami2y . t* o pleas nt r furnished fr nt KUi)U8'?i twnand one g^a tl' ?o 4 i t> i5!b ft., opposite the T. eei'i ry iiihW-it* J.'OB t-ALE-Thf OOOD I'tLli, IT0 K. ano IXTT t? K-4 of a U<-?tau'-a ir Auo the i] ceii-e "if1 a Bas-^telle Tat-leln _'ood order. A larpe 11 atiact ( <1 iuijn i6 at #7 4 7th street be'w?H-n Band Ma*> ian I avenue. m29St* ANY ONK nc61B'tU^ "f eaca^ina in tS? K?a tHtirant t?e?ine-n cai' be?t of a??ol >pp->rta nity by ?pj y<LK at th? old estaMiahe<! Be-1 >nr int Hirl Dltilrc ^ No. ?4 Bridge st..Ueor<? towu,l? (J S?!l?f,wt<ir> rwnon glT^sfor wilisii cnt.JOdf T OATIW'JOn r .p'r 0119-St rOB ltlNT-A three etory RBIOK HO!" E F trrni-h'd on C a'reel eootb. bet*ee'i 2d-?>id td m-tc-pl Ol 11 ill ItijUlre at ?h? h?n rr>'J."* bKNT-La-gf ??a? h Hi . ! 4 1 >?iawaie arena? with eeptrate ei?tr?nc?, nntaiiilDK tiebtro-m* kitchen Ac ; oneajcitre fraBlksvi|il ud city tais. sik d $ 'fO BKNT?One Fnri tnbed ?n i i u? I utu.u Tl 1 K' >' ?M , suitable for two ceniN m-n or b?oa? keeping ' pt'l* at 'ift.t PtLn'a ave., oppoa te linn cock's, after 4 "'clo k - j * L, OB 8A lilt?The 'i'Milt'Vf (Ll7>1 \ Ti KiCS. ? ?n<l 11' KMI UBK o) ( > < i r 8tore. lintse ai d St re i >r rent A^ply 43 7 uth etr et b-t K ana G llih 2j ft* L'OK BKNT-A amall FKAMR .n ? Gr>- tie Stri et. bel. ? Br! t. e str et, (Jeori?.i t''?u. I>. C, 'I he honxe c'iif mns t'>f rtomt and has Hiiteu large yard att?chtd 'f. nor ? i p r rn< nth in <? Uauce A { ?1 > i < KI I. C i A M1INN, <orncr Greene aud Oi^e aircet?, G?r)r(j.-t??n, 0 D mb l'3 IW L'OR BKNT?Kicelv fnrnlslieil ROOMS. App'y 1 at Mo 1 M 4 L>aiib?rtoo ?t reet. I> tweeu Oju[ r?an ?nd Hi h strei-U. Ge> rg? town, D. C. n>h lw' I^OB BKHT-A"fiMt7atTsT ABO for an apoth ecar\ and drng ftore Injuirent IU* New York ??< sue, corner ?tb at ni 2S ao3t* I/LUHIPHBD HOOSS FOB BENT, c .ntalnlni: I 12 rooms gi ven l?t of April An ply at X47 K atre. t near 13 h _ ii.hi.5t* (/OR 8ALI -A t?o story BBirK H'M SE Rear tho n?>t h<-a?t bonndar) of the city | r oms ?nd t alls wi tli la'ge ! t of ground enclosed Price TfS.'Wi Inquire .14 7 (>t. mh28 tf (jKO. W. MITCHELL,. TUOd A. MITCELL. MITCHELL A 80N, REAL EBTATE BROKERS, Hare constantly on hund a large number of I10USE9 AND BCILUINO LOTS In the nioit d?airaMe loca Ities. Prices from * 1 000 to ?30 000 Bnilding Lots fretn twocents to per a<tnare foot. A natnber of entire Squares of gronnd at such figures that any enterprising m?a tntnan itie the nieana mleht purchase.sub divide and sell th- m iu rmall lota during the approaching spring at a Profit of 60 to 70 per cent. With an experience of 15 > ears In thia city iu tbe ?bove bnsinese.fbtlnr tbeflrpt firta estibliahod bcraj we < onfidently assert tbat oar Uciiiilei :or a reaJv sale or iBick purebatecaamt be excelled. As an illustration of the rapid lnciease in prop erty. w< Bold a faw yoars back square of ?-oaud com r Utb and llonniay for *a,r.00-wifl command to day $10 WW; ?) 