Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1867 Page 1
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, .? ;= CEtreutu q wm | V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. APRIL 1. 1867. N?. 4.388. % t1ie evening star rUBLrtlHKD DAILY..iUNDAY 1X0BPT1D) AT THE STAR BUILOINO, ?0**uxtt conker ft*'4 ??* ? mi lit* ftmt, ?- ?T W- * W ALL AO H. Tbe STAB is served bj lae camera to their nimnMn in the City and Dutriot at Tia tvri rn win Copies at the counter, with or without wrapper*. Two Cnrra each. PaiCB vol Mailiho:?Three months, Oil XMior and Fifty Cents; itx months, Tkrte BolMfi, one year, Five Dollar t. Mo papers are Kit from the offlte longer than paid for. Tbe W LLKLY STAR-published on Friday kerning?(Me Dollar and a Half a Ttar PAWNBROKERS B_ BCajlSTlNS 8 LOAN OFFICE. 415 13th strtet. ad door tooth of Pona aee.. Lean* MONEY on time to suit cnstomers,oa ?>. Id ?sd >ilver Wetebe?. Diamond" lee- XK ?lty, Laditi' slid s A Appar?l U W B. BTOBTW. WALSa s CENTRAL LO IN OFFICE, Be -4" () 10th street, ??# door below penn. tie. This well is?*? Office DitM /On libk.kal advancbs jT^JL On l>iaas >nus, <iold and Silver Q %0 C.otbiBtc. Furniture, and Merchandise of ei?ry description. Open every day(exccpt Sunday ) from 9 s. re. to (l m. N B.?Business strictly confidential. fe28 tf * gllULIoUr. It 1 8 i a. B P BO I A L N0T10I, CHABLKi HERZHERQ. BnccMsor to I?m? Herxberg A Bon, V ho '.ave conducted tha Pawnbrokia*: Business 1c r fifteen years In this city, f?r twelve /Ov years the *uly Pawnbrokeria the District jl JL lake this mot hod of thanking their HtrotnV If ' the put.He for the confidence heretofore show u ifcem, end bee Lave to call their attention to the !wt that we still > ODtintie to make the highest advarices In all sums npon all articles of Jewelry, Dianonds, Watches. Bonds. Government Scrip. Silver I'late, Ac . for which we have superior places r f deposit and security, which will always re shown for the satisfaction of tnose patronising as We base special facilities for the care and preservation of Wearing Apparel of every description. Wooleua, &< ., on which the highest ad vances are wade, guaranteeing when required against moth, and always againetlnjury Having a large warehouse in connection with onr stUe, we bav.? special facilities for storage of all kinds ef Merchandise, Furniture, Ac., on which we a>ake the highest advances for days, week' or months. We call especial attention to the fact that owing to toe large capital employed in onr buslnees. we can make advances at such rates of Interest aa to defy competition We sell no iroeds nntil the expiration of six months a'ter their forfeiture, and then only at pahlic anction. first giving ample notiee throngh the various city jour nals to all depositors. By this means deposits with ns are never lost if their redemption it deaired We call especial attention to our arrangements for forwarding goods to any part of the country, arrangements which an experience of fifteen years has brought to periection. Depositors are enabled by this means to redeem their foods from our office no matter where they may e l< cate<i Full information alwavs given. Private apartment* for confidential business N . B ? We have no sonnectlon with any similar establishment in this city. B* fer toanv old resident ?f Washington. Bemember HEB/BBBG'S Loin Office. 331 north 0 street, between 4>? and ?th, Washington. D G. feJS-ltn* j^JOHBY! MOB Kim. *ONBy771 H. PBISCI S NIWL1 ESTABLISHED LOAN OFFICE, 87 7 Pa. avs.. next to Poten'ini a Confectionery. Money loaned on every description of salable Merchandise especially Watches. Dia- /Ov vonds and fine Jewelry. I can a?snre I*" \ those who may favor me with ther patron-fc) w age that they will not regret having done so. B. B ? Private door and office. Persons not wishing to ennr the public office wi'.l ring the office tell. fe 25 lm* fl'HJ OLD tf'I'A BLle>M IlD KlJUAi OF 1 8, GOLDSTEISi A CO., LHEN-ED I'AMHHKOKIK^. 34 FOUR AND A HALF STu?Ef WEST, near Pennsj Ivania avenue, Offer the highest cash advances on all kindsof Merc l.andite, to any atr.i-iint and for any time desired, at reasonib!" rates JL \ Interest on larre sums greatly reduceJ. 1# 0 Business strictly confidential. Gc*ds bought for cash and sold at private gale. te 11-lT DENTISTRY. DB. LEW I K'8 DENTAL ASSOCIATION, No. 5ibO ftNN'A AVE , Between 12th and Lttb streets. Teeth extracted without pain by adaitnsterlng > l:?i? "r Laughing '.as. llr.^A i. f. w I Eh as recently purchased tbs bestWasi# Cbeniical AppnratUi m the country fot^-LJJ-u ?aking pure gas every day: also, an improved Valvular Inhaler. The Ajs-toc.ation is n>>w prepared to Diak- Teeth on liold. Siive- ?u2 Bubber at New York. Philadelphia and ,^-?sion prices. All persons wUhing deuta> w.-ri done can have It as b>-ap aa in the aboTe-^nniect cities. All work done m the ne?test and t>eet manner, aad warranted to give *ati?[actioa Persons will do well to call Sdicl examine onr work. de 24-tf I 1 T H T 1 , m Loca:is,M o., The Inventor and Patentee of tbe MINEBAL PLATE TEETB, attends personally tt^Mh bla office In this city. Many persons canrMBMP wear th?