Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1867 Page 2
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The evening star. tit Urftftl CirrulalioB in ihc Uisirict \V. D W AlXATH. EdIUr Pr?prt*t?r. O.' ACUl IL /\f'< ? V .'WO>DA^ APRIL 1. t???T. /"RBADIMG MATTER ON ITIIY PAOB fc?* OUTRIDE rOR INTERESTING TKLK GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. VIRGINIA. V*? fcsar that Mr Hotis advices acains( holdup tbf > irifinia State Convention of loyal ciiIk*:-.; or. iLe ITib of April, 'he anniversary of tii* j ?.j ar? ot the act of secession by tbat at? liii ?dt c- is i l"tim<*d and iraprop r. Tni? rOLT?> rion is dimply designed to perfect the erirai i/a:u i. of tne hear'ilv loval nemtie of the J* j> * iL advance oi the popular raeve. tfcat n?u?t toUpw immediately on the Bp^sniMr cl (i sfftl Scbotteld'a expecte.l c:de: for :<*? irbiiujt the convention tomato" ibr i-?w M?'e Uoitti uiivn called for in the rvvcnvroctic n nets of Centres*. It is em )>bstical ? u crt*ar> that the pound loyalists cl \ iryii cUiuld cue and all understand eacb ctln m i. act m strict aivord. Otb*rv ire, r.o*. th> .r view* and wishes, bnt those ?. ? p?m?> r iming to preserve in their future i e fccNertn.^Lt mauy of the old heresies cl *e - oti :iud their con^equenoes and corollarn t :.- po s-inle, will be iu theasjenlant in ibe r? pu.;u s;a?e convention to a?-emhle t ion at e. ? :ir(is If tbat happens, the constitution luai cou\ ii mil nia* m-''.Kc will liardly?as it t-liufdi -| u - nnsicr before Congress. It ifce trnl\ Iciftl people ot Virginia o! both .acPf r< ju iii liriu. si \ raontfcfe will bar<lly p is* I'-forc tb?-> mt? reinforced by a largo body oI ji Ut ? : < ii* intelligent and hopeful men who b? H i1 Mrre vill come to comprehend tt at *he 1> ue fc. y to the s-peedy relief of ta* totr ib fi.l? to t e tound id tb** palicv of burv tLg th?* ?i a I men?*h^ politician* ol the pa?t? - n ?dil> iid a< unceremoniously a? po->slbi> a'ft, with hi-m. all the retroactive and ttuU-oeluviun rrocbets through iL? ?nlorc-?ne. i ?>J w! ich upon the Mump and otU?*rv -e, \ ireiu.* has b^er \ep? half a century l* bird ^ > rfc. and w a- finally en'rfipped i. to -cM-ioii. mil war and t0U^e.|U^nt desoIkiioii. At. I I. ?iN O. THE RU8-I %.N VMBRICAN TREATY 1 e imjmnsnl acquisition of territory m id? bv he ces?n n '*> 'be I'm ted JS'ates ot i:u??Kin Amrr c?. m the treaty bctwc-n this country .iLd !f<e Kir|>ire of Russia, which w.\? llr?r made jmiMic it the Star ol S-turdiy. is the leac!.: p topic now. and will no don fir b-' th?r subject of early action by the Senate in J xi-iO'iTe cession. The matt*r see:ns to hate bt e? firs1, -necked n a memorial of the I.ez'slative Asfembly of M'a.-biarton Territory. addreM?*d to the Pr? . id?3" ir January. Ir.O. in whirh thev ; Mair tl"tt abundance of codfish, hahhu'. an i f-nlncn of excellent quality have b^en found aloi-jr it. bore* of th* -'Kus-iau Possesions," v.d reqm st t ur Oovernir.ent ?to obtttn such"? ai d priviUges of the Go\emm-ut of Kiiss a a- will enable cur tishiug vessels to \ is.i me pons and harbors of its po-jf-i )Bi. ;o the ftirt that fr?-?b water and provisions may be pwiij cb a.ncd that our oiclc an.l disabled (i -tiermeu tr.ay ob ant sanitary as.nxti cc togetb r v.i b the priNileze of enriug lish f>r:d repairing ve<j-el? id net*"! ot repair?;"' acci aUo >-to employ sn?.li ship* as may be ?-pi;r? d tri m tbe Pacini' in exploring and mrvejtng tbe tl?bing hat,ks known i j aa v ipa'cr? to ?-x -st ?l<>r*? the Pacilic coast from L l u:te- hanks to Bebring j Ktr&it- " TH1 'H.KtTION Of JI ROK-. A? manj i f our enucos are ot tbe opinion that jort?rs for tbe Courts of this l?i*trict are r-ikm from tbe poll-list.aid will hereafter b* rrade c| from the lists low being prepared hv the Com miss loners, we publish an extract of ihe Ins providing for ibe selet tun ot iu. .r^ ;n this InMnct, approved June :?>. L- >i. which a* frlli'* s . <i .. Tfari! r -briil be t'l* duty o* i>e r ul W ia mi*tou city, Hurt of tb respecuveolei k& of ifc- iry ut tliorgriii xa, >u l Li- Lf\ \ ( -UK of W'a^iiiucton county, in 'be Instric t of Columbia uuhm od? mouth after be | a??u*>of 'tii! ani ou or before tbe Urst oay of Fehru iry in e*vh ye?r thereafter, o n.alie a lis: nr>uco ??i the ?,<?/? citi ,?Hd.n( in their respective jarisditiuBi. ai> iti*\ ttiHii jnrtee best qnalifiert to ;?- is .u or* in ihe couita of said District. &c TBV 1-rncn\F? Of Bt^IW AMERICA. The Senae Cuuimfee on foreign Relations ir?re ib session -wo hours this morning:, upon be rea'y *i*h Russia for the purchase of Kuf Ian Ami-run, bet came to no conclusion. Some Of hp <*-n*r<.rk tr.ll ?._ ^u ?? mr ireaiy, it f- understood, on 'he ground that the barren -rn?ory is not worth tu? money: and being teiacbed from the I cited Stales, would be an iselt-ss- incumbrance The acquisition will &e warm I \ urged by others on the ground of the importance ot the ttsberiea and the far trade tbui r.b'a.ned aud of it? affording a track for tae proposed telegraph line. THE >E v COMMISSIONER OF INDIAN AI^ FAT R? Hof > '? Taylor, the Commissioner of In Oiat Aff;sir?, entered npou Uie discharge af ciBue> tDi* tnorninz. The clerk- called iipoD Mr. Taylor tor 'he pnrpoee of paying their r**p?*c'? * > hi-n Au?r receiving tbem e i- w. hk hi* to b&ve ibe business u' t!i#o(lif? c r <u ' din a prompt and fsitb* .oi msnrrr M- t ;??*d ?h?* cWlrs would 00wb h.i 1 , ! perform their dtl'i?