Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1867 Page 1
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jM w i | / 11 i i ^ i /vi i ' ^K ' ^1 'M - ^H' ' f ^1 '4 ? ?? ii ii V2k. XXIX. WASHINGTON. Dk C,. THURSDAY. APRIL 4. 1867. N2. 4,891. ^m TUE EVENING STAB, 1 miHB]l DAILY, ?BVH DAY 1X01R1D) AT Tins STAR. BUlLBlNQ* toudkwcst MTWT iW? WWII Mi liAUPMl, ? WW ' , W. ; WA^LAOH. . T*? FT AX i? mtv Ad by tu cam*r? to tasir robs ribftrv in the City ud District at Tm Cnmrnw. Ooptas at tbs coaster,wlta or wttboat wrappers Two Cnm sacb. Paica warn, *aili*o._Tbrea mow the, 0H< tMimr aid /V*V Ctnlt; MX months, Dkre? JPettar?; Oft* Tftftr, Am DeU*rt. jfo pap?rs an Mat from ibe ol&tft iot(?r than paid for. Th?WE?KLT 5>TAK?published oa mdfty Bioriang? Oac DoUar T?ar PAWNBROKERS BUBHBT1BB S LOAM 0FF10B. . 4 7ft 13th street, Sd door (oath of Pena. Bve., Loam HOhEY os Use to rait customer*, oa ?old sad Hl??r Wetcne*. Dtemonds, Jew- /0\ try. Ladies' sod GeBtlenMB'g W??1di1w1 tfd^M sod Bilvsr bought. mh? SM* B. BUBNBTIBH. YY A L 8 H '9 CE.VTfUL LOIS OFFICE. 480 lOtb street, one door beiow P?u. ftVft. Tb.s well known Office makM LIBBKAL ADVAHCBS /?1 Ob Diamonds, Gold sod Silver Watches Q Q Clctbing. furniture, sad Herchsndlse of every Sescriptton. f <*pe? sit d ey ( except Buaday) fro as 8 ft. m. to V"'.-Bbs1bqss strictly confidential. fetS-tf ABliinHlllt l 6 i 8 . B P 10 J A I? SOTlOl, CHABLBS HBBKB BBG. Bacceeeor to Isaac Her*bery A Bob, < ?#. * conducted the Pswnbrokiag Business ? - -?*B years is this city. far twelve AK . th* enlv Pawnbroker ia kba District Jl"A this method of thaakl og their patromQ 0 end tbe public for the confidence heretofore shows hem, sad beg leave to esll their stieatioQ to the lact last we Mill continue to make tbe highest advances ta sll sums upon sll article* of Jewelry, Diamonds, % etches, Bonds. ovarnment Bcrfp, eHirer Plate, Ac., for which we have superior icee of deposit aa<i security, which will always hewn for tbe satisfaction of taoM patronizing ? We bsve special facilities for tbe eara and preservation of Wearlag Apparel ef ovary deecriptloa. Woolens, As., on which tbe highest advances Me aade, gaaraateeta* whea required against moth, snd always agaiaetlajury Having a large warehouse in connection with oar office, we have special facilitlee for storage of all kinds af Merchandise. Faraltare, Ac., oa which we nbs the highest edvsncee for days, weeks or months. We call especial attention to the fsct that owing M the large capital employed in our buslaees. we can make edvancee at snch rstes of latereet as to oety oompeti tion We sell bo goods uatil the expiration of six Bsouths after their farIbltare, and then only M pabllc auction, Brstgtvlaa ample notiee through the various city joarbus to all depositors. By this means deposits with as ere never lost if their redemption Is desirsd. We call especial attention to our arraagements for forwarding goods to any part of tne country, arraagemeats which SB experience of fifteen years has brought to perfMtioa. Depositors are enabled by this means to redeem their poods from our office ne matter where they may be located. Full information always given. Private apartments for conlldsntlal buslaees. H. B ? We have no sonnectlon with say similar establiehmeot in this city. B'fer to anv old rent dent af WashinrtoB. Bfmember HEKZBBBG'8 Leaa Office. *31 north 0 street, between and 8th, Washington, D. 6. fe 23-lm* T~~HH OLD BBTABLISHBD FlSH~DF " B. GOLDSTEIN A CO., L1CBB8BD 1'AWNBBOKKBS, 34 FOUB AND A HALF STABET WB8T, . near Pennsylvania avenue, Offer tbe big nest cash sdvancM ob all kladsaf Merchandise, to any amount and for any /Mk time deeired, at reaeonabi* rates. XWA Interest on large sum* greatly reduced. 0 V Bnsinoee strictly confidential. Oeode bought for cash and sold at private sale. fell-ly DENTISTRY. DB. LEWIE'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, ? Mo. 860 fhNN'A AVB , Between 12tb and 1Mb streets. m7**tSk straeted without pain by admlastering f?w?t ^*Jde or Laughibg Gas. P _ Mi J?W1B baa recently purchased the bettAsfSSS Chemical Apparatus in the country for^-"-^ !?i f gae every day; also, ax. ltaproved Talvulsr Inhaler. The Association ie now prepared a?ld- Stive- *Bi Bubber at New ?** FhnMelphla and .ioeien prices. All pereons wishing denta' v.?r* done can have it as cheap ae in theabove-iiamert citiee. All work done in tae neatest aad nest manner, and warranted to ?lve satisfaction. Persons will do wsU to call ana examine oar work. dett tf P B B T BT JT . _ J|- LOOMJB.M.p., Psteatee of tbe BUlIlit fWTl TBBTH, attends pertoaally at^amh his office In tbie city. Many persons c^hJMBBbB wear these teeth who e??n->t wear others, Mdno person oaa wear atbess who cannet wear Persons oalllng at ay o Am saa ba aasa?<> tad with any style aad price of Teeth they amy deslre, but to tbeee who are particalar,aad wi?n tbe aoreet, clean eet, stroagest and most perfect deafer e that art can procure, the BIIBBBAL TBBTH wiU be more folly warranted. Boom la this slty? Ho 35* Peon's aveaus, be Mraen ?th and Iftth sts Mm, ?0T Arch street, Phlledelshla. o<-?ly #^OBFlDBBTIAL.?loong men who have iaV/.jnred theniselvM oy certain secret habits, which nnflt thr-m for bnsinese, pleasure, er the datlM of married life; also, m!aa!e aged and old men, who. front tbe folliee of youth, or other aaoses. feel a debility ia advaaoe of tbelr yttri, before placing themselvee binder tbe treatment of aay rae. should first read "The Beoret Friend." Married ladiee will learn something of Importance by perusing "The Secret Friend.Bent to any address, In a sealed envelope, on recdipt of 3ft cents. Address Dr. GHAB. A. 8TCABT A 00.. Boetoa, ?? bo B-ly \ *. BBOWMB. J- BM1THBBB BBOWNB A 8MITUBBS, WASUIBGTOB. D.O., ATTOJt.