Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1867 Page 1
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/ 1 ^m!- v( ^T * d ffl HBV .H^VT ^BT ^H/W- if^H I V^BT ^B V ^B ^B >^H H V2t. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, APRIL 2. 1867. N*. 4,389. ^TIIE EVENING STAR PCBLKUKD DAILY,(SUNDAY BXGBfTBD) AT THE STAR BUILDING, *st eonur /,eaa>* av<?i?M Mi Hi* itrM, ?T . . wall, a oh. The fcTAR is served by ta? earners to their subscribers la U>? City and Distriot at T?? CMTTB TWR vm. Copies at the counter, with or without wrapper?. Two Cnrrs each. Pu.en rom Minns -Three months, On* DtUar and Fifty Cento; its months, Tkrti 0oiimri, on* year, PSce Dollari. Ifo papers are seat from the oBee longer thaa paid f<y. The WEEKLY bTAR?published on Friday LktUmr mnd Htif a Tear. GREAT SALE CF # EN GRAYING?, i!? A".0 CF THB riFYTTUTB AND ORPHAN SONS cr era SOLDI IKS ABB BAILORS, AX9 a P BBSBBTATION WILL *B GT VX* AT WASHINGTON, P.O.. ' ON TBCB?BAT, APRIL ?, 1HS7, The Institution for whoee benefit this enterprise le ecucnetsd wasfsanded for the purpose of grntmitonsly educating the sons of deceased Soldiers and 8*ibis of tbs Halted Statee. w pupils will be received after April 4, upon complying with requirements. Tbe purchaser of each Kngravlng for one doilat will be given s certificate entitling the bolder to a share in the award of preeeaU. LIST OP PBBBBBT8. 1 Troye's great e<ineetrian portrait ef General Scott in the Indies' stairway of the Oaplfol - ?24,00 1 11O.OO0 is fold 13AO 1 Greenback, U. 6 ? 6,000 1 Greealack, H. S 2.(00 9 $1 ?n V. 8. Bonds ? - S 00 14 fro* - M ?1(W " Greenbacks ?.??,oo, 10? *50 " " s,uo 1W f25 IJ0# 1,000 iio ' 10.000 2?0?ft " * 10 <4)0 16.?0Ofl " - _ 16,000 S Building Lotsou Eleventh Avenue, New York city. fre? of encumbrance ... 8.13S 1 Set Diamond Barringa jyo 1 Diamond Pia am 1 Steinwny Piano 1.000 4 d ickering Plnira, 8-5o?> ench j,**) 3 Mason A Hamlin's Parlor Organs, $1,000 ench _? 1,000 10 Sewing Machines. ?10Pench l.iOo 100 Family Sewing Machines, 87:> each 7_%?> 20 Bents' Gold Watcbee. $?w ench 4,00" 20 ladies " ?l?) each. 2,tWo 30 Gents's Gold Guard Chains, flOO ear h.. 2.000 30 Ladies - " *100 each . 3,000 28 Silver plated Tea Bets. $75 each 1,370 1 Gents'Saddle and B jnf pments, Sl'O 10" 1 Ladies *? 150 1 Brown*"'... ow B B?t? of Harnen, #S0 sach g4ij b0$ Subscriptions Weekly T ribuae, 82 each 1,000 M0 " " Herald, $2 1,000 CCU ? Herper s Monthly , fj 1,500 to " Atlantic Monthly, - 1.S0 5U) " IkatiiDal Freemason, ?4 " 3,00 > 1 Painting. tavii Playing tbe Harp before Banl ? 1 /flO 1 Palatini, Undine and Ariadne 1 1,'O0 \JM Ha?d?ome Kiifravincs, ?5 each S.tuo $130 000 Bigra^fccs t< tbe ameunt of 81W.000 will b soU, *nd all funis received are to be depositei wth JAY COORB A CO., First Natjonni Bank of Waehineton, D.O., to be teld fcy tbf fmr the bensftt of tbe Institution. HOW TO OBTAIN BNGBAVINOS. Orders may be sent tons enclosing tbe money, 1 rom cne dollar to twenty-five dollars, In s registered letter or by post office order, at our risk. These wishing Bngravings sent must enclose ten cente in stamps to cover expenses. Larkre amounts saccld be sent in drafts or by expreee. PB1CB LIST : For fl CO n handsocv- Ecgrartng Fcr 1 #0 0f larger class. Wvt 3.00 * ? For 4.M ? ? For 0 00 ** Fur (N " ? For 1?.00 a splendid American Chromo. Per K .00 " German or French Obromo. By bnying works of art la large quantidee we ar??t,abl?d to giv? partiet purchasing from us '?; kind or engravings that are eold in aay tors, for the saa.e price; and, in Addition, we I. st*e * certificate whlcb entitlee the bolder to interest in tbe award of premiums for each ?Uar Invented in the purchase. Aildreie all orders and communications to KBBNKDT A CO , 3f"? i eens avenue, Washington, D. 0 , Lock Bex 41. BPBC1AL BOT1CB. To th* military organization influencing the **r,**t sal* of ongraviogs will be preesntsi a l*Metm? Begimental Standard. Pertio* purchasing BacrAvtags will pleaee ad ^thengaats to which Pegtment, Aa.,the#de4 ** credit their par chase. T^M?ertnas not no aceate will npflF fbr ? I * > ? > ! I amusements. rtiairlTUli >mi*i Wlllarda' Hotel. 0* TUESDAY 1V1KIIO. A aril J, MIBB BACHEL JuHNBON will make bar aocoad appearance in Waahlagtoa* supported by the Popnler Tragedian, Mr. B MAUAULBY. w hen will b? preaen tod tki celebrated Comedy tilled LOBDOB ASSURANCE. . , , Lady Oar Spanker... Miaa Bachel JohBaon Blr Harcoort Coartly. _?_Mr. B. Maoauley To Borrow night. Mlaa JOHNSON will appear aa BELL GWYNNE with Mr. MA0AULBY u the DVBB OF B10HM0HD. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. B. B. PHILLIPS LBB8BB ABP MABAQEB. Secead nig ht of the en|i|?m<&tof the Dlatinf ulahed Artiate, LADT DOB. TUESDAY KTBN1N8, April 1,1ft", Bepetitien of the charming Maaleal Comedy of TBB CHILD OP THB BBOIMEBT. A ad >lelaaib*l>l* Sarlettaef TUB PEBTTY HOESBBBBAKBB. It* DRY GOODS, Ac. COST, BBLOW COST, ABD A ROVE COBT. GBOBGB J. JOHNSON A CO., #81 BBVBBTH ST., Are telling their entire atoek of DBY OOODS at coat, below coat, and above ooet. Beautiful ail wool MOOSLINB, 40 eta. Small flgured all wool do,37H. Large lot BAIN UMBBELLAB, worth #2, for 1 SO. Large lot Children' HOSE, 12 V Splendid yard wide OOTTON. V>. With ether cheat aad deaimble Gooda. m 10 1' ^ B L L 1 BG orr AT COBT. Having jnat received onr new and well aelected Bteck ot M1LLINBBY OOODB. LAOBB,(real and imitation.) EMBBOIb BB1B8. DRESS TBIMM1NGB, BUTTONS. Ac , Ac., And having, unexpectedly, to move by the lat of May, we aball aell our BBTIBB S??0K. FBOM THIS DATS, AT COBT CALL AND BECUBE QBEAT BABQAINS, B LEN7.BBBQ A CO., 4t> MarketSpace,nnder the Avenne Hoane. mh 18-1 m* pjaurosALs. PROPOSALS FOB CATTLE FOB IBDIAB BEBVICE. Petartmemt of THE IxtSAIOR,/ March 17,1 <*>7. { Propoi-alx will be received np to the l'.tb day of May. lft>7, at the oflice of H. B. Dannian, Snpecin tendent of Indian Affalrafer the Northern Snperintendency, at Omaha City, Nebr*aka. for the delivery at Omaha Oity of the following Stock Cattle, te wit: 300 head of Milk Cow* forth? Wlaaebago Indiana, ocauiylnc a r?