000 foet on rtb ttreet fjr $7 u ?Wailt bring to day sold in is.t twenty four lota for ?S.50t?-will bring to day $16,000. M itb pleasure will we refer t<j the pur cfiasera Tbe same opportunities uow e\i<t as then. We hav numerens investments which will pay caually aa well. Eape< tally do we call the at t ntioi o' tho?e deairiii?< to tnvo?t in or diapose of. first cinas Real Estate Paper Many have funds In U. 8. sec.nrltlee. aaylntt 7 par cent , vbfch, if inveated in good Real E tate Notes. w< aid pay them irom 10 to it per cent P?i sons de-iirona of either bnvlnjjor aelling Real Estate, ot ^rst cl s? Heal Es' ate Notea, will cou<nlt their intcrcat l.y calling on MITCHELL A BON. Real Estate Brokers, Southeast corner Penn'a ave. and ISth st. P 8 ? We place no property on our b 'oks at exerbiraut pricen hut to peraoaa really desirona to sell a e anord ever> facility mb21 MITCHELL k 8?W. I Qnn AOEES Ok' BEST LAND n ir Wtih I OUw incrton TO LET for two years without ai y rent, for tie coneideratlon of patting the land under cultivation, in lote of one to flfty acres, with many otner inducements, inclu llua the privilege of buying tbe land at any time, for all particular* inquire of D Ii. WELLS E CO.. tnh I lm Comer 6th atreet and La. avenue. L'OB SALE-wnlv $100 cash reaulred: tbebtli ance can t>e paid in nioothlr paymenta of $10 ea< h, three new two atory HOI 8ES. aituated on the s?ntb aid- of eonth L atreet, near tth. This is an opportunity seldom offered to procure a home. STARR A CO., _mjl ?w* _ 4^*'/^ 7th atreet. near B. I/OR RENT-A three atory BBICK^HOUSE. r centairing eight roome and attic,on 4th at., near Fayette Alao. a nearly new auperior PI ANOf-r Bale. Inquire 94 Fayette atreet Georgetown. D. C. mii 21 iw L'lRNiSHED PARLORS md BED ROOMS, on I the lat 2d and 3d floora, to be let single or in | suites The rooms have been newly pnpered and painted; they are snitahle for houB'keeptng or aiugie gentlemen There ia water. g;?*, and hath I in tl.e bonne. Apply at 'J3I H street, between 19th ?nd j th, one iquaro from stre' t cara. mhll tapl* f^|C?B* AND TOBMMJO ?BROOK K H. ED. MON8TON will be happy to aerve hia friend and the public with Otgara aad Tobacco, at Ho >4Hi Lonlaianaavenae, near Bnnliof Washing ton. let-lia (2JRANB BALLY OF MEN AMD BOIB, * AT TH* GREAT CENTBAL CLOTHIHG HOUSE, No. 4?0 7th street, oppoaito Poet Office. BU8IHE88 8DITB of all descriptions. DUESS 80ITS at r<*duced prices. BOVS' bPITH of all descriptions. BOYS' SUITS at all aricee. New styles or BOYB*CLOTHING. GENTS' CLOTH IHG at reduced prices. Now is your time to lay in 8PEIHG GLOTH 1 NO. as we ofler special Inducements for the next thirty days, at kMlTH'B, 480 7TH BTIEKT, opposite Poat Office. ssM-li ONLY PUB LADIEH TO BBAD -Et*E*utlf Bmt.roidered NIGHTGOWN andCHKMlii . lOhlB, more elaborate than any ever o.ferod here, ol the neweat and moat beautiful designs reeeived dolly, fr^m our corps of 150 superior bands, and for sale at BBDDOED PBIOEa Being the largest manufacturer