Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1867 Page 3
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* THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS] AMUSEMENTS. *c., TO RIGHT. Wall s N*w upika H?i?i_Second atftht f Ladj Don. and repetition or tat comcdn* i "The Child of the Regiment," and tie burletta of "The Pretty Horsebreaker," the bill which was .-o successful on its first jTfsei t.itior. last evening. niut'liAI. THEATER?MifrS Rachel JobnfoL and Mr. B Macauley in the comedy o' ?-L.oadon Assurance.'' KOKSI'AlWH'f IftKKAC.EBIK AIU> ClRCC.->. OB the lot on 6th street. inst south of the ireani'. A splendid col ection of animal?, embracing the educated moukeye, performing mules, Ac , aud a tine circus, made up of some of the best perJorrner* in the country, are the attractions offered every afternoon and eveoinf tbis week. B?ARi>or Trape?An adtourned meeting o! tbe Hoard of Trade was ueld last evening at tbejr rooms. No. 4, Market Space. Mr Samuel "Bacou in the chair, and N. Sardo, S?5retary. Messrs. French A Richardson, and C. Q&u uri ? rrr eiecten a*>nibfri of the Board Sir. Shepherd stated the committee t> take :nu> consideration the turnpike nuisance had sot been idle a resolution had been introduced and passed in the Levy Court directing their attorney to nrin* suit to compel those companies to give up their charter*, lie offered the follower resolution #.* Vr-7, That the committee be, and are hereby requested to employ counsel to assist counsel of Uie Levy Court in procuring ihe forfeiture of the charters of those comps..ies which have failed to comply with the provisions of their c3art?rs Mr. Orme thought it would be better to present these road? as a nuisance, to the Grand 'ur>. If the case was taken before tbe Supreme Court, there would be a rreat opMuj be rt-ir-rred to a case where tbe Seventh street* road was indicted some years since Mr J. W Thompson said he thought tha*: mdiomeut had been dismissed by the Cour: cc account of Laving no jurisdiction. He uvutai -umnomr snania Be done to repair these roads, as it was impossible to get pro* duce idto me city, aua doped counsel would be employed to bring the case before the Supreme Court, to make these companies surrender their charters. Mr. Shepherd said these miserable roads aft^eted every citizen of Washington, and he hoped the Board of Trade would show that they were willing to spend money to have the suUance abated Mr. Ortne asked if the Board of Trade could be a par'y to a smt. Mr. stiepherd replied that the President of the h ard could. Any tax payer could bring sail. Mr Bacon thought not. The Levy Court had net mon?y to keep the road in order, and *very dollar rt-ceived from tolls was expended bv *he company, and if members would only have a little patience the roaa would soon be in order Mr Shepherd said he wanted to show the Teople of Washington that the Board of Trade was waung to do all they could for the good of the city and put down these abominable nm-ances. Mr. Thorn moved to amend the resolution by appropriating siuo to pay counsel. Mr. (ruinand said the company had expendC>i1 <tli ll?irm.i..?.. ? k- " ?.. ^.vuoj iu ?n-(j iu' iuau in omer. Mr Shepherd a$ked Mr. Gainana who wa> hi" authority for stating money had been spent on the road. Mr Gninand replied, Dr. Gunton Jlr. Shepherd?l?r. Gnnton owns the road, and h;- interest is at stake. Mr. t'rme agreed with Mr. Shepherd, and sftid he deeired to call the attention of the Board to the means of reaching Waebiagtou and Georgetown fiom Virginia. The people cf Georgetown had not courage enough to buy a terry boat but had an old thing which waa pnllea over tb?* river by a rope. He (Mr. O) purcha-ed a load of bay three week- ago which had been opposite Georgetown and could ni: fee brought ov#r the river. The resolution was adopted. Mr Elrans desired to have the opinion of tit* Rosirti ir. rt?f*?r?.n?Ma tr% om Tvlow ? n ? compel the Coiporaiton of Washington to put Ute strw's in order. It was stated that the charter aid not compel them to keep the stre?ts in order. (Lanehter.) Mr. Kohun offered a resolution providing lor holding a public meeting at the rooms ot th*> Board to raise lauds for the suffering poor of the South. Mr Clagett moved that the Board of Trade appropriate >5<A>Ior the relief of the suffering poor iB the South. Mr. F. B McGuire thought it wonld be better for each member of the Board to contribute out of h:sown pccfcet, as the Board had enlj money enough to meet current expenses, a nunsM of appropriations having been made recently. Mr. Thorn offered as a substitute for Mr. Mohan's resolution ene that a subscription list for the benefit of the poor ot the South be opened at the rooms of this Board, and, ttfata 4'iimmittwo C\f * h ruJ K? ^ * Treasurer of this Board, to solicit lands and apply tbf urae toth^oest advantage. adopted. The Chair appointed as tbe Committee M?5?r? Mohnn Mstfuireand Tborn. Adjourned. BoAsiK r t'iB?CoMMT.?siosKas ?The regular meeting of the Board ot Fire Commissioners was neld last evening at which the resignation of James A. Smith, supernumary. of the Hook .*?*.d Ladder Co , was received aad accep'ed. Benj B Whiting was appointed to the vacancy. Tne arrangements for the parade and inspection o! the department cn Monday next were completed The companies will assemble at the City ilal! at "J o'clock in fall uniform, and with tbV apparatus, and ?be line will be formed beaded by Heald's Washington Brass Band. The following rente baa been determined on t Down street to Fenna.ave., tbenee by the north side of the Capitol grounds by the east front, returning to tbe south side, thence to20th street, passing in front of the Presidential Mansion on tbe war.) to 1 street, to 15th. to K. to Tib. to Louisiana'avenue, when there will will be a trial of the engines and an exercise with the apparatus of the Hook and Ladder 4 Ympaay. ' Alexandria asd Vicinity.?We clip the fel lowing from the G'sctt' of yesterday: Captain Leonard Marbory was accidentally drained overboard yeaterdiy evening, at <}lymont. while disengaging the rope which attached the steamer Wawaset to the wharf at that place. Fortunately, however, he was rescued Irom bis perilous sanation, and escaped with only a thorough wetting. The steamboats yesterday Drought np trom ttie lower Potomac a considerable quantity of flue perch, rock, itc., with