Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1867 Page 2
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J i t THE EVENING STAR. The Lircfftt Cirenlitioi in the QUtriel W. D. WALLACH. Mitar Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: Il EIDAY APRIL 3, 1MT. READING MATTEE 09 EVERY PAGE. BEE OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTBR. pi 11< fwtni'vrr pti t vnr in t* uvrrr vu vnanub' The avocation of an editor compels us to read from twenty-tlve to fifty Southern exchanges daily. This bring* under our immediate notice the views of almost the entire Southern press in the course of the week, and enables us to know, far better than most person!, the drift et Southern popular sentiment j upon tiie reconstruction question, and precisely what is going on 4n that connection any j and e\erywhere throughout the South. We have to say that the late action of Uongress? the passage ef the Sherman military recon function bill, and of the supplemental Mil of the recent session, together with the introdnc- j tioL ot Mr. Stevens' bill looking to conflsca. tion a* the ultimate resort in case the rebel j element of the South should coatinue hostile to reconstruction upon the basis of thechangea naturally wrought by the war?have already J obviated the great difficulty in the way of the restoratien of national peace of mind: that difficulty having been the delay in the , prompt initiation of a speedy and stupendous course of Drosneritv for th# South ??n r>? business cAtidence throughout the I'nion. A* if by mafic, the Southern newspapers and orators have ceased their daily diatribes agains* tbe negro Their columns row teem with professions oI friendship (or bira. They now real. w?or profess to realize?that bis prosperity and the improvement of bis condition in every coccei\ able way is the key to tbe relief of the whole South from its present deplorable condition. They see and proclaim, too, that no reliance whatever is to be placed npon the , Democratic party in the matter ol averting the i execution of tbe will of tbe people of tbe loyal i States as exemplified in the action of Congress in enforcing prompt aud thorough reconstruc* tion. While we place no confidence whatever in the jret'v' spirit of the remarkable apparent ; change of sentiment in the rebels generally, it is not to be doubted that it is doing immense good- j It is insuring the adoption of State constltu- i tions by every lately rebellious State that will embrace universal manhood suffrage, it will extirpate by the roots the belief until recently j prevalent, especially in Virginia, tha:thing? ! might so be managed in the end as that the negroes would continue to labor for the benefit of agricultural employers lor whol- ' iy inadequate compensation. It will open the minds of all Southern whites substantially interested in the speedy improvement of everything around them, to , the tact that the great .Republican party | or&aniza'ion of the North m??n th? ? barm. Tb&t, on tbe contrary, it is the only ' Northern political organization capable of and bent on lifting tbe Sou;h out of the slough of despond, and so aiding in tbe development of ber industrial and intellectual resource*. as 1 that in a brief period?certainly in tbe lifetime j of a single generation?entire bomeogemty cf j pursuits and ideas between tbe two sections I -will be established. and both will thereafter work in banaony m making tbe country what It should be. Viz: tbe first power in tbe world, and tbe freest, happiest,aad most pros- > p?rons people. THE TREATY WITH HU^SIA. Tbe New York papers are di vided in opinion upon tbe desirability ol the acquisition of Kussian America. Tbe U' ?l<i asks if the country is worth the money, its whole agricultural, manufacturing and commercial exhibit amounting to loss tban ?>uu<u}. oui luiuntii mty pay to buy | it in a pabhc point of view, as it may b? the means of ultimately ousting Oreat Britain from this continent. The Triluwe opposes tbe whole scheme on i tb<*gruttud Ujat we have more territory than -we want, that tbe tendency of Republics is to ! expand beyond tbe limit of economical control; that there is no eall for the occupation of Kussian America for strategical purposes, as in peace such occnpation will require an ' enormous outlay to maintain a warlike establshment, and in war it will prove alike use- | leas for aggression. and an incumbrance for delease. Tne Times approves of the acquisition, and j Thinks that notwithstanding the partisan op. ! position 01 in# senate to th# Administration, a ' > ens* of public dnty will constrain that body I to ratify the treaty. The World thiaks the Czar -toas sold na "a i sacked orange," bat looking to the future we 1 amt regard tbe purchase as wise as an ad- ! ancing step m tbat manifest destiny which U yet to give ua British Nortn America. The v</i thinks the acquisition would only 1 be useful to oratorical patriots on theanniver- 1 sarie? of oar natal day. THE CONNECTICUT ELECTION. As we stated yesterday wauld be tbe case < the contest in Connecticut was a close one' i and tbe result, wbicb bas afforded the Demo! crats a crumb of comfort, may be briefly stated according to advicM received up totbis mora tar. as follows: English (Democrat) is probably elected Governor by 500 majority-' X ue isroiucraui carry mret* congressional dis- 1 tricu Hubbard in the first, Hotchkiss in the second, and Wm. H. Barn mm (the iron manu- < lecturer, and competitor of Ptnne&s T. Bar- ' cam. and still anotber Barnum,) in tbefoarth. I Tbe KepabUcans elect Starkweather in tbe third district. Tbe Democrats will probably ' bare