\SY8J\D COUNSELLORS AT LAW, AND HOLlOBffOltB FOB THB BUBBAXJ BKFrOBBB. FREBDMBH. AND ABANDONED LANDS. Office No. 476 Seventh street,opposite tbe Post Office. fa J-iy ' jk PBB CENT SAVBD by nsing O. B JB WOU BLL fe pure unadulterated Premium New York Oity BOAP, Pr^ssinm FAMILY BOAP, Premium FLANNEL SOAP, _ And No 1 BBOWN BOAP. For sale cheap for sasn Orders through ths Fost OSes will be promptly attended to . G. B. JEWELL, . Boap and Candle M tnHfacturer, No. ?00 and O* 0 st. north, bet. 4th and 9th. ja 11 8m 'I'BI MOST BXOIT1N0 ANB IMTBEBSTINO 1 BOOK OF THE DAY. GEy. L. C. fiAKER'S HISTORY Of THE iikt'KET Shh VICE. AGBNTB WANTED fn every city, town, county and >tate of the Union te canvass tor this work. This history was announced ons year ago, but owtag to the attempt* of the Government t > snpsrees It, Its publication was deiajed. It wUl now be isxned. naaltered and unabridged. und?-r the sap*rTl?ica of Gen Baiki It sontains a full aad official sxposs of the intrtcata machinations of tbe secret enemies of tbe Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures this book eciioses tbe famous experiences of FOUOHE AND Vn>O 0. The marvelous narratives of General Baker are all attested by the highest official aathority. It will contain ths oaly official history ef tbe Assassination con ptrMy. A fail history of this great, Itartllug and terrible crime FBOM 1TB INCEPTION, IN THB HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BLBIAL PLAOB OF BOOTH. Has asver /st beea placed before tbe pabllc. The work alM tally exposes the nefarious system by which Presidential panlons wsrs sod Ms so readlip obtaiaed In Washington. The luerala of theNatiooal Capital are thoroaaAiy ventilated, and there are some strange ievelatlsne concerning he?d? of departments, members of Coagrees, female pardon brokers, aad distinguished military characters. FMSlrculars. esnvaMing numbers, and afl other iafasmatiou. addree* "L. 0 BAKEB. Post OlBoe Box Bo. H90, Philadelphia. Pa." This msrk will be ready for delivery oa tb? 1st day of Hay. N B -Bene bat tboM thoroughly conversant with the basiosM, aad with gaod reference as to cbarftrtMaad res pons! biMty, Beed ftfpiy. abUlm HI ACBBBBL AMD OODFIBH. * 000 poundslaiwe BHOBH OODFIBH. 0 barrel* No. 1 HACHBBBL. JKossur t"s,r?.i!av5rrfes.u" . Oommission Hsrchants, del>-tf Ho. 4Si Ninth St., bM. H and F. pABIS AND HBW TOBi VILLIHrs. AG. GASTON has jost retaraed^S^ ryam Hew York with aUrge and slegaat^^^ assortmaatoffine French, Bnglleb, ftaB*** Anwissa Btraw Boaaets and Hau for tad 1m aad cMJdraa. Crystal, Amber. Pearl, aad Straw Orasassaj Alsa, a general psasrtmsat af Baft Freach Floweta. . BoanfttFramesi la greet variety. Bib boas. Bilks, Grapes, TallM *?Particaiainau?uos glvea la aU orders. 446 BU street, a ear Pennsylvania aveDue. ? ? m 13'Wi Ghahb ballt of hhr abb BOFB, AT THE OBBAT ClHTBAL CLOTHIHO HOU8B, Ho. 4B0 7th street, ftppoHt* Fast OBeft. BUBIHHBB SUITS af all deaciiptions. DBMS SUITS M reduced prices. BOYS' BUITB of all deeerlptloaft. HOTS'SUITS at all prtoee. (I Hew styles </HOTrOfiOTHIH?. { GENTS' OLOTH1HG at isdassd prices. Haw la year time" to lay fa ftPHUM we offer special iadacsmsats lor tbaasal tUrty days, st IIPfBIB, 460 In Brarrr, t . jr am eppoaits fat OAsa. Bk^W . i T - - ..4 m.? -**#* ? * m ii T jWgw 1Q)14?1 ilM I GREAT SALE o? ENGRAYINGS, ? , j ' t?*4' f* * t-"1 '* 1* AID f f THE ./I* ''AW *T'' ** ; DB6T1TCTB AND OBPHAN BOBB * or* JaC tKciKte itrt i . - J, BOLfillU A? SAIL 0*8, AMD A F11B1BTATIOH j. i ?* i i i WILL ? 61VKS AT WA8HINGT0H, D. 0., UN 9ATUMDAI. MAT M, 196T, ' The Instltntloa for ?hon benefit this enterprise Is conducted wwitudtd forth* purpose of gratuitously educating the ton* of dace Med Soldiers and Seaman of the United States Hew pupils will ba received after April 4, apon complying *itk reqairemeata. The purchaeor-of each Bagraviag far aaa dollar will be given a certificate entitling the holder to a ahara in the award of preeeati. LtfT or PB18BBTB. 1 Troye* greet aqusatrian portrait of Geaeral Scott in the ladiea' stairway of the Oapiu\ ? - f2?,ao 1 810W ! toid U*0 1 Greeabaok, 0. B. ? ? ? #.<Wo 1 Greenback ? 6 .? ?? l."0U 6 91.WD.B. Bonds 5 000 10 9r?6 " ?.00 50 *100 " Greenbacks 5 ?0 100 *50 ** " - 6,00 100 ?2S " " ? 2.508 1,COOfl^ " " 10.000 2JX0 96 " " * 10 v?0 16.1 On 91 " " ? 16<000 2 Buildiag Lota oa Xlavaath Avenae, Bow York city, free of encumbrance. ? 8.115 1 Bet Diamond Bar*in*s. SO0 1 Diamond Pin. - 800 1 8teinway Piano.? ? 1,000 4 flackering Pianos, 9G00 each 3,400 2 Mason A Baal;a's parlor Organs, each , ...... . . 2,000 19 Sewing Machine*. *100 each 1,080 100 Family Bewtn? Machines, 37s each .... 7mj 20 Gents Gald Watches. #200 each 4,00" 20 Ladies " " -51*^ each? 2,600 20 Gents's Gold Gnard Chains, 9100 eac h_ 2,uoo JO Ladiea ' " 9lfo each- 2,0*) 25 Sjlver plated Tea Seta. #74 each .. 