Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1867 Page 2
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I? THE EVENING STAR. Tht Ltfgtil CircilatioB ia the Diitrict " WALLACH, K4iitr aad PrtprltUr. WASHINGTON OITT: wipxmday ipftll 3, 1*?t. ; ?*ltADIIfO MATTB* 05 BYBRY PAGB. 8KB OLTPIDI FOB INTIftlHTIHO TBLB GRAPHIC AND OTHSR MATTER. THE EFFECT OF THE I TICUT ELEOTIO.V We cannot a*ree with tt?Nnw York Tribune ?n opinion that all the mischief done by Connecticut is mainly within her owu bor. ! ders Already the democratic paper*, despite the 'set that Connecticut is a close State, and the change of majority was insignificant! are exulting over their victory as the b?ginningof a great reaction at the North which ia to annihilate Republicanism. That one result of their attitude will be to retardtbe progress of the healthfnl rhaare ia pjlitical sentiment at the Sooth, whirl) we noticed yesterday. and to givu eurourtgement to the opponents, in that aectioa, of reconstruction on tne basis of the military bills, is not to be doubted. The increased Republican vote in the Western States will not oflset the damage wrought in this ' way Already it is reported that a very full and numerously sl|taed, has been pre. pared. addressed to the Chief Justice and As- | soc.ate Judcesof the l 'aited States Supreme i * onit. praying tor an mjmmttinn again.-t Gen I Pope commander of the Third Military Dis- ' trie:, and Andrew Johnson, a citizen of Ten. es^e and President el the I nited States, restrnunng them from taking any action in en. forcing the Military Keoon- tract ion law until the constitutionality of the bill can be decided : by the Supreme Court. This can only be the work of a still unrepentant and daag*rou? pot ion i?f the old leaders of public sentiment 1 m 'he Scutb, who opposed all progress and broi>gut cn secession with its deplorable con. sequences. and will lead their section into further trochlea, rather than lose their owu power. Which has heretofore been only ex-rt-ri for e*il aLd not for good. We say it is th-ir work only, because we have already noticed the :act that many of a more worthy cla?? of public lren in the Sonth have di-carded the ! political heresies which ruined their Stat-*, and are uow striving hard to redeem ami re. generate them. Mot these only, out the prom- : faent military leaders of the late rebellion are solid In their opposition to factions resistance ! of the law. Gens. lve. Johnson. Beauregardl<ongMi>et, Hampton, Mabone, Barksdale and | thalraer* have recommended submission to and Co-operation in the requirements of the reronstm. tion law The character of the bla'snt politicians, invisible m wir. innn. cible in peace." who take the other side of the question, is shown by the comment of the Atihuui |Ua c ot> <ti ifist oq the at* titude ol these generals. It says ?-Their *eun?s for solving mixed qnestions of State is not 10 the highest condition of intellectual health or ingenuity.'* To counterbalance tbe?e bad effects of the "o-caUed democratic victory in Connecticut, fe! ns hop- that the Union party wil| carefully e.xamine the causes which ied to r and if it is the result of any fault of theirs' ?mend it so that similar causes may not produce like effects elsewhere. The r>ver*- in he KutmvgState may thus, after all, tura out to be ?a blessing in disguise " AR.-HAL or THE "CPRgyg COPR '. Hon Richard C. Parsons has been appointed by the Judges of the Supr-m- ' Court of the United States as Marsnal of \ .hs ( ourt, and will enter upon the dis- : charge of his duties to-morrow. Mr. P. for many years has been a prominent and leid- i ing citizen of Ohio. He was formerly Speaker of the Ohio Honse of Delegates, afterwards Consul to Rio. and lately Collector ef Internal Revenue. In early life he was a law partner of Hon. K. P Spalding, .Representative from i Ohio THE WHITE HOUSE A * ery large number of visitors were a the I l.xeciitive Mansion to-day. the balls and antetoois being crowded. Many succeeded in having an audience with the President, but a urge number bad to go without obtaining an interview. Several Senators and RePre?en- ? tatives had an interview with the Presiden, ' this lore noon. t UlEt I LEKn. OF THE AlrRICULTLR\L DEPARTMENT. Hon. Isaac Newton. Commissioner ot Agri- i culture, has appointed Mr. E. L. Barker of i Rhode Island, as Chief Clem of the Departmert, vice G. B.Newtou. resigned. Mr. B. formerly held the position of Assistant Pro-' iTapoll- * at thC >aval Acad??J""*n- , Thb New Stxahssip Li*e ?At the m e?_ ' ing last week ot the stockholders of the n-w steamship ime between the District cities and New \ork, the encouraging fa-t was matfe known that despite the serious drawback* from the remarkably uaprupitious winter, ;he I ice blockade, Ac , the enterprise has proved a success. A considerable amount was subscribed. In order to ex-etd the business of the ' ime. and there seems to be no doubt that its operations this summer will be active and pro?i?eruas, especially sbonld the Dis trie merchants give it all their freighting bu?in?ss. as they certainly should, iu oider to build np -home enterprise. P*r.