^ teeth who cannot wear others, '' and no person can wear others who caunot wear theee Persona calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desirs, but to those who are particular, and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect denture that art can procure, tbe MIHBBAL TKBTH will be more fully warranted. Room* in this eity ? No 3S? Penn'a avenue, between 9th and 10th sta Also, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. ocW-lv PERSONAL. (\1B8 CCBTIS IRVING, Clatr-ovmt, and Ttst 1"1 N-dium. will give life readings. Including Past, Present and Vature, at her office, 4*20 nerth side of Pa. av., between aad 5th streets. Office bonrs from y to 2 a m. and 6 to 9 s. ra. ja 2t 2m* CONFIDENTIAL.?loans *> who have Injured themseivea t>y certain secret habits, which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the dutleebf married life; alio, middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other Cannes feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves under the treatment of any one. should first read "The Secret Friend." Married iadiee will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend.Sent toauy addrees, In a sealed envelope, on receipt of 'IS cents. Address Dr.CHAS. A. 6TCABT A CO Boston, Mass no 9-ly A h. BBOWN*. B. J. SilllUEBS BBOWNE A SM ITU BBS, W a>H1 N OTCiH . D 0 , A TTO RXEYSA> D COUNSELLORS AT LA ir. AND SOLIOIT^BS FOB THE BUBEAU BKFrOE Es*. KKKEUMKN. AND ABANDONED LANDS Off'-e No. 47^ Seventh ^reet,opposite the Post Office. 1e 2 ly -n PEB CENT SAVED by UMng C B.JKVV,)U BLL S pure untdnlterated Premium New Kcrk i.ity OOAP, Premium FAMILY SOAP, Premium FLANNEL N0AP, And No I BBUWN SOAP. For sal* cheap for cash. Orders through the Poet Office will be promptly attended to C. B. JEWELL, 8?ar1 and Oaniile M^nnfacturer, No. aid Au*2 G st. north, bet. 4th and 6th. ja ll-6tu 'I'HE MOST EXCITINQ A>iB INTZBESTINQ 1 BOOK OF THE DAT. OEM. L. C. / A a h H'S UlSTOKY OF THE Sk'H FT SEK VICE. AGENTS * ANTED in every, county and State of the Union to canvass :or this work. This history Man at.noHnc d cue ysir ago, bat owing to the att-mpto of the Government to suppress it. Its publication was delayed It w^li now be issued, tiaalter -d and unabridged, under the et:p?r w-lc n of G? \ Ham B It soafaias a fu'l and official expose of the intricate uiachiaetious of the sec ret enemies of tb? Onion for startling development* and thrilling ad ventuies tnis be.'k eclipses the famous experiences of FOl'CUE AND VIDOfy. The marvelous nirratives of General Baker are ail attested by the highest official anthori'f It will contain tlie only oftcial history of the Assaasination conspiracy. A full history of this grsat, startling and terrible crime FBOM 1TB INCEPTION. IS THI HAUNTS OF V1LLMNY TO THE RI'BIAL _ PLACE OF BOOTH. eaererywt i.een placed Vefore the public The ?D? !?i * 'Scse- the neiarioua syst'-Bt by . "ii*1 P?r !0"s were and are so readLw U Mhl Q|tOft. of ,,h* National Capital are thirongbly ventilated, and there are tonm strange levelatiens concerning heads of departments, members of Congress, female pardon bioker't nJ distinguished military character, ?ro?". a?d For circulars, canvassing uuuil ?r*. and all other information. aOdress **L. 0 BARER Past Offl, s Box No. *90, Philadelphia. Pa '' ^estomcs This work will be ready for delivery on the 1st day or Mar. N 8 -None bat those thoroughly conversant with tfcs business, and with gaod reference as to character and responsibility, need apply. mhl.Vln rt I ACKEBEL AMD OODFIBH. 10 000 pounds laree 8HOBB OODFIBH. 40 barrels No. 1 MAOKBBZL. Jast received aad for saUM oar wharf, M th? foot of Sevsath st. 8. P BBOWN SON OoMm!salon Merchants, ?al5 tf Mo. Ninth st. Wet. Band F. C'BBBCARY ia, 1W*7.-AU ?ersoaa aaviai F left articles la my shoo for roaeirs, prsrlous u tbe 1st of January, are requested to oall and gel them, otherwise they will be sold at pablie auo "fjsfs'v.A.'o'cv:"'* Gua aad Loafcsmlth, ma M-Mb ?o <14 Pstroet. It*| FNs, Ooraer Yemoat svoaae aad lDi stroo4. DRY GOOD* Ac. 1 HE LA BGEST BTOBE IN THI CITT. Til BFST GOODS AT THE LOWEST PRICES FIBBT OPENING OF TUB SEASON. GBEAT BABGAIBS FROM AUCTION. Twenty eases PLEACHED COTTONS of all the well known brands from 12 cents ?p Fifteen bales BBOWN COTTON at factory prices. SHEETINGS of all widths greatly reduced. Ten caes BEAUTIFUL PRINTS of the best make s. D BBSS GOWDS I PRESS GOODS 1 Of every description, in great variety, from the New York Anctlon sales. 100 pieces BLACK SILKS from 1 .#0 per yard up?very cheap. Great targains in HOUSEKEEPING AND FAMILY L1N1N GOODS, All from Anotion. PABIS CASHMERE, BBOCHE AND PAISLEY SQUABG AND LONG SHAWLS Of the Latest Designs. GBAND OPINING or CLOTH AND SILK SA0V2UES AND BASQUES f ear own manufactnre. ALSO, GARMENTS made to order at SHOBT NOTICE. 1 000 PARASOLS, and SUN UMBRELLAS 1b endless variety. An arly call ia respectfully solicited. LANSBIRQH A: BRO, No. &13 Seventh street, Third door above D street, mh M 3t Intelligencer Building. j^KLLlNt. OFF AT COST. Having jnat received our new and well selected Mock ot MILLINERY GOODS, LACES,(real and imitation.) EMBROIDERIES, DRESS TRIMMINGS, BUTTONS, Ac., Ac , And having. unexpectedly, to move by the 1st of May , we ghall sell our ENTIRE STOCK. FROM THIS DATE, AT < OST CALL AND 8 EC DBF GREAT BARGAINS, E LENXBRRG A CO., 4?> Market Spac> . under the ATenu> House, mh 28-lm* {^ROOEHIES. HALL A PLANT, PLANT S BUILDING. Corner New York avenue and 15tn street, ( Entrance en New York avenue,) Dealers in fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS, WINES, IMPORTED LUXURIES, Ac., Ac., would respectfully notify their friends and the public that they have just opened their N?w Grocery Store, where can ha obtained auy article usn ally kept in a Brat clasa Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large,freali and wellaelected atock.we cordially invite the public to examine our store and stock, believing we shall not fail tc five entire satisfaction to all who may favor v.s with their patronage. We call espeeial attention to our assortment of TFAS and COi FEES, which have been elected with great care for parity. Dealers will flud a fine assortment to select from, and onr pricea to suit. Goods delivered promptly in any part of the city, jan 9 3m DBOPOSALS FOB CATTLE FOB INDIAN A SERVICE. Department of the Ivtxkior,/ ? , ... . ? March 27, l?