1^7ii 1 Gents Saddle and Bijuipmaatg, f 1U0 ....._ iu.> 1 Ladiaa *M ? lio 1 Hrewster's Baggy..... , 600 8 Beta of Harnaaa, |go each *44* 508Sabsarlptieos Weekly Tribane, 92 each 1,000 500 * Herald, $2 " 1,0? 600 41 Harper's Monthly, 33 l^i 5?> ** Atlantic MOntUly, 9) - i? 500 " Rational Freemason, 94 M 2,800 1 Painting, David Playing the Harp before 8anl 1,580 1 Paiating,Uadineaa<i Ariadne 1,*?0 LOW Handaome Bngravlngs, $5 sack,...? 5,? ?j 9188.008 HOW TO OBTA1B BBGBAVIHGS. Ordsrs may ba aent to na enclosing the ooney, from one dollar to twenty-five dollars, In a registered latter or by post office order, at oar risk. Those wishing Xngraviags sent must enclose ten cants In sumps to cover expenaee. Lar?e ameante should be sent ia drafts or by expraaa. v> - i ' . J a . .< I PB1GB LIST : , I J ' * . Far 91 oo a handsome Mhgravlog. For t oo * ? J. of larger class. For 3.80 " ?< For 4j88 " " * For 6*0 For 6.80 ? ' i . For 18.00 a splendid Aa&erlcan Chrotao. Fcr ?\00 " German or > reach CJUromo '' I*'1 i * * ' ? -' y' By bnylng works of art in large Quantities we are enabled to give parties parehaethg from us the spate kind ef engravings that are geld la any atere, for the e*ma ?rice; and, 1 a addtties, we will give a certificate wkiffc eatitlea the holder te an interest In the award of premiums Cor each deUar Invested la the yurchaa*. . ' ' Add rasa all orders aad commaaicattens |o &BIIBDT AGO., "I Paana avenae, Washington, D. O., ! . b Lack pox 41. 4 J ' , t > ''' ,a , . . - i' : w : kim-'.* BPBCIAL BOT10B. To Ik* military ergsnlaati** influenciag the largest sal* of engravings win bo ^reseated a Parties f?rc^al?| Bagravlags will plsaaoad Viae tho a?0?m to which reglaaeat, Ao.,lkordo , I * - "'i ^ tf: .! AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S NSW OPERA HOUSE, fl. B. PHILLIP* LBSSEE ABB MANAGES. MeatBrtJllant Reception ud Positive Success f the Dlst; agulshed Vocalist and Actres*, LADY OOH. Who will m?tr TBI# (TBTOB8DAT) BTBBIFQ, Aerll 4, M THE PRETTY BURfBBIiBAKBB. Aid M tlylARL ??F LEICESTER, 1b the greet Historical Burlesque of . n KBmLWOBTHi Ot, To Queene, Ye Karl, and To Maidenne. It* NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenue, now Wiliardi' Hotel. Continued success of the brilliant young American Actress. MISS BAOHKL JOIINBON wuan Wboao efforte the p*?t three nights htm not with tbo mestuneuul vocal deraenatrationa of approval. THH) (Thvredey) EVENING. Aprils Bbakapeare'a R?ai>lfnl Ave-art Tritedv, , w BOMKO AND JULIET Juliet Min Rachel Jobnaon Mercutio Mr b. Macauley "to morrow nl?bt?Benefit of NissJOHSSOB. LOVK CHASE- and LEAH, THB FOEBAKEE. DRY GOODS, Ac. ^BLLlBG OPT AT COST. Having jnat received our mow and well-selected dock ?t MILLINERY GOODS, LA0B8,(real and imitation.) EMBBOIDBBIKB, DRESS TRIMMINGS, BOTTOMS, Ac., Ac., And having, unexpectedly, to move by tbo 1st of ay, wo aball soli our BHTIBK STOCK, FROM THIS DATE, AT COST CALL ABD SE('UBE OBKAT BARGAINS, B. LEN7.BBRG A CO., 46 Market Space, under the Avenue House. rah 28-im* WOOD AND COAL. /JOAUI ODi 111 ~ Best WHITE ASH at $8, by tbe ton. All sizeo. to suit enstomers. ?"suee, Bowed and Split OAK WOOD, $10 per cord ' ' PINK " |9 ? Long Oak, 98 per cord. A ton of Coal sold by mo ajwa^wel^ba 1,240 lbs. J* JZ Corner b and O streets. ? O A LI 0 O A Lll ~~ _ AT OBEATLT BKDDOXD PB1CEB. the c'ttr1001 'k*-. dell voted J rart of Cbestnnt White A ah, #7. Stove, Egg and furnace Whit* Ash, 93.0". Bed AabTf 8.M. Lehigh. *9. Oak and Pine Wood constantly mi hand. Orden received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atreet 8. P. BROWN A 80N, jatS-tf 46S 9th street, between B and F. CLOTHING, Ac. JA*'B T. WALK KB, 1 I MERCHANT TAILOB, Seventh Street, 484 Respectfully informs hia friends and tbe pnbllc generally that he has a fine, large and well- y selected assortment of Hi CLOTHS, CAS81MEBE8, ft That 5,1iNT8' FDBNlSHI^8GOtM)D^ND-*? Tnat he is determined to ron otl at very small advance on cost. Persona patronizing bis establishment will be guaranteed a GOOD BIT and good workmanship, determined to employ none bat tbe best wor* men , P B.?JOHN A. McLEAN takes this method to Inform his friends that he will be found at bia poet at the above place, where be will be pleoeed te cater to tbeir tastee, giving tbem garments te salt tne moat fastidious, and seeing that their gar ments are made np In the moat workmanlike man mb 11-lm ryt EBCHANT TAILOBIHG. The undersigned having entered Into copartnership, and laid in ap extensive an J carefully a* selected stock ef CLOTHS, OA8BI ME BBS, VK8T7)<G8,and Gentlemen*' FURNISH- Wk I NO GOODS, are prepared to ma^e oj> for alf tbeir costoMors neat it tint and fashTonnble mm suits or clothing, at tbeir aew establishment, No. 3240 * atreet, two door* weet of the National Theleg neat fitting and fashionable Clothing, on moderate terma. should not fall 10 'aio'f.Tm'" Formerly of #<H> ftb St., , Merchant Tailors. sah S im* No. 320 E St.. bet. 13th and l?h. ^ JAMEBO.McOOllB A CO., * TUBBITCEE WABB BOOMS. " Having rolloaaished tbe Auction and Commission business, and converted onr extensive warerooms, at the corner of loth and D streets, into a first class HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to fnrnlsh