*e*AL?John Hltz. Esq., Consul <f^n?r\l 1 fer Switzerland, has left this city for Near ) York, to sail in the steamer Hermann on the I l*th lor fcurope, where be proposes to spend some time. Mr. Hi?z has a large circle of I friends here to wish him a pleasau: voyage and a sate return to this cut. where he has distinguished himself by bis useful and hon- j orabie career. Rhoi>k Is; asr> Li ketios._Rhode Is and i1 holds hrr election to-day. when a Governor, L>ieut?nantOovernor. and other State ofllcars' I besides two Representatives to Congress, and 1 members of the General Assembly, will be elected. The Republicans carr e<i the >:ate 1 last year by a majority of V?l. and their general success to-day is conceded. | Sl( Cl.s.9 OT THE RKTOJ.CTIOS tN HA*TI? \ I heie is a report which seeds confirmation :o the effect that the revolution whmh for some i time was organized in Hayti against the <iorerrment or President (ieffrard has tr.rmphed. | and that Geffrard embarked on board of a French ve?el of war and ha, taken refuge m Jamaica. AhoIU'-Tim names meotioued tot he position of Commissioner of Arlenlture are taose efO. J ndrt, of the I JjtnVW/erv./,*#, &Ud H orace Capron, ol Illinois, formerly an agriculturaljst of note in Maryland. syTfce American nriuit *tf Hnrtirnitnrt. for April, is a capita) number, showrag tbs- hey ! (the pnbiisbera.Tilton A Co., Boston,, mean to i make it first aI its class in matter. Ul us-rati on, and style of exeeution. Kr>a* Tap ? Among the nominatiens rejected by the S?mi?s in KxecuUve setslon. ! yesterday, was that ot Mr .J. C. G. Kennedy, lor Commissioner ol Agriculture. Si>atok Wiiaosi has goae to Kichaaad, aad mmj perhaps make a public speech there . to-day. the aaaiversary of Uta capture ef that eity. r It ia BaLiavBD that the Seaala ,wlli ra- | ject the aonmatiou of Gen. Soi Mendith ie he 9vrvet?r General of Moataaa. ff^The samplea ef their new perfused note ? paper and envelopes sent qs by Phflp 'k. Solo- 0 moot are rxqtrttltely dainty and fTafrnat. irrttm H?VUu The receipts ftoin this aource to-day were ?l.lM.?f?? rw. The Philadelphia Ledger detects iadl- ' cations of daagar ia the loose managemeat ' and irregularitias of maay of the aatioaal ' banks. < I ?ib CONGRESSIONAL. Wbdwr.sdav, April 1. sr> ate.?After prayer by the Chaplain, aa* the reading of the joarnal of yeatarday, toe senate, on motton of Mr. Ramsay, went tou> exfcutirf session. ... government sec urities warhihotow, April 3, t967. Jay Cooke a Do furnish the following quotations of Government securities Buying Selling . (l. t?. ?'a Coapoa, k*lM....M....l4K<j| lu9* o. s. Plve Twenties, 1ww 100s 108 \ u. s. five Twentiea. 1964 lu?s 10h us Five Twentiea, 1885 10* 108* u.s. Five tw?nltea,j&nAJ'y.'65.11.7 107g t'.s. Ten Forties 97 \ 98 if u. s. Seven Thirties August.... 105* ,18i?i< u. s. Seven Thirties. June 105? 106$ u. s. Seven Thirties, .Inly 105* 105^ wew vobk firct board i1lm. Coupon? 109 10.40 s 98, 188a 109 ^ r^y's, AuguaL... 106 I i.aj'i, 186* 107 % 7.30's, Jane 105\ l-?5 xu&)? ..30's, July 105*| 5.a< s. Jn.AJj/SS.IO? * Gold JM* financial. Lewis Johnson a Co., quote Stocks ana Bonds in home and foreign markets as follows: NaBr Yoke. April x?lat Board? u. s. 1381 Coupon d's. m9. do.. 5-?i's, 10*?V. s. s'a 10-40 s. Coupons. ?*>: 7-30'a. ; Canton Co., ; Cumberland Coal Co. prefd, si; Quicksilver Mining Co. 'm. New York Central r.r., lhs. Lr<e Railway. s:\chndeou River r.r., >36; Reading k. r, loiMichigan Central r.r., 107.v; Michigan Southern and n. Indiana r. r . 7*' do guaranteed, ?, Ulmoia Central r.r.. 113. Cleveland and Pittsburg r.r., 7?: Chicago and Northwestern r. r., 35 do. pteterred,'84\; Cleveland and Toledo r. r . 1'-? % Chicago and Rock Island r r.. 90*; Pittsburg. Fort Wayne, and Chicago r r . 9i\. Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, M\ , Oold. p m 113% naval' vms i>#5*patcbes h.-ive been received at the Navy i>epartment trom Rear Admiral j. a. l>ablgren, dated t". s. flagship Powhatan. Bay of Callao, March i, 1-07, announcing that the Powhatan would start on a cruise as soon as the spar deck cabin should be completed The Tnscarrra ?alled for the Fejee inlands on the i'th of February. The llacotab was at Valimtiiifo. The Waieree -aued on the <{7ih of Febiuiay for Panama, Buenaventura. Guayaquil, Patta. Uuanchaco and i^ambayaque. The Nyack was at Valdivia on the :,th of Febrnarv The Pen?acola was to sail ou the td or 4ui of March for San Francisco. ARMY nri'kr.-. Brevet Major General Johu (1 Robinson, Colonel 4 :d Intantry, relieved from former duty and ordered to bis regiment at his own requesi: thrr*e months' delay granted him. Brevet Lieut. Colonel j. r. Gibson, Assistant Surgeon transferred from the department of the Fast to the District ot New Mexico Brevet major John Brooke. Assistant Surgeon, relieved from duty in New Mexico, and ordered to report to Surgeon General for assignment to duty. * imiposal of i'uk i.It: lan d?. Tbe Commissioner ot the General l<aad Office has received returns showing an aggre gate disposal of 1m,1-| acre? of the public iamls during tlie mouth o: February lastat the fol'owing local ottii es?Oreson City. Oregon, 11,:*;j acres. |i>.