small supplies yt shad aud herring Kish are selling at high rates, but prices will now decline, in all probability Tbe Alexandria Canal Is now in excellent i nditici., and navigable throughout it* eutire extent; bat no boats have as yet arrived, in consequence, it Is aaid, of a break which haj occurred in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Thk Mi rker or Sir Kmhht Jambs W b hh ?Two men, named liorsucb, were arrested on Saturday by independent detectives Smith and Bowiin*, on the charge ef being ? . ncerned ir *he murder ofSir Knight Templar James Wrls-h, of Washington, which occurred in thifc citjr on the night after the laying ?f the corner stone of the Masonic Temple. | They were yefcterday committed for the action of the grand jury bv Sheriff Thomson, but no examination \ras bad. and as the fllcert are reticeat on the subject. It It impoeeible to state what testimony, if any, there ta against them. JSitlfimor- Hum. ? A Pkai^iwortht Actio*.?This morning, as Major Norton's carriage was passing down the a Ten ue, the horses suddenly ran off at a tearful speed. Frank Bell, a eolored hackroan. who on a former occasion stepped a runaway horse at the risk ef his life) seized !D# rein* u tbe warn ?u passing him, and m-a3 thrown under lb* wheels.bat retained his bold, and succeeded in stopping the horses His tip was slightly Injured ? Hnrns -The eight-hour reflation, *hit h vu nffered iu the Hoose of Representatives br Mr. Hanks, and which was passed, t tiled to be takeu up in the Senate prior to its ad wnrnment on Saturday. It will mot. how* fver. have to go back to tbe House it the Senate acts on it at any time duriagthe Fortieth 4'ongreks. General Banks and a number o! o'hers have promised to pash it through the Senate at it* next session. Aba bias Niobts ?Our readers, young and win uu uuuv. ur iuwio;iru iu iur nil* uouncement that on Toviday nnt there will be exhibited at Odd Fellows' Hall, in thiscitj, a splendid t?ene? ot fifty tableaux representing tome of ib? most wonderfai series described in that laseinatinj collection of stories, "The Arabian Nights." Who will fail to se? them* 11 a v u ar k's K bst a r bait draw* eq u alio the circus, but not forme eame reason la on* ca*e :he eve Is gratified. In the other,the palate: and node ua >sr*raud? the art of catering better :har the experts emplojed bj the tndefauraMe Hammnck IIus lar?fr and bar arc equally well supplied. ? Sal* of Rfal Est at* .?M*?sr?. Cooper & J<atiaa?r. Anctioe?*r?, sold yaafwday a lot on ih? north vide of B itrNt, b?lw??D <d and td amwts. improved bjr a tiro-atorjr brick dwrlllnf, to W f. Cod lip for a.OU) PnMHiL _Houe. OrTii S. T?rry, Ooan . ri Joba Hill, of K. J , and (ieaeral Cullua, S. A., are at the Ebbitt Hoaaa v m w&tSST dw by tba rraabtakt, ttr J HOrjML^ fwblt??. > ud tu meeting wu opened witb PWLXJi" *r. Bouldin. (eoloKST in motion of Mr. Pure (colored* tft? M*r?tary waa requested to funisbtbe Mitari ot (ht ???rl?ns ciln?5bes of the ward with a notioeof the tim? of tbe reewtranon in tais ward Tbe ui jyri remarked tt??f iusomecbarcbes notices cf a similar character bad Iwd presenfsd to tbe pastors, bat not read in tbe pulpit. Nr. Hat ton, (colored, > secretory. remamed tbat in rota* of tbe cburcbe? it vu considered tbat the tin? has arrived when the pnlpit sbou}il<?a*e to be used, a? tbe press, iu tbe publication of *nch notices Mr. H did aot arfte it as an objection to tae motion. On morion ot Mr. Needhatn, (white.i the resolution paf s:-d at a former meet In*, districting tbe ward for canvasser*, was taken up. and tbe followihp committees were appointed First district?Messrs. Gantcewer, (white,) Palmer Briscoe, and IfeTid Dixon, {colored.) Second district?Mr Doneghan. (white,) I- Jeffreys. (coiorua. intra district?Gen J Gerhardt, white,} ALeesrs. Horace Sprites and John Hrook.i. (colored.) Fourth district?Mrur?. Lewis and Unfln. (coloi%d,> J. C&stello, (white.1 Fifth distriot? J. H. Cross man, (White., James Holme? and Mr. Chew, (coi.) On motion olMr. Need ham. the chair men of the committees wre authorized to till any vacancies. Mr. king, (waited from the committee or. I perraaaent organization, reported: For President, hyle? J Bowen. (white:) 1st VlcePreeldent. Gen Joseph Gerhardt, (white;) -Jd Vice Piesldent. Rev. J. A. Jone?. (colored.) Secretary. G W. Hatton, (colored:* Assistant Secretnry, J I?. Ganpewer. (white:) Treasurer, G. F. Needham. (white;> FxecotlveCommittee. J. H. Crossmar. K K. Lewis, P H. Keinhard*, Anthony Hickman, Mr. dements, David Dixon, J Grey Jewell, B. M. McUor. jamw- Holmes, Lafayette Jeffrey, Uhas. Kin*. U. Wood. John Plant. Albert Baldwin, O?o. sbauklir.. The report was adopted, and the committee discharged. Tbe club was subsequently addressed b> Mr. IMunieUof Wisconsin. Col. J.H Woodward of MiiPiMippi, ai?d Meters pone*ban, F. A. Boswell. and Col. Pierce ol this city, and adioirrned. Criminal C<-crt ?This morning, Judge Wylie, in tbe case of Win. Carroll and James Parks, convicted of larceny, overruled tbe motion for a new trial, and sentenced eacb to tbrf-e years Imprisonment In the Albany penitentiary. These parties, with another pr'soner named McCauly, made at. attempt to escape fn m iail on Saturday last by cutting through tbe wall, but failed for want'of time, and l"ft a note ou the wall, informing Warden Brown that all would have been oil had tbey hud time to complete tbe job. In the case of Win Davis and Wm. Roystou, alias Joshua Reed. convicted of larceny, tbe nouon lor a new trial was overruled, anil they were each sentenced to three years in the Albany penitentiary. These parties were ttrre>ted~ by detectives Blrley and Kelly, with officer ?>'<JalIaghan, for robbing the residence of Mr. Michael Heil. Solomon Herman, con Tided of larceny, sentenced to the Albany penitential y lor tv\ o years J u'y Fi*h>r.?A\oi\zo PerrT was found guilty cf the larceny of a coat valued at #4t>. Benjamin Simpson and James C. Smith, indicted lor the larceny of a lot of calico.