here of tbts kind ot ladies wear, we can please ail. both iu quality and prtee, aad are determined, at whatever cost to produce the t-et wo tit. issue the most elegant patterns, and bTAUP CHEAPEE. than any oou cera In tus or aay other olty. Our repataiiMB as the only Practical ^ia nper here insured ladles that no-iask'loug uthpoel rlor? awe and sMei<iai t&ew fre* Mta?ftla< thety work In the banda of thoaa w4m> buy a few ol >ckg and pros* aim tUemeWes atom pars. Pmaiptag. r ^ -tf ^ oppo-lta Patent 0*Hoe 1^]SITED STATES BONDS . tesisoVT0HOTE8, Bo?|Bt,ioldind firiiAnvH oa lif? rihUi Urmj, , . ? LEWIS JOUNSOH* GO. Raakars. fef tf SSU Penaa. avenae # ? A AgOl'IOM 8ALW. R* L. liui ? uu., Kdkm . * w tw?w? ?f <h. ta<fk at. Wa OABUT*. ?c"*T 40OT10* oil i?1'." IM,fc4,c ? ?> on MOflBAT W lh. ? ?W1W ??? ! , ^ ??' BVi^oV&i^rAlir* " ?*rMu ObamLer ts. *1.. i'i\ a* *,|,* U.liriVa?,J.,,,ai"" ' Ho'k * i fofaa top Jo Vf dH?* hUnk'ti. *b eta <''*kfrjw?.r Ac And o'h r article* t.>o ?a<aer<.ae temeatjea. uJ ? * l> ?t UliUAOW . *?c?? l{* ' *?5,*)?'?u,,r?.',L OO., A arte and B al ' Estate Broker. Mo. 4??*S 7tb emat o ?ri-fctiLDlBO LOT OaTUESDAY Ik a 21 of ^ 5o*oit?ck a ni.,?n iha pr, mi sea w? will ee<l L ?t No it.ia utm.VSS V/.'" th* borlU of Mar? ta.d betw??-n ?d an I ?" * a reeu. neUnd I 4* feet. ard running kak liT reet 'iWj IT of wmnh ft'ww'llbe ?eo?<lre<i at lima of >ale, > elancela eleven mootba alto lihwt fr?'n day of .ale, aad aecnred kr a deed of (met up .0 th- prieany 411 r? C l*.*"*1 ?* pnr<-Aa-er Da 30 Jt ^ J T. Otil.DK ILL A OO 4acti. M* * I?- *Ui 6 OO. Airtt?i*?n otaroc 31*> imf 3 IT ioutb corit^r Pa taliauli improved property at A'"f'T 'ON W* * 4,ril 4*h ?* u ni i- .? t o? pr*m hi a Tito able b? n t Lot:-, la reser?,..0? efBynareMo li.f'oatlac I! < ?' a, n ,rrw.t ;rr??-* *? ?- ??* r.?r ,>f st i.Ti. ' ? ? r?nr' "? b,rk f*"t ?o * ? f??t Brlrl *T*,* "?V|?*|. ?rJii wi.T v ' ? *ni * h*if ai.'o ? Vf. .r#'/ *n1 ,B coallti^f) ..ii St Inimerfletely after ft, ??nu ? tie we will ?d ?dJ^B,n<lr% b ' ? is* * (r?f<*v iw iV !? *u<1 ">? ' * t>ac< t? ax ai|#r thlV* *er?,of ** <? ? thlr.l c iaa. <0i tba baiaiica 'n 1riit?nrBl,n(, of 6 u % . niuol ha to* daf. rr. t , m ula t , ? . ?or "r-3 '.v a (T fro A on trie p emit** Conv?/%u iaf ?bu tb**sp<-H4* of h# i7r uV*r r a.t Of S1.10 o? ? h Win K raYutrad ai - ^r. t^rro?,rtT I, knoekwlnlt |U..?UV 4?VV.''C*'.' 'J** ? ?>I1V?T* to thf> ?alo %? it r?n#r? to pr ?<1ar? a rMidsa a Dear the ar-nof Title ^rfwct rw,a*?^ <> mh? Mi.u WUI. Jt CO., Vcti. BY COOPKR A L ATI MICR. AactionoeM lLaloclerki alth J ?? c Hrfla rc t Pi i Boathaeatooiner ol Peii'ttTr aud btar Office Bulliliaj. "root. n0*??^5^?Ll, TRnTtCP.E at K LTTinni On WKDNKr-DW MOKv| VO :L, .T'nf,,t at 10 o clock, at bo ASM IVBB'*a*en V?,i 'I'.Hin V "'T'" Hl ,he ^Manea o' uj f* citttnf l <>n??k< ap'riif w wi I <,! I . Of Ki n<tnr? coZr'*ng- Maortmaat W a nut H hi cl >th Pan, r ^tilta Br* a-el? and Threa pij Oari'eta * a out Mdeb< itrd Slurl.'e t. p t'attaee Snltsa with Wardrol . Mft'Ma tor Kuretui aod <*'a>h'-taii?K ' *ti? nod Wood aeat ('hair* fla raid Tloak MaMr ?M F?atb*r Pillows a .