Newspaper of Evening Star, April 2, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 2, 1867 Page 4
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CITY PROPERTY TO BE SOLD FOR TAXgS. COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, CITT HAIX, ArUL a, lMf. CommencingonjWEMEIDAT, the S6th day ei J?? Mit, the follow inc list of Property will be sold by Public Auction, at the City HaUjj(AMsnnen Chamber,) ia the Ciw of Washington, D O., tp satisfy the Corporation of said city for Tun da* thereon, ae stated, ?1*m Taxes be previously paid to the Collector, with nuh expenses and feee as may hare accrued at the time of paymeat. *o commence at l? o'clock A. Mt and to k? coaUSMd from day to day till completed. Tnxs Cam ' WILLIAM DHOW, Collector. I t I ? m ? ? TO WHOM ASSESSED. "ago" ? ^ i 2 ^ % o o 1M*. 1966. Sc jBc * I * I &? g-8 ?UpUt?1,3,3AM.A. J V.: U ? U M ISM and 5 Beginning on Eighth i street w?st, at the sooth west corner of lot aimher three, running thence east with the soath line of said lot, one handredfoet, thence sonth two feet ten La. chee, thence east one hundred feet# thence north twenty.four feet, thence weet two hundred feet, t hence soath twenty-one feet two iachee to the bee tan in* A 15 vAllen, A. O. had C. WU 136 07 MS 62 225 62 Sewer tax on Int from Sept 16, INK, 983.?* First instalment of water tax 96.57 4M part 29...... Arnold. Ann E 5 20 5 w * First instal lmeat of wat?r tax 95.20 Be in it the sonth sixteen feet nine inchee front of said let by the depth thereof. parts... Ditto to :? First iastallmentof water tax 70c Beginning nt a point in the east line ef said lot, forty-Are feet alne in. chee north of O street sonth, thence north sixteen leet, thence west twenty-live feet,thence sonth sixteen feet, thence east twenty-fl ve feet to the beginning Sir weat hall 5.. Abercromble. A. R 3 M 3 ^ First Installment water tax *3X6 Kltoartuandtm Addison, Anthony 4 04 4 04 5 50 west half l..' Ditto 1 46 1 46 571 ?ub. 8 and im Anderson, Charles H... 6 56 22 61 <.3 76 t3 76 Tax for constructing I sewer on int. from Aag. : 10, 1666 948.S1 : First installment water ! tax. 93.7* 317 1L , Asbury African ?burch 6 56 9 35 First installment water tax 96.56 P?n 19 _ Ditto ? l.eeeee 2 69) First Installment water tax 92.69 Being the north twenty I two leet front of said lot by the depth t Hereof 13t;l and im.... Alexander, Columbns *04 s 04 156519 pMM.KH.o. Ditto................. ...... 7 64 7 64 P i 7 U2 7 02 l?3S>art sab. 2.. Ditto 20 183 snb. 2 and un Ditto ,5 Paring tax on int from Feb. 13, l>-? 915.S4 sub.3 and im Ditto 15 M Paring tax oa int. from Feb 13, l*-?4 915-4 part anb. Ditto 2 47 | -Being the east tour feet J six inches front of said I let by the depth thereof l?**part snb. l?' Ditto <5 35 6 n. and im. Heing the soath thirty five feet front of said I lot by the depth thereof IT? 13..i.m..m.. Ditto.... 13 73 13 73 First installment water tax f 13.73 550 parts 24 & 25 Ditto 2 33 3 33 First installment water . tax 99-33 , Beginning on the lineof I Thirteenth street, at the distance ef twenty feet) sonth of the northeast' coraer of said square,) 1 and running thence1 soath thirteen feet ten: : inchee, thence west, ninety-six feet, thence north thirteen feet tec inches, and thence east1 ninety-six feet to tne, place of Beginning. " Fim ? ? tax 910 ? Paving tax on Int. from I Oet. 23, 1^66 9275.67 Sewer tax on int. trom March 29. 1-06..926t .7? ae^jpart 9 Ditto 2 21 >21 f First installment water tax 92.21 Beginning at a point on New York are. fourteen leet four inches i weetwardly from the northeast corner of tbe lot, and running thence weetwardly fourteen feet four inchee front on said avnue andofequal wldtn front and rear. 344 part 3and lm Ditto ^ ^ 9Q First installment waier w 6- TO tax 93 47 : Being the west twenty. three feet four Inches front of said lot by the depth thereof. 3*4 iwwi.w..' Ditto................. a -3 o *i First installment water ' e ,T * tax 9-74 49(1 west half 19 Ditto im cl as-dim. First installment water tax 95.12 Repairing pavement. Jnly 12, 1?05 939.7!' 454 part 13.m... Dltte Repairing pavement *iJI e' Dec. 2, 1??64 922.4Sewer tax on int. from Wor.^t, l-6?5....912?i:19 Being the north twenty feet front of said lot by tbe depth thereof. &>~ east half Ditto - (in ? sub. E A lm. Paring alley tax. on int fi ,JU 39 ,4 rfrora May 21,1 ww,933.74 M....?.,.a. Ditto................. _ Sewer tax on int. trom 1 Sep 17,1-06 9-3 ^ *4 1 Ditto ................. , u . c( Paving tax on int. from 7 Sep. 1, 1-65 99.fr72S? 12andim.... Ditto L?. First installment water * 3 w223 <t> ,94-M 13 .? DlttO.................. I I ru. CO A. ... I First installment water ****** w s tax 97.19 14......m**** liitto.................. ,.1 ,< .. o First installment wnter U 44 52 w tax 9'.'61 arw i5mm,.m. Ditto ....... 