<;7. S Pr>>po-al> will be received up to the 16th day of M*y,ife67,at the office of U B. Don man, Saperln temlent of Indian A Pairs for the Northern Superintendence a Omaha City, Nebraska, for the delnery at Omaha City of the following Stock Cattle, to wit 300 hen lot Milk C?wn for the Winnebago In dians. occupying a ro-ervitien in Neuraake 300 bead ot Milk Oo?> for the B.ntee Siouv In diuna, occncylpg a reservation at the month <>T the ftiobram Nebrask1*. 30O bead of In Ilk Cows for the Y.mcton Sioux Indians ?C' -npying a r? sert ation in Dakota HiO head of Milk Cow* for the O.naha Indians, occupying a reservation in Nebraska. 80 heed of yonni? American Bulls. 36 head of Beef? att'e, (steers.) The Cows must be of good (juality. American breed. U"t l?-ss than three nor more than seven jesrs old Cow-> with youn. calves, orc?ws wit*i calt. will h? preferred. Itrycouawlll not be re ceived The Bulls must be not less three years old, and the lleef Ci ttle not less than lour years oi l Burerinteudent Denman will have the right to re.ect any or all tl.*- bids; also, the right to reje. t any or all the cattle if be deeius that the cattle :e!ivt-ri d are not of the requited character. So peril tendent Denman will be autbori/.i-d te ttceive the sa;o cattle and to ijive vouchers to the parties delivering the cattle, t<> be paid at the office of the Commissioner of Indians Affairs in Washington city. The time of the. el; very of the cattle will be determined b) Superintendent Denui an.who willaleo have the power to ihauge the place of delivery, with the corsent of the contractor. Uoc.d and sufficient bends will ho required f r the f?irh!n| fulf 11 men t ?.f the contra-t. Rids will not ha received for a i*s< number than the t"tal number of cows and bulls called for. Separate propoaals, hewever. will be received for tHe beef cattle. O.H.BROWNING, mb SO Secretary. Agents wanted for tub most axjit1NGABD INTERESTING ttOOK. Or THE l'All. liEN. L. C. f AK IB 3 HISTORY OF THE SE< RET SERVICE In every city town, conuty. and State of the Lnion. to canvas* for this wo.k. This history w?s annoum e i one year ago, but owiug to the attempts ot the Government t> suppress It, its pi:bll< atl< n was deia . d. It will now be isnned, unaltered and unabridged, under the supervision of Gen BAKFR It contains a lull and official expose of the intricate machinations of the secret enemies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures, this book eclipses the lam >ua extSi ences of Fonihe and Vldoc i. The marvelous narrativee of General Raker are all attested by the hiisjiest official authority. It will contaiu the only oflctal history of the Asaa?stnation conspiracy. A lull hi-tory ef thts great, startling, ana terrible crime, FROM ITS TONOEPTION. IN THE HACNT^ OP VILLAINY TO THI BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH, has never yet been placed before the pablic. The work also fully exp ses the nefarious system by which Preaidential pardons were .and are m> readily obtained at W aahlngton. The morula of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are aotne atrauge revelatlooa concerning heads of departments, members of Congress, female pardon brokers, and distiegnished military characters. For full desertptive circulars, terms, and all ' particulars, addre-s P. OAKKUT a Co., 1 mh'Mni 7Q8 Chestnut at.. Philadelphia. f AT EST PARIS PABH IGNi OP~HaIb L< DRESSING. R. AlLIGT, ' tMKNCH HAIR DRESSER, 3514 R street, between 13th aad 14th ati. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Hair-Dresser, of the celebrated Rachel, with whom he arrived la this oonntry. baa uow been established for tae last [ sight years la Washington and Newport, en"7 eg the patronage of tne rorpt d?*<sm<ili>w?, and eft be hlgh*st society. He has the honor to aa onBce that he baa this season imported the latest faahiotie. of hair dressing, aad aU* pomades, and everything that belengs to the dressing ef hair at very reeeoaac le prltes. ta 7 la' 1,WL*I:A f5l> *ortsaeat of WhiU. Manilla. mmT'M^Iub'AoKS f.r Ml* s f . J . I# ... (a ill t k * * ? 4*1, ? ??4 , J AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THEATRK. Pennsylvania avenue, near Wlllnrds' Hotel, On MONDAY EVENING. April 1. M ISM RACHEL JOHNSON will m*ke her first apntarance Id W,?sblng'.on. t\ipporte<l by the Popular Tragedies, Mr B MAOAULEY, LADY ISABEL A*:> MADAM M VINE, EA*>T LYNNE ; o*. Tnic elopement. TUESDAY. LONDOB A3BURANOE. WALL'S JiEW O P t HA HOl'SK. H. D. PHILLIPS LKnSIKANDMANAGIB Th? M arm per ban ereet ple.tsnre In announcing thst be has ejected an eug.i*>.ssent for a limitt'l namber of ni&hts with the Distinguished Artiste, LADY DON. Who will appear THIS 'MONDAY) EVENING. April 1 18 >7, in the ch?rmlnir Operatic Oorn^dy of THK CHILD OF TUB HKG1MKNT, To < onclnde wltli an Original i'nrletta, ent'tlod TUB PRKTTY HORSEiTbeaKER It* ? JAMEBO. McGUIRE A CO., i-SP * Fl'BN ITI'BB WABIBOOMS.*^?1 Having relinquished the Auction and Commission business, and converted oar extensive wareioome, at the corner of 10th and D street*, into a first class H0U81 FURNISHING E8TABLISHM BNT, we are now prepared to furnish every variety of HOUSE ANW OrriOE FUBNITUBE, at tbe most moderate rates. Onr stock comprises PABLOR 8ET8, In B psand Hair Olotb, CARVED and PLAIN OILED WALNUT CHAM BBB SETS, COTTAGE SETS. SINGLE BUREAUS AND WASHBTANDS, ELABORATELY CARVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIRS or ALL VARIETIES, EXTENSION TABLES, HAIR MATTRESSES and FEATHER PILLOWS. OFFICE DK6KS and WRITING TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac., Ac. We have also for sa<e the celebrated TUCKER SPRING BED, which for comfort, durability and cheapness is unrivalled. Also, the TUCKER MANUFACTURING COMPANY BRONZE CLOCKS, Beautifnl Iv design and finish and at very reasonable trims. JAS. C. MrOUIRE * 00., nihll-lm corner of lUtb an 1 D streets. PARIS AND NEW YORK MILLI ^ NEKY Mr* A G. GASTON harijnst returned from New York with a l?rge an^ elegant assortment of tine French, English, and*"^^^ American Htraw Bonnets an<i H-*t ? for lad es and children, Crvstal, Amber. Pearl, and Straw Ornamer.ts Also, a eeneral assortment ot fine French F M??