Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1867 Page 1
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g ???. ^b hv^W^B ff I i^H1 I xB" M ' t ? < V&. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 3. 1867. N?. 4,3!)0. HIE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY.(8LNDAY BXCRPTB?) AT THE STAR BU1L.D1NO, ..<kU?KU comcr ftwm* aesaws and litk lirnt, ? ?T w* . WALLAOHj The ?T AR la nerved by u?a carriers to Uialr abatribers in tha City and DUtrict at Tan Cas-M ram vm. Coplea at the roaater, with or without wrappers Two Onrrs each. Paici Tom Maili?s ? Tfcrea moo:as, one Vmiar aad F\fty Ctntt; ill montha, Fhrse BUlart; one year, t\ve Doiltrt. No papers are sett frrm the oflteo longer than paid for. Xtie W LLK1.Y SsTAR?published on Friday noriiiBc? (Me Dollar aad a Haifa F?er. fc-jaaw?????? PAWNBROKERS BBUBBSTim^ loan office. 4 7ft '.Jrh street, 3d <loor south of Pena. ate.. Loan* HOmsy on time to suit cwtomen, oa ?old aad Silver Watches. Diamonds. Jew- /On elry, Ladies' end Gentirinen Wearing JLWJL Apnarrl O 0 Old ?oW and Silver bought. Bb S jiB* B BURNBTINB. a L ? u '? CEXTRAL LOiS OFFICE, ft. 4*0 I0tb street. vu? dour tit low Peao. an. Tbu* well-known Office makee XK L1BEBAL ADVABCB3 JLVA On D:emoii4*, Gold and Wl?er Watches O U ClotMog, fr urntture, and Merchandise of ever* dwrip'ioB. yp?n??rj day(except Sunday) from S a. a. to t? m. N. B.?Puaines* striotly confidential fett tf j; 8 T A i 1 a H K II I e> 4 a . 8 P B 0 I A L 50T10I. ( HARLI" HIB/BIRO. Successor to Isaac Herzbetg A Son, , *6? 'av# conducted the Pawnbrokiag Bueineee for fifteen years in this city, fM twelve /(K 'be eni> Pawnbroker ia the Dlstric'.jC A tbta method of thanking their patrouQ V ana the put lie for the confidence heretoforeaLown iwa.aM be* Ware to ceil their attention to the lect that we ellll continue to make tbe highest advances in all sums upon ell erticlee of Jewelry, Diamonds. Waters. Bonds, Government Bcrip, ! Plate, Ac., for which we hare superior B'eces of deposit end eecirlty, which will always i*1 'or *he satisfaction of taose patronizing as. w e base pedal facilities for the care and prestrsetiua of Wearing Apparel of every deecripfion. Wooione, Ac., on which the highest a I v*nce? are bade, guaranteeing when required against moth, and always againstinjury Having a large warehouse in connection with our etllre, w* baToaredal facilities for storage of ell kinds f Merchandise, Furaitxre, Ac., on which we eke the highest advances for days. week* or months, we call especial a'tentiou to the fact that owing l<> Ute large capital employed in our business wscan make a>lvances at such rates of intereet as to defy competition. We sell no goedi antil the exp.ratiou of six months e'ter their forfeiture. and then only at public auction. Bret givIll ample notise through tbe various city journals in all depositor*. By this means deposits with us are never lost if their redemption It desired We call especial attention to our arrangement* for forwarding goods to any part of the eountry, arrangements which an experience of ifteen years has brought to Mrlectloa. Depositors are enabled by this mesas to redeem their rocd* from our office da matter where they may e located Knil information alwais given. Private apartments for confidential business N B ? We have no sonnection with any similar establishment lb this city, Refer to any old resident ef Waehinstoa Bemember HKB/.BRKG'S Lean Office. 3Ai north O afreet, between 4S and 6tb. Washington. D G. fetalisT~~HB OLD BSTABLIBBBD FIBM O* ?. OOLDBTKIN A CO . LK'IIIMD PAWMBKOKKB^, 34 lOCB AND A HALF STKBE T WIST, near 1'etiaeylvaoia avenue, Offer the bigaest cash advaneee on all kindsof erchandlae, to any amonnt and for any /4K time desired, at feaaonable rate*. /W1 Interest on large sums greatly reduced. 0 0 Bc*ln?et strictly confidential. Good* bought for cash and sold at private sale. fe il ly . DENTISTRY. Oh. LCWIIC'S DKNTAO AsSOCIA'l ION, No. libO rLNit'A AVI , Between 12tii and ISth streets. Teeth extracted without pain by admlnsteriag r ???i i)XJd* *r Laughing <.ae. J?.1*,l,.hV rec'n,1y purchased tbe beet$4S3 Apparatus in tne country for^ ' P gee every day; also, an imp. oved YalTplar Int.alar. Tbe Association is now prepared to rnake Teeth.oa Gel-f, 8llve- >u: Bnbber at New *? . # i. ^ ' "S'oa prices. All pereons wishing denta' v.-rS done can have It as <-b>-ea ee vnthe above-Man.?d cities. All work dot*, in oeet manner, atid warranteu U/ fl < - Persons will do well to call a?d exanine onr work. deu tf T1 B * bT ~ 1 w , II. LOO 1118, M O.. Patentee of the aiMIBAL rLATX TEETH, attei.ds perio*nliy hts office in thie city. Many pereona cuiE| we?r these teeth who caan't wear others,^" '" th?ee? *er*on cmn ve*r ethers who can rot wear . * "T offlee eaa be aocommoda *fd with any atyTe and price of Teeth they may de^re,bot to these wbe are particular,and wish the ynreet, cleaoeet, strongest and most perfect denttre that art can procure, the MIBBBAL TBBTH wi l be more fnllv warranted. fcooms la thie city?No 3** Penn'a aveaua. be ^eeatthand 1Mb sts !ao,907 Arch street, Philadelphia. acifl It PERSONAL. F^ONriDENTlAL ? Tccug men who have inVx lured themselves Dy certain eecret habits, which unfit them tor business, pleasure, or the dados of married lite, also, middle aged and old en. who. from the folliee of yonth. or other causes, feel a debility in advance of tnelr years, before placing themselves under the treatment of any one. should first read "The Secret Priend." Married ladies will learn something of importance ty pernsitig ''The Secret Friend." Bent to any ad * . In a sealed envelope, on receipt of tS cents. Addreee Ifr. CHAb. A 8TUABT A OO.. Boston, no?