Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. OFFICIAL. . laws or tec united states, Piiko at the trcn4 ftcMUa ef the Thir* t)*niiU CH|tm. [Pcblio? No. ft3 ) An Act 10 provide fer the more efficient gofer n men*. of the renel States Whereas no le?.al Stat* governments or adequate protection Cor life or property nowimM in the rebel States of Virginia, North Carolina, Sou.b Carolina, lieorria. Mississippi, Alak&aa. Louisiana Florida, Texas, and Arkansas: and wherea* it is nects.ary that peace and good order should b-? enforced in said States until loyal and republican State cotmanu ran k> Im&I'i a^blulMd: There lor*. bt it martxi by the Senai'. and Houff 0/ R'p. ?/ it* Inikd Si<M<4 (J Aa*rica it Concr'tt wmlUd, That said rebel S;ate? shall bo divided iow military districts and made sabiett to ".he mi itary authority of the United States a.* hereinafter prescribed, and for tba: purpose Virginu. shall coavitute the first district; Norib Uarcliaa and South Carolina, the second district: Oeorgia, Alabama, and FlorIda the third district; Mississippi and Arkansas the fuutb district; and Lonisianaand Texas ;be filth district. Sac. i. And bfit further-naded, That it shall be the duty of the President to assign to :b# command of eacl. of said districts an officer ol the army, not below the rank of brigadier feneral. ar.d to detail a safficioat military force to eaablesn^h officer to perform his duties and enforce his authority within the district to which be is assumed. S?r. And be it/urUur ewt'd, That it shall be the duty of ea:h officer assigned as aforesaid to protect all per *ons in their rights of person and property, to suppress insurrection, disor der. and violence, and to punish, or canac to bo punished, all Jisturbers of the public peace and criminals, i.nd to this end h? may allow local civil tribui als to take jurisdiction of and to try offenders, or, -when in his judgment it may be necessarr for the trial of offenders, he ball have power to organize military commissions or tribunals for that purpose, and all interference under color of S'.ate authority with the exercise of uiilitary authority ander this act, stall be null and void. Sac. 4. And y it further 'tw'-d. That all persons put unrer military arrest by Tirtue of this act shall be tried ^ltbout unnecessary delay, and no cracl or unusual punishment shall be inflicted, and no sentence of any military commission or tribunal hereby authorized, affecting the life or liberty of any peraon.ahall bo executed until it is approTed by the officer in command of the district, and the laws and regulations for the government of the army shall not be affected by tbia act, except in ?o Jar as they conflict with its provision*: p . rui'd, that no sentence of death under the provisions of tins act shall be carried into effect without tbe approval of the President. S*C. 5. And b' iifurther ma Tbat wbeu tbe people of any one ?rsaid rebel States sball have formed a constitution of government in conformity with tbe Constitution of the United States in all respects, framed by a convention of delegates elected by tbe male citizens of naid State twenty-one years eld and upward, of whatever race, color, or previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year previous to tbe day of sncb election, except such as may be disfranchised for participation in the rebellion or for felony at common law, and when sncb constitution shall provide that tbe elective francbise sball be enjoyed by all sncb persons as have the qualifications herein stated for electors of delegates, and when such Constitution sball be ratified by a majority of tbe persons voting on tbe qiiention of ratification who are qualified as electors for delegates, and wben such Constitution shall have been submitted to Con* gress for examination and approval, and Congress shall have approved the .tame, and when said State, by a vote of its legislature elected under said Constitution, shall have adopted tbe amendment to tbe Constitution of tbe United States, proposed br the Tbirtv-Ninth Congress, and known as article fourteen, and when said article shall have b'Coine a part ot the Constitution of the United States, said Estate shall he declared entitled to representation in Congress, and Senators and Representatives shall be admi.ted therefrom on their taking tbe oath prescribed by law, and tbeu and '.hereafter tbe preceding sections of th?s act shall be inoperative in said State: W r-M'd, That no person excluded from tbe privilege of holding office by said propesed am-ndm?*nt to tbe Constitution of tbe l nited States, shall be eligible to election as a member of tbe convention to trame a constitution for anvwf eaid ;ebel States, nor shall any such person vote for members of such convention. S*<" 6. And l?* it f urth'T ennrtrd. That. until tbe people of said rebel Stale* .-ball be by law admitted to representation in toe Congress of the Vnited States, any civil government whicb may exist therein shall be deemed pro\lsional only, and in all respeet* subject to the paramount authority ol h~ I nited States at any time to abolish, miwlif* onniFnl /*> ? ? ~ tbe same: and in all election* to any office under snob provisional governments all per aons shall be entitled to vote, and none others, : lrbo are entitled to vote under tbe provisions I i?f ibe fifth section ef tbis act; and n?* person shall be eligible to any office nnder any snch provisional governments who would b*? disqualified from holding office under tb? provisions of tbe tbird article of said conatitu* tional amendment. SUHUYT.ER COLFAX. Speaker of tbe House of Representatives. L.A FAYETTK S. FUSTKK, President of the Senate pro tempore. I* THE HOCBB OV R*PR**K*TATIVKK } March id, I??i7. \ Tbe President of the United States bavmr returned to tbe House ot Representatives. in which it originated, tbe bill entitled "An act to pro-side for tbe more efficient government of tbe rebel States." with bis obiections thereto, the Honse of Representatives proceeded, in pursuance of the Constitution, to reconsider the same: and l>. -,-V That thQ mniH Will J thirds of the Hooseof Kepreseniativee agreeing to pass the same. Attest: tDWD. XtPHERSOK, Clerk H. R U. S. 1* S?> at? or thk UaiTItl Statk?, t March 2, lv;7. \ Tbe Senate having proceeded, lu pursuance of tbe Constitution, to reconsider tbe bill entitied -An act to provide for tbe more efficient ' government of tbe rebel States," retni n??d to tbe House of R?*presentati ves by tbe President cl tbe Vnited States, with bis objections, and sent by tbe House of Representatives to tne | Seaate. with tbe message ot the President returning tbe bill: fi> t' l 'd, Tbat tbe bill do puss, two-tbirds of tbe Senate agreeing to pass the same. Attest: J. W. FOHXKY. Secretary of tbe Senate, i jprBLit? No ?.?.] a> A?t regulating the tenure of certain civil offices. il ?... #1.