*4i acres of which was taken under the donation act, and the remaiu<ler sold for < a?b and taken for actual settlement and cultivation under the homestead law At Stockton. California, 4^7+ acres were taken um'er the home>tead law, sold for cash and located with military warrants. thr haltibhr* i b-imt'tior Casi ? In the Superior Court in Baltimore, yesterday, the m?e of a m Rogers. Bfenj. i>eford, and i o hri?, v> The Board ot Police Commission- ! ersand bigb sheriff of the city, on an applica- j tion tor an injunction to restrain the latter trom holding an elec'ion for a constitutional convention authorized by an act of the late legislature, ?be court declared a warn of jurisdiction as a court of equity to decide questions oi a political nature especially involving the sovereignty of the political power ot the State. The court Iheivfore decided that the application for an injunction he re. jet ted and the bill dismissed with costs. nrspothk twelfth lbctibe before the il5 Young Men Christian Asso-latlan will lVdelitere i br Bev e y ?" n 81'ndbklamd, d. i)., at Dr gillette's oilubcii, 13th street, between ii aad b. fbi da y bvsn ino. April 9, 1*7, ct mm? nciag at a o'clock. Tickets eletv obntb ap 3 It* nr5=-pdbli0 MKBTlBfG -The whitbciti ll3 /.bbs of the fot bth wabd are in- < vltod to auaae a public ineetmx at the Oltr Bsll or tiATUBDAY kvbelmtt next, at half past seven 'clock, to take such bhmurei as amy be deemed ne? star* to secure a fall redatrr of the wff of the Ward Cftlzena ef the different Warda are eordiallr invited t<> fee present. ap3-4i" ffS=?ilk?.HAlllC8' r(51ld1ho assooia- 1 jo? tion, Re. ) ?All member* and tho*e ] vriThinii to join tbie n< wly orssoi/ed 0>-rman ' b .iUli g a?-ocistion. < which will be condacted * *nh the ciliiclplee now s<> sncceselullr carried 1 nt In the last Washington Savings Fuu 1 an4 the ' pr tent mt-chamcs' dull ling a>?oci >tion<> are ' r??pecttully Invited te att> r.d the next tint een- ' aral monthlv me?<tluit. thl'bsday nlxt, April ' ihe 4th. at 7% e' lock p m. The first m< nthlr ' paymeats will be received anJ Coastitutlons 1 read} lor dlstiitxiti oi. se^nre your ebaree before 1 > os hare to pay extra premium there,,? caspab ofknsteix Treeldent. obobub willbeb,Treasmer i ec<jpk/ jocvbnal Secretan . jip 1 3t*^ i nr5=?soticb.-the last sblbct soibib 1x5 of the abkagadabba association wiT be held at Temperance Hall. k street, be- . t?ee? ith and l?th.ou wedmbsoay kybnitfd, j April ?. 19)7. Tickets for sale ?>y tbe Committer. i ap^l-jtt^ _ _ ^8 a. hole. Secretary. a trg=*tbea8cri dbfabtmbnrr 1 iJsJs of Comptroller of i/i< i'urrenry. ' Wasiii.vhto*. March 21.1m7. Slotie- le hereby gfveR to (he holders of the eircuiatiag not- * of ' th First Batidnal Bank of We.< ton. ' Mass , tbat such notes will he paid in lawful money of th United ht?t?e up<>n presents 5 lion of the eaioe at the Treasury of tne t'nlt-d 1 State*. h b hulbubu. mh^vit Comptroller ef the Currency. ? fV^-TUBASDBY DEPARTMENT, t JJ5 1 >jji t . / Cu>ni>ttiilhr uj the f,'urrettry, a wasii!xg*os. March 2i. K 7 r Kotiea is hereby c-ven to tb' liol^er* of the clr- i i?nlatiBg uotes of--f he Tenneeee?-National Bank i l?i M?aiph's. Teun . that snch notes will b? paid t in Iswml mone ot th<- United States upon preeea- t tatiou of the iaiu> at the Treaaur* of the United I et I I. a B HULBOBD, s n n t' wit Comptroller of the Currency. k rw^tmeascby dbpabtmbnt^ ? 1L < if I'oi/ip fuller (J I nr. CfrrtHry v wasiiin ;to^. March xi, ls->7 0 Hoti e i 4 her>-b? el?ea to the hrl lers ef tbe cir * solatlac notes of "Tbe First National Bank of v Medina n y.. tbat snch notes will be paid in ? lav fni money of the united States upon preseuta- i * i|?n of the rams at the Treasury of the United ^ jtat's. b. hulrubd, * uih 77-wit Comptroller of the Currency. j; yc=*obbma? tabobt association- d From the 1st et April, aad until further a notice, the regular Monthly Meetln* of tie above a* oci at leu will h?hal<t en tbe fibst wbdbes- 1 day of kvemy month at 7), o'clock i. m , i it tbe tchnetfi n Park, ap:-2f ohablbs klomahn, President vs^capitol hill building associa- i ll5 tion?The fourth monthly meeting of his Association ?11i be held over Dooley'a Drug Stor .corner Penna ave aad 8d streeteaat.ea 1 tuubsday sight, at" o clock. a prewqm j will be charred upen all -tock taken after that ] date. w. t. johnsob. ap SecretarTr fV?=?BBOIsTEB'S OFFfOB, April 1, |m7. i .? !?'