on*- majority in tbe State Senate. Tbe House is Republican. An was aimed by tbe New York Tribmne, the chance of a vote in eacb school district would txave OTereome tbe Republican majority of last j year, and considering tbe addition of strength ! expected by the Democrats from tbe friends of tbe eight boar movement, their majority is small If tbeir promises to favor that movement bad been implicitly relied on by the 'workingmen's organizations, tbe Democratic -rote ought to have been much larger than is fcbown by tbe result. AFTKR OFFICE. The Commiuionfr of Patent* daily rec?i ves a large number of letters from parties aaklng appointments under the recent act of Congress, authorising an increase of force ia the Patent Office. The appointments of many of the appli> e&nts are arged by distinguished persons, but thus far no appointments have been being the desire of the Commissioner to select Jrom tbe candidates tbose who are practical men and entirely qualified to discharge tbe duties. Th* Michic-aw Elbctio*.?Yesterday an ?ri' liK/u WW mm ? ? = Ul iUIVUI|?a lor & J ueuce of the Supreme Court of tut 8tiu two Regent* of tbe University and 12* delefates to a State Constitutional Convention, f wr receive any returns before going to preee ther will be found in another col. sun Id 1664 at the Presidential election tbe Republicans polled 91,-ftl vote*, and the Itemocrat* 7?^i04; a Republican majority of 1?,?17 la IMC, at th*Ooveraor*a election, tbe .Republicans polled M.746 roles, and tbe Democrats #7.7be. a Republican majority of 99,088. A ',Co>f*KTaTiv?'* Cownrriov mat at Xtaabville yeaterday, at which ou of the pilacipal speak-ra waa a colored mas. The resolutions adopted tavite the colored voters to wad delegate* to the duue Convention. 1 qi it* a batch of appointment* were reeeired from U?? Preeideat bjr the Senate to-day. bat none of Lbem of special importaace. , ^ Commtatitb and Democratic member* were la bifb feather at the Capitol to-aay orer the eleetioa retarae from Oaaaeeuaat. 7->'rom French A JUchardaoa, (late Had oa Tajlar'e) Agenta far Scott'a repriau of tbe Eagltab Maaartn? we have wimx B'aeltccod't Eitnbury Mtgaxxne for March., ?^?? FINANCIAL. Uwu Joktwn A Oo , quota Stocks ul Bond* la horn* and foreign markets as follow*: Mew Yobk. April 2 ? 1st Board? U. S. 1941 Coopon 6's, 109\; do.. 5-W#, 1WK; U. ?. 5 s 10-40 s, Coupons. H; 7-30's, 106; Caaton Oo., ?5)f; Cumberland Coal Co pr?rd? 34; l^olck8ilv?*r Mining Co. 3J, New York Central R.R , M>6\. fcne Railway, 5? \; Hudson Hirer K. H.. 136, Reading R. R , lir.'V Michigan Central K.K.i 107 V.. Michigan Southern and N. Indiana K. R .74\; dr>. guaranteed, Illinois Central R.R., 115^: Cleveland and Pittsburg K K , ??; Chicago aad Aiortn western It. K.. 35l,; do. preferred, WH: Cleveland and Toledo K. K . 119; Chicago and Kock Inland K K . 91 V. Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago K R. Okio and Mississippi Certificates, ~$H' Gold, 'J p. m 134 V GOVERNMENT SECURITIES Wa?Hi?OTOW, April 2,1S8T. Jay Cooke & Co. furnish the following quotat ions of Government securities. Buying. Selling (I. 8. 6's Ooapoa, 1881 109 lu9* \J. S. Fire Twenties, 109*, 109', U. S. Fire TwenUes. lf?l 107 s M* U. Sr. F1t? Twenties, IMS 107* lutf * IT. S. Five Twenties. J aaJtJ'y.'ttt. 107 107% U. ?. Ten Forties 97 \ 98* IT. S. S?ven Thirties, August.... l<>5\ ??>* U. S. Seven Thirties, June 105 * 1(>5? U. S. Seven Thirties, .Inly 106* 1U5* YIW YORK FIRPT BOARD 8 ALBS. Coupons 1W * Ui.40'6 ,99 5.'20's>. 1^63 1C9H T.Ws. August....106 l-*4 11)7 S 7.30*?, June 108 \ 5.-/0 8. l-*>5 lt*r?\ /.3(?'8. July 105^ 5 *?. Jn AJy.-ft5.107* Oold 131', ? A NEW Kit A. The recent meetings at Kaleigh, N. C . Montjtomery. Ain.\ and Savannah, Os , seem to mark a new eim in Southern polities. At each of these assemblages of the people without liittinrtiAn of Pftlftr ?mnn or tha wKiua ? ? ?.UWWft VTUIK70 lUOiC j were old men who Have grown gray in defending those peculiar doctrines on the conduct of public affairs which grew out of the lu&iituttofr of slavery, middle-aged men who for years past have bitterly opposed all ideas which were in conflict with their indented opinions as to clasi distinctions bet we*>n white and black, rich and poor; and young men deeply impreased by the deleterious influences which surrounded them, who have been full of prejudice against republican progress They met the colored men, toe, on the platform of le?al and political equality, and did nnt assume the patronizing tone which has always heretofore marked the intercourse ot the two classes. Among these men vrho have thus boldly taltea the adTance in leading and controlling Southern sentiment lor the best interests of that section, are many who, for their honest and intelligent but in is. directed patriotism, have been honored here, tofore with the contidence, support and esI teem ot the people. On that account their present position now that they have cast a^ide the political fallacies which have heretofore impeded progress at the South will be all the mere efficacious in directing the minds of the masses to the gradual adoption of the more advanced ideas of statesmanship and political economv. which Lave mad? Mi* v - ?- iun u States so prosperous. For these reasons we rejoice to find Southern men bold enough and honest enough to make themselves a target tor the shatts of malic? and ridicule now, well knowing that they are right, aud are only .n advance of their peaple in a course which will yet be recognized as the one best calculated to promote the prosperity of their S'ates and the good of their country. DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LAND. The Commissioner of the fieneral Laud Office has received returns showing an aggre gate diepo*al of acres of the public lands during the month ot Februnry'last in the two following local office? in California, viz: San Francisco. 