111 f>i >(C ,?! | First installment water 1 " Hi*................9'.10 part.IS A lm imto I *1 <? ?>.> _ First installment water 31,38 tax 95 Being the east twentytwo feet front of said lof __ . by tbe depth thereof... w0?7 and lm.... |)ltto W5*nbn A lm.. Ditto * 11 si 11 tonb.6w*im.. Ditto 7 ? S17 snb.E~...... Adams, O. B ****** 533 First installment water * , i tax |i,(i Armstrong. David ' x , 1# 13 * lMttO..,sss,eees. I 1 1 ^ lOdO He999li9<>b?s I^ttO. a * - ? 4? dhu> ;;;;;; J ? J:i iMUa * -e. ?... 17mm Ditto * 5} I ^{1 l5#e?**eee*es? * 4 (*) 1 (ML 1023 1.m?...... Ditto.................. . , .u J.......... >* Ditto.................. a -1 ., - * 1Ditto...... ......' 4 1^7' 4 071 t Ditto : ? ; >nrta 11,12, A Allen, Edward S *|f*oi 18 74 ? ^4*19 90 13, and la. First installment water 71 tax 92 96 Beginning on the line of) Thirteenth street seventy feet north, from the south weet corner of eaid square, and ran* nlng thence with Thirteenth street nortn thiri ty feet, thence east fiftysix feet three inches. thenoe eonth oee hundred feet, thenoe west ^ two feet, theace north seventy feet, these# weet llfty-four feet to ?p~u> ! TBK-. ,? ,? IMUHMIM | tax .m............. w ttt IMactAe eonth fifteen Met front of said lot by earn the depth thereof ei 4<3 sab-1 ? ?3 ifi 37,110 S3 | Pavtag tax on int. mo t I Jana 19, IMC 989.11 : | - | i * ??... gift f - TO WHOM (Hj, P o 18*4 1866. ^ L?_______ H !H 9 c. ? c. t e. s cl Paving lax oa mi. from July 6, 1866 67101 IV Being M laakw ou oft 11 E.8. Alloa'savMivli- fI k? of loto number two \l aad thM of G. U.Wllt- I berger'a aubdivlaioa of ,1 original lot number two *i in >??an watt of 463. , Surveyor^ offloe, Liknr B, folio 118. 3701 aO??**?oo at Abbott, Elizabeth. 50 56! 54 3^ Flrat inatallmant water tan t50.36 533 aonth ball 35 Ditto. mm. 3 95 Flrat inatallmant water tax 13.861 372 anb. A....... Anderaon, Elizabeth aad 3 76 3 76 otbera Flrat Inatallmant wnter tax S3 76 346 part fan dim Adam a. Oaorca R AO 31 85 35 133 77 Fmt inatallmant watar tax .65.04 Being tbo aontb twentyeight faat front of aald lot by the depth thereof. 3F7part34 Ditto. 2 94 4 04 Balng the eaat alz feet three mchaa front by the depth of aald lot First inatallmant water tax .Si.20 35 and im ..I D tto..40 421 45 79 Flrat inatallmant water! tax 85 36 26....#### . Ditto ...... 13 46 18 60 First installment water tax 65.14 9531 and lm.... Adams, George F. and - . 18 M190 75i?o 75 Roe anna. Fating tax on Int. from Aug. 10, 1HS6... .9162 09 616 anb 34 Anderaon, lindley 1 37 1 27 1 27 494 part 6 and lm Acton, Henry 8 15 8 96 17 11 17 ll Beginning at a point. aeventy feet from the aonthwest corner of Sixth street weat and aonth E street, being aonthwest corner of aaid aqnare, and running thence eaat with the Tin# of E street aeventean feet,thence north ninety feet five mchaa, thence weat oeventeen feet, thence aonth nine* ty feet Ire inches to E, street, the place of begtnning. 431 WMthhlf 12. j Allen, Hann&b 4 37 10 eo Flrat inatallmant water ttx fi n 457 part 5 Ditto. ."..."r... ? 52 Firat ina tall men t water 16.52; Beginning on the line of D street north nine. teen feet eleven nnd one half lnchea east from the aonthweet oc^ner ol aaid lot Are, and ran-: nlng thence eaat nineteen feet eleven and one half in chea, fronting on D street north,nnd with that front at right an* (ties with D street by the death of the lot. 297 p*ru 14 and Aece*flfc. Henry " X 11 23 u .*} 15and im. TseWSftang alley en p c thirteen feet : Mr and one half in cum from the northeaat corner of Thlr1 teenth street west and a certain alley aeveateen feet nine inches wide, thence with said alley flfty-fonr feet three lnchea, thence along liae of lot fifteen 1 north thirteen feet five , and one half inchea, thence west flfty-fonr 1 leet three inchea to ' Thirteenth at't, thence sonth thirteen feet Ave | and one half inchea to > the beginning. 126*ob 11 Aullck. John H i 3 22 3 a . I First iaatallment vater tax ?3 2* SSJ? Adams, John H 10 36 >0 t'-4 Flrat installment water I.. tax 810.36 Ditto 10 fc First inatallment water tax 610.29 167 part 2 and 24 Alden, James | 5 14 5 14 5 M First Installment water tax 95.14 beginning at the northeaat corner of aaid lot number twenty, fonr, running thence aonth twenty-seven feet aix tncbes, thence west one hundred and six feet nine inches, tnence north twenty aeven aix inchea, thence east one hundred feet nine lnchea, to the beginning. 