Newspaper of Evening Star, March 30, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 30, 1867 Page 4
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1 0 THE EVENING STAR. ', UWS OT TIi nilTII STITSS, ' I *??m4 at Ut ft*c#?4 ftmUa of tit Tkir17'WBtk CM|KM. ;prmuc Rmolctio*?No. 34.) A Ewolctioh relative to ifco Po?t Offlco ud Mb Tf-wnn of tki tiitw at Bmim K<rcir?i try 'Jit SenaU and Hxmtt #/ Kfrt?*nlaii9tt vf A* Cnxttd StaUt / America in t>aitrnUtd. That the Mayor and Poet aeter of the City of Boston, the AmiiUK Trra> urer lor tbe United Stateo at the C??y at litnti. :if president of the board of trad* of too fity of Boston,and Alpben* Hard?, Daniel Davie*, ana John A. Andrew, of Boston, be oppo.nttd n eoarai-sion to select a proper site fsr a building for a poatoBce and for the acesamodation of tbe Sab-Trensary in the City f BmIiio. and that they report to the Postna? ter Oonrrai and the Secretary of the Treasnry at their earliee(t) coaveniense, the setect?on upon which they or a majority of them ay agree, aud :oe price at wbieh sach cite <a? keptr.'ha^d by tbe Government for tbe pnrpoeea coutemplated in this resolution. it a I sew niieshorid be selected; and that if raid | report ?naJl ui.^et tbe approbation of tbe Post. , a? - Oeneral and tbe Secretary of the Treiui. ary. they shall communicate the ?im?, with ; rich additional muyyettimp< |? u* f ?s*.ions| aa they tta-T think proper, to Congress. Approved, March 'J. lf-67. [PCBLIC RKWJLCTIOB-NO. 35 ] Jetwr KsdoLrrioN to enable the Secretary of War to carry out an agreement in relation to ?atcr power lor the arsenal at Koek IsUad. bt .iretoivtd by th' Senate an-i Hryuse of R-pr?r?n*a'?r?j of :K' United States of Anttrica. in lufr'*' osfnbted, That the Secretary of War he, act) he is hereby, authorized and empowered to carry into effect the recommendations f the :ommis3ioser? appointed nnder the ?ct* oi April nineteen, eighteen hundred and | sixty-four, and Jtne twenty-seven, eighteen ; uuur>*u sen sixty-six, reiauve to tne rdoline "Water Company and the watcr-p?w?r at Rock Iclacd. ill not*, as contained in the report of ?aid Commissioners, and to make application frr that purpose of the money heretofore apprepriated for securing water power at the head ef Kock Island. Approved, March *2, ]?$?. [Public K?e?LrTiO!f?Mo. W.) A KisolctioH tDprovide for tbe exchange of certain public documents. Kesolrtd ly tke S?nate and House of ReprfftiiaUct of the Unit'd Slates of America in Cverr'.sv a' writ bled, Tbat fifty copies of all dot nm*nts hereafter printed by order of either Hon;* o: Cougress, and fifty copies additional ef all documents printed in excess of the nsual umber, together w th hfty copies of each publication tssnea by any department or bureau dfthr fotrrilDirtlt. hy nl?r<?r! m th? f the Joint Cotrau'tee on the Library, wbo " bail exchange the same, tbrougb tbe agency I the Smithsonian Institution, tor ruch works f ublif brd id foreign countries, and e specially by foreign government*, a* may b* deemed by aid f oirmi'.tee as equivalent: said works to be deposited in tbe library of Congress. Approved, March i, lt-67. FrBLic kxholi tios?No. 37.j Jo:st KaM>lvtio? ?nr tbe reuucnou of the military reservation of Fort Riley, and to grant land for bridge purposes to the State of Kansas. Bi it rt*"lrr<f by thf Sfrtfte and Hou*' nj R-p. rttentativei ?/ tkt Vnitrd Stattr >J Ameri-'a in Cen<7r<ij ?.twnN<(!, Tbat the southwestern boundary of tbe military reservation of Fort Jliley, iu tbe *<tate of Kan?as. be. and the enme is Hereby, declared to be bereatter tbe channel f the Keprblican river, from its mouth t<? tbe toint where said river ini>ru/'t< ?h westers line of raid reservation, and the land released from said reservation, and lying between the Smoky liill and Kepublii an rivers, is Hereby granted to the State of Kansas to aid in the constraction of a bridge over the Republican r ver, on the public highway leading through the present reservation: ho: upon the express condition that this grant shall be accepted by the State of Kansas with a guarantee given by said State, by an act ot the legislature thereof, tbatsaid bridge shall be kept up ard maintained in good condrion. and "hall 1* free to the use of the government of the United States, for all transit purposes forever, without tolls or charges, and on each acceptanc? and guarantee being filed in the office of the Secretary of the Interior, together with the certificate of the governor of Kansas that a good and permanent bridge h<ts keen constructed aver the said Republican river, i^hali be ih-s duty of said Secretary to issue pflent, for the land hereby granted. to the State of Kansas, or to such company as aay be authorized, by act of the legislature ?f aid State, t<> construct said bridge Provided, kowntr. Tbat nothing herein contained shall W rft'lfcfTr.orf tn i n foefoeo ~ ~ m ? ?? VII, v> I < u auT ? I All I Q1 My part of said land heretofore made by the I'd States. Approved, Martb 2, 1-67. [PUBLIC R?8OLt*TI0N?No. ^81 A ReeoLVTioH presenting the thanks of Con* gTt-se tc Cyru* W. Field. Kesalteil by the Scnmte and flout? of Rrpresmtatives of the Vr.ited State* vf America in C?ngmt That the thanks of Con- I grees be. and they hereby are, presented to Cyrus W. Field, of K?w York, for his foresight, courage, and determination in establish* ing telegraphic communication by means of the Atlantic sable, traversing mid-ocean and connecting the Old World wiihtheNew: and that the i'residen. ol the Vnited Slates be requested to cause a gold medal to be strnck, -with suitable emblems, devices, and inscription, to be presenied to Mr. Field. Sac. S A mi I* i '.further resolved, That whan the medal shall have been struck, the President shall causes copy of tbis joint resolution to be engrossed 01. parchment, and shall trans, rati tbe same. logMber with the medal, to Mr. Field, to be pres# ited to him in the name of tbe people of tbe United States of America. S>c. 3. And b' it further retolred. That a sufficient sum of money to carry this resolution uiwyni h u?reoy appropriate i oui or &ny meney in the tr?a-ury not otherwise approyriMd. Approved, March t, [Piivati K*sOLrTio:*?Ne. r?.] Joist Kb.