3'J.5T'.? acres; Marysville, J.703 acres. The greater portion ot the lanri !*- ? sold for cash the sales amounting to *14 079, and the remainder taken for actual settlemen t and cultivation under the homestead law and located with military warrants. NO PARDONS. The President, for some time pant, hi* been granting but very few pardons to those who were engaged tn tbe rebellion, although there area \ery large number of petitions for pardon before him A few are pardoned nnder the Kith exception, or 9*0,000 clause Bat very few others have received a pardon for some time past CLOTHING FOR FREED PEOPLE Oeneral C. H. Howard. Annsrimi ?~ eioner of the t'reedmen's Iiureau tor this District has directed Major J.M. Brown, A. Q,. M., D U., to proceed to Baltimore for the par. pob? of purchasing, at wholesale, clothing for the use ot dependent treed people at Freed, men's Village. THE IMPEACHMENT QUESTION It is understood tti&t the House Judiciary Committee, now in session daily, will adjourn over from next week until the early part ol Hay. when Mr. Wilson, chairman of the com. mrttee. now in Iowa, is expected to be here. Mr. Boutwell Is chairman in tha absence of Mr. Wilson; THE WUITK HOUSE. To-day being Cabinet day, do visitor# were admitted at the Executive Mansion. All the ? embers ot tbe Cabinet were present, and the session continned for some rime A few members and Senators bad an inter\ taw witb the President this morning. SUPREME COURT. On motion ot Oen. Cusbing. Charles Cowley, Esq., of Lowell, was admitted to-day a.* counsellor of the Supreme Court He appear* as counsel for tbe Navy Department laser, eral important prijje cases. AkMY tiRi?*R? ? Brevet Col H. CJ-. Gibson,3d artillery, ordered to report to the commanding general, Department. ol the East, for assignment to duty Brevet Brig. <-r?? J. C Tiduail, Major ua artillery, ordered to report tbe commanding general, Division of the Pacific, for assignment to doty Lklawabk U. S. Sivatob -It is stated that th?? Governor of Delaware will probably appoint Mr. Thomas A Bayard, *on of the for. mtr Senator of that name, aa the successor of the deceased Senator Riddle. W A bill has. been presented in the Pennsylvania Legislature, which proposes to prohibit political processions. Ivtxbnal Rkviktb?The receipts front tbis source te-day were 91.6-21,169.%i. flfljp" ATT1MTI0N, BBPCBLIOAM#!? There LL9 will be a regular meeUnaer the sbpuhlTOAN A8SOUIatiob of U? Dlstriot at Union League Hall, TGB8DAY BVBNI MO. April 2, at 7>^o olock^ The ^report of the Bxecutlve Oom r? war* aaaaaiatioaa will ba n ada.aad otbor important baMaeaa will coma as ?W*rl5?,.k5!1 **7* > ?? ? roarasenta tivM will doaoby apacial meattn* TliltfiMon d?f) it i n in., , TutJ*, By ordar of Ika Praaldant. Jl? ALBBBT O HALL. Sao. rvy? WASKIHOTON^B. 0 . 1,1MT. tb* annual alaatlon bald tbla day far aaran ^/ ctorj 'Q rapraaaat UaWaablaatoa Library Oo. for tb* yaar ar.ding April iat, 15?, tb* faliowio? gaatlaaaan wara vlactod : i* V ifult*Ti 'i A B. Sbapbard, Joa B. Kaaabay, ? Win . Thomp?oa. a J. Bicbaltou, J HO. B. KBAtBBT. i^igitfsssgf 11 Jmiw of Btocttoa. " II'DUIO AS0OO1A* ; 3 -AU mombora and thoao ]M tblt netlf ortailzid Germs? vliK ihi '(whfch b# conducted ?- r-< now ?o iiocMarallr e*rrl*4 ut In tb* UMt Wiiklutorn Wamd and tkm yrruil iNkulet' Building liiociitlM,) M? rNMCtftlly to ?u?d4 tk* Mxt tint rJwoathly ? "???. TBVMBDAt 1MBXT. April d~rst.M ife"o":'.si:?s ready for dlatrU?utiun.>#?ciir? four ihini feafora qSlSfe1* TELEQBAPjBlC NEWS. I FROM EUROPE TO DAY. I Fraltn Kilted?( alien in B?mkir-Opt?- 1 the Parle KxHiltiw. t [By Cable to the Associated Pres*.] L l4>i*ih??, April '2?Noon ?Coae?le. 9t; Erie. i 39.v:lllinois Central, 78$; l\ S. 5 ?j J PAitra, April 2?Noon U. S. 1 fBAKKKOar. April e?Noon?U.S. 5-iu J.I v BRPOf?L, Al>ril*?No?n ?Cotton m*rk?t n dull And inactive. Sales hale*. Mid- ,1 dlinc Uplands. 13d.; Orleans, Bread- j etwffs unchanged; Provisions?Beef firmer at li'*' . I?om?q>, April 2?Eveninr?Consols, 91; U S. 5.20's75 UliuoisJOntral 79; Erie39'v KRAMKroiT, April 'J.?United States bouds 7P. Paris, April '.?United States bonds livtki'ool, April??Evening?(Jottondull. Sales o! 7,<hm; tiales. Middling Uplands 10r,a 13d. Manchester advices are unfavorable Bread stuffs Arm Provision generally unchanged. ? Liv?ai'OOL, April ??Noon.?The dullness in the cotton market continues, and prices slightly declined. Middling uplands are now I quoted at The market for breadstuff's is firmer, and ' prices are now advancing. Corn is now i quoted at 10s Ud. per quarter for mixed western Ualifornta wheat advanced 2.1, and is now quoted at Us. ?d per cental for best white grades. Lo?l>o*. April 2?p. m.?A despatch rej cei\ed here from l*ublm to-day says that the British troops, while searching for Veuians in the country near that city, yesterday came upon three of them, who were fully armed and equipped. The troops tired upon them, and killed one and captured another, who subsequently proved to be the notorious McClure. The third escaped. Advices have been received from Bomborg, which state that the growth of cotton in that region nas oe?n greatly increased. Paris, April 0 ?The Emperor Napoleon, accompanied by tbe Km press Eu*en>- and the Princess tMo'hilde. formally opened the International Exposition yesterday afternoon. There were no boisterous demonstrations wbate\er from the musses of the people present The Csnnecticut Elertits. Haktvo&D. April 2.?Tbe returns of ths election are nearly all in, and tbe Democratic State ticket i-s elected by 700 majority. In thesecoad district Hstchklss (Democrat) is elected by 2.500 maiarity. In the first district Hubbard (Democrat) is elected by 500 majority. Ib tbe fourth district Wm. H. Barnurn is elected by 4:i0 majority In tbe third. Starkweather, Republican, is elected by 1,700 ma The legislature is Republican by a small maiority in each house. Hartfoii). Ct., April Returns from all but eight towns (tire Knglish a majority of ?