? it k-T*hy giftM, that tlie Liceuaea issued . to owners of Wagona, Carts, an i Braya will ea- n pir- on the flret Monday in April, and that said lic'nsee must be renewed, In compliance with law, at this offic within t n days alter tbat time. i samuel k, doinlass, i apl-dtaplfi^ b'glster. c vs=?bbg1stry notice. ? Notice Is hereby , l_5 given to all qualified\oters In the thibd w aBD tbat the Judg<-a of bl-ctlon appointed to " re . later voters under tbe a< t of Congress approved Fetruar ft. 1s47. entitled "an act to pnn- < ish illegal voting in tbe District of Columbia* f sii'i for other p?r|m>eee," will be in session,at the ? i ommoi <' < nncil Chamt-er. City Hall, oa mob bay, tuesday, wednesday, and thubs- ' Day. April 1st.3d.3d ?nd 4th. 7rom| to 7o'clock j p m for the purpose of receiving aud reoordlag a their Dtoiea. " nsh ? if b. v. botbfi. Secretary. " V#?B 8 TABL18HBD 1 t? # 8 . | Mcpherson a fbbouson. c ?t1 Fairs, avs.u a, cosvaa 1st s?kxbt, f PhystdMM Frescrlptlona aooarataly sompound d. tha Night beu promptly answered. ealf-tf , .4 ^ obapb8 " j choi' b bananas * IMS?1? or ?um?r la 41 Inil. i tr-.k w. tsospton , TELEGRAPHIC NEWft. FROM EUROPE TO DAY. (By Cable to the Associated Presa.) IxhiOOW, April ?Noon.?Contois 91: EriMi Illinois Con I rat 7$*; I FiTe-twenue?, 75. J MARK FORT, April 3-NoOM \1. & Yixfitvrudfi, PApril 3-r*oon.?U. S. Fiv^*twPD* ties. H%. Livkkpool, April Nooi?.?his t downward tendency. Sale? JfcQup baie?. Middling I plRrtde. l >\d ; Origan? I3\d. iiTvMv^nlf# flrw: Wifi^rt ?*<i wb#nt ilf *jd Ctlforma wbl e 13s. ?d.; We*t*rn flour *<?' 3d.; ikTu 4s.; Itarley <l? 7o.:Oat*3.? M Pr>vieiota quin, Fork li7? Gd . Bacon KM. Gi ; Ch*M-i 0? , Lard 4'*s. 3d. Froduce ia c^n^rftlly unchsoged Iwvkhi'ool, April 3-2 p M._There bv been a large sale of California white lor exports to New York The cotton market contiou-a dull and heavy Middling Uplands declined ?,d since noou report, aud i? m* quoted at 12Jj. There is no quotable chuurr m the other market* Lo?ik.k, April 3-2 r m -Consols dec ined % since noon report, and are tow quoted at M?\'. American eecorujes are Arm and unchanged Paris April 3?Noon?1\ fc? Fiveuwenties, Aifair* in Charleatea. S. C.,?Elections Forbidden by the Military. ?5*^MTO*' S C' Apr.1 3._The Hoard of Trade banquet, laat night, was a brilliant aflair Governor Orr made an elaborate speech counselling a prompt compliance with the requirements of Congress t?eneral Sickles also spoke, foreshadowing in general terms hie policy as district commander He has issued an order prohibition elections tor the present, and announcing that be will appoint sherifls and other civil officers uron the expiration ol the terms of the pres. ent incumbents. impartial Suffrage la Kansas. Totkka, Kansas, Aprtl 3.?A convention of those in favor of-impartial suffrage is in ^ucy Stone and Klackwell are in attendance. The object of the association is to carry the female s till rage clause as well a& the negro Fire. PiiiLE!>ELrHia, April 3.?The extensive woolen mills of R RehoHeld. at Minayunk, were burned last night. Loss ^ltjo.ouo: insured for * e?e ? R* b< ted Claims.-The Alexandria J sajs Among the claim s rejected at the h xecutive Departments during the past fewmonths were several from this neighb)rhood among them the claim* of the Rlt. Vernoti Cotton Manufacturing Co., the Catholic church at Fredericksburg. Wm Ji. Irwin,the Manassas Gap Railroad Co , and Mrs. M lrwm. Bo*s and uiiLstiiluioT sclieok at?50 L street, between Utli and 13th. ap ;-Jt* T*<? ??2U,MBP,N'0T?~PAP B AND IN\ ILUPBH. For Kile at PHILP * SOLOMON'S, Metropolitan i;>ok Store. ^ between 9th and iflth streets. ()BANGES AND LEilONB Just re. elved, from Auction 3W bo*?s OKA NuKH, O aol 00. K!? do. LEMONS, W'lolesalf and Retail, .., ? At J. PkABSON S, - ^ dlhstjsit. W u i ? k n fc ** as: MUoTACHBS : forced to grow upon tbe amootest face la frr.-u "ertuI discovery la mo'lsm science, acting upon the Beard and Hairin snalmo-t miraculous aisnlth?r.l3rnMwll>>' ,h* "* P*rls and London with the mr>Kt flattering sncc-at. Nam s ?Jj ".'chasers will be raftered, ?n i if eatire fatlafsctlop la riot given in every iu-tance, the Tnoaey will beebeertally refnaied Price bv matt, sealed and postpaid, ?i. Descriptive circalar# %nd fre* Addrese KEB'IEK. BBl TTS A 00.. 6 lie mists, No U**S Kier street, J/?/. Tork. Bole agejts for th?' U ltsi plates. apSd&wsoly SPRING GOOD*. J. HENRY WILSON has recMvei hit supply of GOODS for Spring Wear, comprising "?vsry style and variety adapted to the season All order* promptly, and fsithfully evecute<l. Oo<>d Goods, ?ood work, an I wall fitting ^arnsenta guaranteed in all easeit. A general supply of gentlemen s FURNISH I \G 000D8 always on band. Georgstoun, D. O , North aide Bridge street, fc? ? lw next door east from Bsnk of Commerce. J?XCKL8I0B: NXOKLSIOB : OHABTBLLAB'S HAIR KXTBBMTNATOR ? FOB BKMOVING SUPBBFLOOUS HA IB. ! Te the ladles esneclally, this InvaluaSla depiialory rt-oiaaniend* itself as being an almost ludi* Ieriklble article to female M-anty. Is easily .apne<?, does net barn ?r Iniure the skla. bnt acts , IirecUy on the roots. It Is warranto- i te remove inaarttnons hair from low foreheads, or from any .ther i-art of the borty .completely .totally and radi- ( ,h? lun'? 1?' lag the skin soft, i Th'? is ths only nriicle ' used by the French, and ( tbe only real efleetaal t< pilaiory In existence. PriceTscsntsper packige, sent aest paid, to any address, oa rsceipt of in order, by v . IiBBOIB. SHUTXS * CO.. Chemists, ?: ?*"?/ ? jr <KBBK'8 OFFJOiT" c ^ Housx BxPIIKSKNTAT: VIC8, L'aiTBD iTATt* < ^ . washimotob, April 1,18i7. 