&c.., were placed on trial, when the first-named w.? found guilty and the last-named not guilty. Contracts Awabue?.?The contract for furnishing fresh and corn beef in the Depart, ment of Washington and at Alexandria, Va . lor six months from AprU 1st, the bids fo wdieh were opened several days ago by Maior Hell, Commissary of Subsistence. h*r- been awarded to Messrs. J. T.Yarnell and Lewis Myers, of this city at the following prices :? Fresh beef for sales to officers, cents per lb.; fresh beef for issues to troops, 10* cents per lb ; corn beef 1*2 cents per lb.; fresh beel to urumnncua. AltAaturiil, 1 i ^ CeD'-Speflb fresh and corn beef to be delivered at irort Whipple. \ a , cenie per lb. Tbe contract fcr supplying v.uttoa has been awarded to M H. HomillT, ol this city, at 9J-10 cents per pound. Contra< T? for 1'LiilR ?Major <T. Bell, Commissary of Subsistence, a lew days ago opened ilie bids to furnish 5-io barr -ls of first quality Hour, for uae in the Department of Washington, and awarded the contract te Messrs Oassaway &. Howard, they being tbe lowest bidders, as follows. 150 barrels at M4.40 per bbl.: lOo barrels at ?14.72, 200 barrels at "14.'? #, and 100 barrels at ?>15.17. 1,000 barrels of second quality ilonr. at the following rat^t: 200 barrels at -12 36: 280 barrels at *12.<??. j 'i barrels a' Si3.<'7: 1"?<? barrels at S13.4T:#50 barrels at S13.1">. The contract for furnishing 450 barrels of first quality flonr was awarded to A. Koss Kay A Bro . at ?15.44 per barrel. Thi MAit Carrhrh ? Mr James K Bell, superintendent of the mail carriers of the Wasniafcton post office, reports te Postmaster Bowes, the following ?Carrier* employed, 25: matl letters delivered, 125,670 during the monta of March; 35*1,499 during the quarter ending March 31st: local letters delivered 1*.^90 in March: 44.3H5 In quarter: newspapers deli v. ered, 31,912 in March: $2,112 in quarter: letters collected. Wi.4^9 iu Marcb: 247,530 in tiuarter. In addition to tbe delivery and collection of letter* ard papers from tbe boxes, the carriers now serve the principal hotel*, and their regularity is becoming proverbial. CiRCTiT CorUT?Jn;ti" Corif'r.?The case of tbe United States against J 1? and A P. Hoover i? on trial: M*e*rs. Carnngton and Wilson tor tbe plaintiff, and Hrent and Merrick !*r tbe defendants. This is an action against the defendants to recover S2"? <"Wi, the amount of the bord of Major D. J. Siatberlar.d. Quartermaster United States Marine Corps, tbev being bis sureti?6 on the bona Satberland was appointed to this position in l- r, auu wa? uiMiiisn?a in l-i)", lie D)*ing atlDf time, it is alleged, a defaulter to the amount of &;?;.(The defence contend the bond is ni>ali<l because it was not properly approved, aiid was extorted from him. Hap his Pockkt Picked.?Last night, Mr. Maaison Switzer. ot Indiana, and two other gentlemen visited the menagerie and circus, and while Mr S. was purchasing a ticket a' the ticket i Sire, he had his pocket picked of about * *1 in money. Detectives Clarvoe aud McDevitt heard of the act, and arrested a man named John Wilson, who was identified by Mr. Switzer as a man who reached over his shoulder for a ticket without presenting the money Wlltrr. was taken to headquarter*and is heid for a hearing by Ma jor Kichards Khping a Disorderly and Gambling H I -i ? Yesterday. Elizabeth Dobbin* was arreted by officer'Kelt, of the Fourth Ward, for keeping a gambling and disorderly house. The bouse is sitnatedTm B street, between 6th and Ttb, near the canal, and tbe gamesters were genf rally of the juYemle class, most of them inmates of the Newsboys' Home^eiccording to tbfir statements. The accuses had .1 h^rirtr before Jastice Thompson, ami held to bail for corrt. A Histto AlkianWia Bachil<&s?The whole l umber of marriage licenses issued front the Clerk's Office of the County Court during the mentb of Marcb was but seven ? Three granted to white persons and four to persons of color Considering the amount of courting which has been going on during the winter, this is a mighty slow exhibit.?Alrx indria Journnt. The Rbmistby.?Ye&terday afternoon. the' Board ?t Register* eat at the City Hall for the purpose of registering the voters of the Third Ward, and registered durine the afternoon the names of 93 whites and 270 colored. There seemed to be but little interest taken In the matter, and at no time was the crowd very large. OCR5rM>*t Liqcob Law.?The Alexani drift J-urnul says thai on Sunday last there was a great many visitors there who "unable to *et a cooy "punch" or "cocktail" in Washington. owing to the rigid enforcement of the Sunday law there, come here *.o try the taste ol Alexandria whiskey." Relikk fob tbi Soith ?The committee appointed by the Board of Trade last evening to solicit subscriptions for the relief of the destitute people of the South, collected j>l. ?(?o for that purpose in a few hours this morning. w Stsriciorp Cbabactkr.?Jack Williams, a coloied ?uspic>0ua character, wu arrested yesterday by officer Marks, of theMh pr?oinct, and vas tent to tbe workhouse by Justice Handy Lili'iw of Wood.?Lewie Cole, was arretted iu tbe ~tb Ward bv officer Hughes for tbe larceny of wood from B. J. Bark. He waa ?<nt tc workbouee by Justice Handy. rutin niruuTB.? 1 bp poiicr irjwiiBu w ari>?tb yp?t*rday. The flaw amounted to CW> 00. >110. DODGL4B. Asril 1, 1M7, FL011I01 ?cGlLL,Mt41?*Mki. Ufut d??(kt?r of A. P, si Uori V. DonclM di i i f i ir- i ""l i city WAUlrl, K4 7tl MntUtar E, la tt* pltct to get Ut* worth pf your money He h?u u?e Urfmt 8<ot-k of piece coo** la the Cltf, "which he m oflerinx at prices that defy com petition Baring engaged tbe .ervicei of two orth? beet canen in the (Jaited Skates, all he aeks le. oell and examia*. .. .uai.?unmaniiBi nog viooa f*i?. Piaia Bog Wood Sett*, 300 new etyles Hut. tonsv Jpt Chains, Combs, Silver Plated Spoous. Forks, Cops. Call Bella, received tt?i? raorniu^. at Prix's One Dollar Jewelry Store, Wo 436 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4J{ street. Th* Ciitcna in Washington doe* not draw better than Miller's cheap dry goods store, in Oeorge'own.' as shown by the crowds wending their wny te lot Bridge meet. It is not to be wondered at, as Miller manages to sell his dry goods ebeaper than the cheapest. See bi? advertisement. If tot; wish to find the finest and best stock ol Meu and Boy's Clothing and Famishing Goods in this city, call at Bar's, corner 7th and E streets. The heat n?n?r nnll?r> ? and so cents a box, at Bar's, corner ?:h and E etreet*. An! Hirrv Years' who would not be a boy once more. And buy bis clothes at Henning'? One Price Store T Cocoaink tor the hair is renowned as the best Hair Dressing and Invigorator ia the world. Asthma.?No remedy equals Whitcomb's remeay fcr Asthma. To HorsBKHPras ?Ask tor and obtain Burnett's Celebrated Cooking Extracts Tbe purest and strongest, having tbe pure flavor of tne fruits. HoifiKCTMEH are respectfully invited to rail and examine ray stock of freth <?roe?rieb before purchasing their monthly sopplies. D. K Hkli., 5 corner 11th and F streets. UfKK sales and small Profits!!!?Good White Shirts 81.50, Mnd V-i io. &t f ranc's Gent's KurMshme Store. 