- >?? *? -?I 'r. ... *fn airfi / lk? I ntied Xtmta* 'f America in Conyrtst ati'mtUI, That every person bci<1iug any civil office to which he baa o**en appointed by aj.d with tbe advice and content of tbe St-nate. and every person who shall hereafter be appointed to auy such ortlce. and shall become duly qnalifled to act therein. is, and shall be en'itleo to hold mch office unr:l a snecet-sor shall have been in liie manner appointed a*d duly qualified, except aa b>-reiu o'-herwise provided . J'rwt.Jii, That the Secretaries ol State, of tbe Treasury, ol War, of the >avy, and of the Interior, the |*ostma?ter General, and the Attorney deneral shall bold their offices respectively for and during th# term of the President by whom they may have been appointed and for une mouth thereafter, subject to removal by and with the advice and consent of tbe Senate. Sxt. 2. it further enact"!. That wh?n | any officer appointed as afore? excepting iu<igrs ot tbe I'nited States Courts, shall, donor a recess of (be Sena'*, be ?h&wrn by evidence satisfactory to 'be President, to be guilty of misconduct in office, or crime, or for any rtvoo -hall become tccapable or legallv di?qualified to perform Its duties, in such case, aad in no other, the President may suspend such officer and designate some suitable per- j son to perform temporarily the duties of such office be til the next meeting of the Senate, aud until the ca^e shall be acted upon by *he Renate. aad each person so designated shall take the vaths and give the bonds required by law to be taken and given by the person duly appointed to All such office: and in such case it shall be the duty of the President, within twenty days after the first day of sach next meeting of the Senate, to report to the Senate such suspension, with the ideue* , Cav hia h^iiAia in ? ' -ibe name of the person so rte^igLated to per- I >rm tbe duUH of snch office. And it the Senate shall concur in sncti suspension, and aJvise and conceal to tbe removal of such . Acer, they shall ao certify to tbe President, 1 wfaonnr thereupon rtmov*each officer.and, by and with tbe advice and consent ot the < Senate, appoint another person to ancb office. JBa*. if '.be Senate abal. refuse to concur in eucto suspension, eacb officer so suspended stall lortbwitb resume tbe foactioaa of hia office, and tbe powers of tbe person se per. famine lie duties in bis stead shall cease, and tbe official salary and eaoiamenbs of such officer, sball, during such suspension, belong tot be person so performing tbe dattee thereof, nil UK to tks oltle^r an ininaiiJul ?? ketrcctr* Tbat tbe Kreaidetit, In cur be abali Wcoat wtlill'd tbat ucb xuapenaion wu mad* om iaaafBcient ironuto, aball be authorl*ed, at My urn* baton reporting ?ch gnf. ??miob to tba Senate aa above provided, to revoke so?b aaapeaaton aad retoatate aacb effiter lA Ufce ptrtofMBce ol tae daiiea of Ma I -v, a ' ' *! : *? i?*. ' >h? "C'ij f Sac. 3. And to il fmrtkir tntUd, That the < Frnldot ihtll have power to All all tiwcim which m; happen do ring the recess of H? Senate, hy reason ?t death or reeigaatloa, Wj granting coaamteeioae which shall expire at the ead of IMrunt aeeelea thereafter. Aad if no appotntm^at, kj aad with the advice aad ooneeat of the Saaata, ahaU he ?tf?ie to inch ^Bec 10 vacant or temporarily filled aa : aforesaid dariag snch next amnion of tho Sen. ate, aach office aha) 1 remain iaabeyance, with* ont aay salary, fees, or emolaaenta attached thereto, aatil tho same shall ho filled kv ao poiBtmrni thereto, by and with the UtIm i ud consent of tho Souate; and dnrini such time nil tho power* and dunes belonging to och office shall b? exercised by ancfc ether officer ns may by law nereis* snob powers and dntiM in case of a vacancy is eneh office. She. 4. And b*. it further eriu.:?d, That nothing in this act contained shall be construed to extend the term of any office the duration of which is limited by law. a??c. 5. Audi' itfurtktrcwtedt That if any person shall, contrary to the provisions of this act, accept any appointment to or employment 1a any office, or shall hold or exercise or attempt to hold or exercise, any snch office or employment, he shall be deemed, and is hereby declared to be, guilty of a high misdemeanor, and. upon trial and conviction thereof, he thall be nnnished therefor b* a. fln* not ai. ceeding ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding five years, or botb said punishments, in the discretion of the court. Sac. 6. And b it further en acttd, Tbat every removal, appointment, or employment, made, had, or exercised, contrary to the provisions of this act. and the making, signing, sealing, countersigning, or issuing of any commission . or letter of authority for or in respect to any ! such appointment or employment, shall be deemed, and are hereby declared to be, high misdemeanors, and, upon trial and conviction thereof, every person guilty thereof shall be pnaished by a fine not exceeding tea thousand dollars, or bv imprisonment not exceeding Ave years, or both said pnnisbments, in the discretion of the court: Prv ided, Tbat the President snail have power to make our and deliver, after the Hi lnnmmont nf th* Srniula nnmmi. sioas for all officers whose appointment shall have been advised and consented to by the Senate. SBC. 7. .4n<i h- it further 'nart't', That it shall be the duty of the' Secretary of the Senate, at the close of each session thereof, to deli7er to the Secretary of the Treasury, and to each of his Assistants, and to each of the Auditors, and to each of the Comptrollers In tbe Treasury, and to the Treasurer, aad to the Register ol the Treasury, a full and complete list, duly certified, of all the persons who shall have been nominated to and rejected by the Senate during such session, and a like list of all tbe offices to which nominations shall have been made and not confirmed and filled at such session. Sac. *. Am' l* it J'urlh-r enacted, That whenever the President shall, without tne advice and consent of the Senate, designate, authorize, or employ any person to perform the duties of aujr uui?, ur tnuti loriuwna noury me weretary of the Treasury thereof; and it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury there, upon to communicate such notice to all the proper accounting and disbursing officers of his department. S*c. tf. J?i?