Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1867 Page 3
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4 a ?41fi . . f r r. ' , THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. f AMU8EM1NTS, *c.. TO HIOHT ? Nmw upma hni hi._rhf pnpi.uf ocaliet and a?tr??9, Lady Don. will appwr thi* evening u the ?Preitjr HareebreakT," *nd as the 'Earl of L<*lce?t*r.** in the hietori<a? barleprjue of K-mtwortfa; or ye Queen#, T# hart. and t* Mtntuiu ? Natioval thiatte-mif Rachel Johnson and Mr. B Macau ley in the drama ol "W?lle H*)bo^: or, Court and Stage." Timi jrasci ilatl.?I*ast ?eiect soiree of the Abracadabra Association this evening. ? ? Mirr-so or thi karrblica* A?ao< iatioi* ?I<a*t evening. a m?enog of the old Republican Association wi> beld at the Vniou 1-eagne Room?, and in the abeeace ot tbe president. Mr. a. o Hall, secretary, called tbe meeting to order. Rev. W. A. Cook, vice president of tbe Third Ward Aa-oclation, wat *-all?1 to tbe chair. About one hundred j??rsons were pre>ent, one-third of wham were colored The following persons were electad to member?.i:t> L?r. James Ku^ord. UnUrt . G W Wooley, Kred Burner, j. T. Stockbridge and J O. Jewell. Mr .1 Sayles Brown. ?f the executive com. mitt-e. reported tbat since tbe last meeting club- bsa b*??n organized In tbe Fifth and Sixth Ward*, and tbe various ward* were now all organized. Tbe report was adopted. Mr Brown stated tbat tbe object ot the meeting was to arrange for making the association a representative body. It was understood that :he different wards would be represented at thife meeting, but it did uut appear that all tbe ward* w??re represented Owing to tbe fact tbat a notice of one week is required rocn?ngr tbe constitution, another meeting is inevitable Ool W Miller sngre?ted that th? nam?< of lelegate-. be banded iu, and the Chair called oil delegates to report. Several points of order were raised and tbe Chair decided tbat tbe reception of reports were in order The First Ward was represented by John F. vw?, ?> in. ^vpcsx, una w M. wneeler: Second Ward by* Dr. Chas B. Partis, Prof. W Wilson. W H. Sftorter, and Rieb&rd Kos?; Third Ward, John T. Johnson. John K. El,T C. Cleary, A. Q. Hall, E. ti. Harford. Mr. l'ro*?maii stated that the Fourth Ward Association had elected no delegate, the notice which they received teeing regarded as htformal Fifth Ward. Win. Mtrebal, <J. A. Shureman. A. C5 Clark, fc. I*. Oorbin, J. K Arrison; Sixth Ward, no report; Seventh Ward. F. A. Boswen, H. O. Johnson, c S. Bates, W. J. Walker, and Arthur Faun ell. >Ir Brown offered a resolution that when tbe meeting adjourn it be to next Tuesday eveaing. for tbe purpose of mamng the association ti representative body, and fixing the terms on which auxiliary cinbe shall b?> represented; and airecting the Secretary to advertise ;he meeting m tbe ChrouhJ*. and re<itie:-t the ward clubs to elect thereto. Tbe (.'hair ruled the latter resolution out of order because it was incompetent lor persons sot members of the association to change the toisUtilios. Ajn appeal was taken from the decision of the Chair, and tbe Chair was sustained. After some dilatory motious, several members attempted to speali at once. i.Hr U. A. Hall finally obtained tbe floor, and moved as asubstitHreanoticewf :tnam-*nduieu ta the coustitu'ion. providing that the executive committee shall consist of live members from each ward and three from the central association Ma .or dlorse charged that the resolutions were for doing away with the cen'ral organization, and moved as a substitute that each ward appoint an executive committee of five. :b-* whole to constitute the District committee. Mr. J. H. Crane asWed u it was competent for ihi6 association to legislate the executive committees ol the ward clubs out. V r L 5 U ?II - - ..... . 11 ?~n luuvni tu rerr me waoie subject to a commi'.tf of Ave, to report at tbe next meeting. Mr i*an?> inquired of Mr. Bos well on what authoriy be stated at tbe last meeting tbat the association wa? dead I Mr. Boswell ro?e to explain, bnt gave way to Mr. El vane, wbo moved to postpone tbe subject until tbe next meeting, wbicb was 1031 ?'Si in the affirmative. 12 in tbe negative. Mr. J R. Elvans remarked tbat th? impression bed got abroad tbat certain individuals bad pltdgtd themselves to support certain wj; in other words, some bad attempted to manipulate wards. He wished to be a consistent Repablican, and did not propose to rect under tbie charge. He was opposed to men seeking the offices, and to putting tbeuiselves out of tbe way a going long distances from home, to secure tbe nomination. He alludeo to a conversation be had bad with a colored man. wbo stated tbat tbey did not want a political cbauge only, bnt a reiorm. and if they iUl acted on this principle there Was no doubt bn: that the doctrine of uatversal autfTar- would gain auch an impetus that it will be sure to be established over tbe whole iaiML He offered a aeries ef resolutions, which provide that the association sbal! support no man lor office who biu not bad a fair record tor at least three years, ana who has been known aa to which end of the avenue he baa supported that the association shall not support any one wbo?e position ia no: clearly defied prior to the registration of voters, or who has to ge out ot the way to clear up hie record: that they will not support any who seek their votea, whether hl8 views accord or not with theirs; hat in selecting candidates for tbe Jane election they will require political consistency, and a regard for the future prosperity of the city aa necessary pr*rec uisit?> to nomination; that no man ia entitled to tbe support of tbe Kepnblicaof of tbi.-i cuy who will not oppose, to the boat of his ability, tbe increase of crime and immorality now so rife in our midst?the result of unrestrained whiskey selling?or who will allow bis picture to be framed and bout in low grog shops as an electioneering document: tnat the various wsrd clubs select and publish {nil tickets for ward officers as early as the first of May, and each ward to select live delegates to a nominating convention to be held on the first Tuesday in 3d v ne\i for the purpose of selecting candidates for Collector, Register ami Surveyar. :tud that su n delegate* be pledged to unite 'heir vo'es in lavor of the citi>didar?