* '-.rbfullj tbw-?etur?n? Bia aal gooi Will. Tilt WH i t k. 110I .-lt A >rtf of Mritura w?re at Ui? Kxeciti%e !VT to.driv. and mmir bad t?ti tnt>*!\i*\* x? 1'b Mif |'r?--id?*D'. anionc whom wer?? i vern Sri-.- or* ?nd Krprf^rntatiT'*. Si'cvmry S'sntou. 8?rr?ur) WhIw, Attorney (Jen?r?l Stint* ry, ??.d PiK-tman'^r Oeaeral K*iudall bad interviews with ih? ?'r?si l.i.r n.i? 'urPBOcii. A'l Mil The ladies ot th? Kxpcuiive Mansion. Mrs Fat!rr*cn and Mr* Sto\er. wili be at Home er* Monday ni'eri.ooB, from ouc an til four o clock. A iar?e nurnb*-i of vuitors were present 'bis alr-roi'on. and ?cw??l by tbe iadips us the red parlor. SENATE Tli? Spb?t* to ft to-day at 12 M . with a joorum in at'eudance. aud appointed a comxnitie* to latorm *be President that b?y were rfady to procwd to business. Tbe Senate then went into executive session, and was occupied, it is understood, witb nominations T'aiOIf l'ON? RK3-IOSAL RKTITLK AN COM:tk* ? Several :i.eetinirs of ihi. fnmmiti.. .aave been held and a "-borough or ganl'/aiion elected lhf Hob K D .Morgan, ot New \ o.k baa beeu appointed cbairuau of the <i.*reral Commits Tbe Kxecntire Committee consist* of Hon J. M Broom all, of ffcisjlvir!*: J. Chandler. of Michigan: Joba <'orr.??<". of Ctlitoruii. ??ake? Amn.ot Mu< sicbneett*- John A. Le>gaa, of Illinois nod William I). keUev. of Pennsylvania. Hon. '1 Lo? L. Tuliock via# elected aecre'ary and V S Huntington. fc>cj., ;rea?urer. The comnu: 1a :?*adv to fCBinn*nc? active operations. 1 4* SVVRKVK COIKT OF Till TJ.flTKO Srim mei to-day. bat ibere being bat live member* present a adjourned over uu'tl tomorrow wr.houi doiii* any business. On to to be anppoeed tbat tbe choice will fall oa pnrsoD*. of Cleveland, Onto, a friend of Chief Justice Chase's. %r Oeuetal Beauregard ha? written a letter o a N?-w Orleans p iper rei ommendlBf the i obmuatOD of ?b? tt? tbe requirement* of OotirtM, a? *buht wonld b* naaraiWbie He iso argra that mttni be taken to eecur* tbe aearo rot*. Pitist* lu b* U?r*D ?One hundred and inecy-two patents will be leaned from tbe Patent Office for tb* weekending on Tueslay, April Vb I>urin* tbe pa*t week 573 applies. j CftUoo* ?ad 71 caveat* hare been died. ????????a THE < OXNKCTICCT KLE< TIOV The eW-c'ion whicU takes place in Uonneotlen' to-fl?r bid;' lair to bring out the largest *ote mhicb bar- f*er beenpoi|-d ia th*tSU?e. Ttf ncttemfQt hi? b*??n, it po?*ible, gr-ater twin tbat of last year's campaign, when Gen. eral Hawley was cbo*en Governor o\er .lamps K Engli-h by a majority of Ave hundred aud in a poll of\en thousand votes Tfe Keprhl?r\n?- have invariably car. ??u iui cwip tunc i-io. ;d> ucu'tiPir nation* tle? were not lamer in l-.v. aud l'tiu thta th-it of la<-t year. General Hnwlcy's or<%ia, tb? Hanfcrd }' . confidently averts th.?t he will b* re-elec?ed (tovtrnor, but the i?*cno- i crate expr>'*s tbrniM-lve* equally confidcai ol election Mr. En?li*b this time, ttnl I arc mf kins: trm; exertion* to rieteat !Ylr. |*. 1. Karnum id the Fourth <jjnzr?*??u?n(tl district. Ihf i\fw \ork TriLi says W>*bop^ to eiect Go* Hawlny 117 about majority; hut one vote lost in racbxUool district would b j?*et the Stat* " AtJo*emor. Ijw ut. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Controller, tour members of t;uugrfr?s. 21 S ate Senators, and *.'. > At-serardynieii are to b>- chosen to flay. The opposing cap dictates for Concrete are Republican?l?t <usirici, u?*ur> i I'-miug; -<! Cyms >'.>nh rop Sd, llfurj H. Starkweather; Mi. Fuiuru T liarnum l)>mi>crt:p?lht district, KtchErd l? Hubbard Jd, Julius Hotchkies l, K*rl Mariiu: tlti. V> iliiam M. itiruurii The first aud IsurtD districts ar * doubttul A Heavy bk>TKr.ce?Frederick Uniwtti. ! ?bo was conTicted a rbort time sin ; ? before , Judfe Srr.allev. tu ttie \ ntted States District | Court, New \ork cit}', f>>r lraud upon ttie j I*?nsion Ortice, by obt.iiH'iig a peusion under tbe name of Jacques Kclliujtcr, ba^ been sea- j t- need to sufTer icftprtsoumeui and labor in tue Stati prisou toi liie period of se\en year*. Tub Ho. pk Ji diciakt Committer was in session to-day exam mm* unpen. nm- nt wit- j ut-sses. It is understood tUat tbe committee j v ill t>e in .-e;-eioii ihronchoul tbe week. Internal Ukvicm k.? 1 ue recvi^'i* from tiii? j source to-day were ?!,~ii">.>>-!# %jf~ After *tj>:o racitil debate, the Ohio Sen. ! a'e, en W edin eOay, parsed by a vote of t ? \ II, the 'our p> brim* resolution f-uhnii'tiuf: t> 'h- of the .State, at the ?ieitioii iiext U t r. the njf of nmeadini; tue Coo;-t tB'ijn by t-u.kii>? . ai tlie re-tri -non ofturtrn^t^ in account cl color. On* Kr|iubkin To'e'l apainti the rreolutain. anrl w > cr were abeeot. It iijw io t ie ti jtier* lor its conc urrmc#. . "5?*U1 l< i - F a L*tsT \BLSI T ftOUlii ! of till \Hl.A ' A ! A K K \ ASSOCIATION w I iie lieta at Tniip m.c ti ll. K ?;r? >t < *i> Ml a'il ! lh oti v\ K l'h fe< ? L'A t l.\?v|V'i, A p.* 11 n?. T: ketn to i b?tr I >y ;h <:<*fninitt < . at 1 Jt* b A I'JLis,. Sf-cit taif f s-' I>A VV fcnfc LOL'GK No. IThere ivil. ! >_5 * 1 in e'ius l LOWii, * ! iu ai mnun !' 1 > i irrruN t to'r'n k Th* pjernittr* "f I'iwi n L^d'* ili lit* l>? iu att'n<)MDce l!j nrd*rol tlio W. >1. Hi> 1 -t t. K Tlui i 94 'N . 8? yp-l'l KKIOAL Ml'Tl AI. !!iritI?INO ASdO j Lk_5f CUTIOA ?1 ? Tmrd Monthly V'??tinr ) ? ! ml# Ao?- c iitl n vllt l? k*l< at (Jum ft Htli, K ?nd 7'h >tie?