461 anb 2 of orlg. Angue, James W ...... **>1 61 -201 61 Inal (J Sewer tax on interest from Dec IS, 18?5 Firat inatallment water _ ? tax 63.36 C25snb 13....... Angus. Job W 4 2& 4 70 16 47 Tax ie?3 62.79 v,. ... Tax 1HM 4.70 snb 14Aim.. Ditto 63 89, 70 26*44 34 Tax 1<5?3 *39.94 ? . Tax 1864 70.26 anb 15 A im.. Ditto 54 11 59 52 177 97 Tax l6^ t 4 78 Tax 1(=64 59.5* ! "b 16 Ditto 7 59 6 34 29 42 Tax 1^3 65.15 mK Tax 1964 8 31 ! ! anb 17 ...... Ditto 6 67 7 33 25 6? Tax 1863 94 35 Tax 1961 7 33 I 1 ?t> Ditto 5 95 6 54 22 93 Tax 1?3 S3.90 Tax 1^64 # 54 iKipftn * Adams, James, In trnat .* .' 5 49 5 4ft I , Firat inatallmeat water tax $5.46 Boglnning on Maryland avenue twenty-three * feet flye inches westwardly from the north- 1 eaat corner of aaid lot, and thence running westwardly along said j avenue twenty.three I teet five inches, thence southwest wardly nt 1 j right angles with said avenne to the aouthern 1 1 boundary of aaid lot, thence eaatwardly 1 i twenty-three feet Ave I Inchea. thence northwestwardly to begin- I nlng. 64613and im..., Adams, Joseph, and F. 8 45 t 1 . O. Walsh. W. , 881 parts 3 and 4 Adams, Jamea A 3 59 Ajb 3 59 : First inatallment water JS to* 63.59 TEa Beginning on south L. street thirty-six feet from the toutnweat corner of aaid lot number three, thence due west twentyfeet, thence north one hundred and two fset aix inchea te an alley, thence eaat twenty feet, thence 1 aonth one hundred aad two feet aix lnchea to the beginning. i 1 516 part orlgl- Adams, James, and John ? 39 2? 19->6 1 611 P. Ingle. ' First installment water tax 639 26 Beginning on Q street one hundred and twen- * ' ty-tour feet weat from the aoutheaat corner of the square, ruaning thence, west fifty-two feet aad one-hair Inch, thence north two hundred fset, thence eaat I oae hundred nadoev* eaty-elx fiat aad onehalf inch to Fourth 1 street, theace weet one hundred and twenty. fonr foot, theace eouth. < 1 oae hundred and throe* I I feet to the beginning. ( 1 1*7 aonth half is Ardoaoer, JP 4 10 ? 10 1 Firat iaatallment water to* 6I.10 , 655 part 2 and 3. Alien, Lettua 3 w 3M J Firat Iaatallment water * * 63.41 1 Beginning oa the line of F a treat aorth one . hundred aad throe feet weet from the southoaetorn earner of aald. equure, ttaace wool 1 ' < along aaid street eighteen Ibet elevea lachea. thenao north oae banfm'iaVuu 1uwul'^ WWlfTUTVJM ill SVITMauWT-??. hhh** ?.j w Cs AUCTION 8ALES. TBOB. DOWLIM^ net.; OwrftWn ; BOBBY lib! IT TA1.UABLB IV410TW ABB OMIMPBOVBD PBOPBBTY ?B OEOBBBTOWN AMD WASH1EQTOB. r2j ?lrtu# ?f a decree of tW kmw Ooart ef ?ae District of Oolimbla, HNtd oa the ilk day >f F-bruary A. D.,tlW, li Omm Bo. 884, Docket *, Fall ?l. Dtvlillet. ll.. Bt uaderslgaed will ??U at iiblie auction. ta tka klghsst bidder. on BOIflDAT, tbe 11th day aff April A. D., 1*7. at o'elect p. m.. at tka araatitee, parte af Let Bo. .la BataMl'a AddUioa;and part af Lot Bo. (81, Beall'e Addition to B* orgetowa. tka iw treating oa Bridge atraat, between loatfomery aad Oreea ttraata. aad facing tha aad of Fenafylnala avoaaa aa aitandad lata Ooorpatowa. I Tk? property will be oald ta throe parcels, Tit: I Tka thraa- alary Briek law, with tha lot, whlah I la ? faot Croat by 120 faat deep. aad the | two atary fraa* Boaaaa, woot of tha brick house, separately, with lota raapectlvely attached to tha "Tad oa FBIDAT, tha 11th day af April, A. D 1MT, at tha premlsea, at 5 o'clock a. .. wo will aall tha subdivision lota haowa aa Lota "B" aad "O," la Sweeny's subdlvisioa af lot 4, In square No IN, la tka city of Waahlagtoa. Lat B will ka old in thraa separate percale, aaoh baring a front of S3 faat 5 laches oa U atraat woat, bat wood aaath U aad aonth D atraata, and a depth of abaat lot feat toaa allay in tha roar: aad LotM0"ia three aa pa rata par call, aacb having a front of 17 faot 4 iachoa aa south C atraat, botwaan 2d and Id streete woat, by a dapth of aboat 151 foot 6 iachoa. AU tha above property ia daairable. aad daaarvaa tha attention af persons deal ring to inveat in rach property. Tenia af sale, aa prescribed by the decree: Onethird caah, the raaidna ia twe equal payment* at ix and twalva months. with Interest from tha day af aale; or, at the option of tha parchaaer. tba whola purchase money may he paid la caah preseatly aftar tka aale. Tke titles are perfect. OBABLBE If.' MATTHBW8. I TrnsU*mk 30 iOtdds TH08. BOWLING. Anct. D! OOQPBB A LATIHBB, Auctioneers. D (Lata clerks with Jas. O. McBqiro A Go.,) Bonthweat caraer Peon'a avenue and11th at. Star Offioe Building. CBANCEBY BALI oF VALUABLE BBAL BBTATB. By virtue of a decree of the Snprama Coart of thaBlatrtct of Oolnmbta, in chaacery canaa No dO, the naderaigned. trnatoea. will proceed to aell the following described raal estate atthetimaa aad places and upon tha terma hereinafter set forth, to wit: Oa MOBDAT, tba 2Sd day of April, A. D. 1867. at 4 e'clock p. m.. on the premiaaa. we will aall Lota numbered 18. 