-ra Bonnet au'i iiat Frame* in prest variety Ribbons, Silks, Crapes, Tulles upd Real Laces. Ac. Particular attention given to all orders Booms, 446 8th street, near Pennsylvania avenue. I' ll l ! .'tin ("* RAND RALLY OF MEN AND BOYS, F iT TUB GREAT CENTRAL CLOTHING HOUSE, No. 4bO 7th street, opposite Post Othce. BUSINESS SUITS of al1 descriptions. DRESS SUITS at reduced prices. BOYS SlITSot all descriptions. BOYS' SUIT8 at all prices. New st} lea of BOY8' CLOTHING. GENTS'CLOTH 1NO at reduced prices. N?,w is yon; time to lay in SPRING CLOTH 1NG. as we ofler special inducements for the next I thirty days, at feMlTH 8, 400 7TH Strekt, opposite Post Office. nshS lm ONLY FOR LADIEH TO RE A O ? Elegantly Kmt.r'iiered NIGHT GOWN and CHE M16 E YOKES, more elaborate than an/ ever uttered here, of the n-wtit and most beautiful designs, received daily, fr. m our corp- of 150 superior hands,and for sale at REDUCED PR10E8 Being the largest manufacturer here of this kind ot ladies'wear, we can pleaae nil. both in quality and price, and are determined, at whatever cost, to preduce the W? st work, l?so* tbe most elegant patterns, a--id tsTAM P CUBA PER. than any concern in this or auy other city. Our reputation as the only Practical Stamper here insured ladiea that no la^urioug expositions are used, and shields them from trusting their work in tbe hands of those who buy a few blocks aud proclaim themselves stampers. Stamping, cenU per width, and give you a Collar and Cuffs in. WM. PB1NCB, 439 yth street, feJ-tf opposite Patent Offlca. BY COOPER A LATIMER, Auctioneers. Bouthw. st corner of Penu. avenue aud Uth st. AT PRIVATE BALI. A nnmter of first class PR1VATB BBS1DKHCE8. in central localities Alro 10 small Bri> k and Frame HOUSES 1 FARM, betwe- n Washington and Alexandria 1 larxe Frame HOI'BE, with lot WO feet square. For further particulars apply of mhlW-lm COOPER LATIMER. Aucts. ^ CALVERT FORD, DRUGG1BT AND CHEMIST, No 390 Pennsylvania avenue. Keeps constantly on hand a fresh supply of PURE DRUGS AND FINE CHEMICALS. A L80, a large stock of all popular patent medicinf.s, together with ENGLISH AND FRENCH HAIR TOOTH AND NAIL BRUSHES, and pomades. SOAPS AND PERFUMERY, which 1 offer at a small advance above cost. Sole A.entfor the sale of "Samaritans Gift,' "Bi< k'ine,'' Metcalfe's Rheun.atlc Compound and Trleimare, the great English remedy, mb 25 eo t COLUMBIA. HOSPITAL FOB W.OMBB and ' LYING IN ASYLUM* Fourteenth street,(elrele,)corner of M street, Washington, D. 0. This Institution has been established for the reception of patients who may be suffering from diseases peculiar to their sex. and for the admission of such temalee as may require the comforts of the lvinc in chamber. The building is situated Is the most healthy per- i tlon or tbe District, surrounded by its owa grounds. Cars past the door every live minutes. Termo of adonfstiton : From ^6 to 910 per week, leal aud Surgical attendance. MEDIO Jl~L STAFF, BUBGEON IH OHIBF. J H THOMPSON, M D., OONSUL^lNO* PHYbTOI AN"B*AN0*8 JRGJCONS JOS K BARNES, M. D., Burgeon Goneral, United States Army. JOS. R1LK1, M D., Oaorjetpwa. THOS. MILLER. M. D , F street. Washlaft?n. A. Y. P. GARNBTT. M D.. New York arenu*. W.P JOHNSTON. M. D, Washington. GRAFTON TYLEB, M. D., Georgetown. F. HOWARD. M. D.^F street. Orders for admissloa to th* irn beds la tuts hospital, (of which there are a#,) can be obtained of the Bnrgeoa in chief at this offioe, 1*4 I street, or of aay of tha Medical staff, aad of the Be vs. Dra. Ball. Our ley. Gillette, and Ooomba., . Wivee aad widows ef soldiers degtrtng admlsai^a will apply to the Burgeen Oeaeral, United States army. PatlaaM Uvlng at a distance whe desire Io omm to this iaetltation for treatment can aaoare private rooms bp apptytaa fcy latter to tt> laawroa of tbe /^ABD -MISB M B WILBOV hega leave to v inform her old cnatomsva and tha pub lie generallv that aha haa rs ossaMhsr Dreee Maklag Bstahli*hment at 4SO I2th street, betweess aai F streeta. mh B-W ; i * ' i I HA** ' v - . 4 - 't -i special notices. m v/??TuB?,JFFv!iAT,BM' NEURALGIA, and NEE ?.?APKG cq;o(I by a dviei ?t METCALFE'S GREAT RHEUMATIC REM BDY. 8. 0. FORD, pi - otw Agent. ITS EFFECT 18 MIRACULOUS. BALL 8 VEGETABLE BIOILUN UAII kiniwib. ???J wonderful article. Cureebaldhair

grow. A better dressing than . ?? . ?I ' *>matnt?." Softens brash, dry, and TtHI- ./ . B**ntiful Silken Tresses. Hat, ?^Ti t ?. * *'eet wonder is th?? rapidity with Tolok gray ua:i to it* oii?ii*l T^t,wM.tMt *nd worit lookinc hair rMnntfi Its rontMnI beauty by Its me. It .Io-m not dye the i r \? *i . * mt the root and 6.1a it with new life ana coloring matter. The Brat application will do go<xl ; yon will Me the natch a l coi.ok returning eve p day, anl t>10,M BEFOBE fi?U KNOW IT. oi l *r#'? dlacolcred appeeraace of the hair wd UaStlfii filck"' PlaC? t0 ln,trons- ihin,n?'or hall v Mtciltan Hair Benewer ; bo other article la at all like it in effect Bee that each bottle baa our pri vete Government Stamp <?ver the top of the bottle. All ot.itrs are imitation*. B P H ALL * CO . Nashua, N H , Proprietors. For sale by ell drngglata. fe 18-dAweotm,r REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASES. N?v 14 Bond street. Hew York. ^"Fuli information, with the kiekeft Ultimoma is; also, a Book on Special Diseases, in a sealed envelope, sent free. Bs s*ri and send for them, and yov wi.t not regret it. for, aa advertising phy slclans are generally impostor?. without references no stranger ahonld be trusted. Enclose e stamp for protege and direct to DB. LAWRENCE No 14 Bond street. New Tork no ll-DAWly y MARRIAGE ASD?EL1BA(JYT AND THE Happiness of True Manhood.