*ervatlen Id Nebraaka 300 head ot Milk Cowk for The San tee Sioux Indiana, occapying a reservation at th- month of the Niobrara. Nebraaka 300 head of Milk Cowa for the Yancton 8ionx Indiana. oc' iipying a reaervation in Dakota. 100 bead of Milk Caw* for the Omaha fndiana, occupying a reaervation in Nebraaka. 80 heal of yonng American Bulla. 3ft head of Beef ('att'e, (ateera.) The Cows mnat be of geod .jnality. American br-ed.not leee than three nor more than aevea yea re old Cowa with yonn^' calves, orcewa with calf, will t>epreferred. Bryco*ewlll not be received The Bnlle nmat be not lesa thaa three yeara old, and the Beef Cattle net leaa than four yeara oM. Superintendent Deaman will have the right to reject any or all tlie bida; alao, the right to reject ?? ell the cattle If lie doenia in* cattle delivered are but ot tti>- re julicd character. Superintendent Senman will be authorized te receive the aaid cattle and to give vonchera to the partieadelivering the cattle, to be paid at the office of the Commieaioner of Indiana AfTaira in Waahlagton city. The time of the deli very of the cattle will be determined b) Superintendent Denman.who will alao have the power to change the place of delivery, with theconaent of the contractor. fiood and anftirient benda will he required for th? falthinl fulfilment of the contract. Blda will not l>e received for a lee* number than the total noiiiber of cowa and hulia called for. Separate propoaala, however, will be received for the beef cattle. O. 11. BBOWNINO, nih SO Secretary GL JAMEBO. McGUIBE A 00., fcSHP " FUBNITUBE WABB BOOMS.? Having rellnqnilhed the Anction and Commlaaion bnalaeaa, and converted onr extenaive warerooma, at the corner of loth and D atreeta, into a f.rat claaa HOUBB FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to furnlah every variety of HOUSE ANB OFFICE FUBNITUBB, at the moat moderate ratea. Onr stock comprises PABLOB SETB. In Bepaand Hair Cloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILED WALNUT CHAMBBB SETS, COTTAOE BETS. SINGLE BUBBAUS AND WABHBTANDS, BLABOBATELT CAHVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIBB OF ALL VAB1ET1ES, EXTENSION TABLE8, HA IB M ATTBE88ES and F BATH EH PILLOWS, OFF1CB DESKS and WHITING TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac., Ac. We bave alao for aale the celebrated TUCKEB SPRING BED, which for comfort, durability and chaapneaa la nnrlvalled. Alao. the TUCKEB MANUFACTURING COMPANY BBONZE CLOCKS, Beautiful In deeign and finlah. and atveryreaaOEabie prUea. JAS. C. McGUdBE 1 CO., mh 11-lm earner of lOtn an 1 1) atreeta. PABIS AND NEW YOBK MILLI- ^ NBRY fff-. Mra A G. OA8TOB haa jnat returned from New York w ith a large au4 >legaatBWTaeeortmentof fine French, Suelleh, and American Straw Bonneta and Htti for ladiee and children; Cryatal, Ainber, Pearl, and Straw Ornamenta Alao, a general assortment ef line French Flowers Bonnet and Hat Frames In great variety. Blbbona, Sllka, Orapea, Tnllea and Beal Lacea. Ac. Particular attention given to all ordara. Boema, 446 8th atreet. near Pennsylvania avenue. mh li Sui (''BAND BALLT OF MEN AND BOYS, ~ I AT THB OBEAT CBBTBAL CLOTH1MO HOUfc'B, No. 460 7th atreat.oppoeite Poet Office. BUSINESS SUITS of all deacrlptiona. DKB88 SUITS at reduced prlcea. BOYS' SUITS of all deaeriptlona. BOYS SUITS at all pricee. New atytoa of BOYS'CLOTHIBO. GENTS' CLOTHING at reduced price*. Bew ia yoar time to lay In BFBIBO CLOTH . 1NO. aa we offer apecial ladnoemenU for the box! thirty daya, at SMITH'S, 460 Tth Stbbbt, oppoatte Pogt Offlce. mhS lm BY COOPEB A LATIMBB, Auctioneers. Southw. at corner of Penn. avenaa aad llth at. . AT PBIVATB ?ALB. ?i.8SS?S.JinXcS',MSImh 1Mb - COOPBB A LATIMBB. AbbU. FttKJSi .iV ' l?(?Q i aeS t Q t>aa ttasaf a? loaa t' ' u SPECIAL NOTICES. WBOTH oasoniO AND INTLAMKATOKT 1BIVMAT18M trtWini daily oured tr MBTCALFB'S OBBAT BHEHMATIO 11M1DT. B?M by all Druggists ftp t-ulv , 8. 0. FORD, Agent. REMEDIAL IN6TITOTB FOB 8PB01AL OASB8. I*. 14 Bond street, Hew York. TFftll liferaiftttoi, with the kitkui ttsixmo ntai*. also, a Book on Sptcial Duuasu, ?? a seaiid envelope, seat free. W Be sure an.d tend/or *A?m, and you irni m( rifrK it; for, m advertising physicians ere generally impo<(orj, without references ao stranger should be truste*. Bncloee a stamp for postage ud direct to BB. LAWBBSOB. Ho. 14 Bond itrMt. Hew Yerk m U-DAWU ? W MABB1A6B ABD CBLIB AO Y, AND THB HftWlnj* ef True Maahood.-Aa lutr for Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Brrora, Abuseeand Dleeaeea which o?