19, SO. SI, SS. 23, and 24. in Bqaere aambered 33, aituate partly an north F streat. and partly oa 24th street west. Ob TUBBDAT, tha 23d day of April, A. O. 1M7, at 331 o'clock p m., on the aramiaea, Lot numbered 2, In Square anmberad 63d, situate on south 0 strsst. between South Capitol street and Dataware avenue; Lot Bo. 19. in said Square No. (36, eltuato on South Capitol street, near 0 street south; Noa. 4and 5, In *ald Square &V>. sitnats on Delaware avenue.near aonth 0 street; Lot Bo 8. In Square No. 837, aituate oa Delaware avenue, between aonth C and D streets. On WBDNBSDAT, the 24th day of April, A. D 1367. at 3X o'clock, on the premleee, Let Mo. II, In Square Bo. 640, aituate on Delaware avenue, near soath C str<et; Lot No. 18, In Square aaat of Bqnara No. 612, aituate oa Vlrglaia avenue, near street: Lot No. 24, iu Squara south of Bquare Mo. 643, situate on H street aonth, be tween >* street waat and lat street west, and Lot No. 28. in said Bquare south of Square S43. aita ate oa the earner of S atreet weet and B street south. _ Ou TBUB8DAY. the 25th day of April. A. D . 1867. at 4)6 o'clock p. m.,at Cooper A Latimer'a auction room. the following deacribed Lota, to wit: Lot Ho. 4, in Square No 6ul on the oorner of south Q atreet and First street west; Lot 4, square 626. on Ma*se< busatta avenue, near North Capitol street* Lots Bos 1 and 2, in Square Mo. l.iwi, situate on O street eouth. near Twelfth street saat; Lot Mo 8. in Square Mo 1,118, on tha corner of north 0 street aad Mineteenth street east. Lots Bos 7,8 and 9. in Square No 1,133, sitnate oa Twenty-first atreet east and B street north;

also, Lata Noa 4.6 md 6, In Sqnara Mo. 1,132. situate on Twenty-first street east, near north B streat. Ths terma of sale, as prescribed by the decree, are as follows One third of purchase moaey to l>e caah, aad the balance in three, six, nine and twelve months frem day of sale, with Internet, aad the payment of the residue thereof to be aecure<l by appmTed bonds or netee. with security and a reeerved lien; or the purchase money c m be paid in cash on the day of aale, er on the ratiflcatioa thereof by the court. If the terma of sals are not complied with by the purcbaaeror purchasers within five days after the purchase, the trustees reserve tha riebt to at the risk and cost ef the defaultiag purchaser or purchasers, aftar one week's notice Conveya*e>D? and stamps at cost of purchaser's. WAlTBB 8. box. I ir a VI. JOHB MILLBB. < COOPBB A LATIMBR. mk 28-eo3wAda Auctioneers. DT OOOPBR A LATIMKB. Auctioneers, D (Lateclerks with J.O McGuire A Go ,) Bonthweat corner of Penn'a avenue and 11 that., Star Office Building. TBUSTBIMS BALB. LBAPBHOLI' and valuable whabf PROPERTY FOOT OF 10TH STREET, TBE WHABF ITSELF, COAL SCALES, Ac., AT ACCTIOB. ? . , Under aad by virtue of a deed of trast, t earing date on tha 10th day of November, A. D. 18<;6, and recorded in Liber B. M. H., No. 3, folios 314 et ee<i.. 1 will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder and bidders, on THUR8DA Y. the Utb day of April, A. B. 1867. at 10 o'clock a m.. at tha Goal Yard lately occupied by O W. Palm<ir,aitaat" at or aear the iatereectloa of Indiana avenae and 1st street weat.Ja the city of Waahington. one Kay Hare, Cart and Harneea, one Black Horse, Oart and Harness; one Straw Cutter and Stable Tools, one Buggy and Harness: en- Iron Safe; Office Furniture. Desks, Pigeon Helee, Stove, Crowbars, Axe*. Paws. Coal Screens. Bbovela, Signs. Scales, (onsset ef Fairbanks Scales.) one Ooal office, all Plank and Lumber In the place; one Stable, LimeHouse, Wood Shed, Timber and Oatea. A Lao. At 2 o'clock p. b..od the same dar,en ths premises. the Wharf known aa" Palmer's Wharf,' situate at the foot of 10th street west. In said eity of Washington, togstber with three (3) Coal Tubs, Block aad Fall. Office Furniture. Sto* e, eleven (11) Ooal Barrews, one set Fairbanks' Bcales, one Coal Screen, Bakes and Shovels. Also, Tbe Intereat of one Orson W. Palmer of, in. and to the unexpired leasehold of said Wharf Property situate at tbe foot of said 10th street, ia the city of Waahington, under and by virtue of a leaee heretofore executed by William A. Bradley aad William A. Bradley, J r., in favor of aald O. W. Palmar. Terma af sale : < ash. A. THOS. BBADLET. Trustee mh BieoAda COOPBB A LATIMER. Austs. 