Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1867 Page 3
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THEEV ENING STAR. ~LOCAL news. AUrSI MENTS. ?c.. TO NIGHT. fl AM.'b Ul'MRA llifhttil tbe celebrated Lady lK>o, wbu will app-?r in the ' Child of the Kc((im?ni" and "Tbt Pf?Uy Ilorsebreaker." Ratio>al TbbaTEK ?Miss Kicbel Johnson aud Mr B Macaalrr iu " tut I.ynne, o the Llopement." Foreest H all, Georgetown.?Mr. Alf Burnett id one of bid popular enterraiumenta thi evening. Wooyn aid 11 all ?Grand exhibition ot rh? <=tereop'icor..disjoinujr views nod microscope, (or benefit of tUe Yonng Men's Christian Association FOBBl'At 6H'9 OlOAWTte ClRCCw A*t> MlSAGtB'iE will open on fi'li street, lost s >utu of Ivanta Hvenn*^ this alteruooii a id evening. It is said to comprise tbe most e??m >lere collection of wild animals, and the finest tr oupg of gymnasts, Ac-, ever ???uibled. A Yef?bt Libelled? AlUy f A"- mf t i'?*< * rn' >y ' Fmr<t.? lb u mormnir. Mini* K tvi ot ano Vkartn F. Barnes were before Justice Boewell, having b?fii arrested by officer v\ hie, tbirffu, on tbe o.itb of Lucius hanpv. with having committed an assault ana batt ry on him by 'browing bim overboard. and also wi.b malicious mis<bief by cuttiug tbe sails from bis ves-el Mr. Kendall appeared f>r the prosecution and Mr. Dans for tn>? defense. It appears irom the statements ot witnesse- that <u >n??y la-l Gen O. P Gooding served a libel on tbe prosecuting witness, , who is the i-ap?*in of 'be schoonerGoldtinch. Mr Kavaor lining tbe libeliant. and placed tbe ve?s.-l in < harze of a. coloted man named Ben. ('I >nusibat Hanev. wi'h some others, went ont to tbe ?cbo? iier. anil threatened to heave anchor and put off. Kajnon.ud Barnes went aboard, and it is alleged ibat Han-v was thrown over. )><>ard, after being ordered to leave toe boat. Word was sent to the police, and tbe captaiu was arrested and takeu ".o tbe station, when h?- ga\e bail '? keep tb?? peace; and The vessel was brought to the wharf and her sails Taken ?>tl ard placed in the loft of Mr. Barnes, but under an order from the court they were returned the next day. The colored man te&fi- I tied that he and Mr. 1. trues took the sails off to pre**..t any person from getting '-he ve*.~el away The case was snbmitted to the justice, who paid that there ?a? no question 111 his mind but that tbe parlies intended to tak? t ie ve-sel i?way by force, in violation of tbe writ, aud that the otbere were present on tbe ve-?e| >n behalf of the I rn'ed State* To a??tst in keeping tbe vessel, and be theiel'jrc dismisled the charje Rro EI!T or STOI.ES K1<?NEV, Acr.?I.ast Wednesday,*be re-idesn oi / Ki hird.?. Esq . was en:er? I and rootxHl of a tiu box, con'&iun.2 about s-TIm iu uio:.<-\ aud some articles of levcelry. Ac. Tne assignment of il.a ca*? to <iete( ti\es (Marvoe aud M> I'evitt. aud the arrest by then of Alaitha smwh. colored, formerly a ?erv ant i' tbe house, and her bnstiand, >otomou Smrh. noon suspicion, has beeu -ilready mention*.* in ?tte > ? Th" pri*ouer~,especiall) the woiuau, wers veiy ia denv mVanv ki " I-*t?^e ,.f the hef? I.ast Sa-uniay n>gbt l iarvoe au4 McDeviU. with Major Kicfcards, went to the hou^e where the prisoners lived, and in ti -trav. oed found three pocket-fcniTe*. identified a* part of th? conteutt> oi the box. and a ruil o! no'es amounting to The arlecttves searched further for the remaiud-r of the property, aud liliiag a loose piank In the iloor .:i>iOTer<-d the - h \. T?Kag these to po!i e b-ad*,iiarcerand coacealtBg them nnder a ,-pai>ei. 'bev- u?o'< the prisoners lrt m the > ei^. and again gave ih-rn in opportnntty to ci lite but i?iey still denied ?r?y knovc lecteof h>- theft or t lie money. T ne p*per \i a< removed, and tbe box and in -n^y bovun'hem They were astonished, aiui be. aine sulkv and tndisj>o-'*d to talk: '.nt L'larvoe and M< I>e*ittob atned from the woman a eoufe-'Mf n (1 INtr ^uilr. The tn-isoners weie lully'eu for co:;rt hv Major Hi.-hards. All he money has not he*i< recovered, but the d te.-tives are iu he pes of recovering the greater part ot tfca* rot found. Tli" pri- nere had spu t a parr, which may cot be obtained. Km Estate Salep.? Kilbanrne ,v l.atta, real estate brokers, corner wf . h aud 1 jire- *, bave sold part of |i?t 17. sqnare :J7T, on F ?tree: be ween '.>th and I'i'.h stieew, to J. 11. Lat^rop. for part of lot 1, square ffjo, on L. street, between is: s*ieet easi and north Capitol-'.reet, to Abraham Clark, for $-JUU: a farm of !?? a res. *4 mile- from the city, on the It. A O. K.K . to Sidi r v ]{ Wetb, for ?JM'; three-s;or> brick hon.-e on Tih street, nea-- Maryland avenue, to C f< Chipman, for ~i,ijW). also, ihr? brick toou e> ad'.oininir the same, to lacob .Moon, tor -si-' part ot lot 16,-ciuare ;ti, u> II Lirmin. : .r - . < . the Orptaa Allium, corner lo:h ai.d K ?treet?, 7"> feet on street, and :iMuingha,.k part 74 ana par'. im> feet, to'he Medical Skiciety, tor lot J;, squ ire it*?. ; xtll teet, coii er 17th and H stree' . to Hon. William 1* l*>le. for farm in Fairfax county. \a, acres, to Johu Munro". foT ^7.5ml: farm in Prince Georges' ccunty, MJ., o 77 ai ie?. io Samuel Aultlricb, for -f.- ; lot JJ square 4. on N street, between \!4tb and streets: nud lot 27. square 84, on '.mb ctreer. b"tweei. >1 and > to .Tos. Auder?on, for ~!,'p>u lot . h square 81". t.- Chart?- K M. Clasr, for ~5'. i er >qnare foot: lot l^. square 3tj- corner 8th an<i M streeu.4' xl ' feet, to Win.Shieldi, lor Aree-tof ASrt?ri? ioreCnARA? TT.T. -Saturant. etectiTe- Muler aud Coome? received ictorma ior tfia a yonng man, named K!i*h d SfillntU,alts RaktrtS l)e L.nng. a fi(itita from justice in Galveston, Texas, where fill ad brol.en jail, v*as in '.his city, and trying to practice upon bankers here with forged draf s. He bad a draft upou .lav Cook a Co. lor *J7.>, which be had presented, aud i' was refuse tor tne lack of sufficient endorsement. The draft was endorsed by one yery responsible and creditable gentlemau. wbi; say be bad been deceived by Stiilwell. The detectives found J*, at the J*re<ident's House, where he was locking lor a'.e to introduce him o a di??irte?)t?hed officer ot 'be Government and g?t his endorsement^ and he remarket that if the dete lives had let hun go a half hour longer. h? wonld have ob'atned tne money. The oral: is at sight, payable to the oroer of B. S*ill w!i. and purports to b*drawn tv F.d C CktlgkCo . Homer. Texas. St.ilw.ll v. a> taken to police hea I'.jnr.rters.but the facts Cevelop-d were not suilicient to )Uk'.it'y tAiv iuminnvm <o i tl amj be was d?