-i on MuNI'aV HtlMNU J Lrit. it s o i.' ?.!? A tii^l a'"vidan?r <>l ?lor,. ?u<l ct p< r?o 9 d^iirmg to take n'ock i? ' if-ireU. 0 W lit'ttKiB It _ 8>'C<?t?rf. | rrr5p?'TIIE ANHU%fc aMTIRO or Til _>J? 1 M AH M\< fclTfi ftL ASSO'M \ I I'?N f: v ? _ , I# U . will ? btM at the nlhce o; I C ?*ct? A 8?f nj ' l?? r?'. ?! i r*<]? i uuni*. ? I nTLICtT>AY. A pril 'i, H)7 a- * oVimI r n? i'sucta il ?ti- <ia c? 1? r? *e-t -1 i ? i--t* _ J. 0. PJ[i.ji;_d? cr<'t?r> . V^*RK;isTFB S - : II jl Ar !L 1, 1557. \ t ? is k- ' 9 ?'*> h tint t'i# LI t ?? ; m-iiitd t uwn^r-tit \\a?:oiil. I'ail? *:i 1+ y? will e* ir< mi tk* Art* Hvndajr la April, andtnat ?%i<1 ' Lie ?)?*? lull b? in compli*. < ? with law, at tl.'? i/:lic ? ii I il i ii . :<ti?-r that t'mc J-AMllLL. K, I 01 OLASV a?l ta?lt A liittr | , mo ?o a w v?i ? n, i* >j i n fc THAT Til K 'Jof uee of t*e uain I J41 COUK? * (!0? ?na thnt< f ti e Fir?t N tmn^l B<uk?[ W?ihlug ton iti *n <lT<*rti anient of parties-tyltnj betu elre K?:iii?~!y & Do , relating to a i tl of eo Ktavl AS. .? C , l??Iittrel? DDtl t > ' >r I/ i I)'.' i:s. > v j?i t augein* nt ban Ictri n.ilt to itrokii with us their tfr-'pta from the f ile of tickets, n.-r h^ei ) Beet ileBvsits l-eei li 'li- Willi us .1 AY ( t>OK K t CO. WM 8 llt'STI JIGTOH CasMer, Kii-t Aittuoual Bask of WaahtugtO' . ap 1 31 iMF'P.OAIil1 OV TR%1>K?A ?d ouraiel tn> otJJ? lb. of tlx? H 'ABU or IHtb< will 1 * liriij at ikfir roorij" on MJNDA\ IV'CMNb, API li 1st, at <>, t? clock. JOHN H. fcEMMIS, Ir ?silent H BARPO. Secretary in .? it rf^T* THI RK-ll-Ali ANML'AL MEETlSO ! JJ? oi t*t> HO\KU OF DIHSOToBa OK TUB , Mi aSHI N(j1 UN cm bAVIfcUrf UAM\ Will 1,6 i Uc.'i at ib corner of 7th street au<i Louis1 !* a aTi-me ot> TCKSDAY CVkNISU next. April 2. at 6 o'cl tk p ni. THUS. I 0%BDINKR. !?ee "r'- ?? MI!. <' A L ABSOOiATO'N -The s?-mi- : > "7 ainiil meeting <>l tu- M IDH. Al ASiO ClATIuN >f the District <f CnloniM* will be i bei.l in the l?<"t re rem of :i Medical Depart ment of Georgetown Colli e, oi TIIISli** AifMi -.'a. at 12 ?>' l?:k m rat :i# .it J. W. H LOVEJO\. M I> , 8ec^ riR>T AMMUL MEETING <>f th? ' J "? Mo kb M*r? of lb* KIH-jT WaKD t> 11L I> I It G A>BOUlAT!0? will be held at the , tCLO i tlOU4**- OD Ifth ?|:??-t, I MWH ll G t?lld H 1 on Tl'BSPAY, April 3d,!' ? o'< lork p tc ^'of-feb< ;<i>*rs are -t ia. it. J t . be pun tinl In t tit nttt-misD' e. ib tction of otfi- er* tor the ?Bfu1n? )i-nr will t?k place in n) st ?.fc.u. r KIPWILli S*e'y. rv^=?TWO HCK DKB~1 > TODN<> EN TLEM EN 3 3 and au e-j'ial nuo.ber of Young can tiH<i rrumikt r*Mv>- Employ m'-nt alter takim: a OoQ'te of ln-trn'tion in <;OPI''8 NATIONAL I'M ION BUcINE.-SCOLI E il, corner , f r??n. |\riiu? aii<t 9tb Strtet Thin liittituti n it deto pr* pare yoantr pardon- f >r the duties of Merc* ant* Arc.mutants, Acant*. Teatbers, CjP"- l-l* Ac , A. Th?- of iiiKtructl'ill ?r?> ?rrariB^'l * "nit tti?* convenience of tbo?e ilreailj In enpi?>m ntwhohav any 'eijnre time dnrin.' the 1 d y or eT'tiltiK Tb<- April clas-efi ar> no? tortn- i io.. tub It" kEG '8TflY NcTIOIC.-Netice la h-raby J. -? to nil a *!ifi<*<J oter* in th?? 1 HI BO w * H?> that t- * Ji.' g-? ot Kl> ctinn ^appointed to J .v <> - uuu i >i.n ? i ui uungrM) ap?ro;--d F i n*r> 5 l v*. utttb ''Ar, set to pnu11> ill/- a! vctu ?u the l>i*t ict ?. ColusnUtft, *?! ! lor ylh?r pnrj"'-'5will ln-ln ser-i >n, ?t tt: OiiTTi^n ?' ni.c1' ChHiu' tv. Oily 11*1., or MON- ; I*A * TCItM'4 V, y. EDNSsDAY. and TIICRS. I IuY Ayfll III. t>f<M M'l 4lla Tro-i. 1 7 ovlo-)c r Di .for Hie purpose of recci kin ; it.?l recording 11 *-?r i ?!? >. iuL _? tf B V. HOTBS, Boer r*-. j A OOOUI 0> CUBICAL LICTOBIS wiit he given ?t i'rotlden e Ho<p!UIco u- | n.eix-im: in April aii<1 cowtin uiog for four months. An .y to i>r. D. H. L1AGNSK. UOV U atreet. nib I* &t* nr9*IVTlfll TO Tax PAVEBiOr WA8H- I JJ? IKGTON ClT?. 1 The Hoard cf A?<Mr?*'>r* having completed the ' Mivaal mmwiI for Uff.nUI ntu ft board of appeal. ftR<i f^r the pnrp .se ..f making correction*, from the 1Mb imtant to April l?t tni inaire, ( 8an- ( day* excepted,: at School <'cnmUsioner's Room, ' second story City tlai!, west w tnf. from 9 ?. m to t 3 v in. each dei. Bj ordorof the Pri-Mdent. V lot| feleotApl f*^=? MOTICB TO ALi, WUO C8I Tflt PO J3 TOM AO U ATCB V. ATKi. UK .,!TiUR'> OfFIi K, ) I Citt IIai l, Wa-ii. v.tox, l? C. ; March ?. 18,7 S All bonr? keep* r? or others ?bo n?e ihe Potonmc^wftto upon<'i? pr mini ocnolHl by them ! ?t urn/ noiint-a trial ui t-a they liavft paid Mi ci- I. * let ?l?y of Jamiitry l*-.; the water rent for ?h'-entrant y??r i-?7. th* ar> ti' W Juliu tu Ht ki'l 1i? to have th ?it' r (hat off from their prom ( e? This pfn&Hy, whi.-h i"vol?' %l?o %ti ad'liro?? of tw?. dollars v .11 l>?? ?rifar<'?*d, with . lit (n'lf r a on ?'l who, within oue n onth Iron tbl? i?ia. shall not b?vt> rtid wator rent in fail to January 1, MB?. BtXDOLl'H ?OVL*. n.k 21 olm (Intd. 1 WatiT Becistrnr B T A B L I 8 HI 1 ? ? 9 . MrPHER80N~jT FIBQUSON. ?TI * ?*. ivon. 1st strut, UartTOL HILL, Dealan Ib PUBS DBCGB, MBDIC1BB* and CHEMICALS, | PB&rinkBl, rAHOY GOODS, INSTRUMENTS, kc . Ac. Phrsltlana Prase rlptiouj accnrataly componud d Th# Night Ball promptly answarad o? H tf ! Tu?? *OTIO?. a*/; ? ? 'VLBbetweea SMITH i k WtiTWi'C7M53-S/^ 1 M. It ? All! Krmu indebted ?o the firm will >!? < ceae forward aad .