(1 HoUtara Cocoa M?it ng PiilD'art B- dntead* and ^ a?h--ancl? Twuljt(?yfi>.ii i idiiii( J at>l?'??k ( sua fa?t P1ti nc 1 b tira Plated Cantor , T:n ?nd Cbica T 'ilet 8"t? ''rorkarv and 0<aa-w&'? Largf. Cooking,Stove aoJ Flxfnrea. Ac A Terma ca?h. mli? ' OOMII L ATI M KR, An r-. BT W L. WALL A CO . An-'to, SStorea .i I 5 alio .<17 South corner Pe- n a?^ne aaA 9th sfraet SALE Ot RUftCIBUH, W B!8k V RRnniv< SI'iAK^ bCO\B.?- /^' BROOMS. On TUFItA'i MORNtN?. A#rl| , at in o'cl ck. w will ?r|i at oar ?%!?- R ,?1 ' ^ k*- o. linen* of ?i racery an ! athar art! loa ? , . Parrel. Wliil, a. d ?.||u? BusaV* b'x a H|?rtn C.ndl.-a Bnrr-I? Whi?ky,<a k* Brandy 10 .loTen Brouma 8" OO Se^nr* of diforent branda lit * Clianifat. *? H>n Bnttir and " >neT B' jh P 'Pt er and b< i?i Chaa?a Holm and t arr? l< < o"e? l!>ra?e? J,. ke> f'lul. B.ttcru Hon- Mar h Boa? i" rolla 4,a. ant a ^oartar Hal aa Wuit? Alatl. t of Furnitnra Ac. Ha'racdBlitxk Ma?tre*ao? Tt-rniiraah No paatponeroant. inb oO W. L W A I L K ?*0.. A I'M* K* TBOS. dohli>o,"am VfCt'l scluwii CUANCRRV SALS Of VALOAHIK IM I A Nil CNIMIBOVIU PRjeCRTv IN OmUubTUVVN AXl? \* Aslll Mi : o> By virtue of a d?rrec of the Suprnn Court <f th<- l'li>trict of Ci.lun.l ia paa?ud ou ttie itb ,?| ol * brti?ry A ll , ^57, in Cauae No rj?4, D>. aat Foil va I'owllnu > t al th- under-i^nad *111 II at public auction to th- hlfl.e-t .idler on I Hl'HSUAV, itf 11 th day of April A I).. 1$S7. at 4o'c o> k p m. at tlie pr*mia> a. aarta ut'u?t No It In llolKOiid a ViolIIon, an i part of L t Mo 181, beall'a Addition to Georgetown tha ??ui ftootiDg ..a BiiOge street lu twrru lloot^o narr an>' Gra? n ttrae'a and lacing t':e en 1 .it P uusvt vxnia avenna a* extande Into Gror ctawi lb- property wi i t.- .ot I la tlire- ??rc a tI/ Tbethrea ?tery Brick Houa with the lot, whtah la V) faet front t-y 420 laat d?ep: and th. i t wo lory Fiatna fiou?ea,? wast of the brick bona* epaiAtely, with lota reap ctlvaly attached to tbe IAD1 . a^ FRIDAT. tba 12th day of April A D ' ? , at tha preMl-e-. at . o clock p m , ? mu aail Uia >iihdivlalon lota ko .wn as Lota B', aad U, ins* e:iy * aabdlvistoa of lot 4 Inai ?? No ?/9, In the city of Washington. Lot B will be ?i l i ln tbrea separate parcaia, earh Lavm# a front of U laei i acliea on J1 atraat west. b^t*eei, ioath u and south D atreeta, and a depth of a> on' I** t'-at to an alley in tbe rear, and Lot "Cm three aeparata parcela aacb liArlu* a front or 17 1?*t l Inchea on -omh C atreet, betw. en 'd and U atreats waat. by a depth or abont 1?: feet 6 luehea All the aboT' property tade-irable a<idaosarr<M tbe attention of per?