*at?l? Momenta *? Marriage, with lore mean* of Belief. Bent in sealed letter envelope*, free of charge. Addrese Dr. J. 8RILL1H HOUGHTON, Howard Aaeoclation, Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sm BECBBT D1BBABBB. Bahamian's Gist Is the meet oertain.aafe and effectual remedy-Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ?*er discovsred. Ouree In two to tour days, and recent cases la twenty four boura. Ho mineral, no bateam, no mercnry. Only tan pills to be tahea. it la the soldier's hopo, and a friend to those who do aot waattobo exposed. Male paokagae, #l;feBam ABITAH1!*OOT AND H VRB J VICW&?A. fOtitl and permanent enre for Hpyhilla, Be r of ah. Ulcers, Boots. Tetters, Ao. Price $ 1 11 per bottle. Bold by B. O. Ford. Bee advertisement my CLOTHING, Ao. JAMBB T. WALBBB. MERCHANT TAILOB, 484 Seventh Street, 484 Bcspectfnlly Informs his friends and the yubllo generally that he has a fine, large and wall- a* selected assortment of HI iLOTHB, OABBIMEBES, WK VB8TINGB, AND Wtf , GENTS' FUBHIBniHG GOODS. "1 That he la determined to run ofl at a very small advance on cost. Persons patronizing his establishment will be guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanship, as he Is determined to employ none but the best workmen. P 8 ?JOHN A. McLBAH takes this method to Inform his friends that he will be found at bis post at the above place, where be will bo pleased to cater to their tastes, giving them garments to suit the most fastidious, and seeing that their garments are made up In the most workmanlike raanner. mhll-lm MBBOHANT TAILORING " The undersigned having entered Intooopartner Uf.twl laid fn an extetsive anS oarefalhi a* "tock ef CLOTHS, OASBIMBBBB.^H VIBTraOB.and Gentleraens F0RN1SH I* IHO GOODS, are prepared to maPe up for if la their customers neat fitting andfashionable"**** suits of clothing, at their new eatabliahment. No. 3*0 > street, two doors weet or the Hatloaal Thes^?^V.,p<^^?<)n, desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing, on moderate terms, should not fail to give una call before purchasing elsewhere. GEO. T. KERN, 8.W . GILBERT, Formerly of *09 ?th St.. Msrchant Tailors. mh 6 1m* Ho. 3'iO K st. bet, nth and Hth. WOOD AND COAIiT" ^OAtl GOAL!) Best WHITE ASH at 98, by the ton. Allalzes. to stfit customers. Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, $10 per cord. ? ' PIHE " #9 " Long Oak, 93 p?-r cord. A ton of Coal sold by mo always weighs 1.140 lbs. JOHN B.liOBD, fe 28 1y Corner ?'.h and O streets. ^ O A L! COAIill _ AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Qross tons of lbs., delivered In any part of the city. Ghestnnt White Ash. 97. Stove, Kgg and Furnace White Ash, 98.0". Bed Ash. | Oak tsiPiM Wood soastantly on hand. Orders received at our Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street 8. P. BROWN A BOH, ja J5 tf 46fl 9th street, between ? and F. 1867 GBAND BX08BBI0H 18G7 TO THK PABI8 EXPOSITION. The new and tirst-claae ocean going i ron Steam>b<P H A Y A H A , 2,000 tons burthen, STEPHEN WHITMAN. Oom mander, will make an EXCURSION from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North River, on WEDNE8DAT, April 17th. at 12 o'clock m.. Taking passenaers for Parts, London and Bremen. Returning, will sail from Havre on Jnne 6th. giving passengers holding Excursion Tickets about six weeks in Europe. This magnificent Steamship is divided into water tight compartments, and has been newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for this voyage. The HAVANA will only carry first class passengers. An experienced Borgeeu on board. ay A full Band of Music teill be attacked to tk ship. Price of passage, la currency, to Havre 9'50 and 9175, according to size of statu room To Havre and return, 9*5" and 93uu according to size of state room. For further particulars and passage apply to the Agents, M8BBAY. FERBIS A CO., 62 South street. New York. Or toMcO. Y. BARRY, the Merchants' Onion Express Company, 406 Peiiu?ylvauia aveuae, Washington. tnh n sot ^ BOOBB1B8. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New Tork avenue and I6tn street, ( Entrance on New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GROCERIES TEAS WINES, IMPOBTHD LUXUBIBS, Ac., Ac., would respectfully aotlfy their friends and the public that they have just opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article usa ally kept in a flrat claaa Grocery, Without attempting to enumerate our large, fresh and wellselected stock, we eordlally in rile thepublio to examine oar store and stock, believing we shall not fall to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor us with their patronage. W* call eepeelal attention to our assortment of TLA8 and COFFEE8, which have been 'elected with great care far purity. Dealers will find a suit MSortm#nt t0Mlect 'fom.had oar prices to Goods delivered promptly la any part of the eltr janna *' corner Boardmaa A Oray PiaaoT $tjb Foraale uponthe wararoomsof Maooa A Hamlla-s Oablaal Orwas/ iTiVtf jlto BOOTS AND BHOae. fJD in jton. Ian leave to inform his fi^sle jWr_j MOBM1. TIHM, ... """""WKfensa. till . Men .oiyi* a *Jt ill | TELEOliAMS. kc. Don An(?