*rai-aed and left the ity bv t'ie - o'clo. a tr:!ir- Naturday night. He conl.'-???s s tn?M ? tor gambling, and <-ays he Las several tur.?-a oee. at rested lor .milai ? li' ;i> Sho<>tm- am-the I'olu s.? Savwr;ay morning, three colored men, two of tnem with trims, were bunting iu the woods near 'he luj- ndary, aud oue of th?m shot some ' ins, birds ] - ec'^d by ordinance of the i^.yConrt. Officer Bailey raw theaetlad N tm4 'tie m - * . and started with him iov. ard the elation-Conse. The other two ran p to tbe otti< er. and one of them drew a kr.tie cr razor, aau cut &i him. exclaiming?'-You so:, of a b -. you are not In the city now f 1 he in omeirt ont through both of tbeoiri- er's toats. bi.t did not wonnd bim. He knocked i-at man down. The third jerked the baton ?r m the officer s hand, and the one knot k-d ( uv.n having recovered, the three ran off in ihe w?od>. which bemg full of nndergrow'b. V reyente?! the officer fu in retaking his pris r.ere. and all ^scaped They seemed to bave ; u idea hat the peine have no authority in the conuty. Samtarv Pou< k Kspi'RT*.?Tne Sanitary Police, under L?ieut. John F. Kelly, make a T?-5??,rt of operations for the quarter ending March 31st. The report is submitted by T K. W. lemour, clerk io the Superintendent, who - cbaigeof the sanrarv records. Nniiai<f repor'ed. l.ttrV. abated. 1,8-tf, unabated. 5'?: notices veTved. person* verbally "Otilied, - 4 a arrants served. ?*>; Ores imposed, slil TI; persons sent to hospital, G persons buried, ti: i d? ad horse* aad cows removed. 14-. Besides j hese dn iesiheSanitary force have performed -t ioi >id? rahle aniennt of ord.nary police duty repor'ed in tbe precinct report*. Tut OflVUlHXUT PEiHTfSfl OFFICE.? T kis Earning. Mr. Cbarles L. I^atbrop, formerly naval storekeeper at the Na*y Yard, assumed tbe duties of foreman of the composing room of tbe Government Printing Office?a position ot much responsibility, which has. for several years, been lilted very acceptably by Mt. John H. Cunningham. Mr. l.athrop is we|l-kno'*n as a gentleman ot much administrative ability, and will doubt1e?s make a good officer. Mr. Mark Woodward nas been selected as assistant foreman, in place of Mr. Bnrnbam, remnved. a Tat WAPitrw.Tcr* TmrtiAiri Society ? Lut evening the Rrst of a serte# ot'social temj >-rance meetings was held at Temperance H.i|] vnder ite auspices of the Washington City 1 er-perancc Society, which was largely a rniied Mr John ts Hollmgsuead pre?io? d, ard addre-ses were m^de by Messrs. K nney. Joe Welsh. M I>, Drew. Clayton, iiotden. T*lei. ftryant, and Hams. Arecitau Mr U: W?leh wae heartily applauded. TLe meetlag ?as a success, and we under ai>d tba: i? is ibe intention of ?ke Society to bold one every sabbath evening I>E Ji?hw K. Walsh, sob of I?r. Joseph W.Ub. wbo fcss la'ely been appolnie< aa act. i assistant surge. United S ares army, will teaTe rbo eity to day for his new sphere of duty in the >oatb. Thi STaaMKK Jobm (1ibh>I. ot tbe new itne, arrived at h?r wharf in ibis city, from Itew York. mi? morning, after a ran of (orty> one bou. s, and U d.JCbarging freight. Usimimal VOVRT?Judje Wplit Sa'ardsy. Win Brown, con vict-a of larceny, ?ru icc eaced to fltteen days :a jail; and Jo'ia H \rt, convicted ot the offence, was sentenced to the House ot Refuge, Baltimore, natil 21 \ ear* of ?te. This morning. the case of I^an&rd Hnvck, charged with the larceny of rum* of money left on special deposit at the Merchants' National Bank, of which he was pr?si lent, was called, and be not appearing, the District At?orn?y st-ggested a forfeiture of recognisance. Mr. lia* trtge, who appear* foe Hn>C'<. < ?? ge<*ed that tbe accn ed be ng in New York under arrest at tiw instance ot the Government, tbe case had bet er be passed. a:>d the Conrt ord -red the case to be let* open Jrsepb Alstro?. inditted for the larceny of a 01 autitjr ot blankets find sheeting from the Government, was found not guilty. Aiken lor defence. In 'be cases of W A. Butler, indicted for t- ceivinr stolen property, and W. S Sillunac. for keeping a bawdy house, a v?Ur pn? was entered. ? ? I?irKOVBV**Tf? l>tTKT>n the Ypak.?The Board of Assessors to-day made their annual r??p??rt to tbe Mayor as to tne number of improvements during the year lt-f'>, and the '.mounts at which they are assessed. Mr. Geo. }' Kidw< il, of the let Ward, rep >i u 'JiO frame bouse* and additions (162 being two stoned) Hi d 31 bricks, total -jti, valuid a' :v.M?;.?uo. ti W liaikness, 2d Ward, 102 frames, \'Si bricks. total 224, valued at ?3< i.O.'O. Wm. B liovcnin*. id Ward, 5!> brick", 7 frames: total fi?;.va ned at ?-*; i,i mi. Wm. Johnson, 1th Ward. 65 bricks, > > Irsme;. total loo, valued a' ?194?!HXi. Toompson Van Ki'wlck. Vh Ward, 22 bricks. ;> frames: total valued at ?7fi,4tin. Charles t. N>-l>('r. t'tb Ward, I? bracks, :>(' frames: toial 7:.', TOlued at v-7,.*'* . Jobu ii. Bird, 7'h Ward, V- bricks, ilti trames; total 54, valued at 0 The total number of houses erected in the seven wards ? .-46,314 brick and &11 frame, vnlnfd at The amount of stocJf* in tt.e hr.nds ot private parties as assessed is - -i ,,oM). I?*Tt'!or?.?Yesterday morning, at seven o'clock, tbe Must Reverend Arcbbi hop Spaulding, of Baltimore. administered thSacra me i?l of Coullrmatiou to a large numb-r of ycnn;: person-at St Bominic's (Ca'holic) I rcfcf to the ?\en*h Ward Atatae o'clock al out one hundred aud seventy person* were confirmed by the Archbishop at St. Peter's 1/hurcb, Capitol Hill, about thirty ot whom were colored. Tbe Church was crowded bv the parents and frleuds ot tbe children to witness ihe ceremony. The Archbishop whs h -si-ied by Kev F ather Berotli, of St. Peter's, and Hev. Father Hokle, ot S' Bominic's. Tbe ?f.on?ors were Messrs. <4eo. Harbin. \ hinc, and Nicholas 1'helan. with Misw^M. L. fciiio??, Sarrih Harbin, Kose AlcKeuna, and Sjrab Aealey. }>KEtYBLL SEltEoh?!>:? t evening, th9 rector ot Trinity Church for several yeat4 l?a>t, Rev. Dr. Keeling, preached bis farewell sermon to bis congregation, taking the toliowiri? tex- from Fhiliipians, i inly let youf conversation be as bei ometh the speech of Chris, tiars, that when 1 come and se?- yon. or else be absent I may bear ot your affairs that you may stand fast in the spirit, with one mind. s'TiTit g together for the faith ot the <?