-An Essay for Young Men < n the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiologlcel Errora, Abuses and Diseases which cieate Impediments to Marriage, with sure means of Belief. Sent in aealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr J. SK ILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pe. jall-Sm SECRET DIS1ASES. Bama*i*ah's Oi ft is the most oertaln, safe and effectual remedy?Indeed, the only Tenet able remedy ever discovered. Cures In two to tour days, end recent cas?s In twentj four honrs. No mineral, no balsam, no mercury Only ten pills to be taken. It la the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do >?'* want te be exposed. Male packages, #2;female, $3. 8am a Utah's Boot ahd Hub J nexs?A positive and permanent pure fer 8py hills. Scrofula. Dicers, Soree. Spots. Tetters, Ac. Price fl 15 per bottle. Sold by 8 C. Ford. See advertisement nrl CLOTHING, Ao. JAMES T WALKEB, ~ MERCHANT TAILOB, 4M Seventh Street, 4*4 Respectfully informs his friends and the public generally that be hits a fine, large and well- a? selected assortment of ^B3 CLOTHS. CASBlMERES, WK VESTINGB. AND jf GENTS FURNISHING GOODS. That he is determined to run oil at a very email advance on cost. Persons patronizing his estahll>hment will be guaranteed a G'OOD FIT and goou workmanship, a- Lets ceternined to employ none but the best workmen P 8?JOHN A. MrLEAN takes this method to Inform ins fnstids that he will be fonnd at his post at the above plate,where he will be pleased t* cititr te their tastes, givini: th.-m garments to suit the most fas:ldlous. and seeing that their gar n ent? are made up in the most workmanlike uian"t r mh ll-lm ftfERCHAKT TAILORING. The undersigned having entered Into copartnership. and laid in no extei sive an J carefully |a selected -tork et . LOTH9, CAttSI ME RES,^11 VEbTlNGS, md Gentiemens FURNISH W\ 1NG GOODS, are prepared ti make op for TC their customers neat fit linn un ! fask'onihLem^mm suits of clothing, at their new establishment, N >. 3-J0 i street, two door-, west of the National Theater. Persons desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing.on moderate terms, should not fail to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. GEO T. KEEN. B.W.GILBERT. Formerly of 504 s#th St., Merchant Tailors mh 5 lm' No. 320 E St.. bet. 13th and nth. FJ. H BIBEBGEA, Successor to H. F. Lettdon AOo.,^ja WITIZElfs AND MILITARY '""B w MEBCHAXT TAILOR, I* Metropolitan Hotel. la.te Brown's. WW 36# Pennsylvanle eTenue,^"^" Washington. D- O. j wood and~coalt COAL: o o A L ! I Best WHITE ASH at $8, by the ton. All aizes to smt customers sizes, Sawed and Split OAK WOOD. *10 per cord .. .? ? 9,}" ? ?Long Oak. etB per cord. A ton of Ccal sold by me alway* weighs l.tto lbs . -o , ? JO"N B LORD, <e 28 IT Corner 4'.h and O streets. QOAIi! C O A L I 1 AT GBEATLY BEDUCED PRICES Gross tons of lbs , delivered In any part of | th? city. ChentDQt White A?h? 97. Stove. Egg and Furnace White Ash, 98.0>t. Bed AstarSS U. Lehigh. 99. I Oak and Pine Wood soaetantly on hand. Orders received at oar Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street B. P BBOWN A BON, jaJ.'i tf 463 9th street, between E and F. 1867 GBAND EXCURSION 1867 TO TH X PARIS EXPOSITION. The new and first-class ocean going iron SteamBh'P HAVANA, 2.000 tons bnrthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mender, will make an EXCURSION from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North River, on WEDNESDAY, April 17th. at II o clock m , Taking passengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Returning, will sail from Havra on giving paxsetigers holding Excursion Tickets about six weeks in Europe. Tbls magnificent Steamship Is divided into water tight csmpurtments. and has t een newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expresaly for this vojage. The HAVANA wiH only carry first claas passengers. An experienced Bnrgeon on board. ?y A full Band of Mu>ic ttill be attacked to ik >hip. Price or passage, in cnrrency, to Havre $150 and Sli'i- acc rding to size of state room To Havre ?n<l return, and f?>", according to size of state room. For further particulars and passage apply to the Agenta, MURRAY, FERB1S A CO., b j South street. New York. Or to McO. Y. BABBY,tbe Merchants' Union Kxpress Company, 406 P.iin?ylvania avenue, Washington. mh a jot 0_? " PIANOS. ~ NE Bacon t Baven Piano, for ElV. ? One Andrew Stein, for 060. B|H One almost new 7-octaTe large round"* YT T corner boardmaa A Gray Piano. $275. For sale npen easy terms, at the warerooms of ? . . . _W. G. MBT/.BROTT A OO Bole Agenta .of Steinway A Soa'a Pianos, and Maaon A Hamlla'a Cabinet Organs. fa l? tf 000TB AMP SHOES. HEW _fe_T Oil. The undersigned begs leave to inform his frieSa "!} 'he public generally that be has opened the 1W CHEAP Store, Ho. ftoa 7th Street,under Od4 Fellows'Hall, where ke baa on hand a general assortment of Ladiee' aBdOaatlamen't, Boy 1 Miaaes and Children a BOOTS AMD SHOES. "de 18 B. WILBQJ. CBTEKAL SPLHMDID PAELOE ORG Alls 0 with PatentOrgaa Swell, aad one with_-M^ movable Padal Bass.(ysiTMivsalset forHf|M ^sBSSmr < '; 4 tfcTS> .*8 UBT3E- V I ti i h.h 1Mb kc. Alexander M Rogers, Eiq .u solicitor for B? n Df Cord, John Hopkins, John Clark an 1 Win. K-nnetiv, on Saturday tiled his bill <?t injunction in trie Superior Court of Btltimore to iestran,the tberiff and polloe eomtni?