1)Y NAG LB A CO., Auctioneers. D Salesroom No. 994 Peon, avenue. Between 9th and 10th sts. HAQLB A BO- will gtva their neraoaal attention to the sale of Beal Estate and Household Furniture. Also, to ths salee of stocks of Orooeries, Wines. Liquors, and Merchaadtae of every description, Horses, Oarriagoa. Harness, Ac Liberal cash advaaoeo made oa consignments. Regular Salee at oar aaleerooas avery TOESDAY, THURSDAY, and BATOBDAY, at 10 o'clock. MAOLB A CO., jalltf Auctioneers. GOVERNMENT SALES. B% order of tiio <.'uariormast-r Ca ieral, the Ituildintzs known as the Construction Corps Barracka. ?t Aiexaadria. Virginia, will ho eold at public aaction, on Tfll'BioDAY. April ll. under th> aupervlsi' u of Lieutenant Edwar,i Buater, 12th Cnit'd States infantry, Aetinu A-sistant uuartermastar. United States Arasy. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock nooa. Thee* Barracks coaapriS' tkirt en build ng?, ransin/ from 9 to 22 feet in width by tram 10 to 82 fret In length Alao. a Portable BuiMlug 10 by 1J feet. Atter which the following at Battery Bodg?rs Two Buil-lings and ftl Bandies. ^There will alee b- solA at the sam- time the following pipe 60fact 1-Inch Lead Pipe. 3? foot 2 1 neb Iron Pipe. 1B0 feet 1-Inch Iron Pine lJOfeet 1 Vlnch Iron Pipa. 8 Brass tSqp cocks 3 Oookin* Banges. incomplete. 1 Steam Boiler 6 Inches by 1 foot 10 Inches. Terms?Caah, la ?ov*rn?snt faMs^^ Brig. Gea. and Depot qaartormaater. hSMOt TBMOBY FOB BALB. By order of the Qnartermaater General. the Gov nn' nt Armory on O street, between Twenty ftrst tnd Twenty socond. will be sold at public auction andet the supervision of Captala Jamas ?. Pavne, ST" onPWBDMBBDAY, April 18, at 12 e'cl k D This building is 20?fe. t by 45 feet, shlagla roof. >?. Brt,5^. gsjrftSJLSSar. ah 29-lit Papotof Washington UDREAU OF OBDBAMCB. f> M avt D*r aptxiht. WASD15STON Out, Barch 15.1557, i?s lay of April, 1867. at tha ??ca of tha laspaetor of Ordnance, Mavv-yard. Philadelphia, Ponnaylvasia, a lot of old and^aaservlceable artlclee af Urdnance, embracing Shot aad Shall, about saven kuadred (708) Carbines fbrejch-lo^ers.) about twentv-flvehandred (1.500) I Muskets, rifled aad 1 mooth-bore, Bua Oarrlafaa, aad other tores. Tbeartlolea will be sold ialote. Terma: Oae half caah. In Oeveraaeat faada. to ka depoeited oa the ceaslasian of the aale aad the remainder withia taa daya aftarward. durlag which time the artlclee muat be tMMved from the yard, etherwiee they wtU revertto^the^OoTera"mh l6 23t Chief of Bureau. l^BBBOB WOVBB WHAMIBOBB OOB8BTB MABABB PBIBLE'S.*99 MAEEBT BpACB. ffiattSSSDfHBfe. " PAWNBROKERS Bruniiii loaii offiob. 3 . 41ft 14U straet, M aaor soath ef Psnn ave. In?u MOmT ea UM to salt old aad Sllvsr Watches, Dtamoada. Jew- /0\ try, Ladlaa' ud OntlnMa'a WmiIiIA ^ Arogg,??"".'b.M>.. j yy A L.B B ' 8 rr.vrR.4L iod.v orwrE, J Ha. 460 10th ?tr?t, one door below Psnn. avs. Thia wall-known Offioamakaa /ON : L1BBBAL ADVABCBS jfWl Oa lHw('i4i, 0?M wi Stiver Wetchee Q Q Clotkia^, Farnltara, ud Marcbandtss of every OniiTtrr daylexoaft Sunday ) from S a. m. to V B.-Baainoaaatrlctly ooufidsntlal. feU-tf rilABLlBB BJ> 1 8 3 2. BPIOI ALJIOTIOI. CBABLBS HBBZBBBG. .. Buccaasor to la?c Hartberg 4 Bon, Who have ooadacted tha Pawnbrokiag business for flftaea fmh Ib this city, for twslva /Ov fMntko oiIt Fintrokerii the K?ric'liwl we this aoWl of tkukiif tboir patron*? U aad tli* public for the confidence heretofore a bow a them.aBd teg ltrve tocall tbolr attention to the f??t that wo etlll continue to make Uo hlgneet *4- 1 jaacee la all suaaa a poo all articles of Jewelry, I piaiowda, Watches, Bonds, Government Scrip, ; Silver Plato, Ac., for whloh we bar* superior placas of dsposlt aad security, which will always bo shown for tha *attsfactma of taoao patronising as. Wo have asocial facllitlea for the cara and prooervatioa of Wearing Apparel of ewrr daacrlptloa, Woolens, A?., on which the hl?eot ad TaacM aro Bade, guaranteeing whea required aaalast Both, and always ajrainatlnjury Hariai a largo wareboaeo in connection with oar effico, we have special facilitlee for storage of all hlnda of merchandise, Fhraltura, 4c.. oa which wo make tho highest advaaces for day a. wooha or moatha. We call oapecial attention to tbo fact that owing to tbo largo capital employed in our hnslaoss, wo oaa make adtaacM at aucb ratea of latoreet aa to defy Ooinpetition We oell no goads a a til tho expiration of six aaoatha after their for-. foitnre, aad then oaly at pnblic auction. first rlvsfB lag ample notiee through the vnrioas eltf joursua to all depositors. By thia meana deposits with aa are nsvor loot if their rodeaapttoa la 4ealrad. Wa