-dli tion instructing the Secretary of tfc? Interior to order & sarvey (or a bridge or bridge* across the Potomac. Bt it reset ee<i bit the SenaU a rut H^ute of Rr pretenWiMi of tke Cniied Sta'et of America in Coayren a tern Wed. Tbit tbe Secretary of the Interior be directed to order a surrey, by a com peteni engineer. of the ground and river at and near tbe Aqueduct bridge,in this District, and report upon the practicability of constructing tbere a bridge across the Potomac without obstructing the navigation of tbe river, and th* probable cost thereof, separately ectimatirg ; fer a common bridge, and for a bridge both for i railway and common travel. Also to examine and report touching the like bridges at or uear the LoDf bridge *n#i mh?th?r ifc" ? - w? ' ther? built so as to avoid obstruction# of tbe navigation thereby. and tbe prohable cott thereof; eaid report t) be made at tbe earl test cay practicable Approved, March 2, 1S?7. [pcblit kjcaolltios?no. 40.] Joint K**olitiok auhonzmg tbe Secretary ef State to pre?ent to Captain Jamea <3\ Smuh, of the Hrlusb bri( \ ictoria, a g>ld chronometer, in toaen of appreciation ot hia services in reaculug from death the master, ottieers, and crew, and paaeengera on board of the American brie L. 11. Fitter. Be U resolved by tke Arnate and lloute of Re pret'HUiliTts of the United States qf America in Conjrfs miserh'-ltd. That the Secretary of State be, and be la hereby. authorized and directed te caaar to be procured and presented to Cap jtrar u. stBim, muter of the brig "Vicof Yarmouth, Nort Scotia, a gold chronometer, in token of appreciation by the OoTernment of tlie United State* of bia humane and successful eflorn in reaecing from dea.h :b-master, offlcera, crew, and pansea?eraon board the brig E. H. Fitter, of Fhlla. deiphia, wrecked at aea on tha morntnr of Janaary twenty-second, eighteen band red and aixty-eeven. ApproTfd. March 2, iwt. rPcaiic Rmolctioh?ko ?i ] Jonrr Kwolctioh in relation to the erection of a Jail in the Dlatrict of Columbia Be it rttolctd bp (At SrnaU and Hou?, nf r,v. Ttstntafitts of the United. SUUt of America in Congress cutmbled, That bo money aball he ant of the Traunra ! tien ol tfe* new Jail for the District of Coluabin under ths net approved twenty.fifth July Hundred nod sixty-six. unless the totting of the contract for tfce building of said jnii snail be suspended and delayed until perfected plans for the eaUre work shall hare coat pieced and approved by a hoard of three, 90mposed of disinterested and com. pntont engineers and architects of which Qaarter?a?ter General M. U Males, nna A. 1 J^chitect of the Treasury Depart eat, shall he two, nor nnlesa tn* At 1 an<h contract Mall bay* baan ooeaed to fair ?? aonabla ootio? prlitfi in two ImA1( Dtwipnp*ri orintnd andIpn?U*kad In t*? city of Waaftmiton aftar anch approval of ?ncfc naw and c?rf?c'?<i ? * UuU tba Nacratarjr of tba laterior W notorized and diraetad to Mie*t a naVaita Jpr anid jail ander tba said act/ 4ppr?T??*rc??,lC07. ^ J [PvBLi??!9a ;u ) An Act Mki>( appropnattoaa tor 1*0 repair' pmcrnttM. ud eMplctoa ol certain public verki, beretofora ewnw4 aawr the ttlkwity of It*. U4 (or otter purposes Be it tnmmUd by I1U S**mU ani Hmk ?/ Rep. KirnfattNl 0/ i*e PniUd Stalet #/ *?.?, ? ?* CtmfrtH mttembUd. That the following soma of BiOsey be, ud tbo aafee tr? bar*by, appro* priaud, to ba paid oat of aaj money in tbe trratar; aot otaerwtae appropriated, to be ox> pended under tbe dtreotioa aad aaperiatea oeace 01 ia? RNrautrj 01 war, ler t?c repair, pre??rvauon and completion of following work* heretofore comamud under the authority ?1 law, and for the other purposes hereinafter named, mat la to My : Kir examination and survey ol works of improvement for which appropriations haf fce^n here efoie made, *nd concerning which no sufficient information Is now in possession ol Ute department, and for examination and survey at oth?r point* in tne fourth and fifth section* of thin act specified, that is to say: On tbe Atlantic coa?t, thirty thoasand dollars, on the Pacific coast, twenty-five thousand dollar*; on the northwestern lanes, seventyAt* thousand dollar*; on the western and northwestern rivers, one hundred and '.wen ty-flvr thousand dollars. And the Secretary of War, vib.-Q the public interests require it, shall cauM* examinations or re-nam> inations to o? made, with suitable surveys ol tbe works aforesaid and all ether works provided for by tbis act. and shall make such cbanftaoi modificat.ons of the plans heretofore adoptt-d (or their improvement as shall be neee?.