*ioi??r< frmi b> Id'ng an elec*-i<Mi under the unconstitutional ooDt<>iiiion actot ths l?t^ Lfci>laiiin> 1 be gentlemen ii.tmru as complain inn r-prepen some ten millions of real estate in About three o'clock Saturday morning, a< policeman Scott, of W illiamsburg, a suburb of Philadelphia, was patrolling, he observed i man of suspicious appi arance evidently trying to avoid him. Me approached. \*lien th man fired, the tall passing through the oflicer's cap. The officer the man dead Impif. ments found on his body on firm bun to l>? .1 burglar. His name was Mazalne, alias Whit*The suffrage question is beginning to be agitated throughout the Suite of Kansas. The proposition to amend 'he constitution allowing negroes to vote will undoubtedly be adopted, to allow women to vote, rejected An a'temp" is being made to carry temale suffrage through on the probability of impartial mauhood suffrage. A message received by cable from Provincial Secn-tary MacDougal states that the interColonial guaranty bill passed the committee of the House of Common* by a large majority. The confederation bill also received the Kcyal ?-wnt. Active preparations are being made to increase the tariff on lumber this season. At a full meeting of the Typographical I'nton, held in New Orleans, resolutions wer>? unanimously passed that the reduction of price- from seventy-five to sixty cente claimed by the proprietors cannot be complied w'tu under the present high rates of living iu tba: city. The matter is still pending. A large numberof ca'tle bavediei in various parts of Kansas recently,in con^e jueiu-e of the tevere weather and lack of feed. So cold weather as the present bv never beeu known in Kansas. It has greatly moderated within the last three days. The funeral of the Rev. Charles W. Chase colored Presbyterian preacher, took place n, Baltimore \esterdav It wis the large-? demonstration of the kind ever witnessed there He was Past Grand Masterof colored Mason-, and a high official of Odd-Fellows. The Llndell Hotel, St Louis, the largest building of the kind on the continent, if not in the world, wa? totallv destroyed by fire Saturday night. The entire loss will probably reach #1,000,000. Friday night the fan belonging to the colliery of Messrs. Bast A; Pearsos, Ashland, Pa . with the engine attached to it. were burued. as it i? supposed, by the men who have beeu on a strike since the ?ith instant. John Till killed his brother Henry Saturday near New Cast|e.|l)elaware The quarrel wa? about a quantity of tobacco. The murderer was arrested and lodged in jatj. Rev. Dr. Sears has resigued the Presidencv of Browu University to accept, it is understood, the general agency of the Peabody Southern educational movement. FROM El ROPE. Losdon, Mann 3o?P. M ? Ex-Governjr Eyre, whe was rec?utiv arrested, was acquitted after a short examination. Theearly sale of tbe Grand Imcby ot Luxembourg to France by Holland is probable.3 Paris, March 30.?The American steam eloop-of-war Canandatgua has arrived at Civita Vecclna. Captain Hopkiu?. to whom was entrusted President Johnson's letter for j delivery to the Pope, subsequently proceeded j to Rome and executed his commission. Count Wale wski has resigued the presi- | dercy of tbe Corps I^egislatif. Brcssei s, March 31.?Placards hostile to i Prussia and favoring an alliance with Kranee , have been posted in the streets of Luxembourg The commander of the Prussian fortress a* i Luxembourg has complained of the insult 1 offered to his Government. ILojinojf, March 31.? A despatch from Bel- I grade siiites thai the Prince of Ser\ la left that I city for Constantinople. [By Steamer j Nkw York, March :jl.?The steamer City ot Paris, Cap'aiu Kennedy, trom Liverpool 20th, and t^ueenstown *lst. has arrived. Her ad% ices confirm ihe unexpectedly quiet celebration of St Patrick's day in Ireland and Liverpool. Tlie health of the Princess of Wales has slightly improved, but she was still believed to he in a very low state. In tbe House of Commons on the loth, liisraeli, in an able and brilliant speech, propounded the Government reform billItaly advices state that the Pope has agreed to allow Italian troop:- to enter his Statt* to help the Pontifical troop? in suppressing brigandage. Antonett opposca the proposition. It is announced that tbe Emperor of Ku-sia has extended amnesty to Frenchmen who have been bauished to Siberia for complicity with tbe Polish revolution. The Tendon Pott says the Government has received despatches from Zanzibar stating that Arab merchant# there discredited the report of JJr. Livingstone's death The Cholera andtipakantike?The New York (.luarantiueCominissiouers.believing that the cholera will soon reach this couutry trom Europe, ha\e determined to make immediate preparations without depending upou the hospital buildings on the west bank, which will not be ready for use before midsummer. They propose to use floating hospitals, as was done last summer. They ha\e the bulk of the steamship Illinois in the lower bay to receive sick on their arrival, and she is to be joiu^d bv tfce hospital ship Falcon, now at Red Hook The Secretary ot War has also been applied to for the use of t he steamship Empire City. It is thought that these will not be sufficient to accommodate the cholera and j-ellow fever patients, who mu<t be kept.separate, aud o'her vessels will be Required for convalescents It is believed that with prompt atteution to this subject, and ample preparations to meet the dreadfd scourge, it mar be averted in t great measure, as was done last year. Lawlessness avox?. Miners.?The Gov ernor of Pennsylvania has sent a message to the Legislature of that State In relation to the lawlessness which prevails in the coal regions of Sahuylkill county. According to the statements thus given, uesrly fifty murders have been committed in that county within four years, and punisfcment seems to be impossible, in consequence of the secret affiliations winch exist amonL' the disorderly miners. A powerful organization exist*, which