/ bf it fur*h'r enact'il, That no money shall be paid or received from the treasury, or paid or received from or retained out of any public moneys or funds ot the United States, whether in the treasury or not, to or by or for the benefit of any person appointed to or authorized to act in or holding or exercising the duties or functions of any office contrary to the provisions of this act: nor shall any claim, account, voucher, order, certificate, warrant, or other instrument providing for or relating to such pay. ment, receipt, or retention, be present, ed, parsed, allowed, approved, certified, or paid by any officer of the United States, or by any person exercising the functions or per. forming the duties of any effice or place of truet under the United States, for or in respect >v cuv? uuuc, v> mc rAciciBiiiK ur periorming tbe functions or duties thereof and every person who Bball violate any of the provisions of tbis section shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and, upon trial and conviction thereof, shall be pnniebed therefor by a line not exceeding ten tboosand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding ten years, or both said punishments, in tbe discretion ot '.he court. SCHUYLER COLFAX, Speaker of tbe House of Kepresentati ves. LA FAYETTE S. FOSTER, President ot tbe Senate pro tempore. In the Senate ok the I'sited Statks. / March 2, 1867. 5 The President of the United States having returned to the Senate, in whicb it originated, tbe bill entitled "An act regulating the tennre of certain civil offices," with bis objections thereto, the Senate proceeded, in nnr?n?ni<? nr the Constitution to reconsider :h?? same; and R roh'd. That tbe -aid bill do pus. twothirds of the Senate agreeing to pass 'he same. Attest: J W. *ORNEY, Secretary of the Senate. In the House Kki'reskntativbb U. S.) March ad, 1S67. \ Tbe House of Representatives having pro. cet-dfd, iu pursuance of the Constitution, to reconsider the bill entitled -An act regulating the tennre of certain civil offices." returned to the Senate by the President of the I'nlted States, with bis objections, and sent by the Senate to the House of Representatives," with the message of the President returning tbe bill? i:-solvit. That the bill do paes, two-tbirds of tbe Hoase of Representatives agreeing to pa?s tbe same. Attest: VIlWTl V. PHV [Public?No. :jn.j As Act to aotborize the trustees of the Foundry i Metnodist Episcopal) Church to Mil aud convey square number two hundred and thirty-live, in th? city of Washington. lif it enacted l>y th' S'ruit- and House nf R'pJ r? fntative.t <>f '/?' Cmt'd .Stat- * of AmericM in Cvngrftt as'tmbl'd. That Presley Sunp^on, .lames W. Barker, toward Owen, David A. tiardner. Nathaniel Mullikin, William J. Sibley, Daniel D. T. L.eech, Edward F. Simpson, and Kicbard T. Morten, trustees of the Foundry Methodist Episcopal) Church in the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, and their successors in office, be, and they are hereby, authorized and empowered to tell and convey a certain squ ire of ground inlaid city, known atd distinguished on the ground plan thereof as square numbered two hundred and thirty-five, now held by mid tiustees in trust lor said church, and l&talv u^ed, in part, as a burial ground. free and .lmcharged ot aud Iroin any trust, express or implied. now existing, or which may hereafter, before the execution of a conveyance of said square, exist in sail trustees or their successors. whether by virtue of the deed originally conveying the same to the trustees of said church, or by virtue of any deed or deeds, rertrticaio or certificates, or anv writing or writings wbatever bysuid trustee* or their predict ?sors. conveying any lo' or lou, site or sites, in the part of "said square used as a burial ground a* aforesaid and free and discharged o:and from any and every right, title, and interest. legal and equitable, now existing in any lotboider in said burial ground, under any coair-i -t witb said irusiees'or h-?ir predecessors: Provtdrd, |in/ That the said trustees tor iheir successors shall, out of the pro< et-ds of such sale, remove or cause to be lemoved the dead tha^are now interred in said ground, and giye rhem dec-n'. sepulture 'n mmx tinhllf nnliiHa r wi|>u>uur limit* of the city of Wasbinrten. Approved, Jrebmary le. It*/. ? [Pi BLIC?No. 31.1 An Act concerning the Fire Department of Washington City. Jit it nai I'll by lh' Sruatf and llnuxe ft'vTe te nt'tl ivt <ij tiif I'mlnl .s Intrt of A it*' r ?''cf i n Cvi,yrt - <t*i"?../-/'?/, That tbe right to tim e, ntf, aiid occupy ail tbe several building-. wirb tbfir appurtenances, known as the Union, Franklin. Colombia and Anacostia Luiciuel>ou-fp. he. and is hereby, grauied to the city ot Washington, in the District of Columbia, raid p'j?.-r?Mun and occupation to continue so long as need for the purpose of tbe fire d?j.uitn.oi.1 aud tbe pleasure ol the Congres* ot the I'cited Stares: I'turirUd, That s&td n?e:ind occupancy of tbe Columbia. Engine-house -bal> not in any way interfere with the posse -ioi? and o vupancy by the Columbia Fire I Company.of th- rooms uov used M library rooms in *:>:d bnilding. Approved, l-rbruary 1%, l-?>7. [PtrBLie?No. 33 j AX A< T to deciare the sense of an act entitled An act to restrict tbe jurisdiction of the Court of Claims, and 10 pro Tide for the payment of certain demands for quartermasters' Mores and subsistence supplies turn is bed to the army of tbe United States.*' it rnactnl by the S-'nate and Hount of Rep. mrntati'" tf 'A' United Stat** of America in Ctmnrett attemHed. Tb-it tbe provisions of chapter two hundred and forty of the acts of the ibirty-eifbtb Congress, first session, ap. preved July fonrtb, eighteen hundred and sixty.tour, shall uot be co us trued tojautuori/e > ... ui uu/ nwiB ior auppuee or tores takes or furnished for the use of. or need by, tbe armiea of tbe United States, nor I for the occupation of, or Injury to, real Aetata, nor for tbe conenmpiloa, appropriation, or destruction ot, or daaiafs to, perianal pro. perty. by tbe military authorities or troop* of i tbe United States, whereauch claim originated i during the war for tbe anppreeetoa of tbs i southern rebellion, in a State, or part or a , jttste. declared in inanrrection by tbe pro^la- 1 mation of tbe President of the United States , dated Jaly first, eighteen bundntd and siity. ' two. or in a (State whicfc by aa ordinaaoeofseeessiaa attaapMd to wtbdraw frt?m the fatted her *ia contained shall repeal or rqpdify tbe i m i . '>. : ::n ' . .~:> - - I ' vj;" J - I 'is llfbteea 11 n?ir*d and sixtT-foar, to tbe icral biUicd* of tbe 8iat* of Tenneseee, or ot th? Stat* of We*i Virginia or any county tbereia.j 80HUTLEB UULTAX, spe"Lr/At"^r?",?gsr^'T"President of tb* Senate pro tempore. Endorsed by tb* President: Received February ttb, 1M7." [Hon by thi Dbtabtmkst of Stat*.? The foregoing *ct baring been presented to tbe Preaident of tbe United State* for bi*approval, and not having been returned by btm to tbe Hoaao of Congreaa fn wbicb it originated witbin tbe time prescribed bj tbe Constitution of tbe United State*, baa become a law without bis approval j A lady ia Dayton, O., died of tlgbt, lacing rtMily. 