494 7th street, be. tween D and ?: also shirts made to order, lta Gray'* Collars, 36 cents per box: Goldsmith Collars, 25 cents per box: Imitation Linen Collars. 25 cents per box: and all otner goods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents' Furnishing Store, 4947th street, between l> and t streets. lm A Srsi Pili Cram?lir. Gilbert's Pile in trnment positively cures the worst caee* ?f piles. Sent by mail on receipt of ?4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agent# wanted everywhere Address J. B Romaine, Mana peer, no. 575 Broadway, New Yorlt. 3i For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a t-pecifk:. Price ?1 per bottle. For saJe at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between tj,and t>th streets. Pikkibv can be bad la any quantities at tti* Star office eoanter W AMI'S. li'ABflD-Ti) rent, a (mail HOUSE.rfltnated v* in a good location. Adiirena "H V Star office. ap 2-it* A OHA MB KB Q1BL, WA8HIB and 1 BOS IE r at 3'?*? itb street, opposite City liajl. | ? . . v.v VUVVB V <4 U11 VU . II" i <1KL WANTBD-Tocook, wa?b. Iron, Ac., for \? a small family. Inn air Mo. 4 00 Uth street we>t. It* WANTED?T!y an honest and Industrious col ored nan. a BITI'ATIhN as dining r#em fervant References given. Address Hox No 27 Star Office. It* WANTil)- Persons having Horses and Carts vv can find IMPLUVMKdT by appiyin* to BD.GblNOEB, Brickmaker, corner ef istst. east and K wtreat south. ap a 3t* W AHTBD-Thive unfurnished BOOMS, *?lt* ' able for housekeeping for a aiuall family ef two without rhiMren. Keierenre given and reimred Address J. C. K,, Star Oftii:*. api-St* F1BST CLAM BABBKBW ANTSD it 511 7th street, <IMand i between B str< et and Mary.and avenue, md bast of wages will be paid, ail St' 8. TDCKBB A BB8PBCTABLE OIBL WANTS A biTU * V ATION to cook and assist in washing and ironing, or chamberwork and plain sewing, iu a LriT?ie laiiiuy neierencee gi tea If required Addrewf MStar Office. It* WANTlCD?By ? re-p?ctable girl, a SITUATION a? chambermaid; no obj- ctioa tu a?<i.?t in wa-hiug and ironing Apply at No. 9^0 New York avenue, between 6t'i and 7th streata, north aide. It* WAKTEB?By a amall fan?ih. without children, a amall HuUsK. in ?ood order, furr.lahad or unfurniabed. convenient to cara. Ad <ir?aa, atattng prioe and locality, Box 7 ad, WaaUingten, l> O. ap2?t* 13 OA BP WANTED?On or before May lat. by L? tTO gentlemen auti tneir wive*, (with private family preferred.) on* room fnriitahed and the otner unfurnished. Charge* muat be moderate Addreae, atatiag term*, Ac,, '-Two Clerka," Mtar Office. ap 2 St* \%. AMED-Aa OFEKATOtt en Wheeler St v v Wlleon Sewing Macnin*-. to raennfactur* fine shirt* None n-*d apply unlea" ther uuderatand workiac and thoroughly acquainted with the machine. LOCK *OuD, HOfTV * TAYLUB. apl-at* 3*4 PennayiTania avenue. II' ANTED?A SITUATION aa nura?- or chamvv bermaid No objection* to travel for the "rL?' r- *?Piy at 419 New York ave ap i-2t* WABTID-A SITUATION as a waiter or atore boy. Good referencesgiven. AddreaaF.b.B , Star offic". ;4p 1 Jt' WANTED-A good COOK wanted, (female.) Reference repaired. Apply at the Star of ap 13f WANTED-ArespectableC<'LORED WO AH to cook, waab and Iron. Apply immediately at Mo. 4 75j corner D and 2d *ta ap i tf V\rAIITED?A SITUATION an coachman and ?? groomsman by a well experienced coach man Appl) at No 3S1 G street, between litti and 18tb. for fivadaya. ap 1 5t* WANTED?A No 1 ICE CREAM MAKKR Apply at JOSEPH H BHAFFIitLDS 24? Penney I vania aveime, between 12tb and 1Kb U._ ap l ?t? WANTED?By a resp< cltMe, settled woman a SITUATION, to du chauiber work and to aasiatin washing and ironing, or to nurse and aew. injulre at Na. 404 ittfa street, next hoaae to corner of L. ap 1 2tr ?u iu bin t?a loiniitied houbi, i *" by a small family, without children gas anJ water convenienses and good location reuulred. Address 'Houae,'' City Tost Office, Washington, D. U. *? 1-tf WANTED?By Ma/ 1. by a p rmanent t mut, an aiifurnisb<-ri 11008K, from 8 to 10 rooms, located north of I'eniiaylvanta a\enu>- xnd b< tw< en7tb and It'll sm. Ad'iresa, stating location and rent, A. L. M., Star OfH<e. ap 1 at* WANT1D-A fifBt-elaBH OOOK Moot understand making desaerta andipastry, and be well recoaimendaa. Apply immediately at 39'2 L street, bet. Hth street and Vermont ava.. ba tweea > and 11 a_m.__ WAHTKD?HODBB of eiuht or twelve rooms, furnished or unfarnishea. situated between Penn avcnoe and L street and oth ana 18'h streets Possession required in the conrseof thin month. Apply Immediately, by letter or peraenaily. staling terms and locality to N. W. MA8pEY, No. 244 Pennsylvania?Tenue. apl-2t* Q AAfl TO $5,OOOlWILL B? IK VEST ED la a mercantile er manufacturing business, with an established honse, wanting a partner with that amount of ca?ital. by an energetic business man Appl) to OHAB. B. WAL uavn, Biivraej, Louisiana avenue.corner 6th street. ftp l 6t* WANTED?A roQBl MAN IB t Beai Sstate Office. Address Box 4*9 City Post Ottioe, wit h ref ere pees. m 30 3t* WANTBD?A small HOUSB.of 5 orti rooms; pleaeunt location. Address Lock Bex 7 si, statin* f rn,a location. Ac. mh 30-3t* WANTED? $4,000 for six or twelve mouths, for which a liberal interest will be paid,secured b> mortgage on valuable business property la the District. Address X T,8t*r office. mSO St* WO BBBPBOTABbB OlBLi WltfU 8IT0ATIOH8,one aa cook, the other as cham barmaid. Can be teen for two or three days at 7* L street. bet.jtti and 7th1 mh au-?f I DBS IKK TO BBBT a good and comfortable HOW8K of eight or slit rooms, on the Island, between 12th and 14th streets, within ten days njij one iiitiii inco a notice 10 rent will pieu-e notify iu0 ?t the slaughter house. Monument Bguara. t?30 3f] J. T. VABMJCLli. \17 AHTBD?A WOMAN to cook, wash. md *? iron, Inquire at No. I*J north A street roh 28 tf WANT BD- Immediately. a ?ood Otrman jomraeyinan BABBBB. Apply at 63 High at., Georgetown, 9. O. mh a fit* 1*7 AKTBD-A OUTTEB and BOOT TITTEB in *' store. Btaady em ploy me at given Apply at Bo, 479 8th at., bet. I'enn. aynga aod D at m ? J. H. HANUltl. 1E7AHTBD?A respectable white WOMAN to "" take care of several small children, tc go to the country dnrisg the Spring and 8ammer. Uait com? wall recommended. Apply bi latter to "J, H. M.,"8tar Otter mh ? 6t* Wanted to bbnt-a fubbishbd H0U8B, with U rooms or mora, betweeai 7th and Utk straeta. not further over than I st. Rent moderate Pen of references gUeu A J rof r.s. r..?(in?Biu onc?. mb 27 9t XAIAHT1D? A~r*i p?oUblbit* WOMAN,to J? Mk* nrt of young child. Apply at S71 Ft. >mi?. >> 1A7A*TSD?A SITUATION ? MtmatrtM bf 9?Urlf. - ' t M llT TWMMTJ * 0 I / I a!nd rent (Un^uri H'0?a? IM \ uitmbr# tor btu*ek??p!af. Price #10 y?r month _ 3t