<ttle. WMbiactM.D C . April lit. 1*7. apllt* ^ I 1ft FOB PftENCH AMD 11UMI-MAD1 <?)" ^nUITt. vtmnM ?kil?boBe ANo, on hand made to ordtr. th# itUaft ftttlee uf HOOP SKIRTS OOB8IT8 w*r?ri? ;.1 to fl* or no ! . Boo* Skirt Covers I toed wfth Linen Kufniag, at f!. A fall iuortant if Miaam sod ?'bli<ir?B't Corsets Alse, the old JJJu wlti. M??l Boards, will bo sold at CflAkLM BaCM'0 Boot Skirt ami Corset IkBnfMton 49 LonMana auaoo, bet. Ctb a ad 7tb sts. Ski rta altered aad repaired. at 1-m* *'u u?Mf m ? ? tuirui vi am cla?a OferrlafM. of the latest atria and If. flatak All work ?old KimiiM. A aimbar of rrohi band BuiiIn oa hand. Iiftrlil attention |It?i t? f*patriae loi'T H 0B4H4V. Bryjaiury, 3T4 Batrert. het. |th aad 9th. *pl * - 8 hep, ITT 9th meet, oear 9. 4 GOVERNMENT SE< VR1T1ES. Washi*otoh, April 1, I3f7. Jay Cooke a Co. farniah t'ae following quotations of Government securities Buying Selling V. 8. < i Coupon, lr61 * 1(H S, l?.?\ I V. S. FIt? Twenties, 1S?? I00>, IWM, 1,1.8. Kits Twenties. IfcHl lu? \ 10^v V i". Kits Tweuties. IbW 10- tlx-w I IT s. Kive Twenties,J&nAJ'y.'55.i?.? 117# U. S. Ten Forties MU I tl W V^ivari Th.rH^ A ?.' ? . . v . ??? irr, M*l ?| U. S. ThiTtlfA, .1 une 105 * 105^ U. b. t?e\en Thirties, .Inly 1(?5% U?5\ KBW YORK FIRHT BOARD SALBS Coupons ll*."* U'-4o's... 98 1-<W >H'*> T.HOX Angust i??. S.^i'e, 1-64 1( 7 s T.:We. .1 nne ,1U5 H VJO'e, l-?5 /.3W?. July UK", Sju'i, Jii.&Jy,'# '?.U?" ? <4ol<l............ 13) , ? ??? rift AX I ALa. Lewie Jot>R?on A Do , quote Stocks and Bonds in home and foreign market* a^ follows Nkw \ ore. April 1?1st Board?U. S. l?-l Coupon <?V, !(*??,. do.. 5 !SI'?, , I'. S. f> Id-?u c. Coupons, ' * ; 7-:U< s, ?; Cantfu Co.. 4(>V". Cumberland C<>nl <'o preTd, i>T^mck&ilv*-r Mining Co. 3:; N*w York Central RK, 105%. fcr-e Railwar, O"*,: Hudcon River K. K . ; Herding K. K . ; Michigan ?>a?rul I.' I} 11 ? ' >? . wvuv*u onuigiTB nun IN . Induing !< R..*4^; do. guaranteed, ?; Illinois <J*n trill U.K.. 115; Cleveland una Pitt^hare K.H , ?r?^; Chicago hmI Nortewestern K. K.. 3(>; do pr?tfr?il. ?5\; Oveland and Toledo K K . 117; U'.iCHgo stnd Koc? Inland K H . 9': Pit'f-biirir, Fort Wayne, nnri (Chicago K K. JM\; Ohio and Mississippi Certificate*, VT Oo'it ?:i"p m 1*14 i 111 AND NAVI, C<>n>m are now txbin^. le?i?ot a of Protect r Jf'ilN KILL No.."?lti i?th ?t' eet west, a >utfc of PrDii)lTkiiii nenne. urtor to mi pinmi"?t|..n I pfore I he B'.nrd , for the poaitt n <?f officer a in 'tie ?lo>e. a few niori c*n >? received. ip I St* | AST Oil AMOK. A lift) ti'n' W?|tml (HiICKtB N(. & SON'S- PIANO, Mii'e ejir^aa'* for arboola and bene*. . rli trtr Ihtu til* other and fi ii?r r < lot tntirior 'imt a? th? Pmo,'" ofl*r?-d at a bar??in. if apTlif't fir within tvro dn? JOHN ? KI.L13 hp I S 11nt A Ohroo.l Piun ?t. ll-LINKBY (ll'EMNIi. ^ MRS rBRlHTIK onld anno'inr* to the lad'< ? of Wattiinr'on, C,t?oriet i*n and * i^ini tf1? that the ?ill open a rhticp assortment ol Celgr M1LI.1MKY ANI> bR*38 PATTERNS,% At tier Boom?.~6'J J'rnn-yIvania avenua, near 12th street On TUESDAY, APRIL -? .. to wMrli site invite* their %lfr? P?nu. lah gt. II* J AST CHAN'S OS L Y TWO OATS MORE: I rfl?r uijr large *t* * ? GREAT BARGAINS l. r 1tt O DA \ S MORE It roi?1?t, < f ry larr? a?cortiri-nt of *np?nor PI BE^SEEI 1 ANOS. OR' ANB QCI * T1 TABS. VIOLINS. A''COBtllt^Nv STRINGS? 111 fe 'Ten ftltlcleiu th ncir t "mo.. IOHN> KLLTS. .'iO'? rf*n?yl? %iil? ap i n i Intel \ Ckrmi i ?ra YALISKU. LA PI KB AND MENS'8ATCHKL8, H AP.NX89. SADDLE BY. ,tr. A iMige assortment of nil styles, and at I OW PRICES, At tt> '>1d et taMi-hid ao<1 rr ttlcal MANUFACTORY .1 A M Z8 8. TO PIJ A M A CO . SEVENTH bTHEET, u ! ast Siil:, (in- It.or a vf Orl'l F'l on- ' If <. BKPAIU1MO Pr< n.ptly mecuttil t k<' >d ?ork ?-u ??? ?t r KMKKSoN'd PIAMOS?Oaljr on In " >toir. ?illb?w1<l l?? b*for? n,<>\ _ iBjr .loll N r BI.LIS. mli ii 21 30h P? .i- ???" C^BKGAKAY I N8TITTTB h:\tiI.lsH I \/> Ft: K *CH. FOR t 01 N1 l<API B8? Kotrdtn md D?? I'npi; >. l5-'5 and IS'iM Sprue* "t rtnUhlp ia. Pa. vili reopen on MoNUAY 8?pt rarer n. 1'if-n li is th?- lnht:ii?ee of the family. itnl roni*?r;tl) *P< k'-n in the In- I*nt?? i b to (t M A I'AMI l>'H KBVIL.L Y, Principal. 4g6 iminiiTdiT 4s(; FINK OIL PAINTINGS ' 8i'?krp< are at the Oonrt of <^neen Kli/ ?t>etli re. citlriff Mirbrtfe " lBini|-nl?t?(V."r#|lioii, Oante H- ntrirt-. Chaiitt CatakalU "'1 ' ntmn". ? f li oibt-rchoiCH work* of art, on ?ilitWHon *?nl ?4>e at MABKBITBBS, ml. 3B-?f No 4?? 7th-t Ket DarrtJB ^JHICKBBING A HON'8 BIAlTlil'L pianos. Mv St<>< it i* very lar^e. mfcrarlng every ?i/e. -t>le *r:ile. ati'l iini'ti. which I ?i?r at bi-aty di?COHrt" for llH (< '?? (i.l T ram aa.*j , a* I Uav to mjov. . n?h i'2f JOHN F. ILtIS CAUL A , < AKBlAOEd CAftBlAGKS W" hav on hami the largest mock of. jrmS. ; OA BRIDGES ev r <.tiered in thi? < it? .V*Ly5jK i ne? aini ? cond h. nd. Itnaineaa Wag w"~ ? i una. it . ail of litf"' "? "" * ?L'"' - - - y .v ..a UKIIU, WUICI1 *t< efitr to buyer* ai groat l.aiguina. to reduce ?tock. Bcrairlng -luTip at rea?nn?'l? rat** .1 M Y"l Nt,. .Ik A BHO.. ??? PvQDt- lv.tnia aveim<-. and m "50 3t * 4 7<> ritii wtreet. m m '1 be larg?-?t and beat colle-tion of ?*tra rhoic* i KOtfES. coinprniug He.? S ntel Bourbtax, | Wo.'pptte. B-ia-al. I'?r?ftnil, Hybrid, Mo<a, Mental* M?*?e an-1 Climbing R??e? Alio, th" best C iiiib'ti'-r Plants, Ornauienr>il Slirnba an' riant*. Kiuit Tree*. Jtc . Sc. Pla< ta. A . packed with reat . are ;?D'1 a- nt to auy part of the oomii try Plai-ta, k . ai i tnted trn<-to name and of tirst jn ?lity A -I A KDIN . Floriat, mil P Ini Wh nd M *ta , I frM Ward ^T COST. IBLOW CO>T. AN I' A HOVE COST. GEOBQE .1 JOHNSON A CO., ,VJ1 SEVENTH ST., Are ?elling the>r < a tire stock of DBY GOODS I at coat, below co?t. and CMt. hMnHl. I >11 ??..i annjiiu* ...