oall eapecial attention to our arrangemoot a for forwardlag gooda to any part of tho oouatry, arraagemeata which aa experience of flfteea yeara haa brought to perfection. DepoeItora aro eaahlod by tbla meaaa to redeem their gooda from our office no matter whore tbey may Bo located. Ball Information alwaja given. Private apartments for coafi den tla! bualaooa HB ? Wo have ao sonnectlon with aByaimilar establishment la thia city. Refer to any old roaidoot of Washington. Remembsr HERZBBBG'S Loaa Office. S31 north 0 strsst, between and 6th. Washlngtea. P. C. folUm* j^JOHBT t MONET I! MONEY til H. PBINCB'8 NEWLY ESTABLISHED LOAN offiob, 977 Pa. ava.. aaxt to PoteatlnraOoafoctloBery. Maaay loaned ob every deocrlptlon of aalabla erchaiidlae. especially Watchea, Dia- /Ov mouda. and fine Jewelry. I oan aaauroJLvJL tboao who may favor me with ther patron-1# tl ago that they will not regret having done ao. M. B ? Private door and office. Peraons not wlahlng to saur tha public offico will ring the office ball. fa 25 lm* TUB OLD BBT4BLIBHBD FIBM OF 8, GOLDSTEIN A CO.. L1CBBSED PAWNBBOKEBS, 34 FOUB AND A HALF STREET WEST, near Pennsy Ivnala aveaae, Offer tho big beet caeh advances ob all kla<laof erchandlae, to any amouat and for any tlms desired, at reasoaahl'-rataa. A A Interest oa large sama greatly radncod 9 V Buslaess strictly coafideatlal. Gooda bought for eaah and sold at prlvats sale. DENTISTRY. DB. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, No. ??? PKNN'A AVE , Betwean 12th and 13th streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnatartag Hltroua Oxyda or Laughing Gaa. Dr./Mfo LEWIE haa rooently purchased tba bestUBSS Chemical Apparatua fa tha oountry tor** making core gaa every day, also, an Improved Val- | vulsr Inhaler. The Association ia now prepared to make Teeth on Gold. 911 vv ?a~ Bubber at New Iork. Philadelphia aad rioston prtcoa. All peraona wlahlng dents' vorKdone oan bave It aa cheap aa In tha abovo-namad cttiea. All work done in the nt-atest aad oast manner, aad warranted to give Matlsfactioa. Peraons will do wsll to call and ex amine our work. de U tf ^hs lBvaater,aDd?Pat2t"ef ^a MIBBBAL PLATE TEETH, attanda paraoaally at^W^ hi a office In thia city. Many peraoas cuaMmffm wear thaao tooth who oaanot wear othera, IIM" and no person oaa wear others who oannot wear |^|He Parsons calling at ay offloa caa ha aooommodatod with any style and price of Teath they may desire, but to those who are particular,aad wish tha aaraat, cleanest, atroageat and moot perfect denrare that art oan procure, the MIBBBAL TBBTH will bo more rally warranted. _ I Booms la this elty?No 3S? Paaa'a aveaua. be twaaaPthand 19th its Also. ?0T Arch street, Philadalphla^^^??^ PERSONAL. MRS CURTIS IRVING, Clarrvoyant, mnd Tut | XtJium, will give life reading*. Including ; Past, Pressntand Fature, at her office, 4*0. north | side of Pa. av., between aad Cth aUeata. Offico . honra from 9 to S a. m. aad < to 9 a.m. )al4im* , /CONFIDENTIAL ?Toung men who have lnvy jurod themselves by certain secret habits. Which unfit them for bastnoss, aleasure, or tha dattos of married life: also, middle-aged aad old . msa, who. from the follies of youth, or other pauses, feel a debility ia advance of taelr years, before placing themselves under the treatment of aay oae, should first read "Tha Boaret Frload." Married ladiaa will I ears aomethiag of lmportaace 1 by peruaing"Tbe Secret Friend'' Boat to aay adirosa, In a sealed envelop*- on recdlpt of M cents. Addrsaa Dr . CHAS. A. BTDABT A OO.. Boston, Mass. A B. BBOWNB. ~ . J. SMITH BBS BBOWNB A SMITH BBS. WABHINOTOB. D O , ATTORNE Y8AXD CO (JfiSELLORSATLA WVI AND BOLIOITOBS BOB THE BDBBAD BEBCOBBS. FBIEDMEN. AND ABANDONED LANDS Offico Ho. 476 Seventh street, opposite the Post I Offico. fa I-Iy - a PBB OEBT. BAVBD by asiag O. B JEW?>U BLL'S pure unadulterated ] Praailnm Now Tork City SOAP, . I Premium FAMILY SOAP, Prominm FLANNEL BOAP, _ And No 1 BBOWN SOAP. For aalo cheap for sash. Orders throurh tha Posi Offico will bo proaaptly attended to V. B. J EH ILL, Boon and Candle Manufacturer, No. ?00 aod Sv2 O at. north, bat. 4th and 8th. ja ll-6m THE MOST EXCITING ANB INTEBEBT1NO I BOOK OF THE DAY. UES. L. C. HAKEK'S HISTORY OF THE SECRET SERVICE. AGENTS WANTED la every.cit) .town, county and Mattof tho Unloa tecanvlaa for.this work. I Thia tifSory ?as auaounc-d one year ajro. bat 1 owing to the attempt* of the Government So sup- | Cess It, Ita publlcatioa wa? delayed. It will now laaued, uaaltsred and unabridged, under the aup?rvi*tcu of Gx>. Bakeb It oontalna a full I ana official oxpoee of |he Intricate machinations p of the