-ly ^ KB BOWBB. B. J. SMITH BBS BBOWNB A SMI TUBES. WA>UI8UToa. D O, A TTOXS F. YS A W OJ Li* SE I.LO RS AT LAW AND fOLlClTuitS FOB thk Bt" KEAL BE Fl UKK1 F&EEUMKN. AND . ABANDONED LANDS Office No. 47b Beventb ?treet,opposite the Post Office. fe B-Iy ? PEB CENT SAVED by usitrg (; B jC M. Oil ILL > pure una-Iulterate<i * " Preniium Sew *ork City SOAP. Premium FAMILY SOAP, PramiiMU FLANNEL fOAP, And No 1 BBOWN SOAP. rnr sa>e cheap for ca"ti. Orders through the Po?: Office will be promptly attended to 0. B. JEWELL, f- ap and Gandle M lanfacturer, No. ??<> and O at. north, bet. 4th and 5th. ja 11 On r| HE MOST BXOITINU AXB 1NTEUESTIN0 I BOOK OF THK DAY. ! ?.%. L. C. bAh kR'S H/STO/iY Of THE - , .*?< '> F.T SEKVICK. AGENTS W ANTED in ever}, coinnty ?d r-tate ef ti>e Onion te canvtss lor this work. This history v?as at.noaoc>-d one year ago, but ow iDk' to the attempt" of t'.e Government t iupsrt*s it, its publlcati >n was d. aved itwiiioow be teened, unaltered nad unabridged, uu ier tbe sup*rvlsif n of Gen Bak e It eontaiii* a full aal official exeoee of tbe intricate machinations oi ti.r eecret enemi* e of the Union. For atartling developments and thrilling adventure* tat* be -k eciljpses the famoii* experiences of FOlCIlK AND VIDOt'y, The mwvflonn narratives ef ?neral Maker are all attested by the hicheet official authority It will contatu the ot ly of' cial history of the Assassination con * pi racy. A fn:l history of this great, etartling aud terrible c: itae FBOM ITS INCEPTION, IB TflB HAUNTS OF Y1LLMNY t<> TBE BltUAL PLACK OF POOTH. Mae never ret I een placed i-efore the pabllc. T1 e vof*.?lso fnlly exposes tbe nefarioue sy#t?m by which Presidential pardons were and are so readill obtained in Waehi ngton. Tbe morale of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated, and there are torn- ?tr?nge levelatiens concerning beads of departments, members of Cnn?re?*, female -psrdon brokers, and dietiagulshed military characters. For circulars, canvassing number*, and all other iaformatiou. address -L. O BARER. Puet Office Mr x No i<90, Philadelphia. Pa ' This work will to ready for delivery on the 1st day of May. N B ? Bene bat those thoroaghly conversant with tte bneineee. and with geod reference as to chtraeter aad reepcusiUilty. need apply. mhl3 1m ACKEBBL AND OODFI8H. W HO poundp large 8H0RB CODFISH. SO barrels No. 1 M ACJK.RBEL. Jsit received and far eaie at oar wharf, at the fool of Seventh st. 8 P BBOWN A SON. Oouunis-i 'Q Merchant*. 4oW tf Ho. 461 Ninth St.. Wet. Baud F. BOOTS AND SH0B3. fll NEW 7T O B B . fM The anderalgned beg* leave to Inf >rm hiafriend and the pnblic gsoeraliv that he has opeaed the MBW CHEAP BTOKB.Bo. 3** 7th street.nuder Odd Fellows" Hall, whsrs he has oa haaaagene-al aseortn>entof Ladiee' andGeatlamea'a. Boy's Mieeee and CbiMrea'e _ BOOTS AND SHOB8. Remember the ^Oll 7th street, nnder Odd Fellowe' Aiaii The Mew Ohaap Store, formerly R. 9. Page a store. deli MIOBQB B. WlLAOM. BT CO<kFBB A LATfMBB, AacOoneers. Southw* at corner of P> nn. avenue aud 11th st. at pbivatb salb _ A nnaber of first - clsss PBIVATB RBSIDBBWfS. ia central locaMtiee Also ! small Brick and Frame BOUBB8 I FaBM, bet e<-u Wa-hirigioa a:Kl Alexandria 1 large Frame HOUSB. with lot Ul feet ajoare. F? r further parijeuiara apply of ah IB 1 m L'WO f BH A LA ri M EK JiicU. F^BBBOABY 1*. 19*y -AB feraone'l^Tlnf Mt articles la my shog for rea-lrs, pre vivas * tbe 1st of January, are iwqaeetedT to call and get them, other wfee (key will be sot d at psbllsiM^o... Ui. #as aad Locksmith, .aniA SB " Bo 414 Pstgeet. ,.... j . AMUSEMENTS. .1ATIOFIAL THEATRE. PniUTlmlt mat*. near Wlllards' Botal. Triumphant succsss or ths brill:ant yonac | American A1?6r^-BjACHEL joilSBOIl supported by^tha THIS ( tVedne*day) EVENING. April 8. Will be p-eee.ted a Drama. is Five Acta, by Tom Taj lor nd <'h?? Bnd, entitl*d NWLL GW1N*E. k OK. COUBT AMD HTAGE. . Ne.l Gw\ sue Mies Rachel Johnson To sorrow nl^ht?ROMEO AND JDIiHT. J WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. H. B. PHILLIPS LESSEE AMD MANAGER | Most Brilliant Breeption and Pe*lt1. e Success cf the Disttngnlsberi V*csli?t and Actress. LAD* DOR. Who will a??ear THIJ iWIDRIBDAT) EVBNING. April 3, a* THE PRETTY HOR8EBREAK.BR. And ?- the KARL hFLEICESTER. in the great Hiato. ical Burlesque of KEN IL WORTH; Or. Te Queen*. Ta Earl, and Ta Maldenne. It* DRY GOODS. <fe<3. ^BLLlHti OFF AT COST. Having .,uat received onr sew and well aelected I Mock ot MILLINERY OOOD8, LACES,(real and imitation.) KMBBOIDBRIES, dribs trimmings. BUTTONS. Ac , Ac , I And having, caexpe. tedly, to tnova bythelatot May , we shall aell onr BHT1BE STOCK, FROM TBIS DATE. AT COST CALL AND SECURE GREAT BABGAIN3, B. LENZSBRO A CO., 4 6 Market Space, nndar the Avenue Hou*e. nob iH-lm* I WOOD AND COAL~ {JOALI coalii Beat WHITE ASH at $8. by the ton. All alzes, to stfit customers. Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, $10 per cord. I r. pink ? f 9 ? ! Long Oak. #8 per cord. A ton of Coal aold by ma alway* weigh* J04<> Iba. JOHN B.LORD, fa 28 ly Corner t'.h and 9 streets. I ^OAL! COALII AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Qroaa tona of 0 lba.. delivered In any part of I theeity. Cheetuut White A*h. ?7. Stove, IgK and Furnace White Aah, fS.90. Red Aah. 58 26. Lehigh 99. Oak and Pine Wood ?onatantly on hand. Orders received at our Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atreet 8. P BROWN A SON, ja25-t* 46? 