-:j. The Senate stands 1*2 Republicans to !? lk*mocrat*. The House ts Republican hy from 16 to 40 majority. The Democrat-. elect Congressmen it the first, second, and lourth district? and the Republicans in the third district. The Election in Cincinnati. C:kc i-nati, April a.?Stark, the I'nion candidate ft r Mayor, fia- 1,400 maioruy The average majority for the l in ?n ticket Is ".,100, showing a I'nion gain ot 1,!J0?. The totsl vote is less than last fall. Tiie Council stands 14 I'nion to 5 democrats: a democratic gain of 1. The Election in Dayton. 1jattoi>. Ohio, April 8?The Kepnblicin mijoruy in this city is M>. The Democrats gain two Council men. |yns=?(;KBMAM TABQNT ASSOCIATIOK.ii3 From the let et April, and until further uoTice the regnler Monthly Meeting of the above Ax (KietlOD will bo heli on the F1BST WKDNB8I)AT or KTKKY MONTH , et 7:, e clock ?. m , at the Schn?ta>-u Park. ??! ;( OMABLBS KLOMAHN, Preiident. fre=>V'APlTOL HlfcL BUILDING A.-SOCIAJot TION?The fourth luorithlv meet! us of flun Association will be held over Dooley ' Drue Btor ,corner Penna eve end .id street east, ea Till: USD AY NIGHT, at 9 o clock. A pre alum will be charged open all -took taken after that date. W. T. JOHNSON, ap 2 4 Secretary. rrTT_VL*BV " tb4*m -id tehslf of ths LkS Traetea* and CMfragatlon of the Inu ooi ? Church, on eth street, b?twe?n L and d,l would herewith return our wtroiait thanks to the Trustees of the " Foundry Oho'ch" tor their ?ary acceptable donation of a sat of Window Blinds foronr Cin rsh BKMJAMIN ?l*ft08T, _ ? f aator of said Ch? -ch. 1 DANTML PfiBL. Trustee. nfg^DAWBON LODOB. Ho. 16-There^ril ba of a called meeting <.f DAWSON LODGE. B^T 1#. TO MOISOW I Tuesday) AfTKBHOON I at So clock The Bsembers of Davwn Lodse will i please l>e in attendance B? order of the w M apl-2t O ?. THOMPSON, Sec y. rrs^BKOisTKB't or no*. lkjj , . April 1,1367. | A<ttire is k'r">y ttren, that the Licenses issued I tfi nun*ra rvf U aoA. a ''?-s^ I ? ? ?? ?. vai ui au'i vra/i will U pi re on the firat Mond?> in April, and that aaid lic- oaea inuat he roiiow^d, in compliance with law. at this offic< witlitn t. n laya after that tini?. 8amubl e, douolass, ap i d taplo b-gfrter. rrW THI BEGULAB ANNUAL MBBTINO l_? ot two B04BD OF DIBEOTOBs OF TUB Washington on y savihob bank win bo hold at thur office corner of 7th atroot and loniaiaua arenno on TUE8DAT bven1no next, april 2, ot 6 o'clock p hi. nti srijt rllos. i oabpineb, 8oo nts^thb riBBT annual mbbtino oftho j j? bterkhnldera of the fik3t waed j building association will bo hoi* at tho tcnool alonoe, on 19th afreet. l.etween g and h atreeto on tuesday, april 2d,at so'clock p. m stockholdera aro requested to bo punctual in their attendance. m the election of offieera for tho eaauing year will take place _m j?jt geo. w. kipwbll. beo'r. y*=?bb01btey notice.-notice la herobv 15 given to all qualified rotors in tho t&1up wabd that the jndgea of bl- ction appointed to rem iter voters under the act of oongrma opproved febraar> 4.1857. entitled "an act to punlab illegal *otlni? in th? ?' iiau?ili. and for other pnrpoaea." will be In session, at th? t onuno <nuel 1 OhamVer. Oity Hall, on MOH BAT, T0E8DAY, WBDNE8DAT. anA THURSDAY . April ut, Id, 3d and 4th, from 3 to 7 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of receiving end recording their naaae*. ?-tf B. V. BOTEB. gocretory. fill ' BOTIGB TO ALL WHO US* THE POLLS TO MAC WATKB 1 ? *Trg Ki>.i;TRtE't Office, ) Cut Hall, WA->Hisr,tox, I>. C., \ ...... March 11.1867 \ All hon?fkeepf r? or others who ase the Potoupon the pnmisee occupied by them ?Sd, th,kt f"1?*" they have paid eltice the 1st day of Jannary last the water rent for the current rear 18/7, they ar?- now delinquent and , liable to have the water ahat off from their premise* This penalty, which involve also an addl- , .B# .?? two dollars, will be enferced, without futher notice, on all who, within one month fron- tola date, ahall not hove paid water rent in fall to January 1, 1368. bardolii'h cjotlk, n>h21?olm [Intel | Water Begistrar gy B TA B LIBB B P 1811. HcPBBBSOnT fbbguson. t1 pimm, avi.iui, coimi 1st strut, _ , . Oapitol Hill* 1 Detltn In PDBB DBCOB, HBDI0IBB8 and OHBKIOAL8, to Phralslana Praacrlptlona accurately compoundad. The Night Ball promptly answarad. OOH-tf fMGAB CUTTINGS for kaoplng m?thi oat of OLOTHINQ. CAUPBTS.Ac . far m)o chaop at 4 99 71 h atraet. a? 2?-oJau* F. H. FIBLBT A 00. j ?HAMPAGBB' CHAMPAGNE I Bovine obtained of the principal Okampagna Importers of Haw lork a larger illsoonnt than avar heretofore given, I am prepared to offer tha following brands at a lowar rata than horatofora sold In this markat, rlz : Ohaa. Beidseick at ftttauorta and Sift pints; Julaa Mumos'a Ukampacneat ?U quarts and #34 pints The Okas Ga>i tier's Cheatpafoc, of ssr ??b vineyard, 1 will atlll offar at $t2 I Illy la porter, 232 Fraa^Vrna*. 