is banded together for offensive and defensive purposes, exerting by threats and terror au authority which is superior to the laws. CaVAWIAN Wages ?A report t? the Canadian authorities* made Dy the Ktireau of Agriculture aud Emigration states that tbe following rates oi farm wages are paid in different parts of there Provinces. In the countiet near Hamilton, S'4 to a month are paid; in the neighborhood of Toronto. >15 to >-20: near Kingston, ?i4 to "15; Ottawa. "13 to "15: Montreal, *11 to *15- These wages are in gold or its equivalent, and are in all cases with board and lodgmg. Harvest laborers during the reason of 1-66 received from "1 5<i toS'J per day in gold. False Retort.?A paragrapu was published in one of the Baltimore papers a few days since stating that a man had been arrested in this city on the charge of being guilty of the murder of Sir Knight Welch in Baltimore. in November last. Tbe persou referred to is a colored man, and has been jn jail here since last August, so that the chWgc is untrue. It will be remembered that Sir Knight Welch was murdered In Baltimore at tbe time ot the laying of tbe corner-stone of U?e new Masonic Temple, and that the whole affair is sull a mystery.?Richm?n<l Examiner. Americas Akkairj* in Ecrotb.?The late speech ot tbe Iiukede Persigny in the Freuch Chambers, in wbicb be charged England witb doing all she could to break up tbe American Union during tbe rebellion, has already been reported in this country. The London Times resents this speech, and retorts by saying tnat England shrank from aiding France to break up the Southerners and by establishing a Mexican empire." Steam Plough*.?a M?adville (Pa.) paper has an account of a new staam plough, which brMks up, harrows, drills and seeds or plants a atrip tllteen and a halt feet wide at each passage. It* rate of progress is about four miles per hour, and it will finish of **out nmety-siE seres ot ground, planting and all, la the space of twalee hours. Omm pilots were loet ta Raw har> ? during the gala of Krtrfaj. W LOCAL NEWS. 1h? Arrest or L*o>ard Mtvik **? H Stiwart iv Nnw Yk?k - / .<. kiJr>" <i ?Wrrel*rr?4iu>.;4 , J?'10 " o'der of arrest for Daniel lir-w md fi^lA Ix-ldru, broker*. which ws? iMiini TbutmIu at Nf? York, on the complainor Jo>'pn B Stsvrart, tbe *s?g,,ee of I.-oiarj Hujck, 'bun with wrongful conversion of capital (arnukMl bv Hayek for a , Mat operation. The attair uiunro i m? abaxt ?? J nilay. bwij th* arrwt ind imprison men*, of Leonard lluyca and J B ? ,War:, on the cb?rge of conspiring "? defraud tnn t'?i->u State* (iovertiineni. Tbe facta are bneflv th? ?e : In tbe month of No\ember, ims, an arrangement w>? effected between Burr. Drew. Ktnley, Wiley. Cohen, Muyck, Maxtor, Dorain and Boccck, for the formation ol a '-pool" m Erie, and by the terms of this agreement tn?y Hgrifii to speculate jointly in IIUNM shares, or any part thereof, of the oo-imon iui s of rbe Erie Railway Company." wither to buy or sell, or bo>h, as the case might he. the l< as or profit to be divided pro rnfr upon the Amount of stork bought and laid. The bua<ne?? to be Cone by Fisk A. Belden, as brokers, subject to 'he order of E I). Hnrr. wa* to furnieh. for Drew unci Hnrr, i,.M? share# Hayek, per risk and Helden. 2 Son shares; Cobeu and liaxt?r, I,< <0 shares each, and Wiley, lioruin. M Kinl?y ai.d Hocock, ihi shares each, m.iking in the aggregate ?i.( 01 shares The stock w;w forn is bed and it Is alleged 'hat Huyck. by toe a| pri prlation of the %.<i.(?ii. was enabled 'o luruisb ?.54m share** iff tue Erie The operation, ol the pool contiuned lor about three months, and were controlled exclu?iv ly by though hi the name of Hurr: on the .^th of January, IHiti, the stock in the pool amounted to 9. .no shares, and a further covenant wa? then made in writing, by which the parties to ine previous agreement consented. .u ~on*ide ratio a of ?*l, to place the . shares of Erie in a common operation with Drew, to which he waa to contribute upward* of I-.'hki *hare< of the sam*' stock. Hnyck be cams a party to all these transaction under the agreements; and it is s'ated that b isk and Helden, f??r the purpose of com nmung to Drsw the control of Huyck a interests. concealed from him all knowledge of co",racU entered 'nto by Drew and :be others. Hurr and Drew made large sale* and purchases of the stock of the Erie Ka lwav Company on account ef the parties intere*-.* under the first agreement, as their bruaerthe resnlr of which Is not exactly known, but Stewart charge# that the-<e operation* were all profitable and successrnl. and that Huy k on the villih of .lauuary. I*?W. was justly en*il tied to the moneys which bad been advanced by him. ao well as the twenty-five bundrsd sliare* contributed by him and all the nrofi a accruing therefrom. F In these operations It is alleged Drew realized profits to the amount of ?3,(Mu,oui) and upwards, all of wbuh gaiu*, it is claimed, ought's be divided among the parties to the two agreement* in proportion to the capital invested by them in the common enterprise, and no portion of which should accrue to him tor the reason tha'he failed to furnisn any proPortion of the aggregate Hook or to allow Fisk and Helden to keep the accounts of 'ransactlODB. In June, Huyck had became insolvent and assigned his interest in the pool to l isk A Helden Stewart insists that this assignment vas. and Is in all re?pect,, traudulen' and void, for the rensous that Kisk A. Helden weTe at that time the ageuts, factors and brokers of Leonard Huyck, and had withheld from him all knowledge and information of bis rights and interests m the transaction* so trausterred to them, that no equivalent wa* paid iheretor. and that the same was, m law fraudulent at d void as against the plain'iff' Stewart, who was then, and still is,a creditor of Huyck to the amount of ?l?6.