* so noinlna'ed by a tna;jtity vote of the raid conTen'ion The resolutions were considered seriatim. Mr. P H. Khmehard trss'ed that they were not going to thrust temperance on a political organization, as the party had many friends among engaged in the wliieliy traffic. There were many German* Who could not swallow this pill. Col Carta thought tha resolutions did not go tar enotgh on the subject of temperance. hp?s- opposed to liquor selling altogether, and be had almost a mind to vote against the resolutions, because they did noi go far enough. Ool II in on urged that this matter should not be brought in Mr. Clarence Barou remarked that alter the morning papers are read the Republicans will be jiK> snort. L?r Boyd tbongbt that while this resolution would drive off some votes they would gain large numoers ot tbe temperance conservatlves A \ oice.?1>?n any kind of conservatives, we don t want their votes. Major Morse urged 'hat theresoluuou wonld be in place at a tea-parry, but was out of pla<-? here, and could do no govd. lie mo\ed to post, pone the consideration of the resolution?lost; yeas 15, nays 16. Major Morse moved to in?>r: in place of *-mror shops" "houses of nroatitutmn Dr. Boyfi moved to amend by inserting --at fill concerts," wbich wai accepted by Major Mom. and the resolution adopted. Mr. O. S Baker moved that tbe reporters be instructed not to pnbiisb tbe debate. Tbe ('bait ruled tbe motion out of order, and said be di-1 not believe any true Republican ' was aebsmed of wbat be said Mr Hoewell said, in an-wer to a question by Mr. Crane, tbat be bad made tbe statement tbat tbe asv?ri&tion was defnuct on tbe strength of informantn derived from some of the executive committee. ? Okrhart'Cot ut, Jru or 11? Yesterday. tbe will ol tbe lair lit-orge W. \onug was admitted to probate and racord. Letter-1 tes'a u,ru "r,v x*. 1uuui, bond ?io,C<rf>. Letter* of administration were Incaed to Crftula Corcoran ub the estate of the late John L. Corcoran; bond *3.uu>. J aha Virginia Ka^an wa* appointed guardian of tie orphans of the late Daniel K&gan, bond Jobn B Tur'oo wu appointed guardian to tbe orphan* of Beoj Ellen: bond The toird jrenerfi) aocouui of the guardian to the orphan* of William Bath wu approved ar.d pa*.?ed. cow. re''ath>5 al Socibtt.?The Firet Congregational Society of Washington, J) C . b?13 a meeting at the Law Bnlkiing, on 6*b ??rret la*t evening. and organised under tba charu-r recently gran.ed to them by Congrene br 'be election of the following-named offloer* ? Pr*>?idn?m#*n. u.u aiwuo irru- i nrvr. H. H Birtlw; Oterfc. 8. H OowliMn; 1 Trosteee, D. M. K*l?ey, J. M. Bumjr. Hiram Barter, 4- T. Longl-jr U< W F. Tbe off cnrt and coteaittea* war* lnatroeted to protfl?4 wi'b tb#work an rbe ae\r ohareh at tfca corner of li th aad G ?freeu. aad Itii tbon.-t)' tb? hinl4iu< will be complated by the first of Decern bar Fot !( > Rei-orth ?Tbe police officers Ire- I ported ?i arretta yeterdaj, tbe fiuea imposed amounted to ttt T?. ..4'r. <lO) < ii i 'I . ??????? fmtmUT of t?? bimticr o? Ooi of9ia, fNaw l?af?D?a f-tMi?o?T m?? iufirnt. it* at tb* Stutti Pnwbytarftaa Chare*. ftoath vr^smgtdn. and was opened -vritti a ?wmot by K*v. T B Ffcl-alllr.llodarator, who took fur bit text Mattbew. fcith chapter aad 20 th J vtrw. ~ * The following were nimt -R?n J- C. Smith. 1> D., B &aa?*nau?, D !>.. T. B. Hc< I Fhlla, 3 N. Coomb*, aad Q. H. JSmltb. ramieu?r?. Elders? K H Smith Plret Church; Dav.d Bauett, Fourth Charcb, W. J. Bwlstrake, Assembly' Cfcurcb. J. Kaiffht, 8ta?h Church. Re*. <3. H. Smith waa elected Moderator, nn i. o. vjoomns temporary eterr. Tb:s morning the I'resbytery reunmbN, and was opened with devotional exercises. Tbe Matuucal report# for the year werp banded in, showing in tbe Fourth Cbarob, (Rer. J. C Smi?b>.' *4 added oa examination; oa osrtiflcat#, 9>; "Wb?N? number enrolled, 550; Sabbath -cbooi membership. DjO; officers and teacher?. 3JV contributions. S5,587.10. First Church (Key. Dr. Sunderland) ?Added on examination. <> en certificate, 10; mmbir enrolled, f>5; Sunday School, .'20; contributions, |lti,1l5.l6. First Constitutional Church, Baltimore? Added on examination. 29; on certificate, 5; enrolled, 245; Sunday School, 320, contributions. 4?. Assembly Church. Her. Mr McKaIIh) ? Added on'examination, IS; on certificate, 4; whole number, Ifi7; Sunday School, 15(, contributions, $I,91U.U1. Sixth Church, j Kev. Mr Smyth'ai? Added on examination, vt; on certificate. 9, in all 105; Sunday School. 174 conlribu'ionr, $ t,fe>r.22 Western Church, (Ilev Mr Coombal?Added on exftrnin&tion, 30; on certificat*, 10, number enrolled, 130; Sunday School, 150; contributions. -2.G72.5i>. Total added on examination. 137, on certificate, 53; whole number, 1,521; in Sunday schools. 1,39ft; contributions, 82^,755^1*;. After the examination ot the record* of tbe churches the Presbytery proceeded to Meet Commissioner* no tbe General Assembly, which m?cli in Buffalo. Mew York, on tbe id Thursday in May. with the followinr result:?Rev. Q. Smyth, with Key. J. C. Smith as alternate, and Mr. John 1*. Amidon, of the 1st Constitutional Church, wuh Mr. W. J. Redstrake. of the Assembly's Church, as alternate. Reports on the state ot relirio* in the \ *rinn* churches were made by the ministers and elders generally, representing the churches in Hue spiritual condition. The balance of the se>sfon was spent in hearing reports from committees on benevolent operations, Jcc. The Spring meeting will close this evening. A Fink Station Hocbk ? Lieutenant Oessford, with the officers of the Seventh Ward, have removed to their new station, on and H streets south, a square south of their eld quartets. The bnildiug is a new three-story brick, with all the advantages of gas and water. The cells are newly constructed, with heavy brick walls, in the rear of the main building, am! are admirably adapted ro the purpose for which they are used. The tr'al room is v;0 by ;0 teet. in the front of the main building. first fl' or. The wiudows are frosted, to prevent the usual prying of the curious. The judee s sianu i? inclosed with a neat iran railing. 1 he lloor is covered with matting A room in the rear is ret apart for the keeper's nse, and back of that is ?be wash room and wardrobe of the force. Oh the second Hoot are three rooms? the Iront room 'heotficer'o fitting room?, neatly furnished with chairs and tables next the Lieutenant'* room, also neatly furnished: and next the officers' bath room. The third story contains the chambers furnished with bedsteads and mattresses for the officers. The airanrement is an excellent one, and for the tasteful and con veu'?