every variety of HOUSE ABB OFFICE FUBB1TUBB, at tbe moat moderate rates. Oar stock comprises PABLOB SETS, In Repsand Hair Oloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILED WALBUT CHAMBEB SETS, COTTAGE SETS.;.SINGLE BUBBACS AED WABHBTABDS, BLABOBATXLT CARVED BEBSTKADS, CHA1BB OV ALL VABIBT1KS, EXTENSION TABLES, HAIH MATTRESSES and FEATHEB PILLOWS, OFFICE DBSKS and WBITING TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac., Ac. We have also for sale tbe celebrated TDCKEB BPBING BED, which for comfort, durability and cheapness is nnri vailed. Also, the TUCKER MANOFAOTUBttrt) COMPANY BRONZE CLOCKS, Beantifnl In design end finish and it very reasonable prises. ' * JAB. C. McBUIBH A Ot>., ^ 11-lm corner of Hth and D streets. ?OLtJMBlA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBE LYING-LB ABTLUM, Fourteenth streer,(eircle,)?oraer of M street, Wuhlnfton, D. 0. * This Institution has boon established far the reoeptloaof patients who may be suffering from dls?? ? nllar to their sex. and Cor the admiaeiou lyiVj? la tSmmber >&a' c**alr* 'he oomferte of the The building U 'situated lathe moot healthy norBon of the District, surrounded by its own grounds. Cars pass the door every Bve Terms of admission: From #$ to ElO MrwMk In acoordaaco with the room required, narahla in advaaee. This includes Board?Ms2uiGuSkM.d" leal aad Surgical atteadaaoe. ' ate6 .'r?H 0 %r i ,* e s*dao"i ke* JS> isirr^) If ft (fa OFFICIAL. j Andrew Jorbpss, President of tbe Uni:ed I States of America. To ell *.n<teir<gulnr to Wwi tkff prrsrnts thall I come, preetinp : WMtms t lapplemenuil Treaty was mad* and concluded at the city of Washington, in I the District of Columbia, on the tenth day of I March, in the year of onr Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, hy and between I William P. Dole, Commissioner, on the part I of the United Mates, and Wah-gah-sap-Di. or | Iron Whip, Gst-tab-wah-ro. or Strong WaU- I er, W ash-com-mo nt. er Mitchell P. Oerre, I Ash-nan-e-kah-gah-he, or Lone Chief, and I Tah-tou-ga-uuz-zbe, or Standing Buffalo, Chiefs and Headman of the Ponca tribe of In- | dlsns, on the part of said Indians, and dnly I autbonzed thereto by them, which Treaty is I in tbeword? and ttgnres following, to wit: Supplemental Treaty between the United I Siates of America and the Ponca tribe of I Indians, made at the city of Washington on I the tenth day of March, A. D. I8C0, between I W m. P Dole, Commissioner, on the part of I the United States, and Wau-gah-sah-pi, or I Iron Whip; Gish-tab-wah-gu, or Strong I Walker; Waah-com-mo-ni. or Mitchell P. | Cerre; Ash-nan-e-kah-gah-he, or Lone I Chief; Tab-ton-ga-nuz-zhe, or Standing I Buffalo, on the part of the Ponca tribe of I Indians they being duly authorised and em- I powered by the said tribe, as follows, viz: Article 1st. j The Ponca tribe of Indians hereby eerie and I relinquish to the United States all that portion of their present reservation as described in the first article of the treaty of March 12, 1KV, I lying west of tbe range line between townships numbers (32) thirty-two and (33) thirty- | three north, ranges (10) ten and (11) eleven I west of tbe (6) sixth principal meridian, according to the Kansas and Nebraska survey; I estimated to contain thirty thousand acres, be I the same more or less. art1clb t?bd. In consideration of tbe cession or release ot 1 that portion of the reservation above described 1 by the Ponca tribe of Indians to tbe govern- I mentof the United States, tbe government of I tbe United Stat?s, by way of rewarding them for their eonstant fidelity to the government I and citizens thereof, and with a view of re- I turning to the said tribe or Ponca Indians their I old burving-grounds and corn-fields, hereby cede and relinquish to the tribe of Ponca In- I

dians the following described fractional town- I ships, to wit: township (.11) thirty-one north, I range (?) seven west; also fractional township I (32) thirty-two north, ranges (#,) six, (7,) seven, I (8,) eight, ('j,) nine, and (10) ten west; alsofrac? tional township (33) thirty-three north, ranges (7)sevenand (8)eightwest, andalso that portion of township (.33) thirty-three north, ranges (9) I nine and (10) ten west, lying south of Ponca creek: and also all tbe islands in tbe Niobrara or Running Water river lying In frontof lands or townships above ceded by tbe United States I to the Ponca tribe of Indians. But it is ex- I pressly understood and agreed that the United States shall not be called upon to satisfy or I pay tbe claims of any settlers for improve- I menu upon the lands above ceded by the Uni- I ted States to the Poncas, but that tbe Ponca I tribe of Indians shall, out of their own funds I and at their own expense, satisfy said claim- I ants, should any be found upon said lands I above ceded by tiie United States to the Ponca I tribe of Indians. Article 3rd. Tbe governmentof the United States, in compliance with the first paragraph of tbe second article of the treaty ot March 12, 1s5s. hereby stipulate and agre* to pay to the Ponca tribe I of Indians for indemnity for spoliation com- I mitted upon them, satisfactory evidence of I which has been lodged in the office of the Commissioner ot Indian Affairs, and payment I recommended by that otltcer, and