9th meat, between^ and F. j JAMESO. MrGCIRE A CO., ?3SP " FURNITURE WABBBOOM8.??? I Having relinquished the Auction and Gommta- I aion lusintss, and con verted our extensive ware- I the corner of iuth and D streets, into I a brat claaa HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to furnish every variety of HOUSE ABB OFFICE FURNITURE, at the noat moderate ratea. Our atoek compnaea PARLOR SETS, In Rep* and Hair Cloth, CARVED and PLAIB OILBD WALNUT CHAM I BBB 8BT8, j COTTAGE SETS. i SINGLE BUREAUS ABD WASBSTABDS, j ELABORATELY CARVED BEDSTEADS, 1 CHAIRS OF ALL VARIETIES, 4 EXTENSION TABLES, BAIB MATTRB8BES aad FEATHER PILLOWS, OFFICE DESK S and WRITING TABLE8, CANTON MATTIBG, Ac., Ac. We have also for aalo the celebrated ( TUCKER BPKIBG BED, which for comfort, durability and choapnotta la unrivalled. Alao.tha TUCKER MANUFACTUBING COMPANY BRONZE CLOCKS, Beautiful in deaign and finiah. and at very raaaouabie prise*. I I JAB. C. Mi GUI BE A CO., uhlllm corner of^lOtn and D atreeta. 1 ^BOOBRIES. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New Tork avenue and litn atreat, (Entrance on New York avonue,) Dealers ?n fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS. WINKS, IMPORTED LUXURIES, Ac., Ac., I would re?r*ctfaUy notify their friends and the I public that tfcey have just opened their New Gro eery Store, where can bo obtained any article uau ally kept In a trat claaa Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large, freah and well tlected stock, we sordially Invite the pnblio to examine onr atere and atock. believing we shall I not fail to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor iia with their patroaaf e. We call espe#isl attention to our assortment of TEAS aad COFFEES, which have beea elected with great rare for purity. Dealer* will find a 1 fine assortmaut to select from, and oar priou* to suit. Good* delivered promptly in any part of the city, jan 9 Sb P~ AMIS ~AND NEW FORK MILLI~^ nery. rfa Mr*. A. G. GASTON baa iast returned sv from New York, with a large an* wlerant* assot uncut of fine French, Bnelieh. ?nd"^"^ American Straw Bonneta and Hats for ladie* and children, CrjSt?l, Amber. Pearl, and Straw Ornament* Also, a general aeaortrnent of flue French Flower*. Bonnet and Hat Frame* in 1 treat variety Rlbbona, Stika, Crape*, Tulle* ?nd Real Lace*. Ao. Particular attention given to all orders. Roenta. 446 8th etreet. near Pennsylvania avenue. mh 1.1 im i GRANB BALLY OK MEN ABD BOY8, AT THE GREAT CENTRAL CLOTHING HOUSE. No. 460 7th etreet. oppoaito Poat Office. BUSINESS SUITS of all descriptions. DRESS SUITS at reduced prlcoa. BOYS' SUITS of all daacriptlona. BOYS' SUITS at all prices. Few atylea of BOYS' CLOTHIBG. GENTS' CLOTHING at roducod price*. Bow ia your time to lay in 8PBIBG GLOTB1 NO. as we offer apeclal ladncemsnt* for tha next thirty day*, at SMITH'S. 460 7TH Btuit, oppoelta Foat Office. rnhllm YOKBH, more elaborate than aay ever offered | hare, of tha newest and aieaa beautiful designs, the largeet *aaafast?r*r hsra of Mrta kind of lad lea'wear, we eaa plaaae all. both fa quality Mul price, and are deUr?ln?d, at whgtoyer eoet, , era In thiso*aag other olty. q. . osaw IM. IrIBCB, 439 fth*treet, faS-tf 1 oppaeiae FatsM 0Ro?. t*r aoii / , 0 f ' . ,? an* *>: JjJt dBUl rjJW'j *af-e ? , '' . !> ' 15 t - 3c. i j , i.1* hoi "Si? ***'**>: ft & .8 -fa j .e^a.a' SPECIAL NOTICES. wthobb WHO buffeb from coughs. cold, bronchitis, croup, int1u< n/.a -t whooping cough. I'lltiimr* ?u h?K W'lSTlB's KALSAn 07 WILD chibbt, which hu ?"w been in use for atarly half a ceutury, and **ill tn.uatains its long e?tablisl ed reputation a* <he trett rtwwly for al! diseases of tho throat, 1uq<s. and chest. PREE TO BVEBYBODT. A Large 6 i?p. Circular, giving information of ?li' greatest importance to tho j?ung of both ariir. It teaches how the homely . ay became beautiful. the 4a<rixd rrap'cteo. and tha foraak**n loved, Noyonng ady or gentleman should fail to send their Address, and receive a copy P?*t return mail. Address P O. Drawer. ill. apS DftWeol Troy. N Y. KNOW THT DESTINY. _ MADAME E F. THORNTON. the great Bn$ I ah Astrologist. Clairvoyant and Psj-eh. metrician. who baa astonished tba acientiric clsasesoi tba Old World. ba? now located herself at Hudson, H T. Madame Thornton possesses such wonder ful powers o* Sf-fond eight as to enable har to Impart knowledge of the greatest importance to tba single or married of either ae.\. While In a elate of trance, al a delineates the verv features of tha paraon yon are to marry, and by tha aid of aninatruinent of intense power, known aa the Psychomotrope. guarantees to produce a lifa-lik>- picture of the future husband or wife of the applicant, together with date of tnrrrlage, poaitiun in life, leading traita of aharacter. Ac. This is no humbug, as tbonaands of teatimonlala can assert She will sand when de?ir?-d a certified certificate, or wiitten guarantee, that the picture la what II purports to be. By eicloslng a ?mall lock of hair, and stating placa of birth, aga. disposition and complexion, and enclosing fifty cents and tamped envelope addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture and dasirad information bv return mail. All communications sacredly confidential. Address in confiden e, MADAME B. f. THOBNTO*. P 0. Box 2'J3, Hudson, N Y at 3 DAWeely ___ 97 BHEUMATI8M, NBURALGI A, and NEK VOl'? HBAD4CHK8 cu,.d by a few dose* at mbtcalfb's great bubumatic bem edy. 8- o. ford. ap 1 'Olw Agent. 