*ut adaptation of the err ire buildmic the officers superintending are eu mi led 'o credit: but are not backward in complU meutn.g Mayor Wallach tor the great interest manifested by him in the design and its execution. CJtixiPALUoruT?Jtidft t'ukst -Yeste.-dav, Amanda Matthews and Mary A. h. Hawkins, indicted for receiving stolen goods, were ton ud no' guiiU'. Browne for aefense. Vaite Glenn, indicted for an and batiery, was found uot guilty. I. L. Johnson for defence. In the case of Kitty Swann indicted for lar<?env_ * r? uint ont?ra<( Henry Harn?. indicted for larceny, was convicted, and sentenced to the penitentiary for one vear. This* morning, Susan Beckley, indicted for larceny, was touud not guilty. Kendall for defen*e. fcd. O'Brien, indicted for larceny, was found not guilty. Browne for defense. Wm Johnson, indicted for an attaint with intent to kill V m. H. Kom, wao found guilty of an assault and battery. Browne for d fen-e. He was sentenced to pay *4u tine and coetH Joseph Smith, indicted for the larceny of a coat, was convicted, and sentenced to five weeks in j&il. A Mybtbriob* HTAitnmo C\k. ? This morning, between 1*2 and I o'clock. Officer milvrminb nf ? = ti...h ???' - ...'./.. VI 11II1U n?IU. IUIIUU H mill narr ed James O'Neal, lying on the pavement at the corner of H and 7tn street* north, and with lbs aid ot otttcers Qorman and Conway, the man wan taken to \ Harbaugh'e drug tore, corner of Tth and streets, and Dr. Bnchley called to attend him It was ascertained that h*? bad been badly stabbed in the left aide, near the heart, by soue unknown person. After the wound was dressed Air. O'Neal was turned over to his friends, who conveyed him to hi* boarding-house, on L, between Sth aDd <?th streets. At thi Fibst Ansial Mbktixo of the 1st ward Building Association, held last evening, the followiag officers were elected to serve for 'he ensuing year: N. Callan. sr.. president; S. E. Douglas, vice president; J. B. Turton, treasurer; George K. Kidwell, s?cre'ary, and Messrs George Emerson. (I. H. Halrer' \ H Serrin, S T. Drury, <}. W Hauptman, Z. M. P. King. P. T. HanptmsB. F. B Heitman, and W. Hagerty, directors. The report of the sec. retary shows that this association is in a very flourishing condition. ?3,5oti were told at 4?;% per cent. The For*i>Ky Bvrial Grouwd.?The trnstees ot the Foundry M. E. Church having by a law of Congress been empowered to sell their graveyard 011 14th street, near the boundary. hare made arrangements for iu disposal to Messrs. Kil??y &: Brother, of tbis city, for the sum of *1*.70o. Before the sale is made the trustees will see that the remains of all persons buried there, and wblch have not been removd by their friends, are remcved to lilen wood Cemetery. A Fike Alarm.?About 10)f o'clock yesterday morning a hogshead containing in-at, in the yard attached to Mr. Solomon's meat store, on Tth street, between B street son th and Alaryland avenue, took tire from a smoke-hou^e, and caused an alarm, which brought out the KncKer i.ngine company. The lire was extinguished with & few buckets ol water. Assistant Sipkrintkndint ov MarRiA<?it.-.?General Howard La.- appointed Air. M. V. Wright at> Assistant .Superintendent of Mxrrlftg0> tor this District, and ordered bim to report to Kev. Jobn Kimball. Mr. Wright t? directed to (ire bis whole attention to tbis dnty, anil thf work of procuring employment for treed people will be secondary thereto. ? The >1kh> hants' National Bank Cask. Judg* Barnard, in tbe Supreme Court of New York, yesterday, discharged J. 15. Ste art on the cbarre ot a conspiracy to defraud tbe Oovemment in the matter of the Merchants' National Bank of Washinfton, bat beld Leonard Hnyck for examination. [ Kxoistration.?Yesterday tbe Board of Registration, lu tbe Criminal Court, City Hall, registered 3?? names of voters, of wbicb l.r>? were wnue ana colored persons. Tbis make* T."Mi registered in the Third ward so far. ol which ZjU are white and 4i& colored persons. Nkak thi I'kksidhst's HorfE and the l-'epartment*. Hammack'i reniauraat is convenient tor those having liutinest in tbat v'Cinitj, and meals are lornisbed at short notice. Tbe larder and bar are celebrated. Good Tim*.?The steamer E. C. Knight, of th?> Dew line between tbe District cities and New York, on bar last trip reached New York in forty-one hours, despite tne wind and storm. The Pkosp*'T?A call at R. M, Hall's n?i raioir r.icimujr, cwruer 01 I^ouisiana avmur and Seventh street, over tbe National Insurance Company, convinces us tbatreal estate was never in greater demand. He bas more calls for Improved proferty In tbe Flrat and Second Wards tban he can at all supply married' WAL?B-ITBT. Ob tre 1st Inst, at the rest teste of tb? bribe's mother, by tbe Bev. Father >yucb, 8 J, JOB* K WALSH A A. Hur?.. I. 9 Army, to Hlsa 8BLBB L. IVBY, all ol DIED. JflLBURtf. April td. I?C. BBBBDICT 0 lLBrBBTof Alexandria. >a.,ia the 43d 7ear of kli mm*. TWfUeni ?m W> UlUloiari' jswi.ltaS7- iK? * lilllll 0? F?bm*rr ttth, l?7. in Coinsku Kj . ?ft?r? month* illaM*. MI0B4BL T. B ABElHB. tk?ao* of Joh? ?sd l!Un Bsrfcin#, (of WMhiai^M.) >?H?ritnM?K4?n, * ~ '. - - tS w TWJ L% J 1 ?>, .... a i M /y? D1TT ITEMS. i^i ?i I i v'. HBininfOl Inm oa eiothtac t?U aprin* WiH aetceiafc the entire*. <MI Ud & ? a**ortinent at the corner of Serwtth atreat and Maryland avenue. One Prio* only?awked > B|nm. Lr you wit? to txrnf* a Sue eu?t made. and f li ahirt, tie. fcc., to oorreepoaO, go u> B ir'a, tim er ?th and E atreeta. The ?eet paper coMars at 53 and 80 cents a box, at Bar . corner 7th and E street?. ? 1 JlW lT ^Orauiu'l*! It??? Sattt Plain Ho* Wood Setts, 9?) new stylee Hut1 U)j;?, Donble Link Chains, Silver Plat-?d Spoons. Porks Cnp?.Uall Bells, received tbia morninr. at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 438 Pennsylvania.avenue, near 4# street. ? ? , , < Oli> Post Defiance chn'l-nges the world to-oay for larre eysters. Is throwing from bis raw box 11 Inch shell. Such oysters never were seen iu this market, which be is selline at the low price of 10 cents half dozea. Epicares will do well to give?h?in a call. th* orioival HiiVBY, 281 O street, corner of 11th street Aft*u War, pestilence and intemperance, Coids leads to the greatest destmctioa of human lite, mainly because a Cald is (no oft*n considered a very ordinary, trifling affair, jn?f as well leu to go as it came, aud henje systematically until a simple, cnrable affection, in converted into a serious aad generally lval Pulmonary disease. The more prudent. avMir?