>na deatrlag to iuvt<at u antk property. Tema of aal., a pnacrlbed by tbe decree One tbtr-cash. tb. re-irtne In tao einal Ba*mait? at si* and twelre Bi nthi uitb Ict r -at from iaa d?i of Bale, or, at tbe option of the par-hiuer tbe r.ui#JK^ctkT^,0ey ,cSTb p,,d,nr"tj 'e> Th" tit'es are perfect. K. W JONKS ? CHARLES M MATTHEWS ( Trusteed. n. b :.U lilt Ada THOS Dow LING 4 net ( 'OVEANMKNT RUIoOlNGd AT ALKVAN* liitiA AT ALOTIOM, LkxtfQ*mrtirmm*Ur-s OAct.Dvoff Wmshtnrfn.l wm<\MKton. D. C.. Mhrck X. 3r C w iT-k?r 1 tl,e iroikiiT <*, the build lata known aa the Conetrwrttoo Corp.Rar raaka. at Alejaauria Vlrr'nia will he i# 3 .i public .action, on THlKMiA V Aeril ll nnd. r i ?? u? ieu*nt Hnater Utb Lnitt-d Statea infattry, Aitinj A??iatant Quartettnaatdr, .1 alted Mataa Arm^ Sale c< icmenie at 12 o clock nooa T beaa Barracka ooaprls> tbirt. eu belli n~? ranginj fiOBlK to 21 Jeet In si|d>b 'it ksm lu to ??' feot In lea?tb Alao a I'ortab a B'lli.llr.a 10 b? 1 pAili?r *kefoliomlne at Battery Ri>dt> r;^Tw0 HV,1'.U, "< 61 B*b t.. ? lotrtcf'tTpe ^ b' "WlJ *' lh' *tu' tinj# tbefol6? feet l-lnch Lead Pipe. 56 feet i Inch Iron Pipe ISO feet 1 in. h iron Pi re 160fi*o? lv-lach Iron Pipe. 8 Braaa Stop cocks 3 Coobins Binz.s it cotupl. t.-. 1 St aui Boil, r 6 inches l.y | foot ID iBcbea. T rmi-tiib, In Govern ?at fno i? Rr?? ^ , ? H T?MPKIH8, ?.?.?? ,? f**B-1 I>* fOt'/kartermaat* r. 03D 3 ' H*t WT1ER A BROTHER. " ?36 PIN5A. AVKNCE. Hare just re? eiT. d a fine assortment of Cbromo Litboprapba, Nut Orackere and oihera. A'la a choice lot of Pocket Book* and Knivea.St reo ? opic Viaua, Holi.iea Storooacupoa, and Oral Frames. Tbe latest Po 'tlcat and Pro?e Workaby ?^it autbora. Also, keep c natantly on hand superior Stationery of all kinda Cook booka aod Toy Books In great variety. m?5 lw ^ BOOBBICS. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenne and litu atreet, ?ntronce on Hew York arenne,) Dealere In fine FAMILY GROCERIES TEAS WINES, IMPORTED LDXlRlks, Ac., Ac.', would respectfally notify their friends ond tbo public that they hare juat opened tbeir Hew Oro eery Store, where can bo obtained any article uau ally kept In flrat class Grccary. Without attempting to enumerate our large, freali and well selected atock.we eordiaily larlta tbe pabHo to examine our atore and atock boiler ng we afaall aot fail to glre entire aatlafkctlon to all who may favor ua with their patronage. Wo call eepeeial attention to our Meortmont of TEAS and COFFEES, which bare been elected witb great rare for parity ' Dealere will find a fine assortment to select from, and our prioea to aolt. Goods dollrerod jromptlr In any part of the city jan9-3m k^PBlNG CLOTHiHC. 11 a ring received our Spring striae we r?n ?,i?, . n.iemeii great borgaiiw |D ol7,T' ^ ** OVPKCOAlS AMD MATCH 80ITS of all quai itlea wall, stepiirni* a ro, M,hM Httr ririi . Penn savcaae, !* *] botw-u Pth eud itftii etreele. SECOM P; by Oberiee <Hwr? ' V * **if<?apei;t tor Jaaaarr ?i n ,iaaProfi,; * Ga?Je to tbe Mark.' aal f Amil? (tardea Swinborn's La Ven?ni Two V br Th.AJrea "laatrateA. The IHates-aaa'a Y ear Bo-* fot LM7, Leo-loo. ( t rRAI.Oh. TAYLOR ?*a^??1^ AUOTIOW MAt.BS. . ?