1TB bffbct IB mibacul0us. HALLSVEGBTABLB SICILIAN HAIB B b N b W E B. It la a perfect aud wonderful article. Cures baldnaaa. Makea hair grow. A better dressing than any "oil" or " pomatum." Softens brash, dry, and wiry hair Into beautiful Silken Tresies. But, ab* %e all, the creat wonder ia the rapidity with which it reatorea ghat hair to its orkmnal color. The wblteat and worat looking hair resume* Its youthful heauty by ita uae. It does not dye tbe hair, hut strikes at the root and fllla It with new life and coloring matter. Tbe first application will do good ; yon will the natural coi.ou returning every day, and btrOBK YOU KNOW IT. tbe old. gray, dlacolored appearance of the hair will he |on>. giving placa to luatroua, shining, and beautiful lack-1. Ask for Hall's Sicilian Hair Beuewer ; no other article ia at all like it in effect See that each bottle baa our pri vate Government Btamp evar the top of tbe bottle. Alt others are xmitationr, _ _ B P BALL ft CO . Nashua, N H , Proprletora. For aale by all druggista. fp 18-dAweotm.r bbmedial institute fob special oa8bb. Ho. It Bond atraet. Hew York. KTFull information, with the highest tuUmoalso, a Book on Spfial Diseases, tn a staled envelope, aei*tfree. ttf Btsure and bend for them, and you will not ritrtt it; for, aa advertising phy telans are generally tmpottor*, without rtferenres no atranger should be trusted. Enclose a stamp for poetoge and direct to DB. LAWBBNCB. No. 14 Bond street. Naw York uoUDAWly W MABBIAGB AND CELIBACY, AND THB Happiness ef Trna Manhood.-An Kssay for Young Men on tbe Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Brrora, Abuses and Diseases which create Impedimenta to Marriage, with sure means of Bellaf. Bent in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Addreaa Dr. J. .>KILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Asaoclation, Philadelphia. Pa. ja 11-Sm bbcbbt disbabb8. Bamaeivan's giptis tha moat oertaln .aafe aud afiectoal remedy?Indeed, tbe only vegetable remedy aver dlaccvered. Curaa In two to tour daya, and recent caaea In twenty-four houra. No mineral, no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pilla to be taken. It la tbe soldier's bopa, and a friend to those who do net want to ba exposed. Mala packacea, #3;female, ?3. sanaritar'?Boot aki> Hrrb Jtricna?Afoeltlve and permanent oure far bpykllia, Scrofula. Ulcers, Bores, Spots. Tattera. Ac. Price 91.IS par battle. Bold by B. O. Ford. Sea advertisement mv I CLOTHING, Ac. J AMES T. WALKBB. MEBCHAST TAILOB. 4S4 Seventh Btreet, 494 Btspectfully Informs hlri friends and the public generally that be has a tine, large and well- _ ta aeiectad assortment of cloths, cas81mEBBS, W\ _ vBSTINOS. AND W gents' FUBNISHINr, OOODS. ', That he ia determined to rnn ott at a ver> amall advance on cost. Peraona patronizing hia aatahllfbment will he guaranteed a GOOD FIT and good workmanahip, as t.e ia determined to employ none but the beat workmen P 8 ? JOHN k. McLEAH takes this method to Inform bia friends that he will be found at bis post at tbe above placo, where be will be ple?aed t? cater to their tastes, givinn th-m garments to suit the meat fastidious, and seeing that their garmenta are made up in the most workmanliko manner. mb 11-lm f\I EBCHANT TAILOmMO. Ihe undortigned having entered 1 ntocopartner shi p. and laid in an exte> aire an? carefuliy _ to selected fetock of CLOTHS, OABBIMBBBS.^M VESTlNOB.aud Gentiemens FCBN1SH- la 1NG GOODS, are prepared to mai'e np tor AM their cnsiomers neat htun* and fashton-ihle suita of olotbing, nt their naw establishment. No. 3'JO street, two doorn weat of tho National Theater. Persona desirlag neat fitting and fath.ouable Clothing, on moderate terms, dbould not fail to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. GEO T. KEBI. B.W . G1LBEBT, Formerly of BOW 9th at . Merchant Tailors, nli 6-lm* No. 3-JO E at., bat. 13th and ltth. 1867 GRAND BXCCBBION 1H(>7 to thb PABIB EXPOSITION. The naw and tirat class ocean-going Iron Steam>b>P H A V A H A , J, Ott) tone bnrthen .STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander, will make aa BXOCHSION freni New York to Havre and bach, aatling from Pier 46, Berth Biver, on WEDNESDAY, April 1'th. at 12 o'clock >., Taking paaaengers for Paris, London and Bremen. Beturuing, will aall frcnt Uavr* on Juna Ath. giving piusengera holding Bxcursiou Tickets about six weeks in Europe. This magnificent Ste-mshlp is divided Into water tight campartments, and has been newly lurnished and elagantiy tilted up expreaaly tor this vo>age. The HAVANA will only carry first class pas engera. An experienced Burgeen on board. W A full Bandtf Music vill be attaeiud to th tli IP. Price of passage. In currency, to Havre $150 and s17s, according to slue of state room To Havre and retnra, aad $3+>. ncconiing to ize of stata- room. i For farther perticulara and paaaage apply to tha Agenta, mcbbay, febb1b ft 00.. 63 Bonth street, New York. Or to McO. T. babby, the Mercbento' Union Express Company, 40? Pennsylvania a v.-uae, Washington. ah 9 30t PI A HOB. l/Hl Bacon ft Bnven Ptano, for BUB. One Andrew Bteln, tor |N. B|B One almost new 7-octnve large rssnl'll IT I Dornar Board man ft Gray Piano- 9 >76. ^ - ---mMBSSWPMf ' a hesfoia oolb. stoo&s mat busdb. i? bought on eAmaaiasioa at tho Saw Turk and ther Block Boarfts. QnctaUons regularly ra. ' LBWIB JOHNSON MOO . Bankers. BMf Ml rrsu. avenue. WT? *1* '^1 r J Id. .. i srv'U Sm m .en us. t?tu 1 ] I OFFICIAL. Astnvw Jobnsoi, President of 'be United States of America. To ail "rid Singular 'o tokom thrf prtif-its sktul com(, grtcUnp W berea^ a supplemental Treaty was made and concluded at the Warm Spring* lndinn Agency, in the Mate of Oregon, on the fifteenth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eigb: hundred and sixty.