7* George Whitney, from Massachusetts, hot himself dead, ia San Francisco on tbe * tb of Febraary. There seemed no especial reason for tbe suicide. He left a note saying be was not insane, bat be >-had concluded to pass in bis checks." WT Tbe number of pacyers in tbe British Umpire is eteadlly increasing. According to a return recently made to the British Parliament, there were in tbe first week of December, 186C, 904,392 paupers ia England .and { Wales, as compared with 884,025 in the corresponding period of 1866. VThe Baltimoreans are to have 'be horse j cars ran oa Sunday, if the oonular vn? ?i?- ! nifiea auch a wish. The hack men of that city oppose the idea. VCatmilk has been analyzed by a member of the French Academy, and it appear* tbat tbat newly auggeeted beverage possesses immense strengthening qnalitias. W A negro recently refnsed to take the oath as postmaster at Forest Depot. Virginia, because he "sympatbized".with the South daring the rebellion. all quarters of Virginia there is a quantity of fine land for aale, ana moat profit, able Investments can be made, by those who have capital. 9"Tbe Appomattox Court Honae Church, ruined by tbe war. is making n strong effort te rebuild ita sanctuary. i^Tbe New York Insnrance Companies which fulminated a prescriptive edict against iaaurancea for Jews, will, probably make nothing by tbat operation. Tbe course of tbeae companies la generally condemned by jcwi ana itenuw. DANCING. pBOf*. J. W. * H. P. 1**18' DABOISQ AOADKMY, ? Ptuurlmli msu. bet. 6tta and 7th id., JH Oypoelta Metropolitan Hotel. I? (Jlaeaee forming every evening. Those dotiring to enter oar tluiei abonld arail them* el ve? of thla opportunity. Preparations will be aade In thla quarter for our annual May Ball. Otronlars can be had at J. F. lllle' and W. O. Metaerott A Oo.'a Matte Store*. The Ball aan be ranted far Bolreee, Ao. Days and Hours of Tuition : For Ladlee, Miaaea and Maatera, Taeaday and Saturday afteraaena, frost I to ft otolocK. Gentlemen'a Olaaasa. Taeeday and Friday *nlnfi. tmm N In in ?'?(?? Nr farther Information, opply dnrlof tho honra of tuition, or idirtN k note to tno Academy. Qiarter commencing with tho 11 rat U?on. jo 8 MillHl'l FABHIONABLM DAHOIHO AOADKMY#AT MABIXI 8 A88MMBLY BOOMS, flft X, between tth and 16th street*, Tho loot quarter of this aeason, prepara- BB lory to tbo Hoy Boll, will commence on Batnrdoy, March 1. Glasaea for the German ore now open. M. B ?Private inotractios (1 yen to rait the convenience of tbo popll. eels BAiLROADS. ~ 1867 PMMNSYLYAMA BOUTB 1867 TO TH B Kooonwoiv annnn ~ DUUTU* n. .ff.5?llH6 B0HEDDL1. fcUow*^ l^Vr^rLh Mlh-ltt67' trwn? ?1U run M W?*jMloo?...r *?.m. I Baltimore. 12 10 p. a. i&obLe tbaok" boot!' m St m?d fl^tNnT 8?B*KBT Palace State room any and night Oars, with modern improvements EBd **.!. " from four to twelve boars In time over any other rou te. Two hundred ml lee sa T^dta Western uo Central New York. i?Wo ^n* to the Weet. ? WWHMT?1 ?4 by?th,? ronte from Belt!more have DBPOTS. and ao' '^NlOa I _ Tickets by this route can be procured at the of and Pennsylvania avenue, - Houl, where reliable infor matioa will be gives at all time*. Passengers procuring tickets at this office oan cnra accommodations In Bleeping Oars for CI muim vi rilUDiri. W. J. AKNOLD, Ticket Agent, Northeast corner 6th strestaad I'etiti*. *? . WMhiMtoD, D. 0. BD. 8. YOtJHO, Gen. Put. A(ul, Baltimore, Md de 1 ly THKOCeH LINK BITWIIN WASHIXttTOB 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW Y*OBK.. _ . _ W**ni.-?STo:f, Jan. 6, 1367. Tralni bttvwi Washington and Tork art now rnn aa follow*, Tlx: FOB BBW YORK, wltboet change of ears. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7:46 a. in. and ,:7<V MBW TOBB, changing cars at Pblladel)h)t. Leave dally (except Sunday) nt 11:15 n. a. and . P .FOB PHILADELPHIA ^*?2,Ptinnday)at 7:46 and 1118 a. ?? U(>ijpa NDAT. L??m far Saw Tork and Philadelphia at 6:90 p m only. Bleeping cars for Saw Yerk on (JO p. m.trala dally. Through tlokata to Phlladelphla.New Tork. ot Boa ton, can be bad at the Station Oflee at all honr? In tbe day. aa wall aa at the new office t?? tbc Bankera and Broken Telegraph Line, tie Penn. arenae, *wtween 6th and 7th atreets. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Ballroad advertisement for acbednle between Waehlngtea. Baltimore Anaapolii, and tbe West. J, L. WILSON, Master of Transportation. L M. GOLB General Ticket Agent. OIO. . fcOONTZ, Agent, Waahingtoa. ocl?-tf UALTIMOBB AND OHIO BAILBOAD, O Wasuimotox, Jan. , 19?7. fiURHH Trains between WASHINGTON AND BALTI UOBB, and WASHINGTON AND THI WMttT are now rot m follewa, viz: FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave dally, except Bnuday, at 7:00, 7.45, and 11:18*. m., and J Ob, and 4 90. and 8:00 p. a. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. Leavedally, except Bandar, at 740 a. a., and t 0o and 8.00 p. m. FOB 3 AT STATIONS SOUTH Off ANNAPOLIS JONOTIOM. Leave at ?:lt and 7 :00 A. a., and at 1:00 and 4:tt ' " FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7:?0 a. a., and 4:80 p. a. No trains to or from Annate lie oa Bandar UN sua&AT. FOB BALTIMOBl. Leava at I'M a. a., and i aad 8:00 p. a. FOB WA* STATIONS. Leava at 7:46 a.m.. and 2:?? and 8 00 p.m. FOB ALL PABTS OF THE WIST Leava dally, except Bandar, it 7:40 a.m., and 1:00 p. a. Oa Surd ay at 8:00 p.m. <mly.ooaneotla?at Belay Station with tralna froa Baltiaore to Wheeling. Parkerebnrc. Ac THHOIIOH TtnK ?W- m? ? w- -* the <*ashiiigton,8taMoB Ticket Office at *11 hoars In the a?r, m well m M the mw office of the Bankera ud Broken' Telecraeh Line, 34% Pens avenue, between 6th ana 7th streets. Tor new fork, Philadelphia, and Bolton, aee advertisement of "Through Line " J. L. WILSON. Master of Transportation L. H. COLB. General Ticket Agent. oc Wtf QBO.B. KOOBTg. Agent Waahlmtoa. U/AHTID-10.000 LADIBS to know that at Tf the New Btamping Booms, 439 9th "tree!,opposite Patent Office, they can find the beat selected assortment of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, <'apes, Aprons, Joseys, Waists, Yokes, Bands, Wrapaera, Slippers. Ptncnshions, and Initials. Also, designs for Pillow Oaaea, Ottomans, Chair Coven, Pianos, and. In abort, eterr variety or Pattern*A9, IbM d?11' leeaed. We hare a Freach Machiflwand a Practical Stamper, a ad hare reduced the price to ?1VB GUTS P** WIDTH. We makeaad stamp any pattern broaght na. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. delMf nilKHtVCR I ? Jaatrecalvad ttee aatortment ?f PBBKNIVBB which arc for wit M low prices. ?8 _ ___ FEASOR T4YLOE. pABD-MIBB M B. WILSOB Un ui^To v Inform h?r old eutonm ud th? tub lie sen mil/ that the hn r? oaeaad h?r Dreu Maklaf hwlHotnl at 400 12th street, bttvMt B and V street*. mh 16-iot* pOBlABLB ~ RI&B BHOIBBB, Combining tht maximum of MwcF.limnny, mf ecoaomy, with the mlalm?mor weight of price. Tbef lit wUelj Md farorabij kaowa, n#rathaa000 baiaglaaee 411 mwraated aatte(MlOTT.orMMil. BtMllfttwAMlaniMlM ihMwuw. AMm* ' ?. UVbtl OO., U Mi>>^ ^ ^ Www?, Mm?. ri~ V ~ f ,-"?*** i?* < *? : ?? I'. 1 i y i'l mm t 'cvi#u .<e?3 tuue. ?.+.* / %.? i ; t. *? . FSfcir^wyfttt , 1 AUCTION SALES. UV THOS. POWLIHt, And.. eoorfctowa. B; Tlrtu?ff ? U* Oo?rt?f th? Mat riot of Oolaabta. HIh4 on tho ilk day j of FekraorT A.~p ,rfW, (a Oaaao Mo. CM, Doakot 7, roU ii. DwIiM ft. ml jtko uadotaltaod will efl >t aabllc aactloa, to tko hlgfaoat bUUor. on TBUB0DAT, tko lltk day of April A. D., 1887, at 4 o'clock a. m.; ?t tkji itoalM, ??rtoof Lot go.