also by the | Secretary of tbe Interior, tbe sum of fifteen thonsand and eighty dollars. ARTlCi.r 4tb. Tbe expenses attending the negotiation of this treaty or agreement shall be paid by the I United States. In testimony whereof, the said Wrn. P. Dole, I Commissioner as aforesaid, and the undersigned, chiefs of the Ponea tribe of Indians, I have hereunto sat their hands and seals at the place and on the day hereinbefore wTitten. WM. P. DOLE., or Iron Whip, his x mark. [seal.] | Gist-tah-wah-ou, or Strong Walker, his x mark. [seal J I wash-cum-mo-mi.or Mitchell P. Cerre, I his x mark. [heal. | I Ash-nan-e-kah rad-hb, or Lone Chief, his x mark. [>?kal ] I Tah-tos-oa-kuz-zhk, or Standing i Buffalo, bis x mark. [seal.] I Executed in tbe presence of? 1 Chas. Sims. Stephen A. DOLE. JN'EWTON KDMCHUS. J.ShawO regoky. 'gba. N. Prop per. And wberew the said Treaty having been I submitted to the Senate of the United States I for its constitutional action thereon, tbe Senate did. on the second day of March, one thousand I eight hundred and sixty-seven, advise and I consent to the ratification of tbe same, by a I resolution in the words and figures following. I to wil: . ! I* E*trcTiVE SESSION. ) I Senate op the United States, , March 2d, 18S7. > I /fetnlrrd. That the Senate advise and consent to the ratification of the supplemental treaty I with the Ponca tribe of Indians, concluded at I Washington, March 10, lbt>5. Attest:' J. W. Fobnbt, Secretary. I Now. therefore, be it known that I. Andkkw Johnson, President of the United States of America, do, in pursuance of the advice and consent of the Senate, as expressed in its resolution of the second of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven, accept, ratify, and confirm the said Treaty. j In testimony whereof I have hereto sigr.ed I my name, and caused the seal of the United I States to be aftixed. I Done at tbe city of Washington, this twenty- I eighth day of March, in thi? year of I our Lord, one tboua.ind eight hundred I [seal.J and sixty-seven, and of tbn lndepen- j dence of the United States of America I the ninety-first. ANDREW JOHNSON. By the President r I Wm. H. Sewaed, Secretary of State. A remarkable 1* ileAebt.?Before Alder- 1 man Beitler, yesterday afternoon, was arraigned a man known as Henry Chickey, alias < Green. He was arrested some days ago at 1 Walnut street wharf, with a lot of burglar's I i tools in bis possession. On# of these tools is of I 1 remarkable construction, richly meriting a 1 patent to the inventor, were Its application , devoted to a legitimate purpose. Imagine a 1 trident, like that which mythology places In ' tbe band of Neptune. Fancy the middle tooth to be an auger, and the outside teeth to be I knives, with a bandle to the pole that could I be inserted in a brace, or moved as an auger is < moved, and tbe implement la before tbe reader. | J With It, a roan, in a few minutes, could cut a , :tfcu lar hole in a door or window of sufficient 1 iimeusiou* to permit the entrance of a fullsixed man. Chief of Detectives Lamon tried It ' jresterday npon a stout plank, and, with all ' lis experience, mnrvelled at tbe efficienay of I be instrument. The accused was held for a 1 further hearing a week from to-day. By that i tme, It is hoped, his history and antecedents J t will be better understood. With such tools as I 1 16 was found provided with, defendant conld 1 -ut through any door In Philadelphia, not Iron ined, in but a few moments.?Philadltlpkia I J Vazeut. j I I Blood op Poultry.?Dr. Mertarel has em- < ployed successfully tbe warm blood of chick- I x ns. turkeys and ducks in cases of great joverty of blood and extreme languor and de- 1 >tlity. The blood taken from the animal is I f eceived in a cup and treated to the tempera- 1 , ure of a sand bath. Tbe patient, aftet swal- 1 . owing it, may take a spoonful of cherry j ?randy or abecry wine. Another writer says | bat be has often .directed, m eases of diabetes 1 ltd gieat exhaustion of the system* the Btoed 1 jf a caUfo be taken at the moment of its es- c rape from the bleeding animal, and also { :hlc Ben's blood of the same warmth; or after 1 t has congulatcd it may be cooked with broth I 1 md flavored with salt and spices. \ 1 T* l>w has reeantly taken ^***2 1 t iourl making it amtedemeaaor, peaishahle by 1 j lne sad lmprteoh|tat, for a man to abandon J t lie wffeor chrirfren uedertwelve years ef age, >r to neglect or tefnse to maintain and provide 1 ( tor them. v B?-A German glrW. who died U OjBoinnati ( he other day, after IlTiac on jBhartty for a | . rear, was fouad to h?vd had <*000 hidden I W ha her room, ofvMaH "W? I* 1 { TELEGRAMS, fte. An outrage el do (mall importance and ?