4 . Proeosjls ^111 be received at this affloe f ot TUBBDAT, the 9th day or t ipril, A. V. 1M? for keepiog t a-r staurani ei tbe ? lens# of Representative* of the Bn<t?d States In t I'cordance with tb?? terms of tbe annexed resoiaton the restaurant to be kept opsu daring the * 'tilire y>-er, except Ssnlsys. J BD WAUD McFHKBSON. Clerk I t , Frski Attr V, 18V ? Ordere:. That the privilege ef keeping tk? Res- ' ur.utof the House shall be deti rmine<l as iyj. * Proposals therefor shitll be recsi v< ,I by the Clerk I >f the House up to noon of March 1J. 1887. aad bi nnially tbersafter and ehaU be oie^ed by him, ta o be presence of two witnesses, aad be by iilm b warded to tbe most suitable parson, having also eferanee to the ameuat of mon?y offered for tiie Tivilege, and the capacity of the bidder for the b lusluees. Aecompao>ing the proposals must be ' be name of one or more persona who are willlne 0 become sureties In th? sum of one thousand dot* tl ?r- for the faithful performance of tbedatirs<f I aid keeper; an t aosseaalon of tbe premises sball o ie given by the Clerk to said bidder upon his ex* ? inting a bond in the sum of oae thousand dollars. rith sufllcieat sureties, for the proper discharge f his duties, and for the careful use of tbe proprty of the GoTarnmeat entrusted to blm. Such osaaeelon shall be at all times under the control c f * be House And the amount of money thus bid * i'1 accepted shall be paid to ths said Olark oneair on the first Monday of December next after j be date of tbe bond, and the residue six months * hsrealtor, and, as rscelved, shall be. by said llerk. paid to the Treasurer of the Natl >nal Sol?I*. S^'lovs' Orphan Home f?.r tbs benefit of aid Inntltation. apJid [ HAyiE,cllII1,D 1 flne assortment of Freaoh 1 and DomeKtic BONNKTS. LB Wig BAAB, 82 Market Space. J ENGLISH AND GKBMAB BBAD TBIMMJNG 'J can be had at LBWIS BAjlB'S, d S a Market Space. ^ pLOWEBS AMD BONBBT FBAMBS -The y '^OWBRS aad BON lZl CM found at ?2L9_ LBWIS BAAB'S. * i| ILLINKBY. ? MRS. EOCKW00D has re- v i *2 *?* I*4 ,Mh * ' I'lant's^^B p Inildiof,) where, la a<)ditlon to her usnal^D 1 be 4 V EA MILL1SER Y,Wc a ay- i LIBS. J. B. 8PBNCBB CALLS THE ATTBN- {! I I.1*!8!! ' lad leaof Washington and vi-^h L inlty to her opealoa of . .nbMILLINBBY, ! >n TOkSDAT, April 2d, 18 7,*0 17,4* street, I etween Peann. avenne and O street a Drees-makiag promptly atten led to. m 18 #t* , of Sclentilc Discovery JJ M?" nP_ n Poonorraphar, ? s J!i. . 7n *?**>er, new edition. P, IosMy aaa his Man, 1 volume. Breck'a Mew Book 11 ,*ijk s & s ftTitit FLOQBS All grades I 2^ou!iWu^SAs 10 M10 For aale>lev, hp ? ?. ? " m? m? * tohlMt / ? ?hst^,tfSi;";vn. | ait oBAkrosr " r '?? ' ' ONLY TWO DATS MORS.' * eeery article ia ^j^^r^nLL' *

MX " LOCAL NEWS. "3| *? ? ? ' j The Poot Owe* Bnti>i?? ?The work <m tbe extension ot the Pott Otic* bail din* will be completed tfeie month, an* tbe now room* tor occupancy by the 1st of May. Work, men are now busily engaged in finishing up. an appropriation of StO.OUO having been mad* to comple'e tbe building. The large room orcr 1 tbe City Post Office, which is fitted up id hand* ! someatyle. wiil be used as the Library and j Dead J.etter Office, the iron railing* to the stairs on the north entrance# have been fin rsbed, and feat httic more work is needed to ' complete the entire building Tbt? improTement* hay* nil been under tbe j charge ot Cclon^l Olmstfad, the Superioten- ] dent af tbe b tiding, who has had tbe work done n tbe beet manner. The rooms in th* o d portion ot the buildiag are now being repaired, and wbeu completed will present a very neat appearance. Mbdk al Association ?At the regular ' meeting otth-Medial Association of the District of Columbia held yesterday, the follow. < ing named gentlemen were elected officer* tor the ensuing year: President. Dt Joshua Riley: i * ,C'' pI,<'nf, L>r. John Borrows; S?cret*r v. 1 Dr J W. M l-o\e}oy: Treasurer, Dr. J. M. Toner. legates te tbe Medical Association which meets inCincinnation tbettrs'. Tnaeday of May Ors Cbas. Allen, K. C. Croggon. / M Toner, J. Lliot, H- Ritchie, .lot. Borrow*, W Mar bury; J.-W. Hi. I-ovejoy, L.e wis Mackail. Jr., and J. M. Draper UmiLATioN ok Oi'ickkh -O. 8. Vance ' L-y . D ? W P ., on Monday evening installed th. following gentlemeu officers of Colombia Division. >ons ot Temperance, tor the encuicg quarter, viz: John T. Dobbyn, W P Win. Tborn. W. A ; Chas. H. Murray. R. s*Wm. Clendaniel. A. K. S.: Win. Dixon' Treasurer; .lobu Murray, F. S.; O-isey, < 'linplMin: aud as lady officer*. Miss Marv i Rocket, 1st lady Asst ; Miss Clara Baker.-j~l ' do Mi>s Helen Merrick, 3d do ; M rs. Em ma C. Dobbyn, lady Con ; and Mies Luzie Gnu- . ueli, lady Sentinel. Orr kor ALtiAKr.?This morning. Warden Drown, of the jail, left for Albtiny, wito sev- i ernl guards, in charge ot the lollowlng-name.l prisoners lor the Albany penitentiary, s?n tei.ced in the Criminal Court ?Solomon Herman, larceny, two years; Asa Wm., larceny of bonds from the Treasury, three years Wm. Brown, alias Samuel Collins, and Henry Harri-. larceny, one year each; Wm. Conueil, i alias Carroll. James Park*, Wm. Divis, Wm. ! Boyston. alias Joshna Reed, larceny, ttir-?e I years each: Wm Brodus, robbery, five year-. 0 SrR^o Clothum. Ac-?Those wishing to get ftrst-cla>-s spring clotbing of the mot-t fashionable styles and tbe hest makJ and m tterial. should by all means eall o:i Philip Wal- . 