| de Yturbide arrived at Hatanaa few days ago from New York. Oa the 2oth ult. the yonng prince (Yturbide) arrived from Mericoqa board the France, accompanied by bia aunt. It is presumed that Max deemed it prudent not to keep him any longer nnder his guardianship under present circumstances. Th# lather, Don Angel, objects to bis joing to Earope, and both have come to one hotel, the Santa Isabel, there will be no need to intercept the young Prince. The whole party takes passage for New York on board the Moro Castle. Another street car difficulty occurred in Charleston, s. C., yesterday afternoon. Two negroes got inside of a car. and refusing to leave, were ejected by the police. They forcibly resisted, but were overcome and lodged in the station-house; thereupon the negroes outside became very disorderly, ueing brickbats, and threatened to rescue. In the melee several parties were injured. Information was promptly sent to headquarters, and a sqnad of regulars interfered and took charge of Ave of the ringleaders. Late advices from Arizona represent the Indians as troublesome. On March l the aavages attacked a train returning from Freecott to Lapaz, In the vicinity of Dale creek, and killed three men, wounded one, and captnred twenty-four horses, lour guns, three pistols, and three hundred rounds ot ammunition. Dale creek, the scene ot the massacre, was formerly a military station. The people of Arizona complain of the indolence of the military. A large mass meeting of the citizens was held at Savannah, Ua., yesterday. A great number of negroes waa present. The meeting was addressed by ex-Governor J as. John*on, Colouel Stone, Dr. J.J. Waring, Colonel A. S. fc'itz, and several others. Also, by Revs. J. M. Simms and T. G. Campbell,colored preacher* Keeolutions were adopted recognizing Congress as the supreme legislative power of the realm Ex-rebel General S. F. Banfebead was beaten to death at Memphis on Saturday. A policeman who bad been discharged at bis request is sapposed to have been the perpetrator of the crime. The municipal election passed off qmety in Cincinnati, yesterday The whole Union ticket is elected by about 3,000 majority. LOCAL NEWS. terporation Affairs. Hoard ok Aldermen. Monday, April 1st, l>-t?7.?The Board met pursuant to law. Present Messrs. Barr, Cross, Onlick, Given, McCathran, C. S. Noyes, Turton, Tait, Owen, Lewis, T. E. Eoyd, president, and S. V. Noyes, secretary The Chair laid before the Board a communication from the Mayor, nominating Charles Allen, M D., as physician for the poor ot tbe Seventh Ward, in place of S.A. Amery, resigned; referred to committee on health. Also communication from the Mayor, enclosing copy ot a judgment in favor of Thomas Coyle. against the Corporation of Washington, amounting to *640.62, with interest from December 6, I&H4, till paid and costs, *1W 70. The Mayor recommends the payment of the same; referred to the committee on finance. Mr. Cross subsequently introduced a bill for paying said judgment, interests and costs, which was passed. The Chair laid betere the Board a communication irom the Register of Wills praying permission to place a table and chair In tbe Aldermen'* chamber for the convenience of his office; referred to tbe committee on finance. The report of the Intendant of the Asylum, for the month of March, was referred to tbe committee on the asylum. This report shows that tbe number of inmates in the poorhouse Feb. SMh was 131; received in March, 15; discharged. 11; deceased, 2; remaining March 3lst, 141. In tbe workhouse Feb 2>-th, 21; received in March. discharged, 77; eloped, 4; remainUi# kluxch Stat: .x. The Chair laid before the Board communications

from the Mayor stating that he had approved : An act authorizing the Mayor to pay the judgment rendered against this'Corporatin in favor of Samuel Waters; an act defining the limits ?r the centre market: an act to grade and pave H street north, from 14th street to Pennsylvania aveuue; an act directing the Mayor to designate a depository for the property of this Corporation, and defining the duties of tbe Ward Commissioners relative thereto, and joint resolution in relation to tbe pay ol the laborers of this Corporation. Mr. Turton presented the petition of Charle* H. VV. Junkin and others, asking to have the curb-stones set and footwavs paved on the west side of lt>th street west, between K and It streets north, and introduced a bill to have the work done. The whole matter was referred to the committee on improvements. Also, presented petition of John H. Bird and other assessors, for increase of compensation, referred to committee on finance. Mr. Barr presented the petion of H. Liseraan and others, praying the improvement of S street, between 6th and 7th streets: referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Given presented the petition of Charles Allen and others, praying to have hay sold by the hundred weight of 114 pounds, and coal, Ac., by tbe ton ot 2,24o pounds: referred to the committee on police. Also, introduced a resolution inquiring of the Mayor why persons who occupy the lot at foot of <iih street ror exhibitions, &c..are taxed by private parties in addition to tbe licence paid by them to the Corporation: passed. Mr. Oulick presented 'he petition of N. I?. Clark and W. K. Hooper, praying the refunding to them of meney paid lor license for insurance companies: referred to committee on finance. Mr. Noyes reported back, from the Seventh Ward delegation, bill to grade west 1st street, with an amendment