* max a violent uouga or i;oia snouia never be trifled with, but on tb? contrary uiken care of from Its inciplcney. promply make use of I)r. Jayne's Expectorant, a curative which ha* sustained its reputation for over thirty years a* a remedy al way* efficacious. and sure to exert a most betu?hci&l influence on all the Bronchial and Pulmonary organs. Sold bv all Druggists. w.r.m - -? t'ocoAiux tor the hair is renowned as the best Hair Dressing and Invigorator in the world. Asthma.?No remedy equals Whitcomb'* remedy fcr Asthma. To HorsKKKKrKRB ? Ask tor and obtain Kurnett's Celebrated (looking Extracts. The purest and strongest, having the pure il&vor of tue fruits. ?. HorP*KEKP?R8 are respectfully invited to call and examine my stock of fresh Orocwies before purchasing their monthly supplies. ii. k hill. 5 corner 11th and K streets. ?? ? ?UriCK pales and small Profits!!!?<lood White Shirts 81.50, 9'i and .*? 5". at Franc's Gent's Furnishing; Store. 4#4 7th street, between 1> and E: aUo shirts made to order. Im ..? ? Gray'* Collars, 2.> cents per box; Goldsmith Collars, 'ij cents per box: imitation Linen Collars, 85 cents per box: and all otuer (roods cheap in proportion at Franc's Gents' Furnishing Store, 4t47th street, between 1) aud E street*. im 1>k. Whitk, Chiropodist, 424 Penn & ., tntween4){ and eth streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad uails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, &c. Office hours from 8 a m. to 5 p. m., and 6 to 8 p m. Established IS81. ASrRKPiLB CCRR?Dr. Gilbert's Tile Instrument positively cures the worst cafe* of mips S??nt hv cnnil on nf ?J lire tree. Sold by druggists. Agent? -wanted everywhere Address J. B Komainu. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3i For Chilblain* aud Fronted Feet, Wblte's Embrocation is a specific. Price 31 per bo'tle. For sale al 424 Pennsylvania avenue. b?i ween *>? an ' 8th etreew. ? Pihkm can be hat) in any quantities at the gtar office counter "wants. WAKTID-WANTBD ~M*N for tUe United ?? State1- Army, at 461 t) street, u<.ar B<?ltimere Builroad Lepot. ap V m WAHTIb-U> a re.portable girl, a SITI* ATlON as a cbamttermuld or nursing In in i re at G street, between North (Japitol and 1-1 street. It* WANTED?A good COOK .Washer, and Ironer, arid to do general hocsework. at 436 vh ( r?et, between 0 and H north, in a am ill tamtly liifefeccts ra mlro.1 - ???...? - - - - - ? y * *? WANT E l'?A white WOMAN, to oook, wwk nil Iron for amall family. Man bring good recommendation*. Apply ai .19.1 lotieet, between 13th and 141b. tp S-2t* |\BES8MAKE*S WANTED?TliorooihU com If jet<nt hands, who ander?tnn<l flnUbiHg and trimi tug Moat be Drat and practical Apply at Mia* BMYTH'S. '234 Pan*, aveiiae, OYOr ijtiuemeti'a HatBtre It* WANTED? At the Ka*bl<>nable Cloak an 1 Dree* Maklar Establishment. ?oj 7th Ntr"at.g<> d 8EAMBTBE83E9 To "neb aa acdrrstand tie hnalneaa pool wages and conataat mploymant will b* given. It* Vt A fc T fcl - tsj I lie liltl Wl Apill. M r> Hi lit I t IB ? NlMlED HOl'PE, r three EL UNIihbi) BOOMS for a faral y of two centrnilv l?.r%t?<1. Good reference ei ven if roqoired. Adrireas B. W. M . Star Oftic<*. N. B.?Can faruitb kitchen. ap I 3f V1!/ANTED?To rent, a small HOUSE, sitnated in ft good location. Adilreea "H Star offlr? ? " "** up ? . %%" WANT1D- Pereona bavin* Horace and Carta can Bnd IXPLUYMIMT by applying to ID OhINKIK, Brtckmakar, corner at latat. eaat and K i-tr*et aonth. ap 2-3 f WASTID-Thrft unfurnlah*4 BOOMS, ?ni7able for housekeeping forainiall family ef two without children. Reference given and r?(jOirad Addraas .1 C K.. Btar Office. api-3t* AUKST CLASS BaKB*R WANTED-At Ml 7th atr?-et, (Island.) between U *tr? et anl Maryland avenue, atd bant of wagna *111 be paid, ap 1 3t* 8. IOCKKR WANTKB-By a email Tamilv. without children, a amall IJul'BK. Id good order, furnlohed or anfurniabed. convenient to cars. Ad dreaa, Mating price and locality, Box 7 45, Waahington, it 0. ap 2-5t intlTI M iVTi-n n- ? ? -* " " ? o,. I DV-VU UI utiurt Kll)' lit, t J 13 two Kentlemen ami their wives, (with private family preferred,) one foom famished and the other mifurafahed. Charges must t>e moderate Address, stating terms, Ac,, ' Two C lerks, >i?r Office. ap 2 St* \\/ANTED-An OPERATOR on Whaler i ' ? Wilson Sewing Ma< hiu<-. to i.ianntactur lion shirts. Mote need apply unlet* tbar unleraUnd woikinf and tbareugblv acquainted with the machine LOCK WOOL, HUFTY A TA Y LOB, ap2-2t~ PenturlvsaU avenue, W_ ANT El)?A SITUATION aTnars.'or chatubarmaid. No abjections to travel for the lurnni' r. Apply at 419 Ntw tort ai?L ap l-2t \\' ANTED?A good COOK wanted, (female ) v v inference re.mi red. Apply at tbe Star of fica.* W AM TED- A respectable COLORED WOHAH vv to cook, vi asb and Iron Apply immediately at Mo. 47 j,corner D and 2d t>t* ap l tf W AHTED-A SITl ATYoN aa coachmiiTand groomaman by a well xperi*urea coachman. Apply at So 991 G street, between lith and 18th, for five days. ap 15t* WANTED-A No 1 ICE URIAH MMtKR " A?ply at JOSEPH H SHAKHliLD'i? J4?? rrun*) 1 vault avenue, between filth ai.d 11th ate. a? i st * WANTED TO MBHT-A furniuhed HOU8E, by a email family, without chl Idren k*? ?ud water convenience and good locatt >n re*ulred. Addreae-'Bona*," City Tost Office Waabtngtoa, P- O- ?? t-tf U/ ANTED?By May 1, by a praiane it tenant, * v an aiifuraieherf HOUdE. from 8 to 10 rooms, located north of I'snnsytracts avenu<- and bet? on 7th and l4tli eu Ad.trees. atattng location and rent, A L M , Btar Office. ap l st _ fifco mill to 3^,000;will be invksted Ins mercantile er inanufsetarlnx biKlneai, with an establibbed house, wanting s partner with that smount of cstitsl, by sn energetic buaineae hi an Applv to Oil At}. 8 WAbLAUI1. Attorney, 43 LouUlsna avenue, corner 6tli itr. et. sp l-6t* WANTED?Immediately, s good German josrneynian EaKBEB. Apply at *>3 High at., Georgetown, D. O. mli is ot* ANTED?ACCTTEBaud MOOT FITTER in " a (tore. 8tea<ly employment fi?eu Apply at Bo. 47 9 8th at , bet. Paun tchdc and I> at m n J H. HANLKIB. WABTBD-i reep< ctuble whit* WOMAN t? take care of aeveral amall children, to go to the country dnriag the Bpi ing and Summer. Must coma?*ll recommended Apply by letter to" J. H. M ." Star Office mh WA"TKD TO HINT-A FUB?WH?1> HOCfJB. with 12 room* or ?ora. between 7th and Uth street*, not further over thau I at. R?