Newspaper of Evening Star, April 1, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 1, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. \ OFFICIAL. nws or thkTxitkd states, Pa???d Ur Ifc*a4 S?itita ( the ThtrIj-tlllk C*B|irii. i Public?ifo. ao.) A* Act to provide for a temporary increase ot the pay of officers in the army ef the United Slates, ud for otber purposes. Bt it enacted by the Senate and House #/ He pre*'*Uatxv*s of the United State* of America m Conyrctt ass* mb ltd. That for two year* froaa toe brat cay of Jslj, eighteen hand red and sixty ?*, all officers of tbe army below tbe rank of major general, including tbe professors at West Point, sball be paid an addition of thirty -rbree and one-tbird per centnm to their present pay proper; and tne pay and emolument* ot all Held and otber mounted officers ball hereafter be tbe Dimf as 1a now provided by law tor cavalry officers of like grade*. Aid be if further enacted. That section ne oftbe act entitled "An act to Increase tbe pay cf soldiers in tbe United States army, and for o:ner purpose-'," approved June twenty, e.gbteen bnndred and sixty-four, he, and tbe I same is hereby, continued in fall loroe and i effect lor tbree vears from and after the close f tbe rebellion, as announced by the President of tbe United Slate* by proclamation i bearing date tbe twentieth day of August I eighteen bnndred and sixty.six. Sac X And be it further enacted. That tbe | provisions ot tbe joint resolution approved i July twenty .fifth, eighteen bnndred and sixtynx, entitled ' A Joint Resolution in regard to rations of Union soldiers held as prisoners t c>f war." shall be extended so a* to allow com* mutation of rations at cost prices in tbe settlement of the accounts of all enlisted men of the army, navy, and marine corps who died while beld as prisoners of war in the rebel states, or wno. bavm; been so bekl as prisoners of war. bave died or may die subsequent to release; to be paid, however, only to the widow of sach deceased person, if such widow remain nraarried. or in case there be no such widow then to the surviving children of the deceased; r if there be no such widow or children, then to the parent or parents of the deceased; or if there be no such widow, children, parent, or parents, then to tbe brothers and sisters of the deceased. Sac. 4 And be it further 'nact'A, That section one of the - Act providing for the better organization of tbe military establishment," approved August third, eighteen hundred and aiaty-one. authorizing the President to appoint an Assistant Secretary of War, be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Sao.5. And be it further enacted, Thatsomuch of the act entitled " An act to increase and ttx the military peace establishment of the United States, approved July twenty-eight, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, as relates to the promotion of assistant surgeons after three years' service, ?hall be amended so as to read "and persolis who have served as surgeons or assistant surgeons thrpe years in the volunteer force shall be eligible lor promotion to tbe grade f captain." Sac. i? And be it further >nacteii, That the act entitled "An act more effectually to provide for the national defence by establishing an uniform militia throughout the United States," approved May eight, .seventeen bundred and ninety-two. and tbe several acts amendatery thereof, be, and they are hereby, amended by striking out the word white." Sac. 7 And be it further enacted. That (excepting the ordnance storekeeper and paymaster at the Springfield Armory, who has the rank, par, and allowances of a ma)or of cavalry > all storekeepers of the army shall hereafter bave the rank, pay and allowances of captains ot cavalry, and the post chaplains now in service, or hereafter to be appointed, sball be commissioned by the President, and all vacancies occurring in the grade of chaplain, which is hereby established to rank as captain of infantry, shall be filled by the President, by ar.d with the advice and consent of the Senate, and ail army chaplains sball hereafter be on the same footing as to tenure of office, retirement. allowances for service and pensions, as now provided by law for other oificers of tbe army. Sa?. !*. And be it further enacted. That in any <^ase w here a person enti led to receive payment of bounty under tbe provisions ot any law shall make application therefore, or where such application shall be made by tbe proper representatives of sue i person, being deceased, and the discharge of such person has been los% it sball be competent for the accounting officers to receive, in lien of the actual production of snch discharge, proof ol the actual lo*s of the same and secondary proof oi its issue and contents, together with proof of the identity of tbe clamant or person deceased, under i such rules defining the charajter and form cf the evidence as the Paymaster General i sball prescribe. Ski-. 9. And be it further enacted. That section ' hfteenof the -Act to increase the present mil- 1 itary establishment or the United States, and for other purposes." approved July fifth, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, be amended so that general officers sball not hereafter be excluded from receiving the additional ration for every five years' service; and it is hereby further provided that officers on the retired Jist of tbe army shail have the same allowance of additional rations for every five years' service as officers in active service. Approved. March 2, 1^67. [Public?No. 61.] An Act in relation to persons imprisoned onder sentence for offences against tbe laws of ' tbe United States Be 11 enncttd by the Senate and House of Representatives cf the Cni-'d Statet of America in Confrets ass'mbltd. That all prisoners who have been, or shall hereafter be, convicted of ai y offence against the laws of the United States, and confined in any State prison or penitentiary in execntion of the judgment or sentence apon such conviction, who so conduct themselves that no charge for misconduct shall be sustained against them, shall bave a deduction of one month in each year made from the term of their sentence, and shall be entitled to their discharge so much the seoner. upon the certificate ot the warden or keeper of such prison or penitentiary, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. Approved, March 2. 1867. jPrBLic?No. ?