1 '8 BU8IH BSBBOITrSTTFtert, ' ' Melton, lid Bilk Mixed Canimerei Bid* qi i la the moat faahieniible stylea ?mm"9 OF > PHILIP WALLAOH. mh ? ?t Cornor 4>? itrect and Pcan'aTonnV 1 8PLINMD BTOGK OF YOUTHS'OLOTH IHO. embracing the Double broaat Walking I Ooat, Metropolitan Coat and Coate?T^ PHILIP WALLAGH. ?k N ft Conor 4H it. and Penna. a*. ^rw'Si&rL'&WutfAi'oja'as, all the Pelicaeleiof the SoaeoB. **?, aiao, ( Oa?t. Hakbt Biowxikg la i* charge, aad wl'l < Bo h?W to?o hla fneada. mk aTlm V BiTl IIOIITID0*1 OF TRiaaavlan < I riM?Ui*?rtwBtiif DISSS TBIMMI *GS. Uffll BA4B. BATS, AMD rBAMIS, i ? acj'.izir" jgrasgg: , E CONGRESSlQNAii. Lf ; YruvAT, April l. itifAT*?After prayer and Hi reading of journal of yesterday? Pdr. Harlaa introduced a resolution, which F?is agreed to, tbat the Committee on the DisI <ct of Columbia be instructed to proaocute [ * revision of tbe law* of said Diatriet, u atbarized by the joint resolution of Juae, !^i4. Slid thftt thf?v h?lY? IhAva tn kit Hnrlnv fha <'ecess of the Senate, and to employ assistance it a rate not exceeding ten dollars a dav. Mr. Johnson, rising to a privileged qoes ion. defended Philip Frank Thomas. Senator elect from Maryland, against the charge* in the report of the Haak of UoDntrtt), dated 1-6A whlon were to Use effect that for the first

time in our eventful history, the interest on the public debt, falling due is January, IMI, vat-left unprovided for by the then Secretary of the Treasnry. (Mr. Thomas.) In a letter which Mr. Thomas addreseed recently to Mr. Thomas, and -which was read in the Senate to-day. Mr- Thomas says he never heard of : Mich a report frem the Bank ef Commerce of , New York, until it wan produced in the Senate bv the Senator from Michiraiw flir Wo?r?in i otherwise be should have noticed it sooner. Mr. Thomas says there wu 110 provision by law to pay tbe Interest, bat be bonestly and assiduously exerted himself to that end, and succeeded to pay in ft tbe said interest on tbe loan. Tbe records of tbe Treasury will abundantly vindicate him. Mr. Howard, in replying to Mr. Johnson, said be had not sought to become au accuser or proeecutor What be did was by way of calling tbe attention of the Senate to the fact that tbe report oi tbe Hank of Commerce iu effect accused htm of conspiring with others in treasonable conduct?nothing more. But it eimvK uim fiur. nowiuajas very si ran je laa* aiibonftb tbe report or extracts Irom it bad appeared in the yvtionul InttUiynctr five years ago. Mr. Thomas had not seen it. Mr. Johnson, in tbe course of his reply, said that Mr. Thomas had assured him tbat aft?r he left here, in 1851, he went to his farm in Maryland; did not see the 'ottol In tell iymer. and subscribed only to the Baltimore Midi. Mr. Johnson reiterated that the records of the Treasury showed Mr. Thomas bad, while {Secretary of the Treasury, acted as an honest and patriotic officer; and in conclusion Mr. Jobnson moved that tbe letter rrom Mr. Thomas relative to his official conduct as Secretary be refeired to the Committee on the Judiciary. This was agreed to. Tbe Senate then wentintoaxecntivesaesion. ^ B I H * W BOOK 8 . Studies in English; or Qlimpses <*f th? Inner Lift< of our Lftucuftge, Br M. Scheie We Vere. LL !?., Profe??"r of Modern Languages in (be I'nlreraity of Virginia &2.!X) Element! of Political Economy. Br Arthur l^athaor Perry. Second edition?revised. il.fO. Five Centuries of the In^ttak Language and Literature. Volume Gt'COCof the Tauchnit* Collection with a Preface. Br the 1Uron \ on Tauchnitz Ecce Pens?Essays on th? Life and Doctrine of Jesus Christ, with Controversial Motes on >'Xrce Homo " ?1,B0 Wi'h Gen. Sheridan In Lee's Last Campaign. Br a Staff Officer 3J Faith Uawln a Orde >1. BrQeorgina M. Craik. 91 25. * Swtngin' B?und the Ctrkle." By Petroleum V, Haibj. Tbe Journal of Maurice De Queren. with an >? aar br Matthew Arnold, and a Memoir br fialnte Benro Idttert by O. 8 Trevatien, translated by Edward Thornton Fisher fti >* The Hutcenot Galley Ma*e Tran?lat?id fro.n the Freueh of Jean Marteiih. 5 1.80 Sybil 's Second By Julia Ca?enafb 91. Annual of Scientific Discovery for 1864 and 13C7. Madame Kecanier's Memoirs Q2. lor sal.? at PHILP A SOLOMONS' Metropolitan Bookstore. | ap S-3te<> 33*2 Pa ar., bet. 9th and 10th ati. f"|BPHANS~ OOUKTTMarchT 1857-D'jrr*ict \J OF COLUMBIA, WAHH INt> TON COCNTT, , In the cane of Barah M. Williams, administratrix of Lemuel D William*. deceased. the administra trix aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Orphans' Court of Washington County aforesaid. I appointed Tuesday. the 23d day of April. 1867,for the final settlement and distnbntlen of the per sonal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in hand, as far as the same have been collected and turned Into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly yonched, or they nay otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's estate: provided a copy of thlsordar bo published on e a week for three weeks In the Evening Star, previous to the saM day ?,??.?? Test:?JA9. R. O'BKiaWI ap 2-wfw? BegUterofWine. I1 SurToe ~ Mrtnersblp existing between SMITH ft BBALL, tt So 361 7th ctreet, bftveei I and hM been thU day dissolved through mutual consent The business hereafter wilt be continued l.y L. A. BEALL N B ? All persons indebted to the firm will ph ase come forward and settle. Washington, D C.. April 1st. 1887. ap l ?t* PABKIAMS! m CAMKIAOI8! ~ v CABBIAOE8 - nrmo. On band, a fine assortment of first yJkjK&S rlasaCarriages, of the latest style and w-M finish All work sold warranted. A number of second hand Bugsrias on band. Especial atten Uon gir'n to repairing. BOB T H.OBAHAM, Repository, 374 Bstreet. bet. 8th and 9th. apl 3t* Shep, 477 8th street, near D. ?