- ? w-' uivuuutna. 4u CIS. Htnall P.ifir <1 <*11 wool <>0 , 37)6. LftrgelotBAIH UMBRKLLAS. ? ort h -5 f> r t $1 0. Lurte lot Cliildrvu i IIOHR. 12 . Splendid > i?rd ?i?l< COTTON . 2j Willi ?tIter chetp and iloxirable Good*. m in S* C^LOTHIKU J FOR IN* PRICE ONLY. MAKKID IN PLAIB riOlBEB. 8PR1HG SUITS VOB MEM AND BOT8. NEW ?.OOD8 EVERT WEEK. GEO B HKNNIN<?. cor. Ttli st and M?rylnn>l pi A ft O 8! P 1 AN OB 7 ~ L >rg? lot. nearl? new, for ?hU low "n6cS^l Ill01l( hi V ? _ >11 II I I JOHN r. RLL18. nib 30 :t 3Qtt Pa etc . litar IQthatreet. 1 C~ HOICR NUTS, BA181N?, FICSOUBBANTS, SPICKS. Ac., Ac., to salt thla particular aeaeon. For aala tjr Z. M. P. KING k BON, do Sl-tf _ Kins Place. ONLY"35 ORNTS FOR A GOOBrHKAVY Itl r of BRITISH SOUKS. Gentlemen*' IN HRR SHIRTS and BRA mh 14 lm a Oh >th at., next Pun ire. COAL. iron. AND OIL. or tbe PracticMAnlirleu Miner: b?>M ? guide to onrmlnea and mineral reaourcea. with numeroaa mate and UlnatrnttoM. Price f7.10. ? _. _ ja 1? PRAHOR TAYLOR. American gold, stocks and bunds, bootbt on eenamiaaloB at tbe Haw York and ether Stuck Boarda. Qaotatloni regaUrljr rec*,T#d' LB WIS JOHNSONf A co.. Banker.. faT-tf 'itttf Penna aw. aanaiiAD. JntrictlTid afia? M?nrtnent*r PKHKHlvia which arc for sala at lowprlrot. J FBABQK T4TL0B ||OMB D1BT1LLBBT. ThopnbUr it hwibr ntliM thai I 1 now to m??I7 Uw trade and lovari of a ?ULS v7 tide with para coviorotilled BYE Wafs^Vr ( Tba bona itado WhUkoy is warranto* all Jr. .J,, wlil ba hM wholesale onlr. ^ '%nd mhrtin* CHA8. A. BBAUBB, Pro?rt>.?. 0BAPBPBT1 8PPBBB P1A.HQJ, Ikm nit Oil nf Ikait bMillhl ?-- _ I PI A 90S low Inltor* which. Id eoo*.Z_?^r < * ?> > bfTtag tOMOTO, 1 Will Mil it ft|Ej||| ".Tr JO^* F. KULl"mT1 ! w W 308 Pwi l Mtr Mti at JJM1T1D R4T18 BOBDS - / jr TELEG HAFH 10~NE W& ? FROM EUROPE TO OAV. [By Cable to tbe Associated PrfM ] April t-Nooi ?Ooo?ol? 91. American wcuretJe* ?)*ve hIi siightl* d?rliue < Tb? lotto* in* are the Inter qtuitvioai:Er?*r, 3J?.S". Illinois Central, T?*.IT. ci. Five1 Viaiitie* 75. J-'RANKrOKT. ADril l_KflOr_tl?it.(l txmOt-77 V pauifc, Aprtl !? Noon.?l'Bit*d States 5*jO'? e*v.

L.iV?CPOCL. April 1?Noon ? Oo'tou flroi, MidOltrc Uplands, Vtel3\<t , Orl?"?u?, i^., i. T be t-alee to-day will aciifveit'e 8.' t> bWs HrenristuflT* firm Corn firm at 4* Pr<>- : ieii'iis unchanged Prot uce gen-rally an- I cbrnifil. L.w?ik?!?, April 1?<} r. t* ? U.S. ha*e declined oae-rjuarter penc? HuM lb" opening. BT?rt fire new quoted at "3j|d Liverpool, Apiil I? ? r n.-Th? cott>? market bus become ron?id'T?bl v tnore ac'ive. and to-da\'? sales will probably reach 13.--n bales. Arrival of Spes if I\kw York, At>ril i?Arrived, ?'esra?hip Henry (.Jbauncy, from Aspin w ill on tu>* "?'b ot Marcb Slip brine* in tre.isure and i-cme thre?* hundred |?a?^en*ers. |JLACK ItUI J-IOM WVTIOS. 10 piece* e ^tra he?Tf, ati<i fine jaMily BLACK HBOB GBAIN SILKS nit received front auction, which we are leilicu T?ry ni'te ? below ih? regular pric*?. ALSO, PLAIN POULT DK SOI E AND TAKIETA MLKB id Fine Green Crown. Fnrpl?. Amber, Lil?r Steal, Grey ?nd other celor* at ?! 7."?, 99.93 ?er yer y .rd f MALL CHECK SILKS from * 1 to 5 I 50 per yard. INDIA CHICK SILKS it :,n P?r *?r(ISPB1N* DKESS GOODS, ?re it vai'.ety from .' ? Cento to $1 p r/ar.. JOS J M A V .% CO , .>?* Penns>Ivan'a avemi*, Ap 1 2tll between !*lh ?n>t Jlitti eta. i\ii'abtmknt or the is 1 kuu?k. i j united states patrst office, w a-H ' ii, li* On the petition of B1 M 1 i> M ' P>s<?N . -f UtK ?. h \ . pr?>lne fo; the exretmonof it patent granted to I nn tte I >.h la- of J'lly. IM, lor 11 iri j pruveiuaut in h.)?? irr Mill Eton's for seven i years from the eiplratir-n of i'id pare-it, whtcU | tates place mi the I'.Mit ot .t, jn?7 : It is "rdered thai the said petition t>e heard at the Putent Office on Monday, the l?t day of next at 12o'clockm , a?id hI I person* are noticed to appear and sh cans*. If any the* hare, w!i> said petirien on^l.t u- 1 to be granted Persons opposing tii? ' * tension Hie required to rl< in tbf Pa't ut <>ffire ttielr fch'*ction?. upeoKlly 1 set forts Is vrltisf at i ?-? 1 u ?r, day* nt'in the day ot hearing; all testimony filed b> either party > ?.> V.e used at the said hearing mint he tafc< a and t'at hmlt'e?t In accordanre with the rnU? of liie . oBii e which will furnished on ?pp1l<-atlnn DepoeiMt ?? ami o-ln-r p;?per? relied up >a as tes ttinony must he filed in the office t rtit'y lays helore the d%> of hearing, the artrtim> nts, if any. within (?n da>? after fillne the testimony. Ordered. ilao tk?i 11,1. ?v.n.k-? ? ...... r in 1 li the I r>telli*mcer ar d ft*e BepuMi^an, Wvhfnn t n. D C ?ti"l in the Herald 17ft a H> ? VorV, onrf i*H-k tor three oucce**iTe weeks; the tirtt of *ai<l t-nl-Mratir<n? to he ?| Ie*?t ?Uty day* pr? \ tous to the dayol l.eanns T O TBKAKKit foliiml'SloncT o*' PtteriU. P 8. Editors of (hp at nve papers wil) pie*s* corr. and ??-nd th(?lr bill- t > the Patent Offlre with t paper c< i-taiuinc this u tic* tp I taw:<? ^i:0\s ?U TO tOIR LADV KKI*NI?B. Of od 'in ilit cf No. 4 UIHKOH, of all ihM -? j at *i . a pic-ce, I :2 > aid pieret.