providing that tbe work sball not be entered upon tuitil other necessary improvements In the ward fcr which legislation has been made, sball have been executed Tbe bill was passed its amended. Mr. Barr, from the committee on police, reported back bill to regnlate the sale and weight of hay. straw, fodder, and oats in the straw, with amendment tixing the ton weight at 2,240 pounds; which was adopted, and the bill passed. The bill to pay Patrick Brennau *>?, being tbe amount of damages sustained by him iu consequeuce of a defect in a street, by which his horses and carriage were injured, was taken up, and after debate, postponed one week. Mr. Croas moved a reconsideration of the vete by which the committee on claims was discharged from fur her consideration of thepeti. tion of N. Blum: and the papers, with the certificate of Justice Cull, were recommitted to the committee. Mr. Onlick introduced a bill authorizing the Collector to close his office tbe first four days in every month, to make proper distribution of collections: referred to tbe committee on ttnttnee. Also, from the committee on finance, reported a bill appropriating ?b,i5o to pay this city's portion of tbe amount due the Metropolitan police force; passed. Mr. Owen introduced a bill to grade and pave the carriageways in Sth, 10th, 12th and 13't street* west, from F street north to Pennsylvania avenue; referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Lewis, from the committee on improvements, reported a bill to grade and pave I street north, from Connecticut avenue to 14th street: passed. Several bills from the lower board were referred. The bill for the relief of Wm. F. Downey was postponed one week. Mr. Turton offered a resolution requesting tbe Mayer to inquire and report the facte in reference to the claims of Wm. F. Downey and Pat'k Brennan; adopted. Mr. McOathran offered a resolution requesting the committee on improvements to report bills in their hands: passed. Adjourned. Com mow Council,.?President Moore in the chair, and all the members present except Messrs. simms and Stewart. A*age was received frem toe Mayor, enclosing the account ot the apothecary ot the Seventh Ward; referredThe following were introduced: By Mr. Baker?Petition of Harriet Grayson, for there. misHlon of n fine; referred. By Mr. Calvert? petition of Ed. F. Queen, asking the remission of a fine; referred. Also, resolution instructing the committee of improvements to inquire Into the expediency or repairing the carriage-way of 9th street, between K and G: adopted. By Iff. Talbert? Petition of J. McDallon, asking authority to erect abnth hettse; referred. Br Mr. Dudley?Petition* of G. W. Tncker, and U. Hartmaa, fhr renal*stun of fine* referred. The-Velio wing were reported from commitff a ,rr? ..ft hk . 04 at;.* j , dered to be printed and mad* the special order for Monday next. Alto, substitute for Alder men * bill for the conveyance of persona to the alms-house, authorizing a contract for th* conveyance to b? mad* annually with th<* lowest responsible bidder, who shall call for prisoners at tbe station-Bouses twice per day Tbe substitute wu adopted, and the bill passed Also, asked to be di? barbed from two communications of tbe Maj or in reference to rbe iif ntmg of tbe city witb gas; so ordered, and the sabject referred to a special committee, composed of Messrs. Moore, Joyce, ami Mnlloy. By Mr. Wright, (fire department)? Aldermen's bill making appropriation for con. tingent expenses of ibe Ore alarm telegraph; passed. By Mr. Walker, < wharves)?Bill amending the act in reference to tlsb whar\e9 and docks, fixing the time in which tbe offal shall be rtmoved. passed. A lumber of btlla were received from tbe Aldermen. Tbe bill from tbe same Board to pay tbo judgement of Thomas CoyI* against tbe C-)rporatioo was passed. Tbe bill to reorganize the Washington Almsbouse, reported by Mr. Peugb from tbe committee on ways and means several months since, was taken np as the special order. The bill provides that annually five trustees of tbe poor sball be appointed, and they ahall appoint a clerk, as also sncb overseers, clerks, agents, Ac , wbo sball give bond. Tbe bill further provides who they sball admit to the Almshouse: prescribes the dnty of a purveyor to be appointed, tbe times of meeting. Ac. Mr. Baker moved to lay tbe subject on tbe table; lost?yeas ??, nays II. Mr. Wright moved to postpone the consideration of the subject nntil tbe second Monday in May; agreed to. Mr. Anderson offered a resolution authorizing tbe Typographical Society to bang a portrait of Michael Caton. the treasurer of the Society, in tbe Council chamber; which, after some debate, was adopted?yeas 13, nays ?. L.KVY Court?Rfdwt ton of th' tokoo7 Fund? Thf LiCtnrf Question?Th' County Turn pit:<*? The regular monthly meeting of tbe l^evy Court was held yesterday morning in tbe Aldermen's Chamber, at ibe City Hall, tbe President pro ton., Thomas Blagden, in th* chair. Present Dr. Nichols. Col. Magruder, Mr. Burr, Mr Plan., and Mr Callan, secretary. Mr. Burr presented the petition of a number of citizens in tbe county, in reference to obstructions on tbe military road. Referred to tbe improvements committee. Col. Magruder, from tbe police committee, to whom was referred the bill providing for licensing dogs in tbe county, reported