fi.e, bv and between J. W Ferit Hnnrington, Commissioner. on the part of the United Suites, and Mark, William Chinook, Kuck-up, and other Chiefs tind Headmen of the Confederated Tribes and Hinds of Indians of Middle Oregon. on the part of said Indians, and duly authorized thereto by tbem. which treaty is in the words and figure* following, to wit ' Articles of Agreement and Convention entered into at the Warm Springs Indian Agency, Oregon, by J. W. Pent liuutingteR, Superintendent Indian affairs tor Oregon, on behalf of tba United States, and the undersigned, Cbiefs ana Headmen of the Oontedera'ed Tribes and Hands of middle Oregon, the same being amendatory of and supplemental to the tieaty negotiated with the aforesaid tribe* on the twenty-fifth day of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and ratified by the Secate of the United States on the eighteenth day of Apiil, eighteen hundred and fifty nine. Articlb 1. It having become evident from experience that the provision of article 1 of the treaty of the twenty-fifth of June, A. 1). eighteen hundred and fifty-five, which permits said confederated tribes to fish, hunt, gataer berries and roots, pasture stock and erect bouses on lands outside the reservation, and which have been ceded to the United States, is often abused by the Indians to the extent of continuously residing away from the reservatieu. and is detrimental to the interests of both Indians and whites, therefore it is hereby stipulated and agreed that all the rights enumerated in the third proviso of the first section ef the beforementioned treaty of the twenty-fifth of June, eg hteen hundred and fifty-11 ve?that is to say, the right to take fi*b, erect houses, hunt game, gather roots and berries, and pasture animals upon lands without the reservation set apart by the treaty aforesaid?are hereby relinquished by the confederated Indian tribes and bands of middle Oregon, parties to this treaty. AlTIi LK II. Tbe tribes aforesaid covenant and agree that they will hereafter remain upon said reservation, subject to the laws o! tbe United States, tbe regulations of the Indian department, and tbe control ol t&e officers thereof; and they further stipulate that it any of the members of said tribes do leave, or attempt to leave, said reservation in violation of this treaty, the? will assist in pursuing and returning tbem, when called npon to do so by tbe superintendent or agent in charge. Article 111. In cases which may arise which make it necessary for any Indian to go without the boundaries of said reservation, the superintendent or agent in charge may, in his discretion, give to such Indian a written permit or pass,which shall always be for a short period and tbe expiration definitely fixed in said paper. Any Indian who, having gone out with a written past. shall remain beyond the boundaries for a longer period than the time named in said pass, [shall] be deemed to have violated this treaty to tin* same extent as> if he or she bad gone without a pass. Article IV. An infraction of this treaty shall subject tbe Indian guilty thereof to a deprivation of bis or her share of'he annuities, and to such other punishment as the President of the United States may direct. Artklk V. It is stipulated ana agreed on the part of the I ntted S'ates, as a consideration for tbe relinquishment of tbe rights herein enumerated, that tbe sum of three thousand five hundred dollars shall be expended in tbe purchase of teams, agricultural implements, seeds, and other articles calculated to advance raid confederated tribes in agriculture and civilization. Article VI. It is further agreed that the I nited States shall cause to be allotted to each bead of a family in said confederated tribes and bands a tract of land sufficient for his or her use, the possession of which shall be guaranteed and secured to said tamily and tbe heirs tbereof forever. Article VII To the end that the vice of intemperance aincug said tribes may be checked, it is hereby stipulated that when any member thereof shall be known to drink ardent spirit*, or to have tbe same in possession, tne facts shall be immediately reported to the agent or superintendent, with name of tbe person or persons lrom whom the liqnor was obtained; and the Indiaus agree to diligently use, under the direction ot the superintendent or agent, all proper means to secure tbe identification aud punishment of the persons unlawfully furnishing liquor as aforesaid. In testimony whereof, the said J. W. Pent Huntington, superintendent of Indian affaire, on the part of ibeUaitea States, and tbe undersign ed chiefs and head confederated tribes and hands aforesaid, nave hereunto, in the presence of the subscribing witnesses and of each other, affixed our signatures and seals on this fifteenth day of November, in the year one thon?and eight hundred and sixty-five J. W. PER1T HUNTINGTON. [seal ] .^flairs in Irr^tjon, an4 icting ComiHit*i<mer en h*hn!f nf >), i'nif'-d Statu M A1JK, his x mark. [seal.] Jl.nJ CUl'J. WM CHINOOK, his x mark. [seal ] KUCK-UP. his x mark. pbaa.j PONfel'-AM-I-N K, his x mark [peal.1 ALEX-ZAN, his x mark. [peal J TAS-SIMK, his x mark. 'seal. JOHN MISSION, his x mark. [sual.' LOCK-SClUIS Sl|UIS-SA,hisE mark.[seal 'i KUCK-UPS, his x mark. i^eal. UOfE. bis x mark. tubal j 1-PALT-PKL. his x mark. {seal SIN.NL-WAH,his x mark. 'seal.' UMP-CHIL-LE-POO, his x mark. [peal. SHOOLEY. his x mark. [seal.' TAH-KOO, bis x mark. [seal.i TUM-TSCHE-CU8. his x mark. peal i TOU-WACKS, his x mark. fpEAL.1 HUL-LE-QUIL-LA, his x mark. [seai..] TF.-AH-KI-AK, his x mark. 'seal.] CHOK-TE, Bis x mark. [peal, I KOOTSH-TA, bis x mark. [heal 1 Done in presence of?, his x mark, lntcrj>r+lT. Donald McKay, his x mark. Imlt rpritfr. Lakollett, Cni't. lif Ogm. Inf. J. W. D Gillett, ,Stk<K'l Ttathrr. Mykom Reaves, Suji't Forming <>p- raty,nf. And whereas the said Treaty having >>e?? submitted to the Senate of the United States for Its donstUuiional action thereon, the Senate did, on tbe second day ot March, one thousand eigbt hundred and sixty-seven, advise and consent to the ratification of tbe same, by a resolution iu the words and figures following. ! to wit: Ik Executive Session. ) Senate or the Unitkd States. S : March 2d, !? *. ) Kf'lr'd, That tbe Seuate advise and consent to tbe ratification of tbe treaty between tbe United Slates and tbe confederate tribes and bands of Indians of middle Oregon, concluded i tbe 15th of November, tbe same being ] amendatory and supplemental to the treaty 4 with said Indians of tbe -25th of June, 1PV>. j Attest: j. w. Forest. Secretary. i Now, therefore, be it known that 1. Andrew i Johnson, President of ike United States of I America, do, in pur*nance of the advice and consent of tke Senate, as expressed in its resolotion ot tbe second of March, one thousand ! eigbt hundred and slxty-^even, accept, ratify, and Confirm tbe said Treaty. 