-?t Moderate Be?t of referenda gWen Addreaa V 8 P.. at the Star office. m 27 at WABTBD?A raapectabla White"WO.HAN,to take oare of a young child. Apply J"*1 Pa. attnue. ah 1 1XTABTBD?A SITUATION aa aeam?treaa by lady who undoratande eawlag tnorougblr by Wheeler k Wllaon'a Sewing Machine Oan rat and fit ladlea' a ad chlldrea'a dreaaoa. Addrasa, fer (hr?./)>r. n^a* * * WABTBD-Hew and Out off CLOTHING, old GOLD ud SILVIB.vr ui other article of I doora north of Poena. aveoaa. _ Bol* Acmtfor IHOBB'S BIWIBTO MACHIBB iaO-ly _ OIlMMtt . iHiranitu. a, W IIMBILL. ji ?* i._ blfBBOIDBBY Of ALL tIBDB> ti ?a reaaeaable terms. Brerr kind of jTencf Work taiickt at Terr low trioee, by odaa EUTOHBaQJL, at V. Batt's 0. between Stk ?( ftk itntb. ftU'ia ?--v. ??? !. ?>.. ?. ^ , ? tmm mm-" 1 ' ?* ? . * * ' ' 9 's >??*'? 1 TOB 8ALK AKD KlWT ~ ira. wftaj&apr ""'.'.r pot stLr-Tto rroca ?sd nmnc-rf * ??or*unitJto?Urt ( b?aU?n FtMlioil'rn ln<]ulr**t 494 7lfc atroti, fco&r-o? ?m4B 'TWOHBAtl.T fCBVIMIBD BOMB I? swWfSJa!?KafSfwwiigfcg.'ia from w*r D??artoa??t. north of nl n??r>?n^ 'O.T?-rui? vorjr uiodorot#. >|l-?t*

u vs-msx?H^Mi lpnata I n oust on t9t* * ? tr**J?b?low Kaw York iieiit, coftUlmnc rronw. Apply ng?t door. apin-< TO L*T~Illr*# ?<** Ba^"8. * M floor, in *'* J-rtck hoaao i? Ifth ?tre?t. b?t II, ?n<4 O, "Jit i?for bou?*kso?i?$r. Frlc* #10 Mr mouth. r 2 of m FOB BKHT?Two very *?4 handaoBwijr rota Mnicattng BOOMS. 'Mrhirnjlii had alogly or together. loqutr* at No. 4W!*H atrct t. t atweoa Ith and 7Ut apt .?* FOB BKNT-BBIOK HOUSB. oantalatag eight rooma, with <h throuahoat: coaTonioat to car* It will (>? r?DUd with or without furaltura. Inqairo on the promiooo. of B UBOTT. Mo 3? Pridy* ?tro?t. botweea Montgomery and Qraen, Georgetown, p O. apt .V* P _ M. HALL S Hill IBT1 ivmnvnr Mo. 7 1 T.ouialftna it?su?, coraar 7th st. FOB BALK, A desirabU LOT on V?rm?ot ?t?tiu?, o??r H tre<t, tt? bftrgftin. K BTRKST. A fine 1 OT, 25x100, td?"M 11th and ltth ?U ?TH 8TBBDT. Kfcftr City Hftlli UBIOR HOU8B, ?t JJ.Mfl. BBODB ISLAND AYKNUV, Near nth street, 15 more flue LOTS, on long time. C STRICT, A four Rtcrv BBI9R, between 4H and 6th its at a great bargain. I OR BKNT. A large BL'ILdINO and STORK BOOM, bow Klom&n s Bi-staurant, o? "th etr et. CHEAP. A fine K ABM, of 170 acres, well improvd. Bear city, at #10,000. Inn ptKT A 9 rooms,on Georgetown Heights, ap J-? |MRNIHH*D HOUSE KOR BIST ?Plea* tMiy " situated, with eleven rooms. water, and **-. Io<|Uira ot 0. It BAKU, 8t?i office &p l it Ar 0 BinBHED ROOM FOR BEBT.W ITil BOABD, at Ho. 3**1 Pa. ?v?noi-. betwe-ri <,>, and ?ith street-^. Ml if i/OR~ BEST?Large Fl'KNISUBl' ROOMS, r trom juio per ni nth Boarding at %i Eer we<k, at N". 4* j 6th street, between C and louiaiana aienue . ap 1 lm' L^OK RENT?Twj thrae story brick hiildP lXi-t). 8 rooms each ; wat*r in both hou-es. Inquire at 20th stre?t. between L and M at*. apl-.'ti* LMIR RENT?A. small Kuraishad HOKSEconF Ultilng Ave rooms and snmme- kitchen To a . arefnl tenant the rent will below, Inquire at 43* I street, between 9th and 10th. ap I tt* FOB BBBT-HOtSB ar>d 8T<JBB, No l->4 Ha. avenue, letween 17tli and lStli streets cm talmng in rooms lnqaire at 4i?-_? I2tliatr<">t. corner \oik>vcnue | Intel J ?D 1 It * POB 8ALI-Th? GOOD WILL,, fTxTI BKS, . I" L B8 ITUBE of a Store, ]{i>, ?? and Store for rout. Apply 437 isth street. bet K ?Pd? op I St* HOLSi: FOB BEKTaud KL'BBI TUBS fur ??! Uouseconiaiaa eight rooms in a bealth> location. Apply ot Ui J 9th atre<t, betw. n M and " ?p I St* T*? ^^fJBHJDOnmriBnicBHni BOOvjson tJ o??r frwBt, ?i;itaLle t r tiousekeep: a for Sent a lid Oat id rooms an<i water in yard Meet can ra?s the do?r No. 57? 7th itn>et. t et. Maryland?Te. and B *t. apl if fP0B PALE OB ~ BBNT-Tiie "tine sVstor* I!BI< K HOUSE, 399 6th afreet, between Q !"!?-< H'.W,V' *? ** room, on.l larg? APP'f 246 Pa avenue.betweea mh and 13th strata. Poaaeaaion given 16th April ?Pl3t J U. bllAFFIELD. 'PO TINMEBS?For sale, the TOOLS, STOCK, I wrp<*r*atning to a Tinner'* establishment, inquire at Tin Shop, K at . below 20th. mliio-ot* IT'OB BENT?A thrMhtorr BRICK HeU8B.Ro. I ldU IS r?oma, on PsnnsviTania av., between 17th and Istb sts west, Washington city, for term* apply to BLA1<BN FOBBBbT. tie. 7- lit street, Georgetown, I) O. mbW-tt* ROOM810B RBST?Bevpral fine Ft BN 13H b? BOOMS to rent at moderate terms. suitable for sln^l" eentlemen or famllr, with first da?8 Table board Also, -?? ontslde Tat>Ie Boarder* ma b? acco?m dated. Aprb corner of 6th and D streets, No. 4 7 7 . mh :tt) 6t* Fob bbht-a mmii fbamb house Vn Gre<-ne street, below Bridge str-et, Georgetown. D.C. The hon*e contain* fear rooms, and has ijnite a large >ard attached Terms A IK p. r menth in advance. Apply to bilby A BIlIhN. coiner Greene nod Oll\e streets, Georgetown, d.o. mh 28 lw i/OB SALR?The Urge BBICK. HOTEL in Bockville, Md., known as "Thompson's Bockville Hotel,' with extensive ground* Ac., attached For further information apply to cooperA LAT1MBB, Ancte mh V eo.'w ^OUbALE A two story BK1CK H~7FsK~n-ar a. ma iioriuefcBi uounoar) <>f the city 4 r otiis and balls with large lot ot gr^nnd enclosed l'ric<* ?3,'00 Inquire 347 3d at. mku tr OiWk A0BB3 Of BIC8T LAND near WistTOUU ington TO LIT for two years uithoat aiy rent, for the consideration of putting tb? land under cultivation, In lot* of on* to fifty acres, witli many other inducements, facia ling the prlvllegeof buying the land at any time. For all particulars inquire of D L. WKLL8 A CO . mh 4 lni Corner 8th street and La. avenue. |/OH BENT?A three story BBtOK HOUSI. K containing eight rooms and attic,on 4th *t . nenr Fayette. Also, n nearly new superior PIANO f-r sale. Inquire'14 Fayette street George towu.D.C. tuh2l2w* ONK OF TUB MOST VALG ABLB AND 1)1 SiBABLK BUILDING LOTS in tlM city for sale. It is situated on the north aide of K street, near 13th. between Senator Sherman's and the Mexican Minister's, fronting on Franklin Sonera. Said lot in it feet by 137, running back to a 9? foot alley, and Improved br a tw? story brick stnl la. fe 26 tf 8 P. BBO*N 466 9th street west. J OINTSJ^ANTJ^D Tn B TH MOST BX01T am. i?u abv la i aniaxiflU HOOK. Or THB DA*. GBN. L. C. BAKBB8 HI8T0BY OF THB 8BCKBT 8BBV1CB In every city. town. county, and State of the Union, to canvass for tbii work. This history wna announced one year ago, but owing to the attempt! of the OxTernmeut to