* j An Act for the relief of certain contractors tor the construction of vessels-of-war and steam machinery. H. tw and Home of h'-pTe*entahrt s of thr United SJ'itrs of America in C&Ni/rets a*tenl.led, That tbe Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized and directed to invest gate the claims of all contracters tor building vessels-of-war and steam machinery for the same under contracts made after the first day of May. eighteen hundred and sixtyone, and prior o the first day of January, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, and said investigation to be made upou the following basis: He shall ascertain the additional cost which was necessarily incurred bv each contractor in the completion of his work by reason of anv changes or alterations in the plans and specifications required, and delays in ihe prosecution of the work occasioned by the government. which were not provided for in the original contract; but ne allowance for any advance in the price of labor or material shall be considered unless such advance occurred during the prolonged time for completing the *or< rendered necessary by the delay resulting from the action of the government aforesaid. and then only when such advance could not have been avoided by the excrcise of ord:nary prudence and diligence ou tbe part of the contractor, and from such additional cost, to h>- ascertained as aforesaid, there sball be deducted snch sura as may have been paid each contractor for anv reason heretofore over and above the contract price, and snail report to Congress a. tabular statement of each ca?e, which ?Ual 1 contain the name of the contractor, a description of th? work, the contract price, the whole increased cost of the work over the contract price, and the amoant of snch iufj**"4 co#t caused by the delay and action of i (i?v'rDn?*nt as aforesaid, and the amount already paid the contractor over and above tbe contract price pr. . ,-w. That the Secretary or tne Navy, under tbe resolution, sball inves'''a ? T^e claim of W H. Webb tor constructing Dnn<1"b?K. applying the provisions of this resolution in such investigation, except that proper consideration shall be given to the increased cost incurred by said Webb by reason of any alteration in the plans and specifications for the Dunderberg made durina the progress of the work, whether such alterations were provided for in the original contract or not, when payment for tbe same was not (abraccd in the contract price. Approved, March i, l?A7. [PfBLIC?No. ?!.] As Act to amend an act entitled "An act to extead the time for the reversion to the United States of the lands granted by Congress to aid in the construction of a railroad from Amboy, by Hillsdale and Lausing, to some point on or near Traverse Bay, in the State of Michigan, and for the completion of said road,' approved Jalr three, eighteen hundred aad sixty-six B' it',I by the Senate and Wo* ? of Rene. sentaticei of tke United Stat*.s of America in Cmgrtss assembled. That the first sectien of tbe act tatiUsd ?An act to extsad the time for the reversion to the Uaited States of the laads granted by Cengree* to aid la the eoastraction ot a railroad to Amboy, by Hillsdale aad ?anaiag, to some point on or aear Traverse Bay. Ia the State of Michigan, aad for the coaptation of said wad," approved Jaly three, eighteen hundred aad sixty-six, bs and t?eee*s Is hereby ameaded by striking oat Us word "February where it osears la said ssttiaa, aad iassrtlag lbs ward "Jaly** la lis a IhsreoL Ay fro vd, Marofc % itn. ? * r ** > f * | Pi*BL1C?NO 64.) 4h a< t to iBtbvruf ibi building of li?bt. tc?M UMma mentioned, and for other parfO?M Be it t nacted by tk* St n+U und House. (f RipritfitrntxTtt of the United Sfus of America in Contest AsumbUd, That the Secretary of tne Treasury be. and he ie hereby, authorized acd directed to provide, by contract for bmldirg hgbt-uonses at tb? following points, to-wit: For building a light house 011 a proper site at Trowbridge Point, ia Thunder bay, in the State of Michigan, at a coat not exceeding tea thousand dollars. For building a light-house on a proper ~i'e at Mendota, on Lake Superior, in tbe Stare of Michigan, at a co*t not exceeding fourteen tboasnnd dollars. For building a light-house an a proper site at Santa (Jruz, in tbe State of California, at a cost kotexceeding ten thousand dallar* For build,ag a lighthouse at Pigeon river, or vicinity, I.&ke Superior, Minnesota, iilteeu tboueand dollars. For building a light-house on a proper si'e at or near Brad dock's Point. Georgia, at a cost not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars. For building a light house to tnara Tybee l?land Knoll, Georgia, at a cost not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars. For building range lights on Morris island, as guides in crossing Clarleston oar. Sou'h Carolina, at a cost not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars. For rebuilding tbe ligbt-bonse on a proper site at I^cpwuier sbcals in J.imes river, Virginia, at a cost not exceeding sixteen thousand dollars. For rebuilding light-bouse lower and Iteep. er's dwelling on a proper site at Saint Simon's, Georgia, at a cost not exceeding forty-five thousand dollars. Sac 2. And be it further e?o-fe<t, That the l.igbt-bome Hoard is hereby directed to make a survey, if no survey has been made, at Crossledge shoal, or at some other point in the Delaware bar, in the ueighborhuod of said shoal, and report on the survey to be made, or which has already been made, to tbe nextCongress as to the feasibility of erecting thereon a permanent light-Louse, and an estimate of the amount neeessaiy to be appropriated therefor. Sic. 3 .ln<t be it further flirted, That no contract shall be made except alter public adi vertisement for proposals in such form and ; manner as to secure general notice thereof, i and tbe name shall only be made with the lowest bidder therefor, upon security deemed sufficient in the judgment of tbe Secretary. Sac. 4. And be it further ena-ted, That from and after the passage of this act, the Secretary of tbe Treasury be, and he is bereby, authorized and empowered to regulate and tlx the salaries of tbe respective keepera of light- | houses in such manner as he shall deem just and proper Pr?ridrtl, That 'he whole sum allowed shall not exceed an average of six hundred dollars to each keeper. Approved, March 2, 1867. m [Pubi.ic?No. 6.).] An A< t amendatory of "An act to provide a temporary government lor the Territory of Montana." approved May twenty-six, eighteen hundred and sixty-four. B it enacted by ih' S' note and Houte of Rep* reantahcts of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the legislative assemblies of tbe several Territories of the United States shall not, alter tbe passage of this act, grant private charter* or special privileges, but they may, by general incorporation acts, permit persons to associate themselves together as bodies corporate for mining, manufacturing. and other industrial pursuits. Sac. 2. And b* it further enacted, That tbe i probate courts of the Territory of Moutana, in ibeir respective counties, in addition to th? ir probate jurisdiction, are hereby authorized to near and determine civil causes wherein the damage or debt claimed does not exceed five hundred dollars, and sucb criminal cases arising under tbe laws of tbe Territory as do not j require the intervention of a grand jury: Pru\ rided, That they shall not have jurisdiction in i any matter in controversy when tne title or | right to tbe peaceable possession of lacd may be in dispute or chancery or divorce causes: Aud provided further, That in all cases an appeal may be taken from any order, judgment, or decree of said probate court to the district court. Ski. 3. And be it further enacted. That the chief justice and associate justices of said Territory and the Territory of Idaho shall each receive an annual salary of thirty-five hundred dollars. S>*< . 