-?ry and proper. And be shall cane* such teed Jul examination of other harbors and places id tbe fourth and fifth sections of this act specified, upon the sea and lake coasts and on Western rivers, to be made as will enable tm to determine wb&t improvements thereof are required to render them safe ana con vei lent for tbe navigation of '.be naval an<* commercial vessel* ?i tbe United States, and the co?ts of sncb improvements; and he shall make full report thereof, and of the plans deemtd advisable therefor, to Congress, on tbe first Monday of December next, tor t>uch action ls may be judged expedient ana ri?ht. And it. noon su^ti examination and snrvev of wort3 llr*t herein named, being works now existing or in process of completion, and concerning which no information is now in the possession of the L>epartmenu there ahall remain an unexpended bnlauc.i of appropriation, property applicable thereto, from the sums herein appropriated, wbicb may, in the judgment of :ne Secretary of War, be judiciously I applied towards tbe economical and needful continuation or ci uapletion of such works, the Secretary of War shall direct such balance to be applied and us?d accordingly: but nc moneys gball be usfd for ?nch purposes, excepting from the balances remaining from approprtanons herein made ft r tbe specific examination and survey ot snch Wir?cs Vor extending the pier at Erie harbor, Pennsylvania, and dredging caannd through to cuter bar, twenty-five thousand dollars. For improvement at mouth of Conneaut rlv??r. Oh o. ten thousard dollars. t or lmDroven eut at Afer.ta.ha la harbor Ohio. fifty-four ihoutsad dollars. For improTemfn' ol works at Grand river harbor. Ohio, sixty thousand dollars. t or improvement of Sandusky river, from Fremont to Lake trie, in Ohio, twenty thousand dollars. For Improvement of Manmet bay, Ohio, twenty thousand dollar*. For improvement of St Clair flats, in Michigan, oue hundred and fifty thousand do'lars, to be expended in accordance with tbe plans and specifications of Oolonel T. J. Cram in bis report ot lietjmber tenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-?ix. t or improvement at mouth of Saginaw river. Michigan, twenty-eight thousand dollars. For improvement ot St Mary's river, Michigan. fifty tbon?and dollars. For improving moutn of A u Sable river, Lake Huron, fifty thousand dollars. For imptoviug Marquette harbor. Lake SuI rior, elgh.y-live thousand dollars. I Kur in>I<rovik( harbor. I.(lire Siinermr. e i x ty - fl v e thousand dollars. For )mpruv,uK harbor atSnpe nor City, Wlseonsin, Mitvabrt* thousand dollars. for improving Harbor at A?x Bees Scies. Michigan, ten tbonsaud dollars. For improvement cf Grand Rivor harbor. Michigan. forty tbonsand dollars. For improvement ol Blaeg Like barbor, Michigan. titty-one thousand dollars. For !mpre\ i"cg fcarbor ol St. Joseph, Michigan. twenty-three thousand dollar* For improving i?arbcr at Kacine, Wisconsin, forty-five thousand dollars. For improving harbor ol Sheboygan, Wisconsin, eight thousand dollars. For improving narbor of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. torty-ttve thousand dollars. t or improving barber of (>re-n Kay, Wisconsin. forty-live thou sand dollars For improving harbor of Manistee, Michigan. sixty thousand dollars. t or improvement of Whre Kiver Harbor, Michigan, littj-seven thousand dollar:;. For improvement of Mn?ke^on harbor. Lake Michigan, fifty.nine thon.-and dollars. For improving harbor ot South Havea, "\1 irhio-ur fnTt v.throA thf.r.tunH ^?n? ? l or iinproviUK l.aroor <. J N<*w Buffalo. Michigan, sixty thousand dollnrs. For improving harbor of Dnnkirk, New York, one hundred thousand dollar*. For improving harbor of Buffalo, New York, on* hundred thousand dollar? 1 or improving barber fit (ilcott, N*w York, a: month of Fighieen-mne creek, *ixty thousand dollars. For improvement ot barbor of < ?ak orchard. New York, eigaty-seveu thou?aud dollar-. For improving harbor of Bi* Sodm bay, New York, eighty thousand Jollar?. For improving harbor of Little ?odus bay. New York, fifty thousand dollars. For improving barbor at Oswego. New Yerk, tlxty thousand dollars. For improvliiK harbor of Plettsburg, New York, twt-nty-gix thousand dollars. For completing the improvement of the navigation of the Kennebec river, Maine, between Nbepard's Point and Augusa, thirty thousand dollars. For improving barber of Ogdeasourg, New York, lortj thousand dollars. For improving the barbor of Bnrlingtou, Vermont, eighty ihousand dollar*. For improvement of Thames river. Conaecticut, thirty-six ihousand dollars. For the purpose of improving tbe oavigvion of tbe St. Croix river, Maine, above the led^e, fifteen housand doll art- /V-rirfr./,The province of New Brunswick shall contribute and pay to the proper disbursing officer a like sum for said purpose, said paymeat being made on condition that in no ?-vent shall the province of New Brunswick be called upon for more than half the su-.n actually expended for said purpose. For improvement of Hudson river. New vis, uuui iivj 10 r>aiii?ore, ton? Hundred and tiv* thousand on* bandred aud eightyeight dollar*. lor improving harbor of Marcos Hook, Pennsylvania ninety.four thousand dollar?. For improvement of Chester barbor, Pennsylvania. eleven thousand dollars. For improvement of I>elaware breakwater, Delaware Bay, one hundred and nine tbou-;w i lour bu*?dred and ninety-three dollars and seventy ceats. Kor improvement of Patapsoo river, MaryI land, seveuty-tive thousand dollars. tor improvement of month of Mississippi | riter, two bund:ed thousand dollars. For improvement of Ohio ri> er, one huntred tboasand dollars. For improvement of Saco river, Maine, forty I thousand dollars. tor preservation and improvement of Hoeton harbor. Ma-?iu'iiUfi-tN. thtu? I | se\ entv-li\e tiiou.-and dollars. 1 For "improving navigation on the M's'issippi river at lies M< iiiss or l<ow?