*a?a -?P?*w sm^ f' '<*>*^ j? ArtMMMOOM AMP Tt>~Momm"k. gT W .*. LBWUtOO . Aaetioaaaia * 1 J!??"NWBATl??? AT ABOTION V wttlaall. ba Ma 3-4 fM,.|l>uii a-amae, 4m hohm.tiik irrhn'l.ii* >m f r?Tiu?, dlftcl frua ptf M, ill ta h* M 4 r U oat rt?tr?? _ Kiitti ||t THOE. tWiWUIIQ, Aact. IS WIW BTIOBALTVPEEES WABoBE AT On MCVPAT MOBNIBG, Aartl |*t, |?V, *t u O'clock. I Will ?U. at tka n' R P Bintrt. > T Iri4<? atree?, Omm t#??~ haaw CD* her** Expre*a V*t?u. t " t#o brsa ? t fnr h <r*f ' Tfc? above *i?*m ware ballt In the a*rr WH n**i.a< r forth* Ballot*! Ex*r?aa aw* in bo somI |a the high eat biud-r far rmh u Umu rliku4?i^ut. B P. KDiruiD. I?< THOS bOWbllU A not |?* GREEN A WltiUII, Aect^eera OhOCBBlEB, Llol.WM STORE riXTCBBt. BANT* * ACCTIUW. A?D 8TOBB fat aMONDAT. lit April, w^'ahal! M * o!>efc a the gro e > etort at ?s? corner of Hi K Plr? \m o rth. ?t ftrtllt it ??0>f| n nt Of lr? ?t ?-< .-n. , i |>rl n| 1 eas, *n?*r*C?ft- - , 1 * <n"t?; *?s rim s e< of all other Wrncetes n*aelir kert (tie lr? c ?*S Uror.-r j starr Also, ? e\i*l'< nt a*i>orim*ni of Liquor#, in bar rel* And b ttlw Alao. tt e Hot- ft ttnr*. tnrta a* P1*t'ern aad tVoun'ei PeaIn M<-eeur tod tiood Wn| ef tb) t<>r>1?ktckl*l?r r it Terms rub OREKN I WILLIAMS nil. 2s St | IutA > ll> r.I 11 a tcti BT GREEN* WILLI AMD. Atm^ Ao. Jifc, eoathea t coiatr . .b tol O eta HOrsBROI D ITEMTl EE AT AKCTIO* ObTOSDAY, tbe .d of spul at if o mtk t ni , w will ? II at N< *-'7 4, i,t ?i-??i t.ortu betwe*n I?th and Mtb streets nnt, tb* fei lu*l?( trtitlM Tlr : Lie E w almt tk>l?a, Cfaalra and Booker*.la hair Civtb H?n(i?< me Bia k Watnat u* Mar'- * iod Center Tell* and two Eoaewood ' ' fr?a>*> ' a?d Ti n-e ply Ingrain an 1 otb*r O*' pet* Hull OiKlotb and Oaoe a Obair* T?o 0?k c lored ("baiwlier Suite* |)'Btak' Tabie and Ctorker> Hair to* and otter < ooklre farlor iriI "tber Movrs Lot ot Kitrl en tr?. T'-rm* ca*h 0BEEN A WILLIAMS A u BV ? L WALL A CO., A?rt oaeers, gt.fM 31 4 and 117, 8' o'h ?orner PenutjIrani* ar?aa? u? *h at STOCK or C BO'' K K li T AND OLAKKWAU A 1 AlU'TION. Ob 11 ED A V Mt)BN I NO, April 2, at llo'al'k. ?? vIil n-ll. at onr anrnok k> mi. with b tke tore*, an rk vl Crockor; G!aa*ware Ac cvapnsiig? \* ae>< Bowl* and Pll'-h*-* Pltcbrr*. v ecetable and other Di*h?a Tea po'*, Mi'*-, N a-e* (;iaa?uaie GoLi. i?. TumMur* H b?-n.lan Wara. a*'*?ite4 Cbaaipa?ne and Wine GUmci Mela-ei - r>,Ca?1) J *rbp'-on*. Japau Dtawera. f rare* T?rV*. Cord'. Lai a ? igiirn " th-ni'-??r? i rowa w?d Ro. k nchati Ware fare* rcml'd* ba to. Ac. With mattf other ?rttiie* id the Cr<>*k?rr and (iiailvmtliDr all of wtilib will be pe cut, tor i old. Tarii.?ca?b ti: 25 W L WALL A C? Aticta. BV ?!OOPEB A LATIHEB. An Hoover*. ( Late f!i-il? atti. J uutM ?}. McOalit- A Oo S' ntLw i-I c?'rt<?-r I enti4> I tauia it lk auJl H tree:,* Star Otlica ItBiUiuf." TBISTEE S SALE OV HOUSEHOLD F1 BN1 TI BE , rf tiTtmof a ie<*d ?.f tro?t to the *ol'arriber. ^ J?noarjr i>t,l^67 <?n<l re<*<>rdm) id Obatui Ll '*J B M. W No 3 f.?li ?. one ot tbf cLa tel record* i f U HUM- g , n couttj, a ?bal ?e!