4. And be it further enacted, That the judges of tne supreme court of said Territory, or a majority ol them, shall, when assembled at tne seat ol government of said Territory, define the judicial districts of said Territory, and assign the judge# who may be appointed for said Territory to the several districts, and shall also fix and appoint the times and places for holding the courts in the several counties or subdivisions in each of said judicial districts, and alter tbe rimes and places of holding the courts as to them shall seem proper and convenient, but not less than two terms shall beheld at each place of holding court each year Sac. 5. And > ' it further enacted, Ttiat for the purpese of reviving the legislative functions of the Territory of Montana, wtiicb have been adjudged therein to have lapsed, the governor of said Territory be. and be is hereby, authorized, on ?r before tbe tlrst day of J uly, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, to divide said Territory into legislative districts for the election ot members of tbe council and bouse ol representatives, and to apportion among s-aid districts the number of members of the legislative assembly provided for in the organic act of said territory, and the election of said members of tbe legislative assembly shall be held at such time and shall be conducted in tbe manner prescribed by the legislative assembly of said Territory at the session thereof, begun and holden at tbe city of Bannack, in e ghteen hundred and sixty-four and eighteen hundred sixty-tlve. and tbe qualifications of voters shall be tbe same as ibat prescribed bv said organic act. saving and excepting tbe distinction therein made on account of race or color, and the legislative assembly, so elected, shall convene at the time prescribed by end legislative assembly at the session last aforesaid. The apportionment provided lor in this section shall be based upon such an enumeration of tbe qualified electors of the several legislative districts as shall appear from tbe election returns in the office of the secretary of said Territory, and from such other sources of information ts will enable tbe governor, wittiont taking a new census, to make an apportionment which shall fairly represent the people of the several districts in both bouses of tbe legislative assembly, but the legislature may at any time change the legislative districts of the Territory as fixed by the governor. And be it further enacted, That all acts passed at the two sessions of the so-called legislative assembly of the Territory of Montana, held iu eighteen hundred and sixty-six. are bereby dlsapprovec! and declared null and avoid, except such acts as the legislative assembly herein authorized to be elected shall by special act in each case re-enact: Prodd'i, hove er. That in all claims of vested rights thereunder, the party claiming *he same shall not, by reason of any tiling in this section contained', be precluded from making and testing said claim in the courts of said Territory: Arm yro-idt'l fvrtk>r, That no legislation or pretended legislation in said Territory since the adjournment of the first legislative assembly shall be deemed valid until the election of tbe legislative assembly betein provided for shall take place. Stt . 7. And be it further enacted, That from and after the first day ot April next the salary ot each of the judges of tne several supreme courts in each of the organized Territories (except Montana aud Idaho) shall be two thousand five hundred dollars. Src J". And be it further enacted. That all acts tnd parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed Approved, March 2, l3?i7. fPublic?No. fifi ] An Act to amend an act entitled "An act to pro>ide a temporary government for the Territory of ldabo." approved March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-three. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Jtepre sen fa tires of the United States of America in Ctmjrut as'embltd. That the judges of tbe supreme court ot said Territory, or a majority of them, snail, when assembled a' tbe sea' of government ot said Territory, define the judicial districts of said Territory, and assigu tbe judges who may be appointed for said Territory to tbe several districts- and shall also tlx and appoint tbe times and places for holding court in tbe several counties or sub-divisions in each of said judicial districts, aud alter tbe times and places of holding tbe courts as to them shall seem proper aud conveuieut. Sac. 2. Avd be it further enacted. That the next session of the legislative assembly of the Territory of ldaboshall be held commencing on tbe first Monday in December. A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and thereafter tbe legislative assembly of said Territory shall be held biennially. And the next election for members of tbe legislative assembly of said Territory shall be held on tbe second Monday in Angust, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, and thereafter said election shall be held biennially. S*<. 3. And be it further enacted. That the members of tbe bouse of representatives of said legislative assembly shall be elected for the term of two years; and tbe members ol tbe council ot said legislative assembly shall he elected for tb? term of four years: Provided, That at tbe first electtoa hereafter one-half of tbe members of said council shall be elected for tbe term of two years, and Um remaining half for tbe term of four years; and tbe districts where I a members of tbe council are to be elected for tbe term of two Tears and tbe 4is. rrlets wherein member* of tbe council are to be elected for tbe term of four years at tbe seat electtoa shall bedetermiaad by proclamation of tbe goveraer of said Territory: Prod, drd, That ta all ooaattee and electtoa dietrlcts wb*eb shall M eatftlbd to eieel two members > f' V,{t( of the council, one of ?aid raeab rs ?ti Ol h? elected for two years and the other for four INK. Sxu. 4. And be it further tnac td. That all a:'-a and parts of acU inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed. Approved, Marsh 2, 1687. [PrBiic?No. 67.j An Act ro amend an act entitled "An act authorizing the construction of a jail in and \ tor the District of Columbia," approved ) June twenty-five, eighteen hundred and j sixtjr-eix. Be it enacted by the S< nate and Houte of Repr f ntativct (f the United State* <4 America in Con' grtu auen.tied. Thai so mnch of the six'.h aectioa ot tbe act entitled Au ic: authorizing tne construction of a jail in unit for the District of j Columbia." approved June twenty.rt v.