1 In testimony whereof 1 have hereto signed my name, and caused tbe seal of cbe-United ' Mate* to,be Affixed. ' , < Done at the city of Wasblngtoa. t?ls twenty- J eigbib day Marcb, la tbe year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and i [Mat,]sixty-seven, and of the Independence < of the Undid States of America tbe < ninety-first. I ANDREW JOHNSON. i By the Presinent; j William H. Seward, Secretary of State. ( i . .! ( A theological sebcol tor, pdftadd mints- | ters has befn est atfti< beef at Avrttefa, Oeorgia, * with thirty attendants. A re re rend gentleman of bifttr culture has been assigned to tbe i cbarre of it _ . - - ^ | ( war We are glad Gen. Sheridan has removed 1 ttitiiftioactr.-a.r. r*t. >7S1 Hl'dfC ?41. I. ill '') A 1 ? " f - .. !??' i/-r I i ?v.l 'si si i MO li I *3f *dB^. r ! *, la Wt I eoirfO baa .Ueiel) u i<i y.C-? TELEGRAMS, fee. 1 hp nomtrosi breaks m the levee assure the devastation of the richest portion of northw?l?rn Louisiana. Tte war of Grand Levee, a: Morgan, Louisiana. overflow* seven parches. Ttii? was ene ot the lar*e?t works of ita kind >u the world, and hot recently completed. Work is progressing a: tbe Roman crevasse, flf'y-'tx mile'* below New Orleans, with some hopeof closing i* Most of the recently reported breaks nine miles below Baton Konpe will do immense damage. The overflow* cau?e great si ITerlng among the poorer ela??es of whites, and w i| throw thousands of the freedmcn upon the re. sources of the bureau during the season. A Conservative cpnven ion *a? he d in Nashville, Tenu . Monday. Judge Grant presiding. Judge Whitworth and Mr. Williams i& colored man) were the principal speakers The convention adopted a resolu'ton requesting the colored voters ?o bold a meeting and appoint delegates to the State convention. which assembles there en the ltfth to nominate a candidate tor Governor, General Swayne 1a charged with the administration of the military bill in Alabama A literal compliance with tbeeivil rights bill Will be exacted, and payments for service rendered during the war to the State are preemptorily forbidden General Pope will es tablisb his headquarters at Atlanta The vote cast in Michigan, Monday, was very light,and the Republicans were generally successful. They will elect the Stale ticker and a majority of the delegates to the const!tntioaal convention. Detroit gives a small Republican majority, but Uie county is carried by the Democrat*. The Brownlow party held a covention in Tennessee. Monday, which was largely at tended by blacks, and nominated candidates for the Legislature. Most of the conn ties in Last Teunessee are appointing delegates to the lttth of April Conservative Gubernatorial Convention The Democratic city ticket is elected in St Paul's, Minnesota, by about l.ono majority. Wicor.a. I.ake City, Hastings, NorthQeld. and other small towns in Minnesota, give Republican majorities. In Columbus, Ohio. Monday, John G Bull, (Dem.,) the present Mayor, was re-elected by ;l?t> majority, a I'nion gain of5ouover the vote of last year The Council stands Ki Democrats to 6 Cnien. At the municipal election in Toledo, Ohio, Monday, toe entire Union Republican city ticket- Leaded by Mr. Conkling for Mayor, wa- electi-d by Sim to 5on majority. Tbe Republicans also elect ten of the tweive councilmen At tbemnnieipal election held at Dubuque, Iowa, on Monday. Julius K. Graves. Republican. was elected Mavor by nearly majority A year ago the Democrats had *250 majority. General Scbofleld has issned an order suspending all elections in Virginia till the registration Is completed. In the meantime all vacancies cccurring will be tilled by the com. mandiBg general The election passed offquietly at St. Louis on Monday. James J. Thomas (Radical) is elected Mayor by about l,.iuu majority. The vote was light. Monday nightth? commissioners appointed by the President to decide upon the acceptance of league Island as a depot arrived at Philadelphia. Green's Bath Hotel at Long Branch. N. .T . was burned yesterday afternoon. Loss and insurance not ascertained. Gen Augnr, with bis staff and fifty passengers. are snow -bound at Loue Star station on the Northern Pacific railroad. Heavy rams are falling in Tennessee and the streams are still swollen. A Loots A: Co., liquor deil?rs. in Cincinnati, have failed. Liabilities large. Mr. Davis (Conservative) was elected Mayor of St. Joseph's, Missouri, Monday. The trial of the negro rioters m CharlestonS. C-, will take place to-day. Life or Thaddecp Stevehs.?The Ckromirle learns that Hon. Ldward McPherson Clerk of the House of Representatives of the United States is collecting the materials for. and has indeed commenced to write, the "Life ofThadd??us Stevens." A work of such raagui tnde con I^ not be confided io more competcn or more congenial care, and we announce the fact tbat u is in course of preparation so tha: Mr. Stevens' friends may not suppose tha'- it has either been neglected or left to incompetent hands. Mr. McPberson was bom in Aiiams coui.ty. Pennsylvania, in 1S3U. where, tourteeu vears before Tbaddeus Stevens, an emigrant from Vermonr. was admitted to the Eractice of the law He may thus be said to ave grown to manhood by the side of the Great Commoner. The intimate relations between Mr Stev ens and the father of the youug historian, and tbe fact that they were always in hearty