f. la Holaoad'a Addition; mad part of Lot So. Ml, loall'o AMitloa to feeorgotowa. tko mho froattag oa Brldgo atroot, brtwoca Moataooaory aad Qrooa (trooU. aad faciag the end of FoaairlTaaia avoaaa ao axtoadod la to Ooorftotowa. Thp BraaartT wilt Ka ( - ?? - - ! ... r..r.../ *..? ?V ?? ?? vaitcifi Tift. Tba three stery Brick Honae, withthe lot, which Is M feet front fey ISO f??t dNy: ud lh? 1 twoutry frUH Boara, wMt of the krlck houee, nyuiUly, with lota respectively attached to the "fad oa rSIDlT, the ISth day of April, A. D. 1847, attka premlsee, at s o'clock p. a., we will ell Mia ubdlTialon lota kaowa as Lots "B" aad "0." in Bwt-eny V subdivision of lot 4. in square Mo. II*, la tba city of Waahla*ton. Lot B will ba old la tbreo separate parcels, each having a front of 23 feet a laches oa Id street weet, between oath O and sooth D streets, and a depth of about 106 feet toaa alley in the rear; and Lof'O" ia thrte separate parcels, sack having a front of 17 feet 4 incbee en eonth C street, between 2d and Id streets west, by a depth of about IX feet?Inches. All the above property is deeirable. and deserves the attention of persona desiring to itiveat in sach property. Terms ef tale, as prescribed by the decree: Onethird cash. the residue in two e<inel payments at six and twelve moatbs. with Interest from the day of iale: or. at the ontion of th* ??>? whc-le pnrehaae bomj b< peiS in cub praaenlly after the nle. The tlt'ea we perfect. F. W. JONK8, _ I - . OHAKLKS M. MATTHKW8. < mhao lOthda THQ8. POWLING, Aact. 1)1 KAOLli OO., Auctioneer*. D Salesroom Bo. 396 Peso, one. Between 9th and 10th ate. IA8L1 A 00- will (in their perao&al attention to the aale of Keel Katate and HonaehoM Furniture. Aleo, to the ealee of atocka of Groceries, Winee, Liuaora, and Merchiadiae of every deaeription, Horace, Carriages, Haraeaa. Ac. Liberal caah advanoee made on cons(*n?enta. Hornier Salon at o?r aalearoom everr TUK8Dat, THU&SDAY; and SATOKPAi, at 10 'deck. NAGLK A OO , jall-tf Aactioneera. GOVERNMENT SALES. UOTIOB SALE OF OOV1BHMIIT BUILDINGS. Htadnuaritrs Department df Watkintton, ) Gfrceof CKttf Quartermaster Wmt hint ton, B. C., April I, 1987. \ Will V#aold at public auction, on the premises, nnitr the direction ot Br*\et Oolonel Jidn OImmi. A.(^. M. Vola., on MONDAY, April 8. at 12 'clock noon, the following described batldings, situated ub Viralnin ?vfuu?, letwten 8tb and 9th streets, Ef ar Mary laud ??enn'-, (Inland.) In tkl< ofty : ONE FBAME BUILBIBG. twe stories, SSxti feet, with kitchen attached TBBEB bMALL BUILDINGS, rartoni dtmen lone. Buildings will b< told singly, and purchasers will be required to rcaore property within five days from data of *al<-. Terms: Cash, in Government finds M. I LUDIHGTON, Major and Q. M.. D 8 A.. Chief <J. M., p3-4t Department of Washington (~OVEB?MBHT B0ILDIHG8 AT GONYAV LB8CBNT OAMP AT AUCTIOH. C%i^fQumrterwiasur,i Qffirt, Depot of W*f\iiutOn,l Wa*kt?Kum. D C., April 1.18*7. { The OoiArnmi'nt RhIMIiim Convalescent. situated between the Long Bri ig?? ai>d Alexandria, ?ill be sold at public auction on MONDAY, lfith April, under the ftnpervisioii of Lieutenant Edward Hunter, ]2tbU.II Infantry, Acting Aaaiatant Quartermaster Sale to tonm?-t>oe at 12 m. Theae buildi&g? consist of 32 barrack*, skinzle roof. 20 officer*1 quarter* and other building*, shlngb22 building*, felt roof; 1 office*, officers' quarter*. nhed*. *tal>le?, workshop*, storehouse*, siuks. and fenc* , e<>mpristnK 1<>4 buildiags in all. Buildings will be sold slncly. ?ad sale will be continued from dav to day till all ar* disposed of. Terms cash, in Government funds. Tb? United States relinquishes the care of th- se bnlicing*upon day of sale O H TOMPKINS, apt-lit Bvt. Brig. Pen., Depot Q. M. (1OVEHHMr.NT BUILDINGS AT AbEXANI DEI A AT AUCTION, < kts/OmTtsrwuMtsr'jQflei.DtpeCo/ Watkinrton.l WasAington, D. C.% SLirch 90, 1857 { Bv order of the Quartermaster (ipui-ral, the buildings known a* the Construction Corps Ear rack*. ?t Alexaslria Virginia, will be aold at nntlic auction, on THL kiiDA T A aril 11 nnH^. tb<- ujperTldlon of Lieutenant K lw?M Hunter Uth Unit' d States tnfattry. Aotin; Assistant go arter matter, Catted Mate* Armf. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock nooa. lhe?? Barracks coopris th1tt< en buildings, ranpin.- from It to 21 feet in width bv fr*ra lu to ft feet In length Also, a Portable Bail ling ID by 12 feet Altjr which the following at Battery Budget*: Two BuiMbga and 61 Bencix s. There will alee be ?oM at the saui- time the following ?ipe tit) feet I-inch Lead Plp?. .16 feet 2 inch Iron Pipe 110 feet 1-inch Iron Pl?? liof^ei 1'v-inchlron Pipe. 8 Bran* Stop cocks 3 Ucokinc KiiDtn. incomplete. 1 8t- aui iioil-r 6 inches t.y 1 foot 10 inches. T> rma?Caeh, In Government fond* C. H. TOMPKINS, Brig. Gen an<l D- tot Quartermaster, ah ?i-10t ^BMOBY IUB HAliBi. Ckitf (SMTttrmatter't OUce. Depttof WtfhinrtonA Wuktntto*, D C. March ?. ]?r ) B j order of the y atrtenn a?t>-r Genera). the Oov< rni'-nt Armor) on O street, between Twenty flrat and Twenty second, will be aold at public anction under the mpei vision of 6aptaln .laoaea (}. i'a> ne, A. U. M , on WEDNESDAY, April 1C. at 12 cl~k noon Thla tmlMing ia 101fe< t l>y 45 feet, ahingle roof. Terma cash, la Government fond*. CHABLES H TOMPKINM, ftvt Brit?- Oe?., Deputy Q. M Gen , Acting Otaiet Qnartermaater, ah 39 lit Depot of Washington IJUBKAU OF OBDMANCB. O N avt Dkpartmijjt, wa4u1x.-.tos ojtv, March is, b<7, BALK OF OLD &fd IN8BRV10 bible AB TITLES OBDNANOB There will be told at public auction. to the highest bidders. at no'.n, THCBHDAY, the 11th day of April. 1867. at the fflce of the Inspector of Ordnance, Nttvf-yard. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. a lot of old and tmtorviceahle articles ef Ordnance. embracing Shot and Shell, about naren hundred (7oo> Carbia**, < breech-loader*.) about twenty-five hai dred <J..'00> i Mnxketa. rifled and ?i?f>oth-bore. Qua Carriages. aa<l other store*. T e articles wHI be *<>ld in lota. Terme: On halt caeh. in Government fands, to be deposited on the conclusion of the sale and the temalorier within ten days afterward, during which time the article* mtiet l>e removed from the yard, otherwise they will revert to the Government. H. A. WISE, mli 1< ISt Chinf of Bureau. Hepabtmbbt or thbimtbbiob, U Pu?ion Or vies, July iSth, 1816. TO ALL whom IT MAT OOBCBBN Ap)Jcfttton having been made under the aet of JODe 2S. lftiO. for thu mUiiBA nf fnllnariiia /1a. acribed Laud Warrants, which are alleged to bar* U?e lost or destroyed,?Notice la hnr?by given that at th? data following the deacrlption of each warrant, a new certificate or warrant of like tenor will be rataaned, If ao valid objection should than JOS. H, BABBITT, Oommlaaloner. No. S6 726. for 160 a< ret, iasned unJer the act of March Id, 1365, in the nam** of John Wood, and waa granted Febrnary M. 1857. April 8, 1467. No.6e ISO for 1S(> :wtm. issued under the act of March Sd. 18S#, in the name of Sarab Wood, ?m<>w of Bobert Wood, ana irae granted February lo, 1?.'7. April 6,186T. No. 41149>% for 1'^ acres, Issued nnder the act of February 11,1847, in ttie name of Suimel Hod?on, and was granted December 4,18*8. April-.n, is;7. 1 No. 67,826. for 8i> acre*, issued unJer thwart of Beptamber, I860 in th<- nam* of Langdon O. John- i aon aad was granted Marsh 6, 1868. April 20, ' 1887. No 27,831, forSOacrea, issued tinker the act of March S, 1883, la the name of Langdon 0. Johnaon and waa granted April 1, MM. April JO. 18o7. No. 71131. for 120 art ea. leaned under the act of March 3, 186a. In the name of Mary, widow of Thomaa Bowling, and waa granted May 9, 1358. April 20,1867. flo. 96.UA, for 190 acre*. Iasned cnder the act of March S, 18M, it> tb* name of Polly Pease, widow of Cheater Paaaa, and waa granted July 18, 1880. ?f.. m lOCV No. 93 Ml. for 110 acres, issued tinder the act of March 3d. 1365. in tbe names of the minor children ot Jacob Lather, deceased, and was granted J air 23. 1300 ? M?r 4.13>7 Bo. 67.606, lor '60 acr?f, istaed under tbe scLef Fetrnsry lltli, 1347, in the name of Martin IWie, and was granted Mar 12th, 18?. May II. 1&7. Ho. 82,1(8. for 160 acres, iaened ander tie set o March 3d. 1356, in the name of Alvln Ellis. aud wac granted April 16.1857. Mar 11.1M7. Ho. 10,681. for 80 acras, issued onder ths set o March S, 1866, in the name of Lewis Lambert, and was granted October 30.18*6. Mar 2ft, 10*7. Ho 37,830. for 120 acres, iseued nnder the act of March S, 1866. In tbe name of Nicholas Pritchett sad was arsntwd Hot-ember It. 136g. Mar 25,1957 gTlIHWAT* PI A HOB. W? bavs just received a new assortsaeat of 11 PlAHOrOkTKS froaa ths factory, coa __?^ fating of Grand, 8auare. and U?right|ffH|B Cabinet Pianos. _ Hfin for the last tea rears Bteinwar's Pianos hare, on all occasions, recsired ths first premium over all new York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore Bakers, whenever aud wherever they have come in comMtitlon. At ths World* Pnlr In London. , Stem war * Sons received the Indorsement lof ' ' wttsswiww?'*' fe 23 tf Mo. 31* Penn nvsnns. Sola Agents. I f%gI^2??S?k5WK!^BK BiTAIA_tOffAOOO,Md warrtaUd unr btra- I yt. .*?.? P?. bat. IttMioinu HeUI * l?-?" aad Mh ??r?I. C^^yaatame* n'Tr"""'i -"TsSVrtesr*' i >* ,? ,..ffg5s? i J- ? < ? aw? . ?i < " ' ITTT t ,nr? ji-.? v *' . Hf 3,1 SI | ? 3 PROPOSALS. PBOFOBALS FOB C&TTLB FOB IJPIAB 1BBT1CB. ViritTimT or r*i lmnoi,( March V. 1??S7 \ -'"IS?1* wiU a? to tk? Utk day of at IktelMtflT B. Dmbm, Bu?rit 4 Loodoat of Iadiaa Affair* for Ui Northern sapor lauadoacj, at Osaba City. Nebraska. for tho lehTOry at Oaaba City of tko follorlag Stock rattle. to wit: 300 bead of Milk Govt for the Wtaaebac* In ,?pi r^s.vTsr.ffxsiSttsr.'w i JfaflSSSfACSXT"? 300 bead of Bilk Co wo for tbo Faactoa Bioax In Man*, oocueytn* a reeorTotlon io Dakota 10# itu of Milk Cm for tho Viubi Indiana, _ occupying i rtNmtloo in Btlraik*. 90 brad of yonng ia?rwtn Ball*. 3d haad of BeefCntt*c,(atoora.) Tho Cowb aut bo of good tulitj, AMrlcu breed, not than thro* nor moro tfan seven loara old. Cowo with youmr ealTeo. orr??i with calf, will b? preferred. ?ry cow? wll 1 not be re eaivod. Tho Bella moat ho oot le*a than thre7oora *14, and tho Boof Oattlo not looa than funr year* old. Superintendent Doaman will bar*the right to reject any or all the bid*, also, tho right to rei?>. t any or all tho cattle if he doom* that the cattle dell vered ere not of the required chtrtrUr Superintendent Ptrmtn will bo authorized to receive the Mid cacti* tod to *iva vouchers to tbo Partiea delivering the cattle. to b? M<d at tbe ? ?lPr tha Commissioner of Indiana Affaire in W?rtl?lton city. Thetime of the delivory ?f tha cattle will ba d*te rained by Superintendent Dannan.who will alao ?IJj?le*ow*r ch*?*? the plaoa of delivery, "Jw tbeeoneent of the contractor. Good and sufficient bends will bo required for l^e faithful fulfilment of thocontract. '" will not ho received for a lee* number than tha total number of cowa and bills called for. Soonmto proposals, however, will bo roco*v*d for cattle. O. H. BBOWNIN0. mh SO Secretary jpXOPOSALB FOB MAIL KA03. P?>?t Orriri Diparimfxt. I ? ? . _ Washihotom, March 1!*, Sealed Proposals will be recoived at thta department unU< tt.t lit ?n:y-.t, vtmlh il iy of >la*n*srat noon, for furnishing, ior f nr yran from the first any of July, IK7,such quantities of MAIL BAQ8 M BIT Iron tin# hf rMn n i PaH anH description fnlkviir, 10 wit: " LBATHBBMaJL FOUOHB8, adapted to railroad, steamboat, and coach ocaTeyanca.of size* M follows ; Mo I Forty-sight inches In length ud sixty Inches In circumference Ms. 1. Forty-one tnohee in laagth snd forty-eight Inches In circumference. Bo 9. Thirty-six Inches In leagth and forty two Inches in clrcumforeace Mo 4. Thirty lncbssin length and thirty-six in cbes in circumference Mo.ft. Twenty six incbss la length snd twentyeight inches in circumtar?-nce. The body of tbeee pouches is to be made of food and substantial bag leather, well tanaed. weieh lag, for sitae numbered I and S, not lee* than eight ounces, and for the smaller sf/as. not l?? than saTen ounces to tha ?tuare feot . the bottom . of circular form)and the flap to be of good skirting leather, well tanaed, the seams to t* well aad strongly secured with th<- best iron mete, well tinned LBATHBB H0B8B MAIL BAGS. , eda?,f*d to conveyance by herseback.) of three size*. namely Mo. 1. Forty eight inches to length and twenty one Inches in width at the widest parte, the tods or bottoay being fourteen b> twenty six incbea. Mo. S forty five inch's In length and eighteen inchaa in width at the widest part; tha ends or bottoms being twelve by twenty four incbea Mo. 3. F?rty two incbea in length and sixteen inches in width at the widest parts, the enS- or bottoms being ten by twenty inches. These bags are to fee made of good and substantial hue leather, well tanned, weighing uot leas ttai> s?