\ eiithteeu hundred and sixty-six, a* *i?ecift*s tne t amounts to be raised aud paid into the Treasury ol the United States by tne cities of Wash meton and Georgetown, resp?<itiv?|y, before the completion ol said jail. ?s b rehy repealed t?KC. 2. And be it further evicted. That it shall be the duty of the proper au* of the cry of W astmgton. and they are hereby required, to raise, by tax or otherwise, and pav into the Treasury of the T'nited States, at or before the time ef the- completion of said jail, the sum of seweaty-eigtit thousand dollars: and it shall be the Uke duty of the proper authorities of the city of Oeorge:own, and they are hersby requred, 'o ra.?e, by tax or otherwise, and pay into the Treasury of the United States, at or before the tim^ of th?? completion of raid j*ii, the num of twelve thousand dol- 1 lars Approved, March 2, lf67. l)BOFO?AL9 FOB MAIL STEAMSHIP 8BM I V1CB BITWIM TUB UNllED STATKH AND THE HAWAIIAN I8LABD8 POST OFUCK Ofpartviit, / Washington, March 19. Hk>7,S In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress, approved March 2, 1867, which -s in the words and tignres follwwing. vt/.; An Act to authorize the establishment ot ocean mail steamship service between tbe United States and the Hawaiian Islands Br it enmrted by the Smite unit Ifnute of fiipret?ntaiice. of th* I'nUed Sta'es ol America in Conerf << That the Postmaster General be, and he is hereby. authorised to invite oropn?alsby fiubiic advertisement fer the period of sixty da>s, n on* ar nor* newspapers published lu the cities of Washington. Hew York. Boston, snd San Francisco. respectively, for mall steamship service between the port ef San Francisco. In the United States, ana the port of Honolnln - in the Hawaiian Islands, by means of a monthly line of first class American sea going steamships, to be of not less than one thousand tons, government measurement, each, and of sufficient number to p-rform twelve round trips par annum between said ports; and to contract with the lowest responsible blddsr for said service, for a term of not more tban ten years, to begin from the day the first steamship of the said line shall depart from tbe port of dan KrancUco with the mails for the Hawaiian island-: Provided, That no bid shall be considered which shall amom t to more tban seventy five thousand dollars for the twelve round trip- per annum. a <r unless the same be from a ci ti /.en or citizens of the United States, and accompanied by an olfer of good and sufficient sureties, (also citizens of the United States,) for the faithfnl performance of such contract: And provided further. That before the Hcceptaace ot the said steamships by ths Postmaster General for the said serviee. they shall be subject to Inspection and survey by an experienced naval constructor, te be detailed for that purpose by the Secretary ef the Navy, whose report shall be made to the Postmaster General. Ski . 2. .4nd be it funhir ennrted. That any contract ahich tbe l'octma*ter General may exeoute ni.der the authority of this act shall go Into effect on or before tbe titst day of Jsnuary eighteen ban dred and sixty ei^ht. and shall, in addition to tbe usual stipulations of ocean mall steamship contracts, provide tbat the Government of the United States shall be entitled to bave transported, free of expense on each and every steamer, a mail agent to take cbargoof and arrant e the mall matter, to whom suitable accommodations for that purpose shall be assigned; that, in case of failure, from aay canse, to perform any ef the monthly Toysges stipulated for in this contract, a pro rata deduction may be made trom the compensation en account of sach omitted voyage or voyaged; tbnt suitable fines and penalties may be Imposed for deleys and irregularities in the performance of the service, and that the Postmaster General shall have tbe power at a^ time to determine the contract In case of its t?-in^ underlet or assigned to any other party. A pproved March 2.18S7? PBOPOSALS Will t e received at the Post Office Department in the clt> of Washington, until 3 o'clock p.m.of WEDNESDAY, the 10th day ef .1 illy, 1867, for convejit g the mails of tbe United States, by meaus of a monthly line of first class American seagoing steamships, to be of not less than one thousand tons. Govt run,ei.t measurement. each, an! of sufficient number to perform twelve ronad trips per annum, I <-tw<-en the port of San Francisco. in the United States, and the port of Honolulu, in the Hawaiian Islunds, for a contract term of not more than ten jears, te begin from tbe dav he first steamship of the said line shall leave tbe port of San Francisco with the mails for tbe Hawaiian Islands Bach bid shonld name the time proposed to t>e ovcupied In performing the passage ea< h way between Ban 1 ranclsco and Monolula.and a schedule of sailing days, stating the proposed days aad hours of departure from and arrival at ettch part, shonld also accompany sach hid; such schedule, however, to be suVjedlto the approval of the Postmaster O'-nerai, and to alteration by bis order. from time to lime, as the intereits of the postal service may r*-<jnire Tbe steamships offered for the service m ist he American steamships, of the first class in all respects, and before acceptance will be subiect to inspection and survry by an experienced naval constructor, to be detailed for that purpose by the Secretary of the Navy. Proposals must conform in all particulars to the provision* and requirements of tbe aforesaid a* t, approved March 2. 1*>7. and must i-e properly guaranteed, with satisfactory testimonials, that the bidder or bidders and their guarantors are men of property aud abundantly able to make good tb<ir tender and guarantee. The bidder s name and residence, and the name of each member of the firm when a company offers. should be disi tinctb stated in tbe proposals; 11 aa incorporated compsny. acopy of ths charter of Incorporatisn must al-o be a. nexed to the bid. Propn-ais should he sent, sealed under co< the acdress ofThe Postmaster General, Wash ington, D. C supersertbed "Fokik.i Dkhk." with the words "Mail Proposals. Foreign Mail-'' writ'en on t be face ef tbe addre-s; and they should be despatched in time to be received at this be partmeat on or before the 10th day of July . 1867, which will )?e tbe last day for receiving proposals under this advertisemeat ALEX W. BANDALL. mhS0-w9t Postmaster General. DBPABTMBNT OF THBINTBBIOB, Pension OVVICK, July 13th, UM. . TO ALL WHOM IT MAT GOBOBBN. Appdcatlon having been made nnder tbe aet ot June 23,186(1, for the reissue of the following described Land Warrants, which are alleged to nave been lost or destroyed,?Notice la hereby given tbat at tbe date following tbe decollation of each warr ant, a new oertlfioate or warrant of like tenor will bo reissued. If no valid objection should then JOB. H. BABBBTT. Commissioner. No. fid 716, for 160 acres, issued under the act of Mnrch 3d, 1865. in the aame of John Wood, and was granted February 2d, IST.7. April 6,1887. No. 68 ISO for 1?