(nitude occurred At Hennmgford, Canada, Tuesday moiaiag. In men. armed ( the teeth with bowie-knivea aad re vol vers,crossed the border there and abducted one Kennedy for an alleged murderous assault in Iowa yean ago. In the March they forted open the Douse of a citizen named Armstrong and lobbed him of f6S? The abductors paid a ruide who piloted them to Kennedy's house. for his services. A largo procession of negroes paraded the streets of Richmond yesterday In celebration of the anniversary of the evacuation. Hunmcnt addressed them, warning them to beware of Son them whites and advised them to cling to the Republican party. Senator Wilson is there, bnt did not address the negroes. A painful accident occurred at Montpelier, Vt.. yesterday, caused by the premature discbarge of a cannon fired in bonor of the recant election in Connecticut. Peter Lewla had both arms and a leg blown off. He cannot live. Alexander Javzrean had bis hand badly mangled, and was otherwise injured Qovernor Geary, of Pennsylvania, issued a warrant yesterday for the execution on the Sth of May of Robert Fogler, of Washington county, for the murder of Robert W. Dinsmore on December 4, 1&64. A State Union convention, consisting of one hundred and HRy-six delegates, including three negroes, and repreeenting fifty counties, met Tuesday evening at the State House in Little Rock, Arkansas. M. Schneider. Vice President of the French Corps Legislstlf, succeeds to tha Presidency, made vacant by the resigation of Connt Wslewski. Negotiations looking to the acquisition of Luxemburg by the French Empire have been stopped. John D. Psrry and Adolphus Weir, of St. Louis were re-elected Monday, president and and vice president of the Union Pacific railroad, eastern division. The board of Directors are about the same as last year. Late advices from Montana say the mining operations will be extended this season. The estimated yield of precious metals is thirtysix millions. A special cable dispatch to the Montreal (laztttt, dated March 19, states that "the (^ueea has sanctioned both bills for the confederation of British North America." The Ohio House passed Senate manhood suffrage resolution, with an amendment disfrancbising rebels and deserters, by a vote of 0*2 to 29. A clerk named Jay, at Ellison's dry goods store, in Memphis, Tennessee, received a severe cowhidinc yesterday from a gentleman whose sister Jay had insulted. The Mayor of Memphis offers a reward of S51H1 for the murderer of General Bankbead, 1 and the same amountfor Ferguson's murderer. Farther front the Recent Election*. Rhods Island.?'The election yesterday resulted in the complete success of the Republican tickets for the State officers, members of Congress, and the State Legislature. The vote was very light. Mr. Dixon is elected to Congress in the second district by about 1,200 majority. In the first district Mr. Jeuckes Is elected without oppositioa. The State officers elected are: Governor. A. E Burneide: Lieutenant Governor, William Greene: Attorney General, Willard Sayles: Secretary of State, John R. Baitlett; Treasurer, George W. Tew. The Senate will stand: 28 Republicans, 6 Democrats': the House, 62 Republicans, S Democrats. Ntw Hampshire.?-At the special election for Mayor cf Concord, Taesday, a plurality choosing, the Hon. John Abbott was re-elected, receiving altont 600 votes out of l.lto. Charles H. Proctor, a respectable and intelligent colored barber, had about 400. votes on a citizens reform tickt t ConrkCTU-trr.?We have full returns from every town in the State. The vote is- English. 45.7s?: Hawley, 44.SK8; English's majority. Via. The Senate stands 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats; House, 127 Republicans and 111 l>eraeorats. Kansas ?On Tuesday John A. Halderman, was elected Mayor of Leavenworth. Kansas. The Hon. Samuel Kemble was elected Mayor of Lawrence, Kansas Politics did not enter into the contest. Colorado ?The municipal election In Denver City, Tuesday, was a spirited contest between the candidates. The negroes voted witoout disturbance or molestation. Ohio.?A: the municipal election in Cleveland on Monday the Democratic caadidate for Mayor was sleeted by 300 majority. The remainder of the Union ticket was elected. A Crmiors Cask.?The Chicago husband who went away on business January 31, and came home February 16, to And that his wife had got a divorce from him meantime, and married another man, was only a sample case. The only, witness against him, the charge being frnelty, was the new husband. As some atonement, this is the third case noticed within a week where courts have set aside their decree of divorce after one of tne parties were married again. This is the fourth case whioh equally illustrates the looseness of our marriage law. where a man, as a mere practical joke, obtained the legal separation of a newly married couple, by acting as attorney for thegeatleman, whom he made the plaintiff" in his absence on the wedding toar. On his retarn he found the decree on his office table, and learned that for the latter p^rt of his honey moon he had been Illegally cohabiting with his former wife, and was obliged to take out a new marriage license and get married again. Lord Brougham once said in Parliament, not half the people knew whether or not they wero legally marTied.