favor- j ably on tbe same, and it was adopted. Tbe act provides that there sball be paid an annual tax bj all persons owning dogs in th* county, f 1 for every male dog, and ft for every female dog. tbe license to be taken out before the 1st of May. under a penalty of $5. Col Magruder said a large number of petitions of parties asking for license to sell liquor were before tbe police committee, but tbe committee had aot acted on tbem because they desired that the new members of the court sbonld be confirmed and^ct witb tbe old members on tbe subject. Some members of tbe court were opposed to granting any license to sell liquor: but be (Col. M) thought there was more liquor now sold in the county than if license were granted. He therefore mo\ed that a committee of three be appointed to grant licenses to not more than two public houses in each bchool district. Mr. Burr said he had recently beea a member of the grand jury, before which there were at least 700 cases 3<iu cases were caused by the use of liquor. But one case was from Washington county, and he had no doubt that tbe quietness and good order in tbe county was because there were no licenses granted. Mr. Plant thought a tew nouses should be licensed in order that tberemight be accommodations for both man and beast. The vote being taken, the motion of Col. Magruder was rejected, as follows ?Yeas? Messrs.Plant and Magruder?-J. Nays?Messrs. Blagden, Nichols and Burr?3. The committee on police was authorized to rent a station-house for the second preciuct until funds could be raised to erect one Mr. Burr, chairman of tbe committee on improvements. presented the following report The committee to whom was referred the petitions of Col. Alexander, Clark Mills aud others in relation to tbe Seventh street turnpike, leading from Washington to Rockville, and tbe turnpike road leading from Washington to Bladensburg. withiu the District of Columbia, respectfully report: That thev have examined the above*roads, and found the first named almost In an impassabl* condition, and in some portions abandoned tor through travel from Brightwood to the city, so that the few wagons that have struggled through the mire have been obliged te take the Piney Branch and 14th street road to eater the city, and that portions of said turnpikes are so narrow that it would be difficult for two vehicles to nass without danger of being precipitated over the embankment. The charter of these companies require that tbe roads shall be ??6 feet wide and tbe beds '.*4 teet wide, composed of stone, gravel, Ac , sufficient to form a solid firm bed, not one condition of which has been complied with, and your committee are clearly of tbe opinion that said reads are not, nor ever have been in accordance with the provisions of that charter, and tba* itisth* imperative duty of this court to protect the traveling community from the gross imposition upon tbem by said corporators, and your committee therefore recommend that this court instruct their attorney to take immediate measures to present said corporators or Turnpike Companies to the Honorable Supreme Court of this District, in accordance with section 3d, clause 1st, of the act entitled an act to define the powers and duties ef tbe I>\ y Cour: of the county of Washington, District of Columbia, in regard to road and for other purposes, approved March 3d, 1-63. Dz Vies Bvrr, UK). U. Plant. Mr. Burr said there was nothing about the roads which complied with the terms of the (.barters. Twice before wben this matter bad beeufrpoken of in court tbe companies would commence work, and when the subject wa.? dropped by tbe court tbe companies stopped work. The report of the committee was unanimously adopted. Mr. Plan" presented the petition of the heirs of Robert lssherwoo.1. asking that the court snspend tbe collection of taxes on certain property owned by them, until the amount for lf?; is due: referred to tbe committee on improvements, who subsequently reported a bill lor their relief, which was adopted. Mr. Plant presented the petition of Messrs. Shoemaker. Swart, and others, asking that the course of the military road from Brirhtwood be changed: referred to the improvements committee. Col. Magruder offered a resolution authorizing be treasurer to pay all the members of th?- Metropolitan Police force assigned by the Board of Police to duty in that part of the county of Washington under the jurisdiction ot the Court, in accordance with tbe laws of Congress: passed. Tbe subject of taxation for support of the public schools was taken up. and Mr. Carpenter, one of the School Commissioners, beiug called upon, stated there were two schools in every district except two. making a tota. of twelve schools, botb white and colored. School buildings had been erected in all the districts except two. and about s?