(MKi. Stewart, oa Thursday, bad I?rew arretted, making t.i?? above *tfit**wenL? in bi? comnlaiiit and I>rew war field to hail in the sum ot^i 'A . um James Ki*k, jr., and William Helden. brokers, were al*o arrested at the same -ime and held in the sum ?: each The complaint con tan. - also the names of Emmet* |> Burr, i^onard Huvdt, Audrew McKinlc*. (reorge W Wiley. H Henry Baxter. Henry < ohen. William C. Horntn. and Samuel W Bocock as co-deleudants. and sets forth tha* outheotb day of .lauuary, |??;7. Joseph B Stewart obtained a judgment against I^-onarrf Huyck tor the sum of ?l?|^or.?in, as the amount of certain dealings and transactions be-ween them On Enday afternoon another hombthell was thrown among the opera.tois" in the shap- o' an order of arrest issued by theSupteme Court against Jos. B Stewart and l>eonard Huy.-k fixing bail m eat h case at ^<<?i,OtJu. Th? geol tlemeu were both qnie ly apprehended and escorted to Ludlow street jail. _ Sa'nrday bail was . ffered in the case of Mr Su-wart. but be refused unless Huyck c?nld be released also. An application will b?* m id** to-uay at Supreme Court,Chambers, to vacate the order of arrest wu?u it ia expected tha* some startling reflations will be made in ref. erenceto th? "pool operauous ' in Wall stree* as well as in relation to the collapse o 1 he Merc ban's'National Bank. The case of Stewart v*. lirew j. \ el oped the tact that Huyck had aasigued o Stewart a claim upon what wa* denominate,. i?y its manager* an "trie Hail war pool.'* cir. ried on by Ifrew and associate*. Huvck's n teres! being alleged to be m.iKio The goxernmen'. ascertaiutng thege fa u now wishes t-? make good its loss of about three-quarter, of a rail.ion, sustained in M.iv P-fih. throngh the failure of the Merchants' National Hank, in this ?ity, of which Huytkwas President. A!ter investigation'he government claimlug a priority of lien upon all the asset, of the bank proceedings were n stituted, and Stewart and Hnyck were arl rested or a charge of conspiracy to defraud Stewart s name appears on the certih^ate o' organization of the Merchants' National Ban. as a stockholder, having sin hundred shares worth !^ini?4i. Mr. Stewart oeme* that he was ever conuetred as anorti. eror sto * holder of the bank, his nam" having been affixed to the certificate bv one t?,car s sevens during bis absence from Washington Iheee facts were elicited on the investigation ! Ju'ylT^?"111 ? U,lBk8aD'< Banking, Tins'action i^broiight by the government, ^hrough Jas. C. Kennedv, Heceiver of *he Merchants' National Hank, plaintiff, again*' I^eo^nard Hnyck aud Joseph B. Stewart, deCiK( t IT 1'oirt?Chirf Jut'ir. Cartter?Today the case of Allison Kail or agt. Violet. w iiitams. administratrix of W H. William* was concluded. The facts in the case are as follow, Williams, who was a slave-dealer in 1-*', purchased ol the State of Virginia twenty-four negroes, who had been convicted #r various heinous crimes, and sentenced to be> sold out of the state He placed them on i board a vessel, with a view of taking them to Texas, and on the way, it is alleged, the vessel ^a^(lnv,>n by stress of weather to put into Mobile, from whence Williams shipped rnetn to New Orleans. Here he was arrested undea law forbidding auy person to hriug convict I negroes into the State, tried, convicted, and' sentenced to pay a fine of *! ..>,(Am, the negr >e* being forfeited to the State ut Louisiana Subsequently. the Supreme Court ol the State reversed the decision of ;he lower court, but the negroes were retained by the State until |->; when the Legislature of the State parsed au act lor W iiliams' relief, and thev werede|lVered to Williams. In 1HT, one Thoma? I>a%|, claiming an equal interest in the slave, with Williams, assigned hi? interest to the pltui'iff w ho contends that Williams knew of this assignment. snd be now claim* oue half ol'he value of the negroes in l-5?i, with interest. The jury returned a\erdict for defendant and the plaiutiff moved a new trial. Me??rs. K ^JjBrent and S. L Phillips for plaintiff.' and L C. Morgan and Bradley, Sr., for defeidant. Orphans' Cot. rt, Judy fwrrtt.?Sa'urd tv the will of the late Ma.-y E Nourse was fb'llV proved and admitted to record, and letters te? tamentary issued to Joseph E and William Nourse: bond sO.Outi. Letters of administration on the estate of the late John t red Muhlinghaus were Issued Caroline Muhlmghans. bond 1 The second mud ffnal account of the late guardian of Caroline E. t termehle. by the administrators of C. H. t' ermehle the flrst and ot.Lh* admini*tratrix of Thorna* J Barrett: fourth general and individual a counts of guardian to the orphans of John it Johnston were approved and passed. ^ i^What is called *'churchyard hair," taken from tie scalps of the dead, sells freely ta London. i^Carl Schnrz is said to be about gi ving up his newspaper in Detroit. ^"There are snow-drifts in the western part of Massachusetts ten to Ulteen feet deep. ^"There arevSn places in Providence, R j it is said, where liquor is sold on Sunday. A Detroit physician has been arrested on a charge of complicity in a burglary VThere seems to be some little doubt as to which way a majority of the colored vote will go In Tennessee. VNoses have been counted in Oonn?'tira? and tbe Republicans claim a preponderance or about l.uuu. ^-Tbe frnit crop in North Uaroiiaa looks poor, while the wneat crop t. Tery prornMUU WChicago medical stndenu have be-n a'-" rested for depositing corpses in their uei*n bora- swill barrels. wr ? *? WHod. . Wise i? named for tbe nnM. dencv of the James River and Kanawha o?" nal Company. * ut" The Qonxales. Texa*. that the Mayor of that <*ty. on bearing o* ie passage of Sherman bill, meheanu/nl plaxa to be drapM in^arij? ' ' 4 I