1 larb. at Odeoa Hall, corner ot. Pennsyl vanrt 1 avenue and street His stock is out- of th* I largest in this part of the country, aud e very pains is taken to suit customers ' will be seen, some ten varieties of spring ov*r- 1 coats of the laiest styles and theb-*st make ! 1 His stock of general clothing, gentlemen's fur- i 1 lushing-, Ac., is also very large 1 }<elk.lot s ? The Presbytery ot Potomac ( met 'o-day, In accordance with previous 1 agreement, at I alls Church, about nine miles firm this city Several of the Delegates ' let; ibis city to-day for ihat village, on the ! Alexandria. I?udoun and Hampshire Kail- ' road. 1 his Pr-sbvtery includes within it? 1 ' juiisUiction ofthisclty.-.t Journal, -i j ClEiTlT CoiKT, Chi-f Ju?U ' Cart!- Th* 1 dve of the Tinted Stiites'agr. Messrs J. It. and A. P Hoover, action to recover ttje ! amount of the bond as security for Major Su tbei |ai..l, former;y Quartermaster of :he ! Marine Corps, Is still on trial. Forekik K?riT?.?The Treab Malagagr\p.?, < choi.e b <n3ua?, new crop maple sug ir, oranges nrd l-mons jnst received at J Pear- ] oi.'s, on >tn s'roet, are calculated to mikn me a mouth water. ? I A U T ?1 ] AUBURN.GOLDEN TZAXEN AND BILKKN CliKLM i ( I'roducei b* tb- as. of Prof DC BREU.V FRI, i S?" *1^ f0Xl One apjlieatlen warranted to curl tbe most strmgut nbd stubborn hair of 1 . either sex into wavy ringlet#, or ht-avy maislr* onrli Has been need by tha fashionables of Paris an 1 Loadon with th* most ?rr*ttfylnf raralts Toss no Injnry to tbe h-ir. prjC? m*|,( and fostpaid, #1. Das. riptiv* Circulars msils'l -AtWrMajBEatB., SHDTTh A OO ,?blm l?ts. Ho Rl\er street, Troy, Hew York s .le ?geni?for the United State*. mp 3 dftw?*t> Jin I.N8D11K0I, ~ [ PINS MUTUAL LIPB IHsCmAHCH VO ( of I'hlltdtlikia, " ASS1T8. ?l.?tOO,OQ?. Lo^fs FVil/*Har?;on,/.lW. J Ezt ises:* "ST" *\fi i M.^lladay, do do i....; ilim 8 W 8 bherwooo, Printer, Uo (** J Qibmey, rl*rk. do i'Ism c B P Pherw ood. Hoi*l Kaep?r, do j'imn " Jav? Ww*n?, Phr^aa, Ana*polis..a iou c BS 2S;*",ro" pg , i?KSs2t?rsiZr- .is B'turn premi iin dfridend for tbe year lSii^u ?er rent. Bc;le previous to 1869 received In air- I nent of premiau*. u ' * \ Plsnk apalicatlcns. tsblee of rates, and all in b ormatloti furnisbed on appll?atloa, p*iso .ailr or II by mail, to JOHN HIOOLE "AVeat Boob No. 1_ Washington Bufldin*. n corner af 7tkstreet and Peon ave. 11 Washington, D. O. s< i r"' 1f"2* *o iwproyemeat ie manu It i* ordered that the sai l petltlou be heard at ' he Patent OSce en MOH^AY.tba lotb <Wv of << nne next, at It o'clock m., aad all aarsane ar* lotifladto appear and show cause, If ? tave.why sanfpatltioa ought not to be graate? n ^r??f* epp?etigthe aztensioa are required to et?faJth*i^??a their objaoil ons, epecially ?* "frt"'writing, at l*a*t Ucentv dayebefore he das of hearing; all testimony filed br either rty io bansed at the said haarlaf autW taken nd transmitted In accordance with the rhi" wWch will be furnished enapplicaDeposition* and other tapers raited anon a* ?' ssttaioDry must ha filed In th, 0?ca twenty d, ~ afore the day of hearing;the argument* if ?nw / rithin lea days after filing the testimony^' C Ordered, also, that this notice be published In be Bepnbllcaa aad tbe inteIII*?ucer.Wwh!n*tcn in Li; eavxtfss&a'j?-& E ? T. O. TBBAKEB, at m m a^it. - Oomssisslonar of Pai?#ts. B.? Editors of the above paaera will ni,?u opy, and send their bills to the WEat Office Jrith i paper containing this notice. ap VlawTw i B T B O L O Q T * C X In THE WOBLD ASTONISHED AT THB WOK I'tKUL aXVBLATIOKt MADE BY THH OBEAT ABTEOLOOIST MADAME H. A. PEKRUiO. i She reveals secrete no mortal aver knew. She ?* estorae to happiness those who, from dolsfnl 1^ .^?AAi*, TXcr??*? i? 'ove, loa* or reia Ions and friends. lo*? of uioaey, ?c , have become 1 ?jK. she brings togather those lest *?pa- ft ated, give* information conoeraing abeeat frleads il r l#ti r*, restores lost ot stol*n praaartr telta th S3 '^u,K*btmt tSaWto Wth n< Id vhtt ;oi will ha uio*t *uooe**ful, caaaas SI peedy marriages and tails you tbe vary day yon EiLss&iefV.r*th# mM,-v M' partoa. She reads yoar al ry tboaeht*. end by ner almoat supernatural ( owers unveil* tae dark aad hidden mraterie* of b? be future. JTrom the stars we sei l" th? ft?ia 'ent?ihe ssaleftr stars that overcome or predom - tt oate in the oenflgaratlon?rrom tbe aa^ects and 8 oeitlons or the planete aad the fixed stars in th* eaveas at the flm? of t.lrth, she d^duces the ituredestiny of man Fail not to consult tbe reatest Astrologl.t on earth, iteaala you but a < title, and yau may never aratn have *o favoral.l* a opportunity. Oouaultatloa fa*, with likaaee* 4t nd ail dealred Information, #1 Parties livisc t a distance can cnuxnlt the Madame by maft " ltbe<iual safety and satisfaction to themeelvee. VJ -..ITf? *!?'? *ed eapllclt chart, writt.n I at. wltt all Inqalrtaa answered and likenees In(oead.*aat by mall on receipt of arloe above menL^ii ^he strictekt secreey will be maintained, nd all correspondence returned er destroyed *kofhJra 'Sift.!!* Te" incl^n? ap?