<*.pel '' Al' er the coi elusion of 'lie eervicea a iarjre nt niberof the conrre?ratioa took leave of the doctor, who leaves for Chicago to-morrow. The v?#t.y of Trinity Church will meet tbis " -* U. anr. conl?r with Kev. Mr. Addison, ot WbeeJinr. as to the cj?II tendered him to accept the rectorship o! t ii? church. Bt'ti .i a?Abont i o'clock this morning t'.ie re^iti^nce of Ca?i??r Herbert, corner of fith S.-tr?eu, w.isentir^d by a thief or thieves, wb a pookef-b.?oir. containing about Mr Ii?-ri??*r' ba? a valuable Wtteft d.;on h < premise-, bit'the bnrglar. it seems, got over tbe trn e near th?* dog. hoisted :i rear window ot tJie bouse, entered the bed-room, put out the .igiit. M.o took the property from Mr. Herbert's 1 ocksi. and decamped just as that gentleman t w oke ? A Hit- I'i:o eh<i?>w ?Koretiaugh fc Co.'s mammoth Menagerie and Circus came to t >v. n ihi- morning, aud the procession down Pennsylvania avenue was one ot the largest of ihe kind ever seen here. The juvenile popnlaUon were out In force, and seemed to be p*",'ia'ly attracted by the large elephant. K jmeo, and the baby elephant, "Juliet."" TLe show cpend at the lot on ?'>th s'reet. s?iu:n of 'he Aveune, to-da>', and will, without uoubt. draw crowded houses Tata I. Art ii?knt ?Saturday afieraoon, as a rvmber of laborers were engaged in undermining a hark of earth oil the site of tb* State l>epartmert, for ths Treasury I xtension. it pave way and tell npon one named William Reardon. rrnshing him to death His remains were taken in charge by bis brother. The body was conveyed to tb?- residence ot deceased, in the ! '. urth Ward, lie leaves a widow and several children. Pcrsoitai. ? Ex-Commissioner ot Public Buildings U. h 1-rench. ex Congressman lv. V. Whaley, ol West Virginia, and tzra 1^ Stev? us, have formed a copartnership to carry en tbe claim bn?>iiie;:< in this city. Col. Brake DeKay, Mrs. A. S. Steven?or. Mrs. Bigelow.tien (i.K Warren and K. 1*. Warren, ofN. Y.. and W. T. Mahone. of Mis? , are at Willard s. Pt'Hi tc School*.?From and aft<?r this ilate he public schools throughout the city begiu at half-past eight, instead of nine o'clock a.heretofcre. This v. ill continue until the first day of November when the sessions again commence at nine o'clock' By the rules the teachers are required to be at tbe school room tiftpen minuh s be tore taking in school. There is no kailisg off either in the amount of custom or in the extent ana v ariety of the daiiy bill of fare at llaramack's restaurant since the adjournment Congress. All | times are alike to the euterprismg propri- i e?or, who manages to obtain all tbe luxuries I of the season, which are prepared and served | in the most approved style. Vr.E? Tto\ of Offw an-.?Crystal Wave l?ivi?ion. No 16. Sous of Temperaace have elected tt.e following oiheers W. P . l)r. S. S Turner; W. A., F. ticheiberger; K S . H. Burr A. K. S., John (*. Unlverwell. F. S., I?. C Fountain. Treasurer. J. II. Croggon. Poli r. RtpoRT*.-.Saturday the police made tl nrrests in the entire District, and the fines im< unted to -4i bl Sunday the arr> sts were 20, and the fiu-? in three precincts tbeie was no cause for arrest - - TH7. AtR\ANDR1A CaEAL ISUOW full Of WAr, tad is without a leak ihoughout it? en.<re lenrth. So ?ay^ the fiozette. j NAKK1SD. KOESKR-KBE1TLKB On the 10th of lantia r>, I t the Hev Dr L L> Hill, I> 1? , BKLINa KO?SKB,of NVitceaslu, snd HICttMAN KECIT LKIl.ofJi J O liu. CLABK On tlie 1st ia-taat. BAMDOLPU B CLaUK, of a lingering illuecs, which hv bore ith tortiinde. eourag' ?ud composure to the disine ?ill, to b> s'luallsd vaiy by thus* whopot*eM a? be dia a talad capsbls ot looking through tb? ruveloped decr?e? ?t fotcrit) toscencs bsyond tbe grsse, sn<i who coald sdt. pt tb tr. uiupbsnt Isn(ds:? of ins pi ted writ. 'Oh Desth, wksrs Is tliy otlnsj - Oti Orsve, ?k?r? lsihv Victory ?" i.-*r hnst>aoii, we >n called to aart Hos sad the tboa^ht is to tny bssrt, 1 hst in this worl 1 we 11 meet no more But.ob. there is a bsppier shore. Ana tb?re rtlessed from toil sail pun. Dear boabSAd. we shell aieet sgsm. The friemts .?n>! ac-i alnmncss of ths deceased are incited to attend his luaerai. which wiU take Slwe at bis late resident' , corner Brings aad nte streets, on Wsdcssdar J o'clock p a. It HABR1N8 On Tsbrusry 24th, Ji>7, in Oolutnbns Ky . after > months illnsss. MIOtiaBL M. H ^BIt 1R?. the son o? lolia and Bliss Hsrkii*, (t f Washington ) a?ed tJyears and is days, * HI BK B On ths Nth isstaat, JOHN BL'BRB, la tl e 7!?th year of his af ? . Anpvn A?f>OBTMBBT OK R0T8' AMD < iilLDBKb 6 tliOTUlBO, both alaln and tnibioidend. PHILI1 Odi,n^ail, mli ?-6t Corner greet and P?na. aveaue. C'fBTLBMBN S BUSINESS SUITS of Tricot, 1 M itoD. and Silk Mi^ed fassinitres, mads up In Ihe nioet fwhienaH^^laa walla(m, Odsoa 11 all. mh 39 6t Corner 4'? Street and Peaa. avsnns V HPLBBMD 8TOOB or YOUTHS' OLOTH INO einhrsting tbe Double breast Wslking Coat stroaellian: Coat and Coate*. w? m.uoF..iui?v-fHIUp W ALL ACH . Odeoa Hall, mh 19 tt Coraer 4H ?> anl Psnna. av. \l b? KHBIOH, (widow of the lats Peter Bm i~l rich,) ben to 1 storm h?r friendsA that nbs has VCwT BB OPBUBD THB BBSTAUBABT,UflU l?? PsaasyUama assaae, (scene ot the late Ire,) Where sbs iatei.ds keep on hand ths best aaalitiet of W1BBS. LIQUORS, and CIQARS; also, all ths Pslicscias of the Ssaaaa. Uapt. Haee> Iu'wmko it in ckargs. aad will happy to see his frit ads. mh s*-la f HAVE BBCBIVBD OIIOV THB BBST AB D aad all Bonaet Material caa be e^t at very small profit at LBVlS BAaBt alifflt rOLOBID TOT BOOBS, baa Leaden; Frsaeh t Javealle Books, dlraet froas farts; Laboalaysa' Bew Batry Tales; largely illaabaled, aM rsssw tswoa CITY ITEMS. Jkwju.rv.?Coral liar Setts and Button* Piain live Wood Setts. Oraaoaental B ?r Wood (Jilt Chains, Stiver Plit-d Ppoona, Fork*. Caps, Cail Hells. received ftt? morning. 41 Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry St >re f?r0. fts Penub>lvaniaavenue, near str?*i. ? Hakv* & Co. 