political sympathy, will give to the werk an authentic stamp. Mr McPherson will enjoy tbe additional advautase of having sat in Congress with Mr Stevens, representing tbe very district which had been ibe scene ot tbe earlier struggles of the latter, when Mr Stevens, who removed to Lancaster in 1-1*2. was serving in tbe House from tbat empire i county. But he ha* also been at bis side during the two great Congresses of the war. aad in his capacity as Clerk of tbe House has had the best facilities for observing that triumphant s.ate* man ship, which, however brilliant many of his former achievements in public life, will stand to the honor of 1 baddeus Stevens. and to bis country's honor, till time 1 shall be no more. Such are some of the materials from which Mr. McPherson is te construct tbe life ot Thaddeus Stevens; and when w* add that he is a classical scholar, a Hue speaker, and a polished writer himself, we tnink we may promise the public a volume or 1 a series ot toluises tbat will do justice to one of the remarkable men of ihe age. and con- 1 tribute au iuvaluable (teasure to our common 1 literature. Tbe PniZB Risu.?'The New York Sunday Herald says:?The reportot a projected m.itcb between Heenan and Coburn givw out of an altercation between tbe partie- and several 1 others at a gambling saloon on Broadway recently, which might have lesulted seriously 1 but for a report thattlie police were coming There is, however, considerable trutb in th* rumor, and it i<- highly probable that a match 1 for between the two will soon be made up -? ?. i J&"K curious bill ba> passed the Senate of i Wew York and Is row pending before the i House. The bill make6 it obligatory upon i every magistrate before whom a persou is taken charged with crime other than murder, io take bail landing an examination. No l matter how clear may be'he proofs of guilt. i nor bow certain con virtlon upon trtai, u neu ] bail is offered it must b? accepted. I The rlgbr of suffrage is not considered a 1 ereiit boon in Kentucky, if one may judge by t ? lurys estimate. Ld ward W illiamn brought j 'in action against t wo persons in Covington, t for illegally preventing him from voting in t the President in I election ot 1 -? ?*. and laid hi- f ismages at ?t?MU0. Tbe jory gave him a verllCtOf one cent. yilliroi?, Missouri, California, Indiana. taqb with a Republican Legislature, have t passed au Light-hour law. Tne Republic in Assembly of New York has passed an Light. jour law. The Democratic and Conservative 1 majority in the Maryland Legislature, at its recent session, refused to pass an act of this ^ (ind. 1 MT A malignant fellow says tbat when he is r-a crowded car. and a lady comes m. be t Dinks It Is tbe dnty of tome other man to get up and give her b.s seat. %T Late information received from tbe Jaffa * rotony states tbat many of the disappointed :olonists will start on their way back to America this spring. ? K7*A conductor on a Philadelphia street -ailway car has been arrested on tbe complaint 1 >1 a negro woman that ne refused to atop his >ar and allow her to ride. Ma was held to r >ail in tbe sum of eight hundred aollars to I isswer the charge, WT Prussia, durinr the war last raar in j iarmany, bad m ail Gfi9,07? troops In the field. c )t tbeae 44*2.400 belonged to the standing 1 Lrmy; 1*29,U25 to tbe reserves, and 97,43b io garisons. t VTbe proportion of bachelors dying ia to Scotland la doable Mt of married mea, ac ? ordlng to statistical ret ares. That's bad. tor a ; beix rwa, j xubl* ? . i. ? . > >? ? *> * < ' < ' V.i* ?l -t : I I" sr rri?" . t ' * l'"ns 1? i ? * *441 ? ... >(, 11 "1 rf*:* 1 ' ee A Ik. i?m ttlf MUIT V.l FROM eiROri April irMt Ktr.i ft ?>i Exposition wu formally o >oa*d r.,? ,? ?7. 2*. The day wu otwerved a* * hvlidty by ' t5 'r* Population cf *he etty. At 1! > dOors re opeued, ahd by the i me o. ??? , ft? .ft*"**1-* *? ' th* river pi, * \ *"1"an;i rrtw!* fc>r ? !? ? Tfcl al ***l? '?*.WiO peojj1. bad aa?J ^ T^*r* *?f? F^uu pobrtmin dB 4Q't, and lb* order waa excellent. Thegroano- or TTmeifiaa? f K*poaUfc?u iu a lamentable sta.e of confusion. Wagon. and workmen were b.j.y oerong away the rubbish when the tmrmor arnr<-d The f axliah are very strong in ma. Liurry. kMUnt'te Americans In that department Finland beinr near Pkru accounts In agrea: meuur? for ta.s There is nothing tike so many strangers here '?** expected. The number of A:neric%na ! rot much rrvater lb*? u?ual every nam^ou Price a have cone op fearfully, lbt hcu?l. raise theirj charges flfly percent, after tbia week. It i* useless to come to see tbe L*io?iti<a before May lxXiK'X. April 3? In the House of I*ord? las- n>rh: tbe tin ice of Kackiogaam, Colonial Necretary. said tbat ir.e prospective trausfer of be Ku*sihn N^rtb American pot*??non? to net. nited states was a matter ot indi?>ren e to England n I'espatchee from Dork rei t took place in be viciaity of J*1 'J ?oruing. between tLovercmen; roop^ and a band of Fenians, and several o be tf beta wf re *aken prieonera. Steras ti(iii. l)urID( Harvest. (Eer the Eveniag Star, i 1 b# follow.oK plan to am la preveatmg njary to grata and bay eropa from storm* during harvest, ia aubmitted for tbe coaalderat.on r,^r/ ^B,T cr.o.ltoral ee<?. r.' ^''irapn companiee, the preaa, and oe public generally r It may be estimated that at leaat one-thira of the grain and hay cropa are injured annually "'ud then storm cornea ap sudJ*"1'' or * * aetUed rain, and they *et wet Theset.M,rlbV W m?t^?*Uy (ajared. 1 bet norma, if of coaaiderabte duration commence in tbe f ar We.t, and fre2??* ***** -^ral State, ci^" If farmers had ranting of tS*e annrm k atcrm* in time to get their arain or bay under ? ". or in a aitnatwa to ahat ont *he r? much of tbia injury wonld be pretea.ed Br adoptinc the following general plan a tJ[ thia may be effected : When a atorm commences in auy part of -ba country, and ia travalmgm a carton d.