> The Urgent and molt careful! selected *tock of I FANCY A H l> MILLTNF.UY GOODS. OK TKI I / \T SI STVI f-:s, <*H 11'ES ni"t SH I DFS, AI - TO M*HIX(.L\ ID IV /' h ICF <. AT I L. MLOUT'8. ?tli stre- t. hetWNB O and II ?ts. H fit* (c :ie -'jnare north r f MM Office. JI'IANOS. AM KB W. VOSE A CO S PI AH' 'B ,-*Ea 1 liA icoi l K of tb>-i|f anperb PUuotR n- v, in ?t r*'. utl? r< d at l>a"i? us b> f >re" 1111 n aviua JOHN F. KLLIR. m 2t Ftn mm,near I'll* at. ( i.i hi, K M fit 1LD A CO S 68 PEBB \* COLD ?Il'Au PIANOS. -jj. now in (tore *n4 for sale very??TVw1 li vk l>ei?>r iiiuilii .. loriN r. ELLIS, 3?t? l'i'unayl?tnl*?v?nae. m >< :'t __ naiiMOth street.^ JVTOTKK -I M IIAKK14 A CO 8 NEOTEBIO i* BOAI* lor washing Clothns a* It h<* been rrovnby Hot'iHl t>-?t tliat ?ue p>m<1 it equal to t? o mid one half p<iun<ls of br< wn soap, and Knar ante-4 not to is nr< the tiie?t fabric. Try it an<t couvln< e<l eld by all Grorcrt Hole Agent* fer the l>tatrict of Columbia, OL A KK 4 PEAK ON Apeut* and G' ner?l t'on mUiii u Mcrrhauts, No 3Penna h* . np stairs m'i Jt im <l?ll U'UITI 'UniiTB ni t< ?i" Washington, D. O. J|ATS FOB THE SPB1BQ WE&B. Tk? Brotd?i> style 8ILR HATS. r-m YnBRfMu i SILK HAT. Vi New ?d l>eantlfal H AT8 ud CAPS^^ (or young men and boy *y in Kelt and Cloth. B. H. STINEMBTZ, Hatter, 334 PeaMrivania ?T?no?, mli V. lm aear ooncr Uth street. Ill AVE RECEIVED a fine aeeartnent of French and Dome-tie BONNBT8. LBW18 BAAK.3J Market Space. ENGLISH AMD OK EM AH UgAD TRIMMING can be had at LEWIS BAaB'tt, a-2 Market Space. FLOWERS AHD BONBET FBAMES -The richeet assortment af FLOW BBS and BOHHBT FBAMBB can be found at mb II-tf LEWIS BAAE'S. Millinery. - hrs. bockwood has re. mored to No. 434 lith (tree t, I'lant n^gB Butlding.) wh< re. in addition to her nsaal^^p t*ck of SEtSd.XABLE MTIJ.IXEKY,3* may be toaad a well selected Assortment of STI/'/. f and FAMCYCQOUS. mhttlm' I\I ?nf?ha?-f|N-* w-C-?VL,8.TH - ATTE!L* hd* Driwt)ritHM?i?rv, ftlove*. N* k-Tie*. A;c Ac t Ac Paris tOKB SHIBTH mide toorder iB any atyl* or ai/e, euarant^ed to fit perfect, ' At PHILIP WALLAch'3 mh2> 6t Od'-on Hall c?r ?t tad |>*. ?vc AYKBY LAKGK A8RSOBTMKNT OP 8PBING OVKBCOATg, c auprMns ten di fterent ?tvmi imd colon I'll IL1 r WALLA* n. Odeoo Hill Bih 29 t Corner etrrrt and P?nn k hv* ^JBKAT BARGAINS IN C /, O T U t if c N><?* a?Lif liable SPRING 81'ITs from up, Nmi'i I'ANTS from {fl .'Onp, lt >s PANTS m low M $1 25, Fin* lilack Frock aod Back CLOTH COATS. Uia< k HOI8KIN PANTS, very lo* . Spring OVERCOATS at $i >, WHITE SHIRTS at ftl tt. CALICO -II1RT8 at 7.'< cents. HICKORY SHIRTS attOcei.ta, PA PER COLL ARB at 15 cents a box. And a lar,e assortment of DBAW1B8. CNDEHS1I1RTS, NECK TIKS, BOCKS, Ac.,at L. ROSENBERG'S. NEW YORK CL0TII1N9 STOKE, 4 93 7tb street, between D and E -t?, - - --- - v. *? MUMt?tvu buu \I clnity t" her oprnin* of BPBINU MI LLINBBT, OnTUBSBAY, April 2d, 14,7,Bo 17,Matmt, between Poana. aienne and C street. Dress making promptly attended to. m -J8 ?t* IV > W B00E8.-Annort ?f Scientific Discovery i ^ ^ Muusod * Complete Pttoaomiher. ! Well"' Every Man Hit Own Lawyer, new edition. ! Moehy ana hl? Men, I volume. Break's Mew Book of riowen Sec* Otoni. flMnra on the Life of Jesus Whilst. Wfaittier Tent on the Beacb. Memoirs and Correspondence of Madame Been* nler. Imb 28] FBANCK TAYLOB. MUSH BOOM OBAOK BBS J net received and for sale br J B. BUT AH A BBO., 34ft Pen ii* y Irani a avenue, mhSa-ooStlf Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. EpVBBMAY VLO0B, _ , Ei MiBuftsiBrtd kf D. L. Shosntkw Tin it?Ti nytrlot braai ?f FLOVI. la bbta. Ho. 9M Hitch ft and oTnit, mkS Sv I IntelAChron] Oeorgatown, D 0 941 HATfOHAL LAOKOBT, oTl fi^ lPwBi. , M?mb lithi and lSth lU.i4 I All work dm* by hand. Oood? called for amid*. Ilrarod at tha ahorUat uatloa French flnttnidona In tha naataat atyla. bA U-la* Af ?'r? in (ir*rsrl??n. SaLSOK KiKB irriiiiTi'K -TjII in f-n'rn Tb n sa l>c?w iiuit. a tic n?n?-?T, ?-.i i in- o <1 ip I Woli||i-C to !! ?* VlfilK* Ci?H |\m j. rb* c HaitMij r*>t < it? oriri i'zttion a? . ? tiitoV ard Indder Ctxnpnnv, m d t old D?l>o npi ? B id put* ? i no u<> 'o iiieni Mr h l> ??f Italiiii.i v. pif#* ed he i-uc'ic n 'or ?M<, out* i?*?m lor ? 5 , t no nflr lor each, about l,ui> tM tif ?>ld I O'e f?>i ..ik ?'?*i t? n?*r tun' ? kn?i. I oiu ' ' i > Vrn-ili A > . ul R?l*ra >re. for $9? Mr W. Or> tuOrriMO U u*. hi !>* i-M iatv? r truiK 'or *-2" 5. > 1h* AyiU'ttr.- Ih? I^w4nt< IIM wt'i. ?*-?r 'o it* I?r- I^r ? ?.? morning Koi ? rmn'h p ft 'be ?' tw ha? b ??n -paci c f moim ; l\ lino <( * wqw'ltlc*. mi-d 11 < arrin> or lont!> 1 ho Tiii.k l?ik? Ki n 4 le R|>|iarrnt|.v in ahout .ih cumIiU.^o ? it v ?? iHht InII. ttioiiKb 'b* o| rn C' j i' l.?u t> i n imi>r ?v rt tn ; bdi'f l>l\f IMhbrd IbrcM^tl iO llli* Al'-Khl;. |.% car*! ai- > Ijik ( a> ai. - Thrre ar* arrival* <>c h* rf|iii><cr iliir m Tmnc. Tl?*t? i ?it.'y a* <o ?bttMimp tbr c?*l lle~t will ??* io t\rri*p lu ta< t *> b n<> lirird liui o: <im n l: loiid'oir ?t (!nnit*ri.?t.d Tn- b ^ ? ?i> lj ha%t- arrived w itb coal w?r?? ka tt-o lit' w ?oI t*r KlRO>AM>' KvCHaNUK. A uril 1 ?III*' >ffrrii.*h ?t ii"t* .?! reliant* Kxcb n c* ti-i- -a >r:. li t v fie I 5 'i hu?bel> o ?t*, I < (* >?u h-'t" (iimI, i .',IU' barrel- flour S*l?-? of rxTt flour n: i lamiK. VI? 5><$l7.7't; VU?' hU'el- li?*. j #11 .V.'. I(? lmtr??i? cu? * r ?. Ji 3<i T ? 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MONDAY iticJ TCI8DAT, A 'hlL 1 and J ALr BFRNBTT, A i'l b il E H M( F -T( A?