-P^Weo?yVDQAgr!wHer WO^W WbALjBOHl 00E8ETS i IAHAME PBINGE'S. SB MAEEET SPACE 1 ( ?asi."vsrfcS* ? ? ?? ? phahok TATLDM. C JBithp mtsiWiM \ i \ V M I t th? htroa&rt* excraioi-*< '?>/" /?r .At the "Merchants txcbauge'this morning, the offerings were4,000 bushels rata, V.ew) hufhbls r*d wheat. (too bushels white wheat, busbels c-a's, Sio bushels mMi, 40 bushels rjrc, "CO bbls extra Hour. 4 *i bbls. cat extra, *0 bWa. fine, 4..0 bbls family, 46o bbls. supers. Sales?300 bushels oata. 75 cent* 350 bushels yellow meal. *j; 4o bushels rye, ?l 1,4(0 bushels corn, ft lit to *l.0~. * lot of ordinary red wheal. *3'iS; l.O.Ki bush. Is red wheat, t3 29. a email lot yellow corn. (damaged. )~l (rj extra floor. *14* to .*15*. cut extra, -uto *13 V family. H'lj* to H7fc. At the close ol business transaction^ the memhere of tbe Boar* were oadt.ed u> order by , the President. who stated that the object ot tbe meeting was to take action in retard to obtaining and forwarding provision? to tbe de-titute people of tbe JSouthsru States. The Kff- W. \V. Williams, of tbis city, wam intro- i duced. and mado wm? sta'ements as to tbe actual suffering that existed in tb^t section a/ j country. On motion, H^srs. .1 ohu J B-all, D- L Sbomaker, Jas Welch. Henj Ilarbv, K. I). Martly, and J en kin Thomas were appointed , a committee to rroeive subscriptions of money and provisions. Murb interest in tbe advancement of tbe object was manifested 1 m rovKMMtr.?Tbe eeasou for building having tturly opened, a number of very baldsome improvements have bf*o commenced, and those suspended by tbe close of tbe last s-ason are rapidly approaching Completion. This morning Mr. Timothy I) Itatey concluded a contract with J J Kane, builder, for the erection ot three 3-story trame dwellings at the coiner ol Prospect and Lingaa streets, to cost *?,(?> Si'Rino St\i k Drkm (loout*--Tbe advantage.. a neat, atyleisb and comfortable suit of clotuet. are not to be denied The attention of thoee who wish to replenish their wardrobe is called to the advertisement of Mr Wilson, tbe wfli-knowu merchant rallor on Bridge near Congre**. la to-day's .\ur. He has m#- re. ceived a large and varied etock of new spring goods, wbicb he is making up in fashionable s'?le, and guarantees to give bis customers tits. Thk (!i> A I..?Arrived?Boat - .1 atnes Sba w, woed to market: Mary, light: M A Myers, 11014 tons coal to American Co.; f unny Ort man, II >.4 tons coal to Central Co. A number of boats witb produce, ic.. have arn\ed but not registered, and others are reported on tbe wajr. Th K AqraPrcT.?Since the opening of tbe Aqueduct tbr<*e boats have passed over to the Alexandria canal, all laden with coal>di:ia Items?The <;,i;*t. of yesterday. says: Navigation on the Alexandria Canal, alter a total suspension for six years. h*s again been resumed, and, with, a.- every one intere.-ted in Alexandria's future prosperity will bepiea-ed to learn, every prospect of an uninterrupted continuance during the re?t of tbe season The American Coal Company's boat, the .1 W. Wellington, from Cumberland, witb coal for the Mount Vernon Cotton Factory, at this city, irrived here at bait-past two o'clock this mornteg. and is now discharging cargo at the bnsir. The boat A. M. Mrers. also from I-umberland, with coal for *be American Coal Uo., arrived bere later tbis rooming, and is discharging cargo at that Company's depot, north of k'ishtown Kive tboi sand dollars having been appropriated by Cougress to repair tbe F?ng Bridge, | Lte Washington and Alexandria Tu rnpike 1 Lompany are to pat their road in order, and 1 nuve already had constructed a new bridge to j pan tbe gap in the causeway on Mas oil's I?and, near Fort liunyon. made by the fYeehet ia?t winter The fish benches in the Mirk*t House, tbis norning. were quite well Ailed with sbad. aerriijg. rwcv, perch. Ac The supplv w?s getter than we have seen any day before tbis I Spring. Shad werejofferea at ?l.9U and *i -2"> ! i*er pair; rock from .30 cts to accordiue to' f ize hern tigs TO ct?. per punch; white p-rcb ?0 :ts. per bunch. A disturbance and fight occurred at farnp ' DistributioB, near this city, yesterday, between > in employee ol the Kreedm^n'? Bureau, and I wjme ol tbe men employed there by tbet^nar- 1 ermaster's Department. It is stated that tbe | Sureau man was severely beaten. JKORliKTOWX ADVEH MTX ' JAMia H. VK&M1LYH, I Itanics' and Qkntlbmkn's SH9 FA61I10KABLB BOOT AND SHOE* H MAKIB, No. 100 Ulgk street. 0eurg?to?rn, D. 0. the tsiiibiiiiiiusnt " irrsntaJ ?n.vlfaVr,r;s.T,,'-';'f: < , a large stork of Bpr/ng and Surnmer Goods, tnb racing cfcolce Dress U >ods in tha Latest noveltes. Also, h.O 0 yards Calicoes at 12k is in. ? isnts. Blea, he4 and Unbleaok?d Mtdlti. lo.fiH ? 20cent? suaerlor Shirting. ?5 cents: honse.eeping Goods, Oloths. Casamerae end UrnUne* ikirts, Paraso(s, Shawl,, Glovei,< orsets HosUfV nA Notions Our Oooda bave keen purrhesod for ash since the recent decline, and great baraalna ^ he expected by alt ? ho may mh ??-! BBW-TAMIW MfLLBE LV*- B WHIATLIY S P&BM10M STEAM iSKS;& 4.2fc1"r."?yiS^;.eSS,'bD, "a. letropelitaa lastltnu, 1867; rebuilt list, aadls ?'rfar the targeet and meet complete <?stabIshment ef the klad la Uds secUon of country tanner* " 8c#Brtn* of ?u Uadi dene in the beat J/yfriS??