^uon or ia spreading m all d.recUona, the fiT^t to! ' Uoa over which it naaaea ia lo ,.iih the new? instantly to all teleg^JT^ttJ^T al connty ,eata. .core, and hundreds of m!iS? .n ad ranee, m tbe direction that the storm latrav Img. At each of these county ae? a clanon is ta be kept ready by the officials at tie ^urhouae, and as Koon a. the uewsisr^eieedof aa approaching atorm it is to U ?rlli ? times, at mterJaia ^ f*"e'^m^.TJ'iTlt ,a a hurricane, at intervals of misat? f M storm is traveling rapidly, and ? "??*is of frr. rn.nute. if ? U t?TeliW(3bwly As a cannon can be heard from Ofaec m twenty miles in all direction., by "nngTne J? each connty seat the farmer, toV kaa^tf miles over tbe wbolecoaiatrj would be warned ? L-.' ,0 *S.1 th"r ?ra'? or hay .'udtro,^ or in a condition to shut out the rain and tun warning woald not only be uaefal In tiar?e? but also ia aeeding time, and in man* on * it will be aeen that this plan ia m i_ ** ?b,Cd in stores1 ^ ?'l^n heard long before 'be cloudb are ever seen By this rlaiT'be eie inpb repr??MDti the lightning, aod the can non the thnuder, but ua.urs u r?? 1"* paat-?'d in time and extent, aa the flash will r*? ?n ?r6tCOd' *Dd tb<* roar w,n ^ heard at tbe same moment, hundreds of milae In ad\anc? or *he thunder. I he Ost of Kaplan w,? ^ trtfling compared ?o the advantage ga.ned Kearly .Ver> coBD t teat owns a cannon, which can be h> POn,,,K0f ??ciala coun^r Tea'0'** f,fc0r, t*','*rk,T, ,ro"? tbe ne J county seat, once or twice a week for thre* moaibf oaring rammer, and tae addiwh^i of * of powder The ^ .?.c08 i? *arl1 connty could no* r?*? more than fifty dollars annually wben from . ih coun,y. and millions to man* of tue larger grain and graa. growing States As every couaty.eeat may not own a .*arnon suitable for a Storm Qnn. audao me Jsia.? and national areenals have an abSVdan ^ol tbe very b*-n quality, all deficiences ran- r,^ supplied :ntm tbia aource; and tuns ttie*?j cannon uou lying idle may be put to a usefU purpoke by imitating thunder, giving warnmr of approaching s'orms bnndreds of miles in ad vance of the real thunder or the clo?ds nrn^1* P bo?'d meet With general apFrf r ^;afr*"Keln*nU bou?0 made lo t>u-it Whr!^tU,Ii m tb* summer. ? cto arrangement may be made oetween -ncounty official, and a telegraph .-ompanv 'or ' ^ company may make arrange. pablisb heV . n'wsrapers would then ountry. the plan would be c7?mpi*tTlnd ?n 2 couple of months tbe Xt,.rm ? , w0nT p ^ZV,Ti. -" '???' .ppr^Lh,^ storma and hurricanes bnndreds and even imilM ,n Mvucs of the ao-ual thunder or the atorm. A Watso* Laboe QucBTioKa ?We have alreadv di? r manr 'roubles between employes and workmen wbich are occurring ? tion'/ ? Kronf li'??'v n 0??pnted labor que.. . ' ? Wew \ ork it ia renort#ii ? uhere is a general movement among trade orl ganizationa to advance tn? preaeat rate of w^get on and after the first orApril Caroe, P*40'*"' P'ombers,stevedoresanda^wil irtHH *T m*king tbe demand?flp.y cents additional per diem and eight hoars' work on Saturdays tbe average proposition^ empiorer> appear to have determined no- <? accede to these demands, and atrike? will doubt be inaugurated. The same Si "f aflaara, although not to so great an extent #.*_ It. ,n "oston. Iron tngiand it i. resorv i raflVoue!/IVC1D#'<irlV'r* *nd Bremen^ the railroads are on a strike. They demand tb*t 'e? hecr. labor a dav. or a ma ?f iS, V, shall he considered a day . i"k A curious caae of alleged fraud hat been developed in the Chicago courts A man S K1V'mu|l,'d d-atb and dlaappeared. Hie will waa read, leaving *ji ^ property lie had to certain i>er?on^c^i,,h oes With him m the frand, but u Via proven. A rule of court being ob'ainsxt u compel tbe execntora to prove the will tbe?con.e*?ed that Kamforth waa atill alive ?ni tha- in, death wa. aUmulated to ifSn J' ZTJ insurance companies, m which be bad effected policies amounting to-?loin? v org ?arch f?r Ra.nforth ensu^l id f. found at ^w \ork on Sunday night. .ii^TBICI!v;-11 ls announced mat an fleet! ician of Liverpool, named H. Wu.ii^ bas round a me'bod of producing elaetri.-l-r In quantities and of an intenaity hitherto unknown, by the action of l.eble alecu-.^al cu -rei.ts upon powerful rragneu. This d/-lo\ ery is described aa brilliant and important c?*1 of ">* appara " i, -mjf, the waste of mater'alg trifling, and the pxpense of working lichr Kor ffirb*?n? streets, for lighting bouse* and for iiinmin^ ung public buildiags, the new d^veTv ^ reported as having*:reat advantages Th* P*atLa or Ti?ht Laciw.?._A or reaftondeut of the Oinoinuat*4*^-,.' 'VT iccoui!t of a fatal acc.dent which occurredTn t?uyton a few daj, ago. the re.ult "f Tin^ acing. A young lady much given to fni practice, cansed a hook to be placed ,n sail ?( her room, to which she waa tu labit of fastening her corset strlBowaI^ ible to draw ihem tighter. The other dnv ,h2 brea herself toe heavily on the urine* uj i,';. 00" ,ro- - "" "i 'tr,n* are out of fashion in ^A liqnor seller arrested at St. Albans, ei'np: i w M def'Rce tbat his wbi?ky was mj educed by water it coo Id aot intoaMpae A St. l^ouia paper complaina that tbe BThe ladies say the aew cocoa-a at water. alls are just the thing to wear with a gourd Iress. " * ^Cincinnati has a law salt ahont fi v. ia be. and a half of land. la ^ caae of frtchlnosi# has a narked effect on the sale of pork ia thai ' ! W-Every time th. wind Mows from th* di ection of New York the Canadian. org roU aad order the "mati*? tofciTu VNinety-two peUUoaa for divom Ir l,?w. ,W^'T com iron t?? isisazse SiftRciSr Z1?S?\2S S53"L" 5?-5S53SSS^.2J ?l??r tIM ) ' JO* lU * ??. j|? ,J IH '<> ! *)* <| st, \a -'rj ; g"J K. ...Mrnz <1I<