'fPs Pennsylvania areon". b^'WM u i? b and l( th streets, arereeelvia* tod-xv some of those old favorite brtnds ot T*s?Tr?iker,li)dian and dividing Creek*: alto ,l<*nap.n f*anoe and Hamptoa Birs Th*v axe tb? nnd fattest that have be-n id th* markc this season'. Jc?T Kat>B*VBi>at l<nr ?, correr 7th and L etit?:?,# very large s;?ck of Men and Boy'? fc> prirg Clolnmg, Gauze Merico Cncershirts Ties. S arts. A?, wtiich tbey arc selling a' ex^edttifjy low prices The oeat paper c>lhritl 5 and 30 certs a box. at Bar's, corner 7th and E ?ireet?. ? Rbt)CCT"ow is Pan Jtfv?Our enterprising frlend? ! ulev A Co . have lately received one of the fine't and beet assorted stock of China Aiiass, Crockery. Cutl-ry, Plated Ware, and l.?:np Goods, Ac , evet offered to the public We onus'ion in part looking-glasses. ca-dors, interned wri? beer glasses, with various other house-furnishing goods too numerous lo mertion It is At!op|fbiB| to observe at what low prices they sell thfir goods. Call and examine their etoik. mid our word f<?r it you will not regret your visit to No *75 Pennsylvania a venne. and Ne 3I?? F street, between Tentnaiid Eleventh streets. e I'wawkd by influence and unbribed by gain Here s all the I'res- and People's right maintain To boy tteir clothe* at Hemiings One Price Stote. HoreirKpiTEKf- are respectively invited to call and examine ray stock of fre.-li Groceries befoie purchasing their monthly supplies. I>. R. HKLt., 5 corner 11th uud F aireeU. Two or thkkk CoLi'p in succession. will many constitutions,securely est tbli h toe teed;? of Consumption in the system, tnu? eonconverting what wa.s originallj- a simple, curable alfectian, luto one generally fatal. ordinary prnd?nce, tbereiori, make* it the bubinesb of every on 10 take care of a C.)ld nn*tl if is got rid of, intelligent experience fortunately present* a remedy in l>r. Jayne's Expectorant. thoroughly adapted 10 remove speedily all Cough* and Cold-, and one e-jual. ly effective in the primary stagesof Consumption, Asthma and Bronchi* i?. Sold by all DiuggisU. i'.Si*. (il'lCK sales and small Profits"!?(Jooi White Shirts *1.50, * ! and " ?, at 1 ranc's Gent's<iGhiitg Store. l.H th street, between 1? aud E; also shirts made to order, lm ? (iRav'p Coi-LAitM. 2j cent- per box; Goldsmith Ccl'art. i'f cents per box: lmitaum Lilian Collate. 25 cents per box: and all other g.'ods chei.p in proportum at Franc - Gt*;.?-' Furnishing ^tore, 4!?4 7in" treet. between l? and Erueets. Im A St,'ft* Pile Cuku ? l?r. Gl.bert's Piie In strumrnt | o?itiyelv cure? the vrorst cities of piles. JSent by nail on receipt of #4. Circulars free f?old by druggisti'. Agents wtated ?verv wh?*r? Address J. P Rorae.ine, .Haua- 1 crer, a. (?7i Broadway, New York. 31 * ? Foil Chii.blaimw and Fro'-t^d l*'?et, White's I Kmhrocatl?>r is a specific. Price *1 per Hottle. I For sale at 124 Pftinsy lyania avenue, between t^aad 6th strc-ets. Pk^bikh oan n>- httd in any quantities at tb? i J ar ofhee couuter Want*. W AMID ASITIAIIJN ?? nurii-nr eh?'i. " ticiaii l No sbjociiDiis 10 travel f"r 11??ftanini r ApiO uti'.i \m Koit ?u> apl-Zt' \\J AM1KU-A b ITU ATI OH h* a * iieror-tore ? ? I.. { . Good relerebces kitdd. Addrens I.SS , b -r ofl. . >P 1 it' \%'AhTEI)--A tfiol COOK ?sut?-d. (ts-uilr ' '* li?f?reuc? rthuircd. Apply st the Star of fice. ap l '5t* UAItTED?Ares^ectsti OVMBIO WOM\N to cock, v ?-h ?ml irou A ppijr imaixdin vly at Mo. 4"Ji?,cotii?-r D and 2d sta ?p 1 M II'A*'TED-fl) a reipectsble elrl, a SITU\" IION to c> i t. wa*h ?kil 1. a private famil>. Api' j un I' -trs t, s c- n ! doui from U.'i fctis> t, st Mri FrltiBiorrtiV It* W ANTKI>? A BITl'AIIoN b> su A nsiicsu vT ?omsu, to cook andtoa4"l?t lu *. ?-hiii^, o k sn.all prlvstn family i'.est refcren e gl^en. Au? dress Box 12 ritai Ofhce It' UAHTKD?A HITUATiOM ?s cost bin *n and groonjstnau by a *?ll apsritm ei coachman. Apply at No SJM G street, botween lltti snd 16th, for live days. ap 1 ."<t* WANTSL' A N 1 IO* CKEAH M\KKK. Aptlj at JOSBPil U SHAITIfllLi; S, PeCD?y]yaiiia a\enu*-, bot?esi< 12th and I :th sts. as l^t'_ Uf ANTKD-Bj s r?Sf> et ??ds, ?sttl?d >r'iinaii. a SITUATION, t<"> do chaiaber w rk ?nd to a??ut In ?a?Ulpsf nod ironing, or l? nnrso and sew. lbijulre at So. 10 4 ink 'treat, next bou-e tocoiuerofL ap 1 2t W'ANT*U T? illl-A farniHbed litlUHi. ?? by a ama.l family, withoiit chi I'lren g??niid water convenisns^s ?nd gotel location r--iti!lred. Address 'House," Citv Po^t Ofli? e, Wasaln^toa, L> C. ao l tf WANTHD-By May l, by a p raiaos 11 Lint, an anfurni*h< < UODSK. from ? to 10 roo^.s, lc-caff'l n<>itl: of I'eaiisylvar la a eun and b tw ?n 7th anil Uth sts. a^ irs??, stating location andrtint, A L. M Star Ofbce. ap l-3t* II AN T K V- A S1 TTT A TTonT b , ;? rss^eT- uii.l *? girl,to cook ?as' aid iron t->r s private family, or to <1 o chamber work In jnlre in tr>" sixth bcueefri m tb' corner id 19th' U Lstreet ? a Krocery store. It* WAH'I BD?A first c!a?' COOK Mnsf under stand making <i iserts and pantry, and be w?-ll rtcoiiimsnded Apply Iwnedlstely ?t L street, bet. lith street and Verm ont a s . t-e twees 0 an<l 11am. i-;i ANTED?HOUSK of ei-lit #1 twelve rooms, " fnruiahed or unturnisbed. sitaat'-d bet?<eu Penn avenue- and L street and 6th an 1 Id'h streets. P>>si<c<st<ion r- 'iiiirrd iu the course of this laontb. Apply immediately, by l?<tter or personally, t? 1 ,:g terms aud locality, to N.W.MAS^KK, No. 3*4 Pennsylvania avenue. ap 1 Zt' 40 I k || |VTO-%4,00?lW 1LL BtlNVK8TKD vO.UUu iu a mercantile ?r ma'infaeto'-ln buninesi. with an e?tabli''bed bonne, wanting a partner witb that amount of capital, by au ener tstic I a 1. w? man Appl t' OUAI. 8. WAL AO II, Atioraey, 4 4 Louisiana avenue, corner 6tli street. ap I-fit* WANTKD-Two CASH HOYS, ten to thirteen ? earl old. at m Vi 2t LANSBUBGH A BRO.'S. Ur ANTED-A young MAN in a B-?t Istate Office. Address Do* 4*"9 City PcSt Oflioe, with references. ui 3U 3t* WAKTKD?A small HOOSB ot 6 or6 rooms, pleasant loc-tion Address Lock Bit 7 4, stating terms, location. A' . mh .">0 it Vl/ANTSD-A LADY to run the v\ heeler A *' Wilson Sewing Machine at 1.1 Su2t LAHSBl'BQ'i A HBO.'8. WANTED?^4,(100 ter six or twelve months, for whlrb s liberal Interest will be paid.secured b\ mortgage 011 valuable bnsine?a pio^erty la the liistrict. Address X Y ,BtarotBce m:fn 3t* WANTBD TO BBNT-A ?inelF BJUM with ac commodaklons for selling Butter, with use <-f cellar, in central part of the city. Address J. ZISI'P, Bo. 9 Louisiana av. m30-2f \1' AKTKD ?A resp< ctable Amerir?n or Gervv Baa GIBL, to do general beusework Ap plv at 4it 12th street between G and 11 streets, m 30 2t* 'I'WO BB8PBCTABLK G1BLS WISH 8ITU1 as cook, to.