-ven ounce- to tba xjotri1 foot, the eeams te be sparely formed and well and sVonciy aeaed; or If riveted, to be d<>ne sv as not to chare horse or rider The constrnction of a month or opening of each of the above described poaches end l>age is t<< be so< b as to admit of its being locked with a padlock, and when eo I <cke?l t<> secure Its contents from any abstraction that may be effected without opening the lock, or leaving some obvious external mark of violence npon the pouoh or bag. Bo particular device for that oo;ect ia prescribed, tba skill and ingenuity of bidders,being railed on to supply, by their specimens. plan- of construction from whicii a lection can b" made I m the be>-t and cheap* st for tba purpose. JI'TB CAMVA8 MAIL tJAOKs of thrae sizes, vit: Me 1 Forty three inches in lnn*?h . ??? twe inches Iii circumference. Mo 2. Forty oae Inches la length md fortytigkt iDrbei in circumference bo 3. Thirty-two ia< be* tn length and thi rty eight tnctaea la clrcmfex dm. Tbe sacks of size Mo. 1 are to bo made of cloee ly woven jute canvas, weighing not ins than si x- i teen o ia<-ea to the yard <?f SIS inches in wi4<b, the yarns of the wari> to be each doubled and twisted, and to weigh an junce to about hft> yards, and ef tbe filling or welt, if not like those of the warp, to weigh one ounce to aoout eighty five \ ards. The sacks Qf size Mo. 2 are to be made of jute canvas weiglung uo'. les- than eleven onsrw to the x ard ?t MH inches witth; tbe ?trp tn! ? eft to be nearly as above described. The -stksof size M" are to >.e made of thinner juie canvas, wlghing not lee* than '? or. to the }ard of iBciieK. Those of sizes Mo 1 and ? are to Remade with a tabllLK or bem at tbe to# two inches wia , upon which a infllcient an tuber of eyeleU? *tlea?t t n t?> the tointer ano eight to th-- latt<-r?are to tx> ? II w roaght. ?nJ tiK-y are each to t?? provilel ? 1th a good and aufh. it-nt I empcorj to lace and 1 tic tb*-ni thorongbi) u4 -trunirlj. Unlr*#-earn lets, they are toke n.ade with (? seams, aecnred I tarh with two row* ot ?e* m All trt to be niarkrl lnsioe and out " C. 8. Mail " in lark.e and dlatlnct letter* Prop?>eala for auitaMe meroTenente or inedt Acati<<na lu tli leiai of < oitati action. as wall a* uiat-iiala, of anj of tW abort-deecn bed poi c h >-e and ba_:e are lBvittd; and the relative Taloe -nd adaptation to the e*r\ice, a< well m apeciried price of ?ny Inch improvementa or modifi* atiaun, wfll bp cot-'ldrred in <b-teraiiuiaR tbe loa-eat and brat bid The propoaala alien Id tpeclfy iiacondl tiwnally th? price of each nr>?>e>-4 to oe furnished. Ho proposal will b? coaailera d if not a?.coiripai.ied with ap>riniear vi ?<uui>i>-e of each artirie lid for Aowltig tl.e construction, si/-. aurl qnality of materiala ?nd workmanantp ofW- d . and alao with a written ijuxrantet-fro? the per aona propoa<d as anretiea iwhoee reepon?it>ilitr mjtiat be certified bj the poetiLaaW of tb? place u hcr? thftt rit&irio i that ?H. r ill ? ? sponsible,on att Solent l oad for tbe dne perform tnc'- ot lb contract in CU' such pr?p >sal shall toft' cepterl Tii- specimen* cr amyiea mast be 1-li vere<i ta thi* Depaitment on or before the 27 th <lajr of Ma> next and tboaa wbicb shall have accompanied the accepted proposals will, in connection with si ch proposals, form the baaia of the contract* to be mad* ItciT specimen snbmltted aboold be well and distinctly marked with the number denotins ita aize,and have affixed to It sample <aix inches aqtiare) ot tbs principal material of which iti* made All specimens deposited bv bidden, which a*i with eafety and convenience be n>?d In tb- oi?ll terfice, will be ?*H for at the prices specified in the propoeitle relatlaif to the eame ?y Ail tbo above deecribed article* tht mar be contracted for ara to be deliverable at the risk and expense of the contractor, at Boston. Ma?? Hew York and Albany. Tt Y.; Philadelphia and Pi'.tsiargil P-nna ; Baltimore. Md.; U'mhiiKtea. D. 0 ; Louisville, Ky ; Cincinnati, Ohio: t^aint Louis. Mo., and Chicago. 111.. In ?<ich guantniea ai.d at such time- aa the be par tin-nt may order during the term of tbe contract, and they aia to be ripMly inspected. l<ofore delivery. hi mr pimcr ri n eir maniiiaciure, none d* lug receded or paid for which ?re I?l?r1nr. in ?n r? pert, to ti e tpncimena accepted and Ui(t*d *? the atv daid. A .declaion on th- bids hereby advertited for will be mad* by the Poatmaster Ue-ieral od or l>e fui( the flrnt day of June next. and tn* accepted bidder or bidder* will be rmjcir-d tn eater luto contract. with aufficieut bond ia l anretioa, by the fid day of June. lSt>7. The av? rage number of mail-basa annually required ?ill probably not e xc<*eJ the following estimate to wit: t,hi?i mail ron hN. -y') home mail ba?a; 90,000 est h? mai 1 -ocka. I.nt the Poatmaster Oenaral will raaerre the right to order, during the term of the con'ract. mare or leiwt of nny, or allot t'.ie am-, aathn want* and in'ereats of th? aervice m?i w?in to him to deuiard. Tbe proaoaala -honld be transmittal in a ?aal~d A Pr?..?l. f.t U ? '1 and le addressed to ttie Second Assistant Postmaster General." ALEX. W RANDALL. n h 21 wfw Postmaster G -ueral UNITED .-TATES NAVAL STATION, U Lfaoui>, March fci.1367. By ardor of the N*vy Department, from the Bureau of Construction and Bepair*. sealed propo?ai? fwr tbe removing ?r wre< kinc and recovering the proptrty in the U. 8. B. "New Ironsides.'' will be received at this office an til 1 p in. ot tbe lath of Apiil, 18*7, wben they will be opeue<i The prcpoaiti?B for wrecking rnnst state tlx* proportion of tbe proceed, of the ealee which Is t > be paid to tbe laltorn, also tbe time within whic.i tbe work la to be completed, with tbe a n<le retailing that in Ilea of bonds and ether security for the fulAilmeut et the agreement, tbe property re coverelTTIto be p'aced in the ha'<ds of tb< tfor eminent t? be soM from time to time, a? mat be deemed a4vau>ag*oiis, tbe proceeds remaining in tbe hands <>f the Government nntil the whole of tbe wreck is removed, and the work r*?pi?t*4 to itf satisfaction In ente of failing to nrosecas* the work with ?atisfactorr dilUouce. or t? com* pUte it in duo tin e the ilepartment roeervo* the ri|ht to mibI the iirMmeat, and tho property r*covored will bo forfaited to tho Government For tut; purchase. a? who lien, the proposition mast state tho ttmo|wttbin which tho wr ck wtll bo entiroly removed. Tho tnoner to bo paid at one; and i?tlinc to li%ve her removed in time, tho vomoI will be forfaited to the Government; tho right will be reserved t<> reject ail of tho offer#; and no agreement for wrecklns will bo awarded until tho apparatus of th>- bidder has bo?