\or, HUNDAI tekt. April l.ttat l?o>ri ttli <ui No I *4 IN Tin aveau*. between 17tb :> >d l?ta -treeU all tie r 1)1 hit tin aiJ tt^ ret- tber*'lB COBiai Be<i. C<'BI Ptl^lDC lb part? Bi*ewood P.rlor Suit in Cre*B as4 Pcrale 1 'a na- k H alu t Mar* 'e t' p Cnraati* aa4 Wvb*taad?. K< *ew o?-<i Be'l*teii?, M arMa t-p T at ? Painted Cottage S?t( l aii flotli Parh.r Chair*, i o?kiiif{ !% ? * Cat - ?e?t('batra. Oil Painting* \ViuJ<iw ^,ia.le?, Tbret- pij and In.rai.iCarpet* Oil C otht. Orerker* and Ola-i. vA are T- 'les S< t?. Cf-okitiii -td Chamber 0t0T0?, Ac , Ac. TerOi* ca*!> JAMES E WILLIAMS Troa'ae, ?r-4t COfPER A LATIMEK, Antta D) COOPER A LAT1MCR, An. tioa er*. * ( Late clerk* with J C. H<.Guire tCu .1 Southwest* a?*.erof P?-Bti*ylratiia areuu^k 1 Utk treat, Star Othct- Buildiag w Bf rirtncof adaedofttuat from Fer<1ltraa4 B H?n'ei and wlte, ano Graitoa i? liaosoa tra*tee, dateu tbe titli J uut>, A D., and recorded In 111 er .1 A 8. No D1 folio* 4 t in . at tha land record* of Wa^blVKt' n . oi uty. Dutriot of Co nrat ia aa *crTixine trn'ter I public *a tl<n. oa MONDAY, tbe first day <>f April. A D lviT.ate1-, o'clock p. m tatroBtof the ar< Bit*' *, .be m< *X tbli ty oi ? Si) feet t y the deptb ot tbe l"t. No 4, In r^-ei T*ti< d No 11 Tl.ea' Oee prop* rt? front* SI leet on the Birth *ide of B street n <rtk. trntwrfa 2d ?Dil ,M rt^ti west, exterd* back l?e feat. anJ 1* inrroved ?'th a two-Mory Brick Dwelling Booae, with gar ret and ba*eatent Term* of sale One third ca?h ; and 'be baiaam a* st.\ and twelve tnoatLa for wblcb tb- n.itae of the purcba-ar will be tak*n. bearina lot*'est from tha 'lay ot eala. and a liea rrtalnaJ ob tba premises a Id A deed will te fls -n on full pa> m*lit of the inrcbacf money. One fantidred dollar* repaired at tbe tin.e of aala. All cobtotanclngeBd t tirips at cost of tbepirrha*ar If frm* ol aala ara not omplid witb In flae days from tbe time of sale t e properly will ba resold at tlie ii?k aud cost of tliedefaaittnff parcbaaer, on ?re days advertisement lu tbe Bati oal latal ligencar. URNBY C IMV8 Surviving Traptee. ml 15-ao td- COOPEBA LATIMEB A not* ^BAlOBY BOB SALE Cktif fyfTi4rm*>itr'f Ofic. Dn*'of WaskuuUn.i Washington. D. C March 29 IM7 C Py order of tba Qtj*rterma?t r Oener^I, the Gov rni' Dt Armory on G street, b< tweei Twentv trat at.d Twe;.ty second will be Bold at pa1 He anctl^u niid?r *b' *u(.er i>>ion of Kaptatn i ana-< Pa ' a A 0 M , on WEDNESDAY, April 10, at 15 a elk noon Thl* V tiling I* 50 fe 11 j fe>-t. alinela raof Term*ca?h iu G 'v?-tuu-cut fund*. . CHABLE0 H TOMPKINS l!?t Brtr . Deputy if M Gen, Atunrf Chiat Ouartertwaster. tan 29 lit Depot of Waeh:ng+oa BT co?<PEB a LATIMBB, Aocti.aiara. Soutbw st corner of Pt-na. atrenue and 11th at. AT PBIv"A?E SAL1, rv???v?5b'r of nr,t C,M* PRIVATE BBSI DEBCKS, lu central localities AI*o W small Bri.