-'<t n hy mt*8 heljcn nash. Ticktti Kit c*i>ti. ?ti AA Ctbti. L'cors open at 7, comtr.fcncc *18 o clock. ml' 9? -*?' | A M Kb H A EUMlLYN. I,'?V OlNT!I*?\V Hi] FASHIONABLE ROOT AND SUt E Hb. MAKER. No ltO nigk ilreet Of rpotown . D C. AH MOtk ni.ii!'" h ti< K*ui>:ts n?nt ?*rru>t?l t<- t e ot tl e vti> l?e?t i*?l?li fy. A ytrliH.1 ^(u< I bMhtMQMt UIU III* 1 CFAI'UIUAtt KUK-Jml rei r?* I *t MI LI. Kit b t"l I ' r iswitiwi, O orgt> '?ii. I- i . ? I hi*e -to k I B| riiik ?:.<1 8 i itilj)., , Hi br:>"B I I.OtCf Dri ? I> ?.<!- in tb* l? || \ t e- Aimi. - (I i' )ftinr C ?! ||\. it ? 'It1? !> ft lit-4 KUd U l>t* M h** t Mb lift . I n , I.. I< zvit-nt*. r blilrtii c z rn'- ti u-!? ptnp Goid? OlotK*. < tpiinu Hi ?;,d i n it. SK:r'? 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Lock H-ix No *11 OR i e < l< d:<tl> at odhi except i?%tarday, wt i n It l? ioaeri ?t p m te 16 fim PERSONAL. wilk hats FOd fat gemst.-No 1V?>uDft Man 81 LK H AT only s?i ao S ttru?'lw?) blag*- MLK U4T *s. i>.i<lat A. DITTKICH 8 LI at Mknafactor\. 4-J3 .Humeri, in W :t * bat?mb O aod M atreet* \| AUNiriCKMT CIUG'TLA TINO LlltK.t&\ lyiCoi.uifr* h.itlnui n toj; eo?lji r?f> for W artiugtuu < it> 1 will tri it. irarl iii .a I . . n ?. t I t.iie ttioii-Hii'l ? , tecri tTi I l ivtte a I who wlih i to become ?nt'fcit'tr? to com? tt ouce Bi ?ty thousai.d books on hand ALFBFD HI STIU, mh 23 lot *204 Penn<*? Ivani ? av? >a>' I Mi'OBTANT TOTHK LAI 11-.-l N D CLIH L t 1 BTi.MI'lMU Warranted fa?t rolo ? Mill wash aid bull Doiie t> a French composition ihf receipt of whi. b his been purciias* 1 at a h'gb price tj^es expense of nraldiag La<Iles ar?- Invited to rail get <4 earn pie, and trj it. Ladiet' white or coiered Codcrakirti Calmoral , Aprns Ac., ftteu.ped in imitation oi braiding iu f??t col>>r?. W A tiUAN I KD ROT TO W ASH OCT. Great raving to ladie* harm* clothes for chll dreu to m*k>- tip Wo braid, no s-wiog bat the pattern piiute<l la the ^lodilideliblr. siri, tthal can he Attached to the bottom* ot Lirt.e^' fklrts <-ame ? they are now w ru in (leer Voib .) atamrnd. ani tor sale at l?*es than h*?f tbe j?ual cost ?f braid. Birds, medallion*. Figure* animals of anv pattern stnuned. Ucods as repre sented or tbe money returned. \\ M PBtBCB, mb 12 tf 439 Oth street, opposite Patent Office. I^BKNCHWHALEBOS "( OB>K 1 a Also <n band, a fall anaortaieut of b?m? made Cornets, Wbaltbonee, Corset St. els and Boa <1* latest nnd all ?t, l?e of Uc op rk r ? 0 ivt ri a'M I Trimmings Will be eold at tho lowest rata, at UHABLB4 HACM> H?op Pkirt anJ 0-r?<-i Manufactory, 4t> Louisiana mice, betaeea 6th and 7tb street* uih I la'" BK1DALARD > I' N * 11AL WttC \ THtJ, rtO QtJBT8.<)itOs8t 8. AKOHn8S 8 T A tts Ar Ereservt-d in natural form; Import 1 FLoWKIl* . IA1R rLOWBRfi. aud BtCAiMNU. Al?o, lin orUxl MO88, Ha IK l,Hfc>SKS r R??ll-. y Mr*. FBI88. Ha? removed to 3io. 1 lithvt, 1 between Q and II. oc Hn* JOHN D OLAUK. ATTORNTYHMSU OOOK 1 BELL >R AT law AND NuTABT PI RL1< Ho. ft'Jft 13th ?tri et writ. d? 1? lv J ~B0AKD1N<J.J (^ood boariT~oab~bb had at nortu I *Nt corner l3th ind H atraet* in s u* |>ACK PAkLOBTO RBBT. ?,: I'-oiKU.i U 9t>| p?r month Apply at 3"U ? ?tre?t .near 10th Ktreat. m ti it* |> O A B l> IN G-N i< ely - f?rtiUbadRO(>II8 v?tk ' good UOaBDcad be h*d on verp reasonable t> rmi at 'J I * K itr?i t n?f?fc ?? i-?* ?< la., next door to J . 8. Cmig'eu 'a Drug Store ml. V ?f f'OOD TABL1 BOABD *? PII MOITH, 11 aouthweat corner of 13th ud H atreete Try it. mh .*fif UOABDIK8 -A |< atl<>ota and hia wi<e or two D itD>l? .'tiilfnifo, can obtaia a pl^utit front BOOM with BOABD to ? private family from tbe Berth Inquire at Mo. 7 0 Latret, Ut?Mn lid and 24th. mil 1. I/OB RBUT?Two wall fnrniabod PABLOBS, on the tret floor. with or without BOABD Apply 393 B at., bet. 9th ami l"th. fa li TABLC BOABD at No. 404 ltKb etreet, few door* aorth of tba avenue. Tarai ?? pa* oath daHtf LOST AMP FOUND. LOST?Ob tba Diamine of tba Slat March, a La ilee" 8ILVBB WATCH, with raid lockai and rtoaa. going from 43S 1st a r*> tea?t tbreagli aorth A atreet and Delaware avebue. 1 he tinder will be liberally rewarded by landing It nt tbe tboTt houee. ? l-lt' | OUT?Betrayed on t he aOth nit., from 4w?.|ln< ? corner lfth and D. a amai I white enrly BOO rnc> titly trinatd Had a rod ribbon ar .ond it* ?.?, iuu aucwrra 10 im itnr oi I'd Tne nufler ball be rewarded to deliver tb* nwt> 190 ltd. ave., Island. lt^_ I OST?On theSAth inat., In thli city, the D18IJ CHABUB and other valuable Patera of a discharged oMcer. Am yraon flndinn the ? ? and leaving then at tbla office will be suitably re? ?r<1 ed. nh 3? It* cac BBWABD?Stolen. on the ??th last , trota th> corner of lat and E atraeta. a Brown Bl ick HORSE: low back with ii(n o' saddle on back, rubbel on aid* by trace*, nn<l?r the fatloek white on both bind lags: larye booh; abont 15or 16 bands high- I will five the aboea reward ta any on* that will (It* information that will load u hU recovery. PATBICK HUBLBT. K a treat, rob SOU* between let and Id treats | OBT?At the Batioaai Theater, er between Li there and WIlTnrd'e.lnstawani-*. LIT. aukad"<t. A, IrL |uX FMW?^agSs/BlKPam VwtoraBstM* ft?? #3 to ftifl &>.Mto CTi".ir!fi'.i:.".r'frs,iLT ,TwM * Srifa.) BALBI) H A V. BTA W, Ao. 1 \VAK CI.AIMS. Wmi ^TVI.U C . ? ??? Tic foll.wioft ? - * ?- ? *4 f, u " " ! < 4n! It.k <*> r'?* <> . J?o O * ' I>??M B <1 !?1u f*r ? t< B (rr d l? l*"?' K ** 4 * * ? - m. 01 nviiMi J for <Jr-1 ' M lr V I jlt.U h Ml CitlB. I J * lor m d. t ctl?e >. miro of Mr Bir.l- 'or froport. UV?o ll ttt'ifkll, It hin c ntw ?' Win ? f> M? i??tt K (I llrHto* 'vf ?rTic?