snppra** It. it* publlcatl >n wai delaj-d. It will now be issued, unaltered and unabridged, under the ?npervl?ion of Gen. BAKKB. It contain* a fall and official expose of the Intricate machinations of tbe secret anemic* ol the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures, this book eclipses the lam iu eiMi ences of Foocne and Vldoc i. Tbe marvelous narratives of General Baker arc *11 attested br th<- highest official authority. It will contain tbe only offlcial history of the A seaesi nation conspire- y. A full hiftory ef this great, startling, and terrible crime, FBOM ITS COBOBFTION, IN THB HAUNTS OF VILLAIN* TO TEB BCBIAL FLAGS OF BOOTH, has n*Ter yat been placed before the public. The work also fully expose* tbe nefarious syetem by which Presidential pardons were and are so readily obtained at Waahln?t*n The morals of the National Capital are thoroughly ventilated. and there are mhdp Strang* revelation* concerning heada of department*, member* of Congreas, female pardon brokers, and dUtlagaished military character*. For full descrlpti ve circular*. terms, and all particular*, addreva P. G&KKITT ? CO . mh2 lm 7oa Clieatnnt at., Philadelphia. I/ 1 ""d'B.^0" ?' *. AL.LIOT, ikbnch hair dresser, 1 afreet, between IStki and 14th *ta. Mr. Alllot, from Part*, Hair-Dre***r, of the celebrated Eacbel, with whom be arrived In thi* oonntry. ha* now been established for tne last eight year* la Washington and Newport, en 'be patronage of tb* corps diplomatique, atd of the highest society. He has the honor to announce that be has til* Macon imported the latest fashion* of hair dressing, and als? pomade*, and everything that belongs to ths dreasing of hair tjery reasonable prices. laT tin* DLBT1LLXT. The pabllc la hereby notltted that I am ready new to sapply the trace and lovers ef a good article with pare copperstilled KvS WBI8KBT Thft hnm? Whuk?* it warrAnbd mil mmm, *><( will bo soli wholesaleo'nlr. a>h?lm* CHAB. A. KBACBB, Proprietor |P V IBM AT VLOUB. ^ ? Cj Manufactured by D. L. Shoemaker. Tb? iboTt UKrioi brand of FLOCTB, In bbla. and 49 pound aaoka, e,.aad for -1"' 3feyfiSR;., Ho. Snatch at and U*nal, Tub 23 2w [IntelACbron] Georgetown, D O j^TIBLIMO BlUtS far aale la aoraa toaoJt par j Blabaat'iaarket price paid tyf A.BBBICAH ' F^W^SBfoeSr ftiKt bkcb. - Braitb watte *e Ctroapart for Jaaaary i?tili * PrAlt m. BaMa */? lk? Mukat MB 241 .. All work dm* by toad Ooo<u c?U*4 for ud d?llv*rad at ?to?torim mCIm. VriMk fl?ti*fdoa? ! tto mmtrtyli, kU^B* ' v * ' nf? f AftOTlOW KALE. B' * lOfUW, A?cl ; mwttn. VvUBTBB. feOlLviSia^BIVM. *c . A* : BV3^V>Kw!l^S2.?fcT?l ?t '** *r ***** "iinrM MuUiiif OoauUra. ^halvM, Bins. 4e., with lot ?t Or?Oift Nla *?? THOMAS DOWLINQ. Auot BT *A?y^? * . A? n*MMS. * ??j . & !mr^ m. *?i rtuijlTkilitTHU. GB0C1BIX8, BUTTBB LBMOK8. CIQ&RB. ATCTlOV w THU18DAT. A?r?i a * ? ? ?.a?* i of onr balMroontfi-- * 1* B?tt?r 10 r?M Lmm?i lOdc/f? Milk bfldo?eB pr?rtod FrmiU ?*d MuU 78.(00 Ola w* lb? cnoWinf tH rh-?1?iTo>.*oc > *> V *h?ota Or?n Bod BUck T??? W??tll Hek??N 4# 1# bo.\o? Oroab'1 P*?p?l&boiw HUrrk M dorrs boat Broon.t 3 notts Monr Ptili IQdoroii Btatbo* -f B?-t? Mortot Buk?ti 10 l>orr?l* Omud OsSm ? box** o?. Be. A. ; vO. 1 i'?rro4? Old Bovrhom Whi?L / 1 barrel Old Rye do 40 fft*o* Shin* Win* 6 bMket* Cbftmvft* V> dtDtjtbna ofwinttid Uinori, Aun. A small let of Hoa??bold Furnt ' bib Term* cub Salo positive. U WAC.L.B k 00 . AbcU II! W. B. LEWIS * CO., Auction** . D P*bU)iml?tT?Bn<>. IM1*SAVED PROPERTY AT A0i TION. IHD&T next. April 5th. kt 4 o'clock | m . We hall till. ua the premise-. two two Btorr Frane Houao* and Ground Lot Ho it. in eqaarB no. fM. 08 Willow Tro* Alloy h*t?ro?B w ?ad 4 '4 ?tr#t>t? Bonth. 3 Jt W B LEWIS A CO . Auct?. DI C00PEH * L AT I Urn, Anctloo'?re. I> (Late clerk* *fth J C McOulr* A C0..1 Southwest rortor of Peans> lr?t>fa arenue bb I 11th etreet, Star Oflc* B'llMiiir. BL00P AFABCTIOH Ob T6E8DAY Beat, April 9, at 12 o'clock m , at the foot of 11th atreet. ve will Boll. *t Po II. A action the ?loop Fashion tat k'<" and apparel In new a ud complete 'ird?r A deposit of 91W will bo ra'iait?d at tbe ttm of sale Terms c*?h. ap3 f.t roorEB A LAT1M1E. Ab U I?Y OBEEN A WILLIAMS, Anciion?or?. D Ko. '.**. eoi nor of 7th ud D street*. YALCABLB CV&NIB LOT AT THE OOBNEB OF K. STREET SOUTH and t\ street west, on the Island, at AactixB On FBIDA Y, the Mh i rat ant. at o o'clock p. n., we ah oil Mil. on the yr< miaos, Lot Bf>. 14. to Square -43. baring 47 foot front by 75 foot deo?, Btklntit a bountiful corner lot T--rn.a One-third r.onh . boloore In *. It, oil') 18 months, tor not" bourlsg mt?r<Mt. oi l oaonrod . > a deed of truat on tb? p antiaoa. All 1 anvoyaootBg and rerenu* atiucpa at the coat of the pure boa- r. JM down on tha day ot -ale. op 3 4 I.KKIN A WILLIAMS, AncU _ BY UBEKN * WILLIAMS, Anctloaeora. No. i-Jb, corner 7th aud D streets. VALUAULKIMPROVED PBOPBBTY FRONTING OB K STREET WOBT1I. BETWEEB MVXNTU AND EIGHTH STREETS WEST, AT A IH'TION. Ob Mi'RDAT. tlia 8th lustxnt. ot 6o'rlock p. ra . wesbill st-H.ot. Ibe premises, Lot Bo. 9. in S^nare No 40t. with th> imt>roven>< n?s, coi.alitin^ of a thiot aior- ai.d attic Brick Homo with a good l>a:k t -nMIng containing Ib ai' thirteen side and l ack all-y?, making itode*iratio piece of property, being opcx>tiit? tbo pnblic aporw near the Northern M arket ond 7th atroot oora Terma : One third cash: Oalouco in aix. twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing internet, and seenred by a deod of trnat on the p-emis<M. mi - *? ...? <.u> ISfouu?>iSij[pi ?KOeCOit of the pnrclnser ap 3 (iRIKH A WILLIAMS. Aucf. BY NACLK A CO.. Auctioneer*. Sai< ?rc=nis './' I Pa bv.. bet. 9th an 113th <t?. PUD LCTTCB OFKK'I BALK 6,0 0 Dagn?rreotyj?e wklcli harp accumulated in tha Deal Letter Office for ee? ral r?mprintns every variety and atyle, ?i oh aa Pearl. TortoiSrell. nauel, Papier Mache, Velvet* Ac., elaborately painted and finiakad. A i ao. A UrgeQiiautityoi Silver a Daguerreotype Plate*, Br??? Mat*. Ac By order of the l oet Offie Department. 8*la to commence on SATHBDAY. April (, at 12 o'clock, at onr Anctiou Enmui. 243 Peti??vlvania aveme, *a<i KVRBY TUBSDAY, THl'RS DAY, and 8ATUBDAY theiaafter. at earn* time and place until the whole at<k ia diapoae<1 of. N B ?A catalogue U now being prepre 1 of nilecellaneme artiolae which hav? arcninr.late : In the I'ead Letter Ottica, Inince the laet -ale ) Tli?y 'will be aold at an early'lay. Dae notic* will be given ~ PoM Office Department Ami. 1S^>7 ap S tOhron.j NAOLK A 00.. A acta. 0 M -rw . 