*1!!1 f0S, ,wt f,TOrt' ?? snoscrlbar ttliclm the couUiined caatoa of the comnmnitr Goods received and returnedb) express with the taost aromptaeae and despatch Post Office address. Lock Box Ho **0 :?rt i BALLS, PARTIES, .fee. I PHI INDEPENDENT SOCIALS, BY^ TBI I urgent re^oest of their many friend*, g% nd the public generally, have consented to IVe their jM EIGHTH GEAND BALL UA 1 a|D 1 A PEI/.E MASyUEEAUE TEMl'EBAhCE HALL, E street, between 9th and 10th streets. KA8TEE MOHDAT, April 22.1**7 ' The O^SDmlttee of Arrangements have spared * iltber pains or expense to make this the zreateet } id .grandest affair of tbe season Kor farther . irticulars se?- future advertisements, apl St* ' 'ii AMPAGHE1 CHAMPAGNE! j Having obtained of the principal ohampegn# I tporterc of Be w 1 ork a larger It m ?4nn t than ever sieiofore given, I am prepared toiotler the folding brands at a lower rate than twrwtoforesold this market, vii. Chaa Heidseicrat %tt jnarta id 823 pints; Jules Mnmni'i Champagne at #33 arts and 924 pint*. The Chaa Gentler s Chamigne,of my own vineyard, 1 will still oder at *t? larts and $23 pints C GAOTIBE, sp S ly Importer, '25? Penn a avenue. 'FBTLEMEN 8 BUSINESS SUITE of Triwt, l m Meiton, and 811k Mixed Caaaimeres, made up tbe moet fashienable styles PHILIP WALLA0H. . Odeon Hall, mh 19 <t C .rner 4^ itreet and Peau. avenue i HPLEBI?ID STOCK 0P Y0UTH8 0L0TH ? IBG. embracing the Double breast Walking 2at. Metropolitan Coat and Coate*. PHILIP WALLAGH. ? Odeon Hall, mh 29 It Coraer jl^J^t^an^Psnna. ay. , i widow of the late Pater Bos'1 rich,) be its to intorm hur friends A . A at she baa MAB . BE OPBBED THB BB8TAUBABT.H9I Pennsylvania aweaae. (seeae of tbe late fire" Where aba Intends keep on Mod the beet aaall a of WIBBB. LIQUORS, and 019AU alao. I the Delicacies of the Season. Dept. Hash v Biowmng la In charge.aad wl'I a i happy tosae his friends. mh 29-lm' |H0W THIS TO Y0UB LADT FBIEND8. ] flood quality of Bo. 4 BIB BOB, of all shades, $1 a piece, (12 yard pieccs.) C the largest aad most oarefullv selected stock of FANCY ABD M1LLIBBBT GOODS, or thk | LATEST STYLES, SHAPES and SHADES, ^ 1 ASTOMSHTXGL Y LOW PRICES. ' AT 1 L. BLOUT'S, f 4 39 7th street, between Q and H ets. t mSMt* (one sqaare north of Patent Ots*. 4 l ' BOTIOE * ; )HB PILL, Be. ill 14tn etreet weet, south of a innsylvania avenue, arler to aa sxaaination o ifore the Board, far tne poetttoaof ottoera la the ?t?. A few moreeaaheracalved. ail M' PERSONAL. ?100 ^4 ?iMBlU|P MMiitT^ ?iy V. mt??4 >a the ItMVU, Will HJ ltt la ip * ' fof oMimii 0L?BI HIP inaay tf ijh? Departs* ou. *???A f e..Oi?f fortO?c? \m i .. GiE&frS WSiWW Latino tw r *? W|vJ*t?*4 M bow, woald 4* well ty l\2* "Vt'VMi* BeoaHaf m< a.' "** ?r??t I Mr deort tUt, r?U |vilo?. *p S la* P**6?IIaL.-X TVolST1?7T^? fir ~7 Miiu?.rfP-rl.i ' *.-?? ' ' bratad CItic a .4 I. ' .1 ' " ^ W *M IfelMlrtiji of that w rM reaewaod baaae ?t J T Walk* . savaBs'iw2?* ko?-4M ??v\ S1.50 WKR.-^MK Ji&li"" Air*. ?? band ud tn?4a to ?r4*r, the Ut?#t *t?imorMOvr skirt8 ?4 ooui re 4 to fit or no uli Hoop Bkirt Covera llaed wit Uoeo Buffiof. at $:. a rail iHoiiMDt*ta *. OoreoU Ala*. the old lift. Raarda, will bo *>14 it DUiKlKS FAl M s Ho p Skirt aa i Coraot Maaul?ctory. i < Loaieiooa ftTNii, hfl 6th ?a4 rtk eta ?k>rt? allured bb4 repaired j Maohificbbt cibcolaitno likkabv Conirroe* haviag faliad to opoa a Library i weehlugtoa Ity I will trt it, providing 1 onotkoaeond Mtwrih?rt I Invito all wk. m ,t to btconie bfcrlbrrn to cobo Ot once B ,t? thouaaud hooka on toad . . ? ALFBEP HI NTIK. aak 73 K '1QI FMMrlrtalitio*? S??7tSSS*^ abd all Ktaos or M AAnfl > <72 o '# t*ima?W I 1 "STI^IPuin^0u"' L4DU?.-||DByi||lg ri.hii,r>n5 * *rr?aied fMt rolo. ?t I boll. Dodo by a Vn?nrh receipt of which bw boon yarchaaed ot ? high yrtre 1?><MiHMoir of brafcttag * Ladiee are Invited to ?all ?i a Ma?l?, bb1 try It. Ladlaa whito or colorod Uodorekiru u?. A^na, Ac., btoiupod ia Uaitotio "or raiding,:in fa?t color*. ? WARRANTED BOT TO WASH OLT Greet aavlag to ladia* Iiotibk clothoa for cr.n droo to Biak? ay. No braid, ao eewtag, hot t?>? pattern pi intod la the *oo4a indelible. Strip, tb.i caa t>o attacked to the bottom* of Ladioe' Mklrt* (eaao aa tbay aroaow la New York, r- u," eUaitea^*B4 tor *?le ?t l~ee than baif the 0. eo*t of braid. Bird*. Medal koBe, Figure. mal* of ai> pattern *tan,|>od Mood* aa repr* aaoted or the money re tamed #h It-tf 4II kk atreet. oppuotto Fateat 6tloa. IIP4L ABD ri'HIkiU W || \ THH HO QDBTe.OBWWBB. A/OB^B"BTAIW A frMtTTM la Mftirol form . ln?or<0'1 FLOVTr km* nAIB fLOWIW. and BKAIPTNQ A 1? >, Iib' tOf Ball- if "*"*- **lV M. fis Mn.2 L.A^>B" *?*ABI PUBLIC, Bio. iH> 1Kb atreet weat. <t? |? ;? ' BOARDING.CBN18HBD BBOH8 TOB BBBT~wit r altboat HOARD at iit Be* Joroe* a* o block iOBtb of Oakltol. Bf> S oo^: KO'CBBNT-AJroot BEU BOOM .at 4 Oh II ?t . ISlh' *t"*or aitheat BOAKI> ?? 3 *t"^ l/LBSIBMB'- KV<M> AND OOOR ROAKIt A B cat be ..Milned at *>71 Mew Jcrae* aveau?. imiat'diate jr oppoait- Bawwi Hn*. apt It* IH *n' e o?comaa.?4ato?1 wt BOA BD at.d LODtti SU . a f? 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