^A ST GlfAHOB. A beautiful Walnut Cas* OHIOKBB'NG * SOH'6 PIANO. Marie expressly for achaols. and hence^j^^%. cumpvr mail in omer tea nner cwM.NfM tnt interior the same ? the beet Piano.*'* " * offered at a bargain, if applied for within two day* JOHN V BLLI6. ap 1 2t 1 Int A Chron. 1 306 Pann. ?r. TRUNKS. mm TRAVELING BAGS, * TALI BIS. LADIES' AND MENS' 8ATG11ELB, HARNESS, SADDLERY, Ac. A large assortment of all etylea, and at LOW PBICES, At tb old established and practical MANDFAOTOBT or JAMBS 8. TOPHAM A CO., ? ?? * ?" ??? East Side, On> Door above Odd Ft I laics' Hall. bbpaibibo Promptly executed by geod workuiea. ?pMt TOCI'AR MAEII8 -OONNBCTICUT1BED LBA F TOBACCO for aale by M. II FIHLET * CO., ap2-eo2w* 4S9 7th etreet, seer B. ^ H hi A M D N AV * . C' Dtlemen are new taking leraonaof Profee* ?r JOHN PILL, Mo. 516 Mthstrect weet aonthof Pennsylvania ??enue, prior to an examination before tbeBoard, Tor the toafttonor officers in tbe above. A few more can be received. ap 1 St* | AST OBANOB! ONLY TWO DATS MORE! I (ffer hit lar*e atork at OBIAT BABGAINS F<<r TWO DATS MOBI. It couatata of ??ry lirn aa?ortn?nt of iqMrlor PI ANOB, ORGANS, MBLODKONB, ODI-Mlin TAB8. VIOLINS, AGOOBDBOBS. 8TBIBGSin fact every article ia tta? muaic kuafneM JOHN r. BLLI8. 306 Peanarlvania areune. apl-Jt I Intell. and tihron.) ULAOK BILKS ** FROM AUUTION. 10 plecee extra, bMT|> end fin* aoallty BLACK GKOB GKAIK ULK8 o?t received from auction, which we ere selling rery nacb below tbe receler price*. ALSO. PLAIN POULT OK 801B AID TAFFITA SILKS nBlae, Green, Brown, Purple. Amber, Lllec, Steel,Grey end other ceiora et *1-75, $j and* |I.3> per yer yard. sMAi.r. nnmrw rom f 1 to #1.60 pet yard, IBDIA. CHICK BILKS it $1.00 per yard. 8FB1NG DRB88 GOODS, irtit vftrUty from 9* C?to W|1 Mt yard. JOS. J. HAT * 00., 308 PnurlTuli ay l?tll MkmaA MHi ?ti, PB?Q*?4T SSL' :ocitu mhtOSi HXpAMfrPgiJMTULY.Prtx^, 186 V Wf TH?tM?T JOg *1H* Oili FAUTIHQ8. "IBbakaptu* at tIfca Oourt rf Qw, mYe*tn : Okerly'l^tifttai' ?*?tU piABOBl flAIOlll J I jacasss.-.^'7 I 6e?r|N#wa Affairs. MBOHilTI' ?SOI*ROB.-Tfe* offering* It the rooms of (bo Merchants' Kxsbanc* this morning woro 800 Mils, extra flour, 70u bWs cot extra, 450 btola. family. 30) bbla. saper., 1,000 bosbels meal, i.uoo basfcels corn, l,?uu bushels catr. Sales cut extra at fl3, medium : extra f 14 25, and canal fsmily at f 1G. White Cora, 118; yellow. 103 tr 105. Oau TO to 75. Corn meal 105. Georgetown extra, M \ to 1.>v cot extra. 13)? to ttV; supers. 12* to 12V: family, 16){ to njf. I'kovxb'b Kbrt Cattlx Maxkxt ? One hundred and ninety bead of cattle were oflr<*rod yesterday?eighty-fire from Virginia, tbe balaure turn Baltimore. Twenty.flve bead were sold to larmers for grazing. a*. S6a??.l_'^' p?>r i 100 Ibf ; the remainder to Baltimore at prirea ranging from 97 to staeap at this yard \eMerday. Host or OaoRorrowa.?entered nt?amera Columbia, Harper maater, Irom Baltimore; j New York, Marshall master, from Pmiadeipbia. Cleared?Scbr. Benjamin Kroaklej. llill maater, for Mulebnry; barges Tulip and ! Joba Bland, for Baltimore. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. | [Vry?N?W BUILDING AH8OCI&TI0N ? The tirat meeting of the Bl&TU BUILDING ASSOC!aTI(Mf, of ueonpfown. D O. will ba hil4 I at Laug'a Hotel, oaTUBBDAI BVBNINO theM 1 inatant, at 8o'clock, at which tlae the books will i l* ?p*u for all imcni desirous of bictminx [ stockholders, to takssach an amouat of atock aa they utr be yreftrsd tosar for. attar which tha I books will ba cloa'A ana no mar* itnrk mh 1 1 taken. ^ ~ 'WILtiAB klW<i. a? l-?f l^rtUry. J AMIS H. VIBM1LTH, LaDTS8' AS? OtXTLIMgS's in FABHIOHABL* BOOT AND SHOE* WL MAUI, Bo. 100 nifk atraet. Georgetown, D. C. All work made At thr bUbliihMit warraatad to be of the v?rr beat qaality. A pcrfect ?: guArAntttd in ATery on mh J9 ?t * C1 BIaTkB THAI IVIK -Jut received At / MILLKK'B. lOl RrMgi itrtM, Georgetown, 1>. O , A lArg* atock of Bpriu And SnnmerOooda, embracing choice Dree* G>od? in thA lAtett novel tie?. AI*o, S.O tl >arria Calicoes At lis, 15. lj\.20 i centa: BlAAched and UbbleachAd Mlil:n<. 10, 1SS, 15. IS. 20 centa. vuperlor Shirting. *s cent*. u n?ekeeping Gooda, Clothe. CA*4?mer?A And l>iililn??, bkirta. FArAfcola, Bhawla. Gtovaa. Coraeta. B >alrrr And Notl<'na. Our Oood? have been onrrt???.i I cub tine# the recant decline, nod cfeat bargaiua iimy be expected by all who mar favor us with * ! call j mh BBNJAMIH MILLIE W' M B WBEiTLiys PKK9ICM BTIAM DYEING AND CLEANSING ESTABLISHMENT. Office, No. 49 Jeffaraon at.. 0*org?towi,D. O. EstablUhed in 1831: premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute. 1367; rebuilt U<4. and la now b> far the largest and most complete -stabllshiuent of the kind in this action of country Dyeing and Scouring of all Itlnda dene in the beat manner Trnly thankful for past favora.the subscriber solicits the oontisaad cnatom of the community Goods received and returned by axpreaa with tha | utmost proniptnesa and deapatch " Post Oftica n<}dreaa. Lock Box Ho. **0 Office cloaea daily at aunaat except Saturday, when It la cloaed at 8H m f* 16 ?m i ?M BALLS, PARTIES, ko. Tub inpependent socials, by tbi i urgent rxjiiMt of their in any friend", % and the public generally. hare conaeuted to s| g,ye tb"'r EIGHTH QBAND BALL CjL a*i> a pbl/.e ma>ycebadb temperance hall. E street, between and 19th etreete on EA8TEB MONDAY, April T2 1M7. The O >?imttt<-e of Arrangements have spared neither i>atns or ex pense to make thi? the creat"?t and grandest affair of the ?e?