P>1 B*HT?Two tirj IriirtVU ulTwi ?tn?ly furnWhed cm Ull?tia| KOOM8. 5Wr?L?*y ]; ,'*d wmiittir. ltVhlfli *? No. 537S H rtrv-t I w4?'U?. F"OB KBNT-BBICK HOtflt;ooaUlHak?i|kt rooma. with km thr*CfkMt; mwrtu t* |va<> * * wiu t>? ranted wut??r wi|ta??n? farnUura, luQnire on the ?rMue?*. ?f B OUII.Hr^l Sfe'-To o"*" *"XW ???,?? ' rearat jsemassi is treet Gearge?o?n. hmoieomely fnrntihfd: month An?l.r an the premlea*,-aext to-Ohrirt Church. in OKrt*'??i,or 0HABLB8 M WATTHBWS, ap 2 dtf s i concrete at.. Qeorg?to.? n. ?? M HAIA'B BBAL K8TATI BXOBANQS. K? 3 1 I.onieiann ennd,"6nfrhak'7th at. FOB mi, A desirable LOT nn V?r?o?t ? " Mra-t, ata bargain. K BtlllT. A fii)? LOT, 25x100, b t*f # 11th and 11th at*. 3TH HTBBET, Near City Hall, RKIOK HOD8B, at 4S RHODE IBL4MD AYENUI, Near Ulta atra-t, 15 mora I by LOTS, on loug time. (J4I1IIT, A four atorr BBlfK, batw< aa 4Saad6thata :<t a ijreat lmrgato. FOB **ST, A Ur?e BUILDING and STOBB BOOM,aow a Restaurant, on 7th atfet ciieaP. A fine KABM, of 170 acrasi wall imptot?J, near c.ty, at fl0,00v FOR REST, A HOUSE, 9 rooms, on Georgetown Heights, ap 2-St ^URNISHII) house f'Ob BKBT- Flee* tatty * gitnm'-d, with eleven rimma. water and gas. Inquire.t U b IIAK IE, Star office apl-lw* A FURNISHED ROOM FOB BERT. WITH BOARD, at Mo. 3*1 Pa aveunc. between 41z and 6th etrerts ap l St* I/O It REHT-L.irge FURNISHED ROOMS. P from A 12 to SIS ii?r rn. n?h ?? * ter week "it "BT(". * *,*> 6th street, between*0 and lOiiisiana a\enue apllm* L1 OK HE NT-Two three atory brick B UiLD* r I V-8. 8 room* each ; water In botli houses. Inquire at W.S '.Utti (treat, between L and M sta. ap 1 .It* ffOR BINT?A small Fnraiahad lurSI.eM tahiing five rooms and summer kitchen To a aretnl tenant the rent will he low. In jure at 4it I street, between <th and 10th. ap 1 .It* ffOK BIHT-HOL'SE and 8TOBB.No 154 Pa. ht* i n< . between |7th and 18th streets, con 1? rooms lii iuire at 4 \IU rjth etreet, earner New Vork avenue lintel] ap 1 St* H^OE SALI?Tbe GOOD WILL, FIXTURES, and K I' BH IT g EE of h Cigar Store. Houae and Store for rent. Apply 43 7 13th street, bet F and Q ap Mt* HOUBK FOB BKKTaud HU EH ITl BE for aale. Housecoi tains eieht rooma, ill 8. betlthv location. Apply at J.VJ <th atr?i t, betau n M and H ats. ap 1-3** F"OK BKNT?HBIOK HOUSE coatainlDK eight rooms, on Li street, between 9th and ltt'h ats. Water In th> yard. Is mire of JOHN MUK PHI. Grocar. rorn?r flf ltith I. tn.att i ' apl it* ' " " ' j 'I'WO 1 I RN IBB ED C >niniuniCfttlDii BOO Ms on I flr?t flour fr*nt, suitable for housekeeping for | gent and lady. Ua-t in room* and water luyard. Sue. t c ar* pas* the doer. No. 373 7th street, Maryland ? ??. and B ?t. ap 1 St* IJ'OB BKNT?BBlt'K HOUBK, afx rooms. Id good repair Pos-e^Bion immediately. Situated . i *-trett. between 2d and Sd street north, Ospiti 1 Hill. Call at 424 B street, between Hth and 9th st?. apl2t* t/OB 8A~LK~OU BENT-The fine SK-story r 1!hit K HOUSE. 399 6th streot, between G and 11, with water, gag. I>atli room, and larg' vard. Apply -346 Pa avenue. between 12th anl 13th -treets. Posse-sion given 16th April ap 13t* j a. anatfiblp. TO LBT?Tvp large and one small well fur Dished BOTj>1 h, at Mo. 339|F street, between <tl? ana 10.h. m S8 3t~ rro TlMNEBS-ror sal*, the TOOLS, STOCK. 1 Sc., pertaining to a Tinner's establishment. Inquire at Tin Shop. K. at , below 20th. mli30-6t" FOB BALB?PABT OF LOT T.IBquarYTas jjorthetst corner of l8th ?a?l M streets. Inquire bi mn. iviLLii d. He. 34St corner or 15th and M streets mhSOSt* L'OB BENT-A three -tory BRICK HOUSE,*? r 1 AO 12 rooms, on t'ennavlTauia tv., between 17th and l?tn sts. west, Washington city For terms apply to BLAOEN FOBBBsT, He. 79 ist street, (Georgetown. D O. mhSC-if C*OB SALE?Tbe STOCK, GOOD WILL, And r LEASE to m d four ream and a half. LICENSE to run eight months, of an established Pawnbroker, daing a K?od business. Oause for selling being til health, for further particulars mgnire at Mo. 37 v E street, between 10th end lltb sts mb 30 St* 1/OB SALE CHEAP ? FBAHE BOILOING, 7"xS0, two stanee, contaising lfthors- power OtsllatiDL'(Steam Engine, *) hirse Boiler,Shafting, Belting, Ac Will be sold eepirateiy or together In iuirs of CI<ABK A PEABSON. Commission Merchants, 3io Pa. ave. mh SO St* ROOMS FOB BBHT?Several Bo* FWBNIBHBD BOOMS to rent at moderate terms, suitable for single gentlemen or family, with first-class Table board Alto, tew outside Table Boarders caBb> accommodated. Apply corner of 6th and D streets. No. 447 . ml) <0 6t* f'OB SALE?A BABE CHANCE FOB & MAN WITH A SMALL JAMfLY-The STOCK and GOOD WILL of a Grocery Store now doing a good business Will be sold cheap The proprietor has established a eeod trale bnt betn* tut^ni <? nth er business h* is w lulls to give Tt kit attention Insane on the premises, corner 6th street east and I' street souta, Capitol Hill, before8 a m or after 4 p. m. in 30 3t* F'OR BENT?Iu a private family, two pleasant furnished fr?Dt BOOMS for two and one gen tleman, Mo 47 6 1Mb at., oppeslte the Treasury mh 29-It* ILlilll?. L^OB BBNT-A small THAME HOUSE on r Orf'o*rtrret, below Bridge ?tr.