<i? per month was paid to teachers for their services. Mr Burr said tbe portion of tbe sum of l^-di and all of that for 19W, amounting to tea or twelve thousand dollars due from th* Corporation of Washington, and about two thousand dollars due from the Corporation of Qeorgetown, had not been paid. When tho*eatnount* were received all expenses could be met. Dr. Nichols stored that the tax for the support of primary schools under the jurisdiction of the court be levied at the rate of J5 cents on th* bundled dollars. Mr. Bnrr moved to insert SO instead of 25; which was adopted. Mr. Bnrr said the total debt of th* court was over *#,000, S3.000 of which was due to tbe police. On motion, the general county tax for the K1867 was flxoa at 36 cent* on the hundred lts; police taxes, is cents; school tax, 40 cents. , After transacting some other business, the eourt adjourned. i^Tha Home Joaraal says white atillt cravats, lor ladto*, are oomiag ta fashion again, and are worn la ikt ?*rmiag, t? place of colors, being embroidered aad trimmed with lace. tST New Brunswick u a very small Briilah province, sot remarkable tor population or trade, fa Qevwm. ^ffqfcHwMi aaaual salary ef IWJ ? iJM? Oeergetewa Ctwcilt. B^anoer AiDiivat April i* ?The pasted a substitute loi tbe Couuci- ? am( 'he Ucouuuol iirO<^t|rk'?a Courier Ik* jndre? of -*#>? ?Vn. creep, ?trikin?: out the appropriation tjr ax a judgeeof election Tbe followihg were p**a*d Resolution to pay judgment aaa cosT* of Jv>tn H Nrwntu against tbe Corporation of Georgeto?B. resolution in favor or Bridget Muldcan re*?lunon appropriating 0 fjr repa.r of streets and * ? for repair of Low?r 1 ?H?rofcJ, resolution in favor of Dr. C. K Crag.u, guardian resolution to erect* at oern?r ot Bridge and Frederick itrwu Th? resolution la favor 01 J a me* Allmau wa* amended aad pasted The resolution to procure a plat of Aq aeduct atreet was amended by striking oat tk?* street commia*l*n*r" and inserting -ibe surveyor." TLe lowr board having r?fu*?d to concur, a substitute *t? subeequentlv effered aud passed Tbe board tbea concurred in the proposition of tbe luwer board tor an adjournment until tbe next (Friday) evening. Common CoraciL.?Tbe B >*rd met pursuant io law; all tbe memoer- preeen'. Mr. Davie m'roduced a message to tbe Board 9t Aldermen notifying them of tbe readme** of this Beard to go Into joint meeting In uualifj the new member elect, Mr Benjamla Derby, in place of Dr. Kobert Reyburn. resigned, adopted. A message from tbe Board of Aldermen was received stating that tbey had agreed to go into joint meeting tor thepur)?o?e named . The Ckair appointed a? a committee to wait oa tbe Board of Aldermen. Messrs Brown and Pickrell. The Hoard of Aldermen eoon afterwards entered the chamber, and tbe joint meating was organized. Recorder Mtttb-w> in the chair, who read the certificate of election Tbe usual oath of office was then administered to Mr. Darby by Justice Buckey. and the ?int convention wnsdissolved The Board ot Common Council then resumed its session. The Chair announced tbe following change* in committees Schools?Messrs Brown, Darbv. and Bamsburg. Poor and Wora-bousa? Messrs. Kamsburg. Darby, and Shoemaker Police?Messrs. Darby, Davidson, and Rohrer Jeint Committee on Cbange?M?e?ra. Darby and Kohrer. At tbe request of Mr. Daviv, he waa relieved from duty on the committee on tbe harbor and channel, and Mr. Darby was appointed on said committee. Mr Clabaugh presented tbe petition of Mr. A Rodier, stating that ke had been for a year past running a ferry from the foot of High street to Analoatan Island, which was a grea: convenience since the closing of the aquedut to travel, and asking that tbe Corporation do not lease tbe foot of said street tbia year ae usual, but let bim continue to use It; referred to committee oa barber and channel. Mr. Pickrell offered the bill ot Wm. Wbalen k. Co.; referred to committee on claims. Mr. Darby presented the petition of Jacob Siaab and otbera. asking for the repair of the pump earner of 4tb and Market streets: referred to committee on water. Mr. Brown presented the petition ef a number of merchants praving the paving of High atreet referred to committee on street*. Mr. Shoemaker presented the petition of Jame< Garrity, in relation to his contract tor repair of Congress street, asking the collection of a front foot tax to pay him a balance due him of ?1.100; referred to committee oa atreet* Mr. Shoemaker presented tbe petition of a great number of citizens, praj ing tbe repair of the Little Falla road: referred to atreets committee Alao, presented the petition of J. l> Blair and otkera praying for repair of the pavement on Market atreet, betw??en Bridge etreet aad canal and the hydrant in tbe same locality, referred to etreet* committee. Also, pre-?nted tbe petition of a great many citizens praying such legislation as will make tbe new marketbouse remunerative, bv making it the only wpen market: referred to the Board of Aldermen. A commnnicat.on was received from H Addison, street commissioner, asking instructions as to th* appropriation of for repairs of streets, referred to street* committee. Also, communication stating that h? had bad the amount assessed by Congress on this city, for building tbe new jail, reduced from to ?12,000; referred to Board of Aldermen. Also, communication from N Callan, Clerk of the Levy Court, enclosing bill for iu-ms for repair of roads assessed to this corpora;, on. amounting to referred to the Board of Alderment. Also, a communication from the Mayor, relative to a shanty atthe foot of Potomac street, suggesting that authority be given to have the same removed, referred to the Recorder. Also, a communication from tbe Mayer, calling attention to the law of Congress obliging the corporations of Washington and Georgetown