- other as chain bermald. Can be seen for two or three days at J1?L street, bet. 6th and 7tli. mil 3ti-3t* 1DESIKK TO BERT a good and comfortable HOUSE of ei^ht or nine rooms, on the Islaan, between 12th and 14th ctreeU, within ten days Any one having such a house to reiitv<iU piea-e notify me at the ilanghter-hoaae. Monument Square. Im .W St'l J. T. VAh.Nh.Ll-. IITANTED- At Ro S33 1 street, a white GIBL v v to utltnd in parlor and dlnlug room, m h ? 4t* WANTBD-A good ND USE te take care of chlldrsa. Nona bat a eood one nee<i apply. Imjutre No. '4&'i C stn et, beiwseu 4; and ?th sts. mh n M' AN TEE-Active SOLICITORS lor th* World Mn-sal Life iBetrance Company of New York. Apply at the office, Room Nc. -J, lutein aencer Bulidiurf. u Sv 3t* T. J. V1LLABD. Agent. WAHTRD A WOMAN to cook, ?m'u. aid iron. Inquire at Be. 14 north A Street. mh 28 tf \\I Anted?Immediately, a good German ,oar 1 vY neyman BAB JIB. Apply at B3 High St., Georgetown, D. O. mh si fit' 117 ANTBD-A COTTER and HOOT fAtBEfn ?? a store. Steady employ meat givaa. .Asvly at Ro. 419 Mh st , bet. Penn. ave'iae a ml 1) si jn 28 J ri. H ARLKHI. WARTBD-A resectable wi.lte W0MAN~to take care of several small children, to go to the country during the Spring and 8am1 ner. Must coma veil recommended. Apply by lettei to "J. H. M ,"Btar Office mh ?-?> , W ANTED TO BBNT-A rUBRISHBD YY HOUBB, with 12 rooms or asore between" 7th and 11th streets, not further over -ban I es Beat moderate Beat of referances give* Ai drase Y. 8 P. at the Star office. ub i! S: 1R7ARTRD-A respecUble wMu to vY take cars of a young child Appl} at VII Pa. avenue. tck 1 VV ANTBD-a SITUATION as as^z-HnaiT by a fit ladies' aad children's dre:sas Address, far threedays.~Box Ro. Y. tar o?oe. r_?T7 W GOLD^dWBTL?lS*V0|fa^ot^srdsV?ic!e0odf SwiSFs:; ' ^rAgeatfw SIBVBB^ IKWIRU KACRIRB deal/ 0 . !> ^ SALE AND ItKNT F0rm8bid I1iiU*B Kit? KIhT-f'.?t 'I r MO* ?Hi with (Mfl no D? Kklrf . ? * Ii ' b Hth M *? %? ?? * At llkMsukU i im *ra t * I 1*0*111', t No 3 I P< tTtane i>etw?e , ?'? tid 6tb ?*?p ? i| it* l/OiTT*HT-L rff H Klh lb BOO I" lltfim 0 >i $ - i ?r n nth B" t<I g f ?M ?wk, at hu 4"ft .?li ( set, wiu>e i' ? ? I I i i'l?i d- n\fnn? *p I 1 * j^OK Ra..\ f?tT ? r mnk LD

V IN j j) roc ma eatb , w.t r tu .>o ho ? Ibiu betaem a *? J? s ? |/B? NT PAEIOB TO HKN ( -itt, n "?\itn r :0 Hi n^'^lh enc* 1?-* U two. V i?h Board, a' $10 A pi '7 at 3*0 It ' e*<? ? ar lUb ^ ?o I < * L'UK Kl Hi T-A siHftM F?nrai b*d BUS K ivea r Uti'inf flr- ti?iui4 *n i ?uui ns ?|tr' ?n T ti'*r?<fDl trninl tht r-nt 'HI o* I u irem 4 A i I street . tet we- n i h ea ' (Ith ftp I "*t^ POR B? BT-HOIJ * ? d fT ifcfc n 1 ?4 P.. r tume, ).et*e> n l"tb and D !i etee * c n Uin iij |? r.o'i'i liKjairuft' 122 i-lb aire *t ~r nerbewYoik Tfnn# J( In tell 4p I 't' FvOB tU LE^IThe iJiMllt WIU, f t X T' HK"? ftiid Kl'KMI UBE <iU t'lfir Hlur*. H u'? cd Store for rent Apply 43 7 uth str et b-t | and G _____ ?P 1 *t* Horsi Fob RE NT and M HIin'R ? I. r* I Hoi<K(i iii ? u g it rooms, i n a h? .1 h? I oatioi . Ap ; it '^Vj 'i|h >1 i- I, bet* n M tn I N > . a? i .? FOU BKNT URirR NOll * c TftTnluc ??*.I rootiii. ? ? L it'< ?t Mtffii 9 1 ? i? i# h ? ? V ater In the yn-d linjulre of J*>I1 V MU ? PHI, Grocer,corner of letu ?nd L ?tr- et? u *rtii ep 1 it* 'l'Wli f t HMSBIItn n ?Yiir,77 Mug HO > 'l-o I fir Mo .r frent suite' l* fir housekeipii a "o* ge?>? ftr.d isdy Oes in ro.m? ?nr. ? ?i< r ?*rd 5 o t < t m , n$- tl)* <'o?r Ko i7S 7t.i it'e-t het. Mftiyluud ar t i< -t ?p I 31* I-OH R1 V'T- HBlt'K ROU'tiK. In K- od irpftir P .??? - < 'H tl? nMli?t-ly. oi ufttn i '' trii t l>t*t?*e?Ti 2d ftu Sl 8tr--et ti "th. Cpit'lHill tall ftt 4^4 K etreei, l?<rtw?fn Sto ftiid Vtl. !2. "P1 2t* L-'OR SaTK k * N-'l ?Tbf ??.< IV-'W' r 1 Ri? h HOUfE. 3!?? tth mreet b t??n O and U, vJtli w liter. ga? l>?tU room %n i l*r?<> ?#rd. Apply ?J4B P* h>t I.'th aa i lMlt-t'Wtl, p.-obftion gr\-n "tth Sprit BP i St* J d. bit \r FIELD. L OB BE*<T?Ne?tlj^ Fnrftiehei PAKLoR and r ChftH.I t r BOOMS i E ?ec< ud tiour. l?>r u nil? rneti. Appl> 643 11 fttroet. ccliter 6<h rt. mu3U-2l* "I O LET?Two large and one ?ni? 1 *?il fur I i iihed BOOM&, at Ko. 339(F stretrt, l>et 9tb fti)<: 10 h. m w >t* ']>0 TlKNEBf? For ?ftle. ite l oOuj Bl i K, 1 * ( , rt,r aminntoh Tinner s ?-taMi*i<m u( ln<iiiiie at Tin hbop K t^l.-l<?? attti. mH a? t* |,iOB fc*LR?P4BI OF LOT 7,?Sqn*re , i ?-ortl.< ?s; c'Titftr of 16lh irtd #1 >?tieei8. ft< Mm KfcLLjtl 6 Nk 3t8,cornero> I th ftid M atiietn ii.h ii" I," OB Ii IBT -To fiiEpIe ?k ntleit en. tw tie tl < able nil wel' fur ill-I. on BO'' M S, at Irt"* ctfnn of re^ue aii 1 Beall atieets, Georneiowu Uei<ht?. mil 3- -Vt* I^OR RENT- A three torj flRICK UOi SB, No. 1?? i* room*, on rum ivaitl^ av . t #>(-ij !rt>? aid ?tt we-t. \Vn >.ioK>t/o <ity Phi en# appb PL A 1 >BN FUBBAaT, No ?" l-l dti t Georgetown. P. Q. mh ? -1 LM>h HALL?The tsTOI/'K. GOOD WILL, ftni 1 LKA8K tu run four y?-ai^ awl a Itft'f LI tlNeR to r in i eight nit i t ha.ot aii tutiliiiitieti P*? nbn>fc< r, 'ongaK Mttnaii>'>?. Ot'>*e tor filitiK 1 eiug t< litalili hoi luithnr pniticulti* tn tuire at N . it fc ?trt< t ' etv.e n 1' th ?ud il h tt? nib .0 St* 17*OB 8AL1 OUKtf- FKAHIC lit It JIN 1 7< ?t' 0 l u i) b? tri e?, r >nt ti nIhe I'i 'i >r* pi ? O siUtiri-iSteam EnvttiO u h rao B lier.SUtft hit. Billing. *<* Will in. *1 ?ep.rateyort L'e'i 'r lii'iiilioof t'l ARK A I'tAlitiON t'o in: sititi Menbrii.ts, 3'i'i Pa ite. nib * 3 ' |> OOMS FOB BENT- Several ?neTHBMMUn | It R OMts to r-ut ?t uifider-i'i- lernit ail1 t'le tor ?li<* I - ? ntlaiiien or fain'l . vntn ^r t tl??t Tftble t Oiird Al?n. e? ont?lde 1 mile K .?rrter? | cub b> ftr-comrnt'dftted. Apply <or'ier o*6'h ani D -ti?et-, N'>. 44 i . mli <4 If L't R hALK t HlKIUHlIlU ItlK a t ? >' I \V n H A SMALL h A >11LY?Thi- S CO 'K mid OO'iLWlLL 'I a Grocery Store n ? dMn^ a it t>d I ur'iii-hh W ilt be sold che tp Ttie pr p:lett.>r li?a i-8>abli>ti'd ft d tra .e t.ut belngi ng .jjed in otb it bnaines* In- I* HTinble to ?iv? 't hi4 uttintlou Ingntre ou tl;o p emlit?? crtiiT titli ?treet em' ft'id 1? *trtet a>'Uth Oaitt^l llill, before8 a ta oratn-r 4 p. ia. M B* r| 'O LET-A h URN IfeHE D PRDNT HABLOB 1 at 4 I 7 Man-fti tii;-e't" avi nue m .'.J .'iL'OB EENT-Daairabli ROO ls. hIlk B i%fd P iri a I'leasiint and bealtb> bKati -n convenient to the stieet cars Terms reasonable. AoplvNo. " O U:iy ftreet, G?-OTgeio? n. in 2y 3t (/OR RENT?In a private family, tun p eas nt lurnintied ffnt ROOM 8 for t *.? and in?rg"u t!emau, ho 47 6 15th at., opposite tbe Ti eftiury uib 2'J-tt* I/OR t-ALE-Tb' GOOD WILL, BT9'IK., and I hI\TUKE->ot ft Bitstanra it Alio the 11 cer>e an'1 a Pagatelle TaWein trod order. A inr^e Hall iit'ft bi d In-iUite ftt i?7 4 /tit street be'?e?