4j. vr n lj u at W.? AUCnoOOfn. D Original Horae and < arn*g?- Buur, ?*? La. ?t., between Kh and 10th m. BALK Or HOBSKS, CABBIA.KS. HARNESS, Ac , Ar. Ob BATrEDAT MORMIHO. April 6. at 10 o'clock, we will veil, at tb? Bazaar, a number of Baddla, Carriage and Work Horse#, (a full de criptiou at comprising? ABOUT SIXTY H"BSC8. Many eood W oik. 8a Idle, ar.d* Hor*es. Also. Fifteen food Farm Horses, from Pennsylvania Lot Mul"*. Al?i, A large collection of New and Second hand Bnfglea. RockawAfa, Carriage^, Wagons, and other Vehicles, Two new Jenny Lin-1 Wa*oni. built in thi- city. 12 naw Top and No-Top Buggies Ar.*o. New and Kor nd hand Harass, BatdiM. Oarriages. Ac , at pnvata ?ai? Kfk'ulir Mica 4>va Tna-H *> Tt,nr*j.?. -- * Saturday*. Carriage* and ne?? *1 way* on private aula, ap S W. L WALL A CO.. Au. to |JY OBBBB * WILLIAMS. Auctioaeara. HOUSC AND LOT AT AUCTION On MuHDAT, the )Mh inatant. April. I thai: anil. at (o'clock p m . in front of the premlsea, by virtue of m laed of trnat. to the aoba~rib"r, ! l*anng <iate tbe 12th day of February,! recorded in Liber B M H .. Bo IS, folio- IT?, < ae of the taad recerd? lor Wash! ueten count y, 1 Diatrlct of Columbia, the following named prop- 1 erty. lying and l>eiBg in the city or Washington, D.C.,Tis: Part of ajuare north of a-juare numbered eight hundred and fifty three, (863 ) Legianiug for the iame at tit* aouthaiat corner ef -aid aijuara, aod ruuoinc thence w?at, oa aoutb M 1 atreet eighty ifco leet, thence north alxt> tvo( 62 feat| ?lz ( ) inchea, thenc- eaat eighty (St) feet, thonca aontb el xty two > >'>t> feet aix ri> Inrhet. to the nine- of beginning, together with the improvement Teruia made known at a.tle All conveyancing and revenue atamp* at coat of purcba-er. $ 1"0 will Ha MAnIr*H ^ *u* _ _ ? w?-w urn mr property I is Sold Iftha purchaser should fail to comply i with the term" to tire d*r- alter tale the trust#* i r?**TTN th* right to reaell tba property by ad- 1 vertMog anch resale threa time* ia th" KodI1 c Star JOHN M. HANSON. Trustee ?p ;i d QBBBX A WILLIAMS. Aucts. 1 HY OOOPEB a LATIMER, Auctioneer( Late clerks with J a* C. McOnire A C>.,? i Hootkwaat coinar of PeLn'a are and lith street, 1 btar Office Build ins. HALE OF TUB LADDEBS B4R?, HWIBGS. \ AND OTHBB APPABATC8 OF BUAUT 8 , fiTMNABlt'M, Mo. %i? LOUISIANA AVE ( NtE i By ?irto?of a chattel mortgage duly *xecot?l i au<4 racoioed In LlUr B. M. H , Ho I. folio* aad of tin* chattel BacorJs far Washington 1 County.D O.. 1 w 11 expose for sals, on the pre*i- | ?aa. at Public Auction. o? FRIDAY. the 12tb 'iay of April, 1?7. at 10 o'clock a. a . all and singular the ladders. bars. swings, dunk bells, clubs and all tli* other apt aratus used for gymnastic pursoiss.snd id sorltian at Loalaiana arami*. to Waahinztoa attr. batwaea yth and lltliatreeta ?a?t And aiao all hum ?ipa, b?tb talx.wuh bowl*, tablaa. chairs aoJ <>tfcor fnrnl'nre and llxtnr a balancing to and in aaid Terms ciuh L&WMICl Q. BOG08. TraataCOOPCB A LATIMER. Aucta The Gymnasium will be open till Tburadav, tha 11th lnatant wv *a it will ba cloaad to make arraacaiuanti far the aal? aaf-dta O OOP KB A LATIMBB. Anet?. BY OBKKN A WILLIAMS. AucMoneara Bo 3-6 8.R. ror. 7th and D atreats. XCBbLBBT HOU?B~HOLD Ft XNITUBE AT AfOTlON Oa THCB8DAY, tba 11th inataat. at lOoYlock a m , we shall aril, at House No. i'ii.cormrof V. atraet north and ftecead street waat. tha fallowIn* artlclra, tIi : Haircloth Parlor Salt*, consisting af Tew a Tata Sofas, Caatar aad S?da Chat is Bulioma Pranoh ptata Piai Qla*s. with Marble Blab and Braakat Bed Plnah Castor aad GothW Chain Walnut Bedsteads, Wnahataada, and Draasinc < Mahogany Bedatead and Marble-ton Wa?kat*?d <iooU Bed. Pillows. and bolawra Hair. Buik, and othar tSd 'Omn ' QBiiU' B#d 8k?.u, Walnut Card Tables and Window 8h*de? ! 0.tfge Bffletaada a nd Palot?d Wa'drob*. Nearly n*w Ingrain sad BrmnltCuieti tatr Ball. ud other eilelotka ^ Two bandeoae Parlor Gbaudeiiera 5friJrh*f*UfOooktMStoTea ?5CT?YroehiF?* I*"**1"*. aad Plated ware 8M Table and DtnlnkOhatre , **? Bafrigorator Crnmb Oloth*. Toilet Sat*, aad Clock Ajfaod Ijt Kttcben ftogwieltee fermacaah. Qllll * WILLIAMS, Aucuon**ra. ^ D i'5K? i "i"**.!:?zsxmjzi' i gSS^^Wtf'MSS , h? r*AV?K TUl,nt p|TU^U?1 lAll'SOOE 99 PKAOTIOl ' ?? IIAIOI tiTbtt, AUOTKMTsales. _ III, vmtmim?jmr-S ??.] tmim iiniirwir and ro-moimum g* W. B LEWIS e^ov , iacUMNH 23m&8BM?< wholo otork torloao*. BOOt of ^ Boy*' OlnlklM ?t?. B>ot? oufl J?boo? _ 4; iltrr?(tn?l of fclrU. .,r?r" ^ ,yL?....o,l .?>,? By M^t!a^.rs.*ssvs"~l&LI or THI fCMITCM. * IB TM? aTBBOB HOOtl. Kxtiulu *klr of two boolqpta* rooowc <! oao PlMoi.kWI wot out ond OM Obaabor V- rai tor-. Fro?rt> PloU Mirror*. Br . ftt not too WIDHIIDAV, April K. IMT, Vtlhkl o*l. ? U 'clock* .i*4ei>siiri*frcnt?ricdtr uotil oil It 4lipoo*4 of *11 tbo farnltvrr f o (bo roraor rth otroot oa4 LotialMi twiio. conuuiot abooi oirht> rooai.Tli Two boodtorue ro?*wo*-4 oo? rlouoo and Btoo . ?>or Fr'#rb ?!?? Mirror oai ?Ufc ftltfct Ton PiMik ui L?f? Oirttin, ?|lb roroico Tco MorMo Bt*b Oontrr T?i loo. Porloc Mil. covorixl to rty u< botr tloth. xttnty Iff ( btabor Huiu il Oftln I ?ni >?i tendance of B*rtlf Up I>r '? >!i.? Bor?i?l, V\ibtt|i!?. ' 0t?-a<1*. Wardrobe* and Obalr*. Om hvndred aatr* of cood RUnk**!. <?o btin4r?4 flktrti, Pillow* I&4 B?Ut*r 0*w< ? hundred good BM Comfort*. bfty B-* Bwrada, Two hatdred Feather Pillow* and Ro'.*t*r?, Ore hundred and fifty Ha r anl HuA Hat Od? hundred Oak Pinlitc Chair*. fen Dlnln# Tal l<*. icart* to order. tflr Ltaoe Uomaak Tab.* OloU?*. #?? hundred VufklM. X g f tr BruaeeU. Tfcre* ?liu4 la?ra a Onp?'' Twenty P fa*, ten Paumek boauce*. Ten tlbeflnr Ft*eO?ftee act Tea Orno. Tn dw/eo l?or? handle* Knee* aad Pt?<*4 Pork*. Tea do i a Plate. I T?tiU >? ...? t? roiin 4, 8, too ? ju?r*<*r in- i .iu ?? u.m * tin>; I t of Furnltiira. Ac. H<tlr aa<.18li0'k Mattre-ao?. Trrm* euh. Ko fMtMMMil. ar ; W.L WttL > OO.. An a BY W L. WALL A CO., Auction* Original lion* and CinfMr* butf, 9* Loniiltnt avenue. BALA or HOUSES, CARBIAQC8, H&KNIM. Ac , Ac. On TiirftfiDAT MObSINO. A?ni 4th. at M ' J'k ?? mill aell. at the Ba/.sar, a oanMr of Saddle. Carriage and Work Hernne, (afull 4?e< tiptioa at eale,) coropn?tng about? roBTV HOBBA?. A Lao. A larra collection of Mew and tWosd haad Hi* sim. K<-( kavajt. Carriages, Wa|?n?, aad otber Vehicle# Two new Jenny Llnd Wimi. built t a tins eltf. ALMi New and Scroti4 hand Haroeee. Baddlee.Garrlefae. Ac., at privat* t*ie Bejrular eatee daye, Tneedaya, The relay a eat Baturdaya. Cai nages an J Baraoaa al way a on private ?aJa It W. L. WALL A CO.. Ann* BY V* . B. LB W IS A CO , AaaMoe-ere l'<. 