> acres. Issued under the art of March 3d, ISM, in the nans of Sarah Wood, widow of Bobert We' d, and was granted February W, 1?S7. April f, 1867. No. 41,49.', for 166 acres, issued under the act of February 11,1347, in the name of Samuel Hodaon, and was granted bee ember 4.1848. Aprlljo. lv-7. N"..'7,32?;, for 80 acres, issued unler the act of September, ISfiO in the name of Langdon C. Johnson and was granted Marsh 5, 1856. April Ji), 1867. No 77,831, for 80 acres, issued under the act of Man h 3, 1866 in the name of Langdon C. Johnson and wss granted April 1,1866. April 20. lv,7. No. 2,231. for 120 acres, issued under the aot of March 3. 1866. in the name of Mary, widow of Thomas Bowling, aad was granted Mays, 1^6. April M), 1867. No.'J6.136. fur 120 acres. Issued nnder the act of March 3,1866, tn tbe name of Pelly Pease, wid >w of Chester Pease, and was granted July 18, 13UJ. May 4- 1867. No. 93 966. for 180 acres, issued nnder tbe act of March 3d, 13S6. in ths uaui'm of the minor children ot Jacob Lasber. deceased, and was granted Jnly 23,18ou -May 4,1867. No #7.6*.'., for 16ii aTos. issued under the act of February 11th, 1847, iu the name of Martin B jse, and was granted May 12th, 1M9 May 11. l&>7. No. C2.168. for 160 acres, issued under the act o March 3d. 186*, in the name of Alvla Ellis, and was granted April 16,1867. May II, 1447. No. 10,681. for 80 acres, issued nnder ths act o March S, 1866, in tbe name of Lewis Lambert, and was granted October so. 18R6. May 26.18(7. No. 27.889. for 110 acrss, issued under 'he act of March 8,1*66. In the name of Nicholas Pritchett and was granted November 12.1868. May V>. 18?7 ^GEITI W A N T B D. ?74, tl?0,, ABB #150 FEB MONTH Is now being made by our Agents canvassing for tbe new work of historical vales and romantic interact, entitled "WEARING OF THB GBAT '? Comprising ' Personal Portraits, Skttcfies, Adventures, mi Trie i dt .us of the Inte Wnr.uitn TurinSananres of tke Dar%nt Deed*. Dash,** TenUome Afar * Willi** Sacrifice*, nmd F*tie*l Suffer boys^II^ORAY, BT JOHN BSTAN COOKB, Formerly Of General Stnartt Btaff author of Ac Ac*1 M,it? "JUf# of Stonewall JackB#B'

MaNDBOMBLT ILLU8TBATED 1BTTo energetic men and women a rare chance U ?SOU^HBBN FANT, ? Holi day street, BalUmore. Md. Poet Qfflde Box 1.484. mb 1 eolai_ ^TBIN WAT *8 PlAWOt. ~ ! Wa bave just received a new aeeortmeat of II j PIANOFOBTBS from tbe factonr, cot -^^ I sisting of Grand, Saure, and UprlgbtPHBI| Cabinet Pianos. _ " Hllll , For tbe last tan yaare Stela way's Pianos bave, i on all occasions, received tbe first premium over < all nevlork,Boston. Philadelphia,and Baltimose makers, wbeneyar and wberaver tbey have oome in competition. Attbe World^e Fair In Jsjadon. Stein way A Boii, reoeived the 1 adore*# "t W . SSS^"" " 'VsUSrliTfss f " fett tf Mo. ?t? Pena avenue, tola A?*n>s. 1 rpBT QBOnB?*POPDLAB BBi?t) OF 1 VT M4 MkNN?t '/ J ^ ,V"' |; jt !' jg?" AUCTION 8ALK8. Ill GEEEE A WILLIAMS. itoUoMWi. D corA?r7Uiw4DnrMt>BALI OF TBS rCEilTUEE. *c., IH TH? ATIIUI HJUlE. Ixtuilu nit of two bksiwn* roM*?o4 rM rianos. black walnut ud <>ak Chamber Furni tare Fruch Plato Mirror*, Ac , at auction. Ud W BDNESDAY, April 34. 1W, we shall eell, at 10 o'clock a. m . akd ooattnne from day to day until all io disposed of. all the furniture to the Av?no? II-use. corner 7tU street and Louisiana av?on?, i containing about eighty room*. via: T?? handsome rosewood vase Pianos lad Stools, Ore lar^e pier Fr< nch plat* Mirror a ad slab, Bitbt " ' | T?n Demnsk and Lace Curtains, with comic*, Ten Marble Blab Vaster Tablee, Parlor Mnlb covered in rap and balr cloth, Seventy ?ve Chamber Suits in walnut aodsak, eonsletlng of? Marble tep Dressing Bureaus. Waehstaada, Bed steads. Wardrobes and Chairs, One hun'red pairs of ^ocd Blankets, T?o hundred Sheets. Pill >ws and Bolater Oases. tise hundred good Bed Comforts, fiftf Bed Spreads. Twobaadred Feather Pillows and Bolsters, Use hundred and fifty Hair and Hush Mat trssree. One hundred Oak Dinmsr Chal-s. Ten Dining Tabl? s, made to ctrder, Fifty l.m?ii Pan. ?*k Table Cloths, One hundred Napkins. Eighty Brustels. Tbree ply and Ia? rain Carpets, Twenty Sofas, ten Damask Lounges, Ten Chafing Dishes, Five Ceffee and Tea Urns. Ten do/en Ivory bandied Knives and Plate*! Forks, Ten do/en Plated Table Spoons, Twenty do.'.en Tea Spooue. Twenty five dozen Stone China Plates, Thirty sets of Oops and Saucers. Ten Copper Saucepans. A large .tuantity of other Crockery and QUss Ware. Forty Chandeliers, aad Bracket* in every room. One excelUnt iron Safe and Otlice De?k, One large Office tllock ani Water Cooler, And all otter g'>ods belongine te a first rlaas house, which wo deem unnecessary to enn me rate. nit.r"*dCa'b' GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aucta. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 486, corner 7th and D streets. VALUABLE IMPROTED PROPERTY, ON P1XTH STREET Wlt*T, BETWEEN K AND NSW YORK AVENUE, AT PUBLIC ALU TION On TUESDAY, the :d day cf April, 18t7, at S e clock p in., we shall sell. In froi.t of the prem Ises, Lot 23. in Callan s subdivision el Square No 461, having 20 feet front, running ba*k 100 feet to a wide alley, with the improvements, con slsting of a well built three story Frame Ho-ise, containing 8 conviniently airane< d rooms. Pas sas:es and ens throughout the house, with perches frontand back. Pump \utn excellent water in the yaid. making It a desirable residence for a private family- .. . , , .. Possession giv6D iiDDi6uiftt6ly? Titlo ludispn tar?'rms: One third cash: balance in six and tw elve months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A dead given, and a deed of trust taken. All convey anclng and revenna stamps at the cost ot tl.e purchaser. SloO to bo paid down wben the property is knocked off mh-T GBKKN A WILLIAM8. Aucte. UY GREEH A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE UNFINISHED PRESS BRICK FRONT, FOUB STORIES HIGH. WITH BASEMENT AN D8UB BASBM BNT, FRONT 1NO ON STKEET NORTH. BETWEEN NINTH AND TENTH STREETS WEST, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY AFTERHOON. April 2d. at 5 o'clock p. m., on the preintaest woihail ?611 part of Let 22. in *uuare N* 377, fronting 30feeton E street north, and having a depth ot 117 feet to a paved alley. Thia property, when finished, will make one of the finest residences in thia city. Terms: One half cash: balance in six. twelve, and eighteen months, tor notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of truat on the premise* All conveyancing and revenae stajjps at the cost of the purchaser $200 down on day of sale Title indisputable The plans for finishing can be seen at the auction rooms, comer 7th and D'treets. mhZ7d QBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. BY COOPER A LATIMER. Auctioneers. (Lateclerks wltb J.G. MGnir A Co ,) Sonthwcst corner of I'enn'a