*?, Ac.. ta A'tTfew.* *>r. JoUn NUUmIm f r dt? I?o. v.5. C'?m ot L?. k B?o#? Tot t?o ' Mo*r?6 f) ? n> of J*?* I't bv| ?tr * ?o < rt*c*r In it" L"nlt? <1 8'W*' '?). bo. H OUifcif A Mo-k*l for C'-r* a#i;? of M'nnt T-rn- . r?r* A>?oci n o k. f? lor <??! ' rru?*n> h?- .1 Olun *f J. V bjmc & Ct>. for ^nt f, A-i?, C|? m I Th ,mo? Ant;-rt|. ? D , fo' i OOU ?.f ( I ?l ' - ' . . , j*?. Ml w ??u4 itkoa t-."V J<. naihoi'ti** too S.v i itltio! Mr? Juno T?*lor far 4o?tt?c tl? ? re* t,i*i No.-6 i '? mo'ln:j K Tf) ionf^r ffb 4 t?V bj 4. ^ otv> r*. Nc W I?ob 0 il or -mm* f ? ? - f "*hV J L. Helton ?o't- Bi of > % Vo CUtmut J * K*U*r i+r ?rw,c?i ^ *7 ruimof Ch?'lM H? t f?r ? .-?i< m trh^'r'S u l*,f * <*'?' An < ?Uoa foi I ?' Th*??* Th -?r?to* '.?i vain* ?f > - ^ >.? .!??.?! * (T,. 8 o <'?? ? ? J?-fc? 0 u?)?f r b lU i , (M 'li *'? To*, m f,r lot* at h Mekat .ad f?a-. tf* 1n?t1ta<*fo> , t >*!? .Mil > No -? ? * m * u+'*1 IUr ' *" '^n! ' ? ? H f?r proper* 'ii.V1'' '^."V^'iVukuU u ir.of ; .f I " n" "~t,7 ? t I *l?? * t ??rfor bki < U t I?l-?l H. , X 5H *t I'TB iti* *? . Ou for mi vine* of Wllllwr, J . B!ofr.? fjt - -rlc*< /?o?W". C'?l? ?f * *. n<1? wJ . rh??. r>, 71 (:ti? el G U?4?i? |ur /.a?*rr? (i * fc ' ' I?7 j CUltt of 4e rn l>o (I for ?iSc: ?o |i p b',r kt 'f 8 loia n l?c . .7 for Mtton |L ,n/Tui of G?or? M ;t?r ti? W?r ? *< O'fcll ' '* J l?li-fittf-r ;u m 1 * iM* i? ?-f fiui iD'-1 utinit* r* So CI in* 6^ Jvhu lor ntx'r < BO c uj'-r v?i V7 CI?t 11 ol **a U-4114 t*riT>twi * CUfru of K ichlt Harts. ft Mll.f,, k , r ?.'? ? " ' . ? ? \be ' < t ! I 4. e < ' ' ' * ' '*"1 II VI? i. w # I m Giftttn ?#' * u.M??kl?ii fir pr '?t:. I i.-?r? * t< K *n' ' ** V, -M. ' 1?' ? ? ' * . jr n?tbiii?rr j ,, ,% ?., 0 .t*4 H?t~ ??tk?r v -t, t'ltu f jru* !?f NTf.niti 11 *lf ?% r?in"^ ',ti? * **'' '>r 'ut?i Py.,0'/.V*?.!? 11 Jt?o??r?r Vt r of *M' ^ !:anlrcforl in??'.r??j c.^?? Um H BUIHf rcorner, N? r r M < il r . 1 "? ? *c * i-r^ -,u. *>r. ?h. ?for Ii<u>?r N* ' | ?atfc.-nt.? *' c ?iu. <t Jo?i L> a-' i rp<r?Uli M4 y0'-^,',r culn. o< Wi! >?& On* for ?rn,N M , cf B. r.j* IB 8. Suryr. k for wood 'C^U'^jl'aVwol rr*<Urtok Kwk for m of J * " f'T t pr* ? ,,?o|l 'r f'?r 4?,t nc ios No * ? \ \ I: " i l} ? ..t J *' for *ro..d tar 1 /i.'iw.' SSwtBWIitfcr ii?r ?f tL? ,t; n-l " M?r?*"? U!*l,i v nun ''a*1 Mr*" # ,a I'uriii.: the I iB^' |>ri-?pnt H FCT*1?. V ? M A Peters fcx 745. J.i I Hit-i h. M<> '>! J l?| I. > HI, H ??. K ti, N" <-S a r Nttu<? i'-r ?. wo czr Mr* Mi' < rv? M< ri*, Mo. Ct$ Ai'fiif" Li Vr No. 6?u J H Otr<?r fro ??Sy. i Mm tit. ? ff 'l N St.. % ?)h |> K M i.rvr- ?i.fcn. bo :&i. B * b?rl*? * . Hu fc N<- S2? VN ll!1?ui -t> , No ??U >i r hctr- K? ? a Act if* 11 ? i> "o ss?. J M?> n*r'. No -'kS K ?. Citrk, Ho K. > M .?? v.*. N . *1 Haip >, Ku. TI? t; C o. rr^ Jo. n ??. *. ce, S> "7 ' II ?i Yt.k?l > > F tbkc< r L<^|{? K A A M , Ko Tfi J J. Vt .h?nl m if A l ? ?'!? No 7?i. A . So.<? L L F<"ii*r?-. W<>. C r li<obtrt N? iS_ illoioof * It H?ju? Bo r 14. ** Firi o S ? ( L .u t?r'?'ti & N' Ml. art QinniMi tf ? ?-3 Hro?ri.?. No# <6. ?n4 rtH. LB! ?*! N<. #0 Mw K? '49 J J Ma tio. No 6K?. Uiclin<o'<d fe?l* l??tl<?<?. Bff 8-J. J K V F?r**?l, No *>i. K M No- * Pm?^ Hewitt No 7*J. I> L ifcfto. No SI* W V ?% !!?? No ?'4 ftlcutit A crook Company. m; Bill Jlo.83-> Mr * W T ?? . Ro.l 'l. i"h?H MrK^.No. XM il lK H? UiMlllI j*w . . Oatbotic C'hurcb, FKd*f>ck?b?r|. V*., N JK' b?f* 0r??. Ko. 9? Mr? *?r> .? U llMd No i., fcei.?- Bot>rc??? No ? ? jo*-|ti<t> ? tlll?pi. No. ?* >. r H. k,?r*. N- . ... . . ,, I -I tJ^wi ge'? Kpi*icp?! Obarch ?t Poi>^4t?*2ne, V? > ? *'* V A 0 nr? n . it?iii . mo o i J 8 ^rwoul Mo.Ji Hn. L B. K? UsOld school lUptiit Cbu cb at WiachMter, Vi . Ho 375. Dr *??* N? 77. Mr? O A. Owv? No SM ZfH(|i?AH'Ml.Ko Mfibodlst K?Wccp?l thu-cb. W?rr?tou, , "coiftnt of the M?Us- ol the Holy Crvw, tt Pl?jO' win?. U . V ' S 'J. Mrs Flora h.. t)?rU?E Bo.isa " t'K * ITT CIiIHTOV. Brevet Lt*ut?n&ut? oloncl. It Beeortir 505 BIBTH 8TRBBT, 505 FOIJB D0OB8 KOBTU OF D 8TBBBT. (Sttun H*'l Bui'dmc > WALL PAPERS Mr? > 'tdt'iii Gk'eitB No. 4t)7. Mr* Kt). Ho 4ic>. Jul** i JvtinT. AitK-troag. ho 9* Ot iunB L>.ilwi?u Cbur^B *ifc*T*aa?h, Gt , q > N fc* Ai 1 ?ir?. N-* ?!6. J. hi* V id. No Mi?i s??t --I p?' v Lurch. 'Colored.' "? a w ill 11 It ? .B. N*> J * .? fchc<l? A No M?. b?>"?? ??? ?"? Ci'tUu Prow Cooipacj , Ni>? O' 1?-u> No -t>4 _ t ? ? VmU lie Clitircfc *t Pftltoi.. Of .kn JU Pell ?ii i"Hon ' 0?ni|??uy, N o. ?:?7. W iiuom Low. *?? ?'"5. Mm r c ? !?' M?. 11'. .1. P. KHillor. Wo < N?t*> bi ik?i? No 19 Mr* K L ha CM E luM t*?ndTi N ?. .i*.ku M . L."???iu 6i ili Mn M?r > Boytc. K?< 711 Duulop M"i cuif tic. No 7lS. ?J?r K?*lro*4 <vO '|>ftnjr, Ho STI. J. ha H Tuckw. ? Ti?. |4?*r.< hlb^.No V* .!*? "?> N?. Lewt H jjitti Alt ,lo.lU J.O Van WlekU. 7* O. M. Oailtt, bo Mi. Fairfax . Ya Ha HI. Hark of ?. Orl*?o- &. 10. h M Duhaa. Bo. IcDitim / 4. VWHDt'W IliDIR. SHADE HOLLANDS. 1 A H TON MATTING. TABLB AMU riOOB OIL CLOTH, OILT CO UN I' IS. OVAL AflD SQCAEE MOTUBB FBAMBS. P1CTUBB OOED AMD TAMILS, Ac . Ac. A 8?e a?cttm*at of tiic %bov? flood* I:. ?tor , (or Ml* CHS \ P KOKOA4H KlUVI HENDBS40V, k ___ > * t> ttmt. ^TIUHN BILLS tot Ml0 in mm Uwllur C7 cblHTI. i.koi nuM *ria Mitf far &SSUOA1 UWll i IH". HI tt *M hmi mm K1""0* ITTTIE 0KAI0B1II For fr*#trrlci , w coru?r 14th u4 f ?tr*?ta, k liter IMiN Inn.