30T Peaiitylvani* A *+ 1 Tveoty dozei. Tea Spoon* Twenty fire dozen Stone Ghfae Pl?te?, Thirty *r f# ot Oti?? an ! bancen. Ten Oopper Paarepane. A l?r?<- quantity of other Crockery and OI*m W?o, Furty Cliiy>il?U?H, ud Bracket* ia ev>-ry r?va Oae eicelbnt Iron Safe and Office Peak. One Isrre Office f'lock nod Water Oooler, And all ether ft '*! feelonftnr * a tlret ciae* bc-nte. which we de?-m uanece?eary to ?d? BMtto. Terme rath. _ mba^ QBEKB i VILLI AIS, At "ta Bi ?. b. *ali a uu , iukim?rm bt<>rea 3U iwd .i17 , Soutb corner Perm. and 9th etreet 8ALI Or QROCBBIMTVTHWKV. BBOOMH. RIGiM *CQ*B9 Ac .*r On THtHDiY NOEMNO. April i.mnnMnoiut t 10 o clock, Wf will Mil. at o?rM*> Boon* > UHUlmnt of <rr*oer> and fiber krtl l**, Mh M Barrels *kit? ?n4 fellow t>Q*?r? It kc|M 8perm OaixJI< Barrel* Wbiikr, ?>ki Brandy JO' rtoren Broom* fm tiOO 8ei.Hr* >f (M^erent t>ran<1* 10 raaea Champagne K'1* Bntt? r a?l B?'Oer B *>* Temper and kuif? Otiew' Kn\e? aiii barrel* Cofee 1 ca?ee J<?key Glut Bltt?r? Boxe* Star h. 8 *p I* c*er* pure Hol!au<1 Ci? f" !"?Cl?rar? ? With other article* 1' ti e Qryf-rj ? i.Minnti cAwnniii'Mr :"*? "? OLOTHIN'5 FINE W ATCUIH DIAMOBD8. Ac. UTO MOBBO* . iTlmredftr let I')o Vlu#k. at our Store, ?t abftl. 8*11, by order of Pawnor kera, bout? lot" of Ladlea' Bilk, Merino. Ml other I)r???*a. Shaw!? C'"?kn 8? k?, Bndet Clothing. Embroider!**, aud lot of Moo Mid 0<>>e'OttiilD?. Auo, Several fine G l?l Wetciiea. I'ltn nd tarr'.Dgt, Cluster Biii?a Ac. ftp 1 W B. LEWIS * CO.. Aorta IT 8AEEM A WILLIAMS. Anctlenftftn D ll? i'Jt.iviUieMt corner 'lb and D *te VALUABLE HUILDIKO LOT AT Til I OOBMieor 4, AM' H 81 ABETS. ISLAM* AT AUCTION On F KIDaY, tbe 6th mat , at 6 oVIo k r . we aliall Mil * the nre?n ?ea. Lot Mo. S3.In S-joai e No. <:? hat! is 24 feet Slncbea front br i;? fe. t 1?p, rODOiDg bftck to ft -20-fMt *Ue\ , ftftkl I It ft hftTidvom* hntldlng eite. Terra* One third r-eeti. )>ftl?Bre in mi tad bio* montha, for aotoe t-earing tateraet. ?ad ee-nr? 1 b> ket trmtonttw |inuim. All courtftii tag n<l revenur a tan ae ftt th?- oet t tbr parchaaer. $1u do? u ob the Jay of t?l? ft? 2 d QB1BH A WILLIAMS. Aorf BY Otitis * WILLIAMS, Aactleaeera. So. 34b, eoutiieftet corner 7th ftud D ete TWO BCILDIS" LOTS ON 7TB STB * t T WEST, BK1WBIS T AMD K HTBBS1S SOL'TU, UK TUB ldLABD AT AO< TION Ob THI'BfcDAY. the ?tb lo-t , ftt b o clock 9 in., *H ehall sell. ob the pre le-e Lots 12 and IS, la ?nl*Hvisien of Hqaftre eouihof 8 uire No i-19. bftTia soo front- end d pth-. to whicft w < ell ihe fttienttoB of bnyere. ft- they will l?s I without reserve. Terine: One half cftsh b ilftnce In atx sod twel re month-, for nete* bearing Inter-*!, en I ?e, red by a deod nt trim en tkf prt>tnt? <i. 4 I coi^raoclnR ar>1 reveau nta\ p> at the r?et of tb?- t .rch?-<er. SldO d?wt; on tbe day c ??la VU _ < BSKN A WILLIAMS, Anil |#Y W. L wall A CO. Aoctuatm. D Btervs 31 an 1 31 7 , - uth coraer P? ?*. TALlALLI 1MPK0VBD PROPBBTY AT ATCTIO*. On THURSDAY APTIKNOON A?-il 4th. at B,c cl<xk. we will sell on the ir?inii?i. a Talaablf Daelliag Houm, b<dr g Lot la r<*?r?? tioc >(Ka -arr k'. . II. ;r Dtlb: : '? > oi B itif I. b? iwmii I'd ?Ld Sdatre to. aod In rear of St C'i*r l~a Hotel, and running bark ljn (?#t to a It fe?t *lle> Tbe improvement* are a c >mfort?bla Brick Dwellinghouae. two and a half atortfhigh, with a alate ro >f. and la goad coadtu?o Alee, ii .mediately alter the abiva *ala, we will >ell th' adjoialng Lot, bin* 28 fa?t fro at b ltu re t deep, aod rcnninir back te an allav. Tb< termaof the aa.e are Oa?-thi! J c*at>. nad the balance In ejnal lnata1lm?-at* or 6. It. and 11 ruoutha tba deferre pavnienta t ? be aerared by a aeed of traat oa tbe pr-miae* Convayaarlac and ta.'ipa at the est - naa of ihn par;?a>?i. A ae p^ait of $ 100 oa aa>-h will be rejuirad aa -koi aa tbe property is knocked off We call the attentloa at bayera to this aala. aa It offara iBdnceaienU to prodnr* a raaidenca aa ear the avenae Title ? < erect mb St V . L WALL * CO . Aicta DWAOT?15T OF THE IVTBRIOE, UNITED STATES FA TEMT OFFICE* Wash.nstoji, Baren is. ISO.". Ob tha petition of BHEKBLftNa 0 BL.OD BkTT. of Brldgeboro, K?* .leraey, praying for tMa eztenaion of a patent granted la ai? tbe <d lay of Janoary, IS64, ante dated Ja!y 3 ISM for n improvement in Hamming and Cord In* Cm txoIJa Covers, for artea year* front the expiration of aald patent, which tokM place oa the -I la* of July. 1*7: It la ordered that the aaU petition ha beard at Lhe Patent Office on M.oa4ay, tha l th day of 'nne next. at IS o'clock M ; and all aerecm ara notified to app?*r and ahow oaneo. ft any they ftave, why aaJd petition ought not to ha granted Pereoaa oppoaiag tha axteuaion are re?uired to lie la tiie Patent Office their ohjactlooa, tp< telly tet forth in writing, at leaet > '?:? da) a Iw'ore the da* of hearing, all teetlaaony tiled br eitaer party tobeu??y! at the aaid hearing mi?t be tak?a ind traneBitted in accordance with tha ralee of the off ce which will bo fBrnUbed on applicatioa. Depteittona and other papere relied upea aa tea tlmoD r aiuat he filed 1a the office treaty day a bororetla day of hearing. the argnaai W, If any. irithii ten day* alter filing the teauaenr Ord?ired, alee, that thia no dee be yubliahed la the Bepnblican and the Intelligencer, Weeding toB, I?. C.. a ad in tha Timoe, lew York, N T , 9nee a week for three anoeeeeiro waeka. tha A rat nt ntd publication* M b* it ImiI sixty Un m. fioua to tha 4ar of bt?ilu< car or, o TBB4Ma P. S. Bditora of tha aborl*^l^ra?f?haoa? copy, and MadIthoir Wilato ttaa Pataot Ofllca with t hv* Matkialni thM notiot. ?htt-la?*w Tf >O!liosILI ? A TltlOMI B. a. H ALL'S ?*"*LJtWitIBXCBABQB. Cornar 7th atr*ot u< La avaano Will be aol<i at auction, m tha praataaa on tho L'dMi M o'cJo*k p. ? . fcy Tirtaa LifJ nL I? Wacctad br Frortorlrk otct. to ,to ^ draw Tb* rar.i " ?* '*? horn*. a( tea tod on tha woat M'll Mmr% ?. 41, Waanmrtoa * ?lim for tka I arm of flja yoara. ^i~5iAVL 0V<Ud * ttfcrp * B .Bo j. chattel rocorda for Waahin*t?% i2*E* ? Torma ea*h ok u aolaa CPK1H0 clot mine. H?f1t|nMl?t4 o?r ItrlM MtIm. ? cat *<Ur *OT?E004T8 AID MATO* BUITS * 11 ? *? ? _ ^ ^ WiU, IT1PH1ITI no . ? . S*? Nu't * . CUt| kitVMiRkullHkiMMdM m