-n examined and report'-d as sufllrtnt for th purpose Information oan b- obtained at thta oSce of the amount of weight of ir>a-plating, nachiaorv. boll-r?. and othor arttcl- ?ln this shift. Boapoctfallr, Ac.. O S OLTB^OV. nil is trwfjt tionniaodaftt Baval Station. mail M TO OITISOTIOX. Thai tho inhwT. I ~b?r kM from tk? OrykM*' Ov>ui t cf VuhiUtM ooa&ty. 1b the DUtrict of OoluaUt, Utters krT om tfco mmponid MtoU of rmhardt Ortornftyer, iMo or WMhiiftou ctt*. C., fecoModT All ponona hmnag ?ta|w MtlMt tbo mM dMMMd, wo horooy Wfcrnod to oxhlMt SSuao,withth? vouchor* thoroof. to t*o tnboorlsasrss k.^ '-jt i)ir ;? ! _ _ , w* s'i| ' "* let IV 114 M( ; IK* f H} I I ^ BANKERS. 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V? parcha** SovtrDBtit Toiokm oa tbo MOST FA f OR ABLE TERMS, and fl?* iM prompt attention to ACCOUNTS ?r BUSINESS MEN mmd FIRMS, ud to iif othor buiiMM oatrattad to ?. FULL INFOBMATIOB la retard to MT1U HMT MAIH M all time* cheerfolly fnralebed ?H B BCBT1NOTOB. OeeALr March ?. II >B tf_ STEAMBOAT LINES. POTOMAC TBAKSI'OKTATlOM LIMB FOB BALT1MUBE Making freight conaectlon at AUT1A CBEBK. With MCHHdlH. FbEOf KI( KS BURG ABD POTOMAC B.MLBOAD.<H^B Th* t??ntrB\l'Klb8l C*?t A. t?\? * . JoUti Kfl. Hilton, ! ?? V^MhlDCkou from Sixth ?tr#*t wharf T.-ry WEDNIBPAT and 8ATUBDA Y. at ?a. m., for Baltimore,and ueual war l?odluc? on wfS5n?liwL Baltimore every T? EbDATund FBIDAT.4F ?n For farther Information aprly to V,.., ? J- B Btril * BBO , mhlS-tf No. 34A iVnnjylvera* ate. WTIAMKB WILSON SMALL K5 FOR THK EASTERN SHORE. MWtVtJtns. Zlf?" %iiL 11 reepecte one of tbe fc znoet comfortable and eiegaiit'Bl'^l^h eteamere plying en Oheeepeake Hny, will reeoran her ronteon SA TCKDA Y, rnrhM. 8helea?e her fler oppoelte Ho. .70 Light etreet wharf. HUtiThdVvT"7.TL *8Df T' ?H0B8?AT. and ^ * v * ? > .for K ASTON t'OlNT *>??t ? !;'< i :r: JfSLovir fv */?? tr2w?2i.^2r? ?Yb| v 81,m *t#,7 . aud Friday, touch la* at all I a tense !!!, ? m *! Dd rwh<Q? Baltimore at a. m. on tbe following mormnxe Pi's' ? large numb> r of fine elate room. re 15 tl TO T&ATKLLBE9 GOING SOUTH. TWIOB DAILT, (Bntiiay p. a. nwyM.) The quickest ud moat direct route to KMumoI, a, and the Booth. Tla the PotoBM er^w itMutri from 7th Street Wharf. Washington, to A?nla Crook Richmond, Frederick*! or* and Potomac Bailroad, to Bickaiond.'Va.coBaectingCbero with trains oa the Blcbmond aad Petombarc and Btchascnd ?l4 DsbtIIIs Bail roads, for Peterabsr*. Woldon. Wli iDfton Balolgh, Greensboro'. Salisbury, Charlotte sb? Chester. 8 O Steamers Key port aad O YandarMlt loan rife Btroot Wharf dally (Sunday emlng excepted at m and ? so p. m. aad arrival* Blchmood at 1 ? 9. n> and :tta . THKOrGH TO BIOIiHOlD IN BBTBN BOOBS* fifty HJlsa Shorter and IS Hosn QaMkor Uu air Other Boa to. Bo rare and got Through Tlckota fta Aiils Oroek and rredoiicksbor^. ^to Kioto mond, at tbo vuup?D7 i umcc, oc rncr vi reuui. mm fHD street, or oa board of Ue bo*to. Baggage shsofcag , tbrongb. t OtutUboMM aad Baggage Wagoa* will ba la waJlasa to oonvey fuwngtn and .baggage between depot* la Bichtrond. Passengers by tbli Hue paai by daylight Hoc at Vernon, aad may have aa opportunity of atsitiug eeToral battle fields near Frederick* barg kg Mapping at that point. Breakfast and sap on board of ?t*amen. GBO. MATTINOLT.Snpt.. Wasblnctoa.'B O. O. E MATTIKGLT, Ticket 4*ent, Waehlngtoa. _ C, M. HABBY, _MMy Beaeral Paeeeaaer Agent. S,t,K ????*?? llHARITall'l RIFT! SAMARITANS QIFT> TUB MOST CBBTA1K BBMBDY BTBB libBD. "Yes, A Foettira Otiaa," far OOMOXMUOiA, GLKK T. MTMiCTL'KtS. Don thins no Mineral, ao Balaam, ao Mercary. Only Ttn ftlU is b* IbAsw te a/mi iWe. Tbey are eaUrely vegetable, barta* bo smell nor Uf analeaaant taste, aad will not In any way ! mfe tht? tloiuicb w bowel* or tne mo?t delicate. Curae i* frota two to four atyt, and rece?i cam la tweut) four boon Pr???r?4 by t (tm1b?u of the Enirereity of FenaeyUanla, one of U? moe( eminent Doctor* tad Chemuta of the iraat day; -o tTTow- ? ?!?*'' ? cMmmg* wkaUrtr Lot thoee who ba?edee?aire<l of getuag cored,?* fiSti'ST ?"niw?SiSSlo8tW0r ^ Seat by a?ll In t yhln envelop*, piioe? Mate p?ckagea, gl resale, tl. BLOOD I BLOOD If BLOOD III MUBOfULA, 0LCB1U. HO EES, 8POTB, TwfTBKB. SCALES, BOILS. SYPHILIS. " OB VBMBltEA^ DISEASES, Ac. g^MASITAS'S ROOT ASD HERB JUICB It offered the acblic aa a aoaltlve care. bV ffaiulc OK TEMUKAL DIB E AS EH, the c AIIA U IT AN 't5 BOOT AMU ?*BP JUIOft U? aioat potent, eertein aud effectual remedy ever prescribed It reachee and eredioetea every particle at tbe Tent real poiaoo. ao that ttae care la taorougb tad permanent. Take, tneb.of tht* porifrii.g rem ecj ?u? * ???"? ? ?? to ronr posterity Ut*t for wbUb )? My wml la aftar jm**' DO H?T PK9PAIB I Altbou*b ?o?mar m jpnihmc* incaratl*, SAMtRlTAM B BOOT AND HIEB JDf'oBB will rewev *vary veattcr *1 lapontlM from tba aa <tllM *11 Ue barf CMto of M*ncr, "FtMALks II In maiif iflKlloni with wnlco OQifiotn of Va. BliM etCoi ^ j ANDHBBB JUIOASuuat hibplli *dayt?d, Id t lovrftVMl Ctcrni to L^dcot? S?*fo belrtni down Ho. of U>? Woib!^ bllltr, and for a" complain* incident to tfta ?? MtbrvxvrMi- Pno?_S l.? ,ar kofcto RAH ABIT AN *8 WASH fcirsraSMiS- "4 rtilldlracttMa. PHocUmbh. Tbr eKctcr of ttMM rtmtdlM la alike arKaawlfitf^eBaar4 tk" WH?T TBI """ 'Pott MOfPITA-L, foKT UiMHiLL, MtlMN, tan crMl HU?ctl<i la iMlunal 1 btu?wt TkiltMrluaKM?dl??' for Vaaaral ta Its aott oMour; forma; thet 1 h?n?HdtkM with judgment, diecraben. mo properly. and, h?w found tb?m raepond to ay MiOctMttoaivromftlr *-><1 Mitually. Kiuwiu their composition,! hiw the tallest oosfidonoe la their u fir M VinittkMiulea^, 1 w9mmm0*i **"* """'jf.f 'EKD 0. BOW BBS, "Amtetaat ttarfeoa, Kh B. Y. Tola. MikrlO VOtP,MrMrUt|?NiiM? Pen* IB TH1 OHPBANS OOUBT. THIS 9TU DAY Or MA.BCH. A. D. INI. Upon repott of ealee ma<ie by J. R. Adam*, raardian, ?c., it fa by the Court, this Mb da> of March A. D. 1*7: OrtierrU. Ti>at the eald eal?- eo reported he ratified aad confirmed, unlee* cewee to thacantrarr be aboan on or before thetth da* of Api il uart, and it ta tnrtbar ordarad that tk? ?*td aala to Htirkith Oatchell bo ratified, aad the tetma of thecal* In the Uraar 4?erw be no far modified aa tha* tba aaid Oatchrll par oa?- thonaaad dollara la caah aud |It? a deed of truat boarfa? interest. oa the ironrtf partbaaad for tba k>aiaoo? of tba pnrchaaa money, to wit: tvo haadred dollara, aafd daea of traat. to raaala for oaa jaar; rrot/tfiS that a copy of tMa ordar be aabliabad la the Bveninc Mar oacoa iiai for tbraa -" " ***. r. reaoiLL. Jndtra of tha Orpbaa*' Oourt. Atraacop). . n>|U IB TO OIT1 VOT1CI Ttaltha aabaart1 W baa ojtalaad from tba Orpbaaa' Court at WuCla>Lui flMBtf.ti the fHairiet of fVilniMa WH. H g W ^ . ? .1 * . ..."