-r rlipids, | according to such plan as th* Secretary of Wart-hall on (be reportot a board of engineers approve, Are hundred thousand dollars I' >hover. That a*y canal that mar be constructed arouud said lies Moines or J^ewer rapids of the Mississippi river shall be and forever remain free to the navigation and commerce of -aid river and no toils shall ever be collected thereon. For improving navigation ot Mississippi river at Koeic Island rapids. i?u hundred thousand dollars. Kor improving harbor of Ontonagon, Michigar, thonsa nd six hundred dol| lars. Kor build.ngand operating two dredges and snag-boa's, to be u^-ed on Mississippi river [ between Fort SnelUp? and Hock Island rapids. ninety-Mx thousand dollars. | i rui nuiiuiiif auu operating one ilndgt or ! snag boat on the Wisconsin river, forty thousand dollar*. For improving harbor of Pentwater. Lake Michigan, fifty-five ttioupand dollars. For Improving harbor of Pere Marquette, Lake Michigan, fifty tbonsand dollars. lo improve the navigation of the WilliamI ette rivar, Oregon, below the city of Portland, thirty thousand dollars. For removing snags and boulders throughout the Minnesota river, thirty-seven thousand five hundred dallars. For Improvement of Providence river, Kbode Island, off Pawtnxet bar, and at the Crook, twenty-five thousand dollars. For improvement of the Pawtncket river, Kbode IsUud, seventeen thousand dollars. SBC. 1i. And be it further enacted. That tne appropriation of seventy-five thousand dollars I for constructing works and improving the en. I trance Into the harbor of Michigan Oity, In| diana, made in and bv the act, approves Jane I twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, shall be expeaded for the purposes aforesaid, upon the urns, and in the manner hereinafter provided for other appropriations under this aci: rrortara, i sai it snail WOmnbowa in the Mtl?faction of tfeo Secretary of War tha? tne ibb of one hundred thonaand dollara nae baen expanded by tba M Ichicnn Oily Hnrbor Company m ibo construction of a *nfa and cunaltii larfeor Mitel plte*: And provided. Teat tb* phuf* o4 tmnIi to ud from Mid harbor itetl to trao, aad ?o( itbjHl to toil or ebarga.aad the money tpmpr k .-<1 bj tbU act thali to ?o appuod atto lompiei* or make the nearest approximation to eompHiting the -work (or which ipocifle appro prtauou U made; and It shall to tb* duty of tha Secretary of War to apply tho soma herein appropriated for other pnrpoees than for examination* and urveys by contract: Pror<d*d,houxrtT, That when, from the nature of the work to to dooe, the same canno*-, is the ludrment of the S*cr?t>rv h* made tk? sobjeet ol contract, the nec?tary expenditure may be otherwise ordered: Protidfd. That no contract shall be mad* xc-pt after nubile advertisement for propo* ila, la sack form and manner aa to secure f?nernl notice thereof, and the same ->hall only he made with the lowest responsible bidder therefor, npon security deemed sofTlctan: 10 the judgment of the Secretary; and it shill be the duty of the said Secretary, at theearliest practicable time, to report to Congress me result of any surveyor resnrvey, with the plan adopted aiid the reins of expenditure under s...d plan: and he shall make report ef *11 actionltaken under the provisions of this aot, and he shall accompany said report with a statement of '-he amount and date of all iorm?r appropriations far each work, and a lull e?umate icr i<a entire aiid permanent completion, witn the amount that can beprufltxbly expand ed in '.be neit fiscal Tear; and be shall' also state iu wbat collection district each wore is loomed, and at or near what port of entry, light-house, or port, wbat amoant of r?T?na? was collected at tbe nearest port of entry tor tbe last tiecal year, and as far as practicable wbat amount of commerce a#d navigation wonld be benefited by tbe completion c t ea.-u particular work: I'rocided, Tha*. he shall continue to wake snclk a report tbe first Mnud..y of December annually nutil tbe works here iprovideti for shall be completed. SBC. 3. And be it f.urthtr enac(ed, Tha* wb never the Secretary ot War shall mvitt proposals for *ny works, or for any m.-iterial or labor tor any works, there shall be separate t?roi?o sals and separate contracts tor each work. aud also (or each class of material or labor for e.,cli , worn, and he shall report to Congress, 3.1 tb- 1 first Monday of December next, all tn? oidr1 with the names of th? bidders. All person 1 no' holding commissions in theregQlar army of th * I'nited States, who shall be intrusted with :ue disbursement of the funds appropriated for the works named in this act, shall be to give bond and ample security tor the itutbful implication of the same. and no snch dish in>ing otficvr ib the army of the United State-<->?.a>I rece<\e tiny commission or compensation for making snch disbursements. Arid the mo.ievs hereinbefore appropriated shall remain :ind be at the disposal of the Secretary of War, and subject to his control for the purposes named in this act, until the several works ana improvement* herein provided for Hrecomplet d, any law or regulation to the contrary notwin landing. Sec. 4. And be it further enccted, That he Secretary of War is hereby directed to canse examinations *>r surveys, or both, as aturesaid, to be made at the following points, namely: At the harbor of San Francisco, California, with a view to the removal of " Bios buui nuiii ii mt" fame snonia De round necessary and es-en:ial to commtrc*: at Crescent. city barber, California; at IJoxbury beach. Ma#s?chusetts; at tnoutbof Mruomoree river. 1 ireen bay : atSaugatuck barbor, maurb ?1 K'ijmazoo river, in Michigan : at Port Clint? in Ohio; at Fultney ville, Lake Ontario, New York: and of the Tennessee river, from Chattanooga to its mouth: at Keedy Island and l^iston (tree) point, in the Delaware rt\er and bay ; at Richmond's island, Cape Elizabeth, the Union river and the (iut epposite the city of B;t:h. Maine: tbe Connecticut river, between Hartford and its mouth . at Block Island, in tbe State of Hhode ]?iand, tbe reefs in I,ake Michigan, near the ba.v?or of Racine. iu Wisconsin, with a view to h lighthouse a;id break-water thereon : and the Potomac river, intbe District of Columbia. S*c. 5. At*: be itfurther enacted. That the Secretary of War is hereby directed to cause a con tin nance of examinations or surveys, or both, at the following points, namely : Of thiMiss.ssippi river, above the Falls of Sniut Antbcny and between the Falls of S unt Anthony and Keck island rapids: of tbe Wisconsin river, and to continue the survey of the lilinoif river, in accordance with the recommendation of General J. H. Wilson, in his report of January twelve, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. And he is also directed to cause plan* and est:mnt??B to be made of the most practicable and effective mode of improving th?' harbor a* Galveston, Texas, and of erecting editable braak water fit that point. Approved, March 2, lptJT. CLOTHING, Ac. JAMIS T. V> ALKIE, MERCHANT TAILOR, 4M Bfveu'k Street, 4^* Rtspectfally informs hli frieads and tbe pabllo generally that be h?a a fine, large and we,l-_ aa elected aaHortnent of fe'LOTilB, CAdUlMKBKS, VRBTINGB. ASD \ltf_ OKNT8 FURHlBlilHG GOODS. ?? " Trat h?