*et, George town D.C. The boaae contains feur rooms, end hat juitea large yard attached Terms flfi p. r month in advance. Apply to BILBY A.8HIBH, corner Greene and Olive atreeU, Georgetown, DO mh 28-lw f'OB BALI?A two story BBICK HOUSE near the northeast boundary of the city , 4 rooms and halls witlglarge lot of ground enclosed Price ?3,<<H) Inquire 34 7 3d at. wh26 tf ^^EO. W. MITCHELL, THOS. A. MITCBLL. MITCHELL A BON, BEAL ESTATE BBOKEBS, uave constantly on nana a large Dumber of 110USB8 AND BUILDING LOTS In the most desirable localities. Prices from ,?ljm i? 530,"<"0 Building Lota frem two centa to jilter nutre foot. A noobtr of entire Squaroa ofgtwnd ?t such figures that any enterprising mflftotTtn manning the mean* might purchase, subdivide and sell them in email lota during the approaching spring at a profit of 60 to 70 per cant. With an experience of IB years In tbla city In the above buainena, < belnf the first firm established here,) we confidently aaaart that our facilities for a ready sale or <iu>ck purchaseennnet baexcelled. Aa an illustration ofthe rapid lnoraaae In property. w< aold a faw y ears back equare of around corner litn and Bounday far win command to day f 10 000; 10,000 feet on 7tn street for f7.0?0? will bring to-day $30,(W; aald in 1814 twenty four lota for will bring to-day $16,000. With pleaaare will wo rofer to the purcbaaere. The aame opportunities now exist aa then. We 1ta?f iramereai investments which will pay equally M well. Especially do we call the at tii ntj?u of tboee desiring to invest In or dispose of. first el ass Beat Bstata Paper. Many have funds In U. 8. fti'curliies. paying 7 par cent., which, if invested in good Beal Batata Note*, would pay them from 10 to 14 per cent. Persons de-irons ofelthar buying or selling Beal Kyate. ot first cl?ss Beal Bet ate Mote#, will ooufsHlt their interest by calling on U1TOHBLL ft BON, Beal Estate Broken, Southeast corner Penn'a nve. and 16th at. P 8 ?We place no property on oar books at exorbitant prices t.ut to persons really desirous to sell wa aftord avery facility. mh21eo8t I1TOH1LL * W. QAn AOBBS OF BBST LAND near Waaht>UU ineton TO LIT far two years without aD7 rent, for the coigtdaratlon of putting the land under rnltivation. in lota of ana to flftr acres, with many other inducement*, including the vHvflfcMror Coring theUnd at eny time. Tor ell particulars Inquire of D. b, WILLS * CO.. n 4 In.. Corner 4th etreet mad U. aveaue. Fob BKNT-A three-story BBfOK HOTT6B. cenUiniug eisht rooms end attic,on 4th ?t.. neor Fayetfe Aleo. a nnsrly new superior PIANOf-reele. Inquire 94 Fayette etreet Veorie town.D.O. mhJllw* OAK OP TH* MOB* VALD4BX*B ASD D1 BlftABLX BU1LDIMO LOTS U the city ror Ml*. It te sitisted en ike north aide of E streot, near lJth. between Bmtor Bhermaa's end the Mexican Minister*, fromtlnf on rcartlln Bonare. Bold lot Is M feet by iff, runaing hack to sfc foot alley. sod improved by a tweotory brick stable. fo? tf B P. jBOfclh 4?*tth etreet weat. ; > k* * : a ? ,cj; a wr il.??Mrw?dR?' r -r iUOTIOi * AM8. Dildtn* .it. Terms : Oo? tmm <-?sh . t alaaaa ?e V1 ^ *llw oaths, for aa?eebMrtu liUMit, ibi ^ * ?-- ? ibtm aii CM sad r?i?Dur (tamp* at the cqat of ifco ? irchsaer. 0 down on the ?f of sal*. 9 I d __j ORKES k WILLIAMB.a^*DT 0UU?WILL1AU. A%m?mrw. U Mo. 9i%, souths Bat (orMt Tth D TWO VOTLDIHn L?T? OH TTH BTEVBT MIC8T. BBT?BKN I AJIP X 8TB *BTI aOIlTU OB *HB ISLAM) AT AUCTION ? f HuHVAT. the IMi tnit., it i j'cloci m., wel shall Mil. ob the prafr ises Lots 17 sad n! Ib sb I'd! vision of 8qaar? south of 8.iu*ra No ??. fraat- mod d-?th.-, to which ws oall ib* atteatlon of bayera. bs tbsy wi II bo tola without reserve. Tsrnie , Onskslt cash ; balance 1b six and twel va . .MTnauH luHnu, sill (ICurta by tfMd ?f trnet on the premie* *. All ooavey aaein* and reweau- lUif at the c??t of the ?urch*-*r S100 dawn on the day ol sOa a?ld ^.BBBN A WILLIAMS, Auct . BY W. L WALL a CO . Auctioneer*. Original Horae and Carrm** Baaaar, 98 Louisiana avenue. 8ALI OF H9&SI8. CARBIA?tA, BABN1S1. ?n THCB8DAY M0BN1NG. April 4th. at 10 a'cl'h we will the Baxter. a camber of Baddle. Carriage and Work Raraaa, (afnll deaortpt|0a at aate,) comprising about? FOBTY HOBSS8. ALso. A larra collection of New and Second hand Bu* B?chawaye,Oarr1agea, Wajou, aad other Vehicles Two new Jenay Llod Wacoaa, built ta thia city, ALk". N Mr and Second hand harneee. Saddle*,Carriages, Ac., at private aala. Begniar aalea days, Tneedaya, Tharadaya. and Saturday*. Carriacaa tod Barnaaa al? ay* o- private ?*'e H W. L. WALL A OO. A net* DI n. u. n ALL m UU., Auctioneer*. Store# 31A and 317. 8outb corner Peiui. kv?hi? ?ud 9th >tr*?t. SALE OF OROCERIISTwHIBKY. BBOOMS, 8BGAB8 8UQ ARS. V . Ar. On THURSDAY MOUSING. April 4. commencing at 10 o clock, we will sell, ,?t oor Sale- Room*. en aitortment of <>r*cery an : other article*, such M? Barrela Whit* and Vellov Sugars 16 boxes Sperm Oandle* Barrnls Wbiaky. cask* Brandy 10 dozen Broom* ao iw S*K?r* of different brand* 10 ra-ee Cliainfacne K> k Bntt< r an t Boner B x?* Pepper and boxe? Gh?e*e Rose* and barrel- ('offee 1 < caw* J.xker Olub Bitter* Boxe? Btan h. Boap 2ft caaes pure Holland Gin !o."?U0]gar* _ V?iMi other ?rtiele? In tlie Brorery line f" rolle 4, 6. anl 6 inarter Re<l *n i ^ hite Hatting L t of Furniture. Ac. Hair an i 8hnck Mattre-aea. Terms caah. No postponement. ap j W.Ij. WALL A WO., AoctJ. OFFICE OF PUBLIC BOlLDIHOa. liBOl'NDB AND WORKS. Capitol of thf 8tat*?, March Su.iAal. AUCTION SALE OF CARPETS, ktc., FROM 1HS EXECUTIVE MANSION W i 1 he -old at public auction at the Auction Room- of W. L. Wall & corner of nth street and I'eon'sava ,on SATURDAY. April6,l<<?7. the following article*, viz : ftTtt y arda Carpeting 1 Dining room Extension Table 1 large Gilt Picture Frame 1 Wardrobe 1 Marble top Oatr- Table 1 Mahogany Brdatead 3 Hair Pillows 3 Fea'htr Pillow* 2 F?ather Bolsters 1 Feather Bed 1 Stove an<l Pi pe Lot of Old M ttting Lot of Carpet Scrap* ap2T4F>t ('0\KBNMENT BPILMNUS AT OOHVA * LISCINT CAMP AT All T1UN Ckitf (suMrtermaiter's OJ\r*. Depot of WasHin'tOn.l Waskmaton. D C., April 1, 1867. | Th?i QoTorniB' at Building* composing Camp C n*a!ea< out. nituatel letween th>* Long Bri ige aiid Alexandria. will be sold at pablic auction, un MONDAY, !5tu April, ander the ?uj>ervisi >:> of Lieutenant Idwnrd Hunter, ITtbC.0 Infantry, Acting Assistant ynartermaater. Sale lo eoai mtnce at 12 tn Ttiese building* consist of V barracks, shin-le reof officers' quarters and other buildings, ehingl | root".' buildings, felt roof, 2 offices, officers'quarters. sheds, si at le', worksh pe, ktwrebeu?M. siuks. aiKl feor-%,sompr1*lng 1h4 buildings la all. BolldiDgs will be sold singly, and sale will he , c niinued from da? to day till all arc disposed of. Terms casta. in Uoveraruent funds. "ni<TTAIted State* relinquishes the c?r-- of tb se < bulldingsopon day of rale C H TOMPKINS. apt-lit Bvt. Brig, Gen., Depot y M. UTIKB A BBOTHEE. 