* Escape ?hov Jail at Hcum?k. N. V.? Moaday evening, between 7 and 8 o'clock, John Welch, who was confined in jail at Hudson, N. Y., charged with murdering his wife at Germantown a few weeks ago, uiade his escape in a -very myaterioua manner, accompanied by John Hagadorn, who was confined for a minor offence. It is supposed they roust hare had a false key, or Invented an in- i strument to unlock the door. The turnkey , entered the jail about 7 o'elock and found everything all right; be returned again about , 9 o'clock to lock the prisoner) la their cells, and on roing to the cell of Welch found it va- ; rant. Thinking he might be in Hagadoru's cell, he proceeded there and fonnd that vacant i also. A thorough search was then made, and it was ascertained they bad both flsd. The 1 bentr offers a reward of S2<X> for the capture ] of Welch and *50 for the capture of Hagadorn. Descriptions of the fugitives have been sent to all points where they would be likely to 1 turn up. ? w j Largs Haul or Coubtbrfbitbrb in i Wibtibs Niw Yobk?Colonel Wood, of th?* secret detective corps of the United States, aad Deputv Marshal Keeney. of Rochester, N. Y., with other deputy marshals, made a grand -aid Tuesday on buyers and sellers of coun- ' erfeit treasury notes, fractional currency, &.c. ; Twenty perrons were arrested up to nooa ves- 1 erdav. living m the western part of New < k'orkl and are lodged ui jatl. The warrants f are issued by United States Commissioner ' irk, who win examine the arrested parties J o-day. The raid was the most extensive ever I Bade in the United States, and has caused in- 1 ensfe excitement. Eighteen more prisoners were brought into [Rochester last night aad lodged in jail. The ast lot resided mostly in tbe southern tier of * ounties It Is a most gigantic affair, and ' ireates intense excilement in counterfeit r noney shaving circles. J VThe Massachusetts State prison is :rowded with six hundred inmates,"and ? icing, to contain two hundred cells, Is to he at ' >no* commenced. t I VAt Hartford, Conn , one day last weelr, t i woman whipped her little boy natal be be- ? ame senseless. Inflicting serious injuries, be:ause he played truant. 7*The disease which Is se fatal among 1 mules aad horses Ib portion* of New Jersey has many of the features of typhoid fever la t the hdman being. , yRev Isaac Aiken haa been expelled from he mlalstry and membership of tha Pittsburg t Hethodist Episcopal Conference for having < .wo wives. * K7??A new way te pay old debts." Stop r Ir id king and go to work, ittmm km Fwyi man. . 9"A weekly newspaper, to be called the published, beginning a ar|y in AprtfTa* Mempiua, Tenn. i VThe staa of huto* le (rowing small in s MHM1|. Formerly the average waa 4.098 ^ ,fcM||n)|, l% \ , weeBm,ww* r /M'.ltlf m-tg* . _ Dry ?w<?. Two wmhai. dtnti tbt ko<t of the ?--? ?(t?or?U? to in?i?, m<> nr ??! ? < aohorlj tad anxiously !^^5i ? "l ckAa** It hu at l?nfh com#, to,fcai*^ * make up :uliy for * ?**' moitli. tti? M: **rt of the rntrn, u? pa*i Probably ?oi ^alf * *"w* ***?<? the haeiaeas bat be?n dun* In the age regai* which was expec lea There a?t now be a great rush, er many goods nut to over to t*e coming ?*nw? The country ia not generally ovsaotocked hnt merchants in the interior hare leagued fcr experience that there ie no use in accumulattag good* for a fa tor* mar he t. Iterwiuauv a* they aell. and they watch the weaiher. the price of told, foreign newa. the cotioa market and other mat fir ra which aflbct thetr hoalaes*' with moat becomiag sagacity. We acte the following in regard to leading atyiesof gooda Brown sheetings continue dull, aad are in overstock, except a few favorite make* prtoe? favor the bnyer. Bleached rood# are arm. and in good demand for leadiag atylea. but other* leea deairable are lower an a tome what ae? lotted. Stripes and ticka are steady. with only a modernte demand Printa arc celling very freely, without aay quotable change in prices, except for beat aprlug styles, which are m f rsai demand and are cleaned out Immediate. ^frlT?1^at * ha,f cent adraace. Drill* are daII aad heavy. Denima are a snade lower, and aell only modemieiy. Corset jeans lrC*H^L be,t1,n*k** *'? neglected aad low?h??i J?JUng-eloiha are steady, with lees aalec ZJi LZL ar? wanted only oi beat makea, aad auch sell well. Prlatod lawns continue dull of aale, but more rarerfhrL ? ? believed. will aoon help t#'* gooda. Rolled (neonate are prat:vfiim in price and aell well Cambrics in m<X"** requeat at unchanged a notations. tir?r> lor inferior make., S?E.? ^ ? <*/ pricea. Italian cloths are more . Moilmi delaine ooouaat ?erv active *P"B? ^aigns; others nre neglected and lower. Broadclotha are aot aoillag aa fres1?.M WM anticipated, and pricea are lower be,A*a**?*' continue m demand are In fair demand at firm pricea. foreign gooda nra in overstock except for newsst;dr*as fabrics. -expoeifwn; srisi; S"ocki?? OccrnnB*. a m Philaiwu>aia Un Wednesday Tenia* a di*irla iia.*? occurred at a dwelling. No T^a'ter between Brown aad Uoates streets. Philadelphia. by which a (German nnmed Henrv Lange, and his two boys. Frederick aid Joh7 loat their Uvea. Mr. Langs waa a butcher, aak manufactured aauaage meat. He uaeo a um kettle in the cellar for boiling the hogs. Whife *ntf bJ' tw* boys were fixing the o* Wedneaday evening. one of the bandlea attached to the keuie cave way, and it came down with a craah. The belliac water was scattered in all dlrectloaa, completely ?4ni?in^hbe three peraona. Their abrleke a? tract ed the attention of the neighbors, who took Mr Laaje and hi. boya iaLoau,^ room. Medical aid waa aummened. but with?n'Va" All three of the unfortunate bcirrs died in a abort time after the occurrence I)FT5H Oar Can ax Fillsd Ur?Thia aoeoi ^engineering akUl of Ben Butir\. about to become one of the things that werT Mr. Haary Cox. who owna the lands on ?