- ia tfetermtued to run off at a very aiuall adtance on cost. P' rsons patronizing hie establishment will be guaranteed n GOOD FIT and good workmanship, a- be is determined to employ uone bat the best workmen P S - JOHN A. McLEAR take* this method to In'ortn his that be will b^fownd at bis post iiur pi* e, ? Lit re l>i ?iu pi< aaeu i* t? their taatt-e, fWin? th>-m garment* to antt the mo?t faattdiona. and aeeinr that their garmenu ere made up in tU?- most workmaDllke manoer. ah 11-lm M KBCHANT TAILORING. The nnderaigned having entered intoooaartneralUp. and laid In as fx Waive ant carefully |> elected etock ef CLOTHS,CABBlMBBEd.^flK yBBTINGB.and Gentlemen*' KCBN1SU %\ IBG GOODS, are prepared to ma^a op for ifr their cnatonaera neat jlitir.t and fashionabW^^^ ( uit? of clothing, at their tew e*tabtiahm<-nt, No. 3UO > afreet, twe door* weat of the National Theater. Peraona deairtng neat fitting and fa*hionable Clothing, on moderate term*, ahonld not fall to give ut a call before nnrehaalng elsewhere. _ GBO T. KEKH, * B.W . GILBEBT, Formerly of t09 9th at.. Merchant Tallora. aah 6 lm* Ho. 3'iO E at., bet. I3th and lUh. F?_-_ fiK5aocta*H?y. L?Mon aoo... ? * AIfJMEMOHAST TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, lata Brown'a, WW Bff 1-tf Waehlnirton. P. O. & JAMFBO. McQCIBE A 00 , ?2HP VUBBITUBB WABB BOOMS.6^?11 Baring relinquished the Auction ftnd Commission tnaineas, andconverted onr extensive wareloon a, at the corner of 10th and D at re eu. into a tint claaa HOCSBFCBRISHINO ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to furnisb every variety of BOUSE ABB OFFICE FLHNITL BE, at the moat moderate ratea. Onr atoek cotnpr.aePAELOB 8ET8,tn Bepeand Bair Cloth, CABVEDand PLAIB OILBD WALBUT CHAM BBB BBT8, wiiavii oai^i BIKQLB BUBBAC8 AND WA8HBTAHD8, BLAB0BATEL1 CAKVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIBS OV ALL VAB1BT1B8, EXTIB8I0N TABLES, HA1B MATTBB88ES and EBATHES PILLOWS. OFFICE DESKS and WBITlNfl TABLES, CABTOB MATTING, Ac . Ac. K.n >! ? f?> Ml* V ? w >? ? w > <; msorBwa TUOKKB BPRIHQ BID, which for comfort, durability and cheapneee ! unrivalled. Alio, the TCCKBB MANUPAOTCBIBQ COMPANY BBOHZB CLOCKS, Beaatifni la denies mad haieh. and at vary raasoaabie price*. J48. O. McQCIBB ft 00., mh 11-m eermer of 10th aad p ?treete. JUBKAlI OF OBDHANCB, Wabhihgtow Pity. March 18,14&. e%?fcU\VoWATi81"" " There wUl ba told at public aactloa, to the I highest biddare, at noon, THOBBDAT, the 11th I day of April, 1867, at the *fflce of the Inspector of 1 Ordnance. Bevr-yard. Philadelphia, Penoeylva ale., a lot of old <nad nn?er*i?e%ble artlclee ef viuumkc, imoririni so?l uaBDIll, IbflQlMTeo hundred (Yoo> Oarbta^faa^joadofa.) at,oat twentr-fivo bandred (J.600? IMaakete, rifled ud Mcotb tore. On a Oarrtafaa, aad other a tor*. The article* will bo ?old in lot*. Tmu: One hftlf each. In OaToramoat faada. to be doooaitod on lb* eouluioa of tbaaale. aad tb? riBilidtr within ton days afterward. during which tl?o tbo article# moat bo roaaovod from the yard, otherwlae they will ravartto the Governmeat. H.A.WliE, mb MM Cblof of Bnraaa. |a?BBBOH WOTH W^AbHOKB OOB8BTS II ABA Ml PBII011, ? KAUR BPACB. utt-ur . * * i AUCTION KALiSS.

Ill BK1U t ill I HH|, till illin D B?. ft-it. #fiwTt> m< Diuwli. I S&LB Of TBI rnmBlTDBB. ftc., IB THB a tin ri uousi I IxUmIt# Hit of two b?o4Mtt? roMwood r*** : Piano*, M?ck wains) M4 ook OhABbor furml tore French Pl?|o Mirror*, to , at ?i- t.a Uo ! * *l>N*bt?AT, April 34. 1M7, weakall hU, at 10 ?'ck>ck a. m an< OBBtrXio* from daF to dor ootll It U It'*of. all tbr fvrnltwro la tbo Ar?nao i corner 7th itroot ao4 Louisiana iinu. i rontaloln* ai>o?t eighty room*. *ti: Tw? hiBdiom'1 ro**wood-?aoo PImoiib4 >tnal? 0?o k?r^o pter French piato Mirror aa4 Biab, EUrt " " " Ten Pi id M k and Lim flnrtalBi ?i*k i T<*n Marhl# B ate Tenter Tahlaa. Pt?rl- r bait* eov?r?<1 In rep ?o4 h-tr cUU. Sc^ at) five (baintwr Baits in walnut u4 Mk, ! eoniiftlof of? Marble tup Dr??*1nf Bur?*aa. WuhituJi, B#o1 lUa^e Wardrobe* atxi Oh*ir>, One t.on1ted pairs of good Blankets, Two bnndred Bheeta Pillows ?nd Holster OiW. One hundred geod Bed Gom?'erU, &ftf Bod Two Teather PIMov* Mid Bolatora, One kundred and fifty Bftir aad Basil Mat trea*es, On-bunire* Oak Di ninr Chain, Ten Dining TaMee, mad* to ord*r, I Kiftv Linen Daan**k Table Olotfcs, 0ai> hau'lrad Napkins. Bigbty 3ru??el? Tkree ply aod lagra.0 Carpets, Tweity Scfaa. ten Damaak Lounges, Ten Vbaflnx Dishes, I Xi?e Oorfe* a?d Tra Orna.^ . . I Itn i"i'u ivvr; ntuuiwi nniTfl IDil r.?l' 1 Forks, Ten Co/en Plated Table Ppcone, Tvienty do/en Tea bpooue Tw?nt> fire dozen Store China Plate*, Thirty aota of Cu|4 and fcuncers. Ten ( prerPancepane. A lai re-identity of other Crockery and Gla?e Ware Forty (Jh mdeliere, and Bracket* in every room, L'ne excell. Dt Iron Pate and Otlice I'esfc, i'm larre Office riock :tnd Water Cooler, Hn* all ether foods belonging l" firet clase hoov, which we deem unnecessary to ena Bi'^ate. Terme.0Mh. Dl|, -i d GBKEN A WILLIAMS. AuoU BY COOPEB * LAT1MKB. Anetloneere, ( Late clerks with J O McGaire A Oo ,) "./nth* eat corner P?