avenue and 11th at., Star Ollice Building. tbustefs BALE. LEASEHOLD AND VALUABLE WHARF PROPERTY FOOT OF 10TH STREET,THE \\ HABV ITSELF. COAL SCALES, Ac., AT AUCTIOH. Under and by virtne of a dee 1 of trust bearing date on the 10th day of November, AD IS tf. and recorded in Liber R M H.. No. J, folios Sit et se<i.. 1 will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder and bidder*, en TI! CR9DAV, the 11th day of April, A. B 1C67 atlOo'clocka ni.. at the Ooal Yard lately occupied by O W. Palmer,situate at t>r near '.he intersection of Indiana avenue and 1st (-treet west, In the city of Washington, one Bay Mare. Cart and Harness; one li!a~k Horse, Gart and Harness; one Straw Cntter and Stable Tools <>ue Bniv'gy ai d Harness; ?n Iron Safe; OIKce Furniture. Dei-ks. Pigeon Holes, Stove, Crowbars, Axe*. Faw*. Coal t?creens Briovels. Signs. Scale-", (one set ef Fairbanks Scale*:* one Ooal office: all Plank and Lumber in the place, one > table, LimeHouse. Wood Shed, Timber ani Gates. Also. At 2 o'clock p m , on the same dar,en the premises. the Wharf known a? " 1'aimer's Wharf.'" situate at the foot of 10th street west. In said city of Washington, together with tbree (S)Coal Tnbs, Bio-k and Kali, UOice Furnltnre. Sto*e, eleven (11) Coal Barrows, one set Fairbanks'Scales, one Coal Screen. Rake- an i ShoveU. Also, Tbo interest of one Oreon W. Palmer of, in- and to the un>xpired leasehold of said Wharf Property situate at the foot of said loth street, in the city of Waehtpgtoh, nnder anrt by virtue of a lease heretofore executed by William A. Bradley atd WHlltm A. Bradley, J r , in favor of said O. W Palmer. Terms of efclt Cwh. A TliOS. BBADLEY. Trustee mb 2> eo4d? COOj'ER A LATIMER. Auato. BY KAGLE A CO.. Auctioneers. Salesroom No. 2U& Penn. avenue. Between 9th and 10th ats. B AGLE A 60- will iriva their personal attention to the sf1? of Real Estate and Houaehold Furniture. Also, to the sales of stocks ot Grooeries, Wines, Lienors, and Merchandise of every description. Horses, Carriages, Harness, Ac. Liberal cask advances mads on consignments Regular Sales at oar salesroom avery TOESDAY, THURSDAY; aad SATURDAY, at 10 ?clock. HAGLEAOO , jsll-tf Auctioneers. GOVERNMENT SALES. / 'OVEttNMENT BUILDINGS AT ALEXANil DRIA AT AUCTION. Ckxtf Quart?rma*ttr's 0+ct,V*ret of F?i*ta?i?s, > w ^ Wofhtntton. D. C., March j0. 1867. < F' order of the ^nariarmast< r <, the biiiidinLS known as the Construction Corps Barrucks. at Alexandria Virginia, will be sold at public auction, on THURSDAY. April 11- nnder tb- supervision of Lieutenant Edward Hunter. ]]th Unit'd States Infantry, Acting Assistant < iu .rteimaster, United States Army Sale to commence at 12 o'clock uooa. Ibea* Barracks coapris' thirt-ea bulldine*. ranuin- fioni 9 to 22 teet in width by ir?m 10 to it fret In length. Also, a Portable Building 10 by 1.' teet Alter which the follow in. at Battery Rodders: Two Buildings and 51 Bench- * There will alse b< sold at th' - e m tims the following pipe: 60feet 1-inch Lead Pipe. SB feet t incli Iron Pipe. U0 feet 1 inch Iron Plre K0 feet I Vincli Iron Pipe. Brass Stop cocks ^ Oookin* Rnnces. incompl-t.^. 1 Steam Boil-r 6 mohes by 1 foot 10 inches. T.-r--o-k. i. Brig Gen. aad D- pot ,'nartermast. r. xnh 3* > -101 ^EMORY FOB SALE By order of tha yu?rtermaiit' r General. the Gov tui? nt Armory on G street* between Twenty first and Twenty second, will be sold at pui.ltc auction nnder tbc supervision of Gaptala .fanes* ??. Psi iie, A Q. M., on WEDNESDA\, April 10, at 12 o cl k D This l ullding is 20^foet bF 46 faet. shingle roof. Termscas^h^rnme^fiH,^^^ Bvt. Brig-?ea.. Deanty Q. M Oen.. Aeting Chief Quartermaster, all 9 lit Bspot of Washington RURBAUOF ORUSANCE. D Bavt D?*tiiiuT. Washingtom oitt, March 18,1857. BALE OF OLD AKD~Var8BEYlQEABLE AE TIOLES or ORDNANCE. There will ba sold at nubile auctloa, to the highest blddars. at noon, THURSDAY, ths llth day of April. 1867, at tha *11108 of ths Inspector of Ordnance, Navy-yard. Philadelphia, Pennayiva^ ala. a lot of old and unserviceable articles ef Ordnance, embracing Shot andSbsll, about saven hundred <700/ Carbines, (breech-loaders.) about twentv-fiva hundred iS.fOOl i Muskets, rifled and smooth bore. Qun Carriages, aad other atorss. The articles will be sold ia lota. Terms: One half cash, ia Governmentfands. to be deposited on the conclusion of ths sale sad the remainder within tan days afterward, during which time the srticleg mnstbh removed from the yard, otherwise tbay will rsvsrt to ths Government. H. A. WISE, mh 16 S9t Chief of Bureau. O- BPHANS' coubt\ March 9th, 1?7.?Distkiot o* CoLtJMBia, Washi-joto* OoffKTT, T* ten : In the case of Mrs. Margaret A. Dukas, admiaistraUix of Ueviu Dukas, dsasaasd. ths admiaistratrix aforeaaid haa. with tha approbation ef tka Orpbatas' Court of Washington County aloresald, appointed Tuesday. April Id. lft>7, for the final lettiemaut and distribution of the yarsonsl estate of said dscessed. sad of ths assets fn hand, aa hr as the tame have been collected aad turned Into mener; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified te attend, wfth their claims property vouched, or they may otherwise by law he excluded from all benefit In mid deceased's estate Provided a copy of thia orler ba pnbHsbed once n weak for three weeks In tha 9ur- ^mn mbll-UWw' Esllsrof WlUa. |''such woveb whale boms gobbets MADAME PEIFCE*S. 38 MARKET SPACE. T*a money r*funded tf not aa vepreeeutsd Also a full asiortmeat of MILLIE IRY and raVCY OOuDS. of tha lataat impartatioa. EA?rBOOK OF PEAOTlCTI iT flttot nnO> BANKERS. ^'IVM-TaUTY T*1480?T *OTW. 5 k.VViV^WT^oVD.. , " 'jmmMKi later* el Revenne M%bh tor BoAaa. unaeM. Draft* Bond*. Oeeds, Mortgagee, m4 other legal decamente for eale at Oovernreea* ratea ?h_7Jm J Q. HAM * BR, 0? JAf < OOBB k CO., BAB mi. Flfinmk stt?t, tTVaaaswu. fcapontf Ml ? ratee, tal N? ocstastiy od hut. a f?U < ?U BOTlUlir 10IDI) SITIB-TBIKTIH, AID OOINBBt 1ITI1MT IQTM Or<5era tef STOCKS. BOBDS. JM , exeented, ui Collections Mdi on all *>lnta. j?el-tf First Satiooil Bank of Wa&tiington. B.D.OOOBB, (ot Jay Cooke BOo ,) Preaident W * 0. HI STINGTOB, Cashier. BOVBBHMBBT mpobitori 1R1 rUHAXCUL &9BHT OB THB CBITE9 BTATBB. 1 ft (A rtr?4i, arPotut Ik* 7Y?*r*r> Dtranmtm. Government Securities wltk Treasurer United j Bute* (TO.Vi MILLION DOLLARS.^B Webny endee'lallclaeaea of eOFEKiYMEjfT &?rVHin?Skt corrtat market ratee. FURNISH EXCHANGE *nd wwJt* (Ml'dtwu cm ail. tus PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE \ UNITED STATES. Wa pirctMe Government Yoaehere o? the iMOSr TERMS, asd give careful ui prompt attention to ACCOUNTS tj BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other fencing** entrusted to ns. rt'LL INFORMATION in regard to GOYBBIMBBT LOANS at all tlmee cheerfully fnrnlsbed VI. S. HUBTIBGTOB, Cashier WaehlaBt?B, March 18M. matt steamb(x\YlTjTe5. OTuMAC TBANsi'uRTATiON LIM EKOR BALT1MOBK Making freight connection at AOU1A CREEK. With RICHMOND. FREDERICKS BCRG ABD POTOMAC RAILROAD. The steamer BX PRBSS, Cept A. Mickle. and -teamer KENNEBBO, ('apt John B. Wilson, leave Waahlngton from Himth street wharf ev> ry W EDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 6 a. m , for Baltimore, and usual war landings on Pt tomac river Returning leave Baltimore every Tt" ESDA Y and rBIDAT.?p m For further information apply to J. B. BRYAN A BRO . mhlS-tf No. 344 Pennsylvania ave. STEAMER WILSONSMALL *3 FOR THE EASTERN SHORE. BOTICB.?The Steamer WILSON SMALL, OAPT. B. T. L BOM ABU, sow in jr?k all reapecte one of the stauachest, most comfortable and elegaDtB?