416 1'KNNA. AVIBI'l Havejnst recelr-d a fin- assortment of Chromo Lithographs, hut Crackers and other*. Alio a choice lot of Pocket Books and Knives. 8t*-reo J atopic Views, Holmes' Stereoscopes, and Oval ] Frames. The latest Poetical anl Prose Works ! > j lost authors. Also, keep cnstanti on hand superior Stationery of all kinds. Cook books a?d Toy Books in great variety. mtlw /COLUMBIA HOSPITAL FOB WOMU LYlNOlV ABTLCM, Fourteenth atn-et,i alrcle.lourner of M atroet, i Washington, D OThla Inatltntlon ha* been established for the re- ) oeptton of oatlenta who may bo suffering from dis- 1 eases peculiar to their aex. and for the admlasiun of sncn females aa may require the oomfarta of Ike 1 * The hnild?ng *s sltnated In the moat healthy pardon of the District, snrronnded by ita ova I grounds. Cars p*ss the door every Ave mlnntea Tims of admission : From 9*> to 910 per week 1 in accordaare with the raom re<julred, parable in 1 advance. This includes Board, Medicines. Medical and Surgical attendance. ^ MEDIO AL STAFF. UBGBON IN CHIBF. J H THOMPSON, M D., oop&^w?aab?tBi5u,S5iRs.. JOS. hlLBf.M D . Georgetown. THOS MILLBB, H.D , f treet, Waahiagton. A. Y. P. OAbNBTT.M. D.jNew Iork avanoa. W P JOHNSTON, k. B., Vaahlngton fiBAFTON TYLBB, M. D , Georgetown. *. H0WAB1), M. D., F atr*tT Orders for admissioa to tha tree beda In thts boa pltal.tof w hlcfa there are 3D.) ean ba obtained ol the Sargeea in chief at thla office, 184 I street, or of any of the Medical staff, aad of the Bert: Dra. Hall. Curler. Gillette, and Gaombs. Wires and widows af soldiers desiring admlsaiaa will apply to tha Snrgean Oaaaral, United States 1 army. . Patients living at a distance whe desire to ooma to this laatitntion for treatment can secure nrlv*t? room* by applying bT to the matron'of tba , hospital. i. B. flILLITTI. D. D , to tt toljr^ PrwHtpt. J ' "HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sobecrt1 ber tiM obtained from the Orphans1 Court of C Washington County, In the District of Columbia. t > letters of administration on ths personal detain el 6 Tbaddetis Morrice. lateof Washington Gity, V. V.. a deceased. All persons harms claims against the said b deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, t with the vonchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or 4 before the ISth day of March next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of tl th? said estate. J Given nnder my band this 12th day of March, a 1MT. k mhlS-lawtw* M ABCCLLU8M0K B' y|J. WANTBD-10 000 LADIB8 to know that at a the Mew Stamping Booms, 439 9th street,op- t postte Patent Office, they caa lind the beat selected p assortment of Pattarns aver offered here for a Cloaks, Capes, Aprons, Joeeys. Waists, Tokos, tl Banda, Wrappera, Slippers, Pincushions. and Initials. Also, designs tor Pillow Oases, OttomCus, tl Ohair Covers, Planoa. and, in abort, vary Variety f< of Patteaaas thai ara daily issued. We-ha^ea a French Watbiff and a Practical IUBtaper, aad h??s* tK. *1 "fiva'dSifira'pe* width. i We make and ittm| My petura broaght us. o Braid*. Silk and Working Oetton f#rj lo<r. ** ? d? U tf I Tmrn BIS is TO GIVE NOTICE, That the ?uVecr1ber baa obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington Ccuuty. iu the Dlatrict of Oolatnbia. c letters t> stameatary on the personal etfMtv of . Henrv E Eainals. late of the United Statewarmy, deceased. All persons having claims igtiMt the Mid deceased. ere hereby warned to exhibit the J use, with the vouchers the reef. to the iul>?crtW*r, od or before the 9th day of Marsh next', they m?r otherwise by lew be excluded from ell benefit Of tbp Mkiil Given oeder my kend this 9th day of March, 1' 1867 JOHAH 0 KOMBCSJs, ' a mh ll lewSw* Administrator. J THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That tnesaoscTl ? ber baa obtained from the Orpheus' Court o- ? Washington Coaaty, la the District of Columbia. ? letters taste gienteri on the peraonal entate of f, Elijah Edmonaton, late of Washington city, 10., * deceased All peraoos having claims agalnu tke aid daceaeed are hereby warned to exhibit tka liitid With Ma tAH^iiM tkAPMf -* ?? ?* r bar, on or before the 9th day of M?rch nest: they ? Bay otherwise by ll* be excluded from all beaatit of the laid oatn'a e OiTen aader my hand thtafth day of March. 1SJ7. mt ll-lairlw* MQT IPMoigTOI. ^ i Mad 1 cine; Maw Bdltioa Murray's Bmotieaai I Siaordara nf the Sarvaa Tl?a Story of a Momach. I raithvafta'a Bona* for Vabraary. Da Bow'a ? Barlow fat Fabrnary. 1 fai ; nunv*. TATLOB J DH YUtfLAI f lilt-MOK 99 FBA0TIC1 * tM j > flUH TiTLta kmemm AUCTION BALKS. ' i.| ma ArrmmMo** amo rv-Memmv w. IpirffilEfis'yi OatUMSAT.tlrfM ??y ef ??r? o'UkI p m.. we ufatll froat of U*?r?a KrA?&A.0s% ? j&TOHMvs (??l to l *H? *11*7 . with tk< i?rro*?n ? o?o. c?t 1?t)r>([ of wall buUt tferoo tor; Fr?a? I^n, vvu^ibiiik oiuimnifLiii BirtDfrg r -<1BB. P|| *?M and ea* throat ho it tb* boat*, with p?rch*? fr?ai ai*d U?k. Pm*? ?itn ipolloat ..tar (n tho jard. m ai1r s it adaatrab!* re.idepca for ? private tMilr taMa*"*'0* ?B>*<1,*t<?Iy. Titl# tadi?po Ium On* third ?mIi| in at* ?M *? month*. for c ppariuf interact froa A 4M4?lTtB and Pd**l0f trmtt .am c?a*aippclrf raaapaa tt? ?Tt>V of the pnrrhMor. 9 I ? t* t* ??id down ?b#a ?>? property i? fcnprkad off. ; ???fN * WILLIAMS. Aprr? jjY BWU A WILLL4MJ, AMDOMNI MUKySSnm '.w "!?5 Op TL E8DAT A f TBRHOO* April M at oVIorfc p. n.. on tb* prtmiiM. w**b*T: Mil >trt of WB.ll bqupvp Mo S7t. fropttag } U?t od K <r? flF'b. y d fcprt? ? dr?th of 117 fNt to a >** 4 Alley. Tbla property. whoa '.d'AoI, wil. n?*ke on* of the bnatt rM.lrrtn t o tl>U CHi Term* : One half caah: oatamw fa Mm r?*<** and eighteen month*, for m>tfs t>e*r1nr*. and aeccred by a d?*?d of trnet on the premie** All coDVayaocfug and revenue* * the c <m of tho purchaser $ WO dawn on dtr o* aala Tit. a in<iI*ratable TSe plana far Dnuhing ca? b? a*?i at the miction room?,c?iB?>r 7th aad l)?tre?i? ?b?Td OK?l? ? wifailABt, Atfcta BT J .T COLD* BLL ft CO . iteta.M* * %. atau Hr?Li>ra,Ho 4""?S "thstreet. VALl'ABLB BUILDIMG LOT. On TFB8DAT. the 2d of April, a* * o"?l?c? p ui.,on tbe i rraiiaea. are will aell Lot Ma II. in ftaMrTattoad.frwntlne <> the north?Hlt o* M*ry Imb < avenue, l>atwe?n 4d ana 4% Hre U.