< n For further particular! Wf> future advertise:: ?Dti. ap2 St gHOW THIS TO YOUB LADY FRIBKD8. Good qiuUtv of No. 4 B1BB0N, of *11 (had ? at ?1 a piece,(12 yard pleeef.) The largeat and tnoct carefnlh selected etock of FANCY AID MILLINERY GOODS, OF THE LATEST STYLES, SHAPES and SHADES, AT A8T0MSHIXGL v LO W PRICES. aT i l. blout'S, 439 7th street. t>stveen O ud H ?U. (on* ?<jaare Dortb of Patsut Office. n ram pr \>-n tr set h1 t.-xt that em- peand it equal to two and one-half pounds of brown soap. and guar antecd not to injure the tice?t fabric. Try ft and be convinced bold by all Grocers Sole Agents fer the District of Columbia, CLABK A PCAB HVM Agents and General Commission Merchants, Mo Penna ay,upstairs. mh 30 la Fin* whit*ijshibtb, undbb shibts, and Drawers .Hosiery, ?loves, Ns- k-Tiss, le., Ac , Ac. Paris YORK BHIITB mads to order, in ?At' ? phTli p wallIc k % Od?on Hall.cor 4K ?t aad Pe. ave. VTBYLAWI A8880BTMBMT OF 8PB1NG OVEBOO&Tg, ooBfiiainc ten different ?t?lee and color* PHILIP WALLA" H, 04?ob Hrnll, mh B 'it Corner 4l* atreet and Penn * it* QK1AT BARGAINS IB CLOTHING! Bice :ubi?Dtbl? 8PBIBO SUITS from ? > ay( Men's PANTS from $1.(0 ??, Bon' PARTS m low M 91 25. Fine Black Brock and Sack CLOTH COATS. Black DOK8KIN PANTS, tut low, Spring OVBBCOAT8 at >.?, WHITE SBIBTSat S1S3, CALICO 8H1BT8 at 75 cents. minoHi SUllllBttSOCtDtl, PAPBB COLL ABB it 15 cento a box, And ? lftro* Assortment of DBAWBBB, USDBB8HIBTS, NECK TIES. BOCKS, Ac., ftt It. BOSKHBEBG'B, NBW YOBK CLOTIIIBS 8TOBB, 493 7th atre?t, between D and B els, m If 6t * Washington, D. C. JJATS FOB THB 8PB1BO WBAB. The Broftdvftv style BILK HATS. rm 1 unuf Mftn'e SILK HAT. vl New and beautiful shapes BATS ftftd CAPB^^ for youtig men and boys, in Felt and Cloth. B. H. STIHEMBT/., Hetter, 234 Pennsylvania avenue, mh V> 1m near corner llth street. ABBIAOKS. CABB1 AGES. Vv CABBIAOBS. Wo ka*. .. K?n,l 1 .? ? OABBIAOBS wr offered ta this new and <coad bund, Unetneae Wax w~ om, Ac., all of lateat atyiaa and flnlah, which wa efttr to bnyera at rn?t bargain*, to redace atock. Bepalrlag dona at reasonable rata*. J. M TOPNO. Jr. A BEO., 403 Pennsylvania artnnt, and I ?30 3t* 47? ?tb street. 1&i ,U""L' ?& | TMllargeet and baat collection of ?xtrachotc? BOKI8, com ?r tela* Baa Scented Baurbaax, Noisette. Bengal, Perpetual, Hybrid, Mo?e. Monthly Maaa. and Olfmblaf Roses. Alao, th?* baat Climbing Plaata, Ornamental Shrnba anl FlaaU, Frnlt Traet, Aa , Be. Plaata, Be., packed with great care aad arat to any part of the conn try. Plaata, Be . warranted trae to name aad of first qaelitp. A J ABDIV. Florist, aah 3> lm 18th aad M ate , First Ward. I HAVE BIOBIVBD a Cne aaaartmeat of Fraaeh and Domestic BONNETS. LBW1B BiAB, 19 Market Space. f^NGLISH AND QBBMAM BBAD TBI M MING AJ (UMIMH liBWIS IS&tKS, 32 Market Specs. LO W IBS AMD BON VST PBAMB8 -The r rkkMt Maprtaest *f FLOWS Ed ud BolHiT FBAMBS cu bt foni tt jnkUMtf LlWia BAAE*. MILL1NKBY. - M&8. BOCK WOOD ku removed to lio. 434 15th stree t,< Bnlldiuf,) where, ia addition to her ntaal^B stock of SEASONABLE MILLINERY.5* nay be foned a well selected assortment of ST l. PI Esad FANCY GOODS. rnhfc im? IVI *? J" "* SPMOBB CALLS TBK ATT EH 1JI Uob of the ladles of Washington end vl-^h elnlty to her osealafof _ BPBINO MILLINBBY, On TUBS? AY, April Jd, 1*7, lie 17,4*at?eet, between Peaaa. areata and 0 street. _Prfaa mahls? promptly atteaded to. m 28 6t* IV *W BOOKB.?Aaaaal of Bclsatlfle DluaTir* *** w a. uh M? ?KiS85rr.,2JV.V^,J?a. ' PERSONAL. tZO AM9 OBT A GBIl'IBI I?ro*T?? VJ Pkiacirs' for ?0conU,fr?* r h. riML?T * co., tyl-Mtv' ?P? 7th urwi, imi I. P~ IBIOIAr^T B. BOLSTBB. r>r?"rif r?rut.LHUr 4 Bo., MUbrtU* Cine M Mtlllur Tailor#. von Id b*gl?? to ? U*hU*m o(tk?t *orldriM?M4 ko?M at J. T Wolk?r'? Tailoring ot>4 farolaklic ktnn, 4S4 7tk it . *>?# od4 r>u>wi b?ii. fil en FOB VBBNOB ABD HOBB H4PB 0 ' .O" COHJBto. v?rr?LlM wh?lot>on<-, t^\FauSi^7i^fSs?ffSs ? M>4~4'htl<lr*?% Uor*?u Al*?. tIT?ld*FU wltk Jt??i ltMrdi, will b? sold it OHARLB-i HAl'V o Ho- f Bllrt m I CorMt liiaTtcUri.^v L*ai?Un? irtn*, b*t (tk ii< 7th iU ttklru ?''??< a< i|Ma* WILK HaT8 FOE TUB SPRING.-llJ f P Y?ua|Mu'itIL[ BAT only $K to n? J bro?dw?> HtM? MLK HAT $1. (Wl?t A. DITTRlCB M Bat Mftnnfftetorjr, * '22 7tk*tr**t, Hi SS !t* b?l|rMi o and U itr**u. |\f AOMNGBBT CI BO U L A TIN 0 LIKB4BT tJ VOIi*r*** **?' ? U op*ii * Librarf for *JS?*ito" cl?? 1 *ry It, ?ro?ldin? I cm a* thooMnd inb?criberft 1 faVlt* ftll who w!?h to bKom obfCrlbrr* to COM! ftt OftC* BlktT toouMua ?ooka on bud . lft, AiniD HI HTIB, IB" I * 20_4 Pennsylvania a?*no 1 M8TaEJpiK?T0 J.UK LAl)lK8.-IhD*LIBL? .^?iLWa r? fMt ?>? ? . Will Doot by t French < omio? tt*i the recfirt of wtitoh bu been BorcbftiM el e btil ?r>ca BaTaaaxpenaeotfcraidlai ^ ln*u*< *? c*? riiMnpli.iid try It. Ladlaa whit* or colered Cidfriklrti It* A?r?|M. Ac., Btajuped in laitatioa of bnidini, in (ut colore. ? V ARftAMTKD HOT TO WASH OUT Great saving to ladiaa liavine clotbaa for children to mtkr op No braid, no ic?ia| hat tu? pattern printed In tha c<>oda mdcliblr htrips that can l.e attached to tbeaottama of Lad:a? .sairta (same aa tbay are bow worn In Hew Tork,1 r?adV stain tad aatf tor a?la at I-a* tban faaif the coat ?f braid. Bird*. Kedal lions. Ft (urea an* mala of aa> pattern stamped. Wood a aa ranra aented or tba money ratarned mh 11-tf 439 ?th atreat. opp.^ t/rJt^a Bbidal ahd itnebal wreaths, ho ltCBTS,CKOB;>EB. A NO HH Us ?T A KS Ac , cr>-??*rvr*l Id net urel form . lnporiod FLOW EBB. HA1K FLOWERS. end bkallmho. Al-o.Irn orted MOSS. Ha lit DRESSES tor Ball*. t>r Mre KRIBS. Ilu removed to Ho. 4 "if llthet, between O and B. oc 3 4m' J~OHN D CLARK ATTORNEY AMD OOUBT BELLOB AT LAW AHD NOT A BY Pl'BLlO, No A'iA 11th street woet. de U If BOARDING" BOARDING end BOOMS it SIt K ?tr?et lerma node rate It' f'CBMSHBD R66M8 AND GOO* BOARD < ftL. be obtalDed it b7 1'? New Jersey itriii, imatedIetc j opyoelt- Bueeell Hroc. If 2 St* Ari* BOABDEBB en t-e AocomModatod wit > BOABD end (I M Mr wonk TeMe Boiril ..W p?