*? * steamer! plying oa ChesapeakeBay, will resume her route on BA TURDAY, March 3d. She leaves her pier opposite Bo ?T0 Light street wharf, Baltimore, every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 9 p. m.for EASTON POINT, DOUBLE MlLLS.OXrORD CLORA'SPOINT^, WALLACH S WHARF. CAMBRIDGE. HUGHLETT S WHARF, CABIN CREEK. MEOFORD'S WHARF aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Returning from THE EASTERN SHORE, she leavee Lloyd's LandiBg at 1 p. m., Cambridge %t ? p m., and Baston Point at 8 p. m , every Monday, Wedneadav and Friday.touching at all intermediate landings, aad reaching Baltimore at 6 a. m. on the following mornings She has a large number of fine state rooms. fa 26 tf R1CHM0BD^0FMD|^C|HBUB? AND F? TO TRAVELLERS GOING BOOTH TW1CB DAILY. (Bsnday p. m excepted.) The quickest aad moat direct ronte to Richmond, Ya .ana the South, via the Potomac steamers from Tth 8troet Wharf Washington, to Ainia Creek Richmond. Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad, to Richmond, Va,connecting there wth trains oa the Birbmond and Petersburg and Richmond at d Danville Railroads, for Petersburg. Weldon, Wilmington Raleigh, Greensboro'. Salisbury, Char* lottesud Chester, 8. O. Steamers Keyport and C Yanderbllt leave 7th Street Wharf dally (Sni'day evalng excepted* at .J* a. m. aad * V) p. m. aad arrive la Richmond at 1.W p. m. and 2 ?a m. THROUGH TO BIOHMOND IB BBYBB HOURS' Fifty All lea Shorter and IS Honrs Quicker thaa any Other Ronte. Ba Bare and get Throngh Tickets via Atn'a Creek aad Fredericksburg, to Riotunond, at the Company *i Office, corner of Padqi. aveade and 6th street, or cd board of the boat*. Baggage checked through. Omuib usees aad Baggage Wage asi will ba la read!Bees to convey passengers and,baggage batwaea depou la Richmond. Passengers by this line peas by daylightJtonat Vernon, and may bavaaa opaortnaity of vlsltlnc several battle-fields Bear Fredericksbarg bp atop plag at that potnt. Breakfast and saa oa board of Bteameri. GBO. MATTINGLY Snpt.. Waahlagtoa, D. O. O. B. MATTINGLY, T,ck*!0Aynt4J^ll|n?to"Bp Hp Baaaral Passenger Ageat KPARTMENT OF THB INTERIOR, UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, WaeiilMuToM. March 4. 1467. Ob the petttioa of JAMES BE Kg and BOKERT CBICHToN. execntoisof Hsnry t artar, deceased, aad Jamec Been, of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, praying for the extensioa of a patent granted to the ?aid Henry Carter aad Jamas Rees the lid day of Bovembar, 1863, and antedated June 3d. 1W. f?r an improvea>ent in Nut Machines, tor seven years from the expiration of aaid patent, which takes plac? oa the id Jay of Jnae, 1067 : It is ordered that the said petltioa be heard at the Patent Office oa Monday, the Suth day of May next, at 11 o'clock M.: and all per*oae are notified te appear and show cau?e, if auy they hava, why aaid petition ooght not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are re<jaired to file in the Patent Office their ebjections. specially ee; forth in writing, at least unary days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the aaid beariug mnst be token and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will befuraiibed ob application Depoaitiona and oth'.r papers relied upon as testimony mnst be filed la the < fflce nemty riavs t>efore the day of hearing; the arguments, if any, , within ten days after filing the tas kmny. Ordered, also, that this aottce be published la the Repnblicaa and tba Iatalllgeacer, Washington, D.G., and in the Post, Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, once a week for three successive weeks, the first i of said publications te be at least aixty days pre*>.. ta the da, of keariBB. T Q THBAK,? Commissioner of Patents. P. B.?Editors of the above papers wilt pleaae copy, aad sand their bills to the patent Office with a paper coatainlng this notice. mh ll law3w fDEPARTMENT OF THB IBTBBIOB. U UNITED STATES PATENT OFUCE, Wasuixotor, March 4.1*>< Ob the petition of HaMILToN L. SMITH of Oambier, Ohio, prayiag for the extension of a Stent granted to him on the <th day ot Jane, ij, for an improvement in Paper Fllei, f?r aeven years from the expiratloc of said patent, which takes place on the 7tb day of Jnne lw> : It is ordered that the sai.l petition be heard at the Patent Office en MONDAY, the Wth day of May next, at 12 o clock, ^p.. and all persons ara notified to appear and show ,caase, if auy they have.why said petltioa omght boi to be granted. Persons oppesiBgthe extension ar* required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth In writing, at least fmarv dav? before the day of hearing; all testimoBV filed by either party to be used at the said hearing mast be takea aud transmitted 1b accordaace with the rnt?e of tho office, which will ba faralskod on appllcation. Depositions aad other paper* railed apon as testimony most be filed In the office t*?a:? days before the day of hearing; the arguments, if any, within <?adays after fil*ug the testimony Ordered, also, that this notice be published la the Bepsiblicaa Md the lntelhgeacer.Washington, D. a, aad la the HeraldTcievelaad. -Tee a week for threo raoeesaive weeks; tho first. tf o-.iO pabllcattons to he at least aixty days prevent t > Mm- T ? t?acJ?OommiesioBer of Patents. P. 8.?Bditors of tho above papers will pleaao copy, and send their billa to tho Patent Office with a paper coatainlng this aotloe. mh H-law3w Wa^hihgtom. March 7. On the petition of haLPH J. faloonbb, of Waahlagton. D. 0., prayiag far tho extanstoa of a patent granted to him the 7th day of Juue, 18SS, far an improvemeat in Hose Ooapliag. for seven years from the expiration of ssld patent, which takes plaoaan the7thday ot Jnae. 1867 ; It Is ordered that the sald potltioa be hoard at tho Patent Office en MONDAY, the Wth day of May next, at 15 o'clock m ; and aU are notified to appear aad show osise, if aay ttfy hava. why aaid petition onght Bot to be granted. Pereons opposlag tiie extension are re^airea to file in the Patent Offioe their objections, specially act forth In writing, at least days before the day of baarlng; all testimony BM by either party, to ba need at the wB hearing, mnst be taken nod transmitted In aceordanoe wltn tkarnlaa of the o>ce, which will be faralahed on applicattI^poaltlona and railed open aa testimony, mnatbe filed ln tWe offise ttesaip daya before the day of baarlng; tba argamenta, if any. *rsnr^!