to provide suitable police station-houses; and to the report of Dr. Nichols, of the Police Board, as to the unsuitablenese character of the Georgetown station-house. referred to tbe committee on police. Mr. Shoemaker introduced a resolution to procure the plat of Aqueduct atreet from Com miaaioner Addison passed Mr Pickrell. from tbe committee of ways and means. Introduced an ordinance increasing tbe salary of tbe physicians to the poor to *.HOeach p-r annum. Mr Shoemaker objected to tbe third reading Mr. CJabaagh, frem the committee on claims, asked to be, and was discharged, from further consideration of the claim of A. J. Kadcliffe A Co., it having been paid since the last meeting of the Beard. Also, reported resolution paying tbe claims or A L. Waters and tbe l)iuly Timtt, passed. Also, resolution to pay tbe judgment and cost* of John H. Newman against tbe Corporation of Georgetown, pa^ed Tbe Board of Aldermen's substitute tar tbe resolution of this Board paying tbe aumt of the Georgetown and the expeaaes ot the judges of election, striking out tbe apprv>& nation for tbe judges of election, was pasted. Ir Davis, flom tbe committee on grievance* reported restlution in favor of Bridge* Maidoon. refund ng amoant paid by her for itaaa*e rejected by tte Boar a of Police; passed. Mr. Pickrell, freci the committee on water, introduced a resolution appropriating ?2U0 tor connecting water mams at the new ondge* across the canal at Washington and Jefferson street* parsed. Mr. Shoemaker, from the committed on streets, asked to be and was disAarg*d from further consideration of tbe petition referred to tbi*m, for Improvement of the street, leading to the colorad school bouses; also, offered a autetitute for the resolution providing a contingent fund for the Street Commissioner. The substitute provides for an appropriation of F40 for repair of tbe Lower 1* alia road, and waa paased Mr. Davidson, from the committee on harbor and channel, reported a resolution providing for taking soundinga in tbe channel by the surveyor, its condition to be reported to this Corporation; passed. Mr Davis, fnrm the committee on grievance*, reported a resolution m favor of Dr. C. H Cragin, guardian, paased. The Aldermeifa ordinance providing for tbe issuing of licenaea to green grocers, which expire previous to the 1st of April, tor one montb only, was tak?n up and referred to the committee on tbe market-bouse Mr. Shoemaker moved that waen this beard adjourn it ke until to-morrow evsning, with tbe concurrence ot the Board ol Aldermen; carried. The resolution to eiect a lire-plug at the career ol Bridge anc Frederick street* was passed. A message waa received from tbe Board of Aldermen atatirg tbat they concurred In tbe proposit on of this Board that when the Bjarda adjourn It b? until Friday evening. Tbe amendment of tbe Board of Aldermen to the resolution to procure the plat of Aqueduct street was non-concnrred in. The amendment of the Board of Aldermen to tbe reflation tn favor of Jame*< Allman wa? concurred in. .4r Davis introduced a resolution instructing tbe commit ;ee oa 'he market houae to report to this Board at ita n?<xt meeting on the ordinance in relation to gre.*n grocer* passed. A substitute was received from tbe Board of Aldermen for the resolution to procure a plat of Aqueduct street and pasted. Adjourned. Boabu of Alder*e* ? Marc% *9. ? The Board met pnisnant to adjournment, and immediately took a receaa to await the action of the Council upon the green-grocera' license bill after whit h the Board wa* called to order. The bill aa amended by the Council in the thud sect on, fixing the rate of license, waa taken np, and the Board refused to concur, but amended the section by atrikmg out the worda per month," and returned the ordinance to the Council and aaked a conference commute*. The Council aaafntm and appointed Met sis. Fickereil aad Shoemacer on their part. After consultation the commit, tee reported a recommendation te concur in the Aldermen's amendment; which, having been adopted ty tbe Council, this Board adjourned. \ Common Cor*ciL.?Tbe hoard met,aad waa called to order by the president. Dr. Cragin. Mr. Davis moved to dispense with the order of business, which was agreed to. Mr Radeliffe, from the market committee, reported back tbe ordinance frotn the Aldermen In relation to license* of green grocer* aa amended in tbe third section. Axing the rate of license at t* tS7 per menth, and recommended its passage. Tbe ordinance waa discussed by Meaar* Pickrell, Brown aad Cragin in the affirmative, aad Mr. Clabaugh in the negative, aad era* read a third time aad pasned?yeas 9, nays 1. The hoard toek a recess to await the action ef the Aidermen. Upon resuming business, th* ordmaaae was returned from the Aldermen, that beard refusing to coacar la the amendment ef this board, and amending it by etrlrflng out the words, ? per moath Asked a committee of conference. This board consented, aad sopointed M pears Pick rati and Shoemaker oa its part. After eoasaltauon. the ? mint* reKP*d' of the ordinance with the Aldermen'a ameadmeet The amendment was concnrred la, the ordinance passed, aad the board adjoai aed. mr The repeal of the Masanchasecta nrarr 0Utr ***** t0iM0T* 7oaif P?W*e. B^iqunriUniMnatinwlMiitM ***' ' **.4 Ziit * vv li' ? K \ >5) 31^ *,SL