-nn*> Irenia avenue and 11th aireet, Star Offl< e Building. TBBBTIES SALE. Tiy virtue of & deed of trust, bearing date the 19*h d?y 'i May, 18??-?, ?iuly recorded In Liner B M H , ko. 17 full' s 2:1. et eeq,. one of the Land Rer-rds t?r W .? hlnnton Gonaty. District of Columbia, tue tin teraigned, Trnateea, will on HON DAY, the e'h d*y of April, I8b7, at tj- o'clock p m., in front r>t thr preruieee. oiler for sale, at public auctiou, h# -aat t aif of Lot aaxbere-d live, |5 ) in tfviaare Lunl-ered eighty four, idl. I together with the Improvements thereon, which con-let of asm*11 fr >me ^?ellin? The or perty tronta on New York eve roe. t ?! *"? u .it' and :.<& atreeta vent, near the { Obiemtorj. Ttrraa ot tale 0?? half aah; balance la Mx month? t be aetured by ?et d of m-t >n the property tioi.vevuDcing au t atarupa at coa: of par | ch.v?r. If toe term* are nt co:opl.ed with iq el*M daja.theTruateeg reserve the n. ht to resell, the rlafc end coet of the defaulting purchaaer, by KiyitkK five dare' notice of atKb reeale. T M. HAN*OB, I Tpn.. . BUQBNB OABU9M Tr3"ee*. OOOPSB & LAT1.UB4, A acta ah 18 II JS 30.Aap6A8 BY OOupiR A LATIMBB. Aorttonerra, ( Late clcrke with J?* O McGwire A Co ,) Southwest corner Penn a avenueaud 11th at ,8tar Office building. CHANCBBT BALK OV VALUABLE BBAL BBTATB. By Ttrtue of a decree of the Snpreme Conrt of the District of Colnaabta, in chancery caune Nn | <>0. the tn lersigned. trustees will proceed to sell the follow ids described real estate at the tihim I aut pl?'ts aud upon the term- hereinafter set forth, to witOn MUHt'AT, the 224 day of April, A D 13-77, at 4 o'cloi k p ru on th? premises, we will sell L tn numbered 18. 19.20. II, 'J2. 23, and 24, in square numbered 53, i-ituate partly on north K street, and partly on 2ith street w-st. On TUESDAY. the 23d day of A?ril, A. D 1867. at 3'x o'clock p :n.,on the premises. Lot numbered 2, in Square numbered 36, situate ?n so'itb C street, between Bonth Capitol street and l'e a? are avenue. Lot No 19 u> said 8>iiiare No. 636. situate on South Capitol street, near 0 street south; Nos. 4 aud 5, in said Suiare 63 >. sitaate o i Delaware avenue, near Booth 0 stre-t; Lot Ho 6 in ?<juare No. 637, situate n Delaware avenue, between si nth C and 1> streets. On WEDNESDAY, the 2tth dny of April. A D 18<7. at-.IH o'clock <>n the premises. Lot No. 11, in S?iuar- No 6(0, situate i n Delauarn a en ie. near sonth <J ?tr?et; Lot No Id, In ajn?r? ea.-t of ti;uare No. 642, sitaate on Virginia avenue,bear t an 1 street: Lot No 24, in S jnare south of B it:are No. M.'i. sitntte on H t r ?> t twe?>n street est ami 1st street west. and Lot >o 2> .in -?i d ?'i?a: e sontn of Square 643 sita ate on the earner oi street west and H stre t ?t nth On THURSDAY, the 25tli day of April. A D . 18*7 at 4>? o'clock p. m .at Oo??or 4 Latimer'? Ai<cti< n room. th?- foil# * In < described Lota. to a It Lot ho. 4, in Square No fr<l on the corner of aouth U atr et an<l First atreet ueat; Lot 4, - ! OL on >!? <?( huaetta tuna*, u#ar North Capitol ntreeti Lota fiios 1 and 2, In 8<nare No. 1 .<<01. , situate on O atreet aontb . ?r Tw-lfth atr ' ea-t Lot No 9. in &j<.are No 1,118, on the corner of north C street and Nineteenth afreet peat L ts Boa 7,0 and > inK'iuarNol.lM, aituate oa Twenty first street eaat aal B treet n .rth; aIho, Lo?? Nob 4, 6 .ind fi, in Square No. 1.132 situate on Twenty-flm atreet eaat, n -ar aorth B a'r?-?t. Tte terras of a*le. aa preecrifced by the decree, aro as follow* One third of purchase taoiier t > be citah, and the balance in three, aix. nine and t?t Ive months frem day of sale, with Interest, ail the payment of the residue thereof to be aecired by appr'i\.-d boad* or notes, with security and a referred lien; or the purchase money caa He paid in ca?h on tb? day of sale, or on the ratification tfc erect t.v the court. ir the term* of able are not complied with by the piirchnftor or purcham-re within At* day a after the purcha", *.h?- trustee* reserve the right to ?' the ri<k and coat ?f th? defaulting purchaser or purch???ra, after one we. k' notice Conveiaocing and stamps at coat of purchaser's. waltbb h nox, f Tpn.f? \VM .IOUN M1LLEB. < Trustees. COOPEB H LATIMER, mh 28 ecSw.tds' Aoctjoneers. UY OBEEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. L> So. 420,corner 7th and D streets. VALUABLE IMPBOTKD PBOPEBTY, ON WXTii HTBBET MTE8T, BETWEEN & AMD NEW Y9BB AYENUB, AT PUBLIC AUCTION On TUESDAY, the 2d da j ct April. 1867. at o 'clock p tn.. we shall sell, in front or the premises, Lot21. in Callan's subdivision ef Sjaare Mo. 451. baling 20 feaf front. runniDg ba*k 100 feet t, a wide alley, with the improvements, consisting of a well built three atorjr Frame House, containing 8 convmlently arranged rooms. Pas sa-.'ee sud throughout tbe house, with perches front and i aek. Pump witn excellent water In tbe j,nd, ! aking It a desirable raaldenca tar a private tasnilr l*o~4e*?ion given immediately. Title Indian table Perms One third cash: balance in lis and t-A t )\e moutlm.'or notes bearing interest from iav of (ale. A dead given, and a deed of traat taken. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the coft of the purchaser. ?10u to ba paid down uticn the property la knocked off. nih V GBEEN k WILLIAMS. Aorta. U* GBEBfi A WILLIAMS, Aaotloneen. YALUARLE UNFINISHED PBE88 BBICK KBOMT. FOLK bTOBlBH HIGH, WITH BASEMENT ANDSCB HAKBM CNT. FBONT IMG ON BTBEBT NOBT1I. BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH 8TBEETS WEST, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Oh TUESDAY AFTBRHOON. April M, at 6 oVlo< k p. m.. on the premUei.] sell part of Lot 22. in Square No 377, fronting 30feeton E uret t north, aud having :i depth of 117 feet to a pa Ted alley. Tbia property, when finished, will make one of the finest residences <n this city. Terms: One half cash: balance in tlx. twelve, and 11gBteen months, for notes belling interest, and eecured by adeedoftraat on the promlaxe. All conveyanclug and revenne ataaips at the ooet of the purchaser Saun down on day of eale Title India potable The plans for Baiihlui can be soon at the auction rooms, corner 7th and D*treeta. nbff d GBBBN & WILLIAMS. Aucta. BY N&OLIA CO., Auctioneers Iitwroon Ho. 99ft Pean. itiddi, Between Mb and 10th ata. MAQLB * eo will give their aeraoaal attention to the a ale of Baal Be tat e and Honaebold Puncture. Alao, to the ealea of atocka of Groceries, Wmea, Liquors, and Merchandise of ovary daserlption, Horaea, Carriages. Haraeaa, Ac. Liberal caah advances made on uonsif omenta. Regular Bales at oar salesroom arerr TUB8DAT, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 10 o'clock. NAQLK A CO., jall-tf Auctioneers. jyj ABYLAND AQB1CDLTDBAJU CGLLBOA. The duties of thla Inatitnalon will bo reatimed oa MONDAY . rth of Marob. Wbtlaltiedaolcnod to nake Instruction In tha theory aa?l practice of Agriculture, the aocullar feature ot tno College, provision la made for a full course of colleciate Instruction. ambruina ?k? Latin. Greek. French. German, Itallaa uJ jyul*h language* or any of then, a count of Mathematics. Mental aad Moral ScleBce, History, aud the stud? of the English Language and Literature. Natural History and Hatural Philosophy. is tbelr several bra ache*, will have pedal atteatioa. Miliary Tactic* will be taught There will be bo Preparatory School, but a sainted English and Bel entitle Course mar be taken attha student's option. Boon* received under fourteen rears of Me. For a Circular and farther {.-formation address H. B WOBTBINGTOa, HsglsUr. *o., Office of American Farmer. h l-ea4w BalUmors. r% 'HIS It) TO GIYB MOT1CB That the subsoil1 ber baa ojtalaad from the Orphans' Ooart of Washington County, In the EM strict at Columbia. It-ttttrs testamentary oa tba aersoaal estate of Mar caret Maekel.'late of W a*hl acton sity. D. O , deceased. All persons harini claims against to* aid deoeaaed, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with ths vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on *r before the Itth day of February next; they may otherwise by taw be axaladsd frsia all >ml| haadfthls 1MB day af Fabruary, 1MT. . WM. 6IDPI. >pai-iiwaw lienor, Tbt <g*o??*Bi>opnt,t* saw b&avd or >?-aii?d with pubs i^KJ2S&2S2?i??gtM I?. w? tat. amiriitu a?M MdlttMrwi. ? ' 3 *1 * # "* .J id I BANKERS. I K1TII-T1IVTT TUlHiT BOTH, I jarsSS^t&aaa 4*tJ?wto 'o?tU# at SoftroBMt r??* fc T 1M J Q HAM Mil, 0?hlT JAY COOKS * CO., illlll, WSfutnU wm, mfiU 1> wfi. L'?TU4 Ml i??rraat Btrtd r?(?a, ui kMV ' cututtr ob kui, (oil ?( all 0OT1U U1T 1K)HD?, S1TB1TTHIBT1X8, 4.9D OOHPOUV* mum ioth e*d?rv tm ?TOOB?. BOHD?, Ae., ?C*caV?4. Mi 0?U?ctleM *<? all pMaU. Ml tf Fint tottm! Btik tf WsiluiiftM. B.D. OOOEB. ( * JsyOook* tOo.,) Pr*ci4?a? W?. 8. HCMT1MQTOM. C?Ul?r 0OYBEBHBBT DBPOBITOBT i? VlHAJICiAi. AGBMT Of TUB CBITBB 8TATB8, 0TH?UI U? TV Cawruw?< fWoirlttM w!tk Tre*?nr?r OnJMd TOM MILLION DOLLARS.^% of HOfi -iNMENl bl CVRITIES*t carrc&t mtrktt rit?(. S ORNISH MICH A XOK mU ??M OUU(t%?n? rm ALL THE PRINCIPAL OITJES OF THE V>ITED STATES. W* parctaM Government omfcer* t>a tk? MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. u< gtv? ear?fal u.4 prompt attention to ACCOUNTS BUSINESS MEN ?* FIRMS, to** tony ?tber traaloeu entreated to na FULL INFORMATION In r**ar>1 to OOVKRH MINT LOAMS M all time* cheerfully furnlatoed VH 0 HCSTINOTOH. Oatkler. "steamboat lin est~ t/vivnav i sane ri'HiATloM UlMt ruK BALTIMORE. Making freight connection at AOl'IA CREEK witn bit b MOB U. KRKDLBD KS UI'FIG AND POTOMAC kui.muD #*IP Tbe ateainer IX IBESS, Car' A . Nlckle. aiid rteanier KENNEBEO "apt JobnU. leave Waanlngton fro.u J?lath atreet wbarl tMy WKUMbkT tod 8 VTtJ UDAV. at 6 b. oi., tor Baitimere, ai.d uanal war tandinge ou Potomac rtT*-r. Returning le??e Baltimore every TTkSDAT and FR1DAT.4P n> For furtter information apply to J. B. BRYAS A BRO . mb IS-tf Ho. 345 Pennsylvania WTilAMIB WILbON SMALL ?5 FOR THE EASTRRS SHORE. HOTICH.-The B (earner WILSH3 SMALL, 0 APT b. T. LX04AKH, bow In ^ ell reapecta one of tbe tauacb??t,J^5^*? moat comfortable and elegant"MBMBHBB ateemere flying ea Ch?eapeake Bay, will reaume b?*r rente on 0A 1 L'KDA T, March 2d 8be l-a?-a Oppoelte Ho .70 Light irtreet wharf. Baltimore erer? TUESDAY, THURSDAY, aol BATbRDAY. at 9 p m..for EASTOy HOIST. DOUBLEMILLS.OXrbnn f'LOK A'S HO I y WALLACES WHA RF CA MBHlUH E. HDOH UJLl ZttAhZ> CABI* CHEEK. MET). FORD'S WHARF' and LLOYD'S LiSfDINd. Return!ng from THE EASTERN SHORE, ebe I'atM Lloyd's Landing at 1 p. m , Cambridge at 4 B m.- Alld MRltAn Point . O ? ? ? - - - .?-- g ui ,cm; nonatVi Wedaeadav and Friday. toucblrig at II lnf^rme flat* landing*. and reaching Baltimore at S a. m. 00 the following mornings 1 * '**'* Damb* r ' rtne Ktate rooaa. Rl"0^y??5?BW AND P9 TO TBAVKLLIR3 going bouth TW1CS DAILY, ;8nnday p. m The anlckaat aad moat direct root? to Rlohmoaft, a . and the booth, via tbe Potonw ^ ateamera from Ttb Street Wbarf.^^^^^gA Washington to A^nla Creek and^^^^^^^^w Richmond, Predwlekebur* and Potomac Railroad, to Hick mood, Va, connecting there wlthtralnaoa the Richmond and Petarabnrg and Richmond and Danville Rallroada. for Peterabnr*. Weldon, WllmlDgtOB Balelgh, Oreenaboro'. Ballabary. Charlotte aad Obt-aUr.8 O Steamrra Kwtort and O. Tat larMIt leave 7tb Street Wharf daily (Sot?day ev~alng eaceyted) at S-2* a. m and 6 ? p. m. and arrive In Richmond at 1.10 y. m. and 2 ?5ajp. 1 THBUUttBTO BIUHSUflUI# 0BYB9 HOURS' flftj Ml lea Shorter ana l>* liotxra quicker tn** any Other bonis. B? Kit ud get Throngft Tickets via l?di Greek and Frederltkabcrg, to Hiohiifind, M the Company ' Oflce corner m P*nna aTKtnn and 4th treet, or on board of the boat*. Baggage checked through. Omulbnwee and Baggage Wum will be la readineeeto convey peMengen and .baggage betwees demote It. BlohnvODd Paaeengen by this line paaa by da/light Monnl Vernon, end may beve en opportnnlty of rial ting teTer&l bettle flelda near Frederlckabnrg by stopping at that point. Breakfaet and enp on board of Bteaawre. GBP MATTINUL.Y.Snpt . WmhlMto#,! 