^T5!5? week far three sncoaasivs weeks; tka first of aaM publications to bo at laaal Mxty dara pravioos te Smmi h * niaa.r <-? t v? fOC .j.-: A . . ?V*s4 jrrtl v a ( X6l i.n t 'MB . ?! ? * I 1 L 'LI L "nBr dancing. ~ v 1 pmora. j. w. * a. V. bbbib i _ dabc1bg acadbmy. ^ f f?"Tlnal? ?nm. bet. Cth io4 7tb ik a Oppoait* Metropolitan Betel ' Claaaae 1>om rra^rcr.^r-' * "< ' ?'?"?? ?, Ili', u toe Jlh'jll 0*? * ? b1iu' u4?g Metserott a Co.?s mn?*c Stores. Tb# Hill cu to r? jted for Boireea, Ac. ivrf Ho*** t^iimm * r w(t' *' ?d MuUn, tindu ul i Saturday afternoons. frotn j to 5 o'clock Gentlemen'? (ammmxi, Tueedai and rrida* <?? i nln?*.froad to 1* o clock ' 'r,a*f ***" i For farther lafaraation, apply daring the bo*re ftnitiog.oi d4r?m*d(>inu)tiwaemniif i Qaarter ?obb?>cii< with the fir it leaeon<a f Mi hi m l vabhlumibli DilOIIfl mab1bi 8 aftseubly booms, ft k. between >th and lttb street* trie'Ast quartsr of ;hi< cason. prepare ory t# the May Ball will cottireoce on ss'cr<is>, March x. Cle?*> * ter Id* Otrmii are now oyei. n b ?privet* i ost ruction given to nit to* conveniene of the p*?ll h k RAILROADS pennsylvania booth 1867 i to the NulTHWUT. socth, amd boothwa8t nn a-* .^8tjtlka ?ohedulb. i folftw? vs^'b *lhl 18 ' * ? ">? ?e { Washington. ...r <0 a.m. i b*!t<T0re lMOp. a. wltnBLKc aUS!j*>5?lb track bouti "" i with elegant ^knkuv pel*.- Suie tmn fi? n,^t Oar* with modern irnpr r^men'e end saving from four to twelve boar* |n tln.e over tf other route. Two hundred milU m?a ? Western ano Central New York. Two Daily Train* to tb* We?t Erastsa " k j*"'' 'hi* route ;roa Baltimore bar* di?r.vfii's<""" * b,i?* Ticket* by this route ctn bt procured at thi of1 ' 00rner 6th street tod F^Dtylvinli , **r BaU?nal Hot. i. where reliable infermatioa will be ?lvao at all time* l~aeseagers procuring tickets at this office ear to'sr^tsb^/"0** 1n 8l#e?ibf cfcr' 'or *1? *' j. a r bold, Ticket Agent, Northeast corner Cth street and Peona. sv . id ...raise . " " , Baltimore, md <j* j ]r f-wiassffHsiwRa?^ lift? nmipw Train. . ... ? v**h ikfctom, j *fl t, \M7. -a ,?" b*tw,*eb Washington and Hew Turk arc ??? ran e* follow*. vix fob niw york, without change of car*. i ? p v? ' Bandar! at 7:?6 a. m and k*w york, chaiuln? cars at Phllndelt (egcept Pan '.ar > at 11:15 a. a. and ? ? ..fob philadelphia. - lat 7 a And 11 u a. m , and 4 90 and < m a m. ob bobday. in only mew tork *bd philadelphia ? * ? | bi<>eplnA car* for Bew t*rk on e.m p m train dallf. Throatb ticket* to Philadelphia. Haw Tork. or Boeton, can be had at the fetation Office at all boar* in the day. a* well a* at the new office in th? Banker* and Broker* telegraph Line, 34* p*nn. kvenne, *>?twe?n 6tb and 7tb street*. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Railroad adTertlMnert for scbedol* between Wuhlsit**, Baltlioore Anna poll*, *nd the We*t ji l, wilson. Master of TranafartatloA. l m. colb General Ticket atrol. m geo. b. eoobt4, a(?nt. Wa*blo?tcn oc ap-tf ualtihobe abd ohio ba1lboad, bf washinetom, Jan. 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Pbllad*lpbia. aud Boetoa> aeo ad*arti*ement of "Thronfh Line." j. l. wilson. ff a*t?r of Tratkap^rtatlcn. _ l m. cole General Ticket Avei.t. ocWtf geo. 8 koqktz. Ageat WaAilnjton ^eciit diseases, lanaeit jtn * a i ft ! sAMAHiTAira eirr, the most cbbta1b bembdy eter used "Ye*, a Po?t!v* ota?," for BOSORRHQLA, GLEKT. 8TM10TL &KP. a*. Contain* no Mineral, no Baibmb, no Marcary Only Ten Ptilt <* 0? Ti**n to tuftri * cure. They are entirely Tegataoia, having no atbel| nor any anpleaaaat ta*te, and will not la any way lamre the itomacb or bowel* of tba moat delicate Care* In from two to tour aay*, and recent caaea |n"tweaty lotir hour* ' Prepared by agraduat* of the tniveraity of Pennsylvania, eneof tbe ao*t aminent Doctor* and Cbeuiirt* of tbe araeent day: no tzru'uri. no troubl*. no rm*t? wk+Uter Let tboee who have de*pai red of getting cared, or who have been gorged withhaleam Ooa*vj* or m*rrarr. try tb* 8amaritab s ul7t ^ Beat bp ball in a plain envalop*. Prlofr?Male package*. #1. Faante, $t. BLOOD f BLOODtl BLOOD ft! gOROFCLA, ulcebs. bobeb, 8potb, BAMAHITAX8 BOOT AND BB&B JUICE 1* offered the ant ilea* a aoaltlve ear* i syphilis ott venkraal diseases, tb* j (samaritan s root and ?ierb juice |v* n>o*t potent, certain and eOectnal remedy ever prescribed . It reacbaa and eradicate* every particle of tba venereal that the care i* tboroagn and permanent. Take, then,of thl* potifriog rea<elr and be healad. and do not tranaalt It to yoc? posterity tbat for wbivb yCo a^nytal la after r<ar* do bot de8paib i Altbcagb roamay oe prr-oocnce* incurable. samaritan "8 boot and herb jutcm will remove every veetlge ef Impuritle* from tba bappily adaptad, la Llcerated Cteru* m le??orrb<m, tu bearing down, f alliag of tba Wo?b, dablUty, and for all oomplainta incident to tba aax ikiby axpraaa Price ?i ? hr bodtta bamar1t ali'? wash la, la aaaaa af Sypbilu, a*<d in ooaaaoUoa with too Boot and Barb Jaiaee. ' Tall directions. Price v oen|p. The efficacy of tbasa remedies la alike arkcewiare uad ?b? hi *'Po*r Bospital, Foet maasball, Baltimore, d., Fab. ?. ld?4 ?"i have great aadafaotien In Mating tbtt 1 have uad Thelauarltaa Baaedies' for Venaral Wisaaa In it* aiost custoaar> form*; Lbatl have nsad tbem with jaifaant, dlaoratiou, t *md propaaly, and, have foci.j tbaa raapond to a# Stoipatlona aroaatly aod affaotually ea owing tbeir aoapoalfion, i have the fullest oonldaaoa in '" "fSSS* I i "kited states naval station, v- Lka'.i* 1?la!?ii. March fj. 18^" By ardar ol the Bavy Department, from the b a reau of Coaatmctlou and Baaalr*. sealei proposal* far tba removing ar wre kmc aad re. ..verinc the property In the u. s. b "Bew Ironsides, mill be received at thta office until 1 p. m. of tbe kih of April, lbi, wbaa tbay will be opened ttie aropositlea for wrecking mvt stat* the aroporiion of tbe proceeds of the sates whicb Is to be pi<id to tbe aatvors, also the time within wblcii the work is to be ocaptetvd. wi tb the aaderatandiag tbnt in lien of bonds aad ether secaritp far tba fnlftllaaat of tba agreement, tbe property re- 1 covered la to be plaoed in tbe baads of tbe Govarainsnt. to bo sold from tiae to tiaa, as aay b? deemed advantageous, ths procaoda reaaialng la tbe hands ef the Gavarnaant antll tba wbola of tbe wrack te raaa?ed, and taa work **?latad to It* satistartion. In aaae ol aillag to prasscnta tba work with sattsfactao dlllgaaoa, or to oamnletaitin da* tlao. tbe depagtaant raaervas tba ricbt to atrnnl tbe **v*ea>-at, aj^ tba property reoovared will t<a forfeited to tba Govern meat For tba purch?sa. as sho He*, tba prapoalUon Bioat state the tlwisf s Ithln whicb tba wmok wMl bo entirely raaovad. The assay to be psud at once: and catling to hare her roan*rod In Una, the vee?el will be lorfettad to tba Ooaoraaant; the right will be reaerved to raisct all of tba offers; and a? agree meat for wreck lag win bo gyy-TaS ft; muni i uforasntion oan be obtnlaad at khla