(|al >a4, 44 f. et, and rnonlu* back 127 feet Terms Oae fo?rtL oaali. of wbicl $lMwii; t?? r<-q?ilr*d at tlma of nale. balance In eleven ma t h* with iBteraet from day of aale. an 1 eorared l>r a deed of tmat npoti the property All cini and revenue stamps at roat of poicfca*or *> 2t* J T. OOLDWKLL A OO^Aucta_ BIT QBBBB * WILLIAMS. Aootlnttn D K?. 4:26. corn-r rtb and Dptr??ta, 8ALB Of THB BCBBITCBE. A IK TUB AYBBUB HOUSE. Ixttulte nlf of two h.ndaom.- roMwoqd aa* Piano* black walnut and oak Chamber B ,rai tar- frw'-h Plate Mirror*. Ar . u 1 ? April 34. 18W, we shall Ml! at |* M* m j* 4 *"<HM *rou Oaf to 4m natt! all i? rfiapuaad of. all the tnrnitore la the Aram* tora?r , th street and Louisiana atao'j* -onUinlBf atont elEhty room. *, . *"* V*n 1#* Tw? liaud?o:i.e ro t-wn.* rM* Pianoa an! itoo., Ei'Jh*'"' rr' nfh..|)late Mirror and Biab. * Ten Daaaak and W?Cnrtaim. mith cornlcn. Ten MarMe S ak Center TaMN Parlor Salt, corer~1 In rep and hair rUth ***** *<* * One handled ratr* of roodHt&bkat*. T?o hundred Sheetn. Pillow- and Bolster 0a??* On* tinrirfretl good B?*4 CoMfarm. nfy lied Spreads. T* o non-Ire ! Featbar PiKowa an I Bolsters, One hundred and fifty Hair and Hu-W Hat trend, One hundred Oak Dlnine Ch*1r?. Ten Dlnin?TaVli-s. made to uider. Fiftr -tmaii ltomaak Tal .e ( ?>*? WM lHii4r?d Napkin*. B ehty Bniutli. Tkr?? ?lr ud liirtii Oir?<tti. T*fnty 8<>faa. ten Dtnieak Lounge*, Ten Chafine Dtshe*, Five Uefte* and Ten Urni, T-n Ceren I vory hauu ed Rulw end P.**el Fork*, Ten do*?u Plated Table Spoona. Tv pnty dozeu Tea SnoonW T w - n t r five .toren Stone China Pint**, Thirty Mti of Cue* en 1 s?t.cer?. Ten C< pper Saiu t-p?u? A lerge iuantily of other Crockery and Gt?aa Ware, Forty Ctian feller*, end Bracket* it every rooa. One excellent Iron hate aud Office I*e?k, One lnrge Office Clock and W ater Coaler, Au.l elf etl<er g.>od? belong, ne te a trft mi honte. .which we de-r~ vnnet*?aty to enn merntn. Terme ce?h. mhj*? OKI FN 4 WILLIAM*. A ctn BY COOPCB a LaTIMEH. Anctioneer* (Late clerk* with J an C McOnir? A 0 ? .) Booth west corner of Pni'iire end 11th ?t et. ??HN VUlLr UUIIUIUg. HOUSEHOLD FURNnTliB AT AUCTION Ou WEDNESDAY MOKMNO next, Apr. 14 at 10 o clock, at Mo 4-*>2 I'tni mm ?, brtv 5d and ?S atreeta, at the r-atdenre of a lad 4* cllntng honaekeaplajr. w? will eel 1 aa aaaertatnt of Fa'nltnra, connrial t? Wainot Haircloth Parlor fcolte Brus?el? and Three plj Carpet* WfclDut Sideboard Marble top Cottage Salte*. with W?- JroU>? Marble top Itirmw and Wa?ti?tac ii 'at? and wood-Mat Chain Bair and Huk Mattr leather Pillow* and Koittarft [}o?oa Matties Palate* Bedstead* and Muh-'aida rwo Extenri-n Dining Table Dak Cane eaat Dicing Chain Plated factor-. Tin and China T Met heta Crockery and Olaaaware Large CookingiBtove and Fixture*. Ac., A Tt-rnia caab. m!i 90 COOPER a latimer Anru |JV W B LEWIS A GO , Auctioneer* lame stock or "clothing and f' ft NISHING GOODS iT iriTinil > At tbr Gonffre** Clotliioc HaI1.No.414 Peon * IkIvmi I1, ??d 6th tr> i-ti.c4aiMiriii| WEDNESDAY EYBHING. April M. at r , o elk. r md eoatlaainK E\EBY IV|M|l(i antil th? tbola ?tock ta c1m?4, embracing ? yenrml aaaart Lflit of? _ _ M*n aad Bor* Clothing ? Hats, B ou and Sboaa. Alm, Alar?aato?k ofShtrU. Und'T Clothint And KurnUblag Goods f u?m W B LEWIB A 00 , A net*. 9 ||T W. L. WALL 6 OO. AactWaeer* I * Sterea 31d aad 317, suoih coraar Pa ?t. * FALCABLE IMPBOviw PIWflBTV AT _ APOTIOB. OnTBFBSBAT APTEBNOON. Aaril 4U.?t I >}* o clock, ?? will sell on the preaataee. a ?al? kble Dwelling Home, being Lot li rwir?i tton if Bjuare Mo. 11, fronting 24 feet on B etraet, bew#iu 2d abd Jdatre- to, and in rear of it Char lee t running back 120 fret to a 12-foot illoy. The Improvement* are a comfortable r irlck I>welli?c taouae. a ball atorto-i ngh.wlth aeleterosf. and in -ood coadldon Also. Immediately after the above ?nle, we will ell the adj >inlng Lot, b ing 28 feet front by 12o <'? deep, nod running back to an allor Tb term* of tbe aide ore- One third caat. *id he balance In e^nal taetaWrnvnte of 1.12. and is * uontha: the deferred pa>menta to l-e aecnred by a I leed of trnat oa the premieo*. Conferencing on 1 tamp* al the expense of the pnroaweer. A da toeit of 9100 oa oaeb will be required ai soon aa he propertj ie knocked off * MV call the attention et bavera to tbia eale aa t offere inducement* to prodar* -a reatdenoo eo t tear tbe itidu Tltl e perfect. ? mh? L WALL t CO., A cte [\IPABTMKBT OV TH1IWTE*1UE, LI UNITED STATES PATE ST dFFlCM, W AJH^iviTOSi MANftW. 18C, On tlM petition of BHK!:Bl'ank C BLHD IKTT, Of Brldgeboro, N ? Jersey. praying for he extension of a patent granted to bin the 3d ay of J an nary, )iit, artMiM *mtj s. ISiJ. for tiyroTtawi ta Bam mine and OoMlnn uaa >relta Vavare. for aerea yaara from Ut explraloa ot .aalJ aataat. which Ukeajlaoa oa Ua jd My of J uly % l&t>7 2 it la ordered that the aaid petition ha heard at ha Patent Office on Monday, tba loth day of * one next, at IS o'clock *.vaat-aU p?raona are i otlfled to appear aad ahow oau?e, ft any thay ; are, why aaid petition ought not to bo granted. Peraona oppaatag tba aKt?oat?n are roqairod to la in the Patent Otto* t h eir objectToaa, apectally et forth in writing, at (Mat twenty daya before ha day ot hearing; all taetlmoay filed br either arty to be naod at tba aaid bearing mot be takea ad tranagwm la accordance with the ralee of he offica which wth be farnlahad on applicatloa. I Depoaiflona and othrr napara relied span aa toe i Imony mast be Iliad In the ottoa ivn u daya beore the day of hearing: tba arrnmenta, if ?By, rtthln re* daya af?er iltng the Wtiaaaar Ordored. alao, that thla aoataabo pabllshed la he Bepnblioaa aad the Iatelllreacor, Waahiag oa, D. C.. and lathe Time#. Mew York. M I , ? nee a week for three aicc*N|r*,Uds. the first of TOYOI1UI. \% ? #f PlItBtl P. 8. Editor* of tho >lnin MMn will pi?< I o?j,m<l M>pd their btlla to therfMont with pin*r cont?l?ln? thU potly. **? >> <1mH? A T fOMIO BA1?B - ! 1 au-fewfc... f deoo of troot MMtiiid by Frodorlek Totrt, to ohn Goo. Stock, (to Metro And row Tholror.t poa t odo story frame hoo?-, ntrnttf 01 tho woat ortof lot ton, (lO)la ogaoro Bo. 41. WMhinjrton Itj,. tmbject to a loaoo for tho terw of flvo yoan. Udtr**t duly recorded la lib?rE M H . Bo 1. nmwHaw, cBkiwi rtcorai ror w Hki i|Im Maof jjFmiHG OLOTHIB*;. Htvtu Mr tarinf Sty lea, w* eaa affar rati*la*m irraat bUf?|M in 0VBB00AT8 AMD BATCH ?UIT? rail qaalttiM. WALL, STBPHBWB * CO . mha-Olf flat] ikSTaSi CS ^^WRWibiu*(nit4tL**. ' I r ?