-k and rpanae HOUSES 1 r ABM betaa. a W **hli gt a an<1 Al*iandtia 1 large Tram* BOISE, with lot l.-o feet auaare. For fnrtbar panicnlara appl> of mh l? lm COOPER & LATIMER. Ancta. ^|| BOOTS AND SHOES. fWf NEW TT O B . fM Tbe anderalgned begs leave to Infora hi* friaSa SSiKl?i,,c geoerallf that be has opened tba NEW' CHEAP BTOBE. Mo. AOB 7tb atreat.nadar Odd Peliowa' Hall, wbere he has on liana a gsaeral aaaortmantof Ladiea aid Gaotlaoaan'a, Boy *a Vlaaea and GhiMren < BOOTS BND SHOES B-meaabar tba Bamber, iou 7th atreat, aadar Odd Fellows^ liait Tha Mew Oheap Store, formerly k. F. Page a Itora. ?! 1? MEOBGB B^ WILSON . Agents wanted r- rthe most ex ?it( a^1?G ABD INTERESTING BOOK. OP THE GEN* L C. BAKEB8 HI8TOBT OP THE 8BCRET SERVICE In every city, towu ooonty. and Staa of tha luion. to canvaa* for this work. Tata history was announced ona year ago, bot owing to tha attempta of tha G*v<*rnBiek.t to anppreaa It, ita pnbltcatloB waa d laj d. Ic will now be i**nad nnaltrred and nnabrldged. coder th? ?np*rvl*ioB of Gea BAKKB It O'jntalns a fnll and official ex poee of tba latrioata maohiaatioaa of tba aacret ei amies of tba Cnloa. Por atartiti.g devalopmeata and taiilllng advaatmea, this b?ok acllpees the lamina ex tai aacaa of Fom be acd ^ Idoc i. The marvelous narratives of Geaaral Baker ara all attested by the fairhMt ofli. ial aatborlty. It will contain tbe only oflcial hlatory of the AaaaastaatioB conaplracy. A fnll bi-torr af 4lila great, atartllac-aaa tarrlbU crime K BOM ITS COBCEPTIOBCIN THE HAl'Nr4 OF YILLAIBI TO TH B\:RIAL PLAOI OF HOOT-. -* oaver ret been pla.-ad before tha pablic. The work alao fnllj exp^a** tha aefarloaa ayatem by which Preaid^atial part ona watw and are so readily oL Uiuoo at Waahlagtan The morula of the National Capital are thoroughly veatiietad. and thera ara aam* atr?a*a revelatlona concarniag b'-ada of departmwata.. member* of Congress,female pardon brokers, and dtetiBgaUhed military character*. Por fnll de- ripti ve cir.aUra, terras, and ail particular*, atfdresa P UARRin A Co aihi lm TOtt Ciaatnnt at.. Philadelphia | AT EST PARIS FASHION! OF SALB La DBESSIN*. I. ALLIOT, . * ME ITCH HAIR-DRESSER, 134 B atreat. betwwea IStB and latA at*. Mr. AJliwt. from Paria, Batr-Drr spar, of tha celebrated Barbel, wlfcb whom baarrtvad Ib tkla oonatry. baa nuw t*?a established far taa 1m4 eight yean la Waahlngtoa and MawpaPt. awe>ing tha patronag*- of topcorp> Uphmatim. and' ol the highest aoenif. He ha* tha koaor to aar oun<* that ba ba* thia aaaaaa importad the latest taabioua of bair^raaatag. aad al** p<>m-tai.13' avarytbiug that b*i*g* ta thadraaaias eriak at vary toaariaai la prUa*, j^y f* ^kVEItb EPLBNDID FABLOB ORGABE wsvftfitni'siiu. ? oo^ prapwratnry to rebuilding Store. , \ Ij **** , Wa. Ill jjht street aMa N ava. pABB.-MJS? M I VILMll^itomM ."LlT** 1 oI* cnabamera and tb* aabUe aaa rr*.l; that e'? I,a* re opened ler Drees Mating Bet- bli-bin* t at 4^*0 Ik'.b *ti e ., between E si] Fsi aato. mh la tm*