secret snoa*i>-a m tho Colon. For startling developments and thrilllhf adron- ] turea tola book eciljpaea the famo\ia expenencea of FOl'CHE AND VIDOCQ. The marvelona oar- I ratiaaa of Gvaaral Baker are all attested by the I 1 highsat official authority. It will coutala the I only aihclal history of tha Aaaaasinatiou con- 1 spiracy. A full history of this craat, startling I FCH0MrriTs Inception, in thb haunts j OF VILLAIBY TO THE BURIAL 1 PLACE OF BOOTH. Haa aavar yet t>o*n placed before tho public. The I work also tolly expoaaa the netarioua ayatem by I Which Presidential par<ions wara and are so read- I Up obtsiaed in Washington. The morals of tho National Capital are thoroughly ventilated and there aro some strance | revelatlaua cnarsinlaf haada of deyartaaeiit*. I , membera of Consraaa, female pardon broker*, and | diatiugulahed military charact-ra. I. For circulars, oanvaaaing numbers, and *11 other | informattou. aadreea "L.C BAKBB. Peat Office I Box Ho. V9?, Philadelphia, Pa *' I 1 This work will ba ready for delivery oa tha 1st , ?B.?'nous bat thosa thoroughly oonvsrsant j J with tha business, and with good refereoc- aa to character and responsibility, need apply. mb!3 lm |V| ACBEBBL ABD CODFISH. i S &XS#'?rABAV.V>Brin ol Bavaasn m. o Ooaamisslon Merchants, , dsU ff Bo. 464 Ninth at., Wat. B and F. ; OBPHANB'COUBT. March Pth. 1*7.?DifTUCT o? Columbia, WasHiWtos Oocwtt, Tessw: In the case of Mra. Margaret A. Duke*. *dmia s- I tratrlx of Levin Dukaa, dscaased. ths admlaiatrattix aforesaid has. with ths approbation of the Or- j phatos' Court of Washington County atoreaaid, appointed Taesday. April fid, 19ST, far ths fia^ ssttlsmant aad distribution of the panonsi astata of said deceased, aad of the asaefr ln hand, aa far as the sama havehaen collected aad tcraed Into money; When and where all tha creditors aad heirs oT aald dsceased are aatttad ta attend, with their claims properly vpnefied, or thay my otherwise by law hs sxcluded from all Wnefit la aald deceased *s estate: Provided a copy of this or- | der bo published oaoa a weak for three waaks la tha BvoniagSter, p?v??te^EIRHB mhll-iawtw* BagtaterofWI1M. rkBPHANS' OOO BT. March It. IM.-OiaU Ttici ov Oolombla. Wasbi??tom Cor an. I 7bws.?lathaeaaeof BUtaboth Kellr.admlaletratrlx of Samael Kally, docaaaod. the admiaia USES? m ^wSZ^BTSSS aforeaald. aapolated Saturday, tha Cth day af 'tu-wsi. rssrs' st t c?wad. aad of tta aaaata la haad.aa far aa tha aama havs bean collected aad taraad lata msaar: whaamat v^rsj^^sra^tsws^aad^he*rs af stM yCw Jtl'U publlfhed oaoa 1 Uasfcjfirttpawaatala iaivaI I BANKERS. UBYBB-TBIBTT TEBASVBY IOT||, O _ of uiHrlNjtfhtu*! for _ HEW TPlYB T^EHTT BONDS. AT TBI NATIONAL ft All K OF tiOHilBECH Or OBOEuBTOWB. D ? Iitirul KtftBii Moaipe for VotM. Obtcli, Drafu. Bwi.a*. Deede. Hortgegae. aod other lectl docnmente for tale at G<vere??etretee ah 7 Im J Q HAMMBB. cm hi er j at cooks * co ., I AB K BBS. JVtww* meat. ?HrtW lVaatanu Bljial ad I tetrrni avkti nlN, km oaitMtly OB hoad, a fall is?iy of all OTBBBHBBT bow oa, BRYEH-TH1ETIBS, abd OOMFOCBTB ibtbebst iotii rtw. tor STOCKS. BONDS, Be . etecote* %mQ Collection* Mi* ?a au oeooeelble potato. OOltf _ First Hatioiil Ink of f aifciigui. B.D.COOKB. (of Joy Cook* ?Oo.,) Prooldeat, fl. . BINTINOTOH. Oookler, ?OYHBHMENT DBFOilTOBT iXS rilABOUL AOBNT OF THB CIITIV BTATBB, 1A ik j.tMi, orfoiu* IA4 TV ansae* 6ot(rwnt Seearlttee wttk Treoenrer Col tod glgln BWONE MILLION DOLLARS We bay aa? eoll all cIobmo of GO fE RNMEN 7 LECURIT1ESat correal morkot rotoo. FURNISH EXCHANGE mmd m?M OMJw?*w on ALL TBE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. Wo porchoee Government Yoocbera oa tko MOST FA TOR ABLE TERMS, U? flv* carefU oba prompt attention to ACCOUNTS ?t BUSINESS MEN mmd FIRMS, ad to any other baolneao eat meted to so. FULL lNFOBMATlON to roftrt to OOYBBB MBBT LOANS ot All ttaeo cbeerfally foral?bed WM. S. HCNTINOTOfl. Co abler wothiMt?i?, Korck a. uw a n tf &TKAM B^TlLIX ES7~ POTOMAC TRANSrORTATION LIMB FOB BALTIMORE Moklof freight connection ot AUDI A CREEK. With bUUMUBD. FREDERICKS ^OM BCRO ABD POTOMAC EAlLEOAD.^Si^fc The eteoaer B\ I'BBSS, Oeot A. Nlckle. aad *teamer KENNERBO.?'ept John H Wlleoa, leave Woehlngton from Slvth atroet wharf ev-ry WEDNESDAY and SATO EDA T.ot 6 o. m . for Boltlacr*, and uaaol wot lendlnge > n Potomac river. Botarnlng leave Baltimore everr Tl BBDAY and FBIDA Y. 4 P m For further Information apply to J. B BE VAN A BBO . mhl8-tf Ho. Sid PeanayIvnnla ato. UTIAMBB WILSON SHALL 0 for the eastern shore. BOTICB.