*r week. Arply 303 1*ttrm *>et. 12th ?nd 13th kt- ? * WBVEBAL MIOBLT f Ulift ISH B i> tWMfl I L, wUh *00<1 BOAEL>,or TA BLE BO \E!> witbont A BOUMf.oho be obteloed .t s?i Kew York ? ??. i bet* frJj Utli hbd 17th llrMt> Kp ; I L-BONT"PABLOB TO BKMT. w;thH?J4KD ' . tor two, nt 4*) per month Beck Perlor for two> ?!lLfc ?? *>. Apply ?t t?0 K etreet. ^ r 10th ?t ] (5|* ('OOB BOABD ?4I HI HAD AT NuBTU we?t corner |3tk en.i H etrevta m Sk 4t* |>OABDING ? Nit-ely - f?n,lehed ISooMS wttfc 8*<d HdiBDcta be lied on Terp rtuonkb.i t- rtn? at .?!* K etre*t north, Mwi-cii irth end lgtk U.. next door to J. 8. Crugen Dm* Store mriJ7 C?* BOABD1KQ ?A s nti-ai*n and hi* wife, or twj tiucie e?iIfinen, can obtaii * pl-H??nt t ent BOOM with BOABD if t privMe f?:n| 1 j frum tb orth. lsjutre at Wo. 70 Letret, twt*e?n*Jl end ?4th. wt p, I^Vi? ?*H!~Two well f?rni*h?d P A U L'?Krt o a . "oor. with or without BOABD As ply ,iJS E St.. bet. yth an 1th. f? jj Table boabd it No. i?t liitb itr<?i,i rev doon itrtt of U* imot Terma || m 2**^ * " w LOST AND FOUND. fr | i) EBW ABD ?Leet, od Snndar rcb S: yl"? pur of Coral PBAYBB BBAU8 -Its Qold troee attached TL- eb ? reward will b? paid If ret rned to k*e iJ" Kit a> 2-it* | 08T? On the let loet., between tb< cor?er e? I ' (.errnoij en 1 K atreeta and the Navr Yard market, a lediee large Cam* o BBBA8TPIH Th? finder will be rewarded if left at DBfcWIG * corner of Mb aad B ?U . Narr lard. If C| "AMI TO HT PBBMIBBB.on 7th afreetwatt. near the brat toll gate, a BLACK HUKtil. akKiBt 9 yean old The ow ner can Bare him br | OST?On the mtruiug of theSltt March, * Li I Li ?? Wibtou, ?nii ?oi4 and croM. fulDg from 4 3* l?l ?'re*-t ?-**t tbi#ML lorti A ? n-U- ? - ?..... ... k?uii? "i dc nodor will b? liberally rewarded by l?-aviB* it at the aborhoose. a?l-3t OST?On the Mth Inat . 1b tbla city, the DIS Li CHARGE ?ad oth> r Ptycn of a di? charged o?c r Any ycnwi bud** the ium au 1 leaving thaaj at this office will Ve auitab y rewarded. ah jn St* K*WA*D-aiol? B. on the ?j'E init . tr-m th#corner ot lit aid K etre?a. a Browj Black HORSE low bark with aim i/a*d1l?.n back. rnbba-1 on aide by trace* nn ter *>? fetlnek white on both hind ! ??. lar*- hoof a, *Loat l'.or 16 hands bUh I will give the above ri., any on* that will give ikformatiaB tL?t wi[ |efcj t. his recovery I'AT HICK HOBLBY. K a tree mh 30 3t* l-etwt-ea lat aad Sd etroe? LOST?At the National Tbeater, or t>?[ we.> there an I Wlllard'a. laet evening, a BRAOB LBT Barked "**. A. F. lo'B. B , B*tbdar Gift. 136S " The Bnder will be literally rewarted by leaTing the earn eat WlllardaUctel fesj tf 505 HIBTB 8TBEET, 505 FOUB DOORS KOBTH Of D RTI??T Ball Building WALL PAPEB8. V IN DOW SHADES. SHADE HOLLANDS. CANTON MATTING, TABLB AND FLOOB OILCLOTH, GILT COBN1CBB, OTAL AN D 8QTABK P1CTCRB FEAMEt PICTl'BK COBD AND TASSELS, Ac., A fl?? uiortmcnt of tb??t>ov? Good a tuator-. KDd for Mle CHEAP FOB CASH. rah 28 3ni AOS 9th ?tre?t. 1 AHGBBTB * ANTED F<'B THE MOST BXUIT1BO AMD INTMBMSTIMG BOOK OF TUB l?Al. GKM. L. C. BAR IB B HISTORY Of TU? BMCBMT SBBV1CB tn every city. towu. conuty, anJ State of the Union, to canvaaa for this work. This historr vu announced one year ago. but owing to th? attrnpn of tbe**G*vernmeut to sup?rass It, its publication tnd<la> *-d. It will now be ImiM. unaltered and unabridged, under tbe supervision of Gen. BAKEK It contains a full and official expose of the Intricate machinations of tut aacret anesiit'i of tba Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures, thia book eel I per* tbe Urn >?s fx per encee of Foncbe and Mdoc i. Tbe marvelous narratives of General Baker are all atteetetf by the higher official authority. It will contain the only oSciel history of the Asaasstnation conspire r A toll history ef this grsat. startling. and terriH* cr1m?, rftOM ITS CONCEPTION, IN TBI HAL NTOF TlLLAUIl TO THB BIB1AL PLACE OP BOOTH, hu never jet been placed befere the public. The work also folly the nrfarioa* syitem by which Presidential sardone were and re ?o really obtained at W ashlngton. The morals of Ike National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are eomr stranc* rerelati. Da concerning h<-ads of department*, member! of Congress,female pardon broker*. as<i I di*tlagni*hed military characters. For full deecrlpti ve circular*, term*, and alt I particulars, addr??* P. QARRBTT ? CO mhj-lm 7Oil Chestnut at.. Philadelphia LATMT or H*IB \ B. ALLIOT. tMMiTCH HAIR DRESSER, I SS4 street, between ltth and 14th sta Br. AJllot, from Paris, Hair-Dreeeer. of tks allbraid Bacbei, with whoa he arrived la thi* country, baa now bean established fer tas isst eight years in Washington and Newport, esoyimg the patronage ef the corps an4 of the klgheat society. Ha has the honor to as noance that ha has this season imported the latest fashions of hair dre?slng, and ala* pomades, sad everything that belongs to the dressing of naif J?OMB D18T1LLBBT Tha public If ktrtbT DOtil?d that I ? r now to rapply the trMe end lover* ef goo4 er ttole with pare cob Mr stilled BYB WHISkBY The home made Whiskey ie warranted all rye. ^ Will be eold wholeeeie oulr a?h I la' C HA8. A. KBAtBB. Proprletor EVBRMAY FLOCB. Maaufeetared by D. L. 8hoemaker The above raperlor braad of FLOUB. in bl-1* h tttw [ InteldSkraal gtittlM BXXtLB tor Mia la iniUaut par lgheet"aarkat price paid for AMBBIOBl 1 Q^' IiBW II JOHSBOH # QO,. Beaker* ft t?Mf _*_ Mill. ****** ?Ti** ^rm?L?j%?,BOLD AT oo?r^ Vt tm le. ^a?mmLt? r* ? *