-n B and Mary land avenue. in 2!* 't ANY ONI. I'ESI R-)C* 'f encftifin* in the K?a taurant Dnslnftfa can b?ar of n gMOii opp irtu by Applying at tbfold vatftbliahad B?<ttnraat ann Dining 8*IO^n. No. PI Bridge at.. George tow n, 1?. O Satisfactory reason given for neilia . out. JOHN T G4TEWO >l> P.npT mb?_Jt LH'B RENT? A email FRAME ti'iUHIC no a orei'tia atnet, below Bridge etri-et. Georga tovrn.D.O. The honae contonn lour r loiua. and liaatinitaa large yard attached T-ruu> ^l.i per nutiith in advance Apply to RILEl A.blllNN. torncr Greene and Olive etreeta, Georgetown. D O mh l?f^OB BENT?To a fanny with ml children, a partly FI BNISHKI) HOU.tB cout?tai< :8 roonia: unpplluc ?itb gfts ai d water: yard front and rear. Apply at 'J7b H street, near ltitli mil 21 eolt' ITOE BALE-The 6TO< K. riXTUBCd. G (Oil r W ILL, y UBNITORK.aad tea yara LE\BK of aHotelof forty yeiira standing Ufta fomteeti rooms, newly papered ami painted; a puMic R*th Mouse, wbii'b pft' * well. ft large IIell, well Adapted (or concerta. billiards or meetiuire of any kind It al*o has accommodftttons lor twenty live or thirty horaea. Haa a splendid yard, with a b?a'ititul grape arbor Attached, peach trae?, Ac The I. use is well adapted to be k<-pt upon the Eurep?au plan,or aa a lager b -er saloon or garden. For ti rma. ftr , apply to BROOK E M HOMO AT . Rio kera. 12 S. Gay wt . Baltimore, Md. mti II eoi?POB RENT?Nicely farnlalied ROOMtir Apply a at No. 134 Dnuhftrton street, b tween Ouu greas and High streets, Ge. rgetown, l). C. mh2?lw* ^OB SALE? A two story BBIC'K HOI'GE n-ar A the uor heant bouadary of the city; 4 rooms and hall- with large lot of ground enclosed Price $3,i4M> lu<iuire 34? 3il at. nili?8 tf inn AOBES OF BEST LAND mar WAah tiUU ington TO LKT for two yenra witb mt ai y rent, for tbe conaideratlon of putting the land nnder cultivation, in lota of one to fifty acrea, with many otner ludncements, Inc'cling tbe privllMgeof. baying the land a: anytime. For all particulara imiuire of D L. WELLS * <0, mh 4 1 in Corner 6th itreet ami La.ft\ eti'ie. h"OR SALE?Only B10W caah re'iaired; th^ b-il anre can be paid in jnontblv ptymenti of >l<> j each, three new two ato v HOtJSBS, aituateii jb tbe a?nth aid" of aontb L strei t, near 6th Taia ia an opportunity aeldoni otlercl to proenre a borne. ST ARB A CO , ni ll-lw* 7th atrei-t near E F^OB BENT-A three atory BRICK H"USE. centmniug eight rooma and attic,on 4th it nfftr Fayette Alao. a nearly new anperlor PI ANOf'reHle. liianire *J4 Fayette alreet George town, D. U. mh 21-jw LTl EN1811ED PAELOB8 and BED ROOES.on r tbe 1st. 3d and 9d fl >ora, to b? let stneie or lo anitea Tbe room- have been ne?ly papered ami painted; they are suitable for hoaa< keeping or aingle gentlemen There ia water, gas, and bath in the hon-e. Apply at 234 U street, between 19th and Ath, one square from street cars, mh 11 tayl" nil: OF THE MONT VALUABLE AND DE U S1BABLE BUILDING LOTS in the city for aale. It la sitnated on the north aide of K atreet, near ISth tiatwean Senator Sheim%n'a and the Mexican MiniaterVfmctlogon Frauklla Sjoare. Said lot is-J? feet by 15?, running bftck to a ?> toot alley, and Improved by a twe atory brick atabla. feae tr S. P. BBOWM, 4?S 9th street weat. ltt| UE1LBBCN & BIO.. ' Pbt -00 SEVENTH STREET, Have jntft received an entire new alockof BOOTS AND SHOES which they will a?ll at prieaa that can't fail to plea-e, for luatance SI. WED TALE BOOTS for f?. SEWED GALF GA1TEB8 for 04. PEGGED BALM0EALS AMD GAIT BBS fr ? 2n?. La41ea> BALU0RAUI AND ho?l #1.00 np. Ladlea' SLIPPEB8 1 a&gt*.: ' L alia a' BUSKINS ^SjP Children'a SHOW Ui/fJ&AS*- | ^ AU fty le? ?f Sfgl'iy y>f VtlTHl1 T 14*< Hall. Say br 1?W. tnm ab ^STnm*ai^!army ka^* tfci. B< 4ai of M w*h, 1*7. Olvaa nnder my k?M rtB lAwtw* B?m*tri*._ AUCTION 8ALES. BY J T . ELL * rO , ?irt? ai d U m Kili'r Broktre, Nj "th at. BALE Or CIGABg, TOBAOOO *r M"> I-A V, ti ? |,t c: a rl. i 7* oVIk1 B..V.'Wll CvIJtlO'Jt the ??' ot ClOAB.". TOB *? C >, P^PfS.Ac., At the corner at Ttb aad } air^et' Th? at't ttion ot r?t?M n-ai?r?i< resiftctf IIV -li?n t . litis eate II i J T. Ct'LllWRLL t Cv) , A~o'a HT COOPIB A IiATIMIlH, AivltoiMn, (i ate cle.k* with J.uc t'. Hct-iit'- A n .1 *t'BVii?K>T Crtf?*r I, HI..H street, Ptu.r Ofiice i;nildir.g." vi-*rK V ?LW.'T UMTl HW M\*Itt? '.V'.tM.v:;1" * ",L' *<???<.? ? u 'I' v?'KKo* . iT?M'?r , Mrii :d a III fioDt of c ur Hcctioc roowe. we *111 -e I tine of Hvuidh. U Furnliare.t >*.p: *1t.k ? V ..hint Ptii'* di ipit WanlrfibM B"a-W e-*?r Pn^M> a?: s'e-d* and TaM<-a Wultri Kit* a Ion Dlrlng "* at la* K.cln log and Ke epOoa < ' MP & d e*?t Cli Air. T lit. e r , ' n'i I kruin 0 >rf'* ?l1 G i large Gilt French plate MI-r ?y One fine Margie top B*ri:oanter <;(?? an* ? r< . k?ry war? Uai? atd Hm), Malr t e* coking aid fcfeattne SUn<-%, e m* CM'.. It COOPE!t 4JjAT!*IR, Am B? ft AO 1.1 A. < V' . r > yt.'-'S Salt sr<? ib. ii'.i j i'ai:o*> .tanin at ->eu' . B BOOMS, PMLg, BAbKir< TOTACJO. riO^KS Ac AT NU'TIO*. Oa TTE;~DAY, April 2 at 1" o'clock, at ou? Bal^r. on A lai fcp lot or' two and ti-r*-e tie Broome FVwrr Phi In Market 'taskaia Ih.UMi i)i*a< a, IK'? h >iee <J j. 10U bales Virginia T Ucco .'0*r?>? SoiokliK kid Tolncit t* I ac aeea Ore i. : |A Bia. Tea 1 cases T*! ese vf 'fceriits '.tirnn-'T u ?tn Tr.taup 10 tuba Loiter 1 do'?'> Wak-ag Poeder, le.. A. A 2 barrels O d B' a, 2l.?rrel? Boorl-on Whisky Jj ca e? Il> t\ and of 'n r v\ iae. Aim. A rviietv f W Dt ?U I Llq?->rs a de:m hij-1 ernu caeh. It NAOLt A CO.. Ai;?ti BY W L. WAM. * t'O An-ii >neera. S'ore- I av(1 "17 Son'b cuiuor Peoo. avt aod >tb etraet. FIFTY IRON FKAMK KBON7.T BOSKWDjp anc mahoo^nvclh ks at \ceri ?M. ? n T1 K?l A Y MOBMNG. A rll 2 w 1. b al de<1 to tii a -?t of Otuc!:e 7 ?D'I OlaStWara, at rr Aurtlot: l oom "t'Wr?-i z? B b?-?o i *rd M *hf>?ai T r i<" e ?' t day tn ' yi b ur Cloi kt, all u. ?ud id ten I craer inO r am- W rap^lr^ Pkper. 2 i t s I'ui ran" 2.'. r?im purt- H' llstli OlB M< i**'*, 12^ in h bet Wiilitiil MWtli1^ ia the Oro<-fry line, aii cf \ I.ICU will b( si lO ft: II ri'?'Tt It V L WAU A ''O . *art?. |)T M. K. WALSH a rn a a 7^7^7-7- ~ I? P uaa att-nne corner io<b nt F BKlii'&E I I AT HER RIT'>S, lE'Ulsa Ac AT AI ?!Tl<?N Or Tl EVHA \ f -BMN'1 A p-11 'd . at to M , will B**ll.tiifr n r of nnr a<i ti ro tci ? Bedsita:1? V i iir He. a *n<l t.