0. O. STMATTIHOLT, Ttcket^A^p Ml-17 9?aeral Paeeeurer Agant. BPAUTMKBT Or TUB HITBBIOK, UNITED STATES PATE ST OMCB, WAaa:MuTu!(. March 13. 1467 On the petition of Qi LkS F > ILLKT ef 8t. Louie, Mia?ouri. praylrig for the extenaunof a patent granted to him tne ltthday of Jane. 1HS3, tor an improvement la Ooeking btoeee for eeven years from tbe expiration of aaid patent, which takee pl*ce on the Utb day of J un<*. l*>7 : It le ordered _that tbe eail petition be heard at ue relent u?ca od Monday. the T7th day of Mav oezt. at 12 o'clock M.; and all peraona ara notified to appear end ahow cease. If any tney Lara, why said petition oof ht uot to be (ranted. Peraona oppoaiuf the extension are rtyjnlrad to file in the Patent Office their objections. specially aet forth In anting, at leaat twenty dayab?-f >ra the day of hearing, all teatlmony fil?>d by either party to be need at the aaid hearing mnat be taken aad transmitted in accordance with the pile* of the office, which will be faralahed on applloatiea. Deposition* and otner papers reue* um a? teetlnvny tanut be fllad in the office twentr day* before thedaT of hearing: the argumenta. If any, within ten days after filing the teatlmanr. Ordered elao. that tbia notice ha published In tba Republican and tba National Intelligencer. Washington. D. C., and la tba Republican. St Louis, Mo., ance a week for three tnoceaaiTa weeka; tbe I Brat of said publication* to be at leaat aixty daya previous to the day of hearing TH,^ Commiaoioner of Patenta. I P. Edltnrt of the above papers w*il aleaea opy. and aend their billato the patent Office, wita a paper containing this notice. mb JU-lawtw hlPABTMHT OF THI INTERIOR. I MJ UNITED STATES PA TEXT OFFICE, _ Wajhingtwn. March 7,136". I un tot petition of HaLPH J. r&LOHNlK. <?f WuMngt'd. D. 0 , irtrfoi (?r the extension of * patent granted to hi Hi the 7tb d?? of June, 1U3, for mt improvement id Uose Coupling. for ?vn years from the expiration of ssid Detest, which UkN place en the7thday of Juae.lOT : It < ordered that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office ob MONDAY, the 20th day of May next, at 12 o'clock m ; and all poraone j are notified to appear and show cease, if aa> they hare, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are repaired to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before he day of hearing; all testimony Med by either Kty, to be need at the aald bearing. most be i-n and transmitted in accordance with the rnlee of the office, which will be famished on application. Depositions and other paper*, relied npon as teetinlouy, most be filed In the ofllse twenty days .*fore thed?y ot hearing; the arguments, If any, witbia ten dtys after filing the testimony. Ordered, alee, that this notice be published la th? Iwilliieneer and the Utpubiican , Washington, D. O., and in the Time!. Hew fork, H. T , once a week for three ooeeeelTe weeks; the first of Mid publications to be at least sixty days previous to <*'<" < < ??" _ T o. num. MmmlMODtr of Patents. P. 8.?Edltort of Iki ibon p*p?n will ||??h copt, and send their bills to the pateat Offloe, with i paper containing this aotice. mhlt-lawSw ^OUKBIA B9BPIT?g fOI WOHU LTIHO I* A8TLGM, Fourteenth street,(aire le,) corner of M atreet, Vaiblaitoa, D.O. Thla Institution has km Ntabllshtl for the reoeptlon af patients who may ba suffering from 41ssasss peculiar to their sax. and for the admission of saob females as mar repairs the aomfarts of Us lvina-tn chamber. The buildin* Is sttnatod la tbs most healthy perttoa of the District, surrounded bp its on rounds. Oars pass the 4oor every #re minutes. Tarma of admission: Prom # to ||l par weak, loal aad Bnrficai attendsaoe. H AL IT iff. oois SiTufe d^g&Sk&ns. ^nVj^Ssssst We JBUWAH/s B? "?t Wiw? ?ffi,w%r^EusysKrsffla,5 WvSr^iS^a^asHw---;. vUkmttkr totti Bui**a fcwgBg K5 i DANCING. i pwnX?. aB. r.u?tt> DilOU? AC A. DEM I, ^ ?*hm. M. ?k M< hk m.. M ?IUt.?OUU? Uatr. I >w riMMihraiii'VtrytTMtif, Tk?. rtrlag to uUr otr (1mm ik?tM i*?ii aolaaa of ?hla apportaaltr. rr?Ml?0*M *111 ba m4? la lkl? iMrUr ? tvuiiMiHtrltil. itraotara cub?!i*di( 1. V. !<> ' u4 9 s Ittmotl k < 0 ' Marie Mora* Tl? Ball can ba ranted for Bolraaa. Ma. Dan (ad Hmr>' of TVuim ; For Lodl??, and Hutrn. TiHdar and 8*?ar4ar aftocn#o?a. from 1 to I atiM. OantiaatrB Olaaaxa. Toaaaay u< *rUny na bjb?i fr< 1. 8 to 10 f t?" k for l?fom?'.iuB. apply iarlu lha aoam f mi dots or nMrtd a iota to th? AcaMSi y?r?T CWUKItl Wltfctho cm Um?* # JV,? >1. '/"fit"IV-" ?"0^8 MAB1K1 8 Atv-EUI.LY BOCVH, E. tK-two?ii ?tb aad lcih ?tr**u. Th<- ;?it ti'iirnr of ll?? #. trr?f? tor; :? tfc* M?y U*il will ?" cu B*tcr o* , Maria 2 for U>? 0*rm?j tr? no* 0,WDB -Pr1**t*ln?tr?etlo? ?eM tb? e?aT*Dt?P<-? if lb? ? ?!!. ?rte RAILROADS. 186* PBBN91L* A,VlA *>LTM 1#67 fiHlMM TO THB hOBTHWEKT.SOUTB. 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By *rd*r of t-M H??r Depart rent, froa th* Binu of Coaatnicatou ud Repair*. imI?4 pro*?- ' aala f*r th* r*siovlaf or vrarkta* nd r*cov*rfrc th* ?roa*rty It th* USB ** <>? lroa*id?a.' will b* r*c?fr*A M thU office otiOl I* m. of th* iltb of April, 1M7. wh*a th*; will c? op*n*d Tb* *ropotltl*a f*r wrecking ?*! ml* ta* proper ticu of th* ptoe**4* of iht iklM which ta to b* Cd to th* H ?or>, til* th* tiauo wlttila which work la to * ewB?l*t*4. with th* ?a4*rataadlnc that Id ll?? ef bead a u< *th*r aacarity f*r covortd ta to lie alaaad ia the ha Mia of the *iorerameut. to t? 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