*<h aide of the "ditch,'' on yeaterday finished *n_ ing in a crossing, way at ita upper end rust where It receives the waters ^?the Jata^ This wagon road ia twelve fcet wide on the top, and is eboat ten feet above high.water mark. Mr. Cox waa deairoua of cultivating this "island, which is one ol the moat iertii? fields on the lower James, aad had to nil in thia embankment to enable him to get access The city autboritiee at one Use spoke of deepening thia channel ao that It could be ased for vessels, and there haa been aome talk ot a J?int *tock company to '"Prove It; hat while they have both been delaying action, Mr Cox has become tired of waiting, and filled It m ? Richmond Defj>atck. i^ The coal miners at PennatadL Woat moreland county, commonly known ac Pan* Station, on the Pennsylvania Railroad, have been on a atrike tor eoveral weeka in oons?>. quence of a proposed red action of wares On Monday laat a compromise was effected between the coal men and some of the atrikers Tn..^iU>r a're*'n* to 1 ummenoe work on Tuesday morning^. Those not included in the o?hctm'ntann thcmaelveaw'th picks and other ueapepsj and threatened vengaaac* c* ?^H?'aUnK the ,tr,k'- Those who h" - aurted for the mines, but they were met by tbeatrikera aad a bloodv flgbt waa the result. It is believed that no one was killed, but not one **acapcd injury. Crop Pbosi bcts ?The accounts from al^V^Lr'10 01 Mary'"<?. Virginia and Ivorth Carolina epeak of be prospect of a larg* crop of wheat, a LouiavHIe paper aavs not only in Ohio aad Kentacky. but ^ Tenneasee also, the wheat crop i? more extensive than ia usually a?en. and pronriaea an abnnriaat yleKl. The Illinola State Journal jearni that the wheat ,n Sangamon and adi?"nr connuea look finely, better than dunn* th? vt h^.V0E^icK ?ea?ou for Mveral years pasu K an olh*r cereal crops in Texas, of which an unusually large breadth hiu planted, arc looking aplendidly, an d the Lone ssf^sa " "W.. Savings BAHKK im STVOOLK _i? mw.., the most thriving manufacturing town in Belgium, the systaaa of savings-banks hw been introduced into public schools Tbo I 8 r?an twr?"ty cenu golJ Th* tMcher receive# the cen times of the acholic ifr^itL?0011 ^ monnt *o one franc, it is invested in the savings bank of the Sm* t?? teacher at the same what a aav mgs hank i*. and gives then wt "ei?sSt?*Ta,,rrt*t,fan<ltb'>c,ipltalizaUon of liv v , ?y?t*m waa introduced onlv in November last, and at the ead of ti? Tk* rr?r*' 1,3 ^,lrlnk ^nk books in the hands of the boya, and 100 ia the handa of the girla. roLKCC?r?ir.0r ??LO"D CHibDaan i* N0RUT* po*ltive information that a proposition will he introduced in th* itailar rn wtabliahment of fr** achoola. Imilar to rb*ae exiating in other places Thia ZLZ ' u0"?"' and we *?P* i' ^ay be ?c! ceasful. By educating th* negro, we not onlv improve his condition, but w* mak* hue better member of society. This should bath* eT"J- Philanthropist. Ignoring pir! ^aa.^y oonacioas of the enormity of crime^r i regarding the same, are often led Into K"*" educated men wouTdavo^d under the tutelary ?uidat,on'tl>e '"ppreasion of vice and the reformation of error.?.Ver/ott- Journal. . LmniB akd Hick Cx.iKATh.~It ia announced that Michigan abounds in forests ^ri:nded trees. The* lumbermen of State are doing all in their power to atrin rht*?r, " toer' ?? mmc* *o that, in the opinion ?t acientiflc men, the climatc la seriously allected by it. Crops are said to the winters are monT Severe MttihnJrf^al^Ifertilizing rama is Itkeiri-e forests The Legwlaturo'^Sd^l.nng^o from UxSior.'1117 b> exemPu"? ***** Tb* St icidal Maria ?Four women hn* *? rommittHd suicide In Brooklvn during inpast w. ek. three ot whom have takea Pana treen. and the <xher arsen.e. The of 'a"a*rum; ? appears, has been almost en tirelv abandoned by those deairoua of *Meriac the rpaima of deeih. The last case is that ot Mrs ?"?. residing at the corner of Fladsoa K? ?11.*** whocommitted/'/, ,t, . by uk,n< 4 doee of Paris green &. 1. Eve. tjpr'ts, March 3U. * K#? Fm??hATio*.?Theemigrauon west. ward of negroea from the Southern AUan?.? Mates is increasing to such an exit u o excite alarm among the nlanti^ .JM rottoa gowers. It la estimated Fha* ^ea". l\e thousand have, sinoe the war left Sonla iSSi1" for Miaaissipp^f l^aiuui^ ?V?h waiiPXai?n > 'or"1* Th* off" of wo H1 .* Rh*d? A81.a*d.?Ninety, wo petitioaa for divorce are now pending berhtrh rn ???rt ?* Providence, ot vhich all but 3u come from the wivea. Of the 8?'CE?d, #, are based on^on^ast r? ? i' d*??'Uo?. ano 17 eaoh on adulry and extreme cruelty. Uoloksd Ta?Ti*oirr ?It is stated in the ^aaton, Maryland, Oazetm, that the fliat ??e nonjudicial oi r cult, under the civil rlghta ?ul, occurred m the late term of the Caroline ourt, when colored persons testified oa an quai footing with the whitea. five-year old girl died ia Beaton on rhu radar of starvation. Wltlaaaid aoaa*of th* peo^lsof Lyaoh. ?urg, > a., hare decided to camp eat tor the ummer on accouat of the high rants. WThc fight het ween High aad Low Charch igSLrs.gsLsay' * W-The State trcaaurer ot Now Mampshire wasrsaap"?s ""The Cincinnati laqairsr tolls of a vouac taedahe waa five years old. ' j #"? tvTJ aCMiiMra e^edj *?q edt *t h*e) .AOisCC* h-TCMsao) ?g #