-Tbo Bteaaer WILSON SMALL, OAPT. B. T. LBOAAKD, sow to _J ^ all reepecaoneof tho lUtackMt moat comfortable and elegant^ 1**^^* ateaaere plying oa Cbeeopeeke Boy, will reoaao her roote oa BA 1CBDAT, Harch ad. Sheleavea hor aler oppoefto Ho ?TS L?*ht at root wharf, Baltlaore, everv TUESDAY, THrR^DAY. oad BATCRPAY. at I 9 m., for KASTON PdlNT3 DOUBLE M)LI.S,01 tbhD CLQKA'S POINT*, WALLACH'S WHARF. CAMBMID'i E.HUGHLMIZ& Z"AfiZ CABIN CREEK. MK6FORDS WHARF, aad LLOYD'S LANDING. Eetnrftlng from THE EASTKEN SHOES, abo leavee Lloyd'a Landing at 1 p. m., Cambridge ot 4 Vm. and Baaton Pc4nt at 8 n m,every Hood ay, daeoAOT ond Friday .tonchlng at all latera* dtote loadlnge. end reaching Baltimore ot a. a. on the following a^mmia She baa a large nombt-r of fine atota rooae. fa ?> tf ^lOHMOH^FEHDBElOEBB^M AMP PS Ttt TRAVELLERS GOING BOOTH. TWICE DAILT, (Boodoy p. m. axoeytodJ Tba qntekaot oad moat dlroot roato to EloAaaoad, Ya . and the Bontt. via the PoUiatae _^neaa ^ teamert from Ttb Street Wharf Wooblngton, to Aanla Creek and^^*^^B? BJchmond. Frederick** cc and Potomoc BLollrto^. to Richmond, Yo, cod suiting there with trainee a the Elcbaoond and Petorabarg and Blobaoad or d Danville Rallrooda. for Peterabnrg. Woldoa, Wllaitagtoa BUIelgh, Oreeaoboro'. Sallabary. Ckar1 otto aad Cheater, S. O. Steamer* Eeyfort oad O Yandorbllt loo to 7th Street Wborf doHy (Sofdoy ev^alng eaoeatodi at Ijs o. a oad 6 M p. a. oad arrive to Blcbaoad at and 2.45 a. a. THBOCOH TO EICHMOHD IH BHYBB BOOHS* Fifty Ml loo Shorter and a* Hoon Uulckoc tAoa ear Other Route Ho tare oad got Tbrongh Tlckoto Tta A?olo Crook oad Frodoricfceborg, to Richmoad, at tba Ooayony *a OSloo, corner of Peoao. aveaae aad eta treet, or oa board of the boate. Be?age aktafcaS tbrongh. Omnlbaaoao aad Bascace Wagoaa will bo la readlneea to ooavey paoeeugen and ibowago botweea depota la Richmond. Poooeagora by tkla Itao Fooa by daylight Mooat Yornoa. and may haooaa opoortaalty of rial On* coveral bottle Soldo near Frodorlckobarg by Stooping at that aolnt Breakfoot and eoo oa board of Btoaaon. GEO. MATTIBTQLY.Snpt.. Wahinatoa, H O. Q. K. MATTIKOLY, TIcket^A^et,^t^MgMastoa. M*-ly Heaoral Piai?w Agoct g.oa.t I SANARITaN'B siffl SAMAElTAtra QlFTt THB MOST CHETA1H EEMHDY BY HE cseb. 'Yee, A Fooinog erao " f?* 90MOKMM<MA, GLEET; MTJUCTPEES, d?. Ooatolno no Mtaoral, ao Boleaa, no Mercnry. (Mb Ttm PtUt to *4 Ikoeo W A/ ? * Cfrt. Thev ore entirety ecetA?te, having oo aaetl ao? ay anpieeooot tooa, aad will not la anr war loJJi. thl ~--h or bowela of the moot daiuoato Onroalaftwo tofpnr Aoye ond roeoMcooea lm^woty fonrboare." Proyored by oorodaoto of the t nlvoralty of Penaaylvanta ooeof tho aoot eminent Doctore oad Chemwa of tte areoeat Say; SStSSS* '""soirliTt"?"" ewY* Beat ty aoll lu o phUa eavoiopo. Frioe-Molo pockogoa, ft. Fade.ll. BLOOD t BLOOD11 BLOOBItr orofcla. clcbra, sores, spots. tKITBBS. scales. boils, SYPHlil!. OBYBNBBEAimtjBABES.Sc. MA HABITANT a MOOT AND BEttM JU1CB la oSerad theaabUeaaa aodtlve oaro. SYPHILIS OR YENEREAL D1SEASBB, the SAMARITAN 8 BOOT AND HBEB JL'lCE la a moot petoat. oortoin ond effectaol reaedy over preecrtbed. It rooobee ond oradleoteo every particle of the venereal poteon. oo thot the care la thorough o?d peraoneot. Take, th. u.of thla parlfring remedy and be healed, and do not troaealt It to roar poetortty that tor whieh y?a aay oepaat la wttm T**n' DO HOT DESPA1BI ss^rarBsarsfcw vtu remove every veatlge of Imporitlee from Um haaally adopted, la Cloeroted Dtoraa. la Lenooe* rtaaVln boirtaa down Falling of the Woak^ blUty. and for all ooaplointa incident to tko eox. ?aat by oxprooi. Price SiM per botOo. SAMAB1T A.N *8 WASH Fnlldtrecttona. Price M oenta Tbo eAcacy of tbooo romedioa is alike ockaewisdv.esssaa^0"" wnir tn o? tm luu Kim tkat i kovo oood Tboloaarltoa Boaodleo' for Yeaeral diaeaaee in tta aoot enatooaary foraa; thatl hove aaed tbea with jodxaeat, dlocrotten, and properly, andTkavo fonndtbem roe pond to ay toittctpetieoa oroaotly and oHaotnally. Kaowtaj thetr enapwinno 1 kovo the falloot ooaSdeaoe to Ikelr oMooct, aad oafor aaay aaoof tkeaeztoado. 1 ,fcl O. BOW EES. " AMstaat Bars?a. ttk fl. T. YoU ' BoM by B. O. FOBD, ooraor Uth tWeet and Peno"?rr5S??' | ;HITKD STATES HAYAL STATION. U laLasn. March t.. IS6By erdor of tba Havy DOpartmeat, froa tko Bareanof C?natrv.ctlon and Reomrv. >?>Ud 8?ft2sn:aY.ff. vsnrisi jRjajWJSSjrsig rat. BssffiErraa; > < .a-L sss's, s: s^'Ssu'.'lLi'MrLS; riBiit um i^d from \im* UtUHt m ^ S2SJd arfvaitarione, tbo proceoda In tke^andi efthoGevjernaaewt antll tb? ^ tbo wrack la reaoved. wad tae work coapJetoq to Si eatefactioa. la oooe of falllac to araeecoto be eaUrely roaaovoi. Tko. aawoy >e bo p^d^ .nd tnlllac to have Wt roaovaa ta ttae.