*-a<titig I lir--ail< MKtTr?t ?,UH-l-t.?d ' are ai'i4 V* <?><i ?? . i hairs, k re 8 1a? L in^eK CI W rewind H?r: >u . L-. kinc Oia??. t: Sna?rf??r ItrMsxel* < ? rft and lin v Trr*e piece lllar ^ . . Carpets TnMe? %!> ' ht .<!" Kelt Giao m.U ft ?lar> ware. C Ot 1 itl and l aricrc a A Lao, A I lof Pry Gc '.* LadieK 1 ft! f ? SUM *llot wbfeb v'UU'P'il t r aerTt., for ca h. M K. HAL. H .? f)? . it Ancti e-rs. BTDI WILT^C' A ? Ooriiw 6th ?tr?-?<t and l.a We will i? ! at fi'i! " ..'lrti n,nn Tl.Eif>AY M Ob N I P> G Ap.' .a i"> ? 1 W -t tn' n.t o'?urB?v-?to c riin t' L. ui anJ?U. -tieet. th a foil' *ii . art|r|. ? to " i* Yir v 11 el' rr?li' ?p ' Prn ?rp?ts Hnlr- lotl< h fn< at * t- <t1<4ibaini Ma* ??n? Ur ' ?' ?V % i, .;a id- T ?Me? HUr. bliutk ?Kl Co'lna tor *t;,tir ? ;t, I i*?- 0? ?? K' i lit.- Hi?le. I'il.'W* *' 1 ltolat??r* ? a't-nt and * ah< eaiit.lit ia*ea la ?itb apriac* Aiotoim-ti onPti, ah ta. Ac Par'cr,t'ha.i.ler &td C kiu< St with Tenall* A l?t o* C^'>c^terT'?"ar and taan . other ar'lole* too Dutu*r< r.a to n.enti?>n. S ile acretupturv It P L W ELL8 A CO. Aa .U. BH ^ L WALLA <IO AncttoBiars, OriKlnal Hor?e ard rarri^ge Bazaar, MP Lr>uiaiab& itue. BALI OF B0B8ES. C4KK1&GFS. BABNB?* A r A<f ?n TUESDAY MnRMSO April 24. at If. a'tl k.we will aell. at the Hara?r a nonii*r o, Hartdle. C&rrlagt and ^ rk ?l-<r-^e. i a full deacrtp tiOB at M?le,/ COTOpr -iiu< at.o t ? ruETY HOUsfcS A ' A larira eollectton c N"w a d f^ond band Br* flee. Krckatra) ,('arrlaKea. W?^oua. aad ottet eblcl?a Two uewJennr Lmd Wacoai, huiit iatbiaclty. Aim, New and Secotid hand liarrea?, 8addl?a,Carriage* Ac., at private ??'t He^olar aai'-a dafa Taeada>a. Thnradaya. an< Batrndaya. Carriacea ?nd Haro#?s al?aT? O" rrivate aale It W. L. wall A Co . A note B1 W . B. LB W [0 tOO Awet! :,-era It . .'10 7 P?iurltatila Ave'.ne , EXTFKMM Pa?SHRO .IK!> SALK OF Ci-OTHlNi.. FINE WAiCUES, OlAtfUBDj Be. TO MOBKOW , Tj<"{iy ) at 10 o'^ltk at onr 8tore, we shall aell, by order o' Pawnbr- k-ra, bout? lot* of Ladi.-a' Silk, Merino, and other T>reaf?a Bhawla Oioaiit I'aik4. yid??r Ol ithtng, Emhroidaiita, and lot of Man aua tt?>a?0!othiu? Also. Several fire 0 I<1 Watcb< a. I>1a*n>>nd Earrtnga, Clofiier Bin*a Ac . Ac. ap l eo t W B LEWIS ACQ . Ancta. |^Y *V B LEW 13 A CO , Auctioneera LABOR STO? K OF CLOTHING ANT) FT B NlhHIMG AT MJimON At the Congrea* Clot?ilnjf 8*11. No. 4 14 Penn a avenue bftwem 4"-and i^th Ktr< >'ti cotnnteuciac WEDNESDAY K> EBING April M at7V,octk. and cciitlauiii.' L'tKBY IVlSlk'i; until tb< whole atock ta cloned, embracing a general aaaert n:ent of? Men rtn l Ooya' riothin* bate, bi ota and >ti?ea. Alm>. A large atock of Blurt* T" utl r Cl'.thnj And Farnisblnfr <ioo!? H Si w B LB WIS BOO Ant-. S7IEB A iiUOTHLB. 4X6 I 'ANNA. AVESl'E. lla1 ? ;nat recalr. d * t,n - a--^rtment of Ckromo Litho^rapha. Nnt O-Hck^re t?nd otbera A'B'j % ckoica lot of Pocket Hu k an! Kuixes St'^o i aroptc Viaus Boltnee* J*rareoacooa>i an] O *! Frsniia. Thalate t i'oetic?l *i?-: l'ro*a Wori>rIi> teat aulbora. Ai&o, V ' p c< n 'ac'l> on hind superior Stationery of ail kluda Oock b<H>k? ?o. Toy Book* in great \ailety: m 25 lw ' ""HIS IS TO G1V1C NOTICE, That the anfcacriA ber baa obtam- d Iroui the Orphaaa' Court of Waebiugton County. lu the Diatnct of Colaiubia. lettera tt>tameut?ry on the pera<.u??l eatate of Hmn B. B?1nala late otlh* Uultod Bt?t*a army, deceased. All persona barlug claima agai nt rh | aaid deceased, are hereby warne<l tn exhibit the tame, with the Toncher* thereaf. to the aoOacriber on or before the Mh day of M ?r?h nest; the) mar otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit if the aald estate. Given under my hand thla 9th day of March, 18?r JUHAN 0 KOMHC>*3, mh 11-lawSw* Admin'airator. THIS IS TO GIVE honct, Tbit tna aaoacrt bet haa obtained from the Orati ?ns Court oWaablngton Cobaty, 1b the Diatrict of Ooluaabla. 1 letters testamentary on ihe j-ra< n*l estate of < Elijah Edmonsion. lata of a. t in cite, B 0., 1 deceased All peraotis h?*1ng cl\imaa<.iin t the \ said deceased ate hereby warue t to exhitdt the tame, with the voncb ra ttareor ty the auhatrl- 1 Ler, on or before the Bth day of M trch nes ; they i may otberwla? by law be excluded from all benefit of the >aid estate 1 Given andet my hand hia9th day of Mar'h 1S>7. mhll IswSw* M % hY EKBdMsTOV. | ^l^HIB IB TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sutiacrl1 ber haa olitaiwed from the Irphaus t'ourt ot | WaahingtoB County,in the Diatriciot <V>luml>ia, i letters of adaiiblstratli'B on the peraor>al eatate ot TPaddena Horiice late of W?tht.i?ton Oltj, l?. O., deceased. All persons baring claims act mat the aaid i deceased are hereby warned to e*hiT>it the tame, i with the touchers thereof. to the subseth?r. on or before the lath day of Marcb oext: they may otherwise by law be aicluded from all benefit of th4- aaid estate. * _ Given under my hand this 11th day of Marsh, ^Eh UlawSw* MABOELM3 MOBRint. WABTBD-10 000 LADIES lo kn ?w that at the Hew Stamping Bo ma. 439 9th street,oppoaite Pateut Office, they caa find the beat selected ase. rtment ot Patteraa ever offered bare for Oloaka, Oapee, A prone. Joaeya Walata, Tokaa, Bacla Wrappera, Blip para Pincnakkma. aad Ialtlala Alao, aeaicna for Pillow Catea Ottomans. Chair Covera, Pianoa. and In ahort, evert tariaty ^ Pattern v as they an daily 1 sea ad. We hate a each Machine and a P-a tiaal Stamper, aad hate teduced the prire to V1VB0BBTB PBB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought m. Braids, Bilk and Working Oettoa vary low. de I ' tf 1 PHILIP THE BEOOHO; bt Ohariea arre. ] i Joeajfth the Baooad and file : > ,n b M ial- , bach 11 raith wane's Betr.??p,. r ft (mt'i , Gardaniag for Profit; a GaMe to t ha a arfc?t **l j Family Garden Bwinbura's L fi? V m ?ris Two , Ij.'JKL'S'sT,iU^R ! ffi ***1?' i*a'\ata0a TtlLOS SSWSSS'HBI! PBdttiea. HeadUul aa the A?tUa af ? ;Tlaw Hdltl ta Murray *e B-neti .net wf the Nerraa. Tka i?t?ry tf a Stanaah 4 lee's Ksrav for Bsbruart De Bow's truiMir. VHAX<tk tatlob. AUCTION SAI.K*r t ,? ( umm>* <? i i ) THIS AFTBMMOB a*D .?*? a. HI COOPAB * LA t IMLK, , Lftte t trftt will J O. ??Outre % Ca ,1 Ek ntbwf*:' a>tet of Prae*rleft..ifte?sm?.ea.t lit* MtMitttu ufeca klUitf *y elrtw* of ede*d of tie* frwa Ferlraftd 9 R*??*r *n* ?! ?, ?? < ?;r*n?i i' tf o? !< <-, the 3<'?b Job*. A I> -. iM?, aad rec rd-d In ll>r A 0. N* *?? folto?4.. x *-t of t** Istd ie<or?? of co. lMstiiatot To a Dili* ? snrtfeiaf trustee. I wiiie? rtNr n oe BBOBOAT. lb* 1"! dtt d a prl'. A l? INT. ate o'clock p. * inlr at af tt< >rratltr?, tl* ant iktilf o?* i$i if?at i>y the det'hof th*lui.N?. ?. is r*"?rwa?ti'r< N.j.11 il.*?! ?,?? iror rt> iruaia Si feet ft. Its aertl. iidtii b itrrtt ii.>rik td au<i rrv ?itf d? bark It* If^t. and ' r II. ft t?o rtnrr Hi Kk I'aalllbg tlouee. With K?r t*"t aSd ? ? ! ..[it . . . Teia.* ? Ml* (>?? nil -d < a h ; end the balasoe at Mt ami t?rlr? n-oiithi for ?M' * lk?B?U?? the fvi'U-ii eld ! * beftrlas Iruft *t i'.?) ot pal*, and sites fcUirtl n <h? irra>l?*s e,-ld A - kS w 11 be given oo fsil parnt?nt*f ft?- jtril.Mt tnoaey. ?>ae bu?<fr-ft dollar* r*i*<rM -t lb? tlnift of sale. 4l|c??f?! a- <-?i ? Kftn > I am pa it r?*t*r (Hi ?itrch??r II (riti'ilik!* ore ?vt 'OtaMt'd frr-ru the t'me . f aal* t |? aper'y ?ul li? rtwk ftt tfcft ii?li ai.d rset of the ?,e>esltmr n' kwtr, <<n f (1ft> b ad vei t>s? me ? In He ban -n *1 UUi tig* near. HE*B> O IMMs fnrTivine If nlw. m li ??i4> ( 0?PIkt L \T1 M Kii * a te^ I.U It . L WALL A CO , ittrtlesMn > s>t>r>s J'i ftft? .*17. tsoutb coi uer P?an a?ei.n? mod -th 4r?tt. hALk OF OK?riH*r VHIBKV. RBDJli. MIUK* A< .Ac Co Tt'Mul XOkhiKd April i,coaaniftneins ftt 1" ? cl -ck . w<- will ?el at I'crialo- K<h>d> an fe?*Ort:i>*ti< < ' i?tftorr> ar. i older arM i?.?, .?h %?Parrel* Wlnf<- ? <! > il<* Safari It* bri< ? *i * m C.iwH H -<rr< I* W l.iak i. is k* Brandy li/ ilrreti KrVMX [*i tin. 8* - Mr* <?f (liferent brand* i t I> t l.tU.fS. ll? 't l Hud *?<'BeT i' ?<i *i>ii hni-? Chei i!t> \ea and l am I - Cotlee i"c? in ,1 ke> i-lub Bitter* l o?e-btftr h Hoap roilt ?, I. ftO'1 < (lart'f BeJ as * btte IIftt b:i( l t 0' Ftitsit is Ac. Ha'' anht.e. k M\*?re ?e?. ivtOh ca>h No n#?tft'?iiemft?it. mbr ___ U L WALL k no . Amc i By tfUKKh A ? ILLIABBB. Asottefteere bo. loutb ?-1 cvrh r '. >b autl D att. HOI SBI OI.D IUBMTI BB AT Al OTIOM. Uti "IC M?A ?. ths vd of apell ?t |('o'.|>ckft p v vltiatU at Hour In.'ill. i F atr*et tn rti. Ii-taca litli ?n i I5tb itreeti wreat, tb? fol|< ?H? %rtic>ta *>7 |l!ft k w ftl*.ut f ?, thai;*, and IIx ken, in Lalt H-tirr? GB>> II.ft' k Walnat &)?rv> < < rCtunr Tai'.? had t?o Boaevood Mva rr-Sii-a i f 4 Tr rce plr lD#rftin and tthr rOa pate H?l! O.I- 'olh and ?ue ee*r Clair* TvoOak e l< red ? hftrrb?r fiuitei iXBlr-c Tal i* a?<1 Clorker* Hft r '? ? and other 4 0'>k'I " > arlor ftft'l "tier btoT'-a Lu t.f R?ic; ec B?-iU.ailee. GBFEN A WILLIAM!. Au D) u L WAk.L A CO . Asrtl?<WI, |> bine* *?i and II 7, s. Q-b Prubaj ItHbla ftiebs* aud 9th et. ?T CK <?r CBOTRFTTT AND CI-AKsWABI |l Al l tlO? OsTCB>OAT MIKMNG A ?ril I at 1! o clt vs v 1il aetl at < or ftocdOft r. < nr?a. wi'b r ?k? bU rtr.aft ck of Crock?rl>. Giftaa*are. Ac . ( tu ri" \?a-l Bow i ft <1 *?!? b< -? P'i( b?ra. \c.-ft?lilf ?nd othei I'ieli-a fra Mn(ai Ns-ee ?,li?Saft ftte Oo'-ie'a- Tsniblore I'. t,. ft*L V\ .tie a?*aii*-4 CI ?nj( a?l < a*d I. e Oiaaa^e Mwla'ai - 11'. h?-r?,<'a idr J ,r M ? Japftii Prawara, f ?urn Tarke.Oorda, Latft r>^ure< i bin * e t i-ri'WB ai I B'ii k.tmbis ^ are I aa*? Tom' sra f*S ta. A' tAlt' niHH? i-iber irtlilia in Hil Cro-kery n-' Glftafta a f llM> a I of wblcli will bft ?srenirt>f il? ' ii'?T< ' W L. WALL A CO.. Aarte^ V L. * ELLS A Aurtloiaere. N vb Coi uer o! La a*?. aad Cth it. ( ABPtTS. A.TAT AOOriOB. V will (>e.l at ill t> .n. oo M RUkT Mi'kMMi April I itteooVis k. ftt tt?e i?.st*i i't I'ltn- rif f'tiMiltiiii irtnM n 1 ?ia? ai . .Hi r lb* grocerj a tore, ft lot Ol HuWiaoH Fnr Btinre.iowlt? _ lucrsln. snd Thrfti- ?lf C?rp? ta Ilairrlo'b t?ofaa in ('balra ( iirmt'ir b, :? 'lar|k u' pine Hfti I M tttreae- ? . Slew Hn-k d Co*' r t pin. V> uti <il Ki.s ei >u T i ?. with uteu-.i* li rtrlr.c Rlink1 It cL tt? t'rorker* wi*< A^ Ani (>tti< r srtltJeat <? ?-nerona to nu nti-s luL > It l1 L U ILLb A OO . By j T C iLD? ILL t CO . At t. and Beftl keu't Hri-k?r?, Mo. I**"- Jtsatreftt. VAU . HL?> iTnLDING LOT Ob Tt'EtfDA t' tbc April, a: ocloc? p tn., on tbe i-remlM-9 we will a*il Lot hft. il,?n fc. -t; vat.ou t' treot'DC -s t^tft nortU ai I. ol Mftr? l.iB ! ftveuoe, l-etween K) in<l ?'? etre ii,(|el.nd,? 44 ( ft. af<1 T-nnutij* bft k ;j7 f?^>t. T?-irtP I<w f. ?*tl. Caali f whirl ?'m will it-iji ir? d ?t itmnl ?ale. t alaiici In eleten mentba. Witli iftt. rft-t irnni daf o! sale, aad eei'Ofed i?jr a deed ?: ir iat p >o tb-? pres? rty A'l osawftfssc u2 xad rev se it ?uir^i at ioet ol pui ba*sr uiBu.t* ' T. COLPWKLL A OO. Ascln. B1 W. L. WALL A CO. AnctiMSeera. BtolM ol?? aal 31?, a .utb corner Ts. ? . VALL Al!LI IHFBOMD i'KOPBBT V AT A"CT!ON Cr? TB CESD A> AFTCllNOON Ap-il 4th, si SH o cl < k. ?e will a*il on the preiti ft Tain able Dai-iliri^ Hone*, borne Lot .Is r^aerretion 4-1 Bunftrr K II. frootlnz J > fee t?<-e-i MudM <tre -'a. aid In rear of 8t Olur lee ilotel.fttid r<inn:nd beck 130 f?-et to ft If feet allev The i u. ?rj*etu?nt? are a comfort a?>le B'lck T>wellit).' hone*, two ftu 1 ft half etorle. bisb.wllh ??1?ters?f. utid tn cosdltien Alao in mediate'f ft *r tUe atiows -ale. we will ell tl)--ftdj >'nin? Lot, b tae ? > fe->t front Si l<to tr t (1*+p, aud running bftck tw ftu allev. Tli- terma of ttie aal? arrt On- tliir i caefr . nod tbe ba auce in <-iital ineta lmvntl of 6 ll.ftudluiontba I tie deferre'! pn in-utl t? 'i eeenrtd b? a (<eed of trout oh the preoi'aei. Coms?ftncln? au 1 etftmps at th?* e*p-n-?H .-if <h? pnrcna?er. A il? p att of ijt I '*0 on ea ti w|i. t><? if (uiroJ S* ivvn aft the pro#' rtj- ia Wn >cVe1 off ^ cell ?he a?t?*oti"n ot hovera to IMi aale fta It "fern lo 'n ?*tuet>,? to pr^lnro ft raiidencs e> li'ar Ibt ftlrbie Title perfect mh ? W . L WALL A OO . AnCS BY Ct'C^KH A LA TIBS EH. Anctiorieer* < Lat^ cl^-k- ??i?b Ja? C McOi mlC) ,) Booth ?e?tG?<B*r oi Phd'h ftre a jd i Itb ill -et, Mftr uffte LiiMIli. HOl>KH'iLi? FGUMITURB AT AUOTIOBI. tin WKl)Ml.'lM MU4\|Vij n< ?, fter.i S1. ftt it) i. '! ' F , ' I I I'l-tin'a ft .-ea ;c, betwu-i, S a' d 4'-i *i >-ei ^t tas re*iderice of ft l?d d?<-l-iiing lh>ii?ek- epio/ we a i. 1 1 ,u aeei>r taie t o" f u uitu e ' > > i-lit*? V\ ft unt Hal i:l .It I ftri r 'tit* I r ? el< -mi t'hii-e pi) Carpcte a d H it bideb aril Mat I e t p Ooftft?e wtih W ?. drt. ? >i? lie t< r f'